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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
neosite · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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doeilovr · 18 minutes ago
can I request a wayv gc text where they find out Sicheng and you have been dating forever and its one of those "it all makes sense now" type of moments lol thanksss
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WayV groupchat finding out you’re dating WinWin
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flowerboykun · 29 minutes ago
CONGRATS ON 300 ,,,, can I request xiaojun +30+ smutty list
Thank you dear!!! 💞
Prompt: “I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would even notice.”
Genre: Smut
Pairing: Xiaojun x fem!reader
Word Count: 602
Going on a weekend getaway with WayV was a great idea in theory. However, this weekend getaway was still under staff supervision and they knew that you and Dejun would get up to something so they had extra close eyes on you. Today you were all at the beach and just to get your boyfriend riled up you wore a rather skimpy bathing suit, he’s been eyeing you up all day as expected but you had no idea when he was going to jump into action. Once the staff finally had their eyes off of the two of you he nearly tackled you onto the beach blanket. It was towards the very back of the beach where no one could see you and was nicely covered by the shade of the trees.
“Where did you get this goddamn bikini babe? You’re driving me insane.”
“I thought you might like it, I bought it just before we left for the trip.”
“Lucas has been staring at your ass this entire time, I swear to god I’m gonna ruin you later.”
“Who said it had to be later? All of the boys are in the water and the staff is out buying us lunch.” you smirk
“You’re right baby, I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would even notice.” he smirks back
Without another word you find yourself in Dejun’s lap furiously making out with him. You grinded yourself against him causing low groans to escape from him lips and small whimpers from yours.
“Dejun, please.” you gasp against his lips.
“What baby?” he teases
“Just fuck me already” you sigh
He does just as promised and pulls your bottoms to the side and gently pushes into with a low moan. He burries his head in your chest leaving kisses across the area, careful not to leave any marks knowing the boys would tease you both about it. You begin to bounce in his lap as he thrusts up into you without shame. Your moans grew louder as you continued, the thought of the others catching you wasn’t even in your mind. All you cared to think about was the way your boyfriend felt inside you.
“D-dejun, I-” you cut yourself off with a moan.
“Do you need to cum baby?” he moans out
You nod at his question not trusting your voice anymore.
“Go ahead baby, make a mess for me.” he intensifies his thrusts causing you to moan louder “Shit, baby, you’re so fucking tight.” he gasps as you tighten more.
“Dejun!” you moan as your orgasm takes over your entire body
“You gonna let me cum inside you pretty girl? Let me fill you up?”
“Yes! Please, please, cum inside me” you whine starting to become overstimulated
“I’m almost there love, fuck, you’re so perfect.”
He releases his seed inside you causing you to whimper again. Before you can even get off of him Lucas comes barrling towards the two of you soaking wet from the ocean. There was nothing you could to besides cover yourselves with a towel in an attempt to hide what was really happening.
“Hey you guys, when you’re done kanoodling you should join us out there.” he said grabbing the towel off Dejun’s lap.
It didn’t take too long for him to register what was happening while the rest of them were playing.
“Were you two- you’re fucking disgusting. You could’ve just gone back to the house, we wouldn’t have cared. But no, you had to fuck out here.” he sighed “I’m never going to let you guys live this down.”
Tumblr media
Tag List: @ericssmile @staysstrays @00solarsmiles @stayinzencity @doggienoo @notbeforelong @spectracully @jaemcupcake @softforqiankun @bugsbinnie @jenoremii @soliverse @jisungiest @slightlymore @0606-hyuck @winwindose
Networks: @nct-writers @multifandomnet @neosmutcollective @kwritersworld
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mercyhae · 33 minutes ago
Ten on Bubble 210420
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toaster-ch1cken · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My legs are getting weak whenever I see her 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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tswngsblog · 49 minutes ago
🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺= 23 neos 💚
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neosite · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smileysuh · an hour ago
Bunny : Frat!Lucas
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: The boys of NCT house are back on their bullshit again, playing match maker, but this time, they have their sights set on Lucas, and they think you, his best friend in the entire world, just happen to be his perfect match. Too bad you’re already having fun with Yuta, and have your sights set on Jungwoo, looks like they’re not only going to have to turn Lucas’s head, but yours as well. 
⇢ Pairing: Lucas x fem!reader (ft. Yuta threesome)  ⇢ Genre: smut, crack ⇢ Warnings: multiple sex scenes, fingering, oral (m/f receiving), threesome with Yuta, mentions of sex with Jungwoo, so much sex talk, size kink Lucas, Lucas’s dragon tattoo, semi public sex, teasing, masterbation, vouyerism?, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it guys), spanking, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 13.5k  ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: Frat au!, Best friends to lovers, slow burn, mutual pining, fuck buddies, match maker NCT. 
Frat NCT Au Masterlist HERE
Tumblr media
Your best friend in the entire world attempts to steady you on his back as you both line up to take what could be the final shot of the game. Having just won three consecutive rounds of beer pong, both of you are a little on the tipsy side, giggling as he wobbles on his feet. But if training with Lucas at the gym has taught you anything, it’s that you can trust his ability to carry you. 
“Is it on three or after three?” You ask Johnny, practicing your shot in unison with Lucas to make sure you can throw together- but you’re both too drunk for your timing to line up - causing even more laughter and argument around the room. 
“On three.” Johnny says. “So when I say three, you toss the ball.”
You and Lucas nod and turn your gaze towards the other side of the table, where your opponents, Jaehyun and Yuta, watch with dismay. Johnny makes sure you’re both ready and then begins the countdown.
“One, Two, Three!”
You and Lucas both make the shot, balls landing perfectly into the final cup.
Lucas throws his arms up in the air, forgetting about you on his back, and you nearly fall flat on your ass, only managing to stay half standing by latching onto him. Your best friend whips around to help you steady yourself again, laughing all the while.
He’s too smiley and drunk for you to be mad at.
“Another?” You ask loudly so Lucas can hear you over the heavy bass of Travis Scott. You’re eager to reach five wins in a row, and Lucas is always up for a challenge. 
Lucas nods, but grabs your arm to stop you from moving away. “Bunny!” - it’s his nickname for you that had stemmed from the night you'd met when someone had forcibly put bunny ears on you just as Lucas walked by at a costume party, and Lucas hadn't bothered to remember your name so he’d referred to you as ‘Bunny’ all evening- The youngest member of the ‘NCT himbo lighthouse’ gets close to you, and all but screams in your ear, “Bathroom first!” 
You’ve been drinking all night, and the mention of a bathroom reminds you that you need water. You let Lucas drag you off towards the communal bathrooms, which are located on the second floor. 
Lucas is the type to kick open doors when he’s drunk, and tonight is no exception, the poor door smacks into the wall loudly at Lucas’s motion. Once inside the large, communal bathroom, Lucas steps over to the urinal and you head to the sink. The music gets warped as the door closes, swishing the sound waves until they're steadily muffled.
The bathroom in NCT House isn’t very nice, but what frat bathrooms are?  
You lean over the sink to access the water, trying to ignore any grime or toothpaste smears you see. 
Behind you, Lucas’s phone dings loudly. You hear him fish it out of his back pocket. “Hey Bunny, Haechan wants us in his room.”
A moment later Lucas appears at your side, using his hip to push you out of his way so he can have access to the sink and wash his hands. You put your hands to his chest and shove him back. Lucas turns to glare at you. Then he lifts his fingers and flicks them at you, sending water splattering over your face and shirt.
“Lucas!” You scream loudly, pushing at his chest again. This time it causes him to falter, his eyes widening with shock as he reaches to grab something, only to fall back slightly against the wall. Both of you are shocked for a moment at how close he’d been to maybe hurting himself- and then you both burst into a fit of giggles. 
You grab Lucas’s hand and pull him back to a steady stance. As you’re leaving the bathroom, Lucas gets another text. “We’re playing Russian Roulette Seven Minutes in Heaven.” 
“What’s that?” You grab his forearm to try to look at his phone to read the text, but he tugs his hand out of your reach.
“I’m reading!” Your annoying best friend insists. “Doyoung will be there.” Lucas’s tone switches immediately and he grins at the way you perk up at the name. 
“Will his friend,” You forgive and forget too, “you know, the one had a threesome with that time-”
“She’ll be there too.” Lucas nods and you both exchange a look that says ‘we’re getting laid tonight’.
It will be a best friend switcheroo, which honestly, who could argue against? 
Lucas pulls a bottle of whiskey out of his back pocket, “Let’s do this.” 
You take out your matching flask and clink them together, drinking courage for the game to come. 
