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#wear this to my court hearing
aro-comics · 2 months ago
Aro Joy
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Aro Joy, 1/1 - it’s almost AUTUMN!!!! 🍁🎃🧣 ✨ (and I’m very excited lol, early fall is one of my favourite times of year 😂). Ok but back on topic - I’ve actually had a vision for this specific comic for ... a while 😭 Like, half a year ago. It’s been a journey, accepting my arospec identity (and from what I’ve heard talking to y’all, it’s been like this for many of you too), and though I’ve been open about the bumpier parts of the experience, I wanted to also talk about the positives, all the joys of being aro, too 💚💚🐸
As a general disclaimer: The sentiments here aren’t meant to speak for all aros - because some aros want to be in romantic relationships (or be otherwise partnered), and of course this is equally valid and should be respected! And on the same note, allos can be happy with being, or just want to be single, because again - this isn’t something defined by orientation.
But I think for a lot of us, our arospec orientation can be tied to how feel about our lives in relation to partnership ... which is that, we're okay (or happy) being single! For the longest time, I held it against myself that I wasn’t in a relationship, but not because I wanted to be in one - I just thought it was a milestone that would make other people think of me as a 'real' adult 😭😭 Realizing I was aro gave me the opportunity to reassess how I viewed myself, and my relationships with other people. I was able to actually let go of that idea of having a “””missing piece”””, and appreciate everyone and everything I have in my life. I sound kinda cheesy saying this, but for the first time, I think I have everything I've ever wanted, relationships wise? I'm at peace, and I really appreciate it.
School's gonna start soon for me and for some of y'all, so I hope that goes well for everyone! Please take care, and as always I'd love to hear what you think! What are your favourite things about being aro? 🐸
[Image Descriptions:
Slide 1: “I find it fascinating, the way alloromantics value romance.” Celia stands outside in front on a vibrant fall day. She seems to be on a walk on a trail.
Behind her, the leaves are a bright orange, and she is wearing a white wrapped top, jeans, and an orange ribbon choker.
Slide 2: “When I bring up the fact -”
A flashback to an earlier time, where Celia is talking to another girl (who is alloro). Celia says “You know, life without Romance is not inherently bad, or unfulfilling -” 
The other girls says, “yeah, but it’s DIFFERENT.”
Slide 3: [Pure text] There’s this really deep, engrained idea, even amongst people who are accepting and understanding of the idea that being aromantic is valid, that romance brings a new level of joy to life. A kind of special fulfillment they would be lost without.
Slide 4: “And I’ve got to say …” Celia speaks to the viewer.
Slide 5: “That sounds really hard, yikes” She shrugs nonchalantly.  
Slide 6: Celia speaks from the bottom of the panel, and a big speech bubble says, “People seem to have such a hard time with dating? Pining? Trying to court people? (I actually do not know much about romance, despite my love of the genre) It just seems like so much work, just to feel fulfilled.”
Extra doodles of character struggle with online dating, pining with writing love letters, and dollar bills with a rose exemplify the various struggles mentioned.
Slide 7: Shot switches back to Celia in the forest. She’s now holding a maple leaf in her hand, staring down at it contemplatively as she speaks. “I’m … actually feeling pretty good about my life.”
Slide 8: She holds the leaf up to the light now. “I don’t really feel like there’s something missing without a partner. Although, maybe one day -” In the bottom half of the panel, the perspective switches to her POV centered on her hand with the illuminated leaf, “I’d also be happy with a QPR.”
Slide 9: It’s one of the things that makes me grateful that I’m aro.
The shot has switched to be from behind Celia, staring out at the landscape of mountains, the fall foliage, and the river below. Celia has let go of the leaf and it drifts away in the wind]
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saintodo · 21 days ago
(^≗ω≗^) anon here and oiuriwoetwir the catboy nanamin drabble im--pls im so needy rn :(( just wan him to rut his hips against mine and cum in me after i come home from work and relish in feeling full of his cum while he eats me up :((((
Tumblr media
thots: catboy nanami in heat
♡ note: im on my period rn and i literally feel like im in heat LMFAOOOOO. also sorry this kinda got outta hand from the original ask
♡ word count: 1.5k
♡ warnings: hybrids, breeding kink, heat (LMAOOO), dom nanami, sub reader, afab reader, unprotected sex, soft morning sex where you get raw dogged by catboy nanami <3, not proofread
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nanami has a breeding kink. As a hybrid, it’s practically hardwired into his genes- written out in the tiny microscopic strands of his DNA. He has almost impeccable control over his base urge to breed you. The blond dutifully wears a condom whenever you fuck- even during in the spur of the moment quickies- and makes sure there’s always a fresh package of emergency contraceptives underneath the sink in the bathroom if you need it.
He’s able to keep his breeding kink under wraps for awhile until his first heat since moving in with you approaches. Nanami sits you down at your dining room table and informs you that his heat will most likely occur sometime next week. You’re not unfamiliar with what a heat is, and assure him that you’ll schedule time off so you can take care for him. In your head, you’re already going over everything you’ll need to get ready for the two of you.
Nanami thanks you and fiddles with his glasses for a moment. The action draws you out of thoughts of going over your mental check-list. You focus your attention on Nanami, who’s obviously gearing up to say something. His ears twitch a little whenever he’s thinking too hard.
“During a hybrid’s heat, they lean more into their animal-like side,” he carefully says. You nod along. You did a lot of research about hybrids before courting Nanami, so you think you have a pretty good idea where he’s going with this. “Their brain gets foggy, and they become unable to think of much beyond the need to mate with the intent to produce an offspring,” Nanami explains.
“Okay.” From across the table, you slide your hand over the back of Nanami’s and give him a comforting smile. “Thank you for letting me know, Kento. And thank you for trusting me to take care of you.”
He flips his hand over to press his palm to yours. The rough pad of his thumb gently rubs against the side of your wrist. He looks away, unable to meet your eyes. “There is no one I trust more,” he honestly says. His cheeks color the slightest amount, but the minor embarrassment he feels is a small price to pay for the wide smile that graces your lips upon hearing his words.
The week leading up to Nanami’s heat passes in a blur. You inform your work of your decision to take time off to care for Nanami, which they understand, telling you to take as much as time off as necessary. You spend lots of time between grocery aisles, tossing into your cart Nanami’s favorite snacks and drinks. You prep meals ahead of time, shooing the blond out of the kitchen whenever he tries to help you. Normally, he’d put up more of a fight, but he secretly likes how much you’re fussing over him. Nanami is unused to being the one taken care of: he quite likes it.
The first day of Nanami’s heat comes, and his restraint snaps like a thread. His thoughts go a little fuzzy, and the animal instinct to breed overtakes his brain. You and Nanami have already discussed in-depth about what would happen during his heat, leading you both to take the proper precautions ahead of time, so there’s nothing he has to worry about.
You are slow to rouse. The bright beams of the morning sun slip through the cracks of your curtain to bathe your bedroom in light. Still half-asleep, you blink the remnants of your fast-fading dreams away and scrub at your eye sockets with the heel of your palm in an attempt to wake yourself. You sleepily grumble in response to the light pressure skirting over your legs.
“Good morn—ahh.” Your groggy greeting is abruptly cut off with a small moan.
“Good morning, love,” Nanami murmurs from behind you. He noses at the back of your neck, placing a chaste kiss at the base of it. He’s slipped a hand between your thighs and underneath your worn cotton underwear to make room for two of his thick fingers to rub at your clit. His sleek blond tail loosely curls around your wrist. The smooth fur against your skin is comforting and familiar.
“Somebody’s excited, huh?” You manage to quip between little gasps of pleasure as Nanami continues play with your clit before shallowly dipping his fingers between your folds to collect the slick that’s gathering there with his fingertips. At the small of your back, you can feel Nanami’s hard erection straining against the material of his boxers.
He grunts into the shell of your ear when you shift to lean your weight back- pressing your lower half to grind against his clothed erection. He doesn’t dignify your playful question with an answer- his heat is already in progress. He may be able to string together coherent sentences, but the only thing occupying Nanami’s thoughts is the want, no the need, to breed you.
A whine forms in the back of your throat when he withdraws his slick-coated fingers from your pussy. Nanami quiets the protest on the tip of your tongue as he presses his bare skin to yours. His cock, free from the restraints of his boxers, lies hot and heavy and insistent at the back of your thighs.
A calloused hand comes to rest on the outer curve of your thigh. “Raise your leg,” Nanami directs, and you obediently do as he says.
Nanami rocks his hips forward, sliding his cock between your lower lips. His hand on your thigh firmly squeezes, kneading the soft flesh as he teases your entrance. His touch is firm— rough fingers dimpling your skin to keep you in place when you try to squirm.
Nanami grunts at the same time you gasp when he finally slips his cock fully inside of you. Slowly and carefully, Nanami buries himself to the hilt, pressing his hips tightly to your own, and pauses- letting you get used to the sudden girth. His calloused palms run up and down your body and Nanami presses kisses- soft and sweet- all over your shoulders to distract you from the slight pain of adjusting to his size with minimal prep.
“You can move now,” you tell Nanami after the minor pain becomes overshadowed by the pleasure you feel and the need for Nanami to actually fuck you. He is quick to heed what you’ve said. He slides almost all the way out- just the tip of his cock remaining inside you- before he firmly rocks his hips forward. His calloused hands on your hips keep you in place.
You whimper when he begins to set a steady pace— not too rough or too fast, but with each deep stroke of his, it feels like his cock is hitting the entrance of your cervix head on. His hand moves from your hips to rest on your lower stomach, his thick fingers splay across the area.
“You’d look so pretty,” Nanami lowly murmurs into your ear, pressing his palm lightly against your stomach, “full of my cum.”
You clench tight around Nanami’s girth at his words. Fuck, you knew he had a breeding kink, but having him actually act on it and put it into words was so fucking arousing.
“Yeah?” You rasp. You tilt your head back to look into Nanami’s eyes. They’re hazy with heat and lust. “You gonna put a baby in me?”
His ears on the top of his head reflexively perk up. His eyes gain a brief moment of clarity before the lust swirling in them doubles. A loud moan is suddenly knocked out of your chest when Nanami’s pace quickens. His movements are rough, bordering on erratic and hitting so deep inside of you with every thrust. It feels like he’s trying to split you in two with his dick.
“You want a baby?” His hand on your stomach presses down, and another unabashed moan leaves your lips at the new sensation. “I’ll give you one.”
He kisses the curve of your shoulder before biting down hard. The rough pads of Nanami’s fingers glide over your swollen and aching clit. The pressure is enough for the taut wire in your lower stomach to snap, and your orgasm nearly blinds you.
With a few more thrusts and a couple of muffled curses, Nanami soon joins you- cumming as deep as he can inside of you. His hips press flush to yours as hot white ropes of cum paint your insides.
Soft panting fills the air as you come down from your orgasm. A sweet kiss is placed on your cheek, and you turn your angle your head to nuzzle your face against Nanami’s neck.
“Are you alright, love?” Nanami questions while rubbing circles into your hip.
You softly chuckle. “Mhm,” you mumble affirmatively, “Wasn’t the worst thing to wake up to.”
“Good,” he quietly says. You smile into his neck when you feel him kiss the top of your head. A startled whine leaves you when he slowly starts to move his hips again. His cum dribbles out of your hole, but Nanami fucks it back into you before too much of it can leak out. “We’re not leaving this bed until I give you a baby.”
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 9 months ago
pushing their crush away and missing them
w/ oikawa, sakusa, and atsumu!
(a/n: i had a couple requests where the boys push the reader away who’s been openly trying to pursue them but then they start to miss them so i decided to write for it! i’m not gonna lie that title is absolute shit but i didn’t know how else to label it😭
anyways all are written in the timeskip :)) enjoy y’all💞)
Tumblr media
you figured a direct approach was the best one to take with oikawa tooru
the two of you had been friends for quite a while after highschool, ending up in argentina at the same time
before, you’d seen him as a friend, but your feelings had progressed
you’ve been trying to pursue him for months, but he’s only ever teased you flirtingly, never going anywhere past that line
but one day, his team wasn’t doing so hot, so you came to visit him after practice
“hey, did you maybe wanna go out for some food? you look tired.”
he’d been silent, so you pressed further
“maybe going out for a little would do you—”
“could you fuck off for two seconds, y/n? you’re really fucking annoying, you know that?”
it became clear to you that he would never return your feelings
you left that night feeling empty and numb
when tooru calls in the morning, you sigh before declining it. he calls again. you turn your phone off.
on oikawa’s end, he’s feeling frantic. he hadn’t meant to snap at you last night, but like always, he’d just let his emotions get the best of him. he wants to find you and apologize for what he said, but you won’t answer your phone and he has no idea where you are.
days go by and you don’t respond to anything he sends you.
please pick up the phone
i’m sorry
please forget what i said to you
i didn’t mean it
goddamn it y/n pick up the damn phone
as much as you ache to tell him that you forgive him, you know you need to move on. before, you’d been holding on to that little sliver of hope: maybe one day he’d turn around and realize that you made him feel the same way he made you feel. but now you understand that you’re a nuisance to him; a burden. why would you want to keep pining after him when he would never feel the same way?
what you didn’t know was that oikawa did feel the same way, even more so. but he was terrified that you would figure out that he wasn’t as great of a person that he pretended to be and leave, and that frightened him. he never made a move because he was so scared of losing you.
but now you’re gone and he doesn’t know what to do. he misses you like crazy. he can barely sleep, up in the late hours of night thinking about you.
today, he’s getting ready to go out for the night, when he opens the door. he gasps softly, stepping back.
you’re standing right in front of him, hand raised reluctantly to knock on the door, and you’re wearing the same expression as he is.
he cuts you off, throwing his arms around you tightly and gasping into your hair, relief flooding his nerves so fast he can barely breathe.
you hadn’t meant to show up at his place, but somehow your feet moved on their own, and now you’re in his arms. it feels better than you could’ve ever imagined. it feels too good. and you know you’ve made a mistake.
you push him off you gently, stepping back. his expression drops with hurt and confusion.
“i shouldn’t have come here,” you mumble, looking downward, before starting in the direction you came. he looks at you, startled, and runs to catch you, grabbing your wrist.
“wait! don’t go,” he pleads. you stop in your tracks, tears pricking at your eyes. “you— you haven’t been answering my texts,” he mumbles guiltily. “i mean, i get why, it’s just...” he trails off.
“i missed you.”
you gasp softly, heart breaking, and pull your wrist out of his grip sharply.
“fuck you, tooru!” you blurt, turned away from him. “you can’t just say things like that and string me along when you know how i feel! god, how could you do that to me?” frustrated, involuntary, angry tears stream down your face uncontrollably. you’ve always hated how you cry when you’re mad.
he blanches, opening his mouth to say something.
“i can’t do this anymore,” you cut him off. “i can’t sit here and pour my heart out to you over and over again while you don’t even care.”
“i can’t be your ‘friend’ if that’s all this is gonna—”
but you don’t finish, because he’s tugging you towards him in half a second and his lips are on yours, pressed firmly against you. his hands are in your hair, cradling you gently. you pull away.
“i’m not stringing you along. okay?” he mutters, breathless. “i didn’t mean what i said to you that night, and i couldn’t stop regretting it. and then you wouldn’t talk to me and i felt terrible without you and i just really, really need you,” he whispers, desperate.
“do you mean that?” you ask, hope swelling in your heart. he nods.
“i love you. so much,” he exhales against your lips. “and i’m never letting you go again.”
Tumblr media
you can’t remember a time where you haven’t been completely in love with sakusa kiyoomi
you’ve always loved to put it on display, hoping that it’d make your feelings less serious to avoid rejection
kiyoomi usually tolerated it; it became a part of your dynamic honestly
but one night, the jackals had lost their game, and he was frustrated and angry
you figured he could use a pick-me-up
“wanna go out for drinks?”
as he said nothing, you went on and on about how he shouldn’t beat himself up, your arm linked around his bicep, and he’d had it with you
“why don’t you go throw yourself at some other guy? god.”
he shoved you off his arm and walked away
as you walked home alone, you figured that maybe he was right
if you were going to throw yourself at someone, it shouldn’t be the man you’ve been unrequitedly pining for for years
when sakusa wakes up, his head hurts, and he rubs his eyes tiredly. it’s already 11:26, according to his watch.
he sits up, memories of last night flooding in. he cringes when he remembers the things he said to you. he remembers the look on your face when he pushed you off of his arm and walked away.
last night had been rough, but it wasn’t his place to take it out on you. he pulls out his phone and dials your number. it rings a couple times. no response.
he tries texting you. you always reply in less than 10 minutes, but the chat box is empty. guilt swims in his lungs, making it hard to breathe properly.
he spends the next few days wallowing in self-pity and shame, waiting for a response that never comes. when the guilt becomes too much to handle, he decides to go out and find you himself.
he looks around your apartment complex, not seeing you anywhere. but when he turns his head, he finally sees you walking down the street. you’re wearing a coat and heels, the attire a little too nice for a walk in the night. he runs to catch up with you.
“h-hey!” he stammers, watching you turn around in alarm. familiarity flashes across your face before hurt takes it place. kiyoomi’s heart sinks guiltily.
“hey,” you whisper, voice tiny. you’re looking around warily, as if you’re hiding something. he picks up on your behavior, but he’s too focused on making things right to say anything.
“i’ve been meaning to see you,” he mutters. “i wanted to apologize for the way i acted the other night.”
you sigh, checking your watch. “it’s okay, kiyoomi. look, i need to be somewhere right about now...” you trail off, dismissal clear in your tone.
“oh,” he mumbles, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly. “where do you need to be?”
you shift on your feet awkwardly, and the tension between the two of you is uncomfortable.
“i’m,” you start, looking away. “i have a date.”
kiyoomi’s heart stops in his chest. when it finally registers your words, it begins to ache painfully.
“you,” he murmurs. “you what?”
you try to smile up at him but the gesture looks weird and out of place.
“i have a date. my friend actually set us up,” you explain, false excitement lacing your tone.
something bitter bubbles up in sakusa’s chest, filling his body with an indescribable feeling of jealousy. he glares at you.
you stare back at him, confusion and irritation contouring your features.
“seriously, y/n? a date?”
you scoff. “what’s wrong with that?”
“i don’t think you need to be dating right now,” he argues bitterly.
“you know what?” you whisper angrily. “you don’t get to act like this when you’re the one who told me to throw myself at some other guy!” you yell, frustrated tears blurring your vision.
“fuck!” he grits out, fists clenched helplessly. “you don’t get it, do you?”
“get what?!” you ask, exasperated.
“i’m in love with you!” he blurts, face dangerously close to yours. there’s visible frustration in his eyes, and you feel like you can’t breathe. “fuck.”
“what?” you whisper.
“i want it to be me. you should be with me.”
he looks down, the expression on his face just lost and a little confused at the way he’s feeling. he looks slightly embarrassed, and your heart begins to swell at the sight.
“you really feel that way?” you ask, baffled. “all this time...”
“just,” he tries, flustered. “be with me instead, okay?”
you sigh against his lips. “anything you want.”
Tumblr media
you were always very obvious about your feelings for atsumu
whether or not he picked up on them or not, you didn’t know
but you’d always flirted with him and teased him about everything
he was your best friend, and you held onto the hope that maybe one day he’d see you as more
he was having a terrible day, and you were the last person he wanted to see
nonetheless, you showed up
“hey, tsumu, you doin okay?”
he’d grunted in response
“hey, talk to me—”
“why are you here? i don’t fucking want you! so just leave me the fuck alone, will you?”
and with that, all the hope you’d clung to had dissipated
somewhere, deep down, you’d known he would never love you the way you did him
but hearing it just felt even worse
the set is perfect, and atsumu can see it happening in slow motion. the spike, the way the ball hits the other side of the court, everything. it’s practically perfect.
when the crowd roars, he sighs, exhilarated and a little out of breath. he looks toward the stands, searching for your face in the crowd. he can’t seem to find you. he deflates a little.
they’re probably in there somewhere, he tells himself.
the jackals win the last set 25-21, and atsumu’s never felt so elated in his life. he can’t wait to see you to celebrate the win with you!
but as atsumu waits just outside the gate, searching for you, he starts to get anxious. you’ve never missed a single game. why wouldn’t you be here?
he knows the things he said to you the other night were uncalled for, but you know him. you know he didn’t mean them. right?
but as the time passes, atsumu realizes that you didn’t come. his heart sinks.
atsumu doesn’t realize how badly he hurt you that night. you spent the entire night sobbing, the realization that he was completely right stinging painfully. it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t feel the same way. but it hurt terribly all the same.
so you’ve been avoiding him. he probably hasn’t even noticed.
but atsumu feels like something is off. you’ve never missed one of his games.
to investigate, he shows up at your door, knocking three times. when you open the door, his mind goes blank. you’re in his sweatshirt, the fabric stretching over your thighs and hanging off your frame adorably. he swallows.
“h-hey...” he stutters, nervous. you shrug.
“what’s up?” you respond, awkward.
“oh. uh, right. you,” he mumbles. “you didn’t come to my game today.”
you scoff. “why would i?”
the words sting in his chest.
“what?” he whispers.
annoyed, you glare at him. “you can’t tell me to leave you alone and then get upset when i do.”
guilt starts to prod at his heart. “i know, but...”
“besides, you were right. i should get over you.”
he looks down, shameful.
“but,” he mumbles helplessly. “i don’t want you to get over me.”
you gape at his audacity.
“what, so you can string me along for the rest of your life? what the hell is wrong with you, atsumu?”
he grits his teeth in frustration.
“you don’t understand! i,” he sighs, exasperated. “i’m in love with you, okay?”
you freeze.
“and i fucked everything up and i hurt you but i just really fucking missed you,” he spills, emotions going haywire. “and i want you to be mine.”
you’re staring at him, eyes wide.
“you—” he looks at you, helpless. “you’re my best friend.”
you stay silent.
“so. uh, i guess i,” he stammers. “i understand if you don’t—”
you don’t give him a chance to finish his thought, pressing your lips against him before he can say another word. his hand immediately comes up to cup your cheek, thumb rubbing circles into your skin.
you pull away, lips swollen and breathing heavily.
“i love you too, ‘tsumu.”
Tumblr media
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alcottsangel · 6 months ago
Simply clothes
{Kaz Brekker x reader}
Summary: Simple moments of Kaz showing his affection for Y/n through giving her his clothes.
Warnings: None.
This was a request by @simplyluvzuko :D I liked the idea, really cute and fluffy. I tried my best with it, I hope you enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
The mission was a complete disaster. It wasn't even a hard one, it was just about spying on a few of Pekka Rollins guys in a club. Everyone had their position, Jesper was, of course, gambling at one of the tables with Wylan next to him. Matthias and Nina stood next to the door, pretending to snug (they actually did), listening to the conversations of everyone who'd leave the club.
Kaz and Inej were outside, the Wraith on the roofs to keep track of the people walking in and and out of the club. Kaz waited two corners further for his Crows.
Y/n's task was simple. Look pretty, let them come close. Kaz didn't like her to do that, but Y/n insisted it wasn't a big deal. She wouldn't actually let them touch her. She knew how to take care of herself. It was going well, one of Rollins guys was drunk and really willingly to spill any information to a pretty girl. Her dress was green, tight, silky and long. Absolutely complementing her features, but also cold and she could feel goosebumps building up.
It was all fine, until the damn moment another Dime Lion pulled the guy aside, whispering into his ear. Y/n could hear it.
"That's Brekkers girl."
Was the simple sentence, that caused a tumult.
It happened so fast that Y/n couldn't even process it, she was a bit tipsy and it all happened in a blurr. What she did remember was, that Jesper grabbed her and moved her out of the club. Nina, Matthias, Inej and Wylan were already out and waiting for them.
They didn't stop running until they reached the corner Kaz waited at. It took him one look to realise that the mission had failed.
Y/n found it a little funny. They broke into the damn Ice Court, but couldn't even eavesdropp properly. Kaz didn't find it amusing at all.
As the Crows were walking back to the Slat, it was awfully quiet. Kaz and Y/n fell back a little.
His leg was worse today, the weather was cold and rainy. As Kaz' gaze went to Y/n, he could see her rubbing her bare arms. She was obviously freezing. The Bastard of the Barrel sighed, stopped and took off his coat, before handing it to her.
She looked at it in surprise. That wasn't something you would expect Kaz Brekker to do.
The thing between them has been going on for some time now. They were close, as close as Kaz would let anybody be. They held hands twice. They hugged once. Huge steps for Kaz and Y/n wouldn't dare to rush him.
"Are you sure?" She asked concerned.
Kaz didn't look to her, still holding his arm up.
"Take it already, you're going to catch a cold."
So she did take it, without touching his gloved hand. She smiled. It meant alot to her.
Kaz continued walking to catch up with the others again, Y/n followed. His coat was warm and cozy. It was beautiful.
"You shouldn't go out dressed like that when Dime Lions are around anyways." Kaz noticed. Y/n chuckled. "But I look good. Have you seen my tits in this dress? I've never worn more flattering clothes."
That's where it had started.
It wasn't something big, but Kaz had found a way of showing affection towards her without feeling rushed. Soon, Y/n was wearing his coat all the time. Kaz brought himself a new one.
The next item that went missing out of his wardrobe was a shirt.
It wasn't something the Crows noticed, Kaz had a bunch of simple white button up shirts.
They only realised when Y/n started wearing one instead of her black leather attire.
On Saturday Y/n stayed in Kaz' room to help in sorting out the numbers of the Crows Club. It was late, she was tired and constantly dragging on her tight and uncomfortable shirt.
So Kaz stood up, without a word, walking towards his dresser to pull out another shirt of him. One, that he was wearing to bed.
He threw it at the young women, who raised her brows at him, as he walked back to his table and sat down.
"Put it on, it's more comfortable than your clothes. Keep it, if you want." Dirtyhands said, already concentrating on the papers in front of him again.
She nodded, stood up and turned around to face his bed, starting to undress her top right there. Kaz looked up, surprised. He hadn't considered that. He only saw her back. Her skin looked soft, with a few moles and freckles. When she unclipped her bra, Kaz gasped silently. The moment felt so intimate, as if she trusted him more than anyone else.
Once she had closed the last button of his shirt, she turned around. Kaz was facing the papers, but he had a soft blush on his cheeks.
She had never seen him blushing before.
So, rolling up the sleeves of the shirt, she decided to not address it. She still couldn't help to giggle a little.
On Wednesday Y/n wasn't feeling well. There wasn't really a concrete reason, everything just felt odd and she wasn't in the mood to actually do something properly. So instead, she locked herself away in her room the entire day. Kaz was on a mission with Jesper so she felt especially lonely. Both, Nina and Inej tried to approach her but she just told them to leave.
It wasn't until the evening, when she got hungry, that she left her room and walked down the stairs. The Slat was pretty empty, most Dregs were out, but Inej and Nina sat on a table and talked. When they saw her, they waved for her to join them. Y/n did.
Nina was incredibly jolly today, so Inej and Y/n ate silently listening to her endless chattering.
Y/n didn't even finish her plate, when she started to feel tired and pushed it away.
The young women tried desperately to stay awake, concentrating fully on Nina, but she was knocked out within the next few minutes.
When Jesper and Kaz returned, they saw a rather amusing picture. Nina, giggling and talking, with three plates of waffles stacked before her, indicating her good mood. Inej next to her, smiling softly and finishing Y/n's plate. The last of them asleep, head on the table, wearing the shirt Kaz gave to her days ago. Dirtyhands smirked, as they walked towards the girls.
"Seems like you're having the time of your life." Jesper joked, stealing some meat from the plate Inej was eating from.
"Hey!" They Suli girl protested, but smiled.
"Hey Brekker, maybe you should take care of your girl. She's feeling off today." Nina turned to him. Kaz shook his head. "Let her sleep. If she does it down here, it was needed." Dirtyhands placed his hat and cane on the table, undressing his vest to lay it over Y/n's shoulders, before picking up his things and walking up the stairs to his attic, leaving behind the others with surprised expressions.
There they had it, Kaz Brekkers softest side.
@renataligorio @kaqua @magravenwrites @corpsebasil
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kitashinsvks · 7 months ago
you overhear them say they don’t like you
warnings: none
characters: kita, atsumu
a/n: thIS IS FR NOW I SWEAR <33
read suna and kuroo here
read akaashi and sakusa here
Tumblr media
You were helping Kita around his house, knowing that his grandmother was sick. You couldn’t help but lend them a helping hand. Kita felt guilty for dragging you away from your free time, but you assured him it was no problem at all. You’ve always loved Granny Yumie and knowing that you could help her out in different ways while she was sick brought a smile to your face. 
“Thank you again for doing this, (L/N).” Kita said, a guilty lilt in his voice. You laugh, shaking your head and slapping his arm gently. 
“Ever the formal one, aren’t you, Shinsuke? And didn’t I tell you? It’s no worry!” You smile, your eyes bright as you finish your task at hand. 
Kita shook his head, before he finished wiping the windows. “I still can’t help but feel guilty.” You scoff playfully before turning towards him with a sincere smile. 
“I like spending time with you... and granny, so don’t worry, okay?” You say, trying to bite back the blush that was escaping your face. 
Thankfully, the bicolored male didn’t notice and just nodded in response. You turn away quickly, briskly walking to another area and patting your cheeks softly. 
You almost let yourself slip. 
Unbeknownst to the both of you, Granny Yumie was leaning against the doorway, a fond smile on her face as she watches her grandson look at your figure with a lovestruck gaze. 
“My, what a domestic sight.” The both of your heads turned towards granny Yumie who looked back with a cheeky smile.
“Granny!” “Granny!” Granny Yumie laughed, “Oh, look how in sync you are.” She teased, unbeknownst to the both of you, you were both wearing matching blushes. 
“You shouldn’t be out of bed.” Kita stated directly, knowing that his grandmother can be stubborn. 
“I was hungry, Shin-chan.” Granny Yumie explained, her body was visibly weakening as she held herself up by her shaky hands.
“Please go back to bed, granny. I’ll cook you up some food.” This time, it was you who replied as you turned back to look at Kita. 
“Please assist her, Kita-san.” You say before heading to the kitchen. “You heard (L/N), granny. Let’s go back.” You couldn’t see it as you walked away but granny Yumie had a teasing smile on her face as she looked back from you to her grandson. 
“I like her for you, Shin-chan.” Granny Yumie said as Kita tucked her into her bed. 
“Here you go again...” Kita mumbled before fluffing the pillow making sure his grandmother was comfortable. 
“I’m serious! I’m not getting any younger here!” Granny Yumie said, her voice weak as she situated herself on her comforters. “I need to at least see you walk down the aisle before I go.”
Kita gave her a look. “Of course, not now.” His grandmother laughed. “The earlier, the better. And I would love it even more if it were (Y/N) who’s walking towards you.” Her statement caught her grandson off guard. A vibrant shade of red bloomed on the male’s face as he coughed to hide the very embarrassed expression on his face. 
“Granny.” Kita said, as if there were a hint of warning in his tone. “You shouldn’t say things like that, it might make (L/N) misinterpret.” 
“Am I saying something wrong, Shin? Do you not like (Y/N)-chan?” Kita sighed, as if he were physically pained to answer this question. 
“No, granny. I don’t like (Y/N) like that.” He said with an insistent tone, unbeknownst to the fact that you were listening right outside the door. 
You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, the food was cooked quicker than you have anticipated and you planned on informing them. You were about to turn your back and just prepare the food in general, but you hear your name come out and you couldn’t help but tune in. 
How you wish you didn’t. 
Maybe if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have to hear your heart break at the blatant denial of the guy you’ve liked for so long. 
Maybe you wouldn’t be trying to keep your feelings at bay as you try to recall all the times Kita made you feel as if it actually meant something. 
‘Good to know I now know where I stand’ You thought to yourself before gently knocking on the door, alerting the two Kitas in the room. 
“Oh, sorry. Was I interrupting something?” You pretended as if you weren’t aware of the conversation that just unfolded a few minutes ago. You knew waiting for at least three minutes before knocking would diminish the risk of them finding out that you knew.
“Ah, (Y/N)-chan, no, not at all!” Granny Yumie beamed, you couldn’t see the conflicted look on Kita’s face, you didn’t even look at him as you smiled at his grandmother. 
“The food is all done, granny. But, I don’t think I can eat with you.” A pout forms on the elder’s face. “My friend just called and needs something urgent, she seems really troubled.” You lie.
You felt bad lying, but you don’t think you could handle sitting on the same dining table Kita will for the moment. 
“Are you sure you can’t stay to eat, (L/N)? The food you cooked looks lovely.” It was Kita who said that this time, you gave him the smallest smile you can muster before apologizing again. 
“I’m really sorry, I’ll make it up next time, granny.” You bowed slightly before turning your back and walking away. 
You didn’t hang out with Kita since then, finding various excuses to not go to his house and in a way, you felt guilty. How couldn’t you? You missed granny Yumie and you knew that what you’re doing was unreasonable. 
“I have to go home early, sorry. Kita-san.” Being the only reason you say before turning away from Kita who asked if you could help out once more. You couldn’t see it, but he hopes you could at least feel the uneasy tension that built up between the both of you. 
You didn’t hear the disappointed yet sad sigh that escaped the captain’s lips. 
“(Y/N)-chan?” Granny Yumie said in confusion, you gave her a smile before bowing your head. “Is Shin-chan not with you?” You pursed your lips and shook your head. 
“Ah, I think he has extra practice, in preparation for Nationals.” You explain, granny Yumie nodded with a grin before pulling you inside. 
“You haven’t been visiting lately!” Granny Yumie whined as she made you sit down by the table. 
“Ah… right, I’ve been busy, granny. Sorry.” You felt bad for lying, but how were you supposed to say you’ve been avoiding her grandson because you didn’t want your unrequited feelings to get in the way between your friendship? 
“You know, you can’t lie to me, missy.” Granny Yumie smirked before taking a hold of your hand. 
“This is because of my Shin-chan, isn’t it?” “I...” “I saw you peep through the door that day, (Y/N)-chan.” She explained, her wrinkly hand caressing your soft ones with a tone of understanding.
You felt bad. Just why did you think you could lie to granny Yumie?  
“Do you like my Shin-chan, (Y/N)?” She asked, a curious lilt to her tone. You knew there was no point in lying, with a small nod, you looked down and confirmed your feelings for her grandson. 
“Ah, young love.” Granny Yumie laughed, you didn’t notice how she looked past you to see her grandson looking at the scene with shock. 
“I’ll leave the both of you to talk, then.” Your head shot up fast, looking behind to see Kita with a barely visible blush on his face. 
With another chuckle and a teasing pat on the head, granny Yumie left the living room. 
Silence bestowed the both of you, neither of you knew what to say to each other. For the first time in Kita’s highschool life, he felt nervous. 
“(L/N)-” “Kita-” You say at the same time before chuckling at the coincidence, the previous awkward atmosphere dissipating as Kita looked at you with a small smile on his face. 
“I… overheard what you said to granny.” Kita started, before he coughed, trying to hide the newly rising blush on his face. “About you liking me.” 
You purse your lips and look down before sighing. “I did too.” 
The atmosphere became tense, Kita stiffened at your words. 
“Look, Kita. If you don’t like me that way, I understand.” You reassure, though your heart was beating loudly in your chest. Kita shook his head before taking a few steps forward to where you sat. 
“May I explain, (L/N)?” You nodded at his words. 
“I declined because you know how granny is… she’s very fond of the idea of me getting married as soon as I have someone.” He starts, staring straight to your eyes and his hands inching closer to yours.
“It’s not as if I don’t want to marry you, I do- but-” your breath hitched as Kita stumbled upon his words. “Wait.” Kita was frantic. You gave him a comforting smile, placing your hand on top of his as a sign of reassurance to go on and that you understand. 
Kita’s actions surprised you as he intertwined your fingers together, his warm hands enclosing yours. 
“It’s just, I was scared that granny will accidentally tell you when I confirm it. I trust granny, but you know how careless she is when she gets excited.” That elicited a laugh out of you, Kita smiled before continuing, looking at your intertwined hands. 
“I didn’t want you to think that I like you just because you were granny’s ideal type for me. I liked you way before you met her.” He reassures, by now your face has heated up as you realized Kita was staring at you with the softest and affectionate gaze that was solely for you, you just never realized.
“Kita...” You start, squeezing your connected hands a bit tighter. “I’m sorry for not talking this out… it’s just, I was really heartbroken because-” “You don’t need to explain, (L/N). I understand.” Kita noticed you stumbling over your words. With a grateful smile, you looked at your clasped hands once more before twitching it slightly. 
“So...” You didn’t know what would happen now, you both knew you liked each other, but what now? 
“If it’s okay.” Kita interrupted your thoughts, you faced him to see a blush on his face. “I would like to court you.” You couldn’t help the smile that erupted from your face. 
You stood up and tugged him into a hug. “You don’t have to do this, you know?” You say as his arms went around your waist. 
“Court me or not, I’ll say yes.” You reassure, you felt his heart beat faster at your words. 
“Glad to hear that, but I would like to win your heart once more. If you’ll let me, (Y/N)?” Your first name sounded like comfort coming from his lips. 
“Okay, Shinsuke.” You couldn’t see the smile that invaded Kita’s handsome features. 
Unbeknownst to the both of you, Granny Yumie was about to call the both of you for food, but seeing the moment that unfolded a few seconds ago made her bite her tongue and let you be for a while. 
Granny Yumie smiled as she saw first hand that her grandson was indeed falling in love. 
