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Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go - former president Giovanni Gigli
Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go – former president Giovanni Gigli
Juventus signing Ronaldo, was an expensive mistake, we have to let him go – former president Giovanni Gigli Continue reading
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Best News of Last Week
Edition #020 - ️‍🌈
1. Conversion therapy to be illegal in Canada in 30 days
Tumblr media
The federal legislation to ban conversion therapy practices in Canada received royal assent on Wednesday, meaning the bill is now a law, but the new criminal offences won’t be in effect until early January.
Per the coming-into-force provisions of the bill, the four new Criminal Code violations will be enacted 30 days after it received royal assent, which will be Jan. 7. That means that in a month it will be illegal to subject someone of any age, consenting or not, to so-called conversion therapy.
2. Looted Gilgamesh tablet returns to Iraq in formal ceremony
Tumblr media
A small clay tablet dating back 3,500 years and bearing a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh that was looted from an Iraqi museum 30 years ago and recently recovered from the United States formally returned to Iraq on Tuesday.
The $1.7 million cuneiform tablet, known as the Gilgamesh Dream Tablet, is one of the world’s oldest surviving works of literature and one of the oldest religious texts. It was found in 1853 as part of a 12-tablet collection in the rubble of the library of Assyrian King Assur Banipal.
3. Plastic surgeon performs 37,000 free surgeries for kids born with cleft lips — they can now finally smile
Tumblr media
Plastic surgeon Dr Subodh Kumar Singh struggled in his childhood days to become a doctor; he now offers free corrective surgeries to kids born with cleft lip/palate.
From 2002, Dr Singh began a free treatment week to mark his father’s death anniversary. He started performing corrective cleft surgeries from 2003-04, became a part of The Smile Train project (globally the largest cleft surgery-focused organisation). “We set a target of 2,500 cleft surgeries by December 2005. The Smile Train India team, while considering our target too ambitious, asked us to go for just 500 free surgeries by 2005-end. We crossed that figure by 2004-end and went beyond 2,500 by the following year end,” says Dr Subodh. “Since 2008-09, we annually perform 4,000-plus free cleft surgeries under this initiative.”
Professional Photographers of America are huge donors to this cause. You can donate to him here .
4. Henry Cavill says his dog saved his mental health
Tumblr media
"Superman" star Henry Cavill has revealed that not all heroes wear capes -- some just have fluffy paws. "He really is (my best friend)," the 38-year-old told Kelly as he stroked Kal. "We go everywhere together. He's 8 now and he has saved my emotional, psychological bacon plenty of times."
5. California tackles food waste with largest recycling program in US
California will soon enact the largest mandatory residential food waste recycling program in the US in January, an effort designed to dramatically cut down on organic waste in landfills and reduce the state’s methane emissions.
“This is the biggest change to trash since recycling started in the 1980s,” said Rachel Wagoner, the director of the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.
6. Starbucks workers vote to unionize in Buffalo, New York
Tumblr media
Starbucks workers at a store in Buffalo, New York, voted to unionize on Thursday, a first for the 50-year-old coffee retailer in the U.S. and the latest sign that the labor movement is stirring after decades of decline.
Lets go Buffalo, clap clap, clap clap clap
7. Chile legalises same-sex marriage
Chile has legalised same-sex marriage following a 21-8 vote in the Senate. Later, the House also passed the bill in an 82-20 vote. The bill was introduced in 2017 by former president Michelle Bachelet, who currently serves as Human Rights chief at the UN.
President Sebastián Piñera, a conservative billionaire, shocked many with his unexpected push in favour of the idea.
That's it for this week. Until next week,
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Tumblr media
My country (Perú) is in danger, our democracy is in grave danger, our last president was ousted for allegations of corruption and while we agree that he should be investigated, we were against the vacancy.
The congress is hiding behind our constitution to make it seem that what they did was legal. They ousted the president for 'moral incapacity', the problem is that nothing was proved so it shouldn't be possible, not only that, but last month they tried to do the same.
Before they voted for the vacancy, there were only 60 congressmen in favor but suddenly there were 105 who voted on favor, now they're starting to talk, there were deals made and also threats against some of them, telling them that there wouldn't be votes in favor their projects if they didn't vote like them.
Our new "president", who from now on I will call the usurper, was also the president of the congress who tried before to get the armed forces on his side, doesn't have studies, and has open processes against him. He was not chosen by us to lead the country, only 5,000 people voted for him on the congress elections, the peruvian population is of 30 millions
Not only that, but 68 out of 130 congressmen have open processes that go from money laundering to straight up murder. The new president of the congress has 52 criminal charges.
This exactly is why the congress ousted our last president, he was doing reforms to the congress so there wouldn't be impunity, he also called for elections on April.
We're only 5 months away from the elections.
The congress talks that they did what they did because it was their moral obligation. We know this isn't true, they did it because the president was against their populist laws that in the end would only damage the population and now that he's out, they can do it freely.
In the 3 days since they ousted our president, they already are trying to modify the university education reform and the SUNEDU an institution that makes sure that our education is of quality and has been closing universities that didn't make the cut, most of them were just taking money from their students or were just money laundering, two of this "universities" are owned by two congressmen.
Other thing that one party wants to do is to free their leader Antauro Humala from prison. This man was the brother of a former president who didn't pardon him in his term and has tried to get free for years now, but our justice system and our national assembly has not let him. Why is he dangerous? Well he's been sentences for insurrection, homicide, aggravated kidnapping, and other including a case called 'Andahuaylazo' where 4 policemen were killed. And since his party voted for the ousting, they are going to ask the usurper for a pardon.
The usurper has now elected his cabinet, the premier is a man who has called our people vicuñas and llamas, has said that femicides shouldn't be apart from a homicide because it usually happens when they are trying to mug them or it's their fault for cheating, he also has conflict of interests. He was a minister before, but he had to step down because of a conflict he was involve in enden up with the death of 24 indigenous people.
This brings us to yesterday 12/11/2020 (11/12/2020 for you USA). MILLIONS of peruvians took the streets in different parts of the country and in other countries too, we did this since day 1 but the one from yesterday was massive.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a pacific protest, we were chanting and protesting against the usurper and the congress, nobody was violent until the police started attacking us.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are more photos and videos but some of them are too strong, the police not only repressed us, they attacked journalists and paramedics, they didn’t let the firemen help our the wounded 
Tumblr media
There were undercover cops trying to stir the protestors but got mad when we realized who they were so they shot us.
Let me make this very clear
Not with rubber bullets, with actual bullets
View this post on Instagram
A post shared by No es así (@inoesasi)
And now the minister of the interios, who leads our police, is saying that there were not undercover cops, that they didn’t attack us, that they didn’t use tear gas against us and our media is talking about the damage we’ve done to our city WHILE THERE’S A GUY IN COMA BECAUSE THE POLICE SHOT HIM IN THE ABDOMEN TWO OR THREE TIMES, THEY SHOY PEOPLE POINT BLACK, WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE SOME PEOPLE IS, THEY DISAPPEARED.
Share this, and share the different posts in the Peru tag, let us be heard, we need the eyes of the world on us, we need people to know that our democracy is in danger, we need you to look at us and let the usurper and the congress know that we’re not alone and that everything they do is being monitored by the international community, let them know that they don’t have power over us.
Here’s a carrd (here’s another) that explains some things, I’m sure I’m missing a lot of things so fellow peruavians please add to this post.
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rjm921 · 3 months ago
Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation
Tumblr media
See that angry old man shouting at you? That’s the President of the United States. Even in the best of times, Old Joe Biden has never been one to take responsibility for his actions, and these are not the best of times.
With the economy in free fall, the Russians on the march in Ukraine, the Southern border a polite fiction, and skyrocketing inflation, Old Joe is in full-throttle finger-pointing mode, blaming everyone he can think of for the catastrophic failure of his administration. His latest scapegoat: the American people. That’s right, all of us, or at very least those who come to the very sensible and entirely justifiable conclusion that his absurd far-Left policies are responsible for today’s galloping inflation rates.
On Friday, Biden’s handlers trundled the old man to Philadelphia to attend the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, where he read out an address full of dark foreboding for the assembled gaggle of socialists: “This off-year election, in my view, may be the most important off-year election in modern history.
Because we know what happens, we know the fundamental change that shifts if we lose the House and Senate. The only thing I’ll have then is a veto pen.”
The primary reason why the Democrats may fare poorly in November is, of course, that Biden’s handlers have made a hash of pretty much everything, and with inflation raging out of control and certain to go higher, Biden had a ready explanation: “Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin.” Old Joe must thank Gaia every night that Putin invaded Ukraine, as it gives him a ready answer to any and every critic and a potted explanation that will satisfy the Leftist conformists among his followers who know that all the failures of socialism are attributable to anything but socialism.
Since some of the people in the audience, however, might have been sentient beings and might have remembered that prices were already rising before Putin invaded Ukraine. Biden dealt with that head-on, sort of: “I love Republicans saying…Biden’s going to stop the Keystone Pipeline. And I did. And that’s the reason prices went up. Folks, let’s get something straight here: The Keystone Pipeline was two years away and had been 2 per cent finished. Give me a break.”
Modest Old Joe didn’t mention that he did far more than shut down the Keystone Pipeline.
He also placed a moratorium on oil leases on federal property (which was blocked in court but is apparently still followed in the Interior Department, as the number of drilling permits it has issued dropped sharply), suspended some existing drilling leases, restricted fracking, placed onerous financial regulations on the oil industry, and more.
Is all that responsible for rising gas prices? Of course, it is.
“I’m sick of this stuff!,” the old man shouted (remember: unfocused and unwarranted anger is a sign of dementia).
But that idea positively enraged Biden.
“We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money. Simply. Not. True.”
Tumblr media
WATCH Video:
When Biden asserts something forcefully, the opposite is almost always true. Former California state assemblyman Chuck Devore explained in November 2021 that “in simple terms, inflation happens because more dollars are chasing relatively fewer goods — there’s only so many goods and services available at a given time and when the number of dollars goes up and more goods and services aren’t produced, then prices start to rise.” Devore adds that “When the government spends money, that money can come from three basic sources: taxes, borrowing, and printing more money.” With Biden’s government spending at astonishingly bloated levels, higher taxes and more money in circulation mean inflation, and here we are.
What’s happening to the American economy is entirely the fault of the old man who is shouting about how sick and tired he is of people saying it’s his fault and of the bright young Leftists with whom he has filled his administration and who are anxious to seize as much of the fruit of the labors of the American people as they can, so as to finance their various utopian boondoggles. It is perhaps a symptom of the deep crisis in American society, or at least of the malignant forces that are operating in America today, that a man so utterly frivolous and irresponsible as Joe Biden would become president and do so in his dotage, bereft of the glib and smiling veneer he put on his dishonest presentations in earlier days. All that is left of him now is the shouting.
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tokyo-fukushu · 9 months ago
hey ! i read your headcanon with draken sanzu and chifuyu taking care of their drunk s/o, and that’s why i was wondering if u could do another part with this time, mikey / mitsuya / inupi ? 😔have a good day
;; the boys take care of their drunk s/o
🥛 — sano mikey manjirou, mitsuya takashi, inui inupi seishu
🧾 — gender neutral, second pov (you/your), cursing, fluff, au - everyone lives / nobody dies, aged up characters (23), established relationship, headcanon
🔖 — [ 1 | 2 ], title
Tumblr media
↠ Mikey was never that interested in drinks. Despite him trying to keep this bad boy image as Toman’s former president, Mikey is honestly the kid who doesn’t smoke nor drink because Shinichiro told him not to (even if his brother himself smokes as if it keeps him alive).
↠ He does, though, let you go and get yourself shitfaced drunk if it makes you happy. He just isn’t a fan of picking you up.
↠ That was a lie. He gets pouty when he isn’t the one you’re calling when you’re drunk or need help.
↠ Mikey frankly does not give a fuck that he was supposed to be sleeping that night. What’s important was that you called him, asking for an uber not knowing that it was him you were talking to and not some driver or whoever you were planning to call.
↠ He busts down the door to the club as if he was on a mission.
↠ Mikey would be a hissing cat as he pulls you away from wandering people trying to get your attention or have your time.
“Nooooo~ I don’t wanna go homeee~”
“You called me and I’m here. I’m not leaving unless you’re with me. And unfortunately for you, I want to sleep.”
↠ You will be on his back in seconds and Mikey starts his long walk home. No way in hell was he getting on a bike knowing that you were barely lucid and was most likely to fall off.
“Let me go!! I have a boyfriend, asshole! I love him and he loves me and he’s going to kick your ass.”
↠ Mikey only grins. His steps suddenly cheery as he hums a little tune to your nagging.
↠ You wake up with a splitting headache but Mikey was there handing you a glass of water and pills, still in a suspiciously happy mood.
"Your boyfriend is here to make sure that you get well soon."
Tumblr media
; MITSUYA TAKASHI ↠ Mitsuya will always take care of you. If you’re hurt, he learned first aid for this. If you’re burned out, expect some cuddles and kisses filled with sugary sweet love. If you’re crying, he already has a pack of tissues and your favorite movie on. If you’re drunk-...
↠ He did not know how the fuck it had come to this.
↠ Usually, when there was something wrong, you would be coming to him for advice or comfort (Mitsuya learned how to tell the difference). So you getting yourself drunk because of something…
↠ That was worrying. But for now, Mitsuya should worry whether you got alcohol poisoning or this is just how you were drunk.
↠ The two of you were swaying side by side as he assists you in walking on the sidewalk. You were too busy mumbling something while Mitsuya gives you a few looks.
“Y/n, come on, work with me here.”
“I wanna sleep…”
“I know, baby, we need to get home first and you need to get some water in your system. Better yet, get out all of the alcohol.”
↠ He would offer to carry you but you stubbornly shake your head, walking ahead and almost running into a lamppost.
↠ Mitsuya can’t help the chuckle that left his lips when you stumble backwards as he catches you.
“Takashi, why did you let me gooooo”
“I didn’t. You were the one who pulled away, Y/n.”
↠ He would kiss the top of your head before resuming your way home.
↠ You could barely get yourself ready for bed but Mitsuya was with you, making sure that you don’t fall asleep with your toothbrush still in your mouth.
↠ There were numerous thoughts circling his head but Mitsuya only kisses you goodnight and hopes for both your honesty and health tomorrow morning.
Tumblr media
↠ Inui does not waking up in the middle of the night after a long hard day at work.
↠ He also does not want to go back to sleep with the knowledge that you were drunk somewhere.
↠ The location is pried out and Inupi is getting his jacket and keys before slamming the door shut behind him—not even bothering to check if it was locked.
↠ He didn’t even get to the bar before he saw you. Leaning in front of one of the closed shops a few blocks away from your prior location, half-asleep and drunk-dazed.
↠ Before he makes his way to you, he threatens the weirdo eyeing you first.
“Why the fuck are you looking at my partner like that, asshole. Get out of here before I make sure that you won’t be able to.”
↠ Grumbling, Inupi would approach you with a frown as you slowly look up to his voice.
“Seishu, ‘m tired.”
“I know.”
↠ You would be in his arms even without asking.
↠ Inupi would realize that you were completely out when you nuzzled your face into his neck and started breathing steadily there, a small smile on your lips.
↠ He doesn’t quite mind this. But his heart was still beating so erratically after that close moment.
↠ If he was even one second late (or worse, he decided to be a dick and continued on sleeping), you would have been snatched away with only the shadows to see.
“What you did was dangerous, you know. Drinking alone without telling anyone where you would be until it was already too late. Don’t do this to me, Y/n.”
↠ He sighs. Inupi would only find that those words reached you in your dreams years later.
