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#we are all dead and in HELL
Maybe Fire-type with Emboar and/or Incineroar? :3

an obvious answer but not incorrect lmao. i always want to go with the cute fairy types whenever i play a pokemon game but always end up with all the big and bulky bara pokedudes… out of emboar and incineroar i will say that emboar is less of a rebellious lil shit and somft so i’ll go with him (c’mon emboyfriend lmao)

fire is a fun type tho, and it has a lot of my favs… delphox and arcanine i love A Lot and going full type personality i can say that i’m passoinate and impatient as well so this fits nicely lol 🥰🙏

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Artemis Fowl is supposed to be a greedy, mean, snobby little piss monster and Holly Short is supposed to want to kick the snot out of him for like the first 3 books, not immediately decide to be his friend. The whole point of the series is this prepubescent asshole very gradually learning and walking back his shitty actions until he can be considered somewhat of a decent person. This movie has 0% of his actual character in it and in my opinion it’s a complete and total waste. ALL of it is wrong.

This little Disney mf wants to save the world with the power of friendship 2 minutes after his dad goes missing, I can’t think of anything more out of character for Artemis Fowl

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