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moonxbabe · 2 days ago
vinnie hacker smut - mine -
hi besties - i know its been super long since I posted so i hope you guys enjoy this story! it was a request a while ago but I changed it up. i have a few more requests to get to, but I'm always open to more, i love to know what you guys like.
One year ago
You wiped your nose clean after just sniffing a line your boyfriend so generously provided for you. It was your third one of the night and you could feel your body buzzing from both that and the drinks he kept shoving at you. The music was loud and you sunk into the couch as people talked all around you but you couldn't make out what they were saying. 
“Another one?” He leaned in to say loud enough in your ear as you shook your head. You had been dating Aaron a few months now and have come to terms with the fact that he liked to party. Hard. You were never like that, but being with him brought that side out of you. 
“Don't be lame,” He said out loud, leaning in taking another line himself.
“Me! Me!” Tana pushed through a few people, never refusing when it came to coke. She took her line hugging Aaron a little too comfortably before giving him a kiss on the cheek and rushing off. He chuckled before eyeing you and gesturing to another line he set up. You sighed and sat up feeling almost forced. 
“She's good,” a voice said sternly, causing both you and Aaron to look up. 
“No one asked you, Hacker, fuck off” Aaron glared at him throwing an arm around your shoulder holding you to him as he sat on the arm rest above you on the couch. Vinnie had become one of your best friends since you moved to LA a few years ago and he wasn't the biggest fan of Aaron but he also didn't over step. He looked over at you as your eyes met his, he shook his head in disappointment realizing your answer. He slightly gripped the drink in his hand before walking off. 
“Vin, wait--” you tried to get up from your seat wanting to talk to him but Aaron gripped you pulling you back down. 
“Sit your ass down,” His jaw clenched, holding you in place as he pointed at the line he had set up. You stared at it as tears burned your eyes, you hated who you were becoming but you didn't hesitate any further taking the line. 
“My girl,” He kissed the side of your head before taking your hand in his, he brought his beer bottle to his lips taking a long swig before getting up pulling you with him. 
“Where are we going?” you held your head and felt it spin. 
“Upstairs,” Aaron dragged you as you followed stumbling a bit. You glanced back seeing Vinnie leaning against the wall staring at you as you attempted to take step by step up. 
“Maybe we should go back down, Im thirsty,” you slightly bit your lower lip as anxiety crawled up your spine. You could feel the effects of the coke pumping through your veins. 
“Here, drink,” Aaron shoved his beer to your chest as he pulled you into an open room. 
“I don't want this,” you shoved it back at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “Why are we here?” you glanced around the empty room realizing it was Vinnies. 
“Because I want you, now,” He finished the beer and put the bottle down before shoving you back against the wall attacking your lips. You kissed him back but pulled away a little at his aggression and placed your hands on his chest shoving him off you.
“Not here Aaron,” You tried to pull away but he gripped your wrists slamming them against the wall.
“You don't get to say what goes on and where, I do,” He said against your lips before attacking your neck with kisses and bites. 
“You're hurting me, get off,” you groaned trying to fight him off but he was twice your size. He moved one of his hands from your arm to your hair gripping it to pull it back in pain. 
“Shut up,” He shoved himself against you pushing you harder against the wall as tears stung the back of your eyes and fear coursed through your entire body.
“Please stop,” your voice whispered as you tried to fight his grip, he used his other hand to open his pants as you struggled against him, your chest rising up and down. Tears began to stream down your cheeks as he shoved your short dress up.
The door slammed open as Vinnie walked through it realizing what was going on. His eyes burning with rage.
“Get the fuck off her,” He growled and stalked towards Aaron yanking him back by his hoodie. You covered your mouth in a gasp as you sobbed in relief. Your back slid down against the wall as your knees pressed against your chest. 
“I got you, you're okay,” Vinnie got down to meet your eyes as you nodded. 
“Get away from her,” Aaron fixed his pants, staring at Vinnie. 
“You have 5 seconds to leave my house,” Vinnie got up standing in front of him not backing down. Aaron challenged him, staring into his eyes before looking over at you.
“Lets go baby,” He said sternly, reaching his hand out to you but you didn't move. 
“She's not going anywhere with you,” Vinnie shoved him out of his room as Aaron still stared at you. 
“Fine,” He scoffed “Fuck you bitch, dont need your pathetic ass anyway,” He walked off as Vinnie slammed the door shut and walked back over to you. You hugged your knees as you attempted to stop crying but couldn't. 
“Come here,” Vinnie wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly in his arms. You snuggled into his chest feeling his warmth. “I should have ripped his fucking head off,” He said quietly.
“I-Im sorry about earlier,” you sobbed against his chest taking a deep breath to calm down.
“It doesn't matter, nothing matters, I'm just glad you're okay,” He stroked your hair softly kissing the top of your head. 