It isn’t until you’re in Haechan’s room, agreeing to play and putting on a blindfold, that you realize Russian roulette means there are six people participating: You, Lucas, Doyoung, his fuck buddy/friend?, Jungwoo, and some sorority chick. 
Which means your odds of landing on Doyoung are low. On top of that, you have a two in five chance of landing on another girl- You’re pretty sure by the way Lucas thoughtlessly throws the blindfold on that he either doesn't realize the odds, or simply figures his chances of landing on a cute girl are decent, and a kiss is secured in his near future.
Everyone around you is pretty attractive - in fact, Jungwoo has been looking particularly luscious lately - so you think ‘might as well do this’, and throw on the blindfold.
“We will mix up the group and form a circle.” Johnny explains as someone grabs your arms gently, and leads you to your left. “When you spin the bottle, you’ll have to trust that Haechan and I are leading you to the closet with the person it landed on. Blindfolds must stay on at all times, and no talking. While playing seven minutes in heaven in the closet, you’re also playing the no hands game to ensure you don’t know who you’re with. The point of this game is to enjoy the fun of it no matter who you’re in the closet with. It will only last three rounds, ensuring everyone has a chance. Between each round there is no talking. This is a test game in NCT House that was recently developed for class by our very own Lee Donghyuck. Please cheer.” 
Someone begins to clap- “Can I quit now?” Doyoung groans loudly from somewhere on your right.
“Now I have to shuffle you again, you dumb ass.” Haechan groans behind you, startling you and making you jump. The alcohol is beginning to affect you, making you unsteady now that your eyes are covered.
You bump into a female’s body and she steadies you. “Doyoung, play the game.” She says, and you realize it’s the girl Lucas likes, the ‘one he had a threesome with that one time’.
She sounds strong, you like her for Lucas.
Another shuffle of feet, but it’s barely audible over music from downstairs, which has grown louder- someone must have opened a door you think.
“Okay the first person is spinning.” Johnny’s commanding voice is louder than the music. “Interesting. Remember no speaking.”
After a moment you realize the bottle didn’t land on you, so you slowly get to the floor to wait out the seven minutes another pairing is in the closet. The music is loud enough to drown out your movements as you get comfy. You think you nearly fall asleep, but then Johnny is saying, “okay, everyone, second spinner.” 
Now that you think about it- what is this game? What class did Haechan do this for? Your odds are actually way different now- 
Where you’d started the game with six people, and your odds of having a girl were 2 in 5, what if two guys had just been taken away? Leaving you with 2 in 3 left over spinning options being girls- a majority- which isn't a bad thing- it’s just- you’d wanted Doyoung or Jungwoo-
Why had you and Lucas agreed to this. Had they texted Lucas specifically? Because they knew you’d both come?
Hands grab your shoulders and you realize the second spinner has landed on you. Or have they? Do you really trust Haechan? Hearing that the game had been created by ‘Lee Donghyuck’ had sounded so professional, but this is Haechan-
You’re shoved into a closet, and the alcohol you’d consumed earlier makes you dizzy, but you keep your hands to yourself, remembering the rules of the game. You’re going to have to find the other person’s face without touching or using your eyes. 
Hesitantly, you move forward, your nose bumping something - a chest you think - a moment later.
Ah ha! A chest! A male chest! That means the person in front of you is either Lucas or Jungwoo. 
You do a silent prayer that it’s Jungwoo, who you’ve been meaning to climb like a tree for a while, and you tilt your head up, rewarded when lips haphazardly find yours. 
The music from the party downstairs is enough that any small sounds either of you make are muffled, and as you readjust to get a little closer to the tall man’s body, you really wish you could wrap your arms around the back of his neck, but you can’t. 
To his credit, Jungwoo - you simply can not consider that the person you’re kissing is Lucas - is bending down for you better now that he’s realized your height difference. 
His tongue invades your mouth and you stiffle a groan, wanting to reach for him even more. Instead, you opt for sucking on his pump lower lip. You’ve always found Jungwoo’s mouth to be very appealing.
Your hands are behind your back and your fingers lock together, you’re determined to play this game right and not use them. Johnny had said the point was to get lost in the kiss, regardless of who you’re with- and with lips like Jungwoo’s, it’s easy to forget that anything else exists.
The tall man’s body gets closer to yours and you back up until you’re pressed to the wall. You can feel the heat from his body, and you decide Johnny said no hands, he didn’t say no legs.You hike your thigh up on the man’s waist, hooking your calf behind him to pull him to your core.
This time, when you both groan, you can hear it over the music, and the low rumble spurs you on. You kiss the tall man harder, eager to take his breath away, to solidify the fact that he’s going to end up in your bed tonight because there is no way in hell you’re doing this and not getting laid after.
His hips move against yours, grinding his hard length across your denim covered core. 
You want to touch him so badly-
“Fuck this.” Hands grab your ass roughly, pulling you up and forcing you to wrap both legs around the waist of the man that slams you deliciously against the wall.
You’d know that voice anywhere.
The man kissing you like his life depends on it is not, in fact, Jungwoo. 
The man kissing you like his life depends on it, grinding his hard cock against you and groaning deep in his chest (a sound making you wetter than the god damned ocean), is Lucas. Your best friend.
But for whatever reason, you can’t bring yourself to care. 
Now that Lucas is using his hands, you figure it’s fair game, and that he’s lost. Your hands immediately go for his hair. He groans when you tug at the strands, his teeth sinking into your bottom lip as payback.
You cant fucking deal with this kid-
You hear the door open and Lucas doesn't even stop kissing you until Haechan is chastising you both; “we said no hands, we said no hands you fuckers! Put her down!”
A moment later, you’re set on the ground. “Keep the blindfolds on, we have one more pair.” Haechan reminds you next as you’re led back into the room, vision still blocked.
Your heart is racing, and you don’t like the idea of sitting back down on the floor silently for seven minutes. But when you find yourself sitting, leaning against a bed, you realize this gives you time to think.
Does Lucas know that it was you two kissing? Are you sure it was Lucas? 
He’s been your best friend for so long. You’re practically an honorary frat boy at this point because that's how much Lucas, and the others, treat you like just one of the guys. You’re sure he’s never looked at you in a sexual way before because Lucas is way too obvious about his desire. When he has a thing for someone, he makes it clear.
Likewise, you’ve never considered Lucas sexually before either. You’re his best friend… and you’ve heard of his escapades and his reputation for being a bit of a pillow princess.
You know he’d kill you if he found out that the rumours had gone that far, but it’s become clear that Lucas simply likes being worshiped. In bed, in class, at the gym- anywhere female attention can be fixed on him, Lucas thrives off the space. He thrives off his own pleasure, but that’s just part of your friendship
Ten minutes ago Lucas was simply your best friend who you played beer pong with and fought for the last french fry on late night McDonald's trips- but now… well, what is he now? 
A short while later, Johnny’s voice snaps you from your thoughts. “The game is over, you may now remove your blindfolds. Thank you for participating in Haechan’s psychology game, there’s a short three question questionnaire for you to fill out now-”
“What!?” Doyoung screams loudly somewhere on your right.
You pull off your blindfold in time to see Lucas all but flinging himself onto the floor at the idea of three questions of homework to complete.
“Wait, psychology game?” You ask.
Johnny smirks as he hands you a piece of paper with three questions:
1: Why did you participate in this game?
2: Were the rules easy to follow? Why or why not?
3: What was the outcome of this game and has it changed your view on anything?
That third question doesn’t sit right, and when you look up, Haechan is smirking directly at you. Your eyes scan the room next and you realize what you should have noticed when you’d entered. Even though it’s an even match of three men and three women, everyone is already somewhat paired.
Doyoung and his fuck buddy came together, you assume. Jungwoo and the girl whose name you don’t know were together at the party earlier, you saw them. And of course, you and Lucas come as a tag team.
“Did anyone actually spin a bottle?” You ask abruptly, realizing that you had not. You’d just assumed they wouldn't lie about the bottle, but now that Johnny is saying it’s a psychology experiment, everything feels different. 
“You guys set this up, didn’t you?” Doyoung stands, having come to the same conclusion you did. “You just sent us in the closet in the pairs we arrived in.”
“How do you know who you were in the closet with?” Haechan glares. 
“I touched her, obviously.” Doyoung rolls his eyes. 
For some reason, your gaze shifts to Lucas. He’s watching the exchange between Doyoung and Haechan with confusion and you realize he has no idea it was you in the closet with him. 
