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#we wanted bts meal but that also got over ���� but it will be back from june 15th so yeah
junghelioseok · 2 years ago
bts as boyfriends.
Tumblr media
↳ look, i know there are approximately half a million of these floating around this site but i wanted to put my two cents in so here ya go!!! i really didn’t intend for this to get as long as it did, nor did i intend to write it in the first place because these kinds of imagines aren’t really my thing but. It’s Fine!!!  i’m just gonna leave this here and return to my regular writing now, bye!!! ♡
Tumblr media
kim namjoon.
Tumblr media
it’s going to take him a while to really open up to you but when he does, he really does
so many late-night philosophical discussions
books!!! he gives you recommendations and reads the ones you recommend to him so you can discuss them
bookstore dates!!!
picnics on the han river!!!
long walks in the park in autumn, holding his hand and admiring the changing leaves and looking up at the clouds and wondering if there’s other life out there
impromptu dates at mon studio/rkive where you just order takeout and chat and listen to music
he loves asking for your input on new tracks. like, he really truly treasures your opinion and takes your comments to heart
really loves resting his head on top of yours. like just sneaking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on top of your head
misses you like crazy when he’s traveling 
lots of skype dates and phone calls and texts!!!
do those skype dates get a little nsfw sometimes oh yes they do
and on that note let’s move on to the nsfw stuff
we all know that joon is a sweet, kind, smart boy with a sensitive and nurturing soul
but! he’s also definitely absolutely into some weird shit
this is what happens when you get exposed for downloading porn on the shared work computer on national tv seriously
dom!!! so dom!!!
will spank you if you misbehave
“bend over, babygirl”
likes seeing you spread out on your back for him like a five-course meal
but also loves you on your stomach so he can get a good view of that gorgeous ass he loves so much
visually stimulated!!! will fuck you in the mirror and make you watch!!!
rough af
but a king of aftercare, let’s be real
will draw you a bubble bath and crawl in right behind you, tugging you so that you’re nestled in between those pretty long legs of his and leaning against his chest
watches you drift off to sleep with that silly dimpled grin and wonders how tf he got so damn lucky
kim seokjin.
Tumblr media
he’s so funny
in the most ridiculous, absurd way possible
dad jokes galore
squeaky laughter. all day every day. you fucking dream about that windshield wiper laugh but it’s okay because it’s adorable
he will do whatever it takes to make you happy
whether that’s with jokes or a good home-cooked meal or presents or a (broad) shoulder to lean on
sometimes he may overdo it on the jokes but
all you need to do is tell him and he’ll stop
a great listener! very empathetic and considerate
strokes your hair as he listens to you ramble about your day. loves when you curl up against him for warmth with your head tucked on his shoulder. wraps you up in his arms immediately.
cooking together!!!
sometimes he whips out a real actual chef hat just to make you laugh
so many kisses!!!
flying ones or real actual kisses on those pretty plush lips of his
doesn’t really have a problem with pda but also not super in everyone’s face about it
happy to wrap an arm around you or kiss your cheek when you’re having a movie night with the other boys
“get a room!” / “we’re in a room!”
and hey, speaking of rooms
nsfw stuff!!!
so i know lots of people think jin is vanilla but i don’t buy it
this man has raised six boys on his back and has put up with jk’s bullshit for years and you cannot convince me that this hasn’t had an impact
i.e. he doesn’t. fucking. mess. around. in bed
jin is all dominance and control when it comes to sex because god knows he has no control over his six rowdy children
sex is his outlet
and considering how much he works out? he absolutely has the strength to pin you down and make you his
wants you on your front, wants you on your back, wants you to ride him
wants you, pure and simple
tangles his hand in your hair and makes you look at him as he pounds into you
but also. a king of aftercare. will clean you up and wash your hair with lots and lots of bubbles and flowery shampoo
cuddles after, obviously
because he’s a romantic boy
min yoongi.
Tumblr media
so s o f t
like actually the squishiest boy on the planet
i see your mr. mins and ceo!yoongis and i’m absolutely guilty of contributing to the collection of dom!yoongi stories out there but
he’s a sweetheart
maybe not right away because min yoongi is nothing if not a tsundere
b u t
once he decides he likes you he won’t ever let you forget it
so. much. cuddling. but in private, he’s not really into pda
loves and cherishes the rare lazy mornings he gets to spend with you when his schedule’s not jam-packed
where he just lays there and admires the way you glow golden in the sun streaming in through the crack in the curtains
and you can just cuddle and talk about your lives
he’s such a workaholic but it’s okay because he’ll always text you to make sure you know where he is (it’s genius lab, he’s always at genius lab) and that he’s thinking about you
loves when you stop by the studio to bring him a pick-me-up americano after a long day of work
sometimes you straight up have to bring him dinner there
those turn into impromptu picnics on the couch more often than not
will play you the newest tracks he’s been working on as you eat and ask what you think
takes your input very seriously!
because he loves music and he loves you
n s f w ;
listen i know i said he was incredibly soft but he also doesn’t tolerate disobedience okay?
remember those rare lazy mornings? you better believe he’s gonna wake you up with a hand down your panties and his cock pressed in the cleft of your ass
and once you’re good and truly awake he’s going to haul you on top of him and make you sit on his cock
because he loves watching you bounce on top of him
“ride me, baby”
long, lazy make out sessions
gets off on watching you squirm
will fucking edge you for hours
two words: tongue technology
you better believe he’s gonna eat you out like a man starved
king of dirty talk
but as soon as you’ve both come he’s going straight back to squishy sweetheart
pulls you to his chest and kisses you silly until you both fall asleep
jung hoseok.
Tumblr media
the absolute sweetest
i know that might be my bias talking but he is so so sweet 
this boy will learn all your favorite things and go out of his way to get them for you
coffee prepared just the way you like it? oh yes
that scarf he caught you admiring in a store window last week? you betcha
remember that promise cd he made jimin as a present like yeaH THAT TIMES A MILLION
just the most thoughtful gifts istg
lots of shopping
this boy loves to shop
he will drag you from store to store until you’re dizzy
likes to pull some of the most ridiculous pieces of clothing he can find to have you try on or try on himself
(and he pulls them all off somehow, the fucker)
s e l f i e s
probably in aforementioned ridiculous clothing
k i s s e s
kisses your nose, your forehead, your temples, your cheeks
and your mouth, of course
“i like to save the best for last”
kind of a cheeseball
says the cheesiest shit with a straight face just to make you laugh
texts you the cheesiest shit when he’s away (in the studio or on tour)
happy dances!!!
will grab your hands and galavant around the living room with you in a whirl of flailing limbs and screaming laughter
just for the hell of it
he really is an energetic ball of sunshine
but he knows when to calm down and be serious
biggest proponent of open communication ever
doesn’t like to go to sleep angry so he prefers to talk it out whenever you have an argument
oh? what’s that? nsfw? all right
this boy dom af
like, really
a freak
will definitely absolutely fuck you in the changing room when you’re shopping together
will fuck you in the dance studio after everyone’s left and he needs to release some tension after teaching choreo all day
will fuck you in his own studio when he’s stuck in a producing rut
“cum for me again, baby, you’re so pretty when you cum”
doesn’t mind it a little messy
loves watching you fall apart around his cock
and then cuddles the absolute life out of you afterward
park jimin.
Tumblr media
this boy is so easy to talk to
so easy to be around
he’s an extrovert who thrives off of being around others so he’s always dragging you out to new places to do new things
loves spoiling you with presents 
always comes back from tour with little trinkets that reminded him of you
sends you pictures of bigger things he sees to make sure you like them before he makes the purchase
and of course he goes all out for your birthday/anniversary!!!
texts you every day
“good morning, beautiful”
will do anything to make you happy!!!
especially cuddling
there. is. so. much. cuddling.
seriously we all know how clingy this boy is
he will not let you go
you’re almost late to work every day because he refuses to let you out of bed and stubbornly winds his arms around you as tight as he can without literally killing you
whines when you finally manage to squirm free and you have to appease him with kisses
which you don’t mind, of course
selfie king
loves taking pictures with you
uses his favorite picture as his phone’s lock screen
but he has so many favorites that it changes on a weekly basis
this boy loves to give
very, very generous in bed
you want him to eat you out until you pass out? no problem, just lay back and relax
needs to make you cum. preferably more than once.
but also he’s absolutely a bit of a tease
really wants you to beg before he gives you everything he wants
he’s all teasing smirks and feigned innocence while you writhe in frustration
“you have to tell me what you want, babe”
but in the end he just can’t say no to you
kim taehyung.
