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✨like tío, like sobrina ✨
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reversia · 3 months ago
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1700 °C / 3092 °F
This, on average, is the temperature needed to produce glass from ordinary sand. No wonder he would feel weak or even passed out after his visions (according to Jared Bush). The vision sessions exhausted him not only mentally, but also physically.
(I know it's magic and all that, but I don't think it's involvement makes much difference)
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Sunny day☀️
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𝐈 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮 | 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media
not my gif ♡
▪︎ 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥 𝐱 𝐅𝐞𝐦!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
▪︎ 𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟
▪︎ 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 (𝟏𝟖+) 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐃𝐍𝐈
Tumblr media
"Just a little to the left. No, Luisa, not your left! My left!" You sigh, smacking your forehead in tedium. 
"How am I ever supposed to just guess which left you're talking about, Y/N?! THERE'S ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE!" Luisa cries out, nearly letting the church on her shoulders slip in frustration.
"Luisa! I get that you're tired and I am too-"
"I started yoga the other day!" She says instead, causing your eyes to screw shut as you massage your temple.
"Luisa, please, I need to get to the tower-"
"And you know yoga is a quiet activity. As someone who isn't particularly- uh- quiet… I really thought I'd hate it-"
"-Please Luisa," You plead in desperation, but your voice is way too quiet over the passionate boom that is Luisa's voice. 
"-like, you know when you immediately write something off as 'not for you?' I did that! But with yoga!" You had now taken to begging but Luisa had taken to laying on the floor, doing foot crunches with the church, still firmly planted in her own world. Your eye twitches.
"Luisa I need to go see-"
"LUISA!" Her gaze snaps to you and she gulps, quickly putting the church down and letting the reverend fly out nervously patting down his forehead with a handkerchief. She clears her throat.
"I'm sorry. You can go." You immediately feel like shit but Luisa waves a large hand in front of her smiling face.
"Go! Please!" You thank Luisa before sprinting down the City Square, not daring to waste anymore time. You can see Casita fast approaching and your heart soars before you crash into someone.
"Y/N! How absolutely perfect that I ran into you!" Isabela sings before twirling you in her arms, you lament at the sight of casa Madrigal over Isabela's shoulders.
 So close but so painfully out of reach. 
"So I was experimenting with new fauna." She says, pushing you towards a fruit stand with the owner completely out of sight but growing beside it was the most alien plant you have ever seen.
"It's called Drosera Capensis." The beautiful girl squeals, clapping her hands in front of her. You nod distractedly. You take to leaning back and catching the house still sitting idly atop the green hill. One of the shutters waved idly as if the house itself was waving. You wouldn't put it past Casita. 
"Um- Isabela, I really need to go see your Tio-"
"-Bruno can wait." She snaps, fleetingly waving her hand in front of her face. 
No, Isabela. It is not a matter of whether he can wait… but if I can.
"Isabela, please- I really need to-" 
"The thing is, I keep wondering how they'll react around the papayas. I mean, I know they're carnivorous but I would hate to be the reason an alien plant hurts the papayas, Y/N." You mumble and nod your head, directing your gaze to the house once more. You feel the frustration eat away at your stomach as you catch a glimpse of the highest tower. 
"Isabela, I really need to go-"
She rolls her eyes and waves you off causing your heart to soar.
"Fine, fine. Guess I'll figure this out by myself." You give her a small squeeze while getting a combination of colourful floral dyes all over your yellow dress. A dress you knew he was very fond of. 
You need to leave now.
You sprint up the narrow lane, greeting fellow townsfolk with no room for further conversation as you finally approach the Casita. Your heart speeds erratically but this, of course, is short lived.
"Breakfast!" Abuela calls out before the entire family comes running. Well, almost everyone.
The table and chairs that had been  magicked outside are slowly being filled with family members. Isabela and Luisa come up the lane. Camilo, Antonio and their parents, Mirabel and her parents, Dolores and Mariano all emerge from the house and soon the table is packed with conversation. All the while, your knee is jumping restlessly underneath.
"Where is your Tío Bruno?" You ask Camilo seated next you. He smirks before shifting into your husband's form. 
"Why?" He asks before leaning against the table cockily."Miss me?" You slap the boy over the side of the head and he immediately shifts back, laughing hysterically while rubbing his head.
"Bruno's still up in the tower," Mirabel offers from across the table. "He's been crazy busy with prophecies with the entire town accepting his gift and whatnot."
Yeah, a voice in your head says in bitterness, I know. 
You couldn't help the bitterness. You had barely seen your newly titled husband all week and the need for him was so blatant you feared you might explode from it. He had been MIA. It had begun with a single prophecy on Monday before that bled to two on Tuesday and suddenly ten on Wednesday until you lost sight of him completely. You were hellbent on seeing your man even if that meant having to chase everyone out his tower.
"Help with the dishes?" Mirabel asks with a smile you absolutely couldn't ever deny. You sigh fruitlessly.
