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beanswrites · 15 days ago
"Encanto" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and here's why
1. Representation of mental health in a children's movie
Tumblr media
This movie so brilliantly showed mental health issues in many of it's characters. Mirabel thinks that she isn't good enough because of Abuela, which is a good sign of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Luisa obviously has crippling anxiety from the weight that's been put on her shoulders, and Bruno is showing hints of depression and anxiety as well.
As the oldest sibling of my family who had severe anxiety all my life, never have I ever related to Disney songs as much as "Surface Pressure" and "Waiting On A Miracle". I think it's beautiful how Disney made not one but two songs about mental illness, and dealing with it. It teaches kids to not hide their feelings!
2. Showing diversity by having a Colombian family as the main characters
Tumblr media
This movie is one of the rare ones which don't have a white protagonist. I noticed that in the last few years Disney started showing more and more diversity with non-white female leads (Tiana, Moana, Raya, and now Mirabel), and I especially love how it's a family! A great detail that needs to be recognized is that even tho they do look alike (because they are a family), none of the characters look the same. I feel like in the older movies, even when there was some diversity, all people of color would look the same. It shows how much Disney has improved!
It also shows toxic family relations in Latina families, like how Abuela favorited others over Mirabel, especially because Mirabel is a middle child. This movie is on all levels so realistic. Besides the magic.
3. Having a strong female lead with realist proportions and an actual personality
Tumblr media
Since the beginning of 2000 up until now, Disney and Pixar have been doing a great job at making characters with realistic, complex personalities, and it really shows. They really went from having white princesses being saved by a prince charming to strong, diverse women who have enthusiasm and take charge by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still love the older white princesses, but I'm glad that nowadays every little girl can look at the screen and see a princess that looks like them! Disney still has a long way ahead of them when it comes to diversity (would it KILL you to make an LGBTQIA+ character?? Or a Muslim character??), but we gotta appreciate how far they came!
I also loved this movie for it's lack of small waists, for it's realistically sized noses and actual hips on characters. Feels good to have realistically proportionate people in cartoons, it reminds kids that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous!
4. Awesome plot and great animation
Tumblr media
The plot and even the idea of "Encanto" is really interesting, and it isn't one of the classical, overused tropes. The story is very original, and it isn't the classical family cliché.
I loved the animation, it's really raw and full of emotion. There were some scenes I didn't believe were actually animated because of how good they are, like Abuela crying.
5. Having an amazing soundtrack written by the legend Lin-Manuel Miranda himself
Tumblr media
Name one bad song from this soundtrack. I'll wait.
From the beat to the lyrics and even the placement of the songs in the right moment, everything about this soundtrack is awesome! The tunes are so catchy (everybody has "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in their heads) that it still reminds you that it's a Disney movie, but the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and clever and touching. The way Dolores smugly hid the fact that she can actually hear Bruno thru the walls in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and then asked Mirabel "Do you understand?" was brilliant.
Also, "Dos Origuitas" is 2021's version of "Remember Me" from Coco. It has the same sad but also beautiful vibe.
Pepa and Felix being the best married couple ever
Tumblr media
I- They are seriously the cutest. Pepa is so interesting and weird, and Felix is such an awesome, supportive husband that it's practically impossible to not love them. Felix is the type of a guy that would cause an unexpected rain all over the Encanto just and only because he tickled Pepa so hard that she started crying (brb gonna go write a fanfic like this). They are awesome partners, and even more amazing parents.
If you say that you don't simp (or at least love them) for Dolores or Camilo (or in my case both), you are lying. I don't make the rules.
All in all, Encanto is an awesome movie, in all aspects. I can just tell that one day, in like 30 years, kids are gonna be watching and loving this movie like we love "Beauty And The Beast" today. This one is gonna be one of the classics.
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camileeon · 21 days ago
Idk if this idea is good but here we go :P
Camilo's s/o peppering him with a LOT smol kisses near one of the madrigal family and ended up getting disfunction-ing(?)
Thank you have a nice day:)
tinted affection--- •
(a/n) 2 POSTS A DAY ??? just kidding i think that's gonna be the consistency and schedule of answering requests and making fics then a break the next day to get ready for posting the next day after, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKED HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! TYSM FOR REQUESTINGGG Enjoy! 🍎)
✧ she/her for reader, he/him for camilo ✧
Tumblr media
A quiet evening was shared in the town of encanto. Although it was peaceful it somehow stayed lively from each block to its corner, y/n in a hurry got ready to leave and go to the madrigal's household. she was invited for a dinner with the family along with the Guzmans to talk about how the taken madrigals' significant others were and greet the "new future additions" to the madrigal family.
Y/n was a little indecisive with which clothes suited her more for the occasion, holding a dillemma between a yellow floral dress or a traditional beige blouse and a long flowy red and black skirt. In the end deciding to wear the formal skirt and blouse fit would look best since she would have dinner with two different families. Finally finishing her look with a pair of simple pearl earrings with a handfan in her grasp, leaving her household to walk to Casita just a few minutes a way.
Once she met with the home's doorway, letting out a huff of air she wasn't aware she had been holding in while she held the fan to cover her features below her eyes as the home's doors open to her significant other who wore the same yellow ruana almost always. The boy's eyes looked her up and down and was immediately stunned by how she looked, his warm cheeks being very noticable.
“ hola señorita, beautiful as always i must mention.. though if i may, the fan is a little in the way of such a gorgeous face.” he dramatically bent down to bow and held her hand to lay a kiss, pulling her closer in by the waist with a swift movement “miss my lips that much mi amor?” she says jokingly “always when I'm without you mi vida! Speaking of kiss..” Camilo pointed at his lips, wanting a kiss from her.
Y/n closed the fan and pretended to come closer to give him what he wanted before stopping and putting the closed fan on his lips to prevent him from coming any closer, letting out a small laugh as she played with him a little “Patience my love, i will give you one that's for certain.” she speaks while running a hand through his curls, as the boy followed from behind with a slight pout formed on his lips.
"Dinner's ready!” they heard from the dining area of casita, sitting beside eachother.
Dolores sending you a look beside her with a smile as a greeting “you look great!” she whispered quietly “you do too! I've been stressing over what to wear for the past hour!-” you whisper back before being interrupeted by the clinking of a glass, making your attention go to Abuela Alma who stood up.
“ It's an honour to have you both with us, Mariano and Y/n. ” she spoke looking at y/n and dolores's significant other. A soft smile grew on y/n's face because of how comforting and heartwarming the family always were whenever she came to visit, the boy couldn't help but admire her for a little while. Her glowing features made his poor heart thump so fast, he could've fainted right then and there “psst.. camilo.” mirabel called the attention of her primo “your staring you know.” he snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat a little.
Isabella was across from you, waving her hand to create a red camellia behind your ear appear while letting out a soft chuckle as she noticed camilo's reaction at getting caught staring at you.
The night continued as you enjoyed a hearty meal prepared by Julieta herself, spoke when you were called or when your name was mentioned. Even shared a few laughs at embarrasing moments of theirs, it really felt as if the family accepted you as their own. The dinner had ended and all were left were a few conversations about one another, and a few drinks for the adults
Y/n sighed as she shook her head a little with a smile, standing up and fixed her skirt a little “if i may be excused.. Just need to get some air.” she says, leaning closer to camilo to give him kisses on his cheeks and one on his nose. Stepping out casita for a little while for a little time alone with herself.
On the other hand, after the kisses given by his hermosa. His cheeks immediately grew to be a tinted warm shade of red and the thought of his family was there to witness it made his heart pound so loud, his sister picking up on it. “Ah my camilo! All grown up, you picked a good one mijo! I'm too excited to soon officially call her my daughter in law!”
His mama's eyes teared up a little with her eyes glimmering, showing how she felt through a little rain cloud then a rainbow being followed right after. “HAHA LOOK HOW RED HE IS!! HE LOOKS LIKE THAT RIPE TOMATO FROM ISA'S GARDEN” Mirabel let out a laugh, then followed by Dolores as she tried to hold it in.
Camilo let out a sigh “alright alright stop teasing already!” he crossed his arms, trying to internally calm himself and his heart down and cool his face off. He gets up to go meet with her outside their porch, sneaking his arms around her “you okay mi hermosa? How was the dinner? They didn't make you feel uncomfortable in any way did they?” he spoke, making sure she was okay.
she shook her head in response as she leaned her body against his “no no not at all, thank you for inviting me. They were delightful to be with my love.” she says, facing his direction to cup his cheeks in her hands.
“can i have my kiss now? I was patient wasn't i?”
“alright alright, you deserve it.
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xgatheringdust · 25 days ago
Encanto AU 👀? -☯️
Oh- I’d love to take credit yinyang friend but this (unfortunately) was the work of my tumblr nemesis @zlixlriffs in vc new years night.
And since I wasn’t in that vc I’m not 100% if the story changes or not but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I do not question Zlix for fear that he will say something. We don’t want him speaking in this household 💖.
Character list for the interested:
Abuela - Pixlriffs (candle- CANDLE!!!! i think thats the reason?)
Julieta - Lizzie (She- she just feels right for some reason?)
Agustin - Joel (Simp who hurts himself and loves wife.)
Pepa - Scott (Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy.)
Felix - Jimmy (Himbo who calms down his partner with only love in his heart.)
Bruno - Xornoth (we dont talk about him.)
Isabella - Pearl (Flower lady who wants to be acknowledged as more; also read shrubs.)
Dolores - Katherine (Makes sense when you read shrubs.)
Mariano - Shrub (Was told to marry the plant one and got them mixed up for a while oops.)
Luisa - Sausage (Strong ol boi with so much pressure on him poor guy.)
Camilo - Joey (Solely- SOLELY for the scene where he simps over Xornoth.)
Mirabel - Gem (Because its funny that wizard lady is the token powerless character.)
Antonio - fWhip (Roseblings 🥺.)
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c-rose2081 · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Stars & Sleepovers
Encanto Flightless AU - Camilo & Mirabel hurt/comfort
- - -
Camilo and Mirabel Madrigal grew up in Casita’s Nursery together. They shared that little room with the pale green walls and rickety old floor boards for most of their younger childhood. The pair spent hours making blanket forts out of sheets, before diving under the beds, laying on their backs and talking about whatever suited two toddlers anxious to grow up.
“What do you think it’s like,” Mira asked him one night as the two lay there, counting the painted stars on the bottom of the bedframe. Camilo’s mama had already brought in boxes for him to start packing in anticipation for his quickly approaching gift ceremony. There was a little bit of fear lodged in his heart, but also a lot of excitement. There was also sadness too…knowing he and Mirabel would no longer share a room.
“Having wings,” Mirabel mused, “do you think it’s as great as it looks?”
Camilo shrugged, shifting closer to pull his much smaller cousin closer to him. She seemed wistful, but there was some distant hurt in her eyes that Camilo could see.
“I wish we could still be roommates,” he admitted with a frown, voicing what Mira apparently didn’t have the heart to say out loud, “what if my room is boring? I like it in here,”
“No you don’t,” Mira laughed, adjusting her new glasses with a tap. She had only just gotten them after way to many years of bumping into things, “it’s drafty in here. And Casita is so nosy about everything,”
The house gave an indignant rattle in response as Camilo laughed too, and pulled his primita closer to him in a hug. He didn’t know how difficult it would be going forward…how painful the future was. And for a moment, everything was truly perfect. He would get his room and wings first, and then teach Mira how to do it when she got hers. Hopefully Casita would put their rooms next to each other. Or at least close so they could still tap their little messages on the walls.
But it didn’t happen that way.
Camilo got his gift without flaw. He could shapeshift! It was weird at first, being able to change into people he had seen. And his wings? They were cool too! Brown and creme like Dolores’s feathers, with spots of red and yellow under the big feathers. They were sharp and angled for speed, and as he gave them a few flaps he knew they would be great for stunts. He remembered showing them to Mirabel, using a hand to pull them out so she could run her fingers through them. She had always loved feathers, and Camilo was excited that soon both of them would be able to fly together.
But Mira’s ceremony…it didn’t work.
Her door vanished into ash at her touch. Wings never appeared on her back, and Camilo’s felt his little heart squeeze painfully as she stood there…so small in the shadow of Abuela as she looked down on her in disappointment. Mira ran then. She darted past the legs of everyone and vanished into the dark Nursery. Tío and Tía followed her, leaving Camilo sitting atop his Papa’s shoulders, shocked.
The day’s after weren’t better. Mirabel barely came out of the Nursery, not even to eat. Dolores always mumbled that she was still crying in there, shaking her head sadly. When Mirabel did come out, it was clutched in Tía Julieta’s arms, her face hidden in the woman’s neck, small shoulders still featherless and empty. While Camilo had flying lessons with Mama, he could see Mirabel’s little figure watching from the Nursery window, cheek resting on her arm. The house was dark without her beside him, and Camilo hated every second of it.
When it came time for Camilo to join the family in town, he was guided by the hand for his first official flight as a Madrigal. Mirabel - as was common now - was left behind. He watched her, carried in her fathers arms, become small in Casita’s doorway. Tío Agustín had a broom in one hand, and Mirabel a washcloth in hers. Delegated to household chores; grounded…abandoned.