Tumblr media
p h o t o g r a p h s
you are his muse
his inspiration
and he won’t hesitate to remind you of that fact every single day
so yeah he takes a lot of pictures of you
and teases you about the ones you don’t like and beg him to delete
playful threats about posting them on social media on your birthday but he would never actually do that
deletes them if you’re super insistent but usually keeps them so he can admire them later because to him you’re beautiful no matter what
unique terms of endearment!!! instead of ‘babe’ or ‘honey’ he’ll call you ‘daffodil’ or ‘primrose’ and it changes on almost a weekly basis
because let’s be real he uses language in such an interesting way? i mean this is the boy who called hair dye ‘color-changing soup’ for gods’ sake
this pup adores you
tae will plop down with yeontan on his lap and yeontan will literally, nine times out of ten, trample over his legs and go sit in your lap instead
he pretends to be offended but really he loves seeing yeontan in your lap
will pull you into his lap so that he can hold both of you at the same time
takes you on the most random adventures
like, this boy will take you to the most unassuming, mundane places and you’ll have the time of your life
like a hardware store
or a park near the airport to watch the planes take off
that’s the first time he tells you he loves you and you almost don’t hear him over the sound of the airplanes overhead
so you make him repeat it just to make sure you heard right
which he does happily, with that boxy smile of his
nsfw things;
a tease
gives you the most smoldering glances while licking his lips from across the room just because he knows what it does to you
likes to trail his fingers along your thigh underneath the table when you’re eating with the rest of the band
but he’ll never take it further than that when others are present
because you are his and his alone
two words: oral fixation
seriously he’s almost as bad as yoongi with the tongue technology - there must be something in the water in daegu
would be happy to die smothered between your thighs
his only problem with oral is that he can’t talk to you while giving 
but he’ll talk plenty afterward when he’s holding you in his arms and telling you how much he loves you
jeon jungkook.
Tumblr media
listen this boy is so soft
remember what he said about how he wants to hear a bell ring when he meets his soulmate like in kimi no na wa yeah that’s how soft he is
it’s gonna take him a while to open up because he’s rather introverted and shy but man is he worth the wait
loves seeing you in his clothes!!! hoodies, jackets, beanies - you name it
deliberately leaves his clothes at your place in the hopes that you’ll wear it because he thinks he’s subtle
he’s not
likes to show off how strong he is
will bench press you just for fun
until you squeal and make him put you down, which he does. cackling the whole time
sends you so many memes
always responds to your texts (unlike what he does with his bandmates lmao)
loves when you come visit him at golden closet
finds comfort in your mere presence while he’s composing or writing, even if you’re just sitting there silently doing your own thing
dates are either super chill or an absolute adrenaline rush, there is no in between
roller coaster dates
haunted house dates
bungee jumping dates
or you’re just sitting around playing video games and eating snacks
or he’ll take you to the han river just to eat ramen and watch the water glitter in the sunlight
now onto the nsfw!
the dictionary definition of a switch!!!
probably not super crazy about giving oral given his sensitive nose but! also eager to please so he will if that’s what you want!!!
outrageously open-handed when it comes to pleasing you
will use his fingers and tongue to get you off multiple times before even thinking about giving you his cock
loves using all that muscle pig strength to pin you helplessly underneath him
so you can only take what he sees fit to give
but also this boy has a noona kink don’t fight me on this
really just. so. eager. to. please.
loves watching you ride him, eyes hooded, murmuring breathy encouragements
envelops you in the tightest embraces afterward and kisses every part of you that he can reach
he’s an absolute furnace
but what’s a little more sweat after what the two of you just did?
Tumblr media
+ bonus junghope thoughts, bc i could talk about them all day:
i firmly believe that he would want to be friends first
he’s a little shy and introverted, especially around new people/in new environments, so the romantic relationship would develop gradually
and even after you start dating, he’s probably gonna be pretty cautious and wanna take things slow
but once he’s comfortable it’s gonna be Meme Central
“look, babe, i got you a present”
“jungkook that’s a picture of yourself. that you just drew. i literally watched you do it.”
he’s really just so fucking dumb sometimes lmao
and it’s gonna take him a hot minute to figure out how to be a good, attentive boyfriend
though part of that is because he’s still getting used to the switch from “my friend” to “oh that’s my girlfriend”
and the other part is because he’s the youngest child in his family and also the youngest member and he gets babied a LOT
and he’s said himself that he used to be v selfish
*joey tribbiani voice* “JUNGKOOK DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!”
he figures it out eventually though
i mean, he isn’t the golden maknae for nothing
his one weakness is giving gifts though, like poor boy just cannot. figure. out. what. to. give. you.
you drop plenty of hints but your dumbass boyfriend is just ???
finally you just pick up an item while you’re shopping together like “wow i would sure love it if someone bought this for me especially since my birthday is coming up”
and jungkook is just… OJO
he makes a mental note to drop by later and buy it
and when your birthday rolls around, you feign surprise when he hands you the perfectly wrapped package and make the most exaggerated shocked face when you open it
jungkook just giggles at your teasing and launches himself across the room to tickle you
which of course turns into a makeout sesh ;)
and if that turns into sex, well, no complaints there amirite
jungkook is nothing if not a switch
perhaps a bit dom-leaning? though i think his sub side comes out to play a little more if you’re older
he’s sososo eager to please
lots of foreplay and teasing
i think he’d like to light candles too, since he’s sensitive to smells and is a soft little sentimental romantic underneath that strong exterior
the post-sex shower probably gets a little frisky too because, well, boy’s got stamina
refractory period who?
and you just know he’s the most cuddly sleeper, ugh
curls himself around you and buries his nose in your hair and holds on so tight
at the end of the day, he just makes you feel so safe and loved
what more could you ask for?
doesn’t necessarily need to be friends first
he’s more outgoing and extroverted so if you two meet for the first time somewhere random he’s not gonna have qualms about approaching you and striking up a conversation
shameless double-texter
he just wants to know about you and your day!
and if he can take you out later :)
very observant!
it’s the dance captain/choreographer in him, he’s got great attention to detail and it shows
“hobi this coffee is perfect”
“yeah i noticed u always put in 2 sugars and 1 cream so that’s what i did”
really good at reading emotions and diffusing tensions
like he’s optimistic and cheerful most of the time but he knows when to bring out his serious side
can always tell when something’s wrong
and while there’s a big part of him that wants to make you feel better right now, he understands that sometimes you just need some time and space
he’ll be there for you whenever you’re ready
with plenty of hugs
now on the flip side, it might actually take some time to get past some of hoseok’s walls
we know from hope world that he has trouble reconciling jung hoseok with his stage persona, and let’s not forget that he designed his bt21 character, mang, to have a mask
even so, he’s been shown to be a bad liar and all his emotions tend to show on his face
so when something’s wrong, you can tell, but he’s always reluctant to share his troubles with you
“it’s nothing you need to worry about, i’m fine”
“hobi you’re my boyfriend, it’s my job to be worried about you”
it might take him a while to come around, but he will
and just like him, you’ll be ready with hugs
now listen, hobi is a DOM
maybe he could fool you into thinking you have control whenever you’re on top but hoo boY are you wrong
you’re in for a wild ride
dem hips are lethal
and he loves to tease
he’s actually very good at dirty talk
(i mean he’s a rapper who are we kidding lmao)
and his observational skills come in handy once again when he figures out exactly how and where and when to touch you to get you off
reverts back to soft and sweet right afterward
will wash your hair in the shower
and when it’s time to sleep, he pulls you tight against his chest and never lets go
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awtae · 3 years ago
BTS’ Reaction To The Moment They Fall In Love With You♡
P.S - I put a song rec for each member cause that’s what I listened to when writing and I think it really helps add to the effect P.P.S - I'm so fukn sorry for not posting school literally sucks all life and creativity out of me lmao laughin on the outside dyin n the inside✌🏼 also it’s 5:30am oops
Kim Seokjin
Song Rec: Make Me Your Queen - Declan McKenna
You were staying in the dorm after the boys had just gotten back from America and were in the kitchen making dinner with Jin while the rest of the member waited in the living room. You had missed all of the members terribly and couldn’t wait to see them, so you decided to treat them to a celebratory meal and Jin insisted on helping because he wanted to make up for lost time with you. While you were cooking, you decided to put on music and as you both cooked you sang the lyrics and laughed whenever you got them wrong. While you were waiting for your food cooking in the oven, you and Jin were sat on the counter talking about what it was like in America and as the conversation began to die down, your favourite song began. You gasped and hopped down from the counter and took Jin’s hands in your own, pulled him down from the counter and began to dance with him. He danced with you, the biggest smile on both of your faces, sneaking a kiss on your lips in every once in a while. Then, as you broke away from his hands and began to dance on your own around the kitchen looking at him and letting your body sway to the music, he stood there simply watching you. He saw the smile on your face light up and you sang the lyrics in the chorus and moved your feet, laughing in between. You saw his face soften and his laughter stop while you danced, so you asked him what was wrong. “Nothing, nothing at all.” You smiled and ran towards him, kissing him then continuing to dance with him in the kitchen, not aware that you had just captured his heart completely.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
Song Rec: We Can’t Be Friends - Dream Koala
You and Yoongi had a somewhat complicated status when it came to your relationship. Everyone, including the rest of the members, were perfectly aware that you weren’t just friends due to poorly hidden kisses and hand holding under tables and you tip-toeing out of his room and leaving the dorm at 7am, but because of the lack of commitment and slight trust issues, Yoongi and yourself found it hard to truly be with someone, him more than yourself. Personally, you were ready and were willing to wait for Yoongi and he knew that, he just had to make sure. So, here you were once again, your naked bodies tangled in the messy, white sheets of his familiar bed. He woke up before you for once due to the dim glow of the sun slithering through the blinds and shining on his eyes. He saw it was quite late and turned over to wake you up, but as he saw you laying next to him with the lines of sun and the shadows of the blinds drawn on your bare back like a canvas, he paused. He had seen you in this way a few times and it made his heart do something weird, making him ignore it and disregard it straight away, but this time was different. The feeling never left and he didn’t think he actually wanted it to this time. Thoughts were running through his mind in the most peaceful way and he watched you lay in oblivion to his feelings. He rested on his side as he looked at you, and couldn’t help but let his finger trace the shadows on your arms and back. When your eyes fluttered open to feel his fingers on your skin, he leaned down to make sure his face was an inch away from yours. He looked deep into your eyes, deeper than anything between the two of you before and instead of his hungry kisses you were used to feeling, you felt what can only be compared to a feather brush against your lips before he let his lips paint the rest of you; his canvas.
