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windmill-ghost5 months ago
mane of rainbows like he trail behind nyan cat
Dear god... noted.
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kinanabinks7 months ago
His Koala Bear 馃惃 Dark!Steve x Reader
Tumblr media
this is my first ever time writing a steve rogers x reader imagine. the idea came to me late at night. this was driven by my need to be manhandled by captain america
non-avengers au
Summary: You and Steve have been best friends for as long as you can remember. He can鈥檛 help but let his dark fantasies seep into reality.
WARNING: MATURE + DARK, 18+, fem!reader, DARK!STEVE, steve is lowkey (or maybe highkey) manipulative, takes advantage of innocent!reader, kinda dub!con, dry humping
The knock on your door at midnight should scare you.
When you moved to New York, your mother warned you to lock your door at night and not to open it for anyone. "Under no circumstances are you to answer a knock after 8pm," she repeated at least a hundred times while you loaded your things into the moving truck. "There is just no need for anyone to be visiting you at such ungodly hours."
"I'll be fine," You replied, sick of her incessant concern. "Steve and Sharon live not a stone's throw away from my apartment, and crime in the city has been declining at a steady rate for the last four years."
She narrowed her eyes at you. "I know you made that statistic up, and I know you think I'm too much of dumbass to find out if it's true, but I'll let it slide this time."
"Come on, ma, aren't you excited for me?" You asked her with a grin.
Rolling her eyes, she sighed with defeat. "Of course I am. I'm just sad to see my daughter all grown up."
That was two years ago. Now, you're a fully fledged New Yorker, or at least you think yourself to be. Life is good. You have a great job with a promising career ahead of you, you're dating someone who's handsome and sweet to you, and you see Steve at least every other day, just like you're kids again.
When he moved to New York almost a decade ago, it was heartbreaking. After growing up together, you couldn't imagine life without Steve, but you managed to make it work. Video calls and regular reunions every two months kept your spark of friendship alive, and the distance did nothing to stop you from being best friends.
The job opportunity wasn't expected, but it was thoroughly embraced. Steve caught the red-eye right to your home town the second he found out, wanting to make sure you were going to accept the offer and move to the city. He helped you convince your mother that you'd be safe under his watchful eye, and she was quick to believe him since she practically had a hand in raising him.
You adjusted almost immediately, and Steve made sure of it. He told you the best places to eat, the places with the prettiest views to go on runs (though he refused to let you go without him), and he introduced you to his friends. Sharon, his wife, doesn't always see eye-to-eye with you, but she's polite enough. You can tell that she isn't thrilled when he takes you out to dinner, or sleeps over at your place after nights out, but Steve is more than skilled enough to sweet-talk her into trusting the fact that your relationship is nothing more than platonic.
Anyway, back to the knock.
Yes, it's midnight and yes, you live alone, but you already know who's on the other side of the door before you even open it. When you swing it open, Steve narrows his eyes. "How many times have I told you to keep the chain on the door until you know for sure who it is?"
You sigh, leaning against the doorframe. "How many times have I told you that you're the only one who visits me so late at night?"
He smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes. You can tell by the slight redness in his scleras and the way he looks like a broken-hearted, exhausted little puppy that he's unhappy.
"Fight with Sharon again?" You ask, to which he nods.
"Yup," He confirms, making your chest ache.
You open your arms wide and he immediately accepts your hug, wrapping his thick arms tightly around you. Your feet lift off the ground as he walks further into your apartment, and you wrap your legs around his torso before you fall down. He kicks the door shut before trudging to your kitchen and placing you on the counter, standing between your legs.
Looking forlorn, his eyes are on the ground and you cup his cheek with a pout. "Steve, people argue. It's normal."
He meets your gaze, his blue eyes filled with melancholy. "We never argue."
You let out a soft laugh, "Because we've been best friends since we were five. How could we ever disagree about something when we based everything we know and think on each other?"
He hums, before raising his eyebrows. His voice is low, and defeated. "Is it alright if I sleep over tonight?"
"Of course you can," You say softly, stroking his cheeks with your thumbs.
"I'll just take the couch," He mumbles, his eyes downcast.
Steve Rogers is a bastard. That's what he thinks of himself, anyway. He knows exactly how to make you feel sorry for him, and exactly how to get you where he wants you. He knows he's wrong for it, but it doesn't stop him from exploiting your innocence.
He moved to New York out of guilt. His sexual attraction to you was growing too strong, and he was afraid he'd ruin things if he was to act on it. He knew he needed to create distance between you, learn to stifle his feelings and then, once he was sure he could trust himself around you, he could move back home. But New York had a way of hosting all the things Steve loved, not to mention the progress he had made in his business career. No, he couldn't move back.
He needed to bring you to him.
It was fine; he could trust himself now. He was married to another woman, for crying out loud, and he hadn't had any untoward thoughts about you in a long time. Not while he was sober, anyway.
So he pulled a few strings, called in a few favors, and managed to orchestrate an irresistible offer for your dream job, minutes away from where he worked. This way, he'd have you back in his life, where you belonged.
He thought he was better. He thought he truly loved Sharon, and that he was over his unhealthy obsession with you. But then you moved to New York, and he once again became possessed by the thought of you. Steve just couldn't stay away from you, but you were none the wiser to his feelings for you. It was Steve; he had always been touchy-feely and open with his emotions, and maybe a little overly flirtatious- it was Steve. That's just how he had always been.
"Steven, how many times have we shared a bed?" You ask with a raised eyebrow, before adamantly adding, "You're not spending the night on my leather couch."
Giving you a soft smile of appreciation, he picks you up again before taking you to your bedroom.
"I have legs, you know," You tell him with a laugh.
He shrugs, "I like carrying you."
God, you're so hot. Steve can't believe he stayed away from you for so long, but he's so glad you're back. For the past two years, he's been making you fall in love with New York, to make sure you're never tempted to go back home. If he were to lose you again, he isn't sure he'd survive.
While you change into a silk tank top and matching shorts in the en suite, Steve pulls off his shirt and joggers, leaving him in just his boxers. You aren't surprised by his half-naked body when you re-enter the bedroom, having seen it countless times before.
He's lying in the middle of the bed, and when you kneel onto it he quickly pulls you on top of him so you're straddling his waist. You're too focused on scanning your chipped nails to see the way he looks you up and down with sheer lust, and the way he has to do his best not to squeeze his hands any tighter on your hips.
You look down at him with a sweet smile and rest your hands on his hard chest, hoping he feels better about his argument with Sharon soon. You hate seeing him upset, but it seems that him and Sharon have been fighting a lot recently.
"Can I have a hug?" He asks with a small voice, making your heart swell.
"Of course, Stevie," You sing, before leaning forward and resting your chest against his. One of his hands rubs your back, his fingers slipping under your loose tank and stroking your skin. His other hand rests on your hip, dangerously close to cupping your ass- but you don't sense anything untoward about his touch. It's only Steve, after all.
"I love you so much, sweetheart," He mumbles into your ear.
"I love you too, Steve," You reply, pulling your head back so you can meet his eyes.
He places a long, soft kiss to the corner of your mouth, his hands slowly rubbing your body. "I don't think I'll ever be happy seeing you with another man, because I know none of them would ever be good enough for you. You perfect little thing."
You giggle at his compliment, and the sound goes straight to his cock. "Is that why you hate Alex so much?"
Steve rolls his eyes at the mention of the guy you're currently seeing, and lets out a grumble. "Don't remind me about that ass-hat."
"He isn't an ass-hat!" You insist. "You just need to get to know him better."
"I'd rather just hug you all night," He mutters, feigning fatigue. "Can I?"
You frown at the fact that he thinks he needs to ask. "Of course, Stevie."
Suddenly, he takes a tight hold of your hips before pushing you onto the bed and climbing on top of you, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. "Much better," He whispers.
"Steve!" You exclaim between laughs, shaking your head.
He chuckles along, his hand gently cupping your cheek while he stares down at you with adoration. "I could have you wrapped around me like a little koala bear all day."
You snort at his words, but are glad that he's feeling better. "Does that make you the tree?"
A mischievous glint flashes in his eyes. "Can't you feel the trunk?" He playfully pushes his crotch against yours, and you gasp when you feel his boner.
"Steve!" You squeal, attempting to push at his shoulders but unable to keep the smile off your face.
"I'm just kidding," He says with a sly grin, before dipping his head and resting it against your neck. He hums when he takes in a breath, his mind absolutely taken over by you. Before he can stop himself, he's pressing a chaste kiss to your neck. "Your skin's so soft. You smell so good."
You close your eyes, a lazy smile on your lips. "Alex treated me to a spa day."
Ignoring the mention of his current mortal enemy, Steve drowns in the smell of cocoa butter mixed with your natural scent. "Mmm, I could just bite you." With that, he nips at your neck, making you yelp.
"Hey!" You scold him, tugging at his hair.
He swallows thickly as you pull on his locks, his lips still brushing softly against your neck. "It's not my fault you taste so good." After a few more innocent kisses which you brush off, Steve speaks again. "What would Alex say if I gave you a hickey?"
"Absolutely not, Steve," You say sternly, shaking your head at his immaturity.
"Oh, come on," He drawls, making you laugh. "Why not?"
"You can't," You insist, lightly patting his muscular back.
"You can just say you burned yourself with a curler," He mutters, before lifting his head so he can meet your eyes, giving you the puppy-eyes he knows tug at your heart. "That's what Sharon tells me."
His words break your heart and you cup his face. "Oh, Steve," You sigh. "Come here, honey."
He falls back against your body, clutching you tightly. He has to hold back his smirk. You make it too easy. Resting his forehead against yours, he keeps the innocent look on his face. "You make me feel so much better, baby," He says truthfully, ever so slightly rubbing his boner against your clothed cunt. He's slow and soft enough to keep you from calling him out, but hard enough for him to be able to draw some incredible pleasure from his movements. Looking down at your chest, he lets out a chuckle. "You cold?"
Your eyes widen and you look down to see your nipples which have hardened beneath the thin material of your top. "Oh, my God." With a wicked smile on his face, he flicks one of them, making you gasp. "Steve, stop!"
He doesn't. Instead, he begins rubbing his thumb over it, giving you a look as though it isn't his fault. "Hey, you're the one with hard nipples right now. They're kinda hard to avoid; you're almost poking my eyes out."
"I hate you," You whine, your cheeks heating with embarrassment.
Suddenly, he lowers his head and grazes his teeth against your nipple, making you gasp.
"Steve, what are you doing?" You ask with a whisper, your eyes wide.
He grins, "Just trying to make you squirm." He takes your nipple between his teeth and gently bites down, making your hips buck up.
"Well, it's working," You mewl, feeling something peculiar building up in your core.
"Yeah, it is," He says proudly, continuing to bite your breast.
"That's not a good thing!" You inform him curtly.
He just grunts in response, before letting go of his inhibitions and placing his mouth around your pebbled nipple. He starts sucking it through your top, making you whimper at the electric bolts his actions are sending through your body. Steve has been touchy and flirty before, but this is the furthest he's ever taken it.
"Steven," You whine, to which he laughs, causing a low vibration to wrap around your nipple.
He finally pulls away, laughing nonchalantly. "Alright, alright."
"You made me wet now," You complain with a frown, causing his heart to skip a beat. You've never once made a sexual comment back to him, let alone tell him when you're turned on - no matter how horny he knows he secretly makes you.
"Huh?" He utters, his cock twitching.
"Look at my top," You tell him, gesturing at the wet patch over your left breast.
Steve lets out a sigh, slowly nodding. "Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Have I been a bad boy?"
You giggle, running your hand through his hair before playfully saying, "Yes, you've been a bad boy, Steven."
He lets out a shaky breath at your words, before resting his forehead against yours. Slowly, he begins humping you again, his eyes boring into your wide ones. "I love you, baby. You're my best friend in the whole world."
His words make you smile. "I love you too, Stevie."
His hips buck up and made you quietly whimper, and he knows he's making you feel good. "Well, I love you more," He mumbles, holding himself back from thrusting against you as hard as he wants to.
You sigh, "I'll let you win."
He smirks at your words, his thumb stroking your cheek. You have truly stolen his heart, soul and body, and he wouldn't want it any other way. "I could stay like this forever," He admits, with his boner rubbing ever so gently against your crotch.
You finally take notice of his soft thrusts, and your heart begins to race. "Steve..."
"It's okay," He assures you, his voice and face having a way of relaxing you.
"Sharon wouldn't be happy if she knew you were in my bed," You comment lowly, hoping your mention of her doesn't anger him.
He's a little frustrated that you mentioned her, but he could never be angry at you. He could never speak with anything but love to you. He could never hurt you, and he would never, and he'd do everything in his power to stop anything and everything else from hurting you. "She knows you're my best friend," He tells you simply, before taking your hand and placing a kiss to your knuckles.
You let out a dry laugh, "But she probably doesn't want me being the one comforting you after one of your arguments." Memories of all the sour looks Sharon has given you flash through your mind - Steve notices them too, and it makes him resent her to think that she sees you as anything less than a perfect angel.
"Fuck her," He mutters, rolling his hips a little. "I'm here with you right now."
Biting your lip, you feel your stomach flip. "Steve?"
"Yes, sweet girl?" He asks, willing to do and give you anything you ask for.
"You- your-" You can't bring yourself to say it as you feel your cheeks heat up.
He loves how innocent you are, and it shows in the sly smirk on his lips. "What is it, pretty baby?"
"Y- you have a... boner," You whisper, unable to meet his eyes when the naughty word leaves your mouth.
Feigning surprise, he raises his eyebrow. "Oh, shit. Sorry; I can't really control it." He bites his lip before beginning to hump you harder, making your pussy tingle.
You're left speechless as he grinds into you, keeping the look of innocence on his face while he strokes your cheeks and whispers sweet nothings into your ear.
"You're so perfect," He mumbles, his eyes rolling back. His beard brushes against your cheek, as he speeds up his thrusts. "You really are, my sweet girl."
You purse your lips together to hold back your moans, in shock at what's happening right now. You're breaking every rule of friendship right now, but it feels too good to bring it to a stop just yet. His hard cock rubs your clit through his boxers and your silk shorts, making a familiar feeling build up in your core.
Both of you are keeping in your noises of pleasure, as though letting them out will make the fact that this is happening more real. Afraid that your moans will break the illusion that this is nothing more than just an intimate, innocent, platonic hug.
Steve is in heaven. Finally, he's getting what he has craved for so long. What's he wanted, what he's needed - no. What he fucking deserves. What he deserves after being your protector your whole lives, after making sure that nobody ever hurt you. Nobody messed with you back home because of him. When he moved to the city, the memory of his threats ran deep among your friends and associates, none of them attempting to make a move even when he wasn't physically there to watch over you. And now, in New York, nobody dared to flirt with one of New York's richest CEO's property. That was how they saw you. Yes, Sharon was his wife, but the pretty little thing on his arm at corporate events that Sharon didn't want to attend? The deadly stare on his face for anyone who spoke to you silently conveyed the fact that Steve Rogers owned you, and he'd rain hell on anyone who tried questioning or changing that.
With his arms tightly wrapped around you, he humps harder and faster, bringing you both to your blissful orgasms. "That's it, let go, just like the good girl you are," He mumbles, pulling you into a sense of security and safety. "It's alright. Let me make you feel good, baby."
You feel yourself squirt, soaking your silk shorts, and Steve feels his cock throb incessantly. He continues thrusting a few more times, licking and nipping at your jawline. As you float through the feeling of pure joy, he growls animalistically, shuddering and shaking as he cums harder than ever before in his boxers, feeling like a timid virgin again.
Your eyes shoot open when you realize what just happened. "Oh, my God."
Steve lets out groans and grunts against your neck, both of you breathing heavily.
Mortified, your bottom lips quiver. "I'm so sorry, Steve, I- oh God, that was so wrong."
"No, baby, it's okay," He softly assures you, stroking your cheek.
You shake your heard, filled with guilt. "No. You came over here upset, needing comforting and... I'm such a bad friend. I feel like I took advantage, you were upset-"
"Hey, hey," He whispers, holding your face and meeting your eyes. "You are my best friend. Always. You didn't do anything wrong, I promise. I love you so much."
Your eyes are glossy. "I love you, too, Steve," You reply with a sniffle.
"It's okay," He promises, kissing the tip of your nose. "These things happen. It's completely natural, okay? You did nothing wrong. In fact, you did so well for me, baby."
You nod, his praise making you feel good, but the guilt doesn't leave you. "Y- you're married..."
"And Sharon isn't here," Steve finishes, rubbing your scalp and looking at you with all the affection and love in the world. "And she doesn't have to know. She won't know. Ever." With that, he kisses your lips, and he feels as though he's just placed the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle right in the center, and the image makes sense.
And when you happily reciprocate his kiss, you both know that you're finally looking at Steve the same way that he's been looking at you for the past 15 years.
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earthtooz2 months ago
Hi! Could i get some drabble or headcanons for a reader that has a crush on Techno (he's too oblivious even though he also has a crush on the reader) and someone accidentally spills to her how Techno would talk about her all the time when she wasn't with him? :)
ofc u may however, did i decide to mash this with another request to create a fic? i did, i hope you enjoy and if i'm not mistaken, would you like to be 馃尮 anon for my blog? :D if you do, lmk what ur pronouns are future reference but only if you're comfy to do so!
request: Reader is an old friend of Philza, they don't really like interacting or getting involved in all the stuff that goes down in main parts of dsmp so they live in the arctic woods.
hope you both enjoy!
饾悮 饾悺饾悮饾惄饾惄饾惒 饾悮饾悳饾悳饾悽饾悵饾悶饾惂饾惌 - [饾悳!饾惌饾悶饾悳饾悺饾惂饾惃饾悰饾惀饾悮饾悵饾悶]
Tumblr media
synopsis: after a little accident of... attempting to rob technoblade's house, you weren't expecting more to come out of it.
warnings: knife n swords (light mentions), kissing and swearing oh and fluff LOL
a/n: short one tonight y'all, 2.7k words. i missed writing for c!techno. i rly enjoyed writing this one so :D thank you anons for submitting
Tumblr media
you whispered to philza: i'm on my way
philza whispered to you: the door is unlocked for you.
you whispered to philza: thank you phil, i really appreciate this
philza whispered to you: of course, my friend. i am happy to help
that was the last of your conversation and when you arrived at the co-ordinates that phil had sent, you stumbled upon a pleasant, cozy looking cottage. double checking the numbers to your location, you notice that there was no fault in the input data.
the only problem was that there were two of said houses and phil hadn't given you further instructions on which was his so you took a wild guess and went with the house on the left. the only reason you did so was because the house on the right still had a flickering candle near one of the windowsills, indicating that someone was still awake.
knowing phil, he'd never go to sleep at this ungodly of an hour.
you're pleasantly surprised to find out that the spruce door to the house was unlocked and opened at a simple push. the last thing you wanted to do was disturb phil and wake him up, so you creep around the cabin, noticing a few chests upon arrival.
entering the perimeter, you take a good look at the decor which, to your surprise, was nothing like what phil would normally design his houses to look like. sure, it still was aesthetically pleasing but... this build was certainly one of his lesser ones.
taking a small peek inside the wooden storages, the hinges creaks a little but it could not have been possibly heard by anyone but you. as you quietly dug around, there's nothing but riches which was not what you needed at this moment.
as tempting as it was to take them, stacks upon stacks of emeralds would weigh down your inventory.
you're barely done scavenging one chest when an arm encircles around your waist, forcefully tugging you back and you swear, you feel your heart launch from your ribcage but there's no time to scream when a sharpened sword threatens to puncture your throat. the figure whose holding you close is warm, oddly so and for some reason, that's all you can think about.
it leaves you kind of flustered.
the attacker knocks over a vase in his quick movements but that is paid no attention.
"whoa, whoa, settle down there," you laughed awkwardly, not liking how close the blade was, or how cold it was. it was a stark contrast to the warmth of the figure that held you against him.
"settle down? you're the one who broke in to my house in the middle of the night and started stealin' my stuff!" a gruff, tired voice murmurs into your ear. well, that wasn't phil. the man who's holding you in this compromising position obviously did not like being interrupted from his sleep.
"i didn't mean to!" you said shakily.
"what do you mean you didn't mean to?"
"wrong house or something, just stop pressing a sword to my throat and we can talk, dude!"
"you just woke me up, stranger. no offence but i'm in no mood to talk."
you feared that you were going to find out first hand what happens when you disturb a man from his sleep. he somehow presses the blade closer to you without even puncturing skin and you can't help but think that the man must know a lot on how to interrogate perpetrators because you were feeling pretty terrified now.
"i didn't mean to! i'm here because my house got burnt down by some shady business guys and my friend phil offered me some materials to help me rebuild, okay? is that good enough?"
he humourlessly chuckles, "yeah right, as if i'm going to believe that. there's a good chance you've been sent by quackity to kill me again."
"who the hell is quackity and why are they trying to kill you... again? that's a stupid name."
"yeah... yeah it kind of is."
you catch a glance of this man and you realise now just how tall he was as he towers over you, pink hair glowing menacingly in the moonlight.
a familiar voice from the entrance to the cottage captures your attention. "techno, what's going on?"
you almost sob in relief when it's phil that's standing at the entrance and he notices you immediately.
"y/n?" the older blond inquires.
"you know them?" the supposed man named techno asks and phil nods slowly.
"yeah..." the cogs in his head are turning as he's trying to work out how you two got into this predicament and when phil finds his answer, he's laughing. you don't find it as funny, quite truthfully.
as it turns out, the next house was the correct one.
you sighed, "not what i need right now, phil, i'm kind of in a tricky situation here."
"you can let them go, mate, they don't mean any harm."
reluctantly, your captor lets go of you and when you're free from his strong, unrelenting grasp, you feel like you can finally breathe once more. now that you are able to face the man that captured you, there's some things you want to say to him.
but all words die out as you take in this 'techno' guy.
he had long pink hair that framed his face and fell below his shoulders, honed features defined enough for you to believe that they were sharper than the blade he pressed to your throat not too long ago and a deadly gaze that sent a shiver down your spine.
oh. he was attractive.
even though he was wearing his sleep attire, it was accompanied by a golden crown and long, red robes which fit the regal air that surrounded this guy.
you would believe it if someone told you he was sculpted by the gods themselves
spluttering, you decide to hold back your opinions as you turn around to phil, trying to forget the way techno made you feel. the blond notices the change in your behaviour immediately and raises an eyebrow.
"hey phil," you squeaked.
"y/n, what a surprise to see you here," phil says with a lopsided smirk.
"shut up."
that evokes another chuckle from the blond who turns to look at techno. "i think you two have met but an introduction is still needed. y/n, this is technoblade, technoblade, this is y/n."
"y/n," you repeated, waving awkwardly. technoblade does the same. although you both wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out due to how humiliated you both felt at the moment, phil, on the other hand, was loving the entertainment. "i'm uh sorry for ransacking your house."
"it's okay... i think," the pink haired muttered, "you didn't take anything, right?"
"nothing. so far, at least."
"what's that supposed to mean-"
"c'mon," phil places a hand on your shoulder. "i'll show you to where i put your supplies."
you nod at your blond friend, "thank you."
as phil is showing you the interior to his home, which was way more suited to him than techno's, he asks how you got into the situation you found yourself in. technoblade's curiously listening from the doorway the entire time and you try to ignore his intense gaze.
"not my fault you gave me co-ordinates but didn't specify which house would be yours!" you exclaimed, taking the cup of tea phil offers you, "and i thought that because you aren't normally awake at almost 1am, that the house without the light on was yours!"
"i was waiting for you, you could've sent a message."
"well i didn't want to disturb you!"
"you know you'd never disturb me at all, especially with your house gone."
you sighed, hopelessly staring at the chest filled with supplies that phil offers you. "yeah. i have to build it all over again."
"you could live here, y'know?" offers phil and it's an interesting solution. techno reacts to it, not in a decipherable way, he just reacted...
he glances over to the pink-haired in the doorway for confirmation. technoblade merely shrugs in compliance. "sure, if you trust them."
"i mean, i'd love to, anywhere is much better than where i used to live quite honestly," you said. "but i'd hate to intrude."
"you're not intruding! it's nice having more neighbours around, we insist."
it seemed like phil was speaking for both him and techno at that point because the latter had yet to object to the offer. you take that as a sign.
you grinned widely at both phil and techno, "then i really appreciate it, thank you."
when you're asleep in one of the spare bedrooms that phil generously lent you, it left just him and the pink haired warrior alone. "how come i've never heard of you before?"
"they don't really interact with the dream smp, they're from relatively far out and so that's why."
technoblade nods in understanding, still brimming with questions he so desperately sought answers for but he doesn't prod. not now at least. you intrigued him quite a bit and there was this feeling of attachment- if that even was the right way to describe it, blooming in his chest. perhaps these next few months with you in his life might spark some action.
techno, phil and ranboo, who you just met, all help you with building your house and it must've been an unspoken agreement between you and the pink haired that whatever happened last night, didn't happen. you're just thankful that he seemed to have gotten over it
you watch him curiously as he effortlessly chops spruce wood in half. it was no secret that he was a skilled fighter, judging by your interaction last night, that part was easy to deduce. so being an excellent fighter, you could also only assume that he was a natural survivalist. he wasn't bulky per se, but he was incredibly fit and athletically shaped, with toned definitions here and there.
technoblade interests you. there's quite of bit of him that you wish to discover.
he catches your eye and you glance away immediately.
it's been three months since you moved in and it was an easy change. though living in the tundra's cold climates was the most shocking adaptation, it wasn't too hard with the help of your neighbours and you appreciated people you could actually rely on.
clicking with technoblade took a long time, mainly because of the incredibly secure walls he's put up to anyone he meets but over time, you managed to at least break down a chunk of it and now, he's willing to put up with you. which was progress!
there's something inside you that's asking for more. sure, you couldn't deny your attraction to the pink-haired enigma, but the platonic relationship you've developed just didn't feel like enough. however, you weren't willing to make a move until he was comfortable with you enough.
you meet some people by association, such as tommy, tubbo and wilbur.
they were close with the three dwellers that you lived near and when they met you, they all immediately befriended you; especially the young, blond teenager who is too enthusiastic for his own good.
he's hanging over at your house one day, lounging on your couch as you prepare some snacks for the two of you when he randomly blurts out:
"y'know techno is like in love with you?"
that almost makes you drop your chef's knife on your foot.
"what?" you asked in disbelief.
"yeah!" tommy continues, "mans is whipped as shit."
you chuckled dryly, heart aching at how desperately you wished for that to be true. "you're just saying that, tommy."
"no i'm not! really, y/n, when you're not there all he can talk about is you and it's getting real annoying. it's true you're super cool and all that but man, technoblade cannot stop talking about you."
your world has stopped completely, failing to register a single syllable that tommy just proudly announced as if it wasn't a big deal.
"how'd you do it? how'd you get someone as tough and awesome as the blade聽to be so fuckin- smitten for you?"
"i-i don't know, tommy."
"you might wanna confess to him soon."
you place down the platter of varied fruits, melted chocolate and popcorn that you prepared for the two of you to eat, "excuse me?"
"yeah! jus saying, you clearly like him back and even if you don't, you do," tommy says, grabbing a strawberry and happily eating it, making a hum of approval as he does so. "and you two would make a... couple. not a good one but certainly a couple, and technoblade needs a cool ass partner beside him to compliment his awes-"
"stop meddling with my love life, rascal," you muttered with a fond smile, shaking your head as you throw a grape into your mouth. "i'll do whatever i want. now eat, i know you haven't had breakfast."
tommy groans in faux annoyance but you know it's all a rouse as he obeys your command.
half an hour later, there's a knock on your door. when you open it up to see who it was, you grinned widely when it's technoblade's familiar face you see. he's got some enchanted books you asked for.
but you can't think straight, especially not after what tommy said.
"hello," the pink-haired greets and before you could utter a response, tommy's shrieking from the living room.
"the blade!"
"what's this gremlin doing here?"
"he's just hanging out with me, no harm in that," you say as tommy saunters over, greeting his brother.
"you can get out of here now, tommy, y/n and i have adult stuff we need to discuss."
the blond rolls his eyes and lets out a groan before obliging, walking out to probably bother ranboo or phil but not before elbowing technoblade, giving him a wink. it was a small action but it made techno's stomach drop to his feet. he turns to face you with a gulp.
"uh, what did tommy tell you?" technoblade asks immediately once his brother was out of earshot.
you sharply inhale, recounting tommy's words from earlier. "some... interesting things. come in."
although there's a part of him that begging to leave right now to save him from his embarrassment, techno listens to your soft command as sits down on the couch. you take a seat beside him.
"i'll put you out of your misery. according to tommy, you 'can't stop talking about me', that you're 'in love with me' and that you're completely 'whipped' or 'smitten' with me."
technoblade curses under his breath. "he told you that?"
"is it true?"
he gulps nervously and you gently find his hand, squeezing it in support. you're treating him with the kindness he knows he doesn't deserve,
there's something about your touch that absolutely sends him into overdrive and he can't get enough of it, especially with the way your expression glimmered when he nods in confirmation.
"well, that's a relief," you whispered, leaning closer to his intoxicating warmth. he glances at your lips subconsciously.
"what do you mean?"
"i think you'd be glad to know, i feel the same."
techno's lips morphs to mimic a cocky smile, you both feel like you're on cloud nine and there's something about each other's closeness that is absolutely thrilling. when your hand snakes to cradle his face in a gentle hold, technoblade almost melts and that's when he leans in fully, deciding to throw all caution out the window.
it was a soft kiss but it took your breath away all the same, you could stay like this forever and have no complaints.
"it's true, i am absolutely 'smitten' with you," techno whispers against your lips and you can't help but laugh.
he's looking at you with so much adoration and fondness, you love it. "he also said that i would be a good parter to compliment your awesome-ness."
now it's his turn to laugh. "oh, i think you'd take all the credit for that in the relationship."
technoblade pulls away immediately, his face morphing into one of disgust. you immediately panic at his sudden reaction, fearing that you did something wrong. techno puts his head in his hands.
"i can't believe i only confessed to you because of tommy."
that elicits another laugh from you, "don't be embarrassed, i think it's sweet."
to put him out of his misery, you place a peck on his cheek in reassurance.
technoblade heals from his humiliation and soon enough, is pressing his lips against yours- over and over again.
Tumblr media
ajajjajaj i kinda liked writing techno to be this kind of dork will do it more in the future.
as always, if you liked that, please consider leaving a like, comment or reblog! i'm kind of like half out of my mind bc i'm sleepy hehehehhehhh so yah see y'all soon!
from, earth
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thesunicarusfellfor6 months ago
WAIT WAIT鈥 what if 馃憖 what if Yandere!Tubbo and Yandere!Tommy falling for the reader at the same time
ooooooOOOOO DAMN this one is gonna be good! I love the way you think! So I wrote this as headcanons, but I will write this as an actual story if requested. ^^
This is not exactly implied romantic??? I'm still scared about writing their characters as directly romantic????? I'll probably get braver about it but still lowkey worried.
Yandere!C!Tommy x GN!Reader x Yandere!C!Tubbo Headcanon/Fic
Tommy, at first, completely denied even acknowledging your existence.
Until he saw someone interact with you.
Then he would start pulling out his sword or glaring at them from across the room.
He would definitely pin them in an alleyway and threaten every single one of their canon lives.
Tommy, please. Niki was just trying to give you cookies.
He's the kind of Yandere that would greatly keep his distance both physically, emotionally and mentally. Basically, he would be a Tsundere Yandere.
Tubbo, on the other hand, would be extremely sweet to you.
Need netherite? He had an extra few ingots ready in his pockets!
Interacting with someone who wasn't him? Was he not good enough for you??? Fine. You don't deserve him.
He would cry to you and make you feel guilty OR completely ignore you for a week straight until you come crawling back to him and apologizing.
Straight up can flip emotions like a switch.
The first time either of them realized the other liked you as well, was when they were listening to Mellohi on their bench, watching the sunset when they saw you having a conversation with Ranboo at the bottom of the cliff.
"What're they doing talking to him?" Tommy growled lowly and leaned forward to glared at the enderman who was talking to you. He reached for his bow n' arrow before Tubbo grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks, "What? I don't want them talking to anyone but me."
"What do you mean 'anyone but you'?! You avoid them like they're a virus!" Tubbo stared at him, digging his fingers into Tommy's bicep a small bit to show his anger a bit more, "They should only be talking to me."
The blond turned towards his brunet friend and yanked his arm out of his grasp, "Excuse me?" He glared into Tubbo's dull blue eyes, gritting his teeth, "You do nothing but give them stuff!"
"And you treat them like shit and avoid them!" The smaller of the two retorted angrily, trying to keep his tone level enough to where you didn't hear.
Mellohi, the music that had been playing mere moments ago, slowly came to a stop and left nothing but silence and tension in the air. You had noticed them arguing from below, but Ranboo (who had heard their entire argument) decided to pull you away from them and bring you to the Tundra.
"Are you trying to take everything from me?!" Tommy tightened his grip on his diamond sword, although part of him knew that if Tubbo equipped his netherite armour, there would be absolutely no competition whatsoever.
"Take things from you?! They're a human being and you choose to ignore that fact when you ignore them or call them terrible names!"
"I treat everyone like that! You already have Ranboo, I don't understand why you're chasing after them with hearts in your eyes when you're fuckin' married! Loyal much! Oh wait, you aren't loyal, you EXILED ME!"
"It's platonic! I told you that already! And you're starting this again now, Tommy?!"
Ranboo actually felt nervous leaving you alone around both Tommy AND/OR Tubbo after hearing their entire argument that day.
Tommy, although now a lot nicer, became extremely clingy towards you and constantly would walk over and drag you away mid-conversation with anyone that wasn't him. ESPECIALLY if you were talking to Tubbo.
Man would bring you everywhere with him if you would let him.
Netherite mining? Get your pick.
To get new discs? Pack your bags, we're going on an adventure.
Straight up does everything he can do to get you away from Tubbo because he's petty.
He tried giving you as many gifts as Tubbo, but mans is broke.
Tubbo would get extremely annoyed by Tommy even just walking through the area when he was with you.
Would start to hold your hand or link arms with you (if you're comfortable), just so Tommy couldn't pull you away as easily.
Started to try guilt-tripping you into living in Snowchester, and even tried to get you to live in the mansion.
Ranboo actually lied to Tubbo, saying he was scared of enderwalking and hurting you, to convince Tubbo not to guilt-trip you further into living in the mansion.
Tubbo's constant gift-giving got so much more extreme.
Want netherite ingots to make armour?
Nope. No lifting a finger.
He already made you fully enchanted netherite god armour anyway.
Has definitely tried to convince Ranboo to let him involve you in the platonic marriage.
"Ranboo! My beloved!" Tubbo called jokingly, walking into their home. He kicked the snow on his boots before pulling down his hood and taking off his hat, hanging it on the hook as he took off his footwear, "I have a proposition for you!"
The monochrome-coloured man lifted his head and set down the journal in his hand, the ink likely still wet judging by the quill in his hand, "Yeah? What's that?" He placed the feathered pen in the pot of ink and turned to face his platonic husband.
"What would you say to extending our marriage to three people? Like a polyamorous relationship. Like Sapnap, Karl and Big Q?" Tubbo sat down in the chair beside him, watching as Ranboo was left reeling for a few seconds.
"W-well, one, I think you mean expanding. Two, with who?!" The tall male sat up quickly, bumping his leg on the table from his minor flailing, "A-and, and, what about Michael? Are you sure they can be trusted with him?"
Tubbo held out his hand to calm his friend down, making his friend put his hands down so he didn't accidentally hit something, "You know what I meant, and (Y/n)! Y'know... Like, the one with (h/l) (h/c) hair, (tall/short)! (Y/n), them!"
"Yeah, yeah, I know who they are, it's just..." He paused to gather his words, glancing away from his friend. In all reality, he wouldn't mind inviting you into the platonic marriage, even if he knew Tubbo felt more romantic feelings towards you. He didn't shut up about it. It was the fact that he was worried about what kind of mental manipulation Tubbo would do to you if you did agree to be in the marriage. Or even what Tommy would do to you or Tubbo!
'Your relationship with Tommy is beyond screwed already... Imagine what would happen if both of his friends left him to be in a platonic relationship with me. Tubbo, all of us would be in severe danger.' He thought silently before taking a breath. "I-I don't have my enderwalking state under control... I'm already scared for Michael enough, and I don't want to hurt her as well... Give it some time and we'll see. Please.." He whispered, lying through his teeth. Ranboo knew you were damn good at protecting yourself and could knock his long and lanky ass to the dirt within seconds.
Tubbo's bright shiny eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment as his smile began to falter, "Ah... Yeah. I guess that makes sense. For their safety I suppose." His normal look returned and he gave him a smile, "Yeah, that does make a lot of sense. I'll ask again next month to see what happens."
"What... What about Tommy-"
"What about him?" He demanded sharply, his smile vanishing in mere seconds which caught Ranboo off guard yet again, "He doesn't need to be in their life. He would do more harm to them than good!"
Ranboo was left gaping, his mouth moving but not creating any sounds. He watched as Tubbo eyed him carefully before he got up, murmuring something about grabbing food then going to bed.
Once the goat hybrid was completely out of sight, Ranboo reached for his memory book and took the quill again.
'Protect (Y/n) from Tubbo and Tommy. Get them out of DreamSMP.'
Ranboo was scared for you.
He was stuck watching as these crazy two men fought over you, threatened you, manipulated you... It was worrying, to say the least.
Don't get him wrong. If he didn't have an adopted son, a platonic husband that he still cared about despite him being another Dream at this point, and a Syndicate to protect him from, he would've packed everything and ran, bringing you with him.
