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myastrolovenotes · a month ago
Where your Scorpio is
What area of your life you have natural magic in
1st: You engage others, they are in awe of you
2nd: You can manifest money, material things, it's easy for you to get more than you need
3rd: You have a way of connecting people and working as a team, that creates a strong force
4th: You can sense when family members are in distress from thousands of miles away
5th: You are musically gifted
6th: You have 9 lives or something , you're also a healer
7th: You cast any love spells recently?
8th: You can uncover the truth about others through intuition and persuasion
9th: You unlock some spiritual gift every time you travel
10th: You easily get ahead
11th: You are the cult leader, you also make a huge difference in the form of charity
12th: you understand rituals and have an alliance with the Moon
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alwyntheefaerie · 5 months ago
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Earth and Water Sign Cult
I’m circling back to my prior statement, this time with the minuscule amount of data I’ve gathered. Concluding that the majority of leaders in the food establishments I work have all been earth and water signs.
Job 1: capricorn, virgo, virgo, virgo, taurus, taurus, taurus, cancer, cancer, pisces, pisces, scorpio, scorpio and scorpio.
Job 2: scorpio, cancer, taurus and capricorn.
Job 3: pisces, virgo, and taurus.
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the-chariot-tarot · 5 months ago
⚚🌊Daily Card For 12.30.2021: The High Priestess⚚🌊
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⚚🌊Today’s energy is The High Priestess! Get in touch with what you  consider your inner deepest and higher self. Go within and look at the  deepest corners of your mind. No one can help you find the answers you  seek but you right now. Embrace your inner self⚚🌊
🦀⚖️How did my card reading apply to you?🦀⚖️
🦀⚖️If you enjoy my daily readings and would like a personal reading for yourself, then read my pinned tweet on how to get one. I’d be happy to answer  any questions you have!   🦀⚖️
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eartheatr · 4 months ago
⛧Golden Day Ritual
4𝔱𝔥 ♏︎
Color of the Day : Yellow
Incense of the Day : Lilac
Gold is stunning, captivating, and connected to the Sun. Let's celebrate gold along with the element of water, used for panning, for today, embodied by Agni.
The Indian deity Agni, god of fire, melded his powerful eyes with water from his semen to yield gold.
Agni represents transformative energy, immortality, and the alchemy of water and fire. He cleanses all that is unlucky and foul.
For this ritual you will need :
A red medium pillar candle
1/3 cup ghee [clarified butter]
A golden fireproof plate
1/4 cup lightning water
Take your red candle [representing vitality, transformation, passion], and dress it with ghee. To dress, focus on Agni's power and rub ghee from the center of the candle upward and then from the bottom of the candle to the center, all around the candle.
Then light the candle on the golden plate. Recite :
Agni, on this golden day, I invite your cleansing energy into my life.
Repeat twice more. After reflection dip the fingers of your dominant hand into the lightning water and snuff out the candle.
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pokecard-gendies · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Watergybasic - a gender connected to the Water Energy card (102/102) in the Pokémon TCG base set.
💧 coined by me !
💧 flag by me !
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sexyastrologyxxx · 3 months ago
Observations from Astrology
A lot of fire and water energy in different things in someones chart [including big three] can hint towards a daydreamer. The individual has big ideas that they want to eventually bring to light. This energy points towards the mavericks and societal rebels that work for a much greater cause.
/ Che Guevera had a pisces moon and aries rising. /
Venus Dominant women have a thing for being exaordinarily beautiful and drop dead gorgeous. They are sometimes famous. They will be famous for whatever their rising is in.
Lilith can definetly talk or bounce around the concept of death, especially in an unpleaseant way (though this depends on whats going in in your transit chart, lmao yall.) I understand that in astrology she is seen as the sexy femme fatale but yall dont realise- she literally (in mythology) created a connection with the devil. Now, im not saying that if you have a stong lilith aspect, you're evil (still thinking on this) but im just making it know, this is (from what i understand so far) is something not to take quite lightly.