"Of course, Mira."
Tumblr media
You scrub relentlessly at the one unrelenting stain on the dish in your hands. The dish quakes ever so carefully under your grip as you try to wash it out but it just isn't going away. You can feel your eye twitch. You hear how your teeth grate against each other. A deep vein no doubt popping out of the side of your neck.
"Uh… Y/N?" Mirabel's questioning drawl is laced with concern as she wipes the dishes already stacked on the rack. Her voice is cautious and peaceful but it still raises all kinds of feelings.
"What?!" You ask (scream), your eyes snapping to her beautiful big ones in a frightening way, but they soften immediately when you catch how locked in fright hers were behind the glasses.
"Just-" You exhale a quiet breath as you focus on easing your erratic heart and itching fingers. 
"-having a bad day, Cariño." You dry your hands, immediately placing them on their cheeks. You squish her cheeks together and bring your nose against hers. "I'm sorry that I snapped. Bubble bubble?" 
She exhales before letting a smile slip onto her face. "Bubble Bubble." She nods, and you immediately give her a tight hug.
"You will never give up on your goldfish theory, will you?" She says irritably although you don't miss the smile dancing on her face.
"Nope! You are a goldfish, Mirabel Madrigal! I will prove it one day. You're just a late bloomer. That is all." You punctuate seriously before turning your attention back to the heap of breakfast dishes. Your shoulders slump ever so slightly in a manner you hoped was subtle but Mirabel catches it.
"You can go, if you want." The sweet girl says. "I've got the dishes covered. 
"Are you sure?" 
"Of course! Helping people's my specialty." She winks and clicks her tongue before directing her attention to the dishes in front her. Your heart soars and you embrace her one last time before sprinting out.
You can't help the frustration building in your core as you ease up the steps. The corridor leading up to Bruno's tower is shrouded in darkness with a slight breeze about, doing absolutely nothing for your raging, warm core. You're practically aching. 
You welcome the nearby sound of falling sand and your heart soars. You are unable to stop yourself from sprinting to his door before shutting the whole world out. The bang is loud but it is dulled under the sound of falling sand.
The hourglass wall in front of you is high and mighty and you almost have a mind to run straight through it before you hear a voice echoing.
"Oh please... Not again! Not another one!" The voice sounds as tired and as drained as you were. Your ears perk up at the sound and the need buries you like an avalanche of sand. Your heart is an endless drum line, moving your feet on their own accord. 
Bruno pulls back the sandy curtain for the newcomer and you run.
You run through the hourglass gateway and throw yourself down the sand dunes.  Your body rolls carelessly down the sand and you hear a questioning 'huh?' echo throughout Bruno's desert chamber. You continue your rolling until you lay a laughing, needy heap on the floor. You have landed right by his feet at the bottom of a dune where he's seated cross legged. You peer up at him despite tour brain still needing to recover from the rolling. You see two Bruno's in your dizzy state and that is enough to make you lose all your nerve. 
"Hi."  You mutter shyly, choosing rather to lower your head and examine the runny sand underneath your fingers. Suddenly you were beginning to feel rather embarrassed about it all. 
"Hi." His voice is light and the small exhale accompanying his response tells you he's in shock at the sight of you. The mere sound of his voice sends your heart and core a flutter. You both sit in the very thick, incredibly charged silence and you begin to feel silly. So silly, so troublesome and so unbelievably petulant. This was unlike you. So incredibly far from the responsible, level-headed woman you've become. It was a generally accepted consensus throughout the town that you were perfect for Bruno even despite your being younger than him. You were smart and you were well-rounded. 
You were not the type to deviate from house chores because your body practically screamed from him. That kind of behavior was reserved for Dolores and Mariano.
"I was-," You clear your throat, still picking aimlessly at the sand underneath your supine body. You didn't dare look up at him.
"Um… how was your day?"
"It was good." He replies politely, sending another rush down your spine. You didn't understand. You were so needy the entire morning, doing everything in your power to finally get to him and now that you're here…
"So, are you going to see any more people today?" There. You did it. You asked that dreaded question. You hoped the desperation wasn't as present in your voice as you felt it was.
"Um," His voice trails off into incoherent whispers that vaguely sounds like 'knock knock knock'. It is as if he needs a second to gather his thoughts and you give him the opportunity. You never really rushed him into anything and the same was reciprocated for you. You cannot help your electrified body from shaking in the sand. You looked like a rattlesnake.
Once Bruno collects himself, he says with a quick deep breath. 
"Not if… not if you don't want me to."
Your stomach lurches up into the base of your throat and your hand stops its mindless doodling in the endless grains of sand.
"I don't…" You say, finally gazing up at him. His face is expectant but cautious and so are you.
"I don't want you to- see anyone, today." You chuckle nervously before shifting in the sand and sitting cross legged right in front of him. Your knees touch and you hear him take a sharp inhale. The thought was hardly perceivable but you hoped, maybe… he wanted you as much you wanted him. 