He was practically walking on eggshells around this man that he had once been extremely close to!
It practically sent shivers down his spine...
Eventually, it got to the point where Ranboo had gone to your house in the ungodly hours of the morning to talk to you.
This man LITERALLY crept into Tubbo's room AND Tommy's house to make sure they were both asleep before going to talk to you.
"Ran... Boo?" You asked, yawning softly as you leaned against the door, your hair all frizzy and messed up, "What's up? It'sssss... Like 5:30am. The sun is barely even up..."
"(Y/n)... Can we go inside? Please... There's something very wrong.." He murmured softly, his memory book tightly held in his grasp as he glanced around. Tommy could be waking up sometime soon, and he did not want to get caught talking to you. He would certainly be down a canon life before he could even say 'sorry'.
You watched the nervous man in front of you and nodded before stepping aside to let him in. Peaking outside, you looked around for what was causing him to panic but went back inside once you didn't see anything. "What's wrong?" Softening your tone, you gestured for him to sit at the table while you made coffee.
Once he had a fresh mug of coffee in front of him, Ranboo slowly began to gather his nerve and speak. He told you everything he could remember, and even opened his memory book to tell you about the things he didn't remember. Everything from the fight where Tommy and Tubbo's friendship completely went downhill a few months ago, to the threats Tubbo used against Tommy, the manipulation against you, the threats he had received by talking to you, and even Tubbo's violent mood switches when talking about you or Tommy.
The entire time, you just sat there wide-eyed as you listened to him ramble on about his fears and worries, and everything in between. He even mentioned wanting to actually divorce Tubbo because of how scared he was for you and his own life. "I don't... Not... Believe you... But this is- this is a little difficult to believe." You knew the enderman hybrid wouldn't lie about something so serious, and he definitely wouldn't be shaking like a leaf if it was a joke or a lie.
"Y-yeah, I expected that... But I really do care about your safety, honestly. You know I wouldn't joke about this kind of thing, especially about Tubbo." He murmured softly, looking at his crown laying on the table in front of him, "In all honesty, I came here this early because I was scared about Tommy trying to kill me if he saw me talking to you..."
"He wouldn't ki-"
The door slammed open dramatically and there was a cheerful shout of your name, "(Y/n)!!! Let's go mining for diamon-" Tommy walked into your kitchen, only to freeze mid-step and midfacial expression. His expression went from surprised to annoyance to a grim smile, "Hello Ranboo!" He gave him a smile that was more like baring his teeth as he twirled his axe nonchalantly.
He was going to hurt him...
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kattlupina month ago
Remus鈥檚 new roommate is rude, arrogant, hot, and always shirtless for some frustrating reason
Oop! This one was hella fun!! Probably not nearly as sexy as you鈥檇 like, but I can鈥檛 resist the opportunity for Remus and Lily to talk about boys. 馃挍
鈥淥h, come off it, Remus. He鈥檚 not that bad. He鈥檚 rich and doesn鈥檛 get bent out of shape when you鈥檙e late on rent,鈥 Lily says, looking over the brim of her wine glass.
鈥淏ut he鈥檚 just so arrogant,鈥 Remus whines, his mind flashing to the image that lives rent-free in his head of Sirius constantly wandering around the flat without a shirt. Making coffee in the morning, no shirt. Doing laundry, no shirt. Watching a movie, no shirt. Studying for the MCAT, no shirt.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 be arrogant too if you looked like that.鈥
At this, Remus shrugs. Mostly because she鈥檚 right.
鈥淵ou gotta admit, Remus, he鈥檚 fucking hot!鈥 Lily takes a pointed sip of her wine.
Remus takes a sip of his own. 鈥淵ou already know I think he鈥檚 hot. That鈥檚 the main reason why I agreed to move into James鈥檚 old room when he moved in with you.鈥
鈥淩ight? It鈥檚 worth the rent money to ogle those broad shoulders, defined pecs, and sculpted abs鈥斺
鈥淎nd infuriating v cut of his torso that just points directly at the prominent ridge of his dick in his stupid grey sweatpants.鈥
鈥淥of. Yeah. I forgot about that.鈥 Lily fans herself.
鈥淚t鈥檚 too much for me to take.鈥
鈥淗ave you tried dating anyone since you鈥檝e moved in to keep your mind off of him?鈥
鈥淧fft.鈥 Remus laughs. 鈥淚 tried bringing that guy, Caradoc, from the cafe home. But Sirius was so ungodly rude to him before I even got him into my bedroom.鈥
Lily takes another sip of her wine and appears to be considering something in her head. 鈥淗e was rude to your date, huh?鈥
鈥淪o rude. Like rude doesn鈥檛 even describe it. He looked him up and down as he shook his hand, called him Carrot Bloke, then pulled his shirt off right in front of him and sauntered across the living room to his bedroom like a dog who just marked his territory. It was so embarrassing.鈥
鈥淓mbarrassingly hot I would imagine.鈥
Remus shrugs again, sips his wine, and says, 鈥淲ell, you鈥檙e not wrong. That鈥檚 probably the most frustrating thing. Like I hate him, but I also want him to dick me down into next week.鈥
鈥淜inda sounds like you don鈥檛 hate him at all.鈥
鈥淜inda sounds like you鈥檙e still trying to get me to date your boyfriend鈥檚 best friend.鈥
鈥淪o what if I am?鈥 Lily asks, refilling both of their glasses.
Remus rolls his eyes. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a terrible idea.鈥
鈥淲hy though? It鈥檚 obvious you鈥檙e into him and I鈥檇 wager he鈥檚 very into you as well if he鈥檚 chasing your dates out the door.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not into him,鈥 Remus says, lying through his teeth.
鈥淪ure, Jan.鈥
He rolls his eyes again. 鈥淚鈥檝e had sex with plenty of guys I鈥檓 not into.鈥
鈥淲e all have, Remus. But that doesn鈥檛 change the fact that I think you鈥檙e actually into him. What鈥檚 the worst that can happen if you try?鈥
鈥淗e rejects me, kicks me out of his flat, and I鈥檓 knocking on your door in the rain with nothing but a duffle bag filled with my meager belongings at two am.鈥
鈥淲ow, Pisces much?鈥 Lily jokes. 鈥淪top creating disaster scenarios in your head before they happen.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not鈥斺
鈥淵ou are and you know it.鈥
鈥淔ine.鈥 Remus pouts as the front door of Lily and James鈥檚 flat opens.
鈥淗ey there, my love!鈥 James greets as he saunters halfway in, shirtless and dripping sweat.
鈥淕lad to know it鈥檚 not just me who lives with an exhibitionist,鈥 Remus says under his breath for just Lily to hear.
She winks at him then turns to look in the direction of the door. 鈥淗ey, James. How was your run?鈥
鈥淕ood. Ten miles,鈥 James says, holding the door open.
Sirius strides through. Confident, sweaty, shirtless, hair tied back into a haphazard bun, legs bare except for running shoes and a pair of basketball shorts. It鈥檚 a look Remus knows well as he鈥檚 watched Sirius jog out of their flat dressed in just those shorts on countless evenings. He blushes looking at the sight of them, trying not to think too hard about how much he wants to bury his face in them whenever Sirius returns.
But since he鈥檚 not admitting he鈥檚 into Sirius and his stupid habit of never wearing a shirt, he decides to pull a play out of Sirius鈥檚 book and acts rude instead. Sneering, he asks, 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
Sirius wipes his brow and smirks at Remus. 鈥淛ames told me you were here getting sauced with his girl.鈥
鈥淪o what? You decided to escort me home or something?鈥
鈥淪omething like that,鈥 Sirius says slyly and Lily kicks Remus under the table. 鈥淎re you ready?鈥
鈥淒epends.鈥 Remus takes another sip of his wine. 鈥淲hat am I getting ready for?鈥
Sirius leans in close. 鈥淔or me to finally get you out of those clothes you always insist on wearing.鈥
Link to part two
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luvlysuga6 months ago
鉂 ## 鈥 4UR4 0F TH3 ST4RS !! 鉂
-> in which you attend a royal ball hosted by the ragnvindr family, and you dance with seven very odd men
-> full fic
-> female! reader, royal au
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 going to blame the howl鈥檚 moving castle theme for the ungodly inspiration it gave me..anyways you can listen to it while you read for that visualization :D and female reader !! (no it鈥檚 not just because i wanted childe to say 鈥榟ey girlie鈥 what are u talking about..) also does this even count as a royal au idk
Tumblr media
鈥 鈥渄iluc, of mondstadt,鈥 he had said, bringing your hand up to his face to brush a kiss to your knuckles. 鈥渕ay i have a dance with you?鈥
鈥渋 know who you are, prince diluc,鈥 you answered. while some may have found it arrogant that he even bothered to introduce himself at his ball, you found it endearing. it proved he wasn鈥檛 the stuck up heir that you read about in the news, it showed that being born into royalty hadn鈥檛 corrupted his basic manners.
diluc had given you the gift of a small smile, gently guiding you in towards the center of the ballroom as the orchestra began another piece, his hair swaying in time with his footsteps. you felt the harsh pricks of the whole room staring at you, wondering why you of all people had been asked to a dance by the future king. it felt like barely any time had passed since king crepus died, yet plans were already being made for prince diluc鈥檚 coronation.
his gloved hands placed themselves on your shoulder and waist, the dark burgundy and red of his suit contrasting the ivory tile beneath him. it was clear he鈥檇 been trained and coached on how to formally dance his whole life. though his eyes were warm, his stance was stiff. it was sure and firm, but lacked the carefree buoyancy the rest of the guests had.
the piano鈥檚 keys echoed, and you could feel the music hanging loosely in the air all around you. diluc started a slow waltz, simply stepping the designated steps and lightly spinning you every so often. each time you saw a photograph of him, it became obvious as to why he was being offered so many women from other nations. he was striking in every way, from his dark attire to his fiery hair.
鈥減rince diluc, are you alright?鈥 you asked. it wasn鈥檛 a secret that diluc wasn鈥檛 the most sociable of the royal family, but he seemed lost, in a way. he navigated the dance floor with ease, knowing where and when to turn, but he looked unfocused and dazed.
鈥渋鈥檓 alright, thank you,鈥 he replied, short and to the point.
king crepus鈥 passing must have made quite the impact on the prince. 鈥榳ell, it鈥檚 not like he had any time to grieve,鈥 you thought. 鈥榟e wasn鈥檛 prepared to take on all of this. he just woke up one day and found out he鈥檇 be king in less than a year.鈥
鈥測our highne鈥斺
鈥測ou may refer to me as just diluc, if that鈥檚 okay. there鈥檚 no need to be so formal,鈥
鈥榥o need to be so formal.鈥 it was starting to seem like diluc wanted to be anything but formal, from his simple suit jacket to his mannerisms similar to those of a commoner. from his slow waltz to the way he purposely stepped too far back to accommodate your incredibly large dress.
鈥榳ho ever thought diluc ragnvindr wouldn鈥檛 want to be so formal? being the sole heir to a monarchy must鈥檝e humbled him instead of doing the opposite,鈥 you wondered, so lost in thought that you didn鈥檛 even notice diluc picking up your hands and placing them back at your sides.
鈥渋鈥檓 afraid our break must come to an end. i should be choosing a wife right now, as much as i鈥檇 rather stay and dance with you. you鈥檙e thoughtful. it can be hard to find that these days,鈥
stunned, you looked up at his gloves as he pulled them down to meet his wrists, your eyes flicking over almost all the guests watching you. 鈥渙h. i suppose even princes don鈥檛 have all the time in the world, do they?鈥
the ends of his lips curved, the smile not quite reaching his eyes. 鈥渘o, i suppose they don鈥檛,鈥
鈥渕y, my. don鈥檛 tell me you鈥檙e leaving this poor girl out to dry in the middle of a ball, diluc. surely you were taught better,鈥
prince diluc didn鈥檛 even tilt his head to check to see who had spoken. you stayed standing where you where, feeling like you were in the middle of something while watching the stranger as he approached you two.
鈥渋 am not leaving her, kaeya. you鈥檇 better confirm your facts before waltzing in other people鈥檚 space,鈥 the redhead snapped.
kaeya laughed. 鈥渨eren鈥檛 you supposed to be finding a wife? or have you just been stalling because you know grand master jean isn鈥檛 among the selected candidates?鈥
diluc didn鈥檛 flinch or flush at kaeya鈥檚 words. instead, he turned and dropped down his head, sliding whispers into the other man鈥檚 ear before stepping towards you. 鈥渋 did enjoy our dance, y/n. i do hope i鈥檒l see you again,鈥 he murmured, promptly walking off the dance floor, leaving you with the blue haired stranger and questions as to how he knew your name when you couldn鈥檛 remember ever telling him.
鈥 鈥渢hat was awfully rude of you,鈥 you told him, seeing a flash of an eyepatch under his bangs as he let out a laugh again, taking one of your hands and placing it on his shoulder as the music picked up, the once somber waltz turning into a charming one.
鈥渕y brother has always been so uptight. princes do have all the time in the world. in fact, i think we all do, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥測ou haven鈥檛 even told me your name yet,鈥 you pointed out.
鈥渒aeya alberich, cavalry captain of the knights of favonius. already interested in me, aren鈥檛 you? well, do i get a name?鈥 confidence and charm seemed to radiate off of him, the way his dress shirt was mostly unbuttoned and the patterns on his coat only adding to it. you quickly scanned the room, noticing just as many other women staring at you as before. you knew this kaeya was apart of the knights of favonius, but was he really that important?
鈥測/n l/n. i have to ask, what鈥檚 a knight doing inside the ball? shouldn鈥檛 you be patrolling outside?鈥
鈥渢he knights are patrolling outside. the royal family is inside, entertaining the guests,鈥
鈥渄o you always speak in puzzles?鈥 you asked, irritated that you weren鈥檛 given a proper answer.
kaeya smriked with stars in his eyes, obviously enjoying the mysterious fa莽ade he had put up. 鈥渋 understand it鈥檚 not common knowledge, but i am in fact part of the royal family, miss y/n. i can see how being a step brother might not count as being royalty, though. fine lines, and all that,鈥
the pieces of the puzzle kaeya had made clicked into place. you had seen photos of the royal family with kaeya in it, but normally he had been standing off to the side or just looking so out of place that you never considered he was a part of it. king crepus and diluc had fair skin and brightly colored hair, their eyes drooping lazily but their posture tall and regal. kaeya was tanned and his hair was the same shade as the dusky sky in the background of most of the pictures. he didn鈥檛 stand like he was born to be in the photographs, he stood like he deserved to be in them.
now that you think about it, he was in almost all of the photos you鈥檇 seen of the ragnvindr鈥檚. 鈥渉ow did you come into the family, anyways?鈥 you knew you were being nosy, but kaeya didn鈥檛 seem like the type to reprimand you for that. he was whimsical in every way鈥攈e was probably just as nosy himself.
the cavalry captain kept up his quick pace of dancing, lifting you up in a twirl and gently setting you back down. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 a topic for another day. i don鈥檛 think we鈥檒l be able to cover the entire history of a lost kingdom in the next couple seconds. it鈥檚 about time to switch partners,鈥
he really did know how to intrigue someone, how to get them roped in to where they were tied to the mysteries he held. what happened to his right eye? where was the lost kingdom was he referring to? how did he manage to steal the attention of almost everyone in the room?
"may i dance with you again?鈥 you rushed, desperate for answers, both of you stepping away in tune with the music.
鈥渙f course,鈥 he confirmed. 鈥渋 would never push you away like diluc did, y/n. and i鈥檓 not one to break my word,鈥
with that, kaeya was gone鈥攑robably twirling other girls in the air鈥攁nd your hands were being taken by a blonde with intricate braids in his hair, his gloves rougher and more worn down than kaeya and diluc鈥檚 were. they were casual gloves; ones made for working in.
鈥 鈥渉ello,鈥 he said simply.
鈥渟orry, i鈥檓 afraid i haven鈥檛 been to a ball in ages; it seems i鈥檝e forgotten how strange it is when we switch partners. i am albedo, i work with the knights of favonius,鈥
鈥測/n,鈥 you told him, not bothering with a last name since he didn鈥檛. 鈥渄oes everyone here work in the knights of favonius?鈥 you joked.
albedo had smiled a little, obviously not one for jokes but appreciating it all the same. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 actually work on the front lines. i鈥檓 just the chief alchemist. i prefer to study life rather than take it from people.鈥 he swiftly sidestepped to avoid stepping on you, not even realizing he鈥檇 done it. he seemed very spacey, like his head was beyond the clouds.
but he was graceful. the chains adorned on his coat looked like they were floating, stray pieces of hair passed over his eyes, his boots glided over the tile. it was hard to believe he was even human.
鈥渋 think that鈥檚 a lovely way of looking at it,鈥 you said.
鈥渓ife is lovely, isn鈥檛 it? it鈥檚 unbelievable, really, some of the things that exist,鈥
鈥渋s that why you practice alchemy?鈥
鈥渘o, not necessarily. i practice alchemy so i can study how life is made鈥攕imilar to drawing or painting or creating something. i wish to know how everything in this world was created. being so high up in teyvat鈥檚 ranks help too, of course,鈥
鈥榟e has a beautiful way of looking at things.鈥
鈥渨hat about you?鈥 he asked.
鈥渕e? your life is much more interesting than mine, albedo. working in the wine business isn鈥檛 very original in mondstadt,鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 not exactly an easy business to get into, though. have the aura of the stars. i would love to hear more about you,鈥
the aura of the stars? was albedo talking about the stars that seemed to shine in kaeya鈥檚 eyes, or the stars that burned bright just above the palace?
it seemed you wouldn鈥檛 get to find out though, not with the orchestra slowing their music and you and albedo having to tear away to keep up with the other guests.
鈥渢hank you for dancing with me, y/n,鈥 he said. always so polite, wasn鈥檛 he? 鈥渋f it wouldn鈥檛 be too much trouble, i think i would like to draw you someday,鈥
鈥渋鈥檇 like that. thank you albedo,鈥
too busy watching him whisk away, you didn鈥檛 realize the man behind you, startling yourself when you ran into him.
鈥 鈥渕y apologies for not moving out of the way, i鈥檓 afraid i was distracted.鈥 if albedo said that you have the aura of the stars, this man must have had the aura of royalty. he stood regally, his hair long and pulled back neatly; his tie knotted perfectly.
鈥渘o, that was my fault. don鈥檛 apologize, please. i鈥檓 y/n,鈥 you introduced.
鈥渋 tend to go by zhongli. it鈥檚 a pleasure to meet you, y/n,鈥 he nodded in acknowledgement.
鈥渢end to?鈥 you wondered aloud. a pattern was starting to arise at this ball鈥攐ne that hinted that almost every guest had a secret to hide.
zhongli was an excellent dancer. he stood tall and firm, as if he鈥檇 been invited to every royal ball in teyvat. maybe he鈥檇 even held his own. 鈥渁s of right now, yes. exposing my other names might cause some...conflict,鈥
鈥渢here isn鈥檛 much conflict in mondstadt. we鈥檝e learned to flow in whichever direction the wind chooses to,鈥
the man simply smiled, one that said he鈥檇 seen and heard that statement many times. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 get the chance to visit mondstadt very often. a shame, really, since it鈥檚 so close to liyue. i must learn to make time to travel here. it鈥檚 quite peaceful,鈥
鈥榟e must have lived in liyue all his life, to be so decided and sure of everything. here, we change our minds whenever we please; they keep the contacts they make for generations,鈥
zhongli did bring the reminiscence of liyue itself. he moved with such certainty, his eyes brightly lined with the same color as the festival lights you saw when you participated in the lantern rite years ago.
鈥渨hat work do you do in liyue?鈥 you asked.
he thought for a moment, deciding what exactly he ought to say. 鈥渋鈥檓 not as involved in the economics as i used to be. i worked very closely with the royal family, but was disposed of when i wasn鈥檛 of use anymore. now i simply make and sign off contracts. still an incredibly important job in the nation,鈥
鈥渄isposed of? that鈥檚 very cruel. i鈥檓 so sorry,鈥
鈥渘othing to be sorry for. i still respect queen ningguang, very much. she had her goals set, and she sacrificed many valuable assets in order to reach them. it鈥檚 embarrassing to say i would鈥檝e done the same,鈥
鈥渁t least you can admit that. i know some that wouldn鈥檛.鈥 the thought of a certain blue haired, faux prince crossed your mind.
zhongli nodded, considering your opinion while letting a silence fall between you two. you hated how quick partner changes were, even if the orchestra migrated to a slower tempo. you were still very curious. it was clear you鈥檇 leave the palace tonight with many more questions than when you鈥檇 come in.
鈥渨ould you mind showing me around mondstadt, if you ever have the time?鈥 zhongli proposed. 鈥渋鈥檝e already seen many sights around here but...times do change, don鈥檛 they? people can look at the same sea and find different sights to admire,鈥
鈥渕ay you walk me around liyue, too? i鈥檝e only visited a handful of times for the festivals. i have a feeling you鈥檝e seen just about all of it,鈥
his coat flipped up as he stepped to another young woman, his eyes still focused on you. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 see why not, y/n,鈥
you followed suite and skipped into position with a bright eyed redhead, dressed in an odd combination of heavy layers and chains. his hair was ruffled, as if the wind had purposely played with it to look like that.
鈥 鈥渉ey girlie, hold still鈥攍et me do all the work,鈥 he grinned, gripping your waist and lifting you to the other side of him. did the orchestra plan their musical number this way? to take all the energy lost from the somber sections of their song and put it all into this one? the ginger was certainly taking advantage of that, his earring swaying with him as he spun, obviously here for a good time.
鈥渙h鈥攈i?鈥 you gasped, almost tripping over the hem of your dress.
he smiled, a genuine one that told you he probably wasn鈥檛 formally invited to this ball. it was hard to stay stunned when he seemed to float in the air. 鈥渄id i startle you? my bad. i got a little too caught up in that, didn鈥檛 i? my name鈥檚 childe,鈥
鈥渃-h-i-l-d-e. it鈥檚 just an alias, don鈥檛 worry about it,鈥
it sounded like he was giving out information he shouldn鈥檛 be. was it just to entice you, like how kaeya purposely drew you in with mysteries? or was it simply because he talked too much?
鈥渋鈥檓 not sure you鈥檙e meant to be telling me that, childe,鈥 you told him.
his hands dropped from your waist. his gloves were different than the other ones you鈥檇 seen that night. they were an odd design; nothing you鈥檇 seen before in mondstadt, or even liyue. perhaps inazuma? you鈥檇 never visited the icy region, but you鈥檇 heard of the strange customs from there. 鈥渋t鈥檚 not like you can do anything; if you don鈥檛 know my real name then what good is knowing i use an alias?鈥 childe said.
you supposed he was right. it was hard to keep your mind on that topic when he kept up with the quick pace of the music so well. he was quite swift.
鈥渨here did you learn to dance like this?鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 get to dance much where i鈥檓 from. my work isn鈥檛 exactly as free spirited as this, either,鈥
you found yourself missing albedo. he had given you straight answers to your questions. but he was all the way across the dance floor now, playfully spinning a small girl in red. a family member, maybe?
childe stopped again, crossing his arms as he studied you, the rest of the guests continuing to dance away. it鈥檇 been barely thirty seconds and you were already tired of his games.
鈥測ou intrigue me, y/n,鈥 he admitted. had you told him your name yet? 鈥渘ot many women dance with royalty and pass it off as not a big deal,鈥
鈥減rince diluc鈥檚 a person, too. i鈥檓 sure he doesn鈥檛 like to only be seen as the future king of mondstadt,鈥
鈥渙h, diluc? i wasn鈥檛 even talking about him, but i like your viewpoint.鈥 he set his hands on your waist again, continuing to dance to get out of the way of others.
not diluc? was he mentioning kaeya? zhongli? surely not albedo鈥攈e was the chief alchemist, he told you himself. childe definitely knew much more than he was letting on.
鈥渉umor me, childe,鈥 you began. 鈥渨hat work do you do? is it in inazuma?鈥
鈥渕y work takes me all across teyvat, actually. it鈥檚 something i quite enjoy, travel. of course, working with the fatui wasn鈥檛 my top choice鈥攊 wanted to work in toy crafting, believe it or not,鈥 he laughed, throwing his head back, the light from the chandelier turning his grey suit golden.
鈥渇atui?鈥 you panted. you were dancing with someone of the fatui! childe wasn鈥檛 from inazuma鈥攈e was from snezhnaya. and you weren鈥檛 supposed to be entertaining two-faced fatui from snezhnaya. 鈥渨hy are you telling me all this? shouldn鈥檛 i go and report you?鈥
he pondered for a moment, humoring you. 鈥測ou could. i was invited here through someone quite powerful, though, so they鈥檇 probably just kick you out. it鈥檚 not a secret i鈥檓 with the fatui. i don鈥檛 plan on just killing everyone in here, either. why can鈥檛 a man waltz in peace?鈥 he sidestepped and spun, enchantingly charming. it鈥檇 be so easy to fall for him if he hadn鈥檛 told you what he did.
they all were. every dance you鈥檇 had that night had been nothing short of magical.
鈥渁s for why i鈥檓 telling you, y/n,鈥 he continued. 鈥渋鈥檝e already told you that. you intrigue me. i do hope you鈥檒l continue to. i trust i鈥檝e intrigued you, as well,鈥
鈥榟e has.鈥
鈥測ou have,鈥 you agreed. 鈥渁 fatui who鈥檚 just here to waltz...i have a hard time believing that,鈥
childe gave you another grin, twirling you to the right and into someone else鈥檚 grasp. it was certainly hard to hold a grudge against someone that danced like that, even if it gave you an awkward encounter with your next partner.
鈥 鈥渋f he comes knocking at your door, don鈥檛 be afraid to call me. damn fatui...always in other people鈥檚 business, aren鈥檛 they?鈥
鈥渋t seems so.鈥 you quickly adjusted your stance, realizing the music had slowed back down. looking at the man standing across from you, you noticed he was much different than the other men you had danced with that night.
his suit was loosely fitting, the purple and green accents bright against the white of his jacket. he watched you through heavy eyes, his expression unreadable.
"i鈥檓 y/n l/n,鈥 you introduced, trying to start conversation.
鈥渪iao,鈥 he returned simply.
鈥渪iao? what an interesting name. are you from here?鈥
鈥渘o. i come from liyue. i鈥檓 simply here to aid an accomplice.鈥 you trailed his eyes to the left. was he motioning towards zhongli? he was certainly to the point.
it was clear he wasn鈥檛 here to dance like childe was. all of his footsteps felt unsure, like they were heavily thought out before hand. it was endearing, seeing him put so much effort into such a little act.
鈥渋 guess almost everybody is here for work-related purposes. it鈥檚 so sad, seeing everyone have an underlying motive. it鈥檚 a ball, for archons sake,鈥 you admitted.
xiao sighed, the dark hair hanging near his face flying up with his breath. 鈥渋t鈥檚 nice to find somebody who thinks that way, too. i鈥檝e been called driven person, but even i don鈥檛 deceive others for a little more mora or power. another reason why i dislike the fatui. i鈥檓 sure the ginger had a deeper reason for being here other than throwing you up in the air,鈥
to the point. to the point and harsh. it was obvious he wasn鈥檛 very social. you sensed there was quite a bit of backstory to his viewpoints.
you weren鈥檛 used to the orchestra playing this slowly. kaeya was probably throwing a fit somewhere because of it. every movement you made seemed like it took eons. it was peaceful, but starting to drag. too busy trying not to waltz too quickly, you caught yourself on the hem of your dress, sending yourself falling backwards and in the direction of harsh tile.
wincing your eyes shut in reflex, you didn鈥檛 see xiao dashing forward to catch you, his hand supporting your back and his hair falling down into your face, exposing the light blue hidden underneath the top layers.
with the light surrounding him, he looked immortal. immortal and experienced鈥攂ut different in the way zhongli had looked. zhongli was wise because of everything he鈥檇 done; xiao was wise because of everything he鈥檇 seen.
xiao didn鈥檛 seem to realize grabbing you before you fell could be taken as romantic. instead, he quickly got you back on your feet and absentmindedly fiddled with the buttons on his jacket. he really was here just to aid an accomplice.
鈥渢hank you for catching me. that tile wouldn鈥檛 have been the best landing,鈥 you said.
鈥減art of the price i must pay. don鈥檛 take it personally鈥攊t seems i鈥檓 used to catching people. there aren鈥檛 many people like me nowadays here to do that,鈥
鈥榣ike you? who does he mean? what price is he paying? he鈥檚 so vague.鈥
鈥渪iao, what exactly do you do? what do you mean, 鈥榣ike me鈥? i don鈥檛 mean to intrude鈥攊 really don鈥檛, i鈥檓 used to abnormality in mondstadt鈥攂ut it鈥檚鈥斺
鈥 鈥減artner switch! sorry, adeptus xiao, but you have to keep up with the music, you know? fancy an evening dance?鈥
xiao was thrust out of your grasp and into someone else鈥檚, leaving you trying to match the pace of the quick moving stranger who鈥檇 taken your hands.
he had elfish features; two short braids the color of a lake hung close to his face, and the top of his hair was ruffled beyond fix, as if he鈥檇 quickly thrown a hat on and decided not to wear it at the last minute. his attire might as well have been for a child. rather than dress pants, he had shorts and tights. instead of formal gloves, he had long sleeves.
who was this guy? and why鈥檇 he call xiao an adeptus? from what little you knew about liyue鈥檚 culture, you thought the adepti had passed long ago.
鈥渋 hope you don鈥檛 mind my being rude,鈥 you promoted, matching the stranger鈥檚 mischievous attitude. 鈥渂ut who are you?鈥
he laughed a bubbly, genuine laugh. 鈥測ou can just call me venti. what brings you here tonight, y/n?鈥
鈥榯his is the third person tonight to know my name without me telling them,鈥
鈥渉ow鈥檇 you know my name, venti?鈥 he spun you in loose, intricate turns, obviously having no care for the odd stares he was attracting.
鈥渋t鈥檚 a bards responsibility to know his audience, don鈥檛 you think? i also have...other intel, you could say. but alas! you never answered my question. what brings you to the ragnvindr鈥檚 palace?鈥
you gave him the grace of a smile. his was so contagious it was difficult to not return it. 鈥渢he ball, of course. what about you?鈥
venti nodded his head and hummed along to the piano. 鈥渋鈥檇 have to say the same! i suppose i came here to meet up with old friends and discuss some important matters, but i stayed for the music. the orchestra turned me down when i offered to play the lyre with them, though. seems they don鈥檛 know talent when they see it.鈥 he sighed like he was thinking the moment over again.
鈥渙ld friends?鈥
鈥測ep! you probably danced with at least one of them earlier. mr. zhongli, prince diluc, xiao. oh, and that one alchemy guy! albert? albedo! yes, that鈥檚 it,鈥
you鈥檇 danced with all of them...who were these people? diluc was royalty鈥攂ut how important were zhongli, xiao, albedo, and this bard that they had a meeting with him? on the night he was choosing his wife, no less. 鈥渨hat鈥檚 happened that involves the prince in all of this?鈥
鈥渙h, just some silly fatui disturbing the stone gate. it鈥檚 a border issue, really. but we gotta have some archons present in case it all spirals out of control. it usually does. i mean, the city of freedom and the city of contracts trying to work together? you can believe that has some disputes!鈥
you were lightheaded from all the dancing, you must be. 鈥渁rchons? what do the archons have to do with anything?鈥
venti鈥檚 braids seemed to glow, the little cape on the back of his coat flipping up with the way he danced. he gave you a wink. 鈥渨ell, tonight has been magical, hasn鈥檛 it? surely you didn鈥檛 think it felt like that just because of the atmosphere,鈥
he was right. the cool touch of kaeya鈥檚 charm, the warm way diluc introduced himself. the free-spirited attitude venti and xiao shared. the steadiness of albedo and zhongli鈥檚 perspectives and the flexible, challenging aura childe presented himself with. most of them weren鈥檛 commoners, but that couldn鈥檛 be the only reason why they felt different from anybody you鈥檇 ever met before.
in disbelief, you tried again for confirmation. 鈥渁re you saying that their are archons here? at this ball?鈥
venti shrugged offhandedly, the hint of playful smile ghosting his face. 鈥渙nly they themselves and the land of teyvat will know, right?鈥
Tumblr media
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hercleverboy7 months ago
spencer reid x fem!reader
summary 鈫 spencer and the reader watch the stars and talk about their future.
category 鈫 fluff
warnings/includes 鈫 none
word count 鈫 1.7k
dedicating this fluff fest to my wifey, @alltooreid聽thank you for not only your creative input on this, but also for being there for me when i needed someone. much love <333
鈥淎nd so I named the stars one by one, after every favourite memory of you.鈥 鈥 Stephen Stilwell
Tumblr media
鈥淚sn鈥檛 it beautiful?鈥 She whispered, eyes staring up into the night, drawn to the little specks of light dotted in the clear sky. They were laid on the soft grass, blanket beneath them as they looked up together, beaming smiles on both their faces.
He grinned down at the woman who rested her head on his chest, his arms wound tightly around her. 鈥淚t certainly is. I鈥檓 surprised the sky is so clear tonight, I really didn鈥檛 think we were going to be able to see much.鈥 He admitted with a little laugh.
She chuckled at that. 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 think we鈥檇 see much, and yet you still let me drag you out here at an ungodly hour so we could watch the stars?鈥 She asked, shuffling slightly so she could look up at him.
鈥淥f course. You鈥檙e cute when you鈥檙e excited, I didn鈥檛 have the heart to tell you that the probability of the sky being clear enough for us to see anything was only around 37%.鈥 He explained, intertwining their hands together. 鈥淏ut there you go again, proving me wrong.鈥
鈥淗m. Aren鈥檛 you supposed to be a genius or something?鈥 She joked, making him roll his eyes.
鈥淚 am! Unless you too can recite the Bible from memory? Or the manual for our microwave?鈥 He joked, causing Y/N to give him a gentle shove.
鈥淐an I ask you something?鈥 She whispered, looking up at him.
He breathed out. 鈥淎nything.鈥
They were quiet for a little while before she spoke again. 鈥淒o you ever think about our future?鈥
Spencer鈥檚 breath hitched at the question.
Of course, he thought about their future. All the time. Marriage, kids, a big house with a white picket fence, perhaps even a dog. It was the 鈥榓pple-pie鈥 life he鈥檇 dreamt of, more than he鈥檇 like to admit.
He gave her a squeeze, one of reassurance.
They鈥檇 been together for two years. Two years that had simultaneously been the best and worst of his life. In those years he鈥檇 nearly died after being shot in the neck, he鈥檇 lost Alex, Kate, Gideon, and the team was still under immense threat from Mr. Scratch. And somehow, admist all the chaos, he鈥檇 met this incredible woman who had helped him through it all. The last few months in particular had been rough for him. With Morgan leaving the team and his mother鈥檚 condition worsening, it had certainly made him reconsider everything he had in his life and also reminded him of not only what he鈥檇 lost, but what he鈥檇 gained.聽
Y/N sighed, but still gave Spencer a smile. 鈥淚t鈥檚 ok. We don鈥檛 have to talk about it, I was only wondering.鈥
鈥淣o, no. It鈥檚 ok. I鈥檓 just trying to gather my thoughts, is all.鈥 He assured her, moving to sit up straight. Y/N sat up too, Spencer reaching out and grabbing one of her hands to hold tightly in his. 鈥淚 think about it all the time, truthfully.鈥 He mumbled.
鈥淵ou do?鈥
鈥淥f course, I do. You鈥檙e it for me, Y/N.鈥 He gave a small smile, his gaze dropping to their intertwined fingers. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just, I鈥檝e been thinking a lot lately.鈥
Y/N nodded, urging him to continue.
鈥淚鈥檝e been thinking about my position at the BAU.鈥 He stated firmly. Y/N鈥檚 eyes widened slightly in shock, surprised at the confession. The way he said it was so sure, so certain. He鈥檇 evidently been thinking about it for quite some time.
鈥淓ver since Morgan left, I鈥檝e been going over it again and again in my head. I understand why he left. His family needed him and it鈥檚 honestly the most admirable thing I鈥檝e ever seen him do. I just wonder,鈥 He paused, biting down on his lip in thought. 鈥淲ould it be wise for me to make the same decision he did?鈥澛
Y/N frowned. 鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥
鈥淚 just mean鈥 Y/N I love you. I want us to get married, have children, I want us to have a life together. And after watching Morgan, seeing how he gave up the job for his family, don鈥檛 you think I should do that too? For you, for us?鈥 He explained, eyes finally meeting her worried ones.
鈥淲oah, woah Spence. Are you saying you鈥檙e thinking of leaving the BAU?鈥 She clarified, moving a little closer to him.
Spencer nodded. 鈥淚 know, it seems crazy right? At first I couldn鈥檛 believe that I was even considering it but I鈥檝e thought about it a lot and it just, it seems like the right thing to do.鈥 He gave a small shrug. 鈥淚f we鈥檙e going to have a life together I want our family to be my priority, and I just don鈥檛 think I can do that while I鈥檓 still doing this job. I鈥檝e seen it all first hand. I watched Hotch lose Haley, I watched Morgan nearly lose Savannah, all because of this job.鈥澛
Y/N shook her head slowly, much to Spencer鈥檚 surprise. 鈥淪pencer... I won鈥檛 be the reason that you leave a job that you worked so hard for, a job that you love so much. What about the team? They鈥檙e your family- 鈥
It was Spencer鈥檚 turn to shake his head, cutting her off mid-sentence. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right. The team are my family, but so are you. And if they care about me like I know they do, they鈥檒l support me with this. And as for jobs? There are plenty out there that I鈥檒l enjoy. I鈥檝e actually been thinking of getting in contact with Alex, maybe asking about teaching opportunities at Georgetown.鈥
Y/N looked up at him, eyebrows furrowing as she studied his face intently. He avoided her eyes, small smile pulling at his lips.
