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the more i listen to snow globe the more i realize it fucking s l a p s

at first i was like “huh this is kinda weird but i think i like it” but after having it on repeat for nearly 3 whole days the more i think “holy s hi t this is so good ohmygod”

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Snow Globe || Waterparks [\m/]

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i made a stylistic lyric video for snow globe

it took a long while for me to make :)

so here, in case anyone’s interested !

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créditos no @calmstarkey 

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so i do this thing where i obsessively listen a song on repeat for days on end. i have been told that’s not normal? the last big one was mr brightside, where i listened to it on repeat for about 5 days, including one day where i listened to it for over 9 hours, 6 of which were without a break. i’m now currently doing that to i miss having sex but at least i don’t want to die by waterparks. i like to think of it as wringing out a really good bop in order to make sure i get every possible molecule of serotonin™

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while I’m here, I just wanna say that if you don’t like greatest hits or the direction they’re going, it’s because you’re weak and honestly this might be Awsten’s way of employing natural selection into his own fanbase and if so then he’s right for it

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Otto is so cute in the Crave music video I can‘t get over it

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