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#we never really talked (we just held hands and fixed each other's hair)
hollandroos · 2 years ago
Tom and the reader used to not like each other (they’re in the same friend group) for a while and then the reader started noticing things that were likeable in Tom and same thing for him so they start dating but around their friends it’s a secret so they have to pretend to hate each other
It was a party, nothing too big, but Harrison birthday.
The house was filled with at least twenty of his closest friends and family, including members of you and Toms group who all thought the same thing; that you and Tom were at each other’s throats and not in a good way, filled with an unexplainable hatred and rage for the other.
They would ask you to get along, rolling their eyes at your sarcastic and stubborn comments towards one another and let you bicker like children- some would say a married couple. It had been going on for nearly a year and no one saw the end of it, their frustration (especially Harrisons) went to the extent of nearly locking you two in a wardrobe until you fixed whatever your issues were. But you refused.
But what they didn’t know was that for the last two weeks you’d been going out after a solid two dates, one to a classy restaurant in town that ended up with you ditching and going to a carnival and one to a private ice skating rink only two days ago. You were secretly swooning over the other to the point where only an hour before the party your lips had been locked, hands intertwined.
“You two are horrible. Are you really not going to get along even just got my birthday?” Harrison groaned from his place in the kitchen as you sent a glare to Tom. He held a red solo cup in his hand filled with some kind of alcohol.
When Harrison wasn’t looking, he returned a wink.
“I’ll get on with Tom when he stops being an insufferable twat.” Your face runs hard, hip pressed against the counter. 
“You’re one to talk.” You boyfriend groans, chucking a used cup aside. “Seriously, mate, why’d we have to invite this one?”
Tom looked beyond good with his hair thrown around, gell supporting it and a plain white tee strewn over his chest. You could only think about running your hands through his curls, lips fluttering against his bare neck–
“Because it’s my birthday and you’re both my best friends now get along or I swear you’ll never hear the end of it.”
You laugh at Harrison’s comment, flushing away the thoughts that had previously been rushing in. 
“I’ll try my best.” You tell Harrison and that seemed to be enough for him. 
You watch the birthday boy waltz out of the room. Before he leaves he sends you two a playful glare, practically asking– no, begging you two to get along for just one night.
Tom glances around before returning his hands to your waist, fingers gripping the fabric of your dress as he pulls you flush against him. Any fake annoyance and frustration drips away as his lips rest next to your ear, the music drowning out your words.
“What were we doing again?”
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pcygoldenchild · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🚨summary: You’re a dangerous woman in the mafia who gets a rather interesting relationship with 9 equally dangerous men who fall to your feet willing to please you.
🚨warnings: NSFW, violence, anal, cunnilingus/ fellatio, dirty talk, BDSM, sexual intercouse, gang bang, masturbation...(does not pertain to all parts)
Tumblr media
𝒯𝒽𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒹𝒶𝓎 𝒜𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓃𝑜𝑜𝓃 2𝓅𝓂
The feeling of someone playing in your hair while kissing your face is what woke you up. You slowly turned to see Chanyeol laying next to you giving you an unsure look. Then you see the rest of the guys around the bed all giving you the same look. Flashes of last night played in your head and you let out a deep breath and closed your eyes. You opened them a minute later and leaned up to place a slow sincere kiss on Chanyeol’s lips. He froze and looked confused as you pulled away.
“I love you Chanyeol.” you whispered. Your mouth was dry and lips hurt. Once he smiled at you, hurt and worry still present in his face, you slowly sat up and looked at the rest of them. You tried to hide the obvious wincing and discomfort of your body as best you could. You got up on your knees and made your way around the bed kissing each one and saying ‘I love you’. They all looked confused and still very upset with themselves. Once you were done you sat back down on the bed as Chanyeol held you pulling the sheet over you.
“I-I know you all are probably beating yourselves up but you shouldn’t. I deserved my punishment. I love you all the same.” you say looking down playing with your hands. Baekhyun came on the other side of you and hesitantly held your face up. He looked so destroyed.
“I never want to see you look at me like that again. I nearly felt my heart rip apart. I know we may seem like we can be these stern dominant men, but we can’t do that with you. It killed us seeing you like that. We’ve never felt this way about anyone to not even be able to go through with a punishment.” he all but tears up. You know you made them weak. You know you have them wrapped around your finger. But you didn’t know they were this emotional to your feelings. You didn’t know that seeing you the way you were last night would make them this upset.
“We don’t know what it is, but you’ve got a soft spot in us. We want to protect you, not be the ones to make you feel like we hate you.” Jongin said looking down pouting. They all looked so sad. The anger sitting in the bottom of your stomach was slowly fading from seeing how hurt they were.
“When you said we hated you...I lost it. I thought we lost you. We can’t lose you.” Sehun said voice shaking. You had to fix this. There was no way you would let them believe they were anything but the best things to happen to you.
“I do not hate you, I love you. I was in a different mind when I said that. My emotions took over and I saw it as ‘I made my daddy’s upset so they must hate me’ but that’s not right. You all are the best things I have come across in a long time. Please don’t let this change anything. This is what we agreed on is it not? I was bad and needed to pay for what I did to you. I’m not going anywhere. I need you all to be mine just as much as you need me.” You look at all of them. They look a bit relieved but not completely so you decided to be brutally honest.
“Listen, it’s really hard for me to try not to rip your heads off right now. But seeing you all like this is killing me. And...I know what I sighed up for and I need to act accordingly. I was punished. That is that. I won’t hurt or kill you all if that’s what your thinking. I couldn’t do that now or ever. So can we skip the sulking and get back to you all treating me like your princess?” you state. You had a feeling they were only so scared because for one, they really did love you and it hurt to see you that way. And two, you were the RED SIREN. You’d never experienced anything like that and having your primal instinct, your initial reaction is to attack. No one has ever been able to do any of the things they did to you last night. So you being able to sit there and not at least break their fingers said a lot.
“Tell you what. You guys give me whatever I want today to make it up to me. You can enjoy making me feel better and I’ll enjoy not thinking about ripping your dicks off.” you propose with raised brows. You knew the one thing they loved the most was pleasing you. To give you whatever you wanted was the most incredible satisfaction. And if you were treated right, this whole altercation and dramatic episode would subside.
“Done. Anything you want. Anything.” Minseok says. You had to think about it really. What did you want? Then a lightbulb when off. You were their princess right?? You would be pampered like one today.
»»————- ————-««
𝒯𝒽𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒹𝒶𝓎 𝒜𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓃𝑜𝑜𝓃 4𝓅𝓂
You walk into the living room and see it’s been completely revamped. Only two hours passed yet they still managed to pull all of this off. The room was now set up like a spa. It was dimly lit with candles everywhere. There was a massage table in the center of the room and the couch was pulled back. Along the wall was a table of food and drinks. Chocolate covered strawberries, grapes and bananas along with a few bottles of Rosé. They were all stood around watching you take in their work.
“Wow. You didn’t have to do all this. It’s beautiful.” you say in amazement at the effort. You step forward to the massage table and look at them. Yixing and Sehun come forward and help you remove your robe and lay stomach down on the table.
“We wanted to make this as close as possible to the real thing, even better. A beautiful woman deserves beautiful things.” Yixing says standing next to your head. Sehun is at the bottom of the table near your legs. You feel warm oil being poured in your back and thighs. Then 4 soft but tender hands rub in the oil massaging your tense, aching bones. You instantly close your eyes with your mouth falling open. It feels amazing as they both work your skin as if they knew every part of it. Yixing gets deep in your shoulder blades and travels down your spine to right above your ass. He rubs your shoulders and arms slowly massaging out the kinks and knots. Sehun is working in your calves and travels to the back of your knees. He continues up to your sore thighs and pays extra attention to them before moving to your sore ass. He massages the round mounds so delicately and expertly that you let a load moan escape your throat.
“Does it feel good baby?” he asks and you moan a yes. You forget what the sound of your moaning does to them until you feel two very hard cocks rub past your arm and leg. You couldn’t help but smirk. They were so hard hearing you and massaging your body. You feel your ass cheeks spread and hear a deep groan from the both of them.
“She’s so wet.” Yixing whispers while massaging your left leg and cheek. You feel a hand reach between your parted cheeks and glide up your wet core to your asshole making you lift your ass and moan.
“Baby turn over.” Sehun says. You turn over on to your back and see their dark eyes. They pour more oil onto your chest and legs and begin massaging you again. Yixing makes sure to pay extra attention to your boobs and nipples. You close your eyes and respond to each touch with a silent moan. Sehun works your legs like before starting at your shins and working his way up to your hips. Your body is moving slightly as thier hands praise your body. Sehun pulls your legs up and apart as his hands work the insides of your thighs. Yixing on one leg as Sehun is on the other. You can feel how wet you are and their eyes on you.
You open your eyes as you feel Sehun’s hand getting closer and closer to your core. He looks at you and you slightly nod. He glides two fingers between your folds and on your clit slowly massaging them. Yixing takes one of your nipples in between his fingers and looks into your eyes. Your mouth is set to an ‘o’ as your eyes roll at the slow massage your core is getting.
“God, Sehun where did you learn to do this? Fuck, it feels so good.” you breathlessly say. He was only using his fingers to rub up and down your lips and clit but it was doing wonders.
“I just know what you like baby. Your pussy is my favorite thing to touch.” he groans. His fingers speed up and apply enough pressure that you cum from the massage. You laugh as they both place kisses to your core licking you occasionally while whispering ‘I love you princess’. You lay there as they travel thier hands over your body again, relaxing you through your orgasm.
“Princess can I feed you?” Jongdae says as you turn over again and sit up on your elbows. He had a plate of strawberries and a flute of champagne in his hands. You nod and he sits on a stool infront of you. You look at him as he sets himself up. He’s so beautiful and shy. You can’t help but bite your lip at his features. He looks up at you staring at him and smiles making your heart flutter. He takes a strawberry and brings it to your lips. You slowly open your mouth and wrap your plump lips around the strawberry and bite. He bites his lip watching the way your mouth moves. You pull him in by his neck and place a kiss to his lips, kissing him gingerly. He moans into your mouth from the feel of your lips and the chocolate covered strawberry taste. You pull away and can’t help but smile as he inspects your face. You feel your heart beating fast when he smiles back and looks away with rosy cheeks. Who really was the heartbreaker here? He continues feeding you as the two give you a massage.
“Princess can I...take pictures of you?” Jongin asks hesitantly. You look up at him and smile nodding a yes. He takes your hand and guides you to the beautiful balcony decorated with flowers and lights. It was like your own little paradise. You walk out towards the flowers completely naked taking in the sight. You whisper ‘so beautiful’ and then hear a camera click. You turn around and see Jongin and Baekhyun with cameras taking pictures and recording you.
