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td-hateblog 3 months ago
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manjiken 2 months ago
thinking about coming home to mikey after a night out with friends and being a lil tipsy
you're all over him and he is LOVING it
- @ ryuguujiken
thank you for not letting me starve.
speaking of starve, mikey and his touch starved ass soaked up all the drunken affection you had to give. he let you push him on the couch and straddle him, just chuckled quietly when you pressed a million tiny kisses to his cheek.
NSFW below the cut
He'd also try to act stoic and control himself, trying not to crack under pressure when you start grinding on his clothed dick, kisses on his neck turning biting, bright purple bruises splotching the long column of his throat. he's a simp and a sweet boy who doesn't want to do anything while you're drunk when you're literally trying to get him to slang that dick.
Mikey raises a brow at your impatient whines in his ear as you beg for just the tip, you're going as far as to pull his pants with shaky hands as you pout liquor flavored lips at him to give you what you want. hands grip your hips as he tells you that you can have him, that he's all yours. his tongue slipping between your lips to map your eager mouth and then he's whispering with a shuddering breath that you have to do all the work because your king is tired.
like digging for a bone, your quick to free his length from his pants. your thumb brushes over the wet spot on the front of his underwear, the material getting stickier with pre when you rub circles into the sensitive slit at the tip of his red and swollen tip. he does lift his hips so you can free his length and he twitches in the cold air.
your desperate pleas of 'mikeymikeymikey' has his lashes fluttering, the way you chant his name like a prayer has him capturing your lips in another kiss, sucking your bottom lip between his teeth as your shaky fingers pry your soaked panties from your sticky, sopping folds and push them to the side. your manicured fingers wrap around his shaft, you feel it pulsing in your hands as you guide the head of his cock to your entrance.
he's biting into your shoulder when you finally sink down onto his length, his muffled grunt somehow still louder than your relieved moan. he's practically straining himself not to rut his narrow hips into yours as he watches his dick disappear inch by inch inside your wet heat.
the tiny thrust you gave was all he needed to grip your ass and then he's lifting you so that only the tip is left throbbing inside your slippery walls and your scream when he slams you back down on his spearing cock has goosebumps forming on his flushed skin. he lets your fingers knot in his hair and pull it and the needy whine he let out surprised even him, his puffed up cheeks tinging scarlet.
your lips find his neck again as he bounces you up and down his cock, strands of hair falling into his eyes as he bows his head, feeling like too much effort to keep it up as your pussy soaks and spasms around him. before you can even register, he's switching positions, pressing you into the couch, his chain dangling in your face as he leans over you to force himself deeper inside your spasming and soaking pussy, the head of his cock rubbing against your sweet spot.
your sweet little mewls for him to go faster, fingers pulling and twisting the fabric of his shirt to ground yourself as he pounds into you. he's wrapping a hand around the back of your neck so you can see how easy you always open up and let him in, how your tight cunt always creams rings around his pretty cock.
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hailsakusa a month ago
God I really want to bite Issei's shoulder when I'm riding him so he can feel it for days and will be reminded of me /釔狅健隇堬健釔焅 kittytsun
Sorry for responding so late! Yes! I'm all for this. 18+ Minors DNI
Issei groaning into your neck as your teeth sink into the skin of his shoulder. A stuttered curse leaves his lips and then he's gripping your hips tighter as he thrusts harder into your tight heat. His sweat slick skin slaps loudly against yours as you lave your tongue over the bitemark, red already blossoming around the indents left by your teeth.
He bounces you harder on his throbbing cock, begging between pants for you to do it again, needs to feel the pain bloom on his skin as he chases his orgasm inside your fluttering walls.
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unibat 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Steve: 鈥 I never forgot you鈥ver!鈥
Happy 25th Anniversary Blue鈥檚 Clues
Thank you for making my childhood more fun. 馃挄
Sketched in Sai
Follow my Twitter~ Twitter.com/unibats
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sharkface-daydreams 2 months ago
WOOOO do.... Sarge. Bc ur red and I haven't seen anyone analyze Sarge yet
o7 the brave and illustrious leader of Red Team!!!