Tumblr media
A snort came out of your mouth as you rolled your eyes at Atsumu’s statement. 
“You better stop snorting, you’re sounding even more like those squealing pigs little by little everyday.” Atsumu said, you shot him a glare before a smirk formed on your face. 
“I’m glad to know you’re invested with my progress of being that animal you have a stuffie of..” You cooed, Atsumu shot a glare once more, trying to hide the redness that was slowly seeping up to his neck. 
“Oh, was I wrong?” You mused sarcastically, “That was ‘Samu’s!” You smirked, pulling out your phone and showing you the video that Suna sent you when he slept over the twins’ house. 
“The blonde hair looks awfully familiar, no?” In the video, Atsumu was asleep, drool was escaping from his mouth. His mouth was wide open and snores were clearly heard from the blonde. There was snickering from behind the camera, you knew it was Suna as Osamu neared his twin brother and tried prying the stuffed animal from his arms. 
A sharp jerk of the blonde's body was seen from the video as he unconsciously swatted away his brother’s hand from his plushie. 
You laughed as the video ended, seeing Atsumu red with rage as he huffed and tried to deny even though he was clearly caught red handed. 
Atsumu internally thanks Suna’s angling, the stuffed pig wasn’t even that visible, only a fraction of pink was seen in the video and if it were more, you would’ve noticed that it was the gag gift that you have given Atsumu for Christmas. 
“Cat got your tongue, superstar?” You taunted. Atsumu rolled his eyes, giving a curt ‘whatever’ as a response. 
“As much as I would love to record you guys getting at each other’s throats, Kita-san is getting annoyed that the line-up is incomplete.” You hear Suna say as he walks towards the both of you. You gave the middle blocker a smile, greeting him with enthusiasm. 
“Feel free to get this pest out of my sight, Rin.” You say sweetly before walking away, not before hearing Atsumu mumble a few sarcastic phrases under his breath. 
Once you were out of earshot and sight, you put a hand on your chest and sigh with a stupid lovestruck grin on your face. You knew you were in too deep and you hated it. 
You and Atsumu always went at it as if there was a prize for the one who makes the other speechless. It became a routine and somewhere along the lines, you fell. 
It was idiotic to fall, but how couldn’t you? He matched your vigor, tolerated your attitude and understood you. Plus, you knew the plushie he was hugging came from you. You had it custom made after all. 
You knew you had to suppress your feelings before it ruins the dynamic that you and Atsumu have developed since the start of middle school. You sigh, remembering the time that middle schooler Atsumu tried to scare you off with his words, only for him to be surprised when you bit back with harsher and scarier words. Well, as scary as a middle schooler can get. 
Since then, the both of you unknowingly made a habit of trying to piss each other off. But whenever either of you goes too far, cuddles were the only way to make up. It worked in middle school, and so far, nothing major had happened recently. 
“(Y/N)?” Your teacher called out as you walked past your classroom. You stopped in front of her and looked at her with a waiting expression, she gave you a soft smile and gestured to a notebook on her hand. 
“It seems like Atsumu forgot his notebook, we will be having a quiz tomorrow and I would like him to at the very least pass this test.” She started. “So if it’s okay with you-” “I can give it to him, ma’am.” You smile, taking the notebook before bowing and turning once more to the direction of the gym.
Once you were close enough to the gym, you stopped in the tracks. 
What the fuck am I supposed to say? You thought to yourself as you stood in front of the gym.
“Oi, Atsumu. You should really confess to (Y/N) before she gets tired of your ass.” You hear Suna say to the setter, you froze. You clenched your fingers before shaking your head and walking towards the door. You thought you just misheard. 
You walked inside, not gaining attention from the other members as they continued on their drills. You noticed Atsumu’s back was turned to you, not being aware of your figure approaching him. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Atsumu denied, only to hear a scoff from his twin. “Really? Is that why-” Osamu started only to be shocked by the loud voice of his brother. 
“Shut up, Samu! You know I don’t like (Y/N) that way and I’m just tolerating her to shut her up.” You gulped, feeling your throat get tighter as his words entered your thoughts. Suna looked past Atsumu with a passive gaze before widening his eyes as he saw you trying to not let any tears escape from your eyes.. 
“Atsumu-” Suna started only to be cut off by you coughing. “Atsumu.”
Atsumu tensed up. He internally prayed that it wasn’t who he thought it was. He turned around and felt his heart break as he saw you standing there with your hands clutched tightly on his notebook. 
“Ma’am wanted me to give you this because we have a quiz tomorrow.” You say, as if nothing was wrong. But a hiccup interrupted your words. You placed the notebook by the bench before bowing slightly and turning away, walking briskly at first before sprinting to a full on run. 
Atsumu looked back to Suna and Osamu who were glaring at him. “What are you waiting for, you tyrannic pig? Go!” It was Osamu’s words that made him run as if his life depended on it.
You ran to the courtyard, out of breath. You sigh shakily as you sit down on one of the benches and pull your knees to your chest. You wanted to believe that whatever just happened wasn’t real. But you heard it loud and clear, he only tolerated you to shut you up. 
You laugh bitterly before letting your tears fall free, wishing that these tears would go by faster just so you could stand up once more and pretend that this never happened and make Atsumu’s life easier by staying away from him, maybe then he wouldn’t have to tolerate you, right? 
“(Y/N)!” You stilled at the voice that called out. You knew it was Atsumu. You grabbed your backpack and stood up, preparing to run away once more before his large hand took a hold of your arm. 
“(Y/N), please.” Atsumu pleaded, voice softening as he felt your arm shake in his grip. 
“Atsumu, let me go.” You say, not looking at him and trying to pull your arm away but the blonde didn’t budge. “Let me explain, please.” 
You scoff. “Explain what?” You turned to him and laughed, bitterness was laced. 
“That you only tolerated me to shut me up? Don’t bother, Miya. I heard it loud and clear.” Atsumu winces at the use of his last name. Feeling his grip falter on your arm, you yanked it away from him and turned your body so it was facing him. 
Atsumu almost punched himself as he saw your puffy face. Tears were still building up in your eyes, you blinked them away before giving him a pointed look. 
“You know, it would’ve hurt less if you told me this before I fell too deep.” You say, there was no backing out now. If you were to end whatever relationship you had with Atsumu, you better say everything you needed to.
The blonde was confused. “Maybe if you told me sooner, I wouldn’t have to have my heart broken by some asshole like you!” You say, borderline yelling as tears were continuously streaming down your face. 
Atsumu’s heart started beating quickly. ‘There’s no way...’ He thought to himself.
“Ever since middle school I’ve looked forward to our conversations. Even if it always ends up with one of us screaming at each other. And I don’t know why.” You say, wiping your tears away. 
“I don’t know why one day, I started thinking about you in a way that I know I shouldn’t. I thought that I was special because you never showed as much vigor as you did with me to anyone else, not even ‘Samu for that matter.” 
“Even if it seemed so pathetic, I thought that the insulting banters were somehow a way of you telling me I’m special.” Saying this now, it sounded pathetic. But you needed to let everything out of your chest. 
“Somewhere along the lines, I thought that you may have possibly liked me back.” You finished. 
Atsumu didn’t know what to say. He never confessed because he thought it was weird, but thinking about you being with someone else has always left a bitter taste in his mouth. He always thought it was because he was protective over you. But god, it wasn’t. It really wasn’t.
“(Y/N)... I-” “Save it.” You say before walking away. 
Atsumu let his actions take over him as he gripped your arm and yanked you towards him. His arms holding your frame as you sob. 
“Let me go.” You say, Atsumu turned you around to face him. “I listened, now I hope you do the same.” 
“When I was in middle school, I was hated.” He began, you looked at him curiously, why was he stating the obvious? 
“I was so dead set on not gaining any friends because I already had ‘Samu and volleyball.”
“But one day, you came and sat by our table when Osamu wasn’t around. I remember trying to scare you off, but you didn’t budge and it turned to me being scared of you.” Atsumu said, letting go of your arms, trusting that you wouldn’t run away this time. 
“Then we became frenemies of some sort. Until freshman year when I began to think that what if I liked you more than a friend.” Your eyes widened at his statement. “Stop playing around, Atsu-” “I listened to yours, shut up and listen to mine.” You kept your mouth shut after that.
“God, you didn’t know how much I wanted to just kiss your stupid face just to shut you up whenever you make a comment or you start the banter.” Atsumu siad, your face warmed up at his words. 
“But I couldn’t. Because I thought that you were in love with Sunarin.” “What-” 
“You don’t realize it, but you smile whenever you see Suna. You have more commonalities with him than me. Not to mention the two of you would look better.” Atsumu said, trying to keep his bitterness at bay. 
“If I could take back what happened a while ago, I would. I didn’t want to assume but I genuinely thought something was going between you and Suna, I didn’t want to impose.” He says.
“But now that I know there aren’t, then nothing is in the way of stopping me from doing this.” 
Before you could ask what he meant, he ducked his head and slotted his lips on yours. All the unsaid feelings and frustrations were poured in that one kiss.
You pulled away, looking at his honey colored eyes. “You’re an asshole, Atsumu.” You say before pulling him in once more. 
You felt Atsumu laugh against your lips.
“Be mine?” Atsumu asked as he pulled away, his arms wrapped around your waist. 
“I always was.”
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luvbub · 4 months ago
heyheyhey umm this is my first time ever asking for a fic so idrk how to do this but could I pls ask for a osamu x reader fic where it's like uhh idk how to explain it in English but like Yk those ppl who are like on the side of the match and they narrate what's happening in the match and they have those fancy headsets on?? could it be something like she calls osamu cute or something during a match by accident and he ends up confessing to her bc she's on the girls volleyball team and they had a match and he got to narrate the match before he was kicked off for "being biased" ehehe anyway thank you in advanced if you do end up doing this!! I love your blog and writing and it's always the first one I pull up when it's 3am and I can't sleep 💘💖
‘a bit biased’
Tumblr media
feat. Osamu
♡ note: f!reader
♡ Atsumu’s perspective
Tumblr media
It was rare for both the girl’s and boy’s volleyball team to be occupying the gym, but today, both teams found themselves in the same court. Today, the rival high school volleyball teams were there for some friendly competition.
You rarely got to see the boy’s team play, since their official matches usually conflicted with your own, so today was a good opportunity to see them in action. And wow, they were impressive.
No wonder they nearly won Interhigh, you thought to yourself. Also, were they always this attractive?
After the first set, your coach went up to you to ask that you help commentate since one of the commentators had to step out temporarily. You agreed, making your way from the benches and to the table where the other commentator sat, fortunately you knew who they were, so you didn’t have to worry about being awkward with any banter the two of you would have.
But there was no time to converse, as the second set was already starting. You quickly put on the headset, and you were nudged to introduce yourself.
“Hi everyone, L/n Y/n here to step in for a bit as we enter the second set with Inarizaki winning the first” you announce, hoping you weren’t going to make a fool of yourself during the rest of the match.
And for the most part, you didn’t. You and the other commentator did a proficient job at reporting any significant plays that had gone on.
Key phrase: for the most part.
At one seemingly never ending rally, Atsumu had set the ball to Osamu, who had spiked it, earning Inarizaki the point and possession of the ball. Your partner had commented on the spectacular play, and your eyes followed the gray haired twin.
You nudge the other commentator, “Ahhh Osamu’s so cute, isn’t he?” you sigh, but it didn’t take yourself long to realize that you hadn’t muted the headset.
The team turned to look at you, with most of Osamu’s teammates holding back laughter, while a few started to tease him. You’d hope that maybe Osamu hadn’t heard that- even though that was unlikely, who knows? Maybe he just didn’t.
But when you made eye contact with him, he gave you a wink before directing his focus back on the game.
So, apparently he did hear that.
You sunk back on your chair, embarrassed by what had just happened. You honestly did try to commentate the rest of the match pretending like that didn’t occur- but you were fumbling your words, accidentally speaking over your partner, and yes, distracted by Osamu. Although to be fair, that was just because every once in a while, he’d turn to you and give you a small wave and smile.
By the time the match was over (with Inarizaki winning), you had rushed out of your seat and to the locker rooms to change for your upcoming game. Now that the boys’ game was over, they’d probably go home, right? Yeah, they definitely would go home and you could play without having to feel embarrassed.
Yeah.. no. When you walked back into the gymnasium, the first thing you saw was Osamu wearing a headset, ready to commentate.
“Hi everyone, Miya Osamu here, your commentator for the girl’s volleyball match. Here we can see both teams warming up for- oh there goes L/n Y/n! She’s so cute, don’t you agree?” Osamu chuckles as he watches you become more flustered. Then he turns back, and his eyes narrow at some of the players of the rival school’s volleyball team ogling you. Osamu snaps in their direction.
“Hey- eyes off her. I already beat you once in volleyball, don’t make me do it again off the court.” he says, turning back around, and allowing himself to get teased by his own teammates. You sigh to yourself, surely this was all just a prank. Better not get your hopes up.
Honestly, you kept thinking that now all the fun was over, Osamu would just return to normal, and commentate on the match as anyone would.
But no. He kept making comments towards you throughout the entire game. At one point, when the opposing team messed up their serve, Osamu said, “Ah, and she served right into the net. You know who wouldn’t do that? Y/n, because she’s absolutely so good at what she does.”
He kept throwing out compliments left and right, and you were lucky that his comments never made you perform worse in the game.
Still, you didn’t think he’s go along with this bit this long, so after the first set (which your team won), you marched up to the commentator table. Osamu muted his headset, and looked up at you with a smile on his face.
“Hi Y/n, you did great out there!”
“I- thank you. But you know, you can stop with the bit!!”
Osamu raises an eyebrow in confusion, “What bit?”
“The one where you compliment me like crazy! I get it, I accidentally called you cute in front of everyone- but you don’t have to entertain everyone by returning the favor” you sigh, nervously fiddling with your thumbs. In essence, you were telling him to not get your hopes up.
The gray haired twin frowns, and he takes hold of your hands, interlocking your fingers with his.
“I’m not trying to entertain anyone- except you of course. I mean, if it wasn’t clear Y/n... I do like you”
You blink at him for a second, trying to take in his words. Looking back up to regain your composure, you see his teammates behind him, and they nod at his words. So he was telling the truth.
Your eyes find his again, and you're unable to hold back a grin- which causes him to smile too. But before more can be said, you’re forced to head back to the court for the second set.
“Hey everyone... I think I may be getting a girlfriend soon, and she’s actually the cutest girl ev-” Osamu says into the headset, but he’s shortly interrupted by a ref. The headset is still on, so the whole gym is able to hear what he’s saying to the referee.
“I- what? You’re kicking me out? For being extremely biased?? Now that’s pushing it I’m not... okay maybe I’m a bit biased but c’mon have you seen her? I- fine fine. I’ll take it off.” Osamu sighs, rolling his eyes at the ref. But before he does take it off, he squeezes in one more sentence.
“Y/nafteryourmatchlet’sgoonadate!” he spits out as the headset is being yanked off him. Osamu looks up to see you give him a small thumbs up, setting your plans in stone.
With Osamu no longer commentating, you don’t need to worry about feeling flustered on the court. Although, you were still able to hear his cheers for you from the sidelines. And to your surprise, you think you played even better because of him.
Regardless, no matter how you played or the outcome, you knew that after this game you had a cute boy waiting for you.
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kurosukii · 6 days ago
𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐬
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: kita shinsuke x f!reader
summary: he claimed he’d be ‘out of your hair’ for good, so why does it feel like he’s always watching you?
genre: smut, mafia au
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, mentions of recording/filming (noncon), drugging (with an aphrodisiac), gunplay, yandere themes, somnophilia, stalking, trespassing, slight sexism and misogyny, objectification, corruption, praise, dacryphilia, panty sniffing, slight edging, nipple play, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, slight pussyjob, oral (f receiving), female (slight) and male masturbation, creampie, squirting, mating press
word count: 8.3k
author’s note: ~~boy oh boy heed the warnings~~ set in the same au as ecstasy with some mild spoilers. i didn’t expect this to be this long phew ,,, btw this is what a conversation with user @stopisa leads to 🙁. kita stans pls forgive me. (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI)
for my lovely sora’s @manjihoe you collab <3 thanks for letting little ol’ omega me join 🥺
no beta cause we fall like heroes 🕊
Tumblr media
[5:40 PM]
perhaps if you were in the same situation a few months prior when you were still naïve and new to the job, you would honestly be wondering why the court hall is akin to a ghost town—save for a few unremarkable employees milling about.
that’s why in a sea of people in semi-formal attire who look stressed beyond measure, a pair of heavily tattooed and intimidating twins donning tight black shirts and combat boots stick out like a sore thumb.
“i’d rather be balls deep in our baby right now, samu,”
“don’t let kita-san hear ya say that, tsumu,”
“ya want the same thing too…”
“shut up, dumbass. he’s comin’ this way.”
it’s comical, really, the way these two bulky grown men bicker like schoolboys. besides, you know who they’re here for and why they obviously straightened themselves to their full and towering height as they watch a shorter man stride towards them, walking with an air of calmness as if he hadn’t had his wrists and ankles cuffed to a table minutes ago.
it’s a crime how kita shinsuke looks elegant even in the drab prisoner uniform. he makes it look respectable and well-made but you know it’s only because of the aura exuding from him. his silent confidence and piercing eyes make everything on his lithe body look regal.
it definitely didn’t help that he knew that no matter what happened, he wouldn’t spend a day of his life behind bars. it was insulting that it looked like he was only there for formality’s sake, as if his presence at court was just a favor. he didn’t act like a criminal who was caught red-handed and he wasn’t just a common criminal, by the way. he’s the brains and control of possibly every illegal activity running underground.
the only reason why he was wearing the piss-brown uniform is so that the ones who apprehended him will feel at ease. he can’t wear a three-piece suit, now can he? he’ll look like the lawyer instead of the defendant.
in some way, you felt like a criminal too. there’s blood on your hands from when you were ordered to destroy incriminating evidence that would prove his guilt. you haven’t slept properly since then.
your dreams are haunted by nightmares where you’re the one wearing the ugly jumpsuit as your shackled wrists and ankles are being dragged along, but a cold breeze always wakes you up just before the jail bars slam shut, leaving you in your cold and desolate cell.
usually, cases like these tend to attract the media. you’re used to the halls brimming with bright flashing lights and a multitude of voices shouting their invasive questions, but there’s not a peep from them at all. it’s as if it’s just one of those common DUI cases flooding the prosecutor’s desk, not a shady high profile case that your morally corrupt boss only accepts.
it’s a literal ghost town because the municipality made it so; they’re keeping things under wraps so as to not reveal the dirty shit festering in the ranks and that the kita shinsuke actually has most of the government officials in the prefecture in his payroll.
you weren’t born yesterday so you know that someone is going to pay for this “mishap”. whoever that poor soul is, they’re going to receive the appropriate punishment from him. you know who he is, and what he can do.
it’s rather unfortunate that a ballsy prosecutor teamed up with a fiery detective to bring him to court but in the end, he still won anyway and it’s mostly because of you. your morals are shouting at you and self-preservation won in the end because with just a flick of his finger, you’ll be inside a body bag, floating towards the bottom of the ocean.
you’ll never forget the way kita smiled at you the morning after your transgression, acting like you made his favorite cup of tea. the way he rubbed soft circles on your hand as he sincerely thanked you for your gracious help made your skin crawl with shame. is this who you are? is this what your job is?
your inner monologue is interrupted by someone clearing their throat and to your great horror, everyone is looking at you in confusion and with uncomfortable grimaces on their faces, except for one man. it turns out that while you stared off into space, your eyes somehow stopped on the bottle blonde twin who is now devilishly smirking at you.
“they are,” kita rasps through slightly gritted teeth, his demeanor completely opposite from when you were alone with him in the interrogation room. the traces of his eerily soft smile looked like it was never there at all and you don’t miss the way his jaw clenches in annoyance. luckily, your boss intervenes, practically saving you from a situation that could’ve ended badly.
“sorry about my paralegal. you know how women can get when it comes to good-looking men, am i right?”
kita doesn’t bother to give him a reply but the blonde twin voices his agreement. his brother sends him a withering look, subtly casting you a wink. your boss loudly clears his throat as he dusts imaginary lint off of his pinstripe suit, turning to kita and bowing his head deeply, finally putting this uncomfortable and gruesome encounter to an end.
“pleasure doing business with you, sir.”
“likewise. we won’t be seeing each other again, i hope?”
your boss laughs uncomfortably at the forwardness of his no-nonsense client, his beady eyes round with some kind of tension while kita is just looking at him expectantly, his gaze flickering to you every now and then.
“o-of course, sir! we’ll be off now, we don’t want to take any more of your precious time. thank you so much!”
thank you so much for the hefty amount of money in my bank account is what your boss left unsaid. the prick has no morals and only follows the law of money. you bow your head gently as well, realizing that you haven’t said a word at all as your boss scurries off with you in tow.
even though your back is turned to them as you’re walking away, you still can’t find it in yourself to loosen up from that encounter because you feel his piercing gaze on your back, as if he’s demanding you to look at him but you never do, afraid that it might be a bad omen if you do so.
you’re scared that you might just sign away your life and never escape his soulful amber eyes if you make eye contact once again.
Tumblr media
to be fair, he admits that he’s no different from the twins, but at least can say that he hides his desires better than they do. he never really cared for anyone like this, even going as far as agreeing with the whispers of his underlings saying that he’s a robot.
all of the people he’s been with were just warm bodies to him but he knows that it’s different with you. he craves you like he has never done with anyone before, almost rivaling the addiction people have with his drugs. the feeling is all too foreign for him; maybe that’s why he immediately realized it for what it was, the reason why he always has eyes on you.
you’re angelic when you sleep, kita thinks. you look very different compared to when you’re working and being harrowed by your pea-brained boss (he’ll deal with him soon enough. to kita, there’s no sense in letting people who bother you live a nice and weightless life).
kita’s currently standing at the foot of your bed, amber eyes committing every feature, curve, and mark on your face to memory—like what he always does on most nights. right now, there are no worried lines on your forehead, it’s all soft and supple skin.
the way your night lamp illuminates the side of your face makes you look even more delicate and softer than you usually do but he doesn’t mind—you’re perfect to him in every way.
he smiles to himself as he moves closer to your side, the mattress dipping from his weight as he sits down but you’re unbothered, only making a soft sound as you shift around. as he reaches out to caress your cheek, he remembers how diligent you are with your nightly skincare routine.
it’s what he likes about you, clearly sharing the same values he does and you’re a breath of fresh air from the neanderthals he deals with every day.
you understand routine, and the rewards that come with it. just like how he knows the kind of reward that will come to him from studying you and never leaving you out of his sight.
he approves of your chosen brand of face wash, glad that it has a similar texture to his cum because he’s able to give you special treats, and it’s working in his favour, seeing as your skin is even nicer after he started doing it.
kita’s breathing is even as his nimble fingers move from your face to boldly leaving feather touches on your bare nipples through your threadbare shirt. he sighs softly as he feels them harden, careful not to play with them too roughly.
he pulls the hem of your shirt over your chest, groaning low in his throat as he sees the soft mounds clearly and not through a screen anymore. his breathing quickens as he cups them in his hands, relishing in the warmth and softness. you whine softly, absentmindedly arching your back and pushing your breasts closer to his palms.
he smiles, then begrudgingly lets go of them as his hands travel down your stomach, tracing hearts over your warm skin like a high school boy until his finger trails down to his prize.
kita used to be content with just watching you sleep, but knowing what a pretty pussy you’re hiding behind those flimsy panties just makes his blood run hot. and also, the myriad of videos he has of you touching yourself, watching your beautiful face contort into the perfect expression while you orgasm—he’s not satisfied with just observing anymore.
he’s but a man after all, and every man has needs and what he needs is you.
he shifts from his position by your side to between your legs, careful not to jostle you too much. his cock is straining against his slacks, twitching at the angelic sight of you sleeping peacefully. his hands spread your thighs until he can see the outline of your folds through the flimsy panties.
he sighs softly, one hand reaching out to rub your slit through the fabric. kita bites his lip as he watches you squirm and whimper, clearly enjoying his touches. he pulls your panties to the side and dips his head until his nose is practically buried in between your legs, deeply inhaling your clean and feminine scent.
his breathing hitches as his entire body  shudders, eyes rolling to the back of his head while he plants a soft kiss on your folds. kita runs his fingers through your slit, humming to himself as he spreads the wet strings trickling out of your pussy. you jerk from the stimulation, mouth dropping open in a low moan as you bunch the sheets in your hands.
kita straightens himself and sits on his haunches as he hooks his fingers on the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your body gently, slowly savoring and cataloging everything to his memory.
“you’re so pretty,” he can’t help but whisper, his amber eyes round with adoration and desire as he tugs the fabric down your dewy legs. he puts your panties in his pocket, not having the strength to throw it aside.
kita takes a deep breath, exhaling through his nose as he repositions himself, his stomach flat on the bed, wincing at the throbbing of his cock just as he takes hold of you, kissing your inner thighs as he rubs comforting circles on the outer part.
he sighs contently while hooking your legs over his shoulders, planting a soft kiss on your pussy before his mouth latches on to your clit. he moans unabashedly, his eyelids fluttering at finally tasting you after so long. kita’s hands leave your thighs and move up your writhing body to grope and squeeze your breasts.
you think you’re dreaming, a blurry flash of grey and black in your mind’s vision, pleasuring you the way you’ve been craving for the past weeks. the strange figure’s warm hands are a relief to your breasts, their fingers prodding and pulling on your nipples while their tongue licks and sucks your clit into their mouth—just how you like it.
kita groans into your pussy when he feels you pull the strands of his hair, alarm bells ringing in his head as his wide amber eyes shoot to your face—all the while not stopping the swirling motions of his tongue. for a second, he thought you have awoken from your slumber, but seeing the way your eyes are tightly screwed shut as whimpers fall from your lips—you’re still deep into your supposed wet dream.
kita takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your pulsing walls, his moans sending vibrations deep into your body, making you shiver as you buck your hips towards his face.
his hand moves to your clit, thumb flicking and circling the bundle of nerves as he bobs his head against your pussy. your fingers tighten in his hair as you ride his tongue shamelessly. fuck, this dream is so vivid. the sensations feel so real, like you manifested what’s happening to you.
their tongue keeps moving inside of you, eliciting loud slurps as slick drips down your ass. your moans are loud and high-pitched as you desperately chase the person’s mouth that’s rocking in tandem with the movements of their head. your hips buck and roll to intensify the pleasure you’re feeling while you think about how the strands you’re pulling on are soft, clearly well-kept, and taken care of.
it’s long enough to guide their head along with the pace you want and eventually, the blurry figure stops moving their head on their own, opting to follow your lead as they only let their tongue, mouth, and fingers do the work. you’re so close, your lower abdomen is so tight and you’re so dizzy from the pleasure and continuous stimulation that you can see stars with how good and boneless you feel.
kita doesn’t care about how loud you’re being, his only focus is to make you cum and fill his mouth with your juices. the way you’re begging and crying for release is so riveting, and he’s not ashamed with how intensely he’s rutting against your bed.
your hand roughly pulls on his hair while the other bunches the sheets harshly, loud and drawn out moans erupting from your throat when the figure removes their tongue and quickly wraps their mouth on your aching clit. after a series of loud suckling, expert flicks, and heavy circles on your pulsating clit, your back arches and you cry out into the stuffy air of your room, hips bucking to their face as your toes curl and body trembles from one of the most intense orgasms of your life.
soft whimpers and broken moans fall from your lips as you prolong your orgasm, your hips rutting against his face, making him groan deeply with desire. his eyes roll to the back of his head as your juices fill his mouth, coating his tongue with your tangy flavour while the rest trickle down his chin. kita’s bright eyes are hazy, heavily hooded with unbridled desire as he sloppily licks broad stripes up and down your puffy folds, adamantly choosing to not waste a drop of your essence.
you drop to the bed with a loud whimper and he watches you, his pants damp with his release as he playfully flicks your nipples. the corner of his lips turns upwards as he catches a wide smile on your lips, your body almost melting into the mattress with how satisfied you look. you let out a breathy and content sigh as your chest heaves, nudging your head into your pillow as you return to your deep sleep, blissfully unaware that what transpired isn’t a figment of your sexually depraved conscience.
kita grunts as he straightens his body, licking his lips and wiping his chin while he kneels on the bed. his head tilts to the side, seemingly in a trance as his eyes roam over your spread legs and puffy pussy, the warm hue of your night lamp catching your glistening folds.
he’s so tempted to fuck you like this, especially after you came so prettily on his tongue, but he wants you awake and fully aware of it, aware of him. he doesn’t really need you to be willing because he wants to see you under the influence of his product, experience the drug that he was supposed to go to jail for if it weren’t for your boss’s corrupt morals. money does make the world go round, along with powerful connections.
he dips his head to take one last lick across your dripping folds, relishing the taste of your slick before he lifts himself up again.
maybe he can leave you with a souvenir? you did so well for him after all.
the sound of a belt unbuckling and zipper moving is loud in the near silence of your room, accompanied by kita’s sharp intake of breath as he takes hold of his aching cock that’s leaking with his release. his sigh is breathy as he pulls his pants down to his thighs, feeling the heaviness of his length in his rough hands.
he bites his lower lip as his eyes glaze over, focusing on your blissed-out face as he slowly strokes his shaft, creating wet sounds as his palm glides along his hot and sensitive skin.
kita has always been a by-the-book kind of man but ever since you came into his life, he’s found himself doing things that he would have never done in a million years—like masturbating over the sleeping form of his sweet angel. you make him feel different, like he finally found his greater purpose in life.
the surge of emotion he’s feeling makes him moan, throwing his head back as he thrusts against his hand while the other one is clenched by his side. his breathing is heavy and coming out in short pants, his heart racing as he zeroes in on your slick pussy.
his thoughts and fantasies take up his mind once more, thinking about how cute you’ll look begging for him, how your tight pussy looks around his thick cock, taking everything he gives you. he even thinks about how sexy you’ll look fucking his gun while the two of you make out and moan into each other’s mouth.
but the thing that sends kita into overdrive, making him unaware of how loud his strokes and groans are whilst shaking your bed with his heavy thrusts against the air, is the vision of you so fucked out that your mouth is hanging open. in his mind, your eyes are so hooded that they’re almost closed and your entire body is covered in his cum while endless strings of white dribble out of your wrecked pussy.
your legs are spread so wide that he can see everything and it makes his hips jerk and balls tighten, his abs flexing underneath his sweaty dress shirt. kita’s heart is thumping against his chest and his body stiffens just as your name comes out of his mouth in a throaty groan, thick and warm spurts of his cum shooting out of his throbbing cock.
his eyes gradually open as he shakes his head from his lewd fantasies while he paints your stomach and pussy with his release, quickly seizing the opportunity to shuffle closer to you, his stained hand guiding his tip to your hole as he strokes more of his cum out.
kita hisses in pleasure as he watches copious amounts of his cum cover you, some dripping from your cunt and falling down your ass. he moans from the sensitivity, his chest heaving as he spreads it all over your folds with his reddened and pulsing cockhead. you moan softly and jerk from the stimulation, still reeling from the aftermath of your orgasm.
it’s a primal and filthy way of marking his territory, to signify that he owns your body—soon to be mind and heart.
he exhales deeply, cracking his neck as he sways his head from side to side, the sweat from his chest making his black dress shirt cling uncomfortably to his skin.
he sighs while he swipes two fingers along your slit, spreading his cum even more as he admires his handiwork. you must have been so tired after a long day of work for you to have not sensed him pleasing and playing with your body like this. any other person would have shot their eyes open at the foreign touch but not you, you’re way deep into dreamland.
you didn’t even open those expressive and pretty eyes once, kita pouts to himself. but then he smirks, knowing that it’s due to the heavy sleeping pill he dissolved in your nightly glass of water before bed. either way, if you did wake up then he guesses it would be better, he can fuck you right then and there. he’ll make you cream and writhe around the thickness of his cock as he takes you for himself. but he’ll make do with this, for now.
he tucks himself back into his pants and grunts at the stickiness of his shirt. if he hadn’t met you, he wouldn’t have let the state of his shirt reach this point, but you have him acting like how the twins do. kita sighs, patting his pockets until he remembers that your panties are safely nestled in there.
an idea pops into his head as he chuckles, slowly pulling the fabric out as he scrutinizes the softness of it. he has half a mind to pocket it but it would be too obvious, it’d make you worry and even more paranoid.
as much as he wants to leave the mess he made, that’s not who he is. he also doesn’t want to reveal himself yet so he clicks his tongue and bunches the skimpy fabric in his hand, dutifully wiping his cum off your stomach and pussy before looping it back through your legs.
he plants soft kisses along your legs as he admires how your panties are resting comfortably between your thighs, like it did when he found you—although not as clean and dry as it once was. you had a wonderful and naughty dream, after all. the stain and wetness totally make sense.
he bends down to kiss your covered pussy, nuzzling his nose to get one last whiff of your scent mixed with his before moving up and kissing a trail on your stomach, exposed tits, and finally ending on your lips, as if you’re sleeping beauty.
he gets off the bed and observes you for a few more minutes, caressing your head before nodding to himself and leaving your room quietly, satisfied with the events that transpired tonight.
Tumblr media
nothing has been the same ever since that night.
when you woke up the morning after, your cheeks burned in embarrassment with how much of a mess you made of yourself. you knew your dream was good, but for it to be so good that you had to throw your panties from how crusty and messy they were? it was very unbecoming of you.
but that blurry figure you were fantasizing about in your dreams? imagine your horror and shame when the figure took the shape of none other than kita shinsuke. you felt so sick to your stomach that your subconscious was fantasizing about a high-profile criminal who may have a few screws loose in the head.
ever since he manifested in your dreams, you feel like he’s watching you at every corner. there’s a stiffness in your body whenever you’re walking to work and the aura of paranoia exuding from you is so strong that your colleagues point it out. you look so haggard, is everything okay?
it’s one thing to have wet dreams, but to have him be the star of it? there’s not an ounce of shame nor self-preservation left in your traitorous body. i’m fine, just tired from work, you know?
you’re always looking over your shoulder, afraid that he’ll come out of a corner and whisk you away to his den. today feels different than the rest, the fear and paranoia are more intense than before. you gulp at your trembling hand as you clock out, frantically looking around as you step out of the building and make the journey back to your place.
“she’s so skittish,” atsumu sighs, watching you walk down the sidewalk from the black tinted windows.
“wouldn’t ya be paranoid too if ya felt like you’re bein’ followed?” osamu snorts, texting kita that you’re on your way back.
“true. we had some close run-ins with her and kita-san almost flamed our asses for that.”
osamu’s phone rings and he scans the text from kita before buckling his seatbelt, nodding his head at atsumu to do the same.
“he says he’s at her apartment already so we gotta make sure she goes straight home. no detours this time, tsumu.”
“sure, she better go home quickly though cause the toy we gave our baby ain’t gonna cut it,” atsumu laments, shifting the car into gear as a glossy look covers his brown eyes. “and every second i spend without my cock in her cunt is a second i don’t want to live through.”
“fuckin’ pig,” osamu scoffs at him, but deep down he knows that he silently agrees with his twin.
“fuck off, you’re the same too!”
you might as well have slammed the door with how loud the click of the lock rings through the deafening silence of your apartment. it took great restraint for you to not storm down the halls of your floor; at one point, even your own shadow spooked you, feeling like someone finally caught up to you.
you let out a big sigh as you set your keys and purse down on the table, dragging your bare feet through the floor as you tread your way to the kitchen. you must have been so frazzled and tired because if you were more alert, if you had taken a moment to look at your surroundings, you would have noticed the italian leather dress shoes sitting neatly on the bottom of your shoe rack.
after drinking your nightly medication, you go straight to your room, stretching your tight joints along the way. kita is silently sitting on the chair in the dark corner of your room, content with watching you unbutton your blouse and shimmy out of your tight pencil skirt. he goes unnoticed for a few more minutes until he makes a low groan in his throat when he sees that you’re clad in only your matching white bra and panties.
your ears catch the sound and the hair on the nape of your neck stands on end because suddenly, you feel a menacing aura—like someone’s watching you; it’s either you really let your guard down or kita is really just good at what he does. you turn around slowly, your heartbeat loud in your ears as you feel the stiffness creep from your feet, running along your legs when you see the man consuming your mind bit by bit.
you see kita shinsuke sitting comfortably on the chair, softly smiling at you with a very intense look in his eyes. you’re about to scream bloody murder but then you notice the gun in his grip. his smile grows wider as he points the barrel across his lips and shushes you.
“we don’t want to bother the neighbors, do we?” he says calmly, amber eyes twinkling as he watches your nearly bare chest rise and fall quickly. his little action proves to be effective in keeping you quiet, but it’s like he shouldn’t have bothered because at this point, you feel like you lost your voice somewhere in your throat.
you feel like a corpse whose blood has been drained with how stiff you feel. kita becomes silent again, content with watching you, relishing in the silence of the two of you together in your room where you're finally awake and looking at him.
“you’ve had a long day at work, my love,” he muses, pity in his eyes as if he’s your lover who you always go home to, whose arms you find solace in. he rises from the chair and it triggers your fight or flight instinct, making you take a few steps back until your knees hit the bed. your legs weaken and buckle, causing you to drop on the mattress.
kita only takes a few strides and his legs are already touching your bare and trembling ones. you’ve said it before that he wasn’t the tallest man—average height at best—but with his foreboding presence, suffocating aura, and the eerie way he’s looking at you as if you’re his significant other, you might as well be an ant under the magnifying glass.
you whimper in fear when his leg nudges yours, silently telling you to spread your legs. you have no choice but to obey him. how can you not when he’s holding a weapon in his hand?