“You are so beautiful, my love.” Baekhyun whispers looking at you. You blush at thier adoration of you which makes them take more pictures and record. You walk around looking at all the flowers and back at them occasionally when they call for you. Baekhyun records your every move and reaction. Jongin takes pictures of you while whispering ‘beautiful’ after every take. You bend over to pick up a flower and hear the camera go off rapidly making you laugh.
“Of all the flowers here, this one is my favorite.” Baekhyun says holding the camera to your exposed pussy while using delicate fingers to glide up your folds. He gently spreads them apart before saying, “This is the pussy of the most beautiful woman in the world. And her and her pretty little kitty are all mine.” You can’t help but blush and thank the heavens that they can’t see your bright red face.
“Stay just like that for a second. The sunset really makes the light pink color of your pussy stand out against how incredibly wet you are. Why are you so wet princess?” Jongin says taking photos of you while you’re still bent over. They were so amazed by you it just turned you on more.
You turn around and sit on the chair surrounded by flowers and lights. You lift your legs up to rest on the arm exposing your core slightly as you pose. They eagerly take the opportunity to capture your beauty. Baekhyun pulls one of your legs apart from the other making you spread wide. Your glistening pussy is on full display as they record and photograph you.
“I’m making this into a movie just for us. You can only guess what this might be used for other than admiring your beauty. It might just play in the background of every TV in the mansion.” Baekhyun laughs making you smile. You don’t know why this was making you so happy but it really was a great feeling to be admired. Jongin carries you bridal style back into the living room and puts you down on the couch; accidentally dragging his fingers up your cunt. He smirks and sucks on his fingers before walking away looking at his camera.
“Anything else you want princess?” Junmyeon asks. Being outside did make you want to go for a quick swim. A dip in the pool and then a quick shower before whatever they planned for dinner sounds heavenly. So that’s what you tell them. Junmyeon carries you to the pool and sits on one of the lawn chairs along with the others. You let the cold water cover your naked body as they watch you. You just swim and float around for a bit enjoying the quiet. Jongin and Baekhyun resume capturing your beauty on thier cameras. You swim up to the edge and rest your hands on your arms looking at all of them. They seemed so content with just making sure you felt completely at ease and relaxed.
“Hi princess.” Minseok says showing his beautiful gummy smile. You couldn’t get over how beautiful these men were. Every part of them made you weak.
“Hi daddy.” you smile. You all just stared at each other for a couple minutes in awe. Pictures and laughs and smiles and videos consumed the moment and you felt time stop.
“Ok baby, time to get cleaned up.” Chanyeol said picking you up out of the pool and wrapping you in a towel. You pout and lay your head on his shoulder as he carries you to his bathroom. He starts the shower and rids of his boxers before pulling you in with him. He starts to wash your body caressing every dip and curve. You watch him as he takes his time making sure to touch every part of you.
“I never knew someone could make me this happy. You’re so beautiful. I don’t think a minute goes by that I’m not nothing about you. I don’t think a minute goes by that any of us aren’t thinking about you. You could kill us all without us even knowing. We wouldn’t mind; it’d be a beautiful death.” he says pulling you to sit on his lap. You feel his cock wedged between both your stomachs.
“If I wanted to kill you all I would have done it before I got too attached. It’s far too late now. I crave every part of all of you too much.” you whisper. You kiss him passionately as his light hands travel all over your back and ass.
“Let me make love to you right here baby. Let me show you how much you mean to me. Let me show you how proud you make your daddy.” he groans in your ear while you grind on his cock. You nod feeling his lips lick and kiss the sweet spot on your neck. He is so slow and gentle with you, almost as if he’s afraid he’s going to break you. He pulls away and looks up at you inspecting your eyes and lips. He licks your nipples while slowly sliding his fingers up and down your folds. You whimper from the delicate feeling.
“I love those cute little sounds baby. You’re so cute and small. So easy for me to hold and touch.” he moans looking you in the eye as he rubs his cock tip against your clit. They don’t know just how much their praises and dirty talk makes you even smaller and needier. He lines himself up to your hole and slowly pulls you down. You keep eye contact as he watches your face react to his size. You start to ride him slowly, lips lightly tasting each other. Your foreheads are pressed together as you take his cock. It’s the most sensual you’ve ever been with one of them. Watching eachother so deep you feel your souls connecting.
“I love you baby. Fuck, I love you so much. You’re all mine. So perfect. So small. So beautiful.” he whispers against your lips. His praises and slow thrusts up into you make your eyes roll back. He swallows your moans as you both start to feel your release coming.
“I love you too. God, I love you. Fuck you make me crazy. Just a few hours ago you had me tied up and now here you are, making love to me. Praising me, spoiling me, I love you daddy.” you whisper into his mouth. He grins at your breathy confessions. His hips stutter when you tighten around him. You both cum from the slow agonizing pleasure. You stay there pressed together for a couple minutes just watching eachother.
“Ok let’s get you cleaned up for dinner.” he says before placing kisses from your forehead to your lips.
You both go downstairs to see the living room back to normal but still set with candles. There were plates around the living room table with your favorite dinner. They sat there talking before seeing you come in. You were wearing a light pink silk gown that they all loved. Kyungsoo called you over to sit between him and Junmyeon on the floor. It was really cozy with blankets and pillows. You go to sit and laugh at them all when they can’t stop smiling at you.
“What are you all looking at me like that for?” you tease. Kyungsoo starts to feed you while everyone begins to eat.
“You just look really beautiful under candle light. Your glowing.” Baekhyun smiles.
“You guys have called me beautiful one too many times today.” you laugh, feeling a slight blush sneak up to your cheeks.
“Because you are. What else would we call you?” Yixing snorts as if there aren’t a million other names out there.
“Pulling on our heart strings. We can call you a ventriloquist.” Sehun said making everyone laugh.
“No thanks. Beautiful is just fine.” you laugh. You all sat and ate having small conversations or silence. You all just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a good day; you knew they really did love you. Who would have ever known that what you thought would be a one night stand would turn into this. This was a relationship you never would have imagined you’d have. 9 men all in love with you that you’ve fallen in love with back. It’s a paradise among the chaotic lives you all have. You’re the beauty in their world and they are to you.
(Well guys, this is the cutest. Next part (part 9) is cute along with violence so stay tuned for that! The alternate part 8 (part 8.5 ALT) will be posted in two days maybe.
xoxo golden🕊)
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geminimoonbeamx · 2 years ago
We Did The Monster Mash
A/N: Okay so this is my entry for Sarans fall writing challenge. I chose the prompt “I didn’t even have that much to drink” and somehow I ended up with this angst ridden tale of “unrequited” love. I hope y’all like it! Ps- do I imagine Brooke Davis as Becca Barnes? Yes the fuck I do.
Word Count: 4K+
Warnings: Cursing(like a motherfucking sailor). Drinking. Idiots pining over eachother. Talks of self doubt. Minor smuttage(VERY MINOR)
Summary: Y/N has been in love with her best friends brother, Bucky Barnes, since she was twelve years old. It takes a fraternity Halloween party, some booze and a clear night sky for the two of them to finally confess how they really feel. College!Au!Bucky x Plus size reader
Honestly, you hadnt even wanted to come out tonight. You would have been more than happy to be back at the house, buried under mounds of fluffy blankets binging horror movies only accompanied by your wax pen. Watching people get slaughtered on your flatscreen with glassy, red rimmed eyes.
You fucking deserved it. You’d worked your ass off since the beginning of this semester having a part time job and keeping your GPA high enough to keep your scholarship, doing all of your greek duties and getting brutally dumped by a guy you never thought you were good enough for in the first place.
So yeah, you deserved- had earned, your right to vegitate for the rest of fall break.
But no. You’d ended up pulled from the warmth of your bed, your remote pried from your fingers. Shoved into a shower(because you smell like you’d been in bed for three days which was true so you didn't fight it) and then a tight, black dress that you of course needed spanx tight enough to squeeze the breath from your lungs underneath to keep everything right and tight. 
Screw Rebecca Barnes and her consistent need to get you to “get it and live your life”.
“I don't even have a costume, Bec” You’d hissed at your best friend.
“You feeling like being a slutty devil or a slutty bunny this year?” She’d held two options of costume ears in her hands and you’d sighed and snatched the lacy bunny ears and slipped the headband into your hair.
“Cool, I wanted to be the devil anyway” She shrugs, clipping on the horns and you’d scoffed.
“If the shoe fucking fits”
She glares, and throws a tube of mascara at you “You know one day when you think back on your amazing college experience, you’re going to thank me for not letting you spend your time split between doing overtime in the quad and sleeping in the corner of the library”
“Oh you’re so right. Another frat party that smells like piss and axe body spray, just what I need” You snark at her, playing with your hair, trying to get it to work with you.
“Come on, you know the Sigma’s aren't like that- I mean tell me when was the last party Tony didn't drop at least a few grand on” Becca’s lining her lips and ignoring your groaning and eye rolling “I heard he hired that DJ that was on Jersey Shore last season-”
“Pauly D?!” You gasped, nearly dropping your hairbrush. She knows you’ve wanted to have his babies since middle school.
“No, that other one”
“How fucking lame” You’d rolled your eyes, disappointed.
“But Bucky is going to be there. And he said there’s been some weirdo tension going on between the two of you lately, so you can go ahead and fix that tonight”
Your stomach does a roller-coaster grade drop, and you know the intense uncomfortability of  it has to show on your face, even though you try to swallow through it.
“For one, nothings weird. For two, you should try minding your own business every once and awhile”  
“Not when it comes to the two people I love most in the world. Can you guys just finally admit that you’ve wanted to get in each other’s pants since we hit puberty and then we can all move on from it already? Because holy fuck, this constant pining bullshit is driving me insane”
Becca was smart, insanely so. It’s something her and Bucky seemed to share. Well, they shared alot of personality traits, being twins and all, but biggest one? They were both uncannily brilliant.
Of course she knew. Knew that your heart had beat for no one but her brother for the last near decade of your life. That it had been put in the blender nearly non-stop since then because women loved Bucky and women and yet…
He didn't love you.
You’d never be anything but his sisters friend. Another “suedo sister” to add to his bunch, he’d told you one time when he was drunk.
And it killed you but it’s what it was. Life tended to hand you bullshit, you were used to it.
“It’s not like that, Becca. Bucky doesnt...he hasnt and he never will. Feel like that about me. And Erik wasnt into my ‘constant pining bullshit’- so yeah I put some distance there. And I’m happy I did, okay? So just drop it” Your voice breaks multiple times within the span of those words and Becca has known you long enough to know that if she pushes you on the subject anymore? You’ll push her away too.
You and you’re feelings and expressing them? Had never been your thing.
So she just bites back a sigh and nods, taking a quick swig from her Smirnoff wine cooler.
