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English K-pop Songs

  • Bad Boy - Red Velvet
  • Cat and Dog - TXT
  • Cherry Bomb - NCT 127
  • Congratulations - Day6
  • Double Knot - Stray Kids
  • Eclipse - Got7 (on YT - on TV)
  • For Life - EXO
  • Highway to Heaven - NCT 127
  • Latata - G-idle
  • Levanter - Stray Kids
  • Love Talk - WayV
  • Lullaby - Got7
  • Oh My God - G-idle
  • Play It Cool - Monsta X
  • RBB (Really Bad Boy) - Red Velvet
  • Regular - NCT 127
  • Shoot Out - Monsta X
  • Slump - Stray Kids
  • Thumbs Up - Momoland
  • TOP - Stray Kids
  • What You Waiting For - Twice
  • You Were Beautiful - Day6
  • Zombie - Day6
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June Comeback


Twice - More & More

Boy Story - I=U=WE


Victon - Mayday


Stray Kids - TOP (Japanese)

Gidongdae - Party Like This (pre-debut single)


AB6ix - Vivid

Super Junior K.R.Y. - When We Were Us

Ha Sungwoon - Twilight Zone


WayV - Awaken the World

WJSN - Neverland

E'Last - Day Dream (Debut)


DIA - Flower 4 Seasons

N.Flying - So, Tong




D1CE - Draw You: Remember Me

Stray Kids - GO

Nature - NatureWorld: Code M


Weki Meki - Hide and Seek




CIX - Hello



Weeekly (Debut)

Cho Seungyoun;WOODZ (Solo)

NeonPunch (Only 3 members)

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Thank you so much for commenting on the cover, I am so super excited about it since last week. I really hope everyone likes it. 

The next few chapters are going to get a little crazy and as always, emotional so get ready. 

Thank you for enjoying the new chapter and the story. 

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[4:28pm] Volunteer tour guide Kun knew he should have waited longer to tell his friends when his shifts at the aerospace museum were, but he had to admit, they did succeed in getting his mind off of his first day nerves.

“Now if you look at this model here, you can see all the different dials and instruments a pilot sees during a flight. These give the crew information about things like how fast the plane is going, what the air pressure is like outside the plane, and how well the plane is sticking to its planned course.”

“Mr. Tour Guide? What happens if the pilot needs to use the bathroom in the middle of a flight?”

“…If you’ll all follow me to the flight simulator room now-”

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Hi! May i have a private selca ship with The Boyz, WayV, NCT 127 and TXT? Thank you in advance!! 💞

Yes and tysm for the request! I hope you enjoy your ships :)

In The Boyz I ship you with…


Originally posted by geumhyuk


In Wayv I ship you with…


Originally posted by nctaezen


In NCT 127 I ship you with…


Originally posted by nctswitch


In TXT I ship you with…


Originally posted by yeonbins


Stay safe and healthy please :)

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Hi there! Hope you’re doing just fine 💙 May I please have a written ship with NCT127 and WayV?

Most people’s first impression of me tends to be pretty unfavourable (??) and I’ve been told that I look very cold and unapproachable. Tbh, I’m just really shy and I don’t speak up a lot in front of other people because I’m afraid of saying the wrong things.

When people do get to know me, I can be pretty talkative and funny (according to my friends). I like to make people laugh, it just makes me feel really happy. I’m not a very affectionate person and my way of showing care isn’t very obvious? Like, it’s not easy for me to express my emotions and I’m kind of like a ‘tough love’ kind of person. I am pretty independent and am determined in my goals, I work hard and won’t give up easily. I can be impatient at times and a little short tempered but I don’t hold grudges.

