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beanswrites · 15 days ago
"Encanto" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and here's why
1. Representation of mental health in a children's movie
Tumblr media
This movie so brilliantly showed mental health issues in many of it's characters. Mirabel thinks that she isn't good enough because of Abuela, which is a good sign of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Luisa obviously has crippling anxiety from the weight that's been put on her shoulders, and Bruno is showing hints of depression and anxiety as well.
As the oldest sibling of my family who had severe anxiety all my life, never have I ever related to Disney songs as much as "Surface Pressure" and "Waiting On A Miracle". I think it's beautiful how Disney made not one but two songs about mental illness, and dealing with it. It teaches kids to not hide their feelings!
2. Showing diversity by having a Colombian family as the main characters
Tumblr media
This movie is one of the rare ones which don't have a white protagonist. I noticed that in the last few years Disney started showing more and more diversity with non-white female leads (Tiana, Moana, Raya, and now Mirabel), and I especially love how it's a family! A great detail that needs to be recognized is that even tho they do look alike (because they are a family), none of the characters look the same. I feel like in the older movies, even when there was some diversity, all people of color would look the same. It shows how much Disney has improved!
It also shows toxic family relations in Latina families, like how Abuela favorited others over Mirabel, especially because Mirabel is a middle child. This movie is on all levels so realistic. Besides the magic.
3. Having a strong female lead with realist proportions and an actual personality
Tumblr media
Since the beginning of 2000 up until now, Disney and Pixar have been doing a great job at making characters with realistic, complex personalities, and it really shows. They really went from having white princesses being saved by a prince charming to strong, diverse women who have enthusiasm and take charge by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still love the older white princesses, but I'm glad that nowadays every little girl can look at the screen and see a princess that looks like them! Disney still has a long way ahead of them when it comes to diversity (would it KILL you to make an LGBTQIA+ character?? Or a Muslim character??), but we gotta appreciate how far they came!
I also loved this movie for it's lack of small waists, for it's realistically sized noses and actual hips on characters. Feels good to have realistically proportionate people in cartoons, it reminds kids that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous!
4. Awesome plot and great animation
Tumblr media
The plot and even the idea of "Encanto" is really interesting, and it isn't one of the classical, overused tropes. The story is very original, and it isn't the classical family cliché.
I loved the animation, it's really raw and full of emotion. There were some scenes I didn't believe were actually animated because of how good they are, like Abuela crying.
5. Having an amazing soundtrack written by the legend Lin-Manuel Miranda himself
Tumblr media
Name one bad song from this soundtrack. I'll wait.
From the beat to the lyrics and even the placement of the songs in the right moment, everything about this soundtrack is awesome! The tunes are so catchy (everybody has "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in their heads) that it still reminds you that it's a Disney movie, but the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and clever and touching. The way Dolores smugly hid the fact that she can actually hear Bruno thru the walls in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and then asked Mirabel "Do you understand?" was brilliant.
Also, "Dos Origuitas" is 2021's version of "Remember Me" from Coco. It has the same sad but also beautiful vibe.
Pepa and Felix being the best married couple ever
Tumblr media
I- They are seriously the cutest. Pepa is so interesting and weird, and Felix is such an awesome, supportive husband that it's practically impossible to not love them. Felix is the type of a guy that would cause an unexpected rain all over the Encanto just and only because he tickled Pepa so hard that she started crying (brb gonna go write a fanfic like this). They are awesome partners, and even more amazing parents.
If you say that you don't simp (or at least love them) for Dolores or Camilo (or in my case both), you are lying. I don't make the rules.
All in all, Encanto is an awesome movie, in all aspects. I can just tell that one day, in like 30 years, kids are gonna be watching and loving this movie like we love "Beauty And The Beast" today. This one is gonna be one of the classics.
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camileeon · 21 days ago
Idk if this idea is good but here we go :P
Camilo's s/o peppering him with a LOT smol kisses near one of the madrigal family and ended up getting disfunction-ing(?)