“Fine, but I feel like a child of divorce here. I expect double the attention and love from both of you from now on”
And that was that- no more talk about the subject of you and Bucky and your unrequited love. There’s a little more pre-gaming, and then the four block walk from your house to the Sigmas, which you curse at Becca for yanking you from your covers because-
“Holy balls it’s fucking freezing. I want to die. Take me home”
Lucky the alcohol in your system keeps your core temperature up and you’re only mildly shivering when the lit up house comes into view. The sound of bumping bass can be heard way down the block and you’re not going to lie, even though you’d been resistant to come along to this party, maybe it was what you needed?
A night just to have some fun? Actually act like a college senior. Maybe you could forget the overwhelming black cloud that seemed to be following you around, at least for a couple of hours.
Suddenly you feel excited. Truly.
“Tonight, I'm going to have a good night!” You declare to the universe, to anyone close enough to hear and you get a couple cheers from people in earshot. Becca being one of them.
“I’m going to get fucked up, freshman style, white girl wasted!” Another declaration, a promise to yourself.
“Yassss, bitch, get it. I’ll play designated hair holder!”
Of course Bec had been right and the house was decorated immaculately; the yard was littered by giant blow up characters from ghostbusters, strings of lights of purple, orange and green seemed to twine everywhere, spiderwebs and skeletons, and gravestones?
Yeah, Tony had pulled out all the stops.
Walking through the front door you we’re hit by a wall of pungent weed smoke that was to thick you probably got a contact high as soon as you walked through the door. The bass coming from the huge speakers seems to be shaking the floor and numbing your ears to the chatter of the crowds of people that seem to fill every space of the huge house.
You’re not overwhelmed, you tell yourself. No, you’re gonna be cool. You’re going to have a fun night. Everything's going to be oka-
Bucky spots you guys when you walk in and he makes his way through the gaggles of writhing collee students in an attempt to get to you.
No, not you, you think. His sister.
“Hey, Bec I’ve got to go to the bathroom” You holler over the music at your friend who nods, and agrees to come with you.
“I’m good. I’ll find you after” And then youre maneuvering through the bodies, trying to get away before Becca realizes what you’re doing.
Not slick or fast enough, though.  She spots Bucky, with a look of confusion on his face just as you slip out of sight. One of her thin, manicured eyebrows raise and her mouth quirks into something unamused.
“Where’d Y/N go?” Bucky inquires as he reaches her and she rolls her eyes then.
God help her. The two of you we’re driving her insane.
“Well hello to you too, brother”
Bucky opens his mouth but Becca cuts him off “No, no. Get me a drink, loser”
And fix your shit with my best friend- she wordlessly communicates between the twin telepathy thing they have. He huffs, and follows his sister who seems to part crows with her mere presence.
You really did have to go to the bathroom, but after you’re done you don't automatically look for your friend. You mingle a little bit, there’s tons of people here, at least half the campus and even though you can be a little bit of a hermit you’re not anti social.
Your sorority sisters are there; Wanda and Maria who are dominating at beer pong against Tony and Sam and Natasha who’s whooping as she quite obviously convinced(forced) Clit into another cagestand.
You end up at the “basement bar”, apparently there’s three scattered throughout the party and it’s being manned by one of this years newbies- all of them are. Tony Stark might be a playboy bear all the time smart ass but Sigmas reputation as the safest frat parties on campus was unmatched.
All drinks were made by one of their members and given in hand to its order’ instead of just sitting bottles of liquor and pools of punch- because date rape drugs were still very much a thing and they were trying to do their part in keeping that shit of Greek row.
The kid serves you a vodka cran. You think his names Peter? And you end up killing a half an hourjust talking to him as you gulp down your drink. And then start on another.
“Stay away from Professor Zola’s anatomy class, it’ll make you want to kill yourself. Like no joke- that man is more twisted then a-“ you’re just telling Peter about how to survive at this school when a familiar head of blond hair appears beside you.
“There you are!”
“Here I am? Hey Steve” you greet him, and then turn back to Peter- who looks weary because you’re most def going to continue your drunken rant.
You feel two big paws on your shoulder and then you’re being turned and maybe you’re a little drinker then you thought you were because your balance is a little…
“Woah there, muscles. Calm down on the manhandling” you glare at him. Steve chuckles and rolls his eyes.
“Bec and Bucky are looking for you- and you know those two. They’re not going to stop until they find you” Steve points out and you just sigh and try to shrug his hands off your shoulders.
“Becca is looking for me, you mean”
“No?” He shakes his head “I mean Bucky too. He’s been waiting for you to get here all night and now you’re ducking him, again”
God you don’t want to do this. You step away from Steve and slap his hands away. You’ve known him as long as you’ve known the twins and you knew he was a stubborn do gooding bastard who had never and would never just let you wallow.
“Again? Really, Stevie, you too? Why is he going around whining to everyone? We’re adults, Christ!” You can’t help the irritation you feel.
So you hadn’t been the warmest to Bucky for the short duration of your relationship with Erik? He’d been stomping on your feelings for him for YEARS.
“He’s all messed up about it. Seriously- that motherfucker can brood with the best of them and he’s been doing nothing but that for the past month- and then I realized why”  
A frown etched its way onto your features as he speaks. You are so not doing this- not here. Not tonight when you’d promised yourself some fun.
You just shake your head at him and mutter something about “I’m sorry. Not now. I can’t” before disappearing back into the crowd.
You are drunk. Truly and thoroughly drunk. 1 drink had turned to four and you knew to cut it off that that(yeah you saaaaid you were going to get black out but really you were too old for that shit) because you were and always had been a lightweight.
You’d linked back up with Becca who’d glared at you and hooked her arm in yours and told you you weren’t getting away again from her tonight-
“Child of divorce remember?! Love me!”
But she had found someone else to get her love from and she and Valkyrie were flirting so hard, so outrageously that you couldn’t help but chuckle. Oh, those two were going to be trouble together.
You sneak away from it all- it’s nearly two in the morning and you just need a moment to clear your head, the steady beat of the electronic music becoming too much for you.
You end up on one of the houses many balconies and score, it’s empty. Yeah, the frigidly cold upstate New York air punches at your cheeks and causes you to wrap your arms tightly around yourself but it’s worth it. To have a moment to catch your breath. It sobers you up almost automatically.
The inky night sky is littered with twinkling stars, clear as can be and you find yourself unable to tear your eyes away from it. Transfixed on the dance of the cosmos above you-
You don’t notice when you’re joined by another presence-until said person clears their throat and you tear your eyes from above.
There stands Bucky. He looks as drunk as you feel- his hair has fallen from its neat “retro” style and the skull makeup on the side of his face has started to smear.
“Hey...uh, do you mind if I chill out here with you for a little while? It’s hot as hell in there…”
He sounds timid and unsure and you feel a surge of guilt that’s unfair.
“Yeah” you nod “I mean it is your house”
He just swallows and shuts the door behind him before making his way to stand beside you, leaning against the railing.
“What were you lookin’ at up there?”
His voice. God- that voice. Husky and smooth. Cutting and soothing.
Plaguing. Hypnotizing.
“Just constellations- it’s so clear out tonight”
He grins at that, warm and small and you can see a memory run through his expressive blue eyes.
“You always did love to stargaze. Remember when I first got my license- and me you and Becca would drive out of the city all the time in that shitty little impala I had?”
“And get stuck because it was always breaking down? Yeah I remember” you can’t help but smile and Bucky laughs happily at it.
“Those were the good ol’ days” he sighs and your face punches up.
For who? Not for you.
That was the heat of your Bucky craze. You had been absolutely nuts for him and he had blatantlyignored it. Brought around girl after girl. Made them laugh in front of you, kissed them and wooed them all for your viewing pleasure.
It had been horrible.
“Yeah” it’s harsh as the cold around you “I guess”
He looks sidetracked. You’d never been like this to him, you’d always been so caring and open. Always a shoulder to lean on, an ear to vent to. You’d been his rock and suddenly over the past couple of months you were just gone. Decades of friendship vanished.
Leaving a big, gaping emptiness inside of him that gnawed at him every minute of the day.
He doesn’t know what to say around you anymore- so he opts for not saying anything at all. Letting it go silent as you both stare at the sky.
Caught in warring minds.
“So- uh, how have you been lately?” He says after he lets ten minutes go by, hoping that you’ll respond. That maybe you’ll let him back in, if only just a little bit.
You shrug and give him an “alright” and he sighs. Just like Becca, he knows you.
“Alright, huh? Wanna elaborate?”
“Not really. School sucks. Work sucks. I got dumped, but I’m sure you already know that. So let’s just leave it there?” You don’t snap it, but he can hear the underlying current. The emotion behind the words you try your hardest to keep emotionless.
“Yeah. I did hear about that... And no offense but good fucking riddance. Erik Stevens is a prick and you deserved better than him anyway”
He doesn’t understand why you glare at him so hard. He’s trying to be nice- fuck, he is being nice? Right?
Then suddenly your glare drops into something much sadder. Big eyes swim and glisten and then dart away from him.
“It’s me though. I’m the one who wasn’t good enough for him. For anyone, really” the sincerity, the sureness in your voice pierced through him as much as that statement does because he can tell that you truly mean it.
“Y/N? I- what? You think?- Fuck, I can’t believe you really think that. Do you have any idea how wrong you are?”
You just shake your head, eyes still averdeted. Refusing to look at him.
“You are more than good enough, and anyone would be lucky as fuck to have you. I could write a book- because a list wouldn’t even be able to touch it- and fill it with all the things about you that are amazing” Bucky's words hurt. They hurt because you’re good enough right? For everyone but him.
“Please tell me you believe that”
God damn it, you hate that you’re an emotional drunk because tears start to well in your eyes and as you look down you wonder just how badly you’d hurt yourself if you jumped?
Maybe it’s all of the alcohol in his system, or maybe it’s the you sized hole he’s been walking around with in his chest but his words just keep tumbling out of his mouth. Like vomit.
“You are the most vibrant person I know- no I’m serious, you glow and you know it. You make’ve always made me better. Encouraged me to be the best version of myself and I don’t know who I’d be without you”
“Stop, Bucky” you whisper, his words rushing over you, whipping around you. All the things you’d died to hear him say, always needed from him. It feels like too much too late.
“Y/N I love you. I’m in love with you”
At that you close your eyes, long lashes against your cheeks as you try and control your heart. It feels like it’s about to rip itself from your chest.
Everything feels so weird. Almost Dejavu-y. You can hear “The monster mash” playing from inside and if you weren’t so distraught you’d laugh.
You laugh anyway. Hysterically.
“Please don’t say that. You’re drunk, you don’t mean it”
“I didn’t even have that much to drink!” Bucky protests and though it’s not completely true it doesn’t matter “I do mean it. I do. I’ve felt this way for a while but you’ve been avoiding me, so…”
“You’re such a fucking jerk. Do you know that!? You’re the worst” you turn to him and shove his shoulder and his eyes widen “Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt the way I have? How much shit you’ve put me through? And I get one boyfriend- one! And you completely lose it?! You can’t handle it?! It’s so unfair. You’re so unfair”
You’re huffing and puffing and raging and hot damn, you’re so gorgeous. The moonlight illuminates you’re features that are sharp with annoyance and Bucky can’t help the overwhelming fondness he feels for you.