Why I like them: Well, what can I say about a guy like Sarge? I mean, besides 鈥済ood riddance鈥. Heyyoooo~ ok for real though I love him. He鈥檚 completely batshit. He appears to be completely sure of his own nonsense on the surface but I have to wonder if a lot of it is 鈥榝ake it til you make it鈥 bluster that lets him keep moving forward despite a deeply repressed stash of doubts. Loves blood and violence, and treasures a solid, reliable gun, and is attracted to outrageous displays of power. I can relate so hard. I know he pretends not to care but in reality he gets so very attached so deeply to people and I think that鈥檚 very sexy of him. This man desperately needs grandchildren to dote on.
Why I don鈥檛: You know. I don鈥檛 know if there鈥檚 things I don鈥檛 like about him. I tried really hard to think of something but honestly even his flaws are endearing to me.
Favorite episode (scene if movie): Ok I guess I got a lot hang on lol Either the one where he figures out Simmons is being held hostage with Doc by Wash and Meta over the radio; the animated scene in 8.3 where he grabs his shotgun back from Wash as he鈥檚 flying past *fans self*; and/or the scene where Sarge gives his big speech on the fort after learning the entire red vs blue war was a lie.
Favorite season/movie: The Re: seasons were an excellent time of growth and courage for Red Leader o7
Favorite line: Grif! I told you not to take jumps bigger than my yee-haws!
Favorite outfit: He鈥檚 always been the reddest of the red and has never strayed from that bright, fire-engine color. However I do think the Halo 5 models are a little too shiny for my taste but the 3-4 models were just right. 馃憣
OTP: Sarge and Locus are kinda cute together, as are Sarge and Wash. both old soldier types and they've all had previous actual military experience before whatever we see them doing in RVB
Brotp: I like Sarge and Carolina getting along, and I think he鈥檇 be overjoyed with Lina joining red team.
Head Canon: I don鈥檛 actually think he鈥檚 too much older than everyone else. Maybe like, six or seven years. He just seems old because he鈥檚 their Sergeant and has that sort of old-man bearing to him.
Unpopular opinion: I'm gonna be honest with you I don't know what's popular or not. It might be the headcanon above lol
A wish: I would love for him to become a radio announcer or start a podcast or something. I鈥檝e posted about it before but if he didn鈥檛 have to worry about the physical acting part, he has a really great speaking voice and a flair for dramatics and I think he'd do wonderfully.
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I do not want to think about him being retired and moving away from his family please don鈥檛 take them away from him he鈥檒l die
5 words to best describe them: bravado, passion, resilient, RED, determination
My nickname for them: hmm. I think the only silly things I call him are Sardge and Sargento
Ty for letting me gush about Sarge <3
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tylerthirst 3 days ago
not the same as other anon but that webtoon they were talking about has a character called fucking 鈥渘erd鈥 and he has blue hair and he鈥檚 the most stereotypical 鈥渟mol gay bean 馃ズ馃ズ鈥 ever and his existence makes me very reasonably upset.
is everyone in that comic not already a #smol gay bean?
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little-art-biscuit 28 days ago
a very tiny axolotl
ask and ye shall receive
Tumblr media
picture id: a small pen drawing of an axolotl in a large circular bowl. the axolotl is the only thing colored and has many small bubbles around it. end id.
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milos-engineering-tactics 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The amount of times I鈥檝e replayed this
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duchesschameleon 3 months ago
okay so UPDATE
i鈥檓 still mostly confused, but i spent most of the third period trying to understand icing calls (i googled the basics like a nerd-), and i *think* i got it??? after a minute or ten??
yeah. i鈥檓 definitely getting into it though.
