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#we stand with taylor

I was inspire in a Jbalvin post, so I tryed to do the same aesthetic but with Taylor Swift photos un many types of final styles of textures. All credits to Jbalvin editors

Inspirada en fotos que subió Jbalvin, decidí recrear la misma imagen pero con Taylor Swift,con varios tipos de estilos de textura inales. Todos los créditos a los editores de Jbalvin

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“You gotta step into the daylight, and let it go…”

drew this iconic lover era fit, the look that i will never ever get over @taylorswift💛🌸✨

pls boost and support ur local artist (and swiftie)! I’m excited to be back!!

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Saw a post talking about taylors posture and I just need to say something


When you need to speak with someone that it’s tiny and you want to really talk with that someone you look in the eyes so you can’t stay straight

Stop making fun about others postures it’s not our fault

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