She smiled back, a knowing look on her face. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e already spoken to Alex about it, haven鈥檛 you?鈥
Spencer chuckled with a nod. 鈥淵ou know me too well. I spoke to her last week. She said there鈥檚 an open spot as the head of the Criminal Psychology department. The job is mine if I want it.鈥
Y/N gave him a grin, squeezing his hands. 鈥淎re you sure this is what you want?鈥 He nodded, but that wasn鈥檛 enough for her. 鈥淣o, I need to hear you say it. I need to know that you鈥檙e not going to resent me in a few years because of this.鈥
He was quick to shake his head, pulling her toward him as one of his hands came up to cup her face. 鈥淚 would never resent you.鈥
鈥淪o, this is what you want?鈥 She asked once more, just so she knew he was absolutely sure.聽
He nodded adamantly. 鈥淚 want you. I鈥檓 only ever going to want you.鈥 He murmured the words so softly that it made Y/N鈥檚 heart ache. 鈥淣ow, and for the rest of my days.鈥
With joyful tears building in her eyes she nodded, enveloping him in a hug as he kissed the side of her forehead.
Spencer let out a sigh accompanied by a teary smile. He gave her a squeeze, his hands soothing along her back as he looked up at the stars. 鈥淒id you know, there鈥檚 an old Buddhist saying that when you meet your soulmate, remember that the act to bring you together was 500 years in the making. We鈥檙e supposedly, quite literally, bound together through space and time. Isn鈥檛 that cool?鈥 He rambled, earning a chuckle from Y/N.
鈥淭hat is really cool.鈥 She agreed.聽
鈥淵ou know I鈥檓 a man of science, but how else is it possible that you came into my life at a time where I needed you the most?鈥 He whispered the last part, as though he was afraid to be so vulnerable as to let the words leave his lips.聽鈥淒o you- do you think it鈥檚 possible that the stars brought us together?鈥澛
She grinned, tilting back her head slightly to look up at the stars with him. 鈥淵eah, I think so.鈥澛
Spencer looked down in awe at the baby girl pressed against his bare chest. Josephine June Reid, barely three days old and already she had her father wrapped right around her tiny finger. Nothing he鈥檇 ever felt before compared to the feeling he had when he looked down at her, his little girl, his daughter. She slept peacefully against him, her little chest rising and falling rhythmically as his hands soothed over her back, gently rocking her.聽
There was a soft knock on the nursery door, his tired-looking wife pushing it open. 鈥淪pence?鈥
He looked up, and offered her a warm smile. 鈥淗ey, you鈥檙e supposed to be resting.鈥
Y/N gave a sleepy grin, moving toward them. 鈥淵ou know that we鈥檙e supposed to sleep when she does, right?鈥
He snickered at that, raising an eyebrow at her. 鈥淵ou only gave birth three days ago. You know I鈥檓 going to tell you to get back into bed, right? Doctor鈥檚 orders.鈥
She held her hands up in a mock surrender, placing a kiss on the side of Spencer鈥檚 head.聽鈥淚 know.鈥澛
It was silent for a moment, the new parents just staring down at the little life they鈥檇 created, filled with such a warmth, such a happiness that they鈥檇 never felt before.聽
鈥淚 can鈥檛 put her down, not yet. I don鈥檛 want to let her go.鈥 Spencer whispered, bringing up a finger to soothe over his daughter鈥檚 cheek. 鈥淚 love her so much.鈥
鈥淚 know. She loves you too.鈥 Y/N assured, watching with joy at how Spencer was with their daughter. He really was a natural with kids.
鈥淵ou really should go back to bed, love. You need all the rest you can get.鈥 He warned in a playful tone.
Y/N chuckled a little with a nod, bending down to press a gentle kiss to her daughter鈥檚 forehead. 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to fight you on that one Doc, I鈥檓 exhausted.鈥 She ruffled the curls on her husband鈥檚 head, offering him a warm smile. 鈥淟ove you. Come back to bed soon, yeah?鈥
Spencer nodded, promising he would. 聽
Before Y/N left the nursery, she turned back to her husband, calling his name softly. 鈥淪pence?鈥
鈥淵eah, love?鈥
鈥淒o you regret it now?鈥 She whispered, her fingers fumbling together as though she was afraid she wouldn鈥檛 like his answer. 鈥淒o you regret leaving the BAU?鈥
The question made him frown, it made him think. Did he regret leaving?聽
His eyes flickered between his wife and the beautiful little girl against his chest and he smiled slightly at the realisation. This was everything he鈥檇 ever wanted, here, right in front of him. Every decision he鈥檇 made, every moment of heartache, every person he鈥檇 lost, they had all lead him there. To that very moment.聽
And for that, he was so incredibly grateful.聽
鈥淣o.鈥 He replied, his voice as sure as the day he first mentioned leaving. 鈥淣ot even for a second.鈥
He supposed he had the stars to thank for that.聽
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thecaptainsbride8 months ago
Quick [Levi x Reader]
Tumblr media
Summary: A quick way to break someone鈥檚 jaw. Because nobody disrespected you and got to live.聽
Warnings: Some vulgarity followed by beating and blood~聽
The idea got to me after I watched a TikTok [] so I decided to write this short, little scenario hehe. Hopy you like it <3聽
Word Count: 1261
Feedback is deeply appreciated~!
锝♀槅 鉂 鈽呪攣鈹佲攣鈹 鉂 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈽 鉂 鈽嗭健
The Mess Hall was stuffed to the brim with soldiers. Everyone was celebrating and you couldn鈥檛 remember when was the last time you鈥檇 seen them so happy.
The past few months had been amazing 鈥 full of successful expeditions. The Survey Corps was steadily advancing and building a route with the purpose of reclaiming Wall Maria and even the people have began to put their trust in them and support them which hadn鈥檛 happened in years. Hell, even the funds had risen. 聽
That鈥檚 why Erwin didn鈥檛 have the heart to deny them some celebration. He and the higher-ups had bought meat and higher quality ale and alcohol than what they usually could afford.
Everyone was laughing, eating, brawling playfully and drinking. It was a beautiful sight to see and it almost brought tears to your eyes.
You buried your face in Levi鈥檚 shoulder and he let out a sigh as he put down his mug.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e drunk,鈥 he stated and you chuckled slightly.
鈥淚鈥檓 just happy to see them like this,鈥 you muttered and Hange, Erwin and the others shot you smiles from across the table. Maybe you were drunk. You stopped counting the mugs of ale. But was it wrong of you to let loose at least once? And even if you were drunk, what was so bad about it? It鈥檚 not like everyone had such ungodly high tolerance as Levi.
鈥淚鈥檇 say it鈥檚 about time we got the recognition we deserved,鈥 hummed Nanaba and Mike nodded silently next to her before sipping from his glass.
You straightened and attempted to grab the bottle of whiskey when Levi snatched it away from your reach, making you frown at him.
鈥淗ey! I want to drink some more,鈥 you huffed and he glared at you.
鈥淭ch, you鈥檝e had enough,鈥 he all but ordered as his eyes scanned your form. Your face was flushed and your eyes were drooping. Yeah, you were definitely a combination of sad and sleepy drunk.
鈥淏ut Levi,鈥 you whined and he simply blinked unamusedly before he grabbed your hand and stood up, carefully hauling you up and catching you when you stumbled.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to bed,鈥 he grunted as he steadied you and began walking. Moving through the bodies of rowdy soldiers proved to be easier than climbing the stairs to his office and your shared quarters. But since you were away from prying eyes he allowed himself to lift you in his arms聽and carry you. He held you tightly and supported your body with one leg as he pushed open the door. His office was dark and cold and he clicked his tongue, berating himself for forgetting to light a candle. He quickly entered the bedroom and sat you down on the bed. You swayed and hummed softly under your breath, eyes closed in peace while he knelt and took off your boots before proceeding to rid you of the constricting harness and your uniform.
The moment you felt the weight of clothes disappearing you let out a sigh of relief before collapsing, your head hitting the pillow. The man shook his head as a small chuckle left his lips, his hand moving to brush fallen strands of hair from your face. He grabbed your legs and properly positioned you onto the mattress before taking the neatly folded comforter and draping it over your form, tucking you in. Soft snores were already coming out of you and he realized you were fast asleep.
He was just about to begin taking off his own uniform when a thought struck him. When you wake up tomorrow, you will definitely be thirsty. He didn鈥檛 hesitate to whirl and exit your quarters, going down the stairs and towards the kitchens in order to take a glass and fill a jug of water. His descent down the stairs was halted, though, when a cadet stood in his way. Before Levi could tell him to go sleep and not cause troubles, since the boy was visibly drunk, he was interrupted by said boy asking him a question. A question that created a raging fire within him, had his eyes narrow, fist clench painfully and eyebrow tick.聽
鈥淒amn, you were quick,鈥 commented the boy with a shocked yet impressed expression before it shifted into a smug grin. 鈥淐an I have a go too?鈥
A heavy kick connected with his face faster than the words tumbled from his mouth, causing him to fly down the stairs and crash heavily onto the stone floor, the sound of bone cracking resonating through the deserted hallways. The boy groaned as he sat up painfully slow, his hand flying to his now dislocated shoulder before moving to wipe the blood that trickled down his forehead. The sound of clicking boots echoed, drawled, and the boy gasped and trembled as he backed away.
Levi finally came into view and stopped in front of the soldier, glaring down at him. He couldn鈥檛 believe the audacity of this kid, offering something so lewd and disgusting. You were his lover, even though nobody knew aside from the higher-ups, and he would be damned to let anyone degrade you like this. And when he thought about the possibility of this person treating other women like this, he got even more pissed. He raised his foot as if to kick him again and the boy clutched his head and curled into himself for protection. Levi tsked, not even a sliver of sympathy crossing his features, as he set the foot down onto his back and pressed, making the soldier wince.
鈥淚f I catch you disrespecting or preying on anyone, you鈥檒l be thrown off of Wall Maria faster than you can shout titan,鈥 growled Levi as he pressed his foot harsher and harsher with each word. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure that after some disciplining even a disgrace like yourself will be able to understand the severity of your behavior and will not repeat the same mistakes鈥m I clear?鈥 he spat out and the boy nodded vigorously. Levi finally removed his leg and, after one final glance, walked away.
鈥淎nd that鈥檚 a month of stable duty for you.鈥
When he returned you were still soundly sleeping. He took a few moments to admire your beauty - the moonlight illuminating your face, your parted lips, the rise and fall of your chest, your disheveled hair and the way you would sometimes nuzzle into the pillow. He set the jug and the glass on the nightstand and began taking off his uniform, letting out a sigh of relief once he was free from it. He slid under the blankets and wrapped his arms around your form, bringing you closer 鈥 his front pressing against your back as he placed a soft kiss on your shoulder and buried his face in your neck. He knew he wasn鈥檛 good with expressing himself which is why you probably didn鈥檛 know but鈥
To him, you were the most precious person in his life and he would never allow anyone to do, say or even think of something that may hurt or disrespect you. He was ready to beat anyone to a bloody pulp and go back to his murderous thug self in a heartbeat if it meant protecting you.
鈥淟evi?鈥 your slurry, laced with sleep voice interrupted his train of thoughts as you stirred in his arms until you were able to turn and face him. 鈥淲hat is it?鈥 you mumbled and he shook his head as he once again took you in his arms and placed a kiss on your forehead.
鈥淣othing. Let鈥檚 sleep.鈥
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kingsuckjina year ago
Ungodly Beast 2
Tumblr media
飧 Pairing: Devil! Jungkook x reader, Priest! Namjoon x reader
飧 Rated: M (18+)
飧 Genre: smut, horror, fluff?, angst?
飧 Synopsis: You鈥檇 rather go to hell yourself than let the devil take your baby, even if he helped create him鈥 even if your little boy is beginning to sprout horns.
飧 Warnings: (may contain spoilers) death, kidnapping, kind of depression and some heavy feels, satanic symbolism, voyeurism, blowjob, fingering, unprotected sex (please wrap your ding dong before playing ping pong), more sinful shit, male masturbation, dom-ish reader, strangulation (like also not in a sexy way), dom! Jungkook, spit kink, the most dirty talk you've ever seen, fisting, fingering, dick size kink, daddy kink, degradation, impreg kink, pain kink, devil kook still looks wild, spanking, branding, choking, hair pulling, biting and scratching, blood play/blood eating, tattoo kink, really rough sex, a very jealous Jungkook, more death/murder, a very brief mention of drugs, fluffy sex, gore, a fight scene, it's just graphic and awful.
飧 Words: 15k
飧 Note: I鈥檇 link the first part in this fic here, but tumblr has been doing this cute little thing where if you insert a link in something then the fic won鈥檛 show up in the tags. So I very sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but you鈥檒l have to go through my masterlist to find part 1. Also, an anon told me that this fic goes really well with the album Too Weird to Live too Rare to die by panic at the disco, specifically the song Far too young to die, so if you're looking for something to listen too while reading this, then that would be perfect.
Tumblr media
"What have you done?"
Those were your mother's first words after telling her you were pregnant. You had no idea how she knew, perhaps it was the worried, troubled, tired look on your face that that told her. Maybe she just sensed聽it, sensed the seed of half evil already taken root and growing inside of you.
You stayed silent, confirming an unspoken conclusion between you. She clutched at the rosary around her neck as her shocked, open mouth quivered and glossy tears pooled in her eyes.
"You didn't鈥" She whispered, "please tell me you didn't."聽
Out of shame, you still didn't speak.
"How did you know?" You finally decided to ask.
"I've dealt with him before, I know the way his terrible presence feels, and now I feel it with you. I almost can't stand it." Her words both stung and made you have an unsettling feeling that crawled up your spine. Was it simply the baby she had felt? Had he marked you somehow and now it was you making her feel like this? Or was he with you? Silently watching and waiting.
"What did you give for the child?" Your mother was nearly in sobs now.
"He didn't tell me at first-" you began to try to defend yourself but your mother cut you off.
"He never does. What was it?"聽
"He's taking him鈥" you felt the prick of tears sting your eyes now too. You had to cover your mouth quite suddenly to keep a sob from escaping. It hurt to think about, to talk about. You were afraid. "...when he turns five."
She took your hands between hers and looked you in the eyes.
"We will do everything we can, I promise. We will fight."
You nodded and attempted to blink away the tears.
"Pray with me. We can pray. God will help us, I know it."聽
You nodded again as she gripped your hands firmly in hers reassuringly. She let her head fall slightly and closed her eyes prompting you to do the same.
As she started with her prayer, you began to feel a ringing in your head, the sound grew and grew until it was piercing, drowning out her words. A tsunami of nausea overtook your body so powerful you jumped up from your seat at your mother's kitchen table, knocking the chair back as you ran for the bathroom in a dizzy haze.
"Ah, they should call it all day sickness instead of morning sickness." Your mom had committed, seeming to brush it off, but you knew in your heart and deep in your soul that something was very, very聽wrong here.
Tumblr media
From the moment you first saw him, you were in love. His big doe eyes, his chubby little cheeks, his soft little hands, and feet. Although he had no horns or black eyes, you tried hard not to see his father in him, which was difficult sometimes.
The worst memories for you were taking him to get baptized as a newborn. He had screamed from the moment you had entered the church and nothing you could do would calm him.
The moment the blessed holy water touched his skin, you watched as it seemed to burn and blister his infant skin in just seconds. You went out to your car in the church parking lot,聽
calmed him the best you could before strapping him into his car seat, and you cried.
You cried because while he seemed to be a normal little baby, your son, the baby you feed with your own body, sing to, bathe, and love, you were occasionally reminded of what he was and that you might only have him for a very short time.
He still whimpered in the back seat just as you did in the front. Guilt and sadness and fear prompted you to get out of the car and into the back seat where you unfastened him as his pout only worsted your feelings. You took his small body in your arms and held him to your chest. Your nose snuggled into his mess of fluffy dark hair.
"I love you. No ones ever going to take you away from me. I don't care what you are, you're my son more than anything." You let your tears fall onto his head.
That wasn't the scariest thing you had been through though. The worst was the nightmares.
The first was just under a month after he had been born. You had sat up in your bed covered in sweat, the house felt like an oven. Your heart was beating hard even before you had heard it coming through the baby monitor.
It sounded high and angelic along with the happy coos of your son. As your groggy mess faded with the race of your heart you also realized it was in a language you not just couldn't understand, but had never heard anything like it before.
It took no time at all for you to practically leap from your bed, and dash from your room and down the hall to your son's room.
As you pushed his door open you saw him. You felt like your heart was beating in your throat now as you saw him with his back to you holding your son, bathed in only the moonlight that the sheer curtains of the nursery let in.
The singing had turned to a soft hum. You realized how wrong you were upon pinning his voice like an angel. You saw the horns sprouting from his wavy hair that dangled as he looked down at the baby in his arms.
You wanted to scream, you wanted to fight, you wanted to do anything to save your baby and keep him from being taken away from you. He was a newborn, it wasn't even time.
You couldn't do anything though, and you didn't know why.
Horrifyingly you found yourself yet again drawn to him, in awe at his presence.
"You can't鈥" you managed to choke out.
"I will." He didn't turn as he spoke to you. After he spoke, you woke up.
You couldn't sleep very long for months after that nightmare.聽
Tumblr media
There was no denying by age two and a half that he looked more like his father. There was also no denying the little bumps you found while brushing his shaggy hair that sat on the top of his head under his skin. Most mothers would be concerned, wonder if their child had gotten hurt, and bumped their head a few times. But you just sat there frozen, feeling the bumps. You knew what they were, they were his father's claim to him, they were forming horns.
"Mommy okay?" Your son noticed your strange and oddly still demeanor as the hairbrush dropped from your hands onto the bathroom tile where you sat.聽
That's when it hit you the hardest. Your baby was halfway there. Halfway gone. All you had done so far was helplessly try to deny the fact that he was coming for him. He would take your little boy and drag him to hell if you didn't do something to fight this, find some way, something, someone聽to help you.
"Mommy?" your son had turned around and was now reaching for your cheeks to smush with his hands like you often did him. His face read of concern and question. Your heart melted at his little gesture. You took in his sweet little face again, his little two front teeth poked out just a little. You couldn't help but squish his face gently right back.
"Mommy's okay." You tried to reassure him the best you could, and it seemed to work. Lucky for you toddlers were sweetly gullible.
The moment you got free time you sent a text to your mom telling her you'd be dropping her grandson off at her house tomorrow, you didn't wait for a reply as you already knew she would jump at any chance to see her grandson whenever she could.
You then made a very important series of phone calls.
Tumblr media
"Thank you, thank you so much for meeting with me today on such short notice father-"聽
"Father Namjoon or just Namjoon is fine." He interrupted. "And don't mention it, I'm here to help. You mentioned problems with your child?"
You took a deep breath and let your face finally show the worry you felt, your bouncing foot on the floor let out your anxiety. You sat there in his office at this tiny church. Worried he would throw you out the moment you told him the truth about what was going on.
Father Namjoon sat across the big worn wooden desk from you and waited patiently for you to further explain. Behind him on the wall was a massive cross along with pictures with him and maybe members of the church pinned to the wall.
" I'm afraid I didn't tell you everything over the phone because鈥 well, every priest I've called said I was crazy and hung up on me after I told them." You admitted and watched as his body language changed with his growing attention.
"But father Namjoon, I swear on my son's life that what I'm about to tell you is the truth. My son is no trouble, but his father is. See, I would've brought my son in today, but he gets these鈥 headaches and nosebleeds in churches."聽
You watched his reaction carefully, he curiously tilted his head.
"Go on鈥" he urged.
"Because his father鈥 is鈥 the devil."
Namjoon gave you a nod of understanding that was far too casual for the words you said.
"I have proof." You defended before he could even think to refute your claim.
"I believe you."聽
"What?" You asked thinking maybe you were only hearing what you wanted to.
"Listen," he leaned forward so that his arms rested on his desk. "He's real. I know he's real. The nervousness in your voice and you say you have proof鈥 you seem perfectly sane to me. When can I meet with your son? Would your home be alright?"
"What are you doing right now? He's with my mother right now."
"Let's go." He said with sureness and no thinking time behind it.
He followed your car to your mother's home. You watched as he got out of his car and just stood there in the driveway, staring at the home.
"Something wrong father?" You asked as he brought forth the cross around his neck and clutched it tightly.
"I can feel him."
"My son? My mom says the same thing about him. We just assume he carries the same feeling as-"
"Not your son, the devil. He's here."聽
Your heart began to race at the thought of encountering him again. Maybe you had gotten in over your head by asking a priest to see him, but you had to do something.
"Your cross." You stopped father Namjoon as he started to walk towards the door. "I'm sorry but you can't have it near him. My mother had to take down all of hers when he was born."聽
His eyes seemed to shift around nervously before finally taking off his cross and putting it in his car.
"No worries." He gave you a reassuring smile.聽
You expected more upon entering the house, not just for your son to casually be sitting there watching tv.
You and your mother had exchanged silent, nervous glances upon her letting you in and seeing the priest.
"Hey buddy, someone wants to talk to you." You knelt down and told your son but he seemed to ignore you.
Your mom turned off the tv, but it didn't seem to affect him.
"Touch his head." You whispered to Namjoon.
He stepped forward and crouched on the floor.
"Hey, little guy! What kind of show were you watching?" He placed his hand on your son's head to pat it but quickly retracted it.
"Don't touch me."聽your son spoke clearly and firmly. His speech was nothing like his normal, broken toddler way of talking.
You looked at Namjoon who still looked shocked by something, it had to be the growing horns.
"Daddy said don't touch me." Your son spoke again perfectly as if he were a few years older.
Daddy said
"Oh my go-" you couldn't help but let out at his words. Had his father been around this whole time? Just watching him鈥 and you?
"I won't touch you, I promise. Could you turn around for me?"
Your son did as he was asked and faced the priest, looking up at him with wide, almost terrified eyes.
鈥淐an I show him your back?鈥 you asked knowing he would let you touch him before he would a priest. Your son nodded but seemed confused.聽
You lifted the side of his shirt and showed Namjoon the mark spread along the ribs. The upside-down thick, black cross.
鈥淨uite a birthmark you have there.鈥 Namjoon joked with the boy.
鈥淗is father has the same one."
Namjoon stood to his feet which prompted you to do the same.
"Can we talk?" His eyes flickered towards the front door.
"Yeah of course."聽
"Possibly off the property?" He added and you gave him a nod.
鈥淚'll be back鈥 you assured your mother as you left with the priest.
He led you to his car before asking if you wanted to get a coffee and told you he needed it after what he had just seen and felt. You understood and agreed.
He continued to apologize on the short drive there, but again you understood his need to process this.
It wasn't until after you both had gotten your drinks and sat down in a quiet corner of the shop that he began to talk openly.
鈥淚鈥檓 still not sure what to think of all this, but I know you're not lying. He looks like him. My鈥︹ he let out a sigh as he played with a pink packet of sugar. 鈥淢y grandmother had a run-in with him once, never said why or how, but she described him and the way his presence felt. I just don鈥檛 think it's your child making me feel that way. I really need to ask what happened between you and...his...father.鈥
鈥淚-um..I鈥︹ you too took a deep breath and decided to explain everything as detailed as you could from summoning him, to only having a few years left with your son. You felt ashamed as you explained to this priest how you had slept with the devil.
Namjoon didn't seem to judge you though, as a matter of fact, he looked sympathetic. He seemed so sweet, kind, and understanding.
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure what I can do here,鈥 he told you and reached across the table to place his hand on yours 鈥渂ut I promise to do the best I can. I will do what I can to help protect your family and son.鈥
You felt the honesty and sincerity in his words, it felt so comforting to you.
鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be hard, I can just tell he聽doesn't want me there. I don't know if it鈥檚 because I鈥檓 a man or because I鈥檓 a priest. Let me ask you a rather personal question, have you dated at all since your son was born?鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 you shook your head 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want anyone getting attached to my son because I just don't know what's going to happen. Also, I鈥檓 afraid鈥e聽might do something. I just鈥 I don't want to put anyone else into this that doesn't need to be.鈥 that part hurt you too, you just felt so lonely on top of it all. 鈥淚've had no one to turn to with all of this except my mother.鈥
鈥淲ell, you have me now, okay? You don't have to feel alone anymore. We can solve this together.鈥
Namjoon had come up with a plan to meet with your son every other day, and at the end of the week, he would meet with only you and talk over the progress, if he had made any at all.
Just a few months in, there was a difference. It seemed his method of slowly introducing god and holy objects such as crosses were beginning to work, he no longer got headaches and nosebleeds around them, and his horns while still little bumps under his skin, they had stopped growing. That also happened to be the month your mother got very very sick. No matter how many times Namjoon came and prayed over her, she still continued to just slip away until she was gone.
And now you had no one but Namjoon.
The day after she passed away was the hardest. Your son was still too small to fully grasp the concept of death, but he still cried about his grandmother never getting to play with him again.
You had waited until you had put him to bed and he had fallen asleep to pour yourself a glass of wine and just cry.
Nothing could distract you from the pain, from the heavy misery, not even the pouring rain and house shaking thunder.
You had turned off all of the lights, the only thing that would occasionally light the room was the lightning.
You felt so alone, more alone than you've felt in your life. You tried hard to sense him, but he just didn't seem there. The one time you felt so desperate and alone, his presence didn't loom over you.聽
鈥淚 hate you,鈥 you spoke out loud. 鈥淚f you can hear me I hate you. I hate that you've done this to me, I hate that you took her from me and your son. Are you really watching over your son or do you just love to see me suffer? Do you love to see me alone? Huh?鈥 anger coursed through you as you talked to the walls 鈥淎nswer me!鈥 you yelled a little too loudly and worried that you would wake your son up so you decided to be quiet.
The desperation and loneliness felt like it was suffocating you, you had to do something.
You felt pathetic calling him up this late, but once you heard his voice you already felt better.
鈥淗ey, how are you hanging in there?鈥澛
鈥淣ot good Namjoon.鈥 you sniffled 鈥淚-I just feel so alone, so in over my head. All the things my mom has done for me I just鈥︹ you did your best to hold back tears.
鈥淒o you want me there? Is it alright if I come over so you don't have to feel alone?鈥
鈥淧lease?鈥 Your plea was squeaky and weak.
鈥淚鈥檒l leave right now okay? It's just important to remember that you're not alone. God is with you.鈥
鈥淭hank you. I don't know what I would have done this past few months without you.鈥
鈥淧lease, don't mention it.鈥
Tumblr media
You don't know how it got here. You had only had a half a glass of wine in total, and a two-hour deep conversation and now you had pulled him into your room and you were ripping off each other鈥檚 clothes as if they were tainted.
鈥淔uck me鈥 you tossed your shirt to the floor and pressed your lips back to his with ferocity. He sharply exhaled through his nose at how turned on he was by your demand, although you could feel it through his underwear.聽
鈥淵ou sure?鈥 he mumbled into your lips. You let out a hum into his before sinking to your knees.
鈥淔uck.鈥 he muttered, mesmerized as you pulled his underwear, letting it fall at his feet and letting his cock loose.
You let little time pass between the moment you saw his cock and putting it into your mouth. You were hungry for touch, for affection, for sex, for companionship, and you were sure to show that in the form of his dick in your throat. It was as if somehow you hoped it could fill that strange void that had existed in you for far too long.
He thrust in tandem with your head bobbing while letting out groans and sharp breaths of pleasure that just told you that it had been a while for him too.聽
Thunder rolled in your dark room as you suppressed a gag and let your spit dribble down your chin. You were dripping with need at just the thought of sex.
As a brief flash of lightning lit the room, you swore you saw him聽in the chair in the corner of the room, legs crossed, watching you.
Could it have just been your imagination playing tricks on you? Could you have been just thinking about him? Was it what you wanted to see?
You closed your eyes as you took Namjoon deeper into your throat, letting the tip of your nose connect with his thin patch of pubes.
His hands tangled in the back of your hair.
"Can- can we have sex? Please? This feels too good to take this anymore."聽
You took him from your mouth and got into the bed on all fours. He took a moment to take your body and pose in for a moment, but once his brain seemed to function again he got behind you on the bed.
His fingers ran down the skin of your back almost making you shiver.
He yanked your underwear down around your thighs and ran his fingers along your soaking folds.
"No teasing, fuck me."
You heard an almost inaudible moan behind you before feeling his tip at your entrance.
The feeling of him slowly sinking into you, filling you, felt so nice after so long.
"Be rough with me."
"O-okay." He stammered and grabbed the back of your hair to pull on as he began slamming into you.
The skin of his thighs slapped at the meat of your ass over and over, but it somehow just wasn't enough.
"Harder, call me names."聽
"I won't- I can't call you names." He panted his refusal.
Thank god he was behind you so he couldn't see you rolling your eyes.
"Stop stop, stop."聽
His hips quit moving at once.
"Lay on your back." You had had enough and wanted to take this into your own hands.
One he pulled out and played down you straddled his hips, reaching down to guide his cock into your entrance before sinking down on it.
The moment you slowly moved your hips with him buried inside of you he began to moan. You picked up his hands and placed them on your breasts.
"What do you think, father?" Your voice dripped with seduction as you clenched around him.
"You're so- oh god- so beautiful."聽
"Wrong answer." You stilled your hips making him scramble for the right words.
"Your pussy is so wet鈥 just for me."聽
"All for you." You began to move your hips again with the answer that satisfied you. Possibly to make sure they didn't stop again his hands drifted down to your hips to move them faster on his own. You couldn't help the loud moan that slipped out of your mouth at him taking control just a little.
"You take my dick so well."聽
"Fuck fuck." You chanted, moving your hips faster, feeling so close to losing it. You couldn't lie, the thought of him being a priest was really about to get you off right now.
"Such a bad girl." He murmured. Maybe he felt the same.
"Does it feel good being in the same cunt as the devil has been?" You teased.
You swore you heard a very short, unamused chuckle from somewhere in the room.聽
"Fuck yes, fuck I'm so close." He aggressively moved your hips now, his fingers digging into your flesh and finally making you cum.
"Up up"聽
You got off of him fast and watched ad his hand went around his cock to give it a few short jerks. His thick cum spurted from the tip. Coating his hand and shaft.
"I'll get you something to clean that up with." You climbed off of him as he quickly nodded.
Tumblr media
You felt a hand on your thigh that woke you from your sleep.
"Wake up, I need you." Your face contorted in confusion at Namjoon's words.
"Too tired." You muttered into your pillow.
"But I'm so hard for you." His deep voice whispered in your ear sending tingles through your body.
"All I can think about is your wet little cunt of yours. I'll do whatever you want me to darling." His hand ghosted up your back until it came around and reached your neck where he left it
"Mmm." You hummed in satisfaction as you rotted your ass into his once again hard dick.
"You like that? Hm?" His voice was so thick and rough with sleep. "What if I squeezed just a little?" His fingers tightened slightly around your throat.
You were more than ready now for round two, it seemed he had found some courage between when you fucked earlier and now.
"Who does your pussy belong to, darling?"聽
"You." You whispered mixed with a moan. You needed him back inside of you so badly that you ached for it.
"You lying whore." His grip on your throat tightened, so much that it became almost impossible to breathe.
You struggled against his grip and tried to pry his hand from your throat.
"Your body and cunt belongs to the devil. Evil courses through your blood." You could hear the hate in his voice through his gritted teeth.
You tried to kick at him, hit him, but you could feel the tightness in your face and brain from lack of blood flow and oxygen.
"Stop, please." You attempted to choke out as your vision grew hazy.
"You belong in hell too."聽
You thrashed until there was no more pressure on your throat, your hands and feet collided with nothing.
You sat up in your bed covered in sweat. You were alone and once again your room was as hot as the pits of hell themselves.
You picked up your phone from the nightstand, almost blinding yourself with the light from it as you checked the time.聽
Namjoon had left hours ago. He had left upon your request.
"What the fuck." You sighed as you flopped back into your bed.
As you laid there the weight of reality seemed to feel heavier and heavier on your chest, crushing.
Your mother was dead, you had fucked a priest, the devil wouldn't leave you alone, and you had very little time before your son was gone forever.
Your bedroom felt too large, too spacious for your lonely body just as all of your problems did. Would you end up sucked into it all? Eaten alive? Was there any point in fighting at all?
You swallowed down the lump in your throat but it was no use. You couldn't stop the tears that filled your eyes and leaked into your hairline as you stared up at your ceiling.
"Please" your word brought forth your sobs in the empty room "make it stop. I'll do anything but give up my son, just make it stop."
Tumblr media
You couldn't help it, for weeks after your dream you felt weird around Namjoon. The rational part of your brain knew he wouldn't hurt you, although you still denied any little advances he made. It did fade, and once he took you out to dinner and you let him put his hand on your knee, but he was careful not to overstep boundaries.
You thought about calling him one night as you laid there sleepless in your bed. You don鈥檛 know how you had gotten so turned on but your body felt so hot with need.
You tried to just roll over and go to bed, but your sensitive clit throbbed along with your heartbeat as if begging you to touch it. Sny motion you made at all only made things worse until you gave in.
You pulled up your oversized sleep shirt and shoved a hand down your panties. You paused a moment as you realized that it wasn't just getting off you needed, but contact with someone.
You went to reach for your phone on the nightstand, but your hand didn't even meet it before you froze.
"Don't." It was a command.
Your eyes flashed to him sitting in the chair in the corner of the room, just like you thought you had seen him a month ago with Namjoon.
You quickly pulled your hand from your underwear and sat up with your mouth agape.
"Did you miss me, darling?" His horns tilted as his head did.
"Get out of my fucking house and leave me and my son alone!" You growled, clutching your shorts angrily in your fists.
"Why? So you can fuck that priest again?" He held up his index finger, slightly shaking it making a tsk-ing sound.聽
"Why does it matter to you what I do?" Your voice was stone cold.
He narrowed his eyes at you and leaned forward in the chair with a smirk. You couldn't stop yourself from thinking how regal and utterly beautiful he looked. He looked far more casual this time in a black t-shirt and jeans, but nonetheless majestic and powerful.
"You must've forgotten. That's alright, I wouldn't mind reminding you. I'm not here for our聽son, don't worry, not just yet."
"Then let's talk about that."聽
"Talk?" He gave a little smile "we can talk. Come here."聽
Although you wanted to, almost needed to, you stayed in your bed.
"Then feel free to keep going鈥 unless you want some help."
"Tell me why you're here." You demanded.
"I'm here to save you. You called me."
"I didn't." You argued.
He beckoned you over once more as he stood from the chair. You got out of bed this time and stepped closer.
"You've done nothing but try to get my attention for months. Don't argue, you know I'm right. I can hear it again, that delicate little heart of yours fluttering when you see me." He reached a hand out for you, you took it, it was just so warm in yours. You let him pull you in until your back faced his chest with his hands on your sides.
"You called me, see?" You closed your eyes as he whispered to you, your bodies swayed together in a nonexistent song. It felt as though he was pulling you deeper into a trance, and you let yourself go.
"Does that heartbeat for me? Do you live for me? Do you want聽me?" You felt his nose graze your neck, the hot air from his worst trailing behind it. You had dreams of this moment for years. His whispers, his touch, the way he made you feel drunk and hypnotized you, the way he made you feel whole.
"Yes." You couldn't lie, everything but the truth had melted away, you couldn't feel or speak much else. You were weak for him, weaker than you remembered.
"Then are you mine?"
"Yes." You answered once more.
"I'll talk to you my love, about whatever your heart desires. First, tell me what it is you want from me." He whispered as you felt him grip the hem of your sleep shirt at your thighs. His hands brushed your skin. You continued to sway with him, eyes closed, worried that if you opened your eyes that this would all be a dream, worried that if you looked at him you'd fall deeper.
You didn't want to say it, you didn't want to admit you wanted him right now. He had done so much to you. Your internal struggle was hard, you wanted him desperately, yet he had done so much to you and your family. Even your closed eyes couldn't hold back the tears that escaped.
"Why did you take her?" A single son escaped but you shut it down, you refused to show all of your weakness.
To your surprise, he gently shushed you.
"Darling, I didn't take her. Her soul was never mine to take. I don't decide who lives and dies, it was just her time."
You were stunned, why was he comforting you? Why did it feel so good?
"Please don't take our son, he's alI have now, he-"
"I've thought about so many things. We can talk later, no tricks, no lies. You don't need to worry. Just let them all fall away and tell me what you want."
You bit your lip as you felt his cock begin to twitch beside you.
"You already know I want you." Your voice was a soft, weak whisper.
"Yes, but do you want me to hold and comfort you? You've been struggling so much with that. Perhaps you want my cock buried so deep inside of you that it hurts. Or maybe you just want me to pump that belly full of a second baby."聽
His hand slid into your panties as you let out a gasp of excitement. Every nerve in your body felt hypersensitive, so when he slid his finger over your slit you cried out for him.
"All of it. Please, I want it all."聽
"What a greedy, needy little bitch. Did that boring god loving freak not satisfy you?" He teased as his finger dipped into your folds and teased at your clit.
"N-no." You stammered.
"You didn't look like you were having much fun, not until you saw me at least." He seemed so amused by it. "I'm a little mad you let him poorly use you like that" he seemed to growl making slight fear go down your spine. "Who fucks you better? Who has a bigger dick?" His finger circling your clit picked up speed with the ferocity of his words.
"You." Your breath was already short.
"Tonight, prove to me that you're mine, that you're devoted, that you'll do whatever it takes for me, And I'll show you I'm yours."聽
This wasn't happening, you couldn't believe the words he had just softly said into your neck. Your disbelief was cut off by your quickly approaching orgasm. You let out a whine as your knees turned to rubber, you would've fallen had he not have been holding you tightly against him.