“Here.” Jungwoo interrupts the fight by handing his filled out questionnaire to Johnny. His lips are puffy from kissing, and it’s no shock that the third girl is right behind him in turning in her answers, darting from the room after Jungwoo. 
Now Lucas looks at you, his expression faltering. “Wait-” 
“You guys seriously have to stop playing matchmaker.” Doyoung groans, quickly scribbling his answers onto his sheet of paper before throwing it at Haechan, “one day it’s going to blow up in your faces.”
You stand up abruptly, a flair of energy rolling through you. “Doyoung’s right.” You state, frowning at Haechan and Johnny. They just fucked with your friendship with Lucas - who you can’t even look at now - your skin flaring with heat at the thought of him. 
Doyoung’s fuck buddy grabs your hand and you follow the two of them from the room, finding comfort in the sanctity created by another girl’s fingers laced with yours in a time of slight crisis. She was just fucked with too, although you’re pretty sure her and Doyoung are solid for the most part. 
Outside of Haechan and Johnny’s room, you all but run straight into Yuta Nakamoto, who is looking especially handsome tonight. “Hey.” His hands land on your waist as you brush past him, and you stop in your tracks, loosening your fingers from your new friend. She looks back at you and flashes a smile and a wink, then continues away from you with Doyoung.
“Wondered where you and Lucas went after beer pong.” Yuta says smoothly, his thumb teasing your bare skin on your waist, exposed by the way your shirt is lifted slightly. He’s so beautiful, and you want to just lean into it- but the mention of Lucas once more brings a rush of endorphins through your body.
“It doesn’t matter, I want to go dance.” You tell Yuta. “Come dance with me?”
“Lead the way.” The Japanese ‘prince’ smiles. You grab his hand and dart off towards the stairs leading back to the party, hoping to get as lost in the ocean of people as possible, in case Lucas comes looking for you-
Your skin flushes with heat again and you nearly groan in frustration, taking the stairs nearly two at a time until you’re pleasantly dragged into the mass of dancing bodies, Yuta following right behind you. 
“Where’s your girlfriend?” You ask once you’re safe in the crowd, teasing Yuta about his best friend, who, for ages, people thought he’d end up dating, only for him to set her up with Jaehyun of all people. 
“Where do you think?” He smirks at you, pulling you close and turning you, motioning with his chin towards the kitchen area where Jaehyun has his girlfriend pinned to the counter.
“Are they arguing?” They’re too far away for you to tell.
“Probably, they live for that kind of shit.” Yuta turns his attention back to you. “But that’s not the kind of shit you live for, right kitten?”
His tone is so god damned sexy and suggestive, and you find yourself getting lost in his embrace-
Over Yuta’s shoulder, the entire Himbo Light Tower has appeared. Johnny, Jungwoo and Lucas, all stand at the edge of the crowd, their height allowing them to look out over everyone.
Your heart thumps loudly in your chest as you realize they might be looking for you… after all, you’d just run away from a problem Haechan and Johnny had hand crafted for you and Lucas to deal with. 
You’re pissed at Johnny, you realize. 
Your anxiety around Lucas has more to do about your relationship possibly changing. What if the poor guy has caught feelings for you? It wouldn’t be the first time one kiss from you has ensnared a man, and you’d be devastated if this changed your friendship and he made things mushy-
Lucas’s eyes land on you and you wave him over, Yuta turning to follow your gaze. “There he is.” Yuta smirks. “Your boyfriend’s arrived.” 
Now he’s teasing you the way you teased him. Yuta has always been quick to remind newer frat boys not to talk shit about you and Lucas ever hooking up, because you’re just friends, in the same way he is with his best friend who’s now dating Jae. You trust guys who can have purely platonic friends who are girls, and you trust Yuta Nakamoto to a fault, having hooked up with him on more than one occasion.
You’re glad to see Johnny and Jungwoo hanging back, and one harsh glare at Johnny sends a message he reads loud and clear. 
“Lucas!” You greet your best friend. “Please don’t tell me you’re in love with me.” You say dramatically, although it is a legitimate fear.
“Me?! In love with You?! Ha! Funny Bunny” He laughs and boops your nose. “You’re in love with me!”
You shake your head, “no!”
The two of you grin at each other and Yuta’s hands on your waist pull you back to the situation. He has no idea what just happened upstairs. “Haechan and Johnny made me and Lucas kiss.” You explain.
“But we’re just friends.” Lucas adds, stepping closer to the two of you as people shift behind him in the crowd, dancing while your trio is in your own little world of discovery.
“Are you still going to go after Doyoung and his fuck buddy?” You ask, nudging Lucas with your elbow and a wink as he invades your space more and more. 
“You want a threesome with those two again?” Yuta scoffs, also pushed closer by girls dancing behind him, More and more people enter the house as the party rages on, making it incredibly cramped in a delightful way that always leads to sex and chance encounters that change a life on the flip of a dime. “I think you have two way better options right here. Especially if you’re ‘just best friends’ and neither of you are going to fall in love with each other.”
“Of course not.” You say as Lucas scoffs.
“So it’s a deal. Threesome. No strings. Join us for the night. It’ll be fun.” 
“Yuta don’t tease him.” You push at your recent fuck buddy’s chest but he catches your wrists, pulling you close. His lips capture yours and he takes your breath away, shutting you up entirely and making you drop the matter.
Behind you, Lucas watches the way you melt into Yuta. You’re always such a competitor with him, just one of the guys. You fight back. He pushes you, you shove him, it’s how you work. But Yuta had shut you up that easily? 
Lucas is in awe. He can still taste your fruity chapstick - the one Johnny and Jaehyun had gifted you in a massive box of goodies at Christmas as your secret Santas - it comes from a pink tube and he’s always loved it. 
He’d known it was you the moment he tasted your lips in the closet game, and he’d figured he’d give it a try, after all, you’re a good kisser. It was easy to forget it was you he was kissing with the blind fold on, and yet in the same way, it wasn’t. Lucas could’t explain it then, but he knew he could keep control of himself with you, and he liked that.
His feelings for you won’t change, he’s sure of it. 
He’s not particularly interested in Yuta, but it’s nothing personal, Lucas is a strict pussy lover. Yuta is nice enough though, and Lucas just wants to be sure he gets laid with someone who will actually be fun, which he knows you are.
Lucas closes in behind you, and a moment later your hand is reaching behind yourself to grab him and pull him in closer as you continue making out with Yuta, whose hand is on your ass and in Lucas’s way. He removes the problem and Yuta adheres, instead gripping your waist.
“Can’t believe you’re both finally doing this.” Yuta chuckles when Lucas brings his mouth down to your neck, watching the way you immediately lean back into your best friend, eyes closed at the sensation. “Platonic fuck buddies.” He laughs again. “Let’s get out of here.”
You reach behind you, Lucas’s fingers lacing with yours the way they’ve been laced a thousand times before, and you allow Yuta to drag the two of you through the sea of people and towards the stairs that will take you to his room. 
Jungwoo and Johnny are nowhere to be seen now, which you’re grateful for. You’re still mad at Johnny… although, you are getting laid. Honestly, maybe this is a good thing. You and Lucas can be platonic fuck buddies, as Yuta said. 
Literally nothing could go wrong.
There’s no way you’ll ever fall for Lucas. He’s LUCAS! No, if your feelings were ever going to grow, they would have by now.
A little sex can’t possibly harm your friendship.
Yuta shares his room with Mark, and when you arrive, he assures you that Mark’s been skipping frat parties lately to spend time with some girl at the library, so you have the room to yourselves for as much time as you need. 
Yuta locks the door and you turn to Lucas, both of you reaching for your flasks. It’s an inside thing, taking a shot before you’re going to kiss someone. It had spurred out of a moment of crisis, with Lucas being dragged into a bedroom - with the hottest girl in Kappa-something - and he’d just puked. All you’d had was some vodka ,and you’d ordered him to gargle it before he even considered kissing that girl. He’d sanitized his mouth and diligently followed that sexy nursing major into his fate, which you’d heard - quite literally - was amazing. 
When Yuta turns around, he realizes that he’s really the third wheel in this threesome. You and Lucas literally interlock arms to do your shots, and Yuta sighs. 
He should never question Johnny and Haechan’s match making abilities. Of course you and Lucas are destined to be together now that you’re going to fuck. 
He better make tonight count cuz it’s probably going to be one of the last times he fucks you, and Yuta knows it.
As you and Lucas drink, Yuta sees his window of opportunity closing. Lucas is physically massive, and Yuta can’t help but imagine he’s going to expect to dominate at least some of this situation. Pillow princess - prince? - or not, Lucas has always been the type to take what he wants. And if he gets you onto the bed, Yuta doubts he’ll leave room for Yuta to do anything other than watch.
