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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#waste my time

Him: “What’s this about? Your last name? I’m worth millions and I’m not afraid to give my last name. This is really disturbing. Like you said, you don’t need the money.”

“I was going to send you a thousand dollars.”   

Me: Well, what’s your last name?

Him: Now, I’m weary. Bye, woman. Did you really like me or, you were going to scam me like others?

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Grace Vanderwaal made history when she won America’s Got Talent at age 12. I never watched the show or followed her career, but then I loved her song “Clearly” in 2018. Grace just released a new EP called Letters Vol 1., and although she’s only 16, her music is becoming more adult and i like it. 

“I Don’t Like You” is my favorite. It’s about how you can still love someone, but dislike them intensely. That’s how toxic relationships usually go. You’re drawn in and can’t let go since you love them, but then they keep making you so frustrated to the point that you can’t stand them. 

“Waste My Time” is another song I can relate to. About knowing a relationshp will most likely lead nowhere, but enjoying every second due to how the person makes you feel. Just wanting to waste your time with them. 

Grace Vanderwaal does have an amazing voice. It’s so light and etheral, but she’s still young and coming into her own as an artist. Most people that win these talent shows go nowhere, but Grace is staying relevant not only with music, but also acting. She’s going to be starring in the film Stargirl

“In The City” is about wanting that small town quiet love, but the person you off is out doing big things in the ciy. Grace Vanderwaal pleasantly surprises me with her music, and I’m excited for Letters Vol. 2, if there is one coming. 

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You say “I love you” with an accent
And then I look away and act like nothing happened
Tell me honestly, will you miss seeing Manhattan?
And even though this is pointless
And even though this is hopeless

I just wanna waste my time
And I just wanna waste your time
We can do anything you like
We can talk all night
I’ll pretend you’re mine
Just waste my time

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I just love when I get all dressed up, put makeup on, hype myself up, and then get cancelled on last minute 👏

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