"Okay." Is all he says. "Done."
You still can't shut up. 
"And I know you're really happy that the town is finally responding to your gift after Mirabel's vision worked out but, I don't know, I really… well, I missed you, Bruno. A lot."
Your body missed him especially but you wouldn't dare say that out loud. Your marriage was fresh. New. Besides consummating the marriage you had only had sex one time after then. It was unforgettable. 
"Can I…" His voice trails off. "Can I kiss you?" He visibly blushes at the question and your eyes snap up to him. Maybe you were a little too eager but you nod your head frantically.
"Please." You breathe out. "Please do."
He nods before leaning in and tentatively touching the tips of your lips to his. The kiss isn't sudden. It's shy and tentative, just like the two of you. It overwhelmed you all the same. These heavenly seconds you spend with your eyes closed, lips touching and his stubble grazing against your face. It sends an even bigger jolt of pleasure in between your legs. He eventually mustered the courage to lean further in and before you know it, you're kissing. No- making out. 
Bruno releases a helpless groan at the taste of you and the kiss soon turns frantic. You slither your hand up his cheek and through his hair, all the while his hands are locked firmly in the sand. You break the kiss and look up at him with hooded eyes.
"Papi, you know you can touch me, right?" He groans again before you feel his hands settle on the sides of your dress. You lift yourself from the sand, lips still firmly locked together and he hikes your dress up ever so slightly. He ghosts his fingers experimentally on your exposed thigh but quickly retreats to the safety of your clothed sides. A moan escapes you and his fingers tighten around your waist at the sound.
"Can I?" He mumbles into the kiss, motioning to your dress 
"Yes! Yes, yes please." He blinks at your urgency and you swear a small smile climbs onto his face but he ducks down under the curtain of curly hair, focusing on hiking your dress up even further.
He rubs your thighs slowly and you slowly move until you're firmly on top of him. Your breathing is loud and ragged and he looks down at you thighs. He groans and attaches his lips onto the crook of your neck. These kisses you welcome eagerly.
"Tan hermosa." You hear him breath out into your neck. "Eres tan hermosa…"
You are about to say thank you but he begins sucking on a particularly soft, sensitive spot and your hips buck into him instinctively. He immediately releases himself from your neck and gaze at you in surprise.
"Why didn't you just tell me? I would've dropped everything." It's the first put-together sentence he's formed and you shiver at the conviction in his eyes. He was never this sure, never this assertive and it turned you on. Lord it turned you on.
"I'll remember that next time," You whisper drunkenly into his ear which immediately perks up. You bring your hands under his ruana.
"Next time…" He breathes out before placing a hand on the hem of your panties, pulling it down. He quickly takes off the ruana and lays it on the floor beside you.
"Hey! I wanted to do that-" He quiets you with a kiss  before he spins you around, much to your pleasure and surprise until your once again laying, not on the sand but on his ruana while he's hovering over you.
"I just want you to know, we don't have to do this-"
You roll your eyes. "Bruno. If you don't touch me right now I'm going to have to find help elsewhere." He pauses before bending down to kiss you and your fingers find each other amidst his curls.
"Don't…" His voice is soft but weirdly demanding. You don't miss the hand crawling up between your thighs. "Don't say that." 
"Okay," is all you say before you push your head back into the sand. Your eyes are screwed shut and all you anticipate is the feeling. The feeling.
"Yes, yes, yes," You whisper the chant as his hand drags along your skin until finally, his hand is immediately coated in your wetness. No. You weren't just wet. You were drenched.
"Dios mío." You hear his gruff voice in your eyes. Your eyes flutter open to find his are screwed shut. He begins to drag the wetness up to your clit and you begin to move your hips along to his hand motions. Although this alone makes him seem so content you reach over and under his shirt. His eyes snap open as he continues to message your core.
"What are you-"
You drag your nails across his lean body before pushing your hand firmly down his pants. He immediately groans and the rhythmic circles around your clit begin to falter as you unbutton his pants further. You rub him through his underwear and his eyes peer eagerly into yours. His eyebrows curve questioningly but desperately as you reach in and pull him firmly out of his underwear.
Your breathing is ragged and eager as you stare solely into each other's eyes.
"Bruno, please. I need you now." You state with finalty, never once breaking eye contact. He nods eagerly before positioning himself at your entrance. 
"Please don't hold out." You say, incredibly needy. He nods and slowly eases himself into. At that small contact you throw your head back into the sand once again.
He pushes himself firmly inside you with ragged breaths before he begins to find a steady pace. He slithers up to you and places kisses on your collarbone, leaning his forearm on the sand at the sides of your head. He lowers himself until he's nestled into your neck as he begins to fuck you relentlessly. His mutterings are perpetual. 
So many 'Dios mio's', so many 'eres perfecta's', so many praises you cum quicker than you would have liked.
"Oh god- Bruno!" The sound of your voice echoing through his hollow chamber calling a name… his name…is enough to have him unraveling right above you.
