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I really dislike the rebuttal of “but most adults want sex in a relationship!” when TRAs say “but you don’t HAVE to have sex”, because that’s not the point. It actually doesn’t matter if there are lesbians who’d be fine with not having sex while dating/in a relationship, for whatever reason – they’d still have to be sexually attracted to each other to be in that relationship, and that, like everything else about female homosexuality, completely excludes males.

No lesbian, regardless of how much sex she is or isn’t currently having, can develop a crush or fall in love with a man. No lesbian wants to call a man her “girlfriend.” No lesbian wants to make out with a man. And it’s not just adults being pressured like this – teenage lesbians don’t want TIMs any more than adult lesbians do! Don’t cede any ground to these homophobes. Taking the literal act of sex out of the equation doesn’t make any of this okay. Lesbians aren’t interested in men. At all. No loopholes, no conditions, no exceptions. 

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Thank you my dear friend, just your being here is more than enough. I’m forever grateful to have kind folks like you here to help keep me sane when the weight of the world feels like too much. I hope you’re doing well, and I’m sending you all my love! 

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Wound up getting into a big discussion over the merits of and problems with killing off characters to raise the stakes, and I laid out my thoughts on the direction I think/hope the show will go in:



I think the volume (or the Atlas arc as a whole if this goes on into V9, but at the rate things are going rn I highly doubt it) is going to end kinda like Empire Strikes Back, or Season 2 of Avatar

The heroes lose, but the villains don’t completely win either

And while I could see RT deciding to kill off some people, I hope they’ll take more interesting options instead

I think Atlas will fall, but the people in the Crater will survive, somehow

Ironwood will die as kind of the representation of how his hubris/stubbornness and that of Atlas in general will have cost him

Salem will come away having gotten what she wanted, but losing some of her followers to defection in the process, while the heroes have to pick up the pieces, and Ruby’s going to go through a crisis of faith.

But I don’t think it’s going to be as grimdark as some people seem to want, and it’ll be something they’ll come back stronger from in the Vacuo arc.

That’s my prediction.

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YESSS I am!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH you’re too sweet omgggg 😭

it’s always such a joy to find other brazilian people here and in other social media, I’ve seen a lot of br danmei fans in twitter and I love it! we really are massively in this hellhole huh…….. 😔😔😔😔

ty ty ty for the kind words, cê é um anjinho anon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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