Tumblr media
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howieabel · 3 months ago
“1. Bangladesh.... In 1971 ... Kissinger overrode all advice in order to support the Pakistani generals in both their civilian massacre policy in East Bengal and their armed attack on India from West Pakistan.... This led to a moral and political catastrophe the effects of which are still sorely felt. Kissinger’s undisclosed reason for the ‘tilt’ was the supposed but never materialised ‘brokerage’ offered by the dictator Yahya Khan in the course of secret diplomacy between Nixon and China.... Of the new state of Bangladesh, Kissinger remarked coldly that it was ‘a basket case’ before turning his unsolicited expertise elsewhere. 2. Chile.... Kissinger had direct personal knowledge of the CIA’s plan to kidnap and murder General René Schneider, the head of the Chilean Armed Forces ... who refused to countenance military intervention in politics. In his hatred for the Allende Government, Kissinger even outdid Richard Helms ... who warned him that a coup in such a stable democracy would be hard to procure. The murder of Schneider nonetheless went ahead, at Kissinger’s urging and with American financing, just between Allende’s election and his confirmation.... This was one of the relatively few times that Mr Kissinger (his success in getting people to call him ‘Doctor’ is greater than that of most PhDs) involved himself in the assassination of a single named individual rather than the slaughter of anonymous thousands. His jocular remark on this occasion—‘I don’t see why we have to let a country go Marxist just because its people are irresponsible’—suggests he may have been having the best of times.... 3. Cyprus.... Kissinger approved of the preparations by Greek Cypriot fascists for the murder of President Makarios, and sanctioned the coup which tried to extend the rule of the Athens junta (a favoured client of his) to the island. When despite great waste of life this coup failed in its objective, which was also Kissinger’s, of enforced partition, Kissinger promiscuously switched sides to support an even bloodier intervention by Turkey. Thomas Boyatt ... went to Kissinger in advance of the anti-Makarios putsch and warned him that it could lead to a civil war. ‘Spare me the civics lecture,’ replied Kissinger, who as you can readily see had an aphorism for all occasions. 4. Kurdistan. Having endorsed the covert policy of supporting a Kurdish revolt in northern Iraq between 1974 and 1975, with ‘deniable’ assistance also provided by Israel and the Shah of Iran, Kissinger made it plain to his subordinates that the Kurds were not to be allowed to win, but were to be employed for their nuisance value alone. They were not to be told that this was the case, but soon found out when the Shah and Saddam Hussein composed their differences, and American aid to Kurdistan was cut off. Hardened CIA hands went to Kissinger ... for an aid programme for the many thousands of Kurdish refugees who were thus abruptly created.... The apercu of the day was: ‘foreign policy should not he confused with missionary work.’ Saddam Hussein heartily concurred. 5. East Timor. The day after Kissinger left Djakarta in 1975, the Armed Forces of Indonesia employed American weapons to invade and subjugate the independent former Portuguese colony of East Timor. Isaacson gives a figure of 100,000 deaths resulting from the occupation, or one-seventh of the population, and there are good judges who put this estimate on the low side. Kissinger was furious when news of his own collusion was leaked, because as well as breaking international law the Indonesians were also violating an agreement with the United States.... Monroe Leigh ... pointed out this awkward latter fact. Kissinger snapped: ‘The Israelis when they go into Lebanon—when was the last time we protested that?’ A good question, even if it did not and does not lie especially well in his mouth. It goes on and on and on until one cannot eat enough to vomit enough.” ― Christopher Hitchens
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zero-cycle · 4 months ago
Last to know
Fundy learns the truth on a late afternoon.
“....and now that Ranboo’s dead, we no longer have to…,” Quackity explains and Fundy’s heart drops.
Quackity interrupts himself to stare at Fundy. “The Casino opening,” he repeats. “Tuesday. I told you that yesterday already.”
“No, Ranboo’s what?”
“Dead.” Quackity sounds impatient. Brusque. Like he’s talking about customers being an annoyance, not about the death of a person.
“When?” Fundy asks and he’s not sure if he could have formulated the entire question.
“A while ago. You really haven’t been around, huh.”
“I wanted….distance,” Fundy forces himself to say and his mouth feels like it’s burning.
“During the breakout,” Quackity explains offhandedly. “Sam killed him. Turns out he didn’t have that many canon lives after all!”
He laughs a little and Fundy’s veins fill with ice.
“Why, was he important to you? I don’t remember you two being close.”
Fundy swallows around the taste of ice cream and silly summer days.
“We were in the same cabinet, Quackity,” he reminds the other.
Quackity laughs again and this time it’s bitter.
“You do remember he was a traitor, right?”
The word echoes in Fundy’s ears and leaves him frozen in place just like during the election, after the explosion, during doomsday.
Quackity had called Ranboo that, he remembers, just before the TNT hit. Schlatt spit the word at Tubbo, back during Manberg, when Fundy was too weak to do anything but cower in fear.
Wilbur had yelled it, spit flying and the shadow of his coat making him feel more threatening, when Fundy had tried to join Pogtopia.
“Aren’t we all?” he mumbles, before he can stop himself.
“What did you say?” Quackity asks and the cold tone of his voice instinctively makes Fundy flinch, expecting bottles to fly at any moment.
“It doesn’t matter.”
The words taste bitter on his tongue, like defeat and sour ash in the aftermath of a war they could never have won.
Quackity looks at him, eyes clouded with something Fundy can’t read anymore, and then tension bleeds from his shoulders. “Alright,” he says softly. “You want to take the day off?”
“Is there anything you need me to do?”
“Not really,” Quackity admits. “The opening preparations are going smoothly and you’re not needed right now.”
“Good. Thanks.”
Fundy doesn’t wait until he’s dismissed and Quackity lets him leave without another word.
It’s not true that he and Ranboo are friends.
It was true once upon a time ago, in that glorious, golden period of time where Quackity had not yet had the scar and Tubbo hadn’t yet been crushed under the weight of a presidency he never should have inherited and Wilbur had been dead underground. Eret had still been around, Niki hadn’t yet hidden her soft core behind iron walls and Fundy himself…he’d still been able to sleep.
He remembers the ice cream shop. It’d been harmless fun back then, unlike the Burger Van currently at the borders of Las Nevadas.
Their friendship didn’t last long. It died amidst the broken ruins of both of their former home while the TNT was still falling.
Fundy doesn’t like to think about that conversation and the bitterness that comes with it. Even more now that he knows Ranboo moved in with Phil and Techno after they’d screamed about their feelings and shattered their former bond even more thoroughly than Phil and Techno did to L’Manberg.
Ghost dirt clings to his hands. Did Phil enjoy the replacement grandson while he lasted, after the first one turned out to be such a disappointment?
Fundy’s feelings on Ranboo are complicated but still, he would have liked to at least know. He’s used to being the last thought, being forgotten about, being left behind - after all, if not even your own family cares to remember you, then who would? - but usually at least somebody remembered.
He doesn’t expect much.
Tubbo and Quackity would have known that he knew Ranboo, even if they didn’t remember they used to be close.
Phil could have used it as a reason to visit his grandson.
Eret would have been notified as the Ruler of the Dream SMP.
Niki used to tell him all about what the rest of L’Manberg was up to.
He laughs, a bit shrill and bitterness and resignation dripping from the sound in equal measure.
Guess he’s overestimating his own importance after all.
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ratsofftoya · 3 months ago
genuinely confused about what you’ve said about ukraine. isn’t donbas the part of ukraine that has been occupied by russia for 8 years and they want russia out? is russia promising to leave donbas entirely or are they asking ukraine to just surrender that area to russia and then they’ll stop their push further in? also why should they let russia tell them not to join nato?
Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk are largely populated by ethnic Russians which over the past few years have been targeted by extremist nationalist far-right militias (such as Azov Battallion, which was formally incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard) which is why Crimea was annexed in 2014 after the coup that ousted the former president of the country. Ethnic Russians in Donetsk and Luhansk wanted to separate from Ukraine and become their own republics following the coup/annexation of Crimea, which lead to a series of border conflicts between Ukraine's government and the separatist regions, which lead to a massive series of military strikes, primarily shellings, by the government in Donbas which killed a lot of civilians. It has received material and political support from the Russian government, but it's important to note that the people of Donbas and Crimea have historically considered themselves Russian peoples. This is why the annexation of Crimea was bloodless, the majority of the people there legitimately wanted it.
Russia has already given their demands to the Ukrainian government, which includes military neutrality (refered to as Finlandization, where a country neighboring Russia such as Finland can have close political and economic ties to the West, without the addition of NATO strategic forces on their soil), demilitarization (Russian officials have specifically stated they do not want ballistic missiles stationed in Ukraine), and "de-nazification" (I assume this means the banning of far-right nationalist groups that engaged in terrorist attacks on ethnic Russians, such as the aforementioned Azov Battallion), along with the formal recognition of Crimea and Donbas as Russian territories. Not much information has come from the recent peace talks since the war started, but the Russian foreign ministry has implied that it does not care what the Ukrainian government does internally so long as it follows these conditions.
Ukraine should not be part of NATO, in fact, NATO should've been disbanded at the end of the Cold War in 1991. Western officials promised the new Russian government that NATO would not move "one inch eastward", and since then a majority of post-Soviet republics bordering Russia have joined the alliance.
NATO is not a peacekeeping force for good, it's been used innumerable times in crimes against humanity such as the Yugoslavian bombings in 1999, which killed an estimated 1,200-2,000 civilians and displaced many thousands more. It's been involved in bombings of civilians in the Middle East, and is a tool of Western imperialism and militarism. Historically, NATO has been also been a military alliance particularly against Russia. Russia doesn't want a Western military alliance on their borders, especially since NATO bases are prepared to house nuclear weapons and strategic bombers. This is a very reasonable demand, because why the fuck would you want to be enveloped by a nuclear-equipped military organization that is historically hostile against you.
Rather than agree to any of these or at least negotiate for a ceasefire, President Zelensky seems adamant to try and coerce further Western/NATO involvement by rejecting these terms and protracting this conflict. His calls for a no-fly zone are repeatedly shut down as it would pit NATO forces against Russian forces, sparking an even worse war, and him going on TV and emotionally manipulating the global audience to try and pressure us into entering this conflict directly is something we HAVE to ignore. We absolutely CANNOT engage directly in this conflict.
I am absolutely not saying this war is just, that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are in the right, or anything of such nature. It's awful and civilians are dying in a fucked up conflict which shouldn't happen in the 21st century. I am, however, incredibly adamant that this war be viewed as an entirely completely avoidable tragedy that can be stopped almost as quickly as it started. Russia is not seeking to reform the old Russian Empire, or the Soviet Union. All the news media out there screaming about world war 3, nuclear war, or fucking whatever are selling you on a historical revisionist lie that is making this conflict is "good vs evil, democracy vs autocracy", when this scenario has it's roots in early 1990s geopolitics. NATO, specifically the US, needs to stop fucking encroaching onto Russia, the Ukrainian military needs to stop fucking shelling ethnic Russians in Donbas and supporting goddamn neo-nazi groups, and Russia needs to stop fucking bombing civilian cities if they want their demands heard.
The situation is extremely volatile with routes that could lead to further escalation and a major, potentially nuclear, war in Europe, but it also has many clear detours that could lead to a shitty but stable peace. Putin expected Kyiv to be captured and agree to demands 2 days into the war, the raising of alert level in Russian nuclear deterrence wasn't an explicit threat of nuclear war but out of fear NATO retaliating in a first-strike after underestimating Western response to the invasion. NATO, specifically the US, have made it adamantly clear that they will not deploy forces inside Ukraine, or order a No-Fly Zone, which would entail NATO forces actively engaging in combat with Russian forces. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has responded to comments about Russia's nuclear deterrent, informing then that they're not insane and will not engage in a nuclear first-strike or tactical nuclear deployment as per Russia's doctrine on the matter, and commented how he found it strange that nuclear war is always on the mind of western officials when it is rarely brought up in the Kremlin, though this hasn't stopped our media from headlines such as "RUSSIAN MINISTER WARNS NUCLEAR USE IN WORLD WAR 3", that shit earns tons of money through engagement clicks. Neither side, Russian or Western, wants a war as it would strictly be a nuclear one as Russian forces absolutely cannot hold their own against NATO. Fortunately, somehow, both Western and Russian governments are sensible enough to prevent escalation.
As much as it would be nice for Ukraine to win this war, that is an absolutely illogical idea and not feasible. NATO will not engage in Ukraine beyond limited arms and humanitarian aid supplying because anything like a NFZ or boots on the ground would be suicidal, and Russian forces outnumber and outgun Ukrainian forces, with Putin making it very clear that they will not leave until Russia's concessions are made either through diplomacy or military. The best fucking thing, right now, would be a ceasefire, for Ukraine to remain militarily neutral between Russia and NATO and to stop fucking shelling ethnic minorities in Donbas, for Russia to make reparations for Ukrainians killed, injured, displaced or otherwise affected by the war and leave the country, for the West to lift Russian sanctions as they withdrawl and promise not to expand NATO into Ukraine and allow permanent residency and humanitarian aid for war refugees.
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rainxox0 · 29 days ago
Twisted: Quackity x Reader (Pilot, Part 1)
Welcome to my new series: Twisted! I’m actually super proud of this one.
This series follows Y/N, a former circus attraction who escapes to the inner parts of the SMP in order to find happiness. A pacifist by heart, Y/N tries to quell conflict at every opportunity she is given. She wishes for a better world for everyone. Of course, nothing ever ends well for residents of the SMP, now does it? Let’s just say there’s more to our MC that complicates things.
You can thank @aleenapallaz for this story being Quackity x Reader. Shoutout to my girl 😘
Slow burn ahead, ladies and gentlemen! Reader starts out with Schlatt at first, so please be patient! There will also be some Dream x Reader in Part 2, but I can’t say anything more about it because that’s a major spoiler!
Right, so with a lot of my stories, I don’t shy away from a lot of less than wholesome topics. I’m going down a more psychological route on this one. I’ll put individual warnings on each chapter. Be mindful of the warnings. Some chapters won’t have an issue. Part 1 is kinda tame? I guess what you qualify as tame varies. Part 2? Ehhhhhh.
Warnings include: Manipulation, Dream & Schlatt (a warning enough, honestly), psychological damage, suicide (only in a single chapter), domestic abuse (Schlatt and Dream so…), torture, violence, probably more
Individual earnings include: Verbal abuse, Dream & Schlatt
With this out of the way, let’s get on with the story, and as always, please enjoy.
The election had been a success for the Schlatt Administration.
Such an outcome was expected by the President. Why would he think otherwise? A man like him - cunning, charismatic, and ambitious - was not easily beat. The idea that Wilbur could've ever lived up to him was enough to make his skin crawl.
Contemplating one evening, Schlatt almost didn't notice the knock on his door. It was the third time around he finally paid it attention. Schlatt looked up from his papers in irritation.
"Come in," he commanded.
The man expected someone such as Quackity or Tubbo to open the door, but instead he was met with the green-clad, masked man who was somewhat responsible for his victory. Instead of the unsettling feeling that usually followed Dream, Schlatt simply felt annoyed.
"Oh. It's just you," he sighed, looking back down at his paperwork. "I thought it was something inportant."
Dream took a step closer, a light chuckle escaping from him.
"That's not a way to greet an old friend," Dream chastised, but Schlatt could feel the smirk on his face.
"Friend? That's rich," Schlatt rolled his eyes. He stood up from his chair and circled around his desk. Leaning up against the front, the man crossed his arms and met the painted eyes of the mask.
"Why are you here?"
"Straight to the point, then," Dream stated. "That's what I like about you."
Schlatt scoffed, "Are you seriously here for a reason, or are you here to be an annoying prick? How the hell did you even get in?"
"I have my ways," Dream replied, most definitely grinning. "You should regard me more warmly, Schlatt. Why else would you have given me the book if we didn't have some mutual trust?"
"It had nothing to do with trust," Schlatt argued. "The only reason I gave it to you was to fullfil a deal. You helped me, I helped you; simple as that, Dream."
"Hmm, fine," Dream shrugged as he began to wander around the room. Seemingly in no rush to explain himself, Dream only fueled Schlatt's impatience.
"Just fucking spit it out!" Schlatt exclaimed. "I don't have time for this bullshit."
"Fine," Dream mused. He returned to the door to the office and opened it. Before Schlatt could ask what the hell he was doing, Dream roughly pulled woman into the light of the office.
Whoever the woman was, she looked like she had just escaped a war zone. To put it simply, she was a fucking mess. It was as if she hadn't eaten properly in weeks, as her clothes - consisting of a dirty, collared shirt under a black dress - fit her poorly. Makeup adorned the woman's face, but it was smudged and looked as if it was days old.
Doing almost nothing to hide his disgust, Schlatt carped, "This is what you wanted to show me?"
The woman visibly cringed at that, and tried to move behind Dream, but his grip prevented her from doing so.
"Well, our lovely lady here was spotted around Manberg. Now, as a loyal ally, I just had to find out if she was a spy for Wilbur," Dream explained, smirking from under the mask.
"I told you," the woman pleaded, "that I don't know anyone named Wilbur!"
"And I'm supposed to believe that?" Dream asked in a mocking tone. "Especially after what you did?"
"You attacked me first!"
Schlatt rolled his eyes, "Come on, asshole. She doesn't even look like she can stand up properly."
"Yeah, then how come she can incompasitate a man with a single touch?"
"What?" Schlatt almost laughed.
"It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced," Dream muttered, terror radiating off of him. "It was a searing pain, worse than burning."
Looking down at Dream's vice grip, Schlatt was unnerved to find that Dream's entire hand could fit around the woman's arm. Lowering his eyes further, Schlatt saw the gloves that were locked around the woman's hands. The sight was interupted by Dream pushing the woman forward.
The woman looked down in shame, whispering, "I didn't mean to."
"Consider this as thanks for the book," Dream shrugged.
