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Pokecember 2020, Days 2 and 3! Started by @pokefuseme!

Day 2 was Water Type and I went with Dewgong. I used to spend ages pretending I was like Misty from the cartoon, and had a pretty Dewgong friend.

Day 3 is Grass Type and I decided to go with Fomantis! These little sweeties are so cute and adorable, and I love how they’re so ready to throw down and fight when someone wakes them up.

Edit: Oh ew, make sure you see these cuties in full size! Tumblr makes them look absolutely gastly.

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It’s possible your Swampert also knows that he’s very weak to Simisage and is preemptively trying to scare it before it tries to hurt him. Simisage also tend to be wild in temperament, so your Simisage might have started trouble with Swampert while making sure you weren’t looking.

If you want them to get along better, you could take them double battling (or some other group activity, if you’re not a battler). You could also keep a closer on Simisage and if it is the one starting the trouble, you could get it some new toys so it has them for stimulation rather than messing with Swampert. In turn, if Swampert doesn’t think Simisage will attack him, he should be less aggressive.

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