now i just need a team to two馃槀馃槀
ok so you watched two of my teams! the new york rangers are my #1 team, so help me come hell or high water with some of their stupidity. I love them they鈥檝e had a bit of a chokehold on me since 2014
the toronto maple leafs are the team I got into because there鈥檚 a guy, steve dangle, who makes a youtube video after every leafs game. he鈥檚 in his 15th season of this. he breaks down the games, the goals, the penalties, and it鈥檚 a really great way to learn the game and care about a team who will probably disappoint you. the leafs also made a documentary with amazon prime last season that was just released called 鈥渁ll or nothing鈥 and it鈥檚 so good. I binged the whole thing on a flight.
and look, I love this sport and I do want you to love it but also the reffing is just鈥..it鈥檚 bad and it鈥檚 documented that it鈥檚 bad and subjective so like rules are iffy and sometimes learning them frustrates you more but also it鈥檚 good to know them and I love this dumb ice sport so much.
if you want other teams to follow, searching up tags on tumblr helps because some teams have larger followings than others. the rangers don鈥檛 have a big one, but the leafs do and so do the pittsburgh penguins. the penguins also produce a show called 鈥渋n the room鈥 that gives you a great behind the scenes look at the team and the inner workings of a hockey club. it鈥檚 all on youtube so enjoy that binge watch/rabbit hole and fall in love with the team.
welcome to hockey, welcome to chaos, I would say I鈥檓 sorry but I鈥檓 really not. enjoy your time here it鈥檚 gonna be a rollercoaster!
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thebujochannel 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I used my mind and took it a step at a time, so now I鈥檓 graduating college on Friday! 馃挋
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td-hateblog 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ten notes and ill tape this picture to my door
followers, you know what to do
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manjiken 2 months ago
I saw you talking about places for Yuuji鈥檚 tattoos, and the finger tattoos make me feel so many things omgg!! Taking his hands in yours and kissing all of his small tattoos while looking up into his eyes and seeing him staring at you with his mouth hanging open because your lips feel a bit TOO GOOD! 馃い馃挆
Also, I have another tattoo spot: his calves! 馃挆馃挆 like they are so fucking ATTRACTIVE! So athletic and toned! Just imagine the way they鈥檇 feel under your fingers 馃槏 Also tracing those firm, lean muscles with your tongue??? Heavenly 馃槏馃挆 And the best thing would be hearing Yuuji鈥檚 soft moans when you touch him and tell him how pretty he is! I CANNOTTTTT 馃槶馃挆
Minors dni. nsfw below the cut
His favorite past time is you kissing or touching him. Seriously. he loves being touched, loses his mind when your spit glistens against his tats, tongue running over the pads of his calloused fingers. you kiss his tattoos with the same eagerness, glossy lips puckering over your initials looped prettily on his finger, surrounded by twin bands.
his strong calves that shake under each stroke of your tongue, gliding over the lines of muscle as he tries not to let his knees buckle, soft little whimpers and moans when your teeth sink into the toned flesh. then he's groaning out your name because your hand snuck under his basketball shorts to fondle his heavy balls, nudging the tip of his cock and now he's wondering if he can slip inside and let you warm him up before the game starts.
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biteszadust 3 months ago
WAIT where is the dude from your icon from ineed that info for reasons
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little-bi-biscuit 9 days ago
Hi bestie how鈥檚 it going. Have you finished episode eleven. When you do that I think you should wait six months to fully get the 86 fan experience <333
That鈥檚 a joke it was torture but can you imagine. I was dying. Anyways how鈥檚 it going how are you liking it how emotionally damaged are you
yeha i fisniged ut and oughh
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tsumtsumsthighs a month ago
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I am bringing up old canon things. As for the comment about Bakugou: please. He'd say only shitty extras use it. Denki and Monoma would use axe. Bakugou would make effort to not smell like axe.
canon hmm?
if atsumu = axe and atsumu = bakugou......