He grabs your hand that’s balled on his chest. His long fingers curling around your small fist, holding it.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry- but no. I couldn’t handle it. It drove me insane, seeing you with him. I wanted to claw my own fucking eyes out. We could finally be together- and you decided to be with someone else. Why would you do that?”
At that you let out a sharp, humorless laugh and wrench yourself away from him.
“Finally be together? What since you and Dot broke up, you could finallyyyyy be with me? I’m not some second choice you get to have to fall back on, Bucky. I’m not just going to wait for you while you fuck everything that has a pulse!”
You’re mad. So mad. And heartbroken. And still crying, angry tears streaming down your face.
“You’re not a second choice, ever. You’re it. You always have been. And I’ve always been...really fucking stupid and really bad at timing and I’m sorry”
He doesn’t know what else to do, and knowing you it might get him socked, but he reaches for you. His hand slips from stroking your hair to cupping your cheek, holding your face tenderly.
And you feel like you might die. Might burst. All those years are coming to a pinnacle and it’s unbearable.
“C’mom, doll” he urges gently and you shake your head. He still doesn’t let you go.
“Don’t call me that. Don’t use that same shit you’ve used on all of those other girls on me” you sniffle and his full lips pull down at the corners.
“Okay, what would you prefer? Baby? Darling? Light of my life? Y/N...I’m going to say this again, and I want you to try to hear me. I’m in love with you”
It’s weird, that out of body feeling you get when something that you never could have imagined in your wildest dreams happens. It’s like the slow motion and fast forward buttons have been pressed at the same time.
It takes a moment, and then a moment more before you can rearrange the jibberish in your mind enough to respond.
“I love you, too. Since I was twelve and you fell off your bike? And I patched you up and you-“
“Kissed your cheek and called you my best girl? Yeah, I remember, baby” He smiles, thumbs running under your eyes where you can only imagine your eyeliner has started to run like crazy.
The confessions hang in the air around you.
And then it’s too much for Bucky; the way your looking at him- no ones ever looked at him even close to that way and he surges forward, his lips sealing to yours. Capturing them as he cradled your head and there’s no moment or pause, you automatically lean up to him, your arms winding around him. Closer.
God you need him closer. Need to taste his breath. Want to lick his heart.
You kiss until your lips are raw, until your shivering in his arms, the cold finally getting to you.
“C’mon, let’s go back inside” Bucky whispers into the side of your head, into your fruity smelling hair and you whine into the skin of his clavicle where your heads buried.
“I don’t want to party anymore. I’m done. I’m too old”
Bucky chuckles at your dramatics
“Okay, let’s go back to my room then?...”
You pull your face from his chest and look up at him
“Bucky! Are you trying to get me into bed with you?!”
You tease and he leans his forehead to yours.
“Yeah I am. And once we get there just letting you know, I might never let you leave”
You giggle, feeling giddy and make a beeline for his room.
Rebecca Barnes is irritated and ready to go home. Her buzz has officially worn off, her shoes are pinching her ankles, she lost one of her horns hours ago and she can’t find her brother or her best friend, so no, she’s not really a happy camper.
“Has anyone seen my fucking brother?!” She groans as she passes another group of people.
“I think Barnes went to sleep- I saw him heading for the rooms an hour or so ago” Loki tells her in passing and she huffs.
He doesn’t tell her that he’d been liplocked with you, though. The bastard.
When she gets to Buckys door she doesn’t bother knocking, just throws it open and then there’s three sets of screams.
“BEC!” You yelp as you pull Buckys comforter over your bare breasts.
“REBECCA!” Bucky shouts as he manages to cover his junk with a pillow.
“AH, MY EYES. OH MY GOD, MY CORNEAS! HAVEN'T EITHER OF YOU EVER HEARD OF A LOCK” Becca screeches as she slaps a hand over her eyes.
And then she’s slamming the door back closed.
There’s a moment of heavy silence as you and Bucky stare at each other-
“FINALLY!” Becca bellows as she makes her way back down the hallway and you can’t help but break out into a fit of giggles and plop back down, your head on Buckys flush pillow. He rushes up, locks the door, and then lays beside you. His warm, naked body pressed to yours as the two of you stare wordlessly at eachother.
@supernovasandcoronas @peacefulwriter88 @prettybubblesintheair @shayla-markele @thatawkwardtinyperson @jaamesbbarnes @4theluvofall @brieannakeogh 
Aaaaaand there’s my Halloween story for the year lol. This was way longer than I intended, but I hope you guys love it as much as I loved writing it.
Happy Halloween, witches and warlocks! I really wanted to write a bunch of Halloween one shots but my life got so hectic, it just wasn’t in the cards.
I’ve still got some cozy fall stories planned and the OMG YOU GUYS ITS ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS. You guys know I love writing Holliday fics lol 
Tumblr media
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Freaky Friday: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine
Request from Anon: Hello can you please make an imagine where stiles and reader are best friends(secretly in love)and then one day they got their body switched(freaky friday situation) and when they got back to their normal selves they confess their love to each other
Hope this is okay for you lovely, and enjoy x 
Tumblr media
When you said you had wanted to be in your favourite movie, this wasn’t exactly what you meant.
You were still getting used to Stiles’s body, the clumsiness of it, the limbs and the ... other stuff. You had been trapped inside it for two days now, sleeping in his bed, in his clothes. You found some comfort in the scent that lingered on the material, the scent of your best friend.
Your best friend that you were ridiculously in love with.
Of course, at the moment, he was in your body, and it was extremely odd to be talking to him when he looked like you. You had always thought being in love with yourself was a negative trait, but if you weren’t really you then surely it was okay.
But it wasn’t okay, because you were still in love with Stiles, knowing that to reveal the truth could ruin everything.
“Guys, we think we’ll be able to fix this.” You tore your gaze away from Stiles and looked over at Scott. The Alpha smiled, opening up the book he was holding. “See? We just get the right things and we can complete the spell that’ll put you back in your bodies.”
You looked back at Stiles, who smiled your own smile at you.
Waking up in his best friend’s body was perhaps the weirdest thing that had ever happened to Stiles Stilinski. And that was saying something.
He had freaked, obviously, but after some careful consideration, he realised that there were perks to it.
For starters, he got to spend more time in Y/N’s room, the familiar scent of her perfume constantly in the air. It was that smell that constantly had him wanting to kiss the hair on her head, wanting to inhale every inch of her.
She was his best friend, and he was ridiculously in love with her.
If the past two days had taught him anything, it was that his feelings for her were never going to disappear. His love for her would remain a permanent fixture in his life, and it was on finding a photograph pinned up on the inside of her closet – one of them as children that he had forgotten about completely – that he made his decision.
Once he got his body back, he would tell her how he really felt. Damn the consequences.
Which was why when Scott started gathering the ingredients for the spell that would put things to rights, he held Y/N’s – well, his own – hand tight. He saw her grin at him out of the corner of his eye, and knew that whatever happened, he would never leave her side.
“Okay, so it’ll take some time, but it should work. You guys should probably go home and wait it out.” You nodded as Scott spoke, before jumping into Stiles’s jeep. You still couldn’t get used to the image of yourself driving, Stiles never having let you do so before.
Except it wasn’t you driving, just your body.
When you arrived at your house, Stiles turned to leave. “Stiles, wait.” He stopped. “Stay, just to make sure this works.”
“Okay.” Stiles shrugged before walking through the front door and following you into your bedroom. You could feel the spell working, could feel a tingle that radiated through the whole of Stiles’s body. “So this is pretty weird right?” Your friend sat down next to you on your bed. “Can you feel that?”
“Feel what?”
“That tingling.”
“Yeah, I can feel it.” Silence began to brew, like you were both holding back something. You knew exactly what your secret was, every day of your life spent trying not to tell Stiles that you loved him.
“Y/N, I need to – woah.”
And just like that you were looking at Stiles in his own body. You were back then, and for a moment, you felt your heart sink as you realised that you were never going to be sleeping in his bed again. But you were relieved as you looked at the smile on his face, remembering that he was going to say something.
“Stiles? You were saying?”
He stood, shaking his head. “I was?”
“Oh, right, yeah. I was.”
Stiles was over the moon that he was back in his own body, the spell having come into play at the right moment. Of course, before he had said that he was going to tell Y/N the truth, but now he looked at her, at how beautiful she was, he realised why that would be a mistake. He tried to play it off, but she was having none of it.
Great. Well, they had just swapped bodies. What was one more weird thing to add to the list?
“Okay,” he walked back over to the bed, “I guess what I was going to say was that,” he took a deep breath, “I love you.”
For a moment there was silence, and Stiles knew that he had ruined everything. Being trapped in Y/N’s body was the last time he was ever going to see her now, and he had ruined their friendship and –
And she was kissing him.
She was actually kissing him. Stiles felt his hands slide into her hair, conscious of Y/N’s lips moving against his. The kiss seemed to last forever, and Stiles only wanted forever to last a little longer. They parted, and Stiles couldn’t help but smile when Y/N spoke. “I love you too.”
He kissed her again, with the promise that although he was no longer trapped in her body, he would never stray far from it.
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damnjk · 3 years ago
When I first met you
This is a sad one, so get your tissues (or not) 
Words: 856
Warnings: heartbreak, death of reader?
please reblog if you like it <3
It had gone a whole month. Everyday he kept waiting right by his phone in case you somehow could call him. The thinnest sliver of hope was almost entirely gone, only tiny crumbs left of it. 
People would’ve given up by now and started dealing with the immense feeling from the loss of their loved ones being torn away from their lives. The truth was just to hard to bare, his heart already surrounded by a heavy burden. 
He still had trouble sleeping, knowing he’d never get used to the emptiness of the bed. No one knew how hard the loss of her hit him. They thought he would’ve taken it easier because he’s just her best friend. 
They thought he'd never pray to god every night, hoping that she’ll somehow return to him. They never knew because he didn’t either. Shawn didn’t know how he really felt before it was too late. 
He didn’t know how much he loved her.
He never knew how much he’d miss her cuddling up against him, or how she always ruined moments with her unbelievably bad jokes. He didn’t know that soon he would never have a reason to stay awake until the crack of dawn, because he no longer had someone to talk to until then. 
He knew nothing, but everything at the same time.
“She’d want you there, you know?” Aaliyah’s soft voice filled his ears. After the shocking news of y/n she had dropped her sarcastic comments, only using a gentle voice when she interacted with him. 
She couldn’t imagine how much pain he was going through, so instead she started trying to cheer him up, leaving unsuccessful each time. 
He hated how they treated him like he was made of fragile glass, but yet he was thankful for everything they did for him. “I-I know.” His voice only came out as a whisper. 
“I know.”
Loads of people began to fill the room, chattering lowly. Stares burning into his sides when he walked in, everyone letting out a quiet sigh at the sight of the heartbroken boy. Eyes bloodshot and puffy, color drained from his once rosy cheeks. 
