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#we both know that you're the short one
humansdni · 12 days ago
vani admit it you're very tiny ❤❤❤
i'm not bestie hush
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gravity-lifts · 3 months ago
I am making a post just to make a post see y’all in 2-5 business days for the next one
#Bee's buzz#anyway here are the 15 things that I could absolutely make posts about that I am not making posts about:#I got a haircut today and now my hair is really short and it feels so DIFFERENT#I didn't believe that the weight would change until it did bc usually I don't get like. THAT much hair cut off#so yeah now I have gotten my hair cut to above my shoulders for the first time ever#my hairdresser was absolutely lovely and very good at not giving me a feminine haircut which is something I was a bit worried about#It's very smoky here right now too bc forest fires and it's really hurting my throat#people with fire seasons: does it get better? you don't have to answer that#OH ALSO I ordered some crop tops and they got here today too which is wonderful#and my little brother started a dnd camp and the game masters sound far stronger than I could ever be (it's for like. 8 to 13 year olds)#but yeah I do not think that I could do that (even though children are lovely!! I just think I wouldn't have the greatest time)#I got both my parents to do the wizard quiz (last post if you want to do it however wizard quiz at your own risk it's v long)#my dad escaped just like I did and my mom is stuck with my sister#anyway I think I'll post this now have a good one y'all!!! don't forget to drink water and sleep please!!#(sorry for going completely awol both here and on discord I wish I could say that I'd be back soon but who even knows at this point)#(I will be trying to answer any messages so if you're a mutual and you need help with anything feel free to shoot me a message)#(if we usually talk on discord please try here first I'm more here than I am there)#(ok that got unnecessarily long sorry!!! congrats to anyone who's read this much of literally just me rambling)#girls pretty comma goodnight
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bobinnie · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To: my twinnie & favorite double b stan/shipper - @hanbabi ♡
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one-less-to-worry-about · 2 months ago
T... The guy friend came into the voice channel to tell me he's going to buy food... And asking me what he wants him to get... Bro...
#miranda talking shit#I cant believe i managed to keep a straight face im impressed with myself#He lives like 800km away or something ... Like... Baby... You're really acting cutesy and its adorable as all hell but also like... Dude do#You hear yourself ? Help... And then he talked for like 10 min after saying hes going to buy food and discussing what i wanted him to get#P...please im.... And then he asked if 17c is warm enough to have shorts and i was like? Wh...why are we talking about your#Shorts now? Yeah its fine to have them. And then he wad like 'EVEN IF THEY'RE-' YES my friend its great. You'll look lovely. Show off those#Legs at the supermarket. Does this sound strange which im explaining? Or am i just imagining it all? My inner self just screams something#Aint like the usual and since hes not... Avoiding me or acting cold im like... Uh... My experiences havent covered this behavior of yours#But you seem to be very interested in my opinions lately and i am like... Its s lot of weird and mundane things you're wanting my opinion on#This is driving me nuts. I cant see him saying anything unless i provoke him either and i hate not knowing something which involves me#Anyone i can actually really discuss it with is roo bc he knows both of us but hes busy plus it would feel weird to get him involved#I mean if im just ... Seeing things that arent there then this would just be embarrassing#I much prefer having the feelings and being an idiot until they calm down. I much rather be hurt than be the one hurting others#I know how to handle being hurt its much better and familiar and easier to get over
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hellavile · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
five months pregnant and toji does his best to fulfill his baby’s needs. cooking, cleaning, buying whatever you want. since he’s been home more frequently, he’s taken notice how careless you've become with showing your body, your pregnancy making you hotter so the clothes are slim to none. one thing he cannot fucking take is how plump you’ve gotten everywhere. mainly your tits.
Tumblr media
wc: 1.6k
cw: nsfw. pregnancy kink, quickie, sucking, nipple play, size kink, breeding kink.
now playing.....all we do, trey songz.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
   FUCK, there's no fucking way. It's only been five months into your pregnancy, there's no way you should be this fucking thick. It's after midnight now, one of the many repercussions of being pregnant was having a hard time falling asleep early. Toji fed you well, or he should say the two of you, craving vodka penne pasta with shrimp and Italian sausage—without the vodka, unfortunately. Currently, you're in the bathroom getting ready for bed, playing your music as you sing to yourself, applying lotion to your breasts as you stare at yourself in the mirror. Toji is witnessing this all, laying in bed originally watching tv while waiting for you to finish, but caught glimpse of you and immediately lost interest.
  He's been trying to hide his erection ever since you walked out of the living room leaving the dishes to him. Ever since he took paternity leave, he's been noticing how careless you've become with clothing, slim to none at this point. Oversized shirt and shorts turned to shorts and tank tops with no bra, and finally thin slip-on nightgowns that were way too tight, hugging your curves. He doesn't know if you're teasing him or you were genuinely uncomfortable in clothing now. He never asked. Seeing you so plumped up now, face fat, hips wider, tits flourishing. He wants them in his mouth so badly his jaw aches. When's the last time he's touched you? Maybe two weeks ago? He can't even remember that. It was long ago.
  He swears he doesn't want to disrupt your peace, humming to your favorite song and smiling endearingly at your stomach—but he couldn't take it any longer. The man was pulsating below, precum leaking from the tip and he'll be damned if he hid in a room and jerked off like some teenager when you were here, already naked, warm, and lathered in body cream he could smell from the bedroom. This carnal desire to have you was fucking him up.
  He approaches you with just a robe on, enigmatic figure entering the dimly lit room, the only light gleaming from the candles. You don't see him, more like hear him and his heavy footsteps, bopping your head to the tune. You feel when his long fingers tangle through your scalp, clasping your hair in his hold. He doesn't mean to be feverish about it, pulling your head back causing a gasp to fall from your parted lips, connecting eyes inside the mirror. They're iniquitous, and that glare you familiarized yourself with is the reason why you're pregnant now.
  It's best you stay silent until he spoke first. His sable hair falls over his eyes just a bit, lips pressed in a firm line before you see him stare directly at your chest within the mirror, a prominent moan coming out from the back of his throat, raspy and needy.
  "When did they get that fucking swollen?"
  The air from his heaving hits the side of your neck, face heating up when you feel his dick press against your back, hard as a rock, visibly twitching.
  "For a few days, I think they're finally filling with milk," you say innocently.
  "God, don't say that," Toji hisses, taking both of his rough palms and gliding them around your waist, trailing them up to grab at your tits, heavier than before. Toji makes a pained noise, swiftly turning you around and pressing you up against the sink, your eyes wide with curiosity the moment he bends his head to suck at your collarbone, kissing and leaving any sort of mark. Your puffy lips widen, clutching the nape of his neck as he attacks your chest, his thigh right between your legs with his cock resting on your stomach.
  One jerk of your hips he has his hands over to pull you closer and your clit is brushing against his thigh, sinking your teeth into your lip as he latches his hot mouth around your nipples, giving you small kitten licks before sucking and rolling his tongue around, all the while observing as you writhe before him.
  "Toji," you whine, gyrating your hips to ride his thigh, barely needing it with how much pleasure you were enduring just from his mouth in your chest. "They're too sensitive."
  Still, he doesn't say anything. Upholding his brutal attack on your swollen tits. The way he licks them, teasingly slow with a hint of roughness has you clutching his hair now, moaning and tossing your head back. He's rolling his tongue, sucking them in his mouth, and rocking you forward to grind on his thigh.
  "Fuck, wait—ah," this feeling is so dissimilar, the heat rushing to your skull and your clit throbbing with every lick he gave. Toji notices you're holding your breath, eyes filling with tears before you find yourself cumming, arousal coating your inner thighs and his knee. He groans as if thankful, never stopping as you twitch and cry out, using both hands to shove him closer. This is the first time you've ever came like this, your head spinning, admirable yet disoriented.
  Toji lets you go with a lewd pop, saliva adorning your chest. He stands to his full height with lust in his eyes, finding that extremely fucking hot he nearly came right then and there. He licks his lips, grabbing your chin to tilt it upward before sucking on your lips, sticking his tongue in, and kissing you passionately, wet lips smacking.
  "Be a good girl and let daddy fill you up," he pants, too hazy to respond to him. You're still in shock that that happened, and that fast. "Wanna cum so deep inside your pretty pussy. That's my fuckin' baby in there, right here. You're lucky, I'd give you another right now if I could."
  Toji continues to kiss you, words becoming gibberish at this point, slurring his words and sloppily mouthing your entire body, mostly your neck since he knows that's your weak spot. He's so lost in having every part of you in his mouth that you're forced to grab his slim waist and push him away, seeing how puffy and red his lips were now.
  "My feet hurt," you pout and whine.
  "Sorry," he forgets, gathering his sanity for only a few seconds to lift you bridal style and carry you to the bedroom safely. By now his robe is off, and you pull off your own, skin feeling sticky and hot, definitely needing another shower after this. Biting at your nails, you follow Toji as he gathers two big pillows and sets them in front of you, pulling you to sit on your knees, the pillows a barrication for your belly. You beam sweetly at the gesture.
  "Comfortable?" He asks with concern, stroking your cheek. You nod. "Good. I can't hold off."
  Toji stands behind you, facing ahead and wrapping his forearm around your throat, putting you in a gentle chokehold, not too hard to make you nauseous. Both of you are at the edge of the bed, comfortably leaning forward into the pillows while Toji's free arm balances himself by flattening his hand on the mattress. It's not long after until he's sheathing his cock deep into you, his eyes scrolling to his skull when you claw at his arm and choke out his name, pressing your ass back to fully bring him in.
  "Shit," he gasps, stilling his hips and grinding into you, your slickness encircling the area of the room. "Gonna fuck you now, okay?"
  "Hurry," you croak, feeling another orgasm nearing, the pillows in front of you stimulating your soppy clit even more. You bite into his arm, screaming as he rotates his hips and fucks you hard, grunting by your ear and grumbling all sorts of expletives.
  "Fuckk, fuck me, baby," he's dragging out his moans, grounding his cock feverishly, dropping forward with you and panting by your ear, your face pressed into the bed as you scream and cum harder than you've had in a while, drenched cunt gushing around his cock, eventually squirting, reaching behind you to tug at his hair and ride out your orgasm, twitching and babbling words he could barely hear.
  If it were any other time, he'd be ashamed for reaching his high so quickly, but being as though he's had blue balls for hours, hell, even days—he didn't give a shit now for cumming as hard as he did, whimpering like a bitch as you wet the bed and soaked his thighs, still humping against you like a wolf in heat. Satisfying your needs and his own by filling you with his cum as he promised, cock jumping into you the more you tensed, Toji soothing your shaky body with gentle kisses and belly rubs.
  "I'm way too sensitive now," the both of you laugh as you lift your head with teary eyes, catching your breath and humming to ease your heart, Toji not wanting to pull out, feeling too comfortable, ready to fall asleep just like this but he knows he needed to give you water asap.
  "Don't move," he's wrong, your grip on his arm keeping him still.
  "You'll vomit if you don't drink something. You know how you get."
  "I'm okay, I promise," smiling weakly, you pull him along with you as you turn on your side, fully facing each other, truly spent. "Stay inside me."
  Toji groans, pecking your lips. "Don't have to tell me twice."
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yeonkiminfan · 3 months ago
may i request either xiao, scaramouche, or kazuha with virgin s/o plss (you can do just one pls ty ty)
Tumblr media
Them with Virgin! S/o? (AFAB! reader)
Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha, Zhongli
Note: I hope you don't mind me adding more characters anon :DD
WARNINGS: Mentions of oral recieving (reader!), Overstimulation, fingering, slight praising kink, Might have spelling errors and Grammar errors, slight mention of biting kink, I am not responsible for minors reading this
♤ XIAO ||
He may have lived for a thousand of years but Xiao freezes in affection and touch. So he's a virgin aswell and surprisingly will be very sweet and careful while you two have your first sex but once you guys get sexual more he'll ask for you consent to be more rougher.
Does a lot of foreplay with you, He doesn't want you to be uncomfortable or be hurt when he puts his cock in. "Does that hurt?" He blushes at the sight of you, Panting and whining his name while two of his fingers were stretching your cunt.
"Mhm, No not at all Xiao... It just feels good" He holds a little groan and felt his cock throb inside his boxers.
