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Hey listen, I’m so sorry, but there seems to be a little mix-up in your accommodation. Oh right. Yeah. I’m sorry, but there’s nowhere for you to stay. Okay, well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Right. But it might be smart for you to leave directly, to find something. Are you serious? Yeah, I’m serious.

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I know that one of the DNN admins is not a Larry, but she panders to them and ok with them and their content as long as they love Niall and positive about him .

Fandom is gonna have to make their peace about whether this is the culture they want to support.

When conspiracy theorists openly flock to and recommend one UA because they know it won’t offend them (because its mods haven’t or won’t take a stance against conspiracy theorism - and recall Niall is subject to their conspiracy theorism too; it’s in all our houses), and specifically “refuse” to use another UA because its mods are NOT conspiracy theorists - therefore engaging in the exact same behavior the BLB was enacted to provide as an option to anti-conspiracy theorists - is the outcome for fandom significantly different than if the mods were outspoken conspiracy theorists, versus being quiet about it in their position as mods of the account?

It is my position, after years of observation, that it is not.

But, hey, everyone should make their own choices, and the next time conspiracy theorists do something gross enough and big enough that it impacts one’s fave and people ask, “what can we do?” we can continue to not know.

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For @muffinlance Kindling Zuko! 

ヾ(。﹏。)ノ゙ I know that his face scar is characterized as suspiciously clean edged but,,, you mean to tell me that Ozai wouldn’t get a little power drunk on burning his least favorite child??

(Ozai: I can have a little uncontrolled Zuko burning. As a treat.) 

Also attempted choking. That is all. 

[ID: An incomplete ¾ view headshot of Zuko (only head is colored in) in military gear. Zuko has his default scowl expression. His big face scar is rougher around the edges. There is a older burn around his neck that resembles fingers. Another old burn peaks through his collar at the base of his neck. The side of his head with the burn is bald, while the other side has hair pulled into a low side pony tail.]

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I am deeply, enduringly frustrated with someone who seems to operate on the assumption that everyone else is aware of everything they’re aware of and knows everything they know.  Like… no, that’s not a mainstream element of pop culture.  That’s not a prevailing political sentiment.  That’s a thing you are familiar with, which is wonderful, go be super familiar with it, but it’s not something you get to be disappointed when someone isn’t familiar with.

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awwwwwww thank you anon!! it’s nice to have a nice grade as a reward for working hard, and i’m glad u also want to work hard at school!! school is rough but i believe in u anon!!!

if u ever need a help with homework, i am decent-ish at math and REAL good at bullshitting essays. i will explain to u how to bullshit an essay if u want. i hope u do good at school! we will both do good and graduate and stuff hell yeah!!!

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the fucking luck i have though. not only do i let my favorite person be someone from far as fuck away who has no time for me, but i fall in love with her too. i know i’m not on hold. i’m not one of her best friends and i p much can’t be. so we’re just gonna drift away and become nothing. i already know. why does my life have to be a fucking joke at all times ?? i’m tired of it.

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