Once he spotted his parents and his sister, he went over and took a seat next to them without a word. It felt like his heart dropped when y/n’s parents entered his vision, both stepping up to the front with tears in their eyes. Their hands that were intertwined squeezed the other ones in hopes of reassuring. 
Neither of them looked up to meet the condescending eyes of the audience, their only fixed at the white casket where their beautiful, yet lifeless daughter laid. 
They held their speech, having to take short breaks to not burst in tears in front of everyone. Who felt their words hit them, sniffling filling the room. Many more went up to say a few things about her, but shawn couldn’t help but try to block everything out. 
Then it was his turn. 
With slow steps, he walked over to the front, where everybody could see him. 
“My best friend, y/n y/l/n, was the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” He let out a shaky breath, a lump already forming in his throat. 
“She was my other half, who was literally my ride or die. I-I remember when we first met, we were both playing in the sandbox in kindergarten, and I somehow threw my small spade at her head. No matter how hurtful it looked, she never shed one tear. Instead, she laughed and asked if it was mine, and if I wanted to join her build this huge sandcastle.” 
A weak smile appeared at the memory. 
“And I remember her always being the light in a bad situation, her optimism relieving others. I’m gonna miss her, probably for the rest of my life. I’m gonna miss how her laughter could lift anyones mood, or how her smile could light up an entire room. I’m going to miss how you twirled your hair with your fingers as you talked about the last book you read, and how amazing it was.” 
Almost as if the people disappeared in the room, he closed his eyes for a brief moment, imagining you standing there by the door listening to his speech, softly chuckling knowing how bad he was at this. 
“I’ll miss how you snuggled closer to me, complaining about how cold you were. I’ll miss getting lost in your eyes, smiling as we listen to our playlists with comfortable silence between us. I’ll miss all of you.”
“Because I loved you! okay?! And I’m not leaving, not now, not ever.”
He watched as you slowly made your way towards him, close enough so you could lean in and embrace him. But as he touched you, you disappeared and instead the people intensely stared at him again.
That’s when he broke. 
Heart wrenching sobs fell from his lips as tears streamed down his cheeks. He cried and cried, like never before. Everybody were silent, hearts slightly breaking at the sight of the now crushed boy, who had lost the love of his life. 
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beckzorz · 2 years ago
Hi!! If you're still taking prompts can you do either ‘you’ve never hurt me. ever.’ or ‘then leave her/him/them. at home.’ ?? I love your writing!!
aww thank you!!!! surprise, i did both! hope you enjoy xoxo
You ran along the winding paths of Central Park until your lungs burned, barely keeping the tall brunet in the baseball cap in view. You weren’t used to running after Bucky Barnes. Damn supersoldier advantage.
Just when you were almost upon him, he vanished into the woods to your left. You skidded to a stop, gasping for breath, and picked your way through the trees until you found him sitting in the dirt, his back against a tree and his forehead pressed against his bent knees.
“Bucky,” you gasped, “what’s the matter?”
He shook his head.
You reached out to put a hand on his shoulder, but the second you touched him he flinched away. You pulled back, face pinched and heart clenching.
“Did I… hurt you?” you asked.
“You’ve never hurt me. Ever.” His voice was raspy. “You shouldn’t have come after me.”
You crouched slowly in front of him, just outside arm’s length. Your mind raced back to what you’d all seen—a group of white teenagers all wearing assorted HYDRA and Nazi symbols, jeering and whooping on a bridge over the pond. Steve had gone to confront them, but Bucky had frozen, and then he’d run.
And you’d run after him. Because how could you not? Your private feelings aside, Steve didn’t need backup. Bucky did. Even if you weren’t in love with the guy, you’d’ve come after him. As it was…
“Talk to me, Bucky,” you said gently. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”
He shook his head. “You really don’t want to know.”
“Well, I won’t make you talk, but you should know I don’t abandon Steve Rogers to a rowdy crowd for nothing.”
Bucky snorted. For the first time, he looked you in the face. He wasn’t crying—thank goodness, because you were pretty sure that’d make you do something you’d regret—but his eyes were red and his mouth was pale. You pressed your lips together hard to keep any trace of pity from your face.
“I just didn’t expect that. Not today.”
“I never expect it,” you said softly.
“Well, you’re not the one who ran off with their tail between their legs. Metaphorically speaking.” Bucky scrubbed a hand over his scruffy chin.
“For all that I’ve got a long family history of beef with them, I’m definitely not the one who was hurt most at their hands.”
Your legs started to protest at your prolonged crouch, so you sat cross-legged in the leafy dirt. Bucky’s hand was still on his jaw as he looked at you, his blue eyes sparkling.
“I’ve been fixed, though,” he said, gesturing back the way you’d come. “And those were just a bunch of kids. They sure as hell couldn’t hurt me.”
“Oh please,” you scoffed. “It’s not just about physical hurt, Bucky—you know that! We both know what they represent. I don’t like it any more than you.”
“But you didn’t run.”
“I did though.” You squeezed his knee. “I ran to you. And you know why?” Bucky shook his head. “Because I’m less scared of them than I am worried for you.”
A tiny smile flitted over his face, and he covered your hand with his own. “I’m glad you’re here. I just wish I didn’t have all my demons hovering over me too.”
“Do you want your demons having all that power?”
Bucky shook his head. You slid your free hand across his shoulder, your fingers curled lightly into his hair.
“Then leave them. At home. You’re out right now. Steve’s got to have dealt with the assholes by now. And if not, we can leave him to it. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m not such terrible company for a day in the sunshine.” You swallowed. “I hope.” You tugged on his hair until he looked up at you. You held your hand out and gave a hopeful smile. “C’mon, Bucky. You’ve got this.”
“I don’t know about that,” he said. But he put his hand in yours. You pulled each other to your feet, and he didn’t let go of your hand. Instead he tugged you close, curling his arms around you and burying his face in your hair. “But I do have you.”
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caitlinpotter · 2 years ago
Cuddles and Kisses
Prompt: Cuddles (naked).
Summary: Diego and Y/N are friends with benefits, but both of them hide feelings from each other. Well, at least until now.
Characters: Diego Hargreeves, Y/N.
Warnings: This has smut in the begin, nakedness of Diego Hargreeves (god bless) and fluff. So much fluff.
Pairing: Diego Hargreeves x Y/N.
A/N: I’ve been wanting to write something for Diego since I finished the show, but school is fucking me up. There’s so many things I still wanna write for him, fluff, smut, E V E R Y T H I N G. This man has my soul. Anyways, enjoy! 
With one last thrust and another sweet kiss on the lips, Diego pulled out and laid down beside me. Both of us breathless, naked, my head resting in his arm, our bodies all sweaty. As we got down from our high, the mood changed from lustful to awkward. It was always like that. It started awkwardly, got lustful and sexy, then it got awkward again. When you are in a relationship, the time fixes the weirdness, and everything gets natural. With us, it was different, because we weren’t in a relationship. Not at all. Friends with benefits are not exactly classified as a relationship. Our breaths got slower, but I could feel his heart beating faster. He snuggled to say something.
“So… That was… Good”.      
“Yeah very, very good”.
Again, waiting for the other to talk. Waiting for the other to take the next step. I swear this game was getting tiring. But as I never get the guts to say anything, today is no different. Following suit, I started to get up. But his hand held my wrist gently. I turned my head towards him, probably too fast. He seemed nervous, even had a small blush on his cheeks.
“ I actually… I actually wanted you to stay the night. If-if you’re not busy”.
Now I could give a better look at him. His hair was still messy, a sweat hadn’t left his body just yet, but it was hard to concentrate. Trying to fix my gaze on his eyes and not on his lower (naked) part, and trying to not be distracted by his plump lips, I almost got lost on the brown of his eyes.
Resting my head in his arm again, feeling suddenly cold. The goosebumps showed on my skin, but I didn’t think he would notice. He did not just notice but caressed my arms softly. It’s not that he wasn’t gentle, he was, but not usually. Suddenly, he got up and walked to the wardrobe, picking a blanket and covering my naked body. He didn’t look me directly in the eye, and the blush still crept in his cheeks when he fixed them above me.
I said as quietly as possible while turning my back to him. He got under the blanket and hesitated for a moment before passing his hand on my waist. We stayed like that for some time, just skin to skin, his hot breath on my neck and I could see the lights outside the window starting to go down. Diego’s “House” wasn’t majestic or something amazing, but the infiltration, the loud voices outside on the academy and all the mess started to feel like home. His smell always ended up in my clothes, and sometimes I preferred to be there with him than in my own house. Who I’m trying to fool? This guy became my home since last year when we started to go home. Denying my feelings was just a useless afford, but if the feelings were said, everything could get more complicated. He slid his arm under my head again, and now my back is against his chest. I can feel his heart again, and it speeds up as he breathes heavily.
“Hey, Y/N, I wanted to talk to you for some time now. I-I know we are trying not t- to mess things up, t-that we are trying to make it easier and more simple for both of us b-but...I r-really enjoy s-spending time with y-you. Like that day w-when you called me and we j-just spent time together”
I smiled happily because that day had been really good and bad at the same time.
The soft knock in the door made me hurry up, and when I opened it I almost couldn’t help my tears. Diego changed his expression from cocky to concerned and quickly got by my side.
“Hey, hey, what happened? Is everything alright? Do I have to beat up someone? Name it, I’ll do”.
I didn’t want to talk about it. It’s not that I didn’t trust him, but that subject was something that couldn’t be fixed with externe help. But Diego is my safe haven, just his presence could calm me down. Feeling the tears running down my cheeks, my voice cracked when I spoke.
“J-just stay with me today. Hug me. Please”.
He embraced me with his toned arms and did just as I asked.
He stood with me for the rest of the day and held me, being the softest guy I’ve ever seen. We ate, cuddled and he gave me numerous kisses on my cheeks, my forehead, and my hands, and I was almost sure that I fell in love with him that exact day.    
“I remember that day. It’s a good memory”.
He giggled slightly, but I could feel his hand shift a little on my belly. He was nervous, his sutter get’s worst when he is nervous.
“I-I just thought t-that maybe we could, I don’t k-know, maybe do t-that other times? M-more freq-quently? Like… Like…”
I turned around and looked into his shiny dark eyes. He was panicking. I started to make invisible circles in his chest.
“It’s okay. Just think of the word”
He sighed, trying to calm himself down. I waited.
“Like a-a couple? Maybe? I-if you want to?”
His heart was beating like crazy, and he was paralyzed, waiting for my answer. My own heart was beating faster. That could end terribly wrong, we both could end up hurt, but Diego always had shown being the best guy ever. Most important: Diego was worth the risk.
“I would like it. Very much”.
He sighed relieved and hugged me tighter. His eyes switched between my eyes and my mouth, but I was faster than him. Moving even closer, I gave him a soft kiss on the lips, and we stood in the same position for some time.
