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#we vibe to this
kittenscully · 9 hours ago
i can’t believe i’m still getting anons lecturing me on an opinion i posted last week
#it’s literally not about peiple posting takes that are unoriginal.#it’s about the disrespect of getting into a show from the 90s and either assuming there’s no fandom space for it already or not caring#and deciding you’re just going to talk about it as if no one’s cared about it for decades and you’re Rediscovering it#like deciding that you’re just going to start making your content the experience of you watching this show instead of . i don’t know.#seeking out and engaging with the preexisting content and community#and that’s something new people were doing last year and that’s how we made a community#and now? the entire vibe of it is different and it’s because people are establishing themselves by writing commentary and posting screencaps#or whatever in the privacy of their own blogs#rather than seeking out other people here and being friendly and supportive and trying to become Part of the preexisting community#that’s you know. been here for decades with new waves of people every so often#and it rubs me the wrong way because even tho most of you don’t see me this way#this time last year i was posting one of my earliest xf fics. and i was doing it to try to establish myself#but i was doing it after months of being super friendly and engaging towards the preexisting fandom and enthusiastically supporting#their content and basically just trying my best to be really sweet and friendly to everyone bc i genuinely thought everyone was so cool#*cool#and that’s how i got people following me back and that’s how i got people supportive of me. by being friendly and supportive of them#it was my ENTIRE thing for MONTHS#and i think it’s sad and a bit annoying that people are missing out on that#lily.txt#also i’m opinionated and wont shut up just because someone who clicked anon tells me it’s A Bad Take Hun
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theirwar · a day ago
(   @assassin681​   )    :    you waited for me?
chocolate hues avoid her gaze,  the  answer  and  obvious  truth.  whatever  this  was,  whatever  they  were,  was  beginning  to  take  hold  of  peyton’s  heart;  like  a  death  grip,  ready  to  pull  every  bit  of  vulnerability  and  love  from  deep  within.  when  was  the  last  time  that  happened?  or  had  it  ever?  languid  motions  bring  her  closer  to  selene,  finally  acknowledging  that  her  actions  were  purposeful.  she  was  there  for  her.    “    maybe.  that  might  be  what  i  did.    ”    a  hand  brushes  blonde  tresses  over  her  shoulder,  feigning  a  nonchalance  in  order  to  seem  cute;  instead  of  avoidant,  even  though  that’s  exactly  what  she  was.
Tumblr media
the  two  remain  distant,  with  peyton  knowing  it  would  be  up  to  her  to  change  that.  she  was  the  one  who  kept  selene  at  arms  length,  bringing  her  in  only  to  discard  her  when  they’d  gotten  too  close  before.  hot  and  cold.    “    i  couldn’t  show  up  to  this  alone.    ”    admittedly,  she  could.  she  usually  did.  but  the  difference  was  that  now  peyton  wanted  selena’s  company.  it  was  all  she  could  think  about.    “    plus,  i  had  a  feeling  you’d  look  like  that  and...  i  wanted  dibs.  on  you,  tonight.    ”
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loki-the-bi-frost · a day ago
I love fandoms cuz everyone just kinda disregards all morals like there will be an epic fanart of an evil character and the first comment will be something like *adopts them* it’s so wack
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mythvoiced · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@theimpalpable​ | 🍻+ "what are you thinking about, right now?" (Hyun and Boram, Boram wishing to acknowledge more about Hyun's trains of thought, also wishing to just hear him talk, whenever there's a chance? More likely than you think; are they even highly affected by alcohol, probably not, bUT) drunken confession.
He’s more fond of the taste of this particular drink than the notion of drinking alcohol. No, better yet, he’s mostly fondest of the company he gets to share than any colourful liquid swimming in his glass right now, as he brings it to his lips and regards Boram with the same look he’s done most of the evening, this fine balance between watching who’s talking and not possessing the self-awareness to realise how evidently he’s using that as an excuse to look at the dragon a little longer.