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
Song Rec: Ivy - Frank Ocean 
Namjoon knew that he had feelings for you the moment he saw you, but he tried hard to repress them because he was sure you never liked him back, but then the two of you became close with each other in a different way than you did with the other members and it gave him a sort of hope. Things like cuddling or sleeping in the same bed became a regular thing, but he was always too afraid of rejection to actually do anything about it. Little did he know, your feelings were an exact replica of his and always had been since you met him. You too were simply afraid of rejection. As the months of summer began to close, he felt like he was literally about to combust. Until one day, when you were both in his room sitting in front of each other cross-legged on his bed as you were telling him about some weird dream you had. Honestly, he wasn’t listening to a word you were saying, he was almost hypnotized by your face and the different expressions it gave while talking and your lips and your eyes and absolutely everything about you gave him goosebumps. He witnessed his silly crush grow instead of fade like he expected. He never expected it to grow this out of hand. He never expected it to grow into love. As you started to end your story, he spoke. “Are you finished?” You furrowed your eyebrows and a confused grin appeared on your lips as you replied. “Almost, wh-” You were cut off before you could finish your question as Namjoon’s lips came into contact with yours. Your eyes widened as his closed but before you could copy his actions he pulled away. You both sat in a moment of stunned silence for no more than 30 seconds before you reattached your lips to his and neither you nor Namjoon had ever felt more relief in your life. 
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
Song Rec: Sentimental - Wildcat! Wildcat!
You had know Jimin for around 5 years, and you had been dating him for only around 10 months and in all of those years, you had gone everywhere with him and the members. Every tour, ever appearance, everything. You had never been separated for longer than a few weeks and even then you missed each other so much you practically got homesick, but now, they had to leave for way more than a few weeks and this time you couldn’t go with them. This time it was a few months and as the days dragged on you felt yourself crave him more and more in every way possible. Jimin, on the other hand, never thought that an emotion, which he felt like he could only identify as love, would be capable of driving him insane. You weren’t only his girlfriend, but his best friend too. You were best at keeping him sane and helped him collect his thoughts, but even now you wouldn’t be able to do that because every single one of his thoughts was you. He felt himself physically desperate for you, not necessarily in a sexual way, just to simply hold you and feel you in his hands and arms. So when he and the members arrived back in Seoul, he practically ran to his room so he could put his luggage away and then leave to see you, but you beat him to it. For when he yanked his door open, you were sitting on his bed, waiting for him. He saw you and felt his whole body become paralyzed. He had heard your voice and seen your face over the phone, yet he hadn’t realised that he had almost forgotten what you looked like in person. He stood there for a moment longer, trying to let his heart calm down and then immediately ran over to you. The impact of his body against yours sent you both back onto the bed, but you didn’t care because you could practically feel the desperation for you radiating off of Jimin’s body. You were the exact same though. You felt your heart become relaxed and lose the tense feeling surrounding your chest. After a few minutes of the two of you just lying in each other's arms, Jimin spoke. “Remind me never to leave you again. Ever.” You softly chuckled. “Even if you wanted to,” You kissed him on the lips like you had been dying to for months. “I don’t think I would be capable of letting you.”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
Song Rec: I Need You - M83
All of the members and you were outside, sitting around a fire where Jungkook and Taehyung where attempting (failing) to roast marshmallows. You had joined the boys on a vacation to Hawaii and since this was your last night, you decided to sit outside and wait for the sun to set. The sun had set almost an hour ago, and everyone was laughing at Jungkook and Taehyung almost burning their fingers on their marshmallows. You head was rested on Hoseok’s shoulder and when one of the boys did something particularly funny you couldn’t help yourself but lean over laughing, feeling your stomach muscles start to ache and instead of watching everyone else, Hoseok felt he was unable to tear his eyes away from you. He watched your eyes crinkle and let your glorious laughter fill his ears. It was that exact moment he felt his heart almost stop when he realised what this feeling was and what it meant. He had been in love before once and it ended terribly for him. But this time, with you, he felt secure. He felt safe and comfortable with you and wasn’t afraid to let himself feel and show his true emotions. “Hobi-hyung, why are you so quiet it? It isn’t like you.” Jimin pointed out. Almost everyone’s attention was on him, excluding Jungkook and Taehyung as they were busy managing their marshmallow situation. Your head turned to him, with the same content smile on your lips. “Sorry, I was just thinking.” He said, looking into your eyes. Once everyone’s attention left him, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into him, so that your head was once again on his shoulder, making it easier for him to leave a soft kiss on your head. “I love you.” He whispered. You felt your heart literally swell, and lifted your head to return the kiss he gave you.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
Song Rec: Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine
He knew that you were special when he met you. Special, as in you were a supernova to his life. The energy and feelings you gave him were never negative in all the time you had been together and made him feel like a good person. You taught him that it’s okay to love yourself, and he felt grateful, but he also felt something else and he had for a while now, only just realising was it was. So as you both were trying to fall asleep in his bed, your faces facing each other, he began to speak. “You know, Y/N, I always tell you how grateful I am, but I never really tell you how I feel about you.” He observed. “What do you mean?” You grew confused, not knowing what he was talking about. He saw up so that he could properly look at your face. “I mean, I love you. No, actually I’m in love with you. I feel like there’s a difference between loving someone and being in love with them and honestly, I think I’ve loved you for a long time. But now it’s gotten to the point where the thought of loving someone else and sharing the love I have for you with someone else kind of makes me feel sick.” He nervously chuckled. You lay there, still as a rock. You were aware that you felt the same but you were never as good with words as he was. “You don’t have to say anything, Y/N. I just really needed to let you know.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss your forehead before laying back down. You moved your head onto his chest and after a few more minutes, you replied. “I’m in love with you too. And I don’t plan on falling out of it.” You made him laugh and hold you closer. “You do realise this means we have to get married.” Taehyung teased. You rolled your eyes. “Oh really? Well, I guess I might as well tell you that I’m pregnant.” You watched his eyes widen before you burst into laughter. “I’m kidding you idiot, you don’t have to look so scared.” You smiled as you let your head fall against his chest again. “Actually I wasn’t scared. Is it bad that I was kind of happy?” He spoke. You sat up again so you could see his face. “You want to have kids with me?” You questioned, not expecting him to confess something like that as well. “Well, duh. I just confessed my love for you I’m not here to fuck around, Y/N.” You giggled at his use of words, feeling your heart warm even more. “Not necessarily right now, but definitely in the future.” He smiled. You grinned back, and let yourself fall asleep with your head on his heartbeat. 
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
Song Rec: Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky
Because of Jungkook’s job, he was so used to being loved for things that have never mattered to him. He never cared about looks or talent and the only people he ever felt he could truly be himself around was the members and his family, so when he met you he didn’t expect anything significant. But as he got to know you, he noticed something different. Without even trying, you encouraged people to be themselves. You had an energy around you that made people feel comfortable and within the first few weeks of you knowing each other, Jungkook felt like he could trust you with everything and anything. So as your friendship developed, you two became extremely close, pretty quickly. Jungkook hadn’t felt this before and neither had you, but you both knew it was intense, but not scary because you were both aware that you liked each other. You both promised each other that you would never keep secrets or feelings from each other and always tell each other what the other was thinking to avoid miscommunication. So Jungkook knew you liked him back, but he was slightly scared that your feelings might not have been as intense. Jungkook wouldn’t have called it love, he just knew he felt something foreign and strong. But as you were in the studio with Jungkook, staying late to help him with his choreo, he realised that what he felt was love. The whole night he had a smile on his face and felt like he could be him, just like he is when he’s alone. He kept interrupting your help by wrapping his arms around you and leaving kisses all over you. “God, would you quit it,” You laughed, trying to push him away but secretly liking what he was doing. “We have work to do and you keep getting distracted, what are you in love with me?” You teased. As Jungkook kept his arms around your waist from behind, he leaned down to your ear. “Yes.”
