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#we're very close
Just curious. What's your thing with Scott Swift? Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you attached to him because you don't have your father in your life? Sometimes that happens.

Scott and I are soulmates

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I feel like, my mom is starting to get more picky about my appearance. It used to be typical mom stuff where she’d try to get me to wear cute and pretty clothes when all I want to do is wear comfortable pants and shirts. Lately though, she’s been pointing out flaws and making me feel uncomfortable. She’s been saying I’m gaining weight, when I don’t believe I am. I have a bit of chub but then most people do, and it doesn’t bother me. She’s been pointing out my acne, yet another normal thing that people have. I get a break out every now and then, and sometimes they scab, sorry. Today though, I told her I had a cavity that’s been bothering me and asked her if we could go get it filled. She said yeah, and we’ll get your braces put back on and fix your overbite. I asked her why, she said ‘Because you need to, and it could cause problems later on.’ I do not have a bad overbite. I even looked it up and unless you have a severe overbite, it’s really just gonna make your smile look weird. That’s it. I don’t know, it’s just getting on my nerves. For the record, I normally get along really well with my mom.

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