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#wear a mask

Ok so I just saw a news article on post malone donating crocs to like 70 hospitals and as a healthcare worker I wanted to talk about this real quick.

Crocs are actually the WORST thing you could ever wear in a hospital, at least the ones they’re handing out because 1, they have holes in them. Do you know how much shit people drop in a day at the hospital? Needles, scalpals, scissors, you name it. Those holes are just targets for that kind of stuff. Not to mention the bodily fluids that can get all over your feet and then you’re stuck with wet nasty socks the rest of the day vs just rinsing your shoes off and moving on.

2. Theres little to no support in crocs. Being on your feet all day requires some form of support for most workers otherwise you risk a lot of injury to feet, back, knees, etc. And who tf wants to walk around all day in crocs it would be like wearing flip flops that’s the amount of support you’re getting from these.

In short, they should’ve donated tennis shoes that dont have holes in them, and have sufficient support. Otherwise you’re just donating shit we cant use except on our days off.

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Fuming mad at the moment:  OK people…fine if you don’t want to wear a mask “because it’s your right”, then for heavens sake, please stay six to ten feet from everyone else who is wearing a mask.  Don’t put your face within 18″ of my face (intentionally or unintentionally) because now you are infringing on my rights to do my own necessary errands and stay safe.  I avoid people without masks like poison and my comfort level indoors with people without a mask is about 10-12 feet.  Just because you think you are healthy, you got your vaccine or you already had covid doesn’t mean everyone knows that and scientifically backed research says that doesn’t necessarily mean anything right now.  The level of stupidity is at an unprecedented level right now. 

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I’m so tired I need a cuddle, hot chocolate and a heck load of blankets 🥺

I’ve only been back to uni for a week and I’m already physically and mentally drained… I also haven’t slept properly in about 3 months so that may add to it 😂

When I used to feel like this, my friend and I would go to hers and order a load of takeout and watch Netflix in her room with the cats. It was nice to have a cozy little getaway back then ✨

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Nothing like a remote funeral service to really make you wish you could hug your mom afterward. Let’s all keep doing our part to help the world heal faster.

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My mom has been feeling sick. She got a covid test that was negative but they want her to come back in two days and take it again. I feel so bad for her. She’s the only one in the house with a job right now and she works so damn hard. Teachers are so under-valued especially during the pandemic.

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Now that lockdowns are being mentioned

All of a sudden, mental health is important!

“We have to send the kids to school!”

Let’s see what kills them first, COVID or depression!

They seem to think depression goes away once you fake normalcy

As if schools aren’t a breeding ground for hating yourself… 

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“Coaches around the league will have to wear a mask.”

*Coach immediately takes off mask*

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