Camilo wanted to turn around right then. He wanted to tilt his wings and dive straight back towards Casita and scoop his primita up in a huge hug until she smiled again. Until all of her pain was gone and she laughed like she used to. But he was caught in the airstream of his mothers great wings, so he had to continue on. He had to leave his cousin behind.
Camilo didn’t like the work Abuela had him do. He didn’t like having to shift into people so they could check their reflections, or change into a mother to hold their babies for them. He loved the babies, no doubt, but he didn’t like that it was an obligation to do such a thing. He didn’t like transforming into someone stronger to help Luisa lift things, or transforming into someone prettier so one of the young men in town could practice his flirting tactics (probably for Isabela, who was obviously not interested). The only good thing he found was that he could make his wings disappear…he could flatten them, wish they were never there. And they wouldn’t be.
Camilo did this as he stood outside the Nursery door that night, vanishing his feathers as he knocked lightly. Casita was the one to answer, opening the door on its own and granting him entry. He didn’t see Mirabel at first, but he could hear her. Crying softly in the dark, sniffling and whimpering someplace unseen. Slumping, Camilo laid down on the ground by Mirabel’s bed, looking into the shadows underneath. His little primita was curled into a tight ball, pressed into the furthest corner of the wall. Her empty shoulders trembled as she wept.
“…Mirabel?” Camilo whispered, frowning when his cousin didn’t listen to him. She always used to listen to him, “Prima, please stop crying,”
The sobs hitched, and Mirabel somehow pulled even tighter into herself. Camilo had never seen her look so small before, and he hated it. He hated that his wings made her feel this way. He hated the candle and the stupid magic. He just wanted things to be as they were before. Glancing away from his cousin for a second, Camilo looked to the Nursery window. He recalled all the times they had spent looking up at the stars from here, assigning family members one, and counting the rest. Like they could just pluck one down and stick it in their pockets for later.
Now would be a good time to have a star.
“Prima?” Camilo wondered, extending a hand to touch the back of Mirabel’s blouse and tugging it, “Prima…I have an idea,”
Camilo knew Julieta would probably kill him if she ever found out. If she ever saw how Mirabel clutched to his chest as he pumped his still new feathers to bring them up towards the roof. He was exhausted by the time they reached the peak and settled down on the reddish terracotta tiles, but the journey was worth it. A faint light had returned to Mirabel’s gaze. Simply by feeling the whoosh of air around her, it was enough to shake off the dark, if only for a minute.
They had never been on the roof before; it was new for both of them.
“I think…this is a pretty good spot,” Camilo huffed, shaking out his span before flattening them and making them vanish. Mirabel frowned at him then.
“…what are you doing?”
“I don’t want them anymore,” Camilo muttered unhappily, pulling up his knees to rest on them as he looked to the star filled sky, “they make you unhappy,”
Mirabel seemed a bit puzzled at this, reaching out a hand and grasping where the knew the feathers were. Camilo shivered, and was forced to reveal them again as Mira pulled them out like a fan.
“They’re so pretty,” she mused lowly, feeling the soft down with a palm, “you shouldn’t hide them,”
“But I…”
“Just because I’m not special, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be,”
Camilo’s heart shattered. His very blood pulsed with ache as Mirabel’s eyes once again began to glitter with tears like the sky spread out above them. Grabbing her, she squealed in surprise as Camilo clenched her to his chest.
“…’Milo, stop…”
“No,” he insisted, “not until you smile,”
“I don’t wanna smile,” Mirabel grumbled, “let me be sad,”
“No,” Camilo insisted again, awkwardly arranging his feathers so they too added to the gorilla hug, “I can do this all night,”
Mirabel tried to push from Camilo’s arms. Tried to wiggle away from him. But he only tightened his grip on her as she whined in exasperation. But as she twisted around and tried to get out of his hold, her tears dried, and a little mischievous sparkle returned to her eyes. Though it was a bit dangerous to be wrestling on the roof, eventually the two were successfully fighting, Mirabel somehow the victor as she sat on Camilo’s chest triumphantly. Casita was good enough to make sure they didn’t fall off, but had probably awoken Tía Julieta or Mama by now to get them off the roof.
So they sat like that for a bit, Camilo tucking his arms under his head as Mira sat on his chest like a bench and looked up as well. She frowned, but it wasn’t quite as sad as before.
“Mira,” Camilo whispered to her, “please don’t ever say you’re not special when you are,”
Mira huffed a bit in response, pulling at the threads coming off her shoes.
“Special enough to do chores? Mop the floors? Clean the windows? Oh yeah…really…really special,”
“I’m serious,” Camilo complained, “you’re brighter then anyone I know. Please don’t be sad anymore,”
Mira stared down at him, her dark eyes weary but less clouded. She gave him her best little lip quirk; not a smile, but getting there.
“This was a good idea,” Mira sighed, slipping from Camilo’s chest so he could once again sit up and pull her to his side, “thanks.”
“I hope you don’t expect rides everywhere, now,” Camilo joked, “you’re still heavy,”
“Shut up!”
Mira gave Camilo a shove as he laughed, the two about to dissolve into another wrestling match when two annoyed mothers appeared to separate them. Tía Julieta hauled Mirabel up into her arms, letting her sit over her shoulder. Mama was storming unhappily as Camilo lifted a wing to shield himself from the coming rain. Mira laughed at him, all of her sadness chased away for the moment as she stuck her tongue out, then vanished with her Mama back towards the Nursery.
Camilo followed his own Mama’s sharp orders back to his own room. He stared at the magic door for a second, frowning at it. Glancing back towards the plain teal door across the veranda, he smiled and hurried towards it instead. Maybe a sleepover was in order.
Just for tonight.
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sidecharactersdomatter · a month ago
Thoughts I had during Encanto
Sir that is my emotional support Casita.
Man she is really good at Embroidery. (I should try to return to that hobby too)
That kid drinking coffee I can’t XD
There’s the 1st ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’
This movie has so much diversity dayum!
She’s entertaining the young’uns Abuela.
That guy just had to rub in the salt.
(I secretly think her gift is infinite resilience)
If I had a nickel for a certain musical Disney related work has a hispanic character named ‘Isabel(l)a’ I would have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.
I love her parents.
Ok I freaking love Julieta.
I love Mirabel’s older sister energy.
(I’ve also got a secret theory that her gift would’ve been related to sewing or the fiber arts)
Oh man the way those tiles shift is so fluid.
Casita: The door’s for Antonio and not you two
I love Antonio’s family so much!
Felix feels like the guy that would give the best hugs.
Now I have the urge to comfort young Mirabel.
Look at all those Toucans. There’s Coatis, Capybaras and is that a Tapir!
Haha that Dr. Who Quote XD
Ok I feel like Anna from Frozen would be really great friends with Mirabel.
Those hummingbird wings in slo mo! My god!
Her dad plays the Piano?!
Can’t wait till Babish cooks the Arepa Con Queso.
Julieta’s so supportive.
Those Coatis! (Swiper’s got competition)
Geez Mariano maybe settle on a smaller number.
NGL Hercules looks better animated in 3D than 2D.
Obligatory Disney Ice berg meme
Man those villagers don’t have to always rely on Luisa for all their problems.
That hourglass symbolism.
This is why we have elevators.
Man she’s super resourceful.
Woah that looks really intense.
Thank you Luisa.
Dios Mio Pepa.
2nd we don’t talk about Bruno.
(This song really slaps in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese)
Kyoka from BNHA would get along with Dolores ngl.
I think Dolores, Isabela, and Julieta are the only members of the Madrigal household that don’t speak ill of Bruno.
I love Dolores line on Mariano so much!
That montage wow!
He’s stuffing the pieces into his pockets and Dolores is across XD
Dios Mio that’s all I can say.
Dolores. Has. Cracked.
Those villagers were waiting outside.
Everything is not fine.
So many rats.
Man Bruno is ready for Quarantine.
Song: We don’t talk about Bruno. Bruno stans: We beg to differ~
Antonio totally followed them.
That Capybara.
Antonio’s a good nephew.
The hummingbirds!
The potted plant!
I love the drama between sisters!
Isa’s song slaps in Spanish Br Portuguese and Korean.
A severed head!
Mira’s line has a similar rhythm to Isabela’s verse during ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ dang.
That Cartwheel!
Pansexual and Bisexual flag colors.
Prophecy fulfilled (almost)
It’s like hair dye!
Really good video Essay title: How Encanto resolves internal conflict.
There goes the flame.
Dolores being a good granddaughter to Abuela.
Casita protected Mira in it’s dying breath.
I like to imagine that some of the villagers offered to let the Madrigals stay in their homes after Casita was destroyed.
Young Alma and Pedro Mí Corazón…
Ok, maybe Mirabel’s gift involves recreating a person’s memories…?
Shame we don’t really get to see what’s really inside Julieta, Pepa, Luisa, Dolores, and Camilo’s rooms.
He brought a Horse!
Totally Camilo.
Bruno and Dolores got Bars.
Madrigals did so much for their villagers, and now they’re returning the favor.
First we went from Elsa’s “You can’t marry a man you’ve just met” to Dolores’ “Slow Down.” Do you know what that is? Growth.
And now Antonio held her hand. ; - ;
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jamespotterthefirst · a month ago
Y Felicidad (Ethan x f!MC)
Pairing: Dr. Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Dr. Lilac Allende) Word count: 400 Warning: Slight language Collection: Holiday Masterlist Prompt: #10 "This is the best gift you could’ve given me.”
Premise: Christmas morning at the Ramsey household.
Author’s Note: Thank you, Anon! Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!
Tumblr media
Christmas morning is quiet until gifts are unwrapped by the ornate three. Ethan watches his son tear the wrapping paper, his hazel eyes lit with joy. When he uncovers Santa's gift, he stares at it in wonder for a second.
“Lego Spiderman!” he shrieks with delight, holding the box aloft.
At the same time, his sister shouts, “Elsa!”
Ethan can't help but chuckle, as he watches them play with their new haul of toys. Lilac, meanwhile, takes a multitude of pictures with her phone, eyes glistening with emotion. Soon, it's time for the parents to open their gifts.
Lilac pauses midway through unwrapping a gift from her husband to give him a look.
“Are you humming Christmas music?”
Ethan smiles with a shrug. “Jonah's been singing the song all month. It's hard to get it out of my head.”
Lilac lets out a surprised little laugh, staring at her husband as though seeing him in a new light. “If someone would have told me Ethan Ramsey would be humming Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano years ago, I would've checked them for head injuries.”
The look he gives her is one of feigned impassiveness.
“Just open the gift, Rookie.”
“No. You humming the song of my people—that is the best gift you could’ve given me.”
Ethan rolls his eyes but smiles nonetheless.
“What's a Rookie?” Jonah asks curiously.
“An old nickname. It's how your father used to say that he loves me.”
“That's true.”
“Wookie,” little Dolores shrieks with excitement.
“That's Chewbacca, baby,” Lilac corrects gently. “Mommy looks nothing like him.”
They continue unwrapping presents, everyone’s excitement growing with each one. Even Jenner joins in, playing with the discarded wrapping paper. Eventually, Ethan hopelessly falls into the allure of the song once again and this time, it’s Jonah who hears him.
“I can teach you the words, Dad!” he offers. “We learned the whole thing in class!”
“Is that so?” Ethan asks, as though this is news to him. “Well, that makes you an expert. I'm all ears.”
Jonah takes his role very seriously. “First, en español,” he says to his pupil. “Feliz Navidad, feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felicidad!”
Ethan sings along and little Dolores joins in, doing her best to pronounce the words in either language. They do such a commendable job that Jonah nods in approval.
“Muy bien, mis corazones!” Lilac exclaims, kissing her children on the forehead. She turns to Ethan, kissing his scruffy cheek. “Y tú tambien, my amor!”
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Open Heart- Ethan x f!MC Only
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theunsinkablesappho · a month ago
We're Gonna Talk About Bruno
Encanto Spoilers
Okay so, I have a lot of feelings about Bruno.
We now know that he never really left. He was living inside the forgotten parts of the house, trying his best to stay close to and take care of his family. Because he loved them. He's been patching the wall. Who knows how long he's postponed the collapse of the magic with his efforts? We don't.
It's so heartbreaking though. He's got himself his little table so he can pretend he still eats dinner with his family.
Let's think about what he hears, in those years, and what he doesn't hear.
He doesn't hear his family miss him. He doesn't him them mourn him - I mean, he probably does some, but certainly Abuela did not allow any large displays of grief. There's no... hole left. The family just goes Mum about him and blames him for leaving.
And what he does hear? Let's have a hard think about how he probably heard all of the song We Don't Talk About Bruno. He heard Pepa say that he ruined her wedding "with a mischievous grin". We heard Camilo describe him like some kind of terrifying monster. Some of the lyrics are slightly more neutral in perception of him. For example, Isabela's portion almost sounds positive (although again, as we learn, his vision for her has been rather wildly misinterpreted). Dolores seems both frightened and sympathetic. It's worth noting that he's been gone about 9-10 years at this point. Dolores and Isabela would both have strong independent memories of Bruno. (As would Luisa, but she doesn't feature in this song... I wonder what her perception of him was?) Camilo and Mirabel, meanwhile, would have much weaker memories given they were 5-6 when he vanished. But we've got a huge chunk of a town and a household singing about how this man ruined their lives and they are basically glad he's gone.
