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#way more interesting than two daughters thirsting over their mom's bf
chuckhansen · 2 years ago
All of M, O, and P for Patti aaaaand Ami!
1. would they want a daughter or a son?
- if patti were to have a biological child she’d probably wish for it to be a girl, tbh. no real preference between the two, but, it would be like a ‘come full circle’ kind of deal for her; her mother was the single mother to a daughter, and now patti would be a mother to a little girl as well. it was definitely something that crossed her mind as she grew older and all sorts of children crossed her path that were desperate need of some sort of parental figure in her life. she’d think back to the advice that her mother was able to give her as a young woman and try her hardest to teach her own daughter the same things. 
and while not her biological child in any sense, el is more she could have asked for in a child; bright, compassionate, courageous, independent (when he’s allowed to show that she is and far stronger and capable than patti could ever hope to be. some days she thought she learned more from el than she taught her. 
- ami: when ami found out she was pregnant (more like realized her half assed attempt to keep her husband from leaving her actually worked) there was something in her mind that immediately wanted a daughter. she wasn’t too keen on the idea of actually being a parent just yet, but, having a literal mini-me was appealing. she started thinking about the adorable clothes she would spend hundreds of dollars on, all the beautiful gifts and equipment that the baby shower would hold, how she would do her hair as she got older and how the two could do mother-daughter things. 
2. how many children do they want?
- she was never one of those that had her entire life planned out, family wise. if she had kids, great! but they weren’t at the top of her list of things she needed to accomplish in her life. but, one would be enough for her. one that she could devote her time, attention and love to without having to worry about smothering one with too much affection and not showing enough to the other. 
- ami: she truly didn’t understand what it took to be a parent. she didn’t factor in the sleepless nights, the crying, the diapers, the way that a baby could cause an even bigger rift between she and her husband instead of repairing it (not that that was her goal in the first place!). she loved rachel more than she had loved anyone in her whole life, but, one and done, that was it. she never wanted to find herself in a delivery room ever again. 
3. would they be a good parent?
- everyone has always said that she was a natural when it came to children. she was patient, cared about what they had to say and heard their ideas out without any bias on her end, encouraged them with everything they did and showed genuine interest in how they dealt with their surroundings. 
but, that didn’t mean that she was going to be a good parent, in fact, she still has her doubts about whether or not she’s getting the whole parenting thing ‘right.’ she’s kind of stuck in that spot where she isn’t sure who she’s supposed to be to el; is she supposed to be the teacher, the friend, or the mother? it’s still difficult for her to find that balance between all three, especially with el being a kid bigger than herself and still learning how to cope and navigate her new surroundings and life. she could read all the parenting books that the hawkins library and bookstore had to offer, but, in reality there’s no amount of text that can prepare you for the things that life throws at you, especially when it comes to caring and helping shape a human being. though, according to el, patti isn’t a good mom. she’s a great mom. the best. 
- ami: she knew she wasn’t a great mother, but, she was passable; she showered her with toys and attention when she needed it, loved her harder than she had every loved anyone before, taught her right from wrong (at least ami’s version of it) as best as she could, and doted on her , making sure that she knew she was loved by her mother. to ami that’s all it took to be a good parent, she didn’t have the best mother growing up and was raised more by the nannies than her anyway. she didn’t have memories and lessons to look back on, she was doing what she thought a mother should do. 
4. what would they name a son? what would they name a daughter?
- patti had always liked the names andrew (which was consequently the name of her very first bf…so she would NEVER name her kid that tbh), brett, and dean (her mom was a huge dean martin fan) when it came to boys names. and for girls names she had always thought that katherine, teresa, and renee were really pretty, plus, to her they sounded that names that sounded really young (she always thought hers sounded old, even though it was a common name at the time she was born). 
