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#we are brothers in head hurty now
deadly-departed · 10 months ago
Awwww thank you for appreciating my request!! I actually love it when you do one of them so I come and check if there's anything new everyday lol. Ok ok so how about some fluffy headcanons with Hanako, Tsukasa, Teru and Akane (male) and how they would react when s/o is on her period? I'm currently on mine rn and I. AM.DYING.
Qfohsxohwgjpvshpcd OMFG YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!! I love your requests much! I didn't expect so many of them at once lmao but I love them!!! Also if you wanna know when I post you can turn on notifications for my acc if you're on moblile-
You are by far my favorite anon that I've had over the course of my Tumblr HC days, which honestly hasn't been too long, at most a few months over all my accounts but still!!! I love you-
Hanako-kun The Bathroom Ghost, Wonder No. 7
Tumblr media
He'd be pretty confused and worried
You're bleeding??? Out of your baby maker hole??? Why?????
Once you explain to him what's going on and that you're in pain he'll be the sweetest little ghost boyfriend ever
Are you craving something? He'll do his best to get it. And by that I mean he'll ask Kou or Yashiro to get it for you.
Do you want cuddles? He's not exactly warm but he'll happily cuddle you whenever you want!
Having mood swings because hormones? He'll understand and not hold anything against you!
He is kinda clueless as to why you are on your period and why it's so necessary but just give him time, he'll understand eventually.
He can't exactly do much for getting pads or tampons so guess ya gotta ask Yashiro or Aoi-chan for those but you can't blame him, he's dead.
If he notices blood on your skirt before he understands what's going on his have a panic attack, thinking someone hurt you.
But hey, at least it was him who noticed and not a classmate or teacher.
Just so that he doesn't seem dumb, he'll ask Yashiro questions to help him understand. That leads to her being a blushing mess though.
But you really gotta give him some credit for trying
He never got to learn this when he was alive!
He's just really trying his best, comforting you when you're cramps are bad, playing with your hair to call you down if you get upset, whatever
He's always there for you, even if he doesn't completely understand what's going on with your body
Tsukasa Yugi, The Rumor Spreader
Tumblr media
You will never see this boy more confused then when you tell him you're on your period
Like, fr, he would be absolutely clueless and wouldn't understand a single word you say
Use small words, like you're talking to a 4 year old
"Me go hurtie hurtie, body want make baby." You say, trying to hold in your laughter as you watch Natsuhiko in the background losing his shit
"Well then tell it to stop." Tsukasa says, smiling like he had just solved a cold case that has been ongoing for 23 years.
"I can't do that." You say, laughing as Natsuhiko wheezes behind Tsukasa.
"I have to just wait it out. And while I do, I'm going to be in a lot of pain." You explain, trying to help him understand what you're going through.
He nods a bit, seeming to understand.
And like that, he brought you literally everything he thought would help you.
Some of it was nice.
Like tea, sweets, heating pads, a stray cat to pet and keep you company.
Other things, not so much.
"Why did you bring me homework? It's not even mine."
"How did you get a hold of an Exorcist's Staff? It can't even work, it has a seal on it!"
"Did you just bring me someone's shirt?"
Meanwhile Natsuhiko is desperately trying not to fall onto the ground as he laughs.
Sakura has the look of 'yep, same old shit'
Once you leave to go home, he'll ask Sakura questions about periods and for some reason the questions get more and more personal???
"Why do they happen?" "Will I have them?" "What are they like?" When was the last time you had one?"
Yeah after that last question Sakura just noped out of school for the rest of the day.
But like, the boy has a morbid sense of curiosity, what do you expect?
When you come back to school, hell hopefully have a better grasp on the concept (thanks to Natsuhiko being shameless in talking to him about it)
So he'll be better at comforting you
Akane Aoi, The Time Keeper
Tumblr media
Gets exceedingly flustered when you mention that you're on your period
Like wow ok that's something to hear at 7 in the morning
Will try to help out as best he can, grabbing a pad or something out of your backpack for you, getting you something to snack on
Just like, not around Teru.
He'll try to laugh it off then immediately feel really bad and just silently get up and get the thing you asked for.
Akane will also cuddle the life out of you if you want, he will never he able to get enough of you
Probably has a stash of your favorite foods somewhere in his room for you to eat when you start to get cramps
His moods will swing with yours.
Are you happy bouncy and giggly? So is he! Are you crying because you just accidentally dropped a pop tart on the floor? He'll be on the floor with you, crying.
But!!! If you get angry for any reason, he'll be so calm and understanding and just let you get all that angy out of you.
Once you're done he'll hug you and kiss the top of your head and ask if you feel better now
Man's really out here, buying a heating pad or a heatable stuffed animal if your cramps get too bad
Cannot tell me that Akane wouldn't make an excuse for you if you have to skip school because of the pain
"Sorry sir, she can't come in today, she has a doctor's appointment."
Teru Minamoto, The School Prince
Tumblr media
Surprisingly knows very little about periods
Like yeah he has a sister but she's like, 5 so-
Hes probably red in the face when you told him
He's not grossed out or anything! Just wasn't something he expected to hear when he walked into school that morning.
Has absolutely no shame in asking one of his female classmates for a pad/tampon if you need one
Besides, what are they about to do? Tell the school prince no?
Yeah that's what I thought.
We know this man can't cook for his like so he'll ask his little brother to make some cookies or something.
He's not going to be specific, he doesn't want to embarrass you.
Hell just be like 'hey, would it be alright if you make my girlfriend some cookies? She really likes your baking'
And Kou will just 'yeah why not?' And do it
He'll bring them to school along with one of those stuffed animals that are also a heating pad and hand them to you with a smile on his face and fidbdj-
Just an overall nice experience. Kinda. Youre on your period after all.
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musubiki · 7 months ago
(spoilers for new archon quest) do u have any thoughts on it? there was so much lore and stuff :VV tbh im most concerned abt zhongli and venti possibly committing a massacre!! theyre such charming old grandpas and im rlly hoping that either some other god/divinity did it or they had a REALLY good reason for doing so ;; i just cant see alcoholic broke grandpa #1 and homeless broke grandpa #2 doing such a thing... then again they both did win the archon war... oops
YEAH ive been spewing my thoughts on twitter since yesterday lmfao!!! i have many thoughts,,..but basically my head has been full of:
- lumine being so strong and willing the entire quests so far, and having learned her brother is alive and well but essentially LEFT HER THERE, her going through an uncharacteristic period of sadness. lots of tears, lots of naps, lots of quiet, not her usual lively self (and paimon getting childe for help since she shows the most emotion around him)
- lumine also trying to deal with the (lowkey?) betrayl of venti and zhongli, since she trusted them most. they were like the two people she relied on to be trustworthy and good..,,like all the humans? she trusted that humans had their own agendas and morals. but the gods? she thought she could AT LEAST trust THEM to be moral, turns out not. hurts more for venti cuz they’re like two peas in a pod (cant wait to see how they address this and the moment we actually confront them about it 🤭)
- lumine also realizing shes gonna be in teyvat a lot longer than originally thought. she assumed “hey, ill find my brother on the way and we’ll get the hell outta here.” now shes forced to go through ALL SEVEN NATIONS (which i understand is for gameplay) just to see her brother again and ufhghfn it must be very discouraging and tiring. shes tired. (and then she buys a house in 1.5 dhfhdjf)
- every day i think more and more that the tsaritsa might be doing something good (theory that she disagreed with the destruction of khaenri’ah and is now trying to right the wrong somehow)
- theory that mayhaps the archons were forced to do it somehow??? everyone hates celestia at this point
- honestly i just feel bad for lumine and what kind of thoughts she must be having after this, like. if aether held his hand out and went “join me sister” SHE WOULD DO IT!!!!!!! but for whatever reason hes making her go through her journey first, and the rest of the time shes going to have to decide between “do i save these innocent people from the massacre of the abyss order?” or “do i defy my brother and take away the righteous retribution that will come with khaenri’ahs revenge?”
- very complex and reality-esq i love the conflict they created here
- i am once again thinking about tartaglias relationship to her 🥺. i like to think that it gets to a point that hes one of the only people she can rely on. as a person his heart is good and he is a man of honor that keeps his word, and when he promises he wont lie to her, she can actually believe it. and when he pledges his loyalty to her to follow her and travel across teyvat, she can believe that too. though hes also a major troublemaker, she can rely on this to be consistent. hes not the 4d chess player type that will do all these mental gymnastics to deceive her. despite initially being enemies he becomes one of the pillars in her life in teyvat because hes one of the few people she can trust (trust to be a troublemaker or trust to keep his word, at least shes not second-guessing his actions)
- i feel like diluc would be another one of these people who she can rely on, but even he would keep secrets from her, i think, so even then idk. AT FIRST i thought venti and zhongli would be one of these people but I GUESS NOT 
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yayen-chan · 8 months ago
aaa hello ! here's my DBH fic request if you're still doing it :)
pairing: Gavin and Nines
word prompts: protect and denial of feelings.
flavor: good old hurt/comfort.
the rest is up to you ! thank you in advance
Yayen’s Prompt Ask Fics! (whatever number it is)
Thank you for your ever encompassing patience @jimins-right-thigh! Goodness me, I hope you are ready. I wasn’t. Hurt/Comfort with an extra dash of angst to make it more hurty as we talked about <3
Hold on to your tissues or hankies
He doesn’t care for him. Not at all. Not in his 36 years would he ever care for a fucking android. 
But what can you do when your heart wants what it wants? What can you do when someone as beautiful as your partner smiles in that shy way he does, overly conscious of it when in reality it could light up a room? What can you do when this uncaring, cold and calculated android turns into a person right before your eyes.
You realized to late despite your inhibitions that you grew to care. You fall in love. What else? But Gavin will never say it. Not in his life never...He hasn’t fallen in love with his fucking partner. 
But the fates have a way of dealing with unscrupulous and stubborn people.
Everything went in slow motion. His world focused on this one moment and he forgets something that he’s always been reminded of. Nines was a machine. He can be replaced, he can be fixed, but he doesn’t want that. The are two things that came in Gavin’s mind at that moment.  
“There’s only one of him.”
“I need to protect him.”
The shot echoed around them, and the shock registered first in his brain before the pain did. He fell to his knees looking down at his hands as they were covered in red. Blood...his blood. Everything was starting to get hazy as the pain clouded his senses. He only saw flitting images as the darkness pulls at his consciousness. But he thought he heard an eerie, spine chilling roar and a flicker of black and white taking down the man that shot him.
Nines. He chuckled as his brain caught up. Nines...Nines was okay...he was okay. 
He closed his eyes for a second but soon he felt warmth cup his stubbled cheek making him open them. He was met by those eyes...those beautiful steel blue eyes. He was...screaming? shouting? He couldn’t hear him that well, or he was too tired to understand. Shame, Nines always had a beautiful voice.
He wasn't in love with this fucking asshole. Someone who had been manhandling him, pulling him this way and that...out of harms way now that he thinks about it. Nines cared. 
He coughed out blood as he tried to laugh. Stupid, so freaking stupid. He looked up at him, trying to focus and his chest ached, he can’t deny it now can he? How can he when he’s seeing Nines looking like the world was ending at the sight of him dying.
He tried to speak, but he felt so weak, and sleepy. But he needs to...just to make Nines stop looking at him like that, to make those tears he can faintly see, stop. He doesn’t like it. 
Please stop crying 
“I-It’ going to be okay.” Gavin rasped out trying to grin at the android, “I’ll still a pain...don’t..cry..”
But Nines doesn’t seem to hear him.
“Gavin...Gavin please...don't leave me.” Nines whispered, patting his face, he couldn’t feel it...shit. “Stay with me...don’t close your eyes. Look at me. Focus on me, please.”
Everything was starting to fade and he thought he heard him say just before the darkness took him... ”I love you Gavin. I love you...please.”
Gavin’s consciousness came in and out. People shouting, steel blue eyes, white blinding light, the scent of blood and antiseptic. The sound of urgency all of it jumbled and muddled in his brain. But what was more prominent were soft whispers.
“Please, wake up.”  
He liked that voice, but he couldn’t remember much to pinpoint who it was. He goes in and out of consciousness and faintly felt warmth on the skin of his fingers, hands holding his like in prayer, “Please, open your eyes, Gavin. I want to see you again. I want to hear your voice again.”
Sometimes it would be fingers combing back his hair, a ghost of a kiss on his forehead and a whispered, “I love you.”
It almost felt real, but most of it felt more like a dream. Can he stay in this moment. With whoever it was that showered his subconscious with these sweet tenderness he never knew he craved?
“I love you Gavin. Please, open your eyes.”
Gavin jolted awake to the sound of shouting from a voice he was very much familiar with...Eli? What was he--? He tried to sit up only to be hindered by the pain shooting on his side. Right...he got shot. He looked around and no one was there with him.
Gavin grimaced, great now he made his half-brother worry, again. He tried to call out, but his throat was dry. He looked around and tried to catch their attention, there was a button on the side of the hospital bed but that would call in a horde of nurses so he picked up...a tumbler? It was his tumbler with a post-it note stuck to it. “Wake up already asshat, I miss you, T” 
Gavin smiled and took ofF the note and stuck it on the bedside, before he chucked the tumblr at the door, hitting it with a resounding thud and clatter as it hit the floor. The door burst open with Elijah running in looking pale, his tear stained face so close to his almost kissing him, as Elijah cupped his face, “Gavvie, you’re awake!”
Gavin swatted at him weakly, but Elijah was steadfast and held on. The injured man sighed, accepting his fate, “Yes, your shouting woke me up.” He rasped, grabbing the back of his neck, squeezing, while gently headbutting him, “I’m fine dipshit number 1.”
When Elijah pulled away, Gavin looked over at Nines who was still standing by the door, gripping the door knob, his LED perpetually red. Gavin rolled his eyes at him, “I told you I’m not done being a pain in your ass, didn’t I? Come here.”
Nines was about to when Elijah turned to glare at him, making him stop in his tracks. Gavin hit the genius on the back of the head, “Stop that, he wasn’t the one at fault. I pushed him away to block the bullet.”
Elijah returned the hit, making Nines blink and the three RT600s giggle, “What do you fucking mean, you blocked the bullet?!”
Gavin growled and hit him back, “You can’t hit a fucking patient, asshole!”
Elijah hit him back, “I can because you’re so fucking stupid! Nines is indestructible! He’s bulletproof.” he hit him again, making Gavin howl, “What were you fucking thinking!”
They continued their argument until a nurse saw them hitting each other and scolded them. With half-hearted apologies, which they were forced to do so that the nurse could leave, they got thru the whole story of the case which earned Gavin another slap before Nines was pulled away. Only to come back a few minutes later, still with the red LED.
 People came by a few days later. Hank and Connor, Allen and Sixty, Fowler, Tina and Chris were the ones staying the longest besides his partne. and the rest of the DPD. The whole squad really, until the room was filled with their little gifts of well wishing and a few pun cards. 
After visitation hours, Nines stayed with him, never leaving his side. Gavin tried to convince him to rest, go on to stasis or something, but he refused. “Mr. Kamski instructed to stay vigilant.”
Gavin clicked his tongue, “He doesn’t have the right to order you around, NInes.”
“He does specially when it comes to you, Gavin.”
And that was the end of that conversation.
Nines was gentle with him, almost treating him like he was made of glass. Assisting him when he wants to go to the bathroom, feeding him and helping the nurses change his gown (that doesn’t leave much out of anyone’s imagination. 
Gavin hated to admit it, but he liked how caring he was. The comfort it gave him having someone be there. Usually when he gets shot or just gets a fever or a cold, he deals with it on his own. He was grateful and he said it to Nines, but the android just smiled at him reiterating that it was his responsibility.
This dedication he was showing was appreciated but what was concerning him was all throughout, Nines’ LED was spinning from red to yellow. It never went to blue.
Gavin grabbed onto Nines’ wrist as he put the tray of food on the table. “What’s going on with you Nines?”
Nines tilted his head to the side, “I am taking care of you.”
Gavin tapped his own temple. “And the light show?” 
Nines smiled at him. 
Gavin decided he hated that smile. He’s been showing that a lot lately, even before he got shot. It was the kind that didn’t reach those beautiful eyes of his. The kind that hid something. He suddenly realized that he’s seen that too many times from the android, that it wasn’t hard to figure out. Why? How long has he been doing this? He felt irritated and angry that he didn’t notice it. “Did Elijah tell you something? I swear if he-”
Gavin tightened his grip, weak as it was on the android, “Nines, look at me.”
Gavin sat up, wincing that Nines aided him. He took that as an opportunity to cup Nines face, glaring at him, “I’m alright, tin can.” He guided his hand to his chest, right where his heart was beating, “See? I’m alive, you didn’t have any fault in it. I chose to protect you.”
“But you...” Nines closed his eyes, grimacing as those slender hands gripped his own, LED turning a darker red, “You died, they had to...” he voice getting muffled and static, “resuscitate you and I....I haven’t even told you.”
Gavin blinked, “Told me what?”
Nines opened and closed his mouth, holding on to Gavin’s wrists, leaning into his hand. “When you pushed me away and I saw you get shot...” Nines gazed at him, tears brimming, “you were...bleeding in my arms. I...I came to realize a few things...” 
Nines let out a shaky breath, warming his palm that twisted Gavin’s heart. He doesn’t like him looking like this and his memory started to flicker to the moment. 
“Gavin...Gavin please...dont leave me. Stay with me...don’t close your eyes. Look at me. Focus on me, please.”
“I know you hate me, I know that you hate androids, but...I couldn’t help it.” Nines gave him a watery smile, “I never thought it would happen and I tried to deny it, I tried to hide it.”
“Nines, what are you--”
The android leaned in and kissed him on the forehead before cupping his face. “I’ve fallen in love with you and that of losing you.” he sobbed, “Will end me, so please. Don’t ever do this again.”
Gavin let out a breath as he stared at him. The elation he felt, couldn’t compare to anything else. So it wasn’t a dream... It wasn’t a hallucination, he didn’t make it up. He heard him right. The whispered words, the warmth, the kisses. Gavin grabbed on to the android’s collar and leaned forward capturing Nines’ lips with his.
He had kissed so many times before, but never like this. Never with someone like Nines. Never this heart wrenching. Never this precious. The cold he expected was warm, the hardness he expected was not there only soft, pliant lips melting against his with the taste of their tears mixing in. Gavin pulled away slightly, putting his forehead against Nines, “I so fucking hate this.”
The android pulled away looking at him confused.
Gavin chuckled as he wiped the tears from Nines eyes, even as Nines did it to him, “Why do we have to realize things at death’s door?”
“Gavin, I don’t understand.”
The detective just chuckled and pulled at him again to kiss him chastely this time, “Isn’t the kiss obvious? I love you too, dipshit.”
Nines blue screened, staring blankly at him until his face changed slightly like it was saying. Oh. Oh! OH! and vigorously returned the kiss he was given pushing him down on the bed and raining kisses all over his face.
“Gavvie! We’re here to—“ The door opened with Elijah pausing at the scene he disturbed. Gavin glared at him as Nines buried his face in his shoulder. Thankfully, the three androids with him, escorted the frozen man out giggling and gesturing for them to continue.
After the initial shock subsided, there were a few reprimands that had happened, but nevertheless, Gavin never let go of Nines’ hand.
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durmstrange · a year ago
No Choice - George Weasley
Welcome back!  This blurb is so cute but a little hurty, and I love it a lot.  
Word count: 1,556
An aching feeling in your heart refused to lighten as you watched the large group in the living room of the Burrow go over the plan once more.  You felt numb, and so worried, as you clutched Molly Weasley’s warm hand tightly.  She had become a mother to you long ago, when you had first met Fred and George in first year.  You had lost your family, spare your uncle, during the first wizarding war, leaving you without a mother figure for most of your life.  Molly changed everything for you, and was so pleased to find out that you and George started dating three years prior.  
Now, you clutched her hand, with the other one resting on your slightly bloated stomach, protecting a secret only George, Tonks, and yourself knew of.  You were two months pregnant, and you were waiting for the opportunity to tell the lot.  Tonks was the first one to know, other than George, only because she confided in you about her pregnancy, and you did the same.  You were due around the same time, and it was something that brought the two of you together.  
Now, you watched in agony as the group of people you loved prepared to go on a mission both dangerous and nerve wrecking.  Your eyes focused on George, because that is all you knew of, and you struggled to breath.  You wanted to come along to get Harry from Privet Drive, but George would simply not allow it.  You were old enough and well and able, but you suspected he told Mad Eye Moody of your pregnancy to be sure that you would not be involved.  
The group stood, ready to leave for Privet Drive, and you swallowed hard.  You dropped Molly’s hand as she moved towards Arthur, and George approached you.  “Let me come,” you whispered as you grabbed him and pulled him close, burying your face into his clothes.  
George smiled to you, entirely not phased by the situation at hand, like you were.  “Not when you have the little one with you,” he murmured and rested a hand on your bloated stomach.  You wore a large sweater and a jacket on top of that, and even then, you knew you were risking someone noticing.  You couldn’t go much longer without others beginning to noticing.  
You glanced around, to be sure no one was looking at the hand George had resting on your bloated stomach.  You moved his hand quickly and frowned.  “But what about Tonks?  She is as far along as I am and she is able to go,” you whispered and glanced down at yourself.  You looked far more pregnant than her.  You had a feeling that there was more than one child in there, but you had yet to share that with George.  
“She decided to go herself.”  George shrugged and wrapped his arms around you, bringing you close and resting his chin on your head.  
With an odd look, you moved so that he was forced to look at you.  “Why don’t I get to decide then?”  You asked him with a pout.  
George laughed lightly.  “Well, that is easy, love.  Because I decided that you had no choice,” he told you as Fred approached the two of you.  You moved from George’s arms and into Fred’s and sighed.  
“I am going to be so worried about the two of you,” you mumbled into the man that became like your brother so quickly.
Carefully, Fred rubbed your back.  “You know better than to be worried, little one.  The Weasley twins always get out of trouble,” he told you with a wink.  You sighed, and pulled away, letting your hands fall limply at your sides.  
The group was moving towards the door.  “Please, be safe.”  You pleaded to the twins and stood on your toes to give Fred a quick kiss on his cheek.  He retaliated, giving you his normal, comforting smile.  
“Always am,” he answered cheekily and walked off to Molly.  You looked at George with a stressed and beaten down look.  
George smiled to you, taking your hands in his.  He pulled you to him.  “It will be fine.  As Freddie said, the Weasley twins always avoid trouble,” he told you with a wide smile.
You scoffed.  “Narrowly,” you muttered, but gave him a weak smile.  You looked down at yourself again nervously, but with a small smile forming on your lips almost immediately.
Fred looked down as well, with a wide smile.  “We will tell everyone tonight, when we all get back.”  He spoke with such force, that you knew he was right.  He leaned down and gave you a long, sweet kiss before moving away.  “Hurry back,” you told him with worry evident on your face.  
He gave you a wink.  “Always.  I love you.”  He smile to you and gave Molly a quick kiss on her cheek.  
“I love you,” you called back with a frown on your face.  Ron gave you a quick hug, and Hermione kissed your cheek quickly.  She glanced at your belly with a knowing smile, causing a blush to form on your face. You glanced down again and made sure that it was covered, and it was.  Maybe you were more obvious than you thought, or Tonks let slip the secret.  
Arthur looked at you with a loving smile and squeezed your shoulder lightly, leaving as well.  Tonks winked as she gripped Remus’ hand.  Soon, it was just you, Molly, and Ginny, sitting around the large kitchen table with frowns.  You all held hands in a circle, not able to say a word, just remaining quiet and hopeful.
There was an odd sound outside, and quickly, all three of you stood and ran to the door.  You peered outside, carefully at first, but Ginny was already out the door, launching herself onto Harry.  Your heart ached lightly that it wasn’t your beloved George, but you were still happy as you hugged him after Ginny.  He was freezing from landing in the water, but you didn’t care.  
You hugged Hagrid next, who gave you the hairy grin you knew well.  “I’m so glad you all are okay.”  You spoke quietly and held his large hand in your own small ones.  
“So am I,”  Hagrid said in his heavy accent.  You smiled lightly, and looked out onto the Burrow.  There was another snap, and your stomach lurched once more.  You stood carefully, nervously, shifting as Molly hugged Harry tightly.  You saw Remus Lupin first, supporting a quickly changing Harry.  