“i-i thought you said we’ll n-never see each other a-again,” you stutter, your wide and glossy eyes flickering to his gun and face. kita has the audacity to laugh at you and you flinch when his hand comes up to your face, his warm palm burning your cheek as his thumb caresses it. you’re made aware that you’re extra vulnerable right now—you’re half-naked and defenseless while kita’s dressed in all black with a firearm hanging off of his hand.
“silly little dove, did you think i also meant you?” kita tuts, his fingers gently tapping your cheek. “it was only meant for your fool of a boss, hard to look at him when a pretty little thing like you is in my peripheral vision.”
“been wantin’ to sweep you away from your dreary job, keep you close and warm in my arms,” he says softly, his eyes transfixed on the fear in your eyes. it’s getting him hard, the way your eyes shine with unshed tears. he licks his lower lip as he drops his hand and walks towards your nightstand where he left a glass of water.
you know deep in your heart that you should make a run for it but your legs feel like they’re bolted to the ground. also, you’re sure a man like him—judging by his lithe body—is agile and has good reflexes. aside from that, you can't exactly outrun a bullet, can you?
kita steps in front of you again, smiling at your faux obedience and cooing at you. he’s acting all lovey dovey and it disgusts you; you want to spit in his face for being such a bastard, but there’s no telling what he’ll do if you disrespect him like that.
there’s no escape, not if you want to leave this ordeal unscathed.
he puts his gun in its holster on his belt before taking something out of his pocket and from the dim light of your room, you notice something round and white in a small zip lock bag. is that what you think it is?
you start to feel the tremors in your body and kita tuts softly at you. your eyes are wide as you watch him open the plastic, even noticing the gentleness in fingers as he holds the pill between them.
“you don’t have to be nervous, dove,” he reassures you, bringing the drug in front of your face. now that it’s up close, you can see that there’s something engraved on the convex shape of it. kita sees the slight curiosity in your eyes and smiles at your ‘interest’ in his work.
“it’s a fox,” he answers your unspoken question as he slightly waves it in front of your mouth. you’re filled with the courage to shake your head to the side vigorously, even with the dark glint of his gun warning you.
“come now, open your mouth for me. be my good girl,” he clicks his tongue in disappointment, his pink lips forming into a small pout.
what other choice do you have if you want to live?
you swallow thickly, feeling the first drops of your tears running down your cheeks. you’re so fucking scared for your life; you have no idea what you’re being forced to put in your system but if the rumors were to be believed—the effect of this drug is the last thing you want to experience, especially if he’s the one who’s going to help you.
your mouth is dry as you open it slowly and your tears find their way inside your mouth, tasting the salt and fear on your tongue. you half expected kita to wipe your tears, to preserve some of your dignity but with the thick and prominent bulge straining against his slacks, you can tell that this vile man gets off on this kind of thing—he gets off on your helplessness.
through your teary vision, his soft smile comes back to haunt you as he happily puts the pill on your tongue, and to add more disgust brewing in your stomach, he presses down on the muscle, making you gag on the bitter and powdery taste of the drug.
your body is shaking so much that kita has to hold the glass of water for you. you take big gulps to wash off the acrid taste, feeling sick to your stomach as it mixes with the saltiness of your tears. you’re too stunned to move, only your eyes shifting as they follow kita’s movements in setting the glass down on your nightstand.
you can already feel something stirring in your gut before settling down in your abdomen. sweat begins to build on your brow and hairline, as if there’s a furnace inside of you. but this is worse because instead of the heat spreading evenly, it’s centered in one place—your pussy.
kita chuckles at your disposition, satisfied with the new and improved fast-acting effect of the drug. his hand then caresses your cheek and shiny lips as he removes his gun from the holster and brings it to your face, tracing the stains of your tears.
he’s determined to make you see what he almost lost his empire for. but he knows his brief time in the slammer was worth it because it led him to you. not only that, he sees how satisfied and happy the twins are with their sweetheart and he’s been longing for that ever since.
who could be the perfect girl other than you? you’re so prim and proper. he knows you’re wary of him and he wants to see that resolve crumble. he wants to watch you cry and writhe for him, beg for his mouth and hands, beg for his cock, beg for him to just make you his sweet girl.
you’re delirious at this point, your mind starting to become numb from the effect of the aphrodisiac he gave you. your panties and bra feel hot, irritating your sweaty and tingly skin. your ears are ringing and although you paused in your crying, your vision is still somewhat blurry.
kita’s cock is straining against his pants but he can still hold out some more; watching you slowly become feral and horny is enough for him to carry a one-sided conversation.
“you know,” he starts, his eyes round in wonder as he slowly traces your parted lips with the barrel. your breaths are coming out in harsh pants and you’re too numb, too hot to care about what he’s doing.
“i’m not really a fan of these things,” he gestures to the gun he’s holding. “but it’s necessary for my line of work. over the years, i’ve learned that a gun is an extension of a man.”
by that notion, it’s an extension of him.
“so i want you to be well acquainted with this.”
his words don’t register in your hazy brain because everything’s too cloudy and foggy; he sounds so far away. before you know it, your fingers are down your panties as you frantically rub your aching clit. your back arches as you moan at the quick relief from the tingling but it’s only short-lived because the heat between your legs comes back in full force, causing you to yelp in pain.
“k-kita, h-help me—please!”
your voice doesn’t feel like your own, the only indication that you know it’s yours is due to the way kita’s eyes light up with unadulterated glee. his grip on the gun falters for a second and his other hand pushes your sweaty chest until your back hits the bed.
“call me shinsuke, dove,” he coos, his amber eyes bright with adoration as he watches your flushed body. your eyes are wide and glossy, cheeks hot and stained with your tears. he groans low in his throat as he watches your perked up nipples straining against the lacy fabric of your bra. he clicks his tongue as he brings his gun down the center of your chest, the cold and heavy metal contrasting your hot and flushed body.
“you need this here?” he asks you, rubbing the barrel down your soaked panties outlining the shape of your pussy lips. your fingers are clumsy against your clit, not being able to form a rhythm as your juices leak continuously from your cunt. your other hand is squeezing and pulling away at your tits, moaning in despair at the barely present relief.
“y-yes, please. anything!” you whimper brokenly, hips rolling against the gun. kita growls lowly and promptly rips your panties off with one hand before he throws them to the floor.
“shinsuke!” you gasp in surprise, the stretch of the fabric tearing along your hips feels delicious as your wet pussy is exposed to the stuffy air of your room. your hips buck against your hand, shuddering and moaning when you feel the coldness of the gun graze your folds.
even he’s slightly surprised with what he did because it’s something he never thought he’d do. he imagined pulling it down your legs slowly, just like he has always done the previous nights but perhaps it’s the way you look so inviting, so needy, begging for him to alleviate the heat coursing through your veins.
you’re so wet that he doesn’t even need to prep you, your cute pussy can take the barrel with no issues. he puts it to the test and teasingly rubs it down your folds, relishing in your squeals of pleasure. when the thick tip meets your leaking hole, you whine loudly and rock your hips against it. your hands wrap themselves around kita’s wrist as you grind towards him, jaw going slack as you arch your back.
you don’t care that you’re fucking a gun because you’re so horny and it hurts not having something inside your pussy. you’re satisfied with kita giving you something to take pleasure from. kita patronizingly tells you to hold it with your hands and you obey him, nodding your head vigorously as you roll your hips while loud cries fall from your lips.
kita takes this opportunity to remove his clothes, unbuttoning his dress shirt quickly and throwing it off somewhere, his pants and underwear following suit. he keeps a sharp eye on your pussy as he takes hold of his leaking and hard cock, watching how your hole easily swallows the barrel. it’s a lewd scene, seeing as how continuous and copious amounts of slick come out of your cunt.
“f-fuck, shin. this feels so good,” you moan loudly, rolling your hips faster to chase that orgasm in the pit of your stomach. unfortunately for you, kita has other ideas. he quickly pulls the gun out of your pussy, your sluggish reflexes proving to be no match for him as you wail in despair, your pussy throbbing painfully at your failed orgasm.
he grunts as he strokes his cock to the sight of you so flushed and aching. he drops the weapon down to the pile of clothes on the floor as he gets on the bed, the mattress dipping beneath his weight. the lack of stimulation causes you to sit up and the first thing you notice is how thick he is. he’s not as long but his girth more than makes up for it.
even through your deliriousness, you know he can still do some damage and as if his size wasn’t scary enough, you notice how his fingers barely meet as they wrap around his shaft. you gulp as your eyes travel upwards, noticing a pair of slanted eyes tattooed on across his sternum, moving along with the breaths of his chest.
“like what you see?” kita chuckles, then moans as he pulls and squeezes his cock. kita pushes you onto your back again, his eyes serious and intense while his eyebrows are furrowed in deep concentration, his precum leaking on your stomach.
“my cock was made for you.”
you moan at his declaration, spreading your legs involuntarily, baring your wet and puffy cunt to his eyes. kita strokes his cock faster, watching you needily present yourself for him.
“you’re going to cum on my cock this time and nothing else, little dove.”
this time? his quip somehow registers in your foggy brain but it’s quickly washed away when kita spreads your trembling legs further, draping the back of your thighs over his as he rubs the head of his cock between your folds, making you cry out at the hot stimulation.
“you’re so heavy, shin,” you whimper brokenly as you match his grinding and for a few minutes, your room is filled with wet sounds, high-pitched moans, and deep grunts. both of you are sweating from the exertion and excitement, the searing and tingling pain in your body only being amplified by kita’s teasing.
“your pussy is so perfect,” kita moans, swirling his tip on your pulsing clit before he pauses, making you squeak at the loss of movement.
“keep your eyes on me, sweetheart.”
you obey him, eyes heavily hooded and lips parted with a little bit of drool on the corner of your mouth. he pushes his cock inside your cunt, watching the way your expression morphs into the one he’s been dreaming about for too long.
“oh my god shin!” you whine, your toes curling as his thick cock fills you up, stretching your lips wide as the familiar ache burns through your cunt. it’s been so long since someone stretched you like this, made you feel so full.
“you feel so good, sweetheart. your pussy was made for me,” kita moans your name, his toned stomach flexing as his eyes flutter, trying so hard not to fuck you silly and ruin you for everyone else in this world. every ridge and vein that bumps inside of you makes your eyes flutter and suddenly, the burning in your body is even hotter than before but it’s a pleasurable kind of burn because it feels so good—he feels so good.
“shinsuke, please move!” you beg him shamelessly, pushing your body down on his cock, causing kita to groan at your tightness. he steels himself to not blow his load prematurely, even if it’s warranted by how much your walls are suffocating him. instead, he laces his fingers with yours as he breathes heavily, settling on his haunches as he rocks your body slowly.
“do you know how long i’ve been wantin’ to fuck you?” he rasps, punctuating the last two words with heavy thrusts that has you creaming around him. “i was just content with watchin’ you sleep then you played with my pussy with these naughty fingers.”
your back arches even more as you clench around him, your hands squeezing his rough palms. “i just needed to get a taste and i did, but now i need to have you.”
kita’s sentence breaks off into a pleasured groan as he speeds up his thrusts, making you moan louder as your tits bounce on your chest. the creaking of the bed is rhythmic and it only adds to the obscenity of the situation.
“you’re such a good for me, aren’t ya?” he coos lovingly, amber eyes looking at your fucked out expression. you moan softly in reply as your head falls back on the pillow.
“make some noise for me, sweetheart. you sound so cute while i fuck your tight pussy.”
his lewd words spur you on and whether you like it or not, your body is under his spell, under the influence of the aphrodisiac he forced you to take so you end up planting your feet on the bed, raising your hips just as you meet his thrusts. kita’s eyes practically glow with how eager and needy you are, which only makes him more feral as he picks up the pace.
“look at how this pussy is getting stretched by my cock,” he hisses, reveling in the loud squelching of your pussy lips as they form a white ring on the base of his cock. his gravelly voice makes you moan and the grinding of your hips increases in intensity.
“i need more, shin. fuck me harder please!” you cry out, feeling the hot tears rolling down your cheeks at how full you feel. his cock is splitting you open and all you can do is take it.
“yeah, little dove, like this?” he groans, hips moving at a speed that has you squealing and seeing stars.
“yesyes shinsuke—oh god—right there!”
your pussy clenches around his cock, legs wrapping around his waist to trap him inside of you. he’s so deep in your pussy that your wet walls are suffocating him. he groans loudly at the tightness of your cunt, but what breaks his resolve is the expression on your face and the fact that you’re still coherent. he wants you babbling and unintelligible, so he unwraps your legs and puts them over his shoulders, folding you in half as he widens his stance, knees digging into the bed as he fucks you harder.
his thrusts are deeper and heavier than before and the sound of his balls slapping against your ass is so loud and just like that, he’s reduced you into a blubbering mess, eyes crossed and fluttering, rolling to the back of your head as your nails leave bright red lines down his back. your toes are curled so hard that your calves are cramping, hot tears continuously staining your cheeks as the headboard slams against the wall.
“you like it when i fuck you like this? fuck you like you’re my good girl?” kita moans, his hands finding purchase on your pillow as he drives into you, reaching that sweet spot in your pussy. everything’s so hot, your sweat mixing with each other’s, making each glide of his toned abdomen on your pelvis all the more mind-numbing.
“this pussy is mine, sweetheart. no one else’s.” he declares, his teeth nipping your bottom lip as your tits press against his chest. you’re babbling his name in between whimpers and cries and if someone were to see you right now, they’d think you’re a possessed woman with the way your eyes are twitching, mouth open wide as you feel the knot in your stomach tighten, preparing to break.
“i can tell you’re close, baby. think you can cum for me? be my good girl and cream all over my cock, hmm?”
“hngg y-yes don’t stop, don’t stop —oh fuck, shinsuke!” you cry out, back arching as much as you can with how heavy kita feels on your body.
“shin, i’m cumming!” kita groans in your mouth as he covers it with sloppy kisses, his hips not breaking their rhythm as he fucks you through your orgasm. his body is shaking in pleasure, your cunt squeezing him so tight that he quickly follows suit, moaning your name brokenly.
his pelvis is rubbing on your sensitive and puffy clit, along with the pressure from the weight of his body, as well as the thickness of his cock pistoning in and out of you, amplified even more from the drug has you shooting out clear liquid to his abdomen while you scream his name.
“oh shit, that’s so hot,” he moans as his hips falter, head dizzy with how you squirted for him. his heavy thrusts slow down, relishing in the feeling of your velvet walls as he moves slowly and heavily, cock twitching as he spills inside of you, his hot and thick cum filling you up nicely as it overflows from your pussy where it pools around the base of his cock.
kita rests his forehead on yours for a few minutes, your heavy breaths mingling as you lick and nibble on his lips like you’re a woman starved. you push at his chest until he rolls on his back, your tits swaying with each movement. you’re nowhere near satisfied, that’s for sure. and it’s all thanks to the drug that will be in your system for quite some time.
“i need more, shinsuke!” you whine, ignoring the aching muscles in your thighs as you bounce on kita’s cock, nails raking across his chest, fingers tracing his tattoo. kita groans in pleasure, his tired eyes wide with desire as you fuck yourself on his length, rough hands squeezing your hips.
if there’s one thing that kita shinsuke doesn’t regret doing in his life, it’s anonymously tipping off the police so he can get caught, knowing that it will lead him to an infamous corrupt criminal lawyer with a lovely paralegal into his claws.
[6:56 PM]
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
| loki x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. thigh riding / dry humping & he gets turned on by hearing y/n call him “my prince”
Tumblr media
Loki had been gone from Asgard for nearly a month. He was needed in New York to consult with the Avengers on a threat, and you were left in Asgard.
You’d gotten effectively spanked for having a public meltdown over Loki leaving you for so long, but the two of you had tossed in the sheets for days before he left. 
You’d missed him terribly, your heart aching for him. You spent nights awake sitting on your balcony, watching the Asgardians in the streets below, and counting the trillions of stars that hung overhead.
Though it was less than a month with his absence, it felt like a lifetime. Time moved incredibly slowly without Loki, and you counted down the seconds until he returned. The seconds passed slower when you were left with Odin and the guard, lonely in the castle.
The only thing that kept you entertained was practicing magic, wanting to impress the prince upon his return. He’d taught you some simple spells before he’d gone, like changing your clothes with magic. 
The day that Loki was set to return to Asgard, you were draped in gold, dressed in fine gowns that he loved you in. Your maids had spent the day doing your hair and making sure you were clean, wanting to look your best for the return of your partner.
Loki was anxious to be home with you. The last meetings with the avengers had dragged on forever, and everyone knew he wanted to leave. Stark was almost enjoying stretching out the meeting as long as possible, just to watch the god be restless. 
He had made up his mind that he would never leave you again. Where you went, so did he. The last month had been cruel torture, and he ached for you. Loki couldn’t focus on anything, too distracted by the desire to hold you and hear your laugh. He was excited to listen to your stories, your delighted  enthusiasm about everything. 
“Focus, Loki.”
“Leave me alone. Let me get home to my princess.”
Loki walked through the doors in green and gold armor, his helm settled on his silky black hair. He caught sight of you, a princess clad in gold.
You ran to his arms, nearly jumping on top of him.
“My darling, I have missed you,” he murmured, embracing you tightly.
“I can’t believe you’re home.”
“I’m home, and I’m entirely yours.”
He made his public appearances, letting the kingdom know he had returned to court. You followed him, hand in his while you put on a patient attitude. He admired you, the regal way you stood at his side for appearances, joining him even though all you wanted to do-- and all he wanted-- was to be with one another in privacy, making up for lost time. 
He wanted to tell you about New York, and you wanted to tell him about the palace gossip and show him the magic you’d practiced in his absence. Instead, the two of you were obligated to royal duties.
As the stars began to glitter overhead, the two of you were freed to your chambers. 
“All I want is to be with you, my prince,” you spoke, your head resting on his shoulder.
Your innocent term of endearment went straight to his dick, incredibly aroused by you calling him your prince. You recognized the lustful glitter in his eyes, bashfully looking down at your feet. 
“What was that, my darling? Say it again,” Loki pressed as the two of you were awarded the privacy of locking your doors.
“My prince,” you breathed, gold shimmers surrounding you as you stepped back, suddenly wearing dark, emerald green lingerie that matched his armor.
Loki swore, sinking back into his chair, left in only his gold helm. He snapped, his fingers, a silent call for you to join his side. 
Your feet carried you to him, and he pulled you down to straddle his thigh.
“You’re not going to fuck me?” you asked between kisses, pouting at him.
“I want to see you work for it. Glorify your prince,” he commanded, bouncing his knee, creating friction against your lace-covered cunt.
You gripped his arm for balance, rolling your hips forward and grinding your clit against the smooth skin of his thigh. He smirked at you, drinking from a glass of champagne that he conjured.
Your tiny whimpers made him painfully hard, and you tried to reach out and touch him, but he caught your wrists in his hand. 
“I can’t come like this. Please, my prince, let me please you,” you begged, the friction making you throb around nothing. 
If he hadn’t been gone so long, away from your touch, then you would’ve been willing to play all night. He was just as desperate to fuck you properly as you were, cutting the torturous foreplay short.
His long fingers gripped the lace on your body, tearing it off of you. He started to move you off of his leg, and you shook your head.
“No, we can destroy the bed later. I need you now,” you begged, swinging your leg over his and settling on his lap. 
“Only because I am going to take you until the sun rises,” he agreed, mouthing at your breasts and squeezing your ass. 
You sank down onto him, taking a moment to get used to the feeling of being stretched after a month without sex. Your arms wrapped around Loki’s neck, his lips heavy and soft against yours, swallowing your soft, needy moans. Loki rolled his hips upward to meet the rocks of your hips, fucking you deep and slow.
His hands were on every inch of your body, pulling you down onto him as he thrusted upward, fucking you hard and deep. Your nails dragged down his back, his tongue breaking the seal of your lips and swallowing your loud moans.
Your scream echoed off of the painted ceiling as you orgasmed, collapsing against his chest. He grinned, smearing a kiss across your temple and wrapping his arms around your back.
“Rest for a moment, princess, because that is only the first of many. I will have you screaming so loud that all of Asgard will know their prince is home.”
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barnesbabee · 15 days ago
Guardian Angel || C.S
Summary: Your profession was to handle people like him, but little did you know, he'd end up handling you.
Pairing: Choi San x female!reader
Words: 7 (billion thousand) (seriously it's long) (but good) (so read it) (or else) (knife emoji)
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Miscellaneous
⚠ violence, blood, murder, choking, unprotected sex ⚠
Tumblr media
You should have known he was trouble. I mean, you did know he was trouble. You knew he would be a handful when he showed up at your door, on a random day at 5am, drenched in a mixture of rain and blood, banging on your door for help.
"Y-you're that lawyer person everyone talks about, yes?"
What you wanted was to shut the door in his face. You weren't an elitist, but the way he was dressed didn't exactly scream money, and you were pricey. You were pricey because you were good, the best, actually. Besides, to bang on your door at 5am and then call you a 'lawyer person' was simply insulting. And you did try to shut the door, after replying to him with a face that told him never to wake you up again, but he stopped the door with his foot.
"I will call the police on you if you don't leave in 3... 2..."
The male freaked out as soon as you started reaching for your phone to dial the number.
"Please! I'm being framed! No one will take my case, no one! But I know you will! You're the only one who can make people see what happened!"
Your hand stopped. He said nothing about his case, yet it intrigued you. As soon as those words left his mouth, you began wondering: why was it special, why was it so hard, what did he do? You were curious, and once you became curious about a case you knew you had to take it.
"Never wake me up again. Swing by my office tomorrow at 8. I will clear my morning schedule for you. If this case isn't as intriguing as you make it sound, I will charge triple."
You handed him one of your cards and shut the door in his face.
The man ran his hand through his damp hair as he read your card. He wasn't calmer, not one bit, but at least now he was relieved, he knew you'd be interested enough for his case.
When you arrived in your office, holding your beige Prada bag and white suit, he was already there waiting for you. San, as you'd soon learn was his name, was obsessed with your figure, from the red lips to the way the suit looked on you. You stopped in front of him and looked at him head to toe. Black combat boots with chains on them, ripped skinny jeans, a very much buttoned-down shirt with a pattern, black nails and more rings than you had on yourself. The disheveled hair and bags under the eyes were predictable, you didn't expect a man that was banging on your door desperately at 5am the previous day to look bright as a diamond.
"I hope you have something better to wear in court, or else we've already lost the case."
You unlocked the door and walked in, followed by the man.
"Ain't that a fucked up thing to say, you always this stuck up?" He retorted, clearly offended that you insulted his style.
You dropped your bag on your desk and turned around.
"I don't care if you walk around in skinny jeans or in a clown suit, but if you show up to court looking like you'd rob a bank for 'funsies' then they'll treat you as such. I'm afraid the jury isn't very stylish."
San immediately shut up, and took a seat in front of you, as you sat down on your desk.
You placed your bag somewhere else and brought out an audio recorder, on which you pressed play.
"I will be recording this session for the sole purpose of being able to hear the details later on when constructing the argument. I will lose my position if I ever leak this recording so whatever you say will be safe. Do you consent to this recording?"
San nodded to your question. You looked at him questioningly.
"Sir I don't know if you're aware of how an audio recording machine works, but you have to speak. It doesn't capture motion."
"Oh- uh yes, yes I do consent."
"Perfect, would you start by stating your name and age please?"
"My name is Choi San, I am 22 years old as of today."
"Thank you. Now tell me, why did you deem this case interesting enough to find my house and bang on my door at 5am?"
"It's a... long story. I have a- well, used to have a best friend. He and I knew each other for a long time. We didn't have the best lives but we were together all the time, there were rumors about us, of course, that we were gay, that we were secretly together, we lived in a sketchy place where everyone was either homophobic or racist so we got into a lot of trouble, but everything died down when Wooyoung got a girlfriend. I only came to find out months later that Wooyoung was actually gay... He came out to me, I didn't mind, of course, Wooyoung was Wooyoung, but I asked why he was dating a girl and he said it was because he didn't want people pestering me because of him, so he got a girlfriend to make it all stop. We all thought his girlfriend was a pretty nice girl, she really cared about him so I told him he should break up with her before things got too serious and she got hurt. A couple days later I woke up with loud banging on my door, and when I opened his girlfriend was there, screaming and cursing at me with tears in her eyes. She looked like shit, honestly, I barely recognized her. She said that I was a piece of shit for stealing away her boyfriend, she called me that word and I really didn't understand what was going on until she said that Wooyoung had confessed how he was gay and in love with me. Honestly, the last part was news to me, I had no idea. I just told her I wasn't into dudes and that she should calm down, but she just said she would get revenge and left. Two days later I came back to my house and it was trashed... Fair, I didn't have many things and I'm sure it was easy to break in, but I was still devastated. Later that day Wooyoung didn't show up at our usual spot and he didn't answer my calls so I went over to his place. There was blood everywhere... A-and when... W-when I went-" San was struggling to finish the sentence, tears forming in his eyes and the words seemingly getting stuck in his throat.
You felt bad, you handed him a tissue and a cup of water, which he gladly took.
"When I went into his bedroom he was there... Fully naked, and cut up to pieces. His- his dick was cut off and his face was sliced beyond recognition, but I knew it was him from the tattoos and purple hair. It was gruesome, I almost threw up. I went up to him and touched him, trying to understand why, and how... But then I heard a camera sound behind me, it was his ex. I asked what the fuck was she doing, said that we had to call the police. She said we weren't going to do anything, but she was gonna go to the police and show the evidence. She told me she did everything, and that she had the perfect plan to throw me in jail for 'what I did to her'. She didn't tell me her plan was, obviously but if she went as far as- as dismembering Wooyoung, it must be a damn good plan. So I need you. I need you to help me, you can see what others can't."
You puffed your cheeks and blew out some air, as you tapped with your pen on your glass desk. You analyzed everything he said quickly, it was a complicated case indeed...
You set your pen down and leaned over.
"Here's what I think will happen. She will play the part of the understanding ex-girlfriend. I think she will use the fact that you live in a notorious homophobic place and will make you look like one. She will make it seem like you came out to Wooyoung, and felt 'betrayed' that your best friend was gay all along. Basically, she will use the place where you come from as a way to make you look guilty. And you said she trashed your house? She probably did that so you wouldn't notice something missing. My guess is that she took the murder weapon to your house so the police could trace it back to you. You... You weren't exaggerating Mr. Choi, this case is indeed complicated. Where is the body? Did you leave it there?"
"It's in my apartment."
You widened your eyes and nearly fell off the chair.
"You dragged a corpse to your house!?"
"I-I didn't know what to do! It was my best friend lying there what was I supposed to do!"
You sighed.
"Mr. Choi there is no easy way to say this, but you made this already difficult case a lot harder. Your friend was already dead, nothing would bring him back, but you just made it a lot harder for yourself. Don't move it. Don't do anything else with the body, don't try to hide it or move it again it will make you look even more suspicious, just wait for the police, and when they eventually come, do not talk to them until I'm with you, got it?"
San nodded. You could tell he was someone who hated to play by other people's rules, that he did whatever he wanted, but in this situation, he didn't get to do that. You told him there was nothing else they could do but wait, until the police questioning and for the trial to come. You needed to know what the police knew and what they thought.
The call from the police station arrived quite early, San left around 10am and by 12:26 you were being called to the station.
You arrived, and everyone recognized the fierce look you always carried. Most women hated you, and a lot of men did too. They thought you were a snob, a stuck up, but then again, you had the talent to back it up.
You sat in the cold chair, beside San, who kept his head down. The interrogation went on for at least two hours, with the normal incriminating questions that San was able to dodge very well, to your surprise. It was going pretty well, San had a pretty solid alibi and he was able to deflect all questions asked for the sole purpose of making him seem guilty. It only started going downhill when the police officer flopped a bag with a bloody knife on the table. San's eyes widened as he recognized it immediately.
"So you know where this comes from, huh?" The police officer asked.
San opened his mouth to reply but you were faster, before he could screw the case more than it had already been screwed.
"Officer, if someone flopped a knife stained with the blood of your best friend right before your eyes you too would be affected by it. My client has been traumatized enough by this murder."
The male pressed his tongue against his cheek and took a deep breath, annoyed at your antics, but moved on anyways.
It passed by rather quickly, you thought. San told the police officers that after his house was allegedly trashed by Wooyoung's ex, he spent the night at a nearby motel, since not even his bed was 'sleepable'. The owner of the motel corroborated San's story, and the autopsy confirmed that Wooyoung's time of death was approximately around the time San had been in the motel, and so, without enough incriminating evidence, the police wasn't able to arrest San, and let him go. You brought the male into your car and took him to your office so you could talk. Once you arrived, you threw your bag onto the couch on your office and sat on the desk, quickly pressing the record button on your audio recorder. San was pacing around the room, his heavy shoes making a loud sound with every step. The image of the bloody knife along with Wooyoung's body still haunted him. The thought of his best friend being gone hadn't quite settled down yet, and as you looked at the male, you remembered the scene that had happened just as you were driving him to your office.
San grabbed his old flip phone and dialed a number. The male put the phone up to his ear and waited, until it reached voice mail. He tried a couple more times, before sighing and hanging up.
"Who were you even calling at a time like this?" You asked, curious to know if there was a parent in the picture that should know of what was happening.
"Wooyoung but he didn't pick up, I think he- oh... that's right..."
It was disturbing, and although you had heard many sob stories and seen many sad cases, this one truly broke your heart. The fact that he had forgotten what he was interrogated about and just wanted to call his best friend and tell him that everything was fine yet couldn't... You saw San re-live the painful moments once more, and it kind of affected you, even though you'd never admit it.
"So... the knife?" You asked, regaining your composure.
"It was a set Wooyoung bought me... Wooyoung loved cooking and he said I cooked like shit so he was trying to teach me how to cook and he bought me a set of knives because apparently mine were all fucked, but he was the only one using them, to be honest."
"So they're from your apartment?"
San nodded.
"As I theorized, she took the murder weapon after being at your apartment and trashing the place. Fortunately, you have a nice alibi. Is there any proof of the state of the apartment?"
"I cleaned up best I could but it's still in a pretty bad shape, but I guess people will just expect it since it's a bad part of town... I do have a couple pics I sent Wooyoung though."
For once you thanked San's obsession for Wooyoung and asked him to send the pictures your way. They weren't so bad, taking into account that they were taken with a flip phone, and could possibly be used in trial.
"Is there anything I should know? Anything you're hiding from me?"
San shook his head negatively.
"Not that I can think of... There wasn't much time for anything to happen really."
You sighed and waved off.
"Alright, you may go. Don't go missing in battle in case I need to contact you."
San turned around to leave, before freezing in his spot. You looked up from your work.
"What? Did you remember something?"
The male turned around to face you, with a visible blush on his cheeks.
"Well, my apartment is a crime scene now so I can't go there..."
You raised an eyebrow at him.
"So?... Go to a motel or something."
"Ma'am I have 2 dollars to my name."
"So you're asking me to stay at my place?"
San really didn't like to do things like these, inviting himself over to stay at someone's place, but there wasn't much of a choice really.
"It's either that or a bench in the park."
"They do have lovely benches, really comfortable too."
San rolled his eyes at you.
"Your house is like 3 rooms away from being a mansion, is it so hard to let me stay on your couch?"
You narrowed your eyes at him and stood up.
"I don't like to have people in my house."
"Who the fuck hurt you? Why are you this selfish? You constantly look down on me like I'm some roach- and don't try to deny it I saw the way you looked at me in the police station when I was able to dodge questions like I had the brain of a 5 year old who couldn't understand what they were doing, and now that I tell you I can't go home because the blood and stench of my dead best friend are all over the place and I have no money you can't let me in your house!? Do you think I'm just gonna steal from you? Are you that much of a piece of shit?"
You walked from behind the desk to stand in front of him, and looked him in the eye. Since you were in heels you were about his height.
"I'm already doing a lot of charity by taking this case and working on it for free, and you have the audacity to call me selfish, get the fuck out!" You screamed as you pointed towards the door.
"I'm not a fucking charity!"
San stormed out of the place, feeling embarrassed, angry, and most of all, humiliated, which was what a lot of people felt in your presence. Not long after you went home, as you weren't able to work with your head spinning from anger. You took off your clothes and makeup and went to bed, in the largest, most comfortable clothes you had.
The fight scene kept playing in your head, and for the first time the words of a client struck you, and you too felt a little embarrassed by your actions. But you were used to pushing your feelings and emotions aside, and you soon dozed off to sleep.
It was around 4am when you woke up with a loud sound and a flashing light in your bedroom. You sat up on your bed, just in time to witness the biggest thunder you had ever heard or seen. The rain clashed violently against your window and you could only think of one thing: San.
You went against everything you believed in, you put on your cardigan, rain boots and grabbed an umbrella, as you drove to the park near your office. Once you got out of the car it wasn't hard to find him, as he was still in the same clothes, laying on a bench, drenched and shivering. You felt like shit, as you never actually got to witness the consequences of your actions, and you felt sorry he had to be in the rain for so long. You covered him with your umbrella, and the man opened his eyes as he stopped feeling the rain on his body. He smirked slightly at you.
"Couldn't stop thinking about me?" He asked.
You rolled your eyes and handed him the umbrella. You put on the hood of your cardigan and walked to your car, with him following behind.
San had never been inside a Range Rover, and it was like a whole new world for him. You had to admit that his reaction to every single little thing inside your car was cute.
Once your got home, you stopped him on the first step.
"Don't you dare get mud on my floor. Strip, I'll bring you a towel and some clothes from my ex that might fit you."
You left your wet cardigan and boots by the doorstep and went inside to find him some towels and clothes to wear, but when you got back to him you were surprised.
"Here, I found you some- oh my God what are you doing!?"
San looked down.
"What? You told me to strip!"
You covered your eyes with your hand as you handed him his things.
"Not completely!"
San took the items with a devilish smile.
"Come on darling don't pretend it wasn't a sight to see, I have a pretty dick."
You blushed at his shameless comment and just turned around.
"Just get dressed!"
You heard a laugh as you headed towards the kitchen and started making him a sandwich, you opened a bag of chips and put them on a plate for him. You soon heard footsteps coming into the kitchen.
"Is that for me?"
You turned to face him, and you were met with a very exposed collar bone that you weren't ready for.
"Who else would it be for?"
San ironically placed a hand over his heart.
"The evil queen has a heart!?"
You looked at him with squinted eyes.
"I will take that sandwich from your mouth if I need to."
San unexpectedly kissed your temple and grabbed the sandwich.
"Thank you for the meal!"
Your head (and heart) couldn't decide if there was something seriously wrong or seriously right about his guy, but nevertheless, you prepared the couch for him and went to bed.
You woke up with the smell of something burning and prepared for the worst. You hurriedly got up (almost falling down due to the dizziness of how fast you had gotten up) and wrapped your fuzzy robe around your body and ran down the stairs, nearly slipping a couple of times. You got to your kitchen, which was covered in smoke, to find San with a spatula in hand fanning away the smoke with his hand.
"Uh hello? What's going on? Are you cooking meth or something!?"
San looked at you, a little surprised and scared that he'd been caught.
"I was trying to make something for you, as a thank you."
You looked at your counter. There was egg white and empty eggshells everywhere, and the ham was out of the package, plopped right on top of the eggs. The onions were nice and burnt on a plate, along with the dangerously overcooked sausage.
"By wasting my eggs?..." You asked as you opened the windows so the smoke would clear.
You heard San sigh and set the spatula down. You looked at him as he placed his hands on his small waist.
"I was just tryna do something good, okay."
You looked at the borderline disgusting food he had cooked, and sighed.
"If you wanna do something good help me clean this up so I can finish the mess you started."
You pretended not to see San's cute pout as you opened every window in the kitchen and turned on the exhaust hood. Fortunately San had been kind enough to spare three eggs from the misery he had done, and you whipped those up with salt, pepper, milk, onions and sausages, and made an omelette for you to share. You rolled it up and sliced it in half, putting one half on San's plate. He wolfed that down in no time, and you could see him eyeing your plate, so you gave him some more of your omelette. The man smiled like a little kid, and for the first time you noticed he had dimples.
"Ah so you have a soft spot for me." San joked.
"I do not!"
"You do too, you just gave me your food!"
You stood up and put your dish in the dishwasher. As you did so, San's eyes didn't miss the way your pants displayed the curves of your ass.
"That's because I don't want you getting hungry and messing up my kitchen again, I'd rather go hungry."
You walked off and got to your bedroom. You noticed the time on your digital clock, 8:12. Damn if San hadn't woken you up you probably could have slept more... You got dressed and put some makeup on (or a lot of it) to hide the dark circles.
You opted for grey suit pants, a matching blazer, and a red button-up shirt. Your shoes were a pair of beige Yves Saint Laurent pumps that your ex had gifted you and that you loved more than you hated him, so you hadn't thrown them away.
"Don't destroy my house while I'm gone." You warned as you passed by San.
"Woah where are you going?
You stopped in your tracks and looked at him with a confused look.
"Work?..." You said, a little unsure if that's what he wanted to know, because you were pretty sure he knew you had a job.
"But it's Saturday, I thought we could chill." He whined with a pout.
It was quite impressive how quickly San became comfortable with someone, and you weren't sure you knew how to deal with it.
"Well, I can't 'chill' if I want to keep my 'almost mansion'." You said, poking fun at the way he had previously described your house.