Thank you have a nice day:)
tinted affection--- •
(a/n) 2 POSTS A DAY ??? just kidding i think that's gonna be the consistency and schedule of answering requests and making fics then a break the next day to get ready for posting the next day after, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKED HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! TYSM FOR REQUESTINGGG Enjoy! 🍎)
✧ she/her for reader, he/him for camilo ✧
Tumblr media
A quiet evening was shared in the town of encanto. Although it was peaceful it somehow stayed lively from each block to its corner, y/n in a hurry got ready to leave and go to the madrigal's household. she was invited for a dinner with the family along with the Guzmans to talk about how the taken madrigals' significant others were and greet the "new future additions" to the madrigal family.
Y/n was a little indecisive with which clothes suited her more for the occasion, holding a dillemma between a yellow floral dress or a traditional beige blouse and a long flowy red and black skirt. In the end deciding to wear the formal skirt and blouse fit would look best since she would have dinner with two different families. Finally finishing her look with a pair of simple pearl earrings with a handfan in her grasp, leaving her household to walk to Casita just a few minutes a way.
Once she met with the home's doorway, letting out a huff of air she wasn't aware she had been holding in while she held the fan to cover her features below her eyes as the home's doors open to her significant other who wore the same yellow ruana almost always. The boy's eyes looked her up and down and was immediately stunned by how she looked, his warm cheeks being very noticable.
“ hola señorita, beautiful as always i must mention.. though if i may, the fan is a little in the way of such a gorgeous face.” he dramatically bent down to bow and held her hand to lay a kiss, pulling her closer in by the waist with a swift movement “miss my lips that much mi amor?” she says jokingly “always when I'm without you mi vida! Speaking of kiss..” Camilo pointed at his lips, wanting a kiss from her.
Y/n closed the fan and pretended to come closer to give him what he wanted before stopping and putting the closed fan on his lips to prevent him from coming any closer, letting out a small laugh as she played with him a little “Patience my love, i will give you one that's for certain.” she speaks while running a hand through his curls, as the boy followed from behind with a slight pout formed on his lips.
"Dinner's ready!” they heard from the dining area of casita, sitting beside eachother.
Dolores sending you a look beside her with a smile as a greeting “you look great!” she whispered quietly “you do too! I've been stressing over what to wear for the past hour!-” you whisper back before being interrupeted by the clinking of a glass, making your attention go to Abuela Alma who stood up.
“ It's an honour to have you both with us, Mariano and Y/n. ” she spoke looking at y/n and dolores's significant other. A soft smile grew on y/n's face because of how comforting and heartwarming the family always were whenever she came to visit, the boy couldn't help but admire her for a little while. Her glowing features made his poor heart thump so fast, he could've fainted right then and there “psst.. camilo.” mirabel called the attention of her primo “your staring you know.” he snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat a little.
Isabella was across from you, waving her hand to create a red camellia behind your ear appear while letting out a soft chuckle as she noticed camilo's reaction at getting caught staring at you.
The night continued as you enjoyed a hearty meal prepared by Julieta herself, spoke when you were called or when your name was mentioned. Even shared a few laughs at embarrasing moments of theirs, it really felt as if the family accepted you as their own. The dinner had ended and all were left were a few conversations about one another, and a few drinks for the adults
Y/n sighed as she shook her head a little with a smile, standing up and fixed her skirt a little “if i may be excused.. Just need to get some air.” she says, leaning closer to camilo to give him kisses on his cheeks and one on his nose. Stepping out casita for a little while for a little time alone with herself.
On the other hand, after the kisses given by his hermosa. His cheeks immediately grew to be a tinted warm shade of red and the thought of his family was there to witness it made his heart pound so loud, his sister picking up on it. “Ah my camilo! All grown up, you picked a good one mijo! I'm too excited to soon officially call her my daughter in law!”
His mama's eyes teared up a little with her eyes glimmering, showing how she felt through a little rain cloud then a rainbow being followed right after. “HAHA LOOK HOW RED HE IS!! HE LOOKS LIKE THAT RIPE TOMATO FROM ISA'S GARDEN” Mirabel let out a laugh, then followed by Dolores as she tried to hold it in.