Schlatt leered from the woman to Dream, "What am I supposed to do with her, exactly?"
"Did the psychic powers not stir some ideas for you?" Dream sarcastically questioned. "Figure something out."
"Just get out," Schlatt snapped, done with the bullshit. Saying nothing, Dream glanced one more time at the woman, then exited the room.
Schlatt turned to look from the door and at the woman.
"Your name?"
After a moment of hesitation, she answered, "Y/N"
"Tell me, Y/N," he began, taking a step towards her, "are you telling the truth? Do you know Wilbur Soot, or no?"
Y/N frantically shook her head, "I swear that I don't! I was just... hungry."
"Hungry," he repeated, "that's it?"
"Honest," she confirmed. "I'm so sorry. Just let me leave, please. I'll go and never come back. Just please, don't hurt me..."
She might as well have been on her knees with how much she was begging. Normally, something like this wouldn't phase Schlatt, and he had half the mind to just throw her out of Manberg; however, Dream's words indeed resonated with him.
"Psychic abilities," he thought aloud. "That's true, isn't it?"
There was silence. Y/N only faintly nodded in response.
"I'm guessing you're just so torn up about the whole thing, aren't you?"
The woman hugged herself, muttering, "I hate violence. He attacked me. I didn't want to hurt him..."
After a moment, Schlatt made a decision. He gestured to a nearby chair with a smile, "Sit down."
Almost immediately did she comply. Schlatt took note of everything she did, that especially. Y/N personality was almost pathetic: timid, weak, and excruciatingly fragile.
Still, Schlatt kept the smile, asking, "What do you want to eat?"
Looking up in surprise, the woman questioned, "You're offering me food?"
"It's the hospitable thing to do, isn't it? Especially after this... misunderstanding?"
Schlatt swore her eyes lit up.
"Really? I... Thank you. Do you have pork?"
Schlatt nodded, "I'll be back in a little bit. Just stay where you are, okay? I have someone I want you to meet."
Quackity couldn't believe what he was seeing.
Never in a million years did the man ever expect Schlatt to sit and speak softly with a woman, let alone someone who he would usually consider beneath him. Someone pinch him, he thought he was dreaming.
Schlatt had told him about Y/N, saying that she had been found outside Manberg, and how Schlatt graciously let her in to - hopefully - stay.
There had to be something more to it, Quackity knew. No way in hell did Schlatt act like this unless he wanted something. Schlatt was keeping information from him.
Still, he tried not to pay it any mind. So what if some random woman stayed in Manberg? Better than joining up with that prick, Wilbur.
"So, Y/N, where are you from?" Quackity questioned. The woman looked down at her water, taking a second to respond.
"The north."
"Very specific" Quackity rolled his eyes. He almost just missed the side-eye Schlatt sent his way.
"I'd rather not talk about it," Y/N stated, raising her voice just the slightest bit.
"Fine," Quackity shrugged. "Just would be nice if you were honest. You know, since we're taking you in and all that."
"She has been honest," Schlatt argued through gritted teeth. "Stop intimidating the guest and chill the fuck out."
Ah, there it was.
"Fine, okay, sorry," Quackity mumbled.
The woman said nothing, continuing to eat like her life depended on it. In some aspects, it did. As Schlatt went on about their glorious country of Manberg, Quackity once again wondered what the President was planning.
Whether or not he wanted to know was up for debate.
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nayaxwrites · 7 months ago
Mr. President
Method Man as President Damon White
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re a 28 year old White House Press Secretary for US President 44 year old Damon White. He is the first black President of the United States and you couldn’t have been more proud to serve under him. You knew your job wasn’t going to be easy but it’s tough keeping the secret that the president and the first lady are separated and planning on getting a divorce after his term. Before he was announced as president, they were having problems and things ended when Damon found out his wife, Kyra was cheating on him with one of her own former secret service agent. He broke things off 6 months into his term and from then on, they slept in different rooms and only act like a happy couple for appearances.
You were checking yourself into the white house when you got a text from the president’s chief of staff, Scott.
“ Oval office. NOW! “
You hurried and went through the medical detectors and got your things. It’s only 7 AM and problems are already happening. We arrived into the oval office and seen the president sitting behind his desk with a nonchalant look on his face and the first lady standing in front of his desk yelling at him.
“ How could you just throw away our marriage after one mistake?! Me and him meant nothing! “ Kyra says with tears down her face.
“ Kyra stop acting so surprised. We’ve been separated for almost a year now. If i wanted to fight for this marriage i would have but i’m not about to fight for someone who cheated on me. “ He says while fixing his cuff links.
“ It was just one mistake Damon! “
“ Okay how about we take a breather. We don’t want anybody to hear about you and the President’s marriage. We gotta keep it together. Your assistant is outside the office, let’s go get you cleaned up and calm down. “ You say while guiding her to the door.
Kyra ends up leaving with her assistant leaving you, the President, and Scott in the oval office. It’s 8 months now into his term now and he’s set on divorcing her.
“ Wow. “ You say breathing out.
“ Tell me about it. “ Damon says.
“ You and Kyra need to get on the same page or your image is gonna be tarnished. “ You say while sitting on his couch.
“ I’m trying. She won’t listen. I love being president but i’ll be happy when it’s over and i can retire and finally be with the person i want to be with. “ He says sitting back in his chair smiling.
“ You’re seeing someone? Why don’t i know this? “ You say confused.
“ We aren’t together. I haven’t told her yet. You’ll find out soon enough. “
“ Well okay then. I’m about to start this press conference. After i finish, if you need me just call my office. “ You say before waking out.
“ So. When are you going to tell her that you’re in love with her. “ Scott says standing up with his hands in his pockets.
“ You know? “ Damon says looking at him.
“ I noticed every time you look at her or talk to her, your face lights up. Even when i mention her name and you’re upset, you get happy just like that. Plus, i see how you be looking at her when she isn’t looking. “ Scott says chuckling.
“ Wow. She does have the effect on me. She’s just an amazing, intelligent, beautiful woman. “ He says while opening his laptop to watch you on the news press briefing.
“ I can tell. I’ve known you and Kyra for awhile now and i’ve never seen you like this over her. “ Scott says pulling out his phone.
“ I was going to tell her after my term but i can’t hold out any longer. I’ma tell her tonight. “
“ Good luck. “ Scott says walking out.
Throughout the day Damon had meetings, phone calls, and a meeting with the first lady and their media consultant. The media consultant decided they should do a public appearance to keep up their image. The entire meeting was awkward because Damon could care less about it and Kyra was still emotional about what she had done. Damon only thought about you the entire day.
It’s currently 6 PM and it’s almost time for you to go home. You were in your office when you get a call from the President.
“ Hi Mr. President. How can i help you? “ You say while sitting up.
“ Hey Miss Y/L/N. I was wondering if we could go ahead and write my press statement for tomorrow before you go home tonight. “ He says while straightening out his tie.
“ Oh yes sir. I’ll be right down. “
“ Okay see you in a bit. “ He says before hanging up.
You grabbed your iPad and phone and started to make your way to the oval office. The White House was pretty big and wearing heels didn’t make it any better. After 15 minutes you made it to the office and walked in.
“ Good Afternoon Mr. President. “ You say while walking in and closing the door.
“ Afternoon Y/N. Want a drink before we get started? “ He says while pouring himself a scotch.
“ No i’m alright. How has your day been? “ You say while sitting on the couch and unlocking your iPad.
“ It’s been busy. A lot of meeting, phone calls, and a quick meeting with our media consultant. “ He says sitting beside you.
“ Another appearance with the first lady? “
“ Yeah. Which i don’t wanna do. I rather just tell the world we’re getting a divorce but i can’t. “ He says sitting his glass down.
“ Yeah we gotta keep the image up. Ready to get started? “
“ Yes. “
You both spent an hour writing down his statement for tomorrow briefing on the shootings and riots that’s happening around the world. While working on the statement, he was thinking about how life would be with you. After his term he would retire, officially divorce Kyra, and hopefully you both would move in together in a house he’s going to have built.
“ Alright. Looks like we’re all done. “ You say standing up and smoothing your dress down.
While sitting down still, the president reaches up and grabs your hand making you look at him.
“ I really appreciate you Y/N. “ He says while holding your hand and looking into your eyes.
“ Thank you Mr. President. “ You say smiling.
You both locked your eyes on each other and you looked down at your hand as he started to rub it with his thumb while still holding it.
“ Mr. Pres- “
Before you could even finish your sentence, Damon pulls you down onto his lap and gives you kiss that literally took your breath away. You kissed back with your arms around his neck and runs his hands up your thighs and to your ass. As this kiss started to get heated, you snapped back into reality and pulled away.
“ Wait no. We shouldn’t be doing this. “ You say about to get up but he holds onto your waist.
“ Wait wait. I know this is risky but i’m in love with you Y/N. Me and Kyra aren’t together anymore that’s done. That’s finished. I was going to tell you how i felt after my term but i couldn’t wait any longer. I wanna be with you. “ He says while looking into your eyes.
“ If we do this we will have to be very careful. Nobody can know. If this comes out, your presidency is ruined. “ You say while looking at him.
“ You’re worth the risk. “
He says before kissing you again. You reached down and started to undo his belt buckle while kissing him and all of the sudden his desk phone started to ring making him groan. You chuckled and got off his lap and he got up and answered the phone.
“ Hello… Right now?… Okay i’ll be down. Tell them to give me 10 minutes. “ He says before hanging up.
“ Everything okay? “
“ I’ve got a emergency meeting with the russian president in 10 mins via zoom call. While i’m doing that, i want you to go to my master suite, take off your clothes, and wait for me in bed. “ He says while pulling you up and tongue kissing you.
You moaned while kissing back and pulled away. “ Yes sir Mr. President. “ You say while smirking and walking out.
You snuck up to his room and closed the door before stripping out of your clothes. You laid on your stomach across the bed on your phone waiting for him. After 20 mins he walks in and sees you still laying in that position and smirks. You turned around and smirked at him.
“ It’s about time. Everything okay? “
“ Everything is perfect. “ He says while kicking off his shoes and jacket.
He starts walking up behind you and you put yourself on all fours and brushed your ass against his bulge as he stood behind you while you were on the bed. He takes off his tie and smacks your ass making you moan. He puts his hand on your back and pushes your upper half down into the bed leaving your ass in the air. As you bent over, your pussy came into full view and his mouth watered at the sight of your glistening pussy.
“ So wet for me already.. “
He says before sticking 2 fingers inside you and fingering you slowly and deep. You moaned biting your lip as he massaged your walls with his fingers. He pulls his fingers out and sucks the juices off his fingers.
“ You taste so sweet baby.. “
You started to giggle but started to gasp as you felt him stick one finger in your ass.
“ Anyone been in here? “ He asks as he fingered you slowly.
“ Mm mm. “ You moaned.
“ I’ll save that for another day. “
He says before removing his fingers and leaning down to eat your pussy. He held onto your thighs as he started to suck on your lips and flick his tongue over your clit making you moan and reach under you to grab at your breast. He spreads your lips apart and spits on your pussy before sticking his tongue in your hole making you get louder and shake a little. He starts to tongue fuck you while massaging your hips.
“ Oh fuck.. just like that.. “ You moaned with your eyes closed.
He started to moan while sent shivers up your spine and made you get even wetter against his tongue. He pulls his tongue out and starts to suck on your clit making you lose your arch and moan loudly while trying to crawl forward. He chuckled while still sucking and moving his head side to side and holding you by your thighs so you wouldn’t move.
“ Ooo oh my god! I can’t i can’t .. “
Before you knew it, you started to gush against his beard while using the pillow to scream into. He releases your clit and stands up while smacking your ass.
“ Good girl.. Ima give you a second. “ He says while taking off the rest of his clothes.
You chuckled trying to get your body to stop shaking and you turned on your back and seen Damon standing there fully naked while stroking his hard dick. You slid off the bed and got on your knees while in front of him. You opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue while looking up at him and he starts slapping the tip of his dick against it. You wrapped your lips around his tip and begin to bob your head back and forth while holding onto his thighs.
“ Mmm… good fucking girl. Keep sucking me just like that. “ Damon says while looking down at you swallow his dick over and over.
You kept going until you stopped and pushed your head all the way down until his tip hit the back of your throat. You held yourself there and begin to massage his balls making him groan loudly and hold onto the bed post.
“ Damn girl.. “
You removed him from your mouth to breathe and begin to stroke him with both hands.
“ Don’t cum just yet. “ You say while looking up at him smirking.
“ Then stop sucking me so good. Lay your ass on the bed. “
He says while pulling you up and pushing you on the bed making you giggle. You flipped back against the bed on your back and he gets between your legs and tongue kisses you. You kissed back and he sits up and pulls you closer to him by your thighs. He pushes your legs back so your knees are under your arms and you held them there with your hands on your calves. He rubbed his dick up and down your slit before inserting himself inside you slowly. You both looked into each other’s eyes and moaned out as you both connected to each other. When he was fully inside you, he begins to stroke into you while pinning your legs down with his hands on the back of your knees. He starts speeding up his thrusts making the bed rock.
“ F-fuck.. you’re so big.. “ You moaned out while watching him thrust in and out of you.
“ And you look so beautiful taking me.. you don’t know how long i’ve been wanting you. “
He says moving his and your hands off your legs and leaning down to kiss you with your legs hanging on his shoulders. As you both made out, he begins to grind into you deeply while moving his hips in a circle. You moaned into his mouth and your legs started to shake a little from his tip brushing against your spot. He could tell he was near so he planted himself on his feet and sat on the back of your thighs and begins to slam down into you balls deep hitting directly against your spot.
“ Oh my god! … What are you doing to me.. “ You moaned out making him chuckle.
You’ve never felt this type of pleasure before. It was so euphoric and he was so deep that you started to feel him in your stomach which made you get louder. You were so loud he had to cover your mouth with his hand but he kept going the same pace.
“ Shhh baby.. you can take it. “ He says as he watches as your eyes go to the back of your head.
You gripped his arm and as he continued slamming down you started to squirt around his dick while you groaned against his hand. He pulled out and started to rub his tip against your clit making you whimper and jerk from being so sensitive. He wraps his arm around you and flips you both over so you’re on top and you sat back on his dick. You got yourself on your feet and begin to bounce on him while he massaged your plumped breast.
“ Just like that baby.. fuck i love this tight pussy.. “ He says while moaning and watching your juices wet up his pelvis.
You threw your head back and he puts his hands on your hips and bounces you up and down harder making you moan out and the headboard hit against the wall.
“ You feel so good inside me Mr. President.. “ You moaned before biting your lip.
“ Bring your sexy ass down here. “
He says before pulling you down by your neck and tongue kissing you. He puts his hands on your ass cheeks to spread them apart and starts to pound up into you making you grip the sheets above his head and moan into his mouth.
“ Fuck.. i’m cumming.. i’m cumming.. “
He says while breaking the kiss. After a few more pumps, he starts cumming deep inside you while you both moan out. As he pulled himself out slowly he continued to cum while stroking himself making his nut shoot out onto your pussy. After he finishes, you laid beside him and you both laid there trying to catch your breath.
“ That was amazing. “ You say making him laugh and hover over you while sitting up on his forearm.
“ There’s plenty more where that came from. “ He says kissing you.
“ As much as i would love to, i have to freshen up and get out of here before someone catches us in here. “ You say after kissing back and getting up going to the bathroom.
“ You’re right. “ He says laying back with his arms folded behind his head.
TAG: @keyera-jackson @90sisthenew80s @blowmymbackout @novaniskye @judymfmoody @elocinnicole
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struggling-with-time · 11 months ago
Could I ask for c!Wilbur being a gn reader's father figure? Can be either a one shot or headcanons, whichever you prefer. ^_^
Paring: c!Wilbur Soot x Gender Neutral!reader
Summary: Your life as raised by Wilbur Soot.
Warnings: Fluff, angst, betrayal, hurt.
Words: 1.7k
A/N: I'm not sorry for this, however, I am sorry for if you wanted something different, then you are welcome to request again and I will write another dadbur fic. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Request here.
Wilbur Soot
He finds you lurking around the outer skirts of the newly established country of L’Manberg. The country that has yet to declare full independence.
“Hey there, what are you doing around these parts?”
From that day on he took you, the bewildered child from nowhere, under his wing. Letting you into the drug van.
You grow up with Fundy being your older sibling. Wilbur in the first years being there for the two of you.
He teaches you how to play the guitar.
And while you don’t become the best player at it, you can play a couple of camp songs.
Then the independence declaration comes.
And everything changes.
Nice nights with Wilbur, Fundy and Tommy turn into war planning sessions you aren’t allowed into.
You are the youngest citizen of L’Manberg, leading to everyone trying to keep your innocence
Especially Wilbur after he drags Fundy in as a child soldier in his war.
