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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Thoughts on the potential LJ movie that might be coming up?

In all honesty, I’m more anxious than anything else? Mostly since there’s just… So much I’m worried will go wrong, *especially* with how it’s going to be a live-action film rather than an animated one.

I’m especially worried about the casting for our girls… I don’t want Jen, Jo, Mal or Ripley to be whitewashed. I don’t want Mal or Molly to be played by straight actresses. And god forbid Jo be played by someone cisgender.

Then there’s worrying about how the characters could have their personalities absolutely butchered, worrying that it would emphasize more on special effects than good story, or how the message of the series could be dialed down to reach a “wider” (white, straight, cis) audience.

…Yeah. I’m ridiculously worried. But we really haven’t heard much about it in years, so who knows if it’s even still in production.

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Most intense game of hide-and-seek ever, between Roanokes and Zodiacs. Winner gets to keep and share the last packet of quality chocolate. Only one condition: To even the odds, each team gets to swap out a member from their team with the another from the other side. The Zodiacs just took Mal in trade for Barney.

yesyesyesyesYESYESYES I LOVE ideas like these so much you have no idea. I kind of… rambled a bit on how I think it’d go jflkdsjkflds

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What about the Roanokes getting together after camp for a sleepover and suddenly Ripley has a gf/bf and needs advice? Because Ripley is the youngest one after all, shed probably have the least experience. IDK. It's just a weird idea from inside my head but i kinda wanna see how it plays out. Thanks. This wasnt really a question sorry.

(You don’t need to worry about this not being a question! The ask box is for many things, not just questions or things that end in a question mark. Anyways!)

The rest of the Roanokes would definitely be excited about Ripley getting a partner! Ripley already has pretty good role models for relationships (her parents, Mal and Molly, you get the idea), but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t need any advice. Luckily, her friends are there to help!

I feel like Mal would give some of the most helpful guidance, since she not only has experience with (a) romantic relationship/s at that point, she’d probably be the calmest about this situation. I assume this is a few years after camp, so it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise to Mal - Ripley’s growing up, just like the rest of them.

While April would mean well, she’d be too busy asking Ripley tons of questions! When did they meet? Does the other person also like cats as much as Ripley does? What was their first date together like? Did Ripley tell stories about her supernatural adventures to them?? It’s all just so exciting!

Jo might not have as much experience as Mal, but she’s a good advice-giver in general, so she’d probably also help quite a bit. Maybe she tells some stories about her dads that they’d tell her when she was a kid. She’d be curious just like the rest of them, but she’d just let Ripley explain it to all of them herself. She’s patient.

Molly does have the relationship experience, but she wouldn’t exactly be able to apply it to the outside, non-magical world. If you ever fight dinosaurs with them, just run? If you start getting distracted by the secrets of the forest, forget about it and go get a pirate ship so you can rescue your partner, since they’re probably in a situation where they need to confront their worst phobia? If you’re tempted to slow time down so that you can spend more time with them, don’t do it???

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