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#webby pointing to the asteroid
astrodances · a month ago
So do you have other planets in your au so fare the only one you put up (that I know of anyway) is Canard and that colony that boyd and Borg attacked new Tokyo
Tumblr media
DuckTales - Star Trek AU Map of the Galaxy
The following three images are the same hand-drawn overview of the Milky Way Galaxy that I did (which was really fun to draw!), with the first being the drawing itself, the second being a quadrant map, and the third being a details map, followed by a list of the corresponding points on the map, and then by some categories of locations that didn't make it onto the map for one reason or another (followed by some ending notes!).
The map + lists highlight most, if not all locations I've mentioned in previous answers (here's the AU tag), plus some other important locations that I haven't mentioned yet (some from Trek, some of my own design ;)). For everything else (especially the "Regions of Space"), it should be safe to assume that it's the same/AU version (or just doesn't exist/isn't mentioned in the AU) of the Star Trek maps, unless I say otherwise.
For this map/lists, I referred to NASA illustrations + data and Star Trek maps + info, especially the game map for Star Trek Online. That said, please note that the map and locations are definitely not to scale in terms of galactic distances between each point, but it should still provide a good general idea of where places are in relation to each other.
(Lists are under the cut after the images!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Locations + Corresponding Points on Map:
Sector 001 - Sol system (Earth + Moon), AU Vulcan system - Earth: Klondike + White Agony Creek cabin, Dawson City, Starfleet Academy, Castle McDuck
Canard sector - Canard system (Canard), Deep Space 87 (DS87), Canardian wormhole* to Gamma Quadrant - DS87: Goldie's/Louie's Bar, Vic's Lounge, USS Thunderquack * The wormhole also serves as the "natural route" to the mirror universe, under the right conditions.
Canardian wormhole - Gamma Quadrant terminus
AU Cardassia sector - AU Cardassia system (AU Cardassia), Badlands
Risa sector - Risa
Sigma Iotia system (Sigma Iotia II)
AU Farius Prime, an Orion Syndicate planet
AU Ferenginar
New Tokyolk colony planet
Memory Alpha
Omicron Aquarioon III, an aquatic world **
Fiendish Nebula (F.O.W.L.'s homeworld) **
Lucy's Prize - option area 1 **
Lucy's Prize - option area 2 **
Regions of Space:
Federation space (primarily Alpha and Beta Quadrant)
Moonlander space
AU Cardassia space (Alpha Quadrant)
F.O.W.L. space (originally in Gamma Quadrant, extended to Alpha)
AU Klingon space
Neutral Zone(s)
AU Romulan space?
AU Borg space?
Extra-dimensional + Unknown/Unspecified + Classified Locations:
Shadow Q Continuum
Mirror universe
Areas of galaxy supernaturally explored by Magica and Goldie (primarily in the Gamma Quadrant)
Della's last known location (presumably "lost in an ion storm out in the middle of space"; possibilities for actual reason include (but aren't limited to): finding the Canardian wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant before its official discovery, or getting lost in the Badlands and pulled to the Delta Quadrant (à la Voyager))
Della's possible whereabouts (possibilities: Gamma or Delta Quadrant; an unexplored world that belongs to the Moonlanders)
Della's return blue signal location
AU Vagra II (Phantom Blot's possible origin planet)
AU Camor V (possible Dickie Duck storyline planet)
AU equivalent of Internment Camp 371 (for possible storyline where Webby is kidnapped and imprisoned, and replaced by changelings aboard the Klondike)
various asteroids for mining and aquatic worlds
location for the AU equivalent of the Mount Vesuvius battle
Beagle Boys' space junkyard
Known Ships of the AU:
USS Klondike, Federation starship, Starfleet flagship
Klondike shuttlecraft, including the Selene shuttle (other shuttles all named after Greek deities, except Zeus)
USS Thunderquack, DS87's starship
space version of Iron Vulture
Space Duck, a cargo freighter ship
Beagle Boys' scavenger ships
USS Southern Cross
space mining ships
Goldie's various ships
cetacean science vessel-classification starship
Some random end notes:
** About those last 4 (technically 3) points on the map - these are cosmic objects specifically of my own design! :D Omicron Aquarioon III is an aquatic world that Fethry and Mitzy would definitely visit with their cetacean vessel + crew, but also...Aquarioon! A little nod to Huey's favorite water spectacle from "The House of the Lucky Gander!" The Fiendish Nebula (F.O.W.L.'s homeworld) is very special to me, and I'll explain why in a post I'll make after this one (it'll be my art of the nebula, and another artwork of a constellation - it originally wasn't meant for this AU, so that's why I'll keep it separate from this, but I'll use the AU's tag, so they'll still be close together). But I am very excited to share them. :) (And I hope to draw some art of my other two space creations here eventually, though it might be a while.) Lucy's Prize is very much a secret, so much so that I'm not probably not going to reveal much about it until I draw it and/or write the corresponding storyline for it. But I will give some teasing hints about it (and guesses are certainly welcome ;P): - Its possible locations being near the galactic center have to do with the region of older stars there. - I based it on a very, very cool bit of science I read on an old NASA site, and even without the AU, I would still want to draw/imagine it. It's just that cool. - Besides a certain group of the main cast of the AU, I'll say that specifically my AU version of the Iotians would be interested in it, if they know about it. - I named it "Lucy's Prize" mainly to honor Lucille Ball, the godmother of Star Trek (and I grew up watching I Love Lucy), but there's also an indirect connection to NASA's Lucy mission that recently launched to the Trojan asteroids. If you can find that connection, you'll have a major hint for what the Prize is. - It's just gonna be such a cool, legendary, almost mythical concept in the AU, with an equally-daring and epic adventure needed to get to it. I'm so excited! :D
About Goldie and Louie's bar name - I miiiight have mentioned this in some tag or note before (or just thought of it, but never wrote it down), but ok. I know I mentioned in the first post about their bar that Louie will pull out a sign with his own name and charge double whenever Goldie's away, but otherwise, the bar is just called Goldie's. Well, this works for a while, but after that, Louie starts wanting a little more recognition in their partnership and business, and things might escalate between them for a bit. (This might happen during/after the whole Morn death thing, especially if the will is in Goldie's name.) But then after some specific "episode" where they come to a new understanding (and/or after they use all that "useless gold"), maybe they change their bar's name to "The GOLD Bar" - The Goldie O'Gilt Louie Duck Bar, where their initials form the acronym! :D
About AU Camor V (possible Dickie Duck storyline planet) - on Memory Alpha, they say this about Trek's Camor V: "The planet was badly affected in the Cardassian Wars with a large number of the adult population killed in the war, leaving many orphans behind." I know I said in the answer about Dickie that Goldie and/or Scrooge would be tricked into thinking they're related to her, but what if in reality she's one of these orphans? (She'd be more grown-up when they meet her, but still.) I still need to rewatch that episode, but this is food for thought.
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inevitable-anna · a year ago
‘Black Friday’
I’m about to go and watch it! Wish me luck! :D
And I’ve decided that while I’m watching the show, I’m gonna edit this post with my thoughts and reactions because I think it will be funny and I like to theorise while I watch things.
Major spoilers below!
so the opening tickle me wiggly song is giving me ‘The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals’ (song) vibes? So are they pulling a ‘TGWDLM’ where everyone is going to get wigglied at the end? Because I don’t think I can handle that again...
Wait!? This is an alternative universe? Like where the asteroid never happened and it’s wiggly who’ll be converting everyone instead?
Oh Emma! I love you, please never change (or die on me again?)...
5:53 DYLAN!
Emma’s doing Paul’s “Okay... okay... okay” thing!
Loving the songs so far, I’m at Tim’s song. But I remembered someone saying that Lauren plays the villain in this musical but she’s also playing Emma... so she’s dual-casted but I have the feeling that either Emma’s gonna die, or Emma will become the villain... but that doesn’t really make sense since I know her other characters name, I just can’t remember it... whoops?
Okay, I like Lex. OH! She just stole a wiggly!
17:55 well... that wasn’t ominous at all, random delivery dude played by Joey.
“Don’t you fucking laugh” how does Robert face that without cracking up?
“Cross my heart, hope to die” yeah I get the feeling that that’s gonna happen, Ethan.
Is anyone else noticing that they’re bringing back things from ‘TGWDLM’ like the “okay... okay... okay” line and Ethan just did the thing that the smoke club girl does. it’s probably just references but I feel like they might be important?... This is probably me just overanalysing stuff.
Tumblr media
^ Me right now...
Hannah doing the smoke club thing is hilarious!
Oh! Here’s Lauren’s second character, the villain... Linda? I wanna say Linda?
Yay! it was Linda but bad news everyone...
Linda’s a fucking Karen!
Although we’ve met Becky now so that’s cool.
