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#we went to Starbucks
leverage-ot3 · 10 days ago
woohoohoo my social work class is KILLING IT today with our peer presentation fucking ROASTING the Prison Industrial System (PIC)
no one:
#McDonalds Boeing Walmart Kmart J.C. Penney Honda American Airlines microsoft target Macy’s Nintendo#WE ARE COMING FOR YOU NEXT#lmaoooo when my classmate was like: yeah people bullied Whole Foods and Starbucks and stuff to stop supporting prison labor#me: gOOD#literally I am thriving with this presentation in class and we are all angry and talking about it together I love it#one of my classmates was a convict in Florida for a drug charge at one point and shared some of her experience with us and I’m like girl I’m#so sorry you had to go through that thank you so much for sharing#me: yeah like this one episode of leverage I was watching...#I fucking lost my SHIT when we talked about my state (where I go to school) okay#vermont has a 10:1 incarceration rate of blacks to whites and WE ARE THE SECOND WHITEST STATE IN THE COUNTRY I ALMOST THREW UP#and prisons in the south are even WORSE#like in one of my psych classes freshman year of college we went to the prison closest to my town and ugh#one of my classmates is doing her capstone on the prison system and has been interning in convinct education for the past two years and I#could listen to her talk for hours like YES MAAM TELL ME HOW CORRUPT IT IS AND HOW MAD YOU ARE#I fucking love this class okay#my teacher is that she/they I was talking about a could weeks ago in the tags that I talked about a romanticism with after class#not leverage#about me#mine#jackie talks in the tags#jackie talks#pls I know at this point if someone tried they could TOTALLY figure out where I go to school/live so pls don’t steal my identity#I promise you don’t want it
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its-captain-sir · a month ago
Man last time there was a time change like this I was literally spending the weekend in the city with my friend and I remember thinking "oh if I wake up at 6 normally then I should wake up at 7 now" but then somehow I woke up at 5
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ratczar · 2 months ago
i just want to say tht i had the BESTTTT valentines ever w 0 romantic contact whatsoever so all the bitter bitches rly just need to get over themselves
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molcars · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
AWW AWWW AAWW thank you kate!! 🥰💖💖
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suitmotif · 2 months ago
my brother is probably going back to bed because i’m pretty sure he worked all day & hasn’t slept yet so i’m probably gonna stay up until whenever he wakes up again because he’ll probably be hungry or smth. ah
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the fact that M88min Characters has claimed peoples artworks as theirs makes me hella anxious to work on the 3d things im doin and want to post oiiii 
#plz dont rb but u can like or reply lol#ignore#Silence Brand tag#i specifically went out of my way for the past year and a half to improve my 3d character modeling skills to make the most precise snufkin -#- and moomin models/rigs to the MV'19 as i could#and with that i was like Huh How Bout I Just Go And Make All Of MoominValley To Scale And Do An Animation Or Two?#i havent posted a lot of them bc i want em more of a surprise and when posted then ill post process videos... yadda yadda blah#iv posted some pics of the finished textured models to my insta story @faygosta but thats it#but in the mean time its like. now looming over my head of if they find it and claim it as their own.#like im definitely gonna include that its theyre +tove's characters at the end credit AND put a username watermark over the vid but omg..#wow their*#GUESS I JUST GOTTA MAKE THE SNUFMIN PARTS OF IT AS GAY AS POSSIBLE AAAAAAAAHAAAAHA#as a big FUck You to them for not only the killuz thing and their legal bs but just how they took out the lgbtq subtexts in MV19 adaptation#at least from what weve seen so far but i doubt im gonna be any hopeful for it in s3  :^| unless they somehow replace the shitty writers#also hot take time: you can boycott the companies sure but if you really want to protest about the killuz thing you go and comment something#on their insta or twitter.#you not buying from them is just as effective as some karen having a tantrum in a starbucks then storming out saying we lost her business ok#if they block you its like HA yea whatever. prove your point bro!!! all they post are advertizements of their own shit#and the same comic art with a dif colored background over and over.
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radiosandrecordings · 2 months ago
Archives crew tea preference headcanons? I think all we know in canon is that Martin hates oolong, but after your tea post I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the topic.
Ooh this is gonna be dreadful because I personally am the worst with tea
The Jon typical levels of projection are high here folks! If asked what kind of tea he wants Jon will just be like ‘Tea... Like tea tea’. He knows there’s specific names of other types of tea, but to him it’s just Normal Tea (Like, a bag of tetley or something) His was raised by his grandmother, dammit, It’s Just Tea. (Gently slides this in with my ‘his grandmother is Irish Spite HC’) 
Martin actually knows all the various types of tea and definitely has a mental map of ‘This one is best for this, this person likes this one, this one is best when you’re-’ etc etc, but he probably prefers just black tea as well, but maybe he puts something like honey in it? I think he’d like lavender tea though. No idea what it tastes like, the idea is just nice. 
Tim for some reason is really striking me as raspberry tea? Like he probably drinks a lot of coffee (Straight black or some overly sugary Starbucks thing, no in between) but for some reason I really like the idea of him having a bunch of different types of ‘red berry blend’ where the actual berries involved change from brand to brand but it all kind of tastes the same really. 