It felt as if your heart stopped as you watched the normal black hair turn to red, and grow taller.  It was your George, and the side of his face was bloody.  “George!”  Your voice was shrill and worried, as both you and Harry ran for him.  Harry supported his other side, and you lead the way into the Burrow, clearing the pillows from the couch, other than one for his head.  
“My boy!”  Molly whimpered and began examining him closely as you fell to your knees next to the couch, holding his hand tightly.  
His eyes remained closed tightly and you squeezed his hand as hard as you could.  “Georgie?  Can you hear me, love?”  You asked desperately and stroked his hair.  You didn’t even listen to the commotion around you as you focused on George, and him responding to your voice.  
It wasn’t until Fred ran into the house did you notice that almost everyone was now back.  He fell onto the floor next to you, touching George’s face.  “How you feeling, Georgie?”  Fred asked and took your hand, squeezing it gently as you wiped the tears that had fallen earlier.  
George opened his eyes again, smiling faintly.  “I’m holy.”  
“Pardon?”  Fred asked with an odd look brandishing his face.    
George smiled gently.  “I’m holy.  Get it, Fred?  I’m holey,” George explained and weakly pointed to his ear.
Relief flooded through you as you put your head in your hands.  He was going to be okay.  He was going to live.  Your mind was clouded with bad thoughts that could have happened.  You could have been a single mother, raising possibly two kids alone, and being without the love of your life.  If George was joking, then you knew he was all right.  
“How does it feel, Fred?”  George asked weakly.  The group was huddled around, listening.  
You looked up, just as confused as Fred.  “What do you mean?”  Fred asked with a confused grin on his face from his twin’s previous joke.
George smiled and placed his hand on your shoulder, not strong enough to squeeze it.  “How does it feel to be an uncle?”  George asked and opened his eyes once more to watch Fred’s reaction.  
Silence overcame the room as everyone began to process what George said, then there was a mix of gasps and cheering.  Fred launched himself onto you, bringing you to your feet and hugging you tightly.  Before you knew it, the entire Weasley clan, along with Harry, Hermione, and Hagrid all took turns hugging you and hugging George.  
It was a dark situation, but it was okay.  For once, it was okay.
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Mominette With Dolls 2 (ML/DC Crossover)
Chaton was excited.
He had a little brother now! Yay!
He had a little sister already. And a big sister. But he’d wanted a little brother and now he had one.
Sure, little brother was bigger than he was, but he was younger, so that made Chaton the big brother.
And he was so happy!
He’d felt something…off that day, like something was approaching, though he didn’t know what it was and couldn’t explain it to Mama. Littlebug and Minimouse also sensed it, but whatever it was, it was far away.
But then it got closer and even came to the bakery. And Chaton recognized it in the big sad broody boy as soon as he arrived.
The boy had Mama’s energy. Not as much as Chaton or the others did, but it was there.
This boy was Mama’s. He was different, but he was still hers just as much as Chaton was. Which meant that the boy was Chaton’s brother.
That was why Chaton ignored the rule about “don’t show yourself to strangers” and hugged the boy.
Because the boy was family and Chaton wanted to greet him properly.
Plus his energy was antsy and worried and sad and hurty Chaton didn’t like it. So he was going to hug him until the bad feelings went away.
And it worked! Yay!
Because his new little brother talked to Mama and told her who he was and Mama was…not happy, which Chaton didn’t like. But she wasn’t not happy with little brother, she was not happy with the people who made little brother. And while making little brother was a good thing, the people were not very nice and Chaton could understand why she was not happy with them.
They stuck him in a tube! And didn’t let him have pastries or any good things! They used Genie-o’s to control him and make him do things like some of the badder akumas did to Papa sometimes.
Chaton decided he did not like these people. And he wanted to give them a firm talking to.
If Mama didn’t do it first.
Or Papa.
Or Littlebug, once she found out. She was good at making plans and getting proper sorries from people who weren’t nice.
Like that mean girl, Liar-a.
She was gone now. Everyone wisely chose not to talk about it.
Marinette Dupain-Cheng admitted that she didn’t know how to be a mother.
Conner thought differently.
She was already caring for Chaton, who was clearly happy with her. The little guy couldn’t exactly talk, but like Marinette, Conner could somehow tell what he was wanting to communicate. Anything he didn’t understand, M’gann would tell him—though it did come with giggling at times and statements of how “cute” they were.
In addition to the little cat-hero Doll, there was a little grey and pink Doll named Minimouse, who was very shy and staying glued to Marinette’s side as she got used to their presence. At least until she started to feel comfortable around the two, at which point she moved to being glued to Conner instead. It seemed she warmed up to Conner quite quickly compared to other people. And Conner in turn felt strangely protective of her.
Tikki explained it likely had to do the Dolls sensing Marinette’s magic within Conner and forming a bond because of it.
Somehow, he found this acceptable.
There was also another one named Littlebug, who Chaton announced was staying with “Papa”. Because even though “Mama” and “Papa” loved each other very much, they lived in different houses because “Mama’s Mama and Papa are protective” and “Papa’s Papa is a jerk”.
It sounded like a complicated situation, but not a bad or dramatic one, so Conner didn’t question it. He figured they would tell him sooner or later.
Marinette explained how she received her Miraculous—the source of her magic, apparently. She told them how she worked with her partner to protect the city and had eventually become the new Guardian. It was Tikki who helped to explain the complexity and side effects of prolonged use of the Miraculous and what a human wielder could become capable of with time.
The Dolls—Chaton, Littlebug, and Minimouse—had been unintentional. But she loved them all the same, going out of her way to look after them and make sure they were doing well.
She seemed very…kind.
It struck him that this was perhaps information she should not be sharing with him or M’gann as they had just met, regardless of his relation to her.
“I felt it when you entered the shop. Something about you just kept drawing my eye, though I didn’t understand what at the time. Not to mention that these little ones are very good judges of character.” She gestured with some humor to the happy Chaton and Multimouse who had taken to clinging to him and smiling at him. “If they didn’t know you or feel a connection to you, they wouldn’t have shown themselves.”
Chaton nodded sagely. M’gann giggled. Conner decided to take their word for it.
In turn, Marinette and Tikki were both very curious about Conner and wanted to know about him as well. His story was…admittedly not a happy one. They both frowned when Conner explained how Cadmus had created him as part of a project to replace Superman. Chaton and Multimouse hugged him more tightly, seeming distressed at his story.
“It concerns me that this Cadmus group had used my DNA like this.” Marinette stated. And it was a fair concern, as who knew what people could or would create out of her genetics and power. 
She looked up at Conner, worried. “Are there any others?”
He shook his head.
“I am the only one.”
That he knew of, at least. If there were any others, he certainly wanted to help them. And from the look on her face, Marinette wanted to as well.
They were relieved when he shared how the Team found him and broke him out. How they had saved him, promised him the moon and a chance to meet Superman. M’gann also stepped in to inform Marinette of how she and Conner both were staying at a hidden base, which they have made into their headquarters and home.
Marinette seemed relieved at that. And she was happy that he had friends.
He felt…embarrassed? Was that the right word?
The four continued chatting. Talking about their experiences. Sharing information. Just…getting a chance to know each other. While Tikki would step in to explain some of the more magical aspects of things and M’gann would add comments here and there for things that Conner didn’t think of, it was mostly Conner and Marinette talking and getting to know one another.
She was actually interested in him. In getting to know him. In hearing about his life. His feelings.
It was…nice.
It seemed unfair to him that he felt this way. His friends were great and they would do the same. But this…this just felt different.
This was…his.
Was it okay to be selfish?
Part of him worried it would just disappear.
Which to be fair, it could. After all, Marinette WAS a superhero herself with an enemy of her own—in addition to anyone else who may try to target her. And Conner was part of a covert team and would put his life on the line on a frequent basis. Realistically speaking, things could happen.
But for all his initial worries, Marinette was interested in talking to him. Learning about him. Even though the circumstances weren’t the best, she wasn’t pushing him away.
Not like Superman had.
Part of him felt a little bitter at that.
At least until he felt a rumbling at his chest.
Two rumblings.
Both Chaton and Multimouse were purring, like they knew what he was feeling.
He couldn’t help a smile.
Superman hadn’t talked to him.
Superman hadn’t listened to him.
Superman hadn’t given him siblings.
It didn’t matter that they were dolls. M’gann said they had minds. Tikki said they were alive. And he would take a psychic and the Goddess of Creation’s word for it if it meant this could be his.
And if they would have him…
Maybe he could be theirs, too.
Wally looked up from his seat when they entered.
“Oh, hey guys! Where have you been?”
“We went to Paris!” M’gann said, cheerfully as she placed a box of what smelled like pastries on the counter in the kitchen. “It was amazing! They have so many recipes! I can’t wait to try them out!”
He blinked. “Oh, that’s cool. What’d you do while you were there?”
Conner sat on the couch, appearing calm.
“We met my mother.”
Wally froze. “What.”
“We had a meeting with my mother and two of her other children.”
“Oh…” Wally frowned, uncertain what to say. Given Superman’s reaction and Conner’s reaction to Superman’s reaction, this could have gone any number of ways. Which was why he had to ask…
“What did she say?”
What if she had dismissed Conner like Superman had? What if they had a fight? What if she did like Conner but didn’t want him to be a hero? What if she wanted to take him away from the Team?
What if…?
Conner paused, thinking.
“She doesn’t like your costume.” 
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A ROTTMNT FanFiction: Support System Part 1
This is a gift (Part 1 of a few chapters) for a special friend of mine @jadethest0ne who i hope never forgets what a wonderful person and friend she is.
Also I”m warning you now, this story is going to have a lot of medical incidences, which will include blood, stitches, and many other things. Including allergic reactions. If this makes you uncomfortable do not read. But its no more intense then what you’d see in a Med Drama (I think so?I don’t actually watch those. Except Scrubs, does that count? I love Scrubs)
Summary: Leo always understood his role in the family. Ever since he was a child, he was going to be the one who helped his brothers and heal them after their worst pains.  But what if that wasn’t enough anymore?
Pairings: OH sure you can come look! * picks up flaming tree branch* If you dare
Characters: Leonardo, Donatello, Splinter, Raphael, Michelangelo
Genre: Hurt Comfort, friends family With a smidgen of angst
“Donnie catch!!!”
Even though he was seven  years old, Donnie had had enough natural instinct at this point to grab the book he  had been reading (twice as thick as Raphies head) and summersault over the back of his beanbag chair in time for a large brick to land where he had been with a painful ‘thud’. Donnie peered at the thrown object before frowning at the perpetrator  in a large red jersey, “Raphie what did we talk about the reading bean bag?”
“To, uh.” Raphie’s eyes crossed as they usually did when he was asked a question. Leo said it was because Raph didn’t like to t hint. But Donnie knew it was just because Raphie knew if he played dumb people would stop asking him things he didn’t want to answer, “throw things at you when you’re sitting on it? Look at my jersey!” He spun around to show the back, where Raphie marked out players name (with what looked like green jello) and wrote ‘Ghost Bear’ in its place (written in pudding) “See?! Isn’t this great?!!”
“Not great enough to throw a brick at me.”
“You’re right! I should of thrown more!!”
Don puffed up his cheeks so hard that his glasses misaligned,  he wanted to say something to deter the possibility of having to dodge a downpour of bricks (again) when a crashing sound came from the living room followed by loud crying. A moment later Splinter was running out of the bathroom with only a shower curtain for a towel and head full of soap, “Whose hurt whose bleeding?!” He called sliding past the living room for a moment  in a streak of soap before running in. Donnie was already hurrying after him with Raphie on his heels.
The source of the crying came from Mikey who was siting on the ground with a large cut on his scalp, probably the result of the broken lamp by his side, and the source of  the louder crying came from Leo knelt by his side, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry-“ before looking to their father with a unnatural amount of tears pouring out of his eyes, “dad I think his skulls broken and now hh-his brain is leaking out!!!
“Blue its ok it’s just a cut.” Splinter hoisted Mikey up into his arms, looking his head over, “Mikey is it more hurty or scary?”
Mikey let out a small hiccup, wiping at his streaming eyes “S-scary.”
“Alright, lets   Go get this fixed up my brave orange.”  Splinter held Mikey to his chest, before reaching out and cupping Leo’s face in his free hand, “Blue it was a accident. He’ll be ok.” Giving the still weeping child a peck on scalp, before looking back at Leo who looked like he was going to be sick with concern, but Donnie was already out of the room and dragging a chair over to the fridge and using it to climb up, pulling open the freezer to the sight of several dark blue teddy bears lined up in the corner. He didn’t particularly like the texture of the ‘cool bears’ so he put his hands and his sleeved and made sure to grab the one with one ear and a green Jupiter Jim shirt that nearly froze his fingertips through his long hoodie sleeves and hurried back to the living room knowing Dad wouldn’t leave Leo’s side if he was this distressed, “Its ok Dad.” Donnie said, sitting by Leo, “I got him.” The minute Leo saw the teddy he stopped his loud weeping and grabbed it, hugging the icy cold bear to his chest and burying his face in it. Splinter let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you Purple.” He said rubbing his scalp, “Red can you brush up the broken pieces? I’ll clean them up later. I’m going to take care of Mikey.” He said standing up, carrying the youngest child out of the room. Raph, puffed up his chest, “Ok you two heard, I’m in charge so that –“
“Raphie go do what Dad said.” Don wasn’t in the mood to have Raphie power trip on him, before you can ask yes a child can power trip if they’re left in charge for longer then two minutes, the oldest brother puffed up his cheeks. But when Donnie gave a pointed look to Leo, who was still rocking softly with his face buried in the cold teddy  bear, he seemed to understand what he was saying and went to go get a broom. Donnie stood up, brushing the dirt off his hoodie, “come on Leo, “ he said, taking up his brothers hand. The blue turtle stood up, trailing after Don with his face still pressed into his bear as though is the was the last life preserve to his sanity. Donnie pulled Leo into the kitchen, so he could grab another cool bear if the one his brother had defrosted too much. Leo he climbed up miserably onto the round diner couch and curled up into a little ball, “Leo you didn’t mean to hurt Mikey-“   There was some muttering but Don couldn’t understand, “Leo I cant hear you through LL Cool Bear-“ He tilted his head hoping to get a better read on what Leo was saying.  Don climbed up onto chair to sit next to him, he barely had time to open his arms before Leo was curled up against him. With one hand still pressing Cool Bear against his face, Leo’s free arm hugged Donnie tightly to him. Though Donnie was usually the one who didn’t like physical contact, he also knew when his brothers needed him. So he took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around his still trembling brother.
There was a shuffle as Splinter came into the living room, his shower curtain now wrapped like a toga (he was probably sick of holding it up) with hair clips to hold it in place “Alright alright Oranges boo boo’s have been bandaged and kiss glass cleaned up where’s-“ before seeing the two curled up int eh boooth. With some effort he managed to squeeze in on the other side, “Blue it is alright no one is in trouble. Orange said he just tripped over the lamp cord-“ But like last time, the only response Leo was able to give was another muffled shout into the teddy bear.Splinter looked to Don, “how long has he been hiding his face?” Don shrugged in response “Alright time to pull out the big guns.” Splinter shuffled out of his seat and went to the fridge, “Oh Bbblllueeee, I have three  red hots/ raisin cookies with your name on it.”
Leo gave out a  loud sniff, raising his eyes from Cool Bear but refusing to pull it completely from his face or leave Don’s arms, “With hot sauce milk?”
Don could see Splinter struggle not to cringe , “of course my Blueberry! What a lovely,” the rat shivered, “Lovely combination.” He said pulling out a bottle of hot sauce and a gallon of milk, pouring out a glass. He visibly gulped before twisting open the hot sauce lid and pouring half its contents into he small class of milk. If he hadn’t been focused on being Leos’ support he would of laughed at Splinters struggle to maintain a straight face. But he managed to stir up a light pink glass of contaminated milk, “Purple would you like some?”
“Not hungry.” Purple shook his head, “Dad when are you going to get dressed? You’ve been eating a shower curtain for forever.”
“Oh this is nothing Purple.  I  spent the first four years in a shower curtain.” When Splinter set down the plate and glass Leo finally pulled his face away from his bear long enough to uncover his mouth, taking one of the abomination cookies (as donnie liked to call them) and dipping them into his hot sauce milk, pressing the bear to the other side of his face. “Blue, do you understand no ones in trouble? It was a accident-“
“B-but Mikey got hurt.” Leo’s eyes filled with tears again “He was bleeding, I don’t want my brothers to be in pain ever.”
Splinter gave a sigh that Don recognized a mile away, scooting closer and letting Leo snuggle into his fathers side, “Blue, you  understand that you can not prevent your brothers from getting hurt?  They are their own people, who happen to love playing rough.”
Don could see the tears reforming in Leo’s eyes as his breathing quickened, “No, I love them I don’t want them to get hurt ever.”  Donnie scooted closer to rub at his shell, “how can I help them if I can’t keep them from getting hurt?”
“Well,” Splinter thought for a moment, “ as your father I don’t like seeing you boys get hurt either, when you have four boys running around in four directions it’s nearly impossible to do, but I instead make sure that I’m prepared for when you do get hurt. I have a first aid kit”
Leo sniffed, “You mean the booboo box?”
“I-yes. The booboo box. It has bandages, bandaids, and  what ever I need incase one of my favorite boys gets hurt.”
Leo pugged up his cheeks, squeezing Don’s hand for all it was worth. Donnie could tell he was thinking something through-“Can I have one?”
“I.” Splinter paused, “I’m not sure Blue first aid kits aren’t really toys.” But the moment Leos eyes swelled with tears again their father sighed. While Their dad was easy going when it came to small things he rarely gave in to request like this. But later on Don would wonder if it was Leo’s sincerity that caused Splinter to smile “How about this, i’m not going to give you a full first aid kit now. But how about I give you a couple of bandaids to carry with you if you weld them responsibly. And you must tell me when your brothers are hurt as well, Ok?” Splinter he dug through eh med kit and pulled out a few Lou Jitsu bandaids, “If you prove you can be responsible with these, then we can talk about you getting a first aid kid later, is that a deal?”
Leo’s eyes widen to the size of monster truck tires, holding his free hand out taking the bandaids as though they were a treasure, “I-I’ll do it! I’ll be re’ponsible! I-I’ll keep my brothers safe!” He puffed up his chest. He pulled from donnie and stood up on i the chair, hugging his father rightly around his neck, causing their father to chuckle and hold him back , “I believe in you my little Blueberry.” Stroking the back of his head.
Of course Leo would hold his word, using his powerful bandaids only when needed, and going to get Splinter when he needed him. So next Christmas, when he received a first aid kit (albeit one that was been modified for a child to mess with safely) he smiled for days to come.
But on that day, donnie watched Splinter hold his brother who, just a hour ago, had been in the midst of a intense panic attack. Wouldn’t forget how he felt watching his brother. Unlike Leo, Donnie already had a understanding of the world that a child shouldn’t have. Wheel his brothers dreamt of what it would be like to go to the surface, Donnie knew what dangers would await them.
If they got hurt
If they got discovered
If they-
So the next time he earned enough ‘good stars’ to go to the library he not only got the books he knew wouldn’t arouse suspicion, he also picked up one he hoped he would never have to use.But one he would read over and over again till he ad the entire thing dedicated to memory.
He would be ready
He would protect Mikey
He would protect Raph
He would protect Splinter
He would protect Leo
(Seven years later)
Mikey looked around in panic, searching for a escape route. But before he could do anything Leo gave a mighty shriek of unknown animal origin (he had been going for something between a kitten and bat) and lunging forward. Mikey gave a yelp of surprise before falling back on the armchair. With his quarry trapped, Leo brought up his fingers in a claw form and attacked. His six fingers becoming weapons of death as he dug them into Mikeys sides, his brother burst out laughing, squirming  In a desperate attempt to escape this assault, but Leo danced around the arm chair, both keeping Mikey trapped and attacking his most sensitive spots, “Submit to Leo the Nardo!!!! Submit to your older brother!”
“OK OK!!!’ Mikey kicked at his brother  “You win!!!! You can pick the movie tonight!!!!!”
Leo drew his hands back allowing Mickey to finally breath, in between his barely kept remaining giggles. With a dramatic twist he turned to Donatello who was leaning against the wall watching this whole spectacle with one eyebrow raised, “And now, “Leo said in his best intimidating voice (as threatening as a fourteen year old whose voice still cracked once in a while), ‘“Two down, one to go. The boss battle.”
“Uh, shouldn’t Raph be the boss battle? He is the oldest”
“Puh-lease. Watch this.” Leo took  a step back to look into the main room of the lair where Raph was lifting weights on the half pipe  , Leo raised a eyebrow at him and immediately the largest brother burst into laughing again, rolling off his weight bench and onto the floor with enough force to send a soft tremble through the lair, “See? You jus look at him weird and he burst out laughing. That is why you are my last challenge.” Leo said with a dramatic point, “if I can conquer you, then we have no choice but to watch a movie of my choosing tonight!”
“It’s Little Women again isn’t it?” Donnie pulled out his phone with disinterest, “You posted twenty five quotes from little Woman on Fumlbr in the last hour, and I saw you taking a nap with your copy of the book on your face.”
“YES ITS LITTLE WOMEN!!!!!” Leo brought up his fingers up again, “make it easy on yourself brother, submit now.” Donatello let out a soft if maniacal chuckle, before Leo could ask what was going on something on the back of his cross-body belt shot up towards the ceiling as he shrieked in surprise hanging from some unknown inventions thatDonatello must of attached to his belt when he was tickle tackling Mikey. Leo crowed his arms with a pout, “well played Donatello.”
“Yes I know. And i’’ll let you down if you listen to my conditions.” Donnie gave him a small nudge on the forehead, making him start spinning in a slow circle, “One we watch a series of movies everyone likes, and in return I will not only buy you a carton of any ice cream you want, even if the name of it alone makes me physically sick, and I will let you try out your new jokes on me for, “ Don looked at his phone, “Five minutes.”
Ok, even Leo thought that was a good deal. But the loss of watching his favorite non Lou Jitsu / Jupiter Jim movie was still  a blow to his still spinning heart. It must have been obvious because he heard Don sigh, and move over to be in his line of vision with his head tilted to keep eye contact with him at a somewhat up right level, “AND I promise to watch Little Women with you at a later time. The only reason I don’t want our brothers watching it is because they’re sensitive. I showed Mikey a drawing of a frowny face once  and he cried for three days.”
Its one of the rare times the memory of one of his brothers crying makes Leo chuckle. But he can acknowledge Donnie is making an effort. Donnie wasn’t always the most open turtle when it comes to others, but the fact he was trying to make him happy sorta made him happy. While still hanging from the ceiling (How long was this rope?) He reached his hand out, “deal  first favorite Donnie!”
Donnie shook his hand back, “No problem second favorite Leo.” He brought up his gauntlet and tapped the screen. Leo could hear whirring on his back as he was set on his feet, frowning with a large wrinkled pout on his face, “I’m going to get you to admit I’m your first favorite Leo someday I swear it Donnie.”
“Uh huh.” Don gives him a smug look that’s obviously mean to make him pout more (which it succeeds in doing). “Now if you heathens excuse me, I have a package coming in and I want to get to it before the rabid rabbits next door eat it.”without looking up, Donnie gave a half attempted peace sign before heading out of the living room. Leo crossed his arms and looked over to Mikey “I am his favorite Leo he just doesn’t want to admit it.’
Mikey wiped  his finally dry eyes as one last laugh escaped him before looking up  at Leo from his upside down spot on the arm chair , “whose his  supposed first favorite Leonardo? Da’Vinci? “
“No, cause hes not alive anymore apparently he likes Leonardo DiCaprio more then me!” He crosses his arms,
Mikey giggled before sitting up, ‘“Actually, you know what? Donnies got a point, Leonardo DiCaprio might be my favorite Leo too.”
Leo Let’s out a loud offended gasp, “FOR MY HONOR!!!!” This time Mikey had the common sense to roll over the back of the arm chair when Leo came at him. Laughing as Leo chased him around the living room, throwing random pillows and bean bags to block his path. Mikey had ducked to run out of the living room when Raph appeared in the door way probably investigating the noise, Mikey let out a squeak of surprise bringing his hands up to bounce off Raph’s chest and roll behind him, “Raphie I need help!”