He whined a bit more but you ignored it and went back to work. It was hard not to think of him at work, it had been so long since someone piqued your interest, and you clearly had forgotten how to deal with lust. It wasn't just his body and sharp face, but the way he was so smooth and always worked his way around you. Anytime a client wasn't with you, thoughts of his naked body haunted you, and it was one of those situations that felt so wrong yet so right.
You received a letter informing you of San's trial, so your mind quickly slipped back into work. It took hours and hours of research and thinking to make your argument as irrefutable as you possibly could, it was a hard case but you were determined to help the man.
It was way past midnight when you realized what time it was.
"Shit..." You whispered to yourself as you grabbed your things in a hurry and locked up the office.
Your keys made a clinking noise as you ran to your car, you hated leaving work this late especially on weekends, since there was an array of drunk and drugged people walking around. Fortunately, you made it to your car safely, immediately locking it as you shut the door.
You got home in no time, as disrespecting the speeding limit was your talent, and, as expected, San was sprawled on your couch.
There were empty cans all over and empty bags of chips, along with the 3 tier sandwich on the coffee table.
"Is this what you ate all day?" You asked, wondering to yourself how he maintained that body with that food.
San jumped at your voice, the TV was so loud he didn't even hear you arrive.
"Oh Y/N! You're back! I was very worried about you."
"Then why didn't you call?" You questioned, poking fun at him as you put down your bag and shoes.
"I appreciate the gift of living and I was afraid you'd kill me if I distracted you from your work or something." He explained as he put a handful of chips in his mouth.
You looked away and pouted. You had received comments like these your whole life, you weren't exactly cold and mean (at least not outside the work environment) but that's how you were perceived and most of the time it didn't bother you. Most. But this one did. San seemed like the kind of person that was friends with everyone, that was able to get close with every person on this earth, except you.
He looked at you, as he chewed on the chips loudly, and furrowed his eyebrows. Once he swallowed San grabbed your chin and made you look at him.
"What's the long face for? Wanted to hear my voice that much?"
You gently took his hand off of you and looked back at the ground, folding your arms in front of your chest.
"No it's just that... Everyone's either scared of me or hates me."
"I don't hate you, you're helping me for free and you have great chips, I quite like you."
He was able to get a smile out of you, but your eyes still had that sad look on them.
"Yeah but you're scared of me..."
There was a long pause. You thought San was just confirming your suspicions, but in reality, he was just confused.
"Says who?"
You looked at him surprised.
"Uh, me? You were afraid to call me?..."
San shook his head.
"No, no, darling I wasn't afraid, I just didn't feel like being yelled at 'cause sometimes you're a pain in the ass."
It felt quite nice to have someone admit something like that to your face, rather than just say it behind your back, but it was odd so you had to fake offense.
"Hey!" You slapped his thigh.
"You don't seem too offended by that, is someone into degrading?" He asked, as he leaned closer.
The question came out of nowhere and caught you off guard. You were suddenly very aware of how hot your face and your core felt. As someone who was constantly in a position of power, feeling small and powerless was something you found hot and exciting, although you didn't get to experience it a lot because most men would just assume you liked the power position.
"Psh, you'd love something like that wouldn't you." You placed your index finger on his chest and pushed him away.
"What makes you think I wanna fuck you, princess?"
You raised an eyebrow at him, before spreading your legs quite a bit, making the skirt, that was already above your knees, go up, even more, exposing your thighs. San didn't even try to hide how fixated he was on this newly discovered part of your body.
"That is what makes me think you'd get on your knees if I asked you to."
The man licked his lips, a devious smile and lustful look on his face. He gripped your inner thigh tightly and pulled it closer to him, causing your legs to spread wider apart, exposing your already wet underwear.
"You're enjoying this just as much as I am, aren't you?"
You glanced down at his obvious boner and smirked.
"You seem to be enjoying it a lot more."
San got closer to you, his hot breath fanning your neck, as his hand made its way to your underwear, in a very slow pace, so you could stop his hand before it got to your crotch if you so desired.
"A brat, huh? Those are my favourites..." He whispered, and he started leaving wet kisses down your neck.
Suddenly you grabbed his wrist and pushed him away softly.
"In your dreams Johnny Bravo."
San watched as you stood up, your skirt dangerously high up, so he could almost see your ass, and went upstairs to do God knows what.
To be fair you felt quite stupid. Why did you stop? Why would you stop, if you were enjoying it that much? Deep down you were kind of on the fence about letting a man take full control of you, but that's just want you wanted. In the back of your mind a quiet voice kept whispering 'you fucked it up, that was your one chance' but you chose to ignore it, for the sake of your sanity. You changed into your nightgown, a short, white silk dress that you had bought along with a matching robe, for that time of the year that it was both cold and hot, and went to bed.
Your sleep felt like a short nap before you woke up with a loud noise from downstairs. It was a loud sound and with panic, you forgot to put on the robe (or the slippers). Once you got to the kitchen, the source of the sound, you saw San picking up pans and putting them back on the shelf where they belonged.
"San, what are you doing?" You whined, rubbing your eyes.
He turned to you, to answer that he was making the usual 3am ramen, but was completely stunned by the sight. Your little dress left nothing for the imagination, and your nipples were hardened from the cutthroat cold of your kitchen. Your eyes were fixated on him too, switching from his bulge to his dark eyes and ruffled hair.
There was palpable tension in the room, and you both knew you wanted it, so when you jumped into his arms he was fully prepared. His strong arms wrapped around your figure as if they were made to fit you, and his hands were quick to grab your ass and lift you on the ground. San placed you on the kitchen counter, his hands never leaving your bottom. The way your hardened nipples pressed against his chest was hard to miss, and only made his bulge grow more. You weren't surprised to find out that San didn't like to keep quiet, but then again, neither did you.
A mix of your and San's moans and groans echoed in the kitchen, as you created friction between your crotch and his.
"What happened, pretty princess?" He paused, leaving a trail of wet kisses and hickeys down your neck "Thought you were too good to let the peasant fuck you."
Your hand tugged on his hair, which he seemed to love from the way he groaned onto your skin.
"Just fuck me."
San pulled away from your neck and looked at you. His hair was slightly covering his eyes, but you could still see the devilish look on them under the moonlight that came through the window.
He placed his hand on your chest and slowly trailed up to your neck. San squeezed it harshly, stealing a loud, throaty moan out of you.
"You're gonna have to ask nicely princess..." He teased.
The longer you took, the more he squeezed, and you kinda didn't want to answer, but you did.
"Please... Please fuck me."
San let go of your neck and smiled.
"As you wish princess."
San's hands pulled your dress up and squeezed your ass, but before he could take it any further, you stopped him.
"If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right... Let's- let's go to my bed." You were blushing slightly for no reason at all.
Before your feet touched the ground, San swung you over his shoulder and slapped your ass.
"Can't have you tiring your legs out darling, you're gonna be tired enough after I'm done with you."
San had roamed around the house long enough trying to find a bathroom to know where your bedroom was.
The man threw you on the bed and proceeded to strip down to his boxers. You couldn't help but notice how naturally beautiful he was, as he hovered over you. His kiss was rough and passionate, just like you expected.
San's hands grabbed the hem of your nightgown and pulled it off of you, taking a second to admire your breasts. He left a trail of kisses from your jaw down to the middle of your breasts, before attaching his lips to one nipple and his fingers to the other. San was rough on you because he could tell it was right up your alley.
It wasn't long before his fingers hooked on the waistband of your soaked panties to pull them down swiftly. His lips carried on leaving wet kisses until he reached your core. San teased you, by kissing all around except where you wanted him to, and you gave in to his little game, knowing exactly what he wanted.
"Sannie, please..."
"Hmm I love the nickname princess."
He dove right into your core, licking and sucking on all the right places, as his fingers sneaked on your entrance. San pushed them in, slowly, as he wanted to prepare you for what was about to come.
Your hand was once again tangled on his hair, pulling and tugging, causing him to moan. He could see you were getting near, from the way he worked his fingers and tongue, so he pulled away.
"Don't worry princess," he said, upon hearing your displeased groan "I have something much better for you."
San stripped from his boxers, and his length slapped your stomach in all its glory.
You were impressed at the sight, and you just hoped he knew how to work it.
"Wait, isn't this unethical?" You asked, breaking the tension for a second.
San cocked his hand to the side as he rubbed his cock to the sight of your spread-out pussy.
"I mean... You're my client, I'm working with you."
San touched his chin with his index finger as he thought about the situation, his other hand never stopping the movements.
"Well I'm not paying you so technically I'm not your client, you're just doing me a favour."
"Shit I never thought I'd be so happy to be wrong. Fuck me San"
He bent over so his forehead touched yours.
"As you wish princess."
His tip found your entrance in no time, and he bottomed inside of you, causing you to cling onto his shoulders. Your nails dug into his skin as he fucked into you at a pace you never thought possible.
San's hand found your neck and squeezed it, loving the sight of your face.
"Such a good doll for me... So pretty."
You thanked God there were no neighbors around, so they couldn't hear the way you pathetically moaned for this man who had you in his hands like putty.
"You like this? Yeah? You like being fucked dumb by someone like me? Bet you don't get dick like this from your rich boyfriends, huh?"
San's hair stuck to his forehead and the way the light from the outside hit his body made him look heavenly.
"S-shit yes! You're so good San."
His dick twitched inside of you as you moaned his name, and he knew he wouldn't last long. San wrapped his right arm around you and manhandled you, as he sat on the bed with you on top. You got the cue and clung onto his shoulders once more as you fucked yourself on his cock.
His hands grabbed your ass and aided you in the task, as his eyes were obsessed with the way your tits bounced right on his face.
"That's right princess, you're doing so good."
You tightened around his dick and it wasn't long before you couldn't hold it in any longer.
"Fuck San c-can I cum? Please!" You begged.
"Begging for my permission, so well behaved. Cum for me, doll."
You gripped his shoulders and threw your head back as you came on his cock, and although you were fucked out you could still feel San picking up the pace.
"C-cum inside me... Please."
San was shocked to hear that, but the shock was soon turned to pleasure.
"Fuck, you're a kinky one."
It wasn't long before he bottomed out inside you one last time. He buried his face in the crook of your neck as he came inside, with a loud groan. You stayed like that for a while, with you petting his head in an adoring way.
After a couple minutes, you moved and he slipped out of you. You didn't even bother cleaning up or getting dressed, you had no energy at all. San laid behind you and pulled the covers up.
"Do I get to sleep with you, my lady?" San asked, back on his goofy bullshit.
You turned to face him and cuddled up to his chest.
"Just shut up and come here."
San smiled and hugged you close through the night. When you woke up you were glad it was finally your rest day, because San's arms were too comfortable. You cuddled closer to him and heard a breathly giggle come from the man.
"Good morning princess."
The nickname plus the raspy, groggy morning voice made you shiver.
You looked up and (bravely) pecked his lips. He took it a step forward, when you pulled away, he kissed you again, but deeper.
"Good morning." You said once you pulled away.
As your leg sneaked into the middle of his legs, something hard rubbed against your thigh. You looked at him as if to say 'already?' and he blushed slightly.
"It's... morning wood."
"Well," you took the covers off of you two and bit your lower lip as you placed yourself between his legs ass up and hand around his length "since you treated me so well last night, I think you're entitled to a reward."
San didn't have time to reply before you wrapped your mouth around his cock. He instinctively gripped your hair and groaned. He wanted to throw his head back but he didn't want to miss a thing. San loved the way you made his cock fully disappear with your mouth, aiding the movements with one of your hands. You moved faster and faster, as his moans got louder and his chest moved up and down, with the heavy breathing. The man didn't last long, spilling inside of your mouth, like you wanted to.
You opened your mouth and showed your tongue, full of his cum, before swallowing.
He smiled and grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you in for a kiss.
"God, you're perfect."
But all good things must come to an end, and eventually, you had to get up, because even though it was your off day, you still had a certain someone's case to prepare, since the court date was coming.
San's relationship with you from then on was weird, it was hot and cold as if you were both unable to move on from the way you met and connect it to how comfortable you were with each other right now, but it would all change, 2 days from then, on the day of San's court case.
You had bought him a nice suit and fixed his hair in a way that made him look like an important CEO. Once you sat down on the court, the judge even mistook him as a colleague of yours.
The first person to take the stand was San, and after spending all this time with him, you could tell he was nervous, although he seemed calm.
"Mr. Choi, what were you doing on the night of the 25th of the present month?"
"Well uh, I was at a bar, with a bunch of friends waiting for Wooyoung, when he didn't show and didn't answer my calls I got worried because that was nothing like him, I went over to his apartment and found him like that... dead."
"But Mr. Choi the body was found at your house, did it teleport? And how did you just get in his apartment if you claim he was dead?"
"To answer your second question, Wooyoung and I were like brothers, we had each other's house keys and went to each other's houses unannounced as we pleased. As for the first one... I moved the body. I panicked. I had just found my best friend dead on his bed, I couldn't just leave him alone..."
"And if you didn't kill him, who did?"
San pointed at Wooyoung's ex, and the lawyer scoffed.
"On what grounds do you make these preposterous accusations Mr. Choi?"
"Wooyoung came out to her and she got mad... On top of that, he said he was in love with me and she wanted revenge. For what I'm not sure 'cause it's not my fault he fell in love with me and it's not his fault for falling in love either."
"And do you have any proof of this murder?"
"No sir..."
"No further questions your honor."
San went back to his place, shoulders slumped. You saw the sadness and desperation in his face, as if all was lost, as if all odds were against him. You took a quick look at the room, everyone, even the judge, seemed quite certain he had done it, and for a second, there was a chance that you'd never see him again, that nights like the previous ones would never happen again, and only then did you realize how much you needed someone like him in your life. How much you needed him.
"I would like to call to the stand Mr. Lee." You announced, as you stood up.
San was surprised to see one of his closest friends go up on the stand, as he had no idea the man was even there.
"Mr. Lee, how would you describe your relationship with Mr. Choi and the victim?"
"They're my best friends. I've known them since forever. San and I became friends in pre-school and in middle school, we met Wooyoung. He was this dorky kid who was always following San around no matter what, and eventually, we ended up getting along."
"So it's fair to assume Wooyoung and San were always very close?"
"Yes, that's true. Wooyoung has always shown this... admiration? No, more like adoration for San. They were very close."
"Do you think that there would be any situation in which San would be capable of doing anything to hurt Wooyoung?"
"Not a chance. There were rumours on the streets that they were a couple, that's how close they were. And no matter how many times San got beat up for all these rumours, it never affected their relationship. San never stepped away from Wooyoung or stopped doing anything because he wanted Wooyoung to be happy."
You nodded along to the story, and when the male finished, you turned to the judge.
"No further questions, your honour."
The other lawyer had no questions for the man, and the next up was the killer ex-girlfriend, who was very good at putting on a show.
"Tell me miss, what happened on the nights of 23rd and 25th?" Her lawyer asked.
She wiped away her crocodile tears before putting her lips unnecessarily close to the microphone.
"My boyfriend- ex-boyfriend, sorry, he came out to me as gay. I was heartbroken because it meant I couldn't be with him anymore, so I left. I didn't want him to see me cry so I just left and turned off my phone. I needed to recompose myself, so I spent the next day with a friend, and she told me that I was wrong, so the following day, at night, I went to his apartment, to apologize for my selfish behavior and to tell him I supported him, but I found him... dead. Lying on his bed, dead with San hovering over him."
The whole room gasped, and all eyes were on San. His fists were gripped with great force, as he knew he couldn't snap. The rest of the questions were asked in a way that would make the bitch's sob story credible, and it was soon your 'witness' to question.
"Is it not true that Wooyoung broke up with you because he loved San instead?"
"How are the conditions of him breaking up with me affect this!?" She dared to ask.
"Miss, answer the question." The judge warned.
"Yes, it is true. Which is why San killed him! Because he didn't like that!"
"Miss simply answer the questions." The judge warned once more.
"Yes, your honour." The girl replied, embarrassed.
"Surely you were angry that he wanted to replace you with someone he loved more than you all along, right?"
"No, I was sad I had my heartbroken, I didn't even think of San."
"That's interesting, cause on the next day Mr. Choi came home to his house in this state."
You pressed a button on remote control and the images San had sent you were displayed.
"I didn't even know about that, it could have been anyone! H-he lives in a terrible neighborhood!"
You could tell she was getting nervous, she had no idea he had taken pictures of it, since it had happened before he found out about Wooyoung.
"How would you know where he lives? Did you go to his house often?"
"S-sometimes! With Wooyoung!" She defended.
Her face was flushed red, from being caught off guard.
"For all we know the murder weapon could have belonged to you! You had the motive and no alibi, Mr. Choiwas seen on the motel by the motel owner around 8pm and the autopsy revealed Wooyoung died around that same time."
"But the murder weapon was San's!"
"The murder weapon was a knife, everyone has knives at home."
"But it was a knife from the set he has at home! It was his knife!"
"Now how would you know what knives San has at home unless you were there?"
There was complete silence, and the woman realized she had played right into your trap. You turned to the judge with a victorious smile.
"Your honor my client has an alibi and no valid reason to be blamed for the murder, which cannot be said for the victim's ex-girlfriend. No further questions, your honour."
You and the other woman returned to your seats.
"The verdict seems clear to me, Mr. Choi you are..."
The whole court leaned in.
"Innocent. As for Miss Park, I declare you guilty on accounts of first-degree murder, two life sentences to be served effective immediately."
You and San exchanged ecstatic looks and embraced each other. He caressed your hair and you could hear him sob. When he pulled away from the hug, you too were crying. He held your face and looked into your eyes, with the most happiness and gratitude you had ever seen in someone's eyes.
"You saved me, and most importantly, you avenged Wooyoung, y-you brought him justice. Thank you, princess."
"You're welcome, Sannie."
"Maybe you're not all that bad, still a little stuck up, but we can fix that."
You hit his chest with a smile you couldn't hide, and he pulled you close. You could hear his heart beat fast.
As he embraced your body, he whispered in your ear.
"You really are my guardian angel."
ᴛᴀɢʟɪꜱᴛ: @shingisimp
(ꜱᴇɴᴅ ᴅᴍ, ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ᴏʀ ꜱᴇɴᴅ ᴀɴ ᴀꜱᴋ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀᴅᴅᴇᴅ)
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watevermelon · a year ago
Touch-Averse | Kiyoomi Sakusa x Reader
Tumblr media
✧ Summary: Physical affection was something you loved, and while Sakusa was not exactly the biggest fan, you didn’t want to encroach on him. You weren’t expecting your boyfriend to get jealous!
➳ A/N: Hey! This has been waiting around for so long; I think I steered a little too into the angst with this one asfdgfhj ;-; ➳ Tags: Angst with a happy ending, komori is a lil shit; ➳  Masterlist 
By all intents and purposes, Sakusa was the perfect boyfriend.
You were friends before through Komori since junior high and one thing led to another before the wing-spiker finally asked you out. You knew long before as his friend that he was averse to physical contact — even if it was under two layers of gloves.
No, the germaphobe kept everyone at a distance further from arms length. He wanted to keep things neat and orderly and straying from that made him uncomfortable.
And it warmed your heart that, despite this life-long struggle, Sakusa still let you into his world in little ways.
He would hold your hand through the halls of school (of course, you had to thoroughly wash your hands first and then get his personal approval). And, on lucky days like when Itachiyama won their practice matches that week, Sakusa would kiss you on the forehead openly in public.
All you had to do was vocalize things, keep the roads of communication between you two and he would respond. If you wanted to come over to his family home or vice versa — just let him know ahead of time and he would be happy to accommodate you. You want to go on a date to the arcade? Sure, send him a text and he’ll pencil you in for a couple days from now. A part of you also liked wearing his sweaters, the ones that plastered his last-name across the back. And on request, Sakusa let you wear his own to school.
Sakusa was generally aware of your needs and was not against being vocal about your relationship. You knew all about this prior to being his official girlfriend and had even found it endearing how much he cared about your personal health.
All it took was a look. 
A single look was enough to plant the seed of doubt and make it take root. 
It was after volleyball practice — you had stayed behind after your student council duties and went over to the courts instead of heading straight back to the dorms. You hadn’t told Sakusa before that you would be visiting, just popping in so you can walk back together.
You waved at the others, Komori noticing you first from the sidelines and greeting you. Some others from the team took notice beside him and recognized you from being friends with the second-years.
Between the break, you approached Sakusa’s pack where you knew he would go, happy to greet him.
He shot you the most disgusted look you had ever seen.
After, Sakusa had greeted you in his usual monotone voice. Voice clipped and simply drinking his water, Sakusa was there for a quick minute before returning back to the match without so much as a goodbye.
Your walk back to the dorms was eerily silent.
It could have been nothing, just a look that he always had in his resting judgmental grandma face. But for some reason it stuck to you, how mean his tone was towards his girlfriend of all people and how quick he was to get away from you after.
You tried to wave it off, give him the benefit of the doubt as you lay awake in your dorm room. Not saying anything to your roommate, you internalized most of your feelings and let it continue to fester below the surface.
He already didn’t like physical touch with you. But you had just greeted him, hardly pushing into his comfortable space. But even so, it was clear Sakusa had still been disgusted with you.
Was this what he really thought about you?
You tried your best to wave it off — maybe he wasn’t feeling too well that day? Maybe the match was annoying him? Maybe something just happened with his other teammates?
And so the next day after you were done with your extracurriculars, you dropped by the gym again just to see how Sakusa was doing.
Sakusa was quick to find in the crowd of boys, his tall height and curly black hair bobbing along as he readied to jump in the air. Seeing him spike, hearing the smack of power as it slammed into the floor, it always made you so proud at how fair he had come.
That moment didn’t last long.
No, it was pushed out by another emotion entirely.
The coach called the players on the opposite side, ringing them in to give some tips to them specifically. Sakusa’s side backed off to grab drinks of their water, the main manager running up to him with a towel in hand.
And Sakusa let her wipe at his face.
A small dab at his forehead and at the sides of his face and the moment was over. But that was not what you saw. You saw your boyfriend, your long-term friend, allow someone in his close space to touch his face of all things! You still had to wear gloves sometimes. And here she was, noses only inches away from one another, as she was allowed into his world.
What was it that made you so undesirable?
Was Sakusa annoyed with you? Had you been asking too much of him? You knew he was averse to the things you liked, but you never thought that it would push Sakusa away to this point.
You loved Sakusa and you had tried really hard to accommodate what he was looking for in a relationship. But was that really fair? Was he being fair to you at this point? Did he even view you as anything special, as his girlfriend?
Walking out the gym without a single word, you turned around with all intents to go back to your room and reevaluate your decisions. You failed to notice Komori’s wandering eyes that followed you out the open doors.
Your roommate commented that you looked terrible that night and was a willing open ear for you. You were grateful beyond compare, she was an awesome friend that you shared classes with and was alsoa member in the student council.
But instead of venting, you just relished in the tight hug she gave you. This physical touch was what you crazed and, while it had never really affected you before, it made you sad that this was something Sakusa would never want.
Was it really fair to have to schedule a hug with him? 
Did he even want you as his girlfriend?
You internalized this hard and the it was hard to even look at Sakusa the next day at school, these thoughts only propping up again and again. What hurt even more is that you were actively avoiding the wing-spiker and it seemed that he did not even notice. Just went about his day, avoiding most people and sticking to corners alone.
But you were his girlfriend. He avoided most people but should that really include you?
Did he feel like you were suffocating him? You loved him and didn’t want to lose him. And so if he wanted space, you were willing to give it to him. But for Sakusa to treat you so cruelly when you were trying so hard - was it even fair at this point?
A text-tone from your phone permeated the room and you felt your spirits almost physically lift themselves up at the prospect of Sakusa reaching out to you.
But his text only made your heart drop.
Give me back my sweater already. Sakusa’s words read, Don’t you have your own?
And suddenly your thoughts of doubt were solidified as fact in your mind.
Grabbing the sweater from your bedside, you almost cried as you folded it up. Sakusa’s terms of endearment were few and far between, you wearing his sweater was one of the few things you could compromise on. And now he did not even want that.
You went about your morning weakly, going into Sakusa’s homeroom and leaving the sweater in a bag there. Alongside it was only a small note that you did not have time to wash it while it was in the bag. You did not wait a moment longer, dropping off the package and hoping to avoid him the rest of the day.
And throughout the school hours, you were doing a good job. During lunch you were able to avoid spending time with both Sakusa and Komori, leaving your classroom the moment the teacher dismissed you and retreating to the outside area behind school. Would it do you any good to confront Sakusa over something that he probably did not even care about? Was he planning on breaking up with you?
These thoughts only continued to plague you throughout the day and the more you continued to ponder on it - the worse it got. Maybe he always viewed you this way, just humoring your relationship for the sake of your friendship.
Your mindset spiraled downward worse and worse and you had little initiative to even go to club activities after school. Your roommate had vouched for you at the student council meeting while you went back to the dorms depressed and very not well dressed.
The moment your phone dinged to life you shot up in repressed excitement, wondering if Sakusa had noticed your mood and reached out.
It was Komori.
Hey, missed ya during lunch. Wanna catch dinner together?
Of course, it was Komori.
You wondered for a hot second if it would be smart to go with the libero out to dinners the campus cafeteria. Odds are you were going to pour your feelings out to the boy and he was undoubtedly loyal to Sakusa. Komori was always one of your closest friends, even before dating the wing-spiker.
Another ding ringed out a second later.
Come on, you’re my friend too.
It was almost like he was reading your mind - the poor boy was probably so used to your evasiveness from before that it was no doubt he remembered it.
You typed back, Okay, I’ll meet you after practice.
See you then <3
You texted your roommate that you would be meeting with the libero, so as not to worry when she returned. In the meantime, you hung around your room and completed some of your homework early. Once Komori texted you that he was ready, you put on a large hoodie and some leggings, trying your best to look presentable despite your solemn expression. 
“Hey!” Komori perked up when he saw you, already at a table in the cafeteria. Thankfully he was sitting alone. The moment you were close enough, Komori pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around your shoulders.
Komori always gave the best hugs and you squeezed your arms around his middle right back. It had been a while since he, or any male for that matter hugged you like this. Most of the male population at school was well aware of your relationship with Sakusa and all it took was a look from the strong spiker to get most to back off.
But with Komori being his best friend and also one of yours, he was one of the few people who could get away with sharing you in a warm embrace. However, you did notice as of late that he was withholding some of the best hugs from you.
“Thanks for joining me tonight.” Komori continued, leaning back while you were still in his arms. “I know you’ve been kind of down.”
“Listen, you can tell me anything or nothing if you want. Whatever you’re comfortable with - I just wanted to spend this time with you so you know you’re not alone.”
You almost teared up on the spot, with the exception of your roommate, it had been so long since someone had been so considerate with your feelings. Komori was the best bro and just all friend anyone could ask for.
Nuzzling further into his chest, you shakily replied. “You’re the best, Komori.”
Komori guided you to the seats, telling you that he had actually placed a comfort food order and was waiting for the number to be called. You smiled at him in response, placing your hands on the table and mentally preparing for what you wanted to say.
It felt almost therapeutic, admitting to the libero all the feelings that you had bottled up over the past few days. Komori nodded along, listening to you without cutting in or interrupting with his own point of view. He took in every word, keen on gaining your perspective before he added on.
“It makes me wonder, does Sakusa even want to be in this relationship?” You asked aloud, baring your insecurity to him.
Little did you know that Sakusa was reacting exactly opposite to what you were thinking.
Komori had actually invited the wing-spiker to join this dinner, but he had simply walked away in silence back to his own dorm.
Sakusa would never admit this aloud, but he cherished you in so many ways that it frightened him. Your relationship was built on years of knowing each other. And from the beginning of it all, Sakusa knew that he was all in. From high school to the end of your days, he was sure that this was the only relationship he wanted to ever be in. You were the first and only person he ever loved and he wanted to be that for you too.
And with that thought, Sakusa had always been afraid of losing you. He wondered, on multiple occasions, if you would be happier with someone else. After all, yes you were friends for a while, but you were much closer to Komori before you were in a relationship. 
Sakusa saw it all - he knew how you leaned into the libero for tight hugs and how the both of you were still fond of spending time alone together. He had never doubted you or his cousin’s loyalty; neither you nor Komori would ever do anything to hurt him, Sakusa was sure. But he had a much more looming fear, one that frightened him simply because it was probably true, that you would probably be happier with Komori.
The libero was capable of easily reading your mood and reacting to it properly. It was Komori after all that noticed you had left the gymnasium the other day without greeting either male. He was very in-tune to your personality and it seemed the both of you were very agreeable. Sakusa remembered the time that many of your classmates had thought it was you and Komori dating after all.
Sakusa would honestly never forget that.
And so the wing-spiker had thought on multiple occasions if you would be happier in the arms of another. Maybe someone who had more time for you, who liked being as affectionate as you did.
Admittedly, Sakusa knew something was off from the moment you returned the sweater. He knew that you cherished wearing it for some reason. But you had it over a week and it was time for him to wash it. After all, it must have been dirty from overuse at this point and he did not want you possibly getting sick from something he wore.
Besides, he could just lend you another cleaner sweater for you to wear.
This was simply the way he thought - cut and dry and oftentimes misconstrued by other people.
But the last person he ever wanted to hurt was you.
Sucking in a hard breath, Sakusa attempted to figure out what to say. Not that he was unsure what to get across, but that he wanted to get out the proper wording before he caused any true damage to you. He must have been standing in the middle of his dorm room for a good twenty minutes, trying to keep a level head as different phrases evaded him.
Calm and collected, he told himself as he got near the cafeteria.
The last thing he wanted to ever see greeted him - you and Komori standing alongside a cafeteria table, you in his arms as he held you tightly.
It seemed you were still in the middle of your meal, your trays of food still stacked with chopsticks to the side. Regardless of the situation, Sakusa stalked over quietly and made his presence extremely known.
From Komori’s nice hug to suddenly pulled into another, your ten seconds of panic morphed into surprise at seeing your boyfriend.
“Sakusa!” You exclaimed, head against his chest as he continued to stare down his cousin. “This looks bad, but I was just talking to Komori about something.”
Komori only laughed, picking up his tray and taking it with him elsewhere. “See you tomorrow, lovebirds.”
“I--” You stuttered over your words as the libero made his quick escape, “We were in the middle of a meal!”
“We need to talk.”
Was Sakusa breaking up with you right now?
You felt fresh tears break your visage as you asked him outright, “Are you breaking up with me?”
Sakusa recoiled before grabbing your hand, “No. Let’s go.”
You allowed him to drag you wordlessly, following along as he led you back to his dorm. He unceremoniously brought you along with him - was he sparing your feelings by breaking up with you away from the public eye?
The worries must have shown up on your face since, once you entered the elevator, Sakusa took one look at you before pulling you into his embrace again. He lingered for a second, as if unsure where to place himself, then leaned down to put a small mask-covered kiss on your forehead. You stilled at the motion, surprised that he was willing to show any display of affection in public.
The moment was only broken when he pulled you toward his dorm room, closing it loudly behind you.
“Why would you think that I would want to break up with you?” Sakusa asked, not at all sugar-coating his words.
You hesitated, looking at the ground before back at him. “Sakusa, are you even happy being with me?”
His eyes peeking over the mask widened in surprise. In the next second, Sakusa pulled his mask off and threw it in the direction of his trash bin. You took a step back at his aggressiveness, but he only followed the movement and wrapped an arm around your waist.
Sakusa pulled you against him and stated clearly, “I want to be with you forever, if given the chance.”
He did not hesitate in response, “Yes.”
You smiled at how sure he was, but his actions from the last few days still had you on edge. With a hand on his chest, you bit your lip before asking. “You don’t feel like I’m suffocating you?”
Sakusa angled his head in question before shooting back, “Why would you assume that?”
“I just feel like you don’t really want me around?” You admitted, words coming out slowly. “I mean, the other day you just seemed like you didn’t want me at your practice. And then I saw your manager dabbing you with the towel and even I can’t even hug you without warning.”
Sakusa simply stared at you as you spoke, his full attention to your words as he recalled the past few days.
“I like spending time with you, but at practice I was sweaty and you were still in your school uniform. It would be unfair to you if I was the one to sully it.” Sakusa replied, “While I am not close to the manager, handling the towels is one of her responsibilities. And I prefer to get toweled down rather than do it myself then touch the volleyball with sweaty hands.”
You were at a loss for words once he explained himself.
“What about the other day?” You recalled, “I get that you don’t like me wearing your sweaters, but you should have just told me outright.”
You were not expecting Sakusa to shoot you a tired smile.
He moved to kiss your forehead again, lips lingering above your brow before he spoke. “I like seeing you in my sweaters. It reminds everyone that you’re mine.”
“But you had that sweater for more than five days, right?” Sakusa answered with a question, “I have the proper detergent to clean it. It would do you no good if you got dirty or even sick from one of my articles of clothing.”
You were an idiot. 
An overthinking, doubtful, big dumb idiot.
You felt the small exhale against his chest, tantamount to a small laugh from Sakusa. “Oh?”
“I just--” You tried to articulate yourself, “I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?”
“I’m sorry I doubted you.” You admitted, “There are just these moments. I know you don’t like physical touch that much, but there are times I want to hug you or kiss you. And I get the feeling that you don’t like it.”
You heard Sakusa exhale above you, before feeling a slight nudging at your chin. Using his free hand, the wing-spiker was guiding your gaze back to him. He had an oddly fond expression on, before he leaned forward to slot your lips against his.
Leaning forward into the kiss, you carded your fingers in his curly mop of hair, arms crossed behind his neck. He pulled you as close as possible, lingering in the moment of your passionate lip-lock before settling you back down on your feet.
“I love kissing you.” Sakusa stated fondly, eyes still glued to yours.
You laughed breathlessly, “I know that now.”
“Good.” Sakusa replied, “I’m not good at these things. I can’t comfort you like others do, but please trust in me. Communicate with me - not your roommate and not Komori.”
“Okay. I’m sorry that I closed myself off.” You apologized, receiving a second kiss back.
You were caught off-guard, like the hesitation Sakusa had before was suddenly lifted from its floodgates. He pecked you one, twice, returning over and over as he lost himself in the feel of your lips against his.
“I have two newly cleaned sweaters for you to choose from.” Sakusa whispered, as if this was his version of sweet nothings. “I would prefer it if you wore one tomorrow.”
You shot him back a radiant smile, one that he eagerly savored in the back of his memory. “I would love to.”
Your relationship did not magically fix in that single night, but you resolved to continue working on your communication. It was a two-way street, one that the both of you had to work on.
But by God, you two loved each other. 
And that was all that mattered.
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tojisfangs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Big Bad Wolf
Author's note: hey everybody!! Still trying to get through requests while juggling school right now, I hope everyone's been well! This is a reminder that both my thirst and request submissions/asks are closed! The works I've been posting are delayed requests or thirsts that I haven't been able to get to, anyways I hope you enjoy!
Request: The reader has been trying to get Toji's attention for the longest but he's been so focused with his work and practically ignoring her that she eventually starts going out on her own dates. One of them ended up being Naoya [ and probably over hears him telling her to leave Toji for him] hell or even Gojo. Toji suddenly realizes that the reader is going into heat and she's pretty much been going out with a bunch of Alpha's. When she tries to go out again, Toji isn't having it and remarks her, breeding her til he's sure she's carrying his pups. - @tojibreedingme
Warnings: nsfw 18+ minors dni, fem reader, a/b/o dynamics,breeding kink, knotting, sexual harassment, pet names, smoking, physical fight, cussing
Words: 2.7k
Tumblr media
There's no cure for heat, well, at least not yet.
It's a cruel world omegas are subjected to - a world of harassments, fear, sex, breeding, and pain that seems infinite for those long days where your heat decides to strike.
It's not fair that an alpha's rut will last a day at most while you're subjected to at least a week of hollowing cries and slicked sheets and the constant need to be bred. It makes you nauseous; slick sheets of sweat covering your skin, hot flashes running throughout your body, so deep you can feel your bones boiling, sweat-soaked sheets that stick and slip against your skin as you writhe and crawl along the sheets in search of relief.
The only cure - known and not changed - is breeding.
And try as you might - the alpha you want seems unimpressed with your efforts, almost as if he's putting more effort into ignoring you than you are trying to get him to at least acknowledge your presence.
That's not to say you're completely out of luck as many alphas make futile attempts at courting you, flaunting themselves and expressing how strong their brood would be of carried. But you're not interested in the alphas that brag, the ones who can't actually carry on with silly claims - they harbor no proof that they'd even be good mates, refusing to mark, only interested in spreading their seed.
Tojis not like that though. Toji's quiet, he keeps to himself for the most part. Occasionally you'll hear his gruff laugh from the back of the room - obviously in response to something Naoya said. You love his laugh, the soft smile he wears for a split second before its dropped back to a straight line.
You try not to make your advancements obvious, its hard though - he's scented you a few times - though it felt as though it was out of pity (whether for you or himself, you weren't sure) the smell was damp, like a heavy must that sticks in your nose and rots your mind. It wasn't the way a scenting alpha should smell.
Whenever you'd ask him about it, nuzzling the side of his arm in an attempt to scent him, he'd merely gruff, rolling his eyes and pushing your body off of him by your head. "Don't worry 'bout it, kid." Is all he would say, and so that's all you would take, you knew not to question further.
But time was not kind to you - your maternal instincts materializing much earlier than the regular omega; your body was a on a set schedule to ensure you were bred.