And a good portion of that song happened INSIDE the Casita. He fucking heard that, you just know he did.
Outside of the song, you know he heard Abuela telling Mirabel that Bruno didn't care about them.
Like fuck... poor Bruno. He's just wanted to help and like so many seers, he is hated for it. He just wants to help. Imagine hearing your loved ones sing about how you ruined their lives.
That whole fucking family needs therapy.
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 17 days ago
Some more Encanto thoughts....
It's occurred to me that we only ever see Mirabel's parents talk to Mirabel. At no point do we see them talk to Isabela or Luisa. At the end, they remark on how their little girl as grown. It almost sounds like Mirabel is their only daughter. And like.
I wonder if that's the dynamic that exists in the Madrigal household. That the moment the children receive their gifts they're surrendered to Abuela's control.
Everyone except Mirabel.
And the way Julieta lavishes love and affection on Mirabel makes me wonder if she does so because she can't do the same with her other two daughters. Because Luisa and Isabela are no longer just their children-- they are pillars of the community, one of the Madrigal paragons, to remain stoic and self-reliant and entirely focused on service.
Anyway. That's what I'm thinking about this morning.
(Also, I noticed on the third rewatch that when Dolores mentions that Mariano wants five babies, and Isabela sprouts flowers, one of them is a white daisy looking blossom, completely different from the other dainty purple flowers.... and Abuela plucks the white one out and discards it. I have never been more enraged in my life.)
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its-a-hot-girl-thing · 10 days ago
Antología | Bruno Madrigal x Reader
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7
Tumblr media
After that first date, (Y/N) and Bruno spent the next three months secretly meeting after the sunset, as at night it was easier to hide from the prying eyes in town and most importantly, her family. Those weren't adequate times for lovers to encounter each other, and he was sure that if by any chance, someone saw them together on the streets or entering his house, a scandal would arise from which she would never be able to recover. However, she didn't seem to care about the possible consequences, because whenever he threw small rocks at her window to let her know he'd arrived, she would receive him eagerly by throwing herself into his arms.
"You're lucky everyone in this family's a heavy sleeper," Catalina told her once after she opened the door, a routine they'd adopted to make sure that her mother or her sister didn't see her come in so late at night. "And that I love you so much."
No one in the Madrigal household, with the exception of Dolores, had noticed anything weird either or that every night at midnight Bruno left his room only to return at five or six in the morning when the sun began to rise over the horizon. Sometimes, when they were too tired to walk around town or go to the river, he took her to his house to show her one of his novelas or take a quick nap together. 
It was on one of those nights, while Bruno interpreted one of his recent novelas for her with the help of his rats in the kitchen, that their fates were sealed.
"You don't know how much I need you" he moved the rat wearing a black jacket, courtesy of her along with other garments she had sewn in her spare time. “Beatriz, tell me, do you want to destroy me?
"No, Armando, I don't want that" he made a female voice for the other rat.
“Then please don't let me fall, I beg you. Betty, I know you don't feel anything for me anymore, but don't let me down... Because I still do."
He slowly brought the rats closer, pretending a kiss between them, and her eyes moved up his arms to land on his face, watching him mesmerised. She loved the way he smiled when he did something he was passionate about and even more that he trust her enough to show her with such enthusiasm. 
“Bruno” she spoke softly, reaching out to touch his face fondly. No matter how many times she did it, he always became a blushing mess at her touch.
"Are you bored? We can do something else, whatever you want!” There was a certain sadness in his voice.
"No, it's not that! I truly enjoy your telenovelas." She ran her thumb across his cheekbone in gentle circles. "I just want to ask you something".
"What is it?" His breath hitched in his throat, as he was completely lost in her eyes and touch. 
"Why have you never kissed me?" The question stuns him so much, he inadvertently squeezes the rats in his hands before letting them free on the table. "You don't... like me that way?"
"Of course I do!" He cupped her face between his hands, tense. "It's just... I didn't want to make you uncomfortable, I wasn't sure if you wanted me to." 
“I like you a lot, Bruno” she'd never uttered those words together before. "I'd even dare to say I'm beginning to fall for you."
He couldn't believe what his ears were hearing, he was sure to be dreaming or hallucinating. He never expected her to reciprocate his feelings, it was enough for him to be her friend and be near her. 
"So it's okay if I kiss you?"
"Try and find out" He'd never say it out loud, but her bold and flirtatious personality drove him crazy. 
He moved closer to her face, trembling, taking his time to look carefully at her features to make sure she was comfortable with that. 
"I don't really know how to do the whole... Kissing thing, I've never done it before." He was scared she'd laugh at him, but she brushed away his insecurities by kissing his palm fondly. 
"Neither have I." She smiled shyly at him. "But they say practice makes perfect, right?"
Red cheeks and nerves on edge, Bruno closed the gap between them slowly, barely gracing her lips with his. It was a skittish and fleeting kiss, but it was enough to make him see fireworks behind closed eyes. 
“Not bad.” She needed more, but she knew perfectly well he was not going to take the initiative again. “My turn.”
He watched her in confusion as she grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, pulling from it to meet his lips in a deep kiss that took his breath away. She moved her lips sloppily as she intertwined her fingers in his hair, snapping something in him with that simple action. He drew her closer by the waist, startling her, and deepened the kiss as his lips moved on his own, perfectly fitting with hers. Her arms locked around his neck, her hands still playing with some strands while he melted in her embrace, realizing he needed her more than he'd thought.
They broke away at the lack of oxygen, his forehead leaning against hers as they recovered their breath panting. 
“You taste like canela” his voice was hoarse.
“Must be the tea” she was dizzy and her legs had gone numb, but she couldn't care less, she just wanted to kiss him over and over again. “I take back my previous statement, I'm completely sure now: I'm in love with you.”
“Me too.” There was no fear or hesitation in his words even though he was handing her his heart on a silver platter. He didn't care if there came a day when she left him, he was willing to give himself to her and enjoy the little or much time she could call her his. “Te amo, (Y/N).”
“I love you too, Bruno.”
They spent the next two hours in his room, cuddling and kissing between words until five am when he walked her back home. Never before had it been as difficult for them to say goodbye as that morning. Their lips were red and swollen, and their throats were dry from declaring their love to each other so many times. 
“Buenos días, señor Madrigal" Catalina greeted him as she opened the door with a yawn. "(Y/N), hurry up, I think Mario woke up while I was coming downstairs." Her husband had begun to suspect something, but he hadn't asked her anything so far.
"See you tomorrow, amor mío." The nickname took him by surprise, but he gladly accepted it as she gave him one last kiss before entering the house, her skirt mimicking a butterfly.
"I love you too, mi mariposita."
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mikrhsnobara · 27 days ago
When Abuela says "Bruno didn't love this family" before the casita got destroyed I can't help but think that she really believes it because it was the only way to deal with her son leaving all of sudden one day. Because it's your son and you lost your husband and why would he leave his family? When someone leaves it easier to blame them than looking at yourself and see what make them leave in the first place. That's the reason I believe they stop talking about him, they don't mention him because it hurts for everyone to think that their son, brother uncle left without an explanation. They try to erase him from the life because if everything is gone then they'll stop thinking about him and stop hurting.
And even in the song We Don't Talk About Bruno Pepa complaints about Bruno ruining her wedding but we all assume that pepas wedding was before the children probably before Dolores being born. That was 22 years ago from the present and Bruno is being missing for 10. That means they lived together for like 12 years. Pepa isn't mad at her brother for 12 years. She just needs to justify the pain she's feeling and all the anger towards her brother for living that finds excuses to justify that anger like Bruno is bad and that's why he left and he destroyed my wedding and yes he's bad.
And ever at the end in All of You Bruno refers again to the topic. He know they know it's not a prophecy but he needs to reassure his sister that he indeed loves her and never stopped. And then at Julieta says that he needs to apologize. He recognised that he hurt them and they on return recognise that they hurt him.
In the movie we see the town people complain about Bruno and accuse him of the bad prophecies but his family never accuse him because of his gift. Well he is afraid of Abuela's reaction and in doing so leaves but he's not afraid an him , he's afraid about his niece. That five year old that didn't get a gift that she's the only one in the family that didn't get a gift.
Bruno is like 40(?) I think at the time he disappeared. He lives with his gift 35 whole years. His family know that he has no control on what he sees but he's much afraid of disappointing them and especially his mother that prefers to leave so everyone can accuse him and not Mirabel.
Dolores, Isabela and Luisa are old enough when their uncle leaves, a day at the most or maybe the same day Mirabel doesn't get a gift. All the adults are losing it and they must be perfect because if what's happening and why everyone is sad/mad. Camilo has no idea what's going on expect that when he's around everyone laughs (he's five they trie to not upset him) and so he must continue doing so and make every laugh.
Everything falls apart so everyone must be perfect.
Mirabel's trauma I think is pretty self explanatory so I'm not going into that.
But basically the whole post started at the point that Abuela's behaviour is wrong but at some point is justified.
The whole movie was about generations of trauma in Latino's household anyway.
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tsrookie · 5 months ago
Always In My Heart
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Dr. Alyssa Brooks)
A/N: On today’s episode of ‘I have no idea wtf I’m doing’, we have something that I cooked up because I had terrible WiFi and no other app but Google docs would open up.
Trope: Fluff, but a tiny bit of angst?
Rating: General
Word Count: 2.3K
Warning(s): Mentions of character death
Summary: Their son has a very important question to ask.
Tumblr media
The delicious aroma of chicken and rice wafted through the Brooks-Ramsey household. The couple worked side by side in the kitchen as they had all those years ago, the only difference being that it was now a dinner for five and not just two.
Allison Dolores Brooks-Ramsey came into their lives nine years ago, and while it was earlier than they would have wanted, they didn’t regret a second of their lives ever since they first heard her voice.
The twins on the other hand, were planned, but nothing had prepared them for the chaos that Nathan and Natalie would bring. A new broken object every week, a dozen fights for the TV every day, and yet were nothing short of tiny tornadoes when they joined forces.
It couldn’t be more perfect.
“What time did Jackie and Emilia say that they would bring the girls back?”
“6:30, I think.”
“Ah. So we have time till 7:00.” They shared a knowing smile. Two aunts taking their nine and six year old nieces to the mall meant a complete raid of the toy store, and a new guitar.
“You need to stop letting everyone spoil the girls just because you have a soft spot for them, Ethan. Ally’s grown old enough to understand that she has her daddy wrapped around her finger, and we don’t need Nat coming to that realisation as well.”
“I don’t- I can’t believe you would accuse me of not loving all my children equally!”, he exclaimed in mock offense.
“Mhmm. So why did I have to come up with an explanation to tell Nathan why his dad wasn’t on board with ordering dessert when he asked for it, but relented once his sisters kept bugging him for another five minutes?”
He opened his mouth in protest, but decided against saying anything for his own good. “Well what can I say? They’ve inherited their mother’s persuasiveness. And I can’t really say no to you, can I?”
Alyssa’s lips curved upwards at that. The playful look in her husband’s eyes caused her to finally break into a grin. “At least you’re self-aware.” Stuffing the rice into the bird she added, “But I can’t exactly tell our son that his dad is too in-love with his mom that he sees her in his daughters and hence can’t say no to them. He’d gag in disgust.”
He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, resting his head in the crook of her neck. “That he would. Alright I’ll try a little harder to resist their charms. Wouldn’t want my only son to end up hating me.” He said it without a hint of worry over it becoming true someday. Over the years, he’d learned to put aside his fears of not being a good father, and with the help of some therapy, and Alyssa’s unwavering love and support, he’d locked up his insecurities in a box and let it sink to the bottom of the ocean.
They took the stuffed chicken and put it in the oven, washed their hands and plopped down on the couch for some rare downtime.
“Everything okay?”
“Fred’s mom got called in, so she’s dropping Nate off on her way to work.”
Ethan sighed. “There goes the hour I planned to spend with my wife, who I barely get to spend enough time with these days.”
“I swear, you were never this busy when you were chief. I have no idea why my workload’s ten times bigger.”
“I do.” Ethan smiled with pride. “One usually does have a lot of work when they’re at the front lines of the battle for making free healthcare accessible for every single person in the country. My brilliant wife, though she could choose to leave most of the work to her very competent team, opts to take it all upon herself. So that’s probably the cause behind all the extra workload she complains about.”
She smirked and perched herself onto his lap. “Well your very brilliant wife also knows that you called my team very competent just to avoid hurting my feelings, and that you and I both know that they’ll be running around like headless chickens without me taking care of things.”
“I know, love. But you can still make them do a little more instead of working yourself to the bone while still making sure that you have at least one meal with the kids every day.”
She sighed. “Yeah, to make sure that they don’t forget what I look like.” She leaned in closer. “Besides, are we really going to spend our last few minutes of peace talking about work?”
Just as she uttered the words, the door burst open, and Nathan kicked off his shoes and jumped onto the couch as Alyssa slid down from Ethan’s lap. She shot him a look that very clearly meant What did I just say?