It’s cosy, that’s the most important part. He sets cross-legged on the floor of his current apartment, bare feet, pyjama shorts, some hoodie he found somewhere. He doesn’t have to be anything or anyone, doesn’t have to pretend to not be something, he can speak as he wishes, think even more so and yes, Hyun isn’t exactly the type to rob himself of these capabilities on a regular basis.
But even he, as he likes himself to be, sometimes makes statements with the knowledge he might need to prepare for instant backlash. He’s not dense to his own words - not too often, at least, and when he is, he’s only dense when impulsivity was the one to gently pluck them off his tongue - and he’s not blind to the features of others, so he knows when he’s moments from being dragged into something.
And then, of course, there’s his company. He’s silent as he finishes his sip on the homemade cocktail, silent as he lets the liquid wash over his tongue and coat the roof of his mouth and his inner cheeks with flavours he’s still trying to determine his opinion on. It’s not the easiest thing, to get seriously inebriated when possessing the abilities they do. But it’s not impossible. And at this stage, the warmth spread into his cheeks and adding that extra layer of colour to them, the sweetness of the drink running down his throat, and the ease settling into his mind, they’re still pleasant, still devoid of nonsense or intensified emotions, as his body reacts to the poisoning.
He just feels nice.
Because of his company.
Yes, that’s what he was assessing. He smiles, wide, opens eyes he hadn’t realised he’d closed while swimming in his own thoughts. Because his company is nice, because his company makes him feel as though questions are posed in wonder and not demanding him to justify his thoughts, because his company smells of all that is healthy and airy in the world, like a spring in the mountain, and all the water that lands in the valley has made thousands of flowers bloom, because he keeps giving and because Hyun is the bee so eagerly settling on the azalea blooming near the riverbank.
He isn’t even sitting that far away - and it’s nice? It’s so stupidly nice and his chest keeps doing that thing, his heart, it keeps going and going and going at it, the way he can sit on the floor of his home and everywhere he walks and touches he leaves a little bit of his scent, and is it the alcohol, or has he always felt this deeply as a fox would, in regards to dens? But far enough that Hyun seems it suitable to stretch out one of his legs and poke Boram’s thigh with his toes, repeatedly, playfully, gently, with a snort he doesn’t notice bursting out of him ahead of time.
Tumblr media
“You. And this cocktail,” he lifts his glass. He didn’t even have any suitable glasses, just these... normal ones. Whatever. “I’ve no idea if it turned out okay, because I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like, but I like it,” he tears his gaze from the beverage, tilts his head until he’s almost resting it against his own shoulder and doesn’t know how he’s looking at Boram, doesn’t know what others can so evidently see, in the appreciative gaze, in the adoring smile, in the spark of like. “Thank you for trying it with me. Thank you for coming over at all, actually... And for coming back. And finding me.” He lifts the glass to his lips again, watching his own hand approach. “I’m thinking... about... mountains, and valley flowers. About... Would it sound weird, if I aske you to say the night? Not to do anything, just... to stay. Keep you to myself a little longer, maybe.”
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earthgirl-sunshine · 2 days ago
so dt said in a panel that he listened to the album EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ by glasvegas every night before performing much ado about nothing,, anyway i gave it a listen & it's SO angsty i have no idea how he listened to that & then went onstage as benedick ???
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kkodzvken · 2 days ago
luuuune can u give music recs? the songs your fics are named after are all so good
Tumblr media
grouping these all together bc most of my inspiration does come from music!! usually, my ideas start w a general vibe or “spark”, and then i flesh it out from there. the spark normally comes from music, but sometimes it’s a book i’m reading, or a conversation i had, or just random things (for example, i saw some flowers earlier this week that gave me an idea for a dabi fic KDHFJSK). i usually pick one song and loop it while i’m writing bc otherwise the variety gets too distracting lol
recs under the cut!! i went pop -> kpop -> punk/emo/alt
to start out w, everyone and their mom recommends chase atlantic lmao but they r just SO GOOD !! and the vibes r so sexy and give me so much angst inspo skfjdkskw
songs: slide, like a rockstar, lust, consume, i never existed. the don’t try this ep is my favorite, and i’m writing a dabihawks punk band au inspired by it!!