Quickly, you came to the realization that the imbalanced hormones racing through your red veins were not to be dulled with the synthetic satisfaction of false knotting - your body knew you weren't engaging with an alpha and it knew you weren't being bred properly. To which, it punished you in retaliation.
Your heats were longer, much more exhausting than a normal three to four day long heat. Sweat quite literally seeped from your swollen pores, soaking your sheets and basking your body in a slick sheen of encapsulated heat. Half the time you felt as though you might die - the hot air, sweat, and slick between your legs served as a constant reminder that you had yet to fulfill your natural instinct to be bred.
By the time your grueling heat came to end, you were miserable in every sense of the word. You could barely walk, talk, let alone eat - the drenched air still stuck to your skin, a heavy cloud of nausea sank over your body.
After training, you'd sat down under a tree to finish your homework when Naoya had trotted over to you, plopping himself down beside your worn body. You knew he could smell you, hell, your fucking professors were having a hard time teaching with the invasive smell of your hormones.
"You smell good, omega." He smirked, cupping your jaw. His hands were thin and cold, the word rolling off his tongue in a sickly tone - there was no warmth to him. You felt sick; Naoya wasn't ashamed to express his intentions, logically, you knew if you were to become his mate you'd be miserable.
Naoya was not a good person - he reeked of anger and toil that soaked the air with his vicious pheromones. It made any omega within a three foot radius sick.
Looking up, your eyes met Toji's silver ones. He was a good distance away, he had a hand on the sponge of a cigarette, the bud resting against his lips. It was odd, he was unmoved - as if he was waiting. Waiting for Naoya to do something.
He could smell you. And you could smell him. It was overwhelming, his scent completely dwindled the must of Naoya's.
You felt a chill run down your spine, you shivered lightly before grabbing your things quickly, ripping your jaw from the grasp of Naoya palm and standing to your feet.
"I'm-" you looked back to see Toji, he was still watching you, though more relaxed now, his shoulders slouched and the cigarette was resting between his teeth as he fished for a lighter from the pocket of his pants.
"I-I gotta go." You gave a nervous smile before hurrying off.
The next day wasn't much different, Naoya continued to pressure you any chance he got, while Toji just... watched. You couldn't figure out what was happening - was this a team effort between the two? You'd thought it over many times and came to the conclusion that it wasn't - Toji didn't like to share, that much was evident in the way he watched you when Naoya was around, cigarette bud between his sharp teeth, legs kicked up onto the table and raven hair disheveled from sleep. And his scent... God, you swore it got stronger everyday - to the point where its all you thought about.
You wondered if the other omegas around the training center could smell him too, there was no way they couldn't. It's a heavy smell of vanilla - not a sugary vanilla, but a rich warm scent, like that of a redwood.
After training you hurried back to your tree, throwing on your headphones and picking out one of your books to study.
It wasn't long before you were interrupted by Naoya, his thin finger running a chilled line down your soft skin. Immediately you jumped back, throwing your headphones to the ground in shock.
"Naoya, what the fuck?" Panting, you scrambled to grab your bags, jumping up from the grass.
There's an unease in the way he eyes you, dark, soulless eyes stare into yours, you're merely prey to him - some toy to fuck.
"Dawhh, don't be like that," he snides, pushing himself off the ground before striding over to you - you're visibly shaken yet he still presses.
He pushes the hilt of his nose to your scent gland between your jaw and neck, it's a heavy feeling - almost like you're being suffocated in a hot room, Naoya is not supposed to be your alpha - not supposed to be anyone's alpha for that matter.
His scent was soaked in huff. Like coal to a fire, completely hard and heavy with anger. Shivering at the thought of being with him, he pushed his nose farther into your neck. God, you felt like you were going to be sick, you felt like you couldn't breathe, like he was holding your head beneath water, waiting for you to succumb to darkness.
"Naoya, please- stop." You tried, pushing against his chest but he only growled in retaliation, pushing the bud of his nose deeper into the gland.
You're struck in a panic when you feel the fang of his canine dip into the soft of your skin, pushing against him furiously. A black flash runs across your vision before Naoya's struck to the ground, white hair now disheveled and mixed with loose strands of grass.
"She said get off of her, man."
Panting, you looked to see Toji standing in front of you protectively, shoulders rising and falling with heavy breaths. He leaves no room to argue, turning around and cupping a large hand over your shoulder as he directs you off the training grounds.
The two of you walk some ways in silence, the rush of traffic and afternoon birds filling the empty space. Toji keeps to himself, hands tucked into the pockets of his black cargo pants and looking down to the ground, occasionally kicking at stray gravel.
It's a cruel realization - the gravity of what almost happened to you hitting you like a train. It's a sick feeling - the confusion between constantly driving for Toji's attention and only receiving it when in the face of a humiliating experience sent your mind spiraling.
"You okay?" Toji speaks so softly you almost cry, cold wind nipping your raw cheeks, tracing over your shoulder.
pulling your lip between your teeth, you nod silently, tears pour over your cheeks and you rush to wipe them away with eh back of your sleeve.
"Hey, hey, hey," Toji's quick to pull you over to a near by planter, sitting down on the cold cement of it's square and letting you stand between his legs. running his hands up and down your arms, he comforts you the best he can. "It's okay, baby, you're okay."
merely nodding, you sniffle, falling into his arms. Toji easily lifts you into his lap, cupping your head into his chest and nuzzling the top of your head and cheeks.
the scent of him is so much more comforting - vanilla and firewood that stems over your perfumed skin, blocking out any other scent besides his own.
"You smell good," you giggle waterly, grabbing the ends of your sleeves and pulling them over your hands as you bundled yourself closer to him.
Toji laughs at that, placing his chin on the top of your head, scanning the surrounding area for anything that might trigger your unstable mind. The wind blows through his hefty locks and pulls at your hoodie, you wish it wasn't the middle of winter.
"You doin' okay, pretty girl?" Toji cranes his neck to look at you, running the back of his knuckles over your cold cheek. Toji almost groans when you whine, your pheromones seeping through his cover he'd basked you in.
You smell of rose water and mint - his mind quickly clouds, a seeping coldness runs up his spine and dresses his thoughts hazily as he's thrown into a lustful fog.
"c'mon, lets get ya home, kid."
The walk to your apartment is traumatizing, you're well aware that your heat's sank into the feed of the air - any surrounding alpha making it their mission to try and mate you.
Toji's quick to show you're not interested, wrapping his coat around your smaller body and cupping you to his side protectively, "Keep your head down," he whispers to you. You can only nod, nuzzling yourself deeper into the fur of his coat.
Once you're home you immediately run to your bedroom, wrapping Toji's coat closer to you- the scent of him is invigorating, you can feel yourself sinking into the cold covers of your bed - your heat seeping through the thin fabric of your leggings.
Whining, your soft thighs rub against one another, slick pooling from your soaked cunt.
Toji can hardly breathe, he feels like he's going insane. the smell of you has his brain going haywire. His vision runs blurry - the colors of your apartment meshing together as he struggled through the hallway to your bedroom.
His mind headed little sympathy for his body, your scent sending blood rushing to his cock. He can hardly fucking think, his skin breaks out in a clammy sweat and his ears ring when you whine for him.
"Toji, please, Toji-" you're crying, sobbing into the cream colored sheets, working your leggings off and furiously rubbing at your swollen clit. You think you might throw up - everything's so blurry and the room's spinning. "Toji-"
"Shhh..." Toji runs a hand down your hot back, rubbing into the muscles of your shoulders gently.
"Toji, please, please," you reach out to him, nails digging into his rough skin. He nearly groans, having half the mind to walk out the door - the other half pulls him closer, urging him to sink his cock into you sopping heat.
"Please..." your voice brings him back, silver eyes blurring and refocusing on your hazed expression.
"Shit, don't-" he squeezes his eyes shut, turning away from you when you moan.
"Please, please Toji - need your knot," you slur, drool pooling over your lips an seeping into the silk pillow covers, "Please, need- need you ta'fill me up," you croone, arching your back as you curl your fingers in your cunt.
"Shit, don't say stuff like that, kid." his voice cracks through grit teeth, a chill runs up his spine when you whimper again.
"Toji," you cry, "need it so bad, please, please, please."
He looks you over, eyes wide with worry before he's standing up and pulling his jeans off, cock pressing against the fabric of his boxers. hissing, he pulls the band of his boxers over his hips, letting his cock spring up.
You nearly drool at the sight - his tip red and swollen, a pearl of precum sits at his slit.
"Please..." you whisper again, spreading your knees across your damp bed sheets.
"I know, I know, shhh..." Toji move behind you gently, pulling the lips of your cunt apart with one hand while the other pulled at the base of his length. you moan at his touch, chills running up and down your legs.
he takes pity on your poor body, running his tip along your folds, "You sure, honey?"
Nearly hysterical, you reach back at him, pawing at his thigh helplessly, "please, need you, please need you" you cry through a broken chant.
"Shhh... okay, okay, pretty girl." Toji's gentle as he runs his hand over the dent of your back, pressing his swollen tip into your heat with a hiss.
Your cunt throbs when he sinks into you, heavy huffs of breath against the shell of your ear as he begins to pound into you.
"Feel so fuckin' good-" his balls slap against your clit, dragging moans up the back of your raw throat. "Gonna breed this tight lil' pussy, gonna fill ya'up."
Shivering beneath him, your arms nearly give out before Toji's catching your trembling body and pulling you up to rest your back against his thick chest.
"T-Toji..." your mind is spiraling, eyes rolling into the back of your head and fat tears bubbling over your lashes.
"Gonna let me breed you, baby?" His his breath hot against the shell of your ear, "Want me to mate you, fill ya' up with my babies?"
Your cunt throbs, thighs trembling and hands grasping at the Toji's thick black hair. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," you're chanting, tears welling up again, the veins of his cock dragging against your gummy walls.
"Shhh...shhh," Toji traps you back to his chest again, balls clapping the fat of your ass, "Need words baby, want me to fuck your tight lil' cunt, give you babies, give you a whole fuckin' litter?"
You keen, moaning a sharp "yes!" Before you're being flipped over onto your back, Toji pushing your thighs up over his shoulders, sinking back into the warmth of your cunt.
"Pull your legs back, sweetie," he coaches, "Feel so fuckin' good fr'me."
"Oh... oh!" You squeal, the tip of Toji's cock runs along your g-spot gently, "Toji, please, please want you to fill me up, please."
"I know, I know," Toji pulls you up some, pressing his lips to yours. His thrusts grow sloppy, sweat-slicked skin slides against your own, the sounds are nearly pornographic.
"Gonna cum," Toji grunts, slipping his hands beneath your ass, pressing himself to the hilt inside you. "Ohh fuck, oh fuck." He groans, head nuzzling the side of your jaw.
"Gonna fuckin' breed you."
"Please, please," is all you can manage before he's sinking his teeth into your scent mark, his knot swelling as he fills your cunt with seed.
"Good girl, good fuckin' girl," he coos, lapping at the bleeding bite, "Fuuuuckkkkk."
Whimpering, your nails dig into the skin of his arms, gasping at the swell of his cock. "Mmh-" your breath hitches in your throat.
Toji thrusts weakly a couple times before settling into your hold, cock twitching in your heat. He chuckles at your blissed-out expression, pressing a kiss to your forehead gently. "Pretty girl," he nuzzles your neck.
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alcinadimitrescuwu · 6 months ago
Welcome to the Family, Boy (Alcina x Fem!Reader Fanfic)
Tumblr media
First thank you all for your support for my first Dimitrescu fanfic. I truly appreciate it and all the support this community has given me on. Let's go on to the next one, shall we?
Premise: After a long and stressful week, your wife Alcina wants to help you let off some steam. However, your amorous activities are cut short by an unexpected surprise.
Warning: blood. There are some steamy scenes in here but nothing explicit, so it's mostly safe for work.
As you climb the stairs to your bedroom, you heave a great sigh. It’s been a long and stressful week. Daniela had caused a small fire in the wine cellar basement by knocking over a lantern when she had gotten a little too eager for a feeding. It was eventually put out, but the corpse was burned in the process. Alcina had been furious at the waste of resources. It had taken a full day to get rid of the ash, but the basement was clean. Well, as clean as it could be. Aside from the wine cellar, Alcina didn’t seem to care much about cleaning up the basement. Well, it was over now. Now you just couldn’t wait to curl up next to your wife and get a good sleep.
You arrive at your doorway and hear Maria Callas singing “Casta Diva” from within. You smile. Your mutual love for opera was one of the first things you discussed as you were courting. Before you reach your hand to knock at the door, you hear Alcina call, “Is that you iubirea mea?”
“Yes, dear,” you reply. You stretch your arms behind your head. “Oh, I just can’t wait to get into bed-” Your voice cuts off as you see what your wife is wearing. She is wearing a black peignoir and as she stands up, she casts it off to reveal a black and red lingerie set.
She smiles wickedly. “I can’t wait to get into bed with you either.”
You don’t move. You can only stare. Her scarlet lips match the exact shade of the lingerie. Without any sleeves, you see her muscular arms and you blush as you recall what those arms feel like wrapped around you. Her legs are on full display as well with a red stocking clipped to a garter. They reach up to your shoulders and you have spent many a time nestled in them with your head on her lap. You open your mouth to reply but find nothing coming out.
Alcina pouts and puts one hand behind her on the bed. “Come, pet,” she purrs, beckoning you with a red fingernail. “You’re not going to stand there all day, are you?”
You don’t say anything. You cross the space between you and your wife in three steps and launch yourself over into her waiting arms. The scent of her perfume is overwhelming and you breathe it in. You close your eyes and kiss her chin, her laugh lines and finally her lips. She laughs through the kiss and holds your head between her hands. “Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”
“Don’t talk,” you rasp, your voice full of desire.
She smiles. “All right, draga mea. No talking then.” She kisses you deeply and you weave your hands through her locks.
She picks you up and carries you across the room, kissing all the while until you reach the wall. You lean your head on the wall behind you and wrap your legs around her waist. “I’ve needed this, my love,” you whisper against her lips.
Ding dong!
You hear the doorbell resound through the castle. You break the kiss and fix her with a quizzical expression. “Were you expecting anyone?” you ask.
She shakes her head quickly. “No. Could be a solicitor. Could be a vampire hunter coming to put a stake in all our hearts.” Her golden eyes are glazed over with desire. “Right now I couldn’t care less at the moment.” She nuzzles your neck and you sigh. She breaks away and looks at you, an unasked question in her eyes. She’s hungry. You nod your consent and she pulls away your nightgown to bear your neck and shoulders. She pulls you close and bites your neck and feeds on the blood pooling around your neck. You feel her neck working against your chest as she drinks. You take pleasure in every gasp and moan she makes. You feel pleasantly light-headed by the time she pulls away with a satisfied sigh.
Ding dong!
Alcina groans and bares her teeth in anger. “It’s getting too late for this!”
You caress her jaw. “Dear, maybe we should answer it. It could be an emergency.”
She shakes her head impatiently. “It’s probably some snot-nosed kid playing a prank.” She lifts your chin with a finger and gives you a seductive grin. “Don’t focus on it right now, pet. Right now is about you and me.”
“You’re probably right-” She stops the rest of your sentence with a rough kiss, opening your mouth with her tongue. Her hand travels up your leg and her hand making contact against your bare leg gives you a pleasant chill. Her hand rests on your thigh and she pushes you up against the wall again while using her nimble fingers to unhook your garter.
Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!
Alcina gives a frustrated growl. “Damn it to hell!”
“Darling,” you say gently petting her arm as a signal to set you down. “If it were kids, they’d be bored and have gone home by now. I’m going to check who it is.”
Your wife crosses her arms and gives an adorable pout. “Fine. Do what you want.”
You adjust your nightgown and wipe any leftover blood and lipstick off your neck. As you walk to the door, Alcina gently puts your dressing gown around your shoulders. You catch her hand and give it a kiss. “I’ll be with you shortly. I just need to get dressed.”
You smile at her. “Very well, darling.” As you turn to leave the door, Alcina catches your shoulder and whispers huskily, “And after we get back, we will most certainly get back the lost time that nuisance has stolen from us.”
You blush furiously and kiss her goodbye. As you walk down the stairs, you hear the doorbell ring again. Once, twice, three times. “Yeah yeah, I’m coming. I’m coming.” You grasp the brass handles and with a great effort manage to open the doors wide. You’re jealous of Alcina in moments like these. She could open the doors with such ease that you forget that each door weighed hundreds of pounds.
You are surprised to see Heisenberg holding something wrapped in cloth. You can’t help but smile when you see Heisenberg. Heisenberg and Alcina may be like oil and water, but the two of you liked each other almost instantly. He told you once that “anyone who could put up with that bitch for more than 20 seconds must be a good person. And you have to put up with her for life!”
Heisenberg returns your smile. “Hi, hon.”
“Hi Karl. How about you come in and warm up with a nice cup of tea?” You stand aside to allow him in. “Come on. It’s freezing out there.”
“I appreciate the sentiment, honey, but I really can’t stay long. Is your ball and chain around? This question concerns her too.”
“Heisenberg,” you hear your wife’s drawl. You both look to see her descending the stairs. There is no evidence of your amorous activities as she has on a fresh coat of lipstick, is fully dressed and her hair is pinned perfectly in place under her hat. “To what do I owe this rather unpleasant surprise?”
Heisenberg clenches his teeth. “Believe me, I wouldn’t come here unless it was an emergency.”
“Then what is it?” Alcina asks as she puts her left hand on your shoulder. You reach up to cover it with your own. “Out with it, and be on your way. Some of us would rather be in bed right now.”
Heisenberg notes your kiss-swollen lips and a hickey already starting to form on your neck. “Yes, I suppose some of us rather would.”
Alcina’s eyes flash and she grits her teeth. “Heisenberg, I swear-”
Heisenberg puts up a placating hand while he holds the bundle with his other. “Ok, ok. I’ll cut to the chase then. Sheesh, do you have any sense of humor?” He unwraps the bundle to reveal a mewling French bulldog. It can’t be more than a couple weeks old.
As you place your hand on your heart Heisenberg continues. “I found him outside of his house. Whole damned family was slaughtered. He needs a place to stay. I thought this might be the best place for him.”
You look at your wife with pleading eyes, but she gives a sharp, “No.”
“No.” She glares at Heisenberg. “Why can’t you take him in? Maybe it would be an opportunity for you to learn some responsibility for once in your cursed existence.”
You see Heisenberg roll his eyes behind his sunglasses. “Yes, and I’d be responsible for him being torn apart by Lycans. I’m not taking him in. It’s not safe for him there.”
You take your wife’s hand in yours. “Darling, please reconsider. We can’t turn the poor thing away. Besides, our daughters would love having a d-”
She immediately puts a hand over your mouth. “Don’t say it,” she warns, looking furtively around the foyer.
“What?” you ask against her hand. “Dog?”
Almost immediately your daughters, Bela, Cassandra and Daniela materialize from their fly shrouds. They zero in on the dog and Cassandra takes him out of Heisenberg’s hands and the other two crowd around her and begin cooing to it, and letting it sniff and lick their fingers.
Alcina covers her face with her hands. “Now you’ve done it, love.”
The girls look up from their ministrations to the dog and as one rush over to your wife, carrying the dog over with them. They begin speaking up all at once. “Mother, please can we keep him?” “Mother, look how cute he is!” “Mother, Cassandra’s been hogging the dog all this time and it’s my turn to hold him!”
“Enough!” Alcina’s voice booms around the foyer. She puts two fingers in the space between her perfectly sculpted eyebrows. She sighs aloud. “God, I need a smoke.” She turns to her daughters and with a long suffering sigh says, “Fine. We’ll keep the little mongrel.”
All three daughters erupt into cheers and you can’t help but smile indulgently at them. Daniela runs over and throws her arms around your neck in jubilation. “Maman, did you hear that? We get to have a dog finally!”
“Yes, dearest, I did hear that.” You drop a kiss on her head and she scampers over to take the dog which Cassandra begrudgingly hands to her.
Heisenberg grins and reaches in his pocket. “I have some food and a water bottle for him,” he says, handing you the aforementioned items. “The Duke should have some more, but that’s all I have right now.”
“Thank you Karl,” you say, reaching over to scratch the dog behind his ears. “We’ll take good care of it, won’t we girls?”
“Yes, Maman!” they all answer in unison.
“I’ll be off then!” Heisenberg turns to leave but not before shouting over his shoulder, “And I think he should fit in pretty nicely around here, especially since the Lady of the House is such a bi-”
In an instant, Alcina has him off the ground and has her claws extended only a few inches from his neck. “Heisenberg, did you want to finish that sentence?” she asks sweetly.
You can’t help but laugh. “Let him down, my love. It’s not worth getting so riled up this late at night”
“Fine,” she says and sets him down not too gently. He brushes himself off and glares at Alcina for the rough landing. She just flashes a smile and you notice that only her middle finger is extended in claw form. You look at your daughters, but they are too busy with the dog to notice the obscene hand gesture.
“All right, this time I’m really off.” he says, turning around and walking towards the castle gates.
“Girls, what do you say?” you prompt.
“Thank you, Uncle Karl!” they chorus. Bela snatches the dog and runs upstairs, vanishing in her bug shroud. The girls run after her, Daniela yelling down the hall, “No fair! I wasn’t finished with him yet!”
Alcina closes the doors and leans against them, sighing. “I just hope this wasn’t a mistake.”
You take her hand and kiss it. “Nothing we can do about it now, my love. Come on, let’s go to bed. It’s getting late.” The two of you hold hands and once you arrive at your shared bedroom, Alcina immediately locks the door, pulls you close and fixes you with a wolfish grin. “Now where were we, draga mea?”
“I thought you said you wanted to smoke first?” You laugh and wrap your arms around her neck.
“Ah, iubirea mea,” she say picking you up again and giving you a sloppy kiss. “Cigarettes always taste better after sex.”
You kiss her as you unbutton her dress and she puts her hand in the same spot on your thigh as before, this time successfully unhooking your garter. You bite her lip playfully and she gives a little growl of pleasure.
The moment is interrupted by a knock on the door and you hear Daniela’s voice, “Mother? Maman? The dog peed all over the carpet in Bela’s room!”
“Only because you led him there!” you hear Bela retort.
Alcina leans her forehead against yours and starts swearing in Romanian. You give her a kiss and pat her hand before you see to your daughters.
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kybabi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
invalidating their s/o’s hard work
w/ kita, ushijima, and atsumu!
part 2!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i had a ton of requests to do a part 2 so here it is for you guys!!
i’ve been feeling pretty bleak about my writing lately so i apologize if this isn’t the best, but i hope it’s ok!! all are written in the timeskip :))
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was very organized and his routines were always nothing less than perfect
and while he liked to do those routines on his own, you figured he might appreciate your help once in awhile
so you decided that while he was at work, you’d do some work around the house so that he wouldn’t have to
you organized the kitchen first before moving to the living room, making everything look cute and clean
you finished up in the bedroom, adding little touches here and there that made everything feel a little more homey
and once you were done, you stood back proudly and waited for shinsuke to return home
kita sighs.
today has been even more tiring than usual. not only is he physically exhausted, but he also just feels mentally drained.
even so, he understands that he still has duties at home. he plans to do a little cleaning before going to bed.
when he arrives home, he notices that something is different. you’re on the couch, and when you see him, you walk up to him and tug at his wrist. you lead him into the living room, eagerly showing him all of your progress.
“so, what do you think?” you ask, letting him take it in.
kita cringes. all of the cubbies are rearranged and so is the bookcase. even the pillows on the couch are in a different position.
he was planning to do all of the organizing by himself, and now that you’ve messed it up, he just feels frustrated.
“is this all you did?” he asks, not excited to hear your answer. you shake your head no, taking him into the bedroom, and he pinches the bridge of his nose in irritation. you notice the gesture and freeze, confused.
“what is it?”
he exhales, annoyed at having to explain himself to you.
“i was going to do all of this myself.”
you smile nervously. “yeah, but i just thought—”
“just,” he mutters. “don’t do it again. okay? you’ve done enough.”
your heart sinks, and you feel humiliated. all of the time and effort you put into doing something nice for your boyfriend was all for nothing, and you just feel ashamed.
so when he finally goes to sleep, you get right back to work.
kita wakes up to a crash and a shatter, sitting up in bed, startled. he gets out from under the covers and opens the door to investigate.
he freezes when he sees you sitting on the ground, cradling your hand gently, pieces of broken ceramic around you. his eyes widen in alert, and he rushes over to see you.
“what happened?” he asks, reaching for your hand to inspect it, but you pull away.
“‘s nothing, shin! just, uh. you can go back to bed,” you mutter, trying to scoop up the shards, despite their edges being dangerously sharp.
“stop,” he instructs, holding your arms in his grip, refusing to let go. he forces you to open up your hand, revealing a long cut across your palm. you wince at the cold air, and he sighs. “what were you doing?”
you look away, taking your wrists from his grip and tending back to the mess on the floor. at your stubbornness, he rolls his eyes, grabbing you by your waist and hauling you away from the broken vase.
“but—” you protest, but he cuts you off.
“would you stop? stop avoiding the question, and stop being stubborn. what were you doing?” your face starts to heat up, but you can’t avoid his gaze anymore.
“i was just trying to help.”
he scoffs. “well, look what that did.”
but he pauses when you look up at him, frustrated tears swimming in your eyes. his own widen.
“i spent the whole day trying to do something nice for you and then you didn’t even like it,” you mutter. “i’m just trying to fix it, okay? i’m sorry that i messed up.” you walk past him, and this time, he lets you. you scoop the shards into the trash, trying not to let shinsuke see your embarrassed tears.
but he kneels down beside you anyway, helping you clean the rest of the mess up. and when you’re finished, he doesn’t let you hide away again, tilting your face up. you open your mouth to say something, but he presses a finger to your lips, silencing you.
“thank you. for everything you did today.”
you stare up at him blankly.
“i’m very grateful for you and everything you do for me. i understand i didn’t demonstrate that, and i’m sorry. i love you, okay?”
you’re a little confused by his complete switch in attitude, but you happily let him pull you in anyway, the two of you sitting on the living room floor, with all the time in the world.
Tumblr media
it was pretty rare for wakatoshi to get sick
but recently, he felt like he was beginning to feel a little under the weather
naturally, you wanted to take care of him
so you called in sick for yourself, deciding to stay home with him
you spent the entire morning before he woke up preparing things for him, assuming he’d take the day off
you went out and bought some ingredients for that soup he liked
you got some towels and some medicine to keep him comfortable
and you waited for him to wake up
ushijima exhales, the little gesture feeling slightly uncomfortable. his throat feels scratchy and raw, and his nose is stuffy. he feels a little hot.
nonetheless, he decides it’s nothing too bad, so he gets dressed for the day and prepares to head out.
when he exits the bedroom, he sees you in the kitchen, something on the stove. you look up and see him all dressed, and you quickly step up to him, shaking your head.
“you can’t go out like this, baby,” you mutter, pressing your hand to his forehead. he pushes you off of him, dismissing you.
“i feel fine. i need to get to practice,” he explains, stepping to the side. you jump right back in front of him, and he sighs, patience wearing thin.
“no, you don’t. you’re getting sick, and going to practice with a fever is not going to help anyone,” you try to reason with him, but he just glares at you. “hey,” you try gently. “i’m making your favorite soup, you know? if you just stay home for the day—”
“i don’t need you to smother me, okay? i can take care of myself just fine. stop being bothersome,” he says, pushing you aside and slipping his shoes on.
“but, wait—!” you attempt to stop him, but he’s already gone, slamming the door on his way out. you sigh sadly.
you stare at everything you prepared for him, a hollow feeling in your chest. all you’d wanted to do was take care of him. but he’s gone now, so you slump over on the couch, figuring out what to do with your day.
you’re typing something into your laptop when you hear the door open and close. brows furrowed, you check the time on the screen. 3:24 pm.
confused, you look up to see your boyfriend walking into the living room, a little stutter in his step. his breathing is heavier than usual, and he looks exhausted.
“hi, baby. what are you doing home so early?” you ask, and he wipes at his forehead tiredly.
“didn’t feel good,” he murmurs, and you sigh. you should’ve known this would happen.
“alright, well get some rest,” you respond, turning back to your screen. he stares at you, unsure of what to do. usually, when he gets sick, you follow him into bed and stay there with him until he gets better. but you’re not budging, so he just stumbles into the bedroom, alone.
he tosses and turns in bed, all too warm yet not warm enough, and the feeling is uncomfortable. he can’t sleep without you right next to him. so instead of attempting to fall asleep, he sits up, calling for you.
when you appear in the doorway, he sighs in relief.
“what’s wrong, toshi?”
“don’t feel good,” he mumbles, voice groggy.
you look at him hesitantly, not sure what you want him to do. “i’m sorry, baby.”
he hums, expecting you to sit beside him in bed or come over to check his temperature, but you stand there awkwardly. you start to leave, and he gets frustrated.
“why are you acting like this? i don’t like it,” he explains, and you turn around.
“what do you mean?”
“i don’t like it when you’re so distant. i want you to take care of me like you always do.”
you look at him incredulously. “wakatoshi, i don’t understand what you want. i spend the entire morning getting medicine and towels and food for you and then you say i’m smothering you, but now you don’t like the way i’m acting?”
he stares at you, realization settling in, and he remembers how he brushed you off so harshly just this morning. you were just trying to help.
“just— never mind. it’s nothing,” you mutter, leaving to grab everything he needs.
when you return, you press a towel onto his forehead and leave a bowl of soup on the nightstand with some water and a couple pills. but when you try to leave again, he tugs at your sleeve, silently pleading for you to stay.
you sigh, but get under the covers and snuggle into his side anyway, listening to his breathing.
“i’m sorry. i should’ve listened to you,” he whispers sleepily. “thank you for taking care of me.”
you smile softly, heart swelling. but when you turn to respond, he’s already asleep.
Tumblr media
atsumu always loved your cooking
you would make the most adorable, delicious bentos he’d ever seen
he always appreciated how intricate and detailed you made them look
today you felt like being extra fancy, deciding to make an over-the-top lunch for him
you even bought that super expensive fatty tuna he liked, getting the best kind they had at the store
you put all you had into making a perfect lunch and decided to take it to him at practice
you make sure everything is perfect before packing it up, wrapping a cloth around the bento and tying it up.
on the way to the gym, you stop at the convenience store and pick up a drink for atsumu before continuing on your way.
when you finally get there, you see your boyfriend on the other side of the court, toweling off. you go up to see him.
“hi, tsumu!” you call, and he looks up. he’s obviously quite tired, and he doesn’t grin at you like he usually would.
“hey, look, i should get back to practice,” he says, gesturing to the court. you look up at him.
“right!” you reply, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. “i just wanted to bring you lunch,” you continue, holding the bento out to him.
he stares at it, brows furrowed. “oh. uh, i already ate, so i’m okay,” he explains, eyes distracted. you deflate, feeling a little sad at his obvious disinterest.
“but i worked really hard on it, and—”
“babe, i really have to go. just leave it here or something, ‘kay?” he dismisses you, leaving you alone on the side.
you watch him go, sighing, and place the bento on the bleachers before leaving the way you came.
on the way home, you think about the way he wasn’t even excited to see you. and when you’d expressed how you’d worked hard to make something he liked, he just dismissed you.
you want to chalk it up to the possibility that he’s just been having a bad day or was in a bad mood, but it feels more like he just doesn’t care about your hard work at all. you just figure it’s not worth the effort anymore.
the next day, atsumu decides he’ll come home for lunch. he’s a little tired from practice, but he’s also starving, and craving your cooking. the bento you brought him just yesterday was delicious; he figures he’ll have to tell you about it later.
he steps into the apartment, letting you know that he’s home, and goes to find you in the living room. you’re working on something, he doesn’t know what, and you look up at him.
“hey, tsumu.”
“hi, baby. sooo...” he trails off. “what’s for lunch?”
you stare at him for a little while, and he’s about to say something, but you look in the direction of the kitchen and shrug.
“i’m... not sure. there’s probably leftovers in there or something?” you say, continuing to type, the keys clacking in the otherwise silent room.
atsumu stands in front of you awkwardly, surprised. you’ve always had some sort of project in the kitchen, whether it be lunch or just a snack or dessert. but he figures that having leftovers is good too, so he shrugs it off.
but the day after that, he has instant ramen for lunch. and the day after that, it’s leftovers from dinner again. and the day after that, it’s a prepackaged bowl from the store that you happened to pick up.
when you tell him (again) to find something from the pantry, he sighs, frustrated.
“why don’t you cook anymore?” he asks, helpless. “i miss your bentos.”
at that, you look at him like he’s grown another head. “why would i?”
he looks confused, shifting from one foot to another.
“what do you mean?” he asks quietly.
you scoff at that dryly. “well, the last time i brought you lunch that i spent hours making, you just told me to go home. excuse me for assuming it didn’t mean anything to you,” you mumble bitterly.
atsumu’s eyes widen a little at the revelation, and he feels stupid for not realizing before.
“i just,” you shake your head, looking down. “i don’t see the point in putting time and effort into something if you don’t even end up appreciating it.”
he sighs guiltily, coming around behind you and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i’m sorry, baby. i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” he apologizes quietly. “i know you put a lot of hard work into doing things like that, and i really do appreciate it, okay?”
you’re reluctant to forgive him but nod anyway, letting him nuzzle your neck affectionately.
“how about i make you do the cooking this time instead?”
Tumblr media
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svtsuna · a month ago
Tumblr media
suna rintaro x fem!reader
+ smut, lil fluff in between the lines, characters aged up, established relationship, college setting
Tumblr media
tags/warnings. semi-public sex, locker room and shower sex, degradation/humiliation , unprotected sex, mention of marking (hickeys), tummy bulge, god complex (lol), penetration of menstrual cup (no mentions of blood tho), fingering, size kink, creampie, usage of daddy nickname
word count. 1.9k+
note. first time writing explicit smut. please do not copy, translate or post anywhere in other platforms. 
AGELESS BLOGS AND MINORS DNI. i won’t hesitate to block.
Tumblr media
You were always such a good girl for Suna, always waiting and watching him play volleyball after classes so you could go walk home together after practice. Though, this time it was different for once. 
Suna already had in mind that he would purposely keep practicing in the gym after training hours were done and his teammates were for sure in the shower, convincing you to help him by tossing ball after ball to him so he could practice his spikes. 
You obliged anyway, thinking he really did want to practice more until after he spiked the last ball across the court did he speak up. 
“Stay there, baby.” He commanded with his husky voice that you knew all too well. He started approaching you with his body and clothes swimming in his sweat, yet that managed to turn you on. 
You rubbed your thighs together, the movement doesn’t go unnoticed to your boyfriend. He smirks at your dumbstruck look, he knows you know what he wants as he grabs your left hand with his right and twirling you around so that you were facing the volleyball net. 
“Do I have permission to fuck you with my fingers, doll?” You gulped but nonetheless, nodded your head vigorously. He slips a hand under your short tennis skirt, he wanted to rip it apart as soon as he saw you in it today in campus. He cups your pussy, feeling your juices already seeping out from your panties. 
He lets out a grunt, “Fuck, baby, were you skimping around wet with these fucking short skirt all day?” 
“Y-Yes! I-I- please, just fuck me! Oh-” Without warning, he pushed your panties to the side, quickly slipping one finger inside your pussy, following another digit. You gripped the net with both hands for dear life to stay upward, muffling your moans and whimpers on your shoulder. The way his fingers were enough to come in contact with the spongy spot inside you already was enough to tell Suna was huge the first time he fingered you before. 
Your leaking pussy combined with the lewd, squelching noises that were producing has Suna’s patience wearing thin. He wanted to free his dick out from restrains and fuck you right in the middle of the court, thrilled by the thought of getting caught making love to his girl but he was possessive as fuck. Your pretty pussy was for him and him only.
It was the footsteps then he was hearing in coming footsteps that got Suna to pull his digits out, and followed by tugging your skirt down. Your panties remained on the side, your hole exposed from under your skirt. You shivered, your legs wobbly as you did your best to stand up, one hand gripping on the net and the other on Suna’s shoulder for support. 
“Yo, Suna!” Atsumu called out, as his figure popped in view from the gym’s entrance, “You haven't showered yet? Team planned to have dinner together, remember?” His hands were on his hips, a confused expression matching his face. Kita then appeared beside him, his eyes narrowed once he saw the position you were in. Although you were standing side by side, you still gripped the net like it was your life support, seeing as you were mildly panting. From the way you caught where Kita was looking at, you dropped your hand at the speed of light, avoiding your boyfriend’s teammates' gazes.
“We were just about to— uhh, t-tidy up! Fix the net and all.” You stuttered out, smiling shyly for no reason like a deer caught in headlights. Unbeknownst to you, Suna has his lips pursed with the effort to refrain himself from laughing, shaking his head slightly. It was enough confirmation for the captain that you and Suna weren’t just practicing— or “tidying up” in the gym.
Suna couldn’t help it anymore as he snickered at your obvious act, causing you to pinch his arm from behind you in which he yelped. He pouted, rubbing the spot on his spot where you pinched him. This man was unbelievable. He went from going alpha on you to being adorable in mere minutes?
“We'll be going ahead first to get enough seats for everyone. Y/N, you’re expected to come too.” the captain informed. The thought you were invited even though it was a team dinner made your heart happy. You smiled as you nodded in acknowledgement, not trusting your voice from the sexual activity less than 5 minutes ago.
“Oh, and Y/N?” Kita called out again.