32:57 is it just me or does Joey’s character in the back look like the homeless guy from ‘TGWDLM’ just without the mustache?
42:00 uh oh... it’s starting...
43:32 Jeff yelling “Chaos reigns” is a whole-ass mood
I feel like Hannah is connected with the wigglys somehow? Like I feel like she’s gonna be really important later?
The actress playing Hannah is really good.
OH SHIT! Leave Ethan alone! Oh shit, that looks bad!
Wait! No! Don’t hurt Becky! Thank god for Tom!
The lawyer doesn’t even try to fight Tom! Tom just grunts at him and he runs away squealing.
Wait... did they... did they just kill Ethan? No! Oh my god! His last words were “Lex. I’m gonna get you to California, Lex. Then you don’t gotta cry so much no more”... 🥺 I was just joking earlier...
FUCK! TOM JUST GOT STABBED! by the guy...! Wait! Is that the guy who tips Emma at Beanies in ‘TGWDLM’ and then gets mad when she won’t sing?
Oh shit! Creepy delivery guy is back and making plans with Linda.
So now the president and 3 other people are fighting over a wiggly and they’re screaming but I just heard the president yell “I’ll bite your nipple!”! XD
My current theory on Wiggly is a form of alien mind control? Maybe Hannah is connected because of ‘Webby’. ‘Webby’ could possibly be a telepathic web between the Wigglys and Hannah is somehow keyed into it so she’s hearing the Wigglys talk to each other via the telepathic web?
General McNamara just started singing and in the song he said ‘sometimes you gotta step into the black and white” and “black and white” is what Hannah keeps saying!
Onto Act 2 now, boys, gals and non-binary pals!
Okay? I take it, we’re watching the ‘Santa goes to high school’ film that Ethan was trying to take Hannah too. Yep, Robert’s jacket has ‘Kringle’ on the back.
Lauren and Joey dressed as elves is brilliant XD
Yay! Tom’s alive! “What the fuck am I watching?” XD
Okay, the actress playing Becky is amazing! I’ve got chills listening to her talk about ‘that night’ and Stanley fucking deserved it, he was an abusive asshole!
Becky and Tom’s song is amazing... but after ‘TGWDLM’ I’m trying not to get my hopes up and a part of me is just waiting for one of them to die...
The way Jaime just goes “Santa!” Is fricking hilarious!
Haha Tom and Becky are having some fun and Tom just pops up and goes “This is the best movie ever!” XD
1:19:15 I love how you can hear “America’s Great Again” in the background as General McNamara enters P.E.I.P headquarters with the president.
Wait? General McNamara said that there’s psychic energy they call ‘the black and white’ so Hannah is connected somehow! Because that’s what she keeps saying! I think she’s connected to a telepathic/psychic web between the Wigglys or from the Wigglys dimension that she’s tuned into somehow!
General McNamara said they’ve known about the other dimension for 13 years... how old is Hannah, she looks to be around 13 maybe 14/15 at most?...
General McNamara’s mentor, Wilbur Cross, went through a portal connected to ‘the black and white’ and came out a “raving lunatic” and he pleged himself to the forces within...
I think ‘creepy delivery guy’ is Wilbur Cross!
Uh oh, Lex and Frank(?) have been caught by ‘the cult of Wiggly’. Actually Lex makes a point, where is Hannah? Did she go to the playground tunnel like Ethan to told her too?
1:24:00 let me guess ‘the prophet, the mother, mommy!’ is fucking Linda...
Yep, it’s fucking Linda and she’s getting what she wanted. To be worshipped.
Oh shit! They’re going after Hannah!
Lauren’s villian song! Lauren’s villian song! Holy shit! That was awesome!
But what happening with Emma, Paul and Tim? Are they alright? I’m still confused about how Emma and Paul are alive? Unless this is an alternative dimension where Wiggly invades instead of the meteor.
If anything happens to Hannah I will fucking riot!
Ethan?!? Oh wait, this is gonna be a vision or something.
I just wanna give Hannah a hug!
At this point, I’m seriously asking myself if Webby is actually a real spider from space because this is StarKid and they had a walking, talking lobster called Corn-Wallis!
Okay, I really don’t like the way Tom and Becky are talking to Hannah. They’re probably under the influence of Wiggly...
Yep, Tom and Becky have been Wigglied and now they wanna drug Hannah! (Where the hell did Becky even get that syringe and sedative?)
Hannah please run! Just run away! Drop the doll and go! Becky and Tom’s song is so creepy!