Ethan gave her an apologetic look and ruffled his son’s hair. “Hey buddy. How was your day at Fred’s? I know you wanted to spend more time with him.”
“I did, and we were just about to open his new LEGO set when Mrs. Watson told us that she had to run up to her office for some emergency meeting.”, he pouted. “But it was a nice day. We watched Thor: Ragnarok and Luca, and we would’ve watched another movie if his dad didn’t tell us that two movies were enough for a day.”
Alyssa shot him a mildly stern look. “Well he was right. You’re too young to have movie marathons just yet. Two are more than enough, unless you want to have a headache.”
“But mom, I’m not too young! I’m a big boy! I can swing along the monkey bars at the park faster than Natalie, and soon I’ll swing across buildings just like Spider-Man!”
“Well Spider-Man got bitten by a yucky spider before he swung across buildings. Do you want to be bitten by a gross and poisonous spider?”
“Mommy, not all spiders are gross and poisonous. Dad told me that when I was four and got scared of them at the zoo.”
She rolled her eyes. Leave it to her husband to convince her kids that insects were anything short of creepy and disgusting. In reality, they were, but as someone who ran a mile away at the sight of a butterfly, she wasn’t going to accept that.
“That’s right, Nate. Some of them are certainly very poisonous and dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that you should be scared of them. If you maintain your distance and admire them from afar, there should be no problem at all.”, he said with a pointed look at Alyssa, who just huffed in annoyance.
Nathan giggled, his brown eyes lighting up with amusement. He loved watching his parents playfully bicker. It was way better than seeing them- ugh, kiss.
“We were pretending to be superheroes and Fred used his full name for his pretend name cause it sounded cool, and it is. Fredrick Anthony Watson sounds like something from that show you and mom watch with the guys in the stuffy suits.”
“When did you see us watching the show with the guys in the stuffy suits?”, asked Ethan with a slight hint of concern. Whatever he and Alyssa watched on their free nights was definitely not kid-friendly.
“I don’t remember. Maybe a few months ago.”
Their year old puppy, Ivy, woke up from her nap and bounced into the living room to jump onto her favourite person. Nathan squealed with joy as the fluffy hair of the dog tickled his nose.
Ethan and Alyssa smiled at each other. Getting another dog after Jenner was a decision that took a lot of convincing, but their kids were responsible enough and it was impossible to say no after two years of constant pestering.
“Fred told me that he was named after his great-grandfather William, and that he was this really cool guy who saved a bunch of guys from getting mugged in a dark, dark alley.” He turned to look at his parents as Ivy snuggled into his lap. “Who was I named after mom?”
The question caught her off guard, and she glanced at Ethan for backup.
When they knew that they were having a boy, they immediately knew what to name him. They hadn't, however, anticipated Nathan Daniel Brooks-Ramsey to ask such a question this soon.
Seeing his wife at a loss for words, Ethan spoke up. “C’mere Nate.” He pulled him closer and pressed a kiss atop his head. “We once had a friend named Daniel. He worked at the hospital as a nurse, and he was close to your mom and Aunt Sienna when they were interns.”
Having found her voice, Alyssa joined in. “He was an amazing friend. He was the only nurse in the hospital who helped me out when things got messy, and cheered up Aunt Sienna when no one else could. He’d join us for picnics and movie nights, and you could always count on him if you needed something at the hospital.” She took a deep breath, and Ethan nodded. “Things were going well, but then in my second year, something really bad happened.”
“Oh no.”
“There was this bad guy, who wanted his revenge on another bad guy, and he was ready to risk his own life, and the lives of everyone around him to do so.”
“That’s horrible! Who would want to do something like that?”
Ethan smiled wistfully. “A lot of people in this world actually do. You’re a good person, so you know that it’s wrong. But some people aren’t, and they don’t care about other people getting hurt because of their actions. That night at the hospital, Danny tried to tell the bad guy that it was wrong, and to think things through. But he didn’t listen, and did something that hurt both himself, Danny, Uncle Raf, another friend of ours, and your mom.”
His little eyebrows creased with worry, Nathan asked, “What happened then?”
“He… he died. Along with our other friend, Bobby. Do you remember what we once told you about an autopsy?” Nathan nodded his head. “Well Danny asked for his body to be autopsied, and thanks to him, we were able to find out what was wrong with mom and Uncle Raf.”
He fell silent for a moment, remembering the horrors of the day, and how eternally grateful he was to Danny for being the reason he didn’t lose everything. He couldn’t imagine a life without the love of his life and his children, and he wouldn’t have either if not for the sacrifices that were made.
He looked up at Alyssa, and she squeezed his hand in support. “We’ll tell you more when you’re older, but to make it short, you’re named after a hero too. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have you, your sisters, or mom here with me.”
Nathan wriggled out of his dad’s arms, and set Ivy down so he could hug his mom as tightly as he could.
“Well… if you can hear me Mr. Daniel, I just wanna thank you. Thanks for saving my mom. I love her so much and I’m so thankful that I got to meet her because of what you did. I wish I could’ve met you, you sound like a really cool person, and I’m sure you were. So yeah, thanks. A lot.”
Alyssa’s eyes glimmered with unshed tears, and she held her son as she expressed her silent thanks along with Ethan.
What they had was precious.
Fifteen years had passed since they first met, and yet each day they fell in love a little more like they did when they held hands for the first time in the dim light of the NICU watching over little Ethan, or when she finally got to see the real him the first time she visited his place; the first time in years he let someone know a little of the worries residing deep in his heart.
With all the odds against them, it was a miracle that they survived, even more so that they managed to raise three perfect children who had more love to share than they could ever comprehend.
And they’d never forget all the reasons that made it possible for them to survive.
The timer on the oven went off, and they got to their feet to get the chicken.
“Was he a good cook dad?”
“I… don’t really know, Nate. Your mom knew him better than I did.”
“Well there was this one time where he helped Aunt Sienna bake an amazing cake, so I guess he knew his way around the kitchen.”, Alyssa recollected fondly. It was for Jackie’s birthday, one of the few nights where the competition was completely forgotten about.
Nathan’s face melted into a glowing smile. “I love cake. So I guess I really would’ve loved him.”
She mirrored his radiant expression. “You definitely would’ve.”
“Why don’t you go play with Ivy while mom and I get the food ready? You can help us with the dessert later.”
“We’re having dessert?!”
Ethan grinned at his son’s excitement. “You bet we are.”
“Yay!” They watched as Nathan ran off to go play fetch with Ivy in their enormous backyard.
Ethan pulled Alyssa in for a sweet, lingering kiss as soon as he was out of sight.
“You’ve been wanting to do that for a while now hmm?”
“Something like that.”, he murmured as they broke apart.
She could see the ever-increasing strands of silver in his brown hair, and the faint wrinkles along the sides of his forehead, but his clear blue eyes were just as loving and devoted as she remembered from over a decade ago.
“We have a pretty good life, don’t we?”
Ethan kissed her again. “No, we have the perfect life.”
A/N 2: Aaaand I’m going MIA again. Honestly though, to everyone who’s read so far, thank you so much for sticking around. Means the world💙
P.S: I finally chose Chyler Leigh as my face claim!
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petitdragon21 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Encanto (Disney movie) – Dysfunctional family roles
I don’t know if it is obvious to everyone, but the movie Encanto depicts dysfunctional family roles.
There is no real villain in this movie; what happens to the house is the reflection of the family’s harmony: if the harmony is cracking, the house is cracking.
We can think first Mirabel will turn into a bad person, as people treat her differently for not being gifted. Or we can think Bruno is a bad guy because of what people are saying about him, but he is definitely not! They only have the worst family role.
Tumblr media
If there is a villain, it is abuela Alma (sorry not sorry). Yes, she suffered a lot, but she turned to be toxic for her family, putting too much pressure on them to do everything, for the reputation of the family (excessive expectation and perfectionism. Mirabel said Luisa “will never be strong enough” for abuela). She also shows narcissistic traits: criticism (she wants Isabela to always be perfect, and she think Mirabel can’t be adequate), neglecting needs (marriage of convenience for the prosperity of the family, even if Isabela doesn’t love this man, while Dolores would like to get a man, but abuela doesn’t care about her), she controls the family, she blames the others (Mirabel), she rejects who they are if not useful (super proud of Isabela and shows it, rejects Mirabel, cares of the others only when she needs their gifts), lack of empathy, etc.
Tumblr media
There are 7 main roles in a dysfunctional family. One person can have more than one role and one role can be occupied by more than one person. One person can be lucky enough to not get a role and a role can not be given. Usually, roles can change too according to new events of life. In this movie, the power of each character is an image of the role and the personality fits well: 
The Golden child [Isabela]: When the family leader has narcissistic traits, there is often a golden child. The golden child gets the more privilege, this can lead to being very selfish and participating in the abuse of the others within the household in order to protect themselves from the leader. That child will have difficulty becoming their own self / the better version of their own self. At one moment (child or adult), may disobey in an attempt to individuate from their parents (it is when arguing with Mirabel she discovered she can create new types of flowers, but abuela was angry about this discovery, because it is not the perfect flowers she wanted to see). May experience abuse by the leader framed as “love” (Isabela was forced to marry a man she did not love, for the prosperity of the family);
The Scapegoat [Mirabel, Bruno]: Cast aside and blamed for problems even if they did not cause them. They feel rejected, unlovable and isolated. When the leader of the family has narcissistic traits, the scapegoat and the golden child are often pitted against each other (Mirabel vs Isabella). The scapegoat is the one who is different, sometimes seen as weak (Mirabel). May experience more and/or harsher abuse compared to other family members. The scapegoat is typically the only family member who is able to be honest about the issues within the family that the other members are denying or are unable to see;
The Caretaker [Mirabel, Julieta]: tries to keep everyone happy/healthy, but don’t try to solve the main family problem (in Mirabel’s case, at the beginning, she was overdoing things to show she was good enough for the family). Children who grow up in this role may be unconsciously drawn to partners who will need a “nurse” (Julieta always have to save her careless husband). The caretakers may struggle with self-esteem, anxiety and depression. The caretakers forget themselves to take care of everyone else, but usually want to be noticed (Mirabel);
The Hero [Luisa]: appears to be a high functioning, well-balanced individual who the family can point to as a solid example that backs up the family’s façade of doing well (“The house is fine, Luisa is fine, I’m totally not nervous…”, but when she lost her gift, it was the obvious sign the family was not doing well, even if the others did not want to admit, except Mirabel). The Hero may feel immense pressure to carry the family’s appearance of success and achievement. When adult, they may throw themselves into work and experience difficulty with real intimacy, because they think they are worthless if they can’t be of service. The person may be a perfectionist, incredibly responsible, and an over-achiever. (It is a good description of Luisa and she describes that feeling in her song);
The mascot [Camilo]: uses humor and goofiness to distract from serious issues. They are typically known to do all they can for others, so they may feel a lot of pressure to step in when situations become tense and volatile. When they diffuse the situation successfully, this reinforces the pressure on them to continue to distract the family from their issues;
The Identified patient [Pepa]: Expresses the family’s authentic inner conflicts (we see it in the scene with Isabela’s Fiancé’s family, when she learns Mirabel’s secret). When this person has a problem, it serves as a distraction from the family’s other core issues, but may feel frustrated/angry to be the only one who need help within the family (struggle with apparent anxiety, in the case of Pepa);
The lost child [Dolores]: attempts to blend into the background as much as possible to keep themselves safe. They may feel ignored, neglected, and scared to draw attention to themselves. They can be used, like the hero role, to exemplify how great the family is doing, since they aren’t causing any trouble. They may be described as a loner and may have difficulty developing social skills and self-esteem. The lost child is often quiet, doesn’t speak up unless asked to, and may feel scared or nervous to share their observations;
I think Antonio is not a victim of the family dynamic yet (no role), because he is under the authority of his parents, and not abuela. If his brother and sister have a role, it is because they have to obey abuela since they received their gift, years ago.
The dads don’t have to obey abuela, so maybe they don’t have a role. They only support their family. Mirabel’s dad: we see him interact only with Mirabel and Mirabel’s mom. He constantly needs to be saved by his wife, because he carelessly getting himself in situation in which he gets allergic reaction, but he tries to help Mirabel the best he can. Felix (Pepa’s husband) is a cool guy, supportive for his wife and kids. We can see this little family united very often.
Tumblr media
If we are going to the past, with only Pepa, Bruno and Julieta, because roles evolve with the family in time with events of life, here are, possibly, their roles:
Pepa: IP, maybe hero (maybe before the marriage, in which she blamed Bruno for the hurricane, she was in control of her gift), maybe golden child (I say that because she is blaming Bruno, but Julieta says nothing against him);
Bruno: Scapegoat (obviously, he is being blamed by Pepa in the song), maybe the mascot (we don’t know if he was funny like that when young, but the idea to distract himself with rats and images is really funny. He is also funny when he says he is an actor);
Julieta: Caretaker (it is the reason why she married a man who needs someone who is always doing allergic reactions), maybe the lost child (we don’t see her much in the movie and maybe she only wanted to do her tasks to not have any trouble with her mom).
Tumblr media
I love when Antonio notices Mirabel efforts. That kid is so pure!