"[Name], Can we start now? Are you ready for this?" You smile and said "Im ready to give you my virginity, Xiao... I trust you" He blushes so much and can't help but to pull out his cock.
It's so pretty, It isn't that long its average but his girth makes it all up. He's so sweet when he enters in you, Kissing your lips while he waits until your ok and he can move.
Once he can move, He's gonna thrust into you while having his thumb play with your clit. His ultimate goal was to make you cum onto his cock so many times.
Ah right, Once you both are going to cum together he says " I love you [name]- Ah fuck-"
He has a lot of stamina so good luck <3
He's really suprised, He himself isn't virgin. Scaramouche doesn't go into relationships often and only goes to one night stands. He doesn't mind though, His heart swells thinking about how you trust him enough for him to have your virginity taken.
He's a bit snarky at the beginning, his fingers thrusting in you roughly not letting you having his cock until you cummed nore than two times. "It's too m-much Scara!" He kisses your forehead, "You can take it. Im not letting you take me without foreplay idiot"
You only respond with a whine while Scaramouche loves biting you while he fucks your cunt with his own fingers.
Scaramouche only deems you ready when you're drooling and trembling. His cock is average not too long not too short, He knows how to use it 🤤
Once he gets permission, He'll slide in easily inside your hole because of how wet he made you. Scaramouche takes it slow in the beginning and will become rougher and rougher when you get used to it.
He'll hold back with his kinks for now since its your first time but once you guys get comfortable he'll ask for your consent so expect your sex to be more harsher next time you both indulge it once again.
After sex, He'll bring you to the bathroom and let you shower yourself. Once you both are done, He does say a ONE, "I love you"
He's very sweet when it's your first time, Kazuha makes sure you're comfortable and like Scaramouche will make sure you cum atleast two times so you can take him easily.
He's also nervous and very blushy since it's his first time too. Kazuha doesn't find the time to fuck or have sexual relationships with other people.
Kazuha knows a lot about sex though so expect him to lead you and comforting you by carresing your thighs.
His cock is pretty and long, It doesnt have that much girth. Kazuha is also sensitive and is messy, His cock leaks so much pre-cum.
He goes slowly so he cant hurt you but if you ask him to go rougher and deeper, Kazuha doesn't mind and does quicken his pace.
Kazuha LOVES praising you, "ah~ fuck~ good girl/boy" He loves to whine next to your ear and its so arousing.
He does have a lot of stamina and is a service dom, Kazuha loves going down on you it's so sloppy and he's obsessed with the expressions you're making when you're overstimulated
Kazuha does explore a lot of yours and his kinks so both of you can enjoy sex more
Comrades sadly he isn't virgin, he has lived for over 6000 years. However the good news is, He rarely even fucks anyone.
Zhongli takes it slowly, He does foreplay and gives you a lot of preperation. Condoms? Check. Lube? Check. Water? Check. Towel?check.
He has long fingers and does put more than 3 fingers because his cock is big. Zhongli's cock is so pretty, It's big and girthy and it leaks pre-cum too.
He accidentally goes rough once both of you got used to it, Zhongli does give you aftercare. He's good with his hands so he massages in places where you're sore with.
Does give you some breaks after rounds since Zhongli is half dragon he has a lot of stamina so... you'll be in good hands
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angrythingstarlight · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my Bucky Barnes Masterlist.
As always, this is an 18+ blog, by continuing to read you agree that you are 18+. Remember you are responsible for your own media consumption. 
All fics are with a female reader.
I hope you enjoy my stories
Main Masterlist. Check out @starlights-library​
Mafia and Biker Aus Masterlist
Tumblr media
Construction Worker Bucky
He knows you’ll like him if you give him a chance
Roommate Bucky Drabble
He’s going to give you some motivation to finish your exams
Streaker Bucky Drabble
You hire the perfect man to ruin your sisters wedding. 
Bouncer Bucky Drabble
A little hate sex never hurt anyone
Rockstar Bucky Drabble: 
Prompt:  Literally all I want is to get on my knees in front of Rockstar!Bucky in those little shorts when least expects it and tease the absolute FUCK out of him, give him a taste of his own medicine 
Rockstar Bucky Drabble: 
Prompt: We should talk about how he would make you ride his thigh as he practices the band's new song. Only he makes you go as fast or slow as he plays. 
1940's Bucky Drabble:
Prompt: I just wanna pull uniformed Bucky in by his tie and kiss his stupid face with his stupid tilted hat. Is that such a huge ask?? Cmon LOOK at that face
Bucky’s Motivation Drabble: 
Prompt: 3 mini drabbles in one based around how Bucky uses you as motivation. 
Alpine has spoken 
You and your cat battle over your man's attention.
Let Me Give You A Hand (Beefy Bucky
Bucky is insulted when you tell him you’re too heavy for him. He’s going to show you how wrong you are.
Bucky Hand Kink 
He shows the benefits of both arms.
Bucky Valentine Special 
Bucky wants to be your valentine, if he can work up the courage to actually talk to you. Don’t worry help is coming in the form of an exasperated Martha who’s had enough of you two idiots.
Dark Mob/Demon Bucky Drabble
Prompt: Would you rather be taken by the Dark Mob boss or Demon Bucky???
TFAWS Bucky Drabble:
Prompt: Early Friday morning thots about what Bucky’s tongue can do.
Happy Birthday:Dark Drabble
Happy Birthday Bucky! Steve gives Bucky a special one of a kind present.
One Shots and Series
Pierced Through and Through
Bucky has planned the perfect vacation. All he has to do is get through the metal detectors without revealing his secret.
Pleasant Interference 
Bucky needs you and you cant think of a single reason why you would tell him no.
So Good For Me (Alpha Bucky)
Bucky has only one thing on his mind to tonight and that's to make you his. And he hopes you'll never want to let him go.
Alpha Bucky Drabble: He just wants you to rest
Alpha Bucky Drabble: No one messes with his mate
A Good Choice (Roommate Bucky)
Bucky gives you two choices and both are more than you expected. 
Hide and Seek: (Dad Bucky)
Bucky wakes up to his favorite things in the world. His sons and you.
Breeding Kink Drabble
Sweeter than Sugar: (Baker Bucky) 
She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him.
On my tongue
Baker Bucky Drabble
Baker Bucky Drabble
Baker Bucky Drabble: 
Cool You Down, Heat You Up: (Firefighter Bucky)
Your firefighter boyfriend has an interesting way of beating the summer heat. You’ve never been more happy to have a broken A/C.
As Long As I Can Breathe
You've been waiting for your soldier to come home. It's hard to breath without him.
Don’t Give Up On Me (TFAWS One Shot)
You meet the man of your dream when you stole the last plum out of his hands, he knows it wont be easy loving him, but you wont give up on him.
Erase Every Trace: TFAWS Bucky x Reader (Favorite)
You have an undercover mission that pairs you with John Walker. Bucky doesn’t like another man’s hands on you. He’s going to make sure you only feel him on your skin. (loosely based on the airplane scene from the show)
Dream of you ( TFAWS BUCKY Drabble)
Bucky dreams of you now.
What A Peach
You buy some new leggings that are guaranteed to drive your man insane. You couldn't have predicted what Bucky was going to do next.
What A Peach follow up drabble
What can he say? Sorry. He's not!
Friday Night Dates:
TFAWS Bucky wants to ask you out on a date but first, he has to feel with the creep in booth 7.
A Job Well Done (TFAWS BUCKY One Shot)
Bucky has been having a day, only one thing can lift his spirits and that’s making you happy.
Jiggle for Me:
Bucky is no longer touch starved, now he can't keep his hands off of you.
Lessons in Exercise (Fav)
Beefy!Bucky gives you a workout while he works out. 
Lessons in knife play (fav)
Bucky has a knife kink and by the time he's done with you, you'll have one too.
Be Better Tomorrow: 
Sometimes you want to cry it and stare at the ceiling. Bucky knows you don’t need to be fixed, you just need a someone to be there for you. 
Redemption Interlude 
Bucky needs to get away from it all, only thing he needs is you by his side. Also if you’re going to have sex in an orchard make sure its empty first. 
Good Morning: 
Bucky reflects on his love for you. 
You’re My Heaven  (FAV)
All Bucky needs is you, you’re his heaven and saving grace. 
Take a seat 
You get an interesting Bucky pillow and a free ride on his face. 
Bucky Barnes promised to never break your heart, in a way he kept that promise because what he did was much worse than a broken heart. 
Bend me, Break Me Dark Fic
Your Bucky is gone, The WS wants you
Can’t keep my hands to myself: 
Bucky had one rule: Do not touch Bucky. And then he met you and well, Doll, rules are made to be broken. 
Girl of His Dreams: 
A little accident causes Bucky to lose his memory but that doesn’t stop him from falling back in love with you. 
Chase Away the Nightmares: 
Sometimes a nightmare feels all too real but Bucky will be there for you no matter what. (Written for a nonnie)
Coffee Date:
Clumsy reader x hot coffee =Date with Bucky. Based on a real life accident of mine. 
First Dates:
Don’t take Sam’s advice and yes he said you were a goat. 
Rescuing Alpine
Bucky finds a new friend on the side of the road. 
Don’t Mess with Alpine (Requested follow up to Rescuing Alpine)
No one and I mean no one hurts little Alpine. Louis is going to pay for what he did. 
One More Set (Fav)
Bucky gives you a through work out, showing why each rep is so good and deep and.....
Ride Me, Sweetheart (Fav)
Bucky shows you there’s more than one way to ride his motorcycle. A personal fav of mine. Do not try this at home unless you have the actual Bucky to “ride” with. 
Love Down Soft And Sweet
Steve left the two of you behind, hearts should never break like this, but you’ll pick up the pieces one day at time.
The mask:
Not your fault he looks that good in that mask. And damn, he does look good in that mask. 
That time you got banned from the quinjet:
Not your fault he looks that good in those pants and c’mon he was just laying there will his legs spread. Worth getting banned for. Sorry Tony!
The Recruit:
Stupid Phil and his grabby hands. But then again, you could make this work to your advantage. 
Stretch You Out
That will be the last time you let Phil help you. Jealous Bucky gives the best pre-work out possible. 
Fill Me Up
The truth about you and Phil comes out. Bucky and Natasha are not happy. Not happy at all. Run, doll, Run. 
Bucky’s Favorite Meal:
Guess what it is, its you! 
Sleep Tight
You help Bucky have the best night of his life and you learn what a rough sleeper Bucky is. He did warn you, Doll
3am Wake Up Call:
Best part of waking up is Bucky in your…. 
Try again :
Hide and go seek has never been more fun 
The Last Safe House
Darkish Bucky wants this to be the last safe house you’ll need 
A Sweet Treasure
Viking Bucky steals the sweetest treasure on earth and your cruel father gets put in his place. 
Caring For Bucky
Soft Bucky needs you to help resolve his fears. 
Dont Hold Out on Bucky
Dont make promises you cant keep or Bucky will be forced to take action. 
Bucky’s Goats:
A research expedition in Wakanda leads to more than you ever dreamed possible thanks to a little goat named Steve. 
Fight to Make up
Bucky picks a fight cause Steve said angry sex is better and Steve was right. 
Plum Cider:
Bucky likes the taste of plum on your lips.
FMK: Andy, Clark and Bucky
Your boyfriends find out about the game you and your friends play.
Light of my Life Series (Dark Series, WIP)
Light of my Life: The Beginning:
Bucky just wants one more chance to make things right, a new life at the overlook training facility may prove to good to be true. 
Light of my Life: Overlook:
Bucky’s just can’t bear to let you go, no matter what the voices tell him. 