Tumblr media
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Welcome Home | PJM
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: smut, porn with the barest of plots, Coworkers!AU
Rating: M
Warnings: drinking, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (be safe out there), dirty talk, multiple orgasms
Word Count: 6,235
Disclaimers: NSFW; obviously I don’t own BTS
Summary: After 3 months away from home, you return to find a few things have changed about your crush. Like the fact that he’s now single. And sporting a new lip ring.
A/N: Sowoozoo Jimin won’t let me live. Story is unbeta’d. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!
You opened the door to your apartment and sighed happily. It had been over three months since you’d last been home. Traveling for work had kept you on the road, shuffling from city to city as you oversaw the opening of several new branches. Spending only a few nights in each location had left you feeling disoriented and homesick.
But now, thank god, you were home.
You rolled your suitcase into your bedroom, dropped your other bags, and collapsed face-first on your bed with a happy groan. Taking a morning flight had seemed like a great idea, guaranteeing that you’d get home faster, but now it was barely noon and you were completely exhausted.
Just as you were starting to relax, your phone started buzzing.
With a less happy groan, you pulled it out of your pocket and squinted at the screen, then unlocked it to answer.
“Hey Joonie,” you said, rolling onto your back. Namjoon was one of your dearest friends, a coworker with whom you’d bonded as you both slowly rose through the ranks at work.
“Y/N! Are you home yet?” Namjoon’s voice boomed through the speaker.
“Literally just walked in the door. You’ve got great timing.”
“How was your flight?”
“Not bad. Didn’t sleep as much as I wanted, though, so I’m feeling pretty drained.” You sat up, pulling your shoes off and letting them drop to the floor.
“I won’t keep you long, then. We can catch up later. Just wanted to see if you made it in ok,” Namjoon replied, and you smiled at your friend’s concern. “But also… I wanted to know if you’re free for dinner?”
“Tonight?” You flopped back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. “I mean, technically I don’t have any plans, other than hopefully napping for a bit this afternoon….” You really wanted to sleep, but you’d also missed your friend terribly during your travels. Catching up with him over dinner sounded nice. Namjoon wasn’t much of a cook, though, so you assumed he would rope his boyfriend Jin into cooking for the three of you.
“Great! Then how about you come over tonight, let’s say around 8? Is that all right?”
“Sure, Joonie,” you agreed, yawning. Sleep was already starting to claim you, so you told Namjoon you’d see him later and hung up. You were sound asleep in seconds.
A few hours later, you awoke feeling refreshed. Glancing at the clock, you had just enough time to shower and style yourself for dinner. Sorting through your closet, you chose a casual black sundress that skimmed your curves and fell to midthigh, the perfect look for an early summer evening.
A quick subway ride later found you at Namjoon’s condo. Stepping off the elevator, you trolled towards his door as your stomach rumbled loudly. You hadn’t eaten anything since your plane ride and were really looking forward to one of Jin’s amazing meals. He was a total gourmand.
You knocked and heard Namjoon call, “It’s open!” Turning the knob, you opened the door and crossed the threshold into a darkened room. “Hello?” you called out, confused.
You jumped and instinctively drew back towards the door as a chorus of voices shouted at you. The lights suddenly flipped on, and you realized you were standing in a room full of smiling people, all clapping and laughing.
So much for a nice, quiet dinner.
Scanning the room, you spotted Namjoon’s head towering above the crowd. As you made a beeline for the tall man, the crowd dispersed, and someone turned on Namjoon’s state of the art sound system, a frothy pop song blasting through the speakers.
“Y/N,” Namjoon greeted you warmly, pulling you into a hug. You grinned and let him squish you to his chest, then drew back to look at him closely.
“Holy shit, Joonie, did you spend the last three months living in the gym?” You gawked at your friend’s arms, which appeared to have doubled in size since the last time you’d seen him. He was dangerously close to Hulking out of his button-down.
“Yes, he did,” a voice piped up behind you, “and I missed him every minute.” You spun around to see Jin standing behind you, an exaggerated pout on his handsome face. He wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug. “But I missed you more!”
“More, huh? I see how it is.” It was Namjoon’s to pout, though it was quickly replaced by a large smile, affection overflowing.
“So, uh, what happened to dinner?” you asked the two men as Jin released you. “I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I’m starving and honestly, I was expecting a five-star meal.” You surveyed the room. “This is nice, but I was only gone three months, guys!”
“Dinner? Why would we just make you dinner, when instead we could bring together all your friends and spend the night celebrating your return from your long, arduousjourney?” Jin exclaimed dramatically, gesturing around the room.
“Mmmhmmm. Or….” You tipped your head to the side, eyes narrowed as you assessed both men carefully. “…you wanted an excuse to throw a party?” “We wanted an excuse to throw a party,” Namjoon confirmed over Jin’s loud protestations, a cheeky grin making his dimples appear. “But look! We got you a cake,” he said, gesturing to a table in the back of the room that was laden with drinks. At the end of the table sat a tiny cake. “So, there’s something you can eat, at least.”
“I mean, I guess that’ll do for now,” you sighed, heading straight for the cake. Jin cut you a slice as Namjoon mixed you a drink. “Seriously, guys, this is very sweet of you… to use me as an excuse.”
“To lovingly use you as an excuse,” Jin corrected you, pinching your cheek. You scowled before cracking up.
Once your stomach was settled with some cake, you did a lap around the room, drink in hand, greeting those who’d come out to welcome you home. Namjoon and Jin had gathered your friends, some of your coworkers, and a few people you didn’t recognize but knew had been lured out by the promise of free booze.
As you introduced yourself to a couple identified as Namjoon’s neighbors, your eye was drawn to a flash to your left. You turned your head, and your stomach did a flip as you realized it who it was – Park Jimin. Your crush from work.
Jimin stood chatting with several of your other coworkers. Despite the warm weather, he wore a black jacket over a white tank, draped over rather tight black jeans. You weren’t used to seeing him outside of button-downs and slacks at work.
He looked really good in those jeans.
Jimin had apparently dyed his hair since you’d seen him last, going from silvery blonde to a deep raven black. A silver chain dangled from his neck, matching the silver hoops in his ears. But it wasn’t the necklace or earrings that had caught your attention.
It was the silver hoop nestled in the center of his plump bottom lip.
As you watched, he threw his head back in laughter, eyes crinkling merrily. The tiny hoop glinted in the light as his lips parted.
You hastily excused yourself from your conversation and darted to Namjoon’s side. “Uh, when did Jimin get a lip ring?”
The tall man looked down at you quizzically. “I don’t know, a few months ago?” “Like while I was gone?” you responded, glaring. “And you didn’t think it was important enough to tell me?”
“I guess not?” he shrugged, helping himself to another drink.
“Joonie,” you complained, “you were supposed to keep me informed of any important updates while I was away!” You held your empty glass out and he took it, pouring you a refill. “Thanks.”
“I’m sorry, I thought that meant filling you in on things like decisive corporate meetings, not stuff like your coworkers’ cosmetic changes.” Namjoon rolled his eyes. He took a sip of his cocktail, then pursed his lips in thought. “Hmmm. I did tell you that Jimin and his girlfriend broke up, though, right?”
You whirled around, staring incredulously at your friend. “What?!”
Your crush on Jimin had been raging for well over a year now, ever since you’d joined his department. He was so easy to fall for – funny and super sweet, with a radiant smile that could light up any room. Always quick with a compliment, he made you feel like the most important person in the world whenever he talked to you.
Unfortunately, Jimin had had a girlfriend for most of the time that you’d known him, so you’d never acted on your feelings. Which Namjoon knew, given how often you poured your heart out to him, lamenting how unfair it was for the universe to put you so close to this gorgeous man and keep him completely off-limits.
Namjoon cringed, realizing his mistake. “Uh, yeah, they broke up… two months ago?”
You pinched the bridge of your nose as you processed his words. “Joonie… remind me again why I keep you around?”
“Because I’m so smart? Charming? Willing to put up with your shit?”
You shook your head. “Pretty sure it’s just because of those dimples. But they only get you so far, babe.”
Glancing over at where Jimin had been talking, you realized he was gone. What should you do now? Go look for him? Or, option two - stake out a corner and wait for him to find you?