“We were under instruction that we didn’t need to put the net back, we have practice early tomorrow morning anyway. Nice segway though,” Atsumu’s eyes widened between you three, finally putting the pieces together. With Kita holding his deadpan expression at your flustered face, a tiny smirk grew on his lips as he turned to leave with Atsumu hot on his tail. 
Your boyfriend’s snort brought you out of your trance, earning him a slap to his shoulder. But who were you to deny that wasn’t thrilling as it was exciting for you too?
As soon as the last member filed out of the locker room, Suna wasted no time in claiming your lips with his. He swiftly shut the door with his foot followed by slamming your body against the lockers, making sure to protect the back of your head from the metal with his palm. Soon enough, his hands were already groping your tits, kneading the soft flesh and teasing your nipples with his thumb and index finger at the same time.
After both of you hurriedly undressed each other, his hands then travelled down your ass, slapping and squeezing your exposed skin ‘til he lifted you up against himself so that you could wrap your legs around him.
“Shit baby, you’re dripping for me already.” And fuck it, you were. You felt the wetness on your thighs causing it to smear onto Suna’s erection, creating enough lube.
Your lover groaned, taking careful steps whilst carrying you to the shower. Right after he turned on the water faucet did he finally manage to slip his cock inside your tight pussy without warning. 
“R-Rin!” You practically screamed out his name.
“Mmm, you really wanted my dick inside your slutty cunt right in the middle of the gym earlier, didn’t you?” He tightens his grip on your hips, pulling out until the tip was what’s left inside your pussy then he was rutting every inch of his cock inside you again.
“Drop the fucking innocent act next time, huh? You know you like the idea of showing the boys how your pussy gets wet for me only.” 
You were a moaning mess, your cunt was releasing so much of juice that it coated his entire dick whenever he pulled out. You were so perfect for each other, with so many times you had sex after his trainings, your pussy was practically a mold of his huge cock. 
After several thrusts of his hips, Suna laid you down on the tiled floor. The water still running down on both of your bodies didn’t give Suna much of a choice to fuck you against the slippery wall anymore. He was considering the bruising grip he had might hurt your hip, and although you didn’t say anything because you were too dumb on his cock, he didn’t want to cause that kind of physical pain on you that way. 
He settled for his body between your legs, spread it so wide that both of your legs rested on his shoulders and practically folded your body in a mating press on the bathroom floor. He rutted his cock inside your sopping pussy once more at a heated pace and started licking and sucking on your neck. You didn’t care if he was going to leave visible hickeys that could so much as be obvious to his teammates later. Your eyes rolled at the back of your head, drooling so much that it mixed with water on the floor. 
“Mmph! So fucking big—” You were squeezing him so much while the tip of his cock met your cervix each time he rammed inside of you, making you feel every vein his length holds. You were unable to form words at the point where he reached so deep inside that you felt the tip of his cock in your stomach. 
“I can feel you in my t-tummy! Oh, G-God!’
He smirked, “That’s right, I’m your fucking God now.”  He was fucking you stupid and drunk on his cock, he slips a hand between both of your bodies to rub your clit, causing your entire body to squirm underneath him and your legs to tremble.
“Hah- Suna! Please fill me up with your cum!” He was pounding on you faster than before, grinning as he watched where you two met and eyes traveling up to where your hickey covered chest was bouncing each time he pounded into you. He could even see the head of his cock poking out of your stomach just like you said even at his peripheral vision.
“Did my baby just ask to stuff her with my cum?” His husky voice and the sounds of your squelching pussy making you more wet.
“Yes, please! Stuff me so good, Daddy!” And he did, as his pelvis pressed against your folds as he painted your walls white with his cum just after you squirted as well. Your walls spasming around his cock. Suna then remembered your complaints earlier this morning on how your breast was sore, most probably because you were nearing the time of the month. So before Suna pulled out, he released you from the mating press and guided you to wrap your legs around his waist instead.
“Wh-Why?” Was all you managed to blurt out, still obviously drunk on his cock.
He stood up, ignoring you as he lifted you up from the shower floor. His cock and cum still inside your pussy as he went to rummage through your bag, intent to get a hold of what he’s looking for.
“Baby, we’re wasting water.” He would have chuckled at your oh-so saint remark if he wasn’t so focused and until he found your menstrual cup from inside your small toiletry purse. He connected eyes with your widened ones as you were trying to put the pieces together. You knew what he was aiming for. 
“Don’t let any of Daddy’s cum go to waste, okay? I’ll wash your pretty pussy after dinner tonight.” And with that, he set you down on the bench in front of the locker as he pulled his big cock out. He tilted the lower half of your body upwards so that none of his cum slipped out, then he folded the cup like how he saw you do plenty of times and put it inside your cum-filled cunt. 
“A-Ah!” It was cute how you still moaned like the needy whore you were. Suna wanted to go for round 2 but he remembered you two had a dinner to go to as promised. He bites his bottom lip, proud of his idea and ogling at his work. Your feet meet the cold floor, your legs still visibly shaking. 
“C’mon, gorgeous, let’s get cleaned up for real this time.” He chuckled as he intertwined his fingers through your small ones, guiding you to the shower once again. He kisses your forehead from time to time while in the shower, always making sure you get the after care you deserved as he insisted on cleaning your body and washing your hair.
“I love you, Y/N.” 
“I love you too, Rin.”
All throughout dinner, your cunt remained full of his cum mixed with yours under your short skirt. After this, no doubt he was getting his midnight snack and that involved devouring your sweet pussy tonight.
Tumblr media
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please do not copy, translate or post anywhere in other platforms. feedbacks, comments, rbs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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genshinboys · 3 months ago
Thigh job with Genshin Boys - Kazuha
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut
Pairing: Fem reader x Kazuha
Everything about Kazuha screams gentle and delicate. He would treat you with utmost adoration and kindness. He would also refer to you as his „Princess” or „Queen” wanting to show respect and blind loyalty. He acts like your protective and dedicated guardian. The master-less Ronin finds inner peace in cultivating the bond between you two and pledging his allegiance to the one and only who, as Kazuha firmly believes, gave a new meaning to his previously solitary and apathetic life.
 Yet, as time goes by one thing is for certain, looks are deceiving and you learned the lesson rather quickly while being courted by the wandering vagabond. Suffice it to say, Kazuha can be as idle as he is wild bearing the semblance to the ever-changing nature of wind.
 The child-like innocence of the gallant boy would dissipate into thin air once he’d lose himself in passion. Kazuha turned out to be a lustful lover who, above everything else, finds pleasure in cherishing every inch of your body, always absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of it no matter how many times he’s seen it. And trust me, that would be a lot of times.
 It always baffles you how this transition transpires. It happens so smoothly. One moment he is sheepishly smiling at you while sharing one of his many stories of the traveler’s life and then you’re trapped under his body, reduced to a pleading and moaning mess.
 Come to think of it, the only time you could call Kazuha merciless is when he would insist on delivering you as much pleasure as he possibly can. He meticulously memorizes all the spots on your body that make you gasp and shiver in his embrace. Kazuha’s outstandingly perceptive nature allows him to map all of these sweet places and use them to his advantage with ease.
 He would apologize profusely and still continue the assault.
„Forgive me my love, just one more time, mhmm?” he murmurs into your ear causing the muscles around his fingers to contract yet again.
 Out of the many things he enjoys doing to you, he must be the most devoted to kissing and caressing your thighs. He does it with ineffable tenderness infatuated by the way your skin easily bruises under his lips. Kazuha is your thigh worshipper and there hasn’t been a day when he wouldn’t remind you about that. Therefore, the boy is bound to love anything that has to do with him touching, kissing, rubbing (you name it) the inner side of your legs.
 It happens for the first time when you and Kazuha are off the ship duty as Captain Beidou needs to deal with some pressing matters in Liyue harbour. The ship is docked and both of you can enjoy some free time.
 You’re sat at the vanity, freshly showered with shampooed and conditioned hair. Your body smelling of glaze lily scented soap. The room you rented faces the harbour and you can hear the hustle and bustle of the city slowly beginning to fade as the night-time approaches. When Kazuha enters the room his eyes immediately drop to the bareness of your thighs exposed by one of his shirts that you fancied wearing tonight. Owing to Kazuha being a rather short man, the shirt does little to cover your body from his view. He smiles warmly when you finally notice him.
 „Will you indulge me, Princess?” he softly asks eyeing the hairbrush in your hand at which you nod happily.
 He comes over and lovingly kisses your temple while retrieving the object from your grasp. Ever so lightly, he begins brushing the locks. With feather-like strokes he plays with the strands allowing them to run through his bandaged fingers. It doesn’t escape his notice when you do your best trying to conceal the shiver running down your spine. He chuckles playfully, which makes you feel all hot inside. His crimson eyes are focused on your reflection in the mirror. Kazuha always looks so heavenly to you adorned by this kittenish smile. The blood rises to your cheeks once he catches you staring at his lips. The boy lowers himself and you can feel his breath tickling your earlobe.
 „Is there anything else you desire from me tonight, Love?” he inquires letting his hands run down your shoulders. He doesn’t miss how the red colour on your cheeks deepens which only makes him more excited.
 „I need some fresh air,” you answer truthfully struggling with the sensation of a sudden tightness in your throat. You swallow hard and hurriedly free yourself from Kazuha’s grip as you head for the balcony.
 Slightly amused, Kazuha promptly follows you there and once again cages you with his arms.
 „Am I not allowed to grant your wishes tonight, Princess?” he hums the question brushing against the tip of your nose with his.
 And he looks at you with this intense glimmer in his eyes that never fails to set your body on fire.
Rather than waiting for your response, he places his lips on your own and moans softly at the sensation. Kazuha has proven to be incredibly vocal on multiple occasions and you couldn’t be more happy about that as his whimpers are mind-blowingly erotic. He presses his body to yours and you can feel the bulge in his pants against your thigh. You push back, earning yourself another moan from the usually stoic Ronin. He breaks the kiss and proceeds to cup your hot cheeks in his hands.
 Feeling a bit more brave, you tug at Kazuha’s belt.
 „You could start by getting rid of this?”
 He grunts in approval hastily unbuckling the belt and letting his pants fall to his ankles. None of you paying heed to the possibility of being seen by some passers-by.
 You swallow hard at the sight of his eagerness. The erection standing proudly waiting for you to touch.
 „Let me be real quick about that, I couldn’t bear it if you caught a cold due to my selfishness,” he whispers placing his hands on both sides of your hips and pulling you in even closer. His hot breath fanning against your face.
 „I promise I’ll make it up to you once we are back inside,” he adds waiting for your permission and once he’s been given your blessing everything gets messy real quick.
 Uncharacteristically impatient, Kazuha steadies your hips and positions himself right in front of your thigh gap. He bucks his hips forward and in a swift and precise motion slides his erected cock between your thighs. He holds you firmly, otherwise you would have collapsed given the force he uses to rub his cock between your thighs. He bites on his lip hoping he can remain quiet but it is all so difficult owing to the blissful feeling invading his lower region. The sight of Kazuha literally jerking off with the help of your thighs will be forever engraved in your memory. The boy is desperately fumbling with the delicate flesh of your exposed skin. You can see red marks appearing on the side of your legs as he continues thrusting in and out. Thrilled to bits, Kazuha repositions and this time his cock glides in even higher, massaging your wet folds in the process. Being totally unprepared, a wanton moan escapes your lips, but before you can expose your indecent actions to other citizens of Liyue, Kazuha places a hand over your mouth.
 „I need you to be quiet for me now, Princess,” he pleads in a husky voice, „Can you do that for me?”
 You start shaking your head like a maniac, loving the brutal pace he’s picked up to please both of you. Soon enough, his thrust turn sloppy and he loses the steady rhythm, which, as you know very well, is a sign of an impending orgasm. Kazuha pushes in for the last time biting on your shoulder as he cannot contain his loud groan. He is breathless and weak in the knees. You help him keep his balance, caressing the skin on his back.
  A few moments later, he would be back to his senses. The thought that he’s just basically fucked your thighs out in the open on one of Liyue’s balconies is still hard to process. Quickly, he picks you up and carries you back to the room where he makes sure to keep his promise from earlier tonight.
Other boys:
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beann-e · 8 months ago
Summary : You were just a little insecure and insecurity’s never hurt anyone right
Your eyes pranced around the gym as you watched your boyfriend go up for his twelfth spike in his volleyball game . You hadn’t been counting but you knew for sure he’d made somewhere around there anytime you turned around you would see him up in the air hitting something you just weren’t fast enough to make out
Your hands coming up in a loud clap and cheer when you seen him make the last hit the ball making a loud thump throughout the court
You were happily screaming out his name until your eyes caught wind of someone yelling slightly louder than you
Eyes moving over to said someone every few seconds trying to check them out
Your cheering stopping when your eyes raked over her outfit that barely covered her legs a sweatshirt with your boyfriends name and number on the front and back you’d have thought she was his girlfriend
You decided to let her cheer for him as you placed yourself softly back in your seat taking in a cool breath of air as your eyebrows came together eyes shifting to the floor quickly before they ran back to the girl who’s friend was lightly tapping her
you biting your lip as she turned to you speaking loudly “ uh — hey if your gonna give me a love confession here don’t ok — “
she smiled widely “ i’m here for someone “ her painted thumb moved to the back of her jersey showing off the name as you stuttered and moved out the seats head low and hands sweaty
‘ she just doesn’t know y/n , and it won’t matter anyways— ushi doesn’t care for her he doesn’t even know her your ok y/n your relationships ok ‘
you moved to enter in through the lower level of the gym just in time to see the team bowing and giving their thanks ushijimas eyes scanning the seats looking for you until you waved slightly at tendou who moved you over quickly to ushijima
“ he needs some love — some cuddles he’s been practicing all week endlessly please reward him y/n - chan “
he sighed as he pouted putting his elbow on your head as you two stood in front of your boyfriend
“ he won’t take my hugs “
“ because your hugs always turn into something more “ he said facing tendou
you laughed “ something more ? is there something your not telling me —do you have a crush on my boyfriend “
“ no y/n who’d ever have a crush on ushiwaka-kun hes so — oh my condolences I forgot you were dating him “
“ tendou i’m sure you’ve said the wrong thing you give your condolences when someone or something has died “
tendou draped his body over yours “ no trust me something has died —“
“ what “
“ the conversation “
“ I do not understand “
“ how do you put up with him “
you smiled as you embraced your boyfriend. Arms barely wrapping around his body fully your poor body being suffocated in his chest and arms
“ bewause whes ‘ so fufffy “ your voice came out strangled as his grip was pressing you into his chest before he allowed you to look up at him
you smiled as your thoughts from earlier quickly vanished “ wakatoshi “ you said as you stared at him
“ yes my love “
you smiled softly “ I’m enough right “
“ more than enough —though I could fill my physical hunger with another match but why are you asking “
“ no reason “ you pulled away from him as you inched over to stand next to tendou again you knew ushijima liked physical touch when it was you but , he also still needed some space it was a lot all at once to just throw your love at him and he needed time to warm up to it so you always started out small .
“ ok so what are we doing after this “
“ i’m walking y/n home “
“ i’m allowing ushi to walk me home “
“ allow but you always beg me “
you pouted “ no that’s not true “
“ yes or you get really mad at me and then I go back to my house to find a deflated volleyball on my bed the next day “ tendou choked as ushijima continued
“ I always have to buy another practice volleyball too it makes me never want to do what I did the previous day again “ he shivered as you smiled
“ at least I still leave the she—“
“ USHIJIMA-KUN“ a loud voice rang through the gym causing both tendou and your boyfriend to scratch at their ears after hearing loud noises non stop on the court “ ushijima-kun i’m a big fan “
he turned to the girl as you smiled
“ you can go “ you said softly knowing he would ask you first but this time you decided to just let him leave talking to tendou as some time passed by until you seen a sight you’d rather not have
your eyes widened as you saw the same sweatshirt from earlier in the crowd ice running through your veins as you saw her with her polished hands on your captains uniform
“ earth to y/— hey what’s up why are you looking like that “
you smiled “ oh I just got confused for a moment“ you looked to the floor before looking back over to the wicked sight taking place next you
Taking side glances every so often to see her hands traveling to different places
“ let’s go talk to ushiwaka ok “ tendou said happily understanding what was happening to you he never wanted you to be jealous of someone else let alone feel insecure especially when so many were jealous of you and you didn’t even know
You both made your way up to the people in front of you hearing the end of the conversation
“ ushijima-kun why aren’t you talking “
“ because I want to respect my s/o and your advances seem wrong “
“ their not I swear — we can be friends I’m sure your s/o wouldn’t mind you just speaking to me right — their not mean right ushi-kun —someone mean doesn’t fit you —you need a friendly person “
“ I do not like that nickname “ he stared at the girl in front of him “ and I am also not talking to you because I simply just don’t want to talk to you “
“ h-hi guys “ you moved to hold your hand out to the taller girl “ h-hi i’m y/n wakatoshi’s s-“
“ oh god ushijima-kun this persons a stalker they were up in the bleachers not that long ago trying to confess to me “
tendou scoffed as he turned to look away feeling the embarrassment for the girl grow in waves
“ i’m sure my s/o’s not looking for someone else nor are they interested in friendly girls as far as I know “
he turned to you stoic face resting on yours “ are you y/n “
“ w-wait s/o “
“ yes that is what I said —you are a good listener “
“ did you just call them your s/o “
“ nevermind “ he looked towards the girl “ I take it back you are not a very good listener “
“ I-i’m sorry for earlier I was just — you were wearing my boyfriends jersey and I — I was a bit confused“ you smiled softly “ but if you wan-“
“ ushijima—kun — I really liked how you played in the volleyball game “
“ thank you what was your favorite part “
she shook not expecting the question before she put her hands in her pocket “ oh um when you hit it — that was totally cool and it made a loud echo “
“ oh you must not know volleyball terms “ he said confused “ if you want i’m sure “ he turned to you
“ y/n can you help her out — y/n watches all my games and tells me what I need to improve and what I did wrong i’m sure they could help find the play you were talking about they remember them all —they’ve been doing this a long time “
you smiled knowing that’s not what the girl wanted before playing with your thumbs looking away from the scene “ love are you going to help her she seems“
he spoke confused at the girl in front of him “ she seems quite upset “ he put his hands in between the two of them “ ma’am I assure you—you have nothing to worry about not understanding one of my plays—or the game itself is ok — do not be mad at yourself — my s/o will supply help “
tendous laugh came out as he moved his hand over it to turn it into a cough
“ tendou are you in need of water I would gladly go get you a bottle “
you knew ushijima felt uncomfortable and was trying his best to get out of the situation “ yeah you two can go get water i’ll explain your play to — um what was your name “
she looked from you to ushijima twirling her hair “ um sai “
“ oh ok sai —i’ll explain your play to her “ you moved to hug tendou as ushijima gave your hand a squeeze before walking off “ ok so the play I think your talking about is when goshik— “
“ I don’t know what your playing at but you need to stop “ her voice was sharp “ I don’t know if he’s your brother and your just joking to get me off his back or if your the sibling of someone on the team but “
your eyebrows came down as she was beating into you “ it’s not cool i’m sure you just got mad that I rejected your confession and so you came down here to screw over my chances with ushi “
you thought to yourself ‘ he only lets me call him ushi‘
your face dropped into a sad pout “ h-he’s just my boyfriend really i’m not lying “
“ but you are — look I feel bad really does he even know your going around lying to people like this and did you tell him the meaning of s/o meant something else “
“ no like I said he’s my boy— “
“ why do you keep saying that “
you kept saying it more so for yourself than for her you wanted to remind yourself that he loved you and not her that he was your boyfriend even through all her mean claims that she spit at you next
“ look you need to stop being a liar liars don’t die peacefully — no one would want to date someone like you “
her hands pulled at your hair and shirt “ look at how your dressed your so — your dressed like a child — a little boy and your hair is horrible and not brushed are you seriously thinking in your mind that your dating the ushijima ace of Shiratorizawa he may not be captain but still “
she scoffed as she stepped back “ look at you-- this just proves that your a liar if you were dating him you’d have tough skin seeing as though he has more fangirls than Oikawa — it’s literally only me down here and your on your knees crying in my face like a wounded dog “
you knew it was wrong to cry and have your head to the floor but you knew she was right . Why would ushijima like you let alone love and date someone like you when she was here
Her tall slender legs everything that you wanted , height something you always dreamed of , clear skin something you’d never managed to hold for more than a week and body exactly what you asked for in your prayers
Your mind couldn’t help but think she was more of a perfect fit for him than you’d ever be
and you just couldn’t see where you could be wrong
“ like I said stop lying and back the fuck off — I don’t know how you managed to manipulate ushijima into dating a fucking weird evil person like you but it’s not cool “
“ I find it quite cool how they got together actually“ tendous singing voice cut through as he took a sip of his drink
“ if you mean manipulating me with her patient heart and understanding for my busy schedule than yes y/n you really are evil “
“ I mean are you sure your not the weird one here — your the one trying to beat someone else into saying their not dating someone — like their relationship is gonna change if you get her to agree with you“ tendou scoffed continuing to speak to her
“ they’d still be dating no matter if she said no or not ushijima only has two things he focuses on volleyball and y/n so “
“ yes he’s correct volleyball has my heart in a way —and y/n has my mind— it’s hard to focus on anything else when she’s sitting in it all day “
“ told you — you had no chance even if you did make shorts to go along with that handmade jersey — which you really should have made —your legs look awfully cold “
“ he is telling the truth your legs have goosebumps — I really do hope you brought a jacket “
“ and I don’t know if your friends — the same ones laughing at you from the balcony right now “
tendou looked up waving at the girls “ hi margo “ the girl waving down happily
“ I don’t know if they told you before you came down here but they knew y/n and ushijima were dating so really your the stupid one not my best friend here “
he moved to drape his arm over you as he pointed at the girl
“ I mean your not stupid — that’s mean but you look really bad right now—yes “ ushijima cut him off as his stoic voice shook the girls core everytime he spoke
“ also I meant to tell you since y’know your friends didnt — your jersey you made “ tendou spoke
“ how— howd you know I made it — maybe I g-got it from— “
“ stop lying to yourself — ushijimas name is spelled wrong and hes not just the ace like your jersey says — he’s the captain ? “
the girl shook as she moved to play with her hands in embarrassment you finally noticing she had the words ace underneath ushijimas name that she forgot to add and I to before the j
“ well I do hope that’s not how people spell my name that looks deathly scary “
“ you may go “ tendous voice came out as the girl hurried off ushijimas loud deep voice making her freeze along with everyone else in the gym
“ Hey sai “ she turned to look at him tears in her eyes as his eyebrows furrowed “ you are very talented but — id like if you could put your talents to other use and maybe write my s/o a card explaining how pretty they are “
he looked to you “ their feelings are hurt and you are the reason and instead of fighting you in a volleyball match since you don’t have a team nor do you know anything about the sport “
the girls at the balcony laughed moving to leave the girl as ushijima continued “ i’d rather just have you sit down and rethink your hurtful actions and think about how pretty my s/o actually is — inside and out“
he nodded his head at the girl “ do you think you could do that “
tendou squeezed you in a hug as he draped the rest of his body on top of your head “ it’s either that or I continue to cut into you — I know I could do it for hours “ he sung out the girl crying as she shook her head in a yes motion leaving you alone with the two males around you
“ are you ok y/n “
“ yes love are you doing allright — I had a feeling something was wrong so I came back immediately “
you smiled softly “ e-everything is fine thank you both really “
ushijima looked to tendou as the latter understood and moved to whisper in your ear “ y/n I do think your really pretty myself and if you and ushijima weren’t happily together for 2 years already — and he didn’t do it like he does now — I’d make sure you knew your beautiful everyday “
you smiled at his kind comment you knew he just wanted to make you feel loved and to not believe your thoughts right now
“ do not listen to tendou he would have had no chance to date you seeing as though I liked you and am a lot bigger “
tendou laughed “ y/n doesn’t care that your big ushijima id totally win “
“ no she does — you have no space for her to crawl and cuddle on “
tendou waved him off as he walked towards the rest of the team as they closed the door and left you two alone in the gym leaving you to stare up at your boyfriend only to sit back on the bench
“ i’m sorry to make you do all of that ushi I just — I felt like I couldn’t say anything “ you bit at your lip
“ I don’t want you to think i’m weak and that you have to constantly remind me that you love me or even just to have someone who can’t stick up for themselves “
“ you are not weak “ he said as he sat down next to you “ you are one of the only people who can handle my energy and not break “
you laughed “ you have no energy ushijima “
“ if I have no energy then how do I play 2 matches of volleyball ? “
“ I mean no energy like that “
“ y/n I do not understand you are making no sense to me my love “
you laughed as more tears fell out “ I know ushi I know “
“ I do not understand why you are crying — If you understand that I do have energy that is no reason to cry just because you were wrong “
you played with your hands as he reached out to hold them rubbing them softly “ you do not have to believe her she was wrong “
“ was she though “
“ yes or I would not have said that just now “
he looked to wipe your cheeks “ you do not have to cry because you choose to believe baseless lies “
he wiped your eyes “ that is your own fault that you are sad right now —because you want to believe those idiotic claims“
he faced you as his hand moved to rub your cheek “ You are very beautiful and your smile makes me smile which I did not know I could do unless I was playing volleyball with my dad — that was the last time I smiled y/n—I thought i’d lost the emotion and you found it “
he sighed “ I look forward to my time with you because you always manage to make me smile and feel comfortable which I havent felt in a long time you make me feel loose and not so uptight “
he laughed “ there are times when I feel like tendou while hanging out with you and I cannot say I don’t enjoy it “
you smiled as he ran his thumb over your lips “ I love you no matter how you think you look or how others think you look — what I really love you for is your patience with this sport and my love for it “
you shook your head in a yes form you really did love him and you would wait anytime he said he had practice and couldn’t see you — only because you knew he had a talent and could go far with it and you didn’t want to be the reason he stopped short “ I love you y/n “
you smiled “ you couldn’t have said it with more meaning “ you laughed
“ well yes I could have used it in a way that has a different meaning the word means a lot of different things “
“ no I mean you couldn’t have said it without your voice sounding so bland “
“ what do you mean —does my breath smell bad is that whats making the words so tasteless to you“
you laughed “ no ushi I just meant to say them with meaning “
he smiled laughing while he spoke “ y-y/n I do not know what you mean my love “
“ like that “ you smiled hearing the happiness in his voice “ just like that “
he pulled you into a hug kissing your head “ I love you y/n more than the feeling of that last point I just scored — and more than the sport I wake up to practice for every morning “
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ppersonna · 11 months ago
my only wish - knj | m
Tumblr media
“ santa can you hear me? i have been so good this year. and all i want is one thing. please tell me my true love is here ” - my only wish (this year), britney spears
✹ summary- There are few things you hate most in this world. Hornets, unnecessary fruit pieces in otherwise perfectly good jello, certain shades of orange… But nothing takes the cake more than two simple things. Christmas. And Kim Namjoon. So why did you agree to pretend to be Kim Namjoon’s girlfriend at his family Christmas party? Bah-Humbug.
✹ rating- explicit/18+/nsfw
✹ pairing- kim namjoon x reader
✹ word count- 15.1k OOF
✹ genre- smut, fluff, tiny tiny angst if you squint, enemies to lovers, fake dating au, idiots to lovers, brief mention of YoonMin
✹ warnings- penetrative sex, unprotected sex (dont do it), daddy kink lolol, namjoon has a big dick, oral sex (m/f receiving), cum swallowing, light cum play, dirty talk, light degradation (very light tbh), praise kink, lots of mentions of joon being a beefy boy, masturbation,
✹ a/n- its here!! finally! my contribution to rockin around the christmas tropes. big big big shout out to @ladyartemesia​ @xjoonchildx​ @untaemedqueen​ @underthejoon​ @yeojaa​ @snackhobi​ for being my co collaborators. and a warm shout out to @wwilloww​ and @hobi-gif​ for being some very lovely betas. thank you thank you! i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
There are few things you hate most in this world. 
 Hornets, unnecessary fruit pieces in otherwise perfectly good jello, certain shades of orange…
 But nothing takes the cake more than two simple things: 
 And Kim Namjoon. 
Christmas, in your opinion, is nothing more than a consumerist holiday, anchored on ensuring you’re guilted enough from November 1st to the 25th of December to spend your hard earned money on shit your friends and loved ones won’t even use. It’s a time for people to pretend they love giving and caring, while shoving you out of lines in stores, buying up all the groceries as if it’s the end times, and forcing party after mindless party for “celebration” that ends in seeing your boss drunk and pants-less by the punchbowl. 
 And don’t even start on Kim Namjoon. 
 On paper, he’s your colleague, to put the terms friendly. In reality, he’s your opponent, your adversary. He’s annoying, rude, stuck up, and not to mention a douchebag heartbreaker. He’s everything you hate wrapped in one disgustingly handsome face. 
 The man never misses a chance to steal a case from underneath your nose, rub the praise he receives from your bosses in your face, and look ridiculously delectable in his tight suits that he insists he wears around the office. He absolutely infuriates you. 
 And now, as you sit in the company-wide meeting, your heart sinks as you realize the worst thing about Namjoon—he’s about to get the promotion you’ve been vying for your entire career.
 That position was as good as yours—at least, you had thought.
 That was until lead counsel, Seokjin, stands in front of all the attorneys present and calls out Namjoon’s name, commending him on winning his latest case—the case that you had done the bulk of the work for. Seokjin even tells the rest of the lawyers in the room that Namjoon is “someone to watch” with a glint of pride in his eyes. 
 The smug smile Namjoon sends in your direction as he teasingly nibbles on a pen with his sultry mouth is enough to make you want to tear his eyes out and use them as olives in the martini you sorely needed.
 Namjoon smirks as he walks past you once the meeting ends.
 “Make sure you watch me, baby,” he whispers into your ear. 
 His hand rests on your lower back and you hate how much he aggravates you, and hate even more so that he frustrates you sexually as much as he does intellectually.
 Unfortunately, your body can’t keep up with your mind’s distaste for the elder lawyer. His presence around you makes your blood vessels tighten and your head feel light—nipples prickling against your bra when he winks at you.
 “Asshole,” you whisper under your breath as you pack up your notebook.
 “Oh, ___!” Seokjin calls out just as you’re about to leave the all-glass meeting room.
 Your head suddenly screeches to a very frustrated, sexual halt when you turn to face the lead counsel of your company.
 “Yes, Mr. Kim?”
 “I’ve got a case for you.”
 The smile on his face makes you relax. Maybe he sees your potential. Maybe he’s testing you just as much as he’s testing Namjoon. Maybe you’ll be the “one to watch” and you can rub that right in Namjoon’s perfect, stunning face.
 A thick manila folder slides across the oak table towards you from Seokjin’s hands. The impressive volume of the dossier makes you giddy with anticipation.
 “I know you won’t let me down.”
 You nod, nibbling at your lips, before bowing to your superior and dashing out of the room as fast as your Louboutins can handle.
 It’s not until you sit at your desk, a cramped little cubicle next to Park Jimin, your best friend and paralegal assistant, that you open the folder.
 Your heart sinks as your eyes hurriedly rush over the title page.
 Personal Injury Suit.
 A dejected sigh leaves you as you throw the folder onto your desk and slouch back in your ergonomic office chair.
 “What’s up, pussycat?” Jimin smiles as he rolls his chair over to your side of the cubicle. “Namjoon got you worked up again?”
 You groan as you take off your reading glasses, setting them aside to rub at the burgeoning headache building at your temples. You had momentarily forgotten all about Namjoon in the hurried hope that you’d land a case of significance, something you could finally use to prove yourself.
 Instead, you gained yet another in-and-out, settle outside of court case. Likely some elderly geriatric suing a corporation for too-slippery floors.
 “Another fucking personal injury suit,” you whine as you thrust the folder into the lithe paralegal’s hands.
 He looks over the documents and sucks his teeth.
 “Man, Seokjin really has it out for you.”
 You level a look at your best friend, before nodding and holding your head in your hands.
 “Namjoon is getting all the good cases! He gets the media attention, the litigation deals, everything! It’s like I’m not even given a chance to show what kind of lawyer I can be when I’m stuck with all the nursing home and car accident suits!”
 Jimin bows dutifully, nodding his head as you express your woes.
 “I can do more than just personal injury litigation… and Seokjin knows that! It’s just that Namjoon keeps getting all the air-time!”
 “I know, babe. I know.”
 With one last sigh of disbelief, you take the folder out of Jimin’s hands and sit upright at your desk.
 “Well, I guess if I’m going to be a personal injury lawyer, I’m going to be the best fucking one yet. Let’s get to work.”
 “Yeah! Fighting!” Jimin cheers.
Tumblr media
  Namjoon sighs as he listens to his mother blabber on and on through his phone. He leans back in his chair and surveys the wide expanse of his corner office.
 Seokjin gave him this space, an upgrade from the desolate cubicles when he won his last big case, Kim Taehyung, artist v. the city of New York. He can’t help but smirk as he glimpses you from his window, pouring over a case file. He notes the curve of your back in the silk blouse you’re wearing and the way it tucks into your pencil skirt. He wishes he could see the outline of your ass and watch as it sways back and forth when you walk.
 “I just don’t understand why you can’t ever bring anyone home for the holidays!”
 His mother breaks him from his silent reverie of detailing every aspect of your backside.
 “You know your grandmother will not be alive much longer! And all she wants is her only grandson to be happy and in love! And a few grandchildren won’t hurt!”
 “I am her grandchild, Mom.”
 She’s silent for a moment.
 “Well, I wouldn’t mind some grandchildren either.”
 He groans again and presses his fingers to his forehead, a headache bubbling up behind his eyes.
 “Don’t you act like that, young man! You have a big empty house, big car, big life, and no one to share it with. I just want you to be happy.”
 She continues on and Namjoon can’t help but let her words sink in.
 He has it all. Expensive luxury apartment, enormous bed, gorgeous kitchen, money to spend on traveling and enjoying life. Yet he spends most of his time here, stuck in his office. He’s utterly alone, regardless of how many social guests he tries to entertain, horrid dates he attempts to go on. He’s always left alone, and he feels it deep at the very bottom of his heart—the loneliness and desire for a companion.
 “Mom! Mom!” He interrupts her diatribe on the futility of his adult life. “Stop!”
 “Namjoon, I’m just conce-”
 “I’ll bring home my girlfriend for the holidays, okay?”
There’s a stunned silence on the other end.
 “A girlfriend?” she asks, tentatively. “Really?”
 “Yeah,” he breathes, wincing already at the lie he’s spoon-feeding his poor mother—all in the name of getting her off his back. “She’s kind of shy, so I didn’t want to tell you about her yet, but now seems like the best time. I’m... I’m even thinking of proposing.”
 The words come out of Namjoon’s mouth before he can stop them. His mom bursts into screams of delight, and he can tell she’s running to his beloved grandmother to tell her the news.
 “Oh, Namjoon! This is all we’ve ever wanted for you. I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait to meet her! Oh, goodness, I can’t want to tell your father. Goodbye, son! I’ll see you two soon!”
 She hangs up before Namjoon has a chance to even breathe.
 He drops his phone to his wooden desk and grimaces. 
 How the hell is he going to find a fiance in the next 3 days before the holiday break? 
 There’s Jennie, his ex.
 He thinks about it for a moment, before quickly dismissing it. No, much too clingy and possessive. She’d take it to be real, and he’d be stuck with her.
 His last hookup, Jihoo?
 No, too aloof. His mom would never buy that they were a love-sick couple on the brink of engagement.
 A crash outside his office startles Namjoon, making him stand and exit the large corner suite.
 The commotion is coming from your cubicle, where he can see you’re struggling to use the decrepit computer. The crash must have been from you slamming the keyboard to the desk, causing the individual keys to pop off the board.
 “Shit! Jimin, help me put this keyboard back together!” 
 You shimmy out of your chair and onto your knees, an excellent sight for Namjoon if he wasn’t so concerned about your well-being.
 The paralegal is standing above you, watching as you kneel to gather the pieces of the obliterated keyboard.
 “Oh no, honey. It’s against my personal constitution to be on my knees unless it’s for a handsome man.”
 “God, Jimin, come on.”
 “Hey, it’s not my fault you hulk-smashed the life out of that poor keyboard.”
 Namjoon smirks, turning back into his office and sliding into his desk. He easily opens his MacBook and emails Yoongi in IT, requesting a brand new computer for your desk—no holds barred. He wants the top of the line for you.
 He suddenly has just the person in mind to be his fake fiancée. 
Tumblr media
  A brand new, gorgeous computer is at your desk the next day you arrive.  You nearly spill your hot peppermint mocha when you see the sleek machine atop your old plastic desk instead of the broken clunker that was there the day before.
 “What the hell?” You ask Jimin as you set your coffee down gently as if any movement might scare the new computer away. “Did you order this?”
 “I love you, but I would never order you something this nice.” 
 You can’t help but roll your eyes as you sit down to marvel at the modern machinery. At least Jimin is honest.
 “Maybe I’ll call Yoongi and ask him where it came from,” you wonder aloud, hand hovering over your phone.
 “YOONGI?” Jimin screeches, eyes suddenly wide and crazed.
 “Yeah? The IT guy?”
 “I know who Yoongi is, you dumbass! Here, let me call him! I’m your assistant!”
 He scrambles to grab the phone out of your hand.
 “You literally refuse to do anything I ask.”
 Jimin smiles cherubically, completely ignoring your confusion. He’s suddenly the picture of a model employee.
 “Don’t you worry! I’ll be right on it!”
