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Odessa`s life

We have so many old buildings which are falling apart. It is pity, it is our history, it is soul of Odessa. Some older and some newer. It is the way of life.

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Let me Go


I am not comfortable in my own skin. Everyday I whip my eyes open and I am disappointed at the thought that there is one whole day more to live. It isn’t exactly as dark as you might think…

It’s totally fine and bright. I find myself a misfit amongst people and I find myself a misfit alone. I realised I have no edges and no corners, that would allow me a corner to creep into and fit in. There are days when I hope; of running away and being a bastard to everyone around, of being mean and hurting myself in all possible ways.

I crave the feeling of breaking within, the feeling like your chest has given away and collapsed deep inside. I want to speak up and yell at everyone to forget me and my very existence. I want to detach myself from every single person…

But still there is this part in me, who wants to come close to every person that exists, to be the best version of myself ever, to spread positivity and happiness amongst everyone. And yet there I am still wanting to be disowned by everyone, to be told that I don’t deserve luxuries like peace, love, empathy.

There are days when I don’t wish to write, read, sing or do anything just for the sake of it. There are days when I don’t want to share any bit of what I would be doing and prefer it being the same forever. There are days when I write a lot of stuff, read a lot too, and I want to send snippets of it to someone, but I know I will never mean so much to anyone. I would totally send a part of the text or a piece of the song, but I know I will never reach out to the person the way I would want to.

There are days when I want to live a life of anonymity, and not talk to anyone and there are days when I want to be there for everyone and give them all that I have. There are days… when I wish the former of everything more than the latter.

It isn’t as dark as you think, my mind feels frighteningly bright and all I see is light around. Enough light to scorch my mind, to burn it down. i don’t want to jump off or hang myself somewhere. What I crave for is someone to break the very last piece that’s holding me up, that ensures the fact that I don’t change. There are always days when all that I await is a big blow that pushes me off the cliff into the escape I want !!!

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“In life, people meet and then part. I guess you could associate it with the flow of the river.”

Zatoichi Season 4 Episode 9
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When you get a wave of emotion and just fall for Robron all over again in a matter of a few seconds.

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People could possibly think WV doesn’t have as many cases because we’re super awesome, but the truth of it is probably more like…the hill folk are hunkering down and hiding out because they are used to not being able to go to doctors or afford doctors or access and receive adequate care from doctors. The people of Appalachia are used to being perpetually sick and tired and riding out the symptoms and staying home for weeks or months at a time…even before the pandemic.

People born and raised in the Bible Belt, especially WV, have already  been accustomed to chronic isolation…because…have…you…ever…looked at WV on a detailed map? Not much here, man. ‘cept trees and hills…lots and lots of trees and hills. Can’t see or breathe past the hills. It becomes a mentality. A way of life.

People around here had already been living at the bottom of the “great way of life” ladder, so…ya know…not much has changed, except now, everyone else is feeling the sting that poor people have already felt our entire lives.

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daily reminder :

Act upon the Qur'an & Sunnah, starting today!

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The fact that Nani and Lilo were indigenous Hawaiians was important to the story and their setting, and I’d kinda rather just change the whole location to the continental US, which is the way of life im familiar with and don’t have to research, than try to accurately set it in Hawaii without disrespectfully attributing Hawaiian culture to white people who just, like, live there

Idk if that makes sense

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