Dolores: She is friends with Isabela (same age) and we can see them holding hands in Antonio’s ceremony, but she got a small revenge on her when saying “tonight, he wants five babies” (she can’t get a man; Isabela gets all the attention, because of abuela). She is also nice to Mirabel, because of her worries about the magic and the family. She also protected Bruno, as she knew about him, but never told anyone; she only gave hints about it to Mirabel.
Bruno: He deserves more love. Even if he was blamed for everything, making him hide from them, he helped Mirabel to save the family and the house. He still loves the family.
Mirabel: Imagine failing at the most important event of your life, making people treat you differently for the rest of your life; imagine how traumatic it can be. Plus, imagine having to participate at the same event, and go through the same place; you need a lot of courage to do it. Mirabel did it for Antonio: she accompany him in the same stairs to the same event in which she failed 10 years ago (and it was not her fault). It would have been ok to refuse, but she accepted because she is a caretaker and she loves her cousin. She wakes up on what is wrong after this moment, when they did not wait for her in the family picture.
As said in the post, roles evolve when there is an important event: and it changes, because with the power of love, everything is possible  😉
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the-cimmerians · 2 months ago
I’ve been following you for quite a while and I just wanted to tell you that every once in a while your story about a Burmese python and fangs and Mormons will pop into my head and give me the biggest smile. Thank you for the laughs this Halloween season
I was actually just thinking about this the other day (thinking about whether or not it thematically fits into a standup bit i'm developing), and I'm just so delighted to hear that this story still tickles you years later--thank you for making my entire week!
(i'll put the story under a cut below if anyone's unfamiliar and curious)
Many many many years ago, I lived in a large communal household with a bunch of folks who were really passionate about animal rescue. We had an incredibly sweet Burmese python named Dolores, who had been neglected but who bounced back very quickly with a good and loving environment, a habitat that was clean and warm and suited to her size (11 feet+, 70lb of snake), good food, and medical care. The only remaining difficulty was that she had a terrible case of mites: mites in snakes can be difficult to get rid of, and make the snake very uncomfortable. The treatment is actually fairly easy, though: you coat the snake with olive oil and wait an hour--the mites suffocate, then you clean the snake, you now have a mite-free snake yay! However. It's not a good idea to put a giant, greased snake into a glass habitat; it's very messy. So the best option was for someone to wear Dolores for the duration of her treatment--which would also help her stay warm. Being a robust and muscular individual, I volunteered for this duty.
I stripped down to my most worn pair of underpants, greased up Dolores, put her on me, and went about my business (test-fitting fangs for Halloween).
Which was when the Mormons came by. And my housemates suggested (insisted, really; with a certain amount of anticipatory delight,) that I answer the door.
Me, befanged, pierced, tattooed, and naked except for a saggy and terrible pair of underpants and a seventy pound greased snake: hi!
Dolores, warm and glad to be less itchy and excited about her in-house and front-door adventures: howdy! New friends? You have treats? I SAY HELLO TO YOU AND APPROACH YOUR FACE WITH JOY IN MY SNAKY HEART!
Mormons: wrong house sorry. ::sotto voce murmurs amidst the rapid scurrying away::
it was a good time (for most) indeed. Happy Halloween, all!
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float-me-now · 8 months ago
fandom questions for: harry potter? 😊
Hi! Yay for Harry Potter! I’m not really into the fandom and I stopped reading after book 7 (that’s the end for me), but this should be fun! So, just for reference, I was a preteen when I first read the books and about 13/14 when I started the movies.
1. The first character I first fell in love with: Draco Malfoy. I read the first book and I was like: “Oh. This one. The snarky little snob shit”. He was mean yes, but also very entertaining. Tom Felton did the rest (I heard he’s kinda problematic tho, and it kills me inside a bit).
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Luna Lovegood. When she came out in the books I felt that she was too strange and exaggerated even for that world, I though that she was, well... too much? Then I saw the movies, Evanna Lynch was great and as I grew up I understood her character better.
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: James Potter. I get the Marauders hype, but I couldn’t for the life of mine bring myself to like him because he was such a douche when he was young. Don’t get me wrong, Draco was a bastard plenty of times, but as the story unfolds we gather info about his bad upbringing, his abusive household, the pressure he’s put under, his insecurities etc. On the contrary, as far as I remember, the only thing we see about young James is that he was horrible to Snape and nothing else. Sure, he grew into a good, brave and responsible wizard, a courageous father and husband, but it’s just... not enough for me?
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: Hmmm I don’t know, some people hate Draco so I guess that’s him?
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Tough one! My taste in characters is very constant through time so I don’t think there’s a character who really fits the description. As I grew up I became more critical towards Snape though, because of his attitude as a professor. I used to justify his harshness towards his students because of his past, but growing up I realized that he was a grown ass man treating literal children like sh*t, and after meeting a couple professors in real life that were utter b*stards too I understood that he could and should have been a better teacher and man to them (even though he actually saved them, etc). I still think he’s a solid character and there are still some qualities I like in him though.
6. The character I would totally smooch: I’m not much of a smooch person but if I had to I’d say Draco or Cedric (the poor boy!)
7. The character I’d want to be like: Hmmm there’s not really a character I want to be like but many of them have beautiful qualities. I love Ron’s loyalty and generosity, Hermione’s intelligence and courage (in the movies, the girl erased her parents’ memories of her to protect them, if this isn’t courage I don’t know what is), Fred and George’s carelessness and Snape’s brains and cold blood.
8. The character I’d slap: This doesn’t come as a surprise I bet, but catch these hands, Dolores Umbridge! Also young!James Potter, and also a half-slap to Slughorn because of his teaching methods that pitted students against each other to enter his (rather ridiculous) club.
9. A pairing that I love: Here comes the difficult part! So, as in everything I read/watch I’m not really into ships but I’ll give it a try. I kind of appreciate Ron and Hermione as a ship: they balance each other and they know each other well, they’re supportive and overall pleasant. Remus and Tonks were pretty cute too, a woman who could change her appearance as she liked and a man who was forced to transform into something he feared? Interesting! As far as fanon is concerned, I see the fascination with Drarry and Dramione as dynamics (Draco is pretty shippable tbh). I would have liked to see more of them (the parallels and differences between Harry and Draco? Poetic cinema), but at the same time I feel like they’d have some work to do to avoid being toxic before actually being a couple (especially on Draco’s part towards Hermione).
10. A pairing that I despise: None in canon, actually. In fanon, anything involving relationships between one of the kids and an adult, and also in*est.
Thank you so much for your ask, I don’t really get to speak often about hp so this was nice! 💛
(Also, sorry for the late reply!)
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takeharryandgo · a year ago
Masterlist - Open Heart (Ethan x F!MC)
Tumblr media
Multi-Part Works
The Competition | AU
There’s a lot to compete for in the medical world. But neither of them expected to be competing for her.
Fundraiser duo [NSFW]
Ethan attends a fundraiser for Edenbrook and finds himself inevitably distracted by a certain someone.
High School Headcanons AU
Headcanons about Ethan, Meredith, and the gang if they’d all met in high school instead of at Edenbrook.
High School
Holiday duo
They find themselves together for Christmas and New Year’s.
I: A Merry Christmas
II: A Happy New Year
In-Between Moments
Imagined extra scenes for each chapter.  
All works here
The Night Shift
They thought signing up for the night shift together was going to be simple. Choose-your-own adventure fic.
Start here
Sherlock Holmes AU
Detective Ethan Ramsey and Dr. Meredith Grey are on the case.
Series 1 (adapts the Senator Farrugia storyline from OH book 2)
Series 2 (adapts the Dolores storyline from OH book 1)
Series 3 (loosely adapts the Bloom storyline from OH books 2/3)
Prequel (Events surrounding the day Ethan and Meredith met)
A New Year (NYE doesn’t proceed quite as planned.)
Ardently (Pointless fluff)
Christmas Party (The gang gathers for their annual Christmas Party.)
Colossal Pain (Ethan and Zaid bond over their disdain towards the interns.)
Family (They’re facing something no couple hopes to endure, but can their relationship survive it?)
Favor (Ethan reflects on his night in the NICU with Meredith. Set in Book 1, Ch 4.)
First Meeting (What if the first time she met Ethan wasn’t on her first day as an intern?)
Halloween Family Selfie (The Ramsey household prepares for Halloween.)
Hope (On the worst night of his life, Ethan finds comfort from an unexpected source. Takes place during the events of book 2, chapter 11.)
Housewarming (What might have happened if Ethan had attended the interns’ housewarming party.)
If You Love Someone (Ethan’s POV for the Donahue’s scene at the beginning book 2.)
I’ll Be Seeing You (Months after Meredith left Edenbrook, Ethan reunites with her again in Miami. Takes place after the end of Book 3.)
Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Ethan walks in on the superhero scene in pediatrics. Book 3 Ch. 3)
One Last Night (For a few hours more, they are just people. Set at the end of Book 1.)
The Anatomy of a Heist (It’s their most important mission yet.)
The Party (Ethan changes his mind about attending the interns’ housewarming party. Book 1, Ch 6)
To Forget a Woman (His first free night in Brazil, Ethan attempts to drown thoughts of a certain intern in a bottle of scotch.)
We Could Be Heroes (WWII AU. He’s a doctor and she’s a nurse stationed on the USS Solace at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.)
Welcome (Ethan is faced with one of the many, less desirable aspects of his new position. Set after book 3.)
When They Knew (The moment each discovered Ethan and Meredith’s feelings for each other.)
Will You (Ethan has a very important question for Meredith.)
Be Mine [NSFW] (Ethan hopes to escape his thoughts of her by avoiding Donahue’s on Valentine’s Day, but the universe has other plans. Set shortly after Miami, book 1)
Forget You [NSFW] (Meredith is finally, resolutely done with him. Well, almost.)
For the Love of Texting [NSFW] (He hates texting, but he doesn’t hate it quite so much when he’s texting her.) 
Heat [NSFW] (“It’s not the only kind of heat I’d like to add…” Where book 2 chapter 8 should have gone if Ethan’s dad hadn’t cockblocked him.)
Irresistible [NSFW] (This may be the stupidest plan she’s ever devised, and yet she’s just desperate enough to try it.)
Reblog/Ask Games
Newlyweds Masterlist (Answers to Bree’s weekly newlyweds questions)
MC Monday Masterlist
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jamespotterthefirst · 6 months ago
Hello Hello hello Bree! How is my favourite Queen today?
So I am so giddy with excitement on being the newest addition to your newlyweds game that instead of answering I decided I needed to appreciate you first.
So first of all THANK YOU!
Now here are some questions for the Ramsey Children that you have to answer with pictures and as each of them, because why should adults have all the fun?
Now I know attaching so many pictures in a single post is difficult so go ahead and answer it in parts if you want. If you like I can send the ask in two parts also. But most importantly enjoy! 💜
Your favourite picture of mom, dad and mom and dad together?
Your favourite picture from any of your family trips together?
Your favourite outfits on Mom and Dad?
What was the last gift your mom gave?
What was the last gift from your dad?
What would a home-cooked meal in the Ramsey Household look like?
How would you imagine your dream family vacation to be?
Which picture would make your dad laugh?
Which picture would make your mom laugh?
Hope I was able to put a smile on your face as you were able to put on mine. Thank you once again! ❤️
dfksdlf;ksdfk;lsdfkl !!! You definitely put a smile on my face with this! Thank you so much for sending them!
Jonah (14), Dolores (11), Jasmine, and Violet (both 8) answering mostly in pics
Your favourite picture of mom, dad and mom and dad together?
Dolores: Easy. For Dad it has to be that picture of him in that bathrobe mom got him as a joke.
Jasmine: And for mom it has to be that picture where she’s “laughing” at one of Dad’s bad jokes. 
Violet: For a picture of them together, that one at that boring doctor conference they went to.  
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your favourite picture from any of your family trips together?
Tumblr media
Your favourite outfits on Mom and Dad?
Tumblr media
What was the last gift your mom gave?
Tumblr media
What was the last gift from your dad?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What would a home-cooked meal in the Ramsey Household look like?
Jonah: Mom has to make the pancakes because Dad always burns them.
Dolores: We did convince him to make us Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese.
Violet: Yeah, but then he made us go for a walk. He said our hearts would thank him later. 
Tumblr media
How would you imagine your dream family vacation to be?
Violet: We just read the Potter books with Mom, so definitely the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Jasmine: Agreed. 
Jonah: She read that with us when we were little too. What House would you be in?
Dolores: They’d be Muggles for sure.
Jasmine: *shoves her* Shut up. You’d be literal Voldemort.
Violet: *cuts in* I’d be a Ravenclaw. I think you would, too, J. Dolores is definitely a Gryffindor. And Jasmine is a--
All: Slytherin. 
Tumblr media
Which picture would make your dad laugh?
Jonah: A picture of Mom when she was younger that Uncle Jaime sent us.
Dolores: They love making fun of each other so yeah. Dad would love that.
Tumblr media
Which picture would make your mom laugh?
Jasmine: A picture of Dad when he was in high school that Grandpa Alan sent us.
Tumblr media
Jonah: He looks so sad.
Dolores: He looks like you.