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ringpop-poppy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Wc: 4k
Pairing: eren jaeger x reader
Cw: car sex, fingering, emphasis on reader being innocent and a virgin. reader is armins little sister. corruption kink
you're 6 years old when you first meet eren jaeger. apparently he'd run off some people that were bullying you big brother, armin. you admire him and mikasa immediately.
you're 8 and he's 11 when you get a scrape on your knee from playing tag. eren runs into your mothers bathroom to fish out the first aid-kit, you know he just doesn't want you to tattle, you never would anyway, but he pulls out a pink band-aid with little ariels all over it and places it gently over the cut. he stays there for a few beats, soothing the skin around the hurt area with his thumbs. his big bright green eyes look up at you, "better?" and that's the first time your heart skips for a boy.
you're 11 and he's 14 when armin starts becoming protective. "he's had like. 5 girlfriends in middle school, who knows what he's gonna be like in high-school"
it intrigue you, for some reason.
you're 13 and he's 16 when he taps furiously on your window at night, wild eyed and wearing a t-shirt and sweats. he falls ungracefully on his ass when you let him in, though he grins at you from the floor. "thanks, squirt"
you wince at the nickname, knowing it solidifies you as someone only platonic to him. armins little sister and nothing more. "what's this all about?"
he gets up and swipes imaginary dust off his sweats, looking around your room. its absurdly girly. he picks up one of your plushies and tosses it up, then catches it, peering over at you and grinning. "i hope you never change," he sighs and flops down onto your pink sheets. "girls my age are fucking psychos"
you creep closer to him, snatching your plush back. "im sure there's something you're leaving out there. im not completely dumb, you know"
he waves his hand, "yeah but you're....i don't know? innocent or whatever. you don't care about shit like boys and drama"
i do care about boys, you think, watching the way his shirt rides up to expose a hint of tan skin. you look away, squeezing your plush to your chest. "im gonna grow up eventually, ren"
he sighs and sits up, looking at you from under his ridiculously cute floppy brown hair. "Just promise me you won't go boy crazy"
you roll your eyes and sit down next to him, he leans in and licks a broad stripe against your cheek with his tongue, grinning "we have cooties"
you swat at him and wipe your cheek, groaning and calling him gross. "i know that. you and armin never let me forget how gross boys are", you side eye him. "what did you even do? really?"
he looks to the side, only now having it in him to look the least bit sheepish, "my girlfriend may have caught me with my hand down historias skirt..."
yeah, boys really are gross. but not eren, no he's beautiful and magical and makes you feel all the fluttery things. but he's also a player, a bad boy, dangerous and completely off limits. maybe your crush should have ended there, but of course it didn't.
You're 15 when you go on your first date with a boy. until now you haven’t allowed yourself to even think about men outside of the enigma that is eren jaeger, but that’s a lost cause, a stupid crush you need to let go of. and despite what eren thinks, you’re not that innocent. not in your head anyway. you’re a girl and you have fantasies. 
the guy is nice, armin likes him enough. big and tall and humble, reiner brought you flowers for your first date. the age difference is a little weird, he’s in erens grade, a senior, but you think its harmless. you’re turning 16 soon. the date goes well, you smile and giggle alot, and reiner seems smitten by the end of it. he even goes as far as to kiss your hand when he drops you back off at home, at 8pm sharp, just like he promised. he was kind and sweet, and you liked him, but you wonder what it means that there were no flutters in your belly, not like when you’re around him…
you’re still thinking about that when you open the door, and walk inside. the house is quiet, and you wonder where armin is, and eren. thinking they both must be in armins room, you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, stopping on your path there when you see eren on the couch. he’s lounging back, hand idly wrapped around a gaming controller as he watches you.
you glance around him. “where’s mimmin?”
he doesn’t take his eyes off you. “annie called”, he leans forward a little, propping his chin in his palm as he observes you quietly for a moment.
you squirm in place, his eyes are too hot. “oh” and you make to start moving again but his voice stops you. 
“so. braun, huh?” his tone is hard to discern, the words coming out cool and detached, but his eyes are that intense green. 
“yeah” you say, shifting on your feet. “he was nice. kissed my hand and everything”
“sounds like a dream” and that is definitely said sarcastically. you bristle but eren is already turning away from you, facing the TV. “didn’t think he was your type though” 
because erens been your type since forever, you guess he’s right. reiner couldn’t be more different in both personality and looks, but maybe that’s a good thing. “maybe he can be” you say softly, looking at your feet. you dont see erens eyebrows jump, or his lips twist disdainfully. 
“If you wanna settle for missionary the rest of your life, then sure, go ahead” he sounds a little miffed and that confuses you. makes you look up. you don’t even know reiner that well, but you feel the need to defend him from erens usual snarky jabs. 
“not every guy that doesn’t live on Xbox and fuck half the school is a bland guy” you huff. you feel a little guilty for calling him out but he started it. eren hated preps, that was obvious, but its not like he was a model person either, if his long track record of promiscuity was anything to go by. reiner wasnt boring he just…..wasn’t eren. but that wasn’t a flaw. It shouldn’t be. 
“you been keeping tabs on me, princess?” eren asks wryly, smirking now. you just glare at him, quirking a brow and daring him to prove you wrong, to say he’s better. 
he doesn’t. he just looks at you, sets his controller down and does that tick he’d developed since he was young of jiggling his knee, tapping his finger on it. “don’t go on more dates with him” 
you squint your eyes, “and why not?”
“because i said so” 
“you’re not my boss” 
“because..” he scratches the stubble on his jaw, gaze looking far off as he stares at his bouncing leg. “guys shouldn't touch you” 
your mouth pops open. you get that, right now, you’re too young for stuff like sex, but being touched? everyone your age had boyfriends, why should you be any different?
It feels a bit like deja vu when you tell him, “m’not staying innocent forever. dating and s-sex are apart of life. you do it, why shouldn’t i?” 
you didn’t really get his whole overprotective bit, armin, who was your brother, wasn’t even this bad. he’d seen happy almost, when you told him about your date with reiner, even, so you really don’t see where eren is coming from. 
erens lip curls in a smirk and he points a finger at you. “that’s why” he says. “you can’t even say the word sex without stuttering. what’ll you do when you see a cock for the first time?” 
your skin heats, hating that he’s right. “I’ll grow out of it” you promise him. 
he huffs a laugh. “sure thing, dork” but then his face gets serious. “you don’t need to change though. sex is lame, i promise.” 
“you seem to have alot of it, so there must be something good about it” 
“for me, yeah” he grins. “but im selfish. most men are, and you deserve better than some highschool tumble with a guy who looks like he can’t find the clit to save his life” his eyes weigh you down. “just keep bein’ you. If i come back from college and hear that you’re the towns tramp stamp, m’ not gonna be happy” 
and that’s that. 
you’re 16 when eren leaves for college. you get to 18 without ever being touched. 
you’re 18 and you wish you hadn’t begged armin to let you come to this stupid bomfire party. it’s just the first time he’s been home in the 2 years since he’d left for college, and you know that means eren is back too, though you have yet to see him. he’s supposed to be at the party though.
you wonder if he’ll react to having seen you after not for awhile, if he’ll look at you different now that you’re grown. you’re wearing a simple pleated white skirt and a pink top, the picture of innocence you’ve always been, never changing. 
being around so many people makes you uncomfortable, you want to cling to armins side, but you don’t want to be annoying so you tell him its okay to leave you. your eyes scan the mass of people on the crowded beach as you nervously hold your solo cup to your chest. 
your eyes stop their nervous skittering when they land on someone familiar. 
college eren is completely different and yet wholly the same since you’d last seen him. he’s wearing a red bomber jacket, over a black t-shirt and skinny jeans, scuffed converse kicking in the sand as he shifts from one foot to the other. you peep tan skin, a hint of a tattoo peeking on his neck and….and black hair. he’d dyed his hair, and, is that jewelry on his ear? rings on his hand?
he’s smiling easily with a pretty blonde and...and reiner. talking to them like old friends as he tilts his head back and laughs, taking a swig from his cup. he’s still chuckling and shaking his head when his eyes flick distractedly over, rove over you and then stop. even from all the way where you are the green of his eyes pins you in place. the warm glow of the bonfire dances across his features, and you see the bastard has a lip ring as well. he takes his time cataloging you and you do him, before his lips tilt, he hands off his drink and he makes his way over to you. 
your whole body is tense with nerves as he gets closer and closer.
when he’s standing in front of you, the smell of his cologne wafts over you. his smile is small and genuine. “hey, pip” 
pip as in short for pipsqueak. you have to fight the urge to grin at him, your cheeks warming pleasantly, even though you groan out loud. “m’ not little anymore” 
“I can see that” eren eyes rake over you, linger on your bare legs before dragging slowly back up. his eyes feel like a caress and when they meet yours again, you’re already tingly. you’ve never been touched sexually, and just one look from eren has you wet between the legs like nothing. “still dress like you wanna be an extra in a Bratz commercial” 
the tension disputes as you swat his arm. “shut up!! Its a fashion choice, not like you’d know. dressed like a wannabe rockstar” 
“aw, c’mon. you’d be my groupie right?” 
you roll your eyes. “you wish, jaeger”
“mm” he hums softly. “s’cute though. always has been” 
before you can even register the compliment, he’s leaning forward to peek into your cup, swiping it easily from you. “underage drinking, are we? left you for a couple years and you go rebel barbie on me” 
you squawk as he chugs all of your drink back in one gulp, crushing the cup in his fist and tossing it behind him. “ren! I wasn’t even drinking it. It was..” you wave your hand around. “for the aesthetic”
“uh huh” he drones, but then he jerks his chin. “i’ll get you another one to stand around and look pretty with then. C’mon”
cute, pretty. the compliments are gonna make your heart fly out of your chest if he doesn’t let up. you follow him as he leads you to a keg, one that’s a little ways away from the bustle of the party, close to the parking lot where you came in. 
you shyly say ‘thank you’ when he fills you a cup and hands it to you, proceeding to lean back against a car as he goes back to observing you.
to distract yourself you mumble, “you can’t just lean on a strangers car for the sake of being cool” 
the grin is back. “you think im cool?” when you glare at him he rolls his eyes and slaps the hood of the car. “she’s mine, pip. you can untwist your panties” 
you blink at him, “since when did you get a new car? and when did you dye your hair?” 
he looks at you curiously, drumming his fingers. “do you not, like. follow me on instagram?”
you look away, kicking your feet in the sand. hesitantly you admit, “didn’t wanna miss you, so i didn’t look” 
he doesn’t say anything to that. the silence stretches between you, making you nervous. should you not have said that? you guessed it was weird, after all, but it was true. If you’d looked at how erens life was progressing without you there to see it, you’d have cried and been a total lovesick girl about it. 
he finally breaks the silence. “do you have a boyfriend?” 
you look back at him. “ do you?”
the smirk you wanted ghosts over his lips again, and your eyes are drawn to his lip ring when he tugs it between his teeth. “nah, you know me. unattainable” 
“yeah, i know” you say under your breath, thinking of how eren jaeger had been an unattainable fantasy for you for years. 
“so no current boyfriend or…?” 
“no boyfriends...ever” its embarrassing to admit, but less humiliating than admitting that the reason that was is because you’re in love with your brothers best friend, the very man standing before you now. 
“that’s kinda tragic, pip” eren hops up on the hood of his car and fishes a cigarette out of his pocket. he waves a hand at you, “you’re rockin’ a bod like that and no one’s bagged you? thought you’d be beating down options with a bat by now” 
you watch the smoke that plumes in the air, the way it coils and wisps, and really look at eren. he’s tragically beautiful. his no black hair is boyishly messy, tangled around his head in a dark halo. his face is sharp and tan, his eyes striking and making you feel like you’re sinking into the sand beneath your feet.
you’ve wanted him for so long, it makes you ache. years and years of pushing away men and declining confessions for this man in front of you. you’d never expected anything from him, but you couldn’t move past the fantasy in your head. couldn’t imagine giving any of your firsts to anyone but eren. 
“you told me to stay innocent” its out before you can stop the words, they just fumble out, spilling from your lips and into the air like the smoke.
eren stills, pauses from where he’d been about to take another drag. his expression is unreadable. he flicks the ashes from the cig on the sand, stumps it out under his foot as he hops down. the wind ruffles his dark hair as he just looks and looks and looks at you. 