 He hops from your desk with your cell phone gripped tight, and saunters away to a secluded area out of your eyesight.
 “What the fuck is going on today?” You ask out loud, settling into your chair and unloading your bag of files.
 “How's the new computer?”
 The sudden intruder makes you jump, nearly spilling your coffee, yet again.
 “Fuck!” You shriek as you attempt to right yourself and the dangerously hot liquid sloshing in the paper cup. “You scared me!”
 The chuckle that comes from behind you makes your stomach flip. You know that laugh. You could recognize that laugh a hundred miles away, in a hurricane, with headphones on.
 That laugh is the sultry demon himself, Kim Namjoon.
 “I—How did you know about my computer?”
 Namjoon takes a knee, bringing his face to your level in your chair. He’s close to you, so dangerously close. You can smell the Giorgio Armani cologne applied to his pressure points—the heat of his skin warming the scent and mingling with his own subtleties. Your eyes nearly roll back in your head. He smells so comforting—like a home you never knew you were missing until he arrived.  
 “I saw it when I walked in this morning.” 
 He breaks you from your daydreaming of warm, firm hands caressing your body and you’re thrown headfirst back into reality—the reality where you can’t stand the man mere inches from you.
 You push back from where you are and stand, eager to get away from Namjoon’s sudden interest in close proximity. He smirks and rises from his spot, pocketing his hands in his tight cream suit.
 “Care to join me in my office for some coffee?” He asks.
 His office. The one he scored after he won the Kim Taehyung case. The bitter betrayal still lingers in your mouth. 
 For the longest time, you had been equal in every sense; both living in the dingy cubicles with the computers long-destined for retirement. Then, Seokjin awarded him with the corner office, the one with the view of the entire city. You’d never forgiven either of them.
 “I have my own coffee.”
 Namjoon smirks as he eyes your paper cup, clearly a quick grab from the 7-Eleven around the corner.
 “Looks fancy.”
 You purse your lips and clutch your coffee even closer.
 “Please,” he asks again. “I need to talk to you. It’s important.”
 Namjoon’s face loses its snark, and you’re curious about what could cause the man to become so serious.
 You motion with your arm towards his office, encouraging him to walk ahead. He smirks again, ah—there’s that smirk, before he turns and heads into the gorgeous corner room.
 He lingers by the door as you enter, waiting until you’ve crossed the threshold to close the door behind you. It surprises you. Something about being in a closed room with Namjoon sets you on edge. You can nearly imagine the man bending you over that fine oak desk, hiking your skirt up and spanking your ass until it’s red.
 “Coffee?” He asks as he moves towards the in-office espresso machine.
 “Are you fucking kidding me? You have a Nespresso in your office?” 
 All desperate and wanton thoughts of Namjoon sliding into you leave once you see the stainless steel contraption in the room's corner. Of course he has a $500 coffee machine in his office. He has everything you want.
 “You like it?” His question is cocky. He already knows the answer.
 “Fuck off.”
 Namjoon grins and turns the machine on, pulling out two mugs while you sip your now lukewarm coffee. It suddenly tastes disgusting.
 “So, what’s the deal, Namjoon?” You ask as he rests against the wall and waits for the coffee to brew. “You said it was important.”
 Namjoon nods, a more reserved look taking the place of his usual cocky grin on his face. His gaze turns down to his shiny dress shoes.
 “I need a favor.”
 “No.” Your answer is quick.
 Namjoon looks up at you in surprise.
 “You haven’t even heard it yet!”
 “Yeah, well…,” you huff. “I’m not interested in helping you.”
 Namjoon leaves his post by his elaborate coffee maker, forgetting about the piping-hot liquid drizzling into white mugs, as he stands in front of you. There’s that fucking cologne again. Why does he have to smell so good?
 “You’ve got to help me. Please.”
 His sudden closeness to you sets your brain off—your steely resolve begins to crumble.
 “Fine, I’ll bite. What is it?”
 His face lights up again. God, he has such a handsome mouth.
 “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for my family Christmas party.”
 If you hadn’t had such a good grip on the convenience store cup of coffee, it’d surely drop from your clutch and splatter on the expensive carpet of Namjoon’s office.
 Your eyes widen, and your mouth falls agape.
 “You—You what?!”
 Namjoon sighs and lowers his voice.
 “Look, I…” he struggles. “I told my mom I have a girlfriend, so she’d get off my back about it.”
 “And why am I suddenly your best option for that?!” 
 You step away from the man, determined to clear your mind as the scenario weaves its way through your head. 
 Namjoon’s girlfriend. He wants you to be his girlfriend.
 Well, his fake girlfriend.
 He would hold your hand. He would kiss you. He would touch your body in ways you convince yourself you don’t think of often. 
 “You’re the only girl I know who’s got a good enough poker face to go along with it. And honestly… you’re the only girl I really know well enough.”
 His last admission shocks you. Namjoon seems like the womanizing type—one to bring a different girl home every night.
 “That doesn’t explain why the fuck I would want to help you.”
 Namjoon steps back and moves towards the coffee machine again.
 “If you help me, I’ll take all your shitty cases that Jin is giving you.”
 Your eyes narrow at the tall man. It seems too good to be true.
 “How d'you know about them?”
 Namjoon shrugs and grabs a mug full of freshly brewed expensive coffee.
 “I can hear you complain to Jimin about it every day.”
 You grumble under your breath, sucking on your teeth as you try to process the terms of Namjoon’s deal.
 “So you want me to be your fake girlfriend for your family…” you muse.
 “Yes,” he agrees. “And I’ll do all your worst cases for the next 2 months. I’ll even give you my next big one. I know you want that.”
 God, he’s right. That’s all you want. A chance to prove yourself to Seokjin, to the company.
 With an aggravated sigh, you relent. 
 “Fine! But it better be a good fucking case. And, I’m using your coffee maker every morning.”
 Namjoon can’t help but chuckle, loving the fire in your voice. 
 “Deal?” He murmurs.
 He holds out his hand to shake on it, and it takes you by surprise how warm and soft his large hands are once you slide your own into his grip.  
 Jimin is not going to let you live this one down.
Tumblr media
  Jimin doesn’t let you live it down.
 He’s sitting on your couch, legs crossed underneath him as he hoists his wine glass filled to the brim. He holds it away from his body as he shakes with laughter.
 “You’re telling me,” he wheezes. “That you agreed to be Namjoon’s fake Christmas girlfriend? You hate that man!”
 Flopping into the couch beside him, you sigh.
 “Yeah, well, it was my only option. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”
 “Okay, Godfather,” Jimin snickers. “Lord knows you still want to bone that man, anyway.”
 “Jimin!” You admonish. “I do not! And that wasn’t the deal!”
 He sips at his red wine with an impish smile. You hate it when Jimin looks at you like that, like he can see behind the lie you’ve so carefully crafted of your hatred for Namjoon.
 “Then tell me, what was the deal?”
 You fiddle with the stem of your own wine glass, sighing.
 “He’s offered to take all our shitty personal injury suits for the next two months. And he’s giving me his next big case.”
 Jimin actually looks surprised—as if he didn’t expect Namjoon to provide a deal so worth the cost.
 “Wow,” he breathes.
 You nod in reply, taking a large gulp of the pinot grigio in your glass.
 “You’re still going to fuck him though, I know it,” Jimin adds.
 You splutter your wine from your mouth, hand reaching over to gently slap Jimin on his taut abdomen.
 “Shut up!” You cry.
 Jimin looks proud of himself, sipping his red wine gleefully while he settles further into your couch. Wine nights with Jimin is the highlight of your weeks. Together, you bitch over cases, coworkers, dating struggles, and eat too much cheese and cured meats and nurse a hangover the following day with brunch.
 “Hey,” you say to Jimin as you set your wine down on the coffee table. “Did you ever talk to Yoongi?”
 Jimin’s cheeks immediately turn a shade of rouge.
 “Yoongi? Yoongi who?”
 “Oh my god,” you groan. “Yoongi from IT. You stole my phone to call him today? To ask about my new computer?”
 Jimin swallows a large swig of his wine.
 “Oh. Yes, I did.”
 “And?” You encourage the blonde to answer further.
 “And he’s doing well,” Jimin replies demurely.
 “Jimin!” You huff. “The computer?!”
 Jimin makes an ‘O’ shape with his mouth and bites his lip.
 “I… might have forgotten to ask.”
 Your mouth drops open.
 “You literally stole my phone out of my hands to call him! What did you talk about?!”
 There’s his blush again. The shade of pink on Jimin’s cheeks would be adorable if you weren’t so flabbergasted by his answers.
 “I have a date tomorrow night.” He takes another sip as you let the reply sink in.
 “Oh. My. God.” You gasp, a smile now overtaking your features. “You have a crush on Min Yoongi!”
 Jimin sets his wine glass down next to yours and turns to you.
 “I had no idea if he was into me! But when I called, I totally forgot why I was calling him and we sort of just… started talking and next thing I know, he’s asking me out to dinner tomorrow night.”
 You playfully slap at Jimin’s thigh.
 “You little slut—using my phone to get yourself a date. On company time!”
 Jimin sticks his tongue out at you, before grabbing a pillow and slapping you with the overstuffed cushion.
 “At least I didn’t agree to be his fake girlfriend!”
Tumblr media
  It’s the sound of your phone ringing at 7:32 am that wakes you from your spot on the couch, wine glass still clutched in your hand.
 “What the fuck?” You grumble, eyes blearily seeking the offending object disturbing your sleep.
 Jimin grumbles next to you, kicking at your foot as if it will stop the phone from ringing.  
“Stop,” he whines and cuddles into his fetal position. “Turn it ooooff.”
 You locate your cell phone and groan as you recognize the name on the caller ID. Namjoon. What the fuck could he possibly be calling for? And why did he have to call at seven in the goddamn morning? 
 “What do you want?” You snap as you hold the phone to your cheek and throw yourself back onto the couch.
 “Well, good morning to you, sunshine.”
 Namjoon’s voice, as sexy and sultry as it sounds, still aggravates you.
 “Why are you calling me? It’s Saturday. Its seven am.”
 Namjoon chuckles and you fight the shiver that works through your spine at the sound.
 “I tend to keep human hours on the weekend.”
 You can’t hold back the sarcastic guffaw that escapes you.  
 “Okay, Mr. Perfect,” you sigh. “That doesn’t explain calling me.”
 Jimin kicks at your foot again. 
 “Stop talking,” he grumbles.
 God, Jimin is such a diva when he’s hungover.
 “Meet me at the cafe on First Street,” Namjoon says casually. “I’ll tell you when you get here.”
 “Right now?!” You ask, incredulous.
 “I’m literally already here. Hurry before your coffee gets cold.”
 You let out a whine that could rival a 5-year-old’s temper tantrum.
 “Fuck you. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”
 There’s no care about your phone when you end the call and throw it to the floor.  Jimin grumbles and rubs at his eyes.
 “Why the fuck are you having phone sex with Namjoon so early in the morning?” He asks.
 “Jimin, I swear to God.”
 He wraps himself in the throw blanket and buries his face back into the couch while you stand and retreat to your bedroom to throw on some semblance of appropriate clothing for the occasion.
 “Fucking Namjoon,” you grumble under your breath as you change into jeans and a sweater. “Fuck him and his stupid, sexy face. And his unbelievable ass. And his stupid, probably enormous penis. Man, I hate him.”
 As you’re re-entering the living room and grabbing your important items (keys, wallet, lip gloss just in-case), Jimin pops his head out of his blanket cave.
 “Where are you going?” He asks, suddenly less annoyed and more pathetic. “You’re leaving me?”
 “I have to go meet Namjoon for coffee. I don’t know why, so don’t ask.”
 “You’re really going to let me suffer here? Alone? With no coffee?”
 You spin around to face your best friend, who’s giving you an absolutely soul-crushing pout and puppy eyes.
 “Yes. Call Yoongi.”
 His precious pout is wiped away, and a devious smirk takes its place.
 “Great idea!” He says as he digs around for his phone. “Be careful out there! It’s icy! Wouldn’t want you to slip and fall on Namjoon’s dick.”
 Your only reply is one singular middle finger in Jimin’s direction as you exit your apartment.
Tumblr media
  Namjoon can’t help but smile as he sips his warm coffee. The cafe is warm and bright, despite the chill outside. 
 Things feel peaceful. Tender flakes of snow trickle down outside and frost up the shop’s window. There’s something about this time of year that strikes him down to the core. Something cozy, something warm.
 It’s odd to think this will be his first year not celebrating the holiday alone.
 Even if it is... well, fake. 
 The bell over the door chimes an arrival, and Namjoon can tell by the grumbles and grunts and stomps of snowy boots that it’s you.
 “Over here!” He calls, raising a hand and turning to face you.
 Wow, he thinks. You look gorgeous, even without trying.
 You hurry your way over to the booth and plop yourself on the opposite side, immediately lunging for the obvious mug of coffee waiting for you on the table. You don’t waste a minute gulping the liquid down your throat, then spluttering when you realize it’s still hot.
 “I thought you said it was getting cold!” You cry, airing out your burnt tongue. Namjoon can’t help but imagine that tongue sliding up and down his cock.
 Not now. Wrong time and place to get a boner.
 Namjoon smiles as he sips his cappuccino. 
 “I got you a fresh one.”
 You make a face, but your features soften. As if you’re pleased with the idea that Namjoon cared to freshen up your cup.
 “Oh, well--”, you manage. “Thank you.”
 Namjoon doesn’t reply, but merely tips his head. The silence is thick enough to cut with a knife. Normally, you’re both normally so wound up in aggravating the other that a moment of calm is strange, but not unwelcome.
 “So, why the early morning wake up?” You finally ask, fiddling with the handle of the mug.
 Namjoon settles his cup down.
 “We need to get to know each other. Deep shit, you know. The shit that lovers would know about each other.”
 He notices you, watches as you nibble at your lip. You try hard to hide it behind the mug you lift to your lips, but Namjoon notices. 
 “I’m hoping maybe we could spend the day together,” he adds. “I need to get some Christmas gifts for my family and… well, it’s rather lonely doing it on my own.”
 There’s a slight smile at the ends of your lips.
 “And you needed me at seven thirty in the morning to do that?”
 He stifles a laugh.
 “Like I said, I operate at regular human hours. Even on weekends,” he replies.
 With a dramatic sigh, you agree.
 “Fine,” you say. “I’m an open book. Ask me anything.”
 He watches as you settle into the seat of the booth, hands gripping the warm mug like it’s a personal heater. He notices you’re only wearing jeans and a sweater--no properly warm clothing for the snow storm ahead. He’ll have to fix that, and soon.  
 “What are you doing for Christmas?” He asks.
 You level a look.
 “Spending it pretending to be in love with you.”
 Namjoon can’t help but snort a laugh.
 “I meant after that.”
 You shrug as you settle back into the seat.
 “I don’t like Christmas. I don’t do much other than force Jimin to kiss me under the mistletoe and watch shitty movies with a gallon of boxed wine.”
 “Hmm,” he hums. “You’re sort of a Grinch.”
 A scowl comes over your face.
 “I am not! I just don’t buy into this whole ‘prove how much you love me by buying me things’ shit. It’s a big scheme, I tell you! Capitalist propaganda! They encourage you to spend all your money, and if you don’t, they shame and guilt you by telling you you don’t love your family enough.”
 Namjoon can’t help but laugh as you rant. It’s what makes you such a talented lawyer—your ability to feel a passion so deep within you you’re able to convince a stone-faced jury of your side.
 “Don’t laugh at me!” You cry. “I’m serious! My family doesn’t celebrate, I don’t celebrate. I’d rather just buy gifts for my loved ones when I see something they’d like. Why do we have to put a time of year on it?”
 He shrugs and scooches his mug around the carbonate table.
 “I suppose that makes sense,” he muses. “But you’re still a Grinch. And a Scrooge. You’ll definitely get visited by some Ghosts at midnight.”
 “Ha ha,” you snark sarcastically. “Hilarious, Namjoon. Don’t tell me you’re a big festive guy.”
 “Somewhat. It’s my Mom’s favorite holiday. It’s why she’s so bent out of shape about me having a girlfriend. Something about family and love and shit.”
 You nod, understanding him completely. Your own mother, despite her reservations towards the holiday, still makes a fuss over your single status. There must be some Mom code to obsess over your children’s woeful dating life.
 “Well, I say let’s get on with it then. Ready to hit the shops?” He asks.
 You’re mid-sip of your finally cooled coffee and you send a desperate look to the man in front of you.
 “We’re burning daylight, baby.”
 Namjoon stands and you can’t help but feel a roar of flames in your belly at the pet-name. Your cheeks are surely flaming up and you admonish yourself for getting so peaked about such a trivial name.
 “Please don’t tell me we’re walking,” you murmur as you sneak a peek outside.
 The snow is falling down harder now, and you’re dreadfully underdressed for the weather.
 Namjoon tsks at your lack of outerwear, but then shakes his head.
 “No, we’ll take my Range Rover.”
 You roll your eyes and grimace.
 “Of course. You have a fucking Nespresso machine and a Range Rover. Asshole.”
 Namjoon doesn’t even think about it as he grabs your hand and laces his fingers in between yours. If anyone asked, he’d say it’s practice—to familiarize himself with the way your fingers slot between his own so it’s not such a foreign concept when he does it in front of his family.
 “Yeah, but I’m your asshole now, princess.”
Tumblr media
 Christmas shopping with Namjoon is mostly painless.
 Normally, you dread the lines and the crowds and the confusion and the expense.
 But with Namjoon, you relax and banter away with the tall lawyer. You’re completely at ease as you walk through crowded aisles and sort through racks of cashmere sweaters and stacks of fuzzy blankets.
 “Mom will love this, don’t you think?” Namjoon asks, holding up a thick, exquisite looking blanket.
 You’re about to answer with an affirmative when you catch yourself. You don’t even know his mom. You’ve never met the woman. Why does it feel as if Namjoon is someone you’ve known your entire life? 
 Why do things feel so easy with him?
 “Sure, Namjoon,” you reply. “Seems like something most mother’s would be into.”
 He smiles at you. It’s a genuine smile too, one that nearly knocks you on your ass. Your body is sent into overdrive constantly. He holds your hand, he places his hand at the small of your back to guide you through a thick crowd. He calls you baby and princess and doll.
 It’s confusing.
 It’s amazing.
 You can’t tell if you love it or hate it.
 Namjoon pushes the shopping cart and walks beside you, chatting easily about his various aunts and uncles names that you likely must remember at some point but you just can’t think about anything but Namjoon, Namjoon, Namjoon.
 You hate him. He stole that corner office from you. He’s going to take the promotion you want from right under your nose. He has a goddamn Nespresso in his office and a Range Rover. 
 And yet, you can’t help but fall in place next to him and listen to him tell stories of his childhood, weaving tales of uncles who snuck him his first sips of alcohol and aunts who spoil him rotten. He’s easy to listen to, a natural story-teller. Your body feels warm, as if you’re sitting on a large hearth by a roaring fire. He’s comforting.
 It’s infuriating and wonderful all at once. 
 “And that’s when my cousin Jungkook got caught smoking cigarettes. My grandma beat our ass so bad I couldn’t sit for a day.”
 Namjoon finishes his story and turns to look at you. You’ve been staring at the man for nearly a minute straight now.
 “Hey,” his voice is soft. “You listening?”
 You shake out of the trance Namjoon’s deep voice sends you into.
 “Yeah!” You reply with a smirk. “Sounds like this Jungkook is a guy I’d like to meet.”
 Namjoon sucks his teeth and nudges you.
 “Hey, you’re my girlfriend, remember.”
 You stick your tongue out at him playfully.
 “Fake girlfriend. I’m still a single, desirable lady at the end of the day.”
 Namjoon hesitates before answering. He wants to reply something snarky, something sarcastic and witty. But he takes a moment to pause, allows himself to fully immerse himself in you. Even hungover, in yesterday’s jeans and an old sweater, you’re still an absolute catch. You’re the definition of desirable and Namjoon can’t help but allow himself to desire.
 “Hmm, is that what you call it?” He asks, now allowing the sarcasm to permeate his words. “I was thinking you’re more of the spinster, cat-lady type.”
 “Hey!” You pout as you slap at his arm. “I’m allergic to cats!”
 “But you don’t deny being a spinster.”
 “Fuck you, Namjoon.”
 He grins and pushes the carts towards the candle aisle, a sure-fire gift for his aunties.
 “In due time, my love.”
Tumblr media
  By the time Christmas Eve arrives, you’ve spent nearly every day with Namjoon. At work, he brings you fresh coffee from his Nespresso and buys you lunch. You’ve even landed his big case, an incredibly complex lawsuit that will showcase your skills. Namjoon gives you pointers and space to talk through the case with him.
Namjoon is, in fact, simply being kind. And it unsettles you.
 Your heart and brain are at war with each other constantly. You should hate him, loathe him. He’s going to nail that promotion regardless of what you prove to Seokjin.
 But your heart tells you he deserves it. He’s an incredible attorney and has earned every ounce of respect. You want Namjoon to get that promotion just to see that smile on his face. He’d do incredible things as Seokjin’s protege to take over the firm.
 You hate to admit it, but Namjoon has melted the ice around your heart. And you’re dreading the day after all this is over, because it will be the day Namjoon stops holding you close and pressing soft kisses to your temple. It will be the day he stops pretending this is all real.
 It’s Christmas Eve and you’re sitting in Namjoon’s expensive Range Rover, plush leather seat toasty from the built-in seat warmer. You can’t help but marvel at the way the oncoming headlights brighten up Namjoon’s features as he drives you down a snowy mountain lane. They always hold the Kim family holiday party at Namjoon’s late grandfather’s cabin in the mountains, a quiet getaway for the family to gather and spend the night together to wake up on Christmas morning and gather around for presents and food.
 Which means waking up to Kim Namjoon.
 It’s something you’ve dreamt of often, but denied yourself any actual possibility of it. Namjoon was always out of reach, and it was easier to hate him for his success he rightfully deserved than it was to admit the feelings that were always inside.
 And now, although it’s artificial, you can’t bear to think of not spending your time with Namjoon anymore.
 You steal a glance again at him, and smile as you hear his faint humming. He loves Christmas music. You learned that early in the week during another early morning coffee and ‘get to know you’ before work. Namjoon couldn’t stop singing Mariah Carey’s classic pop song under his breath as it played over the speakers in the cafe. 
 “It’s so pretty up here,” you muse as you force your vision away from Namjoon’s gorgeous face to the snowy scenery outside. 
 The snow is falling gently, not enough to cause a blizzard but enough to make it seem like you’re trapped in a picturesque snow-globe. Leaving the city and entering the magical forest stirs an emotion inside you you hadn’t felt in some time.
 It’s Christmas Eve and there’s just something magical.
 Ugh. Unbelievable.
 Namjoon has even made you actually enjoy Christmas.
 He nods. “Yeah, it’s my favorite place in the world, I think.”
 “I can see why,” you sigh. “It looks like a painting.”
 Namjoon glances over at you peering through the window. His heart hammers in his chest hard as your glittering eyes bounce around from tree to tree, a pretty smile on your face. The diamond ring in his pocket feels like it weighs a literal ton and he nibbles at his lip.
 He bought it for the showmanship of it all, initially. It was his first purchase he made when he set up this whole rouse.
 But now, it feels real. It feels like he’s really about to get on one knee and ask you, the girl he’s absolutely head over heels for, to marry him.
 And then it will be over.
 He’ll make up some story to tell his mom about how it didn’t work out and you’ll go back to being his coworker, and nothing more.
 Namjoon can’t fight the sinking feeling in his stomach.
 Nothing more.
 He pulls into the driveway before you even have time to realize you’re there. He puts the car in park and smiles over at you. 
 He looks so cute in his puffy winter coat, hair pushed to the side and a smile that’s all dimples and cheeks.
 “We’re here,” he whispers. “You ready?”
 Suddenly, the nerves of meeting your fake boyfriend’s entire family slap you right in the face. You hope that you’re a good enough actress to get Namjoon through the night and into the morning.
 “Ready as I’ll ever be.”
 He nods and squeezes your hand, an unspoken comforting ‘I got you’.
 Namjoon gathers his wrapped gifts and stacks them all in his arms, ignoring your pleas and giggles to help carry them in.
 “No, no,” he assures. “I have to make sure my mom sees me being manly and helpful.”
 As if on cue, the front door opens and Mrs. Kim is bursting out into the snowy night.
 “Namjoon!” She shrieks, completely overjoyed. The rest of the family is standing by the door, eyeing you carefully with smiles and whispers. You pray to whatever Christmas God that’s listening that you can do this.
 Namjoon sets the pile of gifts down just in time to wrap his delicate and tiny mother in his arms, hugging her tightly while she gleefully buries her face into her tall son’s chest.
 “Oh, my son, I’ve missed you.”
 Namjoon kisses the crown of her head and smiles.
 “Missed you too, eomma.”
 The scene has you misty-eyed and you swipe at your eyes to stop the tears. There’s no way you’re ruining the fantastic makeup you did for the occasion, but the reunion of Namjoon and his mother is heart-warming. He clearly cares for his mother more than he would outwardly admit. 
 Namjoon and his mother unwrap from each other and Namjoon turns towards you.
 “Everyone, this is ____,” he breathes. “My girlfriend.”
 His mother’s gleeful squeals now turn to you, and within an instant she’s gathering you up in just as tight of a hug as she did to her son.
 “Oh, darling, we are so happy to meet you,” she beams.
 The excitement in her voice makes you feel bad—like you’re conning an old woman out of her retirement. You’re instilling a sense of hope in the kind woman, and you can’t help but send Namjoon a look as you wrap your arms around her and return the embrace. His eyes sparkle with something you can’t read.
 “I’m happy to meet you too,” you smile as you pull apart. “Thank you for letting me come.”
 “No thanks necessary,” she admonishes with a wink. “We had to beg Namjoon to bring you. It seems he wants to keep you all to himself.”
 “Eomma!” Namjoon snaps. “Be appropriate!”
 She nudges you with her elbow knowingly, which makes your cheeks flame hot, before she leads the way back into the house.
 “Come in, come in! Let’s get out of this snow.”
 Namjoon encourages you to step inside with a gentle hand at the small of your back—a touch that makes your body light up brighter than a Christmas tree.
 “Thank you,” he whispers in your ear from behind. You can feel the warmth of his lips and your body reacts.
How is it that any simple act makes you desperately horny for the man? You pray for some respite from your sexual frustration over the next day. How are you going to last over 24 hours?
 Namjoon deposits his massive haul of gifts under the tree and returns to your side, wrapping an arm around your shoulders to bring you close. He introduces you to uncles and aunts and cousins. He even introduces you to his infamous cousin, Jungkook, who smirks at you in a way that makes Namjoon pull you in closer to his body.
 “Are you doing okay?” Namjoon finally asks after the rush of relatives greeting you dies down. He turns you towards him, to face him directly with his hands on either of your shoulders. “You’re killing it.”
 You can’t help but smile. Namjoon’s family is all incredibly kind and funny. They welcome you into the family with ease and it chips away a little more each time at your heart.
 Because this is all fake. 
 One day, Namjoon really will have a girlfriend to bring to Christmas and to show off to his relatives and it won’t be you. You’ll be back at your apartment, watching shitty TV re-runs and binging on Chinese takeout, as you do every year. It’s a jab at your heart each time the bitter truth rears its ugly head.
 “Yeah,” you nod. “I’m great.”
 “Look!” Jungkook shouts. “They’re standing under the mistletoe!”
 Namjoon blushes a shade of red that likely matches a blush on your own cheeks. Sure enough, the green branches of the mistletoe taunt you from above. 
 You’ve never kissed Namjoon before. In all the skinship and closeness of the last week, you’ve still yet to close the gap to kissing the man. 
 “Oh, come on Kook, that’s a stupid tradition,” Namjoon murmurs awkwardly, rubbing at the back of his neck.
 Jungkook smirks as he steps up next to you.
 “Well, if you’re not going to do it, I’d be more than happy to take your place.”
 Jungkook wraps a loose arm around you and gives you a charming smile. He must be very popular with the ladies, you think. That’s a charming smile.
 “Hey!” Namjoon grabs for your hand and tugs you out of Jungkook’s predatory gaze. “She’s my girlfriend.”
 Namjoon looks at you for a moment, assessing your comfort level with everything about to take place. His lips look so inviting, so plush and warm. Now that you’re thinking about kissing him, you can’t help but focus on the way his lips pucker so gently and naturally.
 And then it happens. Namjoon lowers his face towards you and it feels as if the world is in slow-motion. It’s happening.
 The first press of his lips is soft and conservative. You take a split second to register, but instinctively you press against his lips with determination and wrap your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.
 He groans softly as you trail your tongue out to seek purchase in his mouth, and he opens for you without hesitation. His hands grip at your waist and bring your body flush against his. You can feel his cock twitching and rising from the kiss that’s gone from innocent and playful to passionate and deep. It feels like the world around you has stopped and the only thing that matters is Namjoon, his mouth, his body against your own. He tastes like hot chocolate and peppermint, and you want more, more.
 “Oh my god, stop,” Jungkook’s voice shatters your illusion of being all alone with Namjoon. “Now you’re just showing off.”
 Namjoon pulls away from you, eyes dazed as he tries to right himself. 
 “You two are just so perfect for each other,” Namjoon’s mother says, who’s suddenly appeared in Jungkook’s place. “Let me show you your bedroom.”
 “Oh, we’re sharing?” You ask without thought. It’s a large house, with ample bedrooms surely for you to have your own space.
 Namjoon nudges you in the ribs gently, eyes widening and mouthing a ‘what the fuck do you mean?’ 
 “Of course dear, don’t be silly,” his mother replies with an eyebrow waggle and a chuckle. “I remember when your father and I were dating. He would sneak into my room after my parents went to bed and keep me up all night long. Your grandfather would ask me if I had terrible dreams that night, because I looked so tired.”
 Namjoon makes a face. “Eomma, please,” he begs. “Please don’t talk about my parents like that.”
 As his mother guides you down a long hallway, your mind is whirring with too many thoughts of Namjoon, of sharing a bedroom with Namjoon, of seeing his sleeping face and waking up next to him. It’s all too much, too overwhelming. You pray there’s a couch in the room you could sleep on, because you’re far too weak and you’d rather fight the desperation in your body than face the fact that you want nothing more than to curl right into Namjoon’s strong arms and let him hold you all night to sleep.
 “Here we are!” 
 His mother opens the door with grace, and flicks on the light. The room is beautiful in its simplicity. A king sized bed, a fireplace, and a balcony with a view of the sprawling snowy scene outside. It’s cozy and warm and decorated with its own Christmas tree.
 “Wow,” is all you can muster.
 “Aish, Mom,” Namjoon sighs as he drops his bags. “You didn’t need to do all of this for us.”
 Mrs. Kim holds his hand in both of hers. “Well, I know how special this Christmas is going to be,” she winks. “I want you to enjoy your time here. Now, I’ll leave you two alone for a bit. Dinner is in an hour, so ‘freshen up’!”
Another wink, and Namjoon makes another face. She definitely wants grandchildren, that much is for certain.
 She closes the door behind her and you’re left standing in the room, overnight bag in hand.
 “This is—Wow, this is amazing.”
 You’ve never experienced Christmas like this—with decorations and warmth and family. It’s as if the love of the Kim family permeates the very walls of the expansive cabin, like it’s built into the foundation itself. For a moment, you allow yourself to soak it all in. This is all yours. It’s your Christmas and you finally understand why so many make such a fuss over it. The results are nothing short of remarkable.
 “Yeah, she really does the most,” Namjoon laughs. 
 He takes the bag from your hand without your notice and you step towards the balcony to peer into the night. The landscape looks as if everything has been covered in soft marshmallow. The snow is untouched—picture perfect.
 “I’ve never had anything like this before.”
 Namjoon settles your bag and his on the bed, watching as you soak in your own wonder. The smile on your face is not one he sees often, one of pure joy. Namjoon swallows hard as he realizes he wants to be the one to always put that smile on your face.
 “Not such a Scrooge after all, eh?”
 You turn from the still-life view outside and back to Namjoon, where he stands at the foot of the bed. He looks so different outside the office. He’s wearing skinny jeans and a flannel shirt, his puffy jacket hanging by the door. No cream suit, no slicked back hair or shoes shiny enough to see your reflection. Just simply Namjoon.
 He’s no longer the man who steals the limelight in the office. He’s no longer the man you see as your adversary or your rival.
 He’s the man who’s showing you the magic of Christmas, the spirit of love and kindness that embodies the season.
 He’s the man you’ve fallen in love with.
 And yet, he’s the man who will leave once this is over and return to his proper life, and you to yours. He’ll return to sleeping with models and movie starlets, and you’ll return to binge watching Great British Bake-Off with Jimin and a carton of Chicken Tikka Masala.
 And Christmas will never feel as special as it does now. 
 So, you’re determined to soak in it for a little longer. It’s going to hurt regardless, so why not push that hurt off until tomorrow and allow yourself to pretend you live the lie you’re spinning for Namjoon’s family?
 “I think I’ll just freshen up and change into my dinner outfit, then?” You ask out loud, grabbing for your overnight bag and heading towards the ensuite.
 Namjoon, who expected a witty retort, takes a moment to reply.
 “Oh,” he coughs. “Yeah, sure. I’ll err—, I’ll just get ready out here.”
 You quickly escape into the bathroom, closing the door and resting on it as you exhale a breath you didn’t realize you were holding.
 The tension in the bedroom with Namjoon was too thick, too powerful, especially after the kiss you just shared. His cock had been there, straining in his jeans as you licked into his mouth. The kiss felt so natural, as if you had always kissed Namjoon like that. Your heart beats loud and hard in your chest just from the thought of it.
 You really needed to get a handle over yourself. You still have dinner to get through, and an entire night in a bedroom with Namjoon. A bed with Namjoon.
 No, you won’t allow yourself to go that far. You can pretend you’re his girlfriend, but all thoughts of his delectable body doing scintillating things to yours is strictly off-limits. You shake all thoughts of a thick, heavy cock sliding into your mouth and warm hands spreading you open, and set about fixing your makeup and changing into the gorgeous cocktail dress you purchased for the occasion. It wasn’t often you got to get dressed up. The emerald green velvet dress clings to your body and highlights your curves. It’s a sexy dress, definitely, but also appropriate for a formal evening with your boyfriend’s parents.
 Well, your fake boyfriend. Right.
 After fixing your hair and buckling your heels, you take one last glimpse in the mirror for good luck and exit the room.
 Your breath is nearly knocked out of your lungs as you see Namjoon. 
You’ve seen him dressed up for court and for TV appearances millions of times, but you’ve never seen him like this.
 He wears a blood red button up without a tie, a few buttons open to emphasize the casual look, tucked into the tightest and sexiest slacks you’ve ever seen. They hug his thighs and sit at a spot on his waist that you just know is rippling with cut lines from his work in the gym. His hair is tucked back with a bit of hairspray, and he’s fixing the sleeves of his shirt when he sees you.
 His eyes widen and his hands fall to his sides as he soaks in your appearance.
 An absolute vision.
 He can see the gentle valley between your breasts and the way your dress pushes up your cleavage and displays your collar.  The dress follows the delicate curve of your waist and hips and ends at your knee, but teases him with a glimpse of thigh that has him wiping his mouth in case he’s drooling. 
 “You look incredible,” Namjoon murmurs as you step closer.
“So do you.”
 You swallow hard as he continues closer to you, breathing harshly as he stands right in front of you. You could reach out and unbuckle his expensive slacks and fist his cock right there. You’d fall on your knees for him, if he asked.
 There’s a moment of silence as Namjoon’s face inches closer and closer to your own, each unable to verbalize just how desperate either of you feel for the other.
 “Namjoon, I—,” you start. You want to tell him. You want to tell him everything—that you don’t want this to be fake, that you want this to be real, and you want to be his and his forever.
 You swallow hard, shaken by just how close his lips are to yours. He’s inches away and all you can focus on is the way his plush lips look and how well they fit against your own under the mistletoe.
 “I just—, I really um, I’m just very…” 
 You’re not making sense. Comprehension of language is quickly soaring out the window because the only words you know are ‘Please, for the love of God, kiss me and make me yours’, but you can’t bring yourself to speak them out loud.
 Namjoon’s hand cups your cheek, as if he can tell what you’re trying to say.
 “Yeah,” he breathes. The inches between you turn to centimeters, to bare millimeters. Your eyes flutter close as you feel his breath dance over your lips and your heart beats so loud you’re sure the entire household can hear it. He’s right there and moves in to close the distance—
 “Knock Knock!!”
 The forceful, cheery voice of cousin Jungkook forces both of you to jump away from each other as if you’ve touched a burning stove. Your head feels light, like you’ve forgotten to breathe for the last ten minutes and you’ve suddenly taken in too much air.
 The wooden door squeaks open and Jungkook pokes his head in, a shit-eating grin on his face.
 “Auntie sent me to get you. It’s dinnertime!”
 Namjoon rubs his face frustratedly. “Yes, thank you, Jungkook.”
 Jungkook doesn’t leave, however. He smiles at you and winks. 
“Would you like an escort to dinner, madame? You look tastier than the roast beef downstairs.”
 A blush creeps over your cheeks as Namjoon storms to the door where his cousin laughs.
 “That’s enough, Kook. We’ll be down in a minute.”
 He sends you one more grin, then retreats from the door and closes it behind him.
 “Sorry about that,” Namjoon apologizes. You’re not sure what he’s apologizing for—Jungkook, or the moment before.
