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Sh. al-Albānī Raḥimahullāh:
“Just as there is no benefit in wealth unless it is spent likewise there is NO BENEFIT in knowledge UNLESS it is acted upon.”
● [اقتضاء العلم العمل]
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pratchettquotes · 8 months ago
The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. [...] The thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while a poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet. This was the Captain Samuel Vimes "Boots" theory of socioeconomic unfairness.
Terry Pratchett, Men At Arms
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Poise 🖤
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starsandsuch · 24 days ago
Your 11th House Sign & How You Gain The Most In Life 🍀🏆💸🥇
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🥇The 11th house rules #gainssss🥇
The 11H is considered very auspicious in astrology and it’s known to bestow opportunities, success, income influence, fame, financial gain, and so on.
It’s the house that represents fulfillment of our desires.
It’s the part of our chart where we reap the benefits of all of our efforts. Our “karmic rewards” if you will. Subsequently, the house right after (the 12H) rules loss. ✂️
By looking at the sign of your 11th house we can see how you can stand to gain in life based on the themes of that Zodiac sign & planetary ruler.
The 2nd & 11th house are also both houses that deal directly with our income, finances & wealth.
💰 Think of 2nd house “wealth” as: investments, assets or savings
🤑 Think of 11th house “wealth” as: liquid cash, profit, or something tangible
Ultimately, the Zodiac sign ruling your 11th house can show ways your gains manifest in a material sense. Usually the 11th house brings massive unexpected gains. It can also bring raise in status, popularity, opportunity, or success in general. Prominent 11th house transits is usually when you receive the most gains in life. (For example expect major gain whenever Jupiter transits your 11H)
* Can read from Ascendant or Moon sign *
Aries: Aquarius 11H
Taurus: Pisces 11H
Gemini: Aries 11H
Cancer: Taurus 11H
Leo: Gemini 11H
Virgo: Cancer 11H
Libra: Leo 11H
Scorpio: Virgo 11H
Sagittarius: Libra 11H
Capricorn: Scorpio 11H
Aquarius: Sagittarius 11H
Pisces: Capricorn 11H
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Aries 11H:
You can gain the most through…
When you are the first to do something
Being blunt/aggressive/assertive
Using physical body 
S3x w0rk
Starting trends
Sounds extreme but: fighting, or using physical force. A lot of boxers and professional fighters have this placement for example.
Taurus 11H:
You can gain the most through…
Endeavors that require persistence and patience
Beauty/aesthetic related endeavors
Farming/ agriculture
Real estate & property
This is Forsure a wealth placement! A lot of you guys are destined to be wealthy, but can gain the most wealth through the things listed above or doing anything “Taurean” in nature.
Gemini 11H:
You can gain the most through…
Anything communication related
Media related endeavors
Social media/internet
Being an influencer or content creator
Using voice/speech in any way
Y’all really gain when it comes to the internet! Especially TikTok these days or any social media really. You would succeed with a commentary related YouTube channel or podcast. Or even gossip related content can suit you too. A lot of gossip/tea bloggers are likely to have this placement.
Cancer 11H:
You can gain the most through…
Whenever you follow your intuition
Nursing/healthcare profession
Helping women/children
Music/ being a musician/ music industry
Real Estate/property/hospitality
Any industry dealing with liquids: sea/aquatics etc, selling liquids
Interior decorating
Y’all can gain the most through family. It’s not necessarily ur own, perhaps your friends family, significant others family etc. I’ve seen people with this placement gain through a sort of “surrogate” family that they create.
Leo 11H:
You gain the most through…
Authentic self expression
Your hobbies
Entertainment & movie industry
Having your own personal brand
Being famous/celebrity/influencer
Creative self expression
Being independent
Work involving children or through your own children
Not gonna lie a lot of y’all are destined for fame! You gain a lot from being a celebrity/being noticed. Some of the worlds most famous people have this placement (Libra Risings)
Virgo 11H:
You gain the most through…
Specializing in something specific
Endeavors related to healing or health
Being a specialist or and “expert” in something
Writing or media
Working with animals or veterinary industry
Being of service
Honing in a specific skill or craft
Being a doctor/nurse/medical professional
Y’all gain the most when you pick something specific and really become “perfect” at your craft! Whether it be music, arts, writing etc.
Libra 11H:
You gain the most through…
Collaboration with other people
Likely to gain through marriage (or have a wealthy spouse)
Business collaborations
Beauty-related endeavors or beauty/cosmetics industry
Fashion industry
Through fairness
Y’all gain a lot through networking and collaboration with people, you can be someone who is independent but find that you gain more in a team or partnership. You make a really good business person or entrepreneur bc of this ! A lot of the worlds wealthiest people have this placement.