“yeah?” and oh, jesus, if the rough gravel in his voice doesn’t make your cunt warm immediately. “and you listened?” 
you squeeze your thighs together, an action that draws erens gaze between your legs. to late to back down now, you think, and wet your lips. “y-yeah. I did” 
“you didn’t let any boys touch you while i was gone?” eren continues and he draws closer, creeping towards you.
you shake your head, silent as he comes in front of you. he reaches up to delicately push a strand of hair behind you ear with one of his ring fingers. he keeps it tucked behind your ear as he towers over you, staring you down. “you’re still my innocent little girl, huh?” 
you wonder if this is how it feels to be seduced, seduced by eren jaeger no less. his eyes are warm, and they make you feel warm from where the rest on your eyes, and then, your lips. they part under his gaze, on instinct. “I am, ren. always have been” 
his eyes darken, and the finger behind your ear becomes his whole hand sliding to cup the back of your head, slowly fisitng your hair in it. “shit” he tilts your head up. “you can’t say things like that, baby”
baby, baby, baby. your head swims. you’re on autopilot now, speaking without thinking and you think that’s good because if you were thinking clearly you wouldn't have the courage. “i’ve always been your good girl. no one elses” 
you have one second to hear his exhale before his lips are crashing against yours, and oh. oh, he’s good. you feel the metal of his lip ring against your bottom lip as he slides his tongue in your mouth, eating you up.
“god, you’re sweet” he nips your lip. “knew you would be”
you pant into his mouth, your hands curling on his chest, “y-you’ve thought about me?”
“‘course i did, im not blind” he pulls away. “I just really like my dick and didn’t want it chopped off. armin is scary” 
you know he can be when he wants to be, knows if he saw eren ravishing his little sister against his car right now, body parts would be strewn about. and that’s just from armins verbal warfare.
you look at eren demurely from under your lashes, “i don’t want anything to happen to your…” you trail off at the end.
erens eyebrows climb up his forehead, he presses close to you, tugs you to him. “my…” he prods, eyes glinting with mischief. 
you look away, pouting. “know i can’t say it” you mumble, hating that even now, saying vulgar words is embarrassing for you.
erens chest shakes with a laugh. “you just sucked my tongue down your throat, pip, and you can’t talk about my cock? you’re precious, c’mere.” he starts walking backwards, towards his car. “we gotta be sneaky about it but-” he dips down to kiss you again, once, twice. “i really wanna touch you” 
you gulp, and nod, let him pull you to his car and open the backseat for you, climbing in after you. he shuts and locks it behind him and then he’s facing you, eren jaeger giving you his full attention. looking at you like he wants you, like he’s seeing you, like he wants to do alot of bad things to you.
you place a shaking hand on his shoulder. “im- i dont know what to do..”
you want to impress him, but pretending you’re good at something you’re not won’t do that. eren doesn’t like liars anyway. 
he scoots close to you, pulling you halfway onto his lap until you’re sitting comfortably against him. you bite your lip when you feel the hard ridge of his cock pressing against your ass under your skirt. one of his hands settles on your bare thigh, scooting it up just barely.
“you ever watch porn, sweetheart?” erens breath puffs against your ear and you squirm on top of him. 
you push down your own embarrassment, resigning yourself to be a big girl and be honest. “s-sometimes” 
“yeah?” god, why does just that word turn you on so much? “tell me what kind of stuff you watch when you touch your little pussy” 
his vulgar words go straight to your cunt, at the same time his hand slides up your thighs and slips under your skirt. you close your eyes when you feel the tip of his finger trace over the band of your panties. “they’re always a couple..” you gasp when his hand dips inside, palm cupping over your pussy. “a-and the guy has dark hair..”
“Imagining anyone in particular?” eren teases, but you hear his breath catch at the same time yours does when he sinks one long finger inside. the folds around your slit part seamlessly around the intrusion, sucking his finger in like your pussy wants it there. “so wet, baby. keep talking for me?”
ever the good girl, you push through the tingles and the heat spreading down your legs, the slick sound of his finger fucking in and out of you filling the silent car as you struggle to find words. “s-shes always inexperienced. Its her first time and...and hes gentle” you moan a little when erens thumb comes to swirl around your clit, hips lips finding your neck. he’s teasing another finger at your tight entrance when you swallow another groan and try to keep talking like he’d asked. “he’s gentle but he takes. t-takes what he wants”
“mm” eren hums, tongue sliding against your skin. you gasp when the tip of his ring finger edges in beside the other one, stretching your tight passage around his digits in thorough little twists of his fingers. “that’s real good, baby. you like the sound of that, huh?” 
eren hooks his chin over your shoulder, bunches your skirt around your waist so he can see where your little pussy is clenching and squeezing around him, clit engorged and throbbing for attention. when you don’t answer, he continues, using the slick dripping down your slit, gathering it and then pushing back into you. “I bet” he says, low, husky. “In those videos, he eats her out real nice, yeah? makes sure her little virgin cunt is wet enough to take his cock”
“y-yeah” you pant, holding his wrist but not pulling it away, pushing him more towards you. you’re starting to grind down against the pleasure, walls rhythmically fluttering around his fingers, fucking yourself on them without even knowing it. he curls them, and your head thumps back against his shoulder as you cry out. 
“i’ll give that to you” eren promises, pumping his fingers faster, his other hand coming up to cup one of your tits over your blouse, giving it a squeeze. “gonna take you home after you cream around my fingers and lay you out on your bed” he kisses your cheek, holding you firm against him when you start to twitch and writhe. “lick this little flower open. wanna feel your thighs squeeze my face when i drink the cum from your pussy, get you all loose and wet and then i wanna feel you drip down my dick when i slide it inside”
“oh god, ren!” you jerk in his hold as you feel your orgasm crest over you, gushing down his palm, as you ride his hand, milking it as tingles shoot across your whole body. A milky, creamy film rests around his knuckles when he slides his fingers out of your weeping cunt, still pulsating and twitching from the come down. 
he rubs the excess slick around your folds and clit, rubbing it in. you whimper and he chuckles and kisses your cheek. 
you sag against him, fucked out. eren brushes some hair from your forehead and kisses it. “wannabe punk pounds sweet virgin pussy into her bed” 
you look at him, confused and dazed “huh?”
eren grins at you. “s’ gonna be the name of our porno” 
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ms-demeanor · 23 days ago
Props to baby English and Composition students because I have a fucking BA in English lit and I'm staring at this 101 assignment for a "Five Paragraph Analytical Essay" and I have no fucking idea what in the name of fuck that is supposed to be.
Also a HUGE part of the emphasis in this class is on the themes of a work and you know what, I think I know why people get pissy about concepts of close reading because here's the deal: as soon as you're out of 100 level classes you stop doing shit like typing out "The theme of The Most Dangerous Game is Man's Inhumanity to Man" or "The Theme of The Lottery is that Tradition for Tradition's Sake is Harmful."
Most people do NOT get past the absolute worst parts of studying literature and WHY WOULD YOU if you think that it's four years of sitting around and identifying the same themes in hundred-year-old books that students have been identifying for a hundred years?
The five paragraph analytical essay makes me bonkers because a lot of the works we're studying have themes that are pretty fucking plainly stated and I don't think there's really enough there to make a thousand words of sense so you're gonna write a hundred words of sense and nine hundred of nonsense.
And, like, I get that this is a starting point. You tell students "make an argument about some element of a work using only that work and no outside sources" so you can figure out whether they even know what they read and if they can put a paragraph together but the problem is that for people who don't understand how to construct a paragraph this is an impossible challenge and for people who DO understand how to construct a paragraph this is an impossible challenge.
"The setting in A Cask of Amontillado is important to the story because it sets the tone. The catacombs isolate Fortunado and Montresor. The men are surrounded by images of death and Fortunado is eventually entombed in bones. As they descend the light fails and Fortunado experiences a worsening cough. Their march into the catacombs, replete with opportunities to turn back, could be seen as a descent into hell for both characters - Fortunado is damned by his pride and Montresor is cursed by his wrath. The setting, which is bones, doesn't let the reader forget this."
It's bullshit! I agree! Heartily! That it is bullshit!
One of the stories we have read so far is Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant" and. Like. Doing a thematic analysis on that story is bullshit. Pure bullshit. "Explore the theme through one of the elements of storytelling."
Cool, the element I'm exploring is the narrator repeatedly and explicitly stating that Colonialism fucking sucks. What Orwell does here is to use the narration to say that colonialism is bad. He does this several times, usually by having the narrator say that the colonizers and the colonized suffer under colonialism and that the construct of colonialism forces groups into combat with one another when they should be allies. He does this on these pages, where the narrator laments that he is in this place and is supposed to be representing empire to these people. In conclusion, Orwell uses a first-person limited perspective narrator to say that colonialism is bad by stating that he believes that colonialism is bad in his internal monologue. Essay done. The end.
Anyway, I'm off to write a thousand words about an 870 word short story because fuck it.
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radicallyaligned · 3 months ago
"He wants a short engagement, but I'd rather just give it a few years until I'm settled into grad school."
I am sitting with my sorority sister, both of us undergrad then, catching up over coffee.
"Have you decided where you're going?" I ask.
"I need to turn in all the applications, still," she says. She twirls the engagement ring on her finger, a half size too big. "Its hard to keep up with all of it, you know, with wedding planning and everything."
"I think a longer engagement makes sense, then," I say, "you can't do everything at once."
"Yeah, but you know how he is, he's eager to make me his wife," she smiles then. It is a good thing to her. I bite my tongue - I'm sure their Christian celibacy has nothing to do with his timelines.
Their wedding is six months after; small, a beautiful outdoor ceremony. She looks so young in the long white dress, but she is all smiles. He cries at the altar. This is good, I think, they love each other so much. Relationships are about compromise.
We fall out of touch when we graduate. He gets a big job, and they move. It happens.
The Instagram post is a year later; "we're expecting!" A sonogram photo held to the camera. Big smiles.
"Congratulations!" I type in her DM's, "I meant to ask - what school are you at? How's the program?"
"Thank you!!:)" she replies, "No school yet! Life is so busy, with the move, job hunting, and now this! Lol :)"
I picture her typing it from their one bedroom apartment in the city he chose. I picture her fingers moving across the screen, adorned with a wedding ring she wanted to come later. I picture her still face as she types "no school yet!" after it being her number one focus our entire senior year. I picture the baby growing in her belly, another priority from her husband. A relationship built on compromises.
I wonder when he compromises.
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 months ago
hi! can i request hq tsundere (pretty) boys getting jealous because you called someone else "pretty boy" infront of them? thankyou so much! and i love your blog sm, u r literally my favorite hq writer here <333 have a nice day^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kageyama + sakusa + suna + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: wait i love this but i feel like idk the specifics of this category of boys skjdgf does suna count as one? idk i added him anyway
Tumblr media
★ kageyama literally looks between you and the guy several times dramatically like a cartoon character, getting more and more offended each time he turns his head. how can you say that right in front of him?? he will take your hand and excuse the both of you so quickly, "yeah we have somewhere to be, bye." he will hold a grudge unless you call him pretty boy too and give him extra kisses, though he'll never say that out loud. you have to figure it out yourself.
Tumblr media
★ sakusa stiffens, wondering if he heard correctly. he subtly looks at you to see if you're messing with him, but when he sees you're not, he honestly doesn't know how to feel. he can't help it but he gets a little insecure. he'll try to subtly stand closer to you and hold your hand in his. that guy may be pretty, but at the end of the day, you're sakusa's, not his.
Tumblr media
★ suna's eyes narrow immediately and he glares at you (though it's more like a pout) while you're talking to this so called "pretty boy." he's real offended cause that's supposed to be your name for him not some other guy. as soon as you're done talking, he's dragging you away to cuddle. he'll just stare at you and he won't say anything but you can tell what's bothering him. taking a nap together and whispering how he's your pretty boy while you play with his hair should fix it.
Tumblr media
★ tsukishima raises a brow but he doesn't say anything. he'll honestly just straight up walk away, forcing you to cut your conversation short. will not slow down for you to catch up, he can be real petty. if you don't understand what's happening, he won't spell it out for you. but he will most likely make a passive aggressive comment muttering something about "pretty boy" eventually and you put two and two together. he won't admit it but your reassurance and snuggles are all he needs to get past it.
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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bobaji · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ he doesn't have as good a hold on his emotions as one might think
♡ sometimes when he's stressed or having a bad day
♡ he ends up being more snappy and on edge than usual
♡ he can be especially mean when he wants to be
♡ and when he wants to be alone and he feels like you aren't respecting that
♡ he ends up losing his temper
"i told you i don't care what you make for dinner," he snaps, head in his hands as he sits on the couch.
you stand there, a frown on your face, "w-well are you hungry at all? i can...order something to be delivered if you want."
he's silent and tension fills the room, making you shift anxiously.
