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The emotive “u n eye” singer curates a playlist full of songs he wished he had written.


Boy in Space (Robin Lundbäck) is one of the latest rising artists in 2020, with his infectious and R&B-infused pop tracks. And his addictive and emotive lyrics leaves you reaching for tissues. Grounded by authenticity, the artist continues to release majestic and magnetic music with his latest single “u n eye” combining the artists signature falsetto with a tropical house beat.

“I wrote ‘u n eye’  from the perspective of a friend who was in a relationship that they needed to get out of” explains Robin. “The writing is on the wall… it’s no longer the right time or the right place, and despite your best intentions, a lot of history, a lot of promises on the table… it’s best to just bite the bullet and let it be over.”

We asked the singer to curate us a playlist of the songs that he wished he’d written…

Matthew Wilder – “Break My Stride”

If you listen to this song there’s literally nothing that can break your stride and I think that’s very appropriate for the current situation were all in.

Bazzi – “Young & Alive”

This song really threw me back into my childhood and really great memories of me riding around on my bike going to the lake with my friends.

Scorpions – “Send Me An Angel”

Me and my friend have been doing a real throwback to old rock songs and this song is just such a classic masterpiece.

Lil Uzi Vert – “That Way”

The energy in this song is to die for and it doesn’t hurt that the original sample is amazing.

Joji – “Run”

Joji’s vocals and delivery is brilliant in this track. Also what a great balance between the guitar melody and vocals melody. Superb.

Lauv – “Modern Loneliness”

When I listen to this song I can’t help but to sing along and jam out to it.

The 1975 – “The Birthday Party”

When you listen to this track it feels like a movie from the get-go and it’s an amazing trip to go on.

The Kid LAROI, Lil’ Tecca – “Diva”

This is the only song that makes me want to go out clubbing… and trust me I hate clubbing.

Vargas & Lagola – “Hurts To Be Hurt”

Hurts to be hurt is just a masterpiece throughout and Vargas & Lagola never seem to disappoint me. They are Swedish and most people don’t know them… def recommend!

Regina Spektor – “Samson”

Samson takes me back and still manages to get me every time.

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