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Sevyn Streeter and Mariama Diallo
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Midnight at the Oasis. 
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✾ The stellium's sign can indicate the area (house) of major focus in your life.
ex. A Scorpio Stellium can put extra emphasis on the Scorpio Ruled house, so The 8th.
ex. An Aries Stellium can put extra emphasis on the 1st house of your chart
ex. A Virgo Stellium can put extra emphasis on the 6th house of your chart
✾ This can happen in another way.
Ex. An 8th House stellium puts emphasis on where Scorpio is in your chart and so, the house where Scorpio falls in the chart
Ex. A 1st House stellium puts emphasis on where Aries falls in your chart
Ex. A 6th House stellium puts emphasis on where Virgo falls in your chart
✾ Sun in the 10th House people tend to have rounder and softer physical shapes, not the type of people to be skinny. I've noticed most of them use food as a reward for their accomplishments, like: "I took an A in the class test, now imma eat to celebrate
✾ Neptune in the 9th House travel a lot with their friends in their lifetimes, especially during their youth. This is a great placement for travel bloggers/youtubers
✾ Most people born in wealthy families have Pisces, Sagittarius Suns / Moons or Sun/Moon on Jupiter/Venus/Neptune/Sun Decans. This happens because Pisces & Sagittarius have the rulership of Jupiter (the planet of luck, money and abundance).
✾ Also, royals tend to have Saturn Decans as well, so heavy Capricorn/Aquarius in their charts, since Saturn rules over institutions and so government, Royals are a political institution that represents a nation.
ex. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus Sun (on a Venus Decan), Leo Moon (on a Jupiter Decan) with Capricorn Rising.
ex. (2) William, Duke of Cambridge is a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Rising (on a Sun Decan)
✾ Royals show a big presence of the Moon, which I'm not surprised with, since the moon rule over family, and royalty is traditionally inherited from the family.
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Jupiter Ruled Decans:
20° - 30° Aries
10° - 20° Leo
0° - 10° Sagittarius
Venus Ruled Decans:
0° - 10° Taurus
10° - 20° Gemini
20° - 30° Virgo
0° - 10° Libra
10° - 20° Capricorn
20 - 30° Aquarius
Neptune Ruled Decans:
20° - 30° Cancer
10° - 20° Scorpio
0° - 10° Pisces
Sun Ruled Decans:
10° - 20° Aries
0° - 10° Leo
20° - 29° Sagittarius
Saturn Ruled Decans:
20° - 30° Taurus
10° - 20° Virgo
0° - 10° Capricorn
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✾ Mars in the 1st House people are often described as impulsive primarily in abad way, but i conceive their impulsivity quite as a talent, here's why: The first house represent our immediate reactions to the environment around us, and mars (the planet of action) represents immediate action. So these folks are amazing if you put them in a sitiation of urgency, the do really well under bad circumstances, that's why they make great firefighters, surgeons and emergency works.
✾ I've read somewhere that Scorpio Degrees can darken a chart/ placement. And imo it's absolutely true, especially in the Ascendant. Even the softest rising sign such as Taurus, can become darker and more reserved of on a Scorpio degree.
✾ Also, Scorpio Risings/Asc on a Scorpio degree/ Mars or Pluto in the 1st house tend to have scars on their face, or tend to get small cuts in their face a lot. They're also the type to have a lot of moles/freckles on their face.
✾ Aquarius Mars tend to have recidive hairline since a young age or just getting white hair earlier than others.
✾ Leo Mars people never age. And i say this LOUDLY. Both of my parents and many of their friends have this placement, and they all look younger than their age. Leo Mars are the type of people to look older during their youth but then keeping the same appearance for the rest of their lives.
✾ Aries Mars is often a placement that scares people (i really don't get why) they're actually nice people, very friendly, pranksters as i use to define them, they can be very assertive to the point of seeming aggressive or offensive, but they're not dangerous and walking red flags as people label them.
✾ Aries with Pisces Placements is a current pattern in famous artists, especially painters and geniuses. They're really creative people overall, and have a deep appreciation for mystery and deep subjects.