His breathing is heavy in your ears. 
"Im gonna- I-- Can I?!." You rub his sides encouragingly as you nod. You are aching to feel him, all of him inside you. He immediately came inside you and you feel yourself in euphoria once again. Slowly, you both descend from your climax but it is as if you're still in the clouds. Bruno's breathing is rough and rugged as he slowly lowers himself onto your front. He stares ahead and you lock your fingers in his hair, curling and braiding the strands aimlessly.
"I won't give any prophecies on the weekends." He says, causing your heart to flutter.
"No visions on the weekends." He says.
You smile.
"No visions on the weekends." You agree.
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you darlings enjoyed 💕
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grimmshold · 4 months ago
In the opening scene, before Mirabel pulled her bedroom door, she pulled a loose thread on her skirt
When Mirabel wanted Antonio to open his gift, she pointed at it with her lips
When Mirabel gifted Antonio a sewn animal stuffed toy, it foreshadowed his gift
When the kid threw their hat to the wall and Casita caught it to place with the other hats on the wall
When Casita poured everyone's morning coffee
When Casita was urging Antonio to walk down the aisle towards his door
Luisa never rested/was never seen sitting in the film until the end when she was thrown to the hammock with a drink
The way Abuela's expression of losing her Pedro at the beginning was different and more heartfelt because she was telling the story to her young grandchild, and it contrasted how much hurt she looked (I cried so BAD) the second time when the actual and more story was told
When Agustin was copying his wife and when Mirabel was out of the screen, he even pursed his lips to seem like a serious parent
The smile Pepa had on her face when Felix told her, "I'm sorry mi vida go onnnn"
Dolores never yelled. She was always just whispering. Except when she had to blurt out during engagement night about Bruno's vision about Mirabel. And when she finally seized the moment with Mariano
Dolores could only whisper her part of the song bc she knew Bruno was nearby. She pulled Mirabel away bc she knew Bruno was up there behind her and had to hide him (speculation really)
Only Pepa's side of the family and Isa got to have their memories of Bruno but nothing with Luisa and Mirabel, indicating they're not as close* / familiar with Bruno
How Pepa's own family could handle her weather emotions more than Abuela; Felix telling her to be more expressive and Camilo comforting his mami with tea even though he ended up getting zapped by the cloud during it
Times Abuela had put pressure on her family:
- When Mirabel accidentally set Abuela's flower mat on fire = already a symbol of how they aren't close at all and have never been since the day she found out she had no gift
- When she pulled a white flower from Isabela's hair when Isabela was flustered about Mariano wanting five babies
- Abuela always had Luisa calling to go about the house
- When she wasn't really that into Antonio's gift; she was just relieved the magic lived on. In fact during the breakfast scene, when she shooed the animals who warmed up her seat, she told Antonio she'll find something of use to his gift soon
- She always dismissed Mirabel no matter the situation
- Abuela always only said do this and that for the family/encanto but not when Mirabel could possibly be in danger because of the vision
- Abuela always told Pepa about her clouds; same notion when mothers tell you to stop being "moody" / "emotional" even tho it's something you can't control (and shouldn't, unless it could hurt someone)
Bruno was jamming right behind Mirabel and Dolores during their part in We don't Talk About Bruno (LOVE THIS PART SM LMAO JAMMING TO HIS OWN DISS TRACK)
When Pepa pushed the cloud out of the room like a giant pillow (her grunted sHOO)
When Felix wanted Pepa to stand back so Antonio doesn't get wet by the cloud but it doesn't mean he wanted her to stop — two different things
When Dolores associated the sound of sand to "ch" and it LITERALLY sounded like sand + Bruno's room is full of sand
Other signs to foreshadow Bruno lived in the walls: Dolores saying the rats talking in the walls & Dolores saying, "It's like I hear him now" after she told the prophecy Bruno told about her
When we found Bruno drew his own plate on the table behind the photograph in the dining room
Camilo spitting a flower out of him
The literal new foundation being about rebuilding Casita & rebuilding their relationship as well as with the community they grew up with
When Dolores was looking out to Mariano telling about Bruno's vision of the man of her dreams being betrothed to another, aka Isabela
At the end of the film, the doors no longer have portraits on them that separated them
As much as I would've wanted Camilo and Mirabel to have talked at least once in the entire film, I think it's normal that there are cousins who aren't as close as they are with the others
When Dolores took care of calming Abuela down once Casita fell
When Camilo was more worried how Antonio feels without his gift anymore
In Bruno's vision, Mirabel and the house were grey, maybe to portray the sand of it falling but when Mirabel had been under the rubble, Casita still managed to shelter her with what's left of Casita
When Casita waved goodbye after rescuing Mirabel
Bruno's door most likely shut down its power bc he has never used his gift ever since he left from the Madrigals' sight. That's why it glowed when Mirabel asked him for help
He was clinging most to Mirabel since he got back
How Camilo probably either last saw Bruno when he was 5 and bc of that, Bruno looked like a 7 footer or he just wanted to scare his cousin about it