But you are there, right on the battlefield amongst everyone, and you are there afterwards as you help patch up the hurt.
Eret is the one who teaches you how to treat a wound after Wilbur gets an arrow in his shoulder after a tough battle.
Leading to you keeping to Eret whenever Wilbur is planning. And Fundy seems to be running off with Tubbo and Tommy.
On the day of the betrayal, Eret and Wilbur make you stay back in the van, Eret hoping to shield you from what’s gonna go down. And Wilbur hoping to keep you away from the battle on the horizon.
You are there to patch up the wounds from everyone as they respawn.
Wilbur is now more determined to keep you sheltered.
However, this made you more determined to stand on the battlefield fighting for your country.
You are there in the middle of the explosions when they go off. Losing your first life. Fighting for freedom. Fighting for your pseudo father.
Wilbur holds you for hours afterwards.
As you cry into his shoulder.
Wilbur makes you stay back when Tommy is meant to dual Dream, leading to you being the first to see him when he respawns.
Ah, two of the four children traumatised by a war they didn’t ask for.
You are there when the declaration of independence gets signed.
Getting credited as the 2nd little champion.
And everything is good for a while.
Wilbur helps you through your nightmares whenever you wake up thinking there is TNT blowing you up. Or you remember the day everyone respawned. Or remember how hurt and wounded everyone was doing the battles.
You watch as your father drowns himself in government work to not process what happened himself.
You try your best to help him out, but there is only so much you can do.
Then the election gets called, and you are there supporting him, while also helping your big brother Fundy with his campaign.
Wilbur didn’t take lightly to both of his children running a campaign against him. But he lived with it and respected it.
Then Schlatt won.
And you watched as your father and Tommy was chased out of the city.
Fundy holding you back as you break down crying over the sight.
Fundy keeps you from joining Pogtopia, stating it is no place for a child, despite him working as a spy for them and Tommy living there.
So you stay put in the now Manberg.
You are there to pick up the pieces of your older brother falls apart after your father calls him a traitor and states he’s no son of his.
So you venture out through the big forest. Barely stumbling into Pogtopia as nightfall has come.
And you get to see with your own eyes as the man you regards as your father yells at Tommy, Wilbur looks deranged and nothing like the man who raised you.
He never spots you that day, but Tommy does as you head back out again. Through the night filled with horrors beyond your imagination, and you barely make it back to Manberg in one piece.
You aren’t there the day Schlatt gets murdered, having retreated into isolation after having your worldview shattered. A child of war, now a child of trauma.
But you are there, right in the centre cheering on Tubbo as he’s granted the title of L’Manbergs president.
Your own fathers’ actions taking your second life too. You die in the explosion.
From that day on your anxiety worsen, loud noises bringing you to your knees in panic attacks. It had been bad after the war, but now it was unbearably bad.
Fundy started talking with Eret about potential adoption, but he only ends up adopting you, stating Fundy is too old.
And that’s how you deal with your father’s death. Living with the traitor of his country.
And you keep living. Denouncing him as your father, returning to your title of the bewildered child of nowhere.
You keep living in spite. In spite of the man who took two of your lives and made you grow up in a war you never wanted to fight in. And there, while looking over the railing of L’Manberg, is where you spot him.
You watch as a tinted floating version of your former father wanders around the mostly rebuild crater.
“Y/N! My child!”
You can’t believe your own eyes, it’s actually him, it’s actually the man who found you wandering the skirts of the nation you now reside nearby.
And you turn your back to him.
You walk home, to your place in the castle, outside the nation that has caused you so much hurt.
Fundy is the one to make you talk to Ghostbur the second time, telling you about what seems to be going on.
“Would you like some blue Y/n? You’re crying.”
You refuse, wiping your tears away because he doesn’t deserve that from you. He doesn’t deserve the tears he caused himself.
You never call him dad again after the day you spot him. Because your dad died a traitor of the country he made. Leaving you at 14 to deal with the damages he had done.
But now you are 16, with Eret in your back, and your big brother Fundy helping you in any way or form he can. This includes, even more, sheltering, keeping you as far away from the Tubbo administration as he can.
Because you are all children of war, and they never seem to make the right decisions.
His heart breaks every time you remind him that he isn’t your father anymore and that you aren’t his child.
You don’t ever really hang around Ghostbur.
The few times you do, he tells you of stories of you growing up, teaching you guitar, finding you walking around the walls of the country. And he introduces you to your Grandpa Philza. A calm and relatively collected man.
A murder.
Whom took your father away from you all to early.
You like Friend, the blue sheep is a nice distraction to have nearby whenever your deceased father tries to be near you.
You appreciate the effort he makes, wishing he would have made the same efforts when Schlatt helps you within the walls of Manberg.
So when Tommy gets exiled and Ghostbur goes along with him, you aren’t surprised.
It’s always Tommy. And you are alright with that. Both you and Fundy knew from the start, it was always Tommy over the two of you. And you’ve had years to come to terms with that.
You keep yourself neutral in the affairs of the SMP.
Although you do visit Tommy twice, trying to get Fundy with you, but your older brother has a small distaste for the exiled ex-vice president, although he claims to have nothings against the blonde.
You keep out of the city as Tommy gets imprisoned, but you are there to greet him when he gains his freedom. Ghostbur beside you. Offering Tommy blue, and empty promises it of everything being okay now.
So when Tommy tells you he’s gonna smuggle himself into the prison with the help of the ghost, you are there handing him the potions.
When he returns only baring Friend on her leash, you break down. You lost your father once more.
You get an eerily sense of déjà vu over seeing him, standing over the now L’Manberg doomsday crater.
And you speak the word you had sworn to never say to him again.
And he looks back, taking in the sight of you, Tommy, Tubbo & Ranboo together.
And he smiles.
And you leave.
You don’t end up talking to him again until Tommy seeks you out asking for you to talk to him, and for Fundy to do the same. You don’t know why, but you do it.
So you and Fundy meet him.
“Ah! My children!”
Fundy frowns, and you for the first time stand up to him.
“I am not your child. I am not yours!”
“You haven’t been around for a really long time, a lot of things have changed, and so have I.”
You are seething, and for once Fundy doesn’t hold you back, or shelters you. He stands beside you.
“We had to raise ourselves! We had to keep on living after you decided to go blow your precious nation.”
“But you turned out fine! You are all grown up now, and you still have two lives each.”
Fundy pulls you into him, realising Wilbur doesn’t know.
“Y/n is on their last life. You took their second one too. You blew them up yourself. We are done here we are leaving.”
Wilbur calls out to you and Fundy, but neither of you turn around. He might have taken you in, but in the end, the two of you only ever had each other.
Children of war, never get to be children after all.
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teenagestrangermoon · 4 months ago
Aouad x reader
Genre: action? Apocalypse
Warning!: swearing, mention of blood etc
Synopsis: just aouad characters can't help but to feel amaze on how cool you are even you're in the middle of apocalypse and being a new student you are
( authors note: I'm new to this (posting oneshots on Tumblr) cause I'm used to posting and making stories in Wattpad so yeah and English is not my native language so grammatical errors can occur sometimes, and this isn't really follow the series only little)
Tumblr media
Being new to this school is fucking hard, like HARD as men's private region, and being in this shitty Apocalypse didn't help either, everyone was bitten and here I am and the other alive, FULLY ALIVE, and I don't even know them cause I'm not in the same section with them
They're not even familiar with who I am, And I'm the same way to them, but the one thing that made me shook is they help each other out just to survive
Others sacrifice just for the sake of others, and I'm here doing nothing it's just I don't feel it's my time to shine
We we're currently in the recording room, Ms park and that whiny bitch left after we know the truth on how that gyung-su guy become a zombie
Their prez see and witness all making the named guy Cheong-san mad and tried attacking the girl, so in short the girl was pushed into her edge and left and Ms park being a teacher at this situation still follow her
I was currently at the shattered window sitting there swinging my feet at I feel the cold wind blows to my face
Thinking on how to survive, there is no food to eat or water to drink, we'll starve to death if no one move to try and get some
As I hear them talking about how the other room was now smelled like shit because of dae-su's poop, making me laugh a little while they suddenly look at me shock
But I didn't notice it cause they're facing back not until someone speaks " Didn't know that you actually know how to speak " A guy said making me turn to who it was only to meet all of their gaze
" I can speak" I calmly said
" Then why didn't you even talk earlier? " dae-su ask
" do I have to? " I calmly answered making them shut their mouth
As I went down now and head towards the table putting my hands in there and looking at them one by one like a boss I am
Of course, I'm a boss that's why I'm kicked out of my former school
" I have a plan " I suddenly said
" But it didn't need all of us to left this room " I continue as they only watch me listening attentively
" We need to get food " I said making them let a 'oh ' face
" Isn't it dangerous? " A guy in glasses ask
" I'm not telling you all to come, you can give me a map from here to the canteen and I'll go there " I sassily said looking at him, making him startle at my attitude and gulp his saliva down break the eye contact
" But there's many zombie in the canteen" A short haired girl said
" it's night there won't be a problem and it's not like I'm noisy" I answered again
" She can go, the canteen secretly hides some canned foods and others there " Su-hyeok said
" but it is still dangerous " he continue giving me a worried look
I sighed deeply
" there's only two choices, one we starve two we get to eat, and it's not all of your fault if I get bitten or what, we're not close-"
" but you're responsibility, cause you're a new student " the cheong-san guy said
" no need, I can handle myself " I reassure them
" Are you really sure? " A girl in a low ponytail asks I think she's from the music class? Singing class? I saw her earlier when I roam around the school
I nod my head towards her smiling gently making the others blush and look away, thought that I didn't notice it
" I'm not telling you to come with me " I said
" just give me a map or draw a map "
They all look at each other first before nodding their head
I took my bag, yeah I bring my bag all the way down here and took my paper and ballpen, giving it to the president cause she volunteer in making the map
I took my bag and open all the zipper and throwing all the things out there making it fall on the ground
" I need my bag to put the foods in " I explain
I took my cutter and that little thing or a pocket knife I have this in my bag just in case some maniac guy comes on my way
After a minute they gave me my paper, looking at the map that the pres do, she cleanly did it huh?
" okay I'll take my leave now " I said and ready to leave
" Can I come with you? " both su-hyeok and cheong-san said
" you can but who will guard the others here? What if someone comes in? " I ask worried at the others situation while we were out
" It's fine, I'm guarding the door no worries " the three guys left said, making me smile inside, gentlemen's
"Okay, and let me tell you one thing, if ever I got bitten I don't want drama, when I tell the two of you leave, you'll leave immediately, okay? " I said pointing the two of them while they gulp
" Y-yes " they answered
I nod my head and slowly takes a peek at the window looking if there's a zombie roaming in the hallway, luckily none, making me slowly slide the door, before I can leave someone speaks
" Y/n...please Be careful" I look behind me to know who said that revealing on-jo the girl with jacket, how did she know my- oh my name tag
" thanks " I said and went out while the two following me while su hyeok was holding the wooden stick and Cheong-san wasn't holding anything so I took my cutter and gave it to him, I know it really won't help but it can be self defense for uhhh maybe nothing never mind, why did I even request for a map if they'll be coming with me what the fuck
On-jo's point of view
I'm worried at the three of them, what if they encountered those hungry zombies
I'm start to overthink of what will happen to them when ryeong holds my shoulder
" they're gonna be fine don't worr- " she was about to continue her words when suddenly the door opens making us jolt
Cheong-san and su-hyeok both enter catching their breaths, wait where's y/n?
" what happened? " Ryeong asked worried
" we suddenly encounter zombies downstairs, me and cheong-san run back while y/n got separated " Su hyeok explain still catching his breath
" she's probably dead " Ji-min said lowering her head
" I already know that this plan won't work " Wu jin said messaging his head
" Then is she dead? " I ask, Why do I feel pain? We only knew each other earlier
We're not even close
" probably " cheong-san said as he fall at his knees, telling ' sorry ' many times crying on his knees
I immediately went to him and comfort him " it's not your fault, she tried tried to help us but luck wasn't on her side " I explain
And once again one of us died
2 hours had passed and we were all silent no one tries to speak,
Silent was all around not until the door suddenly slide open revealing a bloody y/n with two bag on her hand
" How dare you leave me there assholes " She said and lock the door again throwing the bloody bags at us
We were all shocked to process what we were seeing right now
" you're alive!! " dae-su said hugging y/n while jumping
" yo! Let me go I need to isolate myself bitch " she said pushing dae-su slightly
Namra and Joonyoung opened the bag only to see canned foods and water bottle full in the bag
I take a look making me look at y/n shock
" how did you get all of this? " I ask
" you took hours to get this? " su hyeok ask
" Actually I only found one water bottle at the canteen so I head to a close mini market " she explain, just how did she do it?!
We were all left shocked as she head inside the room, while pinching her nose at the smelly smell in there
She took a marker on her pocket and write at the glass
We only look at it before looking at the food
" now I'm guilty for leaving her there " su hyeok said while cheong-san nods in agreement
" but how did she do this all alone? " wujin asked
" Is she an athletic? " Joon young ask
" She's a black belter on her former school but kicked out when she got into a fight " Namra suddenly said
We were all again shock
" SHE'S SO COOL! " dae-su shouted making the other zombie snarl and tried to find where the sound is
Hi I hope you enjoy this ONESHOT, I'm sorry if it sucks It's really hard to remember the other events that happened there, sorry for the grammatical errors
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fablesofkitkat · 8 months ago
POV: you did not confess to Bakugo, he did not confess to you [repost]
genre: fluff
We can talk it good, how you wish it would be all the time
@speedmetalqueen i remember you liking this. for the love of fanfictions, pls stop me from ever deleting this pov when I spiral to self hate once more 😩
Tumblr media
You were restless, heart beating too fast and that usually meant something was about to happen, your anxiety was getting out of hand; so you get out and found him lying on the ground next to the drum filled with boiling water. Class A trainers finally let their class have a break after a two day straight training. You couldn't relate. Initially, you and the rest of Class B complained about waking up early only to find Class A still awake and pushing that 48 hours training, 12 hours rest, then repeat.
"You still going? You should know when to stop. You might get hypothermia from your sweat if you keep this up." You tell him, looking down at his sorry figure when you finally reach him.
"It's none of your business." Bakugou snapped.
He was like this. His personality comparable to a porcupine, not to mention the hair. You don't really approach hot tempered people, dealing with them give you headaches. Bakugou is an exception. He was callous. Gruff. Easily angered. Especially when he got his quirk, it was like his personality was a premonition of his explosive abilities. He was also arrogant, not in a mean way most people misunderstand but that belief, that confidence in himself. He was vain, others would say. You knew better, he was simply confident.
"I'm going to stargaze, you should join me." You offered.
"Why would I, dumbass?" He scowled, glaring at you.
"I might get lost." You reply, smiling at him.
"Not my problem." He answers.
So you start to leave and you hear him follow after you.
"Don't get me wrong, if you get lost, no doubt everyone would be asked to look for you." He says, still staring daggers at you. If looks could kill, you'd be dead.
You shook your head at him, smiling, that was why you were drawn to him, his actions were so contrary to things he say. He discouraged Deku, sometimes going too far, with the intention of making Deku realize that the world would be more cruel to Deku than Bakugou would ever do, especially to a quirkless. But now, well...
He was... shitty in a good way, still debatable. At least that's what you noticed and you noticed him alot, you asked yourself who wouldn't? He demands everyone's attention just by his presence. He might not like you but his sense of responsibility to you as a former class president in elementary school and as a former classmate, he still carries it with him. When you two arrived at a small hill just a 20 minute walk from the camp you raised your eyes to the night sky.
"You're too hard on yourself." You tell him.
He crossed his arm, staring at you like was trying to figure something out.
"You should really pace yourself, bakubread."
"You're saying the same old things, vice pres." He scratched the back of his head, slouching and his other hand in his pocket.
"You do the same old things, class pres." Your eyes curved. You were kinda touched that he still remembers your banter.
He crossed his arms. "You should up your game. Class B seems to be slacking off with their training. Are you going to be weak like them?"
"Keep saying things like that and everyone will hate you." You laugh, because you know anything he says isn't vindictive.
"Doesn't work on you, though." Bakugou grumbles. "Maybe if you trained harder, you wouldn't be lumped with those losers."
Any other person would hear that as Bakugou calling you a loser but the translation was: train harder and maybe you'd be in Class A. But that would be a long road, an impossible feat, Bakugou was proud of his classmates in Class A, each and every one of them were becoming strong, he'd never say that though.
"You're probably frustrated with Deku, aren't you?" You asked. "That's why you're pushing yourself."
"Wrong." He growls at your assumption, although you did hit the mark. "Try being attacked by villains before, then let's see if you don't train harder."
"True." You conceded.