✾ Capricorn Risings are not worth the "badass" rep, since they're the softest people on earth, they hate to show it publicly but they're the most huggable people in private life. I have a cousin who's a Cap Rising, and she vietare her mum to hug her in public, but when they're alone she hugs her IT'S SO CUTE.
✾ Fixed Signs actually get along really well together, but i found two different dynamics: they love each other at first sight or totally hate at first sight, no way in between.
✾ Inconjunct Signs tend to attract each other as a moth to a flame, their union is often karmic because they have to learn from each other and incorporate lessons in their lives.
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Inconjunct Signs:
Aries is inconjunct with Virgo & Scorpio
Taurus is inconjunct with Libra & Sagittarius
Gemini is inconjunct with Scorpio & Capricorn
Cancer is inconjunct with Sagittarius & Aquarius
Leo is inconjunct with Capricorn & Pisces
Virgo is inconjunct with Aquarius & Aries
Libra is inconjunct with Pisces & Taurus
Scorpio is inconjunct with Aries & Gemini
Sagittarius is inconjunct with Taurus & Cancer
Capricorn is inconjucnt with Gemini & Leo
Aquarius is inconjunct with Cancer & Virgo
Pisces is inconjunct with Leo & Libra
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✾ Aries/Aquarius/Scorpio mix in a chart is often present in those with amazing military skills, sporstmen and highly competitive careers
✾ Gemini, Taurus, Leo & Virgo Suns are common among spies. Along with 8th & 12th House placements, joining with Saturn highly aspected or prominent.
✾ Asteroid Atira is often prominent in wealthy people birth charts
✾ Almost all Billionaires charts I've seen have the following degrees interacting in their charts: 2°, 22°, 26°, 28°, 14°, 18° & 5°. (only one doesn't count on itself, but if you have multiple of them, CHEERS!)
Occasional but Honorable mentions: Scorpio Degrees (8° & 20°), Gemini Degrees (3 & 27 but not 15°) and the 4th Degree (Cancer)
✾ Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction is a Million Dollar aspect to have, many wealthy people have it.
✾ Talking about wealth, the top 5 Sun Signs I've seen repeatedly in over 200 wealthy people charts are (not in order) : Cancer, Leo, Aries, Libra & Scorpio. (Many of them also have Libra & Scorpio mix in their charts)
✾ Sagittarius Stelliums & MC makes natural born politicians and lawyers, these people are highly opinionated and very persuasive, they're not prone to change their mind easily and can be really stubborn given the chance to fight for their ideals.
✾ Aquarius Stelliums by the way are real life pacifists, they just wanna be in good terms with everyone without involving drama, but don't you ever dare to touch a theme which is particularly close to their heart or they'll fight you to death.
✾ Neptune is always prominent in rich & famous actors/models charts, along with social networks celebrities, such as tiktokers, youtubers and influencers
✾ Pisces Risings often find themselves trendsetting, people around them act like them, they often get copied and admired easily.
✾ Cancer Mars/Mars in the 4th/Mars on 4°, 14° & 28°, makes people incredibly misunderstood, they feel comfortable to close-off when problems arise and never actually talk about their emotional turmoil which makes them somehow unaccessible and emotionally unavailable to many people who only want to help.
✾ Capricorn Moons/Moon in the 10th hate to be helped, they love to help but hate to receive help, they often follow the motto: "I'll figure it out alone".
✾ Libra Rising culture is thick eyeliner, curly hair and overlined lips
✾ I've noticed someone feels somehow more attractive when embodying the sign characteristics opposite to their natal venus.
EX: Cancer Venus looks amazing when wearing earthy tones (Capricorn) and flattering dresses. Black, Brown & Beige tend to look good on them. Also they feel more confident behaving like a boss-bit*h, acting all good, mysterious, composed and constructed rather than instantly being affectionate and warm.
EX: Taurus Venus looks amazing with aggressive style such as red lips, black tight dresses and high heels (Scorpio). They love being mysterious and provoke, they also feel more confident behaving like that, attraction is all they care.