You tossed back the rest of your drink and Namjoon immediately grabbed the empty glass, refilling it without prompting.
“Hey, Y/N,” a warm voice spoke up from your side. Jimin.
Apparently, option three - panic and do nothing – would do the trick.
Turning away from Namjoon, you smiled at the dark-haired man. “Hey, Jimin.” You were vaguely aware of Namjoon drifting off, likely silently thanking the man for saving his neck.
Jimin grinned. “How was your trip?” You drank in the way he stood, one hand clutching a drink, the other tucked into his jeans pocket. His eyes were crescents, cheeks scrunching them almost closed as he smiled at you.
You shrugged, trying to be casual, playing with the umbrella in your drink. “Not bad, really. I mean, it was a lot of time spent traveling, unfortunately, and as soon as I felt settled in a city, it was time to move on again, but overall, I think it went really well.” You took a sip, trying to slow your rambling. You didn’t usually feel so nervous around Jimin, why was tonight different? “I’m glad to be home, though.” “I’m glad you’re back, too,” Jimin informed you, his smile turning shy. “I missed you at work.” Your heart did a somersault.
“Oh?” you replied, hoping you sounded nonchalant.
“Yeah,” he answered, licking his lips. Your eyes were drawn to the action, watching as his pink tongue swept across the hoop. He noticed your lingering gaze and laughed. “Oh, yeah, I guess you haven’t seen this yet, huh?”
You snapped your eyes back to his, realizing you’d been staring at his lips. You hoped your face wasn’t flushed as you shook your head. “Uh, nope! What, uh, what made you do that?” You winced slightly at your blunt inquiry, taking another sip.
Jimin just laughed again. “I’m not really sure, honestly.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “You know how sometimes you feel like you need to do something different? Make some sort of change?”
Nodding, you smiled. “Yeah, I do.” You glanced at his hair. “Is that also why…” you gestured to his head.
He ran his fingers through his hair, lifting it off his face. “Oh, no. That’s just because Wendy and I broke up. You remember Wendy, right?” You nodded again, trying not to show how thrilled you felt at the words “broke up.” “She always said she thought I looked better as a blonde. So, when I ended things, I decided to go back to black.” He looked bashful as he ran his fingers through the strands again. “But it’s been so long since I’ve had dark hair that I’m not sure how good it looks.”
“I like it,” you said softly, hands twitching at your side as you fought the impulse to run your own fingers through it. “I think you look great.”
Jimin regarded you carefully, his deep brown eyes locked on your face. Something flashed in them briefly as he spoke, his voice even softer than your own. “You do?”
“Y/N!” A loud voice cut through the air as an arm slung itself around your shoulders. Startled, you flinched, nearly spilling your cocktail as Jung Hoseok, another one of your coworkers, spun you into a hug.
“Hoseok!” you chuckled uneasily, hoping you hadn’t thrown your drink on Jimin in your surprise. “How are you?”
“Better now that you’re back!” Hoseok trilled. His cheerful nature was infectious, making you beam joyfully. “Come on, you have to fill me in on your trip! I’ve been waiting all night to hear, and so has Kim Taehyung – you remember Taehyung, from accounting, right? He has some questions for you about the San Francisco branch.”
Before you could utter an objection, you felt yourself being steered away from Jimin. You flashed him an apologetic smile, and he raised his drink in a salute before you were led away. A pang of disappointment shot through you.
A few hours and several long conversations later, you finally broke away from the crowd. Weaving between your friends, you stepped outside onto the balcony for some fresh air. Your head was spinning slightly, and not from the drinks you’d been downing. All your coworkers had been eager to discuss your trip, asking you a million questions, but the last thing you wanted to do was go over proposals or budget discussions or anything remotely related to your job.
Right now, you just wanted to focus on one thing. One person, actually. Jimin. All night, you’d kept scouting the room for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Either he was standing directly behind you the entire time, purposefully avoiding your gaze, or he’d left. You sighed sadly, taking a sip of your drink as you leaned against the railing of the balcony and looked out over the city.
You kept picturing that little silver hoop. Your mind, fueled by alcohol and months of pent-up desire, wandered wildly. What would it be like if he kissed you with it? Or ran his lips along your breast, brushing against your nipple? What would it feel like with his head between your legs, lips sucking your cl-
“Needed some air, too?” That warm voice again, cutting through your reverie.
Third possibility – Jimin was hanging out on the balcony.
You hadn’t noticed him sitting in a chair in the corner, legs propped up on the railing. The twinkling lights strung up above your heads made Jimin’s eyes shimmer as he smiled at you. He patted a chair next to him, and you took a seat.
“Yeah,” you replied. “Just needed to clear my head a bit. It’s great that Joon invited everyone from work, but…”
“But you don’t really want to talk about work at a party?”
“No, I really don’t!” you stated emphatically, as Jimin laughed. “Why is that all anyone wants to talk about?”
Jimin shook his head. “No fucking clue. That’s why I’m out here.” He sat up in his seat, taking his legs off the railing.
“I thought maybe you’d left,” you divulged, finishing your cocktail and setting the empty glass on a table next to you.
“I was thinking about it,” he admitted. “If Kim Taehyung had asked me one more time about next month’s budget meeting, I might have run for it.” His eyes gleamed.
You shifted in your seat, turning to face him. As you crossed your legs, the hem of your dress fluttered against your thighs. You noticed Jimin’s gaze drop, eyes following the movement.
Feeling emboldened, you brushed your fingers along the hem, noting the way he swallowed as the material skimmed further up your thighs.
“I’m glad you didn’t,” you confessed. He lifted his gaze to your face, and you smiled coyly as you continued. “I was disappointed that we were interrupted earlier. I’ve been wondering something since we talked.”
He raised an eyebrow, silently urging you to go on.
“What, uh… what does it feel like to kiss someone with that?” You pointed to the ring, your finger hovering in mid-air just inches from his lip.
Jimin lifted his hand to fiddle with the ring for a second before clearing his throat and answering. “Um, well, it doesn’t hurt, if that’s what you’re thinking. As long as the other person isn’t too rough with it.” He leaned forward in his seat and rested his elbows on his thighs.
You shook your head. “That’s not what I meant. I meant… what does it feel like for the person you’re kissing?” You leaned forward as well, unconsciously mirroring him.
Jimin blinked a few times, the look of surprise on his face quickly smothered by a slow-spreading smile. “I mean… there’s really only one way to find out,” he drawled. Bringing one hand up to cup your face, he gently ran his thumb across your cheek. “If you want?”
Breathlessly, you nodded.
He drew you towards him, his other hand cradling the back of your head as he pulled you in for a kiss.
Jimin’s lips were so incredibly plush, softer than you’d ever imagined. His mouth felt heavenly against yours. The metal hoop skimmed along your bottom lip, tickling faintly, and you felt his fingers card through the hair at the nape of your neck as his mouth danced against yours.
Experimentally, you licked at the hoop, sliding the tip of your tongue around it. His lips parted slightly, and you slipped your tongue into his mouth. Jimin moaned, the hand cupping your face dropping to your waist, trying to pull you closer. But the arms of your chairs were in the way, and you broke apart, panting.
“So…” Jimin huffed. “Did that answer your question?” His eyes were darker than usual, pupils fully blown.
“It answered that one, yeah, but now I have more,” you exhaled shakily.
“Like?” He ran his fingers up and down your arm lightly, making you shiver.
“Like, do you want to get out of here?”
Leaving the party was surprisingly easy. Most of your friends and coworkers were either clumped together, deep in discussion, or dancing on a makeshift dance floor near the booze. You found Namjoon and Jin and thanked them for a fun evening. Namjoon seemed ready to try to cajole you into staying, until he noticed Jimin hovering behind you, waiting. Instead, he simply hugged you goodnight, and you took Jimin’s hand, leading him to the door.
“I called us a ride while you were talking to Joon,” he said once you’d reached the elevator, his hand still in yours. You nodded as you punched the button for the ground floor.
The doors slid shut, and Jimin suddenly tugged on your hand, pulling you flush against him.
“Hi,” he murmured, nose bumping against yours as his arms looped around your waist. His lips quirked upwards in a soft smile, and your heart thumped wildly in your chest.
“Hi,” you echoed, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I’m really glad you’re home.” His lips kissed along your jawline, the metal hoop pressing gently into your skin. His mouth reached your ear and he exhaled, warm breath causing you to quiver. “I’ve been meaning to ask you all night…” he trailed off, the tip of his tongue teasing your earlobe.
“Yes?” you moaned, squeezing your thighs together.
“…what do you think about next quarter’s projections?” he asked, pulling back and giving you a devilish grin as the elevator reached your destination. “Oh, fuck off!” You smacked him playfully as he cackled. Grabbing your hand, he guided you through the lobby and out on to the street where your driver awaited.
