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i’m tired of all this jace x vasco and jace x mary slander jace and johan obviously like each other @xxchihayaxx back me up pls y’all know i’m right. i’ve already made a post like this before but ima say it again. jace x johan. it’s so cute. there is not a better ship in this fandom

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So, I started reading the webtoon “Weak Hero” yesterday and now I can’t stop crying. This is it, this is the post. I just can’t freaking stop crying. This is one of the most painful and, sadly, REALISTIC background stories I’ve ever seen and read. My heart is broken and this webtoon is amazing for talking about such things as bullying as what it is, ONE OF THE MOST IDIOTIC AND CRUEL THINGS A PERSON COULD DO.

PS. this webtoon has a lot of violence on it so beware of that if you’re sensitive to it.

PPS. I think readers of AFTG/TFC would really like this webtoon so I’m tagging that too. The main character really reminds me of Neil.

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Sorry… quick question:

Why are some of you fan casting British actors for the voice of some of the older greek gods in Lore Olympus?

I mean I understand why you would want them to have a mature sounding accent… but… British?

Shouldn’t they have… oh… I don’t know… possibly… Greek accents?

Obviously Greek accents aren’t the same as the accents the ancient greeks had, but they’re the closest we have.

Do we really want to pull a Disney here guys? (Referring to Hercules)

Or even worse… the Percy Jackson movies?

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I finished the beginning after the end, and… holy fucking shit, it’s awesome as fuck.

i don’t know why I didn’t read it earlier 😭😭😭😭😭 the story, the art…everything is perfect and I can’t wait for the next chapters. imma read the novels.

btw I think my favs characters are Tess and Elijah (besides Mc)

oh and I like the way the author wrote women till now, I want to see how Tess character develops in the future (I’m sure she’s going to kick ass) .

and yeah I freaking love “The Beginning After The End”

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