Camilo let out a sigh “alright alright stop teasing already!” he crossed his arms, trying to internally calm himself and his heart down and cool his face off. He gets up to go meet with her outside their porch, sneaking his arms around her “you okay mi hermosa? How was the dinner? They didn't make you feel uncomfortable in any way did they?” he spoke, making sure she was okay.
she shook her head in response as she leaned her body against his “no no not at all, thank you for inviting me. They were delightful to be with my love.” she says, facing his direction to cup his cheeks in her hands.
“can i have my kiss now? I was patient wasn't i?”
“alright alright, you deserve it.
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heretohelptheidiots · a month ago
maybe a camilo x reader where the reader overworks themselves because they’re trying to prove themselves to the family madrigal as an outsider (like felix and agustin) and ends up passing out and camilo catches them and is rlly worried and it’s really fluffy?
I love fluff!
You had been trying so hard over the past month to show Señora Madrigal that you were worthy of Camilo. Every day you would attend to your own household chores during the wee hours of the morning, and then rush out to the square to help with anything you could. Camilo had expressed concern about how hard you were going at this work, but you insisted you were fine.
One morning you woke, a pain in your head and a burning in your throat. Oh no, non no no no. This couldn’t be happening, you couldn’t be sick. You had too much to do! You forced yourself up and goth through the mornings work before trying to hurry to the square, it took you far longer than usual today
“Y/n?” Camilo’s voice sounded next to you. You spun to face him.
“Hi!” You said, your voice rougher than usual. He gave you a concerned once over.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, fine.”
“Camilo, we need another Jośe!” Señora Madrigal called over.
“Be right there!” He yelled back. “You stay here.” He said to you before shifting and running off. Stay there? As if. The rest of the Madrigals were there working, and so would you.
You spent the day helping various different elders with tasks from gathering chickens to doing laundry. By the end of if, you could tell you were dragging and sat down on the fountain to catch your breath. Camilo approached, dragging Tia Julietta along with him.
“Camilo said you’re not feeling well.” She said once they were in conversation range.
“Nonsense i’mfine.” You stood quickly. As you spoke your vision suddenly went dark. You woke on the ground, your feet on the lip of the fountain, your head in Camilo’s lap.
“What happened?” You mumbled, looking around a little. Tia Julietta knelt to one side of you.
“Eat this, dear,” Julietta instructed gently, handing you an arepa. Camilo stroked your forehead as you took little bites. The first swallow burned, but your body began to mend after the second and third. “Camilo, stay with y/n until she’s ready to stand.” She instructed before going to see to another injured person.
“I told you to stay put.” He said, kissing your forehead.
“I know, I just wanted your family to like me.”
“They already love you, are you trying for worship?” You rolled your eyes, laughing a little. “You don’t need to overextend yourself for us.”
“I wanted to help.”
“You do, all the time.” Camilo said, a little exasperated. “You’re going home once you can stand and getting some rest. We’ve got things here.”
“No, Amor. You need to go home and sleep.” You stuck out your lip a little and folded your arms. “Pouting won’t change my mind when you fainted on me less than ten minutes ago.”
“I guess you have a point.” You conceded grudgingly.
“I know I do.” You started to get up, and he moved quickly to help you. He got a mischievous look in his eyes and swept you off your feet, carrying you toward your home.
“Camilo!” You protested.
“You’re too sick to walk. That’s my diagnosis.” You laughed and settled in, accepting the futility of arguing. He carried you to your bed, setting you down and tucking you in. “Sleep well Amor.” He kissed you softly before patting your head and leaving the room.
“You too.” You murmured after him, yawning a little and drifting off to sleep.
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dos-oroguitas · 18 days ago
growing up with pedro madrigal headcanons
Tumblr media
from the dad! camilo series, is your son, Pedro! But he doesn't look so good.. art by me ! He's older in the pic above
Pedro Madrigal was the talk of the town as he grew up and is officially known as Señorito Perfecto.
My man drinks and breathed respect women juice and he's only like what 7?
Excels both in academics and sports.
Why wouldn't he though? Man has super speed.
'S why he's very well-loved.
His Tia Isabela was once Señorita Perfecta.
Now he owns the title of Señorito Perfecto. But not because he's pressured to be perfect.
He's flawlessly perfect.
No effort.
When ask who he takes after, he'd mostly say you just to piss Camilo off.