I am generally pretty friendly to people unless they cross me (but I think this is the same for everyone lmao) but even then I find it difficult to be particularly mean to people or stand up against people sometimes. I love learning new things and some of my hobbies include reading, writing and dancing (have been dancing since I was 5). I’m not very ladylike and am more of a tomboy? Like my interests include things like wrestling and cars plus I don’t have a lot of interest in fashion and stuff like that. I’m into mystical stuff as well like astrology and tarot. I’ve also been told that I’m mature for my age and that I give good advice! If it helps, I’m an INTJ-T as well 😊

That was longer than I expected I’m so sorry ^^” hope you’re doing fine and everything is well! Thank you so much in advance and stay safe 💕

HI! I am doing just fine, thanks for asking.  Stay safe & don’t worry for how long it is …

NCT 127 - Jaehyun


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Idk why he popped in my head … He does taekwondo & likes to play sports … Also part of the dance line of 127 … He also seems like the playful type …

WAYV - Ten


Originally posted by xxdreaminadream

He popped in my head too .. His part of the dance line seems to have a wide range of interest .. 

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omgg i’m so sorry i forgot to ask in my nct machup for the short girl 5’0 lmaoo, could i get promot 4? idek if this counts anymore but yeah, i apologize😩

Hi there! I’m doing good thank you! I hope you are too 🌸

Thank you for your request!

I’ve matched you with WayV’s Winwin!!

Here’s why,

🍁 Winwin is the shyest boy of all time

🍁 You’ll most likely find him trying to avoid your gaze, never truly looking you in the eye

🍁 But that’s only because he’s so nervous around you because he’s experiencing such foreign feelings causing him to feel rather flustered

🍁 Obviously, the rest of WayV notice this, and they come together to help him ask you out

🍁 Your relationship at first is extremely awkward

🍁 Because the both of you are navigation around such foreign territory

🍁 But after gaining enough advice from WayV (despite all being single they do give pretty good advice), Winwin starts taking the initiative

🍁 To him, it’s al about the small actions that speak volumes

🍁 Sometimes, on really stressful days, you’ll find that he’s prepared a warm bubble bath for you

🍁 Other times, he’ll stick notes of encouragement randomly all over your house

🍁 Although, Winwin may not necessarily be comfortable with skinship out in public, with just the two of you, it’s a little more different

🍁 He loves to lay his head on your lap a lot

🍁 You’ll also find him holding your hand a lot, intertwining your palms in his, laying gentle kisses on the back of your hand

🍁 Winwin shares your passion for music and dancing. Especially dancing though, after all he is practiced in the art of Chinese traditional dance

🍁 Sometimes, he’ll like to dance for you, and you’ll be mesmerized by the way he moves so gracefully. Also causing our shy baby here to blush every time you applaud him.

🍁 He loves binge watching anime with you, in his free time

🍁 The both of you will probably come up with a massive pillow fort in which you’ll binge watch for hours.

🍁 That is until Winwin falls asleep on your lap

🍁 You both tend to balance each other out almost perfectly

🍁 While Winwin may still be on the quieter side, you let out your crack headed self , the more you become comfortable with him

🍁 This boy also LOVES sleeping.

🍁 Sleepy Winwin is the cutest though, because he’ll cuddle into your side and whine until you wrap your arms around him and he falls asleep almost instantly.

🌼 Dates

🍁 He probably takes you on a lot of dates especially during snow time

🍁 Because he absolutely LOVES the snow

🍁 He also loves how flushed your cheeks become because of the cold and how the cold weather makes you a lot more needy for attention

🍁 There’s always “Winwin I’m collddd” or “Winwin my hands are numb” causing him to get you a warm drink and sit you by the fireplace later on. He loves any opportunity he can get to take care of you.

🍁 He also likes building snowmen with you , However disfigured they may look, he loves it because you did it together

🍁 He’s also slightly afraid of heights, so when the two of you go up the cable car up the snowy hill, you make out that he’s trying to be brave for you

🍁 Which isn’t working out very well for him because this boy is absolutely TERRIFIED. He’s as stiff as a brick

🍁 Which causes you to reassure (mostly distract)him by kissing his hand, rubbing soft circles on his back, telling him how much you love him

🍁 And you make the whole experience so much more better for him




🌻 No matter what : Calum Scott

🌻 You are the reason : Calum Scott

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