"well i-"
"god, will you shut up?" he finally snaps, looking up at you. his glare is ice cold and has you shrinking back, "all you do is talk, can't you see you're bothering me?"
"i-i'm sorry," you apologize softly, "i'll just..."
you trail off as you skitter past him, escaping to your bedroom.
it felt like hours that you sat there before the door finally creaked open. you looked up and found sakusa toweling his hair, a soft look on his face as he approached you.
"hey," he sighed, taking your hands in his as he crouched in front of you, "i'm sorry about snapping at you."
"it's okay," you sniffle, shrugging your shoulders.
he sighs and pulls you in for a hug, "i know i hurt your feelings. i'm sorry, yeah?"
he relaxes in your embrace when you hug him back, "can we order something to eat then?"
he smiles and pulls back, nodding his head, "yeah, let's go see what we can find."
♡ it's not that he doesn't care about things
♡ he does care
♡ he just isn't good at showing it
♡ so this leads to him sometimes forgetting important dates
♡ and other things that mean a lot to you
♡ and when approached, he doesn't understand the big deal
♡ or why you're angry at him
♡ it was just an accident
♡ so this leads to him getting rather defensive
"i just don't understand how you could forget!" you cry, arms crossed over your chest as you glare at your boyfriend who sits on the couch with an annoyed look on his face.
"i said i was sorry," he sighs, running a hand through his hair.
"i know," you sigh, shrugging your shoulders, "but it doesn't seem like you care, rinta."
you feel tears sting your eyes as he tosses his head back and groans — as if you telling him how you feel is somehow burdening him, like it's a waste of his time to listen.
part of you starts to feel like you're being silly; like it's stupid of you to bring this up.
so you sigh, "i guess it's alright..."
"yeah," he mumbled, short and snappy as he stands up, "let's go to bed."
you nod and choose to quietly follow him, helping him turn out all the lights before you both ultimately retire to your bedroom.
you lay down in bed, both of you tense as you prepare to go to sleep.
you think you hear his breathing level out — a sign that he's fallen asleep. you relax in relief and finally allow the tears you had been holding back free. you hide your face in the pillow so you don't wake him up with your crying.
but he shifts in bed and you suddenly find his arms wrapped around you, chest pressed against your back. the feeling of him holding you only makes the tears come faster.
"shh," he coos, using the tips of his fingers to stroke your skin, "i'm sorry, baby. i know," he whispers as you choke and sob into your pillow, "i care, i really do. i'm sorry, i'll make this up to you, alright?"
he pulls you closer, forcing you to roll over and face him, holding you in his arms as you cry into your chest, whispering apologies and delivering kisses to your head until you finally calm down.
Tumblr media
♡ sometimes he gets so caught up with his job that he just neglects everything else in his life
♡ including his own health
♡ which brings you to worrying about him
♡ sometimes this inadvertently pisses him off
♡ and he can wind up saying things he doesn't mean
♡ even if he knows he's in the wrong
♡ and that it's perfectly valid that you be upset with the way he's neglecting you and himself
"why can't you just leave me alone?" he asks. thought he doesn't raise his voice or anything, you still flinch. the way he speaks is so cold that you can't help but look at the ground as if you could make yourself disappear, "i'm a grown man, i don't need you to fucking baby me, ______."
you find yourself nodding, muttering out apologies in an effort to escape the conversation. he seems to accept it, heaving out a big sigh as he sits back down in his gaming chair.
"now just leave me alone."
you felt relieved by the time you made it to the living room, sitting down on the couch with a soft, defeated sigh.
you don't know how long you sat there, spacing out before you decided it was time for bed. you passed kenma's gaming room on the way there. usually you would stop to remind him that it's time for bed but instead you ghost by and decide to simply go to sleep.
when you wake up, it's to kenma sitting on the bed, shaking you awake. he looks almost lost, eyes furrowed and you're pretty sure he didn't even sleep the night before.
"look i'm...sorry for last night," he mutters, "i wanted to apologize last night but you were already asleep and i...couldn't come to bed knowing i treated you so badly so...i didn't sleep. but i just couldn't sit here any longer and wait for apologize to you. i know you were just looking out for me and i'm sorry," he smiles softly at your sleepy gaze, "i appreciate everything you do to take care of me, okay?"
you smile drowsily and nod, "i forgive you. come sleep a while, okay?"
Tumblr media
♡ tendou is a lot more insecure than one might think
♡ most times you wouldn't see it
♡ but sometimes, the insecurity flares up
♡ especially when you end up hanging out with other guys
♡ he gets jealous and defensive of himself
♡ because deep down he's worried that you'll leave him for someone else
♡ and thinks that it's better to push you away and hurt you before you hurt him
"sleep on the fucking couch," he snarls, turning his back to you as he steps into the bedroom, "i don't want you here."
"tori, no wait! i dont-" before you can finish, hes rudely slamming the door in your face. you feel tears prick your eyes, reaching up to knock on the wood, "i-i don't want to sleep out here, i wanna sleep with you! satori, please! don't make me!"
you receive only silence as your answer and choke out a sob, slumping down as you wander over to the couch.
you don't have your pillow or blanket — the closet storing spare blankets shut away in the bedroom closet. so you curl up on the couch cushions, staring into the darkness as you quietly cry to yourself until you finally doze off.
you wake up to clanking in the kitchen and a nice aroma wafting through the house. you sit up on the couch and stretch your sore limbs before standing up and trodding to the kitchen where you find your boyfriend cooking.
"whatre you doing?" you ask softly, subconsciously curling in on yourself when he turns to look at you - not sure if he's still angry with tou.
but his gaze softens when he spots you, leaving the spoon in the bowl of whatever he was making before making his way to you. he quickly wraps you up in a hug, shushing you when you immediately start to cry.
"i'm sorry, baby," he whispers, "my baby, i really am. i shouldn't have made you sleep on the couch like that, that was unnecessary and mean of me, i know," he sighs, kissing the top of your head, "i was jealous and took it too far. i saw you this morning and you looked so...lonely. i just....i know it doesn't fix hurting you but i'm making your favorite for breakfast and i thought we could spend the day together?"
you sniffle and immediately begin nodding, "i want that."
"you got it then, baby."
Tumblr media
♡ iwaizumi has a temper
♡ everyone knows it
♡ but he usually keeps a very good hold on it
♡ especially towards you
♡ because he never wants to intentionally hurt you
♡ but sometimes, youre just in the wrong place at the wrong time
♡ when all the anger hes been holding back finally explodes
♡ you just happen to be in the line of fire
"i don't give a shit, ______." he suddenly snaps, making you fall silent immediately in the middle of your rambling about your day, "cant you see that i'm not in the mood to listen to your stupid nonsense?"
"um..." you nod softly and turn back to the stove, "sorry, haji."
the kitchen falls dead silent, save for the sizzling food in the frying pan. you cast a glance over your shoulder where iwaizumi is glaring at the table, jaw tense. you look away before he can catch you staring, finishing up the food and turning the stove off.
you hear iwaizumi's chair scrape the floor as he stands up but you don't look to see what he's doing.
but suddenly, you find his arms wrapped around your waist. his head rests on your shoulder and he sighs.
"'m sorry," he mumbled, "bad day....shouldn't have taken it out on you."
you smile tensely and nod, "i-it's okay."
he pulls back and turns you to face him, cupping your cheeks to force you to look at him, "no, it's not fair of me to direct my frustration at you when you didn't do anything to deserve it. i love listening to you talk, i'm just an ass. please...continue telling me about your day, sweetheart?"
after a beat of silence you smile and nod, beginning your rambles once again as you plate both your food and sit down for a meal together.
Tumblr media
© lovebo 2021. do not modify or repost.
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writteninkat · 2 months ago
w/ Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou, Iida
a/n: it's been a few days since i last posted TT i've been so busy w uni + i've been trying to get back into kpop!! i used to stan bts but now i'm thinking of stanning en- and txt!! ^ ^
Tumblr media
we all know about Katsuki's attitude and personality
call him "master" and beg for that. dick. worship that mf
Your juices drip onto the floor as you crane your neck upwards, looking at Katsuki with pleading and selfish eyes.
You hold his dick in your palm, pressing it against your cheek as you pant, "More, master! Want more of your cock!"
Something snaps inside Katsuki and his thighs shake as he cums all over your face, white streaks shooting up your cheeks and eyes, some even getting on your hair.
Your eyes widen as you're caught off guard for a moment but you immediately return to your character, smiling in satisfaction.
when you fuck yourself on his cock, as if his thrusts aren't enough
show him how much you adore his cock
He grips onto your hips, pausing his movements to take a short break. Your face is pressed against the tear-stained pillow, muffling your lewd moans as you arch your back as much as you can.
You huff into the pillow, moving your hips forward before backing up, not wanting to waste even a second whilst Eijiro's inside you.
With a teasing smirk, you turn your head to the side, side-eyeing him. All of a sudden, you feel warmth inside your walls and Eijiro's eyes still on you, wide and glittering.
"Do that again." He huffs and you can't help but laugh at his innocent eyes.
when you let him use his fire quirk on you
The room is filled with your muffled moans, Shoto's soft grunts and the headboard banging against the wall. You're clenching onto the bedsheet as the sound of Shoto's palm making contact with your ass fill the room.
Your body feels so good—as though you're in the highest point of euphoria yet not so there yet. Something's missing and you can't help but feel ticked-off by it.
"Harder. Slap me harder!" Shoto gives you exactly what you want but there's still something missing. A little bit of...spice.
You push yourself upwards, looking back at Shoto and with pleading eyes, you beg for him. "Please, sir, use your quirk on me."
Shoto stills for a moment and it's as if everything's in slow motion. He raises his hand, palm lighting up in effect of his quirk before he quickly brings it down to your ass, the heat leaving a bright red mark on your ass.
The sight of your ass jiggling and the way you moaned so satisfyingly has him creaming inside you. Your eyes widen and you look back at him with a raised brow, only to see him smiling like an idiot.
"You just made me fall in love with you all over again." He sighs.
tell him how good he feels
just . give him his well-deserved praise. pls.
Shinsou has one hand snaked around your back while the other is pressed against the wall, supporting the both of you from falling over.
You're hugging onto him like a koala with your arms wrapped around his torso, nails digging at his back and legs wrapped around his waist.
"Fuck," You're all gasps, the feeling of Shinsou inside and against you feels so right and so good and you can't help but appreciate him. "You feel so good baby!" You cry out.
"Give—give me more of your cock, Shin! Fuck you make me feel so good!" You blabber whatever comes to your mind, oblivious to your boyfriend involuntarily creaming inside you all while he continues thrusting.
"Shit you're an angel!" Shinsou hisses, tightening his arm around you.
take control. that's it.
Missionary has always been a constant in you and Tenya's sex life. It's what you're used to and it's the easiest for the both of you.
But this particular night, a fire is lit inside you as you push Tenya off of you, throwing yourself over him as you press your palm onto his chest to steady yourself.
He raises a brow, "What are you—"
The aecond you start rolling your hips, Tenya's heart drops to his stomach, the butterflies go crazy and he's cumming inside you. Hard.
Your naked chest rises and falls as you look down at him with questioning brows, "Did you just cum?"
"Do that again." He says.
"Do what again?"
He holds onto your hips, moving them for you. "Do it again."
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fueledbyapplepi · a month ago
Please do Haitani brothers when their 5 years old Child ask them 'How babys are made' Please 🤧
And Sorry about my poor language:'(
Daddy Knows Best | Bonten Ran Haitani, and Rindou Haitani
- When their child asks them how babies are made. (female reader)
genre: fluff, crack (?)
warnings: none
A/N: Please this is so cute! I always live for Bonten Dads request. Thank you so much for this, anon! I hope this was okay for you hehe. Also, I can actually imagine these two as chaotic good type of Dads (although chaotic's already a given for Ran LMAO)
Tumblr media
Ran Haitani
Seeing you round and full with his child made Ran prouder than ever. This somehow made his already big ego skyrocket even more.
It's yours and his.
