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#washed ashore fic

Washed Ashore (Pt. 18)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen Part Sixteen Part Seventeen

Three months into life in their new home, someone rang the doorbell. Since Tony was in the shower, Peter threw on a bathrobe and went downstairs to open the front door. Unprompted, FRIDAY pulled up the camera footage from the front of the house, which revealed Steve Rogers looking around his and Tony’s property. 

Peter groaned and forced himself to keep walking. He reached the door and swung it open, trying not to laugh at the way Steve’s face fell when he saw him. 

“Is Tony in?” Steve tried to look over Peter’s shoulder. 

“He’s showering right now,” Peter said shortly. 

“Right,” Steve nodded, “Well, can I come in and wait for him? I need to talk to him.” 

Peter grimaced and opened the door further, letting him follow him inside. He led him to the kitchen, gesturing for him to sit on one of the barstools at the counter. 

“Tea? Coffee?” Peter offered, “Tony will probably be a while. He loves his showers.” 

“Coffee,” Steve perked up, “He’s been showering? Sometimes he goes too long without one, since he’s always in his lab.” 

“No offence, but it’s none of your business if he’s been showering,” Peter said carefully, “That’s kind of private. And it makes me feel like we’re talking about a child. Feel free to ask him, though.” 

Steve nodded, trying not to look put off. They sipped at their coffees as they waited for Tony to come out, not doing much to fill in the awkward silence. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, Tony wandered into the kitchen with a towel tied around his hips, stuttering to a stop when he saw Steve. 

“Honey, you didn’t tell me you were having an affair,” Tony joked, moving around Steve to stand next to Peter. 

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” Peter pressed a comforting kiss to his cheek, which was still damp and warm from his shower. 

“Tony,” Steve smiled, cutting into their banter, “I need to talk to you about something.” 

Tony held up a finger, making him wait for a few seconds as he stole Peter’s mug and chugged the remaining coffee. Peter rolled his eyes but let him do so, taking back the now empty mug to fill it up again. 

“Okay, let me guess,” Tony sighed, returning his attention to Steve, “This is another attempt at ending my relationship.” 

Steve looked uncomfortable. “Can we have our conversation in private?” 

“Anything you want to say to me can be said in front of my husband,” Tony declined, only looking slightly apologetic. He didn’t want to talk about anything like this without Peter in the room. 

“Husband?” Peter and Steve asked in unison, eyes wide. 

Tony flushed and rushed to say, “I meant boyfriend.” 

Peter shook himself out of his surprise, going to soothe Tony like the nice boyfriend he was. “A little too soon, darling, but ask me again in a year.” 

Tony turned back to Steve, cheeks burning, “Alright, what do you want?” 

“We’ve had to reconstruct our plans and tactics now that you’re gone,” Steve rubbed his forehead, “Just come back, Tony.” 

Tony pursed his lips. “What’s so hard to understand about ‘I have a life outside of the team, which I don’t want to be in any longer’? I’ll still be there for the end-of-the-world disasters. I’m not saying I want the world to end. I’m saying I have a company to run that I have to stop putting off on other people – like Pepper, who hasn’t gone on vacation since she started working as my CEO – and a relationship I’m trying to build with Peter.” 

Steve’s eyes darkened. “You never tried to leave until Peter came.” 

“I did try to stop being Iron Man, and it didn’t work out. But this is different. I’m leaving the team, not the suit,” Tony glared at him, then, “And don’t talk about Peter in that tone.” 

“It’s fine,” Peter piped up, “I have a feeling you have a different issue with me, though.” 

Steve took a threatening step forward. “I know you’re making Tony do these things. Tony would never abandon the team.” 

“It’d be in your best interest for you to step back, Rogers,” Tony warned, “Don’t even think about starting a fight in my home. I don’t care that it’s what you do best.” 

“Tony, it’s okay,” Steve assured him, “I’ll make him stop doing this to you.” 

“You’re fucking delusional,” Tony groaned, protectively stepping in front of Peter, “You have three seconds to leave or I’m getting a restraining order.” 

Steve visibly hesitated. “I’ll help you, Tony, don’t worry.” 

When he walked himself out, Tony planted a kiss on Peter’s neck and said, “FRIDAY, notify my lawyers about that restraining order, but keep things quiet. I don’t need the press speculating.” 

“You’re actually going to get one?” Peter asked, surprised, “He left.”