“You're too good to me,” you sniffed, wiping away a few falling tears. 
“You deserve so much better,” He helped you up, walking you over to his bed so you could sit down as he sat down beside you “I never understood why you were with him,” he shook his head in disbelief as he brushed the back of his finger against your cheek softly.
“I honestly don't know,”  you sighed, closing your eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling before looking back at him. 
“You're beautiful,” he gave you a small smile leaning in to kiss your forehead as his lips lingered there. He slightly pulled away, your lips inches apart, you could feel him breathing so close. Your noses brushed against one another and you couldn't stop yourself from leaning in and crashing your lips to his. He kissed you back deeply, placing his hand on your cheek pulling you in closer. Your tongue slowly slid across his bottom lip slipping into the kiss meeting his. 
You move your hand to grip at the front of his shirt pulling him closer before he let out a soft groan pulling away pressing his forehead to yours. 
“I think we should slow down, I want this but you just...,” He trailed off but you nodded understanding. 
“I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…” you looked down, playing with your fingers, almost embarrassed you kissed him. 
“No, I'm glad you did.” he used his fingers to lift your chin so your eyes met his. You gave him a slight smile.
“Would you want to spend the night here?” He asked, getting up but looking down at you.
“I’d like that,” you smiled as he walked over to his closet, grabbing you a t-shirt of his and some sweats. You took them and walked into the bathroom to change before coming out and crawling into his bed. 
“You look good in my clothes,” he said softly, watching you with a smile. You blushed at his words as he changed into a pair of sweats as well, no shirt on. He got in next to you as you two faced one another laying on your sides. 
“Thank you for tonight,” you said quietly, staring into his eyes.
“You have nothing to thank me for,” he said softly as your eyes slowly drifted close.
You walked down the street to your favorite coffee spot before you had to head back home to finish up some work. You ordered your iced vanilla latte and waited as you glanced down at your phone checking the time. 
“Hey,” a familiar voice said from behind you, causing you to look up. You stood there speechless as Aaron looked  down at you. You hadn't seen him since that night a year ago and things had changed so much since.
“Listen… I just want to uh apologize,” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and sighed. “I shouldn't have acted that way with you that night, what I did wasn't okay and I'm really sorry” he looked down in shame. You blinked surprised at his words because he seemed different, his eyes weren't as sunken in as they used to be, his hair was cut and his skin glowed. 
“I um--” you glanced down trying to find your words “I appreciate the apology,” you nodded a little. 
“I know it doesn't make up for it, but I’m trying to be better,” he nodded. “I’ve been going to AA and just working on myself,” he offered a small smile and you gave him one back. 
“Good, Im happy for you, you look like you're doing well,” 
“You look great too,” he nodded before hearing the barista call his name, he grabbed his coffee and looked back at you, “Well I’d love to hang out sometime if you’d be open to it,” 
“I uh actually have a boyfriend Aaron,” you gave him a sorry expression.
“Right, I did see that about you and Vinnie,” his lips pressed into a line before nodding “Well I wish you nothing but the best,” he gave you another small smile. 
“I appreciate that, you too,” you smiled back at him as you leaned in to give him a parting hug, he hugged you back tightly before walking away. 
You heard them call your name and went up to grab your coffee. You left the coffee shop and glanced down at your phone as it blew up with notifications from Tik Tok Room, you slightly frowned in confusion as you opened it up seeing photos of you and Aaron talking and hugging just a few minutes ago. 
“Great,” you rolled your eyes annoyed as you gripped your phone. 
Vinnie sat at his desk and stared at the screen intensely as he streamed. 
“No no no!” He groaned as his player died in the game “Chat I hate this,” he chuckled and looked at the camera before looking at the messages in the chat that were filled up with your name and Aaron. He studied them for a moment confused before grabbing his phone and going to check tik tok room to see the photos. His jaw clenched in anger as he then heard a faint knock on his door. 
“What?” He gritted out as you walked in and looked at him. 
“Chat I need to go, I’ll maybe stream later tonight,”  He waited for a secord before ending the stream and looked over at you as he held the phone up with the photos. 
“Vin, it's not what it looks like,” you slightly rolled your eyes as you approached him. 
“So what is it? He's a piece of shit and I don't want you anywhere near him,” His tone was upset, as you stood in front of him in between his legs looking down at him. 
“He just wanted to apologize for that night, he’s been doing better, no more drugs and drinking,” you ran your hand into his now short hair trying to calm him down. 
“I don't care, that doesnt make up for what he did to you,” He grabbed your thighs from behind pulling you down onto his lap so you were straddling him. 
“I know but it's in the past now,” you wrapped your arms around his neck as his wrapped at your waist. 
“You're mine,” He pulled you in closer to nuzzle his face into your neck kissing it softly. You bit your lower lip and leaned your head back slightly giving him more space as he began placing kisses all over. 
