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#warriors fanart

J a y f e a t h e r 💙✨

Drew him as a gift for a friend I’m seeing tomorrow! I hope she likes it…..also this was my third time trying digital painting/lineless art! I’m kind of pleased with this one….

Jayfeather is one of my faves of the whole series (which I have been reading since I was 7 and I still am <3) and actually? He,,,kind of reminds me of Ratchet,,,,vaguely….^^’’ 

And no it’s not just because they both do the healing and medicine and stuff lol It’s their personalities….which are kind of similar…

Anyway, I hope y'all can enjoy this <D

Was also my first time drawing him… >///<’’ 

Thanks for stopping by~!! 


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Redraw of a page from @birdsong-warriors’s Redtail’s Choice (mine on the left, original on the right). This is my favorite page from the comic because I just love the artwork! Doing this redraw was a great excerise and learning experience, and lots of fun too!

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to redraw with my own character designs or Bird’s, so I did a mix of both - the OCs are obviously Birdsong’s design, and I used my designs for the canon characters. The exception is Redtail, who is Birdsong’s design. Foxcat is just too iconic!

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