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philosophybits · a day ago
The idea that the poor should have leisure has always been shocking to the rich.
Bertrand Russell, In Praise of Idleness
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roswyn · 2 days ago
Kitchen Witch Tip ☕
Drink chai tea for a quick abundance, luck and wealth spell ~ it contains cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, the main ingredients in most abundance spells! Just add you intention while you stir (I stir with a cinnamon stick and leave that in too), you can even add in a manifestation while you drink it ☕
This is a really easy, quick and cheap spell to do (not to mention super tasty 😋)! Remember, Witchcraft doesn't have to be expensive 💕
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gahdamnpunk · a year ago
Tumblr media
This pandemic is really proving that government has the means to solve all problems they just choose not to
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culturedbelle · 2 months ago
Reminder to push yourself everyday, I know that sometimes you won’t feel like it but you need to do this for your future self. Your future self will thank you for making sure that she is secure and can live the life that she wants, clean your room/ house, eat cleaner, workout, make and save your money and don’t slack because you defiantly dont need that Starbucks everyday or that random item you found at target, write down your goals and get closer to them everyday and don’t slack off, get a planner, stop spending hours on tumblr and get to working on yourself right now, don’t disappoint your future self, make her proud.
Tumblr media
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yourwitchmama · 3 months ago
Emoji spell to bring money and abundance into your life~
Say out loud or in your head “blessed be!” Or “may it be so”
Likes to charge, reblogs to cast
Manifestation music
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goawfma · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
another industry killed i’ll drink to that 🥂
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reign444 · 20 days ago
it has been scientifically proven that your brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. pretend you’re already living your dream life. it is a universal law that it has to come into fruition if you already believe the thing you desire is yours.
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messythiccbitvh · 4 months ago
💖 The guide to becoming my dream girl 💖
Inspired by @2pretty✨
Tumblr media
Because I got to the party late, I will be starting tomorrow, June 5th.
My dream girl focuses on bettering herself through her mental and physical health, her finances, and her studies. She prioritizes herself and ensures that she is stress free. She stimulates her mind by reading, studying her courses, and learning new things every day (no matter how big or small). She has a strict daily routine and practices self-discipline in all aspects of her life.
How I see my dream girl:
1. She is organized and maintains a clean and respectable living area and workspace.
2. She refuses to leave the house if she does not look put together and ensures she always looks stylish and feminine whenever she walks out the door.
3. She focuses on her mental health and heals her past traumas, so they do not affect her present, nor her future.
4. She tries to eat as many plant-based/whole foods options as often as possible and exercises regularly in order to enhance her physique.
5. She takes care of her outer appearance and has a strict beauty regimen.
6. She practices her spirituality regularly and is close with Mother Earth.
7. She studies hard and regularly in order to get good grades and maintain her scholarship.
8. She allows herself to learn things outside of her formal education by reading a new book each month, attending webinars, and learning about both sides of potential controversial topics in order to learn different people’s perspectives.
9. She ensures that she is financially stable and thriving by investing and utilizing her money wisely.
10. She does not let anything hold her back from achieving her goals and regularly works on her self-esteem in order to improve her self-confidence.
11. She socializes and spends time with friends and does not give time to anyone who does not positively influence her.
12. She explores herself mentally and spiritually in order to ensure that she is in tune with herself and her soul.
June: Health is Wealth
Tumblr media
Lose 5 lbs
Workout 5 days a week and do something to be active every day (even if it’s just a walk)
Run at least two miles 3x a week
Complete Darihana Nova’s Booty Band Guide
Drink at least 100 fl oz of water a day
Focus on Eating more whole foods and less trash foods
Limit refined sugars/added sugars this month
No soda
Do not binge eat or overeat
Eat a salad 3x a week
Eat at least 3 vegetables a day
Eat at least 2 fruits a day
Explore and find more healthy and appetizing recipes
Take vitamins every day
Limit alcohol and weed intake
Begin reading Fabulosity: What it is and How to Get it by Kimora Lee Simmons
July: Focusing on Finances
Tumblr media
Become more familiar with the financial world
Read financial blogs weekly
Watch YouTube videos dedicated to finance
Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Begin investing in index funds
Possibly open up high yield savings account
Finally move up from a hostess to a server
Hustle at work and make at least $1,500 this month (save some and invest the rest)
Look into low interest loans for my master’s
Begin to sell my old Littlest Pet Shops and old clothes online
August: Study Like it’s September
Tumblr media
Prepare myself to start grad school
Decorate my workspace and desk area into a more motivating and peaceful space
Develop a regular morning routine
Wake up every day at 5:30AM
Go to the gym or go for a walk
Read at least one hour each day
Leave the house at least 2x a week as if you were to go to school or your internship
Pick up my room and workspace each day to ensure that it is clean and prepared for my school life to begin again
Develop a regular, consistent, and healthy sleep routine/schedule
Attend/view webinars relating to social work practice, social justice, the justice system, and more
