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againstacecilia 2 months ago
So, uh... We're almost to 200 followers!!!
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Y'all this is crazy, so many of you here over the last few months and I genuinely love each and every one of you. To that end, I want to know what YOU want to see for 200! Do you want more fluff? More smut? Should I branch out and write for a new character?
Jump into my asks and tell me what you'd like to see! Or just stop by and say hi, I love talking with you. 馃挅
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idiottweets 2 months ago
it's the beginning of summer and you know what happens at the end of summer? new ghosts episodes
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keyofjetwolf 7 months ago
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Fucking LOVE Rue鈥檚 hair falling out of of Ballet Mode when she says that last line. Love love love it.
(I鈥檓 completely unspoiled for Princess Tutu and watching it for the first time. Please don鈥檛 confirm or deny anything in this post, give me hints or cautions or suggestions about future episodes, or try to explain anything going on. That includes if I should鈥檝e been able to figure it out from previous episodes, or if it鈥檚 cultural, or if there鈥檚 no answer at all. Spoiling the experience only ruins things for everyone!)
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pokemon-every-day a year ago
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Day 864: Cursola
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hallo-catfish a year ago
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Chapters: 9/10 Fandom:聽SKAM (France) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Relationships: Eliott Demaury/Lucas Lallemant, Yann Cazas/Chlo茅 Jeanson Characters: Lucas Lallemant, Eliott Demaury, Lucille, Yann Cazas, Chlo茅 Jeanson, Basile, Arthur, Mika, Manon Demissy, Daphn茅 Lecomte, Imane Bakhellal, Le Gang, Le Crew
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Renaissance, Swords, rapiers, sabers, Every Type of Dagger, Dueling, Sprezzatura, Swordfighting, Masks, Secret Identity, Costume Parties & Masquerades, Bipolar Disorder, Pining, Crossdressing, Nuns, Unreliable Narrator, Marginalia, Work In Progress
They saluted one another with flourishes, Luca with his usual perfunctory twist and bow and Elia with a curiously fluid motion that turned the line of his foil into an arc of silver. Then Elia leaned back and indicated with a lazy curl of his hand that he was at Luca鈥檚 disposal.
Luca hesitated, for the shadows of the Castello d鈥橝ltafronte were growing long, and he knew that the night would be moonless, and he did not wish to fight blind.
But Elia laughed softly and said, 鈥淲hat, are you afraid of the dark?鈥
Florence, 1534. Luca Tedesco, beloved only son of the Tedeschi of Florence and swordsman extraordinaire, falls in love with a mysterious masked duelist.
A 16th century Italian AU of what is essentially already a 2019 French AU of a 2015 Norwegian show.
Thanks for reading!
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silvershinycharizard 2 months ago
time's up, they're no longer accepting signatures
if you're from the EU and haven't done so yet, please please please sign the petition for unconditional basic income!
it needs 1 million signatures by the 25th june, as well as reach a certain threshold in at least seven countries which it only has in three, and it's also still missing so many signatures to reach 1 million and time is running out
please just do it, it's free, it should be safe cause it's quite literally an official EU site, and literally all you need to do is put your name and address on there (not visible to the public, but they will check if the signatures are legit so please don't fake any signatures, that'll just make it look like the goal was reached when it wasn't)
please just do this, time is running out for this initiative. if there's any reason you haven't signed it yet and won't do it, tell me the reason, maybe i can debunk it
here's the link to the petition: https://eci.ec.europa.eu/014/public/#/screen/home
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hella1975 22 days ago
people with big extended families that are all super close do u know how lucky you are. like this isn't a shame post to make u feel bad this is genuinely a soft reminder bc i know how easy it is to take something for granted when it's such a normalised part of your life, so this is me saying you're lucky. you're so so lucky. people who live near or with grandparents and adore them. people who laugh with their aunts and uncles. people whose first friends were their cousins and first memories are of them getting up to mischief. people whose families meet up for huge meals and parties that are loud and annoying and messy but fun and full of love and people you know really well even if it is your grandma's second husband's daughter. entire communities built around one last name. you're so fucking lucky, make sure to appreciate them <3
#i see people talking very casually about like cousins and aunts and shit#or visiting family#and im just like !!!!!!! that's so fucking cool!!!!#and it's very hard to explain WHY i find it so cool but literally my entire life has been me my mum and my sister#my dad is Not a real part of our dynamic#and our extended family is just awful#bc there's abuse on both sides like my nan on my mum's side is a horrible person who i want dead like i genuinely want her to die#and my nan on my dad's side has met me total of four times the first being when i was already THIRTEEN#and my grandad/step-grandad situation on my dad's side is just ATROCIOUS#in a confusing sense and also bc they both treated me dad terribly sense#like we have just never been close with any of our extended family and it means me my mum and my sister are SUPER close#bc we've just always had to band together it's v much been us against the world#but like?? idk it's little things like my godmum's family are your typical loud townies#but omg they're so so so close like they go for meals together and i've been before#and my mum will complain bc they're embarrassingly loud and it's like 'we can TELL we're bugging the waitresses' lmao#but i just loved it so so much bc they all KNEW each other so well it wasn't awkward and they were meeting bc they actually wanted to#family events for me are dreaded things where me and my sister for YEARS since we were children#have had to step up for our mum bc she's just so alone always and always has to face my nan and my dad is just NEVER there#and it's all us prepping beforehand what we can and cant say and coming up with emergency plans for if arguments start etc#like it's a fucking battleground for us it's so stressful i hate it#idk i just think it's so neat if you have a big close family but it's also very normalised#so make sure to appreciate them today if you have this <3#and if you dont then dont trauma dump on me like this isnt supposed to be a negative post#i want this to be a positive post so if you DO have big families like this then pls feel free to talk about them!#it gives me faith in the concept of family again lmao bc my own extended family are just shit#i genuinely like hearing about it
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buggachat 12 months ago
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Part 90 of my bakery 鈥渆nemies鈥 au!
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sixish 9 months ago
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Manifesting. Manifesting.
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bixbiboom 10 months ago
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Here鈥檚 that bisexual maelstrom you ordered.
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bklily 6 months ago
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What a week huh.
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share-the-damn-bed 3 months ago
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COUNTDOWN TO ST4 | Top Jancy Moments
3 鈥 Private Goodbye (S3E8)
"As a wise man once said, we've got shared trauma." "So what's a little more, right?."
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zu-is-here 5 months ago
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Puppet (and friend!) #11
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strawberrycartt a year ago
Hiii! So I've had an idea. You know that song strawberry blonde which has a parody called strawberry cow, well it made me think about how cute Belphie would be with a strawberry cow design.
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Anything strawberry related is 100% my jam so my excitement when I saw your ask was real.
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stranger-space 2 days ago
definitely one of my favorite canon facts is that whenever will is saying something very important for the plot (supernatural or romantic one) mike's brain shuts off automatically and goes in a crisis over will
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monkeywiki 4 months ago
hi gamers. my game where you date silly knights is 91% funded on indiegogo
we are in the end game now... with your help we will reach the goal.
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slushedpuppys a month ago
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i love them
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