How couldn't he be proud? And knowing damn well that it was his child, Ran couldn't help but spoil the kid. Whatever they want, they'll get. Sometimes, your husband even buys unnecessary things for a five-year-old.
Although you can't deny that he was trying his best to be a good father.
The only problem with Ran as a father is that he doesn't have any filter. Sometimes, your husband just runs off his mouth like a kid wasn't even in the same room.
Unfortunately, for you, it's one of those days.
It was one of Ran's days off. So it was natural that the three of you hang out together. Currently, you're at a five-star restaurant that Ran booked for your family.
You were sitting across from your husband while your kid was sitting beside him. As you were waiting for your order, a pregnant woman who's also handling a stroller together with her husband passed by your table.
Your child looked at the family curiously. Then, suddenly, they started tapping his father's shoulder.
"What is it, Y/C/N?" Ran looked at his kid. Wondering what's the sudden all about.
Your kid motioned his father to come closer, which Ran did. Closely leaning on his father's ear to half-whisper. "Papa, how are babies made?"
Ran looked at his child wide-eyed then suddenly looked at you. Only for you to frown upon him as you were already feeling something wrong he's about to say.
"Well, just like mama and papa, to have a baby, a man and a woman have sE- OUCH!" Ran didn't get to finish his sentence when you stepped on his foot underneath the table.
"You little.. what are you saying?!" You looked at your husband annoyingly.
"Darling, how am I supposed to? Honesty is the best policy." Ran smiled at you teasingly.
"Yeah, but our kid's a 5-year old! That's not how it is!" You half-whispered irritated at Ran.
Then, you looked at your child sweetly. "Y/C/N, we'll be discussing this when we get home, okay? Mama will explain it to you."
Your husband suddenly leaned on towards you, "I think they're asking for a sibling."
You rolled your eyes at your husband. Looking away as you try to hide the redness of your cheeks. "Shut up."
Your husband could only look at your annoyed expression, lovingly.
Oh, how he lives for this.
Tumblr media
Rindou Haitani
Rindou never planned to have kids. He never really thought of himself as a "dad material"; seeing how kids are little monsters and just a bother on one's time and relationship. Plus, he didn't really expect to actually have one since he's Bonten's executive.
Who would want to be involved with a high-profile criminal like him?
So when you told him that you were pregnant with his child, Rindou had his mind on the short circuit for days. Sure, he does love you. He truly does. But parenting is another subject for the both of you.
However, after bearing the child, Rindou unexpectedly became a doting father. As much as he denies it, it was clear for anyone who sees that he's obsessed with the kid.
So here he is, at the couch, with you and a 5-year old kid beside him. You were insisting on putting your kid to bed, but Rindou had planned on bonding with the child more.
The two were watching The Incredibles when suddenly, your child climbed into Rindou's lap, tugging the end of his shirt.
"What's up, buddy?" Rindou carefully placed the kid on his lap, making sure it was comfortable enough.
"Daddy... baby." Your child pointed to the screen where Jack-Jack was being dressed up by Edna.
"Yes, that's a baby." Rindou looked at the child questioningly.
"How are babies made?" your child blurted out. Suddenly making your husband choke on his own spit and faintly blush.
You giggled at Rindou's side. "I told you, I should've put him to bed."
Rindou sat straight up. Looking at the kid eye to eye. "Y-you know, it's know."
Your child looked at his Dad with big eyes, "I know?"
"Ehhh, is the Rindou Haitani embarrassed?" you teased your husband. Knowing well that he's trying his best to hide his reaction.
"Y/C/N, it's w-when, you know.." Rindou looked at you, pondering on what he should tell. While you only looked at him with a smirk. "it's when two people love each other. They make babies."
"So mommy and daddy can make babies?" Your child looked between you. Mouth agape from the knowledge they had just learned. While your husband just nodded with his ears red.
Standing up, you giggled and opened your arms towards your kid. "Right. When you grow a little bit older, mommy will explain it to you. But it's late now honey, time for bed."
You carefully carried your child in your arms. While Rindou just sighed then rolled his eyes on you.
You saved him from further embarrassment. But it's not like he's going to thank you for it.
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avenging-fandoms · 2 months ago
no but like enemies to fuck buddies with jj? my FUCKING GOD.
Tumblr media
*should i make this a series?
you laid back in the chair with your bikini top and shorts, listening to kiara and sarah talking about john b and pope while you stared out to the river.
“was it.. like.. romantic at least?” sarah giggled and kiara nudged her friend. you squinted as you looked at kiara, biting her lip and resting her chin on her knee.
"on the beach? in the moonlight? duh, of course it was romantic!" you smirk and shake your head, closing your eyes and soaking in the little bit on sun left before it went down. "what about you?" kiara hit your leg and you looked at her.
"me? who would i be screwing" you asked and sarah looked at kiara, the both of them laughing and you sat up in the chair. "what?! am i screwing someone i don't even know about?"
"we know you and jj have big sexual tension" sarah winked and you scrunched your nose, shaking your head and waving your hand, the girls laughing.
"absolutely, no way in hell i'd screw jj. i'd rather fuck topper than jj. no offense sarah" you look at her and she waves you off.
"none taken, i promise" she giggles. "no but really, yn, you and jj need to go at it or something. every time you two interact we can see it" you snort and sway your knee back and forth.
"definitely not. and if by 'go at it' you mean punching his teeth in, then yeah, i'd go at it with jj" the screen door slammed shut and the three boys walked out of the house.
"in your dreams, cupcake" jj winked and you gagged.
"you didn't hear me before. i said i'd rather fuck a kook than you. i want nothing to do with you" your elbows rested on the arms of the chair and you watched him move the toothpick in his mouth.
"is that why you're wearing my button up?" you looked at the blue tropical print and shook your head. "that's what i thought" you sighed and pulled your sunglasses over your eyes. "too bright for you, princess? the sun’s halfway down"
"is someone talking?" while everyone else talked, you couldn't help but watch jj. maybe sarah was right, or maybe she wasn't. but you couldn't help but watch the toothpick roll around his tongue. behind your dark shades, no one could see where your eyes were, but you did see when jj would take sneaky looks your way.
you jumped awake after dreaming about falling off a very tall building, huffing. you blinked as you looked around the room, seeing nothing but jj sleeping on the floor. "you've got to be fucking kidding me" you spoke and jj jumped awake, rubbing his eyes and looking at you.
"how the hell did i end up here?" he mumbled and stood up, going to grab the door knob but it was locked. "uhm.. hello?" you checked your window, which was also locked from the outside. "guys?!"
"you two are going to stay in there until you be nicer to each other! we don't like seeing you two fight all the time!" pope yelled and you both bang on the door, begging for them to open the door, but the screen door slammed and you watched them leave in kiara's car.
"this is bullshit. i can't be stuck in here, especially with you!" you exclaim and jj rolls his eyes, sitting on your bed. "can you please get off my bed?"
"hmm.. no" jj shook his head and laid on it, hands behind his head. you gritted your teeth and lunged on the bed, jj holding your wrists as you tried to put your hands around his neck. sadly, jj was stronger and flipped you onto your back, straddling your waist and holding your wrists above your head.
you looked at him, and really looked at him. there was no denying he wasn't bad to look at, and you couldn't deny that you really wanted to kiss him. jj caught his breath and ran his eyes over your face. "are you done?" you shook your head and he pushed your wrists to the bed, getting off of you.
jj sighed as he sat with his back towards you, slightly hunched as he played with his bracelet. “how did you end up sleeping in here?” you ask and he shrugs.
“is there a reason you hate me so much, yn?” jj asked the question he always wanted to. and now that you were locked together in a room, you couldn’t run from answering it.
"you're cocky and you're arrogant. happy?" jj knitted his eyebrows together as he looked at you. "you are, jj. you think everyone should go along with your stupid plans, and when they don't you throw a hissy fit"
"i do not" you look at him and he smirks, laughing. you let out a chuckle and shake your head. "i don't hate you. but you are very annoying sometimes. you think you're untouchable and that you're the boss of everything. it's aggravating" jj was now facing you, and your heart was in your stomach.
"i don't.. fuck you jj" you huff and he laughs, pushing your thigh. you look at him and his face was expressionless, but his eyes were on fire. you pushed your leg up and pushed your leg next to him, poking his side with your socked foot.
"when you say.. 'fuck you jj' .. do you mean that literally or..?" jj pressed his fists into the mattress and you scoff.
"in your dreams, maybank" you shake your head and he sat in between your legs. his fingers brushed against your thigh and you inhale sharply.
"actually.. i have" jj looked at you and you cocked an eyebrow. "i had a few dreams about you. about.. fucking you. had you screaming my name. we were down on my boat, and nearly flipped over from-"
"alright!" you held up your hands and he stopped, your head back against your pillows. "alright. i've.. i've had dreams about you too" your knee swayed and jj smirked. "and i don't know why! cause i don't.." you stood up and tried to lie, but it wouldn't fall past your tongue.
"don't what, yn?" jj stood up behind you, his breath on your neck with his fingers hovering over your hips.
"i don't hate you" jj spun you around and you held his face, pulling him down to kiss him. it was rough, but your lips molded perfectly against his. it was weird to be kissing jj, you had bickered every day with him.
you pushed jj to the bed and straddle his waist, jj's hands holding the hem of your t-shirt and pulling it over your head. you forgot you weren't wearing a bra and blushed, but jj held your back and kissed up your stomach, up the valley of your breasts and flicking his tongue over your nipple.
“fuck.. jj..” you whimper and your fingers gripped his hair at the back of his head. he looked up at you and pulled back, smiling up at you. he kept eye contact as his mouth went to your other nipple, his fingers following your stomach down to your shorts. jj pushed his fingers into your underwear, and you gasped against him.
jj’s mouth but your shoulder as he pumped his middle finger into you. “so wet..” jj mumbled against your hot skin and you held his wrist.
“m..more” you pleaded, jj laying you on the bed and pulling your shorts and underwear off. you pulled off his tank top, running your fingers down his toned stomach.
jj fell in between your legs and kissed your thighs, spreading your legs and licking your clit softly. “jj.. wait” he sat up immediately, hand on your thigh. “can i.. try something i dreamed of?”
“sure, what?” you bit your lip and rolled him onto his back, straddling his face. jj’s face broke out in a grin and held your ass as he sat you down on his tongue. the feeling was euphoric and shot electricity up your body, your hands gripping your boobs tightly. “so pretty from here” jj mumbled and wrapped his arms around your thigh, plunging his tongue into you.
your eyes rolled back slightly, moving your hips against his tongue a little fast. you gasp and jj pushed his fingers into you, the pleasure washing over you. “yes.. yes!” you exclaim, shaking and pushing your thighs against either side of his head. “fucking hell”
jj put you on the bed and straddled your waist again, his lips swollen pink and cheeks rosy. you sat up and untied his sweatpants, rubbing his cock outside of the cloth. you pulled them down slowly, eyes widening as his long cock popped out of his boxers.
“guess i was lying when i called you a shrimp, hm?” you wink and he chuckles, but it drops when you wrap your hand around the base. your tongue pressed against his tip, wrapping your lips around him. your tongue swirled around his swollen head, bobbing your head and hallowing your cheeks.
“so beautiful, princess” that nickname used to be an insult, but hearing it as he almost moaned made you wetter than before. “o..okay. stop before i cum in your mouth. i wanna fuck you, yn”
you fell back against the bed and jj grabbed a condom, ripping it open and sliding it on. he rubbed his length up and down your folds, making you jump as he grazed your clit.
jj finally thrusted himself into you and you gasp, pressing your hand against his stomach as you adjusted to him. “fuck, w-wait, jj. shit”
“am i hurting you? do you want to stop?” jj never cared about you this much, and normally you’d feel sick. but that just made butterflies flutter in your stomach.
“no, go, jj. fuck me like you hate me” jj smirked and roughly grabbed your calves, putting your ankles up on his shoulders and thrusting into you. you gasp and rub your clit, moaning jj’s name. “right there!! fuck yes, jj, oh my god”
“feel good, yn? are you eating your words?” he smirked, kissing your calf. “you look gorgeous taking my cock” jj flipped you onto your hand and knees, pushing your head to the bed and thrusting deep into you.
you never expected to find yourself in bed with jj, having sex, or even talking to him. you and him bickered like it was your job, but you always liked him. you knew kiara and sarah knew, but you would have to hide this. for now, at least”
“jj, i’m gonna.. fuck!” you thrusted back into him and jj held your hips, thrusting faster and deeper. you gasped for air as you came, holding onto jj for support.