- ami didn’t really bother to pick out boy names because she literally did not want to have a boy, in her mind if she just didn’t think about any males names than whatever karma the world had to offer would be in her favor. though, her ex was adamant that he be named something rich sounding like maxwell, jeremy, or stephen (she literally hated them all). when it came to girls names, ami was a lot more enthusiastic about it. she had a list at least 20 names long but her top ones were rachel (which she ended up picking), allison, and autumn. 
5. would they adopt?
- absolutely! in fact, with all the kids she’s always running around and saving the town with she already feels like she’s adopted about seven of them. teaching in the inner city school system for more than half her career meant there were times when she went beyond the call of a just teaching; bringing lunches to school for students that didn’t have food in the home, staying late and helping students that were falling behind in class (hers or others at the school), and acting as a shoulder to cry on when they needed to talk. she would have gladly have taken any of those kids in if they asked!
- ami: lol absolutely NOT. like i said, she was a one and done kind of woman and even before she had rachel, she was pretty open about not being a fan of other’s people’s kids in general. she’s just like that :/ however, that literally did not stop her from kinda / sorta ‘adopting’ noah (who is literally like…only 10 years younger than her) in some weird way. 
1. are they optimistic or pessimistic?
- patti tends to lean more towards towards the optimistic side, since keeping her wits about her and having a positive outlook on situations and her future is what keeps her going most days. she’s not ignorantly optimistic though, she knows that there are going to be times in her life where aching for the best and ignoring the reality of situations will make them worse. staying optimistic, especially with everything that she and hooper have to deal with is crucial their lives continuing on as smoothly as possible. 
- ami: ami has always been right in the middle between the two she’s optimistic when something is already leaning in her favor and pretty pessimistic whenever it starts leaning in someone elses, she’s pretty night and day when it comes to it. however, after the outbreak she’s pessimistic 99.9% of the time. she literally continues to live out of pure spite and thirst for vengeance, that’s it. there’s no greener pastures to look forward to, there’s no hope, nothing. 
the only time ami has felt any kind of optimism since everything happened was when she learned that the deacon might be able to give her answers about rachel and what happened to the adolescent transport after it left them in portland that night. even then it was less optimism and more of ‘i just need answers’ 
2. are they openly optimistic, throwing it on others?
- absolutely! she likes to keep the peace and keep people happy, even though throwing it in their faces and telling them why they should be optimistic isn’t of expecting the worse actually makes the situation harder to deal with. she’s used to be the mediator when it came to things and she prides herself on being able to calm others down and make them happy with something as small as a smile. sometimes it can get overwhelming for others, she knows that, but it’s better than feeding into the doom and gloom that they’ve gotten themselves worked up over. 
ami: nope! in fact, if anyone even comes at her with some optimistic bs they will literally find a knife between the ribs or a shotgun right between the eyes. she thinks being optimistic in the world that they live in his pointless and only brings disappointment and a false sense of peace. 
3. are they good at giving advice?
- she likes to think she’s good at giving advice, but, sometimes it’s a hit or miss with her. she’s someone who doesn’t have a ton of life experiences so to speak, so, advice about dating, families, relationships and things like that can sometimes come off as really naive since she’ll try a little too hard. but, for the most part, she gives good advice, but, proceed with caution. 
ami: absolutely not, if she gives advice to anyone it will almost always be in a way that she can benefit from it. she doesn’t really care to help others with their issues; they aren’t her problems to deal with, why would she waste her breath giving someone advice only for them to turn around and do the opposite?
4. is there anyone in their life that throws optimism on them?
- patti: her mother, louise, was always someone that encouraged her to look on the bright side of things throughout every ordeal that she found herself in; her great grandmother’s passing, their hardships and strained relationship after her mother got a job at the electric company ect. her mother was one of the most optimistic people she had ever met, even in the face of a diagnosis that would change both of their lives. she’s always told patti that the clouds never stay, they may be here today, they might even be there tomorrow, but, if she looked hard enough she could see the sunlight peeking through. she’s always tried to keep that in her mindset at all times and it’s gotten her though more than her mother will ever know. 