“Wh-“ poor Raph looked more confused then usual, “what Leo-“
“I’ve gotta punish Mikey!” Leo explained, ducking around him. But Mikey kept to the opposite site of Raph with a loud laugh, “Not if you can’t catch me!!!!!” Raph raised his arms over his head, probably to keep one of them from accidentally scratching themselves on his spikes , “Whoa! No playing ring around the raphie you two-“ eh said before letting out a small cough
Leo reached up and caught a hold of Raph’s arms like a parallel bar before tucking his legs up enough that Mikey didn’t have Tim to notice where he was and dropped down on him, “GOTCHA!!!!!’ Mikey shrieked in terror before laughing again, bringing up his elbows to protect his sensitive sides. Of course this time Leo hadn’t been planning on showing any mercy unless Mikey promised to cook him a batch of his famous jello filled cupcakes with mozzarella frosting, and if he just happened to get hot sauce it’d be even better-
That was before he heard a slight wheeze  behind him, he was about to tell  raph he had forgotten to take out his retainer again when that wheeze became a full on cough. Leo looked to his brother to see Raph with both hands pressed over his mouth, smothering the loud coughs that were now escaping his sweating face, “Raph?!” He climbed off Mikey and ent over to Raph’s side,  “Raph do you need water?” Before noticing that his face, though normally squishy, had began to swell up in a way that made his heart stop, “He’s having a allergic reaction!” He said to Mikey now at his side with an equally anxious look on his face, ‘“How did he get peanut butter?! We keep it locked up!”
“I-“Mikeys eyes began to swim with tears, “I-I have a peanut butter sandwich earlier but I cleaned up after myself I swear!”
Oh frick, he must of still had peanut residue on his hands after he ran into Raph.  Leos’ heart was already racing a mile a minute, Raph hadn’t had a allergic reaction to this volume since he first discovered his allergy. They were so careful with peanut-butter, “dad?!” He called loudly, digging around his  satchel and pulling out his first aid kit. Epi pen, did he have one? He never thought o put one in, where did they keep them? Did they have any? How long before Raph’s throat swelled up completely?! Another loud cough escaped Raph causing Leo’s eyes to fill with tears-
He was so wrapped up in digging through his med kit that he barely noticed the sound of a box being dropped at the entrance to the lair. Not until Donnie was running past him, holding a beanbag at had been close to the entrance and swinging it around, “Raph sit.” He ordered, his free hand pushing down hard on Raph’s shoulder giving him little choice, In a fluid motion, he pulled out a epi-pen from his battle shell, pulled off the blue cap and slammed the point on the outside of Raph’s thigh. The effect was almost instantaneous as Raph took a loud deep breath, his airway finally giving him much needed oxygen, cleansing his lung with a few loud coughs before he sighed in relief. Raph’s face was still slightly swollen as he massaged his throat.
Don pulled out the pen and began to massage the injection point for a few seconds. His free hand rubbing Raph’s shoulder, “Nod if your airway is opening up.” Raph did as he was told, tears streaming down his face, Don looked to Mikey, “Micheal go get Raph’s blanket from his room and go get Dad.”
“I-I” Mikey looked at their biggest brother with his own tear filled eyes, “I-I’m so sorry Raphie-“
“Micheal.” Don added a edge to his voice that demanded Mikeys attention, “It was a accident, if you want to make up for it then go do as I say.” The youngest nodded and hurried out of the room.
Leo blinked, for a moment he had forgotten he even existed. His hand was still stuck in his med kit as though still hoping to find a epi pen he knew he didn’t have. He watched Don pull out a second epi pen from his battle shell and coach a trembling crying Raph through breathing. When Mikey returned with Splinter, Splinter wrapped the blanket around Raph’s shoulders and helped him up. Donnie made the recommendation that they keep an eye on Raph and consider going to the hospital if the symptoms returned and that Mikey go scrub down in the shower to make sure he didn’t have anymore peanut butter on him. The only acknowledgement he got was Donnie calling to him over his shoulder to go to the kitchen and check that it was clean of any more nuts. After all that, he stood at the kitchen counter with a sponge in his hand and asked himself one thing
What the hell just happened?
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Own it..then Redeem it (2007!Leonardo x reader)
Chapter 5:  Regrets make Apologies
Tumblr media
"You might as well pick up some donuts for me to go, Raphie." You giggled while turning the camera on the tablet, and turning on the mic on your earbud.
"Behave and maybe I'll consider it." Raph huffs, putting on his helmet. You can still somewhat tell that he was smiling at your change of mood. Maybe spending time with a friend was what you needed.
"Yes sir!" You mocked him with a salute and he groaned. You laughed when he rolled his eyes and watched him walk away. Raph has been getting better at being there for you. Having the feeling of brotherly love just makes you feel complete. You've always wanted to be somewhere where you belonged. You never would've found home if it weren't for the turtles in general.
You looked back at the screen and saw Raph just waltz in the diner's kitchen. You had to try not to laugh when a waiter was panicking and the other guy was chilling with his coffee.
"Is it me or does that guy seem way too chill?" You chuckled.
"The day never really starts without coffee (Y/n)." Raph replies, shaking his head. He looks around the kitchen and see's the freezer open. Different food items were thrown and you can hear a tiny growl. Raph walks closer and you both see a tiny red creature, literally looks like a demon. It looks kinda cute.
"Well look at chu, ain't you cute." Raph chuckles at the small creature eating a frozen chicken leg.
"Raph I don't think you should underestimate the little guy. Getting Hellboy flashbacks over here." You giggled and shook your head.
"Oh please, this thing got nothing on me." Raph snorts and gets closer to the creature in a mocking baby voice. "You want a but kicking little fella? Yes you do, you do~. Come on, I'm gonna drop you into hurty town. Come on- AH!" Raph yells in agony from the little guys biting on his fingers.
You couldn't help but look amused at the trouble the little guy gave Raph. After Raph gave him a "snack", you just laughed your ass off.
"Ha ha, I'm happy you enjoyed the show." Raph said sarcastically but had a smile on his face.
"I should really do camera duty more often." You laughed and wiped the tears from your eyes. Man your ribs were hurting from the laughter.
Raph rolled his eyes and left the kitchen to help the waiter out. The waiter was too scared to understand an act of kindness, so this just irritated Raph.
"Why is everyone having such a hard time believing I am a good guy?! I just saved your life." Raph growled in irritation.
"Raph calm down a bit, the guy hasn't even processed the 'vermin' he found in the kitchen." Your soft voice snapped him out of his anger for a moment.
"I know I know, it's just-" Raph shut his mouth and tensed up by the shuriken. He looked up to see the owner of the weapon and groaned. "This night just keeps getting better and better."
Your heart stopped when you saw Leo on the rooftop, glaring at Raph. This wasn't supposed to go down this way.
"Raph I'll make a distraction and then I'll come to get you." You sit up straight on the motorcycle, ready to diffuse a bigger problem before it even starts.
"No (Y/n), you've done enough tonight. Go home and I'll come back for the bike." Raph sternly says, dropping the cashier and walking outside.
"But-!" Your voice didn't go through, he turned off the mic and the camera. This made you scoff at his intent to keep you away from more sibling drama. Sure, you never liked the way those two dealt with their problems, but before it was just sparring their feelings out. This isn’t going to be just a spar.
Putting on the helmet, you turn on the motorcycle and speed your way onto the busy street. You multitasked on the road and searched for the brothers. The car’s honked their horns angrily at your abrupt change of lane. You didn’t even care if the cops were after you at this point, but thankfully they weren’t.
There were suddenly two familiar figures. Raph was jumping car from car while Leo was swinging wire from wire. ‘Leo really adapted to jungle life... Raph wasn’t being playful when he nicknamed him ‘Jungle Boy’.’ You speed faster into an alleyway, following their chase. You slowed down when their running came to a stop. You noticed the dead end Raph led himself to. ‘Nice one Raphie.’ You thought sarcastically.
Getting off the motorcycle, you quickly went to the fire escapes and climbed up. The closer you got, the louder the fight was getting. Your palms were slightly getting sweaty and your mind raced. What the hell were you going to say? What were you going to do? Your presence might end the fight or cause a bigger fire. You weren’t supposed to know who the NightWatcher really is.
You shook your head and got on the rooftop to get closer. Right on time, Leo punched Raph up in the air, making the helmet fly as well. You froze for a second at Leo’s sudden brute force. You’ve never seen him punch that heavily unless someone really got under his skin, and that someone was apparently the Night Watcher.
“Good night, Dark Prince.” Leo retorted smugly, walking towards Raph’s slight unconscious body from the punch. He was ready to attack Raph again ‘or the Night Watcher in his point of view’. You pulled your helmet off, realizing that you haven’t taken it off yet from the rush.
“Leo stop!” You threw the helmet at Leo’s shell. He turned around in a defensive stance with a glare until he saw it was you. His muscles relaxed for a second and looked confused.
“(Y/n)? What are you doing-” Leo was kicked to the side from Raph. He glared down at his fearless leader. Your eyes widen at the sudden attack. Leo groaned and looked up glaring at his enemy, but it was quickly replaced with shock.
“Raph? What?!” Leo felt betrayed, and not just by Raph. You stood at a safe distance but close enough to intervene.
“You are so smug, you know that! You think the world revolves around you don’t you. That we couldn’t possibly survive without the mighty and powerful Leonardo to guide us through our problems, huh?” Raph took a short glance towards you, making Leo glare at him when he stood up. “Well I got a newsflash for ya, we got along just fine without you!” Raph yelled at him.
“Raph...” Your soft voice tried to cut through his anger and he tensed up a bit. Raph didn’t want you to see or hear this. Why didn’t you just listen to him for once?
“Oh and this qualifies as just fine! Dressing up like it’s Halloween every night? Risking the safety of our family. You even got (Y/n) wrapped up into this front and center? I mean, come on what were you thinking?!” Leo’s confusion, worries, and anger came out all at once. He didn’t know what to feel first. You looked at Leo and frowned at his takeaway from the whole situation.
“Raph didn’t involve me in anything. I chose to help at times, and yes it looks reckless but no one’s life is at risk.” You corrected with a scoff. Leo looked at you and frowned with a clenched jaw.
“So it’s okay to act like a rogue vigilante? I come back to see everyone of you again, just to see how everything’s changed for the worse.” Leo took a step forward to get closer to you and gave an irritated sigh. “There’s just no way I’m gonna allow you to work for Winter’s just to find more about what we're dealing with. I’m not letting you risk yourself.” Leo demanded, making your eye twitch a bit. ‘The fucking audacity.’ You were about to talk back to him but Raph beat you to it.
“Don’t push it Leo. You can’t leave home and come back, expecting us to fall in line again, like your little soldiers. ” Raph pointed at him with a face that clearly showed annoyance.
“Hey I was training! Training to be a better leader! For you!” Leo sighs irritatedly and looks away with confusion and anger. “Why do you hate me for that?!”
They both started to slowly walk in a circle. You knew what this meant, and you were slightly afraid of the outcome.
“Uh guys-”
“Whoever said I wanted to be lead! I’m better off calling my own shots now, get used to it.” Raph cut you off angrily. He was too focused on his anger to realize the worry that you were expressing.
“You. Aren’t. Ready! You’re impatient and hot tempered AND more importantly, I’m better than you.” Leo growled and stopped his movements to glare at Raph. The vibe Leo was setting was really unsettling for you. There’s something about his posture and attitude that has changed him completely. What the hell did he do in Central America?
Your gaze from Leo was broken when Raph laughed his attitude off and took out his sai’s. “Oh you know something big brother. I’d have to disagree with you on that one.” He got in an attack pose, looking menacingly at Leo.
“Guys that’s enough. Let’s not do anything we’ll regret.” Your firm tone made them glance at you for a moment. Raph couldn’t stand down but you could tell he was slightly struggling to keep his intentions. Leo’s hard gaze from Raph has softened a bit from your intent to prevent them from fighting. He knew it wasn’t gonna go the way you wanted. He knows he’s gonna regret it, but there’s no going back.
“(Y/n) stay out of this. I ain’t leaving until Jungle Boy here taps out. Stand aside.” Raph pointed to the side of the roof with a stern look. You were beginning to get angry.
“Fine! You know what I’m fucking done with this. You two have a wonderful time trying to kill each other. By all means, proceed.” You spat at them, turning to walk away in a safe distance from them. You didn’t notice the hurt look they both gave you. Sure, you’ve dealt with this many times, but not to this extent. They both know that you’ve always been the one to diffuse the fire, but to their surprise you just gave up.
Raph almost had second thoughts until he looked at Leo. Now he remembers why he’s so pissed off. He goes back to the stance and glares at him. Leo turns his attention back to Raph and glares. Leo was willing to put down his fists, because like you’ve told him many times before. ‘It’s not worth the pain.’
“Don’t do this Raph.” Leo warned him.
“I’m done taking orders.” Raph held his sai tighter.
Leo took a few seconds of silence to think. His eyes looked at your disappointed form from the side. Lately, you’ve been witnessing the wrong side of his reasons, actions, and feelings. His heart clenched, realizing that you're not just disappointed about the situation or Raph. You were also disappointed in him, mostly disappointed in him. He failed you the very second he built the courage to write that break up letter. His regret has only just cut him deeper.
Leo focused on Raph again and sighed deeply. He takes out his katanas and makes a stance. This decision is gonna be the deeper part of his regret. Knowing that you will witness the fight, the very fight you’re always willing to stop, no matter what. The peace and light inside you was gone, and he was the very reason why. This made Leo clench his jaw. He doesn’t wanna fight his brother, but he will if that’s what’s gonna take to come to a conclusion.
‘Please forgive me (Y/n)...’
“Brother, they found different creatures, and (Y/n). Shall we contain them?” General Serpiente landed beside General Aguila. Aguila straightened his posture at the news and turned to his brother’s and sister.
“Yes, but we shall not harm (Y/n). Keep her safely contained and bring the creature by force.” Aguila responded to his sister, and the rest of his brothers with authority. Making their way towards their targets, they noticed a fight between two creatures. (Y/n) stood at the side lines, watching them with disappointment and sadness.
Aguila see’s two of the foot soldiers ready to capture you, but he stops them. “We wait until one creature stands.” With that, the two soldiers stopped their movements and nodded.
Everyone was waiting for the petty battle to be over, except for Aguila. He focuses his stare at you. He wonders why his brother is more fond of you than he can ever admit. With a deep thought, Aguila’s eyes only widened a bit, realizing the answer to his question. Has he been frozen in stone for that long for his memories to be in such a blur?
“Is something the matter, brother?” General Gato asked him, noticing the change of focus in his eyes.
“No.” Aguila only gave a simple answer. Not wanting anyone to catch his gaze with suspicion.
The fight finally ended. Raph hovers over Leo with one of his sai’s beside his head, and the other is held tightly in his hands. The look Raph gave him was something you never saw in all the years you’ve seen them fight. You didn’t want to think about it but he looked like he was ready to kill…
You couldn’t breath at the moment, you didn’t even realize your eyes were glistening with tears because of the rain. Leo looked up at Raph, surprised but became uncertain about his own brother’s next move, or intentions.. This was one side of Raph that Leo has never seen himself.
Raph slowly came back to his senses and a wave of guilt overcame his features. Raph stood up and stepped back from Leo, letting him stand up and clutch his side. Raph turned his head to look at you and the sight made him feel horrible. You're standing there, frozen in place with your unshed tears and scared expression. This was enough to make him feel like a monster.
Leo saw you and showed guilt. He showed guilt in his eyes, face, posture. Raph turned back towards Leo and shook his head in disbelief and regret.
“Raph-” Your cracked voice only made Raph bolt through the rooftops. Leo wanted to call out to him but he knew that Raph wouldn’t stop. You both started to where Raph disappeared and Leo looked at you. He took some steps towards your heartbroken figure.
“(Y/n), I’m so-” Leo grunts in pain when something hits his shoulder. He looks down to find the same syringe that hit Raph a couple nights ago. Your eyes widen at the syringe and then at Leo.
“Leo!” You quickly moved to aid him but a black figure held your arms tightly. You turned your head quickly and saw a foot soldier. “Get the fuck off me!” You thrashed around.
More of them came into view and you saw four stone statues. The ones you saw on the news and the ones that Raph and Casey encountered.
Leo felt dizzy and tried to hold on to his strength when he saw you in trouble. He sees his surroundings and glares at them. Leo gave his attack on Aguila first, only to be slapped aside and onto the ground. You were raging mad now. You kicked the soldiers chin and yanked yourself forward to hit the back of your head with his nose. The asshole let you go with a groaning pain.
You ran and knelt beside Leo. “What the fuck did you do to him!” You yelled angrily at Aguila. Your attention switched quickly from the statue fucker to Leo. Leo tried to get up but it was no use. You put a hand on his shoulder and the other on his cheek to make him look at you.
“Leo? Hey, stay with me okay.” You looked into his eyes, you were worried. Leo gazed at your eyes. Despite all the heartbreak, anger. and disappointment he had seen those eyes hold, he saw the care. He didn’t think he would see that again in your beautiful eyes. Let alone your warm affection. Leo leaned weakly against your hand on his cheek and closed his eyes, knowing that it won’t last long. He even breathed in your scent, the scent that gave him the feeling of home. This may have been only a small gesture of your kindness, but it was something he craved.
The unfamiliar drug in his system couldn’t let him form words. All you could hear was mumbling and you couldn’t even understand him.
“Not human, but clearly not the final monster.” The shorter statue told the other, looking at Leo. The other one smirked at the unconscious creature. Their stare at Leo only made you hold on to him close while glaring at them. Leo’s weak state only made him focus on your embrace, forgetting the situation completely.
“Yaotl won’t know the difference.” The smirking statue replied. “Get (Y/n), and attain the creature. He'll get suspicious if he waits too long.” He signaled the foot soldiers behind you and you were ready to fight back.
You were dragged away from Leo, you tried to fight them off. Much to Aguila’s amusement, you were a feisty one. However, your feistiness didn’t last long when they were able to tie you up. Aguila observed the scene in front of him and continued his conversation with his brother.
“By the time our brother discovers this turtle is not the thirteenth monster, it will already be too late.” Aguila finished, watching the two foot soldiers approach Leo with tranquilizer guns.
“No! Get away from him!” You yelled out and thrashed around even though you were tied. Leo heard your voice faintly and tried to reach out where you’ll most likely be. He wanted to feel that warmth, that kindness, that small affection. There was a lump in your throat, watching him reach out to you, looking for you. It was agonizing.
The two soldiers each shot more of the tranquilizer at Leo, making him yell in pain. You were about to yell but one of the soldiers placed a cloth on your mouth and nose to shut you up. The scent was annoying and made you dizzy. It was chloroform. You tried to hold your breath but it was no use. You slowly leaned and fell limp on the soldier that took the moment to make sure you were out. The soldier picked you up and carried you along to where he was instructed.
The running through the rooftops came to a stop when he heard Leo’s painful shout travelled through the misty air. Raph made a sharp turn, high alert.
“Leo, (Y/n)!” He began to sprint back to where he left minutes ago. He was starting to panic. He left you both there, broken. Raph got to the corner and his eyes widened when he witnessed you and Leo be taken away unconscious. He growled angrily and continued his way to try to save the both of you.
“Leo! (Y/n)! Hang on!” Raph called out, desperately hoping to save you two. His pace was increasing with determination, until the enemies got into the garbage truck. The truck sped away from the alley right when Raph landed. He screamed out in frustration and threw his sai’s in anger.
He didn’t mean things to end the way they did. Knowing you both were gone...He wanted to apologize, to make things right. Deep down, he never wanted to fight Leo, not the way he did. He wanted to take it all back. He should’ve listened to you…
‘Let’s not do anything we’ll regret.’ Your warning voice repeated in his mind. Your fear and sadness flashed in his mind, as well as Leo’s beaten body. He regretted everything.
“I’m sorry..” Raph whispered with a cracked voice, tears threatening to spill.
How do you guys feel about that🤔? Crazy huh🤯?
🤩Guess what!~~ I'm starting to think about opening requests for TMNT. I'm going to post your requests so be sure you all know what you want!~ And did I mention that it can be for any version of TMNT? 😍Cause it is!!
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portalford · a year ago
Nothing Separating You and Me
“Grunkle Stan!”
Stan lights up when the video call finally goes through.  “Mabel!  How’ve you been, kiddo?”
“I’m good,” Mabel says cheerfully.  “Just a sec.”  She leans back and shouts “Dipper!  Get in here!” at a volume that has Stan wincing and turning the sound down on the computer.  She turns back around with a bright smile.  “He had something to show Grunkle Ford.”  Her smile dims slightly.  “Where is he?”
“He’s in bed—”
“Is he sick?”  Mabel cries.  If she wasn’t so obviously upset it would be funny how fast she jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t “Ford went to bed early,” because debilitating illness was more likely than Stanford Pines going to bed at a reasonable hour.
“Who’s sick?”  And Dipper makes an appearance.
“Nobody,” Stan assures them.  “Ford took a nasty fall this morning and strained his hip, but he’ll be—”
“Is that the kids?”  Ford pokes his head around the kitchen doorway.
Stan scowls at his brother and finishes his sentence pointedly.  “—fine, as long as he stays in bed and doesn’t keep getting up to walk around like an idiot.”
“It’s a mild strain, Stanley, nothing more, and I can rest out here just as easily as I can in bed.”  Ford limps to the other chair and sits down cautiously, leg stretched out in front of him.
Mabel is so close to the webcam her face blots out everything, including a protesting Dipper.  “Ohmygosh Grunkle Ford are you okay?!”
“Fine, Mabel.”  Ford smiles encouragingly.  “I’ve had worse.”
“Yeah, that’s not reassuring at all.”  The sarcastic bite to Stan’s words is somewhat undercut by his immediate tilting of the laptop so Ford can see the kids better.
“What happened, Great-uncle Ford?”  Dipper is trying to shove Mabel aside so he can be seen, and Mabel is shoving him back, so they’re both having a silent push war with identical expressions of genuine worry on their faces.
Stan beats Ford to the reply.
“Sixer here was trying to draw a seal—”
“It was a selkie, Stanley, and—”
“—and he got up on the railing for a better look, except it wasn’t stable, because this is a ship, and when we hit a swell he hit the deck hard.”  Stan has slightly less amusing memories of being belowdeck when he heard the thump and Ford’s startled noise of pain, and the fear when he’d run up to see Ford on the ground.  Now, though, he’s going to milk this for all it’s worth.  Payback is payback, regardless of how petty.  “How many PhDs do you have again?”
Ford’s distinctly peevish with his reply.  “I don’t see what doctorates have to do with—”
“You’re supposed to be smart, Stanford!  Smart people don’t try to stand on boat railings!”
“I tried to stand on the stair railing once,”  Mabel offers.
“Sure, sweetie, that’s ‘cause you’ve got talent.”
Mabel beams.  
Dipper says, “She fell off and broke her arm.”
“I did,”  Mabel says, undeterred.  “And I drew all over my cast so that it wouldn’t be sad and boring anymore.”
“That’s the spirit.”  Stan kicks at Ford’s uninjured leg.  “Want to get a cast to draw on, Sixer?”
“My hip is strained, Stanley, not broken.”  Ford’s using that snippy tone he gets when he’s mad about something, but knows better than to try and start an argument.  “Besides, we don’t have the materials to make a hip cast.”
“I’m sure I could whip somethin’ up.  Besides, if I really thought you needed a cast, I’d win that argument.  You don’t have a leg to stand on.”
Ford sighs.  Dipper mutters something about that one being ‘pretty good, actually.’  Mabel lifts her hand and says, “air high five!”
Stan high fives in her general direction, and Mabel does the same.  She probably would have connected with his nose in real life, but hurray for the wonders of technology.
“So,”  Dipper says loudly, clearly changing the subject, “how long do you think you’ll have to stay off your leg, Grunkle Ford?”
“No more than a few days.  It’s more bruised than anything else, so I just can’t exacerbate it with too much activity.”
“That’s a few days if he actually stays put,”  Stan amends.  “The way he’s been, it’ll take a week or two.”
“I know my own limits, Stanley.”
“You’re not a doctor, Stanford.”
“A PhD isn’t an MD, even I know that.”
“I have a doctorate in biology.”
“That still ain’t an MD.”
“No, but it makes me more qualified than you.”
“Guys, guys!”  Mabel waves her hands at the screen.  “We’re all qualified here.  Grunkle Ford, it would make me really happy if you took some you-time until your hip stops being hurty.”  Her eyes get big and dewy and she blinks two or three times, just to make sure it’s really sunk in.  “Please?  For me?”