“He knows that,” you said softly as your hand played with his hair. 
“Do you?” he groaned softly against your skin, finding a spot to suck on hard. 
“Mhmm,” a soft moan escaped your lips as you slightly gripped his hair. 
“Say it,” he pulled away leaving a mark as he ran his tongue over it once more, his hand moved up to grip your neck holding it as his eyes met yours. 
“I’m yours,” you said breathlessly as you felt yourself throb between your legs. 
“Good girl,” he pulled you in by your throat attacking your lips in a deep kiss as you could feel him grow hard under you rubbing at your clit. You slowly started to grind against him to relieve some pressure.
“Get on your knees for me,” he whispered against your ear sending chills down your spine. You nodded obeying his words, you got off his lap and lowered to your knees in front of him. His lips curled into a small smirk as he pushed your hair back and leaned in giving you another hard kiss. You let out a soft moan as you kissed him back and reached for his pants unbuttoning them. He pulled away from the kiss letting you pull off his pants along with his boxers letting his dick spring out.
You licked your lips in anticipation before leaning in and slowly taking it into your mouth letting your tongue play with his tip. 
“Fuck baby,” He groaned gripping your hair pushing you a little further down. He leaned his head back for a second before looking back down at you. You took him deeper in your throat and  began to bob up and down attempting to get him all in. Your hand slid up resting it on his abs as your nails slightly dug into them. 
“Such a good girl for me,” a soft moan escaped his lips as he licked his lips watching you. You pulled up sucking at his tip before taking him deep once again causing him to groan once more. He held your head down as you began to hum, sending vibrations through his length knowing it would set him. 
“I'm about to cum baby,” he bit his lower lip and pulled your head back “Tongue out,” he demanded and you stuck it out readying for his load, using your hands to stroke him. His knees bucked up as he released in your mouth and you licked it up, swallowing. 
“Good fucking girl,” he grabbed your jaw opening your mouth before spitting into it swallowing once again. He smirked, pulling you in to kiss you roughly. You kissed him back as your body buzzed with need for him. 
“Vin,” you moaned softly against his lips squirming. 
“Take off your shorts and come here,” he patted his lap. You did as he asked, removing your shorts and straddled his lap once again as his hand snaked in between your thighs to your heat. He pushed your underwear to the side using two fingers and rubbed your clit slowly.
“You're so wet,” He groaned softly “You better only be getting this wet for me,” His tone husky as he inserted his two fingers deep into you thrusting them in a fast pace. 
“Only you Vin,” you moaned loudly as your hands held onto his shoulders. Your hips moving against his fingers chasing your high. You leaned your head back as he kissed your neck finding a spot to suck on hard. You moved one hand up to his hair holding on to it as he used his thumb to rub your clit. 
“Fuck I need you,” he growled into your ear pulling his fingers out of you causing you to whine. You positioned yourself on top of him as he gripped your hips hard slowly lowering you onto his dick. You let out a gasp at the feeling as he slowly filled you up. 
“Oh my God,” you moaned at the feeling as you shifted a bit adjusting to his size and the angle. 
“You okay baby?” He groaned softly using one hand to push your hair back behind your ear as you bit your lower lip.
“Yea,” you nodded, holding onto his shoulder once more slowly bouncing up and down his length “You just stretch me out so good,” 
“You feel fucking amazing,” He moaned softly gripping onto your hips harder helping you move up and down at a bit of a faster and harder pace. He looked down where you both were connecting before letting out a groan and leaning in to take your left breath into his mouth letting his tongue play with it.
“Fuck, Vinnie,” your eyes rolled back in pleasure at the feeling as your nails dug into his arms. He moved on to the right breast giving it the same treatment before kissing up to your neck. 
“I want to fuck you so hard,” He gripped your hips to stop moving “Get on the wall and turn around” He demanded and you nodded quickly getting off of him and standing up against the wall. He got behind you as he pressed his chest to your back and slid a hand into your hair gripping it as the other held onto your waist. You spread your legs slightly apart as he bent you over slightly and thrusted into you hard.
“Holy shit,” you moaned loudly at the sudden feeling as you attempted to find something to hold onto. He fucked into you hard and fast as he pulled your hair back to his shoulder as your lips found his attacking you in a deep kiss.
“My good fucking girl, taking it like she should,” he pressed his mouth to your ear as your eyes rolled back at his words causing chills down your spin as you moved your hand back to hold onto his neck and the other gripping his leg, your hips meeting his thrusts. You could feel the knot growing in your stomach from the overwhelming pleasure.
“I'm so close, don't stop,” you whined as one of his hands moved to grip your throat and the other moved down in front of you to rub your clit in fast circles. 
“Cum all over my dick baby,” he growled into your ear as you moaned loudly. Your climax hitting hard as your walls clenched hard around his dick. 