i also listen to the weeknd (trilogy), khalid, sza and kehlani (their latest album, it was good until it wasn’t, is a fucking masterpiece) a lot while writing!! 
one of my faves is shinee, specifically jonghyun and taemin’s solo albums (ot5 until i die, but their solo music is sexy and sets the ~mood~ for writing smut lmao). i gave some jjong rec’s in the tags of this post!!
taemin songs: heaven, love and pansy hurt my heart. thirsty, criminal, famous, and sexuality are hoe songs lmao
speaking of shinee, i like other kpop as well!! bts are forever my number #1 (hyyh is one of my favorite albums ever — so bittersweet, makes me painfully nostalgic). also looove monsta x !! tomorrow x together, stray kids and ateez are also great. mamamoo r the only girl group that i like, i just can’t vibe w a lot of gg concepts skfjfjsj (although i do like a few soloists)
a lot of people stan kpop just for the idols but i do like the music a lot!!
txt: ghosting, blue hour, drama (the japanese music video is haikyuu concept lmao), our summer
monsta x: middle of the night, nobody else, gasoline (the title is in hangul so you can’t look it up specifically on streaming services, but it’s the second song on the fatal love album), last carnival, blind, my beast, turbulence (again, hangul title, but it’s track 7 on take.2 we are here)
i also recommend solo albums/mixtapes of the monsta x members!! joohoney’s psyche, i.m’s duality, and wonho’s two eps!!
and speaking of solo work, all of the bts rapline have amazing solo mixtapes. i love their group music that’s hype w heavy concepts/production/choreo (ot7 always), but the mixtapes hold a special place in my heart because they feel so ...intimate, almost? like a piece of their hearts that they’re sharing with the world. rm’s mono is the definition of comfort. j-hope’s hope world is lots of fun, but he just released the extended version of blue side, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking (and reminds me a lot of touya lol). and agust d... listen, i love him more than words can say, so his mixtapes d-2 and self-titled, along w the other song’s he’s solo produced like eight by iu, are very special to me.
i’m not majorly into skz/ateez/mamamoo like i am w the other groups, but they’re all amazing performers so i recommend checking out their comeback + awards show stages!!
i also really love eAeon, he’s a korean indie artist, and his music is breathtaking. he just dropped an album called fragile that’s i adore, the lead single don’t features rm of bts and is unbelievably beautiful.
okay that’s all good and fun but the majority of what i listen to is emo shit lmfaoo i’m definitely more into alt + punk music, here are some of my fave bands and fave songs from them!!
blood command: they are unreal i love them SO MUCH!! they’re a norwegian punk rock band w a female singer, return of the arsonist ep is when i got into them and it’s golden. no thank you i’m more into fake grindcore, saturday city, white skin/tanned teeth, and alarm all assassins are some of their best songs imo
dance gavin dance: listen... their music scratches a certain itch in my brain that makes me go insane akdjfjsk they’ve had a bunch of different lineups but the more recent albums with tillian and jon on vocals are my favorites (jonny craig can suck my dick, fuck that dude). lost, son of robot, bloodsucker, young robot, inspire the liars, jesus h. macy are all great. acceptance speech, man of the year, and evaporate make me cry/lose my mind
mannequin pussy: *chefs kiss* drunk ii is a masterpiece, i cried to that shit every day after a break up, so cathartic. cream and kiss are more upbeat, and their latest song perfect is also vv good!!! patience is a beautiful, emotional album, whereas romantic and self titled have more classic alt bops
G.L.O.S.S.: listen, theyre so fucking cool, and i respect the hell out of them. they only released a few songs before disbanding but i’ll cherish those songs until i die. they perfectly embody what punk should be. demo 2015 is on streaming services, and their second and final ep trans day of revenge can easily be found online!!
wow this is getting fucking LONG so i’ll just quickly list a few more, but this was so fun, i love talking ab music!! pls don’t be shy, i’m always down to give more recs or hear about the stuff that u like!!
movements, yonaka, shiny wet machine, real friends, skating polly, nova twins, the japanese house, bratmobile, yours truly. and, ofc, the pop punk staples: jimmy eat world, paramore, waterparks, stand atlantic, neck deep, the story so far, etc etc !!