Ford is visibly torn between extreme frustration and reluctant amusement, but collapses like a card house nonetheless.  “All right, Mabel.  I’ll be careful.”
“Yay!”  Mabel’s expression shifts to delight, then determination.  She points at Stan.  “You look after him, Grunkle Stan.”
“I’m trying, pumpkin, honest!  He’s worse than Dipper.”
“Nobody’s worse than Dipper,”  Mabel says.  Her tone was one of a person who has Seen Things.
“Ford is absolutely worse than Dipper,”  Stan replies.  His tone was one of a person who has also Seen Things, but bigger, and with more teeth.
“We are sitting right here,”  Dipper says, but he’s distracted by a pamphlet that fell out of his backpack, so he might have missed chunks of the conversation.
“And?  We want you to hear this.  Every one of my grey hairs is something stupid Stanford did.”
“Nothin’ to do with it.”  Stan chops the air with his hand for emphasis.  “I’m a spring chicken.”
Dipper frowns.  “Then how come you made me do so many chores because you were ‘too old’ to do them?”
“Don’t question my logic, kid.”
Mabel interrupts, all but throwing a sketchbook at the camera in her excitement to show them.  “I’m taking an art class at school!”  
Stan smiles.  Mabel has her ups and downs with high school, but she never stops loving art.  “Show me what you got.”
She does, and the conversation wanders from art to history to board games; then, as it often does, meanders back through Gravity Falls.  It’s almost like the hikes he and Ford took the kids on before they left that summer, and it gives Stan the kind of stupid nostalgia he swore he’d never feel for anything.
He wouldn’t give it up for the world.
They venture through the trees to the mountains to the sea, out to a sturdy little boat currently bobbing somewhere off the coast of Iceland, and they stay up way past the kids’ bedtime.
Nobody tells them to stop.
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phantomphangphucker · a year ago
Ectober Day 23: Smoke - Sinners Are We Chap. 5: Blow It All To Hell
So everything went wrong and everyone makes their moves
It happened early one morning, with a thick coating of smoky haze from one of the lava pits coating the city. The Poisoned Thorn Prince was spotted on the outskirts of the city and had promptly blown up a few factories seemingly for nothing more than his own twisted amusement. But if people didn’t know better that would have said he seemed to be looking for something past the smoke and haze.
There had been plenty of rumours over the sudden vanishing of the younger prince and princess from the public eye. So maybe that played into this, regardless some thought that maybe the elder prince was distracted. A target. And some members of the local resistance were a little... eager.
Orrin sighs yet smirks into his cup at the ever-familiar sound of an explosion and the smell of burning wood. Side-eyeing Dove as she hums contentedly, obviously considering it something familiar from home too. He sighs more genuinely at the loud aggressive knocking at his door.
Opening the door and leaning against the frame, “yes?”, and eyeing the dishevelled looking Rio. She looked fairly ticked off which tells him that someone went and did something they shouldn’t have and probably blew something up. How nice to know his family isn’t the only one with aggressive explosive idiots.
“That fu-darn moron”. He can’t help chuckling slightly over her ‘correcting’ herself at spotting Dove. Ahh the living were so sensitive about ‘protecting innocence’. Not that that wasn’t part of what he was attempting to do with her himself. “Jasper went and unloaded the entire artillery on that stupid poison prince”, shouldering her way in which he lets her do purely to see what might happen, “that idiot doesn’t get that it doesn’t matter what happens with that monster if we can’t take out the king”.
Orrin rolls his eyes slightly, it absolutely did matter. This little rebellion was as good as dead if his brother went down. “‘Idiot’ might be being nice I dare say”. She nods at him absently and keeps on ranting, which he doesn’t pay much mind to. Arguably this could both be in and against his interests. Dove had made quite a few friends, she seemed quite fond of them. Now the question was, would she defend them? Clearly she hardly cared for self-defence, but defence of another? If he put her in that kind of situation, what would she do? He is rather curious, but he would have rather gotten her more attached first but oh well. Brother always had to be some form of an inconvenience, didn’t he.
All three turn to the side as the window gets blown in, neither Orrin nor Dove moving or seeming all that surprised; having become rather used to sudden and largely needless destruction. Rio, however, immediately moves into a battle-ready stance and scowls deeply. Then relaxing slightly after a beat, it’s subtle but it’s there. The slight shift in stance from defending from an incoming attack to simply on high alert, “what did those boys do?! Drive that thing closer into town?!?”. She grabs Orrin with little care for his personal space and drags him off, also with little care for his personal opinions on being manhandled and shoved around like some mutt. He almost has half the mind to bash her head into the wall just a little bit. Dove hardly seems to mind it though.
“Personally, I would prefer you unhand me. I’m perfectly capable of walking away from explosions myself. In fact, I would say I am fairly adept at it”.
“Suck it up. You established you’re hard as nails a long time ago. Save all that cool calm composure for when freaking Russet isn’t here”, her scowling more, “darn demon prince”.
Dove tilts her head, bigger bro was here? If he found them did that mean the game was over? There was lots of bang boom and loudness. Frowning a little, but she wanted to keep playing. She liked the mortals here. She really did. None of them liked littler bro, which makes her sad. Her bro should be liked. He was very likeable. He was okay though. ‘Don’t mind’ like he always said. Maybe bigger people only liked bigger people and littler people liked littler people. And littler brother was still a big kid, a big person. Like bigger bro, not bigger like pa. No. No one was big like pa. Pa was the biggest of the bigs.
Big lady Rio makes them stop by holding out her arm in front of them as they get out of the home building. Dove hums at the destruction around, yup! Bigger bro surrounded by smoke and ash. She don’t know why Rio makes a mad face, did she not like Rusty? He did make people disappear a lot. That wasn’t very nice. She didn’t like that. He was bigger bro but littler bro was more likeable. Older not better.
Rio lady says some words Remi and Olive say are bad mean words that you shouldn’t say. Family says them a lot, so can’t be that bad right? Maybe living just no like them.
Suddenly bigger bro and someone else fly by having a boom match. The not bro man doesn’t look like he’s having fun though. Neither does the on-the-ground-man bro hits when he makes a red mess and doesn’t get up.
Orrin makes a point to ‘shield’ Dove, not that he truly needs to but he had an act to play. Plus, he couldn’t have her running off to that moron of a man. He is slightly thrown off by her grasping his arm tightly though. Maybe she did need to be shielded, was she truly this fragile?
Rio eyes her then whispers at him while dragging them off, “she’s never seen someone die before, has she?”. Orrin simply shakes his head, “she knows sometimes people disappear, but that is all. She has seen people get hurt, however”, Rio sends a sad sigh Dove’s way. He will never understand the living.
But... he absolutely enjoys the tenacity. Oh yes he does. Watching multiple ghost hunters and rebels blasting the high Hell out of brother dearest. Even spotting one of the secret turrets pop out. This really was a plan that would work but surely they are well aware that father will show up at this point. So what will they do? Will they launch every possible plan immediately? Take the opportunity? Or admit that they simply can not win? Quirking an eyebrow when one of the turret shots is an arrow and string, huh, so they were attempting to trap instead of only assault. Arguably smart. Father would obliterate that in less than even a fully livings heartbeat.
“I’m to guess there’s some form of a plan to deal with the big dog?”.
Rio rolls her eyes but grins almost impressively meanly, “obviously. I would have thought by now you would know we’re no joke. Besides, we got some of those freaking spooks off distracting that monster, hopefully both of them. So maybe this brat will be alone for long enough”.
Orrin blinks, well, he did not quite expect that. Particularly not on rather short knowledge. But, spotting a little black and white dot, he can’t help the sly cruel grin. Shit was about to hit the fan, so to speak, “so where are we off to?”.
She looks back at him, glancing to Dove, “getting her to the safe house, then the barax”. Ah, see that doesn’t really work well for him. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. Now that just simply won’t do.
So he grins a little more, Dove huffing at him like she does when she thinks he’s planning unpleasant things for someone. Which was fair. After all, he usually was. He certainly was now. “Ah, well then, ‘fraid that’s not something that’s gonna happen hon”, he jerks them to a stop, her whirling around on him, suspicious and confused, “I have a far better idea”, tightening his grip and yanking her towards him, “how about you-”, then spinning around and shoving her into the road, “-go play in traffic for a little while”. Orrin turns to Dove quickly, “wanna play pass?”, she gives him an unsure hum but seems interested enough. So Orrin grabs her up and turns back to the surprised and starting to look pissed off Rio, “and take the little lady with you!”, promptly throwing her at the mortal woman.
Orrin simply points up with a grin.
The city goes into absolute panic emergency mode as Phantom slams down into the ground, blue flames erupting from around him and a loud snarl ringing out over the buildings. When the dust and smoke settles enough the powerful monster of a ghost looked both pissed and incredibly giddy, which was nothing short of terrifying for the town’s folk.
The entire area transforms into a battleground in an instant, the members of the resistance and ghost hunters all effectively identifying themselves to each other. This was a situation where they either died or won, staying in the shadows wasn’t an option with Phantom here. Here in a town that had genuinely attacked one of the princes. They were as good as dead already.
But amongst all that chaos one rebel was running practically threw the centre of the battlegrounds with a wide-eyed child, wondering what the goddamn fuck the girls ‘caretaker’ was thinking; or if he even was. Regardless, not even seconds pass before Phantom is floating in the air shooting massive blasts into the city.
Nearly everyone stops as there’s a shout of, “OH RUSTY!”, in a singsong mocking voice. Giving one hunter the chance to run a distracted Russet through with a crystallised blood blossom extract spear, just as one of Phantom’s blasts destroys the turrets.
Dove is looking around everywhere, there are parts of mortals flying around, red everywhere, they’re making loud noises, pa is there laughing and making things go boom, bigger bro’s on the ground, lady Rio is running and whipping her face around like crazy while saying lots of mean words she thinks are about bro, when both of them and almost everyone look to her littler bro. Ori was standing on a sidewalk, against a wall, grinning wild. People always disappeared, died, when he looked like that. So she makes a sad huff when he yells bigger bro’s name but like he’s singing a lullaby.
Then Rusty’s making hurty loud noises and suddenly her and lady Rio are looking at him and there’s green and red everywhere and he doesn’t look like he likes it and pa looks mad. She tries to leans towards him so he won’t hurt no more but lady Rio turns away and holds her real tight.
Ori laughs, “I’m more like my grand uncle than father would like!”. Dove just sees him hold out his arms in a shrug from the corner of her eyes. “In that, I prefer to play the long game. Or entertain myself with chess and all the little pieces of it I can find, as that dead old coot would say!”. Dove can hear the grin in littler brother's voice but that doesn’t matter right now, Rusty needs help! He’s hurting!
Chunks of the road and buildings are getting blown to bits as pa stops anyone from getting near bro, protects bro. She has to get to him. Has to help him. Bro isn’t strong. She knows this. She’ll help him just like pa. She’ll be a good little girl. She knows littler bro told her not to but she hopes he won’t be mad or sad as she phases through lady Rio’s arms.
To focused on flying at her Rusty to stop at lady Rio getting blasted at the ground towards Ori. Or Olive laying missing her little legs. Or the mortals laying around without their beating sounds, in circles of red. Or noticing how the battleground paused for a split second over the floating child going at the Poisoned Thorn Prince.
Orrin chuckles faintly down at Rio as she struggles to stand up, a scowl on her face, “you”, coughing, “you bastard”. He just grins, flashes his glowing blue eyes, and winks cheekily. She immediately body slams him into the wall, “ah ah. I would do that if I were you”.
She practically growls at him, “and why the Hell not”.
Orrin chuckles, “don’t you have a little girl to protect? And you just let her slip through your grasp. Now what kind of mother does that I wonder”, he continues as she just snarls at him and presses him into the wall more, “besides, I can see two ways this can go. I’m equally interested in either or, frankly. Because tell me, what made those two wonderful little monsters that are mother and father dearest, the monsters they are today? Why all they had to do was watch the people they cared about die and betray them”, he grins very meanly at her paling. So he leans his head towards her face, “or perhaps, she could defend those bonds. With the living she’s met. After all, that idiot of a brother has shot her point-blank and left not even a singe to be seen”.
That gets her to step back, understanding flashing across her face. Good. Looks likes this was a good time to places the cookie crumbs. Not that he was anything close to subtle there. But then again, wars and battlegrounds hardly called for subtleties. “You- you planned this”.
Orrin shrugs, “oh hardly. Russet showed of his own accord. Simply doing what is in his nature to do. And frankly, you lot really do seriously underestimate how protective father is”, chuckling, “to think he would be distracted and not come immediately”.
She scowls at him but moves to pin him again, but against the ground, as the wall near them explodes. Her looking around wildly, both of them watching one of the hunters intercept Dove and try moving her away from the area. Dove squirming and trying to phase away, though unable due to the hunters' suit. Rio muttering, “if that’s- then why isn’t she attacking Jestine?”, sounding genuinely befuddled.
Orrin rolls his eyes, “she’s a pacifist”.
Rio snaps her head to him, “what?”. Which he simply rolls his eyes at again and gives her a look that says that should have been obvious. Dove didn’t have a violent bone in her body, that was more apparent every day. He decides to be truly and genuinely honest, curious what she’ll make of it, “our family would destroy her”.
Rio blinks at him, “you didn’t plan this”, standing up, “you were running away”. He doesn’t bother arguing that beyond huffing slightly indignantly, as she points at a couple of guys, “hold him, with ecto-weapons”, and runs off after Dove. Orrin simply chuckles at the two men that scowl at him.
He’ll stay put for now. He’s got a show to watch.
Dove whips her head around at arms she knows wrapping around her, seeing lady Rio holding her again. But she still couldn’t get past the purple jacket! And bro was still hurting! And they were trying to make him hurt! Didn’t they know when playtime was over?!? She knows her eyes are wet as she points at bro, maybe lady Rio will understand her. But her saying, “Dove honey”, makes her stop. Lady Rio never said her name? Why?
Lady Rio swallows, the two of them huddling on the ground as chaos and loudness is everywhere around them, “or Robin if you like that. Russet, or... Rusty, has done a lot of bad and, and sometimes people who do bad things have to be punished or they’ll hurt people. Make more people disappear”. Dove doesn’t get to think on that as the ground next to them gets smashed apart and they go flying. Lady Rio rolling across the ground and not moving.
Dove doesn’t know where to look. Lady Rio is hurt, Rusty is hurt, pa got hit by something and looks not happy, Olive, and Remi, and Jasper, and Maseti, and Shilenta, and so many people. There’s too much. Too many. Where does she look? Where does she go? Mortals so easily to hurt but bro...
Was he bad? Did he ‘deserve this’? But, watching them hit him with another glowy pole thing, he couldn’t take much more. They were going to make him go away! That- no.
“YOU CAN EITHER FIGHT BACK OR WATCH ALL THE FRIENDS YOU'VE MADE HERE DIE!”. Dove snaps her head to littler bro, tears on her cheeks. “WHAT'LL IT BE! DOVE!”. Everyone snaps their heads to her then, even Rusty and pa. She almost doesn’t catch, “and what will you do to or for her, mortals? To the little Golden Princess? The youngest of the monsters you so hate?”.
Hate? Ma... and pa... and bro’s. Are they not liked? Hated? But why- snapping her head around as another purple suit grabs her arm and pulls to the side, the ground exploding again. So many were hurt. Were hurting. Because... because family was here.
She doesn’t want this.
Dove tilts her head back and screams.
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dreamcatcherjiah · a year ago
Part 4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The concert had ended, and with it went the energy that you had been feeling for most of it. You felt as if you were some sort of mechanical toy that had been unplugged from the electricity you so desperately needed. With every step you took away from that stage, your eyelids felt heavier, your heart pulled on your ribcage and it was growing increasingly difficult to lift your legs and walk.
“Y/N-ah you look just like you did this morning,” Hyejin’s voice reached your ears, making you feel like she was being filtered through some hazy membrane and her voice was too low to hear, “you’re getting paler and paler. Maybe we should take a detour and get someone to look at you…?”
Her worried expression made you instantly regret having lied to her and having attended the concert today. You were in no condition to go there and impose your sickness on her, but who knew that you would experience that temporary high? And who knew that as soon as it passed you would end up feeling worse than ever? Certainly, not you. You urged your lethargic brain to work overtime and think of a good enough excuse that would allow you to get home sooner, no unnecessary detours. It wasn’t great, but you did come up with something, and not particularly a lie.
“I just get really nervous around big crowds, I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic right now…”
With that skeptical look that you’ve grown to be accustomed to, she frowned and took a hold of your forearm, as if she was trying to say ‘you may be as stubborn as you like, but I’m not letting you out of my sight.’
Little by little you made your way out of the stadium, and little by little, you felt life draining from your body. It started little, like the euphoric feeling that had possessed you mere hours ago. Your heart started feeling chilled, and that cold began spreading through your ribcage. You could feel every rib on fire, and then they would start melting and freezing slowly, making you agonise in pain. If you weren’t sure that your bones couldn’t bend at will, you would have sworn that those same ribs were contorting in a struggle to see which one of them could reach your heart sooner and end your painful existence. Then from the ribs, it reached your spine and you could feel molten lava licking each and every one of your vertebrae. You could see the arch that signalled you leaving the Olympic Stadium clearly enough, but your vision blurred as it was approaching. But no, your body wasn’t willing to give you a respite; if it was willing to do that, it would have done so months ago. Each step you took, you could feel your weight shifting from your frame into Hyejin. In the back of your head, you felt incredibly guilty, but you couldn’t bring your brain to focus in anything else that wasn’t the pain you were feeling for longer than a few seconds. Your last remnants of sanity happened to focus on a little stone bench next to one of the vehicle exits of the stadium, and instantly that became your goal and your lifeline. Hyejin was now screaming in the background, her hands touching your forehead to keep your head from bobbling to the side and coming away wet with cold sweat. But you just saw that bench. You felt like walking through sand but eventually arrived there. Your limbs fell flat against the cold surface, while Hyejin lifted your legs and looked around frantically. As you lost the power to keep your head straight, your vision shifted from the starless sky towards the less and less people milling about the stadium after the concert finished; they were all leaving to go home, the closest person too far away to hear Hyejin’s call for help, and the stuff too distracted to do anything.
Funny how after so many years of constant pain, you never thought that same pain would end up killing you. Granted, you were still breathing, but for how much longer? The pain had reached your head now, you thought, as a flash of pain rushed from the back of your head to your left eye, and then did a victory lap around your brain. Was this how it felt like to have your brain torn apart? Poor mummies, having them pulled out of their nose. Was the liquid dripping over your cheek your melted brain? Ah, no, you realised. It was just blood, blood that tainted Hyejin’s hands when she tried to stop the bleeding with tear-filled eyes. 
You wanted to tell her that everything would be okay, to give you some pill that would make you feel numbness again and to go home, but your mouth wasn’t cooperating. Nothing in your body was cooperating for that matter. You could feel the bile rising from your stomach, but once it went pass your throat you couldn’t feel anything anymore. You didn’t even realise your friend had turned you sideways until your left arm went across your chest and hung there, lifeless. Hyejin must have thought that sitting you up would be a good idea, keeping all the fluids in and as soon as she did, you felt the tugging from your ribs intensifying. The fact that you could feel anything anymore startled you out of your pain induced stupor. Now with your back turned to the stadium you could feel the strongest desire in your soul to get up and return inside. And then you felt stupid, how could your inside be demanding something as taxing as impulsing yourself off the bench was actually ridiculous. 
You were really loosing your grasp in reality back then. You couldn’t tell if your eyes were opened or closed, and you could swear you were hearing voices, not belonging to your friend, that much was obvious. A cacophony of sounds coming from all directions, screaming at you and at each other. You could distinguish blurred words here and there, and if you concentrated hard enough, you almost could feel a calming touch in your face. Maybe Hyejin sprouted another hand when I wasn’t looking? What a curious thing to investigate, maybe scientist would be interested. It certainly would make multitasking much more easy. 
Blacking out would be so easy now, the only thing you had to do was block the voices and ignore the tingling in your ears trying to make sense of Hyejin’s panicked screams. Maybe if you closed your already closed eyes, the darkness beyond darkness would take you and everything… would stop… hurti
Tumblr media
Jin was worried. Incredibly so. They were still backstage, six of them already dressed and ready to go looking for the damsel, but Hobi was making the task complicated. It started lightly, with him sweating profusely even though the stylists kept drying it away. Then it was him clenching his teeth at the slightest movement. And now it was spiralling out of control.
“I’m telling you this shit is NOT normal!” Shouted Jungkookie while supporting Hoseok’s head so that it didn’t crash against the wall.
“I don’t care if it’s normal or not!” Screamed back Jimin, more scared than angry, “If this girl is leaving the stadium we need to get Hoseokie hyung in a car and out of the stadium now! Don’t you see what the withdrawal is doing to him?!”
“What withdrawal…?” Whispered Hoseok, almost as if his voice was fighting its way back into his throat.
“It makes sense if you think about it though,” mused Namjoon, pushing Hoseok to his feet and manoeuvring him towards the exit, “this is the closest you two have ever been that we know, and it would be logical that your symptoms worsen once you separate again.”
“I don’t care much for these symptoms at the present moment, Namjoon-ah… I feel with one foot on the grave already, I just need to get to her…” answered Hobi back.
The other six men looked at each other in panic. How bad was the pain getting that he wasn’t joking about but telling them he felt half dead?
“Don’t be silly,” chastised Jin, trying to lighten up the mood.
“His symptoms aren’t as bad that they would kill him, right?” Whispered Yoongi, worry colouring his voice and leaning into Jin, who patted his back.
Jin wasn’t about to say it out loud. The fact that maybe the pain wasn’t real, didn’t have a physical ailment causing it, but there was still a nagging at the back of his head that didn’t allow him to speak and put his brother’s mind at ease. Maybe the symptoms weren’t the real danger, but would his heart stand such intense bouts of pain for much longer, or would it just give up? He hoped they could beat the clock and find this girl before any of those fighting hearts decided they couldn’t stop suffering anymore. 
Their walk to the car was excruciating, so much so that Jungkook had to support Hoseok from the side Namjoon wasn’t holding. He stumbled over his feet, crashed against door jambs and walked blindly in the direction of the car. Namjoon could be heard swearing under his breath every time his hand nocked against something hard to protect Hobi’s ribs; he was in enough pain already. 
“How are we going to organise the rides? I don’t feel comfortable having only one of us with Hobi hyun… can you see the thread, TaeTae?” Questioned Jimin.
Taehyung stayed silent, looking in the direction of the vehicle exit and seeing how the red line went straight through the wall. She was out there, she could be on the other side of the city by then, for all they knew. How could they reach her when Hoseok hyung was in such a poor state?
He was about to answer something back to Jimin when he could hear some voices pass the exit. They were trying to calm a hysterical woman that couldn’t stop screaming. Curious, he separated from the group that were trying to coerce Hobi into the car when he wasn’t collaborating at all, and got closer and closer to the screams.
A girl, small and nervous was standing next to a couple of their bodyguards, trying to move one of them from the door and drag him away from the garage. Tears were streaming down her face, her hair in disarray and her headband crooked atop her head. The men were trying their hardest not to be too harsh with her, that much was obvious, but the poor woman was way past the point of caring, screaming her lungs out.
“My friend passed out, she’s almost stopped breathing, please!! She’s bleeding from her ears and nose!”
Looking in the direction she was trying to drag the men, Taehyung saw a figure laying in a bench, a few meters away from them. Her limbs were numbly hanging at her side and her hair fell from the ponytail, Mang headband bloody and laying on the ground. Oh, and the red line of fate disappearing into her back.
“NAMJOON HYUNG!” He screamed, running back to the car and grabbing Namjoon by the arm. “TAKE HOBI HYUNG OUT NOW.” His eyes were wide as saucers and the tension was palpable.
“What so you want Tae? We can’t afford loosing time now!” Stopped Yoongi, now feeling the stress and the fear touching him.
Those few words seemed to do the trick. Namjoon and Kook turned immediately on their heels, moving Hoseok out of the van, almost unconscious as well, and ran with him almost carrying him to the vehicle exit. The members of Bangtan following behind saw how Hoseok suddenly got free from the hold of his brothers and stood groggily looking around himself. He caught his bearings in a few seconds, enough to start walking, not knowing why or where he was going, but just walking. 