“Oh fuck,” he groaned at the feeling thrusting in and out a few more times before his knees bucked and he came deep inside you holding onto you for dear life. Your legs gave out as he held you up for a few minutes before slowly pulling out and carrying you to the bed. 
“You know how to wear me out,” you laughed softly as he cleaned you up with a towel, he smirked up at you. 
“That means I'm doing it right,” he chuckled softly, crawling beside you to lay down on his stomach as he propped himself on his elbows looking down at you. 
“Definitely that,” you leaned over to kiss his lips softly as he kissed you back. 
“Mine,” he whispered softly against your lips as you smiled. 
“Always, I love you and only you,” you whisper back against his lips as he smiles against yours.
feedback always appreciated <3 
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sznfk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ָ࣪ 𖧵ֹֺֽ໋໋݊ 𓄹 💌﹢◍࣪ 𓈒ꜝꜝ ── falling, falling, but i never thought you'd leave me...
Tumblr media
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bangchanbabygurl · 2 days ago
Bad For Me (Part 1) 
Tumblr media
Member: Hyunjin
Request: No
Genre: Smut, CEO/Mafia AU, College AU, Angst
WARNINGS: Daddy Kink, Overstimulation kink, choking kink, slight BDSM, breast fixation, corruption kink, unprotected sex, Explicit language, contains extreme mature content, mirror sex, very vulgar language, dark & troubling themes, alcohol abuse, violence, confronting themes, explicit, mature and dark adult scenes
Tumblr media
“Let’s begin the meeting, Lexi were you able to find a solution for the project?” Mrs. Wickenburg asked I left my gaze from the laptop to see everyone waiting for my response, a small huff of breath leaves my lips. “Um, well just bits of it. I was thinking instead of naming the new fragrance BURN why not name it CRYSTAL since it’s form is a bit like a Diamond,” I implied with a shy smile, Mrs. Wickenburg and the rest sat in deep thought. “That seems like a reasonable solution…anyone else?” She asked I look down at the table, “Alright then we’ll go with Ms. Romano’s solution, that’s it for today.” Mrs. Wickenburg said as she closed her folder. Everyone got off their seats walking out of the room, closing my laptop a light knock caused me to look up.
A small smile formed on my lips, “I’m sorry I didn’t think there would be another group using this room,” I spoke with an apologetic tone. “Uh no worries,” he said I glanced at him, he was tall and very beautiful although many would say handsome but his beauty was out of this world. I grabbed my book bag and made my way out of the room, I let out a breath of relief. I felt nervous when he walked into the room, I guess his beauty and charisma effected me.
“Lexi, did you hear?” Sophie asked her voice filled with excitement, I shook my head at her. “Hear what?” I asked as we walk out of HWANG Enterprises, “The chairman and his son are here…” Sophie squealed. A chuckle escaped my lips as we hurry down the stairs, “I have classes to get to, see you tomorrow.” I said departing from her grip. “Bye Lexi!” Sophie called out, I buried my hands inside the pockets of the brown coat. A sigh left my lips as I waited by the bus stop, am I happy with my internship with HWANG Enterprises? I guess I grew tired of trying to live the perfect life my parents wanted me to have, I craved for the wildlife Sophie lives.
My craving for a little joy in life was something I want to taste, “Miss?” A husky voice made goosebumps appear on my skin. I turn to see the beautiful man from HWANG Enterprises, he was holding my laptop. A gasp escaped my lips “Oh my god thank you so much, I guess my mind isn’t here. Thank you so much,” I said taking it from his grasp, “Again thank you um…” I paused. “No problem I’m Hyunjin by the way, you must be one of the interns.” He said with a smile, my heart melted at the sight of his grin. “Yeah I am, Lexi Romano…and you must one of the data employees right,” I said grasping the laptop, he chuckles. “Something like that,” he said as his hands found their way inside his pockets.
The bus had arrived, I gave him a shy smile “I’ll see you around then,” I spoke softly as I walk inside the bus. Taking a seat in the back I let out a shaky breath, my cheeks were a crimson red and ached from the smiling. I peaked out the window to see he was still standing there, his beauty managed to punch out the air from my lungs. A small squeal escaped my lips, I felt like a child who was given candy for being good. I throw my head back against the seat, I chewed the inside of my cheek. Hyunjin…one things for sure his name is written across the blank space of my brain.