Jonah: *glares at her*
Violet: You’d be sad too if electricity wasn’t invented yet :(
Jasmine: He’s tired of outrunning dinosaurs every day :(
Thank you so much for this! These were so fun slkdjflksdfl 
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harry-potter-fics-stuff · 12 months ago
Anonymous asked:
ooh femslash fics please. maybe some hcs on hogwarts girls in love, and how they survived during the umbridge era
Here’s the thing: we all know Dolores Umbridge is homophobic. She’s the type to be prejudiced and this is just one of the many beliefs she holds.
She genuinely does not think through the loophole of the decree declaring that boys and girls remain eight inches apart. When she sees same-sex couples floating around the hallways, she makes a decree declaring that nobody can be within eight inches of each other.
But Hogwarts is a school of magic and soon the female students band together in a show of solidarity against the most foul, horrid woman (whom they shudder to share the same gender with) who has ever walked its halls.
Parvati and Lavender are beautifully in-sync as always. When Trelawney is fired, they lie together in their bed (which bed? their two beds are basically one) and dream up future universes. They start planting tea leaves on Umbridge’s desk, shaped like all sorts of weapons and curse movements, and pour the tea itself on the floor. They break crystal balls and leave glass shards on her chair. They carve Trelawney’s initials into her cat pictures with their perfectly painted nails. Their love for the only teacher who has never mocked their overt femininity and interest for Divination turns out to be the thing that makes them realize their love for each other.
Luna and Ginny balance each other out. One is calm and serene, and the other feisty and fiery. Umbridge makes the mistake of insulting Xenophilius Lovegood in front of everyone in the class. Luna does not react, but later that evening she lets loose a series of creatures previously thought non-existent in Umbridge’s office (both at Hogwarts and the Ministry). Ginny steals all of Umbridge’s quills and replace them with ones that don’t cut into students’ skin, but mails the blood quills to the French ministry of magic (being the future sister-in-law to the Delacours has this one advantage).
Hermione and Pansy are unlikely allies. They bond together after Umbridge hurls insults at Pansy’s habit of mouthing off to everybody and makes comments about her mother. Pansy is enraged, but she is a Slytherin beyond her rage, and she decides to join the Squad when Umbridge offers. She meets up with Hermione in the library and asks for help in taking the pink-clad woman down. Hermione takes little time to realize that Pansy makes a very good spy. She can always be sure to avoid Umbridge and Malfoy and their cronies. It turns out, too, that Pansy is great at DADA when Umbridge is not here - and she helps Hermione annotate textbooks to distribute to other students. And if Pansy demands a kiss for her service? It’s the least Hermione can do, after all.
Marietta, in this timeline, is not recruited into any group. Cho knows that she wouldn’t join. Instead she is to give Cho information about the Ministry, so Cho can keep others safe and think of ways to counteract against the Ministry’s propaganda. She talks a lot about Cedric’s death, and though it hurts her, she knows it’s ultimately best that others know about the bravest and sweetest boy she’s ever had the honor to know.
Padma, Lisa Turpin and Sue Li hide behind their books as befits a Ravenclaw girl. The thing is, though, nobody really checks to see what they’re reading as long as the cover isn’t anything too suspicious. They sneak copies of the Quibbler while disguising it as Witch Weekly. They bring in books that Umbridge had banned and give it out to other students, making sure to have translation spells for those who read best in their mother tongue.
Hannah, Susan and Megan Jones benefit from the reputation of their house. Nobody suspects them of anything, since they’re the quiet ones at the back of the room who don’t do much. They’re the ones who secretly rearrange Umbridge’s belongings, shifting them slightly to the left or right. They also ensure to befriend Peeves, keeping him a vital ally.
Millicent Bulstrode, Tracey Davis, and the Greengrass sisters are the most terrifying quartet who have ever thrived together in Slytherin. The most close-knit group of female friends in the nineties. They all infiltrate the Inquisitorial Squad and take it down from the inside, causing chaos. Plus, with Death Eaters for close relatives, they know best how to cause pain discreetly.
Lily Moon and Sally-Anne Perks are the ones nobody see coming. They are the ones who bring everyone together. The soft-spoken peacemakers who grew up in households where women wielded power through appearances of docility. They’re the ones who attract Umbridge’s praise and take up her time. They’re the ones who calm any disagreements.
Romilda Vane and Leanne, who finally confessed their feelings for each other, are the ones who keep everything running. They distribute Skiving Snackboxes, Dungbombs and Fanged Frisbee’s. They write anonymous, threatening letters to Fudge and Umbridge. Romilda, the most talented potioneer of her year, brews all sorts of non-fatal but terribly inconvenient potions to be slipped into Umbridge’s food. Leanne, who has a criminal record in the Muggle world for stealing, nicks all of Umbridge’s Veritaserum and Spellotape and cat plates. She also plants a little artifact in Umbridge’s fireplace so that smoke blows at her face each time she attempts to contact anybody.
Angelina, Alicia and Katie (the queens of Gryffindor, the cutest ship and the third wheel/captain/may or may not be with them) run Quidditch practices for anyone who wants to hone their skills or pick up a new sport. They get brooms from Merlin-knows-where and make sure that everybody’s safe and that nobody gives anything away. And ultimately the trio are so nice that nobody really wants to anyway.
Minerva McGonagall, Aurora Sinistra, Pomona Sprout, Charity Burbage, Bathsheda Babbling, Septima Vector and Poppy Pomfrey (or as the students call them, the seven wonders of the castle) may or may not be working to help them as best they can. Poppy heals all the injuries, Charity instructs the girls who were raised by Muggles how best to blend into the wizarding world, Pomona gifts them plants and teaches them the coded language of flowers, Minerva transfigures the evidence of what goes on into innocuous things (and helps a lot herself), Septima and Aurora keep a lookout for Umbridge and those that sympathize with her, and Bathsheda is the one to teach runic codes to help students communicate.
Ultimately, Dolores Umbridge leaves. She never sees the girls working behind the scenes, whispering in darkness, writing coded notes, kissing and holding hands and loving each other and blossoming in adolescence. It’s only when she’s in Azkaban, reading articles from days-old newspapers, that she realizes just how much she has underestimated the majority of her former students.
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mythvlogie-archived · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
two households, both alike in dignity/in fair verona, where we lay our scene/from ancient grudge break to new mutiny/where civil blood makes civil hands unclean
𝑽𝑬𝑹𝑶𝑵𝑨: on the outskirts of the nevada desert, rests the small town of verona. two rival gangs have threaded a fragile peace for the last twenty years. the blood shed in their last conflict still washes verona’s streets. the strife has given space to romance, as the heirs of both gangs have secretly fallen in love with each other and plan to run away together so they can finally live without their parents’ grudge surrounding them. with juliana castillo and roman medina presumably missing, a war brews in the belly of verona once again and the repetition of the massacre committed twenty years ago looms over the town.
𝙇𝙊𝙎 𝘾𝙊𝘽𝙍𝘼𝙎: the east side gang, commanded by gustavo medina (though many would say it is actually his wife, luciana, who makes the moves). they are known to be the most violent gang in verona and only the worst of the worst are amongst their ranks. they have a monopoly on drugs and entertainment. many would say that the cobras came out as the big winners of the last conflict between the gangs.
𝙀𝙇 𝘾𝙊𝙉𝘾𝙇𝘼𝙑𝙀: the west side gang, commanded by martin castillo. martin is the younger brother of the late valentin, one of the many casualties of the conflict twenty years ago. the conclave is more strategic than their east side counterparts, and martin prefers to think rationally and clearly before making the next move. they are responsible for weapons and networking. the town’s citizens may think el conclave lost the last war, but they still believe in the organization’s power, as they have stayed strong for over fifty years in verona.
tl;dr: a gang discord verse, loosely based on baz luhrmann’s romeo + juliet.
( faceclaim. gender. pronouns ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… first last is a age in letters year old occupation, they have been described as +trait and -trait. they are reminiscent of 2-3 aesthetics, which has aided them many times in gang name. ( ooc alias. age. timezone. pronouns. )
possible occupations:
drug dealers, escorts, assassins, gunners (soldiers for the two gangs), weapon dealers, night club workers, corrupt law enforcement members, getaway drivers, underground racers and underground fighters.
no godmodding and no ooc drama. open to mutuals. muns and muses must be 21+, respecting the five year age bend rule for fcs. you’re allowed up to two muses, and it is encouraged for them to be diverse.
mun slots (9/12):
( alejandro speitzer. cis male. he/him ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… dante navarro is a twenty six year old night club owner, they have been described as +steadfast and -impetuous. they are reminiscent of white powder coating the insides of your nostrils, wide bloodshot eyes that won’t miss a movement in a room & laughter that turns into a sneer at the slightest mistake someone makes in your presence, which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( ron. 25. gmt -3. she/her. )
( regé-jean page. cis male. he/him ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… killian lachlan is a thirty year old casino & strip club owner, they have been described as +debonair and -guarded. they are reminiscent of droplets of blood on otherwise flawless marble floors, cold stares from across the room & the characteristic sound of many slot machines, which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( bela. 21. gmt-3. she/her. )
( margaret qualley. cis female. she/her ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… harper johansen is a twenty six year old escort & night club stripper, they have been described as +adaptable and -volatile. they are reminiscent of picking up crumpled dollar bills off the stage, scarlet lips bleeding tantalizing lies & the echo of a contagious giggle, which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( barbie. 24. gmt-3. she/her. )
( miguel herran. cis male. he / him ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… nicolas macias is a twenty three year old getaway driver, they have been described as +stauch and -juvenile. they are reminiscent of rainbow & flavoured rolling papers, a map with a bunch of red xs & sharpie scribbles covered vans, which has aided them many times in el conclave. ( skye. 21+. est. she/her. )
( nick jonas. cis male. he/him ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… ace moore is a twenty six year old underground racer, they have been described as +independent and -boastful. they are reminiscent of threesomes in the backseat of a moving car, gold chains on top a black t-shirt & kissing their knuckles before punching you in the face, which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( adri. 21+. est. she/her. )
( lennon stella. cis female. she/her ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… celeste olivier is a twenty three year old assassin, they have been described as +dauntless and -egocentric. they are reminiscent of applying blood red lipstick in a dirty mirror, batting your eyelashes to get what you want & a devious mind hidden behind a pretty smile, which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( lexi. 20. est. she/her. )
( hande ercel. cis female. she/her ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… delara acar is a twenty seven year old escort, they have been described as +adaptable and -callous. they are reminiscent of a honey toned voice spewing harsh words, glass crunching beneath stiletto heels & droplets of blood on marble floors. which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( ange. 29. est. she/her. )
( brayden bradshaw. cis male. he/him ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… adrian strauss is a twenty three year old getaway driver, they have been described as +maverick and -destructive. they are reminiscent of alcohol being poured on bloodied knuckles, a head raised high in defiance & and a loaded gun without the safety. which has aided them many times in los cobras. ( lauryn. 24. cst. )
( alva bratt. cisfemale. she/her ) 𝙻𝙾𝙰𝙳𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴… àdele goldi is a twenty three year old hotel management student, they have been described as +attractive and -emotionally unstable. they are reminiscent of late night romantic adventures, ordering champagne bottles on your own & an expensive pearl necklace smashed on the floor, which has aided them many times in el conclave. ( dolores. nineteen. gmt-3. she/her. )
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in-tua-deep · a year ago
tua rewatch with the roommate
Episode five
Oh fuck the “I found you. all your bodies.” scene
“We died?” “Horribly.” throwback to the ben convo o o f
“If perfectly arranged under rubble and otherwise unharmed counts as ‘horribly”’  - roommate
I like that Diego says he’s going to kill Hazel and Cha-Cha like it’s a challenge?? lol five doesn’t care if they live or die he only cares if u do you big dumbass
“Well I know none of the main characters die bc there’s a season 2... and i’m pretty sure they’re all in s2... like all of the family?”
I mean luther is kind of valid for being frustrated that five didn’t share about the apocalypse but also like,,, the first person five told about it (Vanya) suggested he might be insane. so. i can understand some reluctance on his part on top of the whole “the last time my siblings fought this the Whole World Died Including Them i would like them as far away from apocalypse stuff as possible”
okay okay so five says “they turned me into the perfect instrument” so do y’all think that implies experimentation like in the comics or ????
all i can think about during the kennedy scene though is my high school history teacher. he went over the assassination in intimate detail and i’m pretty sure he was writing a book about it and everything. mr. hansen if you’re out there - 
i like feral beard five more than mustache five tbh if i’m picking 
“Someone ELSE shot the president? Was he supposed to shoot kennedy or was he supposed to kill the person who shot kennedy?” - Roommate
love that five tells luther to grow up over murder,,, though to be valid pretty sure they did actually murder people as kids SO. grow down?
fuck i love mary,, will you love me like you loved me in the january rain??? just shoot me in the heart
GOD rob is such a good actor
“wait a second... how is he wearing pants?” oh roommate you have a big storm coming
i have some serious questions about the commission and their methods of communication. where do?? the tubes come from? where do they go after?
Allison: i have a bad feeling [about leonard]
where are these instincts for everything else tho??? her marriage?
“Vanya. she really is trying to look out for you. i really would trust her. you could invite her to come along so she can see he’s perfectly fine??” - Roommate, whose instincts regarding not trusting leonard-harold are spot on
apparently my roommate knows people who put salt in their coffee. i have. so many questions.