 “It’s alright. Let’s go?”
 Namjoon nods and holds out his hand with a smile.
 “Let’s go, girlfriend.”
Tumblr media
  Dinner with the Kim family is as delightful as every other interaction with them has been. They’re polite and funny and ask questions about your life and your family.
 They ask how you met Namjoon (at work), what your favorite quality about him is (his smile and his ass), and what your first date together was (coffee at seven in the morning).
 You tell stories of Namjoon in the office, of your best friend Park Jimin who’s secretly trying to date the IT manager, of your parents and Christmases past.
 By the time dessert is served, Namjoon’s mother looks at you as if you’ve put the very stars in the sky.
 Namjoon doesn’t miss that look either. He can see the way his family is falling in love with you and somewhere deep in his stomach, he feels the guilt rising. All of this is a lie. Not only is he going to break his own heart, but every heart of his family member’s too. 
 “We’re all just so overjoyed that Namjoon has found someone to share his life with,” his mom speaks softly. It’s the first time she’s been thoughtful and quiet. She’s a woman who’s larger than life, you’ve found, so the softness in her tone strikes a chord. “You’re absolutely perfect for him. I’ve never seen him happier.”
 “Thank you,” you murmur sincerely to his mother. “I’ve never been happier.”
 Namjoon peers up from where he’s been pushing around his uncle’s famous chocolate cake on his plate to watch as you speak.
 “Truthfully, I never cared much for Christmas. I thought it was a rubbish holiday and spent it alone every year with a bottle of wine and some takeout. Namjoon really changed that for me,” you smile at the man and place your hand in his lap to hold his free hand. “He showed me more about Christmas in one week than I’ve felt in my entire life.”
 Namjoon’s mom wipes away an errant tear and he squeezes your hand under the table.
 “I guess the Grinch’s heart has grown 3 sizes, after all.”
 Namjoon’s joke lightens the soft mood, and suddenly there’s chatter around as the family members move about to wash dishes and clean up the mess of dinner. Everyone leaves the table except for you and Namjoon.
 “That was some good acting,” he whispers with a sad smile.
 “Right,” you whisper back, nibbling your lip anxiously. “Acting, of course.”
Tumblr media
  You should have thought through the bedroom sharing thing more.
 Because sharing a bedroom is one thing.
 And sharing a bed is another.
 And of course, the only pajamas you thought to bring tonight is a very sexy long shirt that says “no coffee, no talking” with a bedazzled pair of shushing lips. That’s it. Just a single shirt. Not even a pair of shorts or pajama pants.
 You slip into the bed first, as far onto one side of it as possible. It’s a king sized bed, and it still feels too intimate, too close.
 Namjoon exits the bathroom after his shower, rubbing at his wet hair with a towel. He’s shirtless, wearing only a pair of flannel pajamas, leaving his bare chest on display.
 Sweet lord in heaven, you nearly cry out loud. He’s absolutely ripped, pecs defined and droplets of water from his hair streaming down. You want to chase each drop with your tongue and circle back again. You shut your eyes tight and clench your teeth. Why, oh why, does he have to look so fucking sexy at a time like this?
 Namjoon sees you at the edge of the bed, shutting your eyes closed like you’re a shy schoolgirl afraid to see a naked man’s body. He feels guilty for making you be here. He knows you’ve likely got better things to do than spend time with a man you openly hate.
 “I’m sorry,” he apologizes for nothing in particular. 
 You ignore it. Instead, you’re trying to think of every un-sexy thing in the world you can possibly imagine. Taxes, a bunch of bees, old people, shark attacks.
 There’s absolutely nothing that can stop the image of Namjoon’s perfectly sculpted body from bursting into your mind. You’re nearly pleading with yourself to just go to sleep and contemplate how hard you’d need to hit your head to knock yourself out as fast as possible.
 “I’ll sleep on the floor,” he says as he grabs a small throw blanket from the closet and throws it to the ground by the fire.
 It snaps you from your musings of how best to forget how badly you want to suck Namjoon’s cock through his pajama pants.
 “What?” You sit up in the posh bed and finally make eye-contact. “Why? It’s freezing. There’s a literal snowstorm outside.” You motion to the window of the balcony. What was once a gentle snowfall is now a full-on winter storm.
 “There’s a fire. I’ll be fine, I sleep hot anyway.” Namjoon’s voice is low and without energy. He almost sounds sad.
 God, is being with you that hard for him? You know you’re just the artificial replacement until he has the real thing, but you’d actually hoped Namjoon had found it as comforting and warm as you had.
 “Namjoon,” you sigh. “This is a king-sized bed. You don’t need to be waking up with back pain because you gallantly slept on the floor.”
 To emphasize your point, you tug back the blankets on the other side, beckoning him to join.
 He hesitates for a moment, as if he’s weighing the pro’s and con’s and sliding into bed next to you in his mind, then stands and pads his way on the plush carpet towards the bed and slips in.
 There’s an entire football field of distance between you two in the bed, but it feels like he’s right beside you. You imagine sliding in right next to him, wrapping your arms around his taut chest and pressing soft kisses to his stomach.
 You squeeze your eyes closed again. Stop it, you horny slut.
 “Thank you, again.” Namjoon breaks the silence. “I really appreciate you helping me out.”
 “Yeah,” you swallow hard. “Of course. What else was I going to do? Jimin’s probably sucking Yoongi’s dick right now, so I’d be watching baking shows alone.”
 Namjoon laughs for a moment, then quiets.
 “You know, I don’t even really want that promotion at work.”
 You’re surprised by the sudden change in topic, but you turn over to face Namjoon.
“What?! Really?”
 Namjoon nods and stares at the ceiling. “I don’t think I’m that good of an attorney to get it, anyway.”
 His statement makes you sit up in bed again, staring at the man in disbelief.
 “Are you fucking kidding me, Namjoon? You’re the best lawyer in the firm.”
 Namjoon says nothing, just turns to stare at you curiously as you continue.
 “You’re like… literally better than Seokjin, too. The way you handled the Taehyung case was nothing short of historical. Like, that was an impossible case, and you nailed it. That was your ‘OJ’ case, you know?”
 Namjoon barks a laugh.
 “My what?”
 “Your OJ case!” You use your hands to emphasize the importance of what you’re saying. “Like, they’ll write about you and how impossible the odds were of winning that case. And you won it! Not even Seokjin could have won that case.”
 He’s silent again, watching as you speak directly from your heart with all the fire and passion you feel about the things you care about. It’s what makes you such an incredible lawyer, too.
 “Wow,” he breathes. “Thank you.”
 You settle back down from your excitement, suddenly bashful at how fanatical you became.  
 “You’re welcome,” you murmur. “You deserve that promotion. And the office.”
 Namjoon smirks.
 “And the Nespresso?”
 Your eyes narrow and send a glare to him he can see even with the faintest of light in the room.
 “No, no one deserves the Nespresso, except for me.”
 He chuckles and settles down into his pillows.
 “Goodnight,” he whispers.
 “Goodnight, Namjoon.”
 There’s a beat of silence and your eyes flutter shut easily. It’s quiet, and all you can hear is the crackle of the log in the fireplace and the wind blowing past the balcony windows as the storm outside rages.
 “Oh,” Namjoon whispers again. “And, Merry Christmas.”
 You can’t fight the smile that creeps onto your face.
 “Merry Christmas, Joonie.”
Tumblr media
  “Happy Christmas!” A voice bellows through your bedroom at approximately seven fifteen am.
 You groan, immediately grimacing and burying your face into your firm, warm pillow.
 “Nooooo,” you whine, trying to hide from the offending noise.
 Namjoon shakes awake, and notices Jungkook standing at the bedroom door once again.
“It’s time for presents!” He giddily explains. “And, they gave me the job of waking you two up.”
 “Of course,” Namjoon yawns.
 “You look a little wrapped up,” Jungkook smirks, eyeing your sleeping body. “I’ll give you two a minute. Don’t get distracted.”
 Namjoon rolls his eyes and watches as the door closes, before he turns his attention towards you.
 Somehow, in the middle of the night, you’ve scooched yourself to his side of the bed and draped your body around his. Your face is buried in his chest and your legs are haphazardly intertwined in his own.
 He bites his lip. His cock is rock solid, not just from his usual morning wood, but from the way he can feel your tits through your shirt, and from the sight of your pink panties. Namjoon wants to take them off with his teeth and bury his face in your delicious cunt, and his cock is nearly screaming at him to get on with it.
 “Hey,” he whispers to you, actively ignoring the demon that is his turgid length. “Wake up.”
 This causes you to cling harder to his chest, rubbing your sleepy face on him.
 “What is it with you and early mornings?” You ask, blearily raising your head to peer at him judgementally.
 Namjoon bites his lip, curious about your reaction to the tight embrace you’ve got on him. He doesn’t want to say anything, doesn’t want to break the spell. Frankly, he wants to push your sleep shirt up and stuff you full of his cum.
 “Merry Christmas?” He offers shyly.
 You take a full minute to recognize what’s happening.
 You’re no longer on your edge of the bed. You’re wrapped around the man like a koala, legs strewn over him without care and clinging to him like he’s a lifeline.
 “Oh!” You gasp as you jerk out of his grasp. 
 In your movement, your leg brushes over an obvious tent in Namjoon’s pants, making him groan softly. You shut your eyes, embarrassed at how disgustingly horny you are for the man who’s not even interested in you sexually.
 “Christ, I’m so sorry,” your cheeks flame bright red and you scoot further from him.
 “No, no, don’t be,” Namjoon wheezes as he tries to fix himself. “It’s fine. It’s more than fine. It’s great. It happens. Don’t worry.”
 He continues to stammer out reassurances as he leaves the bed and bolts into the bathroom to fix his unruly tented pants, leaving you sitting atop the bed washed with shame.
 “Fucking hell,” you whisper to yourself as you rub at your cheeks. “Get a grip of yourself.”
 Inside the bathroom, it only takes Namjoon a few fisted jerks of his cock and the mental image of you beneath him, begging for him, until he’s silently cumming on an expensive towel. He bites his free hand to stifle the moans he makes as his cock pulses.
 By the time he arrives back in the bedroom, you’ve changed into a hoodie and yoga leggings that accentuate your ass so delectably that Namjoon thinks about turning right back into the bathroom for a second round.
 “I’m sorry!” You nearly shout when he walks into the room. “About the bed. You were warm and I was cold. That’s all.”
 Nmajoon simply nods, doesn’t want to have to explain how he wishes he could wake up like that every day. Doesn’t want to describe in vivid detail how he’d wake you up with his tongue buried deep in your cunt.
 “Let me grab a shirt and we’ll head out, yeah?”
 Your eyes dance over the defined ridges of his body, a little crest-fallen at the idea that this might be the last time you see him shirtless, but you nod anyway.
Tumblr media
The ring box sits in a deceptively large box beneath the tree. Namjoon wrapped it last night and hide it at the very back. His heartbeat hammers in his ears as his family passes around gifts and opens each with squeals of delight.
 His mother gave him new ties for the office, ones that Namjoon prefers. She’s even gifted you with jewelry, which makes your eyes water at the sentiment.
 It all begins to be too much. It’s harder and harder to hold back the tears as each of Namjoon’s family members gives you gifts. It doesn’t matter the value, not at all. The fact that they specifically set out to include you in their gift-unwrapping makes your heart snap in two.
 This is all too much, it’s too real.
 It’s everything you never dreamed you could have. A loving partner who lets you sit in the space of his legs and rubs your arms soothingly. A family who goes out of their way to include you in the abundance of love and company. A cabin so warm and cozy.
 The tears don’t stop.
 It’s at the end of the gift exchange that you finally allow yourself to breathe. 
 “There’s one more,” Namjoon whispers as he moves from behind you and fetches a large box from behind the tree. “It’s for you, princess.”
 Curiously, and suspiciously, you eye him as he sets the enormous gift in your lap. You had done nearly all his Christmas shopping with him, and can’t remember a single thing he would have gotten for you.
 “I hope it’s the Nespresso from your office,” you snark with a smile. His family members all laugh and exchange knowing looks to each other.
 Namjoon doesn’t think he can breathe. He watches as you begin to carefully unwrap the large box, which reveals another box, slightly smaller. He can’t help but grin as you continue to unwrap the nesting-doll style gift until you’re down to the smallest one, the one that holds the ring box.
 With one last tear of paper, your eyes widen as you recognize the velvet box.
 “Oh--,” you breathe as you delicately pry open the gift.
 Inside sits a dazzling and gorgeous diamond ring. It catches the light from the fire and sparkles like a firecracker.
 “Oh my god,” you whimper as the tears flow again.
 He’s proposing.
 Namjoon settles himself onto one knee and tucks an errant piece of hair behind your ears.
 “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I knew from day one that you were always the girl I wanted to marry,”
 Namjoon’s speech sends daggers to your heart. He’s so convincing for something so counterfeit. 
 “I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember, much longer than we’ve been together. You’re who I want to come home to every night, and who I want to wake up with every morning.”
 It hurts. It hurts so badly that you’re crying even harder as he continues to speak. His family must think you’re simply overcome with emotion and love that the crying doesn’t give it away, but inside you’re absolutely dying.
 There’s no way you can recover from this.
 Tomorrow, Namjoon will take the ring back to where he got it from and return to what he had before. He’ll leave you behind, broken and hopelessly in love with a man who faked a relationship so well that you fell for it, hard.
 “____, will you marry me?”
 You take several large, gulping gasps to reply. You can’t shatter the illusion. Namjoon’s parents are weeping with joy, while his relatives record the moment on their phones and wipe away errant tears. Even Jungkook looks soft, proud of his cousin for taking the next step in his life.
 Oh, how you wish this were all real.
 “Yes,” you lie with a smile. “Yes, Namjoon, of course!”
 Namjoon grins and pulls you to standing, gathering you in his arms as he hugs you tight. His family cheers and hollers in the background, and you sob into his shoulder as you cling to him.
 He easily slides the diamond ring out of the box and onto your finger, where it sits and taunts you. The weight is heavy, and you whimper at the realization that this will never be for you. It will sit atop a pretty model’s finger sometime soon, when Namjoon resumes his regular life.
 “Oh, my darlings, I am so happy for you!” Namjoon’s mother appears and wraps you both in a hug, weeping and kissing cheeks. “We must discuss planning!”
 It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The tears and weeping turn to wracking sobs, which quiets the family as they watch you hold your face in your hands.
 “I’m sorry,” you apologize through your grief. “I—I just need a moment.”
 Without another word, you turn from the scene and bolt back towards the bedroom.
 It’s silent and Namjoon’s heart sinks. 
 This must be too much for you, too much for you to pretend to love him. He knew it was too much and he should have discussed it with you beforehand.
 “She’s just a little err--,” Namjoon tries. “Easily emotional. I’ll go check on her.”
 His family understands as Namjoon hurries towards the bedroom and gently opens the door.
 You’re sitting over your overnight bag, trying to shove any clothing into it you can, while you sob openly.
 “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I should have told you. I sort of... told my mom I’d be proposing to my girlfriend.”
 There’s pain in your eyes as you snap your head up to look at him. It nearly destroys him.
 “You should have warned me!” You gasp. “Namjoon, I can’t do this.”
 Namjoon lowers his head and shoves his hands into his pockets of his pajama pants.
 “I get it. I know you want to go back to your regular life. I can take you home now.”
 You’re silent for a moment, standing and moving towards the man.
 “Don’t you get it, Namjoon?”
 He raises his head to look at you curiously, brow knitted together with confusion.
 “I’m in love with you, you asshole!” You cry, pushing at his chest. “I can’t continue to pretend this is real anymore. I love you, I absolutely love you and I can’t go on watching you pretend you love me too. It’s too much for me to handle.”
 Namjoon’s world freezes in time as he watches you slide the ring off your finger. He grasps your hand to stop you, his eyes boring into your own.
 “I never had to pretend.”
 Before you can speak, Namjoon cups your cheek and pulls you in close, mouth sealing over your own in a desperate kiss.
 You don’t fight it, not at all. You sink into his grasp and kiss him back with fervor, with all the pent-up emotions you’ve held back all this time.
 “I’m in love with you,” he whispers as he pulls away from the kiss. “I meant every single word I said.”
 More tears stream down your cheeks, and Namjoon is quick to wipe them away with his thumb.
 “I know it’s maybe too soon for us to really be engaged, but I—I want that, with you,” he adds. “I want you to be my girlfriend… for real.”
 “Are you being serious right now?” You ask as your hands cling to Namjoon’s waist.
 He can’t help but to laugh, nodding in reassurance as he leans down to press his lips to yours in a tender kiss.
 “Never been more serious in my life.”
Tumblr media
 “I can’t believe you’re mine,” Joon murmurs into the nape of your neck.
 You were supposed to be driving home to your apartment now, back to real life, but the snowstorm raged on and Namjoon decided it might be best to spend yet another night in the cabin. Together. As a couple. A real couple.
 You didn’t put up much of a fight.
 He’s pressing soft kisses into your tender skin as he closes the door to the bedroom.
  “All mine, all mine.” He chants it like a mantra. 
 You’re trying to maneuver your way into the dark bedroom, only guided by the light from the fireplace. Namjoon stops you and pulls away from your neck, eyes soaking in every inch of you.
 “You have no idea what I’ve been dying to do to you,” he speaks after a moment of appreciating your beauty.
 “Hmm, I think I have some idea,” you say, a finger at Namjoon’s chest, directing him towards the bed. “I’ve been dying to suck your cock, Joon,” you whisper in his ear as he makes his way backwards. “Will you let me?”
 Namjoon nods in a daze as he sits on the edge of the bed and watches as you kneel. Your eyes are full of hope, full of lust. It makes his cock harden further.
 “Please do,” he breathes. “I’ve wondered what you’d look like with your mouth full of my dick.”
 You smile as you tug at his flannel pajama pants, pulling them down thick thighs and calves until they’re completely off. Your mouth waters at the sight before you. Namjoon’s cock is thick, head weeping with pre-cum and straining hard against his taut chest. He’s been working out more, you can tell. His arms are full and strong, and his chest is so firm and defined. 
 He’s an entire three-course meal.
 Before you move closer to his cock, Namjoon stops you.
 “Take your shirt off.”
 You comply easily, already settling well into an obedient role. He discards the shirt to the side and marvels at your breasts. He can’t wait to mark them up, suck them until you’re crying.
 “Perfect,” he sighs. “You’re fucking perfect.”
 He allows you to resume your work, eyeing the length of his cock before wrapping a hand around it and gently pumping.
 “Shit,” he breathes as his head falls back. “I’ve dreamt about how it’d feel having my cock in your hands.”
 “What else have you dreamed about?” You ask with a teasing smile, bringing your lips to the tip to paint tiny stripes. He tastes salty, somewhat earthy, and the pre-cum that’s gathered at the top gets swept up by your tongue. 
 Namjoon can’t believe how lucky he is. Can’t believe how incredible it feels to have you here, licking at his cock like a lollipop. He’s enchanted by the way your delicate tongue swirls around his head, testing and teasing.
 “You look so good, princess,” he whispers as he tucks stray hair behind your ears. 
 You’re encouraged by his sweet-talk and soon descend to take his cock fully in as far as you can go. You’re definitely out of practice, but you steel yourself up to take him completely to the back of your throat. Namjoon’s desperate moans and cursing only encourages you further.
 Soon enough, you’ve started a rhythm of bobbing your head and swirling your tongue and pumping your hand down his thick length. The noises leaving your mouth are sinful—slurping and sucking and whining around him. Namjoon’s got a hand on the back of your head, holding your hair in a makeshift ponytail and coaxing your bouncing head further down his cock.
 “Oh, shit, baby,” he grits through a tight jaw. “I’m gonna cum baby girl, fuuuuckkk—oh god, yes baby, just like that.”
 You slurp and swallow around his cock as much as you can, head bobbing at a frantic pace while you cast your eyes upwards to the man to watch him come apart. He meets your eye contact and loses it at the fire burning in your beautiful eyes.
 “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he gasps as his cock pulses. “Cumming, baby—ohhhh, shit, take it all, baby.”
 After slowing your pace completely, you sweetly moan around his length as his salty cum splatters on your tongue. Bringing Namjoon to climax with your mouth is already one of your favorite hobbies, and you’re desperate to do it again.
 When he’s completely spent in your mouth, you pop off carefully and present your tongue to your boyfriend, who smiles.
 “You gonna swallow my cum, baby girl?” He asks, cupping your cheek sweetly.
 You nod in reply, and he groans as he watches you close your mouth and visibly swallow his load.
 “Fuck, that was so hot. Fucking kiss me already,” he demands, pulling you up gently by the hand and pressing his mouth to yours. He doesn’t care if he can taste himself still lingering in your mouth. In fact, he thinks your mouth should always taste like him.
 Namjoon holds you close as he kisses you, tongue diving around and seeking purchase in your mouth. His hands are roaming your body, cupping your breasts and caressing your curves. He can’t get enough. He doesn’t think there will come a time in his life when he won’t love touching you.
 His hand smoothes over the satin of your panties and he smirks into the kiss as he feels how wet they are.
 “Oh my,” he tuts as he rubs at your clothed slit. “All this from sucking my cock, princess?”
 It’s too late to be ashamed of it. You simply nod and whimper as his thick fingers rub at your core. You’re dying to feel those fingers inside you, scissoring you open to prepare you for his massive cock.
 “P-please,” you gasp, needing more of him. “Please, Joon.”
 He lets out a breath of contentment, loving the way his name sounds in your breathy moans. In one quick swoop, he flings your panties off and onto the floor and slides down to his knees where you knelt moments before.
 “I want to see this pretty pussy up close,” he murmurs as he lays you out at the edge and spreads open your thighs as wide as he can. 
 You’re gorgeous, absolutely mouth-watering. He licks his lips as he watches your folds drip with arousal and takes a delicate finger to trace the slit gently.
 “Fuck,” you gasp as he swirls his finger around your sensitive clit. It’s been so long since someone else has made you orgasm, you’re sure you won’t last a second with the man of your sexual dreams face-first in your cunt.
 “This is my pussy now,” he states as he leans in close and licks a fat stripe from your hole to your clit. “I’m going to make you cum every fucking night, baby. Gonna claim this cunt as my own.”
 You’re trembling from his words and his actions as he soon buries his face into your pussy and eats as if he’s a man starved. His tongue swirls around your hole before swiping up to your clit, making your back arch and keen off the bed. His lips wrap around your throbbing clit and sucks gently, lewd noises echoing off the walls of the bedroom.
 “Namjoon!” You squeal as he slides two of his fingers inside you and slowly pumps. They’re thick and perfect, and they’re better than you could have ever dreamed.
 “Cum for me, baby,” he coaxes as he licks at your clit. “I know you want to.”
 He’s right. You’re desperate for it and the string inside your belly that tightens with each thrust of his solid fingers has it nearing a snapping point.
 Namjoon speeds up, adds a third finger and fucks into you like a man on a mission. He watches your face pinch in agonized delight and is hypnotized by the way your tits bounce with each thrust up. His cock is rock solid again, aching to bury itself deep inside your womb and coat you with his cum.
 “That’s it, baby girl,” he breathes as he watches your body quiver. “Cum on my fingers, let daddy see you fall apart.”
 He presses his lips to your clit one last time and sucks, and it sends you reeling over the edge into bliss. Namjoon moans as he feels your cunt convulse and squeeze his fingers as if they’re his cock, and he nearly whines at how good it’s going to feel when he’s balls deep inside of you.
 “Fuck!” You cry as your back lifts off the bed and your legs shake. “Oh, my god!”
 Namjoon kitten licks at your pussy as you come down, cleaning up the juices that coat his fingers. He doesn’t break eye contact with you as he does it, sucking up your essence like it’s an expensive wine he won’t waste a drop of.
 “You’re so fucking sexy,” he says as you try to catch your breath. “I can’t wait to fuck you in my office.”
 The smile on your face turns lustful as you spread your legs open once again and present yourself to him.
 “Why don’t we practice right now?”
 Namjoon grips the base of his cock and gives himself a few pumps as he stares at your gorgeous body—laid out and ready for him.
 “Merry Christmas to me,” he murmurs as he presses a kiss to your lips and lines himself up.
 In one swift motion, he slips inside your juicy channel and buries himself to the hilt. You’re so wet and warm and tight that Namjoon falters and groans out loud.
 “Holy shit,” he cries. “Sweetest fucking pussy I’ve ever felt in my life.”
 Namjoon filling you up to the brim is something you’ve only ever dreamt of, and now that it’s happening you feel intoxicated. He’s so thick inside you, stretching you past what you thought you could handle, and the burn is so sweet.
 “Fuck me, Joon,” you beg as he continues to still inside you. “Please, fuck me, daddy.”
 It’s the magic word for Namjoon and instantly he’s snapped back to feral, ready to claim you as his own. He grips your hips tightly as he pumps in and out of you, delighted by the squelching juicy sounds of your cunt as he takes you.
 “That’s right, baby girl, I’m your fucking daddy,” he grunts. “Take this fat cock for daddy.”
 Your legs quiver with each thrust and Namjoon sucks a nipple into his mouth, nibbling gently on the bud which makes your body thrum with electricity. He’s marking you, claiming you inside and out, you realize. You whine and keen for him to continue, and Namjoon growls as he doubles his pace. 
 He thrusts into you without abandon, desperately seeking his release that will have him spilling his cum anywhere he possibly can.
 “Mmm, look at my pretty princess,” he groans as he stares at your blissed-out face. “Taking daddy’s cock so good, being a perfect little slut.”
 His words make your eyes roll back into your head. You’d never had someone speak so nasty to you while being so kind and praise-worthy that you don’t think you can now ever live without it.
 “G-gonna cum, daddy!” you cry as you feel your body nearing the edge. “Please let me cum!”
 Namjoon gasps for air and drops a thumb to your clit to rub circles on the sensitive bundle.
 “Yes, baby girl, cum for daddy. Cum on my cock, princess.”
 Namjoon’s unrelenting pace and thumb handily stroking your clit brings you to the end, sending you screaming into orgasmic delight.
 Namjoon nearly weeps at how good your cunt feels convulsing around his cock, walls coaxing him and gripping him tight as if your pussy is begging for his own release. 
 “Cum inside me daddy, please,” you beg as you try to catch your breath. 
 Namjoon needs no more permission. He gasps as your channel tightens around him impossibly and sends him into his own release. He whimpers as his cock pulses with ferocity, loads of cum splattering your walls.
 He doesn’t pull out. Instead, he rests his sweaty forehead on yours as you both try to catch your breath.
 “Holy shit,” you gasp as you feel yourself returning to Earth.
 Namjoon laughs and presses a kiss to your lips, before nodding.
 “Yeah,” is all he can manage.
 After a few shuddering breaths, you wrap your arms around your boyfriend’s naked body and hold him close, as close as you can.
 “If this is what Christmas is all about, sign me up.”
 Namjoon buries his face into your neck and kisses you sweetly, before lifting and giving you a playful smile.
 “I guess all Scrooge needed was a good fuck. Dickens got that part all wrong.”
Tumblr media
Returning to work after the New Year was easier this year than it had ever been in your career.
 Namjoon was given the promotion. He told Seokjin he wanted to keep his corner office near you because he “likes the view”, and that he would give all his top cases to the best lawyer in the office—you.
 Jimin won’t stop screaming when he sees the diamond ring on your finger. You haven’t wanted to take it off since the moment you put it on. Maybe it’s not an engagement ring quite yet, maybe it’s just more of a promise. Either way, Jimin is ecstatic and confused as he shakes you down for answers.
 He walks with you to your desk, chattering away about his week with Yoongi, while you sip your convenience store coffee.
 “What the fuck?” Jimin asks as he notices something on your desk. “What is that?”
 As you round the corner, your eyes catch sight of a gleaming silver contraption on your desk, right next to your brand new computer.
 A Nespresso.
 A smile crosses your lips as you approach the expensive machine and notice a folded up card on top.
 Inside, the card is simple.
 “To the only girl in the world who deserves a Nespresso. Love, Namjoon.”
Tumblr media
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rootbeergoddess · 2 months ago
I swear I’m working on commissions but I watched the new What If? episode and I was talking to @ladyfluff​ about how Loki would dote on a tiny wife and how Thor would be jealous so I had to write this.
Tumblr media
“What do you think, Alfhild?” You asked your handmaiden.
You twirled, making the skirt of your yellow gown billow out. It was a flowy, semi-sheer dress with silver accents at the wrists and neck, and it even had a glittering cape attached to the back. Of course, it was the perfect regal outfit for a royal lady.
“You look gorgeous as always, your majesty,” She said.
“Thank you, dear, but I need to know if this is good enough for Thor’s party,” You said. “Maybe I should wear my pink dress instead.”
“I think you look quite fetching,” A voice said. “But I’d rather see that dress on the bedroom floor.”
You giggled and turned to look at your window. Sure enough, you saw your husband standing outside, a cocky grin on his face. You ran over to the window and stepped on the ledge, jumping into his opened palm. The king of the frost giants raised you to his cheek, and you gave him a small kiss.
“Hello, my love,” You said. “I thought you had a meeting.”
“I did,” Loki said. “It’s over, so now, I can spend some time with you before the party.”
“Speaking of which, what do you think?” You asked, motioning to the dress.
You did another twirl. Loki’s smile grew as she watched you, his love for you apparent. People thought the frost giants were hard, rude, unloving creatures that only cared for themselves. That was not true; you had never believed those rumors in the slightest. As a child on Asgard, you defended the giants when people tried to sully their name. They were your allies; how could people talk so callously about them?
Then, one day, the Chitauri invaded Asgard. People never knew how they managed to get past Heimdall, but they came, and it was terrible. You had been caught in the crossfires, and while trying to escape, you tripped. You fell, hitting your knee, and you felt pain. Two Chitauri soldiers loomed above you, ready to kill you when they turned into ice blocks. You were confused until you saw Loki standing behind them. He had come to aid in the battle. When he realized you couldn’t walk, he carried you to safety.
After that, you tried your hardest to sneak down to Jotun to revisit him, and you had to make your gratitude know. Lucky for you, Thor knew how to get to where the frost giants lived, and he officially introduced you to his friend. Loki was flirty right away, but you didn’t mind, and you returned his advances.
After a year of courting you, he announced to his people you were to be his queen. The giants were skeptical, but Loki would hear none of it. You were his tiny, little Asgardian wife, you were precious, and he would kill anyone who thought otherwise. It took a while, but the frost giants soon accepted you.
“Beautiful,” Loki said. “Stunning, gorgeous, positively breathtaking. Freya herself is jealous.”
“Oh, stop that,” You chuckled. “Is it good enough for Thor’s party? It’s not too regal, is it?”
“Too regal?” Loki scoffed. “Dearest, nothing is too regal for you. And no matter what you wear, you’ll always have my attention.”
“Goodness, where did you get that mouth of yours?” You asked.
“Just born with it, I suppose,” He said.
~*~ “How come I don’t have a tiny wife?” Thor asked.
The future king of Asgard had partaken in a bit too much mead, or at least that is what you thought. You were sitting on Loki’s shoulder, leaning against his cheek, when Thor asked his question.
“I beg your pardon?” Loki asked.
“How come you get to have an itty bitty wife, but I don’t?” Thor took another sip from his mug. “Look at her! She’s so petite, and she can fit in your hand!”
“That’s true, I do,” You said. “And Loki has such soft hands. He may be strong, but he’s also gentle.”
“Only with you, my pet,” Loki gave you a soft smile.
“Ugh, look at the two of them!” Thor groaned. “How is this fair? Someone find me a maiden that is small enough to fit in my palm!”
You giggled at Thor’s antics. It was odd how many people seemed jealous that Loki had a tiny wife. Granted, Loki often showed you off. He’d hold you in his hand, showing you to the people and commenting on how wonderful you were. When he first wed you, it was had been embarrassing but now you loved it. In fact, you enjoyed his praise. Loki was a prince, he could have chosen anyone, but he had chosen you. His love for you had never faded, it had only grown, and it continued to grow. It was also fun to see men glower at him, whispering about how they wished for a small spouse to carry around.
“I don’t think there is a store where you can purchase a tiny wife,” Hogun said.
“Perhaps there is,” Volstagg said. “And maybe we just don’t know about it!”
“Maybe it’s hidden!” Fandral added. “We could go and find it.”
“Yes, our next great adventure will be the search for the small wife store!” Thor said, taking a long swig of his mug. “ANOTHER!”
He threw it on the ground, and it burst into tiny pieces. Everyone at the table cheered, but you merely rolled your eyes.
“Not finding this conversation riveting, my dear,” Loki asked, nuzzling you.
“Well, it does remind me of one thing,” You said, smiling. “I choose the right prince to marry.”
“You flatter me, my love,” Loki said. “Thor is not your type, I take it?”
“No, I prefer my men blue,” You teased. “And I prefer my men to have more than two function brain cells. I adore Thor, but there are times where I worry for him, and it’s a wonder his mother hasn’t managed to strangle him.”
“Well, maybe if he could find his own small wife, he’ll ‘mellow out’ as he puts it,” Loki said. “For now, he’ll just have to settle for being jealous.”
“Who wouldn’t be jealous of the king of the frost giants,” You asked. “Only a fool wouldn’t be.”
Loki grinned and kissed you, making Thor gag.
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ghostinthelibrarywrites · 4 months ago
#65 for the ways to say i love you with words for whatever pairing your heart desires?
Here's some pre-relationship Geraskier!
65. “You didn’t deserve that… you deserve so much better.”
When Geralt reunites with Jaskier every spring, he’s used to the bard blowing into his life like a loud, colorful cyclone, always well-rested after a winter in Oxenfurt or holed up in some court. Jaskier is usually eager to tell Geralt about the new songs he’s written, the people he’s fallen into bed with, and the trouble he’s usually gotten into (normally connected to his bedmates) during their separation.
So he’s surprised when he walks into the inn on the border of Redania and Temeria where they meet every spring and finds Jaskier sitting at a table in the corner instead of making a spectacle of himself at the bar, quietly hunched over an ale. He doesn’t have the well-fed, rested look of someone who spent the winter in comfort. He’s thinner than the last time Geralt saw him, wearing a doublet that’s too light for this early in the spring. He’s grown a beard (which Geralt has to admit isn’t entirely unpleasant to look at.) What is unpleasant is the oddly deflated air to the bard.
But when Jaskier sees Geralt approaching, he smiles, though the expression doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “Oh, good, you’d made it! I’d heard a rumor of a late season snowstorm in Kaedwen.”
“Made it through before it got too bad.” Geralt studies Jaskier’s face. Is that why his friend looks so distressed, because he worried that Geralt would be stuck in Kaedwen?
“Excellent!” Jaskier says. “Well, sit down and have an ale. Stew’s not bad either.”
Geralt expects to hear all about Jaskier’s winter in excruciating detail, but the bard is surprisingly close-lipped as they catch up, seemingly more interested in hearing about Geralt’s time at Kaer Morhen. He doesn’t lose the tenseness around his eyes or the downturn of his lips, no matter how much he tries to smile and laugh.
Finally, Geralt can’t take it anymore. “What’s wrong with you?”
Jaskier arches an eyebrow at him. “Well, I suppose it depends on who you ask. You would say it’s an inability to keep out of trouble and a lack of accuracy in my songs. The Countess would say it’s my feckless attitude and lack of loyalty. My father—” Jaskier grimaces. “Well, he would probably say everything.”
The tone is light, but there’s a real pain there. “Did you spend the winter in Oxenfurt?” Geralt asks carefully.
“No.” Jaskier shakes his head. “I was going to, but I was called home.”
Geralt doesn’t say anything. He knows that Jaskier’s relationship with his family is tense, but knows few details. It’s one of the few things the bard is close-lipped about.
“My father gave me an ultimatum,” Jaskier says. “I was to give up my barding, put my lute away, settle down in Lettenhove, and marry the woman of his choosing. Naturally, I refused, and the bastard disowned me. He had his guards take all of my possessions, which he claimed had been purchased with his money, and threw me out. It was too late in the season for me to claim a position at Oxenfurt, so I wandered.”
Well, that explains the lost weight and the worn down appearance. “You didn’t deserve that,” he says, thinking of the long, cold winter his friend probably faced while Geralt was warm and content at Kaer Morhen.
Jaskier shrugs. “Think that’s a matter of opinion, my friend.”
“Hm.” Only then does Geralt notice the glaring absence at Jaskier’s side. “Where’s your lute, Jaskier?”
Jaskier doesn’t meet Geralt’s eyes. “My father took all my possessions, save for the clothes on my back.”
Geralt has to take a moment to absorb that. So the Earl de fucking Lettenhove not only kicked his son out in the dead of winter, but he confiscated his only means of making a living. He all but tried to kill Jaskier. “Your father’s coin didn’t buy the lute. Filavandrel gave it to you.”
“I tried telling him that, and he scolded me for telling fairy tales.” Jaskier shrugs, making another valiant attempt at a smile.
Geralt grits his teeth, trying not to think of how easily Jaskier could have starved or frozen to death on the road, or fallen prey to a desperate, hungry animal or bandit. “You deserve so much better.”
Jaskier’s false smile wobbles. “Thank you, Geralt. Perhaps if there’s one silver lining, it’s that I’ll never have to see him again.”
“You’ll have to see him at least one more time.” Geralt stands up, draining his ale.
Jaskier frowns up at him. “What?”
“Let’s go,” Geralt says. “We’re going to Lettenhove and we’re getting your fucking lute back.”
Edit 9/12/21: A follow-up fic can now be found here
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