Taehyung and Jin caught Jimin’s arms at the same time when he tried to help Hoseok. Now it was him, getting closer and closer, guided by an invisible pull that took his will away from him. Then he saw the girl in the bench and his world went out of his axis. She was starting to stand up, a hand flying to her head. She was standing now, fast approaching blindly the spot where Hobi had been rooted since he saw her. He was just waiting for her eyes to open. What was pain anymore? If she would just look at him, if their eyes would just meet. Then everything would be alright again.
They were mere meters apart, there was no one else in the world except for those people who needed each other just like they needed oxygen. What would happen when that pressure both of them were feeling pulling on their ribcages ended, when their hearts met in the middle, the closest they had ever been?
Their breath was stuck in their throats, both afraid to look up because they were both clueless about what was happening. She just kept walking towards him, her eyes closed but her course clear, not needing to open them to see him. She must have felt her presence just as clearly as he was feeling hers, from the tip of her nose to the hair in the nape of her neck, going through every nervous ending of her body. Feeling her closer and closer, he raised his hand forward, their fingertips millimetres apart as a current went through their bodies and their eyes opened.
Cristal clear they were seeing each other face to face for the first time, eyes wide open as their hands intertwined and they took a deep breath at the same time. They saw every detail of the face of their soulmate, memorising it beyond reason, beyond possibility. Without them deciding to, they got closer and closer, and they fused in a hug, putting their hearts closer than they had ever been, beating in unison and feeling beyond euphoric, together for the first time and for the rest of their lives.
Tumblr media
💞Tight Hearts (Idol!Hoseok x Reader)
Plot: The red string of fate was visible when our grandparents were children. They would play around, following the strings from one person to their soulmate and laugh happily when these two people inevitably found each other. It was a reason for happiness. But little by little, people stopped seeing the threads. In bad times, it was dangerous, it was a liability, so people stopped seeing them to protect each other from harm. When I was born, nobody saw them anymore, they just felt their soulmate. Anxiety, happiness, sorrow, love, the hearts of the soulmates are one, feel the same things, but it is almost impossible to find your soulmate, now that the threads cannot be seen.
Tight Hearts Masterlist
Part 4
A/n: OMG this took me the hardest time to edit!! I just couldn’t get their feelings right, but I hope it ended well!!! I hope you guys liked it!! Let’s chat!!
Send me an ask if you want to be added to the tag list.
Love 💜🌙
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FIC: Mixed Messages (spicyhoney, stand alone)
Summary: See, the thing was, Rus was pretty sure he hadn’t come here to have sex.
Tags: Spicyhoney, Slight Angst, Hurty/Comforty, Hints of sexytimes, Older Brothers are Assholes
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See, the thing was, Rus was pretty sure he hadn’t come here to have sex. Strike that, he was entirely sure, a hundred and ten percent, completely positive that sex was the last thing on his mind when he'd stopped into Underfell to spend a little quality time bitching at Edge for his dickish ways. Turned out he had ways with his dick that Rus hadn't even suspected, but seriously, he hadn't come here for this. “Could you stop thinking so loudly, I’m trying to sleep,” Edge mumbled. His face was mostly buried into the pillow, the words muffled into a slurry of consonants and vowels. See, now that was a revelation of its own, really. Until today, Rus hadn’t known that Edge had the capacity to mumble. Shout, yes, sneer, definitely, bitch? All kinds of fucking yeah. Mumbling, though, that was classed up there with unicorns and shit. Yesterday it would have been in the same company as Edge stripping off and fucking Rus until he’d been begging and pleading. He would’ve forgotten his own damn name if he hadn’t been howling it at the ceiling, even if it was meant for someone else. An endless cry of ‘papyrus!’ coming from Rus seemed pretty damned unlikely not that long ago, but they’d already busted the myth of that one, hadn’t they. It took a Herculean amount of effort, but somehow, Rus managed to loll his skull to one side, his sockets barely slit open. Which was a mistake in a day already loaded to the brim with them. Next to him, Edge was sprawled out on the mattress. The sheet was tangled down by their feet so the sight was all bare bones and scars, liberally decorated with bright smears of sweat and magic. His sockets were still closed and honestly, Rus should probably stop staring but it wasn’t like you got a view like this every day and twice on Saturdays in any of the ‘verses. He supposed he didn’t do too bad, after all. For all his bitching about Rus being lazy, Rus had still managed to fuck Edge into a state of exhaustion. Probably should qualify for an award or something, Rus should get to work on his acceptance speech. But see, the stupid thing was that looking at him had Rus’s magic making a legit attempt at stirring, and Rus groaned, gamely crossing his legs in a futile attempt at stifling it. They’d already had sex five —four? No definitely five times— already. The door flinging open was enough to send his magic cringing back, trying to crawl up his spine to escape, and Rus didn’t even have time to scramble for a corner of the blanket before Red came tromping in with those clodhopper boots of his. “hey, boss, you never showed up at—” Red stopped. He stared at them. Rus stared back. Edge did not stare. He didn’t so much as crack open a socket, he only yawned, “Get out.” Somehow it still managed to be threatening even coming from a well-fucked, naked, gorgeous…yeah, Rus needed to stop staring when he was trying to come up with metaphors. Red didn’t even blink, but he did manage to find the time to dredge up a smirk before taking two steps back and pulling the door shut with a slam. Probably the most prudent thing he’d seen Red do about ever, except no, that was pint-size, pain in the ass, parcel of trouble headed out to the mailbox. “what are you doing!” Rus hissed. He gave Edge a hard shove, which was about as effective as shoving a brick wall. “stop him!” “Stop him?” One socket, the one without a crack, slid barely open and the eye light within gazed at Rus with beady disinterest. “Why? Or more to the point, how? You’re the one who can teleport.” “yes, but he won’t kill you!” Rus whined. The longer they sat here, the further away Red got, one plodding step at a time. “He’s not going to kill you, either. Maim, possibly.” Edge tried to roll over and he made a grumbling sound as Rus grabbed hold of him. “would you be serious? you need to tell him to keep his trap shut!” “Let’s circle back to why.” Oh, for flying fuck's sake, he must've fucked all of Edge's common sense out of his skull, too. “because in an hour every person we know is going to hear about how he caught us knocking pelvises!” “Don’t be stupid.” His socket slid back shut and as Rus started to relax, he added, “He’s already told everyone we know by now, he probably sent a group text.” That…was probably true and Rus could feel his soul sinking towards his shoes. Shit, his brother was going to laugh his ass off after he stopped with the stream of 'I told you so's. “and i guess that doesn’t piss you off in the slightest.” “Why would it?” “Because!" Rus sputtered, did he really need to explain this? "you…you think i'm an idiot! you don’t even like me!” “You are an idiot, ” Edge said agreeably and yeah, that went with the status quo. What came next, not so much. “Of course I like you.” “but—" the words were cut off as Edge seemed to have found an unexpected supply of energy somewhere, rolling top of him. He was heavy, solid, strong bones that were cluttered with scars that somehow didn't make him even an ounce less attractive. Which was a damn shame because he really was heavy. Edge braced over Rus on his elbows, looking down at him with eye lights much brighter and a hell of a lot less exhausted than Rus would have guessed. “Rus,” Edge said, infinitely patient. “May I point out that you’re in my bed, naked, after a large quantity of very satisfying sex.” “having sex with me doesn’t mean you like me.” And he hated the smallness in his voice, stupid, so stupid, but he'd swear on his own soul that Edge was the one who started it, okay, he was an asshole casserole most days, with extra cheddar on top and it was really hard to remember that when Edge ducked his head down, his long, lithe tongue curling slickly around Rus's cervical vertebrae. “That is true. Sex on its own doesn't imply affection.” Hot breath against his damp bones made Rus shudder. It was incredibly difficult to resist tipped his head up into that warm mouth. So Rus didn’t bother. Fuck it, giving in was a hell of a lot closer to his shtick. “But the fact that you’re still here is a clue.”
Okay, so he hadn't come here to have sex. But as Rus pushed hard on Edge's shoulder, shoving him over on his back to straddle his bare pelvis and Edge let him, let him, a smirk curving his mouth, fuck, he was sure staying for the sex.
And if Red was out there texting the Universe at large, Rus hoped he sprained a thumb.
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askbittyerror · a year ago
Wedding RP part 12
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 Magnus steps forward, shaking, then collapses, chin cracking against the ground, black sludge and purple marrow forming a puddle underneath him. Mercury glances to Paladin thrashing against the tentacles then rushes over, kneeling by his father and scooting a bit to avoid Magnus’ weak snapping. “Dad-” He holds his hands out to heal, yanking them back when more slime explodes from Magnus’ eyes at the magic’s touch.
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 "..." Braithe tightens his grip. "Give me an excuse~" the corrupted one hisses, a dripping, oily snarl. "I'll pull your bones apart one by one, shove them in your sockets before they can dust, and twist." Coryn kneels at Magnus side, frowning. "Magnus. You have a thin choice whether to fight this off or not. If you don't, you will be corrupted forever." -to Mercury, "get his mate. now."(edited)
JusticeMom09/28/2020 Dragon slides into the space cursing over and over as they scale down to move to the bitty "what happened!?" they cry stopping before they reach the protective wall of bitty(edited)
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 “Dad and Pal fought.” Mercury says before vanishing to grab Blue. Magnus growls and whines softly, eyelights gutted out and joints turning black. “Fuck you.” Paladin hisses, his magic flaring, wings glowing blindingly bright.
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 A deep, cold chuckle. "Ribs first then~" He falls silent as Coryn glares briefly, then rests his hands on Magnus, trying to heal... and also summon enough aura to possibly help, if it can. Blue Is surprised by the sudden return.
JusticeMom09/28/2020 They see which one to deal with first and they rush over to Pal and Braithe "stop! he is not himself!" they snap at the grumpy corrupted bitty(edited)
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 Very brief pause. "...and?"
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 “Fight bad, Dad’s corrupting.” Mercury says quickly, tugging on them, the entire family making incredibly worried noises. The healing seems to be helping, at least a little. The pool of marrow stops spreading and the slime sizzles, Magnus letting out a weak wail and trying to squirm away. Paladin is being an unhelpful growly boy and is biting at any tentacle within reach of his mouth.
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 Braithe starts to respond with the intention of shoving an entire tentacle down his throat, and seeing what he can rip out... but a glare from Coryn, and he grumbles, simply holding on. Blue manages to set everyone down, without dropping anyone, and shrink in an instant, grabbing their son's hand, even as they stumble. "Please, please, please get me there!" Tumbles out in a rush
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 Paladin continues to be deeply upset. Mercury grabs them and they’re back by Magnus’ side. The family follows.
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 Blue skids and stumbles to their mate's side, attempting to half pull him I to their lap, and adding their own healing magic to Coryn's. "Beloved? Beloved, listen to me... whatever happens, whatever kind of nightmare bitty you become, I'm still going to love you, okay?" ...Braithe stares at the multiple corrupted nightmares now in the room. he's just watching, but if they try anything, he's very willing to snap this glowing flyboy in half.
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 Domino carefully approaches Braithe, Licorice at his back. “Hand him over.” He softly requests. “Please.” Magnus whines, barely conscious. He coughs, spurting black sludge. “B…Blue?”
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 For just one instant, it seems like he'll refuse- Then, begrudgingly, he lets go, and vanishes back into the shadows, with the low growl that if they lose control of him again, they won't get him back again. Blue strokes his head, "Mmhm, I'm here... it's okay. I'm safe. You're safe... it's okay."
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 The bitties catch Paladin and Licorice coils tendrils around his neck, squeezing and gritting his teeth from Paladin’s frantic clawing and explosions of light until the Dream finally loses consciousness. The goopdads drag him off to the side, keeping him secure in their tendrils, ready to knock him right back out again should he wake up in the same mood. Magnus whimpers and moans, leaning into Blue’s touch. “What’s…. happ- happening?”
with-bells-upon09/28/2020 "...easy," Blue whispers, "there was a fight, you got hurt- but you're safe. you just need to heal. focus on me, please... beloved." healing magic all but encapsulates them both, and Coryn yields to it, letting them take things from here. He gets to his feet, staring at the place his brother had been, breathing hard from the magic use- - then starts out after him.
Askbittyerror09/28/2020 Magnus whimpers. Huitzi appears, picks both of them up, and frantically blasts through the two such a powerful burst of positivity that Magnus screams, vomits sludge and loses consciousness, every last bit of corruption exorcised from him all at once. September 29, 2020
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:57 AM The massive positivity hits them, and a sense like relief, as still they struggle not to let go of their mate- followed by unconsciousness, because so so much aura, if largely happy unconsciousness. Coryn can be heard calling for his brother with increasing franticness, not far in the distance.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:09 PM The Nightmare bitties are on the ground, wailing, those with goop sizzling. "Brah!" Fresh flies over, battering Huitzi's face with his wings. "Aura off! You're hurtin' everybody!" Huitzi gasps, the positivity immediately vanishing, placing his unconscious passengers on the ground and taking several steps back. "I'm- I'm sorry!" He stutters.(edited)
with-bells-uponYesterday at 1:11 PM ...Blue doesn't stir. they'll be out for a while. Coryn flies back in, does a double take at Huitzi, looks at the damaged nightmares, and flies closer to the tall paladin. "easy." he soothes, "look at me, okay big guy? don't run away,  its going to be okay... dont leave, your friends still need your help."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:18 PM "I- I can't-" Huitzi shakes, hiding within his wings. "I'll just hurt them more!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 1:19 PM "...hold out your hand for me. your aura can't hurt me." [1:23 PM] some short distance away, a skelegoat bitty 'drops' by the corrupted nightmares, teleporting in, and for a moment just stares at the injured bitties. ...a sigh, and the phantom winged one kneels by the closest, and begins offering heals... stars, the smell...
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:25 PM A shaking hand pokes through the feathers. Mercury whimpers, leaning vaguely toward the source of healing.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 1:28 PM Uriah rests his hands on the younger goop, mumbling quietly about how he'd better not get stabby like his uncle does... "well, not to me, but-" Healing magic flowing through him, curious, tingling gold and silver magics. Coryn lands lightly on the hand. "-listen to me, okay?" Fluff dad is in, well, dad mode. "I know what it's like to hurt someone with my aura. My brother is corrupted... it happened more than once, especially when we were younger. Are you listening?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:30 PM Mercury's whines fade to purrs. A tentacle gently curls around Uriah's hand. Huitzi nods, wings gently parting. He's crying.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 1:37 PM Coryn approaches, slowly. "Braithe and I were taken to a fell world, shortly after we came to be. We were all the other had, and in a world where we were 'valuable commodity.' Especially me. My brother broke more than one of my bones, I left him with more than one burn. " "-we did everything for each other, even when we fought. and sometimes it wasn't possible to protect without hurting at the same time. But every time, we would heal the damage we did. Because our magics might be opposing, quick to hurt, but healing magic doesn't care about that." "They need healing. And I can't do it. I spent too much time in that world, and ut took it's toll. my magic will never be strong again." "...If theres going to be healing, you need to do it. Uriah gives Mercury soft pats as he heals. "Dad's right, you are cuddly." He whispers.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:39 PM "I- I-" Huitzi looks to the bitties, uncertain. "I don't know if I can-" Mercury purrs, nuzzling into the pats. Happy, mostly non-hurty boy.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 1:47 PM "...why? is your healing ability connected to your aura? have you never healed your friends before?" he was pretty sure this was unlikely, so- "-accidents happen. we hurt people we care about. no matter how hard we try not to... everyone does. the important thing is to make sure we do our best to make it right." Uriah looks up at the pair, then pats Mercury one more time before drawing away. "Okay, i need to go find my uncle now... dumbass got himself burned somehow. think you can help heal the others, or convince the tall feathery glowstock there to do it?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 1:50 PM Mercury whines at new healy friend leaving. "You're- you're right." Huitzi exhales, trying to calm his shaking. "I will do my best to repair them."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 2:02 PM Coryn sighs in relief, patting Huitzi gently. "Now I've gotta go find my brother... again. I don't know where he's hiding, but I felt when he picked up burns from your smaller doppelganger there. And, probably get between him and my son. Again."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 2:35 PM "Please call me if you require any help." Huitzi says, gently petting the bitty back and placing him on the ground. "...and thank you."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 2:53 PM Coryn climbs down, pauses, and smiles up at him softly, before lifting his wings, and flying off again. Tired fluffdad...
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 2:57 PM Huitzi approaches the bitties, healing them slowly and carefully, making sure to stop when they show any signs of discomfort, soothing them with pets, and getting back to healing until their smiling and purring.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 3:00 PM ...Fluffdad doesn't return... After several minutes though, his son does, looking over the group curiously. The skelegoat bitty adjusts his glasses, waiting to be noticed- or not, in which case he'll just continue eavesdropping.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 3:22 PM Huitzi sits, the bitties (and Blue) gathered in his arms. The Nightmares purr, fully healed and drowsy, gently nuzzling him. Huitzi gently pets Magnus and Blue, eyes sad and full of regret.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 3:25 PM ...good enough, then. Uriah moves to slip away, not liking to leave his biggie alone-(edited)
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 3:33 PM "Fwiend?" Mercury mumbles, looking up, tentacles wagging weakly.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 3:34 PM Uriah pauses, and looks back, a smile playing about his expression. "Caught, huh?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 3:47 PM "Fwiend!" Mercury wiggles, holding out his hands. "Wan' hug!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 3:52 PM "...sure?" Uriah heads closer, made curious by this behavior. The skelegoat bitty has unmistably fellish features, the sharp teeth, the added but of claw, the scattering of scars here and there across bone, including one that just grazed his socket. His eyelights are a light, easy going sort of gold however... a gold that extends in faint stains beneath his eyes, like tears that never quite faded. ribbons of faded black can be seen here and there as well, like more stains... left by corruption this time. ...his wings are a faint silver, almost more felt than seen, phantasmal things... Uriah reaches down to accept the hug, humming softly. "Feel better, do you?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:10 PM "Yuh huh!" Mercury nuzzles him, purring softly. "T'ank you for healies!" Huitzi looks down on them, smiling.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:12 PM A sound of amusement, rubbing the others back. "Well I mean, if your dad adopted my dad's son, I'm pretty sure that makes us family, right?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:14 PM Mercury makes a delighted noise, squeezing him. "New brudder! Yaaaaaay!!!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:16 PM ...more pats. Uriah's a bit confused, but oh well. "New brother." He agrees. "That means you have another brother, and a baby sister too. But let's take this one step at a time."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:25 PM Mercury squees. "So many family!" He purrs, nuzzling. "Best day ever."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:33 PM "'s not on my list of worst, anyway." the skelegoat hums, "my name Uriah, what's yours?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:45 PM "Mercury!" He says, a bit of clarity coming back to his eyes. "You gots a pwetty name!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:48 PM "Thanks, you to-" a snarl comes from a room nearby, and Uriah smiles, relaxing. "Good. Dad found my uncle... he's gonna grumble and growl and curse the whole time he gets healed. Always does."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:50 PM "Is gonna be okay?" Mercury looks towards the sound.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:55 PM a chuckle, "yeah. he'll be fine. those two know each other's limits by now- and I'm pretty sure dad is on a short list of people he makes a point not to hurt. not anymore anyway." maybe a bit ominous... but he seems pretty confident. "-uncle just doesn't like admitting weakness. so he gets extra snarly when anyone suggests he needs help with stuff."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 4:58 PM "Sounds like Nightshade!" Mercury giggles.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 4:59 PM "...maybe. wanna know a secret?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 5:03 PM "Yah!" Mercury nods.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 5:05 PM A smile, kind of hard to read, but not unfriendly. "I'm pretty sure you lot are the first time either of them have even laid eyes on another dream or nightmare bitty. Bet they both did a few doubletakes, huh?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 5:06 PM "Your dad thought I was gonna stab him when I asked for a hug." Mercury giggles. "Was really happy when I was all cuddly instead."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 5:15 PM Uriah laughs, despite himself. "Well, like I said, the only other nightmare bitty he's ever met is my uncle... and while dad might be safe from him?" maybe less humor now, as he admits with a soft hum, "well. let's just say dad wasn't well suited for a fell world- but my uncle fit in just fine." "...and you should definitely cuddle him at every opportunity. definitely."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 5:16 PM "I will!" Mercury smiles. "I love cuddles! Cuddles are the best! I used to be real small and my momma could pick me up and hug me and it was awesome!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 5:21 PM Something soft briefly touches Uriah's gaze. "Huh. Sounds nice." " biggie is really cuddly with me. carries me around in his scarf, that kind of thing. we have fun together."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 5:27 PM "Your biggie sounds really nice!" Mercury smiles.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 5:29 PM "...opinion varies." he admits, somewhat ruefully. he's quiet for a few seconds after this, before sighing, and smiling ruefully. "yeah, I'm gonna go check on him. I don't like leaving him around his stepbrother for too long without anyone to run interference for him."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 5:35 PM "Okay!" Mercury squeezes him. "Be safe!"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:19 PM A sound of, maybe find amusement, as he squeezes back. "Sure. Probably." Before this can be questioned, he's managed to slip free and teleport away. Slippery fellow.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:21 PM "Bye Uriah!" Mercury waves after.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:23 PM ...Blue finally shifts, just a little.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:25 PM "Mom!" Mercury is by their side instantly, Huitzi gently putting the lot of them down and taking a few steps back.(edited)
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:38 PM Blue sits up, blinking slowly... they brighten to see Mercury, than freeze for one full instant, turning quickly back to their mate. Safe?
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:39 PM Safe. Magnus nuzzles against their side. Safe, but still asleep.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:42 PM Deep relief... Blue pulls Mercury close with one arm, Magnus with the other, and just, holds them. It takes several more seconds before they think to look over, and account for the others- -and. Paladin. Oh.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:44 PM The others are sitting up and leaning on each other, still a little groggy. Paladin is still unconscious, nestled between the goopdads, overloaded by positivity and from being choked out.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:48 PM "..." a shaky breath, before they look back at Mercury, and up to Huitzi, seeking answers. "What. Happened?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:52 PM "...I wasn't careful with my magic." Huitzi says softly, ashamed. "It affected more than just Magnus. The others were hurt." "I healed them the best I could." He bows his head, awaiting judgement. "I deeply, truly apologize for my actions. If you want me gone, simply say the word."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:54 PM Blue looks puzzled, having, largely missed this part. "i dont know what you're talking about, but... you wouldn't hurt any of us on purpose. And, we missed you too much, and wanted you back too much, to want you gone." "...I meant... what happened with Paladin?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:58 PM Huitzi looks beyond relieved. "Thank you for your kindness." He says before looking to Paladin. "...I do not know. He was unconscious when I arrived."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 10:59 PM "...he, stabbed Magnus..." [10:59 PM] "..." "Why?"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 10:59 PM Huitzi frowns. "What led up to this?"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:03 PM Blue goes quiet, thinking. "We, met Bells' sibling. Er, brother. An Ink with a soul, and a cute smol. And, a lot of hurt, i guess. It involved black 2.0 and- also hurting someone out of jealousy. It was honestly a lot all at once, but-" "-Pal got bristly, Magnus informed everyone he was our son now too, and refused to get away from him when Pal said and-" "And Paladin tackled him, and they vanished, i- I should have followed sooner, but i didn't think-!"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 11:20 PM Huitzi is quiet, looking at the brothers. “I assume you are aware that when a pair of apple twins spawn, it is a 50/50 chance of them being bitter enemies or loving brothers. Sometimes, even after their dynamic has been decided, it is possible for them to switch, albeit temporarily. When tempers get heated, or things get emotional.” He looks to Blue. “It can be impossible to detect when this sort of thing is going to happen, when a simple argument can escalate into a battle to the death. Please, do not blame yourself.” He holds out his hand, a gentle offering of comfort. “They will likely be fine and deeply regretful once they awake, but it is likely best to keep them apart for the time being. Just in case.”
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:24 PM ...okay. they'll just, never trust them to ever go off alone when they're angry again. but. they shouldve gone after them... Blue closes their eyes, nuzzling their large friend. "I didn't know." They whisper, voice shaking softly. "That's... terrifying. I- I'm glad they won't still hate each other later-" probably "but, it could happen again. I don't know what I would do, if-"
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 11:28 PM His thumb strokes their head. "Lucky we know several necromancers, yes?" An attempt at a joke. A bad one, but an attempt nevertheless.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:34 PM "..." it, successfully does manage to summon a smile, if a weak one. "yeah. guess so."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 11:35 PM Huitzi looks pleased. Magnus grunts, and starts to stir.