You looked at him and he was wearing a strange expression on his face like he-
"Do you like me or some shit?" He asks.
You choked, coughing for a few moments. You were flustered, heart beating fast, red-faced and frantically patting your chest. What gave you away?
"You do..." He says, breathless but then he frowned. "What are you gonna do about it?"
"Nothing." You snapped weakly.
He smiled, satisfied. "Good. If you confessed, you'd get rejected."
"It's just a crush." Your eyes watered because of the embarrassment you're feeling.
He smirked.
"It will fade."
He was gonna have fun with this knowledge.
"We don't have time for dating, we're working hard to be heroes."
He was so gonna tease you about it. You curled yourself into a ball, stargazing forgotten. You hear him approach you.
"Look at me."
You don't.
"Look at me, dumbass, or I'll never let this down. I swear I'll tease you every day and make you embarrassed and shit until we graduate."
You raise your head to look at him, he looked at you seriously.
"This is not a confession, you're the one who's gonna confess to me, understand?" He tells you, pinching your cute dumbass cheeks. "Just wait until we're pro heroes, you can confess to me then."
Yeah..... definitely not a confession.
"Mandalay! Kota's safe! I've got message from Aizawa-sensei! Use telepathy to tell everyone– tell everyone in classes A and B that Pro Hero Eraserhead says it's okay to fight back!!"
Mandalay's voice rang in your head when she follows up an announcement that filled you with dread,
'One of the villains' targets has been identified!! It's the student known as Kacchan!! Kacchan needs to avoid battle and not make any move alone!! Everyone got that? Kacchan!!'
Hours later, Bakugou who did not confess got kidnapped by villains.
This pov is in line w/ Bakugou denying you girlfriend privileges NEXT POV->
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doctorstethoscope · 5 months ago
Yes Mr. President || 23 People
Tumblr media
art by @mrsh0tchner
welcome back friends! I hope that those of you who celebrate enjoyed your holidays.
story summary: Scandal! AU– your mentor, David Rossi, has recruited you to make Senator Aaron Hotchner the next President of the United States. Once described as a political nun, the Senator helps you see that maybe you can mix business and pleasure.
Read previous chapters of this fic here!
contains: mentions of sex work, death, discussions of weight
wordcount: 2.2k
You can’t remember the last time you checked your mail. But, seriously, who sends a physical envelope in the mail in the 21st century? So when you make your way down to the mailroom one morning, you’ve got a hefty stack of credit card ads and bills you’d long ago put on autopay. One thick envelope stuck out amongst the rest– probably a wedding invitation from a law school classmate, you thought to yourself as you entered your apartment and pulled your letter opener out of a desk drawer. 
You slice the envelope and pull out the cardstock within it, skimming over the words on the page. 
“The President of the United States, Aaron Hotchner, and his wife, First Lady Haley Hotchner, cordially request your esteemed presence at a celebration of the First Lady’s Fortieth Birthday, on Thursday, March 13th at 9 in the evening.”
You let out a conflicted sigh– it wasn’t a good idea for you to see the President, or for him to see you. But you knew that he didn’t make this guest list– which meant that Haley probably invited you, and you weren’t exactly in any place to rebuke an olive branch extended by the First Lady. Not to mention how upset Rossi would be if you didn’t go— you’d just have to endure it. It was only one night; maybe you wouldn’t cross paths with the President at all. It wasn’t likely, not in the slightest, but you could hope, at least. You pull your house phone off of the hook and call Joey.
“Hello,” he says warmly as the line connects.
“Hi, Joey,” you smile. “How are you?”
“Better, now that I’m talking to you,” he says smoothly. 
“Okay, well remember that when I tell you why I called. I have bad news,” you confess.
“Is everything okay?” He asks.
“Yes, nothing’s wrong,” you assure him. “I just have to cancel on our plans for Thursday. It’s the First Lady’s birthday, I just checked my mail for the first time in months and found the invitation,” you explain.
“Oh! Right, that’s what I was talking about. I don’t know why the Justice Department got invites to the First Lady’s birthday, but you know how these things are really just thinly-veiled networking dinners.”
“Oh,” you say uneasily. The classic “ex boyfriend in the same room as current boyfriend” dilemma never gets easier, it seems– even when the ex is married, and a secret. 
“So, that’s no big deal, then. We can just go together, like we planned,” he attempts to confirm, and you hesitate. 
“Um… yeah, we can do that,” you falter unintentionally. 
“Unless that’s an issue,” Joey says suspiciously. You open your mouth, certain that you’ll assure him that it isn’t, but nothing comes out. “Okay. Wow,” he says after a moment of silence.
“Joey, don’t,” you say consolingly.
“Don’t what? I haven’t done anything,” he argues indignantly.
“You know what I mean.” 
“No, I really don’t think I do. Because I don’t understand what the issue is here— you were perfectly fine with coming as my date to meet my coworkers, but now that it's your former colleagues, it’s a completely different story. I don’t get it. Are you ashamed to be with me?” He asks bluntly, his tone sharp. 
“It’s not like that,” you attempt to explain, knowing fully well that parts of this will always be unexplainable. 
“Okay, then what is it like?” He asks, his voice raising. 
“Don’t yell at me, Rosen. Do you really expect me to believe that you forgot that your fancy work dinner was at the White House? I’m not ashamed of you, but it sure feels like you were hiding this from me,’ you point out. 
“God. You know, you have a reputation in this town. You’re powerful, you’re beautiful, you’re sexy, but you’re so insufferably uptight!” He bellows, and the silence on the line is deafening. 
“Goodnight, Joseph,” you say coldly. 
“That was uncalled for. I shouldn’t have--”
“No, you shouldn’t have,” you barked out a laugh. 
“I’m not proud of that. I owe you--”
“Goodnight, Joseph,” you repeat, hanging up the phone despite his protests.
That damn house phone. You were going to chuck it at a wall– you’d just settled into bed for the evening, turned off all the lights and convinced yourself that you meant it– that you were going to get a full night of sleep, that you weren’t going to get up at 3am to review a file for a client— and then the damn phone rang. You picked it up, knowing intuitively who was on the other end of the line. 
“Twenty three people,” you said by way of greeting
“What?” The President responded. 
“When you stay late in the oval, there are twenty three members of your staff who have to stay late too,” you elaborate. 
“I’m reading another briefing on East Sudan,” he tells you, undeterred by this new piece of information. 
“They can’t go home until you do.” You remind him. 
“How are you?” He asks. 
“Richard, Joe, Marybeth, Susan, Kayla--”
“Susan went to the State department, so she’s probably still working, but that’s got nothing to do with me. Or, less to do with me, at least,” President Hotchner tells you. 
“Twenty three hardworking Americans with families and lives are staying late so that you can call me.” 
“Do you want me to hang up?”
You bite your lip. “How are you?”
“I’m serving out my sentence in the country’s most decorated prison, how are you?”
“Well, I’m fine, except my married ex-boyfriend keeps calling me,” you remind him.
“This is a friendly call. We’re being friends.”
“We’re not friends,” you tell him, and you hate how truthful it feels. 
“We’re good friends,” he disagrees.
“How’s your wife and son, if we’re such good friends? Spent a lot of time with them lately?” You ask harshly.
“Oh, and who fixed that for me? Who’s fault is that-- I was ready, and you waved your magic wand to fix everything but us.”
You sighed-- you wouldn’t get into this with him. It would be too painful. 
“Tell me to stop calling,” he challenges you, and you know that you should. “Tell me you don’t want to hear from me.” You draw in a breath, prepare to speak, but you can’t find the courage. “Okay, then. I’ll speak to you tomorrow night.”
The line clicks, and you sigh. Damn this house phone, and damn him. You flick the lights on, swing your legs out of bed, and prepare to rip the phone from the wall when it rings again. 
“Stop calling, I don’t want to hear from you,” you groan. 
“Damn, mama, okay. We’ve got a client though.” Derek’s voice filters through the line. “They said they called you first and the line was busy. 
“Where should I meet you?” You asked. 
“He’s always home by nine.” Mrs. Drake tells you, biting at her fingernails. Her husband, Pastor Marvin Drake, was one of Washington DC’s-- and the nation’s-- most respected clergymen. And he was currently missing in action. “He has a glass of wine, reads a few verses, and comes to bed. I know it’s too early to call the police, but I can feel it in my gut– something’s wrong.”
“I believe you,” you assure her, placing a hand over hers.  You’d called the team to the Drake residence, just in case the Pastor came home, but it left you without a private space to work.
“What do we know?” You asked. 
“He’s got enemies,” Morgan remarked in a hushed tone, and you made a face. 
“Ever since he officiated that mass gay wedding on the Washington Mall, the Christian right has been all over him.” Emily explains. 
“Anything credible?” You seek more information.
“Not according to Mrs. Drake or the security firm they hired.” JJ tells you. 
“Okay, what else?”
“One of the church secretaries said he’d left around 4:30, said he had dinner plans.” Emily adds.
“With who?” 
“She didn’t say-- and Mrs. Drake didn’t know either.”  Morgan says. 
“That’s not a good sign. I need to make a call-- see if you can get anything else from Mrs. Drake,” you said before stepping away to call Garcia. 
“Hey, Pen. I’m sorry, I know that it’s late. Can I ask you for a favor?” 
“Of course, peach. What can I do you for?” She asks, ever-chipper, despite the hour. 
“Can you look into any transactions on Pastor Marvin Drake’s credit cards since around 5pm today?” 
“Sure thing, just give me one second,” she tells you. “Aha! I can do you one better,” She says after a moment. “So, Pastor Drake made a $500 withdrawal from an ATM in Adams Morgan, then checked into the hotel across the street.” 
“Penelope Garcia, you are the world’s best friend.” 
“You can buy me lunch to show your appreciation soon,” she teases, and you laugh. 
“Very, very soon. I’ll talk to you later,” you say, hanging up the phone and gathering up your team. “Emily, you stay here with Ms. Drake,” You say, pulling Derek and JJ towards the car. 
You toss Derek your keys in the driveway, and plug the address Garcia had sent you into the GPS. 
“Why are we headed to this part of town?” JJ asks.
“He checked into a hotel this afternoon,” you explained. 
“Uh oh, Pastor with a prostitute?” Morgan remarked as he drove through the suburbs, the streets abandoned given the hour, and into the much more lively city. 
“There’s a gay bar down the street,”  you remark. “But there’s no need to rush to conclusions. There are plenty of legitimate reasons--”
“Name one,” JJ scoffs, and you don’t dignify that with a response. 
You send Morgan in to flirt with the desk girl for a key to Pastor Drake’s room, then head up in the elevator, knocking softly when you get to the door. 
“Pastor Drake? Are you in there?” You don’t hear anything, so you insert the key, open the door slowly-- finding Pastor Drake in the bed, on top of a woman handcuffed to the bedposts.
“Oh, this is just-- we shouldn’t be here,” JJ groans as Derek walks over to the bed. 
“Hold on,” you say to JJ, looking over to Derek. 
“He doesn’t have a pulse,” Morgan says, confirming what you’d suspected.
“Well, we found him,” JJ scoffs.
Pastor Drake is a large man-- it takes both you and Derek to lift him off of the poor call girl who ended up stuck underneath him. JJ gathers the woman’s clothes and helps her to get dressed after you undo the handcuffs securing her to the bedpost and pull her out of bed.
“I-- I have to go. I can’t-- I,” the woman stutters, but you cut her off. 
“What’s your name?” You ask her. 
“Anna,” she tells you.
“Listen to me, Anna. You’re in shock. You need to sit down, drink some water and relax for a minute,” you say, and JJ leads her into the en suite bathroom. 
“We need to get him out of here,” you say to Morgan.
“He weighs over 300 pounds.”
“And we need to get him out of here,” you reiterate. “Are you saying we can’t do it?”
“No, but I’m saying you owe me a massage after this. A nice one, with the hot rocks,” he tells you, and you grin despite yourself. JJ slips out of the bathroom a moment later, with Anna behind her-- she leaves without a trace. 
“JJ, Anna needs to stay quiet-- pay her whatever it takes, we need an NDA and we need it yesterday,” you instruct. “I’ll call Emily and let her break the news to Mrs. Drake so we can get started on a plan as soon as we’re back.” 
“Yikes, hate to be the new girl,” JJ cringes. 
 “As the person lugging a 300 pound Pastor out of this building via a freight elevator, I find it hard to feel bad for her,” Morgan points out.
“JJ, you go on ahead before Anna’s gone. I’m going to help Derek.” 
A few hours later, you’re back on the couch with Mrs. Drake. “Everything’s ready,” you tell her, and the two of you head up to the bedroom. You allow her a moment to look her husband over, try not to let yourself think too much about what is happening lest your heart break for her. 
“Thank you,” she says, after a moment. “Thank you so much for bringing him home.”
You nod graciously. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Drake, but it’s time,” you tell her, and she looks nervous, so you review the plan one more time for her benefit. “You put your nightgown on, and get into bed. You toss around for a few minutes, and then you wake up and call 911. He was asleep when you came in last night, and dead when you woke up this morning, and that’s all you know.” 
“That’s all I know,” she repeats, her breathing shallow. 
“You’ll do great,” you encourage her gently. “Talk to you soon.”
As you’re leaving the Drake residence, your phone rings. “JJ, where have you been?” You asked. 
“I followed Anna home-- she wouldn’t sign the nondisclosure. She was furious that I even asked. I hate to say it, but I don’t think she’s a hooker,” JJ confesses.
You sigh, knowing exactly what this means. “She’s the Reverend’s mistress.” 
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fandom-imagines-stories · a year ago
There With You
Tumblr media
Peeta Mellark x Reader
Words: 2532
Summary: A panic attack during the Victor’s tour leaves the reader gasping for breath backstage. Her fiance is able to calm her down, but now she’s afraid that what’s real and what’s pretend will blur together.
Notes: This is another kind of comfort fic based on my own experience, so I hope someone out there can connect with it. I love reading things to help calm myself down, so I hope that my comfort imagines can do that for somebody else. Plus Peeta is one of my comfort characters, so it works out. (Also, the reader has taken Katniss’ place in this scenario. Still love Katniss, but this fit the story)
Warnings: Panic attack, anxiety, the like (This is not a depiction of every kind of panic attack. This is just what I have experienced in the past)
None of this was supposed to happen. There wasn’t supposed to be two of you. There weren't supposed to be riots. The romance wasn’t supposed to be real.
Then why was he the only one keeping you from sprinting off that stage?
Peeta’s fingers were intertwined with yours as he spoke to the crowd, keeping you grounded. You tried to focus on the sound of his voice instead of the hundreds of eyes staring up at you. You looked up at the screens and saw her looking back at you. Her. The first person you’d ever killed and you couldn’t even bring yourself to think of her name.
Your breathing hitched and you could feel the squeezing, twisting grip around your throat. No no no not now. Not in front of the entire crowd. What would President Snow do to you if you broke down in front of an entire district? What would he do to Peeta?
“Thank you.” Peeta finished up his speech and a few people in the crowd reluctantly applauded. His eyes locked on your face, seeing a single tear fall down your cheek and he quickly led you off the stage.
He knew that District 9 would be the hardest for you. He still remembered the knife and the blood and the gore. You had killed her to save him. And now you had to live with that for the rest of your life.
The doors closed behind you and you immediately fell back against them, clutching your chest with your free hand. You ripped open the buttons on your high-necked dress, foolishly thinking that it would make it easier to breathe. The invisible hand had closed around your throat, knees crushing down your chest. When you closed your eyes, Clove was on top of you, choking the life out of you slowly, whispering all of the ways she was going to torment Peeta once you were gone.
“Let’s get her out of here.” Haymitch said, his expression a mix of worry and unease. He knew the image of a weak Victor would mean more problems that you weren’t ready to deal with. He remembered what it was like to be under the eye of the Capitol.
“I can’t… I can’t do this. Peeta, I can’t keep-” You gasped in between shaky breaths. Your vision was blurred at the sides and you were gripping the door to keep from collapsing. “I-I-”
“Shh, it’s okay. You don’t have to talk now.” Peeta said, putting a hand on your cheek. “Can you walk to the train?” You nodded, but couldn’t seem to bring your hands away from the door. Peeta looked back at Haymitch and Effie for a moment before turning back to you. “I’m going to carry you, okay?” You must have nodded because he kissed your cheek before scooping you up in his arms.
Your hands released the door and instead latched onto the lapel of his jacket. Every part of you was shaking and the weight on your chest was only getting heavier.
“P-Peeta.” You cried, feeling the tears welling up in your eyes.
“I’ve got you. We’re almost there.” He tried to hide the crack in his voice, trying to be the strong one for you, but seeing you like this split his heart in half. Haymitch and Effie huddled around you, trying to block the two of you from any prying eyes or cameras.