"That's it darling, let me have you, let go for me." Your orgasm exploded through you like a bomb and all you could do was whine.
"Such a good girl." He still held you tightly and placed light kisses on your neck and collarbone as he took his tattooed hand from the front of your panties.
You let out a small shriek when he picked you up and carefully set you on the bed. He could've broken you in half right then and there, if he wanted to.
"On all fours, ass facing me."聽
You hurried into position for him, and for a while, you felt nothing until you felt the fiery sting of a slap along a cheek.
You sucked in a breath.
"What's the matter baby, can't take it for me?"
He was so wrong, you loved it.
"I'll take whatever you give me." Your words were followed by the pleasure of another slap.
"Fuck it." He muttered and suddenly you were dragged by your legs onto his lap where he positioned you over it.
"Take anything for me, huh? We'll see about that." The slaps kept coming until your ass felt raw. You arched your ass up for him as you let out a needy whine.
"You're so fucking wet, it's everywhere. Do you want me to touch you? Is that what you're whining for?"聽
You let out another whine.
"Say it."
"Please touch me. I want you to touch me."聽
"I'll give you what you want." You knew that tone he used, it was the tone of having something else planned.
His fingers immediately sunk into your core.
"You're wetter than I thought, I could slide whatever I wanted into you so effortlessly."聽
You could hear the sounds of his coated fingers working you too.
"Whatever you want." You replied hoping it was his cock, but you knew better at this point.
"My love, I'm going to absolutely fucking ruin you."
You went to reply but suddenly felt the slight stretch and sting of more fingers entering you.
"Ahhhh." You let out but backed up further onto his hand, still wanting more.
"What a good little whore, look at you riding my hand and taking it all for me."聽
You loved the pain, and he gave it to you like no one else could. You were already ruined for anyone else, but he didn't know that.
His hand felt so deep inside of you that you swear you could feel it in your stomach.
"Harder." You begged,聽 and he obliged.
"You like me filling you like this, slut? I'm going to stretch your pussy so well for my big cock."
You continued to rock backward in tandem with his movements, it didn't take long at all until you were almost there, panting and gripping the sheets.
He stopped and slowly pulled his hand from your cunt, leaving you feeling more hollowed out than a pumpkin.
You left his lap and looked at him just in time to see his shirt come off. His body was just as beautiful as you remembered it, something of pure art and fantasy combined. Tattooed, muscular, and smooth you just wanted to lick every single inch of him, you had to.
You climbed back into his lap and pushed him back while you leaned forward and placed your lips to the very warm flesh of his collarbone. Your lips made their way down slowly to his nipples and enveloped one in your mouth.
"Ah." A sound of surprise and pleasure came from him, and you loved it, you loved that you could make him feel that way, you wanted more.
You took your mouth from his chest and crawled backward until you sat between his legs.
You undid his pants and pushed his underwear down along with him. You had almost forgotten just how massive his cock was. It was veiny and the tip was a blushed shade of pink that made your mouth water.
You spit in both your hands and wrapped them both around his shaft.
You slid your spit slicked hands over his leaking head before slowly bringing then down to the base.
"Faster darling. Don't play with me." He threatened with a grunt. You did as he asked and even added your mouth.
His hands tangled tightly in your hair at once.
It was hard to take him even halfway into your mouth without you gagging around his size and thickness filling your throat.
As you sucked his dick, you stared at the three black sixes on his lower stomach and watched as they moved as his muscles flexed.
"What I wouldn't give to cum down your throat right now."
You moaned around his cock at the desperation and lust in his voice.
"So fucking good for me. You suck my cock so well with your little whore mouth." He gripped your hair tighter but still not enough to hurt.
Him lying there, moaning and groaning as you pleased him made you all the more impossibly wet, you could feel it as you squeezed your thighs together.
"Please come here." He asked as he released your hair and sat up.
As you let his cock leave your mouth and too sat up only for him to lift and drag you onto his lap once again. He reached down and guided his cock into your entrance.
As you lowered yourself onto him he made a noise that should've stopped your heart.
It was a moan and a sigh all at once, he combined that with dropping his head onto your shoulder. The fullness and warmth of his cock inside of you, every little move he made, he was all just too much. How could you survive something like this a second time, especially with being this close to him.
He didn't move even an inch for a moment, not until he lifted his head off of your body and peered at you with those inky black eyes through his just as inky dark hair.
His net movements were fast, rough, and hard. He grabbed your hair from behind, forcing your head as far back as it could go without breaking anything. Your chest was arched towards him and he used it to his advantage by taking a nipple into his mouth as he bucked his hips into you quickly. All you could do was grip his shoulders for dear life as he fucked into you, fingernails sinking deeper and deeper into his muscular flesh the closer he pushed you to your high.
You felt the little sharp sting of him pinching your nipple between his teeth. You couldn't help but fall completely apart as you moaned out the filthiest curse words that you could.
Once he let your hair go and you could properly look at him, you saw beads of dark liquid forming on his shoulders. Your nails and grip had drawn blood, real human blood.
All you could do was stare. He bled just like you, he was vulnerable just like you, just like anyone else.
"Hm?" He caught your staring but seemed confused.
"I-I hurt you. I'm sorry." You furrowed your eyebrows with guilt.
He laughed, it was a real laugh, not a teasing one, not an unamused snort. His nose crinkled and his more prominent two front teeth were made more visible.
"It didn't hurt, I didn't even know you did it." He tried to get a look at the little droplets himself before wiping one away with his finger to show there was no mark left, he had somehow healed.
Each fleeting glimpse of his humanity vanished as soon as you spotted it.
His dick was beginning to soften inside of you despite him not getting off yet.
"Did you want to kiss it and make it better for me?" His voice was seductively playful and you couldn't tell if he was joking or not until he brought his blood-smeared fingertips to your lips.
You looked him in the eyes as you took them into your mouth and sucked them clean. He looked satisfied and you could feel his dick twitch back to life inside of you, showing you how much he liked that. Without a second thought, you attached your mouth to his shoulder and began to lick and cuck at the blood droplets where the wounds once were. The moment reminded you of when you were a child and they told you that wine was the blood of Christ, except this was so much better. You wanted to show him you were willing to take him in any way possible, to submit to every desire he had.
He pushed his now hard cock as far as it would go into you.
"I want to do something to you." He whispered as he continued to slowly thrust.
"Do it." Your reply was fast.
"It's going to hurt you." He added.
"Do it."
鈥淚 will. For now, shut up and bounce on my cock, slut.鈥 his tattooed hand grabbed throat 鈥 and you better fucking ride it harder and faster than you did that stupid Jesus loving freak.鈥 his face read of disgust.
鈥淵es daddy,鈥 you replied trying to hide the smirk at the satisfaction on his face from you calling him that.
He dropped his hand from your neck and you began to move your hips as he laid back. You would normally start slow, but you let him have it. Everything about him was incomparable to anyone you鈥檝e ever slept with.
鈥淔uck, like that baby.鈥 His hair was messy, his eyes were squeezed shut and his tattoo that looked like a snake that wrapped around his torso almost looked like it was slithering.聽
鈥淵ou like that daddy? I took every inch of your big cock just for you.鈥 you loved the power over him that he was letting you have and you were going to make sure you got to enjoy it.
His hand shot to your hip and he squeezed.
鈥淚 swear If you fucking make me cum right now you鈥檒l fucking pay for it,鈥 he grunted obviously trying to hold back seeing as his hand was digging into your skin as if it was the last lifeline between him and losing it.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you want to cum in my pussy daddy? Fill it full of cum and watch it drip out of me?鈥 you continued to tease him and bring him even closer as you jackhammered up and down on his rock hard dick.
鈥淔uck, this is your last damn warning bitch.鈥 his jaw was clenched, but it was too late, you were already falling apart on top of him, once again saying the dirtiest shit you could as he shuttered under you, barely hanging on as he watched you cum.
You paused, breathing heavily for a moment of rest, but it didn't last long. He was pulling out of you and throwing you face down on the bed, holding your hands by the wrists behind your back.
鈥淚 fucking told you, didn鈥檛 I?鈥澛
鈥淪orry, dadd-鈥
鈥淒id I say you could speak bitch?鈥
He wasn鈥檛 even inside you anymore but you鈥檙e empty walls clenched as you let out a small moan onto the bed sheets.
鈥淣ow let鈥檚 see just how fucking much you鈥檙e willing to take. Be good for me darling.鈥
You were scared but excited at the same time, the adrenaline that coursed through your veins was nothing like you鈥檝e ever felt before.
鈥淵es daddy.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 fucking move.鈥
You listened and stayed completely still.
You felt his hand cover the back of your neck. It got warmer and warmer until it felt searingly hot, it was burning your skin. You bit down on your lip so hard it had to have left a bruise just to keep from screaming. There was no way of stopping the whimpers that came from you in the few seconds that his hand was on your skin.
鈥淭here,鈥 he said and sounded as though he was admiring his work before releasing your body and letting you sit up. By the time you sat up though, the pain was entirely gone as if it had never even happened.
鈥淚t鈥檚 the mark, to match.鈥 you knew he meant that he had just branded you with an upside-down cross to match his and your son鈥檚. You were too busy noticing the wetness on your cheeks and wondering where they had come from to concentrate on this strange sentimental moment.
You felt something warm roll down your cheek and lifted a hand to wipe away what you now realized were tears, but he gently grabbed your wrist.
With his other hand went to your chin and guided your head to face him.
You were met face to face with him, his dark eyes peering into yours and also assessing your wet cheeks.
Both hands now went to your cheeks and his thumbs wiped over the wet mess on your skin.聽
He was trying to dry your tears.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I hurt you.鈥 his voice was quiet. It was a glimmer of sincerity, a splinter of sweetness.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 even feel it.鈥 you joked but he didn鈥檛 buy it or laugh, instead he just continued to stare into your eyes with both hands on your face.
He leaned in so slowly, head tilting slightly and his lips met yours so gently. Your eyes closed and pressed your lips harder into his.
It was a sweet kiss but it held the strength and intensity of being punched in the stomach.
Your hands came up to roam the back of his shaggy, dark hair but your mind was elsewhere.
You imagined him as an average man, your son as a normal little boy, you imagined a family. Cuddling on the couch, touching him whenever you pleased, your son being able to play with his father, your life with him would never grow dull. However, your daydreams were dashed as your hand accidentally met with a horn.聽
What was wrong with you? You knew these things were stupid and unattainable, he聽was unattainable. Although you had known this fact from the start, here you were sleeping with him again. He fucked you over so hard, he was pure evil and you knew it, but yet here you were falling for him even harder. To be fair though, was there a soul living or dead that could resist him, that ever has been able to?
You pulled away, his hands left your face.
He looked at you with wide eyes, he looked almost shocked, scared. There was some kind of very deep feeling moment between the both of you, some kind of wordless exchange of revelations.聽
A million things you wanted to say to him flooded your mind at this moment. There were so many things you wanted answers to 鈥滵o you know how miserable I was? Do you know what it felt like waiting for you in fear the entire time? Do you know how much I hate not being able to hate you? Do you know how bad it hurts me seeing your face in my son鈥檚? Do you know how badly you ruined my entire adult life? Do you know how hurtfully perfect you look? Do you know how lucky and cursed I feel all at once? Do you feel any weight for the things you've done to me and my family?鈥澛燽ut you were too scared this moment would end, that he would never come back, that he would take your son and leave. You wanted to cry, but you pushed the entire internal war out of your mind, you boxed it all away just to not ruin this moment.
During your thoughts and your stares at one another, his face had softened and his eyebrows furrowed.
鈥淵/n鈥 you realized that it was the first time he had ever spoken your name out loud, and as beautiful as it had sounded coming from his lips, you didn't want to hear it spoken so guilt filled. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sor-鈥
"Are you going to make me cum again or not?" You broke the silence, and he seemed thrown off for a moment. You didn't know what he was apologizing for, but you didn't want to know. Not only did you want to shut this sad moment down just to have the fun back, but something inside of you hurt to hear and see him like this.
An expression you were familiar with him having flickered onto his face, a smirk. It relieved you and set the fire in your body back alight.
He tackled you with his hands wrapped around you. You were flesh to flesh, his lips moving to the space above your breasts, sucking hard before moving onto another are.
鈥淒ont fuck anyone else.鈥 it wasn't sharp like his normal demands, it was almost as if he was asking you not to without making it into a real question.
You almost snorted as he continued making an army of marks that continued to trail lower and lower.
You almost snorted sarcastically.
鈥淭hen who the Hell am I supposed to fuck?鈥
鈥淢e, fuck me.鈥
You did sarcastically laugh at this one.聽
鈥淒on't laugh at me.鈥 he said defensively before sucking a new place by your belly button.
鈥淲hat? Every few years you鈥檒l swing by and I just have to wait until then?鈥
鈥淣o. Are you even enjoying this anymore or have you now set your focus on calling me out?鈥 he looked up at you with an arched brow.
鈥淐alling you out seems more fun right now.鈥 you were only half joking, all of that hurt hfrom earlier was now festering back up to the surface upon hearing his stupid lies.
鈥淚 told you I鈥檇 talk, and I will. Trust me.鈥 he sat up and looked down at you.
鈥淚鈥檝e trusted you before and that was shitty.鈥 you argued.
鈥淭hen why the fuck are you fucking me now? Why the fuck are you letting me mark you? Why the fuck are you telling me you belong to me?鈥 he shot back.
鈥淏ECAUSE I WANT TO PRETEND YOU'RE NOT鈥 NOT...I DON鈥橳 KNOW...THE ACTUAL FUCKING DEVIL!鈥 you whisper yelled at him through clenched teeth.
He came down over you and looked you in the eyes for a moment with such a look you thought he might kill you, but instead his voice was quiet and calm.
鈥淚f you think I鈥檓 incapable of feeling then you鈥檙e wrong, you're dead wrong. If I didn鈥檛 feel, then why would I want my son? Why have I been watching him grow, watching you love and take care of him and doing my best not to interfere with your time with him. I may not be mortal but I have feelings, I have empathy. Do you understand the shit I have to see and be in charge of? Do you know what it feels like to just want something so pure in good while living in something so fucked? Watching you and our son has been the only sliver of heaven that I鈥檝e ever been able to have.鈥 his arms were shaking as he held himself over you. You had never seen his body show any signs of tiredness or weakness, even his wounds had healed right up. He was shaken talking about this and it was obvious.
It hit you hard. Why would聽he want to take him? Why did all of this just make sense?
鈥淪o please, don鈥檛 take this away from me right now. Let me make you cum again, let me just have this for a little longer and we can talk.鈥
You were stunned. He had felt the same way, he wanted to drag this out just as much as you did, he wanted to cherish this. The question now in the air was, if you both wanted to be together, then why couldn't you?
You yanked him by the hair, forcing his lips to collide with yours. Your tongue clashed with his split one, but it no longer surprised you or made you nervous. While little about him was normal, what was normal anyway? From the moment you saw him as he really was you had thought he was perfect, so why until now had you been wishing for him to be the man you first saw at the bar? Was it because the puzzle piece of his humanity had been missing in an otherwise perfect puzzle?
Your teeth gnashed together as if you were young, new lovers blooming with anticipation, as if you had never touched before now, despite fucking for god knows how long already.
He bit at your already sore lip you had bitten down on, but he wasn't harsh.
鈥淚 want you.鈥 you told him meaning more than just how he took it. He reached between both of you and pushed himself into your already abused core, you winced from the ache and the sensitivity.
鈥淐lose your eyes鈥 his voice was so quiet you almost didn't hear his instruction.
You closed them though.
鈥淣ow imagine me like you.鈥
鈥淲hy?鈥 you asked.
鈥淗umor me.鈥澛
You did, you imagined him like he was the night of the bar, like you had thought of him earlier.
鈥淣ow run your hands through my hair.鈥
With your eyes still closed, you felt for his hair before coming them through the soft, wavy strands. Your eyes opened just to make sure what you were feeling was correct. As you looked at his hornless head, his brown eyes looked down at you. Now you properly looked him in the eyes and now that you could see his irises, you knew now that he was looking right at you, not just at you though. He looked at you like you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen with a small smile of amusement.
鈥淚 just wanted to have this moment with you, like聽you. I thought it would mean something to you to not have to look into cold, black pits.鈥澛
The man looking and speaking to you right now was not the devil, he wasn't horrible or evil but neither was the man he was before but you were yet to know why he did the things he did.
You lifted your neck this time to kiss him and his lips chased yours as you laid back onto the pillow. He once again slowly began to thrust, short breaths and quiet moans escaped you both. Your legs entangled around his hips, angling your own body so he could hit just the right place.
鈥淏e with me.鈥 his voice shook as he continued to thrust 鈥淚鈥檒l do anything.鈥 he sounded just so weak as if he were pleading.
鈥淚鈥檓 already yours, don't pretend you don't know that.鈥
鈥淟et's have a family then, I鈥檒l stay.鈥 he rested his forehead on top of yours, his eyes were closed, hips still moving hard cut slow as if with each powerful but passionate thrust was a chance to convince you to be with him.
鈥淎s-鈥 you could feel yourself coming closer and struggling harder to catch your breath. 鈥淎s long as you stay.鈥 You knew it, if he went away, if you lost him tonight, nothing would ever feel this good again, you'd never feel this complete for as long as you lived.
鈥淟et's start now on expanding.鈥 you could see his slight smile before his voice turned serious and sultry.鈥 want me to put another baby in you?鈥
鈥淧lease, fuck I鈥檓 so close.鈥
鈥淐ome on baby, cum for me one more time.鈥 he picked up the pace with his hips up just a little more. 鈥淟et me get you pregnant again.鈥
He only thrust into you a few more times before you were coming undone underneath him.
鈥淔uck, I love you fuck fuck fuck.鈥 you moaned as he also let go, burying himself deeper than he already had been.
鈥淚 love you, I love you too.鈥 he messily kissed your lips as you felt his last few pumps slow.
Only when he had said it back did you realize you had said it at all.聽
You were still breathing heavily as he pulled out and laid down next you. There was silence between you, for a while as you both recovered.
"I said I would talk so here it is."
You decided to just lay there and listen to him.
"I've always known we were supposed to be together, always. There are things I just know, I can't explain it, sometimes I just know destiny and sometimes I don't until certain events happen. Ever since I became the king of hell I've always known that eventually there would be one woman that would bring me to my knees. They call her Lilith, although that's not her name just as satan, the devil, whatever, isn't mine. There have been stories and mythology written about you that just aren't true, much like everything else in my life. When I met your mother, I knew I was fucked. So I stopped you from being able to conceive, how was I supposed to know I was only helping destiny along? When you summoned me I was nervous, although curious as to what you would be like, I never watched you until you began to work on summoning me. I developed a plan. I thought if I just gave you what you wanted and then took it away from you then you would hate me, you would never want to see me again, but yet again I plated into destiny. The moment I saw my son鈥 when I watched you care for him and love him, I-I felt this longing. I wanted to hold him, I wanted to be with you both. I kept my distance and fought against the urge to just drop in and tell you how I felt. I resented you for the power you held over me, but at the same time I wanted to give you your space and let you have your time with him. I was still going to take him but at that point it was out of love. I knew you were still angry with me anyway, rightfully so, I also thought鈥 that you couldn't love someone like me anyway, you were better off with a mortal and I wanted to let you live your life. I watched your pathetic attempts to protect our son from me, at least you thought you were only trying to protect him. You're a good mother, just like yours was. When our son was really little I used to sneak into his nursery and just hold him and stare at him, I could see you in him. The point where I knew I had to step in was the priest. Not only did he treat my son like his, not only did you fuck him and make me jealous but-"
He abruptly wet quiet just as the anger in his voice seemed to pick up.
"I'm sorry." You replied.
"It's not that, it's not any of that that makes me hate him, it's not my jealousy." He still didn't say what it was, but instead he got out of bed.
"Where are you going?" You sat straight up.
"I'm going to shower if that's okay." He replied as he shuffled for the bathroom attached to your room.
"Sure." He was already in there by the time you uttered out your dumbstruck reply.
He had said he would stay, you don't know why him doing average things in your home just astounded you.
You laid back in the bed with the reassurance of him planning to stay and you thought about it all.
At first you asked yourself what your mother would think of this, what she would say. Maybe if she knew everything that he had just told you she simply wouldn't say anything at all. She had been able to love the devil's son and see him for just the little boy he really was, so maybe she would've done the same for the devil himself had she really known him.
You were beginning to feel uncomfortable with the stickiness of his speed leaking out and smearing all over your thighs.
Some part of you was nervous to go into the bathroom with him showering in there, but it was your聽house.
You ran to the bathroom as fast as it could to keep the cum from dripping everywhere and making a mess on the floor.
You paused as you caught a glimpse of his silhouette through the shower curtain.
His horns had returned, but you didn't look at him as much as his overall shape, you could help your staring.
"I hear your heart again, are you looking at me?" He chuckled and your eyes went wide with the horror of being caught.
"Do you want in here with me?"
"Get in, I promise to just let you shower, no funny business." He offered.
He kept his word though, he did his own thing in the shower and so did you. He did look jarringly beautiful with the water beading on his tattooed skin and muscles, but you didn't know how much more your body could physically handle of him so you kept your hands to yourself.
He got out of the shower before you, you were a little concerned at the silence so you got out soon after.
You found a fresh towel and pajamas waiting for you on the bathroom sink so you quickly dressed.
He just sat there in a white t-shirt and black sweat pants at the foot of your bed. His head was down and he looked to be in deep thought as he stared at the floor. He looked a little sad.
"Have you seen him since you've been here?" You asked curiously, making him finally look up and shake his head.
"Would you like to?"
He seemed shocked by your offer.
"I wouldn't want to wake him鈥"聽
"It's alright, he's a good sleeper, he'll go back to bed鈥 if you want to that is."
"I really really want to, I haven't seen him person to person since he was a newborn."
You led him down the hall and pushed open your son's cracked bedroom door.
His night light dimly lit the form of his little body snuggled in his toddler sized bed.
You let his father take a few apprehensive steps into the room, slowly approaching him before he knelt on the floor by the bed.
You just looked on at the little moment.
He gently pushed his son's shaggy hair from his sleeping face, but caused him to stir.
"Daddy?" You heard your son's sleepy voice ask. You had no idea how he knew it was his father, and from the look on his father's face, neither did he.
"Hey buddy."聽
Your son sat up and threw his arms around his father's neck, who promptly picked him up and stood. He wrapped his arms around the little boy, holding him close.
"How did you know it was me?"聽
Your son unwrapped his arms from his father and looked at his face.
You saw his lips begin to quiver and his eyes fill with tears as he started to break down.
"Oh no." You whispered as you saw your boy stare at the horns on his father's head.
"Your horns are scaring him." You whispered.
Your son patted the top of his own head as he sobbed in his father's arms.
"Me too, I too."
"Oh." You said as you realized that your son was answering his dad.
"You have them too? That's how you knew, huh?"
Your son nodded to his father and began to cry harder. His dad pulled him back into his body, lightly shushing him and patting his back. He buried his head in the little boy's hair much like you had the day in your car after he was horrifically baptized.
The moment hit you like a train.
He had missed his father all this time, and you had no idea.
"you know I'm always with you, right? You and mommy both."聽
Your son nodded into his father's neck, soaking his shirt with tears although his father didn't seem to mind at all.
"I know you hear me sometimes. You know I'm here."聽
Your son pulled away from him again to look at him.
"Daddy-" his words were cut off by upset hiccups from crying so hard "no leave."
"I'm not. I'll stay, I promise."聽
His father knelt back down on the floor and attempted to lay the boy back in his bed, but his little hands stayed locked around him.
"I'll be here when you wake up, and all of the rest of the days when you wake up from now on, you can let go, I'll be right here."
Your son finally relinquished his hold on his father who pushed more hair from his son's face.
"And mommy?" Your son's eyes look at you now.
"Mommy has always been here, silly." His father then spoke something in a strange language, it might've been the one from your dream after your son was born.
Your son gave his father a nod not just as if聽he understood, but he did聽understand this very strange language. You had never heard your son speak it, and you had no idea that he even knew a whole other language, until he spoke it back to his father.
He sat there knelt beside his son's bed until he drifted off to sleep. You watched as he gave him a kiss on his forehead before standing and turning to face you.
You walked into the hall and closed your son's bedroom door when he looked at you with a look of concern.
"There's still more I have to tell you, it's the most important thing."
Tumblr media
"You're going to have to trust me, okay?" He asked from his seat on the sofa beside you. "There are things I know and things I don't, you have the power to change destiny, and right now what I'm seeing is someone is going to try to take you away from us, from your family."
"Okay," you tried to patiently follow, ready for him to say anything.
"Namjoon is going to kill you."
"Why's he going to kill me?"聽
"I had this deal with his whore grandmother鈥 she wasn't happy with it, it wasn't my fault. It's not my fault mortals are idiots."
"Hey." You firmly snapped at him.
"It's just what I do, I teach lessons. Anyway, I believe Namjoon is going to hurt you and maybe even our son. He can't physically harm me, I'm immortal, but he can hurt the things I care about. Unfortunately, I can't kill him either, I can't kill humans, God's rules. So I can't stop him, there's nothing I can do but pass this to you. It doesn't matter what you do, Namjoon will hunt you down."
"Okay." You simply just sat there looking calm on the outside but terrified on the inside.
"So, y/n鈥 I think it's kill or be killed in this case. If you die, I'm not sure how much I can do to protect our son but take him with me鈥"聽
To hell was what he meant.
You let out a sigh as you stared at the floor and scraped together some kind of plan.
"Take my soul." You offered.
"In case something happens to me, take my soul." You were sure of your decision.
"I'm not taking your soul." He declined.
"Why?" It was your turn now to ask.
"Do you want to go to hell? Do you realize how many eternities you would be tortured down there before I ever found you?"聽
"No." You answered both questions and seemed less sure of your offer now.
"I'm not taking your soul. Our son could come and go with me because he has that power, but you, a pure mortal鈥 you would be in more pain than you could ever imagine."聽
"But if I killed a man鈥 wouldn't I go anyway?" You pointed out.
"Not if it was out of self defense for you and your family."
"What the fuck am I saying?! I can't kill father Namjoon!" You realized.
"Y/n, I know he's going to kill you, and I don't want to lose you, I'd do anything not to lose you. What about our son? What about our second child?"
Your mouth dropped open.
"Second child? It-we鈥?"
"It's not just you living in that mortal body anymore. I know, just like I did the moment I gave you our son. You have to live, you have to do this, you have to trust me."聽 He reached for your hand and threaded his fingers through yours. "I love you and I need you here with us."
"How do I do it?" You gave in.
Tumblr media
You were terrified as the phone rang.
You had just left your son with the babysitter and you sat in your car. You were alone but you felt him聽near you.
"Hey!" Namjoon's voice came through cheerfully and it made you feel sick.
"Hey, I'm not doing so great tonight. Everything is a bit heavy and I kind of want some fresh air. Would you go for a walk with me at the park? I know it's late but鈥"聽
"Of course. The one closest to where you live, right? I'll meet you there in a few."
You thanked him before hanging up.
"I'm sorry you have to do this." He appeared right beside you in the passenger's seat now, but you didn't look at him, instead you spaced out while looking out the window at the dark park. You were nervous, you were trying to ready yourself, you were trying to wrap your head around this situation.
"What happens after? What do I do right after?" You asked.
"I'll take care of everything. No one will know." The grim thought of what that entailed was shadowed by reassurance of only having one task to do. "You just wait in the car, I'll drive us home. I'll take care of you."聽
"What if he sees this opportunity to kill me like I do with him?" You asked with your hands shaking in your lap.
"I think he would wait for a moment when our son is with you, pick you off at the same time."聽
Your mouth was dry, but you still tried to swallow down the weight of his words.
"But what if I die? You said you don't know all things." You continued to think your worries out loud.
"I also said people can change destiny, they do it all the time."聽
"You haven't been able to." Your point made him go silent a moment. It was true, he had been fighting against his destiny with you since before you were born only to end up with you.
"Part of me didn't want to change it, even if I hated it at first. I've always wanted you. The first time I saw you I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from you. The first time you saw me, I just wanted you to look at me that way forever, I didn't care about anything anymore and that was scary. You're my Lilith, my eternal soulmate, there was never any fighting you. There's nothing more powerful than what we have, not me, not god himself."
"What if you're tricking me?" You asked abruptly.
"You really think I would?" His voice sounded hurt and you could feel him looking at you as you said nothing "of course you do, of course you'd think that after what I've done and because of who I am." His voice was soft now like he had accepted that option "I wish I could take back what I did to you, everything聽I've done to you. I wish I never would've made that deal with your mother, I wish you would've had a family with a normal man, a normal life鈥 what have I done?"
"Like you said" you sighed "it was supposed to happen anyway, it's not all on you. I've suffered for you, and now I'm going to kill for you. Would I be doing that- any of this if I really thought you were tricking me?" You admitted. "Maybe I'm just blinded by you, so in love with you and wanting a family with you that I can't see anything else, you're the devil, it's probably what you do, but what other option do I have anyway?"聽
"We could go home." He offered softly. "We could have our family and play pretend until it's ripped away." You could hear him swallow louder than his soft words."Then I'll have nothing, but at least I would've had everything for just a fraction of a moment in my eternal life."
"I'm not going to live forever anyway you know, our son might, but I'm human. I die, and when I do I'm destined to be tortured in hell for eternity."聽
"You're not going to hell."聽
"How do you know?" You asked partially out of curiosity "I'm in love with Satan, I bare his mark, I bared his child. How much more sinful can I be? You can't sit there and tell me Satan's soulmate is going to heaven."
"God has never let me have anything. If he decides it's your destiny and your time to go, if you're taken from me and I can't have you in life, he's not going to let me have you in death." He explained.
You sat there thinking about what he said and came to the very real conclusion that you were most likely going to die tonight. God wouldn't let him have you, he had already seen that Namjoon would kill you, you were going to die.聽
Your eyes began to fill with tears as everything finally began to sink in.
"Please take care of our son."聽
"Don't." He snapped at you "Don't you say that shit like I'm going to lose you."
You began to sob, you weren't listening to him.
"You're going to go out there and fuck him up and that's going to be the end of it." His voice was stern, but you were falling apart. You let your head fall onto the steering wheel.
"Why wont you just take my fucking soul?!" You cried in despair and frustration "you have every single fucking thing in my life but that, just take it god damn it! Take it and let me burn until you find me. I will obviously go through anything for you and our son at this point. Just fucking take it."聽
"You don't deserve it. I don't deserve you, okay? I've fucking destroyed your life, I'm not dragging this into the timeless afterlife, no matter how badly it hurts. We have one single shot, and this is it. I'm fucking horrible, I'm the worst of the absolute worst, but there鈥檚 no way I'm going to be that selfish to let you rot in hell because of me."聽
"Please?" Your voice was a desperate squeak as you finally turned to him. "Fuck." You uttered at what you saw.
There was a dark liquid running from his pitch black eyes and down his cheeks.
"Is-is that fucking blood? Are you crying blood?"聽
You watched as it pooled at his chin and dropped onto his white shirt.
"Please do everything you can tonight." He ignored your question and begged you.
If you had a doubt that he loved you before, you didn't now. You watched as he closed his eyes.
"God," he began, he didn't seem as though he was talking to you at all "just let me have this, please? I'll do anything. Just let me have my family."
The dark car was suddenly illuminated by headlights coming from behind. You turned to see a car pulling into the parking lot.
"I'll be with you." He spoke as Namjoon parked beside your car.
The passenger's seat was empty when you looked back.
This was it.
You felt for the pocket knife you had put in your pocket upon leaving the house and your adrenaline began to rush through your body.
You willed your weak legs to get out of the car.
You forced a half-hearted smile but did your best not to look him in the eyes.
It was quiet at first as you both started down the dark trail.
"Don't get offended, but you look terrible."聽
You hadn't slept since you had gotten your mission yesterday night, your mind felt fried and stressed and tired.
"It's been hard." You were honest about how you felt.
"Why is your lip bruised? Did you get hit?" He pried as you thought back to how hard you had bit it the other night.
"No, I did it, by accident." Although it was the truth, you wouldn't have believed it either with the way you had said it.
"Are-are you seeing anyone? It's been a few days since we talked and-"
"No." You lied quickly.
"If there's anything I can do to help you or your son鈥 I know things are still rough for you鈥"聽
"We'll be okay."聽
He gave you a strange look.
"You're not still worried about鈥 him?" You could hear the suspension in Namjoon's voice and you knew you had to say something to extinguish it for now.
"I am, I just don't know what's left to do, I feel so hopeless." You said as you saw the path begin to lead into a more wooded area ahead.
"Don't you feel him right now?" Namjoon asked.
"He's always just鈥 around, I'm used to it. Maybe it's just me at this point."聽
"What's that on your neck?" He reached out to see.
You had to do it now, you felt like your mark had given you away.
You stepped back out of his grasp as you quickly took the knife from your pocket and flipped it open. You didn't know if he had time to see it or not before you lunged at him.
He had put his hands up to stop you but the force you had come at him sent him toppling backward.聽
You went to plunge the knife into his neck only to feel his hand around your wrist stopping you.
He yelled for help but there wasn't another soul at the park, you had been here awhile waiting, you would know.
You used your other hand to help overpower him, but he was still stronger even with all of this adrenaline and chemicals coursing through your body, even with the image of your family in your mind.
"Stop!" Namjoon yelled at you, but this was too far gone to stop now, your mind was already made up. You knew that if you stopped now then you would be the one who died.
Your arms were beginning to grow tired and your strength was weakening and because of that he was able to shift the point of the knife towards you.
In one last burst of strength you tried to switch the knife's direction back towards him but your muscles just gave out.
You didn't feel the pain of the plunge into your chest at first, but you felt the crack of your ribs at the sheer force. You were in shock, it didn't feel at all like you had just been stabbed. You let go of Namjoon and rolled over onto the cool grass as you tried to process everything.
You could hear Namjoon panicking, sitting over you, trying to help you,聽 it was confusing.
Why was he trying to help you? He wanted you dead.
"Please? Where are you?" You choked out. It was hard to breathe, you felt like you were drowning as you looked up at the stars.
"Get away from her." It was the only voice you wanted to hear, it had brought you some kind of peace.
You saw Namjoon look at something with wide eyes before leaving your line of vision. His quick footsteps on the ground you lay on got further and further away.聽
You continued to choke and gasp.
Tumblr media
Jungkook watched in the distance as the knife was turned on you and the blade disappeared in your chest.
It hadn't hurt until now. It was as if you were his voodoo doll. He had never felt pain before, but once he felt the sting, he knew exactly what it was, although his pain came from the inside. Until now he had been watching coldly, waiting for this to happen, knowing you would die.
You had to die, there was no other way you'd let him have his son, there was no way you'd let your son end this world. You were too compassionate, too human, too emotional. You were all the things Jungkook never thought he was. Perhaps you completed him in many ways he only was now able to realize.
He was able to fool you so well, tell you all the sweet things you needed to hear to lead you to your own demise. But why did it only now hurt him? Had it been so easy to lie to you because maybe somewhere deep down in his unbeating heart he knew that maybe you really were the one? He felt as though that as you laid there dying, that you were forcing your most human parts into him, you were cursing him.
He had never actually thought you were his Lilith, his soulmate, not until now as he watched you bleeding out and physically felt it. He felt the weight of every sweet thing and lie he had ever told you pressing on his chest. Your face, the sweet moments, holding you, the guilt of never telling you his name, everything flashed before him. He wondered for a moment if he was dying too.
"I have given you a gift, the gift to feel.Your heart is broken, child. Go to her, be with her in her last breaths before I bring her home."
It wasn't even a voice that Jungkook heard, but it wasn't in his head either. He knew who was speaking to him. He suddenly felt enraged. He wasn't going to let God take you away from him.
"Get away from her." Jungkook boomed making the silly mortal that was panicking over you run at the sight and power of his voice.
Jungkook knelt down beside you and watched as the blood flowed from the corners of your mouth and tears streamed from your eyes.
"He's not going to take you from me! God damn it! Please don't take her!" Jungkook knew you wouldn't go to hell, god himself had said so. You did nothing wrong, you had been fooled by him just like Eve had been, and Eve still went to heaven when she died. He would never see you again and it hit him harder than anything ever had before.
Jungkook聽 lifted his hand, the one he hadn't unknowingly slipped through your fingers, and produced a flame which gave way to a scroll of paper.
He pulled you into his lap as you continued to choke. He put your hand to your wound and dipped your fingers into your blood.
"It's okay, it's going to be fine, please just sign it, you have to move, sign it." He let go of your hand but it was limp. There was no more choking, only a faint rattling coming from you now.
"Please please just sign the paper." He begged. "I'm so sorry, I was wrong, I did this and I'm so sorry. It hurts so badly, sign the paper, I need your soul, I need to find you."聽
There was no hummingbird heartbeat, there was no heartbeat at all as he looked into your empty eyes that still looked back at him. Your body lay in his lap with the mark he had given you, but you were gone.聽
鈥淏ut I love you...鈥 it was the first time in his existence that he had said it and meant it. You had never known he didn't mean it, you had never known everything he did was a lie, maybe it was best that way. Despite not feeling any of it before, he felt it now, all at once. If he could do it all over again just to mean it, just to experience those feelings along with you he would. He would have held you longer, cried more, he wouldn't have ever let you do this, he wouldn't have fed you those dreams and lies and he would have protected you. Namjoon never wanted to hurt you.
