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Sure, the movie was about tolerance and acceptance, but why make the cop be the hero? They could’ve had their friends save them but no they chose this random cop character save them to further shove pro cop propaganda AFTER RECENT REAL LIFE EVENTS. This is my one main issue for the film, not just “ships not being canon.”

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Okay so I found that a lot of people are hating on the movie and the show as a result because the movie didn’t show enough Charlie or Nom Nom. But in my opinion I don’t completely understand why they think that way. I get it, the character development is off but that wasn’t really what the movie was about. The movie was about equality and tolerance, so said by Daniel Chong himself. The movie wasn’t a fan service thing where the creators basically do whatever the fandom wants. That isn’t what the nature of most shows are. Creators want to express themselves and show the world their creativity in ways I find astounding. If you dislike the movie because it didn’t have Grizznom and Panlie, then forget you! Just because it doesn’t have those two things in it does not make it a bad movie! Why must there be ships in every single fandom ever? Why must there be people who freak out and literally OBSESS over ships when all they’re doing is missing the point of the show? If anyone disagrees with me, then that’s you. You can have your opinions just don’t shove them down everyone else’s throats. That’s basically what Grizznom and especially Panlie fans are doing right now. I just wish people didn’t have to have ships to enjoy the variety of entertainment we have…

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It annoys me so much that Daniel acted like there being so many panlie fans came out of left field when they’re the ones who gay coded Charlie like crazy and had him focus mostly on Panda throughout the series like, what were you expecting? 

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