You didn’t notice when they finally got you onto the train. In your head, you were still on that stage, staring out at the little brothers of the girl you murdered. You thought for sure you were suffocating. Every breath was becoming harder and more painful than the last and the blackness at the edge of your vision was growing.
Peeta sat down, holding you in his lap and gently stroking his fingers through your hair.
“It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re safe. You aren’t in the arena. You’re here with me.” He buried his face in your neck, gently pressing a kiss to the place between your shoulder and your spine. “You’re with me.”
“I’ll never leave that arena.” You whispered, your voice so quiet you weren’t sure if he even heard you.
This was far from the first attack you’d had since winning the games, but it was certainly the worst.
Haymitch and Effie just watched you with sympathetic eyes for a moment before leaving the two of you alone. Peeta held you tight until your breathing started to return to a steady pace. While your vision cleared, your body couldn't stop shaking and you couldn’t seem to pry your hands away from his jacket.
“I’m sorry.” You sniffed, trying to wipe panicked tears away on your sleeve.
“You have nothing to be sorry for. I shouldn’t have made you go out there with me. I knew what it was going to be like for you and I should have-”
“They wouldn’t have let you go out there alone.” You shook your head. “There’s no hiding from them, Peeta.” You repeated your words like an echo, over and over again. “I’ll never leave that arena.”
“Then I’m right there with you.” He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead and stood up, keeping you pressed against his chest. “Come on, we should try and get some sleep before we reach the next District.”
He carried you to your compartment and tucked you under the covers. He crawled up beside you without you having to ask. It had become an unsaid thing between the two of you. You kept the nightmares away as best as you could and when one of you woke up afraid, you weren’t alone.
Peeta had proposed for the cameras the day you left for the Victor’s tour, but it was all for show. The Capitol ate it up. When you really said yes, it was a week prior, just the two of you in the calming quiet in a meadow outside of the fence. It meant more that way.
Of course, Effie had picked out an extravagant ring for you to wear on stage and everything. It was gaudy and heavy and enough jewels to feed three districts for a month. But like the faked proposal, it wasn’t what was real.
You twisted the small bronze band around your finger, examining it in the faint light coming through the train windows. You had been awake for about an hour now, but Peeta’s peaceful sleep kept you from stirring. You rested in the warmth of his embrace and listened carefully to the slow, comforting sound of his heart beat.
You wanted to stay in this moment forever.
“Rise and shine you two.” Effie burst through the door and Peeta instantly went rigid beneath you, jolting up and pushing you behind him. You couldn’t see his face, but his expression frightened Effie. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think, I-”
“No, Effie, it’s okay. Really.” He said apologetically, his expression softening. “We’ll be out for breakfast in a second.”
“Alright. Don’t be long. I know they want to do a feature on engaged life. A little romance might be just what you two need.” She gave you both a small smile before walking out, the door sliding shut behind her. Peeta laid back on his elbows, blowing out a low sigh.
“I didn’t mean to scare her. I just heard the door open and all I could think was that someone was here to take you away.” He pulled you back down to him and gently pressed his lips to yours. Truthfully, he’d been in the middle of a nightmare when he heard Effie enter. He thought that the images in his head were becoming real.
“She’ll be okay.” You concluded, drawing circles on his chest . “Effie is tougher than she seems. And she knows what we’ve been through.” Despite her bright and sometimes obnoxiously optimistic attitude, you knew that Effie wasn’t a mindless pawn from the Capitol. She saw what the games did to you. She saw the children behind the victors.
Breakfast was mostly had in a settled quiet. While neither of you said anything, Haymitch glanced over at you and you nodded to let him know that you were okay. It was that silent understanding that was the foundation of your relationship with your former mentor.
“They’re doing an update interview to see how the Capitol’s darling lovebirds have been enjoying their tour.” Haymitch said gruffly. “Which means lots of blushing and doe-eyes from you two.”
“That won’t be hard.” Peeta noted, looking over at you. He meant it sweetly, but something about it sent a shiver of dread down your spine. You ignored it, giving him a small smile.
“It’s comforting to know we won’t need to convince anybody of the whole hopeless romantic thing.” Haymitch made a face. “You two do a wonderful job of making me nauseous all on your own.” Effie smacked him with her rolled up napkin.
“I think it’s wonderful.” She mused dreamily. “How something like that could bring you together.”
You stiffened, keeping your eyes on your plate, pushing your eggs around mindlessly with your fork. Sometimes you forgot that this was still all a TV show for people to gawk at. You would be the star crossed lovers from District 12 for the rest of your lives. No amount of real emotion you felt for Peeta was going to erase that.
The other three seemed to notice your shift and finished their meal in silence. Haymitch excused himself to the dining car for likely the rest of the day and Effie left to work on the speeches you’d have to read in front of District 8. You hadn’t eaten a bite, opting to sip slowly at your coffee instead.
“Just a few more days and we’ll get to go home.” Peeta said, noticing your empty stare and untouched meal. You just nodded, not really hearing him.
“So tell us, Peeta, when did you know that you wanted to propose?” Caesar grinned into the camera.
“Honestly, I knew the moment we stepped out of the arena that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” Peeta gave your hand a squeeze and looked at you with complete and utter adoration. Caesar gasped in awe, eating up the fluffy romance that Peeta was perfect at portraying.
Is that all this is? The thought penetrated your mind before you could stop it. A performance? Is everything he says for the sake of the camera?
“I’m not sure if I’ll ever forgive you for not including me in the moment, Peeta.” Caesar pouted. “But it was just so sweet I can’t stay mad at you!” The two laughed and you forced a loving smile. “Really, proposing in front of the bakery just before you left for the tour- why, it’s probably the most romantic thing I have ever seen.”
“I’m glad it came off that way, because I was a nervous wreck!” Peeta exclaimed and they laughed again. You had to admire his acting ability. Maybe that’s what scared you so much.
He’s just performing. Is he performing with you?
“I think we all want to know,” Caesar beamed, turning his attention to you, “what was going through your head, Y/N? When Peeta got down on one knee?”
You pushed any doubt from your head and just focused on everything you knew was real. “Honestly, Caesar, I can’t think of a happier moment in my life. I never knew what I was missing until we found each other.”
“Don’t these two just make you believe in love, Claudius?” He gushed to his costar. “We’ll let the two of you get back to your tour, but I can’t say how excited we are to have you all to ourselves here in the Capitol.”
“We can’t wait.” Peeta grinned. You both smiled broadly, waiting for the little red recording light to turn off. As soon as the cameras were gone, Peeta lifted your hand up to his lips. “That went well.” He muttered against the skin of your palm.
“Yeah. I think they definitely believe that we’re the perfect couple.” You hadn’t meant to say it so bitterly, but as soon as the words left your mouth, Peeta’s expression changed.
“What’s wrong?” His eyes were different, the charisma that was there with Caesar was gone. His worry seemed to stem from something real, but you just couldn’t convince yourself that it was.
“Nothing.” None of this is real. It’s all just the games. What if you’re still in the arena? What if this is all in your head? You broke away from him, trying to hide the panic growing and growing inside you until it was all you could feel. You could hear him saying your name, but it sounded garbled and far away, like he was whispering in the rain.
What seized you now was unlike you’d ever felt before. Not only was it the dark panic that blurred your vision and tightened your throat until you couldn’t breathe- it was a complete disconnect from reality. It was like you were trapped inside one of their screens and you were banging on the glass, trying to get out.
You didn’t realize you had fainted until you woke up in Peeta’s arms. His was sitting up, cradling you in his lap like he had before, only now you were in your room and you had a blanket draped around your shoulders. You jerked away, your mind still terrified that even this wasn’t real.
“Woah, hey it’s okay. I’m right here.”
“This isn’t real. None of this is real.” You whispered in a panic, still trying to push away from him. This was the Capitol. They were in your head. “You aren’t real.” As hard as you shoved against him, his strong arms were locked around you. He pressed a kiss to your temple, holding you closer.
“I’m right here. I’m real. Just breathe. Come on, stay with me.” While his voice was soothing, your vision was still blurred with hot tears.
“We can never escape this. Every second of our lives belongs to them. Nothing is real. It’s all theirs.”
Peeta pulled away, taking your hand in his. He slid the bronze ring off your finger and held it up.
“This is ours. It’s not Snow’s, it’s not the Capitol’s, it’s ours. It’s real and it’s ours.” He put the ring back on and moved your hand to his chest. You could feel his heart beating beneath your fingertips. “I’m real,” He looked at you with a gentle and yet intense love, “and I am completely yours.”
You wiped away your tears and laid a hand on his cheek. “Peeta-”
“And no matter the nightmare, no matter the fear, or when your mind takes you back to the games, just remember I will always be there with you.”
He pulled you back to him and the two of you remained- away from the cameras and away from the Capitol. At least for now, you weren’t victors. You were a boy and a girl who had saved each other.
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arty-shadow-morningstar · a year ago
A Failed Betrothal /Betrothal AU: Take Two
So here is the second part of the betrothal AU that I decided to name "A Failed Betrothal. This takes place before Part 1 which in hindsight should have been done first. Part 2 got too long so I cut it and started Part 3. I have no idea and nothing planned on how long this will go. Hope you enjoy ❤.
(Part 1)
Marinette also wasn't having a good day or a good week.
Lila Rossi had been up to her usual tricks. You know, spewing lies from her mouth. How she met these awesome celebrities during this trip and they worship the ground she walks on for her amazing and humbling help. There were stories of these charities, trips and galas that she had been to or was invited to. She has problems with her wrists and can't do simple stuff like carry her own bag or do her homework. She has tinnitus in her ears so she needs to sit in the front where the only seat available would be next to Adrien.
And for the finale.
The desert after feeding the class a banquet of lies.
"Mari...nette..has been bullying me, she...told..me not to tell anyone..*sobs*..that she would kill me if I did.."
Lila dramatically gasped and slapped her hands over her mouth. Turning on the waterworks for a more dramatic effect. They all ate it up, jumping on the ‘let’s hate Marinette, a bad person’ train.
"She is going to kill me now and I am so scared." That snake managed to snuck an evil smirk past her glaring, oblivious classmates.
Marinette, at this point of her life, had frankly given up caring for them due to the class's lack of brain cells and Agreste's spineless 'High Road' Approach.
For Kwami's sake, she went through a brutal torture that was training in some jungle temple in Asia before Sabine Cheng, former mercenary/assassin, kidnapped her (Little Marinette took a risk. She ran away and followed her around until Sabine begrudgingly accepted that she was now the 6- year-old girl's mother because screw it, Tom said he wanted children.) to raise/train as her own while she settled down with a baker whose mother may or may not have ties with the Mafia and other illegal activities.
(Mother-daughter bonding days became much more fun once she had Guardianship of the Miraculous. Sabine was ,at first, furious at Master Fu for dumping everything on the girl and losing his memories before swearing to help protect the jewels. Adopted or not, Marinette is her daughter and no one should let a child, even one with training, fight a war. A good thing to come out of her reveal was that her mother was a great tiger to have as back-up. But now, her training regime had become harder and challenging.)
The point was that Lila Rossi would be dead and body missing since that first time she threatened Marinette in the bathroom. The Italian was in perfect health despite what she claims otherwise, because Marinette didn’t want to be the person she was raised to be and also she didn’t want to disappoint Tikki, she was fond of the little red kwami. But sometimes, she just wanted to give into the urge to kill.
She had met and dealt with unsavory characters of all types and she can safely say that Lila Rossi was a manipulator that thrives on attention and like a parasite, latches herself onto the fame of others. None of the unsavory people she had met get under her skin like Rossi had.
Marinette had enough self-preservation to drop the nice girl act and sometimes let the dragon underneath to surface. She stopped doing last-minute favors and giving away free stuff which Lila uses to her full advantage to further destroy her relationships with her ‘friends’. It was better than sticking her neck out for classmates that were no longer worth her time. Attempts to expose Lila had backfired due to the denial they are in, believing the liar to be a sweet, nice girl living the high life.
Adrien with his rose-tinted glasses firmly stuck to his eyes was not happy at all with her decision. That may also have to do where she suggested he shove his advice after he tried to reason her to take the high road for defending herself for the umpteenth time. She felt like the biggest idiot to ever have a crush on him. Every time, Rossi blames Marinette for a problem, he would shoot disappointed looks in her direction.
Alya being Lila's biggest guard dog tore into Marinette for her newfound 'bad' behaviour. The rest of Lila's supporters backed her up with "How could you do that to Lila","I can't believe you changed." Nearly all her so-call friends had turned their backs and lost all common sense to the Italian's manipulations.
(Alya was supposed to be her best friend, aren’t you supposed to listen to your ‘bestie’ over a complete stranger)
The designer took it all with a bored expression on her face, used to the lecturing which was a waste of time because her behavior isn't going to change, no matter what, Lie-la will keep up the act of being the bully's (*cough*Marinette*cough*) victim.
Her heart that cracks the tiniest bit at the accusations. A small part of her, she admits, is hurt that they think so low of her.Was she really that worthless to them? All those times and efforts helping them out on last-minute favors and giving them free treats. Were they not enough to earn their friendship? Their trust or at the very least, a benefit of doubt?
The only ones who didn’t join the berating to 'correct' the raven-haired girl’s attitude were Chloe (who had proven herself to have changed after the miracle queen incident and Lila stole the spotlight and Sabrina. There were a lot of apologizes, gifts and ‘making up to do’) Alix (she came to her senses when the supposed bullying started) and Nathaniel (Lila blatantly claimed to be the artist for the Ladybug comic to his face).
“Girl, Marinette, are you even listening to me?”Alya demanded.
“Maybe. Did you say anything that doesn’t have to do with Lila or how I did her wrong or how I am no longer the person you knew?”
Marinette knew that being sarcastic would backfire but nothing she does or says will change what they think of her. One word from Lila and they will turn back on her. As much as she hates to admit it, Lila’s threat has fallen through and she was alone. Mostly.
She still had Chloe, Nathaniel, Alix, Luka and Kagami as friends. The trust-worthy and loyal kind.
“Girl,” Alya says in a disappointed tone, shaking her head,“when I look at you, I don’t see that girl who stood up to Chloe the bully-”, Chloe snorted, she had changed but they were too blind and prejudiced against her to notice her efforts, “-Picking on Lila, threatening and harassing her. This isn’t you and you know it. Just get over your jealousy on Lila being close to Adrien and apologize to her.”
If Alya had talked to her in the past 12 months other than demanding things that took away her time or anything relating to Lila, she would know that her infatuation had turned into annoyance.
Marinette sighed, too tired of this routine, tired of trying to knock heads so the brain cells can work again. Apologizing would mean that Lila had won. She was petty and stubborn enough to allow that to happen. Lila said she will take the class and Adrien. Fine, she can have them but Marinette Dupain-Cheng will not admit defeat. Bigger men had fallen to the ravenette for lesser offences. A year has passed since the expulsion and the class still hasn't regained common senses, so they can deal with the consequences after the inevitable downfall of Lila and Marinette will be there to see them lay in the grave they dug.
Steeling herself for the pain that will come with the execution of her plan,
“What if I don’t. I won’t apologize to her because I have not done anything to her or even interacted with her. If I apologize, it would be insincere and a lie. And I hate liars.” The former assassin said evenly.
“Lila is not a liar. I don’t know why you are like this.” Alya said, frustrated.
Marinette knew there would be a small chance of an akuma with Gabriel Agreste having an important meeting to attend on this day that would last for the next hour. This was the small window of opportunity to start the plan and also further confirm the identity of Hawkmoth. Killing two birds with one stone.
“Alya, this has always been me, you just never took the time to get to really know the real me.”, she replied, the last part with an icy tone.
“Well-... I- ..You-, fine, then if you can’t say those simple three words, we can’t be friends. I clearly don’t know what a selfish bitch you are. God, I can’t believe I wanted to be best friends with you. You are now replaced by Lila because unlike you, she is genuinely nice and selfless.” Alya declared. The rest of Lila’s supporters murmured in agreement.
Phase 1, complete. Lure the Lie-la into a false sense of security by making her think she won.
Marinette tried not to show how hurt she was, to be replaced by the scheming bitch. But at the same time she felt relieved, she no longer had to walk on eggshells in fear of losing the friendships of people she used to care about. It felt final as she maintained her stoic expression, hoping they didn't notice the glassy sheen her eyes had.
“Then, it is official. We are no longer friends.”
They haven’t been friends for a long time.
Mme. Bustier finally walked into the classroom to start the afternoon classes, signalling the end of the conversation. After class, Marinette resolves to inform them that she was resigning as class president which she was sure the class will be glad for. She was right.
Ladybug was, as the Americans say, pissed at Hawkmoth which was nothing new. He had sent out another akuma just as Marinette was back home and trying to relax after the stressful day. The akuma was not any of her ex-friends which she wasn’t sure to be thankful for or not.