But Yuta knows he has one thing Lucas does not: control over you.
When Yuta calls your name, you smile, closing the distance between your bodies so he can pull you to his chest. “When you kissed Lucas, did you let him touch you?” 
Your grin widens, and you tug at his belt to get him closer to you, “he picked me up but that’s it.”
Yuta’s fingers slip under your shirt and he grabs at your waist, smirking, “shame.” His lips press against yours and you wrap your arms behind the back of his neck. You’ve kissed people in front of Lucas before, and you’ve seen Lucas kiss innumerable women, so this doesn’t feel odd at all.
But it does feel different to have Lucas appear behind you. He’d done it downstairs, but that had been surrounded by people while you both danced. 
You know it’s his hands that land on your lower hips because he has the biggest fucking hands you’ve ever seen. They’re familiar though, in a good way.
Yuta’s teeth dig into your bottom lip to remind you of who you’re kissing even as Lucas gets closer behind you, his massive body creating an immense presence that’s a little distracting. 
Yuta grabs the bottom of your chin, eyes glaring into your own, “I’m going to make you cum, and then you’re going to let Lucas fuck you while you remind me what your pretty mouth is best at. How does that sound baby?”
You nod and nip at his thumb, which is brushing your bottom lip, and you watch Yuta grin at your agreement to his plan. He’s so pretty-
Yuta’s thigh pushes up between your legs as his lips find yours, and you take the opportunity to grind down on him. You groan at the sensation, the pressure exactly where you need it- but Yuta doesn’t allow you to enjoy it for long. His hands tug you away from Lucas, and the Japanese power dom is quick to get you on the bed. Your jeans are the next thing Yuta man handles, removing them and dragging you to the edge of the bed. 
He pushes your legs open and you watch the way his tongue darts out to lick a stripe along your wet panties. Having him right there, so close, but the fabric keeping his deft tongue from devouring you- it’s torture. You groan, reaching down to grab Yuta’s hair, but he pins your wrists to your abdomen instead, “Need something to keep your hands busy?” He drags his teeth along the inside of your thigh, placing a sloppy kiss there that makes you wiggle in his grasp, desperate for him to stop teasing you.
Yuta’s words are clear though, and Lucas is standing by the bed watching the both of you, an obvious stiffy confined by the unforgiving denim of his jeans. 
Now that it’s up to you to deal with Lucas, and make sure he doesn’t get ‘blue balls’, you realize that being his best friend is a good thing, because you want to make him feel good. He’s not just some loser frat boy you’re mercy fucking to get an orgasm that’s not from your vibrator back home. This is Lucas, and his happiness means something to you.
Yuta lets go of your wrists and you reach for Lucas, fingers hooking in his belt and dragging him to the edge of the bed. While you work on getting his pants down, Yuta continues to kitten lick at your covered entrance. Your body jolts when Yuta suddenly moves your panties to the side, and his tongue licks a hard stripe against your bare entrance,  drawing your gaze down to the man between your legs. “Yuta!” You moan in annoyance and pleasure, he’s still being a tease and the smirk on his face confirms it.
Lucas is watching the exchange with amusement, but a moment later, he’s tapping his cock against your cheek to remind you of what you’d been doing before Yuta distracted you. When you turn, you don’t even think twice, you simply open your mouth and allow Lucas to push himself into you.
He’s girthy, possibly one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever had in your mouth, and your eyes widen at it. Above you, Lucas chuckles, sliding in inch by inch as Yuta goes back to licking at your newly exposed cunt, annoyed that your attention has been drawn elsewhere.
But you can’t help focusing on Lucas. You close your eyes and relax your jaw, focusing on hollowing out your cheeks and sucking Lucas to the best of your abilities even while Yuta slides a finger into you. “Fuck, you’re so wet.” Yuta says from between your legs, making both you and Lucas groan in response. 
You’ve heard Lucas groan before, but hearing him groan while you attempt to suck his soul out through his cock like some kinky dementor from Harry Potter- well, you realize ‘holy fuck my best friend is a sex god’.
Or, if not a sex god, at least he’s physically built like a god.
Lucas has pulled his shirt off (somehow managing to accomplish this task without screaming ‘lets go!’ which is usually what he yells before tearing off his shirt at any given moment) and you have an up close and personal view of his beautiful abs-
Yuta pushes another finger into you and you pull off of Lucas’s cock, hand finding its base and pumping while moans leave your lips unhindered. 
“Gonna cum for me baby?” Yuta kisses your inner thigh and that’s all it takes for you to explode on his fingers, back arching as he places his free hand on your clit, rubbing and sending jolts of pleasure shivering through your entire body.
As you moan, body contracting with your orgasm, your hand diligently works Lucas’s spit slicked cock until he’s groaning loudly. “Fuck, your head and hand job game is insane!” He tells you, pulling away before you can drag him over the edge prematurely.
“So you better return the favour by fucking me properly.” You fire back. You’ve heard Lucas can be a lazy lover, and there’s no way in hell you’re going to let him pull that shit on you.
“I will, I will.” Lucas scoffs, waving his hand as he gets onto the bed and pushes Yuta out of the way. The older man watches Lucas with shock as he grabs your waist and flips you over, bringing you ass up.
“Yuta-” you look for him and Yuta shakes his head at the sudden shift of things, while following through and allowing you to pull him so he’s waist level with your face and kneeling on the bed in front of you.
He can’t believe that you and Lucas have no power dynamic, no waiting or teasing, you both simply got into position, and now here you are. He’s shocked by you both, but he always kind of has been. He thought you’d never fuck, but here you are, and he watches the moment Lucas slides into you, his massive cock fully sheathing itself inside your tight, warm, wet walls.
Your eyes close and you moan, resting your forehead against Yuta’s thigh and leaving it up to him to get his pants down the rest of the way.
Behind you, Lucas’s massive hands are stroking your waist, then there’s a smack, “ready Bunny?” 
The pet name reminds you that this is Lucas, your best friend, and of course he knows all your kinks, knows you enjoy a bit of spanking-
“Open up.” Yuta’s cock slips past your lips and just like that, you’re being double stuffed, a gorgeous man on either end of you, with both of them intent on using you to reach their own ends- a notion that makes your insides flip, and another orgasm begin to bubble in the pit of your stomach. 
With your eyes closed, it’s easy to simply allow your mind to go blank and to just enjoy the feeling of being used by Lucas and Yuta. Another smack makes all of you groan and you wonder if there’s going to be a mark left on your ass from Lucas’s monster sized hand. You wonder if you’ll be able to feel the loss of his massive cock once it’s gone too.
Yuta grabs at your hair, pulling you off his cock and leaving you sputtering. “Do you like this baby?” He asks, “letting your friends use you?” He doesn’t wait for an answer, allowing you to sink your mouth back onto his length instead. 
Behind you, Lucas groans, and although Yuta’s words are dirty, sinful, kinky- and wonderful, they feel a little off for some reason. Yuta’s usually a hard dom, but it feels odd to have him speaking to you like this with Lucas there, especially since Lucas is one of the people ‘using you’.
You turn your focus to making Yuta cum, because once he does, you can shift what’s happening with Lucas. Giving him all the power feels foreign. The two of you are always battling for dominance - who gets to choose the movie, who gets to choose what you eat for takeout - you’re not going to let Lucas get all the choice in this.
He might like doggy - and to be fair, it does feel absolutely insane because of how deep he reaches - but you like other positions too. 
Yuta groans when you suck on him harder, running your tongue along the bottom of his cock which always drives him insane. “Fuck. Tongue out.” 
You do as instructed, waiting like the good girl you are for Yuta to cum, painting your tongue as pretty whines leave his throat, head thrown back to expose a neck that you’d love to mark up sometime- but right now, you’re more focused on Lucas, whose thrusts have faltered, and you assume he’s watching you lick your lips clean. 
Yuta pulls up his pants and goes to collapse on Mark’s bed, eyes still on you and Lucas.
Now that your dom is gone, it’s open season with Lucas, and he’s just not hitting it right. You move forward, wiggling from Lucas’s grasp and flipping onto your back. At first, he adjusts so he’s laying over you, and after a moment of allowing him to kiss you, you take advantage of his distracted state and roll the two of you so now you’re the one on top.
Lucas blinks up at you as you grind down on him, his cock incredibly deep inside your core. You lift up and sink down, repeating the motion and giving your muscles a chance to get used to the work it takes to ride a man like Lucas. His hands find your waist, and he helps you with your motions, eyes fixed on your tits. 