“you didn’t wait for me” jj pouted and you laughed, shaking your head. “on your back, let me paint those pretty tits of yours, hm?” you nod and push your boobs together, jj taking off the condom and thrusting.
you watched his face as he got closer to the brink of his orgasm. your hand pressed against his stomach and his thrusts got sloppy. “yes.. yes.. oh my god.. good girl..” you held your tongue out and licked him clean. you wiped your face and stood up, heading to the bathroom to wash off his mess.
you put back on the pajama shorts and shirt, jj as well. he sat on your bed with his hand on your thigh. you both look at each other and just smile. you heard multiple car doors slam and you jumped.
“pretend to be sleeping, jj!” you grabbed your book and laid on the bed, someone unlocking the door and they all piled in. “fucking finally!”
“well..? did the plan work?” pope asked and you looked down at jj. he peeked his eyes opened and winked at you.
“it worked actually better than i expected” you said and they all clapped. “but seriously, a hostage situation?! not cool!”
jj had to pull the blankets up over his mouth so no on say him smiling. you were the last one out of the room and looked back at jj, who winked at you again.
you started today with fucking with jj, but now you were actually fucking jj. and you never wanted it to stop. he was the best sex you ever had, but you couldn’t tell him that. it would go straight to his head.
jj came out a few minutes, rubbing his eyes. “oh so we’re let out of our cage?” everyone laughed and jj sat down next to you.
“see? now i’m glad we locked you two in there. you just voluntarily sat next to yn!” pope examined and you looked at jj. he smiled and wrapped his arm around your neck, rubbing his knuckle softly against your head.
“ew get off me, you stink!” you push him off and laugh, jj rubbing your arm.
“there’s my girl! welcome back, cupcake” jj winked and you laughed, pushing his face away.
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vquacki · 4 months ago
Bath time
Tumblr media
Characters: BONTEN - Rindou Haitani, Ran Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo
Warning ⚠︎︎ : Mature content, cussing,  MINORS DNI
Note :  just little shorts of the bonten boys, lmk if you enjoyed this story! >.<
Tumblr media
R I N D O U 
“Rinnn” a whine escaped your lips as you lightly knocked on the door. You and your boyfriend had been cuddling when the purple-nette had suddenly released your limbs and belined for the bathroom. Leaving you alone on the living room couch. Confused from the abrupt action, you followed in pursuit of figuring out what initiated this.
 Lips puffing out as another grumble left you, “Rin, lemme in” a continuous line of knocks occurred, resulting in a loud sigh being heard from the other side of the door, separating the two of you. by choice. 
The door cracked open, revealing your half undressed boyfriend. The first thing his eyes traveled to was the pout resting upon your face.
“Fine.” the single words he spoke, allowing you to enter. The bath already running, half way filled with the clear liquid. The shampoo bottles lined up at the opposite end of the bathtubs ledge, his discarded shirt sprawled on the floor before you even entered the room. 
Wide smile plastered on your face as you pulled yourself onto the bathroom counter. Sitting yourself on the edge, watching the male remove the rest of his clothing. Enjoying the sight before you, letting it all sink in. 
A scowl appeared on his face as he watched your eyes linger all over his body. Tracing the half tattoos circling his back all the way around to his stomach. Slowly bringing himself down into the tub, his arm rested on the ledge as his back was pressed against the wall. Man spreading, his girlfriend's eyes never leaving him. 
“if you're going to be in here, get in here with me” Rindou motioned his hand, first pointing at you before his hand motions back to the tub. A bored expression stuck to his features. 
Though it looked like he was in disapproval, Secretly he was enjoying this occurrence.
Your head tilted at his words, “you sure~?” you teased as you hopped off the counter, sitting on your knees, before the male on the floor. Both your arms on the ledge of the bathtub as you let your chin rest on your arms. 
Rindou rolled his eyes at your playful behavior “Get in before I change my mind.” He looked the other way, not sparing you the sight of his cheeks tinted in a light shade of pink. 
Without a second thought you striped, laying yourself in between his legs, your back to his chest. One of his arms trailing down to wrap around your waist, the other arm still relaxed on the ledge. 
“You're so troublesome, always following me around like a lost pup” His free hand combed through your hair. Your heart twirled as you nuzzled closer into his touch, knowing his words were just him putting on his bad boy act. 
 R A N 
“ACK” you shrieked as the flour sleethed its way into your nostrils. Ran and your anniversary was coming up and you wanted to make a homemade cake. It wasn't a surprise to the male as you stayed up late nearly every night trying to perfect the art of baking. 
“Stop messing around Ran!” you yelled, as you tried wiping the powder that was previously just thrown in your face by the man. 
“Our anniversary is in less than two days and I don't have anything started!” you frowned. The sleazy man didn't bother apologizing, knowing either way you both were gonna enjoy your anniversary regardless. 
“C'mere doll,” He spread his arms, motioning his chin downwards. Signaling you to come forth. A frustrated huff left your lips as you wrapped your arms around the haitani. “Lets clean you up and then after we will try again okay?” he smiled down at you as he patted the top of your head. 
“You're gonna help this time?” you pouted as you raised your face to look up at him. He nodded, his smile still apparent. “For real?” you questioned, genuinely torn between believing the male or not. 
“Anything to please my baby” he said, before placing a chaste kiss on the top of your head. A smile replaced your pout as he dragged you to the bathroom. With a swift movement your clothing had been neatly folded, placed on the table. 
You in the tub as Ran sat outside of it. Your knees folding against your chest, arms wrapped around it securely as Ran moved the shower head down to you. Your body eased up as you felt the warm water running across it. 
“That's right doll, relax and let me do all the work” Ran said, adoring the way your breath relaxed under his touch. “Let me take care of you” his voice was so soothing to your ears. 
“And then after this we can chill and watch a movi-” “ no we are still baking that fucking cake” 
S A N Z U 
Coming back from Sanzu’s weekly shooting practice was like coming home from the sun being in your face all day. Disgusting and sweaty. While Sanzu was having the time of his life shooting random targets flying across the field, you were stuck struggling to shoot one. 
The only thing you could think about as you arrived home was taking a nice long bath. Sanzu was ahead of you, kicking his shoes off as he lazily threw the car keys against the kitchen counter. 
“Im taking a bath first,” Sanzu yelled from the corridor as you stood at the door to your house. “No way!” You yelled back as you jogged your way down the hall. Only to run face first into Sanzu’s chest. 
He anticipated for this to happen, you both coming home and you wanting to just rest in the tub, letting your aching muscles relax against the cooling liquid. 
His shit eating grin peering down at you. “Let's take a bath together then” he leaned down, face in front of your own. Your cheeks burned red as you pushed against his chest. Looking back at him to see your push didn't even make him budge. 
“Cmon sweet cheeks, it's either that or you wait until I'm done.” he sighed, acting like he wasn't going to drag you into the bath with him regardless. He looked up at the ceiling for a moment before looking back down at her. 
“So what will it be?” 
“Whatever, just don't get any ideas pinky” You returned his playful banter as you pushed past him into your bathroom. Thrill took over Sanzu’s emotions as he followed closely behind you, “of course not” he replied. 
There you two were, sanzu sitting against the bowl of water, his head resting on his palm as you sat on him. Chest pressed to his chest, bubbles not only in your stomach but all foaming on top of the water. Your tender eyes gracing his face as the tip of your finger traced his diamond shape scars.
“Isn't this nice?” 
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simpforsadbois · 2 months ago
Okokokokokoooook. But like Dilf Aizawa w Babysitter reader. Shes just so good w Eri all that cute hot stuff that comes with that trope (it's a fav of mine especially if it activates his breeding kink while hes still pining). And fucking just the idea of him coming home to her having sent his kid to bed and waiting for him all nice and he just needs her so bad and "mr a-" "wrong name" "daddy!".
This is a fav of mine too!! 💕 Ahhh can you just imagine what it would be like to be his babysitter?? Him coming home late, both of you secretly pretending that he was coming home to you. The undeniable sexual tension that would inevitably bubble up between you two, especially when he sees how good you are with Eri? He loves taking care of her and now he wants a kid of his own and he thinks you would be just perfect to give him one.
Minors DNI
Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x reader
Genre: smut & fluff
Warnings: daddy kink, breeding kink, age gap (early 20s vs early 30s), little overstimulation
Tumblr media
It’s late in the evening. You’re seated on the couch, curled up and scrolling on your phone when Shouta returns.
“Hi,” you smile shyly, absently playing with your hair as you look up from your phone before setting it aside.
“Hi,” he smiles back, “Eri in bed?”
“Yep,” you nod as he sets his things down on then side table. “She was a perfect angel tonight, as usual.”
“Good,” he nods, removing his capture weapon, his eyes studying you subtly as he cocks his head to the side. "Did you..change your clothes?"
"Hmm? Oh!" You nod sheepishly, your cheeks flushing a shade of crimson as you tug and look down at the old t-shirt of his you were wearing. "I, uh, well. We had a little incident just before dinner. Eri got a little distracted while pouring her juice and I ended up soaked. She said you had some old clothes she never sees you wear, so I threw this on while my clothes were in the wash. Just tossed it in with a load of laundry I saw sitting there. I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind."
"Not at all," he chuckles, laying the fabric over the back of the couch. "That outfit looks much better on you anyway." He takes a seat on the arm chair beside the end of the couch where you're situated, "No other incidents tonight?"
"Nah," you shake your head with a soft smile, "She was a little embarrassed about the juice mishap. Shed a few tears, so we sat and calmed down for a bit before she tried again. Things went smoothly the second go 'round. My clothes should be done in the dryer in a little bit, actually. I can go check on 'em."
He waves his hand dismissively, "I can still hear the dryer. It takes a notorious amount of time to dry anything completely anyway."
"I don't wanna keep you up or be a bother, I--,"
"You're not," he assures you with a kind glance, a little smile turning up the corners of his lips. "Besides, I hardly ever actually get any sleep and I enjoy your company."
You blush once more, looking down as you fidget with the hem of your his shirt before meeting his gaze again, "Okay. Well how was your day? You’ve heard enough about ours.”
"It was all right. Glad to be home though. Thank you for staying so late, I know the plan initially wasn’t for you to be here all day.”
“Oh, it’s no trouble. That little girl has my whole heart,” you smile, looking down the hall toward her bedroom. “I’m happy to watch her whenever you need.”
He watches your face, his expression soft, “She really loves you. You’re really great with her. There’s no one I trust more to look after her.”
“Thank you,” you turn your head back to look at him, catching the lovestruck expression on his face just before he clears his throat at looks away, readjusting in his seat.
You chew on your inner lip, glancing down as you also readjust in your seat, sitting crossed legged now. Not-so-subtly pulling the borrowed basketballs shorts you’re sporting up higher on your legs, offering him a peek at your inner thighs as you arch your back and stretch, the imprint of your unrestrained nipples poking through the thin material as you groan quietly.
He steals a glance and fights the urge to groan himself, feeling his cock stir in his pants as he wonders what you look like underneath.
He’s caught off guard by the soft moan that falls from your lips, his eyes meet yours as you let your head roll to the side, trailing a hand over your collarbone, between your breasts, letting it come to rest between your thighs, slowly pressing two fingers between your legs as you watch him squirm, his chest heaving as he’s forced to draw deeper breaths.
“What are you doing?” He sighs, unable to tear his eyes away from the way that both of your hands are now subtly exploring your own body.
“Aren’t you tired of pretending that you don’t wanna do this? Don’t you know how badly I want it too?” You mewl quietly, propping your feet up on the couch, spreading your legs for him as you toy with your clit through your shorts, watching his eyes dart to the outline of your folds as the fabric pushes against them. “Don’t you wanna fuck me?”
“Fuck,” he groans, feeling his self-restraint quickly dissolving. “I do. You have no idea how badly I want to, but we—,”
“I’m a big girl, I can decide what I want,” you sigh, massaging your breast, tugging your clothed nipple as you plead. “Please, want it so bad. I’ll beg, if that’s what you want.”
