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i wish i was reading a book on a tree swing by a bubbling brook and waterfall. 💖

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spent quite a bit of time on this accidentally but oh well! it’s for sanster week pretty fun!

used the human version just cause by the time I was thinking about it I already had his colours blocked in lmao

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A thing that I’ll probably never finish, but it felt like a waste to not post this

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I feel so out of sorts lately. 🙃🙂 My life is shifting and changing and I’m stuck in this weird time warp space in between, recovering from post viral syndrome - which is hands down the trippiest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. 😳🤦‍♀️🤯🥵

I’ve been surprisingly patient and calm through it all. I feel grounded and hopeful, just riding it out one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, going with the flow the best I can.

It’s frustrating, yes. But this is where I am, and I’m resolved to do what I can, when I can, and all I can - even when all I can do is rest. My health is my greatest asset and my top priority. 💯

Some days I can’t focus at all, or put my thoughts together well enough to respond to an email or even share an update here. It’s like my brain gets completely stuck, frozen.

When I do feel clear minded I’m thinking good thoughts and making big plans - and working as much as I can. 👩‍💻 When I don’t, I do mindless tasks - necessary things, just easy stuff.

Otherwise I’m sleeping, A LOT - and getting outdoors anytime I’m up for it 🤸‍♀️ even if some days that’s just sitting in the sunshine on my back deck. 🌞 Other days I have the energy to go for a short walk or even an easy hike, which is rare - but feels SO good! 👣

That’s been key for me: making lists of different things to do, varying levels of priorities, depending on the day and how I feel, so I at least have some sense of accomplishment, even on my worst days.

My goal: always be moving forward, even if it’s baby steps or super slow. 🐌

Yesterday was a hard day. I was grateful for the lists I make when I’m feeling clear. I picked an easy task: pulling & printing financial reports for my books.

Today feels like a good day so far. 🥰 Sometimes that turns out to only mean a good hour or two. 🤷‍♀️

That’s okay. I’m focused forward, but also practicing mindful living in the right now.

I had two GREAT days this week and spent both of them in the sunshine by waterfalls - soaking up the negative ions and vitamin D and nature’s essential oils in the wild. 🌟

The last 3 months have been HARD but I’m really proud of how I’m coping with it all - one day & one decision at a time. 💕

Wherever you are on your path, whatever is going on in your life… just keep moving forward. ❤ xo


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Blamping @ Stevenson falls 🌞

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