then bakugou = axe
鉁╰ransitive property鉁
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sharkface-daydreams 2 months ago
character ask: Church! (alpha)
(i appreciate you specifying, this would be much different if you鈥檇 said epsilon. Also i hope this is coherent because it鈥檚 like. Very late and i am very sleepy)
Why I like them: He鈥檚 so chewy, he鈥檚 like a little chew toy for my brain. *slaps the roof of his helmet* This bad boy can fit so much hypocrisy in it! He cares too much and buries it under bitching and insults and complaining. He鈥檚 exhausted and worn the fuck out and can鈥檛 be arsed about anything and god if that isn鈥檛 a fucking mood. Worn out from shit he can鈥檛 even remember! They took so much out of him it鈥檚 a miracle he鈥檚 still conscious. I get a lot of like. Protective feelings about him I guess? Probably because system feels. anywho-
Why I don鈥檛: I don鈥檛 not like him, in any way honestly. I doubt we鈥檇 get along irl but as a character? I love him don鈥檛 change a thing.
Favorite episode (scene if movie): I genuinely cannot pick. Season one had a lot of good ones. Maybe, if I absolutely had to pick, gun to my head, it鈥檇 be one of the ones where he鈥檚 looping through time trying to fix things, where he realises he鈥檚 a huge fucking dork.
Favorite season/movie: Season 6 was a masterpiece, but I am also extremely fucking sad about the state he was in after being relocated and isolated :(
Favorite line: I thought we'd established by now, I don't like either of you, okay? So competing for my attention is not gonna do ya any good.
Favorite outfit: Honestly I like his 鈥榞host鈥 outfit in season 1 lol
OTP: I do love some good old fashioned Chex, and Churboose is good, Chucker鈥 hmm. ChurchNut is pretty cute too.
Brotp: Church and Tucker bros 4 lyfe *dabs*
Head Canon: I like to think when he jumped into Meta鈥檚 head where all the other fragments were waiting they were able to have just a tiny bit of a happy reunion before the Emp went off :鈥) oh god. Hang on i鈥檓 gonna cry. Hang on. Just a minute. Hang on oh god
Unpopular opinion: I don鈥檛 know if I have an 鈥榰npopular鈥 opinion? It鈥檚 1 am and way past my bedtime so the first thing that came to mind is 鈥楥hurch is a 5 foot Jewish bitch and I love him so much.鈥 @-@ short king~
A wish: I wish they hadn鈥檛 isolated him. I wish Church had been able to say 鈥榥o you need to let me look after caboose because he got his head fucked up for YOUR stupid war鈥 and they鈥檇 sent him to Rat鈥檚 nest with his friends because jesus god that鈥檚 the worst fucking possible thing to do to someone that traumatized is rip him away from his support system, shitty people though they are. DEATH TO DIRECTOR!! DEATH TO DIRECTOR AND COUNSELOR TEN THOUSAND TIMES!!! Thank god for everybody lives AUs tho amirite
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: It already happened :鈥) ^
5 words to best describe them: cranky, bastard, Tired鈩, sarcastic, reluctant
My nickname for them: Le Nerd. Sometimes Lennie if I鈥檓 in a mood to be poking fun at him ^^
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tylerthirst a month ago
Dear bestie
Today I sent a photo of a book title I saw today (pictured below)
Tumblr media
I sent it to a gc with the caption saying "Christian help books 馃グ馃グ" and now all the white Christians think I hate their religion bc I generalized and some white dude said "if I said something about the crazy leftist some of you guys are, you all would go crazy" like bruh I was just talking about the fucking book title
they be like that sometimes
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the-overthinking-chair a month ago
a nice little thing about Blue's Clues & You! is that we all expected the notebook phone in all its instant messaging glory and still 2/3 of the time Mailbox and the folks get their fan videos via snail mail (e.g. letters, cards)
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insouciant-king 5 months ago
and THEN. what's irregular about them..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
absolutely nothing these kids r completely normal 馃憤
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duchesschameleon 4 months ago
鈥︹︹.damn i鈥檓 really over here about to write a gilmore girls!au for barba/barson, arent i?
I make no apologies for pointing out all the ways noted city man rafael barba would fit into stars hollow. also definitely don鈥檛 think about him talking with richard about law. or with rory about harvard. encouraging rory to follow her dreams. talking with luke about the brunette women in their lives who do so much good and how much they both love them.
I take no responsibility and make no apologies.
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