“And he’ll try to come back,” Tony told him, “He’s persistent and stubborn that way.”

“Okay,” Peter’s eyebrows furrowed, “But how did he know our address?” 

It turned out that Natasha had placed a tracker on Tony’s car before they left the compound, which enraged Tony to the point that he drove back up to personally oversee his employees take back any Stark tech left in the building. He reamed her out in front of the rest of the Avengers, viciously enough that, five years later, Tony and Peter were living peacefully and without any interventions. 

Tony was waiting for Peter to come home from his job interview at the moment. Peter had ended up attending Columbia University, and now had a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, which would surely come in handy in getting the position he’d applied for. Tony had no doubt that Peter would get the job; hence the meal he’d personally slaved over to congratulate his husband of two years. 

He greeted Peter at the door with a kiss, ushering him inside and straight to the dining table, which was already set up with the cutlery and filled plates. He sat down after waiting for Peter to do the same, pouring champagne into their flutes.

“What’s all this for?” Peter asked, bringing the flute to his lips and tilting it, allowing the liquid to seep into his mouth. 

“To celebrate your new job, obviously,” Tony scoffed, “Try the garlic bread, I made it myself.” 

“I didn’t get the job,” Peter said quickly, before Tony could say anything else. 

Tony’s mouth fell open. “What? I’ll talk to them, baby, something’s not right. Or you can come work at Stark Industries – it’s what I’d prefer, anyway. You wouldn’t even have to apply; I’ll take you straight to my labs. Which is pointless, since you already spend every day in there with me; you’ll just be paid for it now.” 

“Imagine that,” Peter mused, “Being paid to spend time with my husband.” 

“Doesn’t it sound amazing?” Tony boasted, satisfied eyes glancing automatically at the ring adorning Peter’s left hand, as they did each time the word ‘husband’ was mentioned in his vicinity. 

“It sounds torturous,” Peter corrected teasingly, “But anyway, I was just joking. I did get the job.” 

Tony dropped his fork with a loud clatter. “You know what? I’m not even mad. Congrats, sweetheart. I’m so proud of you.” 

Peter raised his flute of champagne. “Thank you. To new beginnings, I guess.” 

“To new beginnings,” Tony agreed, clinking their flutes together. 

The End


@css1992 @sweetqueen449 @idyllicstarker @arvaen @rebel13lion39 @itsmexavie

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Washed Ashore (Pt. 16)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen Part Fifteen

Tony dropped Peter off in Queens and drove away, glancing back even as he lost sight of him. The feeling of wrongness only increased as the distance between them grew larger, worry stirring his gut as earlier thoughts slunk back into his mind. The last time Peter had been alone on the streets of New York, he’d been kidnapped.

Tony assured himself that nothing like that would happen this time. Peter wasn’t grieving and distracted – though maybe he was, maybe all those feelings came rushing back, and he was grieving all over again. Grieving his aunt’s death, grieving the years he’d lost as the world moved on without him, grieving for the innocence he’d still miraculously had after all the loss he’d endured, only for it to be stolen away.

Peter was different now. Tony hadn’t known him until recently, but he could tell Peter used to be a different person. He still beamed brightly, still laughed loudly, still trusted him fully even after life had wronged him so badly. He was rougher around the edges, though, wary when most others wouldn’t be. That was where the difference was clear.

He wished he’d had the forethought to give Peter a cellphone. At least that way, he could check on him sporadically throughout the day. Not too much, though. Peter did say he wanted space.

Tony got out of the car and entered his tower, waving off the slack jawed security guards that tried to stop him. He bypassed the lobby desk and got into a private elevator, scanning his ID card and moving up to Pepper’s office.

“Is Ms. Potts busy?” Tony leaned onto the secretary’s desk, watching her swiftly type on her desktop.

She didn’t look up. “Do you have an appointment?”

“What’s the world coming to when a man has to make an appointment to go into an office he owns?”

The secretary – Stacy Maurice, if the ID card pinned to her chest was to be believed – pursed her lips tightly at the comment, doubt and annoyance dancing on her face.

“Sir,” Stacy looked up at him and froze, the reprimand cutting itself off as soon as her mind registered who she was looking at, “Mr.Stark!”

“That’s my name,” Tony hummed in agreement, “Don’t wear it out.”

Stacy took a subtle, deep breath, calming herself down and adjusting her blouse, tugging it down as she did in a much more conspicuous manner. “How may I help you?”