The ride back to your place was quiet save for some soft jazz emanating from the radio. The two of you sat close together in the back seat, shoulder to shoulder. Jimin’s hand traced figure eights on your leg, fingertips looping over your thin skirt and exposed thigh. Your skin buzzed everywhere he touched.
Before long, you found yourself back at your apartment building. The elevator was crowded, a group of rowdy young college students occupying the space with you. You’d considered waiting for another car but didn’t want to delay things any longer than necessary. The buzzing had built into a steady thrum, and if you didn’t get Jimin into your place and into your bed soon, you were absolutely going to explode.
You must not have been the only one feeling that way, because as soon as you’d entered your apartment and locked the door behind you, you found yourself being pinned against it.
Jimin swallowed your gasp of surprise as he kissed you, lips eagerly chasing yours. You felt his tongue licking at your mouth and opened for him, allowing him to plunge inside. His body molded to yours, and you felt his hard length rubbing against your lower belly as he caged you in and kissed you senseless.
Your hands ran over his shoulders, down his back, fingers roving endlessly. It wasn’t enough. You needed more of him.
Lifting your right leg, you wrapped it around the back of his thigh, pulling him closer to you. He slid his leg between yours, and you ground against him, keening. One of his hands drifted down and dropped below your skirt to graze along your panties.
“Fuck,” he groaned as he felt the warm wetness that had already soaked the silky material. “So wet already?” He drew back and gazed at you with hooded eyes but kept his hand between your legs. “Guess you’ve been wanting this for a while, too?”
“For so long,” you breathed, biting your lip. His eyes flickered to your mouth, watching you worry the flesh between your teeth. “Want you so bad, Jimin.”
He swore again. “Shit. I can’t decide if I should make you wait a little longer or just fuck you right here against the door.” You whimpered slightly, hips lifting as you clenched at his words. “I mean, we do have all night… but I’ve been waiting so long….” His hand began to rub at you, his fingers sliding against your clothed slit. “What about you?” He bent his head, lips brushing your ear. “What do you want, Y/N?”
You trembled at the way he whispered your name so sweetly, his voice at odds with the position you were in. “I… I wanna know…” His fingers continued their ministrations, distracting you as they dipped under the soaked fabric.
“What do you want? I’ll do anything you’d like,” he promised, dropping his head to mark your neck. Teeth nipping, tongue soothing.
“Jimin!” you gasped. “I wanna… oh fuck, that feels good… I wanna know… what your… mouth f-feels like on my clit,” you finally managed to choke out.
Jimin hissed. “Fuck, absolutely, yes. Let me show you, baby.”
His fingers withdrew from your slickness and you nearly whined. But you barely had time to process the loss before he’d dropped to his knees in front of you and stuck his face between your legs, nosing at your mound. His hands slid up your thighs and peeled your underwear from you, letting the sodden material fall to your ankles. Leaning back, he shed his jacket, tossing it behind him.
He started to move back towards you, his head plunging under the hem of your dress.
“Wait!” you called out.
Jimin stopped immediately, looking up at you in concern. “Is everything ok?”
You nodded. “Yeah. I just…” You reached down and grasped the sides of your dress, pulling it over your head, leaving you wearing only your lacy black bra. Jimin inhaled sharply, eyes watching your breasts bounce over the tops of the cups as you breathed raggedly. “I wanna watch you,” you murmured.
“Whatever you want, baby,” Jimin’s voice was a low rumble. He edged forward again, and you held your breath in anticipation.
His lips swept across your right thigh. “Can you lift this for me?” he cooed, and you complied hastily, bending your knee and raising your leg. He brought his shoulder up so that the back of your leg was resting on him.
You stood there, half-supported by him, your core completely bared now. He let out a soft “fuck” as he stared at your folds, glistening with your desire. Just when you thought you were going to go mad waiting for him to touch you, he suddenly lurched forward and ran his tongue up your slit, licking a fat stripe.
“Ohhhh,” you moaned, hips reflexively bucking towards him. Jimin moaned as well, voice muffled as he lapped at your wetness. Swirling his tongue around, collecting your juices eagerly, he dipped lower to slide the tip inside you.
His hands roamed, falling behind you to knead your ass as his mouth worked. The obscene sounds of his mouth filled the room, mixing with your mewls of pleasure. His tongue continued to tease, gliding along but not quite reaching where you wanted him most. You squirmed against him, trying to guide him, and felt him chuckle against your thigh.
“Something you’re trying to tell me?” he inquired, nipping playfully at the sensitive skin there. You twitched, then groaned.
“Jimin, please.”
“Sorry, baby, I got distracted by how sweet you taste,” he purred. “You were waiting for this?”
His lips latched on to your clit, and he sucked, hard.
“Ahhh!” Your back arched off the door, but he held you in place, hands firmly pressing into your hips.
Jimin sucked on your clit ruthlessly, working the sensitive nub between his plump lips, then returned to licking your folds. Back and forth he went, lips and tongue working together to make you moan and jerk. The cool metal of the hoop only added to the pleasure, adding pressure to the softness of his lips in a way that caused you to shudder in delight. You dropped your head, staring down at him as he ate you out mercilessly.
The sight of him on his knees, face buried in your pussy, was the hottest thing you’d ever seen.
Lost in ecstasy, grinding against his face, you felt him slip a finger into your folds. “Jimin,” you rasped shakily as he crooked his finger inside you, searching for that spot that made your legs tremble.
He dragged his finger against your wall once he found that sweet spot, rubbing at it over and over as his lips wrapped around your clit again. Soon a second finger slipped inside as he continued to suckle at you. As you moaned above him, he began to pump his fingers in and out.
Bracing yourself against the door, both hands pressed flat, you pushed yourself against his hot mouth as much as you could. The intensity of his actions began to overwhelm your senses. That’s when you felt him start to hum against your clit. The vibrations made your eyes flutter shut in rapture. “Fuck, oh, fuck, Jimin, I’m, I’m gonna,” you panted, barely able to speak as you felt your orgasm approaching.
Jimin groaned in response. He pulled away, staring up at you with hooded eyes. “You’re gonna what - cum on my tongue? Please, baby, I wanna taste you when you come apart,” he wheedled, and you swore in response. His left hand grabbed your right hand and he guided it to his hair. “Show me where you want me.”
“Fuck.” Overcome with desire, you dragged his face back to your core, steering his mouth right to your clit again. You knotted your fingers in his hair, tugging hard enough to make Jimin moan. He brought his fingers back up to your slit and began to fuck you again as you rode his face, hips bucking wildly as you sought your release.
The sensations were overpowering, the pleasure engulfing you, until finally you burst. “Jimin!” you sobbed as your orgasm hit you. He kept fucking you through it, your walls clenching around his fingers, clit pulsating in his mouth as you came all over him. Your legs buckled as the waves rolled over you and he bore your weight, his free hand holding you up against the door.
Eventually, you stopped shaking, coming down from your high. Jimin continued to lave at you, licking you clean. After a few moments, you pushed Jimin’s head away gently, releasing your grip on his hair. You hadn’t realized how tightly you’d been grabbing it. “Shit, I’m sorry, was I hurting you?” you asked, stroking the top of his head softly.
He peered up at you, amused. “Are you kidding me?” Letting your leg drop from his shoulder, he stood and wrapped his arms around your waist. “That was so fucking hot. It was perfect.” He kissed you again, slower and softer this time, the taste of you still on his lips. You felt his cock pushing against you as you embraced.
Even in the afterglow of your orgasm, you weren’t satiated. You needed to feel him inside you. Now.
Breaking off the kiss, you slid out of Jimin’s arms to his tiny grunt of protest. “Come on,” you giggled, heading towards your bedroom. As you walked down the hallway, you reached behind you and unhooked your bra, taking it off. You tossed it over your shoulder and heard a quiet “Fuck,” making you giggle again.
At the foot of your bed, you paused and turned to face Jimin. He stood in the doorway, his gaze slowly traveling down your naked body. One hand clutched your bra, the other stroked his hard cock, which you could see outlined perfectly as it strained against his tight jeans. You sucked in a breath as you caught the expression on his face.
Pure hunger.
He strode across the room quietly, eyes locked on yours as he moved. Once he was at your side, he let your bra fall from his hand. His own clothes quickly joined it on the floor.
You couldn’t help but let your own gaze wander over his naked body, noting the smooth planes of his chest and the tights ridges of his abs, finally landing on his cock as it stood erect against his stomach. It was longer than you’d imagined. Thicker, too. You reflexively licked your lips as you watched him touch himself, his eyes still locked on you.
“See what you’ve done to me?” he murmured as his hand lazily slid up and down his shaft.
You sat on the edge of your bed. “Maybe I should help you with that,” you offered, reaching out to place your hand on top of his. “Let me?” You gently pried his hand away, replacing it with your own.
Slowly, you began to stroke up and down, tightening your grip as best you could around his girth. Jimin shuddered, and you bent at the waist, to bring his cock to your mouth, when you felt him pulling away. You peered up at him in confusion.