“Can we cuddle?” He murmured against my lips.
“Yeah” I giggled, snuggling closer to him and feeling the warmth of his skin. I didn’t even notice falling asleep.
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winterflash-2019 · 3 years ago
Why me? Pt 7
Tumblr media
Part 6
Savitar caught you in his arms and glared at the others. “What the hell happened?!” Caitlin stepped forward as the wind blew through her hair; looking directly into Savitar’s eyes that was filled with more anger than last time.
“We can explain everything at the lab”
“So you mean to tell me you gave her this serum so she could live?”
“Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. I-I’m surprised she’s healing by herself she doesn’t have most of her powers.”
“Is the baby ok?” Savitar stared at you as he asked the necessary question. He was gone for so long. He knew you were too stubborn to let things be how they were and that you were gonna try to bring him back but he didn’t want you to. The unconscious state you were in now was the reason why.
“The baby is fine”
“So after she wakes up you two are out of our lives for good?” Iris asks although it was more like a statement.
“Watch what you say around me West”
“It’s West-Allen”
“Ok guys no arguing” Barry sighs as he ran a hand through his hair. He honestly didn’t want to deal with Savitar at the moment but if he was gonna deal with you Savitar was a plus one.
“Y/n has been experiencing some negative outbursts over the last couple of months. She tried to kill us”
“hm I wonder why” Savitar says, sarcasm obvious in his voice
“Anyways she completely lost control of her powers and became unstoppable. We need you to bring the old y/n back.”
“Oh now you need me.” Savitar quickly looks over to you as he notices you stirring in your sleep. Making his way over to you he held your hand. Thumb rubbing the back of it gently. “Baby?”
You sat up, quickly squeezing your eyes shut as the white lights from the room invade your vision. Once again you look around to see team flash around you until your eyes looked down at the hand holding yours. Your eyes trailed up to see who was the owner of this particular hand only to see Savitar’s perfect smile beaming at you. Your eyes watered as you gasped. You couldn’t believe he was actually in front of you.
“Savitar?” Your shakey voice questions but he just wraps his arms around you; head nuzzling into your neck as he breathed in your sweet scent.
“I’m Here” He says softly although it came out muffled you still understood.
Barry watched you and Savitar’s reunion filled with pure jealousy. He wanted you all to his self but he knew that wasn’t going to happen no time soon...or ever. He screwed up. He gets that, he’s screwed up multiple times but each time he never really realized how bad his decisions was until this very moment. He regrets leaving you for Iris.
“I-I missed you so much” You sobbed into his chest as you clenched his shirt. Too many nights you spent alone trying to fix your glass heart but it just shatters again. The loneliness literally teared you to pieces, it was just you.
“I’m sorry darling. I’m so sorry. I’m here now and I promise I won’t leave you ever again”   
“Barry can we talk?” Iris asks as she walked in the training area. She didn’t get much of a response but she just sat next to him anyway. Truth is she already knew Barry never lost his feelings for you she just thought she was silly for thinking that way but the more she saw Barry interact with you the more she believed it.
She sighed, arms wrapping around herself as she rested her elbows on her knees. “Barr”
He looked over at her but didn’t say anything. He rest his head on her shoulder as his eyes welled with tears, the action making her tear up as well.
He couldn’t help it as the sobs racked over his body making his shoulders shake violently. Iris pulls him into her embrace; she could feel his tears soak her sweater. She started to rock him gently as his sobs got louder. “shh its ok barr” she soothed 
“I-I love her Iris” He sobs, hands holding onto her tightly like she was a security blanket and she just lets her fingers run through his hair, an attempt to calm him down.
“I know” 
Taglist: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @smileyishere92 @profoundly-stilinski
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stayatiny · a month ago
The King ~Chapter Two
Pairing(s) King!Werewolf! Bang Chan x Human!Reader
Series Warning(s) – Swearing, Violence, Wolf Dynamics, Smut (in later chapters) and along with others that will be added later.
Chapter Warning(s) – Swearing
A/n - I know that this chapter is short but next chapter will really ramp with Chris and the reader. Enjoy 😁
Orphans. That’s the other nobles called us. They already didn’t think much of us since I was a human and my brother, a strong werewolf. The werewolf gene is from birth and sometimes you can inherit it when you are older. I was not one of them. Jay’s wolf genes were from birth.
The nobles didn’t know about our parents so called betrayal to the King and the other knights making sure that we weren’t ridicule for their actions. I, however, still stand by the fact that they were innocent unless proven otherwise of course.
“Jay, does my hair look okay?” I walk out of the bathroom and into my room, where Jay was getting ready. My h/l in curls.
“Your hair is fine. Don’t forget to put in the matching flower,” Jay said putting on his tie. I nodded and headed back into the bathroom, placing the lavender rose clip into my hair pinning one side back. The dress was a matching lavender fit and flare that reached the floor along with white heels.
“Come on before we’re late!” I huffed.
“Don’t rush me. I’m not as fast as you are.”
I hated the walk to the castle. Jay held my arm making sure that I stayed stable.
“You know, now that I’m a knight, we will have to go there things more often.”
“Yeah. I kinda figured that. I hate going. The nobles always call us ‘the orphans’ instead of by our names.” I squeezed his hand to keep from stumbling. Jay stopped walking letting me gain my balance.
“But we are, Y/N. I know that it bothers you but it something that we’ve had to deal with for a while now. But maybe now that I have a position we will be called by our names.” I sighed as we started to walk again. We were approaching the castle. All the young daughters of wealthy men and nobles alike dressed to the nines hoping to catch the heart of King Christopher. Its funny and kinda pathetic really.
“Jeez, there’s so many women here,” I say walking into the ballroom.
“Well, if you haven’t heard. Chris and his girlfriend, or whoever she was, broke it off so he’s back on the market again,” Jay says walking to the throne. King Christopher, sitting on the throne laughing at what one of the other knights was saying. I kept my mouth shut before I said something disrespectful.
“Hey Jay, what’s up,” he says getting up and giving the bro hug to my brother.
“Hi, Y/N, it’s been a while,” he says grabbing my hand then kissing it lightly.
“Hello Chris,” I said practically jerking my hand away.
“That’s the first time you actually called me by my name since we we’ve known each other.”
“Is it really,” I fake being shocked. I’ve known the king for as long as I can remember. Our family was the closest to the king’s family.
“Yeah, it is.” He turns his head. Wait is he…blushing. I scoff at the thought. We were talking to a younger blonde knight named Felix when we’re shoved out of the way by a woman. Miranda…this bitch here.
“Your Majesty, it’s so good to see you again,” she says annoyingly in almost a high-pitched tone. Jay and I detested her. She made our lives hell in school. Jay glares at her as he leads me back to a table.
“Oh, hi Miranda.” King Christopher sits back on the wood carved throne, listening to her drone on about her failing business.
“Alright, I have to do a patrol around the building. I’ll be back soon. Stay here. If you need anything, just ask Felix,” he said, fixing his tie. I nod like I’m a child in time out. Jay pecks a kiss to the top of my head then heading out. I hated being alone at these parties. I was never really good with conversations. I didn’t go to college so nothing there to talk about. I’ve been at the same café since graduating high school two years ago. I look down at my hands when I feel arms around my neck.
“Y/N, why do you look so down?” I smile as I see Eric, a werewolf boy that I went to school with. I even had a slight crush on him during those school days. He was the closest to having a best friend that I had.
“Eric, how have you been,” I say jumping up pulling him into a hug.
“I’ve been alright. I’m surprised to see you here all alone. Is Jay here?” I nodded.
“He’s a knight now so he is out on patrol with some of the others.” Eric grabbed my hand and sat with me.
“That’s great! He’s always been a strong soldier. I don’t know if you heard but I started my own restaurant now,” he says with a proud smile on his face. He’s always been one to cook.
“And I’m assuming that you are the head chef?” He laughed a bit messing with my hand. I could tell I had a slight blush. Meanwhile, I could also feel eyes bearing down on us.
“Of course, I am. I didn’t go to culinary school and used all those student loans for nothing.” I let out a small laugh.
“What about you? Still at the same café on Main?” I was about to answer when Jay popped back up.
“Eric Kim? Man, it’s so good to see you,” he says giving a quick handshake. I stood up talking with him as the ball officially began.
“First I would like to thank you all for coming tonight. I love marking a new season with a party. As we go into the summer months let us all rejoice in good company,” Chris said raising his glass of what I’m assuming is champagne. Eric, Jay, and I raise a glass of water instead of the bubbly alcohol. Everyone is rejoicing in the party when I hear a loud explosion then blackness…
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slusheeduck · 3 years ago
47 from the prompt list, please?
47 - Stars
 (I saw a thing somewhere–maybe from @mwolf0epsilon?? Maybe in the Discord?? It was a while ago, so my apologies for not giving proper credit and PLEASE let me know if it’s your idea–where a necromancer brings Hector back from the dead and an older Miguel has to bring him back to Santa Cecilia within three days or so lest he experience the final death. Anyway, the thought of a great-great-grandfather/great-great-grandson roadtrip has haunted me since I saw it, so that’s the setting for this drabble.)
“Okay, so I know we got sidetracked by the accident back there, and we really really need to get somewhere with a bed tonight because I cannot drive the whole night again and teaching you how to drive in like one hour is definitely not an option.”
Miguel set his pen between his teeth as he leaned against the side of the truck, squinting hard at the path he’d drawn out on the map (currently illuminated by a dim flashlight held in place by his shoulder and cheek.) So, even if they stayed the night somewhere, they should get back to Santa Cecilia with plenty of time to…
He let out a little yelp as the truck shifted, nearly making him drop the flashlight, and he turned to frown as Hector climbed into the bed of the truck. 
“Papa Hector! This is serious!”
Hector laughed lightly as he sat down. “You sound just like your Mama Imelda with that tone,” he teased, then leaned back. “Just give me a couple minutes, chamaco. Then we’ll get back on the road.” He let out a breath as he set his hands behind his head, looking overhead with wide eyes. “You just forget, you know?”
Miguel’s brow furrowed. “You forget what?”
“Everything. The desert, the wind, the stars.” He let out a slow breath, eyes still fixed overhead. Miguel looked up as well–out here, in the middle of nowhere, there were stars as far as the eye could see. “You never really think to appreciate them.”
Miguel pressed his lips together, then pulled himself up to sit on the side of the truck. “But you have night and day in the Land of the Dead. It’s not like you’re underground.”
Hector gave a soft laugh and shook his head. “It’s not the same, not like it is here. Everything is so…it’s just the same there. We can’t tell the difference between hot and cold, not really. The days just kind of bleed into each other, you know? And if there’s any stars, there’s too many lights to see them.” He shut his eyes as a quick, cool breeze passed down the highway. “I didn’t even know I missed it all until now.” He took a deep breath, then started to sit up. “But you’re right, mijo. We’ve got a deadline.”