Louise Martin was a boy about Luka’s age and mad at his friends who had blamed their fifth loss-in-a-row on him despite the fact that it was his skills that were getting them any progress. They were playing one of those recently released 5V5 skills and strategy battle games. (League of Legends or Mobile Legends. Take your pick, I am going with the latter)
He was akumatized into Hayakuma as proof of Hawkmoth’s lack of creativity. Hayakuma was a bleached out version of Louise’s chosen hero avatar, Hayabusa whose outfit was basically what the media portrays ninjas to look like with some samurai aspects.
Unfortunately, he also had the hero’s ultimate special powers which were making four shadow copies of himself and being able to switch positions with them. Thanks to Rattlesnake’s Second Chance, they know that he can only make a switch once every two minute. Hayakuma also wields a sword, showing off his skills.
Just lovely.
Hydra and Ladybug were the only ones able to counter his attacks with Hydra’s sword and Ladybug’s summoned one. (Let’s go with that headcanon(?)/trope that she can summon weapons for plot convenience and the others can too but just don’t have enough practise yet.)
The others managed to dodge and shield themselves from Hayakuma’s really sharp sword.
The shadows themselves were annoying as they would distract or hinder the miraculous users by grabbing them by their shadows and making them unable to move. Until Bunnix had the brilliant idea of shadow boxing which gave the heroes gain more even ground.
With how strong and handful the akuma was, it was code ‘all hands on deck’. Ladybug, Stinger, Rattlesnake, Hydra, Bunnix, Trickster. Well, nearly every hand. Lady Mǔ lǎohǔ was busy with the bakery. Chat Noir was nowhere to be seen or very late which had been the norm for the last year ever since Ladybug wanted to form a new miraculous team consisting of permanent heroes.
(He didn’t show up for the first few months because the first permanent member was Ladybug’s mother who did not like his attitude towards her daughter. He ran away with his tail between his legs once he found out how she was related to Ladybug. His face when he realized it, was something Marinette will cherish forever)
At least when Lady Mǔ lǎohǔ was around, he would not dare act out of line. When she is gone however, he is back to his old ways.
After saving one of Louise’s teammates from Hayakuma’s sword, they gathered the rest of the team and hid them someplace safe. Using Trickster’s illusions to trick all the shadows and the original to one place, the heroes were going to surround and ambush them and get the akumatized item. The plan would have been a success if it weren’t for Chat Noir hugging Ladybug from behind, making her miss her cue.
“Hey~ Bugaboo~ Did you miss me~? Your Chaton~?”
Thwack! Smack!
Chat Noir was on the rooftop, groaning pitifully in pain. Especially his crotch area. Ladybug glared at him and looked to the ambush point to see the illusions had disappeared and everyone else gone from their hiding place.
She sighed and turned on the comms, (Thank you, kwamis)
“Sting, did you venomed the akuma?”
“No, he escaped before I could. What happened, LB?”
“A certain cat got me delayed. What’s the status update?”
“Hydra is holding him off and Bunnix found that an umbrella is a good substitute for a sword. The rest of us are keeping track of the shadows. They split up but none of them are getting near where we hid the targets.”
“Where are you? I will meet you later with back-up.”
“Near Notre Dame and tell Mama Tigress I said hi.”
“Tell her yourself.”
She looked down at Chat No-, no he is not worthy of being a hero anymore with the amount of times he had derailed and hijacked the plans to defeat the akumas just so he can ‘earn’ Ladybug’s heart.
She looked down at Adrien Agreste, who was sitting and sulking like a child that was unfairly punished. (Once she got over her crush and started looking at the right things that she managed to piece together her ‘partner’s’ identity by accident. Tikki’s confirmation sealed the deal.)
“Chat Noir, this partnership of ours,” she said, gesturing to the two of them, “ is going to change tonight. Meet me at the ‘spot’ at 11 sharp. Now, go home.”
He left with a small glimmer of hope in his eyes at her words. She felt a little bad about the subtle manipulation but with the way things were now, it can’t go on. He was hindering more than helping and the people of Paris that weren’t shipping ‘Ladynoir’ saw that.
As she jumped towards Notre Dame, she called the bakery with her yoyo.
“Mama, are you free now? I need a little help with the akuma and can you bring the horse miraculous.”
Chat Noir waited excitedly at what they both dubbed at their ‘spot’, in the good old days when it was just the two of them. Maybe Ladybug was finally open to the idea of dating. Or maybe she must have seen what a great hero he is and was going to get rid of the team. Or realized that having her mother on her team was a bad idea. Parents are the worst and they both can be two rebellious teenagers in love. Like Romeo and Juliet. So romantic~.
He was so deep in his daydream that he didn’t hear his lady land.
“Chat Noir.” Startled, he nearly fell off the roof. No, don’t make a fool of yourself in front of Ladybug.
“Yes, Bugaboo.” Hoping she didn’t know that he was very distracted. His attention will always be hers 100%.
“Don’t call me Bugaboo. Tikki wants to talk to Plagg about Kwami stuff. So you go over and hide behind that chimney. Then, we can talk about why I told you to be here.” Adrien frowned and then smiled. His lady must be very embarrassed about her mistake that must be why she is taking her time. He tried listening to what they were saying but the kwamis were talking in their special Guardian Language. Was it him or did Tikki’s voice sound more like his lady’s voice?
Adrien was tied up with Ladybug’s yoyo. “M’Lady? Bugaboo!? LADYBUG! WHAT IS GOING ON?!! PLAGG-”
Ladybug cut in, “Adrien Agreste, you have been slack in your hero duty and choosing your own feelings over supporting your partner, me, the holder of the Ladybug Miraculous and current Grand Guardian, in the efforts to defeat the enemy of Paris, Hawkmoth. Due to those reasons, you are no longer worthy to be the Holder of the Black Cat Miraculous” in one swift motion, she took the ring off his finger, “As such you are hereby revoked of Plagg’s Ring.”
Adrien went slack at Lady Tigress’s pinch on his pressure point.
“I don’t what you ever saw in the boy.”
“I don’t know either. I think I dodged a bullet here. Can you carry him back to his home? I think I have dealt with enough of him tonight.” Ladybug muttered, as she erased Adrien’s memories of being Chat Noir.
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(Part 3)
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kaunis-sielu · 2 months ago
Presidential: 5
“First Lady Eliers.” You say in surprise, you’d wanted to be alone but if it had to be anyone in the bathroom with you she’s pretty much the only one you’d want to run into.
“That’s your title now First Lady Hill. I just go by Mrs. Eliers now.” She says with a small smile.
“I didn’t know you were going to be here today.”
“Last minute decision.” She gestures at the door at your back, “Want to talk about it?” You sigh heavily dropping your head back against the door.
“How did you do it? I’ve been First Lady for like six months and I’m going crazy. I have four alpha males on my six every second of the day.”
“Well, I insisted on having a woman on my team.” She gestures to the other woman in the bathroom, “Carol Danvers, the First Lady.” She nods at you and you smile back.
“Secondly, you need to remember you’re their boss. If you don’t like how they’re handling a situation you can tell them. They won’t change without the push.” She explains kindly.
“They’re just so stupid!” You tell her stalking away from the door as you throw your hands up in irritation.
“They’re men dear.” She teases with a laugh.
“And don’t even get me started on the politicians!” You groan. This gets a full belly laugh from the former First Lady. “I feel like that part in Aladdin where Jasmine is like ‘I’m not a prize to be won!’ Do I look like a fool? I know that they’re doing.”
“I didn’t have to deal with that one. You need to find someone to act as if he’s your boyfriend. Keep all those boys away.” You chuckle softly. “Maybe someone like that Steve Rogers. He could protect you and intimidate the boys.” She throws you a wink as she and Carol leave the restroom. Steve peers in at you while the door is open and you decide she’s right. You pull the door open again and grab Steve’s sleeve pulling him into the bathroom, you must have surprised him otherwise there’s no way you could’ve moved him that easily. You disconnect him from his team by pulling the wires out of the walkietalkie he’s wearing at his hip.
“Shut up and listen to me. We only have a minute before your boys storm the room. I need a favor from you. I need you to act as my boyfriend. My date to events.”
“Otherwise I have to bring a civilian to all this shit that I’m representing my uncle at and you’ll have to protect them too.” You explain in a soft, rushed voice, please agree. Please, please agree.
“That’s a good point.” He says in a thoughtful voice, “Why me? Why not Scott or Bucky.”
“Don’t act like you didn’t hear the conversation with Bucky.” You tell him leveling him with a look, “If I have to bring a date to events you’ll have to vet him. And he’ll have to be taught the procedures everything you already know!” He seems to mull it over, “Please Steve.”
“Fine.” You stare at him in surprise.
“Fine?” You repeat, just to make sure that you heard him correctly.
“Fine.” He says before plugging his walkie back in, there’s a pounding on the door and he gives you a warning look just before the door flies open.
“What the hell?” Sam snaps and Bucky eyes the two of you suspiciously.
“Sorry. I went in to check on Lady and my piece cut out.” You stare at him in confusion. Why isn’t he telling his team the truth? Scott nods then turns and heads back to his post, Sam and Bucky don’t seem to believe him. At least judging by the way they’re both staring at him.
“Everything is fine. Lady.” Steve says again before he offers you his arm and you take it with a gracious smile then let him escort you to your seat.
Steve plays your date for almost six months. If you’re not with The President then Steve goes as your date. He’s sweet and attentive and intimidating enough to keep the politicians from hitting on you. It actually makes it possible to enjoy your role as First Lady The rest of the team knows what’s going on, Bucky didn’t like it but after your chat with the former First Lady you let him know where you were coming from in an honest and firm but kind discussion. Scott doesn’t seem to give two shits and Sam basically shrugs his shoulders then moves on. It’s not until one bright afternoon when Tony asks you to come to the Oval Office that things get a little, awkward.
“Mr. President? The First Lady is here to see you.” His secretary says pushing open the door. She ushers you in and you give her a smile. Your smile freezes on your face when a man stands and smiles over at you. He’s got brown hair with grey at the temples, he doesn’t seem that much older than you.
“Hello, sorry am I interrupting?” You ask as you venture closer to Tony’s desk.
“No not at all.” Tony says with a wide grin. “This is Dr. Steven Strange, Dr. Strange my niece the First Lady.”
“First Lady.“ He says nodding down at you, "Please forgive me. I don’t shake hands.” You give him a little nod and he continues, “I’m a neurosurgeon.” He says then stares at you like he’s expecting something from you.
“Oh, pleasure to meet you Doctor.” You stand there awkwardly, you’re confused why did Tony call you here? You usually don’t come to the Oval Office unless he needs something, or you have business to discuss about your charity work.
“Oh, Dr. Strange is going to be your date to the National Summit.” Tony tells you offhandedly before signing some other piece of paper.
“Pardon?” You ask blinking at him in surprise.
“Your date. You need one.”
“Tony.” You warn him, your arrangement has been working well,
“You have to take a date.”
“Would you excuse us for a moment Dr. Strange.” You don’t ask, you tell him.
“Of course. It was a pleasure First Lady. Mr. President.” He says nodding at both of you before leaving.
“Tony, I have a date.”
“Your secret service detail does not count as a date.”
“But Tony.” You try to reason with him, this is absolutely not what you want.
“It’s unprofessional.”
“This is going to piss my team off. They’re going to have to do an extensive background check, go over new escape plan details, brief him and come up with a new protection plan all in three days.“
"That’s their job!” Tony snaps as you fold your arms over your chest.
“No! Their job is to protect me! Not some rich doctor that’s donating to something or another of yours!”
“You’re going to do this because I’ve asked you to. You’re going to be polite, charming and kind. You will inform your team that I’ve added a date to your group for the summit and they will take care of what they need to. That is their job.” He says slowly and evenly. His tone of voice tells you that you’re not going to win this one.
“Yes President Pimp.“ You snark before you turn on your heel and storm out of the Oval Office. You hear him calling after you but you don’t stop.
"I’m wearing dark purple.” You tell Dr. Strange with a smile, before glancing at the watch on your wrist. “Sorry I’ve got another appointment.” You lie and he smiles at you again giving you a little nod. You’re seething and you need to let Steve, Bucky, Sam and Scott know of the change of plans as soon as humanly possible. Luckily, Steve and Sam are waiting for you outside the Oval Office.
He doesn’t even need to ask if you’re okay, he knows you’re not. “What happened?” Steve asks easily keeping pace with you. One of the disadvantages of being shorter than your security detail is that it’s almost impossible to lose them when you’re pissed and want a moment alone.
“I have a new date to the Summit.” You growl through a clenched jaw.
“Wait what? Who?” Sam demands as the three of you stalk through the hallway of the White House back toward your private room.
“His name is Dr. Steven Strange. I don’t know much about him except that he’s a neurosurgeon.”
“Sam get Scott on this.“ Steve orders and Sam mutters back,
“Buck we need a new action plan.” Steve says into his piece, he’s quiet for a second before he responds with a terse, “Change of plans. Lady has a date.” It seems he doesn’t like it any more than you do.
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whimsicalsimmies · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And just like that, we’re checking on the Sin household again. Let’s see what they’ve been up to in this long break.
Tumblr media
Rusty Sin, is now a teenager! Not that he is very thrilled about it either way, being so close to taking the legacy baton is making him feel a little overwhelmed. He isn’t exactly the brightest sim ever.. his grades go from bad to worse, but he doesn’t care about it that much. His relationship with his mom and dad remains the same. All he really wants is to get the hell out of that house.
Tumblr media
Happy White-Sin has come a long way! He reached level 10 on comedy skill and got a call from the Plumbob Pictures recording studio president to film a comedy show live on TV! The opportunity of a lifetime got him to the top of his career and he escalated to Show Stopper, earning several awards and bonuses, apart from leapfrogging into a celebrity, selling out arenas and recording hot new tv shows.
Tumblr media
Sadly for our almost former heir, Autumn’s facial expressions haven’t changed a bit as you may notice, she literally is a pain in the ass omg, I’m throwing her tf out of the legacy. Anyways, redhead’s generation is officially completed, all goals have been met. The criminal sensation of Windenburg has expanded to every inch of the SimNation. Now Autumn's crew can do all the work, while she takes a bath in $1000 bills. The Sins haven’t been struggling with money AT ALL as you can appreciate.
Tumblr media
And now for the most recent addition to the family: Carol Sin. Carol was created in a parallel universe save, one were Autumn may still have a heart, by the amazing @natolesims te quiero Nat. She was transferred to my save as a toddler, and we skipped that same old boring toddler phase to another horrible routinely phase: sims 4 childhood. Carol is the perfect daughter, the one Autumn always wanted, straight As, low toned, scout girl who has earned all the badges, you know the type. But as perfect as she is on the outside, she is, as well, on the inside. Rusty’s only friend and the one he cares about most, I actually don’t know who loves the other one more. Despite Rust seeing how different they’ve been raised, he loves his “piojito”.
And if you’re wondering, Rusty was sent to @natolesims for him to live a peaceful and safe life in her save <3
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celestles · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Our Congress has been looking for an excuse to oust our (now former) President, Martín Vizcarra. There's been unproven accusations of corruption against him and, even when he denied them, he never condemned/stopped the investigations. Earlier this week, our deeply disliked Congress orchestrated a coup d'etat, ousting Vizcarra and making President someone who 1) when elected as a member of our Congress, only got 5k votes, that's not even 1% of the region (as US has states, we have departments/regions) he "represented", 2) has a fake degree by an unlicensed uni (and now he's trying to stop the organization that monitors universities/institutes in general so this is forgotten), 3) is against our Peruvian population, whose first law was to APPROVE POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST OUR PACIFIC PROTESTS. THEY ARE NOW LITERALLY TRYING TO KILL US, yesterday they released tear gas inside a bus full of kids, babies, PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT PROTESTING.
Please, share this political crisis that's going on in Peru, because the media isn't covering it. Here's a carrd in English about it, here's a thread on Twitter (spanish, please translate it), and one in English (that's actually very funny but) explains what happened.
If you need more info, look up the #MERINONOESMIPRESIDENTE hashtag on Twitter/Instagram. If you wanna help, again, check this carrd https://peruneedsyourvoice.carrd.co/, share the info about our current crisis, and DON'T LET YOUR COUNTRY RECOGNIZE MERINO AS OUR PRESIDENT. MERINO NI EL CONGRESO ME REPRESENTAN, ÉL NO ES NUESTRO PRESIDENTE.
