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LYB223: Hospital tour!

[Image: Little Yellow Bird stands in the hospital atrium, which is decorated with snowy trees and a chandelier in front of tall windows. Below are highlights of some of the hospital’s most attractive features, including jacuzzi tubs, pullout beds, and Birds and Blooms magazines.

Text: Little Yellow Bird visited the hospital where Baby Bird would hatch.]

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Hi again everyone!

The Kickstarter campaign… well… it died peacefully, at least. But after crying in the shower for four months, we’ve decided to move forward and release the black-and-white versions of Issues 2 and 3 for free. We’ll ask you for money again later, don’t worry, but for now, no strings attached.

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Funny Fox Comic: Chapter 1
pg 7-8

The final pages of the original chapter, in hindsight this story is a bit more serious and thats what i rolled with going onward but now i think ima go with the *funny* foxes with just silly stories or stuff like wartime foxes where its just random dumb things that are just amusing and fun to watch. idk

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