Now that you’re face to face, there’s no way of escaping the fact that this is Lucas. His plump bottom lip is pulled between his teeth, and he notices you staring at him so he sits up abruptly, the muscles in his abdomen jumping and reminding you of your late night training sessions in the gym where Lucas works out and you just- you know, use machines or whatnot. 
Lucas laces his fingers in your hair, cupping your face to drag your lips to his again. His other hand is planted on the bed, and he begins to thrust up to meet you better, which causes his cock to slam right into your g spot. “Fuck!” you groan, biting down at Lucas’s lip as your nails dig into his shoulders, “right there!”
You wrap your arms around the back of Lucas’s neck, chest to chest, your tits bouncing slightly with each hard thrust. Lucas adjusts, letting go of your face to wrap an arm around your back, anchoring you and keeping you exactly where he wants you while he fucks up into the spot that has your toes curling. 
Lucas’s kisses go to your neck and you pull at his hair as he latches onto your sweet spot, head thrown back as moans leave your lips. You can feel your pussy tightening around Lucas, signifying your impending orgasm, and you can feel every inch of his massive cock as it fills you, then leaves, only to fill you again.
You can’t even think about Lucas’s own pleasure because his cock makes you cum, his name on your lips for the first time tonight. Your hips move on their own accord and Lucas collapses down onto the bed, hands on your waist so he can help you as he plows into you even harder. His lip is caught between his teeth and his eyes are fixed on your tits, a groan leaving his own lips as he cums too, orgasm triggered by your own.
“Fuck, Bunny-” His eyes close as his head falls into the pillows and you think the visual of him must make you cum a second time, or at least prolong your orgasm even more, because your body erupts in pleasure again. You’re intent on riding him until your legs are screaming for you to stop, to prolong-
Lucas’s arms wrap around you and pull you to his chest in a hug, “Stop moving.” He says gruffly in your ear, voice low.
You continue to wiggle, earning an ass smack from Lucas, “Stop.” he says again.
“Or what?”
“Or I'll cum again.” 
“Maybe I want to cum again.” You point out, causing Yuta to snicker from Mark’s bed, which reminds you he’s even there. 
Lucas scoffs under you, and then pushes you off his body, “use Yuta then.” He swings his legs off the bed, finding his jeans and pulling them on. “I’m hungry.”
Now that he mentions food, you realize you’re hungry too, and you also sit up, “McDonalds?” 
Yuta groans and falls back on Mark’s bed, realizing you’re not going to stay with him tonight for cuddling or another round. Of course you’re going with Lucas to get burgers, and a moment later you’re dressed.
“You coming?” You ask Yuta, and he appreciates the offer, but he’s not interested in being a third wheel again tonight. He’s pretty sure you don’t even realize you showed preferential treatment to Lucas, and he wonders how long it’s going to take until you or Lucas get it through your thick skulls that you're already practically dating. 
Yuta hopes that maybe you and Lucas will talk about things, but as you leave the room, he catches Lucas ask you about whether or not you still want to fuck Jungwoo- and then an hour later Lucas comes back from burgers with a new girl under his arm, so Yuta figures maybe you and Lucas are actually going to just stay friends… then he pushes that thought aside.
There’s no way you and Lucas are going to stay just friends after this, Yuta just has to figure out which frat guys he can trick into betting that you will. The least he can make out of this is a couple of bucks right?
Tumblr media
It’s been a week since the party where you and Lucas fucked, and you find yourself at yet another frat event with NCT House. Lucas is diligently at your side and you decimate two of Jaehyun’s soccer friends at beer pong to kick the night off. 
Four games in, and you’re feeling the effects of the beer you’ve been drinking during your games. 
When you’re drunk, you start to get horny, and your eyes immediately start to look around. Jungwoo, proud member of the himbo lighthouse, has to be around somewhere. “Lucas, do you see Jungwoo?” you ask, tugging at his sleeve.
Lucas looks around the room and shakes his head, “He’s probably upstairs. Want help finding him?”
You nod, Lucas will have a better idea of where Jungwoo is, so he’ll make this easy for you. 
The two of you check the main floor but it’s pretty obvious he’s up in someone’s room, so soon, you and Lucas are climbing the stairs to the second level. “Have you seen Yuta?” You ask when you poke your head in Mark’s room to find it empty.
“No, you that desperate tonight?” Lucas laughs at you, finding it endearing how you flip flop between Yuta and Jungwoo when it comes to who you actually wanna get with tonight.
You shove at his chest, “i’ve been working my ass off on homework all week, so yeah Lucas, I’m here to fuck.”
“I thought you came to frat parties to play beer pong with me.” Lucas pouts, but breaks into a grin a moment later. He can never play teasing games with you for too long.
“Who are you going to get with tonight?” You ask. “That cheerleader? Or the girl in pre med with Kun?”
Lucas shakes his head, “haven't seen them around yet.”
You’re standing in the hallway at the frat, neither of you able to find your usual/preferred hookups, and when you look at Lucas, it’s obvious that he has the same Eureka moment you do. 
“Wanna fuck?” He asks blatantly.
You grab the front of his shirt, pulling him into Mark and Yuta’s room, “I thought you’d never ask.”
Tumblr media
It’s a Wednesday night and you find yourself at the frat playing video games with Lucas and a few of his friends. While you and Lucas play on a split screen consul, other frat boys are littered throughout the house, but you’re all in the same Call of Duty game room. Every time someone dies, a scream rings through the house, but you kind of enjoy it like this.
“Fucking go die in a hole, Haechan!” A younger frat brother screams from down the hall. Haechan and Johnny’s giggles also sound through your doorway. You enjoy the community of it all, even while in different rooms.
You and Lucas mostly stick together in games like this. One time, you’d been on opposite teams and you’d screen peaked the entire time and spent the whole game only killing each other. 
“Lucas, Y/N, where the fuck are you two?!” Yangyang calls from another room angrily, “are you camping somewhere again?”
“No we’re fucking your mom!” You scream back, earning a chorus of giggles for a really weak comeback. This is what you love about NCT House. Any time you rip into anyone, you’re going to be met with cheers in response from everyone else. A very positive space for a pretty girl such as yourself.
To be fair to Yangyang though, you and Lucas do have a spot you like to go monopolize on the map. He usually watches your back while you snipe people, it leaves lots of room for talking and chatting during game play. The two of you are there for fun while everyone else stays quiet and focuses on getting kills. 
Everyone likes having you both there, but your contribution to call of duty Wednesday is usually in the form of just running around the map and talking with Lucas while the war rages on between frat boys who are acting on their latest beefs.
You’re pretty sure Renjun has been targeting Haechan all game because he ate the last chocolate bar in the kitchen, but you’ve also heard rumours through the grapevine that Renjun is actually mad because Haechan fucked his girlfriend on Renjun’s bed at the last party. To be fair to everyone though, you and Lucas included, lots of the rooms were occupied that night and unless Renjun wanted to watch Haechan get laid right there in the hallway- well, you don’t think Yuta or Mark mind that you and Lucas desecrated their room at the last party. Hell, you’ve fucked Yuta in his bed a number of times before, and if you’re living in this frat, you’re pretty much agreeing to have your bed used by whoever is in the biggest need of getting their dick wet on any given night. 
Lucas rooms with a guy named Winwin, who is rarely around and spends all his time at dance practice for his major. You really like the fact that you get the room to yourself with Lucas, even if the bedroom door is open so you can chat with the other rooms of people playing call of duty. And now that you think about it, having a room to yourself with Lucas could be beneficial in other ways.
He looks good today, in sweatpants and a muscle shirt that teases the dragon inked into Lucas’s back, and you have to admit, he’s a work of art. He’s always been the type to not wear much clothing, but you’re noticing it more now that you’ve fucked him, which you suppose makes sense. It’s not your fault he’s objectively beautiful.
You’re in a pair of sweatpants and one of his hoodies. The smell of him is enwrapping you. You’re used to the scent, of course, but now that you’re thinking about it, his cologne and general spicy, male, aroma turns you on. It’s crazy how easy it can be to flip the switch and become horny when you’re around Lucas, only to flip it again and be able to act like you’re just friends and that he hasn’t had his cock buried in you two times now. 
But right now, the switch is flipped, and you suddenly don’t care so much about sniping Jisung every time he walks by your hiding place (the poor boy will never learn). 
You get up and Lucas watches as you go to the door, slowly closing it with your foot. “What are you doing?” 
You shrug, playing innocent as you head over to the bed, “I dunno, maybe I’m a little needy.”