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snackzimmerman · 3 days ago
It's a fight like anything they've had before, but Dex ends it by saying you're not my boyfriend, and Nursey ends it by saying nothing at all.
For something so very off the table for so many reasons, it's a contested thought in his brain. The words Dex and hockey have become synonymous, and somehow love has been roped in as well. Maybe that was what happened to Bitty and Jack - first you find your team, then you find your heart, because your passion is so intrinsic with that person.
Or maybe Nursey is a hopeless poet.
There's a sad song blaring, and he takes a minute before recognizing the playlist as his own. Or rather, one Holster slipped onto his phone before he left, claiming it's gotten me through some tough times, brah, and Ransom had retorted it's forced me through memorizing Adele.
Then it ends, and because Spotify has a cruel sense of humor, an ad starts playing. The woman advertising her podcast has a lot to say about love. Nursey wishes he has nothing to say on the matter at all.
An otherwise innocuous argument: Nursey had commented on how much Dex hasn't been around the Haus, even though he's captain now, and so kind of should be there for at least the freshmen if not his own best friends. Dex snipes back about how maybe Nursey should step it up, if he can’t even deal with things when Dex isn’t around, which had hit kind of too close to home. And then they’re yelling about some things that don’t matter and some that do, and a few emotional landmines are triggered -
And then Dex says that.
And Nursey replies yeah, I’m just the guy that’s in love with you, except he says it after Dex has slammed the door and gone, except that he doesn’t, because it turns out he didn’t go far at all.
What? Dex demands, shoving the door back open, and Nursey screams like a small child and locks himself in the bathroom over huffing and c’mon, Nursey, open the door.
Absolutely not, Nursey replies. You have to tell me when you’re going for the dramatic leaning-against-the-closed-door teen drama shot. It’s in the bylaws.
No, it’s not, Dex says, far more patient that he’s ever been - but that’s not true, is it? He’s managed his temper, and tempered his attitude. He’s been helping the freshmen and running the team and talking to coaches and doing everything except what Nursey selfishly wants him to do, which is stay close by at all times.
Nursey bites his lip, doesn’t bite his tongue. It should be.
You’re not my boyfriend, Dex repeats, and Nursey shoves the palm of his hand against his chest.
Thanks, Will, he calls sarcastically, letting his head thunk back against the mirror. Water leaks into his jeans from spillage on the sink.
You’re not my boyfriend, Dex says again, stubborn till the end, more sure. So could you get out here and let me ask if you’d like to be?
Nursey thinks maybe the cold of the leftover water has sent him into shock, but that maybe he doesn’t care, and then his fingers are fumbling with the lock before the anxious part of his brain can come up with hundreds of reasons why it’s fake, and Dex has his hands over his eyes like that can protect him from two hundred pounds of feelings.
Yeah? he gulps.
Dex straightens up and runs a hand through his hair. I’m gonna have to take you on a date first, I think that’s how it works, I’ve never - not like this.
Well, sure, Nursey sniffs. I’m not easy, Dex.
I’m well aware. Dex rolls his eyes, and Nursey shoves him in indignation, and mentally pencils them in for Annie’s.
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mtt-metal-crusher · 3 days ago
Papyton is the best couple because Mettaton likes to beat his emotions with a heavy club and keep them locked up in the attic of his brain like some sickly child he's ashamed of the neighbours knowing about.
And then there's Papyrus who wears his heart so carelessly on his sleeve that you can compliment him once and he's immediately sobbing on the floor telling you he's never going to recover.
Hopefully together they'd find some sort of healthy middle ground.
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Good morning gamers I went to turn on the light of my bed stand then realized I’m not in the hotel with my partner and am trying not to cry
Maybe I’ll do fluff asks today for comfort for both of us
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