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white boy
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I feel like I’m at the stage where I need to start advertising this more but I have a webcomic!!!
it’s about cetacean sapience - the idea that dolphins and whales have the capacity for conscious thought and language. the link above goes to Webtoons, but you can also read it on Tumblr and on DeviantArt!
Tumblr media
(3D model and animation by The7thSea)
ps: reblogs appreciated to spread the word!! 🐬💙
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ferdbird · a day ago
ch 368-371 of orv be like
full video: badly explaining all of orv in 6 minutes https://youtu.be/pfex3Gw050A
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(Screenshots: Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe, chapters 177 and 195)
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asexual pride tori icons !!
requests are open!!
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From: Koi ga michitara
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archivechronicles · 2 days ago
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Archive Chronicles - Data Entry 3: OnHold  
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I was going to cut this episode out, because I didn’t know what music my editor was going to use. Even if I didn’t use this episode, its good practice for me animating. I sent him 6 random dancing animation and said make this 2mins. I was really surprise with the result, one of my favorites I animated. 
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flighty-and-shy · 2 days ago
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Hades spearheading the “Free Persephone” movement like the true king he is 💯 | Flashback from Episode 194
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bts-trans · a day ago
[ENG] 220211 Naver Webtoon x BTS - Super Casting Commercial Shoot Behind the Scenes Part.1
Link to the video
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MerMay's patreon postcard!
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ISSUE 388: under oak
21 may 2022
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The nymphs have some weird priorities 😭
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heart-stopper · 2 days ago
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pastel tori icons for @femme-not-fatale !!
requests are open! but im a bit slow at the moment!
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Felt that
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mangajams · 2 days ago
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gentle touches, desperate kisses, and passionate lovemaking i love how they both keep thinking how pretty each other is and how Yeonwu is reassuring Taehwan .... i love themmm
From: Banana Scandal
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veryblushyswitch · a day ago
“That’d Be Cheating!”
Heartstopper ~ (tickle fic)
Tumblr media
Summary: While playing Mario Kart, Nick discovers something new and adorable about Charlie.
Lee: Charlie
Ler: Nick
Authors Note: This does technically count as spoilers for the show if you haven’t watched it yet. Also yes Mario Kart is a cliche game to use but they played it in the show for the scene I’m referring to. I’m so excited to finally be writing for Heartstopper!
“How do you keep winning?!” Nick exclaimed falling back on Charlie’s bed in utter defeat.
“Having a younger brother means lots of Mario Kart.” Charlie looked down at Nick and smiled. Nick smiled back and sat up with a sigh.
“Or maybe you just suck at Mario Kart.” Charlie said playfully. Nick paused before slowly turning his head. Charlie tried his hardest not to break when Nick turned to him.
“Eighth place is not that bad. I just need more practice. Just like you with rugby.” Nick squeezed Charlie’s side on the word you.
He expected a shove or poke back, but instead he was met with a giggle and quick flinch. No- No way. This was too good.
“You’re ticklish?” Nick set his controller to the side. Charlie couldn’t believe this was about to happen.
“I- Maybe…” Charlie blushed trying not to die of embarrassment right then and there. Nick beamed at the cuteness before him.
“How did I not figure this out sooner? I could’ve won so many Mario Kart games with this knowledge!” Nick poked Charlie’s side again to make him jump. “Dohon’t that’d be cheating.” Charlie grabbed Nick’s hand.
“I guess you’re right.” A small silence filled the room as they were about to choose new characters. Nick, however, sneaked one arm behind Charlie’s back while the other was ready to strike at his right side.
“It’s a good thing we’re not playing yet.” Nick quickly squeezed both of Charlie’s sides.
Charlie dropped his controller to the floor when fingers met the fabric of his sweater. Nick continued to squeeze Charlie’s sides in a ticklish rhythm, being sure to not be too rough. Pure giggles rang in Nick’s ears. He’d never heard a more precious sound.
He repositioned himself so he was straddling Charlie’s hips then started to poke at his stomach, laughing along when he squealed.
“Nihihihick! Knohohock ihit ohohoff!” Charlie managed to say through his chortles.
“Awww what’s wrong? Something funny?”
“Yohou’re tihihickling mehehehehehehe!” Hands grabbed at scribbling fingers as Charlie’s blush continued to spread across his face.
“What? No I’m not? You must be imagining things.” Nick says as he grabs one of Charlie’s arms to pin above his head.
If Charlie wasn’t flustered enough, Nick slowly wiggled one finger towards Charlie’s vulnerable underarm. He’d almost touch down before going back up and starting over.
Breathy giggles flew from Charlie’s lips. His legs lightly kicked in anticipation as he tried to break free form Nick’s hold.
“This is too fun.” Nick cooed, the finger finally landing on its target and prodding under Charlie’s arm.
“Hehehehehe! Nihick nahahahat thehehehere!” Charlie pulled at his stuck wrist and lightly shoved at Nick’s shoulder.
“Now where’s your tickle spot?” Nick said letting go of Charlie’s wrist and stopping his attack. Charlie told himself not to look away from Nick, but the split second Charlie looked down towards his torso was all Nick needed.