“That’s suspicious?? that’s suspicious right?? did he do that? is he a secret serial killer? is he a FUCKING secret serial killer?” roommate when they talk about helen cho going missing
“What do you mean stop showing up it’s been like. a day” - I mean. the roommate has a point. 
Klaus’s depression bath is a mood :(
did klaus put eye shadow on before his bath or did he get his hands on eye shadow in vietnam?? the questions that will never be answered
Five is so enthusiastic about having someone who understands... he doesn’t even notice absolutely Not Being In The Mood,, klaus is grieving and five is just like !!! where did you go!!!! like it was a vacation
klaus: yeah i’m ten months older now. when i’m done being depressed i will lord that over diego for the rest of our natural lives.
does five write in all caps all the time?? why? 
roommate: I wonder what the upper size limit on the knives her can use. like is it machete length? forearm length? what are the limits on his powers. if he sharpened a very sharp mechanical pencil could he use it? if he sharpened a piece of the chandelier? at what point does something become a knife?
me: could he hurl mia (my cat)? mia and her knife feet?
allison also writes in all caps to write leonard’s address
we stan agnes and hazel in this household
“I never said we didn’t !! i just thought she was just a random extra in the first episode and every time we cut away i think that’s the last we’ve seen of her” - roommate because i keep saying that this is an agnes stan household
“OH THERE’S THE PATCHWORK COAT i was afraid it didn’t come back” - okay though good question he definitely didn’t have the coat on the bus. what is it with klaus and his magically appearing coat????
oh :(  oh klaus :(  every time klaus is sad i am also sad :(
honestly a family conversation IS the threat in this family
god though this random vet in this bar is actually an asshole though like. klaus doesn’t owe him shit. klaus served. he’s clearly having a moment with the photo. that could have been a family member or something who died i don’t even know
agnes: i’m a twitcher :)
“like a twitch streamer?” -Roommate
PLEASE give me twitch streamer!Agnes au
look i just enjoy hazel and agnes
roommate: honey you’re too young for her
me: NO DON’T BE MEAN TO THEM,,, agnes deserves a boytoy
“does diego drive a manual?” my roommate once again focusing on things that i do not
five: i have to find the people whose deaths could save the timeline
my roommate: is it agnes?? is he going to kill agnes????
i’m still laughing about that fact that luther is holding dolores.... over the fire escape... she couldn’t drop that far lads
luther’s dumb sometimes but he does have some nice heart to hearts with his brother,,,, honestly he and five get along pretty well in the early episodes. kindred spirits. body dysmorphia and isolation squad.
my roommate has to keep remembering social media doesn’t exist in this universe
i am still confused as to why
that won’t stop me from giving everyone iphones and youtube accounts in my aus though
diego can curve ANYTHING he throws, usually knives, according to cha-cha’s research. but that doesn’t explain the spoilers i have seen about s2 sO
Klaus: You also told me that licking a nine volt battery would give me pubes
oh diego got a bullet graze forgot about that as well?? does he ever get like. medical attention for that? diego?????
it really has been like. maybe two days since helen cho died. is no one??? concerned????? they just immediately jump into replacing her??????????????????? hellO? 
“very clear camera angles to show that this actress did not actually play the violin for this role” - i mean that’s fair but ellen is trying rip
me: who’s your favorite character so far?  roommate: that’s a tricky question. klaus is very entertaining to watch. allison is the most reasonable and i’m very interested to know, well, she seems like the best combination of reasonable and has the least selfish intentions. diego and luther i feel like are both good in a bland way in that they’re both doing good in the best way they can which usually involves punching people. five is fun. five is very fun. five is as fun to watch as klaus, they’re both very fun actors to watch on screen. they’re more expressive than diego and luther tend to be.  me: so which is your favorite?????  roommate: first instinct says allison, though she probably has the least dynamic or interesting arc so far
are hazel and cha-cha the best because their victims never see them coming?? like. they aren’t really THAT competent.
“I do LOVE the aesthetic of an ice cream truck playing ride of the valkyries” - my roommate is valid
“LOVE the hypersaturated background in this scene. it’s more fun that having it be desaturated.”
five looks so baby in this scene with the handler :(
still unsure where five got that handgun but i’m vibing
hate when she touches his face !! awful!!!
the handler’s little “all of them??” like yeAH ALL OF THEM even though they irritate the living FUCK out of each other. siblings man
ben gets shotgun for the getaway !!! go ben!
“I’m starting to think... given how space and reality seemed to be warping during her playing... that her medication... isn’t for anxiety...” - oh, oh roommate
ah i blocked out the leonard vanya make out as well
“DIDN’T YOU MEET HIM TWO DAYS AGO?” - yeah i feel u roommate
yup there’s helen’s body
“CSI call crime scene investigation - that’s going to start to smell real soon”
pogo: and you understand that the children can never know
me: actually pogo fuck you
and that’s episode 5 everyone thank you and goodnight
episode six
i do love a good flashback to klaus
klaus: sees a shirtless soldier and instantly falls in love
they don’T EVEN QUESTION HIM just “KATZ GET THIS MAN A PAIR OF PANTS” and they go with it?? he just APPEARED and they don’t even care
klaus was really just vibing in the 60s huh
wait this is like 1962 or 63 right
when does s2 take place?? also the 60s right???
didn’t kennedy die in 1963 i feel like what i know about s2 contradicts that date but i could have sworn they said a round trip to 1963??????
luther is SUCH A MOOD in the family briefing.
“aww he’s a bad liar” - roommate
“I realize that [the umbrella] was necessary for the title drop but where the fuck did that come from”
@ the handler please stop touching five,,, but also five has such. non reactions to her touching him. which worries me. like she grabs his shoulder walking alongside him and he doesn’t even look at her
why are there gas masks in the briefcase room...
can you IMAGINE if your boss toted a child into the room and introduced him as the Legendary Time Travelling Assassin that the whole office had a betting pool over who would die that one time and is Definitely approaching 60 not 13... and then called him LEADERSHIP MATERIAL. implying that this child will probably get a promotion before you do?? can you IMAGINE?
“again... two days ago...” roommate about leonard and vanya
vanya really chose literally just the worst time to come back to the academy huh
okay but vanya going off?? valid, but also,, i mean. it IS their dads fault that they don’t have any relationship with vanya?
luther: it’s about the moon  roommate: critical role moon theory
hey like. how did the family get together in the first timeline holy fuck. it’s hard enough to get them together when they Literally Know The World Is Going To End
so remember diego getting grazed with a bullet yeah well he has a sling on now which makes sense!! and yet. when five got grazed by a bullet he SLAPS A BANDAID ON IT. someone please address this.
five is such an asshole coworker i love it
i wonder if dot is a mother. or just a nice coworker. she keeps trying to talk to him and invite him to lunch aww
i wonder if it’s purposeful on the handler’s part to call him “mr. five” instead of “mr. hargreeves” to like... further isolate him from his family? by removing his last name they’re sort of removing his ties to his siblings considering it’s not like they’re related by blood
forgot how much i hate the bathroom scene !! wow !! hate it so much!!! there’s so many violations of social etiquette in such a short scene! it’s so deeply uncomfortable!
luther: stop it pogo! you know everything our dad did
i am remembering once again how much i hate pogo all over again!! reginald literally locked klaus in a mausoleum!! he abused the kids! pogo didn’t even speak up about sending luther to the MOON,,, oh luther :(
he just learned his dad exiled him for no reason he has lots of rights his entire world view was just shattered wow i am like infinitely more sympathetic to luther on the second watch
“I knew allison and luther was a thing. you told me allison and luther was a weird thing. still not a fan.” - my very valid roommate
they could have made the fort so much more sibling-y instead of romantic and it would have been so much better honestly
oh dave :(
“I wonder who her primary care physician is and if she can find out what that medication was...” roommate i wish i knew
“I’m trying to decide if he knew ahead to time to try and get at her specifically or like... i don’t know when he took the figurine I was like ‘doesn’t he own an antique shop is he there to steal antiques from the family home’.” roommate on leonard
forgot the handler gifted five a suit. also don’t like that. don’t like her talk about his body and everything either.
“is it too much to ask to give him two outfits? one he can wear now and one with the new body?” - roommate
honestly with hazel’s talk on budget cuts i’m not surprised he only gets one suit
five and his sweet tooth. don’t take the candy five. come on. what did your father TEACH YOU. honestly reggie probably was like “let them get kidnapped it will probably teach them a life lesson”
“there were like... villages that needed rebuilding after disasters. he could have been sending these packages to legit lunar research facilities. legit facilities would have adored to have that information.” 
okay but people KNEW he was on the moon. cha-cha mentioned it. it was in vanya’s book. why were scientists not knocking down reginald’s door demanding the research??? if i was a moon scientist i would have the mansion staked out trying to demand info jesus
“love his eye fluttering in the way of ‘oh shit i got something in my eye i can’t break character scene is still going scene is stILL GOING’“ - hilarious observations from the allison luther fort scene 2.0: grown up version that gets erased
did they just leave the fort up all those years. did no one USE the green house??? did grace lovingly work around it all that time?
oh :(  dave :(
grace is capable of lying and pogo is a shadowy motherfucker
“okay now that they’re actually putting it into the plot i understand why you don’t think he’s trustworthy but you really got on my back about that”
in my defense i just hate him tbh i did not like him when he first showed up and i never particularly liked him tbh
allison: i think you’re the only person who knows who i am and likes me anyway
me, remembering the theory that allison rumored luther to love her: HMMMMMM
okay but i think the luther and allison dance scene is fucking HILARIOUS. absolutely ridiculous. i mean i hate that it’s incest but also the fucking LIGHTS DESCENDING. the RANDOM WARDROBE CHANGE. 
roommate likes the green underskirt thing under allison’s random dance dress
are they just doing this in public???
ugh. the kiss. ugh. erased that from my memory as well
“they clearly want romance in this show but they painted themselves into a corner with the siblings thing” - roommate
five and his fucking STAPLERS isn’t this the second time he’s knocked someone out with a stapler?? the bank robber and now gloria??
five please your siblings were finally doing some decent work on their own issues :/
five is the kind of dramatic as fuck entrances 
“love how he just grabs [allison’s] coffee. kid needs a coffee after all that.” - roommate
five actually does a good job of rallying the siblings though?? they just broke the fuck up in the og timeline
“something tells me that harold jenkins might be leonard”
oh roommate
episode seven
uh oh harold was born
i feel vaguely bad for him
“me the night before a convention” - roommate on harold’s tape and cosplay and everything
okay but how did reginald even KNOW harold jenkins had no powers?? did he? keep tabs on all the forty some kids not just the seven he kept?
but also why the fuck are these people laughing at An Actual Child fuck all of them honestly
“did HE kill hargreeves?? I mean. he’s got motive.” - roommate
harold really said “i think my superpower is actually this hammer motherfucker”
how did he get twelve years?? was he tried as an adult?? was he in juvie? how old WAS he
twelve years ago... they’re 29 soooo seventeen? he did NOT look seventeen? he was NOT seventeen in that flashback what???
roommate theorizes that harold ran off after the murder and committed petty crimes until caught and tried for murder when he was seventeen so was maybe 13 in the flashback
okay so i looked up the timeline and he got out in 2014 or something so he was like 13 in the flashback which makes SO much more sense honestly but also what the FUCK was he doing for five years
“he’s actually laying out all the facts as he knows them and I appreciate that.” -roommate about five briefing the team
five?? the only member of the family with communication skills? it’s? somehow more likely than you think?
“allison’s pants that she’s wearing now are the most perfectly tailored things i’ve ever seen. not even a wrinkle when she’s standing still. do you know how hard that is to do?” again my roommate noticing the things i absolutely do not
five. five. you have a GUT WOUND and also jumped a BUNCH OF TIMES. you are not blinking into the police station and getting the file. you need some SLEEP. and REST. and WOUND CARE FIVE FOR FUCK’S SAKE. you still have a GUNSHOT GRAZE on your upper arm and a SLICE on your wrist from DIGGING OUT A TRACKER. FIVE.
diego wants to be batman SO BAD.
five crossing his arms and Not Uncrossing Them because he’s literally HOLDING HIMSELF TOGETHER.
wow luther is really handling this so much worse in this timeline rip
luther is losing validity points for CHOKING KLAUS i knew this happened but i didn’t remember how awful it was !!! bad and terrible! and luther is very drunk and very sad and very angry. oh. he’s saying he never left the house and never had friends for nothing :(
klaus had the realization that reggie was an asshole YEARS ago and he’s just kind of like “aww. luther :(” 
klaus is trying so hard
“Klaus has had the most heart to hearts with the most siblings honestly.” - roommate
allison at the beginning making her laugh in the office with the EYES, five on the steps of meritech, diego after the vet bar, luther on the couch...
wow cha cha really thought hazel was talking about how meaningful his partnership was with her when he was talking about agNES
five limping up the lawn and staggering up the stairs and clinging to the rails baBY SIT DOWN. YOU ARE BLEEDING.