Okay... where did Becky go to nursing achool because she just stabbed herself with the syringe full of sedative... unless she managed to momentarily managed to brreak from Wigglys control for a split second and did it on purpose?...
The president has gone into the black and white!
Is the voice in ‘the black and white’ that Xander(?) the guy from P.E.I.P? Because he’s bben the only person to call the president ‘Howie’? (Okay, it’s not)
I knew ‘creepy delivery guy’ had some part in this! I bet he’s the Uncle Wiley(?) guy who made the Wiggly dolls!
OH, THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME! Using the tinsel on the upper bannister of the stage as Wiggly’s mouth and huge lights as his eyes! That’s a fucking awesome idea! They included set designs to make a character! That is wicked! One thing I love about StarKid is always their set design, it always seems so simple but it’s so immersive!
Oh shit! They’re gonna kill the president! Uh oh, this doesn’t loo-YES! GENERAL MCNAMARA IS HERE TO KICK WIGGLYS ARSE!
1:42:55 to 1:42:57 It’s an instrumental of the “Look what happens, nightmare time!” riff from ‘Not Your Seed’! That’s such an awesome detail!
I still think this is an alternate universe! If General McNamara dies in ‘the black and white’ how is he in ‘TGWDLM’ unless he travels through ‘the black and white’ to the universe where ‘TGWDLM’ takes place!
Oh shit! Wiggly started WW3
NO! DON’T YOU DARE! DON’T YOU DARE KILL LEX! But the song she’s singing is only 3 lines in and I love it already... just please don’t kill her!
That song was so beautiful... and I’m crying... Lex is dead.
Kick Sherman’s fucking arse Lex!
Yes! “I’m authorising you to use my firearm!” Yes! General McNamara! Yes!
I feel like they are getting our hopes up so that they can pull another ‘Inevitable’ on us...
That fucking eagle screech as General McNamara looks dramatically into the distance is everything!
The speech Lex gives while trying to talk to Tom is sad. But I really hope that Tom just rips that Wigglys head off!
Yes! He dropped the wiggly doll!
“Shall we clear these boxes first?” “Fuck yeah!” Is the new “should we take these chairs?” “I’ll get the piano!”
Charlotte’s now wearing the hat... she really could have used it during ‘TGWDLM’
Yes! Lex and Tom here to save the day... hopefully... I still feel like they’re gonna pull another ‘Inevitable’ on us.
Linda’s screeching 😂
Oh crap! Linda has the wiggly. This is not good!
I’m at 2:06:06 and there’s not a lot left to watch!!! Ahhhh!
I’m loving all the Christmas song tunes they’ve worked into the songs since this is set near Christmas time.
Becky is awake and she has the gun!
“Look at you, you’re paralysed with fear.” “No. I’m just lining up my shot” fucking Becky is badass
Lex, Hannah, Tom and Becky are alive and the malls burning down... but there are still a few minutes to go and I’m just waiting for ‘Inevitable’ take 2.
Plus I’m hoping that they’ll resolve Webby?
Emma and Paul are back! Still waiting for ‘Inevitable’ take 2 though.
Emma: “I have this kooky reclusive biology professor” audience: “screams”
Paul: “I don’t even know what time it is. What am I supposed to do without my iphone?” Hannah: “Wear a watch.” Audience: “screams again”
Hannah is singing... she has a lovely voice but still hoping this doesn’t turn out as ‘Inevitable’ take 2 (O.o)
Wait, isn’t the song that Hannah’s singing the one used in the ‘Black Friday’ announcement trailer?!
I’m worried, everyone has joined in and are singing and dancing!
2:14:47 Charlotte is on the backstairs again and Ted is in the center in the back!
2:14:57 There’s Bill!
2:15:19 It’s Mr Davidson!
They all huddle in the middle, and look at Tom’s watch and then count down till midnight. Hannah sings “What if tomorrow” and then they all look up and there’s this whooshing noise over heard, the screen goes dark AND IT ENDS!
That was my reaction to ‘Black Friday’. I really liked it. The set design, choreography, costumes, everything was great. I love it. I think my favourite song is the one Lex sings as she’s attacked by Sherman, I thought it was really beautiful. My favourite characters were probably Lex, Hannah and Ethan (R.I.P).
What did you all think?
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cotton-tails · 2 years ago
Follow on from this post. Completely unedited, let me know what you think:
Scrooge wasn’t wrong about one thing, the kids are super excited to have Donald come along. Turns out Webby had been regaling the triplets with stories she had dug up of his adventure days, and to make matters worse, Scrooge had come along and encouraged the madness.