All Jungkook wanted to do now was hold you, so he did until you grew cold. It wasn't fair he only got to feel this after you were gone as punishment. He wanted to go back, he wanted to start over, but it was too late. What kind of cruel god would gift聽him with his now?
His chest continued to sting, as his anger continued to fester. He hated everything, God, Namjoon, himself, this horrible fucking mortal world.聽
He was going to burn it all. He never wanted to make another deal with any human ever again.
Whilst he couldn't touch these stupid fucking humans, his son could, he was half human.
This wasn't supposed to happen for another few years. He didn't think his son was old enough just yet, but it would have to do, he was still naive enough to destroy humanity on his father's command. All he had to do was show his son what he was capable of, fill him with rage for his dead mother, and watch the world burn. All Jungkook knew was fire and destruction, now his son could learn as well, both of them with a bitterness in their hearts.
Jungkook let out a loud scream of anger and frustration and all of these new feelings that he didn't want that felt like they were internally ripping him apart.聽
The entire park was sent up in flames, including your body.
The end was coming early for this world, it was over. He was going to destroy every last one of God's precious creations for making him feel like this.
Tumblr media
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fiction-is-not-reality25 months ago
@ that anon who asked about what attracts a large fandom. I actually have been working an a whole long essay about just that! Ill send a simple version;
Fandom getting big and producing a lot of content and engaging with eachother and such is effected by several factors beyond 'oh I liked the thing'.
1- Dissatisfaction. Not dislike, but specifically wanting something about canon to change. Are they not satisfied with the story and want to hear more about the characters? Did they want to change the ending? Do they think a specific pairing should have happened? Dissatisfaction drives a lot of fanworks. Incredible media pieces many people adore go without huge fandoms that make stuff because they aren't dissatisfied so they arent making 50k AU fanfics. They dont need to change anything, so many dont have the drive to write like that.
2-Projection. A fandom thrives on the ability to make zesty ocs and use the world for crossover fodder. Is there a engaging and cool as hell concept in the world? Is there a fantasy species to make ocs of or arbitrary sorting schema to put yourself into or a world/system to stuff characters in? For years daemon AUs were popular, even if the HDM fandom was tiny and the bbc show was a vague and laughably unlikely rumor. Senitel-Guide AUs, too. Theres a reason for that. People made 50 million warrior cats and pony ocs for a reason. Harry Potter has an ungodly amount of 'and they go to hogwarts' xover fic. This desire to insert and the ease of this insertion(self insert or the insertion of crossover characters) makes people want to engage and create things.
3-Ease of access. This was more important before the buying things on the internet got so easy, but a thing can be fucking amazing but if you cant access the thing easily (and streaming illegally/emulating/etc is NOT easy for a lot of people), then its going to be hard for people to hear of or give it a try. Part of some series' success is that its on tv or netflix or you can buy it in a wall mart. If it never gets popular, you cant have a big fandom, now can you?
4-The 'correct' balance of thirst and respectability. A thing has to be just horny enough to hit the sex sells button, but not horny(or edgy) enough to put off puritans(or at least not horny enough that they cant plausible deniability about it). This is a weird one and is subject to the whims of wank. Sometimes full on smut is fine, but god forbid some other anime has a canon enemies to lovers m/m ship or theres kink going on. Something too horny will never accumulate much fandom beyond pixiv one-off arts, but something not horny enough isnt going to appeal to people for whom fandom is romance and thirst time, its not going to appeal to the fans who get into things for a quality waifu or Hot Boy.
5-Relatability. If the majority of people cant relate to the struggles of the characters or the ethos of the story, they arent going to click super well with it. The tried and true fandom pastime of projecting on a 'trauma bitch' and beating them with a whump stick to feel emotional catharsis also goes here.
6-Engagement. If the fandom itself has a culture that tends to be people who dont do outreach, fandom wont take root. A lot of people dont want to make things if no one is going to look at them or engage. Or if they feel like no one is going to look at or engage. Or if they feel like they will get hate for it.
Theres probably more factors, but I see these more than anything else as reasons why people get into and stay in a fandom.
An interesting take. As added commentary:聽
1 - This is especially interesting when you start noticing just how many fanfics are not made for many dramas that are notoriously full of tropes we already use in fanfics, and are carefully tailored to complete their story arc in 1 season and end with a HEA.
4 - This point reminds me of this post I wrote years ago, back when fantis hadn鈥檛 taken over entire fandoms.
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hanmasushi2 months ago
MONTERO (Short Bonten! Scenario)
What happens when you're the new recruit and the only woman in Bonten.
warning 鉁 suggestive content, slight cursing, mentions of alcohol and drugs. third person pov. fem!reader. Bonten Men !! Short scenario.
a/n 鉁 uhh im just gonna leave it here bye.
wc 鉁 1.6k
ost 鉁 Montero by Lil Nas X (pink fonts are lyric references to the song)
For a moment she鈥檇 forgotten how she got roped in the situation she was in now. Slightly intoxicated yet she felt more in control than she鈥檇 ever been. She smiled as she felt warm hands on her ass, allowing herself to be pulled.
She only briefly remembers receiving a text from Akashi indicating a time and place. It was a famous club in downtown Tokyo and it was set at a later time of the night. She knew she was going to get dressed. She鈥檇 only been part of Bonten for a week, as per Akashi鈥檚 recommendation, and she could already tell they were an expensive bunch.
She had her long hair tucked in a neat bun, a black coat covering her body while sporting a fresh makeup look. She was decent enough, but she brought extra paraphernalias just in case she鈥檇 need them.
Hours passed by and they were now on the upper deck of the club overlooking the crowd, hectic laser lights and constant color shift filling in the venue along with the loud booming of trap music. She still didn鈥檛 know what their course of action was but she knew this was an urgent mission. With Akashi, Sanzu, Kokonoi, Ran, and Rindou, basically the majority of the important Bonten figures present, this mission was definitely something that shouldn鈥檛 be taken lightly.
This was her first mission, she wasn鈥檛 an executive but Akashi made the point to make her tag along. She was being tested, she suspected. She was about to ask when Akashi beat her to it, he was leaning into the railings with a fresh lit cigarette at hand.
鈥淚 had an informant of mine saying that crucial information about Bonten was being sold to our biggest rival gangs in Tokyo. And no, there was no mole this time. Information was stolen from us by a notorious hacker. It was said that he was selling it for a considerably expensive price. We couldn鈥檛 do anything stupid like attacking him in his own base because a few clicks could mean Bonten鈥檚 demise. So I heard that he was going to do the exchange an hour from now. What we鈥檙e looking for is a small flash drive, it was said that it鈥檚 the only copy to exist that he made. The outcome of this mission could mean the rise or fall of Bonten.鈥 Akashi said in a casual manner, he was now halfway done with his cigarette.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 him.鈥 Sanzu pointed to a guy in the middle of a crowd. It was a lanky guy in a worn out band tee, dark flannel jacket and black skinny jeans.
鈥淗im?鈥 she couldn鈥檛 help blurt out but she was positive she could take him out in hand-to-hand combat. The guy looked clearly out of place considering he was like a boy undergoing puberty eyeing every woman he could lay his gaze on, awkwardly nodding as he took a sip of his drink. She was getting secondhand embarrassment just by looking at him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be fooled, he may seem harmless but he鈥檚 smart enough to hire guards around him. Getting close to him will not be easy.鈥 Ran pointed around a bunch of beefed up men not too far from the hacker, blending right into the crowd.
鈥淏esides, creating casualties in a crowd like this is not ideal.鈥 Rindou added.
鈥淏est route of action is to wait till he gets out of the club, and beat the other gang to it. Then we鈥檒l have dollface over here, take the drive and make a run for it.鈥 Koko said as he looked at her with his usual smug expression.
鈥淪o your plan is to wait for how many ungodly hours and make me an errand girl? Well that鈥檚 fucking sexist.鈥 She said trying not to lose her composure, talk about workplace discrimination.
鈥淵ou got a better plan?鈥 Sanzu loomed over her, his pills having been taking effect considering he was starting to get maniacal and chaotic by the minute.
鈥淎ctually, I do.鈥 She said as she started taking her bun and letting her long hair loose. She then took off her coat revealing a black corset mesh mini dress, hugging her figure tightly. 鈥淎nd I'll bet you I can do it in less than three minutes.鈥 She was now applying a crimson shade of lipstick that she pulled out from her purse, she was right about needing her paraphernalia, instantly transforming her fresh glam into a sultry one.
鈥淵eah right.鈥 Sanzu scoffed. She then shoved her coat and purse into Rindou鈥檚 empty arms. Rindou was about to protest because he thought she was going to jeopardize the mission but Ran held him back, he wanted to see how this one plays out.
She was already downstairs blending in the crowd, she was gonna need liquid luck if she wanted to be believable. She downed three shots of vodka before she took one look at her new superiors as if to say 鈥渨atch me鈥. That was when Montero by Lil Nas X played and the entire mood of the dancefloor shifted as the smoke machines and lights made the atmosphere more alluring. With smoke filling the air as the lights faded out into purple red blue hues, oh she was in the zone.
I caught it bad yesterday
You hit me with a call to your place
Ain't been out in a while anyway
Was hopin' I could catch you throwin' smiles in my face
It hadn鈥檛 been a minute since she downed the vodka but she could feel her body heating up. She was swaying her hips delicately, instantly catching the attention of beautiful strangers around her. She had to gather up momentum if she didn鈥檛 want to be suspected.
Romantic talkin'? You don't even have to try
You're cute enough to fuck with me tonight
She let herself be the center of intoxicated strangers, her plan was to make him notice her. It wasn鈥檛 long till she caught the hacker鈥檚 attention, all she had to do was make him long for her.
Call me when you want, call me when you need
Call me in the morning, I'll be on the way
Call me when you want, call me when you need
Call me out by your name, I'll be on the way like
She never broke eye contact as she continued exchanging body heat with strangers. Swaying off synching into the beat of the song. She had her way of making the man focus on her. Teasing as if she was challenging him to be brave and get closer.
With a different man鈥檚 hands around her, she wanted him to feel envious of what was in front of him. That鈥檚 when he took the bait, he took one last sip of his drink as if to say fuck it. She knew she was winning the moment he let his guard down. He made his way to her, she was trying to suppress her laughter as she thought of how the alcohol he consumed made him feel that he was desired by a woman like her.
Mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm
For a moment she鈥檇 forgotten how she got roped in the situation she was in now. Slightly intoxicated yet she felt more in control than she鈥檇 ever been. She smiled as she felt warm hands on her ass, allowing herself to be pulled. She played along, taking his lead, she definitely wasn鈥檛 raising any alarms. He was a terrible dancer, she thought. All he had going on was groping her intimate parts of the body. Just a bit more, she continued grinding on the man behind her, feeling him. In the corner of her eyes she could see the executives. Ran, Kokonoi and Sanzu were amused. Akashi still bearing the same neutral look as he smoked another cigarette. Rindou, on the other hand, was shocked at the display. It was near the end of the song when she knew she had to start wrapping things up.
For the finale, she thought she鈥檇 surprise them even more by turning around and pulling the guy into a deep kiss.
Oh, call me by your name (mmm, mmm, mmm)
Tell me you love me in private
His hands still on her ass, she decided to take advantage of the situation as she delicately slipped her hands in one of his pockets till she thought BINGO, she鈥檇 found the motherload.
Call me by your name (mmm, mmm, mmm)
I do not care if you lyin'
As she broke off the kiss, the man felt like he was still in trance. It took him a moment to realize she was slowly pulling away. He opened his eyes, she gave him one last flirtatious look before she disappeared into the crowd.
Well I'm just feelin', mm-uh
I wanna get, mm-uh
I'm in my, into my, uh
I'm mm, mm
I'm still, mm, mm-mm
The entire time the executives were definitely taken aback from the sudden explicit display.
Seconds later, she was back in the upper decks with the rest of the executives with the guy's scent still lingering. She handed the flash drive to Akashi, who this time had a satisfied look.
鈥淲ith 30 seconds to spare,鈥 She said to Sanzu. She then took her coat and purse from Rindou, who was just as confused as he was intrigued. She then wrapped her coat back to her body.
"And that is how you handle men, gentlemen" Kokonoi and Ran let out an amused chuckle.
鈥淢y my, I don鈥檛 know where you found her but I think she鈥檚 going to be useful.鈥 Ran said to Akashi.
鈥淎s expected.鈥 Akashi simply replied.
The men all made a mental note not to let their guard down around her, despite being an asset, the way she lures men is alarming for them.
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cerastes5 months ago
Not all I have to say regarding Under TIDES, but a few things I want to get off my chest immediately because I鈥檓 hype as hell right now for cool new lore, character building and worldbuilding聽(SPOILERS, OF COURSE):
Gladiia is in fact Specter鈥檚 Captain in the Abyssal Hunters.
Skadi cares so, so much for Specter. There were a number of theories about why this could be but this event more or less heavily hints towards the least complicated one: They were girlfriends very close in the past.
Skadi was not in the same division as Gladiia and Specter.
Skadi remembers and doesn鈥檛 particularly like Gladiia.
Skadi has hardcore Survivor鈥檚 Guilt and is convinced she gets people killed around her due to a curse.
We meet Old Jose, Skadi鈥檚 old bounty hunter partner and friend. He had kept on him her red dress and lyre, which he returns to her.
Skadi was a bounty hunter because she figured that if her聽鈥榗urse鈥 that got everyone around her killed was to follow her forever, she might as well live among who she considered to be the worst kind of people... Thought process that changed due to friends she made, like Old Jose, bounty hunter and good person, hence why she also becomes a lone wolf bounty hunter.
Skadi likes Rhodes Island a lot.
Skadi is a good singer and plays the lyre really well but doesn鈥檛 like to do it in front of others, saying she needs聽鈥渁 proper stage鈥. It鈥檚 understandable, since song probably has rather intimate connotations for Abyssal Hunters.
Abyssal Hunters can indeed sense each other. They refer to it as using their聽鈥榥ose鈥, mainly due to them聽鈥榮melling sea water鈥 when in proximity to one another, but it goes beyond mere smell. Skadi, for example, senses Specter as a combination of both seawater smell and a gentle song she can hear. On the other hand, Skadi senses Gladiia as colder seawater than Specter and an old song.
Gladiia鈥檚 real name is Gla-dia, Skadi鈥檚 real name is Isha-mla, we do not know Specter鈥檚 real name.
Specter鈥檚 spinal cord is so unbelievably, extremely infected that, if used wrong, it could infect a whole country for starters. The fact that she鈥檚 not gone fully insane and that she鈥檚 even alive at all is credited to just how ungodly tough she is and her natural regenerative abilities.
Specter is VERY coveted due to her spinal cord, including by the Church of The Abyss (which would require another post to explain it).
Skadi points out that Specter is much weaker than how she was before due to how badly Oripathy has ravaged her body. Gladiia initially says that鈥檚 nonsense, as Hunters don鈥檛 become weak, but then realizes that Hunters never dealt with Landborn diseases before. Gladiia then says that鈥檚 not an issue, however, since Specter is also a phenomenal fighter and more than makes up for it.
Gladiia herself is far colder and far more pragmatic than Skadi and Specter, but not heartless.
We actually see Lucid, Not Insane Specter! She鈥檚 kind of a good natured shitter and likes to joke around. Apparently, the permanent smile she wears normally as Insane!Specter is actually a remnant of her having a rather cheerful personality in general. She, in fact, smiles most of the time when lucid.
Lucid!Specter awakened when Skadi threw her buzzsaw at her and screamed that she needed her help right this second, to which Specter reacted by shoving her whole arm through her containment tank, breaking it, catching the buzzsaw, looking down on their enemy at the moment, smiling, and saying something to the effect of聽鈥淵ou are SO fucked right now鈥.
Specter calls Gladiia聽鈥淪wordfish鈥, which Gladiia apparently just came to accept after failing to dissuade her from using the nickname.
Specter considers both Gladiia and Skadi her friends and expressed to be very happy to聽鈥渟ee them again, after so long鈥.
One of the first things Lucid!Specter does is complain about Rhodes Island food jgiw4gji4.聽鈥淪wordfish, can you BELIEVE they don鈥檛 eat or prepare seaweed meals at all in Rhodes Island? It鈥檚 beyond barbaric! And Skadi doesn鈥檛 say anything!鈥
Skadi, Specter and Gladiia have a lot of banter, which hasn鈥檛 been translated yet but translators say it鈥檚 really good.
Kal鈥檛sit鈥檚 intent and dynamic with Specter is finally cleared: They are quite friendly with each other when Specter鈥檚 lucid, it is not clear if they are also old friends, and Kal鈥檛sit tells Specter to enjoy whatever time of sanity she has left, because there鈥檚 no guarantee she won鈥檛 relapse, but even if she does, to never lose hope and keep fighting: They don鈥檛 have the technology to cure Specter now, Kal鈥檛sit explains, but that doesn鈥檛 discount the future, and that she鈥檒l never give up on her.
Likewise, Kal鈥檛sit gives Skadi some encouraging words regarding the next part:
OKAY I鈥橫 PUTTING THIS ONE DOWN HERE IN THE LIST IN CASE ANYONE ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED OR IN CASE READ MORE DOESN鈥橳 WORK OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS ONE IS HUGE: Abyssal Hunters are very much like Bloodborne Hunters, that is, they are not truly Aegir, but rather, a mix between Aegir and Sea Monsters. Abyssal Hunters are weapons created by the Aegir with parts of Sea Monsters to combat Sea Monsters, hence how different they are even from the already very different Aegirs we know of like Thorns and Weedy. Just like Hunters in Bloodborne, Abyssal Hunters are reviled by Aegirs, because even though they created them and the Hunters defend them, they are still part Sea Monster and too different.
And just like Hunters, Abyssal Hunters are fated to one day turn into Sea Monsters, a la Cleric Beast. Skadi鈥檚 sister apparently turned into a Sea Monster long ago and had to be killed (apparently Gladiia did the deed, not sure). Skadi鈥檚 mom apparently also turned.
She absolutely broke. Like, convulsing and shit, over these news. Existential crisis WOOOO.
I won鈥檛 explain how that is handled though that鈥檚 another post in itself.
The thing is, Sea Monsters seek to kill Abyssal Hunters because they think they are helping them: Sea Monsters perceive Abyssal Hunters as their kin trapped in the skin of Aegirians, so they cut them open to free their brothers and sisters. They are, in a way, correct.
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lebrookestore7 months ago
colours of you
Tumblr media
Pairing: Huang Renjun x reader
Themes: strangers to lovers, idiots to lovers, art, food, a neurological condition, art major! renjun, soft angst, fluff, imagery, college au,, slightly poetic, finding yourself (kind of), coming of age (kind of)
Warnings: ansgt, confusion, renjuns snap, food, a tad of humiliation? PG 15
Taglist: @danishmiilk @channoticedmeuwu@chicksung @1-800-seo鈥 @blueprint-han鈥 @jenosslut鈥 @cupidluvstarrz @kkakkdugi @ sweetlyjaem-main @ vera-liscious @leetaeyonglover @kunrengui @unknown5tar @rouiyan @kisshim @neoteez01 @leejunini @moonbeamsung @girlswithmightymuses-deactivate @radiorenjun聽@the-rooftop-fight鈥
Playlist:聽 Livin 鈥榝or that by Lil Pitchy, Welcome to my Playground by NCT 127, Colors by Halsey, Celebrity by IU, In too deep by Why Don鈥檛 We, Be Myself by Why Don鈥檛 We, Overdrive by Conan Gray, Golden by Harry Styles, Gold Rush by Taylor Swift
Wc: 10k
Summary: Renjun didn鈥檛 have a favorite colour, until he met you.
Authors note: This fic was originally for @sehunniepot from the title fic ask game! However it spiraled into this and I鈥檓 actually pretty proud of it? I experimented with imagery a lot more here and I hope you enjoy! Oh! also, happy 3 years of adobe @hyuckles-chuckles鈥!
Tumblr media
Life was made of colours. The fiery reds of the sun, the soft blues of the sky. The leaves popping in with their touch of green, complimenting the flowers that bloomed with rainbows bursting forth. The sunset, when the sun retires from the sky, leaving for the moon to dance about in her silver hues across its midnight canvas.聽
There was something poetical about the many colours that painted the world. A romantic aura that it held. Like a manuscript of notes, dancing on their little bars, waiting to be played by the musician. Words that you could see, a silent song that you could hear if you paid close enough attention.
Renjun always paid attention.
He couldn鈥檛 help it. He could see the music he heard, he could visualize it in his mind. He could see colours when people spoke, when a particular scent grasped his attention, he could think of a word or a letter.
And he always remembered which colour corresponded to which person, not because he had memorized, but because he could see it.
For instance, his friend Haechan always sounded like the colour of sunlight corn. A vibrant ochre that invaded Renjun鈥檚 thoughts every time he heard Haechan speak. Chenle always sounded green, the colour of new leaves unfurling for the first time. Jisung was brown, a bit of a muddy colour, but it had a homely feel to it.
Jeno was a blue, sapphire if you will. Jaemin was a baby pink, a rose that bloomed to existence, softer than its usual reds.
Mark was crimson, warm and full of smiles. Renjun felt at home with these colours, these people who were more than his friends, but his family.
Renjun was synaesthetic.
It was a gift in his eyes, one only he possessed. His world was made up of colours and smells, that blended together like a symphony, creating a story for him and him only. And exclusive insight into the world in which no one else was invited to view.
He dragged his brush over the canvas, smiling as he painted his friends. There were no exact details for this piece, but they were all in their respective colours, their own characters in his art. He stood in the middle, but he was white, not filled in.
He didn鈥檛 know his own colour.
Sighing, Renjun went to the sinks at the right side of the classroom, washing off the brushes he had used. He was majored in art, a decision that he never regretted. He loved creating a piece and bringing it to life with colour, something that had been a big part of his own life.
But how was he supposed to do that anymore?
How could he give colour to things and people around him, when he didn鈥檛 know his own colour palette?
The water flowed over his hand as he ribbed the bristles against his palm, the soft trickle of the water washing over him. It was soothing, the soft rhythm of his flow. A light grey colour bloomed in his imagination as he listened to it.
The tranquillity of the moment was shattered when the front door of the classroom flung open. It startled him, the colours leaving his mind as his eyes settled on a young woman at the door, holding a sketchbook, half of its pages almost falling out and a disgruntled expression on her face. He followed her as she barged in, taking a seat near the window and proceeding to look out of it.
Renjun frowned lightly, wondering why you were here so early. Then again, he was at the classroom at this ungodly hour of the morning to get a headstart on his work as well, so he probably shouldn鈥檛 judge you. He tried figuring you out by simply observing your figure. Your hair that was half out of its poorly tied ponytail, your furrowed eyebrows that made you seem like you were in deep thought. The papers spilling out of your bag.聽
Yet he still saw you as a blank canvas.
Your eyes shifted from the less than entertaining view of the basketball court to the front of the classroom as you mindlessly opened the sketchbook that seemed to be falling apart, picking up your pencil. Finally, you looked to the right, all across the classroom where you spotted Renjun, blinking in surprise.
You hadn鈥檛 expected anyone to be there so early, which was part of the reason you had chosen such an hour.
Heat rushed to Renjuns face as he realized he had been caught. He swiftly turned around, refocusing his attention on the water and his brush. The colours melted off the bristles, rich hues staining the sink below.
鈥淗ello鈥, you said, loud enough to catch his attention. Dropping his brushes in mild shock, he looked at your smiling face, studying you.聽
You sounded like honey dripping off a spoon, a golden colour that warmed him down to his toes. It gave him a fuzzy feeling, one he wanted to indulge in.
鈥淗ello鈥, he returned your greeting with a tight, polite smile. Your grin grew brighter at this, nodding in acknowledgement as you turned back to your blank page, chewing on the end of your pencil.
Deeming his brushes clean enough, Renjun returned back to his place in front of the easel, deciding that he would figure out his own colour later. His palette was encrusted with different shades and hues, but nothing stood out to him, nothing screamed himself.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 pretty鈥, you said, gaining the boy鈥檚 attention once again, your honeyed tone filling his senses. He looked back at you, a soft smile appearing on his lips, one that was more relaxed than the previous. 鈥淭hank you.鈥
You liked his smile.
While Renjun turned back to packing up his supplieS you took him in, with his soft features and expressive eyes, he was so pretty, almost like poetry.
You were absolutely terrible at poetry, but something about him intrigued you.
You watched as he left in almost a hurry, leaving his art piece leaning against one of the cupboards in the art room to dry, the colours bleeding against the scene he had created for it.
The figure in the middle stood alone and devoid of colour.
Tumblr media
Synaesthesia is a neurological trait, one in which your senses are almost melted together, merged and joined when they are usually separate. Everything blends with each other, giving one a haze of colour, sounds, smells and tastes altogether. Some say it is how a baby views the world, taking everything in at once.
A confusion of the senses.
It wasn鈥檛 a bad thing, it simply gave the person a broader view of life. Of course, it was confusing at first, especially since if you had synaesthesia, your mind would connect everything, and you would experience several things at once.
Renjun had been a synaesthete all his life.
鈥淥i!鈥, Haechan called him out of his daze, handing him an earphone, 鈥淢ark and I came up with a sick melody yesterday and I want your opinion.鈥
Renjun obliged, placing the earbud in his ears and listening to the piano playing, which had the occasional squeaky key sound, or just the clicking of the keyboard. Haechan鈥檚 sweet vocals rang out, the yellow colour clouding his mind.聽聽
He tasted something sweet-salty, like those sunflowers seeds coated in some sort of spice mixture. The kind they sell in movie theatres.聽
Mark鈥檚 voice took over. It was a little rougher than Haechan鈥檚, a little gritty, but still pleasant, giving Renjun a taste of the caramel apples they sold at the amusement park. Smacking his lips, he hummed along, nodding his head at parts he liked.
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice鈥, he agreed, handing the earphone back to his friend, 鈥淲hen you add a beat it鈥檒l be amazing.鈥
Haechan smiled brightly, nodding and going back to his own little world, humming and randomly saying words that Renjun deduced to supposedly be lyrics.
The buzz of campus rung through him, a choir of noises that sung their own song. It could be a little overwhelming at first, with so much going on, but he was used to it now. The noise around him made up for the silence he carried.
Renjun wasn鈥檛 a particularly talkative person, he was much more of an observer instead. It was better that way, he didn鈥檛 have to worry about a voice off-key in the song he listened to on a daily, because that was his voice at the moment, a tune that was not on the pitch yet.
All the voices he heard seemed to blend together, different shades of blues and reds and greens, painting a picture, but never had he ever heard a golden voice. It stood out amongst the rest of the colours, pulling him in.
Of course, he had seen you around before, in his art class, running about on campus, but he had never heard your voice. He had never spoken to you properly.
鈥榃ho are you?鈥 He asked silently, recalling your messy hair and bright smile, 鈥楢nd why are you different?鈥
Tumblr media
Self Portraits.
You had always loved making self-portraits, as conceited as it sounded. Something about representing yourself on a piece of paper seemed lovely to you. You could recreate the person you knew best for the rest of the world to see- yourself.
It was usually easy, you had drawn out self-portraits several times and when your teacher handed it out as a project, you were overjoyed, until you remembered that you had been in a little place called art block for the past two weeks.
Sighing in frustration, you crumpled the piece of paper, throwing it to your side. A simple portrait seemed to- well simple. 鈥楳aybe an abstract piece鈥, you mused, dragging your pencil lightly across the new page.
You looked to your right, where your friend Vee sat, extremely focused on her piece as she added splatters to the previously blank canvas, marking it with a maroon colour. She proceeded to add splatters, and you soon lost interest in it but acknowledged that it was how she saw herself.
Your art style was usually extremely precise, an odd concept for someone as scatterbrained as you. You could include every detail, every single line would be perfectly in place, but you would also forget your books to class, or forget to change your socks and end up in the middle of English with one purple and one neon green sock you didn鈥檛 know you owned.
At least it was a fashion statement.
At the back of the class sat the pretty boy you had seen a few days ago. His eyes were staring intensely at the canvas in front of him, his hair was damp looking. With his lower lip caught between his teeth, he looked like he wasn鈥檛 having any fun at all.
He sighed, leaning back and studying his art piece, before looking up, eyes meeting yours.
Heat rushed to your cheeks as you realized you had been caught staring, awkwardly smiling back at him, waving your pencil in greeting. You were sure the half-chewed out end was an extremely welcoming second impression.
Then again, your first impression wasn鈥檛 great either.
He raised an eyebrow at you, making you turn back around, shutting your eyes in embarrassment, you decided to try and forget what had happened a few seconds prior. Back down at your paper, you looked at the oval you had sketched. Usually, from there you would add the eyeline and start lightly sketching out the base parts, but for some reason, you couldn鈥檛.聽
It seemed wrong.
鈥淩enjun鈥, the teacher called from the front of the class, 鈥淐ome here for a second.鈥
Your eyes flitted up, realizing it was the pretty boy who had been called.
So that was his name.聽
It seemed fitting, a pretty name for a pretty boy.
He looked pensive as the teacher seemingly described something, moving his hands about. Renjun seemed lost in his own little world, nodding mindlessly, swallowing and agreeing. His eyes were soft, you could melt into them. They seemed understanding like they held a secret. Something no one else knew.
Was it bad you wanted to know?
Tumblr media
Ten Lee was the only other person who fully understood Renjun鈥檚 condition and what he felt. He was one of Renjuns closest friends and felt more like a brother to the younger boy. He had told Ten about his synaesthesia about a year in their friendship and proceeded to tell him that he sounded like a sunflower.
He had gifted Renjun the sketchbook he used, one that the boy treated very carefully. They had a bond that was unbreakable, and if there was one person Renjun was more open to, it was Ten.
Another thing that linked the two- Ten was also an art major, and thus Renjun could talk聽 (read: complain) about his projects and such to him, which was exactly what he was doing at the moment.
鈥淚 just鈥, he stopped and sighed, realizing how bland he sounded. Biting down on his lower lip, Renjun pushed his book to the side, looking up at Ten. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how to showcase myself. And this is supposed to be a self-portrait. How am I supposed to do that?鈥
鈥淛ust draw yourself鈥, Ten hummed, scrolling through his Instagram, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I did when I wasn鈥檛 feeling it.鈥
鈥淏ut isn鈥檛 it supposed to reflect me?鈥
鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 you reflect yourself?鈥
Renjun thought about the statement, trying to make sense of it, except it didn鈥檛. How could he reflect himself if he didn鈥檛 know his own reflection?
Confusion. Not just of the senses.
Tumblr media
Gagging and pulling the stray hairs out of your mouth, you silently cursed the day for being so windy. You had donned a scarf for the airy weather, to protect yourself from the chill that was in the air. The leaves had dulled down from their usual bright green, signalling in the winter days.
Hugging your textbook close to yourself, you composed yourself, walking into your English class. You were glad that you weren鈥檛 late, and proud that you looked somewhat of a put-together human being that day.
Your eyes fell onto Vee, who sat in the middle, staring intently at her textbook, probably spaced out, and not really paying attention. Biting back a grin at her, you took the seat next to hers, opening your own book to what you hoped was the correct page and made an attempt at paying attention to the professor.
English was not your strong suit.
Your pages looked more like journals, a mixture of annotations, notes and doodles. Right next to a definition was a cactus drawing, the top of the right page held an intricately drawn-out eye that you wished you could replicate into your actual sketchbook, but when you had tried, you ended up with an odd-looking eyeball.
You decided that the eye would live in your textbook from then on.
Clicking your tongue, you tried focusing on the words in front of you, the coloured highlights you had used one night in an attempt to make your work more colourful, something you would enjoy reading, but they simply looked like one of those toddler art activity books now.聽
The lecture hall was fairly crowded, you didn鈥檛 know everyone that sat there. It wasn鈥檛 like school, where you knew everyone like the back of your hand. You barely even greeted some of them.
Which was why you were surprised to see Renjun just a few seats in front of you, sitting beside a guy you knew as Jaemin. You had never really seen him before, but ever since that day in the classroom, you had noticed him more. Apparently, he was minoring in English too, which confused you. You could swear you would notice someone like him.
Yet you hadn鈥檛.
Huffing to yourself, you wondered how it would be if everyone knew each other, so no one would miss anyone. Would that make the world a less lonely place? Or would it make it harder to be with anyone?
Would knowing everyone make it lonelier after all?
鈥淵/n鈥, the professor called out, an unimpressed look on her face, 鈥淎re you paying attention?鈥
You blinked, smiling sheepishly, realizing half of the class was looking at you. 鈥淪orry, I spaced out.鈥
Pressing her lips together in a thin line, she nodded, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to be working in pairs for an English presentation. And there will be a test on the same a month later, but that you will do separately.鈥
Nodding you turned to Vee, who was already looking at you in amusement. 鈥淚 am your partner right?鈥
鈥淵es鈥, she said, 鈥淲e can work on Wednesday after classes鈥, she turned to her laptop with her notes, 鈥淟ucky for you I took down the information while you were lost in your own little world.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the best鈥, you cooed happily, nudging your friend happily before you realized a few people were still looking at you.聽
Pulling your scarf tighter around yourself, you hoped you could sink through it and no one would see you. Unfortunately, that didn鈥檛 seem to work.
Your eyes fell a few feet below, where they met Renjun鈥檚 eyes. Averting your gaze immediately, you looked down at your textbook.聽
Macbeth suddenly seemed inviting.
Tumblr media
Renjun sat alone at his table, laptop out, screen dimmed down as he forgot about his English notes that he was supposed to make before he met up with Jaemin later, but he had his attention on his sketchbook, trying to draw out a character he had made up.
He figured that if he couldn鈥檛 figure himself out yet, he would try someone else, someone who didn鈥檛 quite exist.
At the moment, he was adding highlights to the character, but it looked so flat. The entire piece looked flat, with no dimension. To put it plainly (quite literally) it was boring.
Kissing his teeth, the added light to the character鈥檚 eyes, but she still looked so bland. She had no brightness, she could be a random person in the sea of characters floating about, she could be anyone.
The door opened, and you walked in, hair in its usual messy state. You walked up to the counter, getting your coffee and looking around the cafe seating area. Cupping the mug in your hand, letting the hot drink warm your fingers, you looked around for a place to sit and work.
You spotted Renjun sitting at a window with no one opposite him. You looked at him, wondering why he had suddenly started popping up everywhere you seemed to be. Not that you minded, but you would never see him before.聽
You sighed, and walked over to the table, standing there for a solid minute before you worked up the courage to actually speak. It didn鈥檛 matter though, he barely even noticed you, too engrossed in his little artwork. Clearing your throat, you started him slightly, making him look at you expectantly with doe-like eyes.
鈥淗i!鈥, you croaked out, voice a little too bright, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Renjun, right? We have the same English and art class?鈥
He nodded, placing his pencil down and giving you his full attention. You smiled, 鈥淚鈥檓 Y/n!鈥
鈥淚 know who you are鈥, he said amusedly, a light smile playing on his lips, 鈥淏ut hey.鈥
鈥淗ey鈥, you repeated dumbly, 鈥淲ell, most of the spots are filled in, so I was wondering if I could sit here with you?鈥, you wondered how stupid you looked.
He looked extremely entertained, 鈥渟ure鈥, he gestured to the seat opposite him and continued working on his piece, forgetting you were sitting directly across him. Awkwardly cupping your mug, you took the occasional sips, taking out your own laptop and began doing your research for the English project.聽
But your attention kept swaying from your screen to Renjun. Specifically to what he was drawing. He had finished adding in colour, but it looked, well, off, and you quickly figured out why.
鈥淯m鈥, you started, making him look at you, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 mean to impose, but aren鈥檛 you going to add any shadows?鈥
He frowned lightly, looking back at the character, an expression of realization dawning upon him. 鈥淪o that was what was missing鈥, he muttered, before smiling at you, 鈥淭hank you!鈥
Jesus, he was adorable.
You nodded and continued taking your notes, another question springing to your mind, but you were afraid of annoying someone you just officially met. So you kept to yourself, typing out references and such until you finished your coffee.
Bidding your farewell, you left the cafe, leaving Renjun alone. He watched you leave, before looking back at his character, and then at his palette. Maybe he needed to spice up the highlights.
He chose gold.
Tumblr media
Usually Renjun could separate the voices, put them in their own little category. Just like music had different genres, he had his own little way of keeping them in check, just so he wouldn鈥檛 go mad seeing ten different colours mix together and throw him off track.
But today, the voices seemed to blend, like they were telling him how he was the only one without one. They were mocking him.
It had started small, like a trickling in of voices, but they were growing slowly. All he could do was push them away and go on.
His art project was still going spectacularly slow, he was sure he had set another world record. He tried drawing himself, but then when it was time to add the colours, he went blank. He always coloured his friends with their colours, but he had none for himself.聽
鈥淵ou love forgetting your shadows, don鈥檛 you?鈥, you asked the boy as he stared absent mindedly at his canvas. Sighing, you hit him playfully with your own brush.
You shook your head, 鈥淚 have been standing here for five minutes dude鈥, then gesturing towards the canvas, 鈥淣o shadows here either.鈥
He looked at you and back at the canvas, realizing that all he heard and saw was gold. The taste of honey invaded his senses. What exactly were shadows? Were they to provide darkness? How could he achieve that when all he could see was the bright brilliant colour you showed him?
