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#washuu kichimura

I want to thank everyone who participated in @furutaweek  and shared their love for one of the most brilliant characters in Tokyo Ghoul. 
I also want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who reblogged and liked the content to show their love and support.
A big shout out to @kikajpg for helping me set up and run this event. 
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sending wishes to all of you from this corner of the world <3

With this, the event finally comes to an end but our love for Furuta Nimura will never die. I’m so happy that we could all send him off properly, that we were able to do something for him as a community, no matter how small we are. For many, the canon left a bad aftertaste but I hope this event was able to give you some closure on his character.
What he really wanted was not all that different from the rest of the characters. Acceptance and love.
And isn’t that what we’re seeking in our lives too? 

  Super Peace Out

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For @furutaweek because my baby deserved better He made all of this for her-all for her- the love of his life But she didn’t love him back. She just wanted to become free and live the life she never had. He couldn’t accept that he has endured everything for her, and she has rejected him.  “I guess I’ve just got to do everything I want to in the time I have, huh?” He knew that he would die in his 30s. At first, he didn’t know how to react. He didn’t wanted his live to slip from his powerless hands how his beautiful dream with her he had. His life will leave a trace in history like a pencil on a white sheet. And he knew it.

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Hello there! With all sorts of character weeks and events coming around, and the manga ending, would you guys be interested in having a character appreciation week for the mischievous boy Furuta? 

 A week rampant with love for one of the most dynamic and unloved characters in the universe of Tokyo Ghoul :re

The event would go on from 6th-12th August and would welcome all sorts of fan art, fan fics, edits, GIFs, cosplay, playlists, mood boards and even meta. All of his personas would be appreciated.
If it has enough interest, @kikajpg and I will make a blog and will give out prompts within a week from now.

It’s high time this boy gets some love.

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Kaneki (pre-growth): I’ll just choke on it……. I don’t deserve this lemon anyway……

Kaneki (post-growth): Huh, time to make lemonade.

Mutsuki: Oh, how kind of you…..Now give me a peach before I stab you.

Furuta: Fuck this shit, I’ll plan on taking over a fucking nuclear silo so I can cause fucking nuclear apocalypse, because fuck lemon and fuck this world.

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Chapter 146 in a Nutshell
Furuta: "Ha ha, yes... Kaneki turned into a dragon just as I planned."
Everyone associated with the CCG: "...why...?"
Furuta: "Uh because....... ah fuck it I quit."
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