Etiquette lessons from his Tia Isabela, he studies lenguaje de flores or flower language under her guidance. What for? Oh to convey his feelings without speaking as sometimes he gets too frustrated to form words or even sentences.
Pedro Madrigal plays the tiple while his Tia Mirabel plays the accordion.
Uses his skills to make you proud.
Camilo would huff, saying that he could do what his son could do too.
"You know, back in my day..!"
"Ay, papi, if I needed to learn something from a dinosaur like you I would've gone to the museum.."
"(Name)! Control your son!" Is a very common phrase in your household.
Pedro is a menace.
Ropes his younger brother Santiago into doing it too.
He'd race with Camilo on who gets good morning kisses first.
He wins by a landslide.
Soft and perfect boy on the outside, absolute menace like his dad on the inside.
He is devil incarnate.
The only reason why he doesn't act up is because he chooses not to.
Also because he loves you.
He'd unleash his mischievousness to Camilo though.
"(Name)! You wouldn't believe..!" Yeah Camilo would rant about something Pedro did and the little shit would just stand there beside you and smile innocently.
Santiago backs up his brother.
They love one another. In their own ways.
At least you think so.
⁺♡⤸ we don’t talk about bruno, ⁺♡⤸ you’ll blow us all away, ⁺♡⤸ you’ll blow us all away reprise (what if!), ⁺♡⤸ stay alive (what if!)⁺♡⤸ it's quiet uptown (what if)
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @onlystarshere
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c-rose2081 · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Stars & Sleepovers
Encanto Flightless AU - Camilo & Mirabel hurt/comfort
- - -
Camilo and Mirabel Madrigal grew up in Casita’s Nursery together. They shared that little room with the pale green walls and rickety old floor boards for most of their younger childhood. The pair spent hours making blanket forts out of sheets, before diving under the beds, laying on their backs and talking about whatever suited two toddlers anxious to grow up.
“What do you think it’s like,” Mira asked him one night as the two lay there, counting the painted stars on the bottom of the bedframe. Camilo’s mama had already brought in boxes for him to start packing in anticipation for his quickly approaching gift ceremony. There was a little bit of fear lodged in his heart, but also a lot of excitement. There was also sadness too…knowing he and Mirabel would no longer share a room.
“Having wings,” Mirabel mused, “do you think it’s as great as it looks?”
Camilo shrugged, shifting closer to pull his much smaller cousin closer to him. She seemed wistful, but there was some distant hurt in her eyes that Camilo could see.
“I wish we could still be roommates,” he admitted with a frown, voicing what Mira apparently didn’t have the heart to say out loud, “what if my room is boring? I like it in here,”
“No you don’t,” Mira laughed, adjusting her new glasses with a tap. She had only just gotten them after way to many years of bumping into things, “it’s drafty in here. And Casita is so nosy about everything,”
The house gave an indignant rattle in response as Camilo laughed too, and pulled his primita closer to him in a hug. He didn’t know how difficult it would be going forward…how painful the future was. And for a moment, everything was truly perfect. He would get his room and wings first, and then teach Mira how to do it when she got hers. Hopefully Casita would put their rooms next to each other. Or at least close so they could still tap their little messages on the walls.
But it didn’t happen that way.
Camilo got his gift without flaw. He could shapeshift! It was weird at first, being able to change into people he had seen. And his wings? They were cool too! Brown and creme like Dolores’s feathers, with spots of red and yellow under the big feathers. They were sharp and angled for speed, and as he gave them a few flaps he knew they would be great for stunts. He remembered showing them to Mirabel, using a hand to pull them out so she could run her fingers through them. She had always loved feathers, and Camilo was excited that soon both of them would be able to fly together.
But Mira’s ceremony…it didn’t work.
Her door vanished into ash at her touch. Wings never appeared on her back, and Camilo’s felt his little heart squeeze painfully as she stood there…so small in the shadow of Abuela as she looked down on her in disappointment. Mira ran then. She darted past the legs of everyone and vanished into the dark Nursery. Tío and Tía followed her, leaving Camilo sitting atop his Papa’s shoulders, shocked.