You took the pencil from him and sketched out where the darker region should go, 鈥淭here鈥
鈥淲hy are you helping me?鈥, Renjun asked suddenly, studying you. You blinked, 鈥淏ecause we鈥檙e friends?鈥
鈥淲e are?鈥
You rolled your eyes, 鈥淥f course we are! I mean we鈥檝e spoken like three times so we automatically become friends. It鈥檚 the rule.鈥
鈥淒id you make that rule up?鈥, he asked, somewhat amused. Heat rushed to your face, 鈥淒oes that matter? We鈥檙e friends now.鈥 You handed him his pencil back with a snicker, 鈥淏esides I have to be here to help you with your shadows鈥
He decided that it didn鈥檛 sound all that bad, being your friend, 鈥淥kay鈥
Inwardly sighing in relief, you smiled and walked to your own seat. You had decided to take the leap there and declare your supposed friendship out of nowhere hoping it wouldn鈥檛 backfire in your face, and thankfully, it didn鈥檛.
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat the fuck-鈥
鈥淢ark no鈥, you shoo-ed your cousin away, swatting your hand at him, 鈥淚 have two projects to work on this month I don鈥檛 have the time to deal with your bullshit right now.鈥
鈥淧lease Y/n our band is the only one without a logo and you can make it, you can art.鈥
You glared, before aggressively pointing to Renjun, who sat across the two of you, listening to some music, 鈥淗e can art too dumbass.鈥
Mark Lee was your cousin, and you had found out that he was friends with Renjun. It was the perfect excuse to hang out more, considering you were slowly building this weird friendship thing you had with him, but at the moment you weren鈥檛 sure it was worth it. Mark was starting to get on your nerves and you didn鈥檛 care if you were family.
鈥淏ut he already said no鈥, Mark pouted, pulling the cute card. You raised an eyebrow at the attempt, 鈥淚 said no too.鈥
鈥淏ut we鈥檙e family!鈥
鈥淚 disown you.鈥
That earned you a sad look from his puppy eyes, which you ignored like the stone cold hearted person you were (the exact words Mark used for you).
Finally giving up on you, Mark left to pester someone else, leaving you and Renjun in peace. Sighing, you stood up from where you were sitting and looked around the dorm that your two friends shared. The walls were decorated with paintings and sketches on one side, which you assumed was Renjun鈥檚.
One was a purple wash of paint, clouds maybe at the top? Swirls of paint that adorned the canvas. You tilted your head, trying to get a hold of what it was supposed to be. It was pretty sure, but what was it supposed to be?
鈥淩ain鈥, Renjun said from behind you. You startled, realizing he was right beside you, 鈥淚t鈥檚 rain.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 interesting.鈥
鈥淗mm鈥, he hummed, 鈥淚t鈥檚 how I see rain鈥, his voice sounded as if it was faraway. It didn鈥檛 completely answer your question, so you decided to ask, 鈥淚s it perhaps inspired by Prince? You know, Purple Rain?鈥
He smiled, 鈥淣o, but you can look at it like that鈥, he said, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e allowed to interpret it however you please, but I can鈥檛 tell you it鈥檚 inspired by that when it鈥檚 not.鈥
鈥淔air. What is it inspired by then?鈥, you turned around to face him, waiting for his answer. There was that pensive look in his eyes again, like he was holding the answer back. Like he had seen something you couldn鈥檛. Maybe he did, maybe that was what pulled you into him. You wanted to know, but only if he told you.
鈥淣o inspiration鈥, he muttered, sounding truthful as his eyes met yours, 鈥淚t鈥檚 just how I see rain.鈥
Tumblr media
Thankfully your english presentations went surprisingly well since you were good at speaking in front of class when needed, you and Vee鈥檚 project went smoothly and you were let off early that day since you were done. Of course, the test that you would have to take individually was still left to be done, but you had some time for that. You were sure that Mark would come back to pester you, saying that you didn鈥檛 have that much work anymore.
You chose to spend time with Renjun at the park, since he had also finished his project. The two of you actually got along really well talking about art and music and how you didn鈥檛 really care about Shakespeare. The past month you had been meeting up with him more often, and you were at the point where you could just walk into his dorm and sit next to him (provided you ignored your cousin).
The park had a kids area that was currently deserted. It had one of those slide things, where you had to climb up from one side and there would be a little platform you had to walk to reach the actual slide to get back down. You had loved those when you were little, and would sit on the rickety metal platform, but never go down the slide.
One end of the platform had no barricade, it was just a drop down to the ground. That was where you sat currently, legs swinging off the top. Your hand was clamped over your mouth as you attempted to not laugh too loudly at Renjuns comical retelling of stories about his friends.
You realized that while he was generally quiet, he could talk when he wanted. His rendition of how Jeno ate sanitizer was extremely entertaining. You still couldn't comprehend why his friend had done so, but you were too busy laughing to care. He grinned at your reaction聽 leaning against the metal pole, 鈥淐areful鈥, he warned, 鈥淥r you鈥檒l fall off.鈥
Gripping the pole behind you, you managed to regain your composure, smiling at him, 鈥淵our friends are mad.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e related to one, so you鈥檙e probably more similar than you think鈥, he said, earning a horrified look from you, making him laugh.聽
You liked his laugh, just like you liked his smile. It felt like the sand on a beach that had been warmed by the sun, in between your toes and making you smile. A fuzzy feeling made its way into your stomach, a fluttery feeling you couldn't quite catch.
The conversation slipped into a comfortable silence, like a blanket that was draped on the top of the two of you. You sighed, realizing that soon the bell would ring and your free time would end. You had another compulsory class in a little bit, so you would have to leave the solace of the slide and continue with your day.
You pulled your sweater tighter around you, deciding that you should probably get a head start instead of waiting till the last minute and made an attempt to jump off, but in your typical clumsy fashion, you slipped and caught onto the pole awkwardly. The only reason you didn鈥檛 plummet to your death (because jumping one foot was deadly), was because Renjun caught you by the waist, 鈥淚 told you to be careful!鈥
You steadied yourself, looking at his furrowed eyebrows and indignant expression. He looked annoyed as he cursed, 鈥淒oes no one listen to me? I warned you didn鈥檛 I?鈥
However instead of paying attention to his anger, you were distracted. His arm was around your waist, and honestly, you felt a little bad for thinking it, but he was adorable when he was angry. His lips set in a pout that you couldn鈥檛 possibly take seriously, you bit back the smile that threatened to spill, you shook your head, 鈥淪orry!鈥
鈥淲hat if I hadn鈥檛 been there to catch you?鈥, he asked, a mixture of anger and worry on his face. He was worried for you, a sentiment that was just sinking in.聽
鈥淚 would die, so thank you for saving me oh great one!鈥
He rolled his eyes, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e impossible鈥, he stated, letting you go. You missed the warmth of his arm around you, even though you weren鈥檛 on the brink of death anymore and didn鈥檛 need him holding you, you had liked it. You liked it a lot-
You blinked, a sinking realization settling in. The fluttery feeling made sense all of a sudden, as you looked at Renjun before glancing away quickly.
You weren鈥檛 just intrigued by him, you liked him.
Oh god.
You jumped down properly this time, not looking at the boy, 鈥淚 have a class in five minutes鈥, you explained haphazardly, brushing down the non existent dust off your clothes. Renjun gave you a confused look, the sudden shift in your demeanor throwing him off track.
鈥淪ee you later Jun鈥
Tumblr media
What was it?
Maybe it was not getting a math problem after hours of trying, or a note in a song, but at that very moment, frustration was trying to figure out what you felt for Huang Renjun. On one hand, it was obvious: you liked him, but on the other hand, it felt like a trivial pesky crush that you should just ignore.
The was getting increasingly harder to do.
It was probably because you spent a lot of time with him. From classes to random free time when he would call you to hang out. His other friends were busy with their band competition coming up, and it wasn鈥檛 like you had anywhere else to be. Vee had a final coming up and was putting every waking moment into that, so you found yourself with the boy.
Not that you minded anyways.
鈥淪o did you figure out your portrait problem?鈥, you asked, taking some of the popcorn, eyes still on the television in front of you as you watched whatever rom-com was playing. 鈥淚 finished mine early so I can focus on the english test.鈥
鈥淣o鈥, he said, 鈥渦nfortunately I still don鈥檛 know what to do for that.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay鈥, you said, 鈥淓veryone gets art block at one point.鈥
鈥淣o this is more it鈥檚 like鈥, he pressed his lips together, 鈥淟ike I can鈥檛 see it anymore you know? I see too much at once that I can鈥檛 see what I鈥檓 supposed to do.鈥
You tilted your head in confusion at his words, giving him a bewildered expression, causing him to laugh, 鈥淣evermind鈥, he said, 鈥淪houldn鈥檛 have dumped all that on you.鈥
鈥淣o what do you mean?鈥
鈥淲ell鈥, he cleared his throat, 鈥淲ell, let鈥檚 say I see the world a little differently. I live a little differently, compared to you for example. You seem comfortable speaking up right? I can鈥檛 do that or everything just sort of鈥, he snapped his fingers for emphasis, 鈥渃rashes.鈥
You had the odd thought of a computer glitching, but that was quite an extreme image, so you pushed it away, 鈥淗ow so?鈥
鈥淲hat happens when you mix colours opposite on the colour wheel?鈥
鈥淭hey give you an ugly shade, why?鈥
鈥淭ake for instance, when too many people talk to me鈥, he said, 鈥淚鈥檓 terrible at talking. I did most of the technical work for the presentations, and my partner spoke. When I have to deal with those many voices it sort of muddles.鈥
Renjun wondered if he explained it well enough, or if he confused you even more. Your nose scrunched up in thought as you dwelled on his words. He awaited your honeyed words, ready for the gold to take over.
In that moment you realized how different you and Rnejun were from each other. It was like throwing fire and ice together, and expecting the ice to stay frozen. He was ice, frozen and you were slowly melting him. He was finally expressing himself in front of you, opening up just a tiny bit and it warmed your heart. But then the coldness starts seeping right back in because he鈥檚 soft. Way too soft for the likeness of you- a burning flame that never dies.聽
Get too close and you鈥檒l get scorched.
鈥淢uddy鈥, you muttered, 鈥淟ike you can鈥檛 think?鈥
鈥淪omething like that鈥, he said with a small smile. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to understand鈥, he assured you, 鈥淭hanks for listening, though.鈥
You nodded, not knowing exactly what to say, because you didn鈥檛 understand, not completely anyways.
You didn鈥檛 understand Huang Renjun, you slowly realized, but you liked him anyway. Was that wrong? Perhaps you were not supposed to, maybe you should have聽 kept your distance instead of pursuing whatever pulled you towards him, because the last thing you wanted to do was burn him.
Tumblr media
Your lord and saviour Conan Gray had taught you well: crush culture was overrated and once you had a crush, you might as well stab yourself in the gut.
You needed a knife stat.
You stood outside your classroom, at six in the morning, holding the canvas that was your project for a self portrait. Shifting from foot to foot, you waited until the person placing his or her project before you was done.
The door opened and you nearly sighed in relief, ready to get into the warmth of the room instead of freezing your ass off outside. The sweaters and scarves you had been wearing hadn鈥檛 done much to help, leaving your nose a tint of red and fingers frozen and blue.
A man walked out, looking pleased with himself. Maybe this dude was your male counterpart, for he was wearing just as many layers as you, if not more. He blinked, giving you a smile, and his face registered. Recognizing him from your grammar classes, you returned the smile.
鈥淭en鈥, you nodded, moving slightly to the side, giving him space to move away from the narrow doorway. 鈥淗ow鈥檚 it been?鈥
He shrugged, 鈥渆h, so and so, how about you?鈥
鈥淧retty much the same鈥, you responded, 鈥淚t was nice seeing you though!鈥, you said, giving him a smile once again and walking into the classroom, taking the cloth covering off your piece and placing it onto one of the shelves. After this you had no class, since submissions were today.
Your eyes scanned the other portraits, a rainbow of colour and a variety of art styles hitting you all at once. You couldn鈥檛 help the childish wonder that infiltrated your thoughts.It never failed to bewilder you, the sheer amount of art styles that existed, the many ways people could express themselves. They were all self portraits, but of different people, different stories to indulge in.
You spotted Vee鈥檚, the bright, almost neon colours standing out. It represented who she was, a splash of colours that only she could explain. There was yours, the detailed sketch of yourself, your pencil capturing everything it possibly could. It was you sure, but did it represent you?
You couldn鈥檛 find Renjuns, but instead found the same painting from a month back, when you first met him. There were seven figures on the canvas, each of their clothes were in different colours. You spotted Mark, in red, and was that Jaemin? The boy from Marks band in the pink?聽 Renjun himself in the middle, but the canvas聽 stood out from under the sketch of himself. He had no colour yet.
You frowned lightly, wondering why, your fingers brushing over the sketch as the question lingered on.
鈥淲ho are you?鈥, you whispered. You didn鈥檛 really know Renjun, you knew the boy who smiled prettily and liked painting, but he never really let you in did he? He was still ice cold.
Did you like Renjun? Or the illusion he put up?
You remembered seeing him talk to his group in a group assignment for english class, he barely spoke, just nodded along and agreed. Did he have an opinion? Did he even know how to put said opinion across?
Who was he?
You were so different, you would crush him. How could you like someone with no鈥..voice? He hadn鈥檛 a voice, just a pretty smile and secrets he held. He said he expressed himself through his art, but then again, he didn鈥檛 even know how to represent himself through a self portrait.
Did you know how to express yourself through a self portrait? You did the regular thing, drawing yourself, but was it you?
Deciding that you had done enough over thinking for the day, you moved away from the shelves, brushing your hands down your pants and walking away, leaving the classroom. The air seemed colder than usual, and you pulled your sweater around you tighter, as you passed the park, looking at the little play area. That was where you realized you liked Renjun, but now you weren鈥檛 even sure of that.
鈥淢uddy鈥, you muttered, 鈥淲ho are you?鈥
Tumblr media
Renjun walked out of the examination hall, hair messed up, a disgruntled, panicked look on his face.
He had completely forgotten about the individual english tests that were to be held today, and was not pleasantly surprised when presented with the news. He felt stupid for not remembering a test that was worth about 40% percent of his grade, and the fact that he had definitely bombed it was not helping.
After the presentation, he had left his english books on his desk, untouched, busy trying to figure out his self portrait. What was he supposed to do for that?
In his agitated state, it was as if everything was blending together, he couldn鈥檛 focus at all. Colours swirled around him, and he panicked, forgetting the little he knew, which only further worsened his current state.
He stumbled on his feet, leaning against the building wall weakly, breathing in and out trying to calm himself down. He couldn鈥檛 afford to do badly, it was out of the question. Taking in a shaky breath, he tried blocking the voices, the colours out, but it was just a blue or grey and blue, crashing down on him.聽
He had to get back to his dorm.
Pushing himself off the wall, he began walking again. He looked alright, but he was shaky on his feet, everything overwhelming him all at once. He heard a snippet of someone's conversation as he passed them, a mix of two happy voices cutting through him with maroons and blues.聽
A screech of laughter from the other end made him wince, a flash of a very harsh yellow. He wanted it to stop, he didn鈥檛 want to see colour, for once in his life he wanted it to stop. It was overwhelming him, and in that state, he felt like he was falling.
How the fuck could he have forgotten? The professor had even reminded the class, several times. Renjun stopped where he was, taking in a deep breath, trying to bring himself back to reality.聽
He was so lost in his own troubles that he didn鈥檛 see you walking up to him, a concerned look on your face, as you approached him from behind. Why did he look distraught? He looked like a little kid lost in the grocery store.
You tentatively placed a hand on his shoulder, making him flinch, spinning on his heels to face you, a slightly dazed look in his eyes. You took a step back, 鈥淩enjun?鈥
He blinked, 鈥淵/N鈥, he said softly, studying you. You nodded, 鈥淵ou okay dude?鈥
Was he okay?
No, not really.
He took a step back, away from you, 鈥淣o鈥, he said, voice tight, 鈥淕o away.鈥
He didn鈥檛 want to talk to anyone, he wanted to be left alone in silence. You frowned at this, 鈥淲hat? No, what happened, maybe I can help-鈥
鈥淚 said GO AWAY鈥
Renjun raised his voice, something he rarely did. A few people looked on at the scene, the attention not helping at all. You felt embarrassed, wondering why he was snapping at you, and why he had to do it in a public place.
Renjun scowled at you, 鈥淛ust leave me alone dammit鈥, he hissed. You didn鈥檛 know what had happened, all you had wanted to do was help, and he could see that, but he wanted to be alone, he wanted to be away from the noise and the colour.
He couldn鈥檛 understand why you wanted to help, why you still wanted to help. He had downright humiliated you, if it were him he would have left immediately.
Why were you still here at all?
Hurt was evident in your eyes as you nodded timidly, 鈥淪orry, bye Jun鈥, you muttered half heartedly, rubbing your arms. Glancing at him, you retreated, turning around and walking off, keeping your head down.
He sighed in frustration. Running a hand through his hair he averted his gaze from the people who were not so discreetly staring, walking to his dorms. He didn鈥檛 mean to snap at you, you hadn鈥檛 even done anything wrong. He felt worse and worse with every step.
Closing the door to his dorm, he sunk down against it, head in his hands. He just had to do better next time then, right? Why did he lose control like that? You didn鈥檛 deserve that, no one did, it was his own fault that he messed up.
Clicking his tongue, Renjun picked himself up, dragging himself to his bed, where several sketchbooks were laid out, the result of his attempts against the self portrait project. He had to submit it soon, but he closed each and every one of them, placing them back in his drawer and sitting at the desk he and Mark shared, staring at the single book he left out.
The blank seemed to mick him, but he picked up his paintbrush, deciding to just go for it. It didn鈥檛 have to be a self portrait, he just needed to draw, to get the colour out of him. He dipped the brush in a jar containing paint water that had been sitting out, opening his watercolour palette. It was one that he had laid his eyes on, the one he had received as a gift from Jeno for his birthday, with metallic colours that shone in the light.
He looked over the colours, wondering what he could create. He wanted to create without having the foreshadow of the project, or the fact he probably failed. Taking the palette in his hand, he tilted it so that the small light from the top of his desk shone down on it, showing the colours in their full glory.
The gold caught his eye, your hurt expression infiltrating his thoughts. He hesitated, before dragging the brush over the colour, and placing it on the page, deciding there was no going back now.
Slowly but surely, your features appeared on the page, your smile, the little wrinkles by your eyes when you did so. Your perpetually messy hair and bright eyes, all in the colour he associated with you. All the little details he had noticed about you, coming to life as art.
He never wanted to hurt you, he was frustrated and took it out on you. He realized he had to make it up to you somehow, and he silently promised himself he would. Leaning back, he studied the聽 painting of you, somewhat piecing together the fact he felt something-but what?
Another thing Renjun realized as he had painted you, and now as he looked back at it. The colours and voices had overwhelmed him, sending into a confused and jumpy state, but god.
It had stopped when you spoke.
Tumblr media
Swinging your legs, you took another bite of your ramen, listening intently to Renjun as he spoke. The two of you were sitting on the hood of his car at midnight in the park. He had called you, telling you he was sorry and wanted to talk. You agreed and lo and behold, you were where you were right now.
He had started off apologizing profusely for how he had acted earlier, shoving a bowl of instant ramen in your face as a peace offering, stating that feeding people was his love language.
How could you refuse that charming offer?
After finishing what he had to say, the conversation fell into a silence. You processed the explanation and what he had said, things clicking. Some of your questions had been answered, but you were left with many more. However you were glad he was telling you.
鈥淪o you鈥檙e telling me that you can see, hear, and taste colour?鈥, you asked, following up whatever he had told you about his synaesthesia. He nodded, taking a mouthful of his own ramen, 鈥淪ometimes it gets a bit much, like today. I sort of forgot we had that test鈥, he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. You snorted, 鈥淗ow come?鈥
鈥淚 still haven鈥檛 finished my self portrait, and the last day to submit it is in two days鈥, he explained, 鈥淚 sort of lost myself along the way.鈥
He twirled the plastic fork he was using, playing with the noodles. You let the statement linger in the cold night air, humming a cheery tune. He glanced at you, thinking you looked adorable in the hoodie you were sporting, and the scarf wrapped around your neck, making you look engulfed in clothing.
鈥淗ow so?鈥, you asked, taking another bite, the spicy taste warming you from the inside. He bit his lower lip, 鈥淩emember I said everyone I know has a colour?鈥
You nodded, staring at him intently, waiting for him to go on. He sort of liked it.
鈥淲ell鈥, he cleared his throat almost nervously, 鈥淲hat if I told you I don鈥檛 have one?鈥
Your confused face was enough of a response, making him chuckle. 鈥淥kay um, It鈥檚 just I see so many colours, but I can鈥檛 see my own, you know?鈥
鈥淭hat definitely sums it up鈥, he joked, flashing you a smile. The conversation slipped back into a silence.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your favorite colour?鈥, you asked, placing the ramen container down, 鈥淢ine is Blue.鈥
Renjun thought about it, realizing he didn;t really have a favorite colour. How could he, when he saw so many? It had never seemed fair to choose just one out of the several that existed. Why choose one when you could have it all?
鈥淚 don鈥檛 have one鈥, he said, 鈥淲hy do you like blue?鈥
You bit your lower lip, your mind going back to the day you submitted your portrait, thinking about how he still didn;t have a set answer for anything, very much unlike you. 鈥淚 just think it鈥檚 really pretty you know. It could be a cheery colour, like the sky on a summer day, or a sad one. Or like right now鈥, you looked to the sky, a grin stretching out on your lips as you faced the dark blue hue that shaded the world's ceiling.
Blue may have been a pretty colour, but in that moment, with the moonlight framing your features and shining through your messy hair, Renjun thought you looked prettier. Your eyes sparkled as you faced him, 鈥淚 have an idea!鈥
He hummed, encouraging you to go on, resting his chin on the palm of his hand.
鈥淲hat if, just for now, you used black?鈥
He raised an eyebrow, wondering where you were going with this. 鈥淚 mean-you don鈥檛 have a favorite colour, and you see so many that well, when you mix a bunch of colours you get like a black-ish colour right? So until you figure out the colour you are, use all of them, as black.鈥
Renjun wondered how you were always so sure of yourself, and nodded, 鈥淚 may just do that.鈥
Later that night, just before you went to bed, you scrolled through instagram, another question lingering in your mind. A notification popped out from the top of the screen, a message from Renjun.
[1:30 am] hey by the way
[1:30 am] your colour is gold
Tumblr media
The winter passed in a blur of blue and grey, the spring break blooming into existence. Renjun managed to finish his portrait which ended up being quite stunning actually, something like those magic colour boards you would get, When you scraped off the black layer, colour burst out from underneath. The highlights were done in gold, giving it an edge.
You were proud of him.
You had decided to stay at your apartment for the holidays instead of going back home, and so your days consisted of spending time with Renjuns friend group. You met Ten more, and (unfortunately) hung out with your cousin a lot more, which meant he was still nagging you about that logo for his band.
Your art block disappeared as well, and you were inspired to create again. If you could, you would paint everyday, but unfortunately, canvasses were expensive as fuck and you were a broke college student so you stuck to sketching and using your watercolours.
You were currently watching a movie with Renjun, one of his arms around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching whatever took place in Love Actually.聽
鈥淲hats her voice colour?鈥
鈥淜iera Knightly鈥, you said, pointing to the actress. He smiled wanly, 鈥淕rey鈥
You frowned, 鈥淭hat's kind of dull.鈥
He shrugged, 鈥淭hat's what I hear.鈥
You accepted that, sighing sleepily. It was pretty late, Mark had fallen asleep and you were hanging on by a thread. 鈥淚 think I鈥檒l leave now鈥, you said with a yawn.
鈥淲ant me to drop you back or do you wanna stay the night?鈥
鈥淚 can walk鈥, you said, but was cut off, 鈥淚t鈥檚 late as fuck, just stay over would you? I鈥檒l take the couch.鈥
You agreed standing up and stretching, and turning around, nearly falling into Renjun, who had also stood up, but directly behind you, giving you a mini heart attack. He held you by your hands, helping you steady yourself once again.聽
You started realizing he seemed to catch you a lot.
You looked up, giving him a sheepish smile, a smile that melted off when you realized how close you were to Renjun. He was practically holding you, eyes meeting yours. Your throat went dry as you wondered what would happen if you just leaned in.
Would he kiss you back?
He shook his head amusedly at your clumsiness, eyes skimming over your dazed face, travelling down to your lips for a split second before snapping back up to your eyes. You felt your cheeks heat up as you pulled away rubbing your arms, muttering something about needing to use the washroom and hurriedly thanking him for catching you.
There was that odd feeling again, the same thing he felt when he had done that painting of you, a slight fuzziness in the pits of his stomach. Biting his lower lip, he watched you stumble away to his bathroom.
He looked over to his desk, where your painting laid under a pile of books. The gold had dulled out, but it still held that sort of wistful aura around it. He picked it up, shaking it a little bit, trying to figure out what exactly he felt.
He had an inkling.
Tumblr media
Renjun liked you.
After a few days of contemplating the feeling, he came to this answer. But what frustrated him, was the fact that the two of you together made absolutely no sense. You were nothing like him, it was like putting the wrong piece in a puzzle.
He had also avoided talking to you for a bit, trying to figure out what he felt.聽 He felt bad, realizing that it may have seemed very odd to you, one moment the two of you were all chummy, the next he ignored you and made an attempt to avoid you.聽
Ten was the one who was subjected to his complaining and confusion. Frankly, he thought Renjun was being a first class idiot. Avoiding you was just making his crush worse, and he was also probably hurting the chance he had with you.
He was, in fact, the only sane person at that moment.
Sighing he looked at Renjun with a look that said, 鈥榶ou鈥檙e acting like a dumbass鈥, shaking his head, 鈥淒ude just tell her.鈥
鈥淏ut it makes no sense! I didn鈥檛 even know who she was before and now-?鈥
Ten tried speaking, but was interrupted by Renjun himself, 鈥淎nd her voice is gold. No one else has gold, several people have had different shades of blue, or red, but no one has ever had gold. Heck, no one has even had silver!鈥
He wrung his hands out trying to express the emotion in his words, eyes wide. It was quite comical, the way he was trying to justify the way he felt and the things he went through.
鈥淛esus just tell her. The worst thing that could happen is she doesn鈥檛 feel the same, which I doubt after seeing the effort she鈥檚 made to spend time with you.鈥
鈥淏ut it doesn鈥檛鈥, the boy paused, thinking of the correct words, 鈥淪he鈥檚 very different from me. Like colours opposite on the colour wheel. What if together all we get it..a muddy colour?鈥
Ten thought about this analogy, wondering how he could counter it. Renjun had a point, but it was weak.
鈥淥kay鈥, Ten agreed, 鈥淐olours opposite on the colour wheel, let's take red and green鈥, Ten decided to use his art major to explain it to his friend, 鈥淲hen mixed it鈥檚 ugly right? We both agree on that.鈥
Renjun nodded, listening intently.
鈥淏ut when used together, side by side in a piece, it's not ugly, it gives you a vibrant combination. It works together.鈥
Renjun thought about this. He knew Ten was correct, but it made no sense-the two of you weren鈥檛 red and green, you were black and gold.
But that, those two together made sense.
Tumblr media
They had always been a big part in Renjuns life. They swirled around him in a haze, a cacophony of shades that he had grown to love. They could be loud, they could be gentle, they made him who he was.
Sometimes he wondered how his life would have been without synaesthesia. Would it have been dull? A series of the same thing everyday?聽 He thought about not seeing a shade every time he read something, or heard someone speak.
Right now he saw brown, not because someone spoke, but because he was facing your door, waiting for you to open it.聽
And you did, a confused expression on your face as you faced him, one that morphed into one of anger. 鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥
鈥淵ou better fucking have an explanation as to why you ignored me for a week straight and suddenly show up at my doorstep dude鈥, you looked unimpressed at his actions, to which he grimaced, 鈥淵eah, I do. Can I come in?鈥
You nodded, opening the door and walking into your living room, turning around and crossing your arms, 鈥淪peak鈥
He sighed, running a hand through his hair as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket, opening out its folds and handing it to you. You frowned, smoothening it out and looking at it.
A picture of you.
It was beautiful, a little faded, but a pretty painting nevertheless. You were about to ask if he had done it for you, when he started speaking.
鈥淚鈥檝e never met someone with a gold voice鈥, he stated, 鈥淎nd it confused me, when we first met-that day in the classroom, do you remember?鈥
You nodded, placing the painting down and clearing your, 鈥淚 do.鈥
鈥淭hen I kept meeting you, until we became friends, when I kept forgetting shadows鈥, he chuckled, 鈥淚 still forget them sometimes鈥
This caused you to snort in amusement, nodding along to this retelling of events you already knew. He smiled, 鈥淭hen we started spending time together, and I wondered how I ever got along with you. I don鈥檛 mean it in a bad way, but we鈥檙e so-鈥
鈥淒ifferent鈥, you finished, 鈥淵eah, I wonder the same thing.鈥
鈥淓xactly. And then I finally told you about my condition, and you just sort of accepted it, you didn鈥檛 ask many questions. You were so鈥, his nose scrunched up, 鈥-Normal. And I liked it, I liked it alot.鈥
You suppressed the smile that was threatening to spill, nodding along. He took a deep breath, 鈥淚 like you.鈥
Your eyes widened, in a mixture of confusion and shock at this, but he interrupted you again, 鈥淵ou see, it was like there was no depth before I met you? You reminded me to add the shadows. You let me discover a new way of highlighting, it didn鈥檛 didn鈥檛 have to be in black, it didn鈥檛 have to be in white. It could be in gold too.鈥
He had left you speechless at this.聽
鈥淚t was like you came in with your gold voice and honeyed words and added a second level of interest into my life, and outlined everything, and I like it.鈥
You took a tentative step towards him as he continued, now on a roll. Your lips upturned into a smile, as you watched. He liked you back, but seemed to be more invested in explaining why instead of looking at you.
鈥淭en gave me some weird ass explanation as to why I should tell you, so I decided to listen and here I am-basically鈥, he took a deep breath, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 have a favorite colour, for the longest time, but then you came in and helped me, giving me a colour. I accepted it as my new favorite but I know my favorite colour now.鈥
鈥淎nd what is it?鈥, you asked breathlessly, taking his hands in yours. He met your eyes, his own shining.
鈥淕old鈥, he said firmly, 鈥淢y favorite colour is gold.鈥
You leaned forward and kissed him, fingers intertwining between his as you did so. You could feel the warmth of his skin, an odd fluttery feeling in your chest. Contrary to what he had expected, you didn鈥檛 taste like honey. You tasted like that strawberry lipgloss you liked to wear. His hands slipped around your waist, pulling you closer.
Life was made of colours. The fiery reds of the sun, the soft blues of the sky. The leaves popping in with their touch of green, complimenting the flowers that bloomed with rainbows bursting forth. The sunset, when the sun retires from the sky, leaving for the moon to dance about in her silver hues across its midnight canvas.聽
And Renjun鈥檚 favorite colour of them all, was you.
Tumblr media
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ohworm-writes3 months ago
#01 - Tape One | series masterlist
Tumblr media
猱 Beta Reader - @jschllatt鈥 ! thank you so much for proofreading this for me !
猱 Pairing - Monster!Technoblade x Monster-Hunter!Reader 猱 Summary - A sleepless night and a hazy mind aren鈥檛 the smartest thing to bring along on a solo mission that could end in your demise, but what鈥檚 the worst that could happen? 猱 Rating - Mature (SFW) 猱 Warnings - cursing , weapons ( hatchet, crossbow, gun ) , slight anxiety 猱 Word Count - 2.8k 猱 Taglist - Open! Send an Ask or DM to be added
@ohworm-writes鈥嬧嬧 copyright 2021 | do not repost
Tumblr media
Time is a finicky thing. It's a social construct created by humans as a desperate grasp at something they can control. Of course, they can't control the sun or the stars. That would be insane, would it not? Humans were the people who gave time meaning. If not for them, we would only see it as darkness and light, not the hours we've put between them. How was it they made up such an important idea, something key to their everyday lives, that only they as a race use? Humans are the only ones who use time, their actions simply affect everything else.聽
Take canines, for example. Their genetics tell them when they are to hunt, to mate, to kill. They don't depend on the hours or the days, that itself is a foolish thing to them. Why would they need to know it? They know that once the sun has set; the hunt is on. With humans around, they have disrupted the balance of it. These once feared predators depend on the hand of a human to feast. They depend on an electronic clock to sate their pangs of hunger.聽
Looking at it, how would humans be without time? Would the world crumble? Would everything they had once known to be true turn out to simply be a lie? Mayhaps-but that is the beauty of it all. The beauty of chaos, the beauty of the world closing its curtains in the final act. And when the crowd asks for an encore, who would the world be to deny their wishes?
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock-
The tick of the clock snaps you back to reality like whiplash, your previous thoughts fleeting from your mind in an instant. Your eyes are blurry, everything around you set in a foggy haze. Even aside from daydreaming, everything felt fuzzy. The clock didn鈥檛 help with it, the constant noise only setting you on edge more than you already were.聽
How long had it been? Hours, maybe? A few minutes? You couldn鈥檛 tell, and frankly, you couldn鈥檛 care either. Letting out a small sigh, you pinch the skin between your brows, slumping over as you try to ground yourself. You open your eyes after a moment, the blurriness from before subsiding for the most part. Now, you found yourself met with the sight of several manila folders and post-it notes scattered across the mattress you found yourself on.聽
Ah, yes- so that鈥檚 why you had been up at such an ungodly hour. Your mission. The suicide mission they had assigned you to. Good gods above, how long had you been awake for? Taking in the organized chaos that was your bed currently, it made you grimace. How many files did they have on a single monster? Sure, you wanted to be prepared, but this was absurd.聽
However, that apparent thought had never crossed your mind in the previous hours, evidence being the bags forming under your eyes and the overall stiffness of your body. Taking the folder that had found itself on your lap, you flipped it open, reading over the open page.聽
鈥淯pon a prior expedition, Piglins seem to be tame around those wearing gold items. Whether it be armor or simple jewelry, they seem to be passive towards those wearing the metal. One scout found themselves near the beasts, but said creatures left him alone upon seeing the gold wedding ring around his finger.鈥
You squint your eyes, trying to make sense of the next sentence. Was that a Y, or a T? Gods above, you were exhausted. Letting the folder drop back onto your lap, you bring your palms up to your eyes, rubbing harshly to keep a hold of your consciousness. You鈥檇 be able to look at the files whilst on the road. Sleep was more important right now if you wanted to survive until the next day.
Knowing the casino鈥檚 fellow patrons, they鈥檇 probably get a kick out of seeing you leave all drowsy and such. Hell, that wouldn鈥檛 come close to how entertaining it would be to them if you didn鈥檛 return. With a groan and a sigh, you begin gathering all the files. Paper-clipping a few together here, stapling a few there until the process was complete. Looking at the files stacked together, you really were in over your head. The number of files was making your head dizzy, not counting how sleep-deprived you were in the current moment.聽
Placing the folders in a neat stack on the floor beside your bed, you finally let your body relax. Your back falls against the mattress, sinking into it almost instantly. It was nowhere near comfortable on a normal day. The mattress was hard, firm, and wildly uncomfortable, but now? You might as well have been sleeping on a cloud. Before your hazy mind could even process it, you were out like a light, left to your own devices in the world of unconsciousness.聽
Tumblr media
05:30 in the morning. Who in their right mind decides that the crack of dawn is an appropriate time to wake up? Quackity, apparently, because that鈥檚 exactly the person who was pounding relentlessly on your door. The loud and sudden noise is enough to make you jolt upright in your bed. Your foggy mind can鈥檛 even process what is happening, much less when he speaks.
鈥淚t鈥檚 05:30! Get up! You leave in the next hour, c鈥檓on! You鈥檒l be burning daylight before you know it, so get your ass 鈥榦utta bed!鈥 His shrill voice is enough to get you to peek your eyes open, immediately met with the darkness of the room. With the warm sheets you found yourself in, the comforting dimness of the room, you almost fall back asleep then and there. Almost being our keyword here, because you wouldn鈥檛 want to make Quackity mad, now would you?
With a groan, you鈥檙e able to kick the sheets off of the bed, successfully leaving you out in the open as the cool air of the room sets across your warm body. It sends a shiver running through you, effectively allowing goosebumps to settle across your skin. The feeling is unpleasant, but that鈥檚 the point of it. With minimal effort, you sit yourself up in the bed, immediately regretting your actions.聽
Your muscles are tight, making every turn and twist of your body painful. A silent scream rips through your throat as you stretch your arms above your head, only to turn into a satisfied groan as your muscles relax. One would have thought that the richest hotel in the city would at least have comfortable beds, but apparently not. No, instead, you were better off sleeping on the carpet, which you could proudly admit was comfier than your own mattress.聽
Looking out the small prison-like window your room provided, the sun hadn鈥檛 even risen yet. The sky, a blur of dark blues and purples sprinkled with stars, was your only greeting. You could see the lighter hues begin to peek over the horizon from where you sat. A masterpiece from your window, who would have thought?
Aside from the awe-inducing view, you yourself felt far from it. You had a lot to do in the span of an hour. A short time span, but it was feasible. With hurried motions, you鈥檙e able to dress in form-fitting attire; something not too tight, but at the same time not too loose. It was important to wear such clothing in these times. Something too tight could leave you breathless, in this case, vulnerable. If it were to be too loose, it could get caught on something or weigh you down. That shouldn鈥檛 have to explain why that would be unfortunate.聽
Style aside, you now had to tackle the process that was your files. The ones you had obtained were a copy. They鈥檇 never give you the original without a backup in store. That would simply be foolish. Instead, you鈥檇 been given a clean copy of said files, all neatly tucked into their respective folders. Of course, that neatness had been your doing alone.聽
You made quick use of your time, neatly tucking the folders and files alike into your bag. The bag itself was less of a bag and more of a backpack, however, it served both uses. The fabric was weatherproof, as you liked it. It was strong, not even a tear could be seen over it. It had lasted you all your time here so far. Hopefully, it would survive the rest of the way.聽
With your bag fully prepared with your files, clothes, and things of the like, you set out for the armory. Swinging open your door rather roughly, you make your way down the halls, turning here and there and speeding down a flight of steps or two. Checking a clock on the wall as you amble down the halls, you see that you have just under 20 minutes before Quackity is on your ass. Perfect.