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:37 PM Blues attention immediately turns to him- then to Pal- then to Huitzi. "Um. Maybe you could... see that they have that 'some time apart' thing?" They plead.
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 11:40 PM Huitzi's hand withdraws and he carefully extracts Paladin from between the goopdads, holding him to his chest and taking several steps away. Magnus' eyes open slightly. "Hmmwhazzuh?"
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:44 PM Okay, relief... Blue wraps their arms around Magnus, nuzzling him gently. "Beloved~ Feel any better? You had me worried there."
AskbittyerrorYesterday at 11:50 PM The eyes close again and he purrs, nuzzling them back. "'m not dead, so I think I'm good."
with-bells-uponYesterday at 11:52 PM "Good..." they're just, gonna hold him. A lot. "I love you, Magnus. And I swear if you die, I will so send our kid after you." September 30, 2020
AskbittyerrorToday at 12:00 AM Magnus snorts. "Right back at you." A soft kiss. "Love you too, Blue."
with-bells-uponToday at 12:16 PM a kiss, deep, deep relief... and another... and, another... and then they just hold onto him, and pull Mercury close again too. "No more scary stuff for one visit, okay?"
AskbittyerrorToday at 12:19 PM "Agreed." Magnus nods, Mercury vibrating and nuzzling his parents. "...where's Pal?"
with-bells-uponToday at 12:22 PM Blue hesitates at this, drawing back enough to meet their mate's gaze. "...he's with Huitzi." they answer, unsure how he's going to react, whether he remembers, what will happen if he still needs to remember...
AskbittyerrorToday at 12:31 PM Magnus winces and rubs at the new scar on his chest. "Can't believe I actually pissed him off enough to try and kill me."
with-bells-uponToday at 12:41 PM "..." nuzzles again, sighing, "Huitzi... says it's something thst can happen sometimes, when tempers are heated. with 'apple twins.'" The enchanter rests their hand over his, where it rests over the scar. "Please tell me it's only as deep as bone?" They press, unmistakable worry here "...tell me you don't have a scar to match mine?" damaged bone, healed more easily then a damaged soul...
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winonalakefossils · a year ago
An Unwanted Guest
“Typhoid?” The woman gasped and turned in horror to her husband standing beside her in a state of shock.
“I am so sorry to give you the news,” the doctor offered apologetically, looking from one parent to the other. “Your son’s symptoms were at first consistent with appendicitis, but I am certain now—” he halted. “It’s very serious."
The once buoyant, gregarious teenager lay on his bed in the classic typhoid state. His eyes half-opened, his body motionless, his color gone.
Mr. and Mrs. Pugh were spending the summer at their cottage in Winona Lake with their three sons. Mr. Pugh, a humorist, entertained sold-out crowds on the Chautauqua circuit, performing in Winona and other resorts in Indiana. The grim prognosis turned the joyous family tradition of vacations at the lake suddenly tragic.
The doctor gently explained to the parents that their son presented all of the symptoms of an advanced case of typhoid and that he suspected a perforated bowel.
“The contents of the bowel have escaped through a tear and spilled into his abdomen. He is raging with infection. We need to get him to the hospital for surgery if there is to be any hope of saving him.”
The grave tone rendered the stricken parents mute. They nodded their assent.
The anxious family—mother, father and brothers—stood to meet the doctor as he approached. His expression prepared them for more bad news. Richard was critical.
“I did what I could, but he is hemorrhaging.”
“What’s next?” The father’s frantic voice begged for a cure.
“Our only option is a blood transfusion,” the doctor said with some reluctance before adding, “I can’t promise anything.”
Mr. Pugh gave a pint of blood and then sank into despair when his son did not respond. Out of desperation, another transfusion was performed, this time drawing from one of the brothers.  The Pugh’s hometown paper reported a slight improvement, but two days later, 17-year-old Richard succumbed to the dreaded typhoid fever.
 When Richard Pugh fell ill in Winona Lake in July 1920, fear of an epidemic gripped the leaders at the Winona Assembly, for it had been a mere eighteen months since the Spanish flu had ravaged the newly established military training camp there.
Sol Dickey, Secretary of the Winona Assembly, spent much of 1918 negotiating a contract with the United States War Department to host a training camp in Winona Lake. The availability of dormitories and a vocational school made it an appealing location for the specialized training of draftees. Dickey traveled to Washington, and people from Washington traveled to Winona. They struck a deal, and on October 15, 1918, a thousand young men from every county in Indiana began arriving.
Trainload after trainload of enthusiastic Hoosier sons, eager to participate in the war in Europe, pulled into the station, each one greeted with the local version of pomp and circumstance: a thirty-two piece band and free cigars. A veteran of the Spanish-American War carried the American flag while ceremoniously leading groups to special interurban cars for transportation from the depot in Warsaw to the new camp two miles away on Winona Lake.
By the following morning, the camp had several cases of Spanish Influenza. The number swelled to one hundred and fifty within two weeks. At this time, schools and businesses throughout the state were already closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic. But World War I had not yet ended, and the United States government continued preparing its fighting force.
Over the next several weeks, infections surged. Nineteen men died. On November 23rd, just forty days after their celebrated arrival, the soldiers climbed back onto the interurban and journeyed south to Indianapolis. The camp at Winona Lake was officially abolished.
Although an investigation concluded that the Spanish flu arrived with the soldiers and that no fault lay with the Winona Assembly, the memory of that blighted experiment still haunted Mr. Dickey. When he first received word that the Pugh’s son was sick with typhoid, he worried that if the contagion spread, the Winona Assembly could be in for another disaster like that of 1918. To his relief, no one else contracted the disease.
The Pughs sued the Winona Assembly, pointing a finger at the beloved Studebaker Spring where their son had taken a drink a few days before the onset of his symptoms. Mr. Pugh alleged that spring water had been contaminated by a busted sewer main and accused the Winona Assembly of bearing responsibility. The Assembly could not prove that the water was not contaminated on the day that Richard Pugh drank from it. And even though no broken mains were detected, city officials decided to close all of the springs on the Assembly grounds after an inspection by Dr. Hurty of the Indiana Department of Health.
Thus it was that the tragic death of young Richard Pugh brought the passing of an era. The beloved springs whose water had once been bottled and sold, the source of cherished fountains preserved on so many postcards, the inspiration for the town’s original name, Spring Fountain Park, were now identified as a health hazard.
In a tragic twist, two months after the closing of the fountains, a typhoid epidemic swept through Winona Lake. Papers reported the death of three-year-old Sarah Taylor visiting Winona Lake with her father, a widower. The Indiana Department of Health sent Dr. Hurty to investigate after learning of several more cases. Hurty looked first at the water supply. Having established that it was not contaminated, he turned his attention to the local dairies.
Dr. Hurty was a veteran crusader against unsanitary dairy practices. He came down hard on dairies because the victims of bacteria-ridden milk were overwhelmingly children. He sought to expose those who increased their profits by diluting milk with water that, if contaminated, spawned disease. He was on a mission to put an end to milk tainted with worms, blood, pus, manure, and insects. Hurty preached pasteurization as a matter of public health, but in 1920, the vast majority of America’s children still consumed raw, unpasteurized milk.  
Armed with these facts, Dr. Hurty launched a meticulous inspection of area dairies. When the results from the milk supply came back negative for typhoid bacteria, he tested employees and found the culprit. An asymptomatic deliveryman had unwittingly contaminated the milk on his wagon and set off an historic epidemic. Winona Lake saw forty cases of typhoid and the deaths of two children, Sarah and Billy. Neighboring Warsaw recorded similar numbers. One of the worst typhoid outbreaks in Indiana put an end to the sale of raw milk in Winona Lake when the city council passed an ordinance requiring the pasteurization of all milk delivered there. Warsaw did the same.
The Winona Assembly got to work advertising clean water and pasteurized milk to reassure the thousands of summertime visitors that they would be safe from the threat of typhoid fever. That promise proved true for the next two summers, the proverbial calm before the storm.
Thousands descended upon Winona Lake for ten days in June of 1925. On one of those days, Sunday the 7th, a dense crowd of thirty thousand swarmed the grounds. Eight thousand poured into the Billy Sunday Tabernacle filling it up to the doors. The overflow streamed onto the lawn and gathered around the amplifiers. Those that could took up positions at the windows to watch the service going on inside. Parked cars blocked the streets leaving drivers to fight their way through the stationary traffic jam. This was the annual Church of the Brethren Conference, and it drew an enormous response. Nothing but humanity as far as the eye could see!
June in Indiana is a fickle month. No one can be sure whether it will be cold or hot, wet or dry. Conference-goers rejoiced at an abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures. Sprinklers overcame the dry conditions, keeping the dust down and the lawns lush. Newly installed water fountains quenched the thirst of the multitudes rushing off to their meetings or savoring a leisurely stroll.
“We had a wonderful conference!” People exclaimed unanimously when the time came to say goodbye and head back to their home towns. They had come from all over the United States for several glorious days of meetings, reunions and religious services. The warm glow of good memories left little room to complain about a few inconveniences, like long lines at the restaurants, congested roads, water fountains that occasionally belched up dirty water, and a presumed bug that had caused painful stomach aches among dozens.
In the weeks that followed, several residents and Assembly employees contracted typhoid. The number reached thirty by the end of June. At the same time, Huntington County, forty miles southeast of Winona Lake, saw its own outbreak. A doctor attending those patients discovered that all had attended the big conference. He contacted the Indiana State Board of Health. Officials immediately dispatched an inspector to Winona Lake to investigate a possible epidemic.
News of more typhoid cases continued trickling in from among the Church of the Brethren congregations around the country.
As the number of typhoid cases climbed, so did the fatalities. Alma Williams, a widow and mother of three, passed away in Elgin, Illinois. Two sisters, Rose and Carrie, who attended the conference together, died three days apart. Fifteen-year-old Galen Neher had moved to Winona for a summer job. Upon his death, his grief-stricken mother hired a lawyer and threatened to sue the Assembly.
Certain now of an epidemic, the investigator turned his attention to finding the source. Several factors had to be ruled out. Had some among the conference attendees brought the disease with them? Was milk once again to blame? Were flies transmitting disease? Were any of the food workers asymptomatic carriers?
Upon debunking these theories, the investigator concentrated on stories of foul smelling water at the drinking fountains, the barber shop and in a few of the cottages. He visited an old cistern, condemned it and cited it as the source of the outbreak. He flushed and chlorinated the mains, after which he declared the water supply in Winona Lake as safe.
In response to the flurry of newspaper articles slamming the Assembly for the use of an old cistern, the company that supplied water to Winona adamantly defended its practices and demanded a second investigation.
A new inspector arrived to reevaluate the evidence. As a precaution, he ordered the vaccination of residents and visitors to protect against further spread.
The complaints of fetid water restricted the episodes to an isolated area and rendered the cistern theory highly improbable. Furthermore, the wells supplying the water did not test positive for enough bacteria to explain the virulent spread.
Then, an employee from the water company that was seeking to clear itself of responsibility happened to notice an inconsistency in the meter readings for three consecutive days in June when the numbers had gone lower instead of higher. This could mean only one thing. Water had flowed backward through the mains.  
While the drinking water came from local wells, the sprinkler system and the public toilets drew water from the nearby canal into which residential sewers drained. By some act of very bad planning or sheer ineptitude, the public water and the canal water systems had been joined under the public toilets, separated only by a valve. When the pump at the canal broke down one fateful day in June, someone, whose identity was never learned, opened the valve to keep the toilets flushing properly. The pressure variance sent polluted canal water into the mains and straight to the water fountains, the barbershop and nearby cottages.
The health department ordered the sprinkler system to be shut down immediately and permanently since it was potentially spreading the contagion throughout the park. Health officials also mandated that Winona Lake install a modern sewage plant before its next summer season.
It’s unclear exactly how many people contracted typhoid in Winona Lake in June 1925. The town’s deadliest and last typhoid epidemic may have infected as many as one thousand, claiming at least thirty lives.
 By the turn of the twentieth century, thousands of people visited Winona Lake every summer. They strolled along the water’s edge, weaved through shady paths, drank liberally from cool springs, and flocked to the hillside to watch the sunset. They swam, fished, picnicked and worshiped together year after year. The Winona Assembly prided itself in offering comfortable lodgings amidst peaceful surroundings. Its leaders sought the best talent and most articulate speakers to educate and inspire thronging visitors. However, typhoid, an unwanted guest, sneaked in and triggered six epidemics during the first thirty years of the Winona Assembly. When one considers the introduction of pasteurized milk, the closing of the iconic springs, emergency vaccinations, and the laying of a modern sewage system, it may not be an exaggeration to say that disease achieved as great an impact on Winona Lake as any convention held there.
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williamcheart · 2 years ago
- ̗̀ * ( bill skarsgard + cismale + he/him ) have you seen ( william ‘colt’ heart ii ) walking around campus ? they are a ( twenty-four ) year old, studying ( business + literature ). we hear they are in ( omicron tau xi ), and can be ( composed & detached ), maybe it’s because they are an ( aquarius ). they sort of remind us of ( chicken scratch handwriting, trembling hands, a coach’s whistle ), maybe we can find out more ! * ̖́- + literary magazine
Tumblr media
u were all wondering whomstve the bill skarsgard fc reserve was . . . . it was I and i have no mcfuckin’ regrets. we love. and stan. william colton heart the second
tw. cancer, death, substance abuse, car accident, mental illness.
gen info!
full name: william colton heart ii
nickname(s): will to his family, colton/just colt to p much everybody else. his full name is reserved for family and when he’s in troubule tbh
b.o.d. - feb. 19th he an aquarius bby
label(s): the fallen, the phoenix, the crestfallen, etc. etc.
height: tall but taller than benjy tall like we’re talking a whopping 6′4″ jfc
hometown: beaufort, south carolina !!
sexuality: b...i...?
bio info!
born n raised in beaufort, south carolina--william is the eldest heart sibling
was a really quiet kid, tbh, like he minded his business and stuck close to the people he knew
always, always wanted to impress his parents, so he always studied hard for school and kind of put all his focus into it ??
it was a pressure for him, really, bc he’d always been told that he’s gonna inherit the family business like how his dad did, etc. etc.
and like...sweetie never wants to disappoint anyone, ever.
he was never considered a nerd tho?? like he’s always been freakishly tall, and his quietness sort of made him intimidating to be around b/c it always felt like he was judging u bc he’d always have to look down at u
has always been super protective over his younger siblings, feels as if it’s his duty to be the put-together brother
he’s never had to fight anybody tho, and like, thank god for that b/c he’s definitely not a fighter, considers himself to be a pacifist for the most part
bc like...he can just stare u down and ur like uuuh gtg bye !!1!111!!!
anyways, grew up riding horses, finds it v v peaceful but he stopped when they moved to california
but track has always been his kinda thing regardless of where he’s at, tried out for track his freshmen yr of high school n was the star of the team tbh
he met a gal going by the name dinah during a track meet the middle of his freshmen yr
she was taking photos for the yearbook and stuttered over her words more often than not, even when she teased william
and like...tbh? william adored her immediately
it really wasn’t soon at all until they started dating, like, they were the high school couple
they complimented each other v v well and were prolly always together lbr
i’m hc’ing that his family also adored dinah like it’s law
dinah is the one who like...really encouraged him to pursue writing as something more serious than just for fun, because will had always enjoyed writing--esp poetry--but he didn’t want it to get in the way of his future w the stables ??
and like...fuck, they were so cute, guys. they were so mf cute.
dinah got diagnosed w/ lung cancer in the beginning of their junior year; she began online school halfway thru b/c she didn’t have the energy physically to go to class, went thru a looot of chemo
william was with her the entire time, y’know, if he wasn’t in school or at track he’d probably be with her the most, trying to cheer her up in the ways he could, helped her study for their SATs bc he knew it was rly important to her
by the summer she was in remission and they thought that was it--still super fucking careful, but they really genuinely thought that that was the end of it y’know ?? that she’d just be better ??
they got into a few months of senior year with her being healthy enough to go to school again, but the further time passed...dinah relapsed, rapidly, and the cancer had spread to other parts of her body
they spent their last valentine’s day in the hospital, and the next day she was gone
it...crushed william, just kind of changed his life, y’know? dinah was all he knew and he really didn’t know how to live w/o her
spent a lot of his time locked away in his room or never even home to begin with, just wandering about hopelessly or sleeping, or trying to sleep that is
poured his heart into his poetry, though--in dinah’s honor, he tried so mf hard to keep doing what he loved even though he was so hurt
it was because of his constant hard work, and dinah’s past encouragements, that william entered and won a poetry contest during his senior year. got a hella scholarship that made everybody proud of him, just b/c he was ~defying odds~
kinda put on this mask so that others wouldn’t see how bad he was doing ?? b/c he’s the level-headed brother, y’kno, the one who always had his shit together and knew what he was doing
dinah and william won cutest couple and even prom king n queen as a sort of tribute to dinah but will didn’t even go to prom tbh he got drunk and threw cans of beer off of a cliff
anyways, he graduated high school n attended ucla bc that was his dad’s school and gdi he’s tryn his best to follow in his footsteps
even got into his dad’s frat b/c he was that determined
he didn’t rly partake much in parties but he did indulge every once in a while, y’know, just to do it, was finally getting his shit back together and doing well for once y’know?? he joined track n took it p seriously
when angela heart died, all of that fell apart again
he took an entire year off of school b/c at that point his mental health had taken a really bad turn, depression was sort of controlling his life and he was spiraling so mf far down that he sometimes couldn’t recognize himself
during that time he published his first and second poetry book under w.c. heart; it’s super morbid, depressing, you can pretty much feel his depression as it manifests in the pages. it begins with poetry from his earlier years, of when he was with dinah and then afterwards, when she dies
the second poetry book is about healing, and then how sometimes you can fall back even when you’re doing good (i.e. around the time lil baby angel died)
when he finally did go back to school he had a much better mindset, seemed to be doing well--was one of the best on the track team--partied a little harder, did drugs more often than usual but nothing too extreme y’know ??
his junior year he got into a p bad car accident n derailed into a body of water after crashing his side of the car into another and losing control of his vehicle
like honestly thank god for the stranger who immediately stopped their car and went totally-hero on the situation, they got william out of the car before he could drown and essentially saved his life, before calling 911 and just. disappearing as soon as the sirens were audible
somehow his left leg got mc’fucked in the incident and it just so happened to ruin his track career
also gave william a fear of swimming/deep water + driving. like. he never wants to be in control of a car again. it really added onto his anxiety and was probably the root of his panic disorder tbh
he took another year off of school to recover from his injuries and to just fucking...put himself in some therapy, because he knows. when it’s time to take care of himself. is really still determined to b the best, he’s just trying to take his time now.
got addicted to painkillers b/c of the injury, sought them out after his prescription ran out; it varies between oxy, vicodin, n percocets and like...they mix really badly w/ his antidepressants tbh ??
that’s v v hush-hush bc he doesn’t want people to worry about him moreso than they already do after like...all these tragic mf events y’know.
he had moved out of his greek house to live on his own but after his second time coming back to ucla he moved back in b/c that way somebody could kick his ass if he fell down the rabbit hole again y’know
his antidepressant, lexapro, causes hallucinations and now he’s been seeing dinah everywhere, hearing her voice, etc. etc. he thinks he’s finally going insane and also keeps it v hush hush b/c he doesn’t want people to think he is
he looks worse for wear but he just. keeps on pretendin’.
he’s just ... really calm tbh?
he’s always been the (or one of the) least fussy child, hated starting conflicts
if anything he’s always been a mediator ?? the peacemaker, tries to resolve things before they get outta hand
he hates fighting, physical n verbal, refuses to partake in it
even when dinah n him would get into arguments he’d be really quiet during them
that being said he wasn’t like antisocial or anything just bc he was quiet y’know ??
he was the quiet cool dude who was always popular for some fucking reason (its the height im telling u) and offered rly good advice
he’s a big fucking softie lemme tell u . . . he cries at most movies tbh
v intelligent, still carries small dumbass energy b/c he doesn’t make the best choices as u can tell
v v good at his craft, has been working on his third poetry book but has a lil bit of writer’s block atm and it’s ? torturing him tbh ?
he’s got a sense of humor but it’s like . . . kind of morbid tbh like he deals w shit via locking up his emotions and using humor as a coping mechanism
he’s a sentimental piece of shit tho we love him. he has a bottle of dinah’s favorite perfume and sprays his bed w it before he goes to sleep
that being said he really...isn’t over her, still, y’know ??
he’s 100% sure that she was his soulmate and he doesn’t think she could ever be replaced
(silly boy u cant replace people ! u just. meet people who fit u in other ways.)
hates being babied b/c he’s the oldest goddammit, that’s his job
he has a lil bit of a limp but like . . . that’s just bc his leg hurty
did i mention he’s protective bc he 100% is like listen.
he can bully his siblings. u cannot. that’s the rule sorry
even when his siblings r bullying each other he like body-flops on top of them and is p much like fucking Stop
he’s in his last yr of college but he’s doing grad school right after b/c he rly. doesn’t wanna b a partner w his dad. he doesn’t wanna own the stables or breed horses. he’s troy bolton and writing is his singing, horsebreeding is his basketball.
okay he really wants to know who tf pulled him outta the water b/c he never got to say thank u and he’s just like ?? LET ME SAY THANK U GODDAMMIT
he’s lowkey in the party scene but he’s also a bit of a wallflower when it comes to them, he prefers to drink his alcohol n watch ppl b idiots or sit on a roof high off his ass with a pal
he’ll fuck u but he wont date u but like so will most of the guys so he’s not unique he’s just a hashtag tortured artist
like it’s so hard for him to connect w others in a potentially romantic way ?? bc he just doesn’t feel anything and u cant really blame him for it tbh
has panic attacks n insomnia but u aint hear it from me
ironically........has taken up smoking cigarettes, as well.......even tho his gf died from lung cancer.......will why?
oh right bc i commanded thee
wanted connections !!
WHO PULLED HIM OUTTA THAT MF CAR CRASH ?? - i wanna know mf !!
his siblings uwu - GIVE US THE LAST HEART. PLEASE.
roommate - !! they can b chill or hate each other tbh who knows
frat bros - please.
uuuh general friends i guess ??
will they wont they - they’re rly close but will is really dumb and straight refuses to acknowledge the fact that they’d b like . . . perfect together
general unrequited things - william is emotionally unavailable, lmao, let’s see how that works w others
current hookups - he’s a bit of a slut, let’s b real. we ain’t shaming him b/c we don’t do that in 2k19 but we also speaking truths
good influences - him get better
confidantes - somebody he just can fuckin complain to w/o feeling shitty or guilty for it
bad influences - make him. worse. he’s doing bad but he’s not at his worst yet.
anything. else. u want. i will do. i can do. i am god. i have ultimate power. william is my pAWN.
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starsrshiney · 2 years ago
Because I have like zero self control at times, I’ve written up some Smash Bros style Palutena’s Guidance skits for if my OCs were part of the Smash Bros lineup.
Pit: Who’s this guy?
Palutena: That’s Ronald Shiner, though he typically goes by the name Stars
.Pit: Does he also go by copycat?
Palutena: Huh?
Pit: He has a bow that shoots arrows of light. He’s totally copying me!
Palutena: He’s actually shooting arrows of wood aura. They don’t change direction like your arrows, but if you do get hit, you’ll be sporting a flower for a while.
Pit: Aw man, flowers hurt. . .
Palutena: He also uses his aura to boost his melee attacks, and getting hit with those will make the flower last longer on you.
Pit: So, avoid the green glow while I have a flower on my head, got it.
Pit: That’s some pretty liquid looking ice
.Palutena: Its actually water. Anniey has enough kinetic control over water to make it all flow in harmony, achieving laminar flow.
Pit: Laminar flow?
Palutena: Her water looks pretty while it moves. And it hurts when it hits as well.
Pit: Yeah, no kidding!
Palutena: She’s also no one trick pony. Her wand shoots light, though its less versatile than her control over water. Be careful of it either way.
Pit: Okay, this is just unfair.
Palutena: What is, Pit?
Pit: This guy has no wings, no magical way of achieving flight, and he still moves in the air better than I do!
Palutena: Lechaxim is really acrobatically skilled. Maybe I should start including that in your training.
Pit: He’s a Soconian, right? What element does he use?
Palutena: He’s a dark element.
Pit: Dark?!
Palutena: It mostly means he can manipulate shadows. He uses this in his grabs, grabbing people farther than his physical reach by solidifying the shadows of his opponent’s clothes.