The day’s after weren’t better. Mirabel barely came out of the Nursery, not even to eat. Dolores always mumbled that she was still crying in there, shaking her head sadly. When Mirabel did come out, it was clutched in Tía Julieta’s arms, her face hidden in the woman’s neck, small shoulders still featherless and empty. While Camilo had flying lessons with Mama, he could see Mirabel’s little figure watching from the Nursery window, cheek resting on her arm. The house was dark without her beside him, and Camilo hated every second of it.
When it came time for Camilo to join the family in town, he was guided by the hand for his first official flight as a Madrigal. Mirabel - as was common now - was left behind. He watched her, carried in her fathers arms, become small in Casita’s doorway. Tío Agustín had a broom in one hand, and Mirabel a washcloth in hers. Delegated to household chores; grounded…abandoned.
Camilo wanted to turn around right then. He wanted to tilt his wings and dive straight back towards Casita and scoop his primita up in a huge hug until she smiled again. Until all of her pain was gone and she laughed like she used to. But he was caught in the airstream of his mothers great wings, so he had to continue on. He had to leave his cousin behind.
Camilo didn’t like the work Abuela had him do. He didn’t like having to shift into people so they could check their reflections, or change into a mother to hold their babies for them. He loved the babies, no doubt, but he didn’t like that it was an obligation to do such a thing. He didn’t like transforming into someone stronger to help Luisa lift things, or transforming into someone prettier so one of the young men in town could practice his flirting tactics (probably for Isabela, who was obviously not interested). The only good thing he found was that he could make his wings disappear…he could flatten them, wish they were never there. And they wouldn’t be.
Camilo did this as he stood outside the Nursery door that night, vanishing his feathers as he knocked lightly. Casita was the one to answer, opening the door on its own and granting him entry. He didn’t see Mirabel at first, but he could hear her. Crying softly in the dark, sniffling and whimpering someplace unseen. Slumping, Camilo laid down on the ground by Mirabel’s bed, looking into the shadows underneath. His little primita was curled into a tight ball, pressed into the furthest corner of the wall. Her empty shoulders trembled as she wept.
“…Mirabel?” Camilo whispered, frowning when his cousin didn’t listen to him. She always used to listen to him, “Prima, please stop crying,”
The sobs hitched, and Mirabel somehow pulled even tighter into herself. Camilo had never seen her look so small before, and he hated it. He hated that his wings made her feel this way. He hated the candle and the stupid magic. He just wanted things to be as they were before. Glancing away from his cousin for a second, Camilo looked to the Nursery window. He recalled all the times they had spent looking up at the stars from here, assigning family members one, and counting the rest. Like they could just pluck one down and stick it in their pockets for later.
Now would be a good time to have a star.
“Prima?” Camilo wondered, extending a hand to touch the back of Mirabel’s blouse and tugging it, “Prima…I have an idea,”
Camilo knew Julieta would probably kill him if she ever found out. If she ever saw how Mirabel clutched to his chest as he pumped his still new feathers to bring them up towards the roof. He was exhausted by the time they reached the peak and settled down on the reddish terracotta tiles, but the journey was worth it. A faint light had returned to Mirabel’s gaze. Simply by feeling the whoosh of air around her, it was enough to shake off the dark, if only for a minute.
They had never been on the roof before; it was new for both of them.
“I think…this is a pretty good spot,” Camilo huffed, shaking out his span before flattening them and making them vanish. Mirabel frowned at him then.
“…what are you doing?”
“I don’t want them anymore,” Camilo muttered unhappily, pulling up his knees to rest on them as he looked to the star filled sky, “they make you unhappy,”
Mirabel seemed a bit puzzled at this, reaching out a hand and grasping where the knew the feathers were. Camilo shivered, and was forced to reveal them again as Mira pulled them out like a fan.
“They’re so pretty,” she mused lowly, feeling the soft down with a palm, “you shouldn’t hide them,”
“But I…”
“Just because I’m not special, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be,”
Camilo’s heart shattered. His very blood pulsed with ache as Mirabel’s eyes once again began to glitter with tears like the sky spread out above them. Grabbing her, she squealed in surprise as Camilo clenched her to his chest.