The moment he reaches the bottom of the stairs in the main entrance hall, Huey tackles him, jabbering on about something or other and- ah, the La Mère qui Crie, the banshee incident. Scrooge loved telling that story. Donald’s hearing was funny for a full year after that one. Dewey is next, hiding from Webby behind his legs. The girl simply goes for an easier target; Louie. The green clad duckling whimpers as she turns her attentions to him, and moments later Donald finds himself with an armful of terrified Louie.  
“Please don’t let her eat me!”
Donald snorts at their antics, letting Louie climb up on his shoulders and picking up the other two with one under each arm. He tries not to grunt with the effort; it definitely won’t be long until he won’t be able to pick them up at all and heck if that isn’t a depressing thought. He shakes it off and turns to face Webby with a mock-glare. She has always been a force to be reckoned with, and they’ll need all their strength and teamwork to win.
“If you want them, you’ll have to go through me,” he growls, biting back a grin. Webby giggles, then lets out a shrill war-cry and charges.
Scrooge comes downstairs some twenty minutes later to absolute carnage in the hall, including two overturned sofas, Nerf darts covering every available surface and a candelabra hanging from the chandelier. Donald is holding back an over-eager Webby with one hand, while Louie cheers him on from his position atop his shoulders. Dewey is climbing on top of an overturned sofa and is preparing to jump-tackle Webby. Scrooge can’t help but be just a little impressed when, without even glancing up, Donald catches the duckling mid-leap with one arm and sweeps him away before anyone can get hurt.
“I thought I told yer to make sure the kids were ready to go,” The older duck says, announcing his presence. All five trouble-makers froze, glancing at each other then up at Scrooge.
“Uh…we are ready?” Donald attempts, trying his best to look innocent.
“Are you now?” Scrooge says with a raised eyebrow. “I think you and I have very different ideas of ready m’boy.” He sighs, a smile finding its way to his face. “I expect this room straightened out and you five by the plane in ten minutes, you understand?”
“Yessir!” comes the chorused response.
They do it in eight and a half.
Within minutes they’re in the air and hurtling across the Atlantic. The kids are happily pouring over blurry images, debating over what the object that fell to earth could be.
“It’s aliens guys, it has to be,” Webby says, trying not to bounce in her excitement. “Think what we could learn from them, the technology, the languages, the cultures!”
Huey is a little more sceptical. “There’s no solid proof that aliens actually exist,” he says, “I mean, statistically, the chances of us being the only living creatures in the universe is slim to none, but-”
“Aw c’mon!” Dewey interrupts, “it’s an adventure! We’re going to discover something new, get in the spirit!”
“Or we’re going to find a big space rock,” Louie drones, barely looking up from his phone. “Chances are it’s an asteroid or something.”
“Nah,” Webby says, holding up one of the pictures. It’s in no way clear, nothing more than a fuzzy image of something burning through the atmosphere. “The shape’s too….”
“Space-ship…y?” Dewey says, leaning over shoulder. “I mean, I guess rocks can be any shape, but that’s a little too…. Y’know.”
The debate rages on.  
Meanwhile Donald finds Scrooge, who is, for once, not winding up the kids into even more of an excited frenzy. He’s sitting quietly in a corner, studying another copy of the image the kids were examining.
“You really think it’s aliens?” Donald asks, keeping his voice down. He sits next to Scrooge, glancing at the image.
“I don’t know what it is,” Scrooge admits, putting the picture down with a sigh. “The picture’s not clear enough, the only way to find out is by going to see for ourselves.”
“And if it is aliens?”
“Then we’ll be the first the make contact and learn some amazing things.”
“And if it’s just a space rock?”
“Then it’s just a rock, but it’s a rock from the depths of space and probably worth millions.”
Donald rolls his eyes and allows himself a small smile. “Of course,” he mutters.
The rest of the flight is surprisingly subdued, and at some point, Donald is able to doze off. He wakes some hours later with an armful of a snoozing Louie and Huey, with Dewey and Webby curled up on either side. Scrooge is sat on the other side of the aircraft looking down at a camera with a smug smile.
“Yes,” The older bird says without looking up, “it’s an adorable picture and I will be framing it.”
Donald just pouts, knowing there’s very little he can do or say without waking the kids.  
“We’re almost there,” Scrooge says, pushing himself up with an exaggerated grunt, “you might as well get them up.”
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