“Not tonight, baby,” he husked. “Any other time, I’d die happily just to feel that pretty little mouth on me, but tonight, I only want to bury myself in your sweet cunt.” He smirked, dark eyes glittering wickedly as his tongue flickered out and licked at his lips. “Does that sound good to you?”
“Fuck yes,” you whimpered, clit throbbing at his words.
With a growl, Jimin closed the distance between you, pushing you back on the bed as he kissed you fiercely, all tongue and teeth. Moving you up the bed until your head hit your pillows, he nudged your legs apart, sliding between them to grind against you as he bit your lower lip, drawing a loud hiss from you.
With a dark laugh, his mouth traveled down your throat and across your collarbone, licking and nibbling as he roamed. Once he reached your breasts, he leaned to the side, taking your left breast in his mouth. His lips formed a seal around your nipple, sucking it into his mouth.
You gasped as the metal hoop rubbed against you, the friction a heady mix of pain and pleasure. All the while, his left hand massaged your other breast, tweaking the nipple between his fingertips. He coated your breast in kitten licks, then switched sides and repeated his actions, swirling your nipple with his hot tongue, kneading the other with his free hand.
“Jimin,” you whined as he worked you over with his hot mouth and skilled fingers. As amazing as he felt, you didn’t want to wait any longer. “Please.”
He released your nipple from his mouth with a pop. “Please what, baby?” The smirk he shot you was completely sinful.
“Please,” you begged, “fuck me now.”
He rose up on his elbows slightly. “Condom?”
You bit your lip. “I’m clean, and I have an IUD. If you’re clean…?”
Jimin nodded. “Just got tested after ending things. Clean.”
“Then fuck me, Jimin,” you demanded, and he fell back into your arms, kissing you until you couldn’t breathe.
He ground himself against you again, precum dripping from his slit as he rutted. Lifting himself up on one arm, he grabbed his cock, smearing the wetness over the tip. As you watched, rapt, he lined himself up with you, and then slowly began to push in.
“Ohhhhhhh,” you moaned as he sank inside your wetness. He was stretching you in the most delicious way. Jimin continued gradually, giving you time to adjust to him. You felt him bottom out, and you laid there for a moment, panting, enjoying the fullness of him. Then you raised your hips slightly, urging him to move.
“Fuck, Y/N,” Jimin gasped as he began thrusting in and out of your hot slickness. “You feel so good, so tight wrapped around me.” He set a languid pace, fucking you slowly, taking his time. Bending your leg, he pushed it up in order to hit you deeper, making your eyes roll back in your head. “This is, ah, fuck, so much better than I ever dreamed it would be.” “You, oh fuck,” you broke off as Jimin brought his mouth to your right nipple and grazed it with his teeth, “you dreamed about this?” You raked your nails down his back, scratching lightly, enjoying the way he shuddered at your touch.
“So many times,” he rumbled. He brought your other leg up, pressing your calf behind him, silently urging you to wrap both legs around him. He shifted slightly, and the change in angle made you whimper as he hit your g-spot. Again. And again.
He began to piston his hips, driving himself faster into you. “I pictured you so many ways – bouncing on my dick, on your hands and knees, writhing underneath me a million times.” Each phrase made you whine as he continued to snap his hips. “But I never knew it would feel this fucking good.”
You pulled his face down to yours, kissing him soundly. His tongue thrust into your mouth as his cock plunged into your wet heat, and you sucked on the slick organ messily. The lewd sounds of your wanton moans and the slapping of skin on skin filled the room as Jimin snapped his hips over and over.
The pressure inside you was climbing higher and higher as you neared your peak. As if he sensed it, Jimin slipped a hand between you to rub at your clit.
“Jimin,” you whined desperately into his mouth.
“Come on, baby, cum again for me. Cum all over my cock, make it nice and creamy for me.” Jimin babbled a steady stream of filth, the rhythm of his thrusts beginning to become erratic. “This tight cunt feels so good, fuck, Y/N, I wanna fill you up, cum with me,” he begged, fingers pinching and fondling your clit harder and harder.
Waves of pleasure rolled over you, spreading outward from your core. Goosebumps shot down your thighs as your legs quaked and you wailed Jimin’s name. You felt your release soaking his cock as your walls clenched around him. Jimin tossed his head back and hissed, hips stuttering as his own orgasm hit him, coating your insides while he gasped your name.
As the last twitches of his cock spurted inside you, Jimin collapsed against you, completely spent. His head laid on your chest as both of you struggled to catch your breath. You felt euphoric, the weight of him on top of you pleasantly lulling you into a completely relaxed state.
Eventually, he slid from you, rolling onto his side. His head came to rest next to yours on your pillow. You pushed a lock of his dark, sweaty hair out of his eyes.
“Hi,” he whispered, slinging an arm over your waist, thumb stroking your hip. He smiled softly as he gazed tenderly at you.
“Hi,” you replied, fingertips tracing gently along his cheek.
“…did I mention how happy I am that you’re home?”
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youarejesting · a year ago
BTS Reactions: 08 Getting Hard
Hey everyone, This is Mature content just like some of my others a little sexy!!!
This is number 08 of my Reactions. If you like it there is more in my [MASTERLIST] also please beam me up if you like it. gifs from google.
Ever your jester.
Tumblr media
In the middle of an Eat Jin live stream the two of you were enjoying some Jajangmyeon he was talking and mixing the noodles for you while you were off camera grabbing some sprite for the two of you to enjoy with the meal. You heard him moan in appreciation for the food and the smell rapidly talking in Korean, you were lost and could only hear his seductive sounds.
As you picked out two cans of drink from the freezer, you were concerned Jin was doing something highly inappropriate on the live stream. The sounds escalated and you felt your cheeks flush as a particularly appreciative moan sent a spark in the pit of your stomach.
"WAAHH!!! So we have Jajangmyeon mmmm.... and some danmuji with my boyfriend" he smiled and showed the camera,  "I am mixing Y/N's because they always make a mess ah its amazing how much mess one person can make, ya! have you got the drinks yet"
You didn't want to admit how nice it sounded to hear him say your name but you carried the two bottles back to the table not noticing you had a problem. "And SPRITE!" 
"Haha you sound like Hose-OMO!" he was blushing as you sat down and with his hand over his mouth the live stream chat had taken off as everyone had seen the bulge through the grey lounge pants.
Tumblr media
It was not something you could control, you both had fallen into an impromptu nap fully dressed. When you started to get uncomfortable, your jeans were as the latest trend required tight. But they felt practically unbearable with your current situation, and you tried to shift your body Yoongi's. Yoongi was always the little spoon, curled up in an adorable cinnamon roll. He didn't like being disturbed when sleeping and he absolutely hated when you weren't there when he woke up.
Your right arm was draped over his sleeping form, your hand clasped in his fingers interlocked and pressed to his chest. How was this man so powerful and influencing when he was awake but a kitten when he slept. Min Yoongi was a walking Juxtaposition but you wouldn't have him any other way.
"What's wrong why are you moving?" Your shuffling had woken the demon and he turned to face you his eyes opening a crack. His voice was deeper and a little croaky, he pulled your arms around him trying to resume the former position before he was disturbed. "Wha?"
He had frozen, you bit your lip knowing he understood why you had been shuffling around now. He snickered his patronizingly superior laugh, rolling over to simultaneously pin you underneath him, lifting his knee between your thighs and pressing gently a smirk on his face.
Tumblr media
You two were shopping and Hoseok had handed you a bazillion different outfits to try in the change rooms. Because you loved him it wasn't the end of the world but it was a little tiring to change in and out of your clothes at every store.
Drawing the line in one of the shops you decided you weren't going to dress and leave the stall, only to have the love of your life find yet another outfit he wanted you to try. You decided instead to stand there in you boxer briefs until he had brought you every outfit he wanted to see you in from the store.
"Ooh try these ones baby" he grinned opening the door a fraction to pass the items over and take the others and sort them into a yes and no pile. You noticed his eyes linger as you pulled on some tight jeans and he hummed about a belt and gently unbuckled his own while staring at your pants. The sight was erotic. 
It wasn't meant that way but what else were you suppose to think, Your very attractive and dominant boyfriend, just slowly unbuckled his belt. Sinful thoughts filled your head. He began looping his belt into the pants you were currently wearing and he went to buckle it when he noticed the tent in the front of the jeans.
"Jagiya, you naughty boy" he grinned and stepped into the changing room and locking the door.
Tumblr media
You were reading in Namjoon's office while he was out at the studio and you didn't notice that he had returned home, as you were immersed in the pages of the book. Fred and George were shouting about harry going to the chamber to have tea and you let out a chuckle. And felt arms wrap around your shoulders, the smell of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and suede.