“…’Milo, stop…”
“No,” he insisted, “not until you smile,”
“I don’t wanna smile,” Mirabel grumbled, “let me be sad,”
“No,” Camilo insisted again, awkwardly arranging his feathers so they too added to the gorilla hug, “I can do this all night,”
Mirabel tried to push from Camilo’s arms. Tried to wiggle away from him. But he only tightened his grip on her as she whined in exasperation. But as she twisted around and tried to get out of his hold, her tears dried, and a little mischievous sparkle returned to her eyes. Though it was a bit dangerous to be wrestling on the roof, eventually the two were successfully fighting, Mirabel somehow the victor as she sat on Camilo’s chest triumphantly. Casita was good enough to make sure they didn’t fall off, but had probably awoken Tía Julieta or Mama by now to get them off the roof.
So they sat like that for a bit, Camilo tucking his arms under his head as Mira sat on his chest like a bench and looked up as well. She frowned, but it wasn’t quite as sad as before.
“Mira,” Camilo whispered to her, “please don’t ever say you’re not special when you are,”
Mira huffed a bit in response, pulling at the threads coming off her shoes.
“Special enough to do chores? Mop the floors? Clean the windows? Oh yeah…really…really special,”
“I’m serious,” Camilo complained, “you’re brighter then anyone I know. Please don’t be sad anymore,”
Mira stared down at him, her dark eyes weary but less clouded. She gave him her best little lip quirk; not a smile, but getting there.
“This was a good idea,” Mira sighed, slipping from Camilo’s chest so he could once again sit up and pull her to his side, “thanks.”
“I hope you don’t expect rides everywhere, now,” Camilo joked, “you’re still heavy,”
“Shut up!”
Mira gave Camilo a shove as he laughed, the two about to dissolve into another wrestling match when two annoyed mothers appeared to separate them. Tía Julieta hauled Mirabel up into her arms, letting her sit over her shoulder. Mama was storming unhappily as Camilo lifted a wing to shield himself from the coming rain. Mira laughed at him, all of her sadness chased away for the moment as she stuck her tongue out, then vanished with her Mama back towards the Nursery.
Camilo followed his own Mama’s sharp orders back to his own room. He stared at the magic door for a second, frowning at it. Glancing back towards the plain teal door across the veranda, he smiled and hurried towards it instead. Maybe a sleepover was in order.
Just for tonight.
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sidecharactersdomatter · a month ago
Thoughts I had during Encanto
Sir that is my emotional support Casita.
Man she is really good at Embroidery. (I should try to return to that hobby too)
That kid drinking coffee I can’t XD
There’s the 1st ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’
This movie has so much diversity dayum!
She’s entertaining the young’uns Abuela.
That guy just had to rub in the salt.
(I secretly think her gift is infinite resilience)
If I had a nickel for a certain musical Disney related work has a hispanic character named ‘Isabel(l)a’ I would have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.
I love her parents.
Ok I freaking love Julieta.
I love Mirabel’s older sister energy.
(I’ve also got a secret theory that her gift would’ve been related to sewing or the fiber arts)
Oh man the way those tiles shift is so fluid.
Casita: The door’s for Antonio and not you two
I love Antonio’s family so much!
Felix feels like the guy that would give the best hugs.
Now I have the urge to comfort young Mirabel.
Look at all those Toucans. There’s Coatis, Capybaras and is that a Tapir!
Haha that Dr. Who Quote XD
Ok I feel like Anna from Frozen would be really great friends with Mirabel.
Those hummingbird wings in slo mo! My god!
Her dad plays the Piano?!
Can’t wait till Babish cooks the Arepa Con Queso.
Julieta’s so supportive.
Those Coatis! (Swiper’s got competition)
Geez Mariano maybe settle on a smaller number.
NGL Hercules looks better animated in 3D than 2D.
Obligatory Disney Ice berg meme
Man those villagers don’t have to always rely on Luisa for all their problems.
That hourglass symbolism.
This is why we have elevators.
Man she’s super resourceful.
Woah that looks really intense.
Thank you Luisa.
Dios Mio Pepa.
2nd we don’t talk about Bruno.
(This song really slaps in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese)
Kyoka from BNHA would get along with Dolores ngl.
