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#watercolor painting
bisquiibits · 2 days ago
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Japanese food + four seasons: Winter ❄️ Daikon, a one-pot dish and a momonga (Japanese flying dwarf squirrel) :3 [Watercolor illustration] Please don’t repost, trace, copy, edit or use my art, thanks! :3 ♪
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lossie92 · 17 hours ago
Will you do Madatobi with swan Tobirama? Not sure how you'd interpret that, and it ups to you, but I can definitely see Tobirama as a beautiful but fierce swan.
Love the art!
Aww thank you 🥺💕
No idea if this is what you had in mind, but Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake lives in my head rent free and I couldn't resist~
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sewers-doodles · 20 hours ago
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Rafflesia Arnoldii
The Stinking Corpse Lily
Watercolor and white ink
[Image Description:
A square of paper with a watercolor painting on it. In the center of a painting is a figure with their legs crossed and arms in front of them pushing into the ground. Their legs turn into roots at the ends that burrow into the ground. The figure's head is a Stinking Corpse Lily Rafflesia flower, a five petalled red flower with thick petals covered in white spots with a hole in the center. The figure is also red with whitish spots. The background of the image is assorted forest foliage with a few brown tree trunks rising from the ground. End Description]
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harbingersolution · 8 months ago
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Ahh *sips coffee* another day of posting art no one will see. This is my girlfriend’s cat, salem. He fluffy.
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wetdream-04 · a month ago
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secretie · a year ago
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Revelation 🏹 6 of Hearts, done for Hero Complex’s 2016 Cardistry show (Watercolor + gouache)
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