“Shit,” he mumbles under his breath, rocking his hips forward as he pats his knee, his voice thick with authority when he speaks again. “Come here.”
You heed his instruction, standing to stroll over and straddle his lap, steadying yourself on his shoulders and he placed his hands over your hips, pulling you forward as he bucks his hips into you.
“Oh fuck,” you sigh, closing your eyes as you catch your clit on the bulge in his pants, “Mr. Aizawa—,”
“Mm-mm,” he fills his hands with his grip on your ass, striking your right cheek as he whispers against your neck, “Wrong name.”
“Shouta?” You try again, playfulness evident in your tone as you tilt your head to the side, a devious smile spreading across your face.
He strikes your left cheek this time, a little harder now, and you let out a soft yelp.
“I’ll give you one more guess, kitten,” he growls seductively in your ear, placing a kiss to your quickening pulse as he ruts his hips up into yours.
“Daddy,” you moan, tightening your grip on his shoulders as you desperately grind against him.
“Good girl,” he smirks, running his hands up the back of your shirt to lift it off, tossing it to the side as he sits back to look at you.
His eyes rove over your torso, admiring your breasts as he slowly cups them in his hands, muttering a quiet, “Damn,” beneath his breath as he leans in, taking your nipple in his mouth as he closes his eyes.
“Oh, fuck, Daddy,” you coo, arching into his touch, moaning louder as he continues his assault on your sensitive nipples, pulling at the other with skilled fingers. “Been thinking about this for so long.”
“Yeah? Tell me about it, kitty,” he presses your breasts together, massaging them as he looks up at you intently. “Tell me what you want.”
“Wanna ride your cock, Daddy,” you run your hands over his chest, shifting your hips anxiously on top of his. “It’s so big, I can feel it. All I want is your cock. ‘S’all I can think about.”
He moves more quickly, his cock growing impossibly harder in his pants as he lifts his hips, and you with him, to work them off of his hips until they fall around his ankles and his cock springs free.
“So big,” you’re almost drooling as you wrap your hand around it, stroking slowly along his entire length. “Can I have it, Daddy, please?”
“You’re gonna kill me, kitten,” he chokes out a groan, guiding your hips up and off of his to yank down your shorts. “No panties, hmm?”
You maneuver yourself to allow him to pull them completely off of you before straddling his lap again, his swollen cock nestled against your slick folds as you lean in as whisper, “Those got soaked too. For a different reason,” you stroke his tip languidly, lifting your hips up to line him up with your entrance, swiping his leaking head against your clit as you moan. “Couldn’t help but to play with myself a little after I put Eri to bed. Couldn’t stop thinking about you, Daddy.”
You sink down on his length as he seizes your hips, his fingertips dipping into your plush skin as his head falls back against the back of the chair, the most relieved groan you’ve ever heard escaping his lips.
“Don’t worry though,” you sigh breathlessly, setting a slow pace as you begin to bounce on his cock, “I made sure not to make a mess of your sheets,” you smirk, clenching around him and he gasps before growling, a feral look in his eyes when they meet yours again.
“How long have you been touching yourself in my bed?” His winds a hand into your hair, tugging your head back to expose your neck as he sucks and bites ar your skin.
“Too long,” you admit, moan after moan pouring from your lips as he takes control, fucking up into you roughly, unable to contain himself any longer. “Couldn’t help m-myself, fuck, daddy,” you whine, clinging to the collar of his shirt.
“Gonna have to make a mess of those sheets anyway, kitten,” he growls, kicking his pants aside before he stands, lifting you with ease as he carries you off to the bedroom, his cock sliding deep inside your pussy.
“Fuck, you’re so big, ahh. So tight,” you wince, the new angle stretching you around him before he lays you down on the bed and climbs over you, immediately sinking his cock straight back in.
“You’re so beautiful, kitten,” he holds your jaw in his hand, “But I’m gonna make such a mess of you tonight. Been waiting too long to fuck you like this.”
He slams his hips into you suddenly and you cry out, eyes rolling back as he hits that special spot within your walls.
“You have any idea how hard it is for me not to bend you over and breed you senseless anytime I have you alone?”
You gasp, meeting his slow thrusts as he cups your face in his large palm, studying your features as he gets lost in the feeling of finally having you right where he wants you.
“Is that what you want, Daddy? I can give it to you,” your chest heaves as you carefully push your fingers into his hair, finding his gaze. “I want it. Wanna feel you cum inside me. Wanna take everything you have,” you sigh breathlessly as he kisses you, hard and deep.
You can taste how badly he needs you on his tongue as it lashes against yours. His mouth melds against yours as of it were made just for your lips. He greedily swallows every sinful moan that you offer, tugging on your bottom lip as he groans, his hips thrusting faster as he feels himself getting close.
He can tell that you’re almost there yourself with the way your walls are contracting around him, your eyes shut tight as yours moan pitch up and become more frequent.
“Gonna cum for daddy?” He kisses along your jaw, thrusting deeper to hit that special spot again and it catapults you both over the edge.
He leans back, keeping his thrusts steady as you both ride out your orgasms. You, convulsing beneath him as you briefly lose the ability to make a sound, wailing when the intense wave finally washes over you as he grunts with every rough thrust, each one growing sloppier than the last until he’s just hovering over you, panting as he watches his some of his seed slowly drip back out of your quivering cunt to spill over his balls.
“Holy shit,” he breathes, running his hands up your sides slowly, sending fresh shivers up your spine in your overstimulated state.
“Fuck,” you sigh, staring up at him dreamily as he lowers himself back down to kiss you slowly.
“Mm, is it too forward of me to ask you to stay the night?” He chuckles, a deep, soothing rumble echoing in the quiet bedroom.
“I don’t think so,” you giggle in reply. “You gotta take this off though, that’s the deal.” You pull at his shirt gently.
“Yes, ma’am,” he grins, reaching to the nape of his neck to tug his shirt over his head, tossing it aside before laying beside you, keeping his semi-hard cock nestled snugly within your center as he pulls your thigh over his hip. “You mind if we stay like this for a while?” He brushes a lock of your disheveled hair behind your ear. “You just feel so good.”
“Not at all,” you smile softly against his lips as they brush against yours, his nose nuzzling yours gently. “I feel like I could lay here with you forever,” you quietly admit, pressing a hand to his chest as you watch his lips curl into a soft smile.
He closes his hand around yours, “I do too.”
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deus-ex-moshina · 9 months ago
What a lot of you don’t understand is that when you think about it, the John Wick movies really are the closest thing to perfection we have in the movie industry nowadays. Yes, I’m aware of how absolutely insane I sound right now,  just bear with me. By ‘perfection’ I didn’t mean good, just in the sense that. They are the only action franchise I know that openly panders to their audience, and somehow also managed to include literally everyone in that audience. 
Let’s take a crack at this together if you don’t believe me. 
We’ll start with the basics. What country are you from? Trick question, it doesn’t matter because *slaps the roof of New York* This City can fit so many countries into it and oh yes, they Are going to speak your language. This is a threat. Next, what kind of music are you into? Pop? Rock? Jazz? Classical? KYARY PAMYU PAMYU? Don’t worry, they’ve got you. Let’s move on to something a little more personal– Are you gay? Straight? Yes, these movies qualify as queer cinema because every single fight scene in them IS bi on bi violence, but you also wouldn’t know this if you’re cishet, so their homophobic dudebro fanbase is still steadily expanding despite the movies steadily getting gayer and gayer. By the way, have you heard about their canon nonbinary character? Well, you see, the thing is, they’ve announced that this character IS nonbinary, you just didn’t notice this because the need for them to explicitly state their gender never arises in the movie. Well, fingers crossed for more Trans Rights in John Wick: Chapter 4 and 5! 
Ok, enough about you. Let’s move on to your taste in men. What’s your type? Do you like older men? Younger men? Keanu Reeves is here, and he somehow managed to look both 31 and 65 at the same time. He has the Range. Do you like men with short hair? Long hair? John Wick has shoulder-length hair but he’s never put it into a bun in canon, so he passes as both I guess. Do you want a male wife? He’s a househusband for 5 years in canon. If you like nice guys, he’s good with animals and very polite to everyone around him; but if you’re into bad boys, he’s also killed over 300 people and they don’t get any worse than that. If you like married men, this is probably the most married man I’d ever seen in an action movie; but if you’re not into that, it’s fine, because his wife’s also Very Dead. If you like men with short names, “John Wick” is only two syllables; if you like men with longer names, his real name is actually Jardani Jovonovich. If your type is Keanu Reeves, he’s there, but if you just hate Keanu Reeves, well this is THEE franchise for you because they’re going to beat the shit out of him and throw him off the edge of a thirteen-story building. Oh, sorry, do you like women? They’ve got so many great non-sexualized female characters, you’re gonna fall head over heels in love with all of them faster than I can say John Wick; but if you just hate women, well, some of them are also dead. (But like, killed off in a dignified and respectable way that made sure to not piss off anyone.) 
Now let’s talk about the animals. Are you a dog person? Welcome, this franchise is secretly just three dog movies in a blood-stained trench coat. If you like small dogs, there’s one, but if you like BIG dogs, you get 3 of them. If you like smart dogs these Belgian Malinois are trained to climb walls and castrate people on command. If you like dumb dogs this pitbull does nothing for two movies but sit around on sofas, look pretty, and eat butter off of Keanu Reeves’ face. If you’re a cat person check out this absolute unit living their best life at a sushi bar owned by a gay ninja; if you’re a bird person, well I hope you like pigeons because *slaps the roof of New York* this city can fit so many pigeons into it. If you’re a horse girl so is John Wick, apparently, and to make this movie even more relatable for you, he brought a Horse. To a car chase. In the middle of BROOKLYN. If you're a snake person, Ian Mcshane is also there, and he speaks. 
What else? Oh, let’s get into the fandoms, why not. DC fans, your John Constantine is wearing a white shirt with a tie and talking to Lucifer. Marvel fans, your Green Goblin dies again. SPN fandom, happy to inform you that Sam’s blonde girlfriend (the one who somehow got fridged by. A ceiling fire??) is here too and she’s MY girlfriend now. She wears a leather jacket, calls John Wick a pussy while beating the absolute shit out of him, and she is an asshole to everybody. If nothing else I said could convince you, do it for HER. Hannibal fandom, we’ve been through this many times, but John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) IS a hannigram mafia au, and coincidentally, Laurence Fishburne is also There, and he flirts with Keanu Reeves while wearing a silk bathrobe. Game of Thrones fandom, don’t you just hate that blonde little fruit Theon Greyjoy? Don’t you just wish someone would punch him in his stupid face? Well I’ve got GREAT news for you folks. Brooklyn-99 fandom, your Vulture is here and he’s got a husband. Ok alright no he didn’t yes he did. no he didn’t ;)) (He did though) And of course, of course, how could I forget my main audience, The Old Guard(2020, dir. Gina Prince-Blythewood) Fandom? Right this way followers, here’s an unedited screenshot of the canon dialogue from John Wick(2014)
Tumblr media
NOW that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s move on to your taste in movies because oh, *slaps chad stahelski in the face* this movie can fit So much Movie into it. Tell me, do you like good movies? These movies CAN, indeed, be very good. Do you like BAD movies? Well congratulations! This critically acclaimed arthouse action franchise WILL put you through some of the worst moments in the history of cinema, and you WILL unironically enjoy every single second of it, perhaps even more than the good parts. Do you like movies with good acting? Well one of the greatest accomplishments of the John Wick franchise is that they went out of their way to round up all the best actors in the movie industry, just to get them to say the absolute dumbest shit on camera. For you. Do you like movies with BAD acting? Well Keanu Reeves is There and he somehow managed to be at the peak AND the rock bottom of his career at the same time, he HAS the Range.  What about.....The story? Do you like a good plot? A BAD plot? Spoiler Alert: everyone wins, because there is NO plot. 
I could go on and on but the point is, you could NOT lose with these movies even if you tried. It’s just fun for everyone, every time, and if you hate fun you can come sit next to me in the theater, and I promise I’ll do my best to take all the fun out of your viewing experience. Oh and one last thing, before I log off: I get that some of y’all have problems with graphic and gratuitous violence, and that’s valid, but hey, listen. What if it was, like, really funny 
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