Begin to prepare myself to study like Elle Woods for the next 12 months
Read A Goal Digger’s Guide by Baje Fletcher
September: Curate My Closet and Care for Myself
Tumblr media
Find my style
Find classic, basic, and timeless pieces
Find a style icon to look up to/get ideas from
Reconnect with my inner childhood fashionista (as I was a girly girl back then)
Find ways to always feminize clothing and outfits
Wear jewelry every day
Watch YouTube videos dedicated to femininity
Introduce and display my new style by attending social events and leaving the house more
Ensure that I never leave the house looking “rough”
Hair needs to always be done or at least pulled back neatly
Must wear “suitable” and flattering outfits
Look my best whenever I leave the house
Continue with my strict beauty regimen
Grow my nails out (again)
Do regular at home mani-pedis
Learn more about natural makeup styles
Exfoliate 3x a week
Continue to focus on eating well and losing weight
Start to focus on toning up for that *fall* body
Begin Darihana Nova’s Ultimate 8 Week Full Body Guide Volume 2
Read 50 Things Every Young Woman Should Know by Kay West
October: Spirituality Season
Tumblr media
Study and become more familiar with each tarot card and their meanings
Complete a tarot reading each week
Learn more about crystals and their uses/properties
Continue to eat whole foods and eat more plant-based in order to fuel my body and connect me with the earth more
Learn about herbs and their uses/significance
Read Sacred Woman by Queen Afua
November: Know Yourself November
Tumblr media
Begin mirror work
Read Mirror Work by Louise Hay
Journal every day
Focus on healing my past traumas
Begin to heal my inner child
Practice being more honest with people
Stop being a people pleaser
Continue to garner more self-confidence and develop a higher self-esteem
Spend more time with friends and loved ones
December: Wrapping up, Final Review, and Preparation
Tumblr media
Be at my goal weight by the end of the month
Continue to focus on eating well and losing weight
Begin to focus on toning up for that *winter* body
Study like Elle Woods to prepare for finals
Review the year
Reflect on and celebrate all that you have accomplished
Celebrate yourself -- this is your birthday month after all
Travel somewhere (whether it be in the US or outside of the US)
Read Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain
Complete any goals that you have not yet completed
Remove/leave behind anything/anyone that you do not want to take with you moving into 2022
Prepare for 2022
Create a 12-month goals guide for 2022
Tumblr media
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therealglowup · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
💸I am grateful for all the abundance coming to me now
💸I am a magnet for money and magic
💸I am open to receiving unlimited wealth
💸I am receiving all of my hearts desires
💸I am filled with joy and gratitude
💸I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally always.
💸The divine is always manifesting abundance for me
💸I am surrounded by wealth and people of prosperity
💸I release all worry surrounding money
💸I release all negative energy around money
💸I am grateful for all the abundance coming to me now
💸I am successful at all that I do
💸I am grateful that the divine is always manifesting abundance for me
💸 I am flowing with abundance
💸I am powerful attracting prosperity
💸I am receive large amounts of money everyday
💸I am worthy of receiving more and more prosperity
💸I am financially secure
💸I am open to all the wealth the universe has to offer me
💸I am aligned to the energy of abundance always.
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hotgirltarot · 2 months ago
Your Manifestations are all here.✨
Your Soulmate is with you. 💑
Your dream life is here. 💭
Your Health is in perfect condition. 🩺
Your bank account overflows. 💸
Affirm this and reblog to amplify the energy!
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gahdamnpunk · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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copperbadge · 6 months ago
One of the weirdest aspects of working in fundraising for a medical nonprofit is that instead of endless ranks of hedge fund managers and particularly successful lawyers who want their names on plaques, now the wealthy people that I encounter mostly have a sick loved one, have lost a loved one, or are sick themselves. 
In all of those situations anyone could be expected to feel terrible emotions -- grief, rage, fear, even shame are all common. We have a lot of constituents who have channeled that into action, a lot of people who have developed coping mechanisms and gone back to living their lives. But everyone struggles at first, and a lot of wealthy people also don’t have a ton of experience with a suffering that they can’t buy a solution for. 
Our wealthiest constituents aren’t like Jeff Bezos wealthy. They’re “collects modern art” wealthy or “gives fifteen thousand dollars just to get our attention” wealthy. The kind of rich where they’re not household names but most problems can still be solved by bank transfer or a nice lunch out with their senator friend. And with an illness that hasn’t got a cure or even many great treatment options, that...won’t help.  
So what ends up happening is that we, organizationally speaking, encounter incredibly powerful people at a point where they are psychologically devastated by their powerlessness. I don’t often see it directly, that’s my boss’s job and his boss’s job, but they both talk about it to me, because I help set strategy and offer context. And honestly I think because they have to download those experiences to someone and I’m paid to listen. 
A staggering number of wealthy people make impulsive five-figure donations to us within a week of their spouse dying, even if they’ve never contacted us before, because they straight up have no idea what else to do with their anger. That’s bizarre! Tragic and painful, but also fascinatingly strange!
I realize sympathy may often be limited for someone who has, after all, spent their entire life solving problems with their checkbook. Still, they are people in pain. It’s hard to see any of our people have to cope with their diagnosis, it’s just especially weird to see it among the wealthy. 
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