Pit: The shadows of what now?
Palutena: Thankfully he’s a lightweight, so it shouldn’t be too hard to send him flying out of his control.
Pit: Lady Palutena, this guy’s hammer is bigger than my head!
Palutena: It is unreasonably large, isn’t it? Mahn always loves challenging himself, but purposefully hindering himself against the opponents of Smash. . .
Pit: I’ll teach him not to underestimate us!
Palutena: You shouldn’t underestimate him either. Like other heavyweights, he’s slow but hits hard. His final smash launches any land he’s not standing on straight upwards, taking anyone above with him.
Pit: Any land?
Palutena: Thankfully, that’s about the only time he uses his element.
 Pit: I’m getting some really scary vibes from this Soconian
Palutena: Keep a cool head, Pit. Sali-
Sal: It’s just Sal.
Pit: HEY! This is a private conversation!
Sal: And your goddess was about to spill a private name.
Palutena: How’d you even get into our telepathy anyway.
Sal: You were about to say my full name.
Pit: That’s. . . not an explanation.
Palutena: I’m starting to see those vibes you were talking about earlier Pit.
Palutena: Anyway, Sal is an extremely close range fighter. As long as you don’t throw a freezie at her, you’ll be good if you keep your distance.
Pit: This guy doesn’t look like he wants to be here.
Viridi: Of all the Soconians that made it in here, Von is the least qualified to be here.
Palutena: He is the least physically trained out of his team.
Pit: But not even all the Smash fighters are truly trained in fighting, right?
Palutena: And even the least trained ones have something to fear.
Viridi: I’m worried about the impact those potions he throws has on the environment.
Palutena: Pit should probably worry about Von’s fire more. The more hits it lands, the hotter it gets, changing its color. He’s at his most powerful when he’s sporting white flames.
Viridi: Landing hits on him lowers his flame’s heat though, so start smacking him and don’t stop! 
Pit: I was expecting Jimi’s guns to be a bit more. . . hurty.
Palutena: Jimi’s pistols run less off of gunpowder and more on metal magic. He has thirteen of them, and they range in strength from annoying slingshot to exploding squirrel.
Pit: Oh, so he’s using mid power guns on us then? That’s awful sporting.
Palutena: Well, even Samus had to tone down the power of her missiles and charge blasts for Smash.
Pit: . . . Do you think he’d pull out his stronger ones?
Palutena: If you let him get the smash ball, yes. He’ll shoot with all his pistols if he gets that kind of power.
Pit: Yikes.
Palutena: He excels at mid-projectile range juggling, so either keep far away or get real close to deal with him.
Pit: Didn’t we already have a guy with a fire sword?
Viridi: Two actually. Though this guy seems closer to Roy than Mega Man.
Palutena: That’s Takuma Wei, generally known as Takky.
Pit: Tacky? Is he going to cut multi color shapes into me?
Viridi: Now that’s something I’d like to see happen.
Palutena: He’s a decently trained swordsman, and trying to hit him with fire will just power up his sword. Unlike other sword wielders though, his counter only works if someone attacks him with a weapon.
Viridi: He can also launch the fire off his sword and then reignite it later, so he has a bit more range than you’d think.
Pit: This fighter is. . . loud.
Palutena: Jasmine’s like that. You’d think the middle of the fight is the last place you’d want to grab attention at, and yet. . .
Pit: She’s probably got something up her sleeve. . . if that dress even has sleeves.
Palutena: She’s a dual electricity and metal element soconian, so she has twice the tricks a normal soconian would have.
Palutena: She uses her metal aura to craft bolts for her crossbow, and then uses those bolts as lightning rods for her electricity. She also uses her electricity defensively, shocking anyone who gets too close.
Pit: So I should keep my distance and not get shot?
Palutena: That’s a good way to live life in general, yes.
Pit: This guy takes the phrase ‘speak softly and carry a big axe’ too literally.
Viridi: The phrase is ‘carry a big stick,’ Pit. But otherwise, yeah.
Palutena: That’s Aaron Itrie, Jasmine’s twin brother. He’s a dual element metal and electricity user, though unlike his sister he prefers to focus on the metal more than the electricity.
Pit: Really? Because that axe looks pretty sparky to me.
Palutena: That’s all he does with his electricity though. Keep an eye out for his metal aura to see how tricky he can be.
Pit: That’s the last thing I need, a tricky heavyweight. . .
Pit: Well this guy looks unarmed.
Palutena: Didn’t we already have this talk Pit? Besides, there is rarely such a thing as an unarmed soconian.
Viridi: Briar probably isn’t going to be pulling something out of a storage crystal though. He’s trained himself in multiple martial arts, so those hands and feet are weapons on their own.
Palutena: He’s also an earth element, able to destabilize the ground around him while keeping his own personal space flat.
Pit: This is another case of “keep my distance” isn’t it?
Palutena: I still have that boot camp ready to put you through.
Pit: And I’m still keeping my weapons.
Pit: OH THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR. How is she flying?!
Palutena: Soconians have a saying- If its born in Esennenlus, it’ll try to fly at some point in its life.
Viridi: And since Crystal is a certified Wind Mage, she spends a lot of her time flying.
Pit: She doesn’t even have wings!
Palutena: You’ll be glad to know she can be grounded - it’s hard to concentrate on flying while you’re hurt after all.
Viridi: But at the same time, the focus she’s not using on keeping airborne goes into the wind she attacks with. You’ll want to knock her out when she’s less mobile but before she gets too powerful.
Pit: Are we sure she’s meant to be fighting?
Palutena: Yes we’re sure. Rose may seem to be a few tools short of a toolkit, but she is something else on the battlefield.
Palutena: That staff of hers only looks like its made of wood thanks to an illusion crystal in the middle of it. The crystal recharges whenever Rose uses her light magic on it, so you won’t be seeing its true appearance any time soon.
Pit: Light magic? Is that what she’s doing with the top of the staff?
Palutena: Light element soconians can turn light solid, a trick Rose uses to change her staff into a spear, polearm, scythe, and the like. Keep an eye on the top of her staff to see what kind of attacks she’s likely to use.
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inspirelocked · 3 years ago
Hey ya'll
Ily guys
Sorry but like i just feel like talking about this. Idk why here or whatever, maybe somewhere in my head i think someone will offer me some form of comfort or advice..? I really dont expect anyone to, but i just feel like i need to say this for whatever reason
I try not to be one to vent or rant on here but this is me, my blog, my life, my feelings, my experiences. So, as you know i am a trans guy, pre everything. I have a boyfriend (who is magnificent in every single way), and he's cis. He's so fucking amazing that he forgets I'm trans, and that allows me to forget too. He apologizes every time he's reminded like "oh my god sorry i keep forgetting" but it warms my heart bc someone out there sees me as a true boy. Someone really important to me. He doesn't see me for the female body i feel so desperately trapped in. But yesterday, we were at my cousin's house (i still am, they're both asleep currently) for a sleepover. For more context, my cousin Stormie is a BABE. She's homeschooled and the kindest person i know. She said i should invite a friend over for a sleepover with her once, because she gets lonely and i help fill that loneliness by bringing her my friends for her to meet and maybe befriend herself. Me, having fairly recently gotten together a couple months before with my boyfriend, invited him over. He and her had a great time (plus this other trans guy that she had known all her life, and my boyfriend ended up knowing) and became PALS. Like, gOod buddies. She instantly adopted him as her brother and he thrived. Anyways, its been a full year since then, we've -as a trio- had countless more sleep overs and this one was no different. Except, i packed only long sleeved shirts. A flannel and a sweater i had just gotten for a late birthday present. Its cold outside, so thats why. But it was a DUMB MOTHERFUCKING MOVE. I left my binder on purpose because haha why would i need it?? DUMB ASS BITCH. I HATE PAST ME. well, i overheated. I HAD to change. My family is great and offered other shirts, and one tank top they offered me was SO COMFY AND COOL AND GOOD, but, it didnt hide my chest at all. You could see every single curve and it was, very dysphoria inducing. I was like, "alright, well, im just at stormies. It will be fine. They wont even notice, and they'll let you forget about it. It will be alright." And i was about to come back out of stormie's room and remembered my boyfriend was here too. Now, as i said, he forgets. But that doesn't mean in any way that hes unsupportive. In fact he's probably been the MOST supportive force in my life since this whole transition started. He's been there for me through more than anyone else in my life combined when it comes down to my trans-ness. But for some reason, i have this issue where i CANT disappoint him. And, i knOW. My chest being out like that cant be exactly, u know, great. I was a boy right? Was everything i was, wrong? I thought maybe, ughthryaksjfdysgsyrhdg
I cant fucking type what im feeling it gets all confusing and angry. But i felt so terrible for letting him see me like that. He has NEVER seen my chest. Even before i came out and he knew me for like 2 months. I NEVERRRR let my chest be visible. He couldn't pretend there was nothing there, i couldnt either. It was there and visible. I was so near tears it was unbelievable i havent cried yet still. I think thats the worst my dysphoria has been for a month, which is saying something bc its been bad. When we got a second alone He said he felt sorry for me bc he knew i felt bad. But i couldnt really answer him, i just started shaking and continued talking about what we were doing. He said he loved me, and that this was temporary and its ok bc i was a real guy. It really did soothe me, but i couldnt say that, my trembling wouldnt let me address my feelings. I just said "okay" and changed the subject again so i wouldnt start sobbing. Then when we rejoined stormie in the livingroom, we were roleplaying on our phones (this rp has been going for over a year now and we do this all the time. We sit in the same room on our phones and rp back and forth. Its so comforting and nice to me, i love it) and he would glance up at me every few minutes. I had my striped scarf over my chest but you could see the shape. Eventually, i saw him glance up and cringe so visibly. Then he stopped looking up. He seemed to be doing everything in his power to avoid looking at me. I was probably just distraught and upset and maybe thats not the case but at that point i was SO sure i was nothing but a disappointment to him. Ive got this nagging thought/fear whatever that hes going to break up with me for this but i knOW he wont. I at least hope not. Hes repulsed by the female body (i cant say im not either. Im so suicidal bc of it.) And now he just, knows i have one. Theres no more pretending or denying. There's only facing facts and figuring out the next step. Im so sure im not good enough for him and it hurts every part of my body because i CANT be what he likes. He likes guys, he likes men bodies, hes disgusted by boobs and stuff and i cant be the man he thinks hes into. I try so hard to pretend i have a flat chest but no amount of hoping or hurti g or pretending will change the fact that my body is just wrong or will help anything. I just have to keep stewing in the trapped hurt and pray he doesnt get tired of waiting. If he does, then i dont blame him and im really sorry i wasted his time.
Hey thanks just ignore this idk where to vent like this so here ya go.
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lightbluenymphadora · 3 years ago
Dad Jokes (Trimberly)
Rated: G
Summary: Kim decides to torment Trini
Read on Ao3:
It was a perfectly normal Wednesday - or so Trini thought. She’d made french toast sticks for her brothers for breakfast, downed two cups of coffee and a bagel, and hopped a ride to school with Billy. She felt well rested, as stress-free as possible as a teenage superhero, and reasonably prepared for the day.
Until she ran into her girlfriend.
“Babe can we...what are you doing?” Trini asked, peeking over Kim’s shoulder at the computer.
“Trying to figure out this stupid movie editing software. How are you today?”
“Good. But I want to go get food now. I’m hungry.”
“Hi Hungry - I’m Kim,” Kim quipped, still concentrating on the computer. When Trini didn’t respond, she glanced over.
Trini, giving her girlfriend the stink eye, asked, “Did you really just dad joke me?”
Kim turned, grinning at her. “Maybe. Let me save this and we can hit up the new burger place.”
Kim and Trini trudged back through the woods, lagging after the boys after a grueling practice. They didn’t talk until they made it back to Zack’s new SUV. After all sitting and catching their breath, the dam of chatter finally broke, and the group began to throw out plans.
“I want to go see Black Panther,” Zack said.
“Again?”Jason, Kim, and Trini asked.
“Yes, again. Billy’s with me, right Billy?”
“I’ve never loved a movie more,” Billy said, hand over his heart.
“Who’s in?” Zack asked. “I’m going on Tuesday.”
“Eh, I don’t know. I have a dentist appointment that afternoon,” Jason said.
“What time? We can go after.”
“He’s probably going around...tooth-hurty,” Kim said. She looked around, grinning.
Everyone but Trini was groaning. Trini was looking at her girlfriend with obvious disgust, which didn’t seem to bother Kim at all.
“Geddit? Geddit? Tooth -”
“Kimberly, if you don’t shut up, I won’t put out for the next month.”
The boys roared with laughter as Kim quieted down.
“Hey baby,” Kim said, snuggling into Trini’s side.
“Hey. Nap time? Zack said you’ve had a rough day.” Trini put down her book and wrapped her arms around Kim.
“Two tests, a group project went to hell, and I had to give a speech on the British occupation of India. And yes, Simmons gave me that subject for exactly the reason you’re thinking.”
“I bet you had him shook though.”
“You know it. Whatcha reading?”
“Dresden Files: Blood Rites,” Trini answered, showing her the cover.
“Sounds...intense. I’m reading a book too - on anti-gravity.”
Trini’s head popped up from the pillow, and she leveled a suspicious look at her girlfriend. “On...anti-gravity?”
“Yeah - I can’t put it down,” Kim said, breaking into giggles at the end. “No, don’t go!” she yelped, wrapping Trini in her arms so the smaller girl couldn’t get away.
“You do not deserve snuggles after that!”
“Baby, please don’t go,” Kim sang. “I’ll never break your heart. I’ll never maaaaaaake youuuuu cryyyy-”
“You’re not getting out of this with boy band songs, Kimberly Pink Ranger Hart! How dare you dad joke me?”
“Please - you like it.”
“Do not,” Trini grumped. “Can’t put it down,” she grumbled.
Study hall was packed, but Kim and Trini managed to find seats together. The study hall monitor droned on about the rules, like they hadn’t ever done this before, and passed out the registration forms for summer classes at UC Angel Grove. Kim and Trini perused the list of options, joking quietly about what they would be when they grew up.
“Intro to Criminal Justice? Since we’re superhero cops?” Trini suggested quietly.
“Sure - whatever. Hey, I have a question.”
“What’s up?”
“If you see a robbery at an Apple store, does that make you an -”
Trini smacked her head on the table, as the teacher, who’d been walking by, doubled over with laughter.
“Somehow...some way...I’m going to get you back for all these dad jokes.”
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otomerat · 4 months ago
7′scarlet Review
chihafuyu chinatsu art weow <3
Tumblr media
I enjoyed the art more then usual bc mama chinatsu comin in hot after fire emblem 🥵 
I sincerely enjoy her work since she has a nice control on her painting technique. (even tho her gorls look like blow up dolls)
Waku Waku Suru Ze Its Spoilers Motherfuckers
ya know because...chinatsu is also the artist for utapri....haha...
The game basically goes the same way for the most part on all the routes.
Game start -> cuck or don’t kuck osananajimi -> talk abt ghost -> go to the festival -> now you r on their route -> ??? -> oh I met you when I was a wee one <3 -> profit
So I played the “younger guy” route first to get him over with. OP has a IRL circumstance where one year younger IRL guys have told them “ like younger guys?” and gets triggered when they see it in otoge  He’s like a flirty type and I guess it was cute to see him act so confidant even though he’s younger than MC chan. Although, gotta say it was really annoying for MC chan to go “oh swoon he’s so kakkoi ヽ( >///<)ノ” every 5 minutes bc like listen this guy would totally be making tik tok thirst traps like he is 17 after all.
Tumblr media
Isora makes you a starberry cake and yr like sowwy no I dun leik strawberries bc idk why :/ and decline.
There’s a white neko that eats the leftover strawberry cake that you didn’t eat. Later, you find that same cat has died. Could Isora have...?
People start to maybe suspect that maybe Isora is the killer and Isora starts to YELL ANGERLY THAT HE WOULD NEVER (Otomerat goes KYUN bc of this unexpected flirty go hurty gap moe. OtomeRat loves Insanity.)
You go outside to investigate yr brother and GET BONKED BY A RANDO AND PASS OUT (In the bad end you get shanked and die lol I love otoge)
You wake up in an underground bunker with no windows and no exits and you can’t move from a twisted leg. 
___〆(・∀・)  o0(this is my first fucking route!?)
Anyway ya boy Isora comes in and is like “I found you hurt so I wanna nurse you back to health” and supplies you with delicious food and plentiful thirst traps in his uguu cage of love.
Tumblr media
a yan’s way of confessing
 You ask him if anyone knows if you’re here and he yells back OF COURSE NOT what if the killer knew? While banging around and asdfghjk
Tumblr media
tbh I was ABOUT THIS. Totally wasn’t expecting it. (Has OtomeRat gone M!?) The game tries to lead you to believe he’s the killer but surprise out of the shadows of your love shack comes the real masked killer!! 
You can’t move and he inches forward towards you until your yan bf comes to your aid and grabs and smashes the killers head into the concrete over and over and over and over while saying I’ll never forgive you for hurting ichika until the killers head is a bloody mess and oh my god this was so insane and I loved it
Tumblr media
anyway you limp out and have a flashback that isora and ichika knew each other when they were young. Isora cooked something for ichika with strawberries that were like crazy hella rancid and she got rushed to the hospital (!?) and that’s why she hates strawberries 🍓 
Anyway it ends with him in the hospital recovering and it's really funny bc he’s like “can we go out ilu and I won’t put you in a cage again :)” and Ichika is like “Oh Isora u so silly :)”
Final Isora Thoughts
Okay I seriously enjoyed the latter half of this route immensely it felt INSANE I totally wasn’t expecting this. I was like o lol time 4 babey and THIS ENDED UP BEING LIKE MY FAVE LOL 
I’ll add some more mofos later
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corvid-knight · 3 years ago
Can't Stop Won't Stop
Hoo boy.
Instead of an attempt at a real summary, I'm just going to say a couple things here. One, this is an old fic. Either the second or third homestuck thing I ever wrote. Two, this was written when I was in maybe the shittiest mental state I've ever been in, so like. It's kind of straight out wish fulfillment ("hey I hate my life love me" kind of thing.) (Also I swear things have gotten a hell of a lot better since I wrote this. Like. Don't worry.)
There's self-harm in this.
There's also a rare instance of me writing Dave rapping. I'm still very proud of that even if it sucks.
Nobody dies and there's no blood spilt. I promise.
(Read it on ao3 here:
You are DAVE STRIDER. You're alone in your room, in the dark but for the glow of your computer screen. You're still wearing your shades, though—you always wear the shades, partly because your best bro John gave them to you, partly because you don't like people to see your eyes, and partly because your eyes are hella sensitive to light. Of course, if anyone asks, you wear them because you are the coolest dude on earth.
Not that that's saying much anymore. You, John, Dirk (not your Bro, no matter how much he looks and talks and acts like your Bro he's not), and Jake are probably the last male humans in this universe. And it's your fault, isn't it? You started the game that ended the world.
You push your shades up onto your forehead, rub your eyes, and settle them back into place again.
John's called you a hero, but you're...
You started the game.
You were too afraid to kill your own sleeping self and go godtier.
You were too slow and weak to help your Bro.
You started the game, and that's the one that repeats in your head, all the splintered versions of yourself murmuring it because in everything that you've done that's the thing that haunts you. You invited John into this, you entered as his server player, you were the one who didn't see the danger until it was too late, you were the one who ended the world. You were the one who killed everyone, really, John's dad and Rose's mom and your own Bro, and everything that followed was a result of what you did.
You are anything but a hero.
You shake off the dark thoughts, for a moment at least, and open a new tab in your browser, pulling up the question forum where you left a question. It was simple enough: Is suicide considered either Heroic or Just? In other words, if you're godtier and you kill yourself, will it take?
You went full-on anonymous. Plain black text, no username or anything. Nothing to show who you are.
There's a reply. Five words, in off-yellow text: dont bee a fuckiing iidiiot.
You stare at the words for a moment, then type in a placating reply: It's just a question. Don't get all uptight, dude.
You know who uses that color and quirk, but this forum seems to exist in a half-dozen timelines at once, and you've gotten answers from past and future versions of your friends before, so it might not be exactly who you think it is.
Before you even finish that thought, another message comes up: ii'm not beeing uptiight, youre beeing 2tupiid. death fuckiing hurt2, and the people you leave beehiind get hurt even wor2e.
Your fingers move across the keyboard, spelling out your thoughts and hitting the enter key before you can think about what you're saying: I deserve it, death can't hurt any more than living does, and no one cares enough to be hurt when I do it.
Reading your words onscreen, you realize that you wrote "when" instead of "if." It's really the first time that you admitted, even to yourself, that you're going to go through with this.
While you're still considering that admission, more words come up: 2top. just 2top, ok? ii dont care how much you thiink people hate you. even iif you think there i2 no one out there who care2, there ii2 2omeone, 2omewhere, who wiill cry when youre gone. dont you fuckiing dare hurt your2elf, 2triider.
You puzzle over the last word for a minute before you see that it's supposed to be your name. When you get it, you freeze for a second, then type: I'm not Strider. I don't know who you're talking about.
This time the reply comes back almost immediately: come on dude. we both know ii'm capable of traciing you back, and you diidnt exactly cover your track2. and ii mean what ii 2aiid. iif your hurt your2elf, youre hurtiing everyone who know2 you, and ii'm countiing my2elf iin that. ii dont have enough friiend2 to lo2e another one, dave.
"Damn it," you mutter. "Don't make this about you, Sollux." You type in: You don't know me.
You're about to close the tab and shut down your computer for the night, but before you can move the cursor to the X, another message comes up: 2triider, ii know you better than ii know my be2t friiend. ii know what iit'2 liike to know that your friiend2 are goiing to diie, and have to 2tand iidly by and do nothiing. ii know what it'2 like to 2ee your lu2u2—or parent, whatever—diie in front of you. ii know about your brother, ii know you thiink you kiiled hiim, and ii'm here to tell you that you diidnt.
You hit each key deliberately, but not as hard as you want to: dont talk about bro to me.
You wait for the answer this time, and it does come: you diid nothiing wrong. there wa2 nothing any of u2 could have done to 2ave hiim. to 2ave any of them. ii know, dave.
Your lip hurts from how hard you're chewing on it. It's a stupid nervous habit that Bro trained you out of when you were ten, and you've only started doing it again since he's been gone. You type: Shut up. You don't know anything about it, you weren't there.
The screen stays static after your text comes up, and you stare at it, biting your lip and praying that no more yellow text will come up, that you'll reach the point when you can shut down the computer and walk away. You think of walking into the bathroom, opening the cabinet in the dark and reaching up to the back of the top shelf, feeling around for the still-sealed box of razor blades—
But more words are appearing, under your last ones: ii kiilled my mate2priit wiith my own hands. my lu2u2 diied a2 ii watched. the giirl that could have been my mate2priit 2tepped iin front me and diied takiing a hiit that wa2 2uppo2ed to kiil me. ii wa2 almo2t 2 where you are now, and iit took a hell of a lot of repiitiion2 for my friiend2 2 get thii2 through my thiick 2kull: no matter what you diid or thiink you diid, you dont get to pa22 judgement on your2elf. you are not your own judge, jaiilor, and executiioner. you are not.
You stare at the screen. You honestly don't know what to say to that, what arguements you could use, because half of you can see the truth there.
After a moment, more words come up: 2triider? you 2tiill there?
"How can you know me this well?" you ask, leaning back and pulling your shades off, letting them dangle loosely from one hand, and in the same breath you say, "You don't know shit."
More yellow text comes up: goddammiit 2triider
"I killed everyone," you say, and every bit of your soul believes that statement. You let the shades slip out of your fingers, onto the floor, as you tip the chair back, finding perfect equilibrium and balancing it on two legs. "Every one of my friends, over and over again."
And more: dave fuckiing an2wer me
"I'm worse than useless." You close your eyes. "When I die, at least I can't kill them again."
You'll get up. In a minute, and you do mean in a minute, but suddenly you're tired and you want to sit for a sec. When you get up, you'll go into the bathroom. No need for the lights—you know where what you need is, and you know where the shower is. You can turn the shower on in the dark, that'll wash most of the blood away and make it a little less disgusting for whoever finds you.
Someone shouts—a hoarse inarticulate battle cry—and, from the sound of it, slams a battering ram into your door. Startled, you overbalance the chair. "Shit—" You swallow the rest of the sentence as you hit the floor, bite your lip, and taste blood.