“I want to know if Ms. Potts is available for a quick chat,” Tony droned, slightly annoyed that she hadn’t been listening the first time he said so.

The woman leaned towards him, her dark blue blouse fluttering open slightly and exposing her breasts, “Is there anything else you need?”

Tony shook his head, “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, sir?” Stacy pressed, peering up at him coyly and sinking her teeth into her bottom lip, “I’m more than willing to help you personally.”

“I can tell,” Tony deadpanned, “I’m not going to have to ask a third time about Pepper, am I?”

Stacy sighed, frustration flashing in her eyes as she turned back to her computer to check Pepper’s schedule. Tony forced down his amusement; he could tell exactly what she’d been trying to do. Maybe in the past, it would’ve worked. Now he just found it revolting.

“Ms. Potts is currently available, but I doubt she’d appreciate any visitors coming in with no warning.” Stacy said curtly.

“She loves me,” Tony turned on his heel and started walking down the hall that led to Pepper’s office.

He knocked on her door briefly and opened it before she could respond. She was hunched over her desk with a stack of contracts in front of her, a custom-made pen he’d gifted her years ago held tightly in hand. She looked up at the intrusion, mouth falling open in shock when she saw him.

Pepper scrambled up and around her desk, storming towards him and pulling him into a tight hug. Tony choked when the fierceness of her embrace cut off his air supply, only letting her do so for two seconds before he tapped out.

“Missed you too, Pep.” Tony said tightly, hunching over as oxygen started filtering through his lungs again.

“How many times are you going to do this?” Pepper asked wetly, brushing off the beginnings of tears from her eyes in an attempt to compose herself.

Tony looked up at her in mock offense. “It’s not like I asked to go missing.”

“With how often you do go missing, I wouldn’t be surprised if you do it to skip out on all the work you’re supposed to be doing for Stark Industries.” Pepper teased, her tired gaze leaving him momentarily to look at her mountain of papers.

Tony’s lips twitched upwards. “That’s actually what I’m here to talk to you about.”

“So, not to let me know that you’re alive?” She swatted him.

“That too,” Tony grimaced, rubbing his smarting arm, “I’m going to be taking a break from work. For the most part, anyway. You can send some things over, but don’t be over the top.”

“Why is that?” Pepper arched an eyebrow.

Tony grinned widely, and Pepper almost had to take a step away, taken aback by the pure happiness shining on his face. “I have someone I want you to meet.”

Pepper paused, “You’re not going to tell me who it is?”

“Well, maybe,” Tony hesitated, drumming his fingers along his pants as he thought, “It depends on whether he’s ready to meet you or not.”

“Oh, so it’s a he?” Pepper queried playfully.

Tony smiled. “He’s my boyfriend, and we’re moving into a brownstone in the city this weekend.”

“When did you get a boyfriend?” Pepper spluttered.

“I also left the Avengers,” Tony said casually.

“ What ?” Pepper moved back to her chair, falling into it faintly, “Any other bombshells you want to throw at me?”

“We’ve also decided to have kids.” Tony lied, watching her reactions with entertained eyes.

Pepper stared at him. “There’s no way that’s true.”

“It’s not,” Tony confirmed, “but now you know why I’ll be working less. Peter wants to be involved in the moving process, so the moving team won’t be doing anything other than transporting our things. We’ll be pretty busy.”

“Peter?” Pepper repeated the name, turning it over in her head, “Well, there’s a clue.”

“You won’t find him,” Tony said smugly, “You can’t, since he’s legally dead.”

“Wow,” Pepper blinked, “This boyfriend of yours just keeps getting more interesting. I better get to meet him soon.”

“You will,” Tony promised. “Speaking of that boyfriend of mine, I should go get him. He wanted to walk around, but it’s getting dark, so I’ll be leaving now.”

“Bye, Tony,” Pepper pulled him into another hug, “I’m glad you’re back and safe.”

“Me too, Pep,” Tony breathed in her familiar scent, which solidified that he really was home, because Pepper had always had an elegant smell to her that he couldn’t find anywhere else.

He bid Pepper a goodbye and left her office, heading straight for the elevator without saying anything to Stacy. He went down to the lobby, out to the streets, and into his car.

His boyfriend was waiting for him.

@css1992 @sweetqueen449 @idyllicstarker @arvaen @rebel13lion39 @itsmexavie

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