Scorpio 11H:
You gain the most though…
Taking risks or go through extremes/turbulence
Occult related endeavors
S3x w0rk
“Crime” or illegal activities 
Other people’s money
Gaining through karma
Y’all can gain from controversy or being controversial
You can gain through the negative aspects of life: like profiting off of people hating you, humiliation, death etc. (aka Alchemy)
*this is a interesting placement, since Scorpio can represent “negative” things, immoral deeds, scarcity, violence, danger etc. So ironically enough if any of you have every been in “Scorpionic” situations you inadvertently gain from them since you have this since in the 11th house* karma tends to work in your favor! I think that’s where that “Capricorn karma” myth comes from. Since Capricorns (ascendant) have a Scorpio 11H.
Sagittarius 11H:
You can gain the most through…
Expansion and going beyond comfort zone
Being open minded
Spreading truth
Teaching/education/giving advice
Giving or gaining knowledge
Foreign relations
Living in foreign lands
Being spontaneous
Y’all gain a lot through spreading wisdom! When you follow your own “truth” or “purpose” you find yourself on a path of fulfillment. You gain by teaching others through your own experiences. A lot of travel bloggers or lifestyle content creators have this placement too. Even public speakers, spiritual leaders etc
Capricorn 11H:
You gain the most through…
Dedication, effort, perseverance
Being involved in big business/starting your own business
You could be one to excel on the “corporate ladder”
The placement generally brings good karma
Being in an authority position
Repetitive action/dedication
Hard work/discipline
Doing things in a ethical way
Service related endeavors or industries
You guys gain a lot through mentorship or leadership positions. Many people with this placement gain success “later” in life or you can see a delay at first with gains. However, when it do receive it, it’s permanent!
Aquarius 11H:
You can gain the most through:
Breaking the status quo
Being innovative, different or unique
Social media/internet
Being a influencer/ content creator
Architectural endeavors
Having a taboo or outlandish approach to life
Y’all gain a lot from being different ! You thrive and gain the most in life when you’re literally doing your own thing/ different from what society tells you to do. Your world, your rules. A lot of inventors/pioneers have this placement.
Pisces 11H:
You gain the most through:
Spiritual practice, faith and using intuition
Music related endeavors/careers
Doing something where you advise people
Religious industries or positions
Living in foreign lands
The drug/pharmaceutical/alcohol industry
Aquatic industries
You guys gain a lot through sacrifice or generosity. Ironically you gin where you’re able to give! The spiritual/religious industry or activities is a place where you can gain the most. Many preachers, or motivational sort of leaders have this placement.
-starsandsuch ✌️💕
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Prehistoric Gold Sun Disc, The Republic of Ireland, (Circa 1150 to 750BCE), 'The World Of Stonehenge' Exhibition, The British Museum, London
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Manifesting Money
Remember that money is a tool. It can be used to build many feelings such as confidence, gratitude, and joy. But it's not the source of these things. You are.
Money is like a toothbrush. You use the toothbrush to brush your teeth so they can be healthy which results in what you're actually looking for, a confidence boost.
Notice how both money and a toothbrush are used to get a result but they aren't the focus nor the end goal.
When manifesting money, focus on why you have it. It'll be easier to feel abundant this way.
Personally, I use my riches to invest in my lifestyle, the people and things that I love, and my career. Thinking about the impact my wealth has on my life provides me with a much fuller experience of abundance than simply thinking about a number in my bank account does.
[Notice how I speak of my wealth in the present tense.]
Create beautiful things,
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cyber-f4iry · 6 months ago
Wealthy Affs
I am so rich
Why do I always revieve huge amounts of money
I get thousands of dollars every day by doing nothing
I am able to buy everything I want with no problem
I love being rich
I live the life I want to live
I am a money magnet
My life is successful
My life is full of abundance
I can pay for anything I want
I love my high paying job
I am luxurious
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Ms.Adams 💗
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This pandemic is really proving that government has the means to solve all problems they just choose not to
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Emoji spell to bring money and abundance into your life~
Say out loud or in your head “blessed be!” Or “may it be so”
Likes to charge, reblogs to cast
Manifestation music
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Viewz kartel🌌
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“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”— Neville Goddard.
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5° : fame from a young age or short term fame some astrologers say this only means short term fame but from what ive seen it can also mean fame from a young age like below 18yo (ariana grande has her sun and jupiter at 5°)
17°: fame degree
29°: long term fame a lot of this degree in your planets, especially inner planets, being a karmic degree as well can indicate you were born to be famous (doja cat’s ascendant and pluto are at 29° and many other celebrities have this as well)
11°: internet/social media fame (charli damelio has her sun, north node, and fama asteroid [408] at 11°)
28°: household name degree (often known for their family or through their family also one of those names that everyone knows like beyoncé for example- kylie jenner has neptune at 28°)
1°: success degree this degree indicates you have potential to change the world for the better and make a huge impact (taylor swift’s venus is at 1°)
2°: wealth degree this degree is ruled by venus the planet of money (bill gates has uranus at 2°)
27°: success degree (jb has his north node at 27°)
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🔙 masterlist
© factsrological 2022 all rights reserved
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de la declarada, no cuenta la de los paraísos fiscales.
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no. 166 Old Money Opulence
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