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#watercolor art

I had so much fun colouring this little piece! I used a piece by @sarafaber_ as a reference for the lines. The colour palette is my own. :3

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A Young Lady Must

by Jenni Meade

Original Watercolor Art by @freshsunberries


Image Description: A painting by @freshsunberries​ of a young girl with fiery red hair sitting in a field of wildflowers, looking at a circus.  

A short story written in response to an #ask submitted by @waldorkler​. Thank you for the “gothic night circus” prompt! I hope you enjoy the story you inspired, and the art @freshsunberries​ created. 

Jacqueline sits with her hands crossed in her lap. Only her forefinger moves, playing with one of the satin ribbons trailing across the folds of yellow muslin in her dress. Behind her, her mother pulls a brush down Jacqueline’s long, red waves of hair. 

In front of her, there is a window. It frames a perfect view of their garden, hedges trained to stand like animals dancing with white narcissus around their feet, and prim rows of pear trees which Jacqueline is not allowed to climb. Beyond the green wall of beech trees marking the end of the estate’s lawn and the beginning of the meadow, there is a burst of color. 

The circus blew in on the tail of winter’s last breath and perched at the edge of their land. Brightly colored tents sprouted overnight from the dry, hungry grass with food and game stalls clustering cheerily around their pegs. It was not there yesterday; it is there today and Jacqueline can just see the waving of an orange flag through the myriad branches. 

“I would like to go, Mother,” she says. 

Her mother’s brush strokes do not falter. The horsehair slips easily over her satiny curls. “A young lady must not be tempted by the frivolities of common folks,” her mother says. She ties a white ribbon around Jacqueline’s hair, pulling and twisting until it is choked into a smooth knot just above her shoulders. The ribbon is thick; it tickles Jacqueline’s neck. 

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Since WandaVision is set in past eras, I thought my art should reflect that. There was no such thing as digital art in the 50s or 70s, so I decided to make illustrations for the show with watercolor.

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Finally finished this watercolor painting up.

My DnD characters are always tieflings. You probably know why. *shifts gaze*

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