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supermunchor4 minutes ago
In an unexpected but EXTREMELY fortunate turn of events, the cute pink heart shaped magical girl glaive is the best glaive I own currently (provided the monster isn't immune to blast)
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piggypoopyan hour ago
I鈥檓 scared.
I鈥檓 going cRazY.
I鈥檓 feeling blue.
Am I depressed?
No motivation...
My mind can鈥檛
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fearless--swiftie-132 hours ago
my gran to my brother: "lift that slab and put it over there, I'm not having Emma lift that. There's no way she can lift it."
me, who can lift more weight than my brother, but also can't be arsed arguing or moving: "cool, I'm going to make a sandwich"
he's proper sweating and I'm chilling in the sun
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indigosprite2 hours ago
Okay but my misplaced Mukuro theory isn鈥檛 that insane when you consider the fact that he is the only one without a real name. I 100% believe it has to do with the fact that he鈥檚 not even from the family. At least not directly. Ken and Chiksua were born mafia and that鈥檚 why they know their real names and the Estraneos history and Mukuro was a relative of some mafia member that messed up and got his family killed or just simply took him from them as sacrifice for the greater good of the family.
(Also random but the fact that he didn鈥檛 speak while Ken and Chikusa and others socialized relatively normal because This is all they knew and Mukuro was new and that disturbed by all of it)
His name is a pseudonym whether it was intended to actually be his given name or not it stands out amongst his gang. They have normal names then here comes Mukuro named after his abilities he was given after an experiment. And like yeah Ken and the whole dog thing but the kid actually has a real last name and possibly a lineage to trace. His ? Completely made up like he picked it out to fit him after being changed because fuck whoever he was before they鈥檙e definitely not coming back he knew that when he picked up the trident for the first time. I鈥檓 on board with a 鈥淚 was never supposed to be here鈥 Mukuro because it ties in to his whole mission statement even more. He, like Tsuna was brought in to a world against his will and very clearly wants to tear it apart for getting him involved. That Parallel between them runs deeper than I thought every time I hash out that relationship.
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incorrect-physics-quotes6 hours ago
Weak force: I treat every particle equally.
Physicist: Really tho? *moves hand towards the on-switch of the experiment set up to measure parity violation, threateningly* Just admit you don't like right-handed folks!
Weak force: There's no need for violence, I -
Physicist: *places finger on the switch*
Weak force, trembling in fear: Alright ALRIGHT I admit it! I am asymmetric under parity transformation!
Physicist: I f*cking knew it!
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glittershvck6 hours ago
i fucking hate having anxiety, how is anyone meant to live like this?
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ilostmyfuck8 hours ago
Me, playing Ayakashi: *gasp* The betrayal! Well played, I didn't see that coming!
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therealhellscape8 hours ago
roxy is a trans woman
*slaps picture of roxy* this gal can fit so much trans rep
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vos-videmus9 hours ago
jkshdfkjhsd I meant Personality 9 for knox I'm just. stupid
5 positive traits
He鈥檚 hot
He eventually realized he did shitty things (but still has no idea how to go about rectifying them)
Since maelstrom he鈥檚 been more passive and thinks through his potential actions more
He鈥檚 always been a good leader even though his leading style is more akin to a dictatorship
Has a good eye for talent
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parkshwa9 hours ago
It鈥檚 missing San hours
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munku-collar11 hours ago
Not to be horny on main but
Demestrap masturbation
Munk pressed up against Deme's back, running his paws up and down her body, cupping her breasts & playing with her nipples as she touches herself. He grinds against her ass, encourages her into rocking her hips a little, until she's feeling as loose and relaxed and sensual as he knows she is, and he makes her keep her touch slow, teetering on the edge of too much and not enough like he would until she's good and wet and he slips a paw down between her folds, inside her, and finishes the job, kissing her neck, telling her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her as her head tips back and she stifles a moan, cumming on his fingers
Or Munk laying back in Demeter's lap, her legs on either side and paws running up and down his shoulders after massaging him for a while. He's totally pliant, the way she wants him, and she's leaning forward to leave light scratches on his toned thighs as he strokes himself. She wont let him cum, gets him to stop everytime he gets close to the edge. Just the sound of her fucking voice, the low, sweet tone she uses is enough to overrule his desperation to cum. When she finally touches him though, wraps a paw around his length and strokes alongside him, he shoots off immediately, chills running through him like lightning, and she leans forward a little more, peppers him with kisses and praises until he's entirely empty headed, cum covered, and floating on wave after wave of pleasure
And then the real fun begins because once is never enough for them. They fuckin take hours to get it out of their system if they havent had the chance for a while, touching and feeling and fucking each other all night long before finally falling asleep tangled together, sated and blissed out and just as in love as always
And yeah thats it ur welcome
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