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#warriors tbc
earpiercings · 3 hours ago
i think mistystars gonna end up like her mom re: starclan at the end, partially bc she’s alr been shown to be becoming unreasonable durning tbc
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thunderp4th · a day ago
Tumblr media
if ASC doesn't have any character development for Flamepaw regarding the trauma he probably got from Ashfur trying to kill his whole family then I don't want it
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wygolvillage · a day ago
considering how many times shadowsights tpons chapters emphasize that the dark forest "can turn a good cat bad", and how he has been manipulated into doing bad things throughout the arc, i would not be surprised if he gets corrupted or controlled in some way in alitm... thats the vibe im getting
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russetfur1128 · 2 days ago
Does anyone know where I can read The Broken Code?
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roarriorcats · 3 days ago
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14. Squirrelflight
She deserves so much fucking better
Reference note: the second tiny squilf is just to show where her scar ends up on the other side of her body
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If the 8th arc is truly named "A Starless Clan" I bet it'll center around ThunderClan never getting a leader after the end of TBC. Like, Squirrel and Bramble die and leave ThunderClan without a leader and in shambles.
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jaredhel · 4 days ago
tbh i kind of wish we saw cloudtails thoughts on whats happening rn, with ashfur being his foster brother and all. i think that he deserves to have something to say
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fullphilling · 5 days ago
just finished place of no stars
here is review
-have finally accepted squirrelflight as wife material
-if you die in hell you die in real life
-how very convenient that snowtuft just happens to not remember his backstory
-ashfur confirmed for yandere simulator
-shadowsight was a lot more annoying this time around ngl
-bristlefrost has turned into “my life revolves around 1 male character” character
-rootspring has a surprising lack of personality. 0 thoughts head empty hes just there to look at ghosts and set up the next book
-also the scene where someone suggested mousewhisker as leader was funny as shit
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mallowstep · 6 days ago
He had vowed to himself, when they went on the quest, in the drought, that he would make her happy. She was only an apprentice, then, and the world already weighed so heavy on her. He wanted to make her laugh.
make moonshine out of moonlight
since i’m posting this out of context, to be clear, this is platonic at this point. he just sees a scared teenager and wants to fix that
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mallowstep · 7 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Warriors - Erin Hunter Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Dovewing/Tigerheart (Warriors) Characters: Tigerheart (Warriors), Dovewing (Warriors), Shadowsight (Warriors), Pouncestep (Warriors), Lightleap (Warriors) Additional Tags: Religion, Canon Compliant, Missing Scene, Crisis of Faith, The Broken Code: Book 5: The Place of No Stars, Character Study, Angst, Hurt No Comfort, StarClan (Warriors), Morally Gray StarClan (Warriors), Seizures, Epilepsy, blaming god for your problems Summary:
Dovewing returns to ShadowClan, and Tigerstar takes a moment to himself, sitting by the Moonpool.
“You took my mate’s peace of mind,” he said. “You took her sister and her Clan, and in her worst moment, you took her worth.”
He paced, his tail lashing.
“And then you took my son.”
or, tigerstar has a word with starclan.
tumblr exclusive: dhjdfjf dovewing my beloved…
i know it’s a tigerheart character study but it’s about dovewing in my mind so you know what?
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thunderp4th · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shadowpaw | Shadowsight
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that-rat-parker · 7 days ago
rootspring, colorized, 2021
Tumblr media
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sage-warrior-cats · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Friends on the other side — Keith David
This is from a Multi-Animator Project idea i had based on this song! Ashfur is Dr.Facilier and squilf and bramble are Naveen and Lawrence. Obviously some things dont exactly line up with the timeline, because they dont meet dead!ashfur before bramble’s possession. More of a canon with suspension of disbelief aligned multi-animator project.
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wavesplash-daddy · 9 days ago
I cannot
The audacity of these writers.
You give Flywhisker a snippet of personality and then
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mallowstep · 10 days ago
He had kept them whole. He had been lucky, in part, but they were all alive and together. He couldn’t make Ivypool forgive Dovewing, but ShadowClan had accepted her easily. She belonged there. Tigerstar hoped that, in any universe, he would have been able to do that for her. Provide a place where no one thought of her as anything more than Dovewing.
make moonshine out of moonlight
the day i get over shadowclan dovewing is the day i die
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a-paw-in-each-world · 10 days ago
describing events in warriors to someone who isn't into the series is like "ok imagine if the president was possessed by the ghost of some incel and decided to throw his wife/vice-president/the woman who rejected said incel off a cliff in front of the whole country"
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