I would like to go on a tangent about lilith and the many ideas related to thy asteroid in a seperate post.
Farewell, and amen my loves
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junetay · a year ago
Witch water energy ✨
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aliceraae · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A little photo dump of me, myself, and I 💙🌈🌎🌻
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angelicsaggie · a year ago
Incompatible elements
Opposites are actually a good thing?
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The 4 classical elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each of these elements are special and hold unique characteristics. Life is about adding, subtracting, and balancing which makes every element important and useful. Life is balance meaning that your opposing element is just as important as your dominant element. Opposites are important and helps us maintain this planet. Check to see if you are lacking in your own or opposing element.
Fire & Water
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Fire has given us the ability to cook food, forge tools, provide warmth, purify water, and give us light. The positive fire traits are passion, confidence, vitality, inspiration, creativity, and courage. The negative fire traits are anger, insensitivity, impulsiveness, aggression, and moodiness. If you are a fire element then you should not be afraid to embrace your water qualities because it will be beneficial in many ways. When fire is hot and huge, water cools it down by helping the fire element re-evaluate its choices, reconsider decisions, humble its spirit, prevent disasters, relax, and find compassion.
Water helps us stay alive and keeps the world thriving. Water also detoxifies our systems, regulates our body temperature, prevents dehydration, moves oxygen to the brain, and carries nutrients to the cells in our bodies. The positive water traits are healing, intuition, peace, trust, tranquility, and empathy. The negative water traits are high sensitivity, deceptiveness, self-pitying, and insecurity. Fire is not all about destruction, in fact when water becomes stressed and creates uneasy ripples fire can help water become more assertive, passionate about accomplishing their dreams, courageous, promote happiness, and help water learn how to be adventurous and expressive.
Earth & Air
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Earth is our home, even though we are technically in space. Humans and outer space do not work well together at least during this time period. In reality, outer space worsens our eyesight and changes our DNA. Since life is unpredictable, we should embrace this experience. Earth understands its duty and has no problem fulfilling the things its destiny and the Earth element works in a similar fashion. The positive Earth traits are logic, grounding, ambitious, disciplined, detailed oriented and hard working. The negative Earth traits are cold, stubborn, pessimistic, arrogant, overly independent, and materialistic. Due to earth knowing its duty and strictly performing it, it can sometimes lose track of the time and other important details. The air element helps earth loosen up because there is more to life than materials that will not even travel with us when it is our time to pass on. The air element also helps earth communicate better with people, be less harsh, be more in the present and not lost in materials, expand the walls of their mind to become more creative, and have fun.
Air is quite an interesting element because it rules originality, so air is present but not physically but it is here physically but it is not…? Pretty much what I am trying to say is that we have never seen air before but we acknowledge its existence. How interesting yet different. The positive Air traits are analytical, creative, original, communicative, easy going, and imaginative. The negative Air traits are detached, dishonest, blocked communication, absent minded, and flaky. Air can be quite the chatter box and party host but Earth wants air to understand that recharging is necessary by connecting with nature, grounding yourself, being honest and straight to the point, and becoming more connected with nature and less with technology.
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myastrolovenotes · a month ago
4th house culture
Aries in 4th culture is violently taking things out of context
Taurus in 4th culture is stubbornly wanting to stick to old values
Gemini in 4th house culture is bad-mouthing your mother
Cancer in 4th house culture is naming all your unborn children long before conception
Leo in 4th house culture is making the football team and the chess team in the same hour
Virgo in the 4th culture is being afraid to make a mistake as an adult because your mother was a perfectionist
Libra in the 4th culture is putting everyone else's needs above your own since you were 5
Scorpio in the 4th culture is being fascinated by others secrets
Sagittarius in the 4th culture is never expecting anything from anybody, ever
Capricorn in the 4th culture is trying to live up to your Father's expectations of you
Aquarius in the 4th culture is being completely detached from childhood memories out of fear/self protection
Pisces in the 4th culture is looking for validation you didn't receive in childhood
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alwyntheefaerie · 4 months ago
🌺Thank you @bertopietro
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ggnossienne · a year ago
i don't understand why some people sh!t on pisces placements so much. we're just vibing, being our own natural selves in our own little worlds. maybe everyone else is just jealous.