Open your eyes was one of the earliest lines of the film and it was Abuela telling Mirabel that. But then in Mirabel's song it was her wanting her Abuela to open her eyes to see her beyond having no gift. And then again when in the end Casita was rebuilt
The fact that Bruno joked about rain on his sister's wedding day to cheer her up but backfired. Classic brother move
Bruno put a bucket over his head when they were rebuilding the house
Dolores' "mh" expression before or after she speaks (idk how to type that sound but iykyk)
Most of the pressure were on Bruno, Isa, and Luisa as seen in a flashback where Abuela was walking past their doors because their gifts were more useful than Camilo's shapeshifting, Pepa's weather control, and Julieta's magic meals; so that would explain why they were pushed more than the others by Abuela's standard
When Abuela wanted to drop Mirabel's scare about the candle losing flame and Luisa carried the piano over to her father, her eye was twitched for a split second
When Mirabel sat beside Luisa during breakfast, it caused a slight thunder from Pepa but she was calmed by Felix
The patterns on each character's clothing reflects their powers and Mirabel's clothes embodies everyone's color = glue of casita and the Madrigals
The personality of each character reflects their gift
Bruno's superstitions: knock on wood, throwing salt, using sand, meditation, holding breath while crossing fingers, not stepping on cracks
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lastofashy · a month ago
Best siblings hands down ✋🦋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lariskapargitay · 2 months ago
Apparently hiding in the walls of your house for ten years gets rid of the Colombian accent your mother and sisters have and replaces it with a Brooklyn one
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galactic-bi-cat · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Bruno coming out of the destroyed Casita to shame Abuela (for being unfair to Mirabel)
based on "Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind" by Jean-Léon Gérôme
Tumblr media
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elfwoodfae · 3 months ago
“Entiérrame Tus Espinas” Bruno Madrigal x reader.
Author’s note: this is a part two for “hombre y mujer” but it can be read as a stand alone.
Warnings: Angst, SMUT MDI! 18+
Part 1
Tumblr media
“Bruno… Bruno stop” Your hurried feet carry you after him, sprinting through the house, your hand grazing his ruana as you try to catch him and stop him. He pays no mind to what you say, only running faster, nearing his door, nearing his hiding place.
“Bruno please….please stop” you try again out of breath, trying desperately to get to him before he disappears for who knows how long in one of his hiding spots.
He runs up the stairs, his foot catching on one of the steps, nearly tripping him over but he manages to catch himself on time, reaching his door and pushing in, trying to close it before you can get in the room, but you move faster pushing against it and successfully following behind him.
“Please” he begs, neither of you know what exactly he is asking for but you can see slowly how his wall is crumbling down, his eyes beginning to glass over but he fists his hand, trying hard to stay strong in front of you. To show you he is strong that he can handle it, that you aren’t with a pathetic baby who can’t hold onto anything.
“Bruno stop, please talk to me,” you try, slowly reaching a hand out to coax him closer but he only moves backwards, putting more distance between you both.
“It’s nothing, y/n, it’s nothing,” you can see him frantically denying with his head, trying desperately to hold back a sob as his hand shake in front of him.
“Okay, okay if it’s fine then let’s go back, everyone is worried.” You try again, moving towards him, offering him your hand to take.
“I don’t want to go back, I can’t… is my fault I ruined it, please I ruined it….I ruined it…” he is falling into a spiral, he is loosing the internal battle he holds within himself. He doesn’t understand how anything bad that happens could not be related to him, he always ruins everything, he always disappoints everyone.
“Bruno it’s not your fault, come here, Bruno it’s okay let’s just talk about it.” Panic is beginning to settle over you, no longer is he a rat but rather a caged animal, ready to snap and bounce, the emotions going through him are quickly changing from panic to anger to blame and guilt.
“You need to leave, there’s so much better than me out there, I will ruin you and you will hate me like everyone does.” Tears are gathering in his eyes, his hands run through his hair, his breathing becoming erratic.
This is the same argument he always brings up, the one no matter how much you reassure him won’t happen keeps pushing forward in between you both.
“Stop that, you know I won’t leave Bruno don’t say that.” You move closer to him, your temper quickly getting the better of you. “that’s what you do, you are afraid and you push me away! You run and you hide and refuse to open up about it to anyone! Did that work out for you last time? Did it fix everything to hide yourself away!?” You push, and you push too far until he breaks.
“Don’t do that, please, please no, don’t go there, don’t do it…” he breaks, tears spilling down his face and he can’t even look at you before turning around and stumbling up the stairs to his vision cave. Guilt takes over you quickly, a thick swallow breaking at your throat, you pushed him too far, those were doors never meant to be knocked on, wounds never to be looked at and somehow you had opened every single one of them in only a few seconds, so much for the love you claim to have for him, all the times you swore to never let anyone hurt him but it’s you who has twisted the knife on his heart.