Unlocking the door of my shared place; Violet’s and Sarah’s voice could be heard from the kitchen, I place down my things inside the bedroom. Removing the coat, the warmth of a heater felt toasty. “Hey you’re back, how is it that you manage to get in without a noise.” Violet said as she took a sip of her ice tea, Sarah laughs shaking her head. “That’s because she’s quiet like a mouse, so how was work today?” Sarah asked, I give her a faint smile. “It was alright, although Sophie invited me to go to some party but…I lied about having classes to attend to,” I said looking at my feet, “Aww Lex, you should go out stop pestering yourself with work and studies.” Violet said with a small smile. “What about dating? You know ever since our bond began you’ve never mentioned anything about dating,” Sarah said placing her elbow on her knee, a flustered smile appears on my face. “Dating? I never really dated anyone before, so I’m not experienced in anything.” I said fiddling with my sleeves, “Besides I’m only twenty-one and dating isn’t in my agenda,” I said crossing my arms. “Mmm sure, but you know it’s just happens. Sooner or later you’ll be dating,” Violet said I chuckle at her words, “I’m gonna go study,” I said leaving the living room.
“Ugh, this doesn’t seem right…” I mumbled looking at the equation for HWANG Enterprises new project, I nibbled on the end of my pen. The email notification filled my ears, I look at the screen to see an email from Mrs. Wickenburg “Mr. Hwang approved of your idea and they want to launch it as soon as possible, there’s a meeting happening tomorrow are you available at ten AM?” a squeal passed my lips my fingers typing back a reply. I went back to figuring out the problem, the clock hit past eleven. Running my fingers through the roof my head I closed the folder placing it inside the book bag, the long haired man lingers in my mind along with his name. The black and white furry friend climbed up on bed, “Where have you been moony,” I whispered as he curls into my side. Dating…I never thought about it before not even in high school, why am I suddenly thinking of it in the middle of my college life?
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wyngarde · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐿𝑒𝑡 𝑔𝑜 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑏𝑒 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝑒
𝐼 𝑤𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑢𝑛𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 ❥
𝑈𝑛𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 - 𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑦 𝑃𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑦
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cake-mochi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mars Graphic - Pandemic!
Caso se inspirar, dê os créditos
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alephsky · 2 days ago
Te libero de mi, no por que el corazón esté clausurado, si no por que el amor se convirtió en egoísmo y tu presencia en necesidad. Ya no eras mi musa, si no mi salvador, haciendo que te amara de forma enfermiza.
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wolfhowlmoonlight · a day ago
First of December now bois, time to get my winter vibes on
I got super tired of doing my final projects so I took a bit of a break to draw this instead!! It’s for one of the scenes in the next chapter of my Luca fanfic 👀👀 (I haven’t had time to work on it since I have finals so close after my mid terms 🥲)
Tumblr media
Luca’s only wearing a scarf and a beanie with his school uniform in the cold because he left his bag at school due to…unfortunate circumstances— but it’s ok, he’s walking all the way to Giulia’s house from school so he’ll prolly get some blisters too :P
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dramioneasks · 17 hours ago
Hi. I wanted to recommend this muggle au series on wattpad- Tangled by Black_Heiress_.
Tangled Dramione Trilogy - Black_Heiress_
𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐄𝐃 | ᴀ ᴅʀᴀᴍɪᴏɴᴇ ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ - M, 34 chapters - '"It finally happened." "What happened?" "What you've been wishing on me all these years." I whisper, "I fell in love."' oOoOoOo Draco Malfoy makes multimillion-dollar business deals and seduces New York's most beautiful women with just a smile. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable a...
𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐃 | ᴀ ᴅʀᴀᴍɪᴏɴᴇ ꜱᴇQᴜᴇʟ - M, 21 chapters - " Did you think Draco and I were going to ride off into the sunset? Live happily ever after? Join the club. Apparently happily ever after only lasts two years. Don't check the title. You're in the right place. This is still the Draco and Hermione show. It's just twisted around. Messed up. Welcome to Oz, Toto. It's a f...
𝐓𝐈𝐄𝐃 | ᴀ ᴅʀᴀᴍɪᴏɴᴇ ꜰɪɴᴀʟᴇ - M, 17 chapters - "There are moments in life that you dream about-plan for. You imagine every detail in crisp, vivid color and high-definition sound. And when that one perfect moment finally arrives, you pray the reality will come close to the fantasy you've built up in your mind. And then there are those precious few times-when the re...
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sznfk · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ָ࣪ 𖧵ֹֺֽ໋໋݊ 𓄹 💌﹢◍࣪ 𓈒ꜝꜝ ── yeah, my boyfriend’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me...
Tumblr media
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bangchanbabygurl · 2 days ago
Bad For Me (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Member: Hyunjin
Request: No
Genre: Smut, Angst, CEO/Mafia AU, College AU
WARNINGS: Daddy Kink, Overstimulation kink, choking kink, slight BDSM, breast fixation, corruption kink, unprotected sex, Explicit language, contains extreme mature content, mirror sex, very vulgar language, dark & troubling themes, alcohol abuse, violence, confronting themes, explicit, mature and dark adult scenes
Tumblr media
I fixed the collar of my baby blue blouse, slipping on the ankle strapped low heels. “Look at you dressing to impress,” Sarah said grabbing the dirty hamper from my room, I give her a smile. “It’s a meeting obviously I have to dress nice,” I said slipping inside the black blazer, fixing the matching pencil skirt. I tossed my hair in a low ponytail, “Okay how do I look? Before you say it I never liked the idea of wearing makeup for work,” I said spraying myself in cherry scent fragrance. Sarah smiles “You look cute yet hot…it’s all a bonus,” she said leaving the room, I grabbed my things before heading out of the bedroom. “Woah woah, chica look at you. Cute but hot as a bonus,” Violet said with a cheeky grin, “Exactly what I said,” Sarah implied. I chuckled at their reactions, “Okay I’m heading to a very important meeting so wish me luck guys,” I said walking out of the house.
