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Happy Halloween From All Of Us Here At New York Hard Core Comics! Let’s
Have Some Frightening Fun Today! Haunted Tales Await You This Scary Saturday!
Unfortunately, There Cannot Be Trick Or Treating, OrThe Halloween Parade On Main/Cedar Street This Year So, Instead, The Community Is Going To Make A Socially Distant Candy / Comic Crawl - Drive Down To 112 Main Street, Right In Front Of The Shop For A Sweet Treat, Comic & A Scare 🎃 👻 💀📚 🍬 🎃!
We’ll Be In Front Of The Firehouse Between 3PM-6PM Giving Out Candy & Comics. So Decorate Your Transports & Submit A Photo Of Your Vehicles To:
PLEASE Remember To Stay Safe Today! Happy Halloween Everybody!

Please Wear A Mask & Stay Safe!
Respect Social Distancing!



#ThankYou #NYHC #NYHCCOMICS #NewYorkHardCoreComics #HorrificLee #DEBO #DeboDaPro #WearAMask #Mask #Halloween #HappyHalloween #TrickOrTreat #Candy #Spooky #Comics #Books #ComicBooks #SilverShamrock #Parade #Horror #SALE #Horror #LoHUD #DoItInDobbs #Fall #Autumn #October
🎃🤘 N×Y×H×C× 🤘🎃💯 (at NYHC COMICS)

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#happyhalloween 👻 can’t believe it’s #Halloween already… #2020 seems like it’s been a long year, but now we’re getting near the end of it… I feel bad for all the kids who don’t get to go #trickortreat 🎃because of #covid_19 #staysafe #havefun #iwantcandy #kidatheart #favoriteholiday #letsgetspooky #wearamask (at Hilton San Francisco Financial District)

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Voting is only the first step. Voting isn’t only the step. No matter what your age is voice out your RIGHT opinion. We need to be heard to make a change. Wear a mask and stay at your homes as much as possible. Don’t go to parties just because you miss your friends, you have the money, and you miss drinking. Do what is right. VOTE!!


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This isn’t usually something I post about but I’m sick to death of people not wearing their fucking masks so here you go:

If you say “my body my choice” to not wearing a mask then you’re a fucking idiot, especially if you don’t like it when women say that about abortions.

If a woman is to say “my body my choice” and have an abortion, that is completely fine because first of all it’s true, and that abortion is only affecting her body. Nobody else is affected by that choice.

But if someone is to say that and not wear a mask, that affects other people because what if you unknowingly have covid and pass it onto people, and they pass it onto people, and they pass it onto people. Wearing a mask isn’t to protect you, it’s to protect others and stop the spread.

Take it from someone who has lost someone due to covid, it’s not a light topic and it’s not to be fucked around with. Wear a mask to stop the spread, abide by whatever restrictions are in your area, and don’t be an asshole by not doing those things.

Wear your fucking mask.

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It’s a cold and rainy Sunday night, just after 10:30, and I’m walking my dog. I’ve just picked up a bite to eat because as usual, I’ve completely forgotten to feed myself all day and I suspect that this might be l contributing to my low spirits, as about 90% of our seretonin is supposed to come from the gut. 

“Hey,” I hear, and I glance to my left and see a mask-less twenty something year old kid approaching me. He asks me if I know of any good bars. 

I keep walking and reply, “I don’t know what you mean by good…good food? If you’re hungry, there’s a strip of gastropubs one avenue over, but they close at 11, so you should probably hurry.” 

And he says, “Naaah, I just want to drink and mingle and socialize with cool people.” I stop dead in my tracks and turn to look at him squarely in the eyes. 

I say, “So, let me get this straight. You’re trying to find a crowded bar…in this quiet family neighborhood…to fraternize…without a mask on…with a bunch of strangers…amid a pandemic…on an especially wet and chilly…Sunday night…in this shitty economy?” 

And, without even acknowledging the sarcasm oozing out of my every pore, he innocently nods, “Yeah.” 

Incredulously, I ask, “Are you not from around here?” (Have you been living under a rock, are you in a cult, were you born yesterday, did your momma drop you on your head one too many times…give me something, anything, please?)

He replies, “Oh, I live just about 20 blocks downtown over by Central Park. But you know that awesome bar *(McDoucheCentral on SeventyIdon’tgiveashit)* over by me? *(no I do not)* It closed because of the fucking economy.” 

Me: “Yes, that happens. Because of the pandemic…? All the bars are pretty much fucked. Everything is fucked. Do you not understand that?” 

Him: “But it was such a great bar. By the way am I freaking you out because I’m talking to you?”

I had been so truly thunderstruck and bemused by his unique combination of stupidity and loneliness, that it hadn’t even occurred to me to be freaked out. Caught off guard, I responded, “No, but have you considered Tinder or any of the other dating apps? It might be safer and easier. You should really call it a night and give those a go…I guarantee you that your plan isn’t going to come to fruition tonight anyway. And there are really all kinds on there- something for everyone.” 

He started to sway a little bit and roll his shoulders around in a strange manner that confused me. Then he stood up tall and I realized he was trying to adjust his posture and peacock a bit. We were about the same height. His eyes glazed over for a second and then came back into focus and landed on mine. “Well you seem cool,” he slurred. “Would you wanna get a drink?”

Nearly speechless, I replied, “Not…remotely.”

He shrugged, and said, “Shot in the dark.”

I muttered, “Swing and a miss.”

He griped, “Well, I give you a ‘D’ for tact.”

I smirked and retorted, “If it wasn’t clear, I don’t want your D,” and traipsed off with my very patient dog.  

I was about a block away when he finally figured it out and I heard a resounding “Ha!” echo in the rain and the wind. 

I’ve never felt much empathy for such reckless and utterly imbecilic behavior, but loneliness is a powerful thing, and I honestly felt a genuine compassion for him. To be feeling so isolated that he just began to drunkenly wander the rainy, abandoned streets of New York City in hopes of finding someone to talk to? 

Poor dumb sonofabitch.

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people are dumb

I don’t get why anyone doesn’t want to wear a mask, or thinks its “their right” to not wear a mask or something. If there’s a sign saying no smoking in this area, will you go and say “But it’s my right to smoke. Why are you denying me my right?” No. Because your allowed to smoke-just not there. Same with making right turns. If your not allowed to make a right turn on a street, is that denying you your right as a driver? No, because it’s for the safety of others. Same with wearing a mask.

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So SPOOKY! 🤣 🎃😂Hurry, INDO BOARD Fam! Get any INDO BOARD Barefoot combination at a very special 10% off for a limited time! Link in the bio.
And thank you for always wearing an effective mask when you can’t stay six feet apart in public. Thank you for being thoughtful, kind, and smart. Stay healthy and alive, fam.
#indoboard #homegym #coronavirus #wearamask #fallowthescience #kindnessistruestrength #kindnessistrueleadership #strongisbeautiful #balance #proprioceptionexercises #halloweensale #surfer #wakeboarder #fitness #fitnessprofessionals #sup #skateboard #snowboard #ski #lacrosse #golf #football #basketball #crosstraining #funfitness @indo_board

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