Miguel chewed his lip, glancing down at the map, then swung his legs over so he could slip into the truck bed. “We have a little bit of time. We can stay here a little longer.” 
Hector glanced over at his great-great-grandson, then grinned and leaned over to ruffle his hair, ignoring Miguel’s protests. “Just don’t fall asleep, all right? No grandson of mine’s using a truck for a bed; it’s not comfortable at all.”
Miguel laughed. “So I’m guessing you’re talking from experience?”
“Por supuesto. And you know what the worst thing is? I slept so hard that I didn’t wake up until we were halfway through Jalisco. Took me forever to get back to Santa Cecilia! In fact, let me tell you the whole story. It’s not one of my best moments, but it always got a laugh out of your Mama Imelda…”
Miguel settled back in the truck bed with a grin as Hector started his story from the beginning. As he listened, though, his eyes drifted back up to the stars overhead. 
Papa Hector was right. He’d never really thought that a day would come when there were no stars, no breezes, no changes. He couldn’t even imagine it. 
So really, what was a few extra minutes to enjoy them while they lasted?
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anondt · 3 years ago
It’s Okay // G.D. Blurb
Song: Roslyn by Bon Iver (SoundCloud)
Summary: You were finally ready to give him your all. But a beautiful tragedy was ahead.
It hurt, knowing I couldn't give him what he wanted most in the world. Seeing his eyes gleam of love and happiness brought a beautiful sorrow to my heart. The way his smile somehow got bigger would leave me in despair, constantly. We talked about it, multiple times, expecting it to be a beautiful transition for us. But, a tragedy of my doing came upon us.
The white room of the doctor's office gave us an empty feeling of just our emotions and each other. I sat in the guest chair, waiting for clearance.
“Stop looking at me like that.” I demanded.
“Like what?” He softly asked.
“Like I'm broken. And you need to fix me. Grayson I'm sorry but this can't be fixed. I can't do it.” I stated. He began to rub circles on my hand, providing support. “It's okay, y/n. We’ll be okay.” But that's the thing. I knew it wouldn't be. It's like I felt him slipping out of my grasp. He's wanted a child so much and I couldn't provide that. I remember the happiness I saw in his eyes when he was playing with his cousin on that Christmas year. He would never have that with me. Never have a child to play house with. Never have a child to hold, tell stories to, tuck in bed, or kiss. It was my fault.
“It's all my fault.” I whispered to myself. I let the tears fall as I held my head in my hands. He cradled me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. “It's not your fault baby. None of this is your fault. I love you so much y/n. Please don't forget that.”
“I can't give you what you want Grayson. I know how bad you want this and how hard we’ve been trying. It can't be done.” I told him. He sighed, holding me until the doctor came back. Once cleared, we walked outside into the overcast weather.
The next few weeks we're so cold and empty, it was my doing. Grayson would recommend we take walks around New Jersey or go grab dinner but I didn't want to do anything, or go anywhere. Those weeks I spent in our bed, staring at our ceiling or looking out the window. We were born to reproduce; knowing I couldn't do the one thing I was meant to do killed me. He wanted it so bad. But, he never gave up on me. I truly cherished the days where he would lay in bed with me, silent, rubbing my back or running his fingers through my hair. Consoling me in the most loving way. The late nights where I stayed up crying he would be right behind me, reassuring his love for me. I felt so cold but his warmth would guide me.
It was late at night, around two in the morning, when I really started to understand. I laid there, taking in Grayson’s features while he was asleep. His eyes fluttered, and he began shifting. As I faced him, he laid his arm over me. The moonlight gave him an angel like glow, making me appreciate every crevice and feature of his face. I brought my hand to his cheek, caressing him. His eyes opened, softly smiling when noticing my action.
“You okay babe?” He mumbled. It was the question I never knew if I would be able to answer again. But as I laid here, I knew.
“With you. Always.” I admitted. We held each other's faces, him realizing I was finally healing. I eventually did, and he never left.
A/n: I was really in my feels when I wrote this blurb yesterday at around 1 am so here ya go! It's really short I know but it's a thing I've had in my head for a while, and I thought I should treat some Grayson girls to angst or whatevah
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novantinuum · 3 years ago
Rating: T
Words: 2200~
Story summary: 
Before the summer of 2012, Ford and Fiddleford never thought they’d get the opportunity to see each other again.
Now… they have a second chance. A chance to rekindle the love they once shared, reconnect a family once lost, and to mend old wounds. But as they’ll quickly discover, fixing the mistakes of the past doesn’t always come easy. Nor is it always possible.
RP to fic.
Next chapter
This is the beginning of a lil’ Fiddauthor reunion story @the-ill-doctor and I have been creating together for the past few months. The first chapter includes nightmares and the power of Mabel, and there’s a lot of family bonding, fluff, and angst to come. :DD
Warning for mild non-consensual touching in this chapter. 
~Chapter 1- Real~
Stanford Filbrick Pines wondered for a moment if he was simply going mad.
He rapped his fingers against his desk, knowing that maintaining any degree of focus on the diagrams and equations he’d transcribed was fruitless. Their study was silent, but today the silence spoke louder than any rehearsed words could.
Surely he’s not the only one who notices. Not the only one who’s slipped back into that familiar college domesticity they once shared. Not the only one who can’t seem to keep from touching him… Their unspoken spark manifests primarily in those small, affectionate, longing touches- a hand pressed to the other’s shoulder for a second too long, a gentle brush against his fingers as they talked over breakfast in the morning- the kind of contact that traditionally, wasn’t shared between men of their age. At least, not men whose relationship could simply be catalogued as that between ‘close friends.’
“Fiddleford?” he called out, finally having built up the nerve. “Fidds? Can… can we talk? Please?”
Ford’s partner glanced away from his work for the moment, answering his plea. A warm glow searing through the study’s window illuminated half of that man’s face. Behind round frames, intelligent blue eyes meet his soul halfway, and his lungs tightened, feeling as if the whole horizon had come to rest upon him at the realization of all the thoughts and feelings he’d yet to fully impart.
“Yes, Ford?”
Stanford was sure he’d only blinked, but Fidds now sat directly adjacent to him, features draped in curiosity, eager to hear what he had to say. The southern man nervously tugged at the hairs at the nape of his neck as he waited for Ford to speak.
In retrospect he’s actually not sure what words come out of his mouth, but whatever they were, it proved enough to evoke a positive response from his old lover.
“Golly I- I thought it was just me,” Fidds choked out between happy tears, suddenly caressing his cheek. “You really still feel this way?”
He answered with a kiss, feeling his heart soar as Fiddleford eagerly reciprocated. Ford’s hands threaded through his hair, pulling him as close as he could, wanting— no, needing — to feel the rhythm of his chest against his own. His mind swam in an infinitude of directions, never quite touching ground. He was kissing air, embracing daydreams.
He felt light’s warmth against the back of his neck, his best friend in his arms, and the last components of his world slotting neatly into place.
“I almost can’t believe this is real,” Ford breathed, their foreheads now resting against each other’s. This sentiment proved overtly cheesy the moment it left his lips, but nevertheless its meaning held true. Somehow, by some strange force of reality, everything fell into place perfectly. Almost… too perfectly.
Fiddleford laughed softly, the man leaning close enough to him that his breath tickled his face. His eyes were obscured by the deep shadows his brow cast.
“Are ya’ sure it’s real?”
The mood dropped, through the floorboards and into the maw of that forsaken basement that lay beneath their feet. As he backed away, his lover’s eyes flashed yellow. Ford shook his head in denial, for a moment not wanting to believe that he’d been tricked— been tricked again, all these years later and he still fell for that demon’s ploys and— NO! No. Y-yes? He was right. This wasn’t real, couldn’t be real, couldn’t be re -
It was at that moment that ‘Fiddleford’s’ mouth split into an awful, unnaturally wide smile, and it was then that he couldn’t deny the awful truth any longer.
He tried to jerk away. “No! Get- get away from me!!” he shouted, working desperately to wrestle from his grip, but to no avail.
‘Fiddleford’ gripped his wrist with a force Ford knew was unrealistic to his true ability. “What’s wrong, suga’? I thought ya’ said you loved me?”
His voice. Sounded wrong. All wrong. It was completely his, completely Fiddleford’s, except it had been siphoned of all the warmth it usually held. The room turned to ice, the light once streaming in from the window growing uncustomarily dim. Fidds leaned closer, mockingly puckering his lips.
"Bill! BILL! Stop this!” he hissed, averting his face as best he could, quivering in fear. Oh g-god, he couldn’t tell if this were a nightmare, or the mindscape, or reality, o-or… Tears streamed down his cheeks. He felt like everything he thought he knew was fragmenting.
Fiddleford’s— no, Bill’s — eyes glowed, the pupils lengthening into slits. Ford felt his limbs go slack, and suddenly powerless to stop him, Bill Cipher lifted his stolen hands to caress his cheeks and wipe away his tears, managing to almost perfectly mimic Fidds’ gentle touch. Subtly he flinched away at the feather-light sensation, trying to keep from eliciting a reaction.
“FACE THE MUSIC, Stanford!” Bill said manically, shades of the demon’s true voice slipping in through the edges. “You’re old. You’re broken. Incapable of love or of ever being loved. Luckily, just like me, what you ARE good at is some good ol’ fashioned destruction!” In an instant, the caresses quickly turned rough, and his fingers curled inwards.
Ford screamed as he felt nails sharpen into points and break through skin, thrashing in his vice-like grip. With all the strength he could muster, he kicked his knee up into Bill’s gut, swiping at him with his arms, using any limb he could to get away. As a last resort he swung his skull straight into Bill’s stolen face, assuredly breaking the other’s nose. Instantly, he began to feel woozy from the impact of delicate brain tissue against bone, realizing all too late what a risky idea physically using his head to get away was.
Thankfully, the blow was enough to knock Bill— who hollered in pain—tumbling onto the floor. Ford stumbled backwards himself, taking heaving breaths. He prepared himself internally to fight again, holding his hands in tight fists by his side.
However, the fearful eyes that darted to meet his own were no longer his enemy’s.
“F-Fiddleford, please” he stuttered in horror, and held out his hands repentantly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m-“
The man slid himself away on the floor, away from him, expression boiling over with panic. “How could you? How could you attack me like this?!” he said, gripping at his hair. “I thought you promised you’d never hurt me again!”
“But I saw-” Ford sputtered in shock, splaying his hand across his face. Where he just felt Bill slice his face open was nothing but smooth, whole, blemishless skin. “-I thought you were… o-oh my god.” Horror dawns on his face. This couldn’t be happening. It was- it was all just-
Fiddleford curled up brokenly against the wall, cradling his injured nose. He’d already begun to swell and bruise around one of his eyes.  "Y-You lied to me. All this time we’ve been together ‘n I keep getting hurt!“
-it wasn’t ever real. It was only ever his own sick delusions.