With a sharp inhale I stepped off the bus, I spotted Sophie and Mrs. Wickenburg. “Lexi glad to have you here,” Mrs. Wickenburg said with a smile, “Oh they’re here,” Sophie said. I removed a strain of hair from my face and stood beside Sophie, my fingers gripped the black folder. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when the gorgeous man from the other day stepped out of the black SUV, along with a man in his forties. “Welcome Mr. Hwang and young Hwang, we have arranged everything as you wished.” Mrs. Wickenburg said with a polite smile, obviously we bowed to them since it was a rule of the company. A shy smile formed on my lips as Hyunjin flashes his breathtaking smile, “Everyone should be arriving soon would you like to wait for them in the lobby or in the conference room?” Mrs. Wickenburg asked her voice was filled with nerves. Mr. Hwang smiles and looked around the interior of the building, “Business seems to be running very well, let’s wait for our guests to arrive in the conference room,” Mr. Hwang said with a smile.
Mrs. Wickenburg and Sophie followed behind Mr. Hwang, Alan halted me. I gave him a perplexed expression, “What are you doing?” I whispered as I watched everyone heading towards the elevators. “I know you’re busy but I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me,” Alan said I gave him a dazed look, “I’m very busy Alan,” I whispered “Is that a yes or no?” Alan asked. I gave him a stern gaze, bumping into a hard surface my cheeks were burning up in embarrassment. “Shouldn’t you be working instead of bothering people who are here to work,” Hyunjin’s voice sent chills down my spine, “Go on Ms. Romano answer his question,” Hyunjin said his voice was filled with annoyance. I bite down my bottom lip and turned to Alan, “I’m sorry but no, I’m not here to socialize.” I said with a apologetic tone. “Of course,” Alan said walking off to the data room, I felt bad for him Hyunjin didn’t have to put him in the spotlight.
I trailed behind Hyunjin as we entered the elevators, “You didn’t have to be harsh on him…” I said breaking the silence. Hyunjin sided eyed me a chuckle leaving his lips, “Feeling bad? Do you like him or something?” He asked. I look at him in disbelief, “No I don’t but you still shouldn’t have embarrassed him like that,” I said, my palms became a bit sweaty. “And please call me Lexi, I only go by Ms. Romano when I have conversations with elders.” I said as the elevator doors open, we walk towards the conference room. “Well then Lexi, after you.” Hyunjin said opening the door, Mrs. Wickenburg threw me a glare. I walk over to Sophie, “I’m sorry,” I apologized handing Mrs. Wickenburg the folder. “No need to apologize my dear, I see that my son helped with the situation.” Mr. Hwang said giving Hyunjin a faint smile, I sat next to Mrs. Wickenburg.
The meeting was boring since they were debating about the launching date of the new fragrance, I took small glances at Hyunjin who was very focused on his father’s project. “Well then we all know that my son Hyunjin will be taking over HWANG Enterprises very soon, so I want to make this launch extravaganza.” Mr. Hwang said closing the folder, “May I ask how did you came up with the solution Ms. Romano?” Mr. Hwang asked I looked at everyone with a faint smile. “Well, looking at it’s form shaped like a Diamond it would be more simple yet elegant to name it CRYSTAL instead of BURN.” I said the sudden nerves washed over me as they looked at the picture of the fragrance, “Whatta you know it does look like a Diamond.” Mr. Hwang said with a smile. “You have a good eye on the littlest things Ms. Romano.” He said, “Thank you Mr. Hwang,” I said with a small smile.
Mrs. Wickenburg and Sophie walk out Mr. Hwang and the rest of the guest as I stayed behind cleaning the room, “You have the brains yet they make you clean,” a gasp left my lips I turn to see Hyunjin was still here. “I thought you had left,” I said stacking up the papers, he smiles. “Nope, I told my dad that I wanted to look around.” Hyunjin said my heart skipped a beat as he pushed back a strain of his black hair, my fingers clenched onto the papers. “I should leave you be then,” I said feeling whiplashed as my back hit the wall, my breath hitched at how close he was. “You know you’ve been on my mind since day one,” he whispered his index finger tracing a small heart on my cheek, “There’s something about you that’s eating me up,” Hyunjin growled. His thumb tugged lightly on my bottom lip, I was quivering under his touch. My legs felt like jello, my heart was pounding against my chest. I gaze into his dark hooded eyes, “You’re like a magnet each time we passed by electricity sparks through me,” his words had me feeling heated. I gulped as his lips were awfully close to mine, slightly brushing against them. “Tell me Lexi…do you feel the same? Do I cause electricity run through your veins?” He asked, and god was he right. I knew that he was the cause of my questioning of dating, but this was all too fast. One thing I hate about a relationship was rushing into one, I want things go slow and steady.
