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classicmeg · 7 months ago
fan fiction is SO addicting to people with ADHD because our brains aren't innattentive, they're just constantly searching out sources of dopamine because we don't produce enough on our own. fan fiction supplies us with an endless archive of free stories - long and short - containing characters we already love and we can just devour story after story after story one after another and it feels SO GOOD.
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thegayshitposter · 2 years ago
Me: I’m going to utilize this weekend properly and get stuff done
Also me: *spends 8 hours on YouTube*
               *binge watches a TV series*
               *reads 100K words fanfic*
               *listens to the same 5 songs for the umpteenth time*
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jupiter235 · 3 months ago
A head’s-up to all my fellow writers (fan fiction and original fiction)
So last night I get an email about a new comment on one of my fan fics. I read the email, and the comment seemed shady as hell to me. But given it was late at night, I didn’t look into it until this morning. 
The comment, screen-capped from my email:
Tumblr media
I was able to confirm that this is in fact spam--and a possible phishing scam--on this Reddit thread. The OP on that thread got similar messages on their account, with the links included being identical to the ones in my comment. 
So just to make y’all aware, if you got this on one of your fics, make sure you’re reporting it as spam to whatever hosting platform you’re on. 
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bebx · 8 months ago
*me writing fic*
me to me: don’t use the word eyes, you just used it in the previous sentence. use something else
my inner me to me: no, don’t call eyes orbs, it’s cringey
my deeper inner me to me: call them face balls
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shipping-ppl-ugh · 2 years ago
Have you ever read a fan fic that has destroyed you physically and mentally and yet when you finished, you just sat there looking at the phone screen thinking
“Shit, this changed me as a person”
Tumblr media
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titaniumstark · 3 months ago
The fanfiction writers who create wonderful stories and put lots of work and dedication so they can share them with us and we can enjoy them as well:
Tumblr media
The people who steal their work and repost them on Wattpad:
Tumblr media
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solaceinfandoms · 6 months ago
Wanda is literally living her ao3/wattpad life.... I mean...
Perfect life with love of your life? Check. Living in a different era the way you want? Check. Cute kids with your s/o? Check. Different outfits and style and looks with absolutely no one questioning you? Check.
She’s living a fix-it fic. 100k words, no angst. Only fluff.
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