With a final descent into the basement of the building, you reach the armory. The place itself is impressive, with one wall lined up entirely with weapons. Guns, crossbows, blades; any weapon of destruction that you wanted was here. The rest of the open room stayed reserved for a shooting range. Was it the smartest option that it was indoors? Maybe not, but would you rather be shooting outside where beasts of unknown origins could hear you? Hell no.
The man running the armory shoots you a look as you enter. Some could interpret it as a glare, but to you, it was nothing short of a hopeful wish for your demise. Unfortunate maybe, but you couldn鈥檛 be one to judge. Politely, you offer a wave. Nothing flashy or energetic, simply the bare minimum.聽
You don鈥檛 look to see if he responds in any way, as you probably wouldn鈥檛 be met with anything. Instead, you turn your attention to the wall. They really had any weapon you could need here, didn鈥檛 they? Every single one was in pristine condition, that you could see at least.聽
You would have never touched a weapon in the old world, that you knew as fact. Why would you if you didn鈥檛 have a reason to? Why so much as place a finger upon something that could cause harm, when you could put your efforts into something else? Those thoughts, ones that you used to have, have been long forgotten as of now.聽
Taking a moment to admire them, you reach for a sleek, black crossbow. Weighing it in your hands, you press the stock against your shoulder and take a step behind you towards the range. It feels nice in your hands, not too heavy nor light. You take one arrow from the attached quiver, loading it with a quick move of your hand. Turning around, you kneel down and peer through the scope at the hay targets 15 yards away from your current position.聽
You hover your finger above the trigger, lining up your sights with the yellow center of the target. At that moment, nothing else matters. Not the man behind the counter, giving you shady looks as he watches you with an unimpressed look. Not that mission, the simple task that weighed your life in its hands like a god. Nothing. The only thing that mattered now was you and the target.聽
You steady the crossbow, using your other hand to hold it up. If you missed this, how could you survive in the field? Your eyes arrow in on the small, yellow circle in the center of the target. It wouldn鈥檛 be too hard to hit it, considering there was no wind nor monsters chasing you at the moment. You wanted to hit the minuscule black dot in the center.聽
With a sharp breath in, you fire. The arrow fires, flying through the arrow and straight towards the target. The man behind the counter raises an eyebrow, watching the arrow as it rips into the target. He lets out an annoyed huff, already heading under the counter to get a full quiver for you. Bullseye.
You smile to yourself softly, the good feeling of accomplishment flowing through you. Letting the weapon rest against your side, you turn back to the wall. With your primary weapon figured out, now you needed a melee and possibly a secondary weapon as well.聽
You choose something less flashy for your secondary, simple G17. The pistol isn鈥檛 your favorite, but it鈥檇 be better to have it than nothing. You had one when you first started out, the damn thing jamming too many times for your liking. Granted, you didn鈥檛 have sufficient ammo for the gun, but you鈥檇 rather it worked in life-threatening situations than not.聽
Now all you needed was a melee weapon. Easier said than done, seeing the sheer amount of different options at your disposal. You didn鈥檛 need something flashy, nor did you want it. You let out a quiet laugh as you look over some of the more鈥 unusual options. Good gods, as much as you wanted it, you didn鈥檛 need a damn sword with you.聽
Looking back to the more tactical options, something catches your eye. A steel hatchet, an awfully beautiful one at that. The dark metal shines against the flickering lights of the armory, the edge of the blade reflecting your own features. You grip the handle, prying it off the wall, and hold it tightly. It was a lot lighter than you鈥檇 thought, feeling at home as you curled your fingers around it.聽
It was on the smaller side, but that only added to it. Gracefully, you toss it from one hand to the other, feeling the difference between the two. You鈥檇 wield it in your dominant hand, but it鈥檚 worth the effort to try with both. With a nod to yourself, you grab all three weapons and head to the man behind the counter.聽
He鈥檚 just as unamused as he looked when you first entered, scrunching up his nose as you place the weaponry on the concrete counter, the items clinking together in the process. He ducks under your line of sight, grumbling to himself. Within a few seconds, he pops back up, all the supplies you鈥檇 need in his arms.聽
A quiver, hatchet cover, ammo; anything you鈥檇 need for however long the mission would be. His tone is bored as he asks for payment, sliding your things across the counter with his hand held out. Reaching into one pocket of your bag, you pull out four poker chips, a mocking smile on either red or blue side.聽
His eyes widen as you drop them into his palm, staring at them with confusion. His voice almost hints at that of anger as he speaks up, voice gravelly. 鈥淚 said two, not four. Are you an idiot?鈥 His eyes are dark when they look into your own. You shrug your shoulders nonchalantly, grabbing your things and clipping them to your bag. 鈥淐onsider it my thanks, Phineas.鈥
His mouth is agape as you leave, lifting your hand up as a 鈥榝arewell鈥 while you head out the door. As your footsteps fall heavy against the floor, you contemplate your prior decision. Chips were the casino鈥檚 idea of money. You received chips if you did particularly excellent work on something, which was rare for most. Four chips for your safety didn鈥檛 seem like too far of a stretch. One would pay the world for their life, would they not?
Your steps echo down the halls as you make your way towards the main door, anxiety bubbling up. Gods, you were going to die on this mission, weren鈥檛 you? A solo mission against one of the most powerful beasts you had ever read about? You might as well have been writing your will then and there. The carpet of the lobby muffles your steps, leaving you to listen with no distraction to your racing mind.聽
Was this the last time you would step foot in the casino? You squeeze your eyes tightly, stopping in your tracks right in front of the door, letting out a groan. Fuck, you were overthinking this. Even if you didn鈥檛 make it to tomorrow, at least you made it this far, right? With a little pep talk to yourself, you push open one of the glass doors and step out into the darkness that lays outside of the casino.聽
The voice makes you wince involuntarily. Turning to your left, you see the familiar mop of jet black hair leaning up against one of the casino鈥檚 walls. Your hands find themselves at your bag鈥檚 straps, pulling them tightly against you as you meet his gaze.聽
鈥淨uackity.鈥 Your voice comes out small, not something that you liked. His breath comes out in a puff, the cold temperature of the morning making the sight visible. Like a dragon, you think in the back of your mind. The childish thought is tossed aside as he pushes off of the wall, watching as he rubs his hands together and making his way past you. He stops at your side, not looking over at you. No, he just looks ahead as the sun rises behind you.聽
鈥淐ome back, won鈥檛 you?鈥
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猱 Author鈥檚 Note - After long last, another tape! I went through quite the rough patch with this one. It took me a long time to finally find some inspiration, but this is evidence enough that I did somehow. I鈥檓 hoping to update next Sunday, possibly earlier, but we鈥檒l have to see what my mind deems fit.聽
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simluvbot7 months ago
Enhypen as dates they would take you on <3
Tumblr media
tags: gn!reader, established relationship au, fluff, bf! enha
members: all members !!
wc: 400-800ish for each member ?? this is very long uh I鈥檓 sorry I got carried away
a/n: hi, welcome to my first piece of writing on this blog 馃榿馃榿 I tried to write so that these matched the members and their personalities the most! Also as this is my first post any interaction is so cherished 馃ズ but anyways,, I hope you enjoy :D
open to read
he would take you to so many fun places!!
Your dates would consist of going bowling together, theme parks, a walk in the park 鈥 you can count on having a fun time with heeseung!
He would just want to impress you );
He鈥檚 be always so attentive to you and remember even the littlest of details about you
You鈥檇 be in a shop together looking around and he鈥檒l tap your shoulder, showing you a lace shirt that you instantly fall in love with
It鈥檚 just your style!
You鈥檇 ask him how he knew you would like it, to which he would simply mumble聽 with, 鈥測ou told me a few months ago that you like shirts like this.鈥
You鈥檇 just stand in shock like :ooo
Not even you remember telling him that ):
Please he loves you so much, if it鈥檚 something that you tell him you like or don鈥檛 like, he鈥檒l immediately store it in his memory! He wants to know so much more about you 馃ズ
Your dates are definitely what you look forward to whenever you see him!!
As much as you love fun day outs with him, you also love your chiller night dates at him <3
Meeting each other late at night after practice? A must!! No way can you let your hee go home alone when he鈥檚 the last leaving the practice room after a long day ):<
You would often surprise him by showing up at belift at ungodly hours, and as much as he would scold you with a light frown for coming to see him when it鈥檚 already half past midnight,,
You still always catch that small little smile he has whenever you do surprise him hehe
to be aware of just the fact that youre there? is enough for him. you ground him and its especially those spontaneous dates youll throw upon him and inevitably show him without the words uttered that you care for him and you love him?聽
those are secretley his fave (: but he doesnt have to tell you that - youve already guessed :D
But at the same time on those late night after-practice dates he just wants to make sure that you鈥檙e not staying up too late all the time just to make sure he鈥檚 doing okay after practice, his y/nnie needs their sleep too ):
And what you鈥檒l do together? Eat ramen of course!!
Although these little late night dates with him usually dont last no longer than an hour, he still treasures them so dearly in his heart ):
Hee sometimes needs a lot of love and assurance, even if he doesn鈥檛 mention it
And you鈥檙e the best at making him feel better instantly 馃ズ
but we seriously cant forget about your daytime dates too! each date of yours is always filled with so so many jokes and giggles that your hearts burn with longing for the other whenever you part ways ):
i can see that he鈥檒l even store the memory of your dates even weeks after they鈥檝e happened - he鈥檒l store those memories of you; all in his heart聽(and the polaroid he took of you in the back of his phonecase 馃槼) and tucked close.
as for dates, to me he seems the type to be into really spontaneous and random things!! He鈥檇 love going somewhere fun or just simply randomly travelling with you without a destination!
He especially loves to sneak out of the dorm late at night and meet you at you and his favourite park.
It鈥檚 located at the top of a really tall hill, and you鈥檒l both spend hours sitting on the swings, chatting away with little care for the rest of the world or the time as you both simply giggle at each other鈥檚 jokes and contentedly talk about anything and everything; watching the city lights glow from hundreds of metres below you
He鈥檇 offer you his jacket when the temperature drops by a few degrees suddenly
You鈥檇 be like no!! It鈥檚 okay you should also stay warm, I鈥檓 okay 馃ズ
But then because he is such a sweetheart he鈥檇 huff and sit next to you on the swing, making the single-seater far too cramped as he tries to supply you with his body heat if that鈥檚 the only way that you鈥檒l accept not freezing to death 馃槧
But then you鈥檒l both slip due to there not being enough space for both of you on the wing, and your both fall flat down on your butts lmao
You鈥檇 both freeze, staring at each other blankly on the floor
but then you鈥檇 both crack up and laugh for the longest time 鈥 hushing each other in-between giggles from the fear of maybe you were being a bit too loud and could wake some people up?
But then you鈥檇 both fall into giggling messes once again as you blame each other for causing the other to fall down ):
You鈥檇 eventually sit together huddled on a bench, sitting in silence and simply staring out at seoul鈥檚 twinkling night lights as you share his leather jacket: heavy and warm as it drapes across you and his鈥 shoulders
But eventually you鈥檇 both finally head home! 鈥 your eyelids soon growing too heavy and both of you afraid of accidentally falling asleep at a park at 1am lmfao
idk why but i can just see a lot of late-night dates with jake,, such as
baking cookies together at 1am???? probably has happened twice already in your relationship aha 馃榿
honestly you both spend so much time together casually that you end up arguing on whether that time where he randomly showed up at your house wanting to make relationship bracelets together was really a date or not lmao
he is also so <3 so incredibly sweet too though uGH. he is a sweetheart and like heeseung he will remember every little detail of you which will be useful for when he comes up with more date ideas in the future (
on dates such as eating at a restaurant together he will always bring you flowers like the gentleman he is.
it鈥檚 kinda funny because when youre both on a date together alone with no other people around you both become complete crackheads
but when meeting in front of others he acts so mature and serious suddenly lmao ??聽
but honestly he just trusts and loves you so so much that he doesnt even feel like he needs to act a certain way or try to become someone complteley different on a date just to impress you
but its okay because you love the duality of jake sim <3
someone get me him pls. i want one </3
With jay, shopping dates ??? yes of course (;
he鈥檇 simply love taking you out either down a road with many well-known clothing brands or maybe even the mall, entering several clothing stores with you
he never mentions it, but its obvious how much he simply adores seeing you wear the clothes he picks out for you :D
oh and matching couple outfits are obviously聽always chosen whenever you go out on these fashion dates!!
he will pick out a selection of items he thinks will look good on you, and - to admit it to himself: he does a pretty good damn job
tell me why this boy will get so flustered whenever he sees you walk out of the changing room,, looking so pretty in what he chose for you ??
he鈥檇 also one day surprise you on a date with matching couple bracelets :D
you鈥檒l get so excited and he鈥檒l get so shy and try to hide his smile as you compliment how good his sense of style is !! and as much as he denies the fact that he鈥檚 blushing you luckily do manage to snap some pics as evidence of the rosy colour in his cheeks hehe
and especially earlier on in the relationship, he鈥檒l always try his best and prepare cute little dates for you both )): and the members would tease him to DEATH for how unbelievably soft and considerate he is when doing things for you when he is so cranky towards them lmfao
chill dates (:
walking in the park together, getting ice cream, going for late night drives and listening to music together </3 with jay it never has to be complicated
Just as long as he gets to be with you, talk with you and touch you then that鈥檚 more than enough for him (: he just likes to be in your company
and Idk why I can just see this but he wILL have playground dates with you. dont question it
Because like ?? hanging out on the swings or climbing frame of a kids park at 11PM when there鈥檚 no one else there but you both?? Talking and swinging quietly next to each other? very romantic to me hmm
Yes <3聽
he will stare at you as he silently swings a back and forth a little; brushing the hair out of your face and looking at you with so so much love in his eyes it鈥檚 unbelievable
he especially loves just relaxing with you. watching a show on the tv together while cuddling and staying close to each other is something he loves
hearing your giggles and listening to you talk while engaging in teasing banter where he鈥檒l pretend to think the things you say are stupid by scoffing and rolling his eyes when in reality his heart is swelling and he鈥檚 trying so hard not to laugh at how cute you are?聽
shut UP
those are definitely one of his favourite types of dates with you
he鈥檒l constantly try to impress you and will be willing to try so many different things with you
i can see him as either being openly interested about going on typical couple dates together such as painting or eating at romantic restaurants,, or every time you mention something of the sort he鈥檒l be groaning at yet another mention of the 鈥榗ouple bucket list鈥 you had created lol
but actually he鈥檚 secretly聽really excited for that couple mug-painting session you booked for you both. but he will never tell you that 馃槼
in conclusion, with jay it really never has to be something complex for you both to enjoy your dates <3 he just loves being in your company, even if its one of those nights where you both share no words between the cuddling and content sighs and various little soft kisses he presses to your forehead.
with sunghoon gOSH
whatever you two get up to, it鈥檇 be so so soft and gentle and perfect and just ):
he would always ask the members what to take you out on as a date and you bet his naver search history would consist of questions like聽鈥榳hat does my s/o like鈥 and聽鈥榳here should i take out my partner on a date鈥 lmao
he just wants to make you happy and comfy ):
dates with him are usually really cute!! Like going to cafes, going ice skating etc!
But you鈥檇 also love those dates at home with him, giggling shyly as you both sit together and watch a film 馃ズ
he LOVES those dates! he always gets so shy whenever he comes over and it takes him a little while to get comfortable enough with you to even hold your hand pls
So when he one day pulls you in closer from where you鈥檙e sitting side by side on the couch,, bringing you closer and tucking you under his arm ??
You鈥檙e so so surprised, and you feel your heart clench a little at how gentle he is with you and how he鈥檚 finally opening up ):
And from then on,, he only will become more and more comfortable with you!!! To the point where he鈥檒l start pouting a lil when you don鈥檛 snuggle up next to him on the sofa like you usually do );
So cuddle dates with hoon? Yes you bet they鈥檙e his fave!!
and then when its quickly approaching your 100 days anniversary, he鈥檒l be wracking his brains for so long trying to decide what to do for you
but then it will hit him like a light bulb switching on!
he鈥檒l suddenly remember you mentioning this specific thing that you really liked and would want to do one day, and guess what he would plan for u both!!
he鈥檇 prepare 馃挃馃挃 a picnic 馃挃馃挃 for you 馃挃馃挃
ugh youre so lucky
he鈥檇 text you the day before your anniversary telling you to expect to go on a date with him the day after and to dress up prettily :D
he鈥檇 wake up super early on the day of the date, preparing all of your favourite foods and meals into a cute lil basket ):
and when you finally both meet at a really rEALLY pretty secluded area that you somehow had no idea existed despite you living in the area for so long - you鈥檇 maybe start tearing up??聽
because your boyfriend is so so sweet and you never saw this coming from him at all ):聽
and he鈥檇 just stand there shyly in front of the picnic he set up, hand at the back of his head and looking down; cute lil blush tainting his cheeks from how nervous he is!
but then you鈥檇 run over and give him a big, big hug, exxclaiming how much you appreciate what he did for you and how youre so so incredibly sorry for not bringing him something as well to celebrate your anniversary (you were dying inside fo guilt please!! how could u forget to get him something when he went out of his way like this for you )):聽 )
but he鈥檇 simply shake his head, smiling and not minding at all
because if he gets to see you happy, gets to see those twinkling eyes of yours that just stare up at him with so so much love before bringing him in for a sweet kiss - then he simply doesnt mind at all.
r u crying at this like i am lol
sunoo absoloutely adores you.
and he cant stay away from you !! lmao
you鈥檒l leave after a date and ten minutes after youve arrived you鈥檒l get a text from him saying how much he already misses you and wants to see his bun again ):
but its okay!! because y鈥檃ll would meet up again really soon again :D
sunoo really doesnt mind what you both do together, he just loves being in your company !! if he鈥檚 doing something with you, its certain that he will have so much fun and be so so comfy!
you often like to go to cinemas together, watching a film
film/drama marathons are also something that you both do very very often as a date! he loves it when you hug him tight and throw a leg over his as you both lie down in his dorm bed/your bed, watching something on your laptop
he is very very cuddly and whenever you both do have cuddle dates/sessions (which is all the time btw) he鈥檒l like it when you absentmindedly play with his fingers or stroke your hands through his hair soothingly
and then he鈥檒l complain and whine when you stop lmao
seriously though, without a question if either of you meet at either his dorm or your house - its always:聽聽鈥榮o what are we gonna watch?鈥
he also likes doing very very cute couple-y activities with you! of course he does,, youre his baby ):聽
(he鈥檚 more YOUR baby actually - but he doesnt need to know about that shh hehe)
funfair dates where you will go on a ferris wheels and eat cotton candy together? sharing a kiss when you reach the top? yes! and so is going to those sets designed for couples to take cute photos together as a lil photoshoot!
he is so so sweet with you ):聽
and has it been mentioned yet that you鈥檒l go on food dates? this is a very obvious date you both do very often !!聽
going to food markets and trying out different street foods from different vendors? yes.
having mini dates at the korean convinience store late at night where you鈥檒l both sit by the window and eat tteokbokki & ramen together? yes.
its all honestly really really chill, but he also knows when to be serious when he needs to (:
he鈥檒l take you out to the your favourite restaurants often!
and whenever youre celebrating something he鈥檒l take you to a really good and famous restaurant with mouth-watering food, and聽you鈥檒l be left wondering for the longest time how on earth he managed to get a seat in since its always so booked
or ordering take-out is good too :D
in conclusion (because i just realised how long this is help 馃槶): dates with sunoo are always a variety of fun activities which always leave you feeling tired yet so, so happy and content at the end of the day !!
he loves you so much <3
Since you both go to the same school, a lot of your little dates are actually spent there
He鈥檚 pretty shy with you at times,, but when you鈥檙e both alone it鈥檚 then that dates with him are usually so so goofy and silly; days filled with his teasing and your eye rolls and giggles.
Meeting at the rooftop before school to simply talk and giggle and drink chocolate milk? Yes.
Staying after school for small study sessions in the library? Yes.
With jungwon, you鈥檙e not able to see him as much between school and him being an idol, so every little moment together means so much to both of you ):
To me jungwon also seems like a cuddler!!! cause like?? Have you seen him ?? Tell me he doesn鈥檛 look so soft聽
So, dates at home when he鈥檚 free where you can both cuddle together in your bed while eating and doing homework? They鈥檙e so so cosy,, and definitely your favourite kinda dates!! not to mention that your parents absolutely adore him too
With jungwon, lots of lil spontaneous dates are definitely his and yours trademark (鈥:
He鈥檒l turn up at your house randomly with a grin and dimple poking at his cheek, holding a bag of convenience store food and asking you if you want to go on a date with him even if it鈥檚 10pm and dark outside lmfao
And then he鈥檒l take you to an arcade!
You鈥檒l be the only ones there and he鈥檚 keep flexing about how he鈥檚 going to win you this cat plush from the claw machine because he says it looks like him
He鈥檇 try several times and end up spending almost 8,000 won on the machine trying to win you this plush and at this point he鈥檚 already making up several excuses about how oh, 鈥榠t鈥檚 rigged鈥 or 鈥榞ive me one more chance I will get it this time!!鈥
You鈥檇 giggle at how he grows flustered, gently asking him if you could have a go for fun, sighing and with him and agreeing on the fact that the claw machine is definitely rigged
You鈥檇 complain together; scolding the machine and asking it to please be nice and stop ruining your date when it鈥檚 then that the claw actually picks up a plush and you鈥檙e both like ;oo
You鈥檇 both stay stood in shock as the cat plush is dropped into the receiving box, before laughing loudly
He鈥檇 stand there flustered, blush tainting his cheek before he just walks away 馃毝馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
You鈥檇 quickly pick up the cat plush and chase after him, giggles tumbling out your lips
and uhm after that you beTTER go check up on your boy and see if his ego wasnt too damaged by that 馃槫
so of course you鈥檇 wrap your arms around him from behind, tucking your face into the back of his neck ): and pressing gentle kisses where you know he鈥檚 ticklish until he finally relents, a small grin and dimple lighting up his face
and phEW because you thought he was upset ): but he laughs and says youre better at the claw machine than he is so,, all good dont worry !! 馃ズ
It鈥檇 end up being him taking the cat plush home, which you both name 鈥榡ungwon-two鈥 because of how much it actually looks like him 馃槶
Expect many references and inside jokes to that date and jungwon-two in the future
and tbh you love dates with won so so much. theyre so fun plus they鈥檙e always secret.
and whenever you鈥檙e out doing whatever the hell you both get up to,
It鈥檚 like there is no one else in the world. It鈥檚 just you, and him, and the blooming you both feel in your chests.
I don鈥檛 know but I can just see niki as being so romantic
You鈥檙e both young, and although niki is the biggest dork and always likes to play around and make jokes 24/7 - he鈥檚 also so mature compared to the other boys your age
So would he take you out to a date where he鈥檇 set up classically romantic candles and rose petals for you both to eat at for your 1 month anniversary? Yes ):
And you鈥檇 be so speechless and shocked as you blush quietly and thank him before he鈥榮 accidentally knocking over his glass of water all over the table cloth and you鈥檙e laughing out loud
But expect every other date with him to be filled with so so much food and comfort!
He鈥檇 feel so comfy around you, and really the only word he thinks is perfectly able to describe you is home. He thinks you feel like home to him.
So he鈥檇 show you all of this favourite things, the things closest to his heart and you can鈥檛 help but feel your own heart clench at how much you adore this boy
He鈥檇 take you out to traditional Japanese restaurants and show you his favourite foods from back home and teach you the customs of how to eat sushi
You鈥檇 100% be so so interested and excited whenever he reveals to you a vulnerable part of him, and he鈥檇 stare at you so lovingly as he kisses your cheek, blushing and smiling like the 15 year old he is
Ugh ): niki ):
Dance dates!!
You claim you can鈥檛 dance to save your life LMFAO (or maybe you can 馃槼?) but he only grins shyly instead as he takes you to a small dance studio he rented (he didn鈥檛 want to take you the belift building where there would be other people - he鈥檇 want you to feel completely comfortable).
You鈥檇 simply stand there with your mouth dropped open as you watch him freestyle to a random song he put on like it鈥檚 nothing
You鈥檇 spend the day getting taught some moves by him and although you鈥檙e sure you look like a cat getting electrocuted, he still smiles and聽 nods and even claps, giving you compliments and teasing remarks
Overall, dates with niki are so so fun and goofy and perfect. You feel your heart swell every time he takes you out on another little adventure, feeling so complete and carefree between his warm hugs, jokes and words that he has to say to you
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You Could鈥檝e Been Killed - Steve Rogers
Word Count: 2601
WARNINGS: This fic does contain smut so 18+. It鈥檚 a dom!Steve x braty!Reader I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
It wasn鈥檛 like you to defy orders from Steve in a life-or-death situation. It wasn鈥檛 like you defy Steve at all, but this time you couldn鈥檛 help it. He was making the wrong call; he was second guessing your abilities. You had been practicing with Natasha for months and this was your first mission since the incident.
You knew Steve didn鈥檛 want to see you hurt again. What happened was bad and took a while for you to be okay again, but that didn鈥檛 mean you weren鈥檛 ready. 鈥淵/N get back to the jet.鈥 You heard through the speaker in your suit. 鈥淣o Steve, I can do this.鈥 You spoke a little above the whisper. 鈥淣o Y/L/N, we鈥檙e falling back. We need to regroup.鈥
聽He was probably right; you had gotten some bad intel about a Hydra group and a simple integration turned into a hostage negotiation. Steve knew as soon as there were hostages involved you weren鈥檛 giving up. He knew you didn鈥檛 want anyone to suffer the same fate you did, but that didn鈥檛 mean you had to put the rest of the team in danger. 鈥淵/N if you鈥檙e not back here in 2 minutes, you鈥檙e done. Get back to the jet, that鈥檚 an order.鈥 There was a little voice of reason going through your head, 鈥榞o back to the jet before you get yourself and everyone else killed.鈥 鈥淚 guess it鈥檚 a good thing I don鈥檛 know how to listen to orders Cap.鈥 You spoke and he could almost hear the smirk in your voice.
聽You guys were on your way back to Avengers Headquarters, and you were stuck listening to Steve lecture you about the choice you made. You saved the hostages, but Hydra got away and you were no closer to stopping them then before. 鈥淵ou went against my orders; how can I trust you to be in the field if you can鈥檛 listen to what I say.鈥 He spoke in a stern tone, and you couldn鈥檛 help but let your mind wander. You watched Steve closely as he rambled on about the safety of the others waving his hands around in the air and all you could think of was those strong hands wrapped around your throat. 鈥淵/N are you even listening to me?鈥 Steve questioned pulling you from your dirty imagination.
聽鈥淵ou know what Rogers if it weren鈥檛 for me, those people would have died, or worse. In my books that鈥檚 a win.鈥 You spoke with an authoritative tone as the jet began to land. You weren鈥檛 one to speak out and everyone looked at you when you yelled at Steve. 鈥淵ou could鈥檝e killed all of us. You could鈥檝e got yourself killed Y/N.鈥 He spoke a little less stern, trying to balance out your emotions. 鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 you just love that, wouldn鈥檛 have to worry about me anymore.鈥 You spoke before turning on your heels and leaving the quinjet. What you said hurt Steve, he didn鈥檛 mind caring about you. He also didn鈥檛 know that was how you felt. He started to go after you before Nat stopped him, 鈥渓et her cool off, I think today was a bit triggering.鈥 She reminded Steve, but he didn鈥檛 want to leave you alone, he wanted to follow you. He wanted to tell you that it was okay to fear your past, that it was okay to feel sad, but he didn鈥檛 follow you.
聽After a couple hours, you still hadn鈥檛 come out of your room Steve grew concerned. Everyone came down for supper, but you hadn鈥檛. Nat said that you were in your room listening to music, and Steve knew that it was like your escape from the world. He made you a piece of toast and a cup of tea before heading up to your room. After any mission you could be found hidden away trying to cope with what just happened and wind down from the day鈥檚 events. Steve knocked lightly on your door, when you didn鈥檛 answer he knocked again, 鈥淵/N? you in there?鈥 He spoke through the door before it swung open. 鈥淥h, look who it is, I figured I would skip supper, wouldn鈥檛 want to get anyone killed.鈥 You spoke with sarcasm lacing every word. Steve rolled his eyes at your comment, choosing to ignore it. 鈥淚 made you something to eat, you must be hungry.鈥 He gestured to you letting him in.
聽You looked at the plate of food, and then back at your room. He wasn鈥檛 wrong you were hungry, but you didn鈥檛 want to let him in. You hadn鈥檛 gone to supper because you couldn鈥檛 forgot how Steve made you feel when he was yelling at you. It wasn鈥檛 fear, it wasn鈥檛 anger, it was lust; those dirty thoughts about his hand around your throat only got worse with his lecture and you didn鈥檛 know if you could face him again. 鈥淵/N are you going to let me in or not?鈥 Steve asked looking slightly annoyed with you.
聽鈥淯h yeah, sure thanks.鈥 You spoke not trying to give yourself away. You moved out of the way so he could come into your room. You led him over to the little seating area you set up and gestured for him to sit down. You two sat in comfortable silence before you finally spoke up, 鈥淚 couldn鈥檛 let those people die today, myself that鈥檚 debatable but not them鈥 You tried reasoning with him. 鈥淣o one is expendable on this team. That includes you.鈥 He spoke leaning forward putting a hand on your knee. You almost jumped at the contact and you were hoping that it went unnoticed by him. He was a super soldier, of course he picked up on it. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥 He asked being completely oblivious to what was going on. 鈥淥h yeah, I鈥檓 fine, just tired is all. Long day.鈥 You spoke quickly and you knew with every word you spoke you were giving yourself away.
聽Steve wasn鈥檛 an idiot; he knew what was going on with you. He could almost smell your arousal when you opened the door. He moved closer to you. 鈥淵ou know, it was pretty dangerous what you did.鈥 He spoke in a low tone and you could feel the weight of him in his hand on your knee. 鈥淵eah, well you know me, always doing stupid stuff.鈥 You spoke trying to seem as innocent as possible. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I ever got a proper chance to punish you.鈥 He spoke but this time his breath was fanning over you ear and it caused you to shiver.
聽鈥淥h god鈥, was all you could manage to say as Steve started to place slopping kisses on your neck, pulling you to stand up. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to be praying to god I stop when I鈥檓 done with you.鈥 He spoke again right in your ear and the comment went straight to the throb in your panties. You鈥檝e never seen this side of Steve before, out of everyone on the team he is the softest.
聽Steve moved his knee between your legs to create a gap between them and you moved your hands to the back of his neck pulling his lips onto yours. Steve fought back for just a moment to remind you he was in charge of what was going on. You moaned into his mouth when he moved your leg to wrap around his waist grinding against him. 鈥淎re you that fucking desperate for me?鈥 Steve spoke in a condescending tone and you whimpered at his words. 鈥淵es, Steve, please.鈥 You moaned out. And he grabbed onto your checks in a harsh grip forcing your eyes on him. 鈥淵ou are going to listen to me. When I tell you to touch yourself, you touch yourself. If I tell you to ride me, you鈥檙e going to ride like we both know you want too. And maybe if you鈥檙e a good girl, I鈥檒l let you cum.鈥 He spoke in a low husky voice that gave you butterflies. 鈥淚s that an order?鈥 You ask trying to push his limits a little more.
聽In a few seconds Steve threw you against the bed and had your ass up in the air. You were wearing a pair of pajama pants, and he pulled them off you harshly. You could sense the smirk on his face when he could see you weren鈥檛 wearing any panties. 鈥淚s that what you wanted Y/N? You are soaking for me, and I haven鈥檛 even done anything yet.鈥 Steve spoke his breath fanning over your sensitive heat, and you let out a desperate whine. 鈥淵es, this is what I wanted.鈥 You voice cracked at the end and all you feel was lust between the two of you. Steve landed a harsh slap on your ass, and you let out a small yelp. 鈥淥uch.鈥 鈥渙h, that鈥檚 nothing babe, but if it gets too much, just say red.鈥 He informed you, and you thought it was sweet gesture to come up with a safe word.
聽Steve landed a couple more good slaps to your ass, and now he was just looking at you. Your face smooshed to the bed while your bright red ass pushed up in front of his face. 鈥淣ow I鈥檓 going to eat you out and you鈥檙e going to stay still. Are you going to be my good girl?鈥 He asked, lips brushing over your heat waiting for your response. 鈥淵-yes Steve, I鈥檒l be your good girl.鈥 You stutter out and Steve slapped your cunt, 鈥渋t鈥檚 sir, do you understand me?鈥 He hissed out. 鈥淵es sir.鈥 鈥淭hat鈥檚 my good girl.鈥
聽Steve dove straight into your cunt, licking a long strip from your cunt right up to your ass. You let out an ungodly moan, pushing back into him. 鈥淪tay still,鈥 he spoke out not want you to mess up his rhythm. He started again, kitten licking at your clit, and you cried out again fighting the urge to push into him again. Steve used his fingers to pull your lips part more, let his tongue have full access to your cunt. He slipped his tongue in your cunt moving around your clenching walls. 鈥渙h god Stev- I mean sir.鈥 You spoke and mentally cursed yourself. Steve released his mouth from your dripping cunt, and you whined at the loss of contact. 鈥淣o go back please. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥 You spoke trying to reason with him, but he was in dominating head space and there was no use.
聽鈥淥h baby, I thought you were going to be a good girl for me. That鈥檚 not being a good girl.鈥 He responds pulling you to stand up and unbuttoning his jeans, 鈥渘ow you鈥檙e going to put that mouth to some good use and suck me off.鈥 He pushed you down on your knees and you were blessed for the rug under your bed softening your fall. Your eyes went wide when Steve pulled his pants the rest of the way down. He was huge, and it made you wonder if he was that hung before the super solider serum. He watched you visibly gulp, and he chuckled at your reaction. 鈥淐ome on love. I don鈥檛 have all day.鈥 He said almost sounding annoyed with you. You took the tip of him in your mouth and then sucked harshly on it a Steve let a loud moan out. You swirled your tongue along the tip and sucked another time feeling a twitch in his thighs. 鈥淪top fucking teasing me you brat.鈥 He spoke harshly before thrusting his entire length in your mouth causing you gag. 鈥淥h, you can take me better then that. Come on princess. You鈥檝e got this.鈥 He encouraged stroking your cheek. Steve continued his assault on your throat, moaning at each time you gagged around him. After a couple of minutes, you gained control over refluxes and focused on pleasing him.
聽Steve finally stopped fucking your throat when you could feel him getting close to his release. He pulled you up, watching as you tried catching your breath. Steve wiped the tears and spit of your face with the back of his hand, 鈥渘ow I鈥檓 going to fuck you. I鈥檓 going to fuck you so hard that you鈥檙e going to walk funny tomorrow, and the next time you think about defying me you鈥檒l remember this. You鈥檒l remember how sore your ass is, how sore you鈥檙e going to be in the morning and how sore your little cunt is after I鈥檝e had my way with you.鈥 He whispered into your ear and every word he spoke made your cunt wetter.
聽Steve pushed you back on you鈥檙e the bed and you start to move back into the position you were in earlier, but Steve stopped you. 鈥淣o. I want to see that pretty face of yours while I fuck into you.鈥 He spoke, pushing you up the bed. He crawled on top you, pushing some of your hair out of your face. You took in Steve鈥檚 complexion; his face was sweaty and red, and you reached up and placed a shaky hand on it. Steve nuzzled into your touch and for a split second you thought he was going to go easy on you, but then he slammed his hard cock in your dripping cunt. You let out a loud moan, arching you back towards him. Steve swore he could鈥檝e cum from the sight of you. You were completely fucked out, pushing yourself down to meet his harsh thrust, moaning and whimpering.
聽鈥淵ou like that don鈥檛 you. You like when I fuck you nice and slow. Nice and hard into this dripping cunt, and oh fuck, you keep clenching around me. Like this pussy was made just for me.鈥 With every word he spoke he thrusted harder and harder into you. 鈥減lease sir, please I need to cum.鈥 You spoke and Steve watched as you started to squirm, trying to hold in your orgasm as best as you could. 鈥淛ust a little longer, I want to finish together, I鈥檓 almost there.鈥 He spoke picking up the pace. He thrust were starting to get sloppy, but they were still strong, and you were struggling to hold on. 鈥淣ow princess. You can cum now.鈥 He whispered in your ear and you let out a moan that would make a porn star jealous. Steve could feel your walls clenching around him and it pulled him the rest of the way to his release. 鈥淥h, fuck Y/N, I鈥檓 cumming.鈥 He let out loud groan, feeling you with his hot seed.
聽The two of you stayed still for moment, just taking the moment. Soon enough Steve pulled out of you with a hiss. He went to the bathroom attached to your room and grabbed a warm washcloth for you, and then came back to the bed. 鈥淛ust need to get you cleaned up sweet girl.鈥 He spoke but this time it was much softer, 鈥渙uch that hurts,鈥 you wined wincing at the contact. Steve chuckled and shook his head cleaning up the mess the two of you made before helping you re-dress. Once the two of you were snuggled into your bed, you spoke up. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for not listening today. I know I could鈥檝e gotten us all killed.鈥 Steve knew that your apology was genuine, and he choose his next words carefully. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. It鈥檚 who you are. You want to help people, and I love that about you, but you are just as important as the rest of us. Do you understand me?鈥 He asked pulling you gaze to him. 鈥淵es sir.鈥
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Blackpink HC / One Shots: Enemies to Lovers, College AU (2/2)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Requested: Yes
Warnings / Misc. -- Bickering, Rivalry, Fluff
A/N: Hey everyone! This is the second half of the request, featuring Ros茅 and Lisa. If you want to see the first part, with Jisoo and Jennie, click the link below. I hope you enjoy!