It hasn’t been easy, even after being married for nearly six months is still hard for him to let you in, to let you get close to him and you are patient with him, you give him space, you give him the time he needs to start coming out of his shell. But still when the visions, the nightmares come he always hides away, he always stays away far from your reach, he is still scared of them, and you try to reassure him that you are here, that he is not at fault for whatever it is he may see, but years of pain and suffering, of blame and hurt cannot be erase from existence in a year or in ten. There are still moments where you think all the progress done between you both, all the comfort and safety you have built, the trust you have in each other will come crumbling down, and everytime it feels as if it will be the last time he will try to let you close, and the last time you will try to take his demons and make them yours, all to take his pain away.
This is one of those moments, one of those visions that tear into his soul, scar him so deeply he can’t take it and flees, he hides, not even the comfort of your arms enough of a promise to coax him out. You follow him, like you always do, and he usually stays, he usually lets you comfort him, but something has changed, lately he hasn’t allowed you to interfere, he hasn’t let you help him, he has distanced himself from you, and the visions just seem to be getting worse and worse. Julieta tries, she tries to help her baby brother, to talk to him, but he pushes her away too, he hides within the house in places no one can find him for days, not even Mirabel who has always been close to him, it feels as if any moment now he will go back to the walls to never leave again.
You don’t blame him if he does this time around, after all you have just deliver what could be the final blow. He doesn’t deserve it, the words you have thrown at his face, and regret had filled you the moment they had escaped your mouth, but it was too late now to apologize for them, he wouldn’t believe you even if you tried, the only thing you can do now is give him time.
It’s almost a full week that he stays hidden for; you haven’t seen him, no one has in fact, Julieta leaves a plate of food in the kitchen for him every night, family dinners have become somewhat awkward, they ask about him but everyday is the same answer, you haven’t seen him. Not even Mirabel has, you would think that by now she would have found him, but not even the rats are telling Antonio anything. The nights are the worst, the bed feels cold without him, most of the time you lay awake, hoping he will make a noise, the anxiety of the situation turning your stomach in knots.
You turn around in the bed, the moon shining through the window, playing shadows on the walls from the trees outside. A single tear rolls down your cheek, making you bury your face into his pillow, the one you are currently holding onto for dear life. It smells like him, incense and jasmine. Sitting up slowly you move the blankets out of your legs, getting up and walking slowly to the wall opposite of the bed, lifting your hand to softly caress it, hoping he is behind, hoping he can feel it.
“I’m so sorry,” you murmur, a tear rolling down your cheek, eyes closing as more begin to escape.
“Mi amor I’m so sorry, por favor perdoname.” You are full on sobbing now, your body squatting down to the floor, kneeling as you cry.
“Bruno please come back, amor come back, I need you, I’m so sorry, you don’t deserve the words I said, you are the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me, amor you are my angel, my light, eres mi luna y mis estrellas amor, por favor, I’m so sorry, I am the one who doesn’t deserve you, please forgive me even if I don’t deserve your forgiveness amor please.” Your body trembles with every cry, tears wetting your nightgown, your hand touching the wall as more sobs abandon you.
The floorboards creak from behind the wall, footsteps echo as they move from somewhere within the room and out of your range of hearing. Your eyes follow the noise, holding your breath when you see the doorknob beginning to turn.
He opens the door slowly, almost afraid of moving too fast, he is scare of your reaction to him, of how you will feel towards him after he disappeared once again for the longest time he has ever been gone again. His head is hanging low, his eyes on the floor as he approaches you with careful steps. You quickly get up, running in his direction and wrapping him on your arms, bringing him down to the floor with you, as more tears escape you and your hands fists into his ruana, holding onto him. His shaking hands find your face, moving to the back of your head through your hair, moving you forward towards his chest as he buries his face in your neck.
“I’m so sorry,” you say against his chest, tears wetting his ruana.
“No, no you…you don’t have anything to apologize for I’m sorry I ruined it..” he begins but before he can continue you cut him off.
“Bruno, Bruno mi vida mi tesoro” you move his head back from your neck, your hands on his cheeks as you make him look at you. “Mi amor you haven’t ruined anything, amor it’s not your fault, is mine, I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve those words, they aren’t true, I didn’t mean them, I know this can’t take the pain I caused you back but please amor, don’t blame yourself anymore, I was angry, I was angry that you were pulling away from me, instead of understanding that you needed me to be strong, to understand you because you were scared, please forgive me amor. Please understand that I’m here and you don’t need to be alone, that you don’t ruin things, that even when you feel like you need to hide, that you need to disappear please please don’t push me away, please don’t close yourself off of me, you are the biggest blessing I have, you are my whole world amor, tu eres mi vida, mi tesoro, eres mi rey, te amo, te amo mucho cariño, nunca nunca sientas que te tienes que alejar de mi.” You can see his tears falling, his eyes widening as his hands tighten around you. Nodding frantically once, twice he moves closer to you, nudging his nose against yours as you close your eyes, his hands cradling the sides of your head, his lips ghosting over yours, he had missed you, he had missed the sense of intimacy you always brought over him. He had grown to love you, to need you.