“Pfff!” Lucas scoffs, “you horny fuck.” His eyes go back to the screen as someone runs by and he shoots them, a scream works its way under the door a moment later. 
“You don’t want to help me out?” You ask, sitting on the bed next to him, but facing Lucas instead of the tv.
“We’re playing a game.” Lucas responds, but you watch the way he licks his lips and swallows thickly, eyes darting to you.
It’s fun to annoy Lucas. One of your favourite pastimes actually, and this feels like the perfect opportunity. “I guess it makes sense you don’t want to help,” you sigh, “after all, both times we’ve fucked, we’ve both been pretty selfish.”
“Selfish?” Lucas laughs.
“Yeah Mr. i spent my entire first year at uni not making girls cum and just focusing on myself.” 
“Hey! I made girls cum in first year!”
“Oh yeah? Like who?!”
“Stop citing Jenni! We’ve told you a billion times: she lied!”
“In my heart she was telling the truth.”
“Well not in her pussy, bitch, and that’s where it counts.” You’re leaning back against the pillows now, and you open your legs when you say the word ‘pussy’ which definitely draws Lucas’s attention. “So you’re going to make me do this myself?” 
“Someone could come in.” He tells you.
“No one wants to pause the game, not even you.” You sigh, hand falling in your lap. You can feel the heat of your pussy through your sweatpants, and you realize you’re more turned on than you’d thought. Or maybe arguing with Lucas just gets you hot and bothered, like Jaehyun and his girlfriend. Maybe Yuta doesn’t know what you like as well as he thought.
“Can’t you wait five minutes for this to be over?”
“I’ll have cum within five minutes.” You grin, knowing that he wants you to hold off and wait for him, which you have no intention of doing. 
“Then get yourself almost there, and i’ll fuck you when you’re close.” Lucas says, eyes still on the tv screen. He sounds like he’s making an order at a restaurant or something, planning this out as if you’re not legitimately talking about sex. 
You wonder how long he’ll be able to have you playing with yourself next to him before he snaps and gives in, whether you’re close to cumming or not. You’re pretty sure he’ll give in quick, this is Lucas after all.
You rub your clit through your sweatpants, letting out a small sound at the limited pleasure it brings you. This doesn’t grab Lucas’s attention, so instead, you slip your hand under the waistband of your pants, teasing yourself over your panties.
Taking your pants off would be easier, but you want the satisfaction of having made Lucas look at you while still clothed. He must be curious-
His eyes dart to you. “Made you look!” you smirk, earning another eye roll and a groan from your best friend.
“You’re so lame.” He tells you.
“You’re the one choosing video games over sex.” You point out, gasping when you slide a finger into your core. You see Lucas’s grip on his remote control tighten, and he leans forward, eyes fixed on the tv now. You’re pretty sure he’s hiding a boner, and when you look at the screen, you realize he’s still protecting you at your sniper position. 
You lift your hips off the bed and slide your pants down, leaving your panties on in another effort to tease. You add a second finger to your wet heat, and when you pump them, you can hear the sound of your slick entrance.
Now Lucas is looking at you, gaze fixed to your core- except that your panties are covering the visual. He can hear your fingers sliding in and out of you, but he can’t see them, and you see the flair of red anger erupt over his skin at the realization.
Your best friend tosses his controller down and pounces on you all at once, lips on yours as he grabs your hand and pulls it out of your panties. A moment later, he brings your fingers up to his mouth, and he sucks them clean. You moan at the action, using your free hand to cup Lucas’s cock through his sweatpants. “Quickie before this c.o.d round ends?” You whisper.
“Fucking Bunny.” He cusses to himself, ripping his shirt off, and you laugh. As much as the two of you battle for things, Lucas does give in to you with some frequency, but he always does it begrudgingly, cursing your pet name eternally every time he does what’s for you more than him- although, arguably, he’s getting just as much out of this exchange as you are.
Once Lucas has sucked your fingers clean, you pull his cock out of his sweatpants. Lucas pushes your panties to the side and watches you line him up with your entrance. You don’t need any prep, you’re wet as fuck, and he slides into you easily, causing both of you to moan.
You’re reminded that other people are playing video games in rooms on either side of you, so you’ll have to be quiet. You lace your fingers in Lucas’s soft hair as he begins to find a rhythm with his hips. You kiss each other roughly, with Lucas putting more power into this than any time he’s kissed you before. You think that maybe pissing him off through teasing was a good idea, even if you’d barely had to tease him before making him snap.
Lucas fists the pillow by your head, and when he starts kissing down your neck, this frees up your eyes to take in his beautiful arms and shoulders. He’s so perfect, truly handcrafted by the gods- 
He hits your sweet spot and your toes curl, your legs wrapping tight around his waist, “Fuck!” You groan, pressing kisses to his neck to muffle your sounds. 
“Close already?” He smirks against your skin, then pushes himself up so he can look down at you with a shit eating smile.
“Yeah, but not because of you.” You fire back at him.
“Not because of me?” He laughs, thrusting particularly hard and earning a small sound from your lips when he slams into your g spot. 
You shake your head, bringing your fingers down to your clit, which causes your body to jolt with pleasure. “Because of me.” you sneer up at Lucas, who rolls his eyes at you.
He pushes your hand away from yourself again, replacing it with his own, and you have to admit, it feels different when Lucas is touching you. His fingers are so long and pretty, giving you a foreign rhythm on your clit that you can’t anticipate, but fuck, it feels so good-
You can’t even warn him that you’re cumming, your pussy simply explodes around him. Lucas works you through your high until you’re nearly shivering from stimulation, and when he finally pulls his fingers away from you, you blink up at him, knowing he hasn’t cum yet.
“Ride me while we play c.o.d.” Lucas tells you, pulling off of you and sitting facing the screen. 
You sigh, but do as you’re told, facing away from Lucas and allowing him to guide himself into you again as you sink down. You pick up your controller, and sitting with your back to Lucas’s chest, you begin to play as you bounce up and down slowly. 
This is more like cock warming, but it feels nice, and it gives you some time to rest after having just cum.
Lucas’s body is warm against your back, and you can feel his breath on your neck. His muscles are hard, and the ridges of his abs against your lower back are making you drool, how can his body be having this affect on you and you’re not even looking at him?!
You bounce more and Lucas groans in your ear, his lips pressing to your shoulder momentarily before he focuses on the game again.
You can see the timer counting down on the side and it reaches the one minute mark, signifying the game will be done soon. “Keep playing.” You tell Lucas, getting off of him momentarily so you can turn to face him. You get settled on his cock again, anchoring yourself with your knees on the bed so you can begin to bounce up and down, riding Lucas properly. 
It’s your mission to make him cum before the game is over, and you work towards your goal by beginning to suck on Lucas’s neck. He groans louder and you smirk, knowing that he has a pretty sensitive neck. His hips thrust up into you on their own accord and he puts his controller down, hands finding your waist so he can move you up and down as if you’re his own, personal, human sized sex toy- it’s a good thing he has the muscles to do so. 
You don’t mind being used, it gives you more time to focus on finding the sweet spot on Lucas’s throat. He throws his head back when you suck on a particular patch of skin, fingers flexing and then digging into you, “fuck, I’m cumming.” He growls, hips thrusting up into you as his orgasm washes over his body.
When he’s done, he forces your body to stay still by wrapping you in a rough embrace, panting against your collarbone as you stroke his hair, letting him calm down in silence. 
“I’m going to run to the bathroom between games to deal with your cum because you’re lame and don’t like condoms, but don’t start another round until I’m here.” You tell Lucas when he finally releases you. He nods, watching you throw on your sweatpants and quickly head to the door.
It had been a quickie, and when you get to the bathroom, one look in the mirror tells you that it’s obvious. Your hair is messy, your skin flushed from the exercise, and your lips are swollen. You look like a mess, but you know Lucas won’t care so you go to the bathroom and head back without fixing your appearance too much.
Back in Lucas’s room, he has his sweatpants pulled on, and he hands you your controller just as the game starts. The door to the bedroom is open and a moment later screams erupt, signalling the first kill of the game, and making it clear to you that no one picked up on the fact that you and Lucas fucked, which makes it feel dirtier, in a wonderful way.
Tumblr media
“Where’s your girlfriend?”
Lucas’s brows furrow. “What?”
“Y/N.” Yuta responds smoothly. He supposes he uses that line on you more than Lucas, so you always know that when Yuta says ‘your boyfriend’ he means Lucas, but using it on Lucas feels weird, Yuta realizes. 
Lucas shrugs, “She’s around somewhere, but I think she’s with Jungwoo.” 