“To be frank with you Hyunjin…I…I never dated before,” I whispered, his dark eyes soften at my words. “Really? Then that’s perfect,” He whispered, I shook my head. “It’s not, you see I rather have things go slow and steady instead of feeling like it’s all rushed.” I said fighting back the urge to kiss him, a small laugh left his lips. “Baby I can do slow and steady,” Hyunjin said, feeling flustered from his words his phone went off. “You should probably answer that,” I whispered, Hyunjin moved to the side answering his phone. A sigh of relief left my lips as I grabbed my things, “Today was interesting…Uh I’ll see you around Hyunjin,” I said with a shy smile.
My feet hurried towards the elevators, my finger pressing the down button endlessly. Nerves filled every inch of me, fingertips softly grazed my lips feeling the ghost of his lips. Stepping inside the elevator my eyes fell on Hyunjin who was walking out of the room, my heart skipped a beat. Could it be that I’m catching feelings for him? I mean I always feel the sudden rush of white noise and electricity colliding together whenever I see him but I don’t think I can be in a relationship with him…he’s the soon be new CEO of his father’s enterprise, it would be violating the rules all relationship has be work profession and not romantically.
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hawksugarbaby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bakugo x reader- Rocky horror romance
Fluff + Sexual implications
His eyes were longing for something. 
Lingering on your lips for a second longer than they should. 
Listlessness toward anything that wasn’t you standing there. 
Lost in the sweetness of your perfume. 
Loving the way you pulled off your outfit without any effort. 
Who’s idea was this in the first place? How long had you been standing in this queue for? He couldn’t remember what you were going to see but he’d followed you to the theatre like a puppy dog completely hypnotised by your excitement and the tickets in your hand flapping in the wind violently. He needed to catch them if the wind blew them out of your hand, he couldn’t see you sad. 
Why was his jacket still on his shoulders and not covering your shivering body? Change that quickly. He pulled his jacket off with a tongue click and draped it over your shoulders and your head tilted upwards to smile at him. 
“Have you been to the theatre before bakugo?” the queue shifted forward slightly and he melted with your soft tone. He just grunted and shook his head in fear of his voice giving up on him. “It’s fun. My first kiss was at the theatre y’know. Have you had your first kiss?” 
The blond furrowed his eyebrows, his stomach turning inside out at the thought of another man kissing you but how was he supposed to even think of kissing you if “No, I’ve not” he’d never even kissed anyone else. 
“Aw really? I thought you would have by now” normally you’d backtrack and make up an excuse about what you’d said but you didn’t care today? He seemed too oblivious to your feelings in the first place? He did have a large ego and your words would only inflate the balloon in his skull if he’d paid attention to them. 
The queue inched forward again making you next to have your tickets checked “What are we going to see again?” he grunted. It was supposed to sound soft, that’s how it sounded in his head, so why didn’t it sound the same coming out of his mouth. 
“Oh did I not tell you?” you tilt your head and his mouth twinges with a smile bug no he has to hide it. 
‘You did I just forgot’ “No you didn’t” for fuck sake why is he lying? 
“Oh! I should have told you before I dragged you all the way to the theatre. I'm so sorry! It’s the rocky horror picture show” 
He remembered now. You’d went on about how you get to shout at the stage after specific performances and taught him the time warp in the living room once he’d begrudgingly stood up but he wasn’t really upset about it. It ended up being fun and he ended up agreeing, not because he cared about the show but the thought of you -you who gave him a sugar rush because of how sweet you were, you with skin smooth as caramel and words dripping with honey- you could lace your words with arsenic? 
There was no way you of all people would scream “Asshole” at the stage in an audience filled with people. 
And suddenly he was sitting next to you in the front row and the narrator had just said “Janet Weiss” and you were screaming
At the top of your voice. And now you were engraved in his memory more than before. You dressed to the nines with a corset cinching your waist to what he thought was impossible, and your fishnet tights, knee high leather boots, latex gloves up to your elbows and maid dress under your corset. He didn’t know he was supposed to dress up but he wished he had. 
“What am I supposed to shout?” he whispered to you and you leaned next to his ear warming his cheek with your warm breath. 