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imagining-in-the-margins · a year ago
Messy Lessons (Reid Request)
Tumblr media
Request: Dominant y/n and sub Spencer. y/n catches Spencer talking to another girl at work and she shows him who he belongs too. Like smutty as possible? 💓
A/N: I hope you all enjoy bratty Sub!Prof!Reid as much as I do. Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader Category: Smut (NSFW) Content Warning: Exhibitionism, oral sex after unprotected sex (female receiving), D/s dynamics, Professor/Student, getting caught, dubious consent (playful banter in D/s dynamic) Word Count: 3.6k
Dating your professor is, for the most part, exactly what you would expect it to be like. It’s hard to pay attention in class because you know you’re just going to ask them questions later, and it’s impossible to see them as an authority figure when you know you had them on the brink of tears on their knees a couple nights before.
Well, okay, maybe that second part isn’t true for everyone. But it was definitely true for me and Spencer Reid. It wasn’t exactly a secret that the two of us were dating, but we kept it quiet for the most part. I wasn’t taking the class for credit since, you know, the whole conflict of interest thing, I was just genuinely interested in the material.
But that morning I was interested in something else. Namely, what the fuck my boyfriend was doing performing a silly little magic trick for the President of his fan club.
I could practically feel his ego expanding to fill the size of the lecture hall as the girl squealed with excitement over a simple sleight of hand. Even worse, he refused to meet my gaze as I glared at him from across the room, even though I knew damn well he felt it burning into him.
It was all okay, though. He could be as much of a brat as he wanted, because I knew where he would be that evening. Better yet, I knew where he and his number one fan would be. She always came to his office hours, after all.
So, that’s where I went, and that’s where I found him.
“Hey Professor.”
Spencer froze at the sound of my voice before he peered up from the assortment of papers in his hand. The fear in his eyes told me he had been expecting someone else.
“(Y/n), what are you doing here?”
What a stupid question. Rude, too. Like his girlfriend shouldn’t stop by when his door is open. Speaking of...
“I just wanted to have a quick chat with you...” I said with a dreamy sigh as the door clicked shut behind me.
With an audible swallow, Spencer asked, “About what?”
“You know,” I shrugged, “The usual.”
There were few things less exciting in life than the way his body tensed at my presence. The closer I got to him, the more visibly unnerved he was. He dropped the pen he was holding so I couldn’t see the way his hands trembled, and he turned his chair so that he would face me when I joined him behind the desk.
“W-We can’t,” was his horribly unconvincing reply. He went on to pathetically explain, “I have office hours starting soon. People might hear us.”
I know, I thought, that’s why I came. And for someone who was going on and on about how we couldn’t, his body was giving a very different signal. I could see the pathetic twitch of his already erect cock through his slacks.
“I forgot to lock the door, too,” I mumbled through a pout, turning back to flash a cursory glance at the door before I shrugged and said, “Oh well.”
When my hands started to work at his belt, Spencer’s breath immediately shifted into high-pitched whines.
“Wait. Please,” he begged, like that had ever stopped me before. He didn’t mean it, anyway. If he actually wanted me to stop, he wouldn’t have lifted his hips so I could undo his pants faster. He just wanted to act innocent.
With a saccharine smile, I came nose to nose with him before I cooed, “Hurry up and give me what I want, and you won’t have to worry anymore.”
There was a slow, audible swallow before he croaked back, “What do you want?”
He already knew he was fucked. He knew he was fucked from the second I walked into the room. Realistically, he probably knew the second he didn’t even look at me while talking to another girl. But if there was any doubt over just how fucked he was, it was dispelled quickly.
Grabbing hold of Spencer’s fluffy mop of curly brown hair, I forced his head back to bare his neck to me when I growled, “I want you to apologize to me for flirting with that stupid fucking bitch in class today.”
“What?” he said with the tiniest squeak, “What bitch?”
Wrong answer. It was such a bold question to ask that I wasn’t even going to dignify it with an answer. Instead, I brought my hand between his legs and shoved it through the hole in his boxers.
“Shit!” he hissed when my hand wrapped around his erection, pulling it free before denying it any of the friction it sought.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Professor. You knew what you were doing,” my voice was quiet and low, but I had no worries about him not being able to hear me. It was so clear on his face, the way he hung on every word I said. His eyes were half-lidded and glassy, but they were filled with so much desire and admiration that they seemed to make up so much of his expression.
He was cute, I’ll give him that. However, he was being punished because he was being a brat, and that dopey, lovesick smile would fade again when he realized how this was going to go. Through clenched teeth, I forced myself to remind us both why he deserved this.
“You wanted to get me jealous, and you succeeded. You asked for this.”
The second the last word left my tongue, I threw my leg over his. I watched the realization dawn on him, those loving eyes filling with fear as I straddled him on his chair.
“Wait! Wait, okay, fine, yes. I admit it!” he spoke frantically, his hands struggling to find a place to rest that wouldn’t land him in even deeper waters. When he couldn’t find any, he brought them close to his chest in a surprisingly kitten-like manner before he softly admitted, “I wanted to make you jealous.”
“Wow. You think you can just admit to being a brat and get out of your punishment?” I said through a burst of lighthearted laughter.
At first, he just whimpered, closing his eyes when he felt the soft cotton of my underwear brush against him.  
“Please. Please, show mercy,” he playfully replied under his breath. The request still somehow managed to sound so desperate that a part of me wanted to give in to it, but the rest of me was just pissed. Him begging me for mercy?
“You didn’t show me any!” I scoffed.
“We’re both going to get in trouble if they catch us,” he pleaded.
It was probably true. I mean, I knew he would at least get in trouble. But honestly, I’m not sure they would even want to get into it with him. He was a prestigious enough catch for them that keeping him on the staff was probably worth the trouble caused by his student-girlfriend. We were very careful to follow most of the rules they set for us.
So I ignored the very reasonable statement. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t that worried about it, considering the fact he had many tools to actually make me stop and only chose a few simple begs. He didn’t even break out the waterworks. 
“Hm? What was that? Sorry, I can’t hear you,” I hummed, dipping my hand between us to pull my underwear to the side. With each passing second, Spencer’s breath grew heavier. He could barely keep his eyes open, clenching them shut and grabbing hold of his own shirt to try to stop himself from grabbing me without permission.
No, instead of muttering the safe word, Spencer just bucked his hips against me and let out a breathy, “Fuck, you feel good.”  
But it was too late for him to get out of it with mere praise. If he didn’t want this, he would’ve behaved better earlier. Once I had positioned myself against the head of his cock, I sighed at the way his body practically trembled with anticipation under me.
I placed both hands on the sides of his neck, letting his hair slip through my fingers before I continued, “You can hear me, though,” I mumbled through my smile as I started to lower myself onto him, “And so can everyone else.”
I didn’t give him enough time to ask me what I meant. Once I dropped myself fully onto him, which was easier than I’d like to admit after his precious little show of resistance, I let out a loud moan. The hairs on the back of his neck stood, goosebumps covering his skin as whimpers and whines continued to flow freely from his lips.
“Ah! Professor Reid!” I cried out, “You feel so good!”
With every bounce, I brought myself down harder, continuing to elicit my own sounds of pleasure as well as exacerbating his. Eventually, he couldn’t keep his hands up any longer, and he grabbed hold of my hips in a very poor attempt to slow me down. If anything, though, his hands gripping me through the fabric of my skirt just encouraged me.
Of course, he had done it without asking, which meant that his punishment was going to get worse. And I had the perfect idea.
“Fuck me harder!” I groaned, remaining on his lap and slowly rolling my hips, “Take me, Professor!”
“Please, don’t do this,” Spencer whispered back, either unwilling or unable to speak louder. I had a strong suspicion it was the former. Because as much as he loved submitting to me, he also really loved the idea of people thinking our dynamic was the other way around. Granted, it was sometimes. But not today.
Before I could respond, my boyfriend nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck, pretending like he just wanted to kiss me, even though we both knew he was just trying to prevent me from continuing at my current pace. He was trying to slow me down, to drag out this experience he’d just complained about seconds before.
“You know how to make me stop,” I sighed before pulling him away from me by his hair. I looked into his eyes and found exactly what I’d expected to find: a little bit of guilt and a whole lot of yearning.
Pushing him back against the chair, I chuckled just a little as I said, “Yeah. That’s what I thought. You fucking love them thinking that you have me bent over your desk. Let those little girls think you’re in charge.”
He didn’t argue, just nodded dumbly and clenched his jaw when I started to move again. Tracing a gentle finger over it, I felt the muscles twitch under my care.
“What would they think of you if they knew who you really are?”
I wasn’t expecting the question to have as much of an impact on him as it did, but his entire body tensed in response. His hands that had been firmly rooted on my hips quickly rose to cover his face. He threw his head back, a string of inaudible, likely foreign curses suddenly pouring from him. He wasn’t looking at me anymore, and I fully and decidedly did not like that.
I tore his hands away as quickly as they’d come. Holding them down with all the strength I could without also losing my momentum, I seethed, “Look at me when I fuck you, Spencer.”
“I’m begging you, Princess,” he blubbered, his hips beginning to buck in contrast to his words.
“No, no, no. I know that voice,” I chastised, recognizing that he was already starting to come undone. “Spencer, I did not give you permission to finish.”
The poor thing was acting like he was being tortured. I guess that was my whole point, but it didn’t make my heart melt any less. He knew that there was little chance of me stopping, so all he could do was give one final appeal. Which, he did. Poorly.
“I know, I’m trying. You just feel so good and I haven’t touched myself since I saw you last and I—“
“I didn’t ask for your excuses.”
I covered his mouth with my hand. Slowing down my pace, I looked him directly in the eyes before I spoke, “If you finish inside me, I swear to god, I will make you clean up your mess. I get to finish first. Do you understand me?”
The whine that he returned then was so dramatic, so desperate that I had to believe it was genuine.
“Then please, Princess, let me touch you. I can help. I’ll be good. I’ll be a good boy for you, please,” he downright sobbed.
“Fat chance. If you want to prove you’re a good boy, hold it like I told you,” I huffed, returning to my previous pace in the hopes that I could at least finish faster for his benefit. “I’m almost done,” I tried to reassure him, unintentionally tugging hard on his hair in a way that essentially sealed his fate.
“I can’t,” he keened, “I can’t do it. I’m so sorry, Princess.”
There was no stopping him. Spencer grabbed hold of my hips and held me down against him with enough force that I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to. As I felt that familiar warmth pooling inside of me, I tried to suppress the moans they elicited.
It was infuriating, not being able to fully enjoy it. I couldn’t even let him know just how good it felt to drive him over that edge. What it felt like to have him so enchanted by me that he couldn’t resist disobeying my orders.
So, I took that frustration and unleashed it in another way.
“You filthy, ungrateful little brat!” I screeched, my hand striking his cheek with a loud snap. The look he gave in response was just as intoxicating. It was a bratty little glance, a smirk made up of both pride and shame. His eyes searched mine from beneath his lashes, trying to anticipate my next move.
“I hope you’re ready to pay for that, Spencer,” I growled, grabbing his cheeks with one hand to wipe that smile away. It worked. That pinching of his already red-tinted face combined with the sudden overstimulation as I continued my feverish bouncing without any pause.
“I will. I will, I promise,” he groaned, managing to keeps his eyes open for me now. “I’ll do anything for you, Princess.”
Jealousy overtook me rapidly and without warning. It was deeply unfair, really, that Spencer was essentially getting pampered for his behavior. Sure, he was in a bit of pain from me forcing him past his initial limit, but this exact scenario also doubled as a reward for him. Nothing made him happier than getting the opportunity to fuck me after finishing inside of me, knowing that he was forcing his release further into me.
I tried not to think about how much he was getting out of defying me. And thankfully, it was easier than it sounded. Spencer was being genuine when he said that he wanted to help me. He snuck his hand down to where we met, pausing just a moment to moan at just how wet it was with our mixture.
Using that, he clumsily thumbed at the small nub at my crest, his eyes locking with mine as my movements became disjointed. Beyond the occasional whimper, he stayed silent when I started to come undone, opting to spend all energy on ensuring I had the best experience possible.
Because for as much of a brat as he was, Spencer was also, deep down, a good boy who just wanted to make me happy. That was the thought that drove me over the edge. When my muscles started to tense around him, he pulled me closer, laying sloppy kisses over my neck and cheeks, whispering sweet nothings between each one.
Once I did manage to come down, I could barely keep myself up. Thankfully, he refused to let me budge even an inch. He didn’t even stop his incessant lips from pressing into every inch of exposed skin until I made him.
“I can’t believe you. I gave you one rule,” I said, the exhaustion clear in my voice.
Spencer was just staring up at me with those same wide puppy dog eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip and uttered a small, sad, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” I sighed, “I know you just wanted an excuse to touch me more.”
His whole body perked up at the idea. Nodding excitedly, his words slurred together as he agreed, “I want to make it up to you. I want to be good.”
I believed him, and it brought the first genuine smile to my face of the evening. But it was short lived, because as soon as I dismounted, I was reminded of his defiance from mere minutes earlier. Even worse, Spencer was watching the way he dripped down my thigh with such a pure satisfaction that it boiled my blood all over again.
Collecting the mixture on my finger, I brought it up to his lips. He didn’t resist at all, opening his mouth and cleaning both of us from my finger with an unrivaled enthusiasm. After he was done, he displayed his tongue to me like he was expecting something else.
“You don’t get any praise today, Spencer. You have not been a good boy. You’ve been a very, very naughty boy,” I lectured, rolling my eyes at the way he had the audacity to look disappointed. I waved my now clean hand at him as I instructed, “Get up. I’m sitting in the chair. You don’t deserve it. Get on the ground.”
He stood on shaky legs, reminding me for just a second just how small I could feel next to him. But that fear quickly faded, replaced by a wave of pride as he tucked himself away and dropped to his knees in front of me.
I plopped down in the chair with a wide grin, sinking into the lingering body heat and propping one leg up on his desk and the other over his shoulder. Spencer didn’t hesitate for a second to turn and kiss his way up to my thigh. But he stopped before he got too close, waiting until my fingers wove through his hair again.
“Keep going. Clean up your mess,” I mumbled under my breath.
“Yes, Princess.”
That certainly took no further provocation. His tongue began drawing up my entrance with long, slow laps. My back arched almost immediately, forcing my hips harder against his face. “Fuck, you’re so good at that,” I said through a breathy moan.
The little bit of praise went so far for the man buried between my legs. He moved more freely, his hands digging into my legs as he pulled me closer to him, continuing to ravage me with none of the cautions he’d had at the beginning of this encounter.  
“Professor,” I cried, my head falling back as he started to suck and nip at the already sensitive flesh. The slew of sensations was so overwhelming that it almost felt like we were the only two people that existed. It was just the two of us, desperately seeking to be closer as we freely indulged in whatever depravity we desired.
It almost felt like we were alone. Almost.  
The opening of his office door paired perfectly with Spencer’s muffled moans. I’d heard the click and creaks, but he hadn’t. He was… preoccupied.
I, on the other hand, was perfectly capable of opening my eyes to lock my heated gaze on the very familiar, infamous face from earlier.
And I smiled. I smiled because that stupid girl looked absolutely mortified. She stared at me living out her wildest fantasies in front of her. Gripping even tighter to Spencer’s hair, I urged him to continue, to work me harder until I was left a mess in his hands once again.
“Oh, Professor,” I groaned, refusing to look away from the one who was responsible for this entire ordeal. I almost had the wherewithal to thank her, but my wonderful boyfriend was too busy trying his hardest to distract me. He ended up winning.
With one final cry, I threw my head back and bucked my hips wildly against him as my whole body shook. I held him as close as I could with both legs locked around him.
When my eyes finally shut, I heard the door close again.
Even then, Spencer took a second longer to finally stop. He maneuvered my legs off his shoulders carefully and tenderly, pressing a kiss to each of my knees while he caught his breath.
“Did I… Did I hear the door?” he said between his heavy panting.
“Nope,” I said with a pop of my lips, “Just us. Completely unbothered.”  
He definitely didn’t believe me, but he still nodded absently. And when I leaned forward, gently fixing his hair, he nuzzled against my palm with that same kitten-like behavior from before. I couldn’t help myself anymore, pulling him forward until our lips connected.
I kissed him hard, but he was too busy smiling and laughing to focus. As I pulled away, I broke my previous promise and whispered, “Good boy. You did such a good job.”
“I thought you said no praise today,” he said through a shy pout that was meant to hide a smile.
“I’ve decided that you’re a good boy for cleaning up your mess,” I cooed, my fingers ghosting over his skin until they made it to his chin.
I tilted his face up, thoroughly enjoying the way he followed my implicit orders without any resistance. Pure contentment flowed between the small space.  I placed one more soft peck on his lips before I cheerily finished, “And as for the stupid bitch, I cleaned that one up on my own.”
“What do you mean? What did you do?” he asked, fear sprouting anew among the joy.
“Who, me? Nothing,” I laughed, “I did absolutely nothing.”
And I was right; she didn’t bother us anymore.
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