I think Dolores, Isabela, and Julieta are the only members of the Madrigal household that don’t speak ill of Bruno.
I love Dolores line on Mariano so much!
That montage wow!
He’s stuffing the pieces into his pockets and Dolores is across XD
Dios Mio that’s all I can say.
Dolores. Has. Cracked.
Those villagers were waiting outside.
Everything is not fine.
So many rats.
Man Bruno is ready for Quarantine.
Song: We don’t talk about Bruno. Bruno stans: We beg to differ~
Antonio totally followed them.
That Capybara.
Antonio’s a good nephew.
The hummingbirds!
The potted plant!
I love the drama between sisters!
Isa’s song slaps in Spanish Br Portuguese and Korean.
A severed head!
Mira’s line has a similar rhythm to Isabela’s verse during ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ dang.
That Cartwheel!
Pansexual and Bisexual flag colors.
Prophecy fulfilled (almost)
It’s like hair dye!
Really good video Essay title: How Encanto resolves internal conflict.
There goes the flame.
Dolores being a good granddaughter to Abuela.
Casita protected Mira in it’s dying breath.
I like to imagine that some of the villagers offered to let the Madrigals stay in their homes after Casita was destroyed.
Young Alma and Pedro Mí Corazón…
Ok, maybe Mirabel’s gift involves recreating a person’s memories…?
Shame we don’t really get to see what’s really inside Julieta, Pepa, Luisa, Dolores, and Camilo’s rooms.
He brought a Horse!
Totally Camilo.
Bruno and Dolores got Bars.
Madrigals did so much for their villagers, and now they’re returning the favor.
First we went from Elsa’s “You can’t marry a man you’ve just met” to Dolores’ “Slow Down.” Do you know what that is? Growth.
And now Antonio held her hand. ; - ;
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A New Face | Bruno Madrigal x Male!Reader Pt 2
For the next couple weeks you continued to stop by the Madrigal household. You brought food from your mom’s restaurant, went to play with Antonio, to show Mirabel how to play the guitar but it was all just to mask your true intent, you wanted to see Bruno. You didn’t even try to deny that you had feelings for him but every since that night he seemed to avoid you. If he were even to see you for a split second around casita he would immediately go back into his room. And it honestly really hurt every time he did.
You just had another run in with him where you went to call out for him but he ran back to his room and you stood there looking defeated. “Y/N?” You turned your head to see Mirabel walking towards you, Delores right by her side. You smiled, albeit a sad smile, and the girls mirrored your action. You walked over to them and all of you walked down the stairs as you talk, “I don’t know what I did wrong…” You stop at the doors of Casita. Delores and Mirabel share a look. “You didn’t do anything wrong. So what you have a crush on Bruno?” Mirabel says causing you to break from you sad thoughts and whip you head toward her. “How…how did you know that?!” Delores chimes in, “The day you hurt your hand fixing the piano, I heard your heart beat faster when Bruno grabbed you hand.” You looked down at the ground shrugging, “whatever, it’s not like it matters anyway, he hates me and I don’t even know why.” You start to walk away but Mirabel follows you, “Y/N do you know what happened to Tío Bruno before you got here?” You looked at her confused, shaking your head. Mirabel sighed before starting the story, “When I was a little girl Bruno had a vision about me, it made it look like I had ruined the family’s magic and he didn’t want me to get the bad rep he had so he left, and by left I mean he lived in the walls without us knowing.” What Bruno said finally made sense to you. “Even before that Bruno’s gift wasn’t particularly well received in the village. After Casita collapsed, he came out of the walls and we rebuilt the house and he started to live with us again. However he still doesn’t like using his power because some people are still afraid of him because of it.” Your eyes went wide. Hearing all this made you realize how insensitive the things you said to Bruno were. You looked at Mirabel and then you heard a small gasp. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a small figure. It was Bruno. He was about to run away before you called out for him.