The door's locked, but whoever's pounding on it doesn't seem to care, and after a second blow something splinters. For a moment, even the low light from the hallway is too bright, and you have to blink a few times before you can recognise who it is in your doorway.
Whoever it is short and dark, with nubby horns that almost hide under the artfully messy black hair. Karkat Vantas, you realize a moment before he starts shouting.
"Strider! Fucking answer me!" He sounds angry, he always sounds angry, but there's a current of worry underneath the anger that you've never heard from him before. "Dave!"
"Did you just break my door down?" You sit up, fingering your lip. It hurts, and there's blood staining your fingers when you take your hand away. "Haven't you heard of knocking?"
"You—" Karkat looks past you, higher than your head. At the computer screen behind you. "Fuck..." And he strides across the room and kneels next to you. "Sollux messaged me. He said he was afraid you were going to do something stupid."
"I'm fine." It's a lie, you can hear how bad a lie it is as you say it. You fumble around on the floor, looking for your shades in the faint light from the hall and from your computer. After a second, your hand brushes against them, and you scoop them up. Before you can put them back on, Karkat snatches them out of your hand.
"Don't you fucking lie," he growls, reaching back and setting them on the desk, out of your reach. "Don't you distance yourself like that. What the fuck are you thinking? You can't just die, it doesn't work like that. How the fuck do you think the rest of us are going to feel?"
You wipe your mouth again, and look at the faint streak of red instead of at Karkat. "I'm the reason you can count 'the rest of us' on your fingers," you point out quietly. "You'd be better off—"
"Fucking nooksniffer bulgebrain wriggler," Karkat mutters, and puts his hands on your head, the hollows of his palms at your temples. He pulls your head up, forcing you to meet his strange eyes, shockingly yellow and black with no sclera, framed by shadows darker than his grey skin. His hands are warm, further reminding you how alien he is. "Stop talking like you're fucking expendable. You're a person, not some piece in some cosmic fucking game, and you're not fucking killing yourself."
"I—" You have some arguement, you have it half-planned in your mind, but he runs his hands upward through your hair, like you're some small animal he's petting, and the strangeness of it—the amazing gentleness of his hands, so much at odds with his anger—drives everything else out of your head.
Karkat makes a noise that isn't anything like a word, just a incoherent expression of anger. "What do you humans even do without horns?" he mutters. "I don't fucking get how you people calm each other down. I...fuck." He takes his hands out of your hair—you find yourself oddly sad about that—and sits back on his heels, dragging one arm across his face. When he takes it away, you realize that he's close to tears. "I'm no fucking good at this shit," he says, reaching out with one sharp-nailed finger and wiping a last bit of blood off your lips. "I got fucking lucky last time, one time, and now Sol texts me...he knows how I feel about you, he knows I couldn't stay away and let you..."
"Wh-what?" Something about him is incredibly calming, it always is, even when he's shouting; it's like he's some soothing drug, making you feel like everything is almost all right. But sometimes, you find yourself listening to his voice so closely that you miss what words he's saying. He can't have implied what you inferred. "I don't—"
"You need a moirail, or a fucking matesprit," Karkat says bluntly, "and I wish it was me. And don't give me that 'not a homosexual' shit—number one, it doesn't make any fucking sense, and number two, I've seen how you look at Egbert." He shakes his head, meeting your eyes for a second and then looking down. "You...fuck, I don't know."
"I...this isn't about John. None of this is about him." You feel your face heating up, a blush that you know lights your albino skin like a traffic light. Karkat's right: you look at John, when he's not paying attention, and you had a crush on him, when you met him and before you met him, and you love him and always will, like a brother. But he isn't interested in you as anything else, and you know it, and the peeks that you sneak add up to nothing more than one more guilt to be thrown upon a pile already sky-high. "I never said I was straight—"
"I don't know what that means." Karkat shrugs.
"It means..." Staring at his lowered head, you get an urge to touch him, to feel the heat of his skin, and instead of finishing your sentence, instead of thinking of all the reasons you shouldn't, you reach out and run your fingers through his black hair. It's soft and a little tangled, and as you move your fingers you brush against one of his stubby horns.
Karkat makes a sound like a soft growl, deep in his throat, and his eyes snap up to meet yours. There's pain on his face, pain and sorrow and fear and hope and desire all snarled up together. He reaches out, laying his hands gently against your head again, letting his fingers get tangled in your white hair. He closes his eyes, growling so softly that it can't be called a growl, so softly that he isn't growling, he's...he's purring.
"Karkat," you say, connecting the noise that he's making with his name and forgetting everything in your life except this ridiculous coincidence, this lingual joke across two universes. "Karkat, like a fucking cat, you're a cat, oh my god—"
Karkat lets you go, brushing off your hands as you start to laugh. Fifteen minutes ago you were alone in this room, ready to end everything and force a personal game over, and now you're laughing at a dumb pun that no one in particular created. And that thought makes you laugh harder.
"You really know how to ruin the moment," Karkat grumbles, crossing his arms and looking away from you.
You're still laughing as you lean forward, put one hand under his chin to turn his face to you, and kiss him.
He hesitates for a second, barely long enough for you to fear that you're wrong to do this—and then he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer and kissing you back.
Karkat tastes like salt and sweetness, like something foreign and exotic, something that you've been looking for your entire life and never found before now. His teeth are smooth as you run your tongue across them, nubby like his horns but wickedly sharp, sharp enough to make you feel like you're on the verge of cutting your tongue, that kissing him is flirting with danger like you'd love to flirt with him. He's growling—or purring—again, and it feels like your head is resonating with it, with him.
You slip your hands up under his shirt, touching his skin. Sliding your hands across his chest, feeling the ridges of his ribs, his heart beating faster than yours ever could.
Karkat moans, exhaling into your mouth, then pulls away. He doesn't let go of you, though. "Wait," he says, and you get an unreasonable flash of pride at how out-of-breath he sounds. " pailing, okay? Not tonight. need something to look forward to, and you need to sleep."
He shifts his grip as you're parsing that sentence, then stands up, lifting you like you weigh next to nothing. The pure shock of it holds you still for a moment—he's tiny, he barely comes up to your shoulders, how can he pick you up this easily?—and then you twist in his arms. "Karkat, c'mon, put me down—"
"Would you fucking cooperate?" The door to your bedroom is ajar; Karkat kicks it open and carries you through, depositing you unceremoniously on the bed. "There; you're down." He flicks on the light, then pulls his shirt off over his head, folding it in a few quick motions and laying it on top of your dresser.
"What are you doing?" You sit up, flicking hair out of your eyes.
"You think I'm gonna leave you alone?" Karkat glares at you, crossing his arms defensively in front of his chest. "And come back tomorrow morning, and find you fucking dead? No fucking way. Move over."
You don't, but he sits down on the bed anyway.
"Karkat—" You stop yourself. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second, let it out again. You don't know why you're arguing with him; you don't want him to go. "Okay."
And you do something that you wouldn't do if it were someone else sitting there, if it were John or Dirk or fucking anyone but Karkat—or if you hadn't seen the oh-so-faint scars covering his chest and back like spiderwebs, only a shade paler than his grey skin. You pull your shirt off, wadding it into a ball and tossing it off the end of the bed. It takes all of your self-control to keep your hands at your sides, to not cross your arms and try to hide what's on your skin.
"Wow." Karkat's tone is soft, not pitying but maybe a bit sad. He touches you lightly with one long-nailed finger, starting at your shoulder and following the tracery downward. "What are they from?"
Usually, you don't talk about your scars. Usually, you don't even admit they exist. Now, you take Karkat's hand and guide it to the worst and most noticable one, the thick vertical line dead center of your chest. "This one's from Jack Noir. When he...stabbed me. Killed me." You move his hand upward, to one running diagonally across your shoulder. This one's thinner, but longer as well, and you can still remember when it happened. "This one, I was sparring with Bro, and one of us fucked up. Probably me." To the other side, lower, a horizontal cut that's faded to almost nothing. "The first time I ever practiced with Bro, I didn't realize that blades bounce, and he...he didn't know I wouldn't know that."
Karkat pulls his hand down to your stomach, brushing his fingers against the close-set ladderwork of horizontal scars there. "How about these?" His voice is unspeakably gentle, so much so that he doesn't sound like the Karkat you know, and you know he already knows the answer to the question.
"Those—" You have to stop for a second. You've never admitted this, not to anyone, and as far as you know no one knows. "Me. Those are from me, okay?"
Every one of those cuts is for a memory of your Bro. After he died, after you knew he was gone, you sat in the dark and you went through your mind, searching out reasons you shouldn't miss him. For every one you found, you cut another line into your skin.
There were so many reasons.
When you turned the light on, you were kind of surprised by how much blood there was.
You're shaking.
Karkat growls in what sounds like annoyance, and stands up. You watch him, afraid that he's going to leave but somehow unable to call him back.
He steps over to the light switch and flicks it off. Your night vision is awful, and as soon as the room goes dark you are, effectively, blind, but you can hear the mattress creak as he sits down.
"Lie down, Dave." That strange gentleness is still in his voice, and as soon as you do what he says he rolls over next to you, putting one arm across your chest like an anchor.
"I'm sorry," you whisper, and you don't even know what you're apologising for.
"You didn't do anything wrong. It's okay. Go to sleep."
"I love you." You don't know why you say that. It's true, but you've never said it to anyone before, not that you can remember; you've always been too afraid to say it.
"Yeah. I love you, too, if it means what I think it does." Karkat sighs. "Go the fuck to sleep, Dave."
And you close your eyes, and you fall asleep, with Karkat lying warmly against you.
You are KARKAT VANTAS, and you can see a little better that Dave can in this darkness, which is to say that you can just make out vague shapes. You watch Dave in the dark, feeling the rythm of his breath slow and stabilize, fall into a calm pattern. He's asleep now, and you can stop worrying. For a minute, at least.
You're not going to leave him here. You're not going to go to sleep, either. Ever since this game started, ever since you first loaded that fucking game into your computer, you've been plagued with intense nightmares. Even before this all started, you had trouble sleeping sometimes; now that you're almost afraid of what waits for you in your dreams, you often stay awake until you physically can't keep your eyes open any longer.
And you don't like human-style beds all that much. Recupracoons make so much more sense.
You run your fingers across Dave's scars again, lightly enough that you won't wake him, starting with the worst one—Jack's—and working your way outward in a widening spiral. His scars show up so much worse than yours—human skin must not heal as efficiently as troll skin. Either that, or Dave's been hurt almost to the point of dying, over and over again.
You don't want to believe that, but you could—Dave looks and talks tough, seems cool and polished, but when he lets his guard fall, he's so fractured and fragile that it hurts your fucking heart. He's like no one you know; if he'd been a troll, he would have either been culled by now or been selected to train as an elite soldier. You'd like to believe the latter, but you honestly don't know.
And he's not a troll, anyway. He's human, uniquely beautiful and alien, different from you and from everyone you've always known. He is like a reflection of yourself in a cracked mirror, like the other half of everything you are.
You're barely awake, at this point. The realization alone should be enough to banish sleep, but all you can find the energy to do is mutter, "Fuck it," and squirm a little closer to Dave.
His skin is cooler than yours, you think as you close your eyes. Like a highblood's, or maybe not a highblood...Terezi? Equius? Not Gamzee, if you remember right (which you might not; it's been so long since you've touched Gamzee, and that though brings a pang of guilt), warmer than Gamzee's skin but only by a little...
You're still contemplating blood tempature when you fall asleep.
Sleep is as big a mistake as you knew it would be, fraught with blood like a liquid rainbow, pain that's only a shadow of what pain can be but still hurts like fuck, memories that are undeniably your own (no matter how much you'd like to deny them) and memories that are hellishly familiar and yet bewilderingly not-yours. Part of the time you know that you're dreaming, but you still can't force yourself awake.
When you do finally wake up, you do it with a stifled whimper, your hands closing convulsively on—
Flesh. Dave's shoulders. At some point, you moved even closer to him, draping yourself over him and curling against him, and now you're pretty fucking sure you just drove your fingernails deep enough into his skin to draw blood. And you're still in the grip of the nightmare, unable to breathe deep enough to apologise, unable to do anything other than shake and cling to him.
"Bad dream?" Dave's whisper is barely loud enough to be heard over your own heartbeat. "I know how that is."
You breath as deeply as you can, shedding some measure of the unreasoning fear, growl, "I'm fucking fine," and immediately regret saying it.
Dave is silent for a second. "Fine," he replies, thoughtfully. "I know I'm not fine, and I don't think you are, either. Not really. But that's okay." One of his hands comes up, stroking your hair but staying well clear of your horns—even though he's not troll, he seems to get that there are times when horns can be touched and times that they definitely should not be. "Right?"
You can feel the vibration that'll become a purr starting in your chest, and it makes you feel even more ashamed for snapping at him. "I'm sorry," you mutter.
Dave considers that for another long moment, fingers combing absently through your hair. When he speaks again, it's not in a whisper but in a low voice that has a cadence that you've heard from him before, when he's rapping with someone else. "So fine my line between loving and dying, in the nick of time you arrive and you strive to keep me alive, don't let me take a dive, you know you saved my life, broke me out of my strife, brought me relief and taught me belief with the words that you weave—" He runs out of breath, inhales sharply, and keeps going, although his voice goes a bit hoarser with every word, "Karkat, please don't leave, you're what I need and without you I'd bleed: words, blood, and pain, colder than death's reign, I would go insane, you're all that can tame the storm in my brain—"
Dave's voice cracks, and he stops rapping. You can hear his breathing, though, ragged and uneven, as he fights not to cry.
"Fuck," you say softly. You can feel your own tears on your face. "Oh, fuck, Dave, fucking..." There are no words, nothing you can find to say, so instead you reach out in the dark, finding Dave's face and wiping tears away as gently as you can. You're so bad at this, always have been, and you're afraid that you'll do something to hurt him worse as you try to comfort him.
Without even thinking, you run one hand through his hair, feeling for horns and not finding any. Dave sighs shakily as you mentally curse yourself.
"Don't leave me," he says quietly, and his voice breaks again on the second word. "Please—"
"You're fucking kidding me." You lean forward, pressing your lips against his forehead for a brief second. "I'd rather cut off my right hand than leave you alone, Strider, and don't you fucking forget it."
He exhales sharply, a gasp turned inside out, and pulls you down just a little, just enough that your mouth meets his. This kiss is even better than the first time, if that's possible. It lasts what seems like forever and like no time at all, and this time Dave's the one who breaks it.
"Are we—are we still on 'no pailing?'" he asks, and you can hear a wicked smile in his voice. "Because if we are, I might be about to have a problem—"
"Fuck that," you tell him, and find his mouth with your own again.
And he is smiling, and you swear on your soul that you won't ever let him stop.
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playlist-reid · 3 years ago
Tompkins Square Park - Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
welcome back from my hiatus. I watched Thor and got onto an avengers kick and focused on my avengers blog for a while and I am so sorry for being so horrible :( nonetheless, enjoy my short and hurty comeback. gif is not mine.
word count:  2,179
There was an leery feeling in the building when Spencer entered for work. No one seemed to be acting correctly, and they seemed to all be avoiding him. Everyone in the team was tiptoeing around him and talking to him as if he were a sensitive child.  It was a feeling he knew once before, when it was announced that Emily Prentiss had not died, and was alive and well, and he knew there was going to be some sort of reveal.  
He knew something was up when Aaron Hotchner called everyone into the conference room.  Spencer glanced around, searching for you, but it seemed like you were out today.  Maybe you were just late?  Why hadn’t you called him?  You were his best friend and girlfriend.  Why wouldn’t you call him?  You were never late.
The team sat around the table with solemn looks on their faces.  Spencer knitted his eyebrows together as he glanced around at everyone, realizing they were all avoiding eye contact with him.  “What is going on?”  Spencer asked all of them, but only Agent Rossi was able to look at him.  
“Just sit tight, kid.”  He told him carefully, clasping a hand onto his back.
Hotchner returned quickly with a file under his arm.  “We are going on a case that is going to hit home quite hard.”  He said with little hesitation as Penelope flipped the slide, showing your house on the large screen.  He knew it too well, and all the broken windows made his heart lurch.  Even your bedroom window, which was the only one that had a light on in the house, was shattered.  
Spencer’s heart dropped as his mouth fell open.  He realized all eyes were on him as he glanced around, trying to understand.  “Where is she?”  He choked out and stood when no one replied immediately.  “Where is she?!”  Spencer yelled finally, and Derek Morgan stood quickly as well.  He put his hands onto Spencer’s shoulder’s pushing him down, where JJ took his hand gingerly.  
“(Y/N) was attacked last night in her home.  As you can see, with all the windows shattered, the MO matches the one of Allen Harper, our Harrisburg Strangler.  As we all know, (Y/N) is from Harrisburg, and that is how we were put onto the case when she brought it to our attention.  Being from there and the attentive person she is, she noticed the string of killings all around the city on the fifteen day of every month.  Last night as December 15th, and someone had attempted to strangle (Y/N).”  Penelope explained quickly, without looking at anyone but Spencer.  Her eyes met his nonstop, and he felt a sudden lurch in his stomach that made him feel as if he were going to throw up all over the table.
Spencer’s voice finally found its hold as he spoke.  “Is she okay?”  He whispered out, and JJ squeezed his hand lightly. 
Penelope nodded and flipped the slide to a picture of you, sitting on the back on an ambulance.  Your eye was black and blue, and your neck had hand print bruises all over it, and to stop it all off, the normally pale blue pajamas you wore were torn and bloody from most likely the shattered windows.  Spencer took a sharp inhale of breath and Rossi put a hand on his back, patting him lightly.  
“She was able to fight the person off just before police got there.  She is in witness protection now.  We have reason to believe that because (Y/N) was the one to kill Allen Harper, that this is a fan or family member of his seeking revenge on who brought the publicity and death to their beloved Allen.  It has been three months since Allen was killed, and on the fifteenth of every month, there has been a strangling with all the windows broken in three cities leading down here to Quantico.  All in rural parts of the cities, just like in Harrisburg, where no one can hear the glass breaking.”  Penelope continued, and paused as Aaron turned to Spencer.
With cold and worried eyes, Aaron looked at Spencer closely.  “Will you be able to help with this case?  Will you be able to keep a level head and think of (Y/N) as just another victim?”  He asked Spencer quickly and coldly, causing a shiver to rake through his body.  
“I will not be able to think of her as just another victim, but I am more than able to help with this case.”  He said evenly, trying to keep it together in front of his colleagues.
Penelope nodded.  “(Y/N) is in safe hands Spencer.  We will fix this, and she can come back after.”  She reminded him before she continued on with her presentation, showing the other victims from the three prior cities and their houses.  
Spencer zoned out, thinking of you, and focusing on the picture of you on the back of the ambulance with one eye swollen shut and the other looked so tired and beaten down.  You looked tired as ever, and he felt so broken over you being hurt.  He was supposed to spend the night last night, but you insisted that because there was work in the morning and neither of you would be able to sleep if he stayed over, staying up late and talking into the early hours of the morning.  He wished he insisted on staying, so he could be there to save you from harm.  He felt like he missed his purpose.
Once the lot finished the briefing, the room evacuated to get ready to head to your house and the others, but Spencer stayed sitting.  He glanced up at Emily, who stood at the door with a concerned expression before she closed the door and walked to him quickly, pulling something from her pocket.  She unfolded the large yellow envelope and sat next to Spencer, staring at it in her own hands before handing it to him quickly.  
Spencer turned it over in his hands, evaluating it closely, before looking back to Emily.  Emily pressed her lips together and ran a hand through her hair.  “She said you’d know what it means.”  Emily said before standing, and resting a hand on Spencer’s shoulder.  For a moment, while Spencer stared at the envelope, Emily thought for sure that he already knew what was written on the torn page of an owner’s manual inside, but she sighed gently and shook her head before leaving Spencer to his thoughts.  
TSP, 7.
The letters were embroidered into Spencer’s head, and he could not rid himself of them as he gripped the steering wheel of the large SUV he had borrowed from Penelope tightly.  He kept running a hand through his hair, causing it to be a puffy mess of curls, but nonetheless, he was dead set on making it to New York City by 7 PM.
He knew you too well.  You had always wanted to go to Tompkins Square Park ever since you were a little girl, so there was no way the letters could mean anything other than that.  The seven seemed almost too obvious to be a time, but perhaps some people would not understand what it would mean.  But Spencer, he knew exactly.  You were always talking in code, and Spencer had gotten too used to it.  
The farther north he traveled, the heavier the snow fell.  You loved snow.  You would be so happy to see this, if you were with him.  But, if you were with him, he wouldn’t be driving the 276 miles to the city that was just as crowded, if not more than Las Vegas.  
It felt like the five hours of driving flew by as Spencer parallel parked long East 10th Street and ran from his vehicle, barely remembering to shut it off and and locking it.  He pulled the paper from the pocket of his khaki dress pants, looking closely at the words you wrote on the unloved and unused owner’s manual for a BMW x7, your car.  He flipped over the torn page, looking at the words from the company written on the back, until his eye caught something.  He noticed a little dot below a few of the letters on the manual.  
Quickly, in order he read the letters
t e m p e r a n c e
His mind wandered for a moment as he wondered what it could mean, but then, it hit him like a ton of bricks.  The Temperance Fountain, not far from where he was, was where you had to be.  Quickly, he ran towards the fountain, wasting no time.  He paused for a moment, scanning the area, until his eyes fell upon a person leaning against one of the four columns of the fountain.  Slowly, and carefully, with his gun on his hip, Spencer approached the fountain and stood next to the column next to the one with the person leaning on it, asking a question that he knew would get your attention, if it were you.  
“Can you tell what’s on my tongue?”  He asked into the air and stared up at the sky through the trees.  
The figure made no effort to move, but instead replied with, “Can you guess that I’ll be gone?”
You had both quoted your favorite song, line by line.  This made Spencer’s heart swell as he moved to get nearer to you, but you held a cut and scabby hand up.  “No, you can’t.”  You said from beneath your hood that hid your face entirely, but not your voice.  “There is a possibility we are being watched.”  You told him and glanced at him from beneath the hood, and Spencer could see how beaten and battered you were.  
His heart sunk as he continued to look forward, not at you.  “I was so worried, (Y/N).  Why didn’t you call me?”  Spencer asked quickly. 
“All I could do was call 911 before he broke my phone.  Listen, he told me some things that I am going to need you to relay to someone, so please get that beautiful eidetic memory ready.”  You told Spencer as you looked in the opposite direction, away from Spencer.  “He said he would not stop until the person who killed his brother was dead.  We looked into Allen’s records and family history; he had no brother.  He told me Harrisburg was not my city, but it was Allen’s.  So please look into Harrisburg and see if there is any unknown babies left at stations and hospitals and such.  If his brother is a native, then I am willing to bet he is too.”  You told Spencer and checked your watch.  You sighed and wiped your face furiously, removing the tears from your cheeks.
Spencer’s heart ached at the sound of your voice, but he continued to look away from you.  “What’s going to happen to you?”  Spencer asked then, causing a breath to lodge in your throat.  
You swallowed hair and glanced at Spencer for a split second as people passed by them.  “My guard is around here.  It took all I had to convince him to let this happen.  He’s over there.”  You said and nodded towards a bench, where a large burly man sat with his arms crossed, staring at you.  
Spencer looked at him and shivered.  “Where are you going?”  He asked you quietly and you bit your lip.  
“Where my grandfather went to college.”  You said carefully and glanced at Spencer once more as your guard tapped on his watch.  
With an odd look, Spencer glanced to you as well.  “You told me you were the first in your family to go to college.”  
“Precisely.  Another decoding you should be able to figure out.”  You told him and moved from the wall, towards him in four large steps.  You enveloped him into a tight hug, and he was too scared to squeeze you tight from your injuries.  “I love you, Spencer.  Beat this guy so I can come home.”  You pleaded and looked at him with your broken and cut face.  
Spencer nodded, and pressed a quick kiss to your lips before you let go and walked towards you guard.  “I love you.”  He told you.  
“He’s going to kill me for that, but I couldn’t resist.”  You said and motioned to your guard with a crooked smile Spencer knew too well.  “I’ll see you soon.”
“Soon.”  Spencer confirmed and waved gently as he watched you be briskly pulled away and into the trees and bushes, presumably to where the car was hidden on the block.  Spencer sighed, and sunk down to his bottom on the ground, in the wet snow, and let a choked cry out.  
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