"You are reading Harry potter again?" He breathed into your ear and you shivered the sensation running down your back and causing your body to react. He had a way with words and knew it was your weakness when he acted all domineering.
"I am trying to read it in Korean" You huffed he hummed noticing your finger was holding your place on the word you were on and he grinned gently taking the book. Lifting you onto his lap he began reading slowly into your ear, his voice smooth and deep he enunciated well. By the end of the page you were squirming on his lap, which wasn't taken well by Namjoon who stood up and you fell forward catching the desk so you didn't fall.
"Do I have to teach you how to sit still, baby boy?"
Tumblr media
Jimin was laying in bed and gently tracing his fingers over your body, trying to memorize every part of you he always said and you loved waking up this way. But today his fingers although gently felt too good. You were in a half asleep daze and he continued running his finger tips across your lips down your arms. He was straddling your waist and drawing invisible patterns his fingers tickled against your skin. 
His fingers were replace by his lips and he moved along brushing his lips here and there. Your breathing was labored, hands unconsciously reaching to grip his strong thighs. Digging your fingers into the muscles and hearing a distant moan.Their was slight friction against you and a warm gentle feeling in your chest.
Lips traveled down your torso and like lightning it ripped through your heart and struck low in your stomach and like static it spread across your lower abdomen and down your legs. It was euphoric and you woke up searching for the cause of this wonderful feeling and looked down to see a grinning Jimin laying comfortably between your legs.
Tumblr media
You were sitting around talking with your boyfriend and you felt that sensation, you don't think anything really brought it on. It just happened and you tried to ignore it so it would go away but it didn't, it had made itself known and now you couldn't stop thinking about it. You tried to think of things that weren't arousing and it had started to work until Taehyung noticed.
"Oh what's this, baby bear?" He grinned and he pulled your hands away so you couldn't cover yourself up. He was smiling and teasing trying to take the cushion off you. You tried to leave and fell off the couch looking up at him.
"It just happened, I don't know why I wasn't turned on by you or anything" You didn't understand why you had phrased it like this but his smile fell and his eyes turned dark. He grabbed your knees and gently placed his foot between your legs and gently pressed your affected area. 
"I should be the only reason you become like this"
Tumblr media
Jungkook was really awkward all of a sudden, you had been watching a movie and he was fidgeting more then usual. Out the corner of your eye you saw him shift once more and you tried to sneakily look at your boyfriend. Noticing he was hard and that visual seemed to be all you needed as you yourself had gotten hard.
You thankfully had a cushion covering you and as a matter a fact all the cushions were on your side of the couch, you thought you would play with him a little. You leaned against him more and rested your hand on his thigh. Watching him while pretending to pay attention the movie, he was tense a bead of sweat traveled down his temple.
You were trying to hold your composure but this was becoming too much and he noticed your breathing was uneven and you had started squirming as well. The two of you made eye contact and simultaneously blushed. It took a few seconds the movie was playing in the background before you two clashed together unable to hold back the overwhelming feelings.
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chim-chimchii · 2 years ago
Just a Hug (Namjoon)
Tumblr media
Genre: angst but mostly fluff
Warnings: a little bit of depression?
Requested: nope straight from my brain
Note: I hope you guys had a great Christmas! Please get some rest and drink lots of water and eat some good meals!
There was a small knock on your bedroom door. You closed your eyes and buried your head further into your pillows not wanting to be bothered.
"Y/n? I know you're in there, will you let me in?" Namjoons voice filled your ears but you chose to ignore him.
The weight of the world was crushing you and you didn't feel like burdening others with your problems right now. And you especially didn't want to bother Namjoon, he already had so much to deal with and just giving him more problems could kill him. But you couldn't just ignore him but if you spoke your voice would crack and that would also hurt him. You let out a heavy sigh and turned to stare at the door. The sun was setting and darkening your room. You had been in bed for several hours hoping sleep would come to take away the pain but to no avail. It just made you more tired and upset.
"If you don't want me to come in I'll just sit out here until you're ready."
You could hear his back sliding against the door until he finally sat on the floor. Slowly you got out of bed and reached out for the door knob but stopped and slumped forward and rested your head against the hard surface.
"Sometimes we don't want to share the burdens we carry with other people in fear that they will also be burdened with those problems but all I want to do is help you. I might know the solutions to some of your problems. We can face them together if you aren't ready to do it alone." Namjoon's words soothed over your body.
It was as if he himself ran a caring hand over your body. Lazily you opened the door and stood in front of him. Since when did he get up?
"I'm sorry." You whispered looking down at the floor. You held your arms close to your body as he took a step closer.
"I know you're not to keen on affection and being touched when you're upset but I'm going to hold you until you feel better again." He tilted your head up by your chin and stared into your sad eyes with his warm and caring ones.
Namjoon pulled you into his chest and held you securely before placing a kiss upon your head. You hesitated before finally wrapping your arms around his torso and holding on tightly.
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where-are-jimins-jams · 2 years ago
Bts scenario: Reaction to you giving them a gift
A/N: I have been busy with school so I'm really sorry for not posting as much. This was actually my friend's idea so credit to her for giving me inspiration xD I'm also trying something different with the writing here so let me know what you think <3
It wasn't hard to notice that he was working hard or that him and the others were stressed for the comeback. All the late nights, skipping meals and pressure to not disappoint the fans was really taking a toll on him. Today was no different. You had stayed up and waited for him to come home so you can give him the present you bought. It wasn't anything too special but it was something he's been wanting for a while so you figured you'd get it for him. Walking through the door he tiredly takes off his shoes puts the keys down, only now noticing you standing a few feet away holding the wrapped goodie
Tumblr media
Seeing you standing there he'd walk over to you pulling you into a hug. When he actually takes notice of the object in your hand he smiles really wide and feels quite touched that you've not only listened to him talk about this thing but have taken time from your day to go and get it for him. No matter how tired he is he can't stop grining at you thinking to himself how he scored such a wonderful girlfriend
"Ah how did I get so lucky"
Tumblr media
He'd probably be very surprised seeing you awake at this hour. He'd usually find you asleep on the couch as a result of a failed mission to wait for him. He doesn't mind tho. He could never. It means a lot to him that you even try to do it. As his eyes travell from yours to the present he feels a warm feeling bubble in his chest. Not because of the actual present, which he appreciates no matter what, but because at that moment with one sweet gesture you've managed to make his day x20 better. Very little people have that impact on him and he couldn't be happier that you're one of them
"I love you and thank you for this but we should really get some sleep"
Tumblr media
If he felt exhausted a second ago it was all gone now. He'd be super excited to see you've gotten him something. He gets even more excited when he sees it's the beanie he wanted to buy that time at the mall but eventually forgot. He'd be so super grateful to have someone like you in his life and promises to take you on a date tomorrow night to even out the odds.
"My jagiya got me a present how cuuuute"
Tumblr media
He'd be so tired and worn out that he only notices the present when you mention it as he leaves a small kiss on your forehead. Taking the object from your hands he flashes his dimples at you asking you want it's for. After you explain how you've been worried about him and wanted to brighten his day he gives you the biggest grin he could muster feeling truly loved by the small action. The feeling only grows when he actually opens it and finds the scarf he's been talking about getting but has been too busy to actually do it. He'd gently cup you face as he leaves a soft kiss on your lips pulling you into his arms staright after
"Ah you're so cute come here"
Tumblr media
This boy would be so ecstatic and smiley when he sees you've waited up AND gotten him a present. He'd immediately pull you close burying his head in the crook of your neck telling you how greatful he is and how much he loves you. When you tell him the reason behind it he assures you that everything will be back to normal once the comeback is over and they're on their regural schedules. He'd take your hand and lead you to the bedroom where you two fall asleep cuddled up next to each other and neither of you would have it any other way.
"I've been wanting this for a while thank you so much jagiya"
Tumblr media
He probably saw something on his way to practise that reminded him of you and he bought it so he was absolutely thrilled that you've done the same thing. As soon as he tells you he has a gift for you aswell the room would be filled with laughter. It would kind of feel like Christmas morning except at night and not on Christmas but with the same aura of excitement and happiness. As soon as he realises what the gift is he'd smother you with kisses telling you how wonderful you are and how glad he is that you're in his life.
"Hey I'm supposed to be the one buying gifts here stop that"
Tumblr media
He was particularly tired that night so saying that he was happy he had a hug to come back to was an understatement. When you give him the present he'd tell you that you don't have to get him anything or spend money on him and that being here with him was enough. It does make him feel very giddy on the inside tho even if he doesn't admit it. He'd probably give you a tight hug and give you a little spin after he sees it's the hoodie that was out of stock the last time he went to the mall to go get it. As a thank you you'd most definately wake up the next morning with the breakfast and coffee waiting for you at the dining table.
"You don't have to spend money on me seeing you at the end of the day is more than enough"
// I do not own any of the gifs listed above credit goes to the original owners //
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