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genderfluid-insomniac · 5 months ago
Rainbow Anon~
Hewwo, I saw that ur requests were open and wanted to send one in! Is it possible to request an hc list of, Venti, Kaeya and Zhongli reacting to their s/o getting a vision by saving them from a big Ruin Guard/Hunter?
Thank you sm~!
hi 🌈 anon!! It's awesome to talk again!! I changed the enemies but everything else is the same! I hope you enjoy your book! Come back soon!!
Their s/o getting a vision by saving them from a big Ruin Guard/Hunter
Tumblr media
You and the anemo god were walking along starsnatch cliff when a ruin hunter guard marched up behind you both and venti pushed you both out of the way.
Pulling out your weapon you went to attack the enemy, landing some hits and doging potential injuries, noticing that the ruin guard was targeting your lover.
Something sparked in you and you felt crackles of energy along your body, jumping in front of him and shooting your weapon into the backside.
The electricity short circuiting the rockets about to fire, breathing a sigh of relief before turning to your lover and helping him up.
His emerald eyes wide as he stared at your hip and kept poking your shoulder, when you looked a violet electro vision hung from your belt and you were lifted up into the air.
“Look at you! Getting a vision for saving your godly partner! We have to celebrate, to Angel’s Share!!”
༻Kaeya Alberich༺
Tumblr media
Both of you were out completing a commission and had just finished, it took quite a toll on you because of the recurring lawlachurls regenerating their shields.
Kaeya was reluctant to let you go because you were visionless and the commission had sent several adventurers to the infirmary, but you could hold your own and he was sure of that.
He smiled at you and held out some water he’d just drank, making sure you weren’t too worn out, but as you went to reassure him a hydro abyss mage poofed behind him and you could only push him away as you moved your weapon to block the shot sent towards him.
You heard him call out to you to be careful as you swung your weapon around and wore down the shield, the abyss mage falling when they were critically hit.
Determined to save your lover and prove your worth as a knight, you ran to them and killed them, the particles of ashes falling onto the grass and the ground around you burning slightly.
A pyro vision now was placed above your heart and warmed the skin beneath it, the blue haired captain came up behind you and congratulated you.
“I guess what they say about opposites attracting is true, darling.”
Tumblr media
You and the geo archon were out just outside of Liyue Harbor, enjoying the warm breeze of the summer and swinging your intertwined hands back and forth, occasionally glancing at your lover and admiring his gorgeous features.
Zhongli had accompanied you after you had to deliver some goods to Wangshu Inn and happily agreed to go for a walk after on your way back.
Both of you came to a hill surrounded by trees and the sunset kissing the horizon in front of you, heard something rustling behind you.
Summoning your weapon just in case, your boyfriend noticed and put a hand on your shoulder signaling he had your back if anything popped out, a whoosh was heard behind you and a sound of magic being released caused you to whip around.
A pyro whopper flower popped up from the ground and laughed like it knew it could get the best of you, holding your weapon up and steady as you watched the flower for patterns.
It came up in your peripheral vision and you took your chance, swinging at the flower who meant to harm your lover as a cool blow of cool air came from around you. Seeing the frosted grass and put out fire is what clued you to look around, Zhongli chuckled and brought you in for a kiss.
He unclasped a cryo vision from your back and handed it to you, “Seems like celestia favored how you saved me, love.”
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karmakittie · 4 months ago
PAC: Rainbow Bridge Edition
Tumblr media
Welcome to a special edition pick-a-pile in heartfelt memory of my own sweet angels, Ollie & Domino. You've left an indelible mark on my heart, and I'm so grateful to have had you by my side. May you rest in joy and comfort always. 💜
Losing a beloved pet is one of the most painful realities we may face in our lives, but the memories and love you've shared will last a lifetime. This reading brings messages from your own dearly departed loved ones, as well as advice for the present moment. Choose one of the 3 pictures above to receive special messages from over the rainbow bridge! 🌈
*PAC images from the Rainbow Bridge Lenormand, available at www.ladylenormand.com.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pile One
✦ Magical Dogs Tarot ✦ Divine Dogs Oracle ✦
❥ From Your Canine Companion → 6 of Pentacles
Oh, wow, I sure do miss you!! But I want you to know that I'm in great company and having lots of fun! I am always watching over you with loving and joyful wishes for your future. Life with you has been a grand adventure, and I'm sooo thankful you chose to spend it with me. Oh oh, especially the walkies & play time! And those treats... oh yeah, you know the ones 🤤 But mostly I adored all the time we spent together, making memories and laughing, comforting each other, and teaching each other how to love and trust. Please know that I am surrounded in comfort and love now, and so are you, furever & ever. You have our treasured memories to give you strength and peace; whenever you need a dose of unconditional love, just think of me and remember you already have it. Don't be afraid to get back out there and be yourself again, and don't let my loss make you afraid to let love back into your life when the time comes. Sending bunches of kisses -- I love you so much, and I'm always with you!! 🐾
❥ Advice for the Present → Boundaries
There was a playful energy as I was shuffling these cards, but measured and gentle, inviting you to relax. The first time this card appeared, I thought it was a fluke.. so the second time around, it was like, "I said what I said" so I feel like some of you may really need to hear this message right now to calm some anxieties. It may feel like you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders lately, or maybe you've been over-extending yourself in certain areas, perhaps even issues that aren't your own. Maybe you've been feeling a little taken for granted, the person who is always expected to be there to fix things but who also finds it difficult to receive the same kind of loyalty. It's time to reevaluate the boundaries you've laid and ask, just how strongly are they really enforced? You value yourself when you assert a boundary. It is an act of self-love and honor to your individuality. You also honor yourself and your moral compass by respecting others' boundaries in return. You are entering a period of self-reflection that may both teach and challenge you. Focus on yourself and separate your perception from the influences of others: what do you want in your life? How do you want people to treat you? That should be the model of how you treat others in turn. Identify these things, define them, and manifest them through dedicated reinforcement.