<sorry to everyone that is stuck in this reality>
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tulatodivine · 8 months ago
Did you guys now how their is power in your nails . The ancient Egyptians the power of makeup and nails itself . Would use tattoos and other methods to bring in the energy of certain elements and Gods/ Goddess.
I like the occult nails books and post ❤ shaping it up .
" Energy harvesting = The secret talent of Stiletto ( water element ) nails
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Signing up for the free newsletter gives you access to a free post on about nail breaking meanings it has .
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the-chariot-tarot · a month ago
♕🌊Daily Card For 5.3.2022: Queen Of Cups♕🌊
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♕🌊Today’s energy is the Queen of Cups! Be compassionate, kind and good listeners to each other. Lead in your endeavors with your heart, but don’t be controlled by emotions especially negative ones. Ebb and flow like water and listen to your gut!♕🌊
🦀⚖️I hope this resonated with you! If you enjoy my daily readings and would like a personal reading for yourself, then DM me wherever you're reading this. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. 🦀⚖️
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zarha-rose · 8 months ago
“I don’t think the ocean washes away anything. If anything, the ocean makes you remember”
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sunshiine69 · a year ago
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Pisces placements saying they told you so..
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safrashh · a year ago
If you have water placements (Cancer/Scorpio/ Pisces) , water dominant planets (Moon, Pluto, Neptune), or a water grand trine within you natal chart.
It is the perfect time for you to navigate your past unexplored traumas during these days, the ones you’ve tried to hide from everyone, especially yourself, that now resid in the depth of your unconscious, reflect on them and acknowledge how they’ve affect you in building your present self. (Throughout the negative but most importantly the positive aspects.)
If it rains where you live during these days especially during night time, collect some rain water in a jar and keep it somewhere chill and dark, let the stagnant water rest, process and build up some healing maternal energies until the full moon happens (starting on Monday night to Wednesday morning).
That night get under the radiant glow of the full moon residing in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and the unspoken, the planet that works in the shadows (your unconscious).
Start the conversation with those past selves while rinsing yourself with rain water, helping you establishing a conversation with your past self that are still affected to this day.
Tell them why they’ve hurt you, why you’ve tried to forget them, but most importantly confort them expressing how they’ve made you realise some things while processing there grief.
It is tough, however try not to forget them, neither repulse them yet try to acknowledge there existence, and remember; it’s due to there past presence in your life that your strength is growing today.
Free yourself from the chains that they’ve established, holding you down in shapes of toxic memories.
By Acknowledging them, you make them rebirth independently without them having to hold you back, from loving and trusting yourself.
Your vulnerability and empathy is precious. Stay Glowing and radiant, remember that recovering is a process and if you don’t give yourself the chance to walk in that path, no one will.
You always should be your most precious love.
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cygnetix · a year ago
today I realised just how much fire sign energy I have surrounding me/choose to surround myself with as a pisces sun sign 😳🌊 we got:
🔥 my lil sister: Aries ♈️
🔥 my irl best friend of 10 years : Leo ♌️
🔥 my eurovision favs (TIX and Melovin): both Aries ♈️ - also I realised they are born a day apart from each other :oo just different years~
🔥 my closest kpop mutuals - Aries ♈️ (or other fire signs).
... there is absolutely no fire in my big three signs. I just feel like there is a lot of intense and passionate energy around me - I admire ppl who have confidence and passion, is it something to do with that I wonder? (my Mars is in Aries however, so that’s kinda 👀)
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down2earthtarot · a year ago
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