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#we talking abt dennis gay repression again
macdenniskiss · a year ago
pLEASE tell us more abt the pet shop 🥺
pet shop is just... the gang and animals... it's all that rly matters in this world:
dee wants to get another cat and this time she is gonna be READY. she's buying all the best toys and treats so it doesn't go into the wall and become a metaphor for gay repression again
the gang tag along bc fambly
yeah, the second charlie gets into that store he notices the rats and he's like... oh shit, they have a rat problem! and rushes off to go speak to a manager. frank hurries after him.
mac, dee and dennis just kinda shrug and go thru the store together. dee sees rabbits and suddenly becomes conflicted bc... they look so sad and lonely... and oh my god, the guinea pigs? suddenly she feels so bad that all these animals have to be there and resolves to do something abt it.
mac and den tell her that the bunnies are FINE but the fish, on the other hand, aren't. fish in pet shops always look so droopy and sad and can you believe they're confined to such a small space... wldnt they rather be free? that's not a metaphor tho.
charlie talks to the manager and finds out that rats are acc very smart and clean animals... the manager is nice enough to introduce charlie to one and he bonds with him instantly... frank is kinda worried this is gonna affect the rat situation at the bar
dee tries to smuggle a bunny out. it doesn't work
mac and dennis steal a bunch of those fish that are kept in, like, glass jars and it DOES work. and now they have a bunch of fish and no idea what to do with them
charlie buys a giant rat cage and and decides to keep rats from the bar as pets instead of bashing them
dee decides to buy a bunch of bunnies, but is responsible and acc buys stuff for them first 😌
mac and dennis are still stumped by the fish. they're like... betta fish? u can't exactly release them into the river. they're bred to be pets
as the credits roll we just get a clip of them carefully assembling the BIGGEST fishtank ever on the floor of the living room.
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