Tumblr media
Pile Two
✦ Tarot Familiars ✦ Witches’ Familiars Oracle ✦
❥ From the Collective Familiars → Temperance
Life with you has been a magical experience, truly! We gave each other balance, taught each other important lessons, and weathered all the toughest storms. The love I carry for you defies description, and I know that you feel the same. Remember that the purity of our bond resides in you forever and always. I am continually looking out for you, ready at your side when you need strength or companionship. Your memories of us are a portal to the past that keeps us infinitely connected -- and I'm so grateful to have shared it with you! Just think of me whenever you need to feel my infinite, unconditional love, and know you will always have it. 💜
❥ Advice for the Present → Transcendence
You have this incredible potential within you to transform your pain and grief into something beautiful & powerful. Lean into your resilience and acknowledge your feelings as they occur, then release them through acts of love and compassion for yourself and others. Understand that life moves in cycles. You've been down before... and you're still here, stronger and wiser than you were then, still capable of making new choices, choosing new avenues, and forming new, positive thought patterns at any moment. When you start recognizing and calling out your own negativity and make the decision to consciously transform a negative thought into one with a positive perspective, after the initial discomfort it will become natural to you, and suddenly you've evolved into an entirely new mindset. Don't overcomplicate it. All you have to do is be willing to examine yourself honestly, without judgment or criticism, and make the conscious effort to embrace your ability to regenerate and become a whole new person. As our minds expand, they shed the skin they've outgrown and become something new & revived. You open yourself to all the spectacular potential that comes with change when you are willing to ditch the negative thoughts and habits that keep holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.
Tumblr media
Pile Three
✦ Soul Cats Tarot ✦ Cosmic Cats Oracle ✦
❥ From Your Feline Friend → 2 of Cups
You were more than just a purrfect friend to me... We are like soulmates, together in spirit no matter the distance between us. We share a bond & love deeper than most beings ever get to experience, and I'm the luckiest cat in all the world to have found you! You made my life one full of love, understanding, and splendor. I always felt as though I lived in the lap of luxury! But, y'know, I also kind of have this "cat code" to live up to sometimes, so uh, sorry about that thing I knocked off the counter. I have a certain reputation to uphold in cat society, you see. 😹 I may have played coy from time to time, but never doubt that I love you so dearly. I miss your head scratchies, chin rubs, and.. okay.. the butt-patting thing, whatever. 🙄 Whenever you feel lost or alone, just think of me curling on your chest and healing your heart with my rumbling purr. You have my love with you forever, and I rest peacefully now in the sunshine of yours. 🐾
❥ Advice for the Present → Teacher
You've cultivated a lot of wisdom and experience on your journey through life, and the universe is asking you to share some of your special insights and perspectives with others. Even if that isn't usually your "thing," consider teaching through the example of your life and individuality, or consider publishing a book or article about what you've learned. You have a unique point of view, and you may be doubting your ability to make much of an impact -- but someone out there needs to hear your message, the inspiration of your story, your triumphs, and your perseverance. Don't be afraid to speak your truth; the universe may put others in your path specifically to learn something only you can teach them.
Tumblr media
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tomkiesche · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Always hard to hear about some of my former special project dogs passing. But I always love knowing that they got a second chance and were surrounded by love… I remember this one extremely well. She was so dear. I am so happy and yet sad for her. Happy to have had a part in it. There are ups in our downs… I will celebrate this as an up. Posted @withregram • @guidrysguardian Our hearts break for @deeshuevos & @gbpgirl10. They recently had to say goodbye to their beloved CANELA. We introduced you to her over 2.5 years ago when she was adopted out of @northcentralshelter. @tomkiesche, @rumi_rescues & @galgarrick worked to get her noticed & out of the shelter. @guidrysguardian assisted with some medical needs but the heroes are this family that brought her into their home. This is what her dad said: “It saddens me that I have to let you know that we had to put Canela down this morning. She had an aggressive mammary carcinoma that was attacking her lymph nodes. She had surgery at the beginning of the month to remove a tumor that was discovered but it was larger than the vets originally thought and they couldn't get it all. Her incisions wouldn't heal due to the cancer attacking her body and she was having problems walking. She was a great dog and part of our family. We wanted to thank you for sharing her so that we could get her out of that shelter and give her a good life for these last 2 and a half years. She was loved and will be missed. Thank you again for everything.” Please keep them in your thoughts. Run free, sweet girl! 🌈 (at Friends of North Central Shelter - Los Angeles Animal Services) https://www.instagram.com/tomkiesche/p/CXG8KYIJOQo/?utm_medium=tumblr
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