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#watercolor art

It sucks that you have to delete him;

Erase his sweet texts, his gifs, and his praise;

But, sweetheart, he’s not giving you what you need.

He’s ignorant to the fact that he has an amazing woman;

Yet he’s telling you with his actions that you are sub-par;

Texting other women, sleeping with other woman,

You are worthy of so much more.

Please hold your head higher.

He’s not worth the tears.

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“You made Usagi cry?? Prepare for bubbles.” 👊🏼💦 - Sailor Mercury

I’m having the BEST time with these redraws!! Let me know which sailor scout I should draw next! 🌟

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Encouragement & Confidence

Sometimes your unintentional single word may break my heart.
It is greedy to expect you to reassure me, let alone encourage me to boost my confidence.
‘I’ve tried. But you still misunderstand. It’s useless,’ you said.
So you give up simply after few trials. I feel disappointed.
And my wounds weren’t be healed.

(Watercolour, 2018)

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