Lucas is implying that Yuta shouldn’t get his hopes up on getting laid because you’re already claimed for the night, and Yuta cocks his head at the notion, surprised you’re fucking someone who’s not Lucas. “Hmm. Well, when she gets back, tell her I said hi.”
“I will.” Lucas watches Yuta head down the hallway and tuck into Haechan’s room. Once he’s out of sight, Lucas turns his attention back to the door to Jaehyun and Jungwoo’s room. The muffled sound of fucking can be heard if he focuses real hard, or if he were to get closer to the door he supposes, but he prefers to be distanced. After all, what if you looked over and saw foot shadows under the door? That might freak you out, he thinks.
No, he’s intent on just standing there, torturing himself with the sounds.
It’s not like he hasn’t heard you fuck someone else before, but tonight it feels different. The sounds you make- well, up until tonight, recently Lucas is the one who’s been the cause of those sounds, and it feels odd that right now he’s not. 
He’s not sure why he lied to Yuta about not knowing where you were. Maybe he wants your noises all to himself.
But if that’s the case, why the fuck are you in Jungwoo’s bed?
Tumblr media
Despite the fact that it’s seven am on a Thursday, and Lucas has yet to have his coffee, he can’t stop thinking about fucking you while you both wait in line at an on campus Starbucks.
He’d had a dream about you last night, and in it, you’d fucked him so good that he’d actually cum in his pants, forced to deal with it in the morning when he woke. 
You’ve fucked a total of three times so far. That first night with Yuta, at the frat party a week later, and then during call of duty. Lucas had been expecting to fuck you at the frat party the past Friday, only for you to ditch him for Jungwoo, and now, with another party looming on the horizon, he’s been thinking about you a lot.
Are you two going to plan to fuck? Is it a ‘if neither of us find a lover we can fuck’ type situation? How high is he on your list of fuck buddies? You’re at the top of his now that he thinks about it, and when he watches you order your coffee, he knows for certain you’re his number one. He just enjoys you, which isn’t a shock because you’re his best friend.
Maybe melding friendship and sex had been a messy idea, but there’s no way Lucas is ever coming back from this now and he sort of knows it.
Tumblr media
You arrive a little bit before the frat party is scheduled to start. The boys always hold pre party drinking games, but when you get to the frat, Lucas isn’t one of the guys playing beer pong.
Instead, Johnny and Haechan are playing against their girlfriends, who are both nice, but you really just want to be with your best friend and not force yourself to socialize with other females brought around the frat. Nothing beats Lucas and his tendency to say whatever’s on his mind. You always know where you stand with him.
“Have you seen Lucas?” You ask Yuta, who’s standing with Taeyong watching the beer pong game, a red solo cup in his hand.
“Should be in his room.” Yuta responds. “He just got back from the gym.”
You haven’t talked to Lucas most of the day. You have class on Fridays, so usually you and Lucas don’t text too often, always simply meeting up at the Friday frat party to talk about your day, but it’s a little odd he’d go to the gym without you, since usually you’re spotter buddies.
You navigate your way through the frat house, stopping briefly outside of Doyoung’s room to watch him physically attempt to wrestle a box of firecrackers out of Yangyang’s arms, but you suppose you’ll hear the outcome of that battle later on when firecrackers inevitably go off. 
You reach Lucas’s room and head inside, closing the door quietly behind you while you eyes land on Lucas. He’s by his wardrobe, shirtless, in a pair of jeans. His back is glistening with left over droplets from his shower, and when he shakes out his hair and runs a hand through it, more water lands on his skin. The dragon tattoo on his back stares at you angrily. You wonder if you gouged at its eyes the last time you and Lucas fucked and you scratched his back.
“Hey.” You say, announcing your entrance.
Lucas turns and looks at you, “Hey Bunny.” He greets you before turning to face his wardrobe again. “Which shirt should I wear?”
You approach Lucas, coming to stand next to him. Your eyes land on the black button up he bought in year one to piss of Taeyong, it features women outlined in white who are kissing and doing other sexual acts like having their legs open. It’s a tasteful shirt, to be honest, since the women are just drawn on and outlined in white on the black button up. It’s always been one of your favourites, and you know Lucas loves wearing it.
“This one.” You say, grabbing it off the hanger. 
Lucas nods and lets you help him slip it on, then turns to you, watching as you begin to do the buttons up. “How was the gym?” you ask.
“Good. Had to get some energy out.” He responds.
“There are other ways to get energy out, you know.” You tease, smirking with your eyes fixed on the buttons you’re dealing with. 
Fingers touch the bottom of your chin, forcing you to look up at Lucas. “Are you planning to fuck Jungwoo again?”
“I don’t really have a plan.” You respond. “How about you? I think Doyoung’s fuck buddy is around somewhere-”
Lucas’s lips press against yours, shutting you up before you can suggest another girl for him to get with instead of you. You immediately begin to unbutton his shirt, ruining everything you’d just done, as you lean up against him, enjoying the warmth from his body as he kisses you deeper, cupping your face with both of his massive hands.
When his shirt is unbuttoned, you slide your hands over his bare abdomen, enjoying the ridges of hard muscle before grabbing his waist and pulling him even closer to you. Kissing him is easy and pleasant. You’re both such a good team that there’s never any awkward kisses, and any nose bumping ends in giggles because you’re both so solid in the comfort of not being judged during this because you love each other-
You push the thought away. Obviously you love Lucas, he’s your best friend- 
His hands move to your ass and he lifts you up, forcing you to wrap your body around him so he can carry you to the bed. The two of you collapse onto his mattress, and Lucas tries to land on top, but after a small struggle, you end up straddling his waist, looking down at your best friend.
His expression is hazy and his chest is on display due to his open shirt. You press your hands to his abdomen, sliding them up his skin slowly while you sink closer and closer to him until you reach his strong shoulders. Your noses are touching now, but neither of you wants to be the one to initiate the kiss, you’re both teases that way today.
Because he refuses to kiss you and be a simp, you continue to touch his body, trailing your hands across muscle and enjoying the way he flinches when you touch his sides, which are extremely ticklish. “Hey.” He scolds, fingers digging into your waist.
“You don’t like that?” You tease, doing it again.
This time, instead of flinching, Lucas sits up and rolls the two of you over, solidifying himself in the dominant position. He grins down against you, but holds himself just out of the reach of your lips. The pressure of his body on your clit feels nice and you can’t help but hum happily as you push his shirt off the rest of the way and lace your arms around the back of his neck, moving a hand to play with his damp hair. 
You’re looking at Lucas, and he’s looking down at you. You feel yourself beginning to get a little embarrassed, “what?”
“You’re just really pretty.”
“And you just noticed this now?”
“Guess I noticed the night we fucked with Yuta.” He smirks.
You push at Lucas’s chest and groan, “asshole.” 
“Me?! An asshole?” His smile widens, “how come you never realized how sexy I am?”
“I have eyes, I just don’t need to remind you that you’re hot all the time.”
“But you think I’m sexy?” His grin softens slightly and he rubs his nose against yours.
You sigh and roll your eyes, but before you can sass him, his lips are on yours again. He smiles into the kiss, but that makes it more special, both of you unable to contain your giggles at the fact that you’re here in this moment and fighting over finding each other hot.
His hand is on your waist and he pushes you shirt up until he can’t anymore, he stops kissing you so the both of you can remove your shirt the rest of the way, and then you roll him so you’re on top. The next item of clothing you’ll discard is his pants, he doesn’t need those. 
You work on his belt, enjoying the way his treasure trail looks against his skin. Lucas lifts his hips so you can pull his jeans down, and you make sure to hook your fingers in his briefs, getting rid of those too. Once that’s discarded, Lucas is completely naked for you, his cock standing at attention. 
You lick your lips, adjusting yourself so you can grab the base of his cock and lean down, kitten licking at the head and earning a groan from Lucas. He tosses hand over his face, pushing his head back into the pillows. “Please no teasing, Bunny.”
You suppose he said please, so you swirl your tongue around him and sink your mouth further down on his massive length. There’s no way in hell you’ll be able to blow him fully, but it’s fun to be doing this- which is odd because normally you don’t really enjoy sucking guys off, but this is Lucas.
Your spit acts as lubrication, making it easy to move your hand up and down his shaft, working what you can’t reach with your mouth. 
“Fuck,” Lucas cusses, hand finding your hair. He gets a good grip on your head and you allow him to control your movements a little, your throat constricting around him when he hits particularly deep. He releases you the moment you gag, looking down at you with concern that makes you laugh.