His lips crash over yours, softly kissing you, his thumbs drying the tears left behind over your cheeks. Your hands move over his chest, snaking around his neck and settling on the sides, thumbs softly caressing his stubbled jaw. His hands move down your shoulders, grabbing your waist and lifting you over him, leaving you straddling him. His hands move over your back, fingers softly caressing your skin, moving down until they find the hem of your nightgown, his fingers sneaking inside and trailing over your skin, leaving goosebumps on their wake.
You can still feel his body shake under yours, his eyes close and his lips kissing along your jaw, down your neck, delivering soft bites onto your skin. The floor is not the most comfortable place of all, but it’s the first time he has deliberate initiated this kind of intimacy, and you won’t dare stop him now. Your hands move to pull at his ruana, making him lift his arms, allowing you to take it off of him; your fingers move over to the buttons on his shirt next, undoing them one by one, taking it off of him and feeling the skin of his chest, how warm he is, how soft his skin is as your fingers trail up and down his middle.
Moving back a little you give him space to take off your nightgown, a soft blush coloring his cheeks at the naked sight of you, his soft hands tremble for an entirely different reason as they move over the soft skin of your stomach, trailing up to cup one of your breast in his hand, feeling the soft skin and his mouth moving over your collarbone, leaving open mouth kisses and soft nips over the area. Your hands travel down his chest, wiggling back a little your butt over his legs you find the hardness between his legs, grasping it softly, earning a low groan from him, you can see the glow coming from where his head is nestled on your neck.
“Lay back amor” you tell him as your hand pushes him back a little, making him lay back, resting himself up on his elbows. “Dejame disfrutarte,” you say, moving down his body until your eyes are level with his crotch, your hands moving quickly over his pants, opening them while he lifts his hips enough for you to pull them down along with his underwear, leaving him bare to you.
His eyes are trained on you, watching your every move, your hands grasp him, moving yourself lower until your lips graze his swollen head, covering your bottom lip with his precum, your tongue peaking out, grazing the underside of the head, making him moan as he throws his head back, his chest rising and falling and the muscles on his abdomen pulling taunt. Parting your lips you allow the head to slip through, sucking it, your tongue moving to flatten on the underside of his shaft. Working your way down you feel the spit coming down his cock, your hand grabbing the base and pumping him at the same pace as your mouth, taking him all the way down, feeling the tip of him hit the back of your throat, making a mess of this man, moans and grunts escaping him and you see his hand twitch, dying to bury itself on your hair. Setting a pace you continue sucking him, bringing him all the way down until he hits the back of your throat, the gagging feeling doesn’t last long and is a small price to pay at the sight in front of you.
He is trying his hardest not to come, his abdomen burns from the effort of holding in the tension and his head moves up to connect his eyes with yours You look absolutely sinful, the way his cock slip past your lips, how your lashes frame your half lidded eyes; he is sure you could make any man drown at sea only with one look.
“Mi vida” he moans out, his hand rushing to grab your hair, pulling you back slightly off of him. He is too close and he doesn’t want to finish on your mouth, he prefers to cum inside of you.
His hand moves to your arm, yanking you up lightly to sit up, his nails lightly scratching the skin of your thighs when he removes your underwear , and when his body is going to move over yours your hand holds him still, pushing him back once again as you quickly move to straddle him. He looks absolutely broken in the best way possible, he looks like a starved man, desperate, he needs you and he looks like he is about ready to beg to any God who is listening for you. You don’t want to make him wait any longer, sitting up slowly you grab his member, lining him up with you, grazing the head against your entrance, coating him with your juices before pressing down on him and feeling the head slipping through. Just that simple movement has him a complete mess, he looks so beautiful like this, glowing green eyes half lidded, his mouth half open, his hair pulled back behind his ears, and when you finally move down until he is balls deep he looks absolutely destroyed as you sink him home.
He gives you complete control over him, allowing you to do with him as you please as he sits up, his arms wrapping around your back and his face hiding on your neck, where he bites the skin to muffle the moans and groans that escape him, your hips move at a fast pace, ride him so delicious he thinks he will die. Your moans fill the room, your hands grabbing onto his shoulders for balance as your movements fasten, the delirious way the hairs on his pelvis rub against your clit are nearing you to your orgasm, the pressure on your stomach tightening the faster you move over him.