Everything around him felt like it was spinning. Orbiting around him, around an inescapable black hole, about to be torn to mere quarks and protons under the surface of the event horizon. Fiddleford lay prone beside his feet, the man’s eyes oscillating between normal and sickly yellow. Had to ground himself. Ignore. Avoid… He raised his own hands, began counting to six. One-two-three-four-five-six one-two-three-four-five-six one-two-three- But the task was fruitless, and he could barely focus on them without the digits melding together and apart, the skin wrinkling and then fading smooth, like violent tides churning in and out. Ford crumpled to his knees, gripping at his head. Shadows clouded his mind and he let out a loud, keening cry.
And as he sank to the floorboards, Fidds only rose higher. Soon he was looming over him, holding his palm flush against his swollen eye.
"The Gremloblin… the shapeshifter… that damned portal!” Fiddleford hissed, his voice trembling less and less. "It was you… All you! It’s your fault this happened!”
As he approached, he pulled a familiar device from behind his back. A sliver of light bounced through the bulb and off of its metallic casing. Frantically, Ford crawled away backwards, stumbling against the frame of his desk. He was cornered. Trapped. He extended a trembling arm.
“No- no, please…!”
"It’s your fault Tate didn’t have a father anymore,” he spat, advancing to press the bulb flush to Ford’s temple, finger extended over the trigger. The bulb flashed blue. “It’s YOUR fault I lost my mind!!”
Ford woke up with a shout, snapping upright on the couch like a spring had been affixed to his back. He took a moment to catch his breath, to make inventory of the empty parlor he sat in and let the memory of his most recent night terror fade. The finer details were already too fuzzy to recall, but nevertheless the overarching theme of it remained. Shame burning at his cheeks, he buried his greyed, wrinkled face into his knees. He was old, haggard, full of regrets, full of laughably embarrassing paranoia- this was his reality. No more sleep for tonight, he couldn’t take it any longer. He was supposed to be safe in this dimension, and yet his nightmares were only getting worse and worse.
He adjusted the crooked glasses on the bridge of his nose. Perhaps, rather than attempt to sleep any longer this morning, his time would be better spent hard at work. Forget Stan’s insistence that he needed to ‘get some shut eye’ before he passed out. He knew his sleep pattern (or lack thereof) intimately, and once he’d awoken from a nightmare there was no chance he’d find himself getting any more rest. Or at least, not rest free of nightmares. He kicked the weighted blanket off his legs and swung his feet over the side of the couch, his mind whirring to life slowly as he began to consider what precisely he should do with his time now.
Soon, a small knock at the door caught his attention.
"Grunkle Ford?”
Ford ran his hands through the front of his hair, not quite at a state of consciousness suited to interact with children, or to even determine which one of them was calling on him. “Come in,” he said hesitantly, unsure as to why anyone besides him was up at this time.
Slowly, shyly… the door swung ajar. Mabel peaked through the crack almost impishly, her long brown tresses framing her face. She smiled softly at him, but concerningly, this smile never reached her eyes. With everything Ford knew about the child this was unlike her. His brow furrowed. Something must be bothering her.
"What’s wrong, my dear?”
In seconds she had crossed the room and latched herself to his side. Minutely he flinched, still not used to unexpected physical contact like this, but soon relaxed into the embrace.
“I heard you scream,” she whispered. “Are you okay?”
Ford’s features immediately softened. This child cared enough about a near stranger to express worry when she heard signs of distress at three in the morning. He both admired and was thankful for her compassion. However, no one but him deserved to suffer under the weight of his burdens, and thus he couldn’t- in good favor- tell her the truth. No child her age needed to know the depth at which a weary old man like him regretted his past.
“Oh Mabel… I’m so sorry you had to hear that. Yes,” he lied, deliberately smoothing out the roughness in his voice. “Yes, I’m alright. Don’t you worry about me. Now, it’s past three in the morning. How about we get you back to bed?”
Mabel tightened her hold around his midsection and shook her head. “But what if you have another nightmare again? I don’t wanna leave you by yourself!”
Ford glanced at her for a moment, the hints of a smile crossing his face. A deep love and affection stirred in his heart. She wanted to protect him from his nightmares. And as much as he wanted to escape into the basement, the last thing he’d want to do is give away a chance to get to know her.
"All right then,” he said with a soft chuckle, “since it appears we’re both decisively wide awake, what would you suggest? We could make hot chocolate? See what’s on TV? We’d have to be quiet though- I’d hate to wake our brothers.”
And like a spring reliably completing another cycle of oscillation, Mabel’s smile returned. “Maybe we can do both!” she chirped, excitedly tugging at his sweater sleeve. “Me and Dipper figured out the perfect volume to put the TV on to not wake up Grunkle Stan and still hear everything!”
“That sounds lovely,” Ford replies. And, smirking guiltily: “Truth be told, I don’t desire to return to bed either.”
The girl was positively glowing now.
"Then you can spend the rest of the night with me! It’ll be our own private slumber party!”
She placed a solitary finger over her mouth, a pantomime hint that they should remain as quiet as possible, and giggled softly. He wiggled his own fingers in response, gesturing for her to take hold of his hand.
“Shall we, my dear?”
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Avengers X Reader
Avengers X Reader: The Girl Who Walked Off
Plot: A 17 year old girl is walking home from school when Hydra kidnaps her and turns her into a master assassin. It’s up to the Avengers to save her.
Warnings: Slight language, some angst and PTSD, some fluff, 
Part: 3/?
Sorry this took so long to update!
Tumblr media
"Who do you remember?" Steve asks as he helped Y/N to her feet again.
"He was the man who took me," Y/N told them, her eyes shut tightly and breathing rapidly. "Held me captive all that time. I remembered him. The-the first time he gave me the mask."
"Do you remember his name?" Natasha asked from beside her.
"He never told me his name. I just called him Sir," she breathed out.
"What did he look like?" Steve continued to question her.
"He had dark short hair, probably about Tony's height." Y/N explained to them what he looked like, but she looked like it physically hurt to talk about it. Wanda could feel it was getting to her and made everyone back off.
"Okay guys I think she needs some air," Wanda said, waving her arms around for everyone to step back. She led Y/N to the couch to sit back down. Y/N bent forward and rested her head in her hands propped up by her knees. "Are you okay?" Wanda asked, sitting next to her.
"Yeah, I just, so much flooded in at once. Like I suddenly became someone else," Y/N explained. They all sat there in silence for a while. Tony went off to call Fury and tell him what had happened. Tony came back in a bit later and told everyone that Nick wanted to see them that afternoon. Wanda could tell that caused Y/N to grow anxious and took her outside to see the miniature garden they all had fixed up.
"This is really nice out here," Y/N said, calming down from earlier.
"Yeah everyone added something of their own." Wanda pointed over to her own little area growing a small red weeping willow tree. It's just a sapling still, but it already has bright red leaves.
"So, what will Fury want when we get there?" Y/N questioned nervously.
"He will probably just ask questions like the team was earlier. It'll be okay," Wanda said, turning to face her and grabbed her hand.
"Thanks." Y/N smiled softly.
"If you want, you could tell me some things, that way if you get stuck or anxious, I could answer them for you," Wanda said looking back out at the garden and then back at Y/N. "That is if you feel comfortable. It's just us out here."
"I just had a small flashback to the moment he gave me the mask for the first time," Y/N explained. She told Wanda about the whole flashback, plus a little extra she recently remembered about how it was cold and snowy a lot where they were, but she had a drafty room with no heating or many blankets. She told Wanda that they told her the cold would make her stronger, but that's all she can remember right now. All Wanda could do was hug her.
"I'm sorry. I just can't imagine. At least where they held Pietro and I, they kept it comfortable," Wanda said, letting go of her. Y/N didn't want her to let go and pulled her back into another hug.
"Don't let go just yet, please," Y/N whispered. She felt like she hadn't hugged anyone in a long time.
"Okay, I won't." Wanda held onto her tightly. They stood there together for a while, just holding onto each other. Wanda knew she didn't want to let go, so she didn't. Neither one of them moved for probably ten minutes until Clint came out to see if they were alright. He knew the garden was Wanda's spot to sit if she needed time away.
"You guys okay out here?" Clint asked, walking around the corner of the path. The sudden break of the silence made Y/N jump, but they let go of the hug.
"Yeah we're fine, thanks for coming to check," Wanda said looking over at him.
"No problem. We are leaving to go meet Fury in 2 hours, so go get some lunch soon," Clint told them. He then turned and went back up to the tower. They decided to go with what Clint said and get some lunch.
They went back up to the tower and into the kitchen, all while mindlessly holding hands. They both love each others touch. Only letting go while they made some spaghetti and while they were eating it.
Once it came time for them to go meet with Nick at the base, they piled into two cars. Tony, Steve, and Bucky in one, Clint, Natasha, Wanda, and Y/N in the other. Peter had gone to Aunt May earlier to spend time at home.
Everything was going fine until Natasha noticed someone dark was following them. She told Clint to drive around the corner a few times and sure enough, they were still behind them, but at this point, knew that they knew. Natasha called over to Steve and told them what was happening. They slowed down to meet back up with them.
As far as they could tell, it was only the one guy following them. Until another car started following from the side, and another pulled out in front of them. They were blocked in and started to call for back up when two of their tires were blown out and they skidded around until Wanda slowed the car down to a stop. They all got out and tried fighting back, but there were probably two dozen guys shooting at them from every corner.
Wanda had created a shield for her and Y/N while they others went to fight them off. It was going well until one of the guys tased Wanda from behind and she was knocked out. Y/N started trying to fight off the guys coming for her. They didn't seem to be trying to kill her, but they wanted to take her. She was doing well until 4 of them surrounded her and she was tased as well and knocked out.
The rest of them were fought off and nobody was seriously injured in the process. Wanda and Y/N were still out cold and the team found them and they were taken back to the compound clinic. Wanda woke up soon after they got there and was doing alright, just in some pain, but everyone was.
Y/N hasn't woken up yet and everyone was getting worried because they had no idea what Hydra had done to her body, but tests came back and showed she had similar super soldier serum injected into her, as Steve had. Hers was a bit more unstable, but alright for now. It would help her heal more quickly. 
Wanda sat with her in her clinic room, waiting for a sign of her waking up. After a while, she started getting restless, like she was having a nightmare. Wanda tried to read into her mind and see what she was thinking, but only felt fear, so she just tried to wake her up. She woke up yelling, jumped up in a panic, and tried to escape. Steve busted into the room, caught her, and held her in place as she calmed down.
"It's okay, it's just me. Everything is okay," Wanda said to her softly, reaching out to her as Steve loosened his grip on her. Clint, Natasha, and Bucky peered through the door slowly. Y/N started sobbing once she realized she was safely back at the compound with everyone. Steve let her go and she clung to Wanda for comfort.
"Nightmares?" Bucky asked calmly from the doorway. She nodded in response and clenched her eyes shut.
"I remember everything."
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