EX: Gemini Venus tend to look amazing with formal attire quite lawyer-like, also with colorful clothes and bold makeups (Sagittarius), they feel more confident behaving like the funny ones, maybe somehow in an innocent way, without thinking too much.
EX: Leo Venus tend to look amazing wearing patterns and weird designs, also grey, blue and turquoise look good on them. They love making weird jokes and attract other people's sympathy.
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astro-observations pt. 1
astro-observations pt. 2
astro-observations pt. 3
astro-observations pt. 4
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Wealthy Affs
I am so rich
Why do I always revieve huge amounts of money
I get thousands of dollars every day by doing nothing
I am able to buy everything I want with no problem
I love being rich
I live the life I want to live
I am a money magnet
My life is successful
My life is full of abundance
I can pay for anything I want
I love my high paying job
I am luxurious
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Disney cartoon wealthy family portraits
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A business woman taking business private flights to business meetings around the world. Spending my business card, reading business news, reading educational business books, writing business plans, taking business breaks and reaping my business benefits.
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Is Billionaire Philanthropy a Sham?
Remember when Jeff Bezos was showered with praise for donating $100 million to food banks last year? That may seem like a lot, and it is. But once you consider all that Bezos has raked in during the pandemic -- including making $13 billion in a single day in 2020 -- it’s a few hours of his earnings.  It’s not just Bezos. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet also receive lots of praise for their “generous” charitable giving. The truth about billionaire philanthropy is it isn’t charity. Its public relations, often used to cover up their exploitative business practices, shield their wealth, and deflect attention from all they money they pour into lobbying and campaign contributions to assure that their taxes remain historically low. 
These so-called “charitable contributions” are also tax-deductible, meaning you and I are subsidizing them. I don’t know about you, but I believe taxpayers should be deciding where their tax dollars ultimately go.
America doesn’t need their charity. We need them to pay their fair share in taxes 
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all our drugs and our love and our dreams and our rage
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I do want to get rich but I never want to do what there is to do to get rich.
Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) American expatriate author, feminist
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hot take:
nobody should have more wealth than they could ever use when people are starving and dying due to poverty
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✨Dinner dates with a Gucci or Chanel✨>>>
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Imagine Loki as a con artist who exclusively targets wealthy assholes in the City of London, taking them for huge amounts of cash in carefully crafted long cons where he uses his silver tongue and skill with illusions to play all the parts -- roper, inside man, fixer etc -- by himself.
Imagine further that you're a member of a Metropolitan Police Economic Crimes Division team that's been created specifically to catch Loki
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Alien: So you're telling me that your society is not built on who the strongest or smartest rules but on which wealthy man is more charismatic?
Human: Yupp
Alien: Well them being wealthy means that they've been smart enough to survive and they're capable right?
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Headcanon that since Nico's wealthy he literally loves to buy Will hella expensive, over the top things. He literally randomly gifts Will throughout the week and there's the game that he cooperates into the whole thing where he hides the gifts in plain sight and Will discovers them as he goes about his day. Nico mainly buys him jewelry (especially watches since he knows Will loves them) and for Valentine's day Nico will literally go ALL OUT- Like he books the most expensive restaurants and Nico once planned a surprise trip to Paris. Also, when they're at the mall, Nico buys Will anything he wants- All Will has to do is SAY THE WORDD- AND LET'S NOT EVEN START ON WILL'S BIRTHDAY- Like Nico will gift this man designer clothes and shit and for his 21st birthday he bought Will his dream car- And Will is always begging Nico to stop but Nico's just like, "Dude I have like endless money that I don't even know what to do with like I might as well spoil you with it" and Will realizes Nico isn't gonna stop it anytime soon so he learns to get comfortable with it.
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Leola King and her mother in her Scott Street mansion. During the 1950s, and before the city took her properties by eminent domain, King, a club owner, was one of the wealthiest women in San Francisco.
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Daniel from one of my latest shoots
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