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#we love a power bottom

As a bottom, I can confidently say that Draco Malfoy is, in fact, a bottom. A power bottom, but still a bottom. 

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. lol

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1917| Blake taking charge in the mineshaft
Request by @chalamae

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troye sivan’s new music video for Bloom is so unapologetically gay. pride month is in full swing. an icon. fucking obliterating those gender roles. yes.

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Him giving head. Period.

Besides that? Hm … 🤔 Riding a dick. He sees himself as a perfectionist, that includes having control over every little detail. When he’s riding someone, he’s the one saying how the fuck is going down.

But! In my story “Love Is Ǝvil” I write about how that need for control is in the way at times and how giving up control through sex is more enjoyable to him. After all, he carries a lot of weight on his shoulders and it’s nice to have a moment of just not that.

In that regard I picture him liking some bondage, some physical restraints to his own movements so to enforce that he does indeed let go of controlling the situation. And to let go of controlling himself, so that he can concentrate on enjoying the moment instead of trying to please the other person.

In LiE he’s also very fond of the doggy style position, which I think tracks with Em. It’s traditionally (as in cis-het christian tradition) thought of as more “wild” or “pervy” but in reality it really isn’t. Much like him, on his songs he sounds really out there but in real life he’s just a nice, shy, goofy person. Also, he likes to present his ass and this is the perfect position to show his big white ass off.


Like, even in 2018-ish and with his pants on, he’s still getting in position on stage waiting for somebody to take him up on the offer. Man just wants to be taken and this is a good position to be taken in.

I think, he’ll also enjoy some sweet, romantic love making. Some missionary style so they can look at each other and touch each other. He’s a rather cuddly person it seems, leaning against them and hugging his friends as often as possible. But I also think, he’s not good with this sort of intimacy because of, well … everything, I guess - and just by virtue of being an emotional person. So, he avoids sweet, romantic love making. Which is too bad, ‘cause it can be really nice.


Em looking at his first boyfriend all naive and in love like: “It’s not much but it’s mine … We could just cuddle? 😳” Then they start making out and just enjoying the moment with each other and not even touching each other’s dicks can break apart their kissing and … (reminds me of Proof taking Em’s virginity)

I also think, he’s generally open to try new stuff out or to do something his partner likes for the sake of it. But he’ll be making fun of them if it’s something weird, that’s just the person he is. But he’ll probably stick to the few things he knows work well and he likes very much.

Also also, he’ll be occasionally 69ing it, because of course and secondly, he’ll get to suck that dick to his heart’s content and his partner can play with Em’s ass all day long, maybe get some toys in there or something. In the same vein, some threeways or toy usage gonna happen when he and his partner feel especially sexed up or Em just needs all of his holes stuffed simultaneously, just one of those nights you know. I think, Em can be a rather exhausting person to be with, so as his partner some help with that will make things go much smoother.

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look i know i invited you in to share your opinion and while i respect you i cannot agree with any of this. much love

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introducing mental health tips from ableds including such timeless classics as ‘engage in some light exercise like a 10k run,’ 'try and maintain a positive environment by cleaning your entire house from top to bottom,’ and 'read this 500 page book in its entirety even though your brain fog is so bad you can hardly get through the first sentence!’

#.txt#spoonie#disabled#chronically ill#chronic illness#chronic pain posting#chronic pain#listen. i know i'm sounding defeatist here. but if another fucking able bodied person with depression tells me to turn my phone off 4 hours#before bedtime to maintain good sleep hygiene when it's pretty much the only thing distracting me from my pain i'm gonna throw it at them#someone the other day said sleep hygiene as a concept is for ableds. i'd like to add that most mental health advice is aimed at ableds#'call your friend and have a 9-hour conversation about what's bothering you :)' fr i can barely keep my head upright rn. let alone maintain#a proper conversation. so thank you for that#i'm gonna post some lil things that help my mental health as a disabled person later on in the week bc i'm tired of the ableism which will#include things like 'instead of wearing the same tracksuit bottoms you've been wearing for four days with the same top you've been wearing#for four days why not switch your top out for something that you like to wear' and leave it at that#which like. i know isn't even possible for every disabled person so igi. everyone's disability looks different#n if you're someone who is disabled who vibes with getting fresh air or cleaning their immediate area to improve their mental health that's#awesome n power to you etc. it's just not a luxury that many of us have ig#idk this is a conversation that we can have nuanced takes on i reckon#i know some spoonies love audiobooks and podcasts to rest or for leisure but i can't focus on shit without my mind wandering back to my pai#so like. i know i'm not the only one here lol#disability
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@praeteritus-memories   /   continued from here !!

          the touch to his face ,   so warm   &   tender   —————   even more so when he realizes that his lover is tracing the scars etched along his eyes so far into the past ,   now   —————   causes the redheads lips to pull into a sweet smile .   sweet ,   yes ,   but some air of mischief belies the rosy curve ,   matching the sparkling glint in the smaller mans eyes of that same ,   foxlike nature .   jotaro is right to think hes up to something .

          “   oh ,   you know   …   ”     he trails off ,   teeth kneading just slightly into his lower lip in a way meant to be coquettish ,   alluring .   a slender hand raises ,   walking manicured fingers up the strong expanse of his spouses chest ,   where he watches his own wedding band catch the light as he feels the others calm pulse beneath his pectoral .   wont be that way for long .     “   i’ve noticed you’ve been kind of stressed lately ,   with all of your work .   i figured i could offer you something to help you take your mind off things .   ”     noriakis voice is pointedly low ,   a sensual heat woven into his tone ,   coiling around his words like a famished serpent .


          a violet gaze takes on a lustful darkness ,   and a head of read hair tilts coyly ,   though he preserves eye contact .     “   besides ,   i’m always so proud of my jojo .   is it really so surprising that i want to do something for you ??   ”

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