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#watercolor painting
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[Pages From My Sketchbook] Postcard-sized watercolor paintings of deco trees.

This has been yet another attempt of getting out of my “comfort zone”, since I’m generally more comfortable working with blues and pinks and hardly ever work with green. I’m also starting to really enjoy filling out space with decorative lines so I’m going to do it more.

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If anyone asks as to why I posted an artwork that I’m not proud of the answer would be I want to show those who scroll through this blog my progress with watercolor paintings as well as to somehow show my improvements over time. Thank you!

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Thank you for requesting! Here’s two drawings of Timeskip Kenma for you because I couldn’t choose what to post.


Here’s an old drawing of mine (last October if I remember correctly) that I’m actually quite proud of even though they were made with watercolor brushpens with no water because I was a dumbass not to mention the paper was way too thin.


Here’s one that I finished last night but it ended up being quite messy and I was not able to draw the face because it was way too difficult for me. I’m not really pleased with the results so I plan to redraw this so please be patient ‘til then.

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XXI- The World

Finally painting another tarot card! Which is something that I want to do more of this year.

For the world, I chose Merlin and Arthur reuniting. While this would come after the ending of the show, I feel like it has a more fulfillment feeling and achievement while still having the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. If that makes sense. Going off my thoughts and reading discussions on the show. Also, forehead touch, but this time Arthur is alive and it’s happy. That also leaves it open for interpretation too. So, you could see it as platonic or romantic Merthur, or queerplatonic as I do.

For the painting process, in true Des fashion, I went over Arthur’s hair a bunch with gouache and shimmer since that’s what I always end up doing when I’m not happy with something 😂

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Witch and the lady of the lake

(Do not use my art without permission, thank you)

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