“Amor” you beg him even when you are in control is always him who can break you apart with a simple touch. He knows this, even when he doesn’t believe it he knows how easy you fall apart in between his arms. The simple command of yours making his hands move over your skin, settling on your hips to guide you better, moving you up in time for him to thrust up into you, groaning once your bodies collide together, his hips move up, thrusting into you, his hands tightening on your hips so hard they most definitely will leave bruises behind. This moment when he feels you tightening around him, your walls squeezing his cock as you come, his name falling from your lips like a prayer, in this moment he forgets, he forgets he was ever trapped on those walls, he forgets the loneliness, the pain , the anger, he forgets everything, he is only a man in this moment, a starved man, his instincts take over him, and for those few seconds that’s all he is, a man chasing after his release. The look on his eyes change, they are predatory, they glow brighter, the burn into you and his teeth turn into a snarl as groans escape him and then he is really fucking you, too lost in pleasure to even manage to form words, his hips furiously thrusting into you, your moans only fueling him like kindle to a fire, his hands holding onto your skin like his life depends on it, almost as if he doesn’t hold you so tightly you will disappear in between his fingers, and then he comes with a cry, a feral sound escaping him, his face burying on your chest as his movements become sloppier until he is spent inside of you.
And then he is back, the soft man you know is back, his hands caress you softly, holding you in place, hugging you and kissing you, enjoying being in between your arms once again. Neither of you want to move, enjoying each other too much, needing each other too much to care that you are in the floor, covered in release and sweat but it’s okay, there is time to clean up later, the only thing in the world right now it’s him. His breathing on your skin and his soft caresses on your back.
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acewithapaintbrush · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
OK now that I got the Artbook I got a good look at the family tree mural and you know what I see?
They tried to scrape my man Bruno off the family tree. And you see what branch he is? None. Because he is the tree trunk! You erase the trunk and the tree is no more! Branches can't survive without the trunk.
This family was doomed the moment they tried to scrape him off that mural in their own home.
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drakkar-zzzz · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hope it’s not too late to talk about Bruno 😳💗
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reversia · 3 months ago
People are always talking about Bruno's telenovelas, but why isn't anyone talking about his rat paintings?! The man is an artist and knows how to work with his hands.
Yes, yes! You're right! Somebody has written about it before, though, but let me do it now. He can draw wonderfully! Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to see the drawings on the wall, but you can still see the Vitruvian man rat and other rats in various outfits.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But what the cartoon shows us best are these three drawings of him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And they are really not badly done! Just look, he didn't forget the shadows the players cast and the reflections of candlelight on the floor! But it's the smiling sun that really makes me smile the most!
Tumblr media
So yes, Bruno definitely has a talent for drawing! But other than that, let's also pay attention to some things in his room that he probably made himself: it's a rat maze, a ladder (?) with indentations (I don't know what to call it in English, lol), a barrel chair, and probably his desk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He did it all himself! He thought out what it should look like, how to implement it, and he did it all! This guy's got some golden hands! I love him so much!
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hectorlover16 · 4 months ago
This is why Bruno's powers are useful 😂😂😂 Hope you like it ☺️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
( he looks so freaking done lmao 😂😂😂 )
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ramblingsandteacups · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We Don't Talk About Bruno
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gothiicprince · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jackgoodfellow · 2 months ago
Okay someone in an Encanto shitposting group said Bruno needed a himbo who could see the bright side of all his visions and
[Image descriptions in alt-text]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine being Mirabel and getting stressed cause you hear that everyone is talking about a vision Bruno had and you're worried people will be unkind to him, only to find him surrounded by excited villagers asking for details about his latest vision while a huge muscular Peruvian dude goes "Now, now, everyone, give him some space. He can't stand around all day answering questions-- oh! Hey! Little girl!" Wait - is he talking to you? You're 15! Practically an adult! "Did you know this guy can see the FUTURE??? It's incredible!!!!"
Tumblr media
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yawatario · 4 months ago
ive been obsessed with this fanfic "creature comforts" by TheOceansDaughter on AO3 lately and i sketched my favorite scene <3
Tumblr media
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monicarambeauswife · 4 months ago
i have a headcanon that camilo’s verse in ‘we don’t talk about bruno’ is about everything he can remember from before bruno left.
‘seven-foot frame’ camilo was like 5 when bruno left so his uncle would’ve looked like a giant back then despite actually being like 5 foot 5.
‘rats along his back’ bruno probably had his rats even before he went into the walls and let camilo play with them despite pepa probably getting mad causing him to hide the rats in his ruana.
“when he calls your name it all fades to black” i feel like bruno would do that thing adults do to kids sometimes where they use their hands to cover the kid’s eyes and call their name making them giggle and laugh.
‘he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams’ bruno told camilo scary stories a lot and made his eyes glow green for dramatic effect before ending them with a tickle attack which made him scream with laughter.
or if you want an even more wholesome interpretation, camilo went to bruno whenever he had bad dreams and then bruno would comfort him and promise him that nothing would come for him and say something like ‘see i checked the future and nothing bad is going to happen to you milo’.
but obviously camilo was like 5 years old so it’s not as if his memory about bruno is crystal clear. also he was definitely playing it up for mirabel in a ‘haha im way older than you and remember so much’ way despite there being at most a few months between the two of them.
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littlebidule · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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