“When Janet and brad are introduced to someone new shout slut for janet and asshole for brad” 
Okay, simple. He was good at shouting. Usually. But he wasn’t good at shouting when his hand subconsciously rested on your cheek and his thumb grazed your chin holding your face so he could see directly into your candied eyes and lean into you. His lips brushed against yours until they pressed against your prettily locking together. 
Music started and you hurried your kiss pulling off of him and pulling him to his feet but you wouldn’t let go of his hand. “You're going to make it hard to jump to the left” you snicker and nod your head in the direction you're going. 
“You can let go if you want. Not like I really care” what fucking Tsundere bullshit is this? What is he pulling right now? ‘Stop you idiot’
You smile and step on his foot when he accidentally steps to the left instead of the right. “I think I’d care” 
He squeezes your hand tighter and starts paying attention to the direction he’s going in and when the song is over he sits next to you. He doesn’t pull his hand away because he expects you to, and you don’t, so why would he? You lean over every time he’s supposed to shout something and he buys you chocolate ice cream during the intermission for you to scarf during the show and he tightens your corset back up when you return from the toilet. He doesn’t question why you're biting your nails and sucking your bottom lip between your teeth the tighter he pulls. 
And then the show begins again. 
And then the show ended in a flash. Did he pay attention to any of it or did he stare at you violently shouting at the actors when you were supposed to. 
“So thoughts and feelings?” you asked walking back to the dorms. STILL holding his hand. 
“It was fine” 
“Favourite part?” 
He grabs your face again and pulls you into him resting his arms on your shoulders and yours snake around his neck. He plants his lips on yours backing you up against a wooden fence and you sigh, biting his bottom lip. 
“Oh? It does bite” he smirks. If anything right now was the perfect time to be cocky. 
“I can bark too” you whisper and your hands travel under his shirt, the latex pulled at his skin and he cocked an eyebrow. “But what was your favourite part?” you persist and he laughs giving you another gentle kiss. 
“Probably you” 
You laugh. Definitely a laugh from your stomach that doesn’t struggle coming out and he smiles. 
“Then let’s go back to my dorm and you can enjoy me some more
⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ☆ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳. ⊹  ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚  ⊹ ⊹ .˳⁺⁎⊹
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wyngarde · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑌𝑒𝑎𝒉, 𝑤𝑒 𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑑 𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒𝑡𝑜𝑝𝑠
𝐴𝑛𝑑 𝑤𝑒 𝑡𝑜𝑜𝑘 𝑡𝑜𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑦 𝑠𝒉𝑜𝑡𝑠
𝑇𝒉𝑖𝑛𝑘 𝑤𝑒 𝑘𝑖𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑑, 𝑏𝑢𝑡 𝐼 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑜𝑡 ;)
𝐿𝑎𝑠𝑡 𝐹𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑦 𝑁𝑖𝑔𝒉𝑡 (𝑇.𝐺.𝐼.𝐹.) - 𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑦 𝑃𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑦
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alephsky · 2 days ago
Dijiste que yo era todo, y en cambio me convertiste en nada.
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2soulscollide · a month ago
E.A. Deverell - FREE worksheets (characters, world building, narrator, etc.) and paid courses;
Hiveword - Helps to research any topic to write about (has other resources, too);
BetaBooks - Share your draft with your beta reader (can be more than one), and see where they stopped reading, their comments, etc.;
Charlotte Dillon - Research links;
Writing realistic injuries - The title is pretty self-explanatory: while writing about an injury, take a look at this useful website;
One Stop for Writers - You guys... this website has literally everything we need: a) Description thesaurus collection, b) Character builder, c) Story maps, d) Scene maps & timelines, e) World building surveys, f) Worksheets, f) Tutorials, and much more! Although it has a paid plan ($90/year | $50/6 months | $9/month), you can still get a 2-week FREE trial;
One Stop for Writers Roadmap - It has many tips for you, divided into three different topics: a) How to plan a story, b) How to write a story, c) How to revise a story. The best thing about this? It's FREE!
Story Structure Database - The Story Structure Database is an archive of books and movies, recording all their major plot points;
National Centre for Writing - FREE worksheets and writing courses. Has also paid courses;
Penguin Random House - Has some writing contests and great opportunities;
Crime Reads - Get inspired before writing a crime scene;
The Creative Academy for Writers - "Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication." It's FREE and has ZOOM writing rooms;
Reedsy - "A trusted place to learn how to successfully publish your book" It has many tips, and tools (generators), contests, prompts lists, etc. FREE;
QueryTracker - Find agents for your books (personally, I've never used this before, but I thought I should feature it here);
Pacemaker - Track your goals (example: Write 50K words - then, everytime you write, you track the number of the words, and it will make a graphic for you with your progress). It's FREE but has a paid plan;
Save the Cat! - The blog of the most known storytelling method. You can find posts, sheets, a software (student discount - 70%), and other things;
I hope this is helpful for you!
(Also, check my blog if you want to!)
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