You press a kiss to his abdomen and slowly trail your mouth up to his lips, hand still working his cock, “So you gonna fuck me now or what?”
Another rolling of bodies has Lucas on top and your pants and underwear completely torn off. Two of Lucas’s long fingers slide into your wet heat and you whine, pulling his lips to yours, “Just fuck me.” You tell him, not needing the preparation. 
Lucas doesn’t need to be told twice, and he lines himself up with you, pushing his cock in quickly. Then your lips are on each others, a clashing of tongues and teeth as Lucas’s hips begin to work. 
His digits seek out the clasp of your bra when they slip under your body. He gets rid of that too, his mouth immediately moving down to claim one of your nipples, the other breast massaged by his free hand.  
You can’t help but tangle your fingers in his hair, eyes closed as you enjoy the feeling of his massive cock filling you up and hitting all the right spots. “Fuck-” you groan, “You’re so fucking big!”
“You’re just small.” Lucas says against your boobs, enjoying them a moment later before coming up to your neck to pepper it in kisses. “I could break you in half.”
You moan loudly, knowing it’s the truth. Despite the fact that you’re his gym buddy, Lucas could definitely man handle you into any position, even a back breaking one, which doesn’t sound too bad now that you’re thinking about it.
“Then fuck me doggy and blow out my back.” 
You both burst out into a fit of giggles, with Lucas burying his face in your neck and you wrapping your arms around him in an embrace while you laugh. “You’re crazy.” he tells you.
“That’s why you love me though.”
The words leave your lips before you can stop them. And you’ve said them a thousand times before, but never while Lucas has his cock buried deep inside you. 
Lucas also tenses up at your words, his laughter dying out. He pulls away from your neck and looks down at you. 
“I just mean-” You feels your skin flush as you begin to try to correct what you just said, in case he takes it literally-
“You’re right.” He says. “And you love me because I’m crazy too, right Bunny?”
You smile softly and nod, “yes, I love your crazy antics, even if it led to you getting a massive dragon tattoo that glares at me every time I'm behind you.”
“He’s not glaring, he’s admiring.” Lucas chuckles, pressing a soft kiss to your mouth.
“Oh really?” You can’t help but laugh too.
Lucas simply hums in response, kissing you deeper. His hands lift your hips slightly, adjusting the position so he can go deeper and harder. You can’t even continue arguing, pushing for doggy, or teasing him because it feels so good. Your mind is blank but for the pleasure coursing through your body.
“Are you close?” Lucas asks huskily, moving his wet kisses to your neck again, which drives you wild.
“Yeah, you?”
A hum of affirmation, then his hand slides between your bodies, fingers coming in contact with your clit. Your pussy clamps down on Lucas and you whine at the pleasure. He’s going to make you explode if he keeps this up, but that’s what both of you want, and you know it.
You grab Lucas’s face to bring his kisses back to your mouth, and when you cum, your moans and gasps are muffled by his lips. As your pussy clamps down on Lucas’s cock, your orgasm triggers his own. His grip on you tightens, squeezing you as he cums, hips moving erratically. “Fuck, Bunny!” He groans loudly, pressing his forehead against yours as his hips rock, smashing the bed into the wall with every rough thrust.
When he finally comes down from his high, Lucas rolls off of you and the both of you just stare at his ceiling for a few moments while you catch your breaths.
“Do you think Yangyang and Hendery are going to make margaritas in the kitchen tonight?” You ask, thinking back to last week where they’d actually made pretty decent, and extra strong, cocktails. 
“Maybe, wanna go see?” 
The two of you sit up and get changed, discussing margarita flavours and the difference between mango and lime margaritas. As you head down to the kitchen, you stop at the bathroom to go pee and make sure you look presentable while Lucas waits outside for you. Then you continue your journey to find the best margaritas in the frat.
Lucas’s obscene shirt is fun to look at as you follow him through the crowd that has gathered downstairs. He’s so big that everyone moves out of his way, and his hand holding yours makes sure you get to be in his wake. 
In the kitchen, you find the whole of Wayv’s maknae line around the blender. Lucas goes to stand by Hendery and you slot yourself in next to Yangyang, who is arguing with Kun about how much booze they’re allowed to put into their ‘bottomless margaritas’. 
At the arrival of you and Lucas, Kun gives up, knowing that you and your best friend are only going to make this situation worse, because of course the first thing Lucas does is grab the bottle of tequila and pour more into the blender, without having any info about how much is already in it. 
With a sigh, Kun leaves you and your friends to your spoils. Hendery turns on the blender to mix in the added tequila and a short while later, you all have red cups in your hands filled with margarita. 
The kitchen adjoins the main room where everyone is dancing, and you stay in the kitchen, chatting with everyone for a while. Yuta comes to stand next to you, taking your drink without asking and sipping it, which you don’t mind. 
“What do you think?” You ask.
“Prefer mango margaritas.” Yuta responds, his hand finding the counter behind you, his shoulder touching yours. He looks particularly pretty tonight- but for some reason, you don’t find yourself leaning in to him.
Your eyes find Lucas.
He’s still with Hendery by the fridge, and he’s watching you with a cold look. Then he begins to unbutton his shirt and you see him say ‘go time’ to Hendery.
“What’s your boyfriend doing, Bunny?” Yuta asks.
“I don’t know.”
A moment later, Lucas has his obscene shirt off, and he quickly approaches you and Yuta. “Put this on.” He tells you, handing you the button up.
“What? Why?”
Instead of answering you, Lucas grabs your face, pressing his lips to yours firmly. You nearly drop your cup of margarita, setting it down on the counter behind you so you can wrap your arms around the back of Lucas’s neck and melt into the kiss.
Then Lucas pulls away, shoving his shirt against your chest again, “Put this on.” He turns to Yuta while you follow his instruction, “and stop calling her Bunny.”
Yuta holds up his hands in defence, laughing, “my bad, didn’t realize you two were official already.”
“We’re not-” You begin to say.
“She’s mine.” Lucas pulls you back to his chest by your hips.
“Oh yeah?” You turn and cock a brow at Lucas, a little shocked that he’s choosing now to have this discussion, but you can’t help the way your heart thumps rapidly in your chest.
Of course you’re his. You always have been- but it feels different to hear him saying it out loud. “Does that make you mine?”
Lucas nods and you grab at his belt, pulling him closer and sliding your hands into the back pockets of his jeans, which earns some whistles from other frat boys in the room, they’re not used to seeing girls treat Lucas with as much raw sexual energy and confidence as he usually treats women.
“It’s not fair I have to wear your shirt to show I’m taken but you don’t have anything to show girls you’re mine.” You pout at Lucas.
“Maybe you should mark him then.” Yuta suggests lewdly with a smirk.
“That’s a good idea actually.” You go on your tiptoes, teasing your lips against Lucas’s neck, “or maybe you’ll just have to stick to my side the entire night.”
“I was going to do that anyways.” Lucas tells you, swallowing thickly when you pull away from his neck to look up at him. His hand snakes down to your ass, “do you wanna go play beer pong?”
You laugh, “of course.”
Lucas’s hand grabs yours so he can pull you through the crowd of people, who now more than ever move out of his way due to his shirtless, intimidating, muscley form. At the pong table, he sets you in front of him, standing with his hands on your waist while Johnny and Haechan look at you with knowing smiles. 
“Nice shirt.” Haechan teases you, eying the button up haphazardly thrown over your normal clothes.  
You and Lucas have been casually fucking for a few weeks, and everyone in his frat knows it by now, but you wearing this shirt, at this party- well, it’s clear to all your friends in the frat that things with Lucas have gone to the next level. 
Your best friend in the entire world presses a kiss to the top of your head as you both line up to take your first shots of the game. You’re both high on newly discovered love, a love that had always been there, but had never been realized until you’d both gotten a little push from the frat’s resident matchmakers. 
So in tune, when you and Lucas throw, both of your pingpong balls land in the first cup. Lucas immediately spins you around and presses a kiss to your lips to celebrate, something you’re not quite used to yet, but you love it all the same. 
You realize that nothing with Lucas is really going to change drastically. He’s your best friend, and he always will be, he just happens to be your lover now too. And when your big himbo boyfriend looks down at you with a smile that tells you with no words that you’re his entire world, you know you’re in the exact place you’ve always needed to be; with him, in his arms, in his warmth, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
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EXTRCVUHBIJN I HOPE YA’LL LIKED IT. holy shit, this fic took me like a whole ass month what the heck. Wanted to try a slow burn with friendships because i’m so used to enemies to lovers and fuck that was HARD, hope it turned out well tho! if you liked it, please drop me a comment to let me know :)
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