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Some people are complaining about how they ruin their outfit/look by wearing masks which is dumb crazy . This mask thing may seem wild to some, but fuck it, I made it suit my style. We got time to kill but let’s not endanger those who still got time to live. Stay safe 🤟🏼

P.S you don’t need your face to impress 🙃

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Are masks inconvenient? Maybe for some. (I kinda like wearing unicorns on my face and vote we push some more stylized fashion trends. Plague doctor mask with a real ventilator inside? Here I come.)

These masks aren’t to protect you; they protect others. Wearing a mask is an act of kindness and selflessness towards the people around you. It is not a political statement. So, next time you’re going to a public space, don your stylized unicorns and plague doctor masks and let’s spread the love of this health-conscious rave gear.

Photography and editing by @s_terra_photography

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