“Wait!” You ran up to him and grabbed his wrist which caused him to turn and look at you. It looked like he was about to cry. You pulled him into a hug, resting your head on top of his. “I’m so so sorry for what I said,” you pulled back and continued, “I didn’t know any of that. I just wanted to get to know you as you. Plus when Camilo told me your power I thought it was amazing. Even now I still think it’s amazing. I understand if you don’t want to be around me though.” You backed away from Bruno but he grabbed your hand this time. “No that’s not it! I know you didn’t know any of that. I didn’t want you to.” You looked at him confused. He sighed, “The first time we met my heart almost exploded just looking at you. I didn’t want you to think of me any differently but when you talked to me that night I thought someone told you. So I avoided you because I didn’t want you to hate me.” He looked at the ground, a couple of tears spilling out over his eyes. You grab his face in your hands and kiss him with all your might. The kiss took Bruno by surprise but he quickly reciprocated. You could hear the small cheers of Delores and Mirabel but you didn’t care. All that mattered in that moment was Bruno and your undying love for him. Once you both pulled away you looked Bruno in the eyes. “I could never hate you, mi amor.”
A/N: wow I’m honestly so surprised by the amount of positive reviews I got from you guys, it really made me happy:)) and as requested here is the second and final part of my Bruno fic. Hope y’all like it:)
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Tumblr media
I hate it’s come to this but the yt head cannon queers have definitely ruined Encanto.
Ignoring the fact that the photo above is shipping two sisters with each other, somehow the focus of the movie has been shifted by yt queers onto sexuality and removing the actuall meaning of the movie.
Encanto is quite literally a love letter to Colombia and the dynamics of a Colombian family and yet some people are trying to give side characters/ characters that literally get like 5 minutes of screen time more attention than Mirabel and Isabel and Luisa.
I’m not going to go into detail on something I’m not very educated in but in the past couple days since the movie has come out on Disney+ I have seen so many people focusing on Bruno and Camilo and though they are wonderful characters, they aren’t the characters that are carrying the story line. Mirabel and her sisters are the main characters out of the Madrigal family in this movie and it’s about the strengths and weaknesses of family bonds and repairing them in a Columbian family. Emphasis on Colombian family.
Stop removing the true meaning of this beautiful movie that pays homage to Colombian and Latinx heritage and hyper focusing on tropes throughout the movie that are merely there to represent the personal struggle of being in a Colombian household. An example being on how people are reducing Luisa’s character to how difficult it is to be the older sibling/the one everyone expects to handle their burdens. Yeah that’s apart of her struggle and we see her overcome it as part of the plot but it is specific to her being in a Colombian family. They aren’t separate, her being brown and being the most relied on are intertwined.
I probably haven’t worded this the best but please if you’re going to make head canons on these characters, please for the love of god remember that this movie is wonderful representation for Colombians and their culture. This movie is for them and remember to never remove the true meaning of this movie and replace it with your own. This movie is for the overlooked and undermined children of Colombian families. This movie is for those Colombian children out there that finally get to see their people on screen. This movie is for young Colombian girls who get to see strong women and graceful women and intelligent and nerdy women and emotional women all there to show they can be any of them. So give Encanto the respect it deserves and don’t ruin the meaning for everyone else. Colombian people finally get a beautiful movie with beautiful representation and you don’t get to ruin that.
And to all the Colombians that get to see themselves and their country being loved on screen, I’m happy that you get to have this!!
A very much annoyed Indian to every yt person who tries to divert the attention from the Columbian representation to anything else.
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Camilo and Mirabel Madrigal
Ahh yes, the true iconic cousins duo
It has been brought to my attention today that both Mirabel and Camilo are 15 YEARS OLD
i thought Mirabel was like 16-17 and Camilo is 14, but they are the same age
Which means the were born in the same year, which means two incredibly cute things:
1. Pepa and Julieta were pregnant in the same time, at least at one point. Imagine those two with their super cute baby bumps hanging out together and decorating the nurseries!! Felix and Augustin are obviously swooning HARD over their pregnant wives, wondering how how they got so lucky.
2. Camilo and Mirabel practically grew up together. I KNOW that everyone in the Madrigal family grew up together, but these two were the same age growing up. OH MY GOD THAT ALSO MEANS THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO GET THEIR GIFT THE SAME YEAR (brb gonna write a fanfic on how Camilo comforted Mirabel when she didn't get her gift)!! That's so cute and sad in the same time.
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