hopper, despite his pretty pessimist ways, is a surprisingly huge supplier of optimism for patti especially when it came to everything about el and the other world seemingly exiting in hawkins right under her nose. he may not give her the pep talks her mother used to or be beaming with optimism himself when it gives it to her, but, in his own little way he keeps her head on straight. 
ami: noah, without a doubt. it’s incredibly annoying for ami and more than once she’s threatened to kill him or leave him for a horde to sort out if he didn’t leave her alone with that ‘happy go lucky bullshit’ as she called it. it really doesn’t do anything for her (so she thinks, it seeps into the back of her mind and festers, coming out when she leasts expects it to). 
kiki, in his own morbid little way, does keep ami optimistic about things. he’s definitely not as forthcoming with it as noah is, and it doesn’t offer it unless he feels it’s necessary. ami knows that he knows her better than anyone else in the shit; he knows what makes her tick, what makes her weak, what gives her pause. he knows when to offer it and just what to say to keep her head on straight. 
5. were they always optimistic?
- patti: yes! since childhood she’s tried to make that her number one trait. she wanted to be seen as someone who wasn’t only optimistic for herself, but, for others as well. 
- ami: yes and no! like i said she was optimistic when it suited her and still is to a certain degree, just don’t expect it to radiate from her. 
1. what is their best personality trait?
- patti: she’s incredibly compassionate, emphatic, giving, caring, and protective. 
- ami: she’s fearless, protective (of certain people), and intimidating (normally that wouldn’t be the best thing to be, however, in the shit being the biggest and baddest thing out there means that you aren’t to be fucked with)
2. what is their worst personality trait?
- patti: she tends to overthink things a lot, she doesn’t like confrontation (not necessary a bad trait, per say, however sometimes confrontation is needed to settle harder arguments and situations), she’s very much a ‘i’ll handle this on my own’ kind of person
- ami: oh boy. she’s vindictive, she’s volatile, she’s hostile, literally a psychopath if we’re being honest. she’s always had a real mean streak and that turned violent after her run in with the rippers, they were literally the catalyst for all her anger and rage that she carries with her now. 
3. what of their personality do others love?
- patti: everyone (students, lovers, friends) absolutely love how approachable she is, doesn’t matter if someone’s known her for four minutes or four years, she’s always there to lend a helping hand. 
- ami: a very, very, very select few love that she’s loyal. loyalty means everything in the shit and it can very well be the difference between life and death in most instances. she doesn’t give her loyalty freely and only three people in that new world have earned it (well…kiki’s mc by extension but they’re on thin ice) 
4. what of their personality do others envy?
- patti: i think people would envy just how beloved she is. she knows she isn’t without her flaws, but, she tries to keep those under wraps and out of her professional and public life. there’s nobody in town that mumbles any ill will or snarky remarks about patti under their breath because there’s literally nothing bad that anyone can say about her. she’s a talented bowler (literally carries the hawkins team on her back), incredibly kind, has done wonders for the school system and is incredibly devoted to those she loves. but, as with any person, i’m sure there are a few in hawkins who doubt the authenticity of her personality and choose to hate her for it. 
-ami: i really don’t think there’s any aspect of ami’s shitty personality that anyone with half a brain cell would envy. she really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities aside being fearless in the face of everything in the shit. and even then that’s kind of a facade she puts on to cover up the fact that the place has started to take its toll on her. 
5. do they hate anything about their personality/about other’s personalities?
- patti: as stated above, patti is well aware of the fact that she overthinks things and it’s worked against her on many occasions and it’s still something that she hasn’t quite learned from. 
- ami: ok real talk though…ami does sorta wish she could be a little bit nicer in some aspects. she says she stays away from communities because they bog people down, make them weak but in actuality she can’t handle being around people that want to help her. there’s a very small part of her that gets really jealous whenever she sees deacon and kiki with their respective parties and how well taken care of and respected they are. noah is pretty much the only person that she’s ‘nice’ to and that’s still a work in progress that the guy is still willinging to feel out much to her surprise. 
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