Nick took Charlie’s hands and placed them under his knees. He then placed a hand on Charlie’s hip, the tiniest amount of pressure was all that was needed for Charlie to start giggling.
“NOHO! Dohon’t’ yohohou dahahahare!” Charlie squirmed at the mere thought of having one of his worst spots tickled.
“Don’t I dare what? Tickle your hip?” Nick smirked.
“Yehehehes yohou ruhuhugby jeheheherk!”
“Oh now you’re just asking for it.”
Nick brought his hands up then slowly wiggled all his fingers towards the vulnerable spot. Charlie was unable to make eye contact with his boyfriend.
He squeezed his eyes shut in anticipation, but opened them when Nick gave a small kiss to his nose. Their faces were an inch apart, and Charlie wishes Nick would kiss him right then and there.
“I thought you were gonna…” “I’m not going to if you don’t want me to.”
Charlie’s heart could burst at any second. “I mean… I don’t totally mind it.” He muttered quietly looking to the side.
Nick gently turned Charlie’s face to face his and lifted his chin. “You’re adorable.” Nick kisses his lips. “Now where were we?”
Charlie threw his head back as Nick’s hand latched onto his hips and started to squeeze.
“NIHIHIHICK! NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” With his arms pinned to his sides, there wasn’t much room for movement. Other than his legs kicking every which way.
“Found your tickle spot~” Nick teased switching to lightly scribbling.
“HEHEHEHEHE! IHI KNOHOHOHOW!” “I know you know. I just like saying it.”
“SHUHUHUHUT UHUHUHUP! AHH! NOHOHOHOHOHOHO!” Charlie’s laughter picked up once again when Nick kneaded his thumbs into the nerve.
“Still so sarcastic even when I’m tickling you silly.”
Nick gave him a couple more squeezes then drew his hands back. He got off of Charlie so he could sit up and pull him into his lap.
“I didn’t go too far did I?” Nick asked interlocking his fingers with Charlie’s.
“No, no you’re fine. I actually, I had a lot of fun.” Charlie blushed looking up at Nick.
Nick blushed a little too, leaning down to kiss Charlie’s forehead. “I had fun too.”
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ystrike1 · 2 days ago
The Devil's Trill - By Sara Nelson (8/10)
Tumblr media
This author is a promising writer, and this particular comic is in full color instead of black and white. Some of the panels are quite pretty. It's a Victorian story set in Scotland, in an extremely religious and conservative town.
Florian is a handsome French violinist. After his father dies he gets a vast fortune. He decides that he doesn't want to get married. He travels around the world and plays the violin. He's talented so he becomes very popular. Plenty of women want to marry him, but he's not interested. He is not a religious man. He believes in Hedonism. He's nowhere near ready for a family.
Tumblr media
He doesn't need one either. He's got more than enough money. He doesn't need a dowry. He gets targeted by gossip when he settles down in a Scottish town. Marriage is part of your image in the Victorian era. If you aren't married people assume something is wrong with you.
Tumblr media
Miriam is unmarried too, and she's an old maid now. Her family wants to marry her off, because she was involved in some sort of scandal. We don't know what it is yet, but Miriam believes that her sister Patsy knowingly made the rumors about her worse. Patsy despises her more than her parents do.
Tumblr media
Miriam must go to parties with Patsy. If she doesn't get married she's going to end up on the street soon. She's desperate but also she feels hopeless. None of the men at these parties are willing to speak to her, because her reputation is so awful.
Tumblr media
Florian comes in, and he plays a romantic song. It seduces half of the women in the room right away. He's drowning in attention. Patsy heavily implies that she's interested in marrying him. He dodges all of the women and lands next to Miriam, who is hiding near the wall because no one will talk to her.
Tumblr media
He talks to her. She has a good sense of humor, and she doesn't throw herself at him. Miriam blushes and he looks very interested. Their personalities mesh well. Florian seems to prefer mature women over flirtatious ones.
Tumblr media
Patsy literally drags Miriam away from Florian. She says Florian is too good for an unpopular nobody like her. Patsy looks like a lively young woman on the outside, but she absolutely hates competition. If she can't have the dashing Florian no one can. Patsy is really short sighted. Patsy is also an incredibly religious woman, and Florian doesn't even believe in God. Their relationship would never work, but Patsy wants a handsome husband with money, so she pushes Miriam out of the way.
Tumblr media
The other unwed young people in town are just as nasty to Miriam. They all think Florian is out of his mind because he spoke to her. The story hasn't gone very far yet, but the summary explains the basic plot.
Miriam will be whisked away to Florian's mansion, where she will find his dark secrets. His money and attention will lure her into a dangerous situation. I'm getting some yandere vibes. Florian and Miriam are both outcasts, but Miriam was bullied into her sad situation.
Florian is an outcast by choice.
That's a red flag.
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archivechronicles · 19 hours ago
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Archive Chronicles - Data Entry 4: LateStart
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So I voice all the characters for this web series and Salem was the last character I created. I was lazy with this character and I decided I was going to have him speak in reverse, but I didn’t like how it sounded. So I decided to do my best Zombie impression, then reverse it.
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