Click for Jisoo and Jennie
鈾 Happy Reading 鈾
Tumblr media
Park Chaeyoung: The girl who hung with the wrong crowd.
Your problem lied more so with the people she associated with than her herself. You couldn't wrap your head around why such a kind person like her would spend time with the class clowns and bullies, and to make matters worse, she would stick up for them as well.
She spent most of her days in either the art or music room, creating the masterpieces that her brain came up with.
But as soon as school was over, she'd be hanging out with them again and getting into trouble. For instance, because of her talents, they would invite her to go with them and graffiti various hot spots around town. She never vandalized any monuments or landmarks of importance -- she typically stuck to bridges or abandoned buildings -- but after getting caught with them multiple times, it was inevitable for her to be held accountable.
She was given a week's detention to make up for her actions
You, coincidentally, had a teacher that absolutely loathed you for no reason at all. No matter how good of a student you were for him, he didn't care; he had a vendetta against you for some reason, and he patiently waited for the opportunity to ruin your day.
You came in literally 10 seconds after the bell rang, putting the breakfast sandwich you stopped to get on the way into your mouth so you could open the door. He was standing at the front with a smug grin on his face, and you already knew what was coming.
You were also given an ungodly sentence of a week's detention.
Turning Point
"If I see you on your phones, I'm taking them." The monitor informs before sitting at the desk, reclining in the chair and putting his feet up soon after. You sigh and lean back in your seat, attempting to find a way to pass the next two hours without getting in trouble. Your eyes scan across the room, eventually landing on Ros茅, where she sits a couple rows away from you. Sunlight is streaming in through the window next to her, its golden rays peeking through the breaks in the clouds above to shine on her. She looks gorgeous as she doodles away in her notebook, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear when it falls in front of her face.
After waiting on the monitor to fall asleep and sending one last glance to double check, you quietly stand from your seat and go sit next to her.
You barely know each other, but she's your only hope of remaining sane and occupied.
"Hi," you greet, looking into her eyes.
"Hi," she copies, a tiny smile forming on her lips when she notices your impressed expression upon gazing down at her paper. You have to hand it to her -- she's really talented.
"You're really good," you compliment, still admiring the artistry. Seeing as how you're looking down, you fail to notice the blush that works its way to her cheeks. Coming from you, the simple remark meant a lot to her.
You spend the rest of the day making small talk and getting used to one another, leaving detention later with the hopes of sitting together again.
The Next Day
"Hi again," you whisper, glancing over your shoulder to ensure that the coast is clear. The monitor is out like a light, with his mouth hanging open and an obnoxiously loud snore coming out.
"Hi," she giggles, watching as you dive into the floor for cover when the man shifts in his sleep. You thought he was waking up, and if he finds out you moved seats, he'll definitely have something to say about it.
"The coast is clear, cadet," she nods like a soldier, assuring you that it's okay to move back after a minute.
"That was close," you breathe out in relief, glad to live to see another day.
You share a laugh, though it has to be hidden behind your hands and kept a minimum. It's cute though -- like a little secret between the two of you, only for you to know.
"What're you drawing today?" You ask later, laying your chin in your palm as you gaze down at her work. Her reply comes out stuttered at first when she feels your leg innocently brush against hers under the table.
"D-dalgom. My friend's dog." She manages out, mentally smacking herself for looking like a fool.
You smile, thinking she's adorable. "I bet it'll be great," you encourage. She grins back as her eyes scan over your face, committing the memory of you to heart. She's always had a thing for you, ever since the time you were paired up in Biology last semester, so she's been enjoying detention more than she thought she would. Seeing you makes the time go by faster, though ironically, she wishes it would slow down a bit.
You make her feel appreciated for more than just what she's capable of producing, and the divide between you and her friend group is blaringly obvious. They like her because of the rush she can help them achieve; you like her because of her.
That thought persists in her mind for the rest of detention, and before she knows it, the monitor is releasing you again. She bends down to put her notebook in her bag when a thought pops into her mind: she wants to ask if you want to go to the park with her. When she's done zipping her bag up, she looks back up at you, only to find you on your phone, talking to someone.
"Yeah, mom. I'll stop by on the way home. So milk, cereal, ramen, and paper towels, right?"
She watches as you wait for a reply, tucking the phone into the crook of your neck as you move to write the list down on a spare piece of paper.
"Alright, love you, too. See you later." You hang up before looking back at Rosie. She looks a little down, and you have no idea why.
You pause for a moment, silently psyching yourself up for what you're about to ask. "This is gonna sound really strange, but do you want to come with me to the store?"
Her heart's pace increases at that, happy to know that you want to spend more time with her, just as she does with you.
"Actually, yeah. That sounds like fun."
You grin at her before spinning around and doing a little celebratory dance, which wins you a strange look from the monitor. You stick your tongue out at him before grabbing her hand and rushing out of the room, hearing his disapproval shouted after you.
You nod at her words, now reminded of what you were forgetting. You push the buggy towards the aisle of cereals, gazing around in wonder at the huge selection. Ros茅 is just the same, eyeing all of the options like a kid in a candy store. After grabbing your mom's favorite kind, you decide on one for yourself and bring it back to the cart. Rosie scoots her leg over, making room for them beside where she sits, reclined in the cart.
You grin when you see her eyeing a box of fruit loops. Huh; fruity. Go figure.
You wordlessly grab the box and hand it to her, feeling your heart melt when she looks up at you like you hold the key to the universe.
"Thank you, Y/N."
"No problem, Rosie." You say, putting your hands on the bar as you begin pushing the buggy again. "Now, I say we see how long it takes to get to the paper towel aisle. My last record was 30 seconds."
She looks at you, clearly impressed, with her eyebrows raised. Without question, she pulls her phone out and gets the stop watch feature ready to go.
"3...2...1... GO!" She shouts, commanding your legs to start pumping as you race down the long strip of store before you. A couple kids dart out of the way just before getting smacked into, quickly turning around and cheering you on as you charge forward.
Her giggles fill the air as you drift around a corner, shouting apologies to the lady you almost bumped into.
"Sorry ma'am!"
A few seconds later, chest heaving and legs sore, you come to a stop in the aisle, dramatically collapsing in a heap next to the buggy. Ros茅 checks her phone as she reaches down to poke you.
"22.18 seconds, champ," she declares victoriously, smiling when you magically regain enough energy to stand up and celebrate.
"Woohoo! Team Y/S/N (Your Ship Name) for the win!"
She laughs along at that, joining in on your celebration, but she's blushing like crazy on the inside.
The Last Day Of Detention
Ever since your trip to the store, you and Ros茅 have grown closer and closer. You traded numbers and text occasionally, though nothing beats having her all to yourself for 2 hours straight with no distractions. She feels the same; when she's in class, she can't wait for the bell to ring and signal your reunion. Part of her wants to get in trouble again, just to see you more often.
So, as you'd expect, it's really no surprise that you're sat right in front of her again, telling jokes and asking about her day. You've grown a bit more bold with every step closer you've taken towards her heart, and now you reach down to intertwine your fingers with hers.
She happily accepts, even bringing your hand up to her lips to press a kiss to the back of it. She smiles against your skin after it, making butterflies take flight in your stomach. She's got you wrapped around her finger, and you don't even try to fight it anymore.
The sound of the classroom door opening alerts you, making her lower your hand. She doesn't let go of you, though, and that fact warms your heart for some reason. The squeaky hinges groan out again as the door opens wider, revealing about 4 or 5 people from the friend group that she hangs out with. They motion for her to sneak out with them, but she just shakes her head.
"Come on, Ros茅!" They whisper-scream, offering her a way to freedom. Little do they know that she'd take this imprisonment over freedom any day, so long as you're by her side.
"No! Get out before he wakes up!" She whisper-shouts back, eventually convincing them to leave.
"Why didn't you go?" You ask once they're gone, toying with her fingers as your hands rest on the desk.
"Because I like spending time with you." She admits, letting her defenses down.
"I was hoping you'd say that," you smile, letting her know that you feel the same.
The Fallout
After detention, the two of you walked out of the school, hand in hand
"Would you maybe, I don't know... wanna go to the park with me?" She asks nervously, glancing up at you.
"You read my mind, Rosie." You smile at each other and head towards the parking lot.
You started hanging out more, and she distanced herself from her old crowd
You encouraged her to enroll in your school's art program and show her work that way
"You're really talented; it deserves to be seen."
Your support meant the world to her, and she never failed to let you know
"Thank you, Y/N. Having you behind me means the world to me."
At one of her art shows, where she was tasked with unveiling a new piece that she'd been working on for months, you got the biggest surprise of your life.
She created a mural of you, all decked out with every color of the rainbow, utterly gorgeous
She lit up when she saw your reaction
"This piece is titled 'Mine', which I hope the girl in it will soon be." She says into the microphone, looking at you with hope shining in her eyes.
You nod your head with a smile and walk up to her, pressing your lips to hers in a kiss that was long-overdue. She wraps her arms around your waist, pulling you in closer with her sweater-padded hands and kissing you again and again.
The crowd claps for you, happy to see such an ending.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I couldn't choose between these two gifs so enjoy both for the price of one ^^^
Lisa Manoban: Cocky, smug, and self-assured. The dancer knew she was hot shit, and she wasn't afraid to show off.
You're all for people being confident and happy with themselves, especially when they're talented, but something about Lisa always seemed to rub you the wrong way.
Whether it be her lack of a filter or the arrogant swagger that she naturally exuded, you weren't sure. People wanted to either be her or be with her, but you fell into neither of those categories.
She always left you frustrated in one way or another, whether it be from her teasing or her witty comebacks
The teachers loved her, as did the students. She was the class clown, so her position was pretty sacred in the grand scheme of things
You, on the other hand, irritated her for other reasons. You were the only person she couldn't get to crack; you never gave into her charms, and it infuriated her to no end. She wasn't used to not getting what she wanted (as childish as that may seem) and having you, one of the most attractive girls at school, turn her down? Well that was a massive blow to her ego.
You weren't afraid to say your piece, and that both pleasantly surprised and upset her.
She constantly tried to flirt with you in class, but you knew it was all for the attention. She just wanted to make her friends laugh, which they always did.
"Y/N, come here babe. There's an empty seat next to me," she coos, batting her eyelashes as you walk in the door. It's a free day, so everyone is sitting with their friends, wherever they like.
"I'm good," you decline, deciding to sit against the wall beneath the large window of the classroom.
"Oooo, denied," Lisa's friends laugh at her this time, chuckling harder when she sticks her middle finger up at them.
"Yah, shut up," she says, nursing her bruised ego as she turns around and opens her phone.
You smile as you continue working on the homework you cracked open, scribbling an answer down onto the notebook paper in front of you. Your fingers glide over your textbook in search of the definition of the term you're on, and Lisa secretly watches from afar. Without realizing it, she grins when you light up upon spotting the answer.
Sometimes her flirting does work, though, and you turn into a blushing mess
*whistle* "Damn, Y/N. You're looking fine today," she exclaims, fanning herself. You worry that she doesn't really mean it, but when her eyes remain on you a second too long to just be friendly, you blush. She's taking in all of you, looking impressed all the while.
"Right back at you, Manoban." You wink, sitting down in your seat across the room. She lightly blushes back, though she does a good job of concealing it.
Considering you share a couple classes and the class sizes are relatively small, it was pretty likely that you'd end up paired together eventually
You weren't happy about it, especially not after the way she had acted that week. Her cockiness had been at an all time high as of late, leaving you frustrated and upset. She was so full of herself; all you wanted to do was wipe that stupid smirk off her face.
"Y/N, you'll be paired with Lisa," your photography teacher informs, pushing her glasses up higher on the bridge of her nose.
"But Mrs. Ta--"
"Pairings are final," she cocks her head at you, persuading you to give in. With a sigh, you respond, "Yes ma'am," and attempt to ignore the sound of Lisa's friends high fiving each other in celebration.
The Turning Point
"My parents are gone for the rest of the week..." she says, holding the door open for you as you carry in your equipment. A hint of suggestiveness lies in it; she's alluding to exactly what you think she is, and you push her shoulder upon realizing it.
"Knock it off, Manoban."
"Okay, okay," she chuckles, listening to you for once. The surprise is clear on your face.
She leads you towards the backyard, where you set up one of your highest power cameras and turn it on. You have to create a gallery of different photos, all under the same theme. You both agreed to do a time-lapse of the sunset, and take pictures of the stars after.
Once she makes sure that the timer is set correctly and that the auto shut-off feature is enabled, she motions for you to follow her back into the house. You do, and she leads you into the kitchen.
"Do you want a snack?"
"Sure, do you have any ramen?"
She nods, quickly busying herself by bending down and searching through the cabinets. After she finds it, exclaiming a pleased, "Aha!", she tells you to go get comfortable in the living room.
Three minutes later, from your place on the couch, you begin to smell something burning. You scramble up and rush to the kitchen, only to find Lisa running around like a headless chicken, attempting to put out the small fire she started.
"HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO BURN RAMEN?" You shout, though your tone isn't angry. You're just very shocked, and loud about it. You push her away from the pot, albeit gently, and get the flames to go down relatively quickly. You turn the burners off and put the pot in the sink, leaning against the counter to recover from the adrenaline rush.
"Oops?" She asks more so that says, with a growing smile evident in her voice.
You shake your head and chuckle despite yourself, turning around to face her. "You can order a pizza now to make up for that." You point a finger at her, grinning stupidly when she presses the tip of hers to it.
"Your wish is my command, princess."
Thankfully you're already walking away as she says that, so she doesn't get the satisfaction of seeing you blush.
"Lisa, I can't keep going." You groan out, sweat dripping down your face. The pizza you ate earlier is giving you a stomache ache, paired with the physical activity you're doing.
"Y/N, just a little longer, we're almost there," she huffs out, keeping her movements steady somehow. You're a mess by now, so you don't understand how she's still going.
A couple minutes later, the TV in front of you lights up, saying, "Awesome moves! You win!" as you collapse to the ground in a heap.
Why you agreed to play Just Dance with her after eating is beyond you.
"Good job," she compliments, grabbing your hand to high five herself with it.
"Yeah, yeah," you roll over, catching your breath.
She lays down beside you as you recover, telling jokes to hear that laugh that she loves so much. She prefers yours over anyone elses, so it's always such a reward when she gets you to crack up.
"We should probably head up now," she notes, realizing that the stars will be coming out soon. You agree, and she carefully helps you up.
"Here, I'll carry you," she turns, bending down so you can get on her back.
"Lisa, you can't carry me," you brush off, feeling insecurity bubble up again like it always does when you're offered a piggyback ride.
"Y/N, I promise that I can. Trust me," she reassures, looking into your eyes sincerely.
"Alright," you sigh, standing onto the couch to get on easier.
"See?" She asks, sliding her warm hands up your thighs to keep you secured against her. "I've got you, babe."
You tuck your head into the space between her shoulder and neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume.
"I'm gonna punch you if you drop me," you whisper, feeling her laugh against you.
"Fair enough."
Later, On The Rooftop
"Careful," she instructs, outstretching a hand to help you climb out the window. Her camera hangs around her neck, and she takes the cap off of the lense once you're both safely sitting on the roof.
"Wow," you sigh, gazing up at the sky in wonder. Her house is far enough away from the city that you're rewarded with a gorgeous view of the stars, unburdened by the industrial fog that hangs over the cosmopolis.
"It's beautiful out here," you say, looking back at her. You tense up a bit, not expecting her to already be looking at you.
"Sorry," she laughs at herself, looking away once she gets caught admiring you.
"It's okay," you reach down and gently squeeze her hand, making her blush lightly.
"Let's get started," you conclude, pointing at the camera. She nods, knowing that she'd never get the assignment done if you didn't step in to tell her to (considering she'd rather admire you), and she points the device to the sky.
After snapping a few pictures, she lays back in order to get a better vantage point of one of the star systems. She hands it to you after she's satisfied with her work, and you take your turn with it.
She notices that you keep brushing your hair out of the way when it falls in your face, so she decides to help you.
"Here," she says, saddling up behind you. She gathers your hair up, running her fingers through it to neatly pull it up for you. Thankfully she always keeps a spare tie on her wrist.
"Thanks," you smile, snapping another picture. The simple act warms your heart; she's being selfless for once, and helping you without even being asked. It's a refreshing change of pace.
"You're welcome." She chirps, sitting back down beside you.
Later, In Her Bedroom
"Oh, I really like that one!" She says excitedly, pointing at the TV. Her phone, which is connected via Bluetooth and automatically receives pictures of her choosing from the camera, is displaying some of your best shots.
"Yeah, you did really well with that. I think we might beat everyone else if we use that as our cover piece."
Your compliment makes her momentarily shy, and she quickly realizes how much she loves your praise.
The two of you continue like that, reviewing the different pictures and choosing your favorites. She always finds ways to compliment yours, noting your technique or the filter you used, and it always makes you smile. She's different than you're used to, and it's throwing you for a loop, pleasantly surprising.
Lisa steps out of the room to go to the bathroom a few minutes later, leaving her phone connected to the TV. A ding sounds out across the space, pulling your attention away from the stack of notes laid out before you. Your eyes dart up to the screen, reading the text message that appeared at the top of it.
Austin 鉀: "Dude, did you get into her pants yet? We're literally betting over here 馃槀"
You blink a few times as their words sink in, making your chest hurt. You were really beginning to believe that you had been wrong about Lisa; clearly, though, your instincts were right.
Feeling betrayed, you shove your folders back into your bag and stand from the chair, willing yourself not to cry. The sound of the sink turning on lets you know that she's almost done, so you hurry your movements and make your way towards the door. She steps out into the hall just as you exit her room, looking at you with wide eyes.
"Woah, woah, woah, what's going on?" She asks with furrowed brows, approaching you. One of her hands lands on your arm, and you shrug it off as you brush past her without another word.
"Y/N, did I do something wrong?" She asks from the top of her staircase, watching as you walk towards her foyer.
"Why don't you ask Austin?" You bitterly call over your shoulder as you turn the knob, slipping out the front door. She hangs her head upon registering your words, realizing what must've happened. She makes a mental note to give him hell when she sees him again.
Tears sting your eyes as you exit the house, wrapping your jacket tighter around yourself. You should've known something like this would happen. The chilly night air bites at your skin, stealing more of its warmth away with every step you take. The temperature doesn't change your mind, though; you're upset, and you'd rather freeze out here than be face to face with her right now.
"Y/N, wait!" She calls after you, blasting out the front foor. Her footfalls sound off behind you, announcing her rapid approach, but you don't turn around. Realizing this, she darts in front of you, keeping you from walking any further.
"Please, don't go. He's an idiot, Y/N."
"He might he an idiot, but that doesn't take away what he said," you scowl, clenching your jaw. "Betting? Really, Lisa?" You ask quietly, hurt evident in your voice.
"It was a stupid thing they tried to convince me to do. I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop them from talking once you and I were paired up. That's not what I want, though. I'm not just in it for that."
"How am I supposed to believe that? This is your M.O., Lisa."
"It's different with you, I don't know why." That's a lie; she knows exactly why you're different than anyone else she's flirted with in the past.
You stand there before her, silently weighing your options. After seeing the pleading look in her eye, her dark orbs full of sincerity, you relent. "Just take me home. We'll work on it another day," you compromise, allowing her in just enough to take you home, but not enough to stay at her place any longer. You're still weary after a text like that, and you will be for a while.
"Thank you," she breaths a sigh of relief, clasping her hands behind herself as you begin walking back to her house. She notices you shiver on the way, and she slips her jacket off without hesitation to cover you. Neither of you have to say anything; one glance from you is enough for her, and she's content knowing you're warm.
The Fallout
From there on out she was always honest with you and actually spoke out when her friends tried to do something stupid
She still remained the charming class clown that she naturally is, just getting rid of the not-so-nice parts of herself
You slowly let her regain your trust, little by little
She did nice things for you on the daily, whether it be holding the door, carrying your books, or offering to buy you some lunch
"Morning, Y/N. Wanna grab some breakfast?" She asks, moving her head to the side towards the caf茅 at the center of campus.
"Sure," you smile, laughing when she celebrates.
She invites you to her dance perfomances
When she goes to championships, you're always first on her list of invites
"I want you there." She declares, handing you the flyer.
"You've got it," you decide, knowing there's no where you'd rather be. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."
At said championship, she won the highest title and claimed victory for your school
You joined the rest of the team on the stage to celebrate, congratulating the solo dancer on her achievement.
"I'm so proud of you, Lis--"
She suddenly kisses you, clearly high off her win. She pulls back when she realizes what she just did, a worried look on her face.
"Shit, I'm sorry." She looks between your eyes, attempting to gauge your reaction.
"Get your ass back here," you order, feeling butterflies take flight when she eagerly presses her lips to yours again, wrapping her arms around you to spin you.
"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" She mumbles against your lips.
You squint, pretending to think about it. "Maybe... or maybe not."
Her subsequent gasp is quickly muffled by your kiss, which she can't seem to get enough of.
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viskafrer6 months ago
c.a.t聽 -聽 celebrate a thing
I鈥檝e been super excited to see that the cat post has made it rounds the way it did, there really are a lot of writeblrs out there!
I鈥檝e got a milestone to celebrate but the number doesn鈥檛 matter to me so let鈥檚 skip this - although, it鈥檚 quite funny to see the four digit number and still feel like screaming into the void.
Two (or three, not sure) years ago, when I hit 2000 followers, I paid an artist to draw a portrait of the winner鈥檚 character but this time I wanted to do something for all the people who reblog.
So this is a shoutout post!
This is all the writeblrs out there my post could find, sorted by the activity they matched to themselves. There are multiple writeblrs who started as one but now blog about other things, however I don鈥檛 feel like excluding anyone so everyone who picked hiatus, yes but no, and inactive is still on the list.
temporary break / hiatus @lordfenric @fantasy-penman @jess---writes @seven-days-was-all-she-wrote
technically yes but no @applecornhusk @elusiveink @butterflycastiel @thatfizzyyyy @lesbianechinocereus
inactive as a writeblr @mperialscribe @dgwriteblr @eloiseolliverwriting @classic-rockers-own-my-heart @writinginslowmotion @jadeywrites @acircusfullofdemons @rrrawrf-writes @planets-and-prose @life-in-winter @worldbuildng
barely active (sorted alphabetically) @abi-radio @ambsthom @bakaree @bobby-hockey @carminasolis @celestepens @decodamalion @glitch-in-space @harps-for-days @humour-and-hyperfocus @icajax @idiot-wrinkle-cat @isfjmel-phleg @jaysworlds @just-another-storyteller @keen2meecha @kirsten-is-writing @lightpurplelilies @medeaes @mercy-writes-things @odysseywritings @oh-no-another-idea @ohsugarfoot @pretend-im-normal @purgatorydotexe @queen-of-ice101 @rainbowcoloreddays @rhiannon-writes @sharraus @siarven @somealienquill @speakofthewrite @starlitesymphony @thenamelessnovelist @the-writing-rat @ungodly-scribe @violetcancerian @vylequinne
semi-active (sorted alphabetically) @andiwriteunderthemoon @artbyeloquent @a-t-h-r-e-e-n-a @axel-writes @baconflavoredcosplay @blwshin @caillevch @cilly-the-writer @deviant-writes @dragon-with-a-pen @eternalwritingstudent @finley-kai-writes @gloriafrimpong @goblingraveyard @gwens-fiction @hannahs-creations-gone @henrike-does-writing-sometimes @howdywrites @inkflight @kiaradimari @k-v-j-novels @lachiffon @ladywithalamp @maple-writes @ofbloodandflowers @pheita @reininginthefirewriting @scarvenartist @shaicarus @sillyliterature @starcraftcd @stardustspiral @starshineskyandthepowerofrock @svpphicwrites @talesfromaurea @teasenpaiwrites @the-deciphered-narrator @thewritingace @unholieds @wewantedtobehumans @witherednightmare @wordwizards @writinglyra @writing-with-melon
all over the place (sorted alphabetically) @aelenko @afoolandathief @anavkour @apocalypsewriters @ardawyn @ashen-crest @authorjoeypaul @authortango @avakrahn @avian-writes @b-a-pigeon @blindthewind @caprifoi @catharticallysarcastic @drippingmoon @erinnharper @ikilledmyocs @imjustalonesomewriteblr @indecentpause @josephinegerardywriter @koiwrites @kudzupocalypse @lend-your-lungs-to-me @little-stories-by-lilly @lordkingsmith @magic-is-something-we-create @magnoliaash @moth-with-a-pen @n1ghtcrwler @ninazeniks @notwritinganyflufftoday @pagesofcursive @rebelcongeriem @runephoenix6769 @sleepyowlwrites @stories-by-rie @strangerays @summers-ink @themonsterandthebutterfly @theramwrites @wannabeauthorzofija @weaver-of-fantasies-and-fables @whynotwriting @woodhousejay @writer-candy @writing-is-a-martial-art @writtendevastation @zmlorenz
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shadow--writer9 months ago
Please do cuddling hcs with the main six! You鈥檙e headcanons are so cute!!馃ズ馃ズ
馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! I鈥檓 so glad you鈥檙e liking them! I hope you like this little blissfilled cuddle headcanon mess I have created XD
oh and headcanons close this friday (Jan 29th) so I can work through the ones in my inbox! AND!!!! We hit 100 followers :DDDDD I was asleep when it happened but the ungodly shriek I let out omg.
I鈥檒l make a separate post on a fun little thing I have planned to celebrate, but until then please send in headcanon requests before I close them! Once they鈥檙e closed I鈥檒l probably open something up to ask about my apprentice.
Headcanons will not be closed forever, just until I get what I have in here done but I鈥檒l make another post lol. Enjoy cuddles!
Main six x MC cuddles
Full body cuddles my dudes. Legs tangled in yours, hands running through hair I mean full body
His favourite cuddles though, are when you two are facing one another
Chest to chest cuddles, with your arms around him and his around you
It means he gets to look at your beautiful face and it means even cuddling for both of you
He loves it when your limbs get tangled together, especially when it鈥檚 too the point where he can鈥檛 tell where his legs start and where yours end
Kiss him
Do it
Kiss that nose of his
I dare you to
He鈥檒l let out a high pitched squeak聽and turn bright red
After seeing you giggle at the squeak his eyes will narrow and you can feel the chill of uh oh
Revenge kisses
He鈥檒l kiss your neck softly, but leaving before you get what you want
He likes seeing you pout
Cuddles are some of his favourite things in the world. It鈥檚 no secret he likes being little spoon
But I raise you this
Big spoon Julian letting out little whimpers as you kiss his arms and lace your fingers together over your stomach聽
Asra loves being big spoon
Loves it loves it loves it
He loves holding you close, pressing kisses against the back of your neck and running his hands down your stomach
They just love holding you, and if you fall asleep in their arms they鈥檒l just listen to you breath, face buried in your neck
Lace your hands together and he will straight up die and go to the afterlife
He loves holding hands he just...loves touching you
Faust will curl up on your head making it triple the cuteness
When you big spoon they like snuggling right into you聽
The way you two curl around one another it鈥檚 like putting on a nice pair of warm socks
So many blankets and pillows
If you two move around too much while cuddling the pillows you stacked up with fall on you
Making a pillow cave
Plant kisses along his neck as you spoon him, go on and do it
He鈥檒l let out a small squak, before nuzzling into the touch
They fall asleep very easily in your arms, but they do love chest to chest
But spooning is their fav kind of cuddles
Nadia loves spooning you聽
She鈥檚 never been the little spoon before but she鈥檚 open to try it
She loves it
She loves the feeling of your arms around her, and she鈥檒l press soft kisses against your hands and wrists
Things are very soft and quiet during the mornings
Nadia likes cuddling with you, she doesn鈥檛 get to do something like this often聽
So it鈥檚 a real treat being able to spend this time with you聽
She enjoys talking to you while you鈥檙e settling into the sheets of your bed
When you spoon her make sure you kiss the back of her head, and keep your voice soft when you talk聽
She鈥檒l fall asleep like that, holding onto your arms and tangling your legs together聽
When the two of you do mundane tasks together, like read, sew, etc she鈥檒l settle her shoulder against yours
Soon that turns to you lying down in her lap while you do whatever you鈥檙e doing
She likes that type of cuddling the best
Silently doing tasks while being near one another
Poor baby hasn鈥檛 cuddled with anyone besides Asra
He鈥檚 so scared to cuddle with you, last time you spooned him he rolled over and squished you
He misses your touch though, so you decide to come up with a system
Chest to chest cuddles are really nice
But having his head in your lap
mmmm that鈥檚 where it鈥檚 at my guy聽
Running your hands through his hair while he falls asleep, reading to him as he鈥檚 curled up on your legs
Domestic bliss
If you can, play jetpack for him
Run your hands down his arms as you hold him, kissing where his neck meets his back and his shoulders
He鈥檒l melt into your arms
It鈥檚 so quiet and blissful he loves it so much聽
When he holds you it鈥檚 like a giant holding onto a small stuffed animal聽
Prepare to to become the teddy bear
Kiss his hands and arms and he鈥檒l squeak (like Julian)
But don鈥檛 stop touching him, he鈥檒l sink into the touches
He loves holding you, that鈥檚 his favourite kind of cuddle
As I have said many, many, many times before (and it is canon!) she has tons of pillows and blankets
So cuddles are amazing covered in blankets (a purring Pepi) with tons of pillows piled under and on you two
Portia likes hanging on your side
She likes messing with your hair, braiding it and combing it out with her fingers
She really likes it when you hold her hand and settle into her body聽
Pepi will curl over your guyses legs, purring gently as you two talk and doze off
When you鈥檙e cuddling in bed she wraps her entire body around you
She sleeps like a starfish much to your amusement and dismay聽
You love her but you鈥檝e gotten kicked off the bed twice in one night
She鈥檚 very cuddly when awake but not as much when she鈥檚 asleep
Unless you hold her which she鈥檚 not opposed to聽
She likes it when you hold her, your legs braiding together in a way
Hold her hands, kiss her ear
She鈥檒l let out a little sigh, falling asleep in your arms as you shower her in affection聽
Spoon her and maybe you鈥檒l be spared from falling on the floor
Lucio is VERY pro touch and cuddling
He loves it when he鈥檚 holding you and you snuggle into him
But he really really likes the quiet almost intimate silences of cuddling
Playing with your hair, playing with his
Taking his prosthetic off and kissing the skin and scars there very gently while murmuring compliments
Putty in your hands
When he holds you he鈥檒l kiss wherever he can reach
Neck, head, shoulders, spine everywhere
He loves it when you do it back to him, kissing his arms, fingers and hands, neck, face
He loves chest to chest cuddles, arms wrapped around waists and holding one another close
Kiss his nose, the corners of his mouth聽
Play with his hair while talking softly
He really likes talking with you like this. It鈥檚 nothing serious just stuff about one another's day, the weather, a funny story or two
He loves hearing your voice and feeling you close to him
He鈥檒l fall asleep to the sound of your voice as you run your hands down his arms in slow circles
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genshinsimpwrtier3 months ago
when your quiet, but swear~
Summary: Your usually the quiet type but sometimes, ya just gotta Swear.
Warning(s): Cursing, angst, gn!reader, established relationships
Character(s): Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe
A/N: I swear a lot despite the lack of communication I have in my life lmao.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 ----------------------------------
You typically act formal around him. Even if he knows it鈥檚 just an act to look professional near him
Even whenever he was tipsy, or just flat out drunk. You tried your best to be formal and Polite.
But sometimes, he does the stupidest shit that makes you question why you love him so much.
Days like today irritated you. Although you tried your best to hide your irritation, your face showed how you really felt.
Today was an early start for you. Having been called down to the headquarters by Jean to take care of an urgent matter while she took off for a meeting of sorts. Most things did not irritate you this fast. Usually it takes a lot to get you easily Pissed Off about something before snapping.
But Celestia decided to test you this morning, by making you wake up at Dawn to your door being roughly banged on at an ungodly hour. You stood there at the mess the desk had, which had a lot of broken items that needed to be repaired asap,聽鈥....And why was I the one called upon to fix these items? I hope you know that I use my gems to enhance my weaponry to have better weapons, right?鈥 You asked the Cavalry Captain, holding what seemed to be a broken bow
鈥淵es, but unfortunately, our repair Blacksmith is out gathering materials for us as we speak so, we don鈥檛 have any spare ones to use.鈥 Kaeya explained, mentioning the Knight鈥檚 personal Blacksmith. You sighed, reaching for your bag to double check to see how much you had. Grumbling, you had very little after your recent enhancing of your newest sword.
鈥淕ods...You Fucking owe me enhancing gems for this. I was saving these for later.鈥 You cursed out, showing your irritated and tired face to Kaeya, who was taken aback by your cursing. He couldn鈥檛 help but chuckle,聽鈥淒on鈥檛 worry y/n. You鈥檒l get the replacement batch after the blacksmith has returned鈥 He comments softly while pecking your head and heads off to start his day
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽-----------------------------
You NEVER swore around him, he was an Archon after all. Former or not, it felt wrong to swear around him, fearing that Celestia may curse you for being disrespectful or something.
But sometimes, it鈥檚 really, REALLY hard to not swear when he spends your money without at least asking for it first.
Yes, he was the one that created the Mora. However, you worked EXTREMELY hard for what you have. You can鈥檛 just waste it on silly things...No matter how good of a deed it was.
Dating Zhongli is a chaotic choice to do. He鈥檚 clueless about a lot of things that modern people know about, and he tends to get into a lot of messes for being too trusting and too open minded.
Like today. You had to save your Fianc茅 from these treasure hoarders that saw him with a small baggy of Mora that he had brought to get some groceries (without asking you first). You stood there expressionless at the treasure hoarders who had him tied up, you couldn鈥檛 help but chuckle
鈥淧lease, if you think this is a threat, then your sorely mistaken.鈥 You comment, taking out one of your weapons, which was a fairly large sword that looked new. Grunting, you started to swing at the treasure hoarders, making quick work of them before they could even think about laying a hand on Zhongli.
After that mess, you untied Zhongli who just watched you in Awe. He knew that mortals could be very strong, but he didn鈥檛 think his beloved would be capable of such feets on their own.聽鈥淵ou really are amazing y/n鈥 He flatters as he cleaned himself off.聽鈥淔lattery won鈥檛 get you anywhere Zhongli...Cough it up. I鈥檇 like my Mora back please.鈥 You state as you looked right at his eyes.
He was never one to deny you for anything, so, begrudgingly, he hands the baggy back, feeling guilty for not asking again. You couldn鈥檛 help but take pity on him, so you reach up to give him a peck on the lips.聽鈥淚 know you created the Mora, but please just ask? If you forget again, I can write a note for you to remember.鈥 You say, now less irritated at him directly, and more irritated about the treasure hoarders.
You both started to head back home, but you got seen by some Hilichirls by accident.聽鈥淥h for Fuck Sake!鈥 You cursed, leaving Zhongli speechless at your swearing. But, he understood why though, as he just saw the Hilichirl group charge towards the both of you.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽----------------------------------
You were quiet and socially awkward around him. You hardly shown any anger at all
But sometimes, Childe can get into stupid situations that cause you to just feel...Slightly...Irritated....
You don鈥檛 get angry. Heck, you don鈥檛 even get irritated. And sometimes, people tend to walk all over you for that reason alone because you tend to not stand up for yourself very often.
Childe would be the one to get angry for you so, you never felt the need to get angry because of that. Even so, sometimes, your anger just slips up.
Like today. You woke up to hear a bunch of arguing and screaming, and possibly fighting as well. Sighing, you opened the door to the main room to see just that. It seemed like Childe(or Ajax) had gotten into a scuffle with one of the other Fatui members that he calls聽鈥渇amily鈥. You tried your best to ignore the fighting, but sometimes, you can鈥檛 help but to listen into the conversations they would have.
You sat at a distance after grabbing something to eat and drink, making sure that you wouldn鈥檛 get in the way of the fight.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e nothing but an arrogant asshole that thinks highly of himself! You don鈥檛 even try to help us out!鈥 Childe screamed at the other man, who seemed to be what you could guess was the older brother.
鈥淎nd your nothing but a spineless coward that hangs out with a bunch of weaklings!鈥 The older man spat back, seemly hit a nerve in not just Childe, but you as well.聽
鈥淗ey! Shut the FUCK up!鈥 You shouted, not tolerating your boyfriend being bullied by his so called family. Normally, you stay away, but enough was enough. You got in front of Childe and just glared at the other man.聽鈥淎ll you ever Fucking do is pick fights with Ajax! It鈥檚 no Fucking wonder your considered the black sheep of the family, when all you do is cause problems for the rest of us!鈥 You spat out again, still standing in front of Childe in a protective manner
鈥淎ww look! The Delusionless girlfriend wants to play!鈥 he teased, irritating you even more. You took Childe鈥檚 weapon and pointed it at him.聽鈥淪ay that again, Fucker. I鈥檓 not in the mood to play.鈥 You gave a sound which sounded like a low snarl. Making him nervous, he clicked his tongue and started turning the other way, leaving the room in silence.
You sighed, still irritated of what just happened. You went back to your seat, leaving Childe stunned from snapping back so brutally at his older brother. He couldn鈥檛 help but feel a sense of Pride within him after that.聽鈥渋t鈥檚 always the quiet ones鈥 A woman commented as she watched you go back to normal like nothing happened.
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