Green tea for Sasha! Not because she’s calm or anything, girl is off her shits c’mon, but I think she’d just like the idea of it. Something that’s a bit more precise to make than just tossing the teabag in a cup and throwing a kettle at it. She probably drinks coffee for the caffeine though, and also just convenience (She mentions buying it on the way to work every day in 26).
Melanie drinks exclusively black coffee. She started off just doing it for the aesthetic and the reaction saying so gets from people, and from there she just gradually learned to genuinely like it 
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newprisonrealm-who-dis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Itadori. Tell everyone... It wasn’t so bad!”
#*strolls into the jjk fandom 15 minutes late with starbucks*#I've wanted to do this for a while but I was waiting to see what Momo's hair color was going to end up being#because it would have pissed me off if I got the color wrong lol#anywayyy#after I processed chapter 125 my mind immediately went back to the goodwill event and this interaction#also idk if anyone else has noticed but pretty much every injury that happens in this manga happens on the left side of a character's body??#like I was rereading parts to find panels I wanted for this and literally. I do not remember seeing any injuries that#weren't on the left side of a character's body??#aka nanami's burns. every time nobara gets hit. etc#I kind of want to be mean and do one of these except all the causalities in the series/or just Shibuya#I have so little free time though so we will see#bc I also want to do happy panels for nobara and just some general ones for maki#hmmm okay I say that but I have thursday and friday and next tuesday off so I guess we will see#Shit wait hell yeah. I checked my schedule at my one job and I have monday tuesday friday and sunday off fuck yeah!#and my other job is closed all week because we are moving to a different location#wow yikes this was a lot of ranting in the tags but you know what? I'm tired and no longer care about that#ooh okay I do want to do some young geto and gojo panels too aaah we will seee#kugisaki nobara#nobara kugisaki#jjk spoilers#jujutsu kaisen spoilers#jujutsu kaisen manga spoilers#jjk manga spoilers#manga coloring#jjk manga#nishimiya momo
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batfamfucker · 4 months ago
hello! 8 with steph and cass for the spotify writing thing maybe?
Song: Lonely Gun, by CYN- Birds of Prey soundtrack. Fitting, really.
They come crashing through the windows, shards of glass spilling into the warehouse as they glide in. Everything moves in what feels like slow motion. The echoes of shots fill the room as bullets whizz towards them but their feet hit the floor too quickly for the mobsters to keep up with them. The girls duck behind some nearby crates before either of them can get hit by the storm of bullets.
"What d'ya think? I bet we can take 'em in under five." Batgirl grins.
Black Bat nods, smiling. She signs to the blonde, pointing to some of the mobsters towards the end of the warehouse then herself. Steph nods. "Gotha, you go left, I go right." They wait until there's a pause in the shooting as the suspects reload, then jump over the creates, rushing off into seperate directions.
Batgirl's targets are the closest and she wastes no time in springing towards the men, tripping them up as she drops, sliding across the floor. She laughs as they fall on their asses. "Sorry boys, looks like you're gonna need a reincheck on your weapons deal."
One of the men groans, glaring at her as he tries to spit out a retort."You little bit-" Batgirl kicks him before he can finish, placing her hands on her hips.
"Rude. I don't curse at you, even when I really want to." The men pull themselves to their feet hastily, one pulling out a gun, the other a knife. Stephanie sucks in a breath at first, but then calms herself, getting into a defensive position. "Take your best shot." She grins.
On the other side of the warehouse, Black Bat stands in the centre of three mobsters, all circling her like moths to a flame or hawks. She moves swiftly, keeping tabs on all over them, every movement, every shift in posture- Not even an eyeroll goes unnoticed. She'd already taken their weapons, threw them in random directions, out of reach. Now it was a game of who would make the first move. The first mobster comes foward, a woman about twice the size of herself, all muscle. She goes to grab Cass' arm, render it useless, but Black Bat moves, almost unseen with how quick she is. She pins the woman's arm behind her, and in on swift motion, shoves her onto the floor, both arms now tied behing her back. The two men in front of her blink, taken aback as they try to process her movements. One recovers before long, and swings his fist at the teen, but she blocks it, grabbing his arm and bending it back at the elbow until he screams. Not hard enough to break it, just enough for him to drop to his knees and sob like a baby. She all but flips her way towards the final target, kicking him in the stomach before he can even process what's happening, then she punches him- Left, right, uppercut- Until he joins the others on the ground. She takes out two zipties detaining the men with their arms behind their backs and rolling them onto their stomachs when she's finished.
Cass hums and cleans some dirt off of her shin as she turns, looking at Steph who's now in front of her, gripping her left arm, with a busted lip and grimey uniform. She blinks at the blonde. "Hurt?"
Steph shrugs. "Just a flesh wound, nothing I can't handle," A smirk graces her lips. "Told ya we could take them in less than five." She raises her fist towards the other lazily. Casssandra just smiles and laughs, tapping her own fist against Steph's. They walk towards the exit of the warehouse, Cass pulling out some first aid wipes and bandages, passing them to Steph, who accepts them gratefully. "So, coffee on me?"
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