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Team ®AI(N) New Outfit Entry THING!

So you may remember two years ago that I did a thing where people could submit outfit ideas for both Team BRUT and Team NPIR. Seeing as I’m currently stumped for ideas for Akane and Irving’s arc 4 outfits, I thought I’d launch a new entry thing!

This is probably the biggest entry thing so far as these are two of the main characters, but I thought it’d be both fun to let people leave their mark on the comic and easier on me having to figure out the design process.

I’ve made some bases as part of this post for those who want to use them, but feel free to draw something from scratch if you want to! 

Once they’re done, submit them to my blog here - and those unfamiliar with the RAIN comic can read the most recent comic page here!

Under the cut I’ll give some more descriptions of what the characters tend to wear - feel free to apply or disregard whatever you wish, though:

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Hey there everybody. As you may or may not know, I’ve been taking longer to draw my stuff than before.  Such is the cost  of trying to do things at at least a level I can be okay with. Unfortunately, this week is thanksgiving, which means I will be a bit busy. Don’t worry, no big family gatherings - not trying to succumb to covidicus the 19th - but I won’t have the insane amount of freetime that I did the prior weeks. Rest assured, your regular scheduled webcomic will be reconvening next week, and when I have a little extra time, I will be working on it still. So, watch out for some tasty double features in the future.

With that said, thank you very much for your patience

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