“inspiring leadership” “one of the greats” what a sibling moment honestly.
five really said “i think i will pass the fuck out now”
five really said “hey i am literally willing to die for this mission because this mission is the safety and lives of my entire family and i love you guys :(”
except he doesn’t because five is decent at information sharing but getting feelings out of him feels like pulling teeth at times smh
is leonard trying to vicariously live his “normal child born on the umbrella academy day discovers they have had powers the WHOLE TIME” dream through vanya??
we yell about how leonard and vanya have known each other for like a week but i mean same for hazel and agnes!! he’s literally asking her to run away with him and she says yes !!!!! agnes is here for the romantic adventure with this man she’s really living her first hot girl summer and living for it
“she’s having her own little rom com! she thinks she’s living in a rom com not a dark sci fi!” - roommate accurate as usual
she just called ben the emotional support ghost and i mean... she ain’t wrong
honestly klaus should have just left luther to his rave, he didn’t get to party in his teens or during his college years or anything
i do appreciate the viking yell of “B R O T H E R” that luther greets klaus with though because that’s exactly how i greet my own siblings whenever i see them
oh klaus :(
oh klaus :(
he’s having war flashbacks, cravings, is in withdrawal, AND experiencing sensory overload while reliving one of the more traumatizing moment of his life
oh klaus :(
five in a bed for the second time of the season which is nice for him. if only the first time wasn’t because he passed out drunk and the second time wasn’t because of a whole shrapnel wound. i am now that captain of the Let Five Sleep brigade holy SHIT like at least they imply that the others sleep five is just feral and ready to go at all times
are the police allowed to just. remove someone’s arm sling? is that permitted? his arm could be fucked up? i mean. it is? he was shot?
“I saw everything my brothers and sister could do ruin their lives” VANYA some REALIZATION up in here,,,, admitting that the umbrella academy wasn’t exactly a desirable place to be is actually some real growth for her and leonard just fucking shuts her down? fuck that man
oh klaus :(  oh luther :(  oh :(
“love his corset side pants, like benedict from violet evergarden” - on the topic of Klaus’s pants
“I made everyone else so I must have made you” says god except for the fact that the kids just... surprise popped up instead of coming about the natural way. maybe god DIDN’T made them????????
oh klaus :(  prepare for disappointment :(
oh i didn’t notice the photos of the umbrella academy in the barbershop the first time i watched this
so klaus gives an age for the mausoleum... thirteen... do you think that was before or after five left? statistically it’s probably after bc it was only a couple of months after they turned thirteen that five vanished
Klaus’s “we were just kids” breaks my heart every time
if i was one of reggie’s kids i would have just not gone to the funeral. rip to the hargreeves kids but i’m different
he doesn’t even call klaus klaus in death, he still calls klaus number four. fuck that man.
“i was gonna say i’d have been very very surprised if they kept him dead” - roommate on klaus waking up
“Five bucks says he set these guys up to try and get something out of her” - the roommate being very perceptive
cha cha is VERY rude to my girl agnes
honestly why DIDN’T hazel just kill cha cha after her whole speech and threats about killing agnes slowly in front of him???? like he literally watched her try to kill him as well
why wasn’t diego arrested in the original day that wasn’t actually?? he was being considered already. he still left the house, albeit with grace instead of allison. why wasn’t he arrested then???????? 
roommate thinks it’s interesting how committed the show is to their old timey shit. she used a nicer words like anachronisms but the point is: w h y
are these episodes even longer than i remember?? holy SHIT
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soft--dragon · a year ago
Home Again
Five is still figuring out how to adjust to his new body and new life, surrounded by real people who cared
In which the Umbrella fam is worried about Five, and Five gets the damn hug he needs
Cursing (I wish I could say it was minor, but this is Five and his chaotic siblings were talking about here)
Don’t really know where this is set, sometime during season 1, I had an idea so I just wrote it (Vanya isn’t in this though she’s every bit deserving to be in the Umbrella Family as the rest of them)
Five knew it wasn’t going to be a good day.
It was a feeling that settled in his gut the longer the day dragged on. He jumped from his room to the kitchen, startling Klaus, and probably Ben who Five assumed was close by.
Klaus quickly got over his momentary shock, blinking a few times, taking in the bags under Five’s eyes and slump in his posture.
“You look like shit dude.”
It was a blunt statement from Klaus, one that deserved an equally blunt retort from Five. “Fuck off.”
The smallest of the Umbrella Academy dumped the contents of the coffee pot into a mug, taking a large gulp of the dark, rich liquid. He sighed at the familiar taste, swirling the half of the remainder before downing that too. Klaus visibly recoiled, eyebrows shooting to his hairline.
“Five, you might want to take it easy on the coffee, you’re in a body that isn’t built to hold that much caffeine.”
“That’s rich coming from the guy that’s killing himself with drugs and alcohol” Five bit back, eyes narrowing at his brother.
Klaus quickly raised his hands in surrender, hoping it might relax the riled boy in front of him. “Calm down Five, I was just-”
Five jumped before he could finish the sentence, taking what remained in the coffee pot with him.
“....That...could’ve gone better” Ben said from where he was sitting on the dining table, a contemplative look on his face.
“Yeah no shit genius” Klaus grumbled, crossing his arms firmly. “But at least he didn’t stab me.”
“Diego’s more likely to do that than Five, Klaus.”
“Fair point.”
Ben turned to look at where Five had disappeared, anxiety prickled at his skin. Something wasn’t right with his baby brother.
Allison wasn’t phased when she heard a loud thump close to her room. In this household, random noises were entirely normal. This was a mansion with six supernatural people, plus a mom robot and a advanced chimpanzee.
But what sounded like glass breaking and a hissed curse made Allison stand and move to the door. What she found, wasn’t what she expected.
Five was kneeling on the floor, rubbing his head and glaring daggers at the shards of glass surrounding him. The carpet was stained with what smelled like coffee.
The boy’s glare snapped up to Allison who had the sense to not react lest she agitate him further. Five was like a feral cat sometimes, had to be slow and unthreatening for him to give you the slightest sign of trust.
She leaned against the doorway, trying to appear casual. “You alright?”
“Fine.” The reply was curt and rough, like Five was trying not to let too much emotion slip out.
“Need a hand cleaning that up?”
“No, I’m more than capable Allison.”
“I know you are, I was just offering to help-”
Five hissed another curse and with a blink of light, he was gone again. Leaving Allison confused and a little hurt in his wake.
It wasn’t a smooth jump.
Five stumbled over his feet, similar to outside Allison’s room where he dropped the coffee pot. He almost face planted, but managed to catch himself on a nearby desk.
“Jesus Christ Five!”
The shout made him start, leaping into a defensive stance, almost snarling like an animal. His gaze fell on Diego lying on his bed. He was clutching his chest and a knife tightly, breathing rapidly. Probably coming down from the momentary adrenaline rush of fright.
“Why the hell are you in my room!?” Diego asked, but there was no real heat behind his words, mostly confusion.
Five didn’t pick up on the lack of venom, instead challenging the question with his own spiteful words.. “I didn’t do it on purpose asshole!” He snapped, gripping the desk tighter when he felt himself tether on his feet.
Diego must’ve seen it cause he sat up, putting the knife down. His usual glare being replaced by raised eyebrows and worried eyes. “Five, you feeling alright?”
“I’m fine! Why does everyone keep asking me that?!”
Diego’s worry disappeared in a split second at the sharp retort. He glared back in response, feeling his anger rise like a wild fire. “Because we care? Don’t know why we bother though, seeing as you piss on every attempt of basic emotion we give you.”
Five flinched back, gritting his teeth to ignore the pain that sentence gave him, but good god did it sting. He blinked away before Diego saw how much that statement hurt. He refused to show weakness.
But Deigo had seen it. Guilt and regret pooled into his stomach, staring at the spot where Five has just been. “Damn it” he hissed to himself, pinching the skin between his eyes.
Five hadn’t had proper company throughout his years in the apocalypse. He was relearning the ropes of socialising with his family. And adjusting to life in general.
Deigo sagged onto his bed, gripping his knife like a life line.
Why did he never think before speaking?
Luther was probably the very last person Five wanted to see right now. And to make matters worse, he was accompanied by Pogo and Grace.
The universe seemed to love kicking him when he was down.
The trio looked over when Five blinked into existence, close to falling down again due to his exhaustion of late nights and constant jumping.
“Oh hello sweetie” Grace smiled pleasantly, though concern shone through her robotic features at Five’s state. “Are you al-?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine” Five cut her off, waving a hand in their general direction. He needed to jump again. Away from people for awhile.
“Master Five” Pogo spoke up. “You seem exhausted?”
“Late night Pogo” Five replied shortly, hoping he’d be satisfied with the answer and leave him alone. He went to leave the room when a strong, yet gentle grip caught his upper arm.
It didn’t matter to Five that it was gentle. The fact was, it was still a grip.
He swung round in barely contained panic, throwing a fist. It slammed against Luther’s jaw. Though it barely making the bulkier man shift, the look on his face said everything Five knew Luther was feeling.
Shock, concern, anger, maybe even fear.
He jumped for a fourth time, leaving Luther, Pogo and Grace behind in varying levels of distress.
Five hit the ground again, almost screaming every foul word he knew right then and there in frustration. He wasn’t trying to be a dick. Honest to god he wasn’t. But his siblings were just so- so....caring. He wasn’t used to it, he wasn’t used to having others around, except Dolores.
They all wanted to help him. He suspected it was because of his form, he looked so vulnerable that they felt a need to protect and help him any way they could. It was kinda sweet really, but so incredibly forgein to him. He reacted the only way he knew how. With anger.
It was the only emotion he had been feeling these days. Anger at himself for screwing up the equation that got him stuck like this. Anger that he wasn’t able to save his family from the apocalypse. Anger because he wasn’t damn smart enough to figure out how to save the world.
Horror swirled in Five’s gut when his vision became blurred, the tears slipping from his eyes and onto the carpet. He swiped a furious arm across his eyes but it did nothing to stem the flow. He scrambled to his feet, running down the hall. He had to get to his room. If he got there, he could hide, and the others would never know he was crying.
Why couldn’t he jump? His mind was muddled. He couldn’t see. He could barely breathe.
He slammed into something solid. He would’ve fallen to the ground if a tender hold to his arms didn’t stop him. He could hear someone talking, but he couldn’t place them. It was all too much right now. All he could see was ash, taste it on his tongue, feel it on his skin.
He screamed, not knowing what else to do, tears streaming down his face. His heartbeat pounded in his ears, everyhing was too damn loud.
But then he felt...warm? It was like a heavy blanket had been put around his shoulders. He clung into the source of the warmth, desperately to not let it go. To not back to the freak show he’d been forced to live with for 45 years.
“...ive! Five you’re okay, please just breathe for me, breathe you can do it.”
He knew that voice, he knew it. It wasn’t Dolores, it couldn’t have been Reginald he was dead-
“Five please, please just breathe.”
Five complied, trying to draw in air but coughing when he couldn’t get in a full breath.
“That’s it buddy, you’re doing so good, come on, in and out.”
Five tried again, fingers digging into a soft material.
“You’ve got it, you’re doing great Five.”
Five drew in another breath, feeling his head clear. He pitched forward heavily, being caught by a sturdy figure.
“Good job Five” a soft voice murmured praisingly. “I’m proud of you.”
Five blinked a few times, the tears in his eyes not fully receding. Above him was black hair, kind eyes and a soft smile.
The ghost smiled wider, gently squeezing Five’s arms in confirmation. “Yeah, feel better now bud? Got it out of your system?”
Five’s hesitated then his head fell against his brother’s collarbone, sniffing. “Yeah...”
“You wanna tell me what triggered it?”
Five’s fist clenched Ben’s jacket tighter. “Memories” he mumbled.
Ben nodded his understanding. They stayed like that for awhile, Ben holding his little brother tightly to his chest, rubbing his back comfortingly. It felt nice, but Five’s anxiety wouldn’t stop spiking.
“I’m scared Ben...”
The small, unsure voice that spoke broke Ben’s heart. He squeezed Five tighter to him. Wishing he could take away all the pain and fear Five had to deal with during his time in the apocalypse. Take that away and give him his childhood back. See the boy laugh with a sparkle in his eye like he used to when they were all young. He dropped a kiss into Five’s hair, resting his head atop his smaller brother’s.
“I know” he murmured, “and I’m sorry you had to be alone for so long. I’m so sorry Five.”
The pair stood, arms wrapped around each other for a long time. Ben lost track of the minutes that went by. Though he did notice Five was getting steadily heavier in his arms. When he looked down, the boy was out.
Ben shook his head fondly, lifting Five into his arms. He paused for a moment. Had he always been this light? Ben couldn’t remember Five ever feeling so...small.
He shook off the surprise, carrying his sibling to Five’s room, gently easing him onto the bed. He sat on the edge, watching Five sleep, taking in how young he looked, but aware of how old he was. Having seen death and destruction at every turn. Years spent in solitude, forced to survive in a barren wasteland for years. It was horrid of think about.
Ben’s hand phased out of reality for a moment as he brushed it through his brother’s hair. Five nuzzled into the touch, eyebrows finally relaxing and giving him a look of peace